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lunarticxenia · a month ago
Asteroid Leviathan #8813
Asteroid Leviathan #8813 deals with our inner demons and things that make life hard for us. One might apply more to you than another, also everything might not apply because this asteroid can present differently for many people. Hope you guys enjoy, and for anyone who’s sending questions I’m trying my best to answer them! My post on how to find asteroids in the natal chart is here. 
TW: Abuse, ED, S*xual assault. 
♠️ 1H/Aries: The inner demons of individuals with Leviathan in the 1H or in Aries regards their appearance, path in life, and general sense of self. Their inner demons could also regard their identity- perhaps they struggle with their sexuality or gender if they’re LGBT+. Individuals with this would likely pursue things like plastic surgery, heavy make-up, tattoos, piercings, and/or heavy working out to “fix” their appearance. They might also feel very lost with themselves as well, and don’t know who they truly are. They also might struggle with their path in life, they don’t know what they’re supposed to do and just feel lost all the time. 
♠️ 2H/Taurus: The inner demons of individuals with Leviathan in the 2H or in Taurus might regard possessions, their sense of worth, their body, and food. Individuals with this may have or had an eating disorder (myself included). These individuals might also have really low self esteem, and have a low sense of worth. They might find themselves in abusive relationships and/or friendships because their sense of worth is so low. They also might struggle with money; they might have grown up poor or grew up envying what other people had. They also might place their sense of worth based on how much money they have and/or what possessions they have.  They might feel that if they don’t have the nicest clothes that they’re just not worthy of anything. This could also manifest as a person who uses retail therapy and/or in more extreme cases someone who will do anything for money even it’s illegal or immoral. 
♠️ 3H/Gemini: The inner demons of individuals with Leviathan in the 3H or in Gemini might regard around intelligence, communication, siblings, primary and secondary education, and aunts & uncles. These individuals may have problems with communicating or learning- this could definitely manifest as an ADHD and/or a speech impediment placement. If not this extreme, the individual might just have problems with communicating in general and/or studying i.e. they can’t say how they feel, they can’t study, etc. They also might feel insecure about their intelligence and fear that they’re not smart enough.They could’ve gotten bullied in primary and/or secondary school. They could also have a strained relationship with a sibling and/or an aunt or uncle. In some cases, I’ve seen individuals with this have to take on almost a parental role with their siblings and this can cause a lot of strain on the individual. This could just mean an individual’s relationship with their sibling causes them strain. 
♠️ 4H/Cancer: The inner demons of individuals with Leviathan in the 4H or in Cancer might regard around the family, the mother, emotions, and their femininity. These individuals may have issues with their family- they might not get along with them well or they just flat out don’t like their family or certain members in it. Moreover, this could be a mommy issues placement. Individuals with this also might struggle with feeling insecure about showing their emotions and/or might struggle releasing them in a healthy way. They might be embarrassed when they cry, and no one will ever know how they feel. They tend to suffer alone. They might also struggle with their feminine side. Individuals might view their feminine side as “weak” and might associate it with showing emotions which they don’t like to do. 
♠️ 5H/Leo: The inner demons of individuals with Leviathan in the 5H or in Leo might regard love, creativity, expression, and children. These individuals may have issues with love. Not really relationships necessarily, but just how they give and receive love. These individuals might also struggle with seeing what love is and may struggle with recognizing it. They might see validation or attention as love. They also might be afraid of falling in love. They also might stay in abusive relationships because they love that person so much or they think that the abuse is a form of love. Basically just issues with love and how they see it. If not that their inner demons could center around creativity; perhaps they get absorbed in their creative works and nothing they do is ever good enough. They also might have a fear of having children and/or they might have issues with their children if they have them. For a person in the LGBT+ community I could also see this placement manifesting as being afraid to express their sexuality and gender (since this deals with love). If not that, they just struggle with expressing themselves in general. 
♠️ 6H/Virgo: The inner demons of individuals with Leviathan in the 6H or in Virgo might regard their health, employment, and sense of usefulness. These individuals might struggle with their health. While it might just be normal health problems, I’ve seen it more manifested as a person’s mental state making them have health problems, i.e. a person with anxiety gets IBS. Whatever the mental disorder or issue is, it can cause issues to the individuals physical health. This could also manifest as a mental disorder as well since it deals with inner demons. I could also see this as a person who constantly has to help people and overexert themselves because they feel like they’re never doing enough. I could also see this as a person feeling insecure at work, perhaps they feel like they’re a bad worker, and that they’re not good enough to be there.
♠️ 7H/Libra: The inner demons of individuals with Leviathan in the 7H or in Libra might regard relationships, partnerships/marriage, and enemies. These individuals may have issues with their relationships, and it doesn’t have to be just romantic relationships. They could struggle with how they maintain relationships with others; there could be a lot of arguments and/or they might struggle to upkeep the relationship. They also might have a hard time being vulnerable to others which can hinder a relationship development. These individuals can also struggle with romantic partnerships- they might find themselves dealing with toxic and/or abusive partners. Relationships in general for them can just bring them a lot of pain and trauma. The individual could also struggle with enemies as part of their inner demons as it can bring them strain. This can also be a person who’s their own worst enemy. 
♠️ 8H/Scorpio: The inner demons of individuals with Leviathan in the 8H or in Scorpio might regard sex, intimacy and vulnerability. These individuals may have issues regarding sex. In extreme cases this can manifest as sexual harassment, abuse, or assault. In less extreme cases they might have a hard time with sex because they have a hard time being that vulnerable to another person. Or this can manifest as someone who has sex a lot because they seek intimacy. These individuals regardless tend to struggle with intimacy and allowing themselves to be vulnerable to others. They tend to be more closed off around others and it takes a long time for them to open up. They enjoy their privacy and being “the lone wolf” however this can make them quite lonely because they feel that no one truly knows them. 
♠️ 9H/Sagittarius: The inner demons of individuals with Leviathan in the 9H or in Sagittarius might regard traveling, higher education, religion, and philosophy. These individuals may have issues in regards to traveling- perhaps they desire to travel but are confined by their circumstances. They also might have had something bad happened if they have traveled. They also might’ve had some trauma happen in college and/or is a big source of their mental anguish. I could also see this manifesting as religious trauma, especially in LGBT+ individuals. In more extreme cases this could indicate abuse by someone in the clergy. These individuals might struggle with being the victim of their own philosophy of life. Maybe their philosophy of life is just naturally pessimistic and this can cause them a great deal of pain. 
♠️ 10H/Capricorn: The inner demons of individuals with Leviathan in the 10H or in Capricorn might regard one’s career, reputation/public image, the father, and masculinity. These individuals tend to struggle with their career. They might feel that they’re not good enough for their career and might have a lot of anguish in deciding a career. Their career might also bring them a lot of anguish perhaps they work as a cop or a social worker and they come across a lot of really traumatizing scenarios. They also might struggle with their reputation/public image-perhaps people spread rumors about them a lot or people see them in a negative light, and this can cause them a lot of sadness. This can also be a daddy issues placement. This can also manifest as someone struggling with their masculinity or masculine side. If it’s a guy or a masculine presenting person he/they might not feel they’re being masculine enough. 
♠️ 11H/Aquarius: The inner demons of individuals with Leviathan in the 11H or in Aquarius might regard friendships, their sense of belonging, and their hopes & dreams. Individuals with this might struggle with friendships. Their friendships can bring them a lot of anguish- perhaps they tend to befriend toxic people or they just tend to have a hard time making friends at all. They also might have a lot of trauma regarding friends- perhaps something traumatic happened when they were with friends or their friends caused their trauma. In extreme circumstances this can manifest as a friend causing the person abuse. This person also might not feel like they belong anywhere. No matter what they do they feel like an outcast. They also might have big hopes and dreams and they feel like they can’t accomplish them. They might also have unrealistic hopes and dreams and this can crash and burn. 
♠️ 12H/Pisces: The inner demons of individuals with Leviathan in the 12H or in Pisces might regard spirituality, death, and one’s hidden self. Individuals with this may have a fear of death. They also might’ve been traumatized by the death of someone important to them, and they haven’t been the same. They also might have hidden parts of themselves that they resent and don’t like to show to people. These parts of themselves can cause them strain. They also might struggle with spirituality as well, they might not feel that they’re spiritual enough or they might feel lost spiritually. They might not have anything to really believe in, and they just feel lost. 
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nasa · 3 months ago
Every day is Asteroid Day at NASA
It’s International Asteroid Day, and today we’re talking about everything asteroids! Although there are no known threats for the next 100 years, our Planetary Defense experts are constantly finding, tracking, and monitoring near-Earth objects to protect our home planet.
Tumblr media
Asteroids are rocky remnants from the beginning of our solar system, and as of today, 26,110 near-Earth asteroids have been discovered!
Tumblr media
So how do we spot these near-Earth objects? Let’s watch and see:
In addition to tracking and monitoring asteroids, we are also launching several missions to study these rocky relics. By studying asteroids, we can better understand the formation of our solar system. Here are some exciting missions you can look forward to:
OSIRIS-REx: Returning a Sample from Asteroid Bennu
Tumblr media
Last year, our OSIRIS-REx mission successfully captured a sample of asteroid Bennu, a 4.5-billion-year-old asteroid the size of the empire state building.
Tumblr media
Currently, OSISRIS-REx is making its long journey home carrying this sample as it returns to Earth in 2023.
Psyche: A Journey to a Metal World
Tumblr media
Our Psyche mission will journey to a unique metal asteroid orbiting the Sun between Jupiter and Mars.
Tumblr media
What makes the asteroid Psyche unique is that it appears to be the exposed nickel-iron core of an early planet, one of the building blocks of our solar system. Deep within rocky, terrestrial planets - including Earth - scientists infer the presence of metallic cores, but these lie unreachably far below the planets' rocky mantles and crusts. Because we cannot see or measure Earth's core directly, Psyche offers a unique window into the violent history of collisions and accretion that created terrestrial planets.
Lucy: Studying the Trojan Asteroids
Tumblr media
Launching this year, our Lucy mission will be the first mission to study the Trojans, a group of asteroids that share Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun. Time capsules from the birth of our Solar System more than 4 billion years ago, the swarms of Trojan asteroids associated with Jupiter are thought to be remnants of the primordial material that formed the outer planets.
Tumblr media
The mission takes its name from the fossilized human ancestor (called “Lucy” by her discoverers) whose skeleton provided unique insight into humanity's evolution. Likewise, the Lucy mission will revolutionize our knowledge of planetary origins and the formation of the solar system.
DART: Double Asteroid Redirection Test
Tumblr media
Launching this year, our DART mission is a planetary defense driven test of technologies and will be the first demonstration of a technique to change the motion of an asteroid in space.
The destination of this mission is the small asteroid Dimorphos, which orbits slowly around its larger companion Didymos. Dimorphos is referred to as a moonlet since it orbits a larger asteroid.
The DART spacecraft will achieve the kinetic impact deflection by deliberately crashing itself into the moonlet. The collision will change the speed of the moonlet in its orbit around the main body by a fraction of one percent, but this will change the orbital period of the moonlet by several minutes - enough to be observed and measured using telescopes on Earth.
At NASA, every day is asteroid day, as we have missions exploring these time capsules of our solar system and surveying the sky daily to find potential hazards. We, along with our partners are watching the skies 24/7/365, so rest assured! We're always looking up.
Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space!
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astudyofastrology · 2 months ago
Pallas in Astrology
Pallas Traits
Use of Wisdom Critical Thinking Intuition Pattern Recognition in Human Intelligence Problem Solving Ability Creative Intelligence Strategy Contemplation Use of Reasonable Aggression to Fight Negotiation Skill Desire for Fairness Strength and Belief in Oneself Politcal Involvement Father/Daughter Relationship
People Ruled by Pallas
Intellectual Women Masterminds Negotiators Politicians
Return to the A Study of Astrology Masterpost
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yashashveeroy · 3 months ago
Asteroid Ubasti (4257).
“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo da Vinci
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: The interpretation of this Asteroid is done intuitively by me, @yashashveeroy , through research conducted personally. I do not allow anyone to copy, repost or reword this original work. You may ask for my permission before you make use of this content.
Goddess Ubasti and her history:
According to Egyptian Mythology, Ubasti (also spelled Bast, Bastet, Ubaste) is the goddess of war, home, domesticity, secrets, cats, fertility (due to the high fertility of the domestic cat), childbirth, protection, sexual magick, lust and sexual heat. She was the daughter of the Sun God Ra and was one the most popular deities of ancient Egypt as she was the protector of everyone's home and family. To this day, there are worshippers of Goddess Ubasti who are very passionate about their beliefs and ideas of her. Bast's followers often honoured her through gold jewellery and different amulets. Initially, her duty was to protect her father from harm threatened by Apep, the snake God and his arch nemesis. Her appearance started out as a wild lioness which later changed to a milder domesticated cat but she was no less dangerous and ruthless. It is said that Bastet was the only goddess who could transform into a cat but not any other animal like the other gods. There is also this duality to her where she is depicted as the "Nurturing Mother" as well as being a "Terrifying Avenger". It is because of her today that cats are associated with royalty,riches and opulence.
Themes to associate with while looking for Ubasti's significance in your Natal blue print:
Ubasti reminds us of all that is feline and feminine. One can always find out which physical or personality characteristic they have is the most feline like in nature. Now obviously there's the famous feline characteristic of being completely "unbothered" or having "zero fucks to give" no matter how demonised cats may be. This is what cats are known for. This particularly leads to the aspect of "freedom of self expression" with clearly no strings attached. One can also look into the relationship with their father since cats don't do well with emotions and being stoic is often considered masculine in nature. Through cats one can learn how to just, relax. They never waste energy on unnecessary interactions and remind us that self care is important, so groom yourself!! Be it through makeup, jewellery(cats in ancient Egypt were adorned with jewellery by their owners to show respect to goddess Ubasti ), getting piercings (Ubasti is known for her pierced cat ears), grooming, putting on perfume or hell, even filling your human claws. You see, cats refuse to take anything seriously unless situations are out of hand and dangerous. Oh and please, we all know cats go around mating all day everyday. They got kitty orgies, I'm sure lol. So indirectly they show us that we should enjoy our sexuality.
Most importantly, Ubasti teaches us how to accept our truest nature of ourselves and other things. Lessons of "self" and being "unaffected by society's views" is what can be taken away. Being protective of things that are dear and near to you can be considered majorly. Indications of passion, honour and interest.
Tumblr media
I House:
When Ubasti resides here it gives a few feline physical traits. Cat like eyes, with eyebrows that are upturned. If not as prominent usually, it can be emphasised with the use of eye makeup, especially eyeliner. It can also seem like the person is doing a "cat walk" unintentionally while just walking normally. There's no place that can't be their unintentional ramp. Small lips. Could show what aspect of their physical look they'd want to keep prim and proper. In its truest form this placement can be very high maintenance and full of attitude if not looked after. Fierce personality.
II House:
Here, Ubasti can be quite unpredictable with routine but she likes it that way and it won't change. Keeping herself top priority always, she sees herself with a lot of value. Competitive and down to fight when it comes to protecting her business. Might make the person gluttonous about their material possessions. Can make the person a true homebody.
III House:
The gift of "smooth talk" is given here. Flirtatious yet seductive way of speaking. Poised while talking. Always curious with a sharp mind. Ubasti here has a deadly tongue when aggressive. There can be absolute moments of silence as well with no verbal communication whatsoever when she wants. After all, cats aren’t so noisy usually. Now this placement can actually beat around the bush pretty well, cats aren’t so confrontational in reality.
IV House:
In the house of feminine energy, I’d say Ubasti feels quite comfortable. She will be protective of her emotions but in a very logical way. Fertility maybe of big deal here since this house also talks of the nurturing aspect of accepting our feminine nature. She can be dark here as well but she knows that it’s okay to be dark natured and lustful. The hesitation to show her emotions will always be there when placed in a water house, it comes down to maintaining her nonchalant image. Cats don’t do water!
V House:
Ubasti is finally at home here! “Welcome to my Opulence and Grandeur!” is what she’ll say. Over here, she will open her heart with pride. She will show her erotic ways of movement and lure lovers in just for fun! Can either be the one to adore kids or not at all. But regardless, the protective aspect of looking over younger ones will always be there. Her appreciation for the masculine energy may also come out by participating in the stereotypical “masculine” activities. Admiration, adoration, gifts and social status is the way to her heart. Show her a good time, show her that time spent with you is better than her solitude. Cats are quite prideful of their solitude most of the time.
VI House:
Ubasti in the infamous house of cats will feel like she fits in. Her domestic nature will be highlighted here. She will be traditional in her ways and very giving. When she takes up a duty here, she gives it her all and there’s no looking back. Things are to be done her way, always. It can also show how one is with the cat kind. Easy going and guarded of her emotions.
Tumblr media
VII House:
Loyalty is key for Ubasti here. She may not always want to settle down through means of marriage but that doesn’t mean that she takes part in infidelity. Remember, she was lion headed before fully domesticating herself. So she is definitely protective and obsessive over her romantic and platonic relationships, she won’t forget herself so easily. If she does take interest in many romantic relationships, she will be open about it. No hard feelings. She won’t judge you either. Major themes here can be the relationship you hold with the females in your life.
VIII House:
Transformation is definitely one of Ubasti’s favourite things to do. Her sense of duality amplifies here. She can have a lion’s head as well as the domestic cat’s head but still have many versions to them both. She keeps them both running. Associated to her father Ra’s “eye that sees everything”, she seeks ultimate and raw truth. She is aware of how the true nature of the world works. Expect her to practice Wicca while she’s here. Occultism is so up her alley. Being afraid of the dark is silly to her. Kinky and extremely sexually aware. Think of orgies when you see her here. Primal sex.
IX House:
Ahhhh, here comes her life’s philosophy: No Fucks Given. With Ubasti’s wild spirit, she will take up life as it comes. A risk taker. She will either be very religious or will have no god’s control over her head. It’s unpredictable with this one. Spiritual endeavours maybe of her liking. Remember, religion and spirituality are two different things. At the end of the day, she will obviously follow the path of her passions. Unique and other worldly things are her lust. Piercings could be a thing here as Ubasti was always adorned in earrings and jewellery.
X House:
This house can be quite difficult for Ubasti. It shows her relationship with the male members of the society. Especially the dearest father figure. She may either have a beautiful relationship with her father or a cold but existent one where both just acknowledge each other and coexist or the last one, where there is no relationship at all. Depending on this relationship with her father, her other male relationships will be influenced. If she wants, she can be quite business oriented here. Won’t mess around with emotions or relationships as much.
XI House:
Be ready for Ubasti’s rebellious nature to come forth. She can bring you chaos if you hurt her or her friends. Interests in community and politics may be present. Remember, it is always a cat’s desire for it’s owner to do whatever it wants by any means. Even if it means manipulation through their godly little charms and allure. Creative genius. Very detail oriented. Will never miss on reading people’s behaviours. Alpha energy when necessary. Maybe blinded by seeing beauty and goodness in everyone. Depending on which sign falls here, one could be known for something they do in the public eye.
XII House:
This house is as much the house of the “Self” as the 1st house. The only difference? It’s deeply spiritual in nature. Think of Ubasti relaxing here. Relaxing through spiritual means. Extravagant rituals, some weed or even meditation. Her solitude becomes her greatest strength here. She uses this time to develop her intuition and connect to her suppressed emotions. Eventually, even a cat has to say goodbye to it’s prideful facade and make its true nature come forth. Letting out what’s hidden. This is where her deep passions manifest. Learning lessons may not be liked as much but it’s to be done regardless. Is sex used as an escape?
Tumblr media
Big Thanks to @academiaghosts for recommending this beautiful asteroid to me. Love you babe!🥺💖✨
I hope that you all enjoyed reading my research and interpretation of this beautiful Asteroid!! Do let me know if this resonated with you guys!!🥺🤍
Love, Roy.
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moonianbbyg · 12 days ago
definition: asteroid amor represents what a person needs to display their love for their partner, how they show love and what they expect in return.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ARIES/1H: people with this placement need someone who wakes up that one spark inside them, their lover needs to know them better than anyone else. they want to know they can feel safe when they’re around the person they’re interested in, they don’t want to experience jealousy because that just makes them doubt their partner which easily leads them to wanting to break up. they want someone who can outsmart them and who has a good reputation. they like family oriented people who will appreciate their own family and their’s. they want to feel peaceful and cherished by their lover
TAURUS/2H: physical touch and affection is all they want. these people love cuddling and touching on their partner, they want to claim their body, mind, heart and soul. they want the type of relationship where it feels like it’s them both against the whole world. they value alone time with their partner and small acts of service, they’re grateful people who appreciate the smallest things you do for them. they seek affection and stability. tend to be attracted to people who have similar interests in them. in order to get these individuals to commit you have to prove you’re willing to be loyal and committed first. they want a connection that feels like a true soulmate connection
GEMINI/3H: amor in gemini just wants someone who will let them be their true authentic self. they want to be understood by their partner and not criticized. they expect cute love letters from their lover and are the type of people who want to hold your hand tightly in public. they’re ready to express their romantic side to someone who gets them and their humor. they want to be able to relate to someone who doesn’t get weirded out by their personality. their bodies need to be praised by their partner. they want their partner to boost up their confidence and make them feel like the baddest girl/guy in the room!
CANCER/4H: it’s all about balance and harmony. amor in cancer wants their energy to be returned because they’re the type of people to often think about having a friend that’s just like them - ‘i wish i had a friend like me’ the type to kiss you all over your face until you wake up, they want their legs over their partner while they sleep together. they want to be two bodies but one soul. they’re not freedom lovers, they want all of their time spent mainly on their partner. they wish to get spoiled wether it be through money, love and affection, cooking or other. just show them you care and that you’re not available for others, just them.
LEO/5H: these individuals want to experience a mysterious love full of secrets. they want to know their partner better than anybody else, they want to be their partner’s shoulder to cry on! the type of lovers who will do anything for you if they love you. they love gifts and gifting. they want to get promise rings, necklaces with meanings and etc. they want cute little stuff to symbolize their relationship. amor in leo is a ride or die type of lover, they learn to love your flaws and good qualities if you can impress them especially by being yourself and not someone you’re not.
VIRGO/6H: “look me in my eyes and tell me you love me..” eye contact is what gets these people in love. they want to fall in love with the color of their partner’s eyes and the secrets their eyes hold. they want someone creative who will express their love for them in so many fun and unique ways. all these individuals ask for is trust, they want to be able to open up to their lover about anything without having to overthink their decision. amor in virgo is the type of person to go through your hair with their hands while you’re sleeping and wish you a good night with sweet dreams
LIBRA/7H: the type of lover to say pull me closer to you. they want an instant spark or love at first sight, they admire love & beauty. they want someone who is loyal, committed and fun to be around. they’re into confident people who know their self worth. they’re not fans of ‘opposites attract’. can sometimes get selfish about their partner unless they feel like wanting to prove to them they’re independent people who will make you chase them. amor in libra wants to be impressed in all aspects because they’re picky about who they’ll choose date.
SCORPIO/8H: “can it just be me and you?” is the type to ask their lover to run away together. amor in scorpio wants someone who’s not easy, friendly and available to just anyone. they want a partner with standards and a partner who romanticizes everything about them. in order to get these people to like you you have to be organized, yourself and hard working. they just want someone who will put effort into them. if their partner isn’t willing to always find time for them then they won’t be interested. they want to be taught something by their partner because they hate being the maturer person. they’re the one who wants to get pampered.
SAGITTARIUS/9H: is the type of lover to make anyone jealous that wants them by kissing their partner in front of them. they want to feel every inch of their partner and is probably into dancing. they love observing people with good manners who are a bit egoistic. could be the type of person who likes cockiness but at it’s limits. they want a copy of themselves who will appreciate their taste in fashion, food, places and interests. they hate arrogance and want someone open minded who will get on their knees for them
CAPRICORN/10H: amor in capricorn is the lover who doesn’t bring you stress and worries. they want to make their partner feel better than themselves. they want someone who will let them love them in their own way. they’re lovers of *natural* beauty. wants someone who’s ambitious and not lazy, they hate negativity and people who self doubt. they hate overthinking since they’re the type of people that’s worried about what’s going on today not what will in the future or what did in the past. they take life as it is and they want someone who has similar beliefs and values as them. is a forgiving lover who wants to do things that are the best for their partner!
AQUARIUS/11H: the charming sweet talker. “girl you know we belong together, we’ll be together forever together.” amor in aquarius is someone irresistible who attracts attention easily. they’re well mannered and respectful. they’re into shy people who will love them publicly and privately. usually they develop crushes on their friends and like to take it from there. bold people who want someone that’s full of humor and nice vibes. they fall for people who let them know they’re so in love with them, they want someone to fantasize about their looks and personality. they hate toxic relationships and are lovers of old love.
PISCES/12H: the type of people who believe in “we will meet again.” amor in pisces chases their partner and shows them they care constantly. they’re full of love! they want their partner to let them know they’re thinking of them, they’re individuals who dream of someone and wake up having a crush on them. they want someone who’s protective of them, the type that pulls their waist closer to them to let other people know they are taken!
amor aspects
AMOR - SUN: i want you to love all over me, and kiss all over me. take my heart and make it yours.
AMOR - MOON: express your love for me through art and telepathy. i want to feel every bit of you
AMOR - MERCURY: send me random messages telling me you’re thinking of me. let’s make unforgettable memories together that’ll last forever.
AMOR - VENUS: make me and my body feel special. appreciate everything about me.
AMOR - MARS: will you prove to me i’m your only one? don’t leave me, even at our hardest times. we both know we’re meant for each other
AMOR - JUPITER: you’re my everything and i don’t need anything or anyone else but make sure i’m your everything too.
AMOR - SATURN: no matter what others think of you, i’ll think the best of you. even if you hate me, i’ll love you from a distance. 
AMOR - URANUS: i’ll forever think of you and only you, not even death can do us apart
AMOR - NEPTUNE: i’m so glad that you fell in love with me, we’re each other’s fantasy. i won’t ever let you go.
AMOR - PLUTO: no one will ever love you like me, i’m all you need.
THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR 1K + FOLLOWERS! i love you all so much. thank you. 🥺❤️ since i hit 1K follows you’re free to send me your chart in DMs and ask me 2 questions about any placement you want.
this post was created by @moonianbbyg on tumblr <3 if reposting my work please give credits.
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d4rkpluto · 4 months ago
𝔞𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔬𝔦𝔡 𝔪𝔢𝔡𝔲𝔰𝔞 (149)
Tumblr media
❦ 𝔞𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔬𝔦𝔡 𝔪𝔢𝔡𝔲𝔰𝔞 149 is about where you make people jealous and where there is envy, how you evoke negative responses even though you're just being yourself.
❦ asteroid medusa in aries - you make people jealous because of how fiery you are, how you're always sure of what to do and always the first person to step up and do something, you are so passionate and confident at what you do and never allow anyone to tell you otherwise. people get negative because they dont have that assurance and courage you have.
❦ asteroid medusa in taurus - you make people jealous because of how sure of yourself you are, you're not insecure of what you are doing right now and you're stable and life is most likely going how you want it to go, your beauty and the assets you have, you always have a backup plan and people dont like the fact that you dont fall off power, you probably encountered people who wanted to make you feel insecure.
❦ asteroid medusa in gemini - you make people jealous because of how dual you are, you are good at so many things and always has something to bring to the table, the way you can switch to childish to mature vice versa, the way you speak so brilliantly makes people envy you because you have so much charm and you can persuade so much people.
❦ asteroid medusa in cancer - you make people jealous because of how caring you are, there are many people who just have this black negativity inside them and when they see care shined anywhere they feel like they want to vomit, perhaps they envy you because of how in touch with your culture you are, there's a possibility people are jealous of the relationship you have with your mother or family.
❦ asteroid medusa in leo - people are jealous of your confidence, they are jealous of how glam you are and how you always appear to shine wherever you go, you may not even see it yourself but of course other people would, you have this sunny and brilliant aura, you know what is good for you and people get negative reactions because of how fearless you are.
❦ asteroid medusa in virgo - people are jealous of how helpful you are, you always seem like you give the right advice and how well you are at servicing others, perhaps, people are jealous of how much of a pure and natural aura you have, they're jealous of how healthy you seem also because of how you always have something going on for yourself, how structured your routine is and how you know how you want your life to be like.
❦ asteroid medusa in libra - people are jealous of how balanced you can be, of how charming and pretty you are, you have a great sense of style, you might wear a lot of corsets, you have and some people might even want to copy your looks. you have a strong sense of justice and it might irritate presences that are too chaotic for that, people envy how thoughtful you can be, people might see it as being indecisive but you're actually putting a lot of thought in certain things.
❦ asteroid medusa in scorpio - people are jealous of how alluring and captivating you can be, you have this dark side that is so appealing that you're a magnetic, people envy how much people you can attract, and out of every sign, there's a high chance you bring out the most negative reaction because of how intimidating and strong your presence is.
❦ asteroid medusa in sagittarius - you evoke negative responses because of how much you're in touch with culture you are and optimistic you can be, the knowledge you hold and the amount of luck you have, you may not feel like you have luck but others can see how good fortune always comes your way, people may be jealous because of how much freedom you have.
❦ asteroid medusa in capricorn - you evoke negative responses because of how responsible you are, you know what you want in life, you're someone who is disciplined, ambitious and wise, people might get jealous of you because you're most likely the person who always know what to do, and you might be moving faster in life than the people around you, and the people are your age.
❦ asteroid medusa in aquarius - you evoke negative responses because of how authentic you are, that huge presence of originality is what makes people feel off, you're a unique individual, a genius and someone who has the right connections, people can tell that you are very close to achieving your hopes and dreams and people envy it, you're an intellect and you're sociable and people get jealous because of how you can charm anyone and anything.
❦ asteroid medusa in pisces - you evoke negative responses because of how connected you are to your higher self, you're most likely to have more spiritual knowledge than the people around you and people get envious because of how much you know about the universe, you could also make people wake up their distaste due to your creativity and how connected you are to music.
❦ asteroid medusa in the first house - you evoke negative responses by people you've just have met, strangers who walk past you and you're most likely going to have really nice hair, when people first see you they might be very touchy; you have a great and ardent sense of direction and you have many admirers and many people envy that, you look very seducing, as if you're bringing the person towards you as if you were magnet, hence, the first house rules the face and eyes are obviously on the face, many of you must've been told that you have very nice or piercing eyes, some of you might have hazel eyes.
❦ asteroid medusa in the second house - you evoke negative responses because of how risk-less and confident you are, you might know how to protect yourself really we too, your voice is very appealing, there's a good chance many of you have a business, are planning to have one, someone around you might know that you have a promised future; some of you might be really good singers too, earning power might come easy for you as well, there's a possibility you have possessions that people get jealous of and some of you have good bank.
❦ asteroid medusa in the third house - you evoke negative responses from your siblings, you may argue with them a lot and peers from school might have this weird distaste of you, you are very persuading, you know how to twist words for your sake, and you know how to push buttons, many of you are very charming too. this could indicate that people with this placement read a lot of smut, you like to learn about erotic things, you might've found a neighbour very attractive or you were that neighbour people found very attractive, you might've started learning about the occult from a very young age.
❦ asteroid medusa in the fourth house - you evoke negative responses from people who can be apart of your family, you can have a malicious behaviour that was inherited from someone older than you, you may feel negative energy in your home, your parents might argue all the time, ironically, you might even have a picture of symbol of a snake, or a lizard, anything that is related to reptiles and so on, your home might have an edge to it, like "edgy", the lights can even be turned off in your house all the time; this placement can imply you have really nice breasts, a lot of people might even look at your breasts all the time.
❦ asteroid medusa in the fifth house - people are jealous about the amount of attention you gain due to the way you express your self-expression, perhaps on your social media you follow an aesthetic and people are envious of your life style, you can have enemies that mask themselves up as lovers or even fans, you may not like kids and kids may not like you, majority of you aren't planning to have kids, there's a possibility you're always in a scandal, a rumour going around about you, you might've had insecure lovers therefore they might've cheated on you out of self-doubt.
❦ asteroid medusa in the sixth house - people are jealous about the amount of service you're given, if you have a job, the vocation you work around in might not be the healthiest area for you, there could be a lot of negative auras there, you might have "snaky" people around you in your work area, perchance people are envious because of how you get good opportunities, you dont let people get in your way and maybe the way you do it seems harsh; you could even be a vet, have a pet snake and work with things like serpents.
❦ asteroid medusa in the seventh house - people are jealous about the lovers you attract, you may attract very good-looking people, howbeit, the people you attract in relationships, friendships, business etc might be very two-faced, people who want to control what you do and say; the seventh house is also about fandoms, so if you have medusa in the seventh house, your fandom can be very malicious people, well not to you, but to people who attempt to attack you or "criticise" you and you might not always feel protected, perhaps you always feel like you have to look over your shoulder and your marriages or "fiancés" might've not worked out, well, if you were ever engaged and still are, there are definitely people who aren't happy about it.
❦ asteroid medusa in the eighth house - people are jealous about how aware you are, you might be seen as a very "woke" person, due to the fact that the eighth house can be about hidden things, you're someone who likes to know about all these type of things and perhaps share it with others, the way you interact with other people might be seen as very pressuring or tempting, sex with you might be very addictive, and it can lead to obsession, majority of you definitely attract neurotic people, people who want control over you and people who stalk you; you can be someone who is always transforming to a better person, whether it be with knowledge or beauty, and it could lead to backbiting to people who see you as a competition.
❦ asteroid medusa in the ninth house - you make people jealous because of how knowledgable you are, having this very higher knowledge isnt as easy to achieve people make it seem and many people dislike they're not on par with you, when it comes to belief you most likely practice things people see as "taboo" like witchcraft, you may be a wiccan, practice voodoo or hoodoo and so on, your philosophy on life can be quite dark, due to the fact that you know that the world isnt the best place and you're straightforward about it, your in-laws might not like you or may have their guards up when they first see you, your future spouse might be a very virulent person when they get pissed off, you might want to travel to greece, and you might like to travel in very dark vehicles.
❦ asteroid medusa in the tenth house - you make people jealous in your work area, there's many spiteful energies there, you dont really bode well with authority, hence many people with this placement like to do their own thing and the people in power might not like that, you might have a public social status that is seen as very bewitching or people might see you as someone who does too much, you might even have problems with the government, not listening to the law and so on. the person you may butt heads with can be your father, you might've rebelled against his ways before, you move in very dark ambitious ways and that's probably what made people recognise you.
❦ asteroid medusa in the eleventh house - you make people jealous because of the hopes, wishes and dreams you have, you like to work towards it and you might be working faster than the people your age; perhaps, you might've grown up in a community that wasnt in the best conditions, mentally; you've attracted toxic people in your friendship group, people you thought were your "friends", but they ended up stabbing you in the back, howbeit, the true friends you have around you, you might look into astrology, spirituality and religion with them, hence this being the house of shared activities, you might even be part of a coven or anything that is linked to that, the eleventh house also indicates how social media sees you, you're seen as very attractive on social media or someone who is very chaotic.
❦ asteroid medusa in the twelfth house - you make people jealous because of how in touch you are with spirituality, this could indicate you see a lot of snakes in your dreams, both animal and people. having asteroid medusa in the twelfth house could imply that you drink intoxicated things a lot, mainly alcohol because it's seen as "poisonous", people who have medusa here are the people who are most likely going to have hidden-enemies, and you might feel like you're dealing with an endless, toxic cycle when those hidden-enemies come to light, perhaps it is karma, due to the fact that its a theme in this house. you may practice something that's got to do with sacrificing snakes there's a possibility your spirit guides' symbol is a snake.
hope you enjoyed ❦
❦ how to find asteroids
pluto ❦
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ukiyowi · 20 days ago
𝐏𝐄𝐈𝐓𝐇𝐎 (𝟏𝟏𝟖)
Tumblr media
Persuasion and Seduction
Peitho is the Greek goddess of persuasion, seduction and charming speech. In my opinion, wherever Peitho is in your chart, it shows in what way are you persuasive and seductive, what areas can you persuade people.
Do not fucking repost or reword my work <3
Tip me ♡
Ⱄ 1st - So determined and have very high self esteem, may feel empowered through sexual liberation, you use your confidence and authoritive aura to seduce and get people to do what you want, honestly low-key can make anyone listen to you, you may notice a lot of people getting easily swayed by you, may embody traits of Peitho to a certain extent.
Ⱄ 2nd - Can easily get money from people around them, may get a lot of material gifts without having to ask for them, can influence people's choices about financial decisions, good at talking business and getting people to spend, sensual and sweet, extremely feminine and may have slow elegant movement. People may not agree, but femme fatale energy as well.
Ⱄ 3rd - Charming speech really charming, they can get people to do whatever they want using a few sweet words. Silver tongue, great sales people, can sell and pitch ideas really well. May be the type to be an academic, use their intellect and knowledge to seduce people, also good at spreading rumours.
Ⱄ 4th - Welcoming and warm, persuade people through making them think it was their idea on the first place, manipulative, make people feel at home and get your way through creating a comfortable space, nurturing instincts that can make people imagine having a family with you may garner a lot of suitors who want to start a family.
Ⱄ 5th - They're really creative and their originality is what gets people to listen and makes them curious, great teachers, kids always listen to them, big movements, their way of doing things is grandiose, could be a bit of a tease, I've seen these people dance and they look very attractive and in their element.
Ⱄ 6th - People always listen to them when it comes to health or routine, for example people with this placement could advice someone to change their diet and the person would instantly agree or try to do as adviced, straightforward when trying to persuade someone, mind over matter in terms of seduction, seduces through promises of giving more than receiving.
Ⱄ 7th - My friend has this placement and she's a matchmaker, can persuade people to either get into relationships or out fo them, have a great eye for red flags, polite can be a bit condescending, they may use their demure demeanor to seduce people, may have the whole "good girl/boy" "girl/boy next door" thing going.
Ⱄ 8th - Just powerful in general, convincing in regards to matters related to family property and finances, may be good at persuading people to learn more about the occult and make them interested in it, intense and mysterious seduction, pull people in who like the chase like a cat and mouse game, could pull anyone they want to be honest.
Ⱄ 9th - Make for great academics and can be the type to be able to easily recruit people into a religious organisation/making people believe in multiple religions/gods, good at convincing people to travel with them or accompany them (even if it's to the grocery store) fast paced, see seduction as a weapon to wield, direct and honest, a little clumsy.
Ⱄ 10th - The ability to make or break someone's reputation honestly, whatever they say in a work setting is taken seriously, motivate co-workers to work hard, if they spread a rumour about someone at the workplace people will take it as truth, can persuade people to change career paths, seduce through smizes, bold yet reserved body language and wit.
Ⱄ 11th - Have such a huge influence on their friend group and community, easily persuade people to be more giving to the community, carry out humanitarian acts, donate, persuade people to alter or change political beliefs and friends, seduce by being different, their eccentricity pulls people in because its unique, fluid in terms of they can make themselves be anyone's ideal type.
Ⱄ 12th - My friend has this placement part 2, helps and persuades people to move on from past trauma and heal themselves, are able to convince people to get rid of their limiting beliefs and this placement has a healer role almost. Seduction caused by looking/seeming dreamy and making themselves seem unattainable, use fashion to go for the kill.
© 2021 Ukiyowi
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tarotwitchy · a month ago
{astro notes; pt. 5}
• NSFW Edition •
Tumblr media
And finally, here we are. After a multitude of requests to do a post about astrological placements that pertain to NSFW topics, I've made this little post based on what I've observed... and experienced. 😏 I'm pretty sure this won't be the only NSFW {astro notes} I'll make. But for now, please enjoy my 18+ debut post.
❌ Please do not plagiarize my work, or post it elsewhere without my permission and credits. Thank you! ❌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌶 It is known that men with Jupiter in the 1st House (or Mars-Jupiter and/or Jupiter-Ascendant aspects) have a rather large package. But another placement that may have this is Neptune in the 2nd/8th House; the 2nd House placement would make it shorter but thicker, and the 8th House placement on the thinner but longer side. Also might have a curve to it, whether leaning upward or downward... you didn't hear it from me.
💊 Speaking of Neptunian placements, I have encountered many stories wherein sexual partners who have heavy Pisces in their chart, Neptune aspecting personal planets, and/or Neptune on the 12th/1st House may be prone to using substances and drugs in order to heighten their physical experience because these substances elevate their sensory sensitivity.
This doesn't happen all the time, though. But these heavy Neptunian influence in one's chart may rely more on the assistance of "liquid courage" in order to help release nervousness, and the feelings of physical disconnect. If you have these placements, please be wary.
🥀 If you want to woo a Venusian into engaging in 18+ activities with you, you cannot half-ass your efforts. They will know! Don't just ask them casually. Make actual efforts in preparation. Show them you've thought this out, step-by-step, and make them feel special. This is especially important for people with Sun-Venus and Venus-Ascendant aspects, Venus in the 2nd/5th/7th House, and/or Taurus and Libra in personal planetary placements.
Treat them to a 5-course meal at a luxurious restaurant, show up clean and properly groomed (please clean your nails because this is one of the very first things they notice), bring breath mints with you, make the place smell good and clean, and just make the experience aesthetically and energetically pleasing. 😌
💍 I may have already mentioned this before in a previous {astro notes}, but any positive Lilith-Juno aspects (sextile, trine, and an occasional conjunction) in a Synastry and/or Composite chart, this is an indicator that whatever kinks and sexual fantasies you may have will be accepted by your partner even before marriage. Your sexuality and the conditions that make you aroused will not be shamed nor shunned by your partner, and it's not going to be something they'll be ashamed of. In fact, they may even share these kinks with you!
In addition, sex is not going to be a taboo topic between the two of you at all. Both of you will be very open and mature when it comes to talking about what makes each other enjoy themselves in the bedroom. Any sexual insecurities you (or they) may have will not be kept as an ugly secret. It's going to be worked out together as partners.
Any child-bearing couple (regardless of gender and sexual orientation) are not afraid to attending sex therapy for when the pregnant partner is having trouble managing in the bedroom. That's how open and sexually healthy a couple under this aspect could be.
👄 Mercury-dominant natives (including Virgo-dominants, Virgo placements in personal planets, Mercury in the 3rd/6th House, Gemini-dominants and in personal placements) should really turn their minds off during sexual act. This isn't to say you should eliminate common sense, or dull your intellect when you know something could be wrong. This is only to say that you should let your body feel and speak for itself instead of intellectualizing every single sensation you feel.
As long as you've ticked all the boxes that's indicated on your "pre-sex" checklist (don't lie to me, y'all have this list), then let loose! You'll thank yourself later for giving your noggin a break.
💄 Asteroid Eros (433) is a great indicator of what turns people on, sexual fantasies/kinks, or anything you must know when it comes to pleasure. We all know how to look for this in our birth charts already. But have you ever been curious as to what your partner's potential sexual profile might be?
Go to and go to Extended Chart Selection. Indicate their birth details, and include "433" in the Additional Objects.
Scroll down the Chart Type selection, and choose the Persona Chart. Then, press "click here to show chart."
Once you're in the Persona Chart, click on "Asteroid 433" in the planetary selection to see Eros as the focal point of the chart reading.
Now, each planet in the signs and houses indicate what you need to know. For example, if your partner has Mercury in Cancer in the 2nd House reflected in their Eros Persona Chart, sweet-talking and making them feel loved and/or emotionally comforted may arouse them better than being crude and vulgar.
If they have Mars in Sagittarius in the 10th House, they may like to engage in public sexual activities — especially abroad, or out of town. They may even go on a road trip with you to the outskirts of the city just to engage in car sex. 👀 Also, they may like the idea of having sexual relations with foreign business partners/colleagues, or if still in school, may have the hots for that foreign exchange student. But again, you didn't hear it from me.
You can do this Persona Chart configuration for yourself, too! This may give you an idea of what you may or may not like in sexual activities and settings. Get to know the naughty side of you. 😉
👠 Did I hear Mommy-issues? Look no further, I present to you: Mars in the 4th, Moon-Venus aspects, Moon in Cancer or the 4th/5th/8th Houses, Asteroid Demeter (1108) in the 7th/8th/12th Houses, and negatively aspecting the Sun/Moon/Venus/Mars, and most importantly, negativity aspecting Asteroid Persephone (399).
If you have some of these placements, you may be into being emotionally cared for during the sexual acts. Close body contact, lots of kisses, affirming words about how good you make them feel, lots of breast/nipple stimulation, genital worship, and cuddling is essential post-coitus. You prefer to call it love-making than sex or fucking.
However, if these placements in your chart are in harsh circumstances (squaring, opposition, conjunction), you may completely desire the opposite. You may not like emotional attachment with your sexual partner, you may avoid too much physical contact, and you don't like being "pampered" because it reminds you of maternal acts that touch on your issues against your mother (or mother-figure).
The last part is especially true for daughters. I personally have a conjunction between Demeter and Persephone, and oftentimes, I find myself recreating or subconsciously looking for partners who have the same personality as my mother — even though my mother and I have a really complicated family relationship, and she doesn't treat her children in a healthy manner. So, if you have this aspect, watch out for this type of behavior. It might result in being attached to toxic (or even abusive) partners.
🎩 Moving on to Daddy-issues! Here are the nominees for this category: Mars-Saturn/Mars-Pluto/Saturn-Pluto aspects (especially in harsh aspects), Saturn in the 4th, natives with their Sun/Mars/Saturn in Capricorn degrees, and sometimes, even Saturn Retrograde.
Honorable mentions include Jupiter in Capricorn (may indicate an absent father but makes up for financial support), Saturn in Cancer (a father who may be passive and is under the mercy of a strong feminine counterpart like your mother, you may seek an assertive man to rectify the masculine presence you lacked while growing up).
I think this section is quite infamous and self-explanatory. 🐸🍵 If you have these placements, you either crave this masculine energy, or reject it completely. Some people I know with these placements come to me saying, "I don't need no man in my life, they're all about their dicks anyway!" And then a couple of days later, would text me with, "Guess what, sis? I met with this man with a thick ass schlong, spits in my mouth, calls me baby girl, and pulls my hair!" 🤡🥴
Tumblr media
I think that's all for now. 😅 I played it safe with this NSFW {astro notes} because this is my first time posting something like this, and I don't know yet how my followers might receive this. If this is too much, or not enough, please let me know! If you want more explicit stuff next time, or if I should maintain this type of sensible post, I'd appreciate any feedback. Until next time!
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saturndomme · 6 months ago
🖤Asteroid Circe🖤
-seduction and bewitchment, witchcraft
🖤Aries: this person is someone who is assertive, attract people with their leader-ship qualities, their fun-loving, impulsive, energetic and competitive personality . As a witch they work with red candles and flames.
🖤Taurus: People with Circe in taurus are most likely garden witches, they work with herbs and use money-spells. They have great-endurance, a down to earth and sensual nature. They are so alluring to people, because they shine out a cozy and comfortable aura, which just easily seduces people.
🖤Gemini: Tarot readers, lucid-dreamers and most likely claircognizant, they just know things. Flirty people with a great sense of humor. Great at story-telling, people are drawn to their mind, their way of speaking and their intelligence.
🖤Cancer: Kitchen witches. Healing, motherly energy that attracts people easily. People feel welcome and familiar around them. Exclude a sense of sweetness and innocence, that leaves people wanting more. They also work with the moon and probably also make moon water.
🖤Leo: They attract attention without even trying. People look up to them, they're in a position of authority, which is attractive and well-liked by some people. Witches with this Circe placement meditate a lot, are focused on healing their chakra and utilize crystals.
🖤Virgo: Work with herbs, witches with this placement have healing-abilities and like working in nature. This placement acts like an innocent, sweet and pure person to lure people in. Their actions are always planned and they get everyone they want. They don't chase people, they make people want to chase them
🖤Libra: Witches with circe in libra, make spell jars, especially love spell jars. Harmonious energy surrounds them, they are humanitarian and physically beautiful. They have a lot of admirers. Aesthetically pleasing and creative individual. A sense of lightness surrounds them.
🖤Scorpio: These witches are open to working with entities. Clairvoyant. Voodoo. Wicca. Intense, secretive and mysterious, people are intimidated but at the same time curious about this person. Lures people in with their determined and loyal personality.
🖤Sagittarius: Astral-projecting comes easily to them, they also have agreat intuition. Human lie-detectors. Hard to keep in one place, experimental, funny, intelligent, outgoing and honest, these qualities amaze and are loved by many people.
🖤Capricorn: Career and money-spells. Strive for sucess, practical, reserved and hard-working, these traits attract people and want to make them stay forever. Circe in capricorn are highly influential people and always needed.
🖤Aquarius: Astrology witches. I think a lot of people, who have astrology blogs on here have this placement. Unique, independent, intellectual and creative, that's what makes these people so seductive. Especially people who search for something stimulating, interesting and new are immensely attracted to this person.
🖤Pisces: Empathetic, dreamy, generous and creative, people find them cute and have a need to protect this person. Great intuition, they just feel when something is off. Lucid dreamers. Are gifted with Clairsentience (feeling)
Tumblr media
-if you want a post about a specific asteroid, my asks are open
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hea-di · a month ago
 💫Asteroid Hillary (3130)💫
Tumblr media
"The name Hillary or Hilary symbolizes ''Happy Woman'' or simply ''Happiness''
What makes you happy?, how can you make women happy?
°Hillary in Aries°
Happiness starts with you, you make yourself and all women happy by being strong and unapologetic. When you devote yourself to your passions you are very happy, you always encourage women.
°Hillary in Taurus°
Happiness is present when you feel secure, you always empower women to love themselves and you always instill that they should be secure in any way. You think women should have luxuries and live peacefully.
°Hillary in Gemini°
You get happy when there is versatility in your life, when nothing is certain and everything can be a surprise, it makes you very happy when women are intelligent and express themselves freely, you love to do new things all the time, you need daily stimulation.
°Hillary in Cancer°
You think that when all women are happy you will be happy, you love to protect the ones you love the most and you always defend all women, maybe you are a feminist or you simply agree that all women need their rights. your name may be hillary 
°Hillary in Leo°
You are a naturally protective person especially with women, you have a good heart and you always expect the best from others, you protect them with all your heart, you are happy when women are calm and happy.
°Hillary in Virgo°
You are happy when everything is in order and for you the order in things that have to do with women is very important, you like when women know how to defend themselves and are intelligent.
°Hillary in Libra°
You are happy when there is a balance in things, when women have charm and know what they want it makes you very happy. You like to live with women who are less judgmental and more diplomatic.
°Hillary in Scorpio°
It makes you happy when women are independent and when they know what they want, you like to live with women who are determined and intense, you are happy when you achieve a goal you had for a long time.
°Hillary in Sagittarius°
You are happy when women are loud and direct, you may be a feminist and love it when women know how to stand up for themselves. Optimism is very important to you.
°Hillary in Capricorn°
You like it when women are polite but empowered, when women are bosses it makes you very happy, your happiness starts with the power you have in your life.
°Hillary in Aquarius°
You like to live with women who watch over the future, empowered and revolutionary women fill your heart with pride, your happiness begins when you see that your revolutions are having an effect.
°Hillary in Pisces°
You don't like it when women are too loud and too intense, instead you like it when women validate their feelings and are calm and sentimental, you like to live with calm and simple women.
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aquariushv · 3 months ago
Pallas (Athena) in houses
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Athena was in mythology the daughter of the god Olympus (the Romans called her Minerva) and was born from the head of Zeus. Athena symbolizes knowledge and wisdom and is the feminine manifestation of the divine Mind and perfect intuitive perception. It governs the relationship between father and daughter and in general the relationship where there is a form of imbalance and abuse of power and authority.
In astrology shows the way we have to learn and create spiritually, it is related to the arts, politics, therapy, but also to alienation, competition and the fear of success. It is also related to issues of science, genetics and biotechnology, but also strategy, since in mythology Athena was a view of the war and helped many warriors with her advice.
the asteroid code is 2
Pallas in 1st: Here we are dealing with charismatic people, who usually manage with characteristic ease to identify problems and eventually manage them or even solve them permanently. The person is very reasonable and is characterized by high levels of rationality. Guide in life is thinking and those around them consider the very intelligent and fair. They draw their strength from themselves, but they may care more about solving their own problems than those of their social environment.
Pallas in 2nd: These people have talent in managing their financial issues. In fact, they manage with particular ingenuity to overcome even the most serious economic crises, utilizing the practical spirit and rationality that characterize the!. In addition, they usually adopt a strong system of moral values ​​and principles, based on justice and objectivity, and follow it throughout their life. Finally, they manage to express their views on the proper management of both money and other material resources with simplicity and clarity.
Pallas in 3rd: These people have a unique way of communicating with those around them. Their speech is characterized by objectivity, accuracy and clarity. They can be an excellent user of speech, both in writing and orally. There may be an inclination to mathematics and, more generally, to learning and gathering information. Their mind is like a "sponge" that absorbs easily and memorizes quickly. Discussion and exchange of information help them to deal successfully with their own problems. Finally, some talent in writing texts or even in teaching is possible.
Pallas in 4th: The house of these people is a safe environment, in which they can think and find the solutions they need for the various problems they face. In addition, they advise with absolute objectivity and ingenuity their parents and, in general, their family members. These people need privacy in order to grow on a mental level, while their own past can be a source of inspiration for them. Therefore, they could be a successful architect, civil engineer or even a broker.
Pallas in 5th: Here, the way of thinking of the individuals is characterized by very high levels of creativity. These people may have artistic concerns, while both love and children seem to be a source of beauty and inspiration for them. They easily manage to pass messages to children and, therefore, they're particularly suited to engaging in children's literature and, in general, to entertaining children. Finally, one could say that these people use their mental abilities more effectively and do great things when they have a good time and experiences a feeling of joy.
Pallas in 6th: These people are characterized by a remarkable ability to find solutions to their work problems. They are perfectionist, resourceful and very hardworking. In their work they are fair and treat their colleagues equally. In general, they like to enrich their knowledge about health and hygiene issues and to be informed about it. It also manage any health problems calmly and rationally. They could be a gymnast, auditor, secretary, doctor, dietitian or pet shop owner. Finally, they're particularly interested in their physical condition and diet.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pallas in 7th: Here we are dealing with people who employ their objectivity and ingenuity, with the ultimate goal of solving problems related to marriage or their partner. In general, they treat their partner and associates fairly. When they experience a healthy love affair and enjoy companionship as well as a harmonious coexistence with their partner they manage to find the solutions they seek in all their problems, regardless of field. In general, their thinking is particularly activated when they interact with other people, while loneliness does not help them much.
Pallas in 8th: The individuals mind have an amazing ability to delve into various life situations as well as all issues. These people have a powerful intuition as well as an ability to psychologize perfectly both themselves and those around them. They tend to introspection as well as the search for motivations that motivate human behavior. They also enjoy solving mysteries and puzzles. In addition, these people have the ability to advise those around them on matters of psychology or financial matters. Finally, from time to time these people are called to radically change their way of thinking, a fact which they renew and "regenerate".
Pallas in 9th: These people have a unique way of perceiving abstract, difficult-to-understand, theoretical concepts. Can study subjects such as Philosophy, Metaphysics, Astrology or Religion. Usually, they are a linguist and have a talent for writing and literature, but they can tend to write a lot or expand. They may find it difficult to communicate and pass on their knowledge if the aspects that Pallas receives on their natal chart from planets or places are difficult. Long journeys refresh them mentally and help them reorganize their thinking and expand their piritual horizons.
Pallas in 10th: Here we are dealing with people who channel their objectivity of mind, their inspirations, their insight and ingenuity in the field of career. Therefore, they usually achieve their professional development with characteristic ease. Also, these people manage to find solutions to their professional problems, to overcome various obstacles and to realize their ambitions. In addition, they try to set objective and achievable goals and avoid wronging others, as they prefer to rise to meritocracy, using honest means. Their reputation and career can be based on their intelligence.
Pallas in 11th: These people are characterized by numerous social, humanitarian concerns. They enjoy studying subjects such as Sociology, Social Anthropology, and Astrology. These people friends and like-minded people are the source of inspiration and mental strength. In fact, their texts may have a special popularity and impact on Social Media. In general, they avoid discriminating between their friends, try not to wrong them and expresses their views to them clearly and objectively. Finally, it would suit them to work as an astrologer, as a trade unionist, as a politician or as a sociologist.
Pallas in 12th: These people are rich in imagination and are intuitive, romantic, dreamy and idealistic. They can also have many vivid dreams. Loneliness does not frighten these people, as they know how to manage it. When they withdraw from the "worldly" and spends moments alone, their mind tend to generate more and more imaginative ideas. In fact, loneliness can be for them a conscious attitude of life, through which they put their thoughts in order and ensure they peace and mental balance. The interests of the individuals may include the arts and metaphysics. In addition, they have heightened humanitarian concerns, is in favor of their weak fellow human beings, and do not tolerate the injustice and marginalization of other people. However, they tend to lose their objectivity and identify with the vulnerable and wronged of life, making their problems their own.
written with love, Ellie<3
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the-cosmic-gentle-giant · 3 months ago
Asteroid Erato (62)
Before we start I just need to clarify that I am not a professional astrologer and I will admit this is a rather ambitious post. This is merely my interpretation and should not be taken too seriously. Enjoy😊
Tumblr media
In Greek Mythology Erato is one of the nine muses. Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the Titaness of Memory. Erato is known as the Muse of lyric poetry and love poetry (erotic poetry included) .
In astrology, per my own interpretation, Erato(62) could indicate how we express and view love through writing or other artistic forms. It could also to some extent explain how we perceive sex, love and romance as a concept (a concept needs to be perceived before you can write about it). I might be stretching it here, but she might even hint at types of dynamics and romances we enjoy in literature as well.
Tumblr media
Asteroid Erato(62) in the Houses:
Erato in the 1st House: Love and eroticism could play a major role in how you identify yourself. This placement is common in models (especially nude or erotic models) as people can perceive you as erotic or romantic by nature. When expressing love through the arts, you do so by inserting yourself in those romatic scenarios mentally. First person pov and those (Y/N) romance stories could be of interest to you. Ultimately you perceive love as an extension of yourself. Love is who you are and therefore you understand that to love others means loving yourself first.
Erato in the 2nd House: (TW: Some of you might find this offensive, but it is not intended that way) Simply and quite bluntly put, you view love as an asset. An asset that is either employed to the benefit of personal gain or an asset that is something to be obtained, a prized possession if you will. In writing you could admire love & sex as if it were a piece of art and you could very well base your worthiness on the love you give and receive. Love is something of extreme value to you. Possessive lovers might be your jam, making werewolf mate dynamics and mafia Stockholm syndrome a guilty reading pleasure.
Erato in the 3rd House: These natives tend to speak in a very romantic and erotic manner, perhaps even unintentionally which tends to give some people the wrong idea. Love & sex could be perceived as an adventure where you get to learn all its intricacies along the way. You have no shortage of ideas when it comes to exploring the concept of love and might be a true love poet a heart. You want to learn all there is to know about it and therefore no romantic topic goes unread to you. These natives might have been introduced to romanctic and erotic material at a young age, possibly through siblings or neighbors.
Tumblr media
Erato in the 4th House: We all know the saying "Home is where the heart is" and this rings true especially for these natives. Love is perceived as a place of security, vulnerability, nurturing & sensitivity and home is the person your affections are sent to. Your writings could reflect your own feelings of someone or be very feelings based. Love & sex are emotionally involved and expressed. You could be a sensitive reader and writer whose favourite poisons could include angst, "to build a home" romances and romances forbidden by family.
Erato in the 5th House: The creative influences of this house could greatly aid you as a love poet. Love & eroticism inspires you and poetry could be your go to trick to attract someone's affection and keep their attention. Love could be perceived as lighthearted, fun and playful, but also a pride and ego matter. When writing you generally could focus on what it is that makes love so poetic and how it is shown by yourself or others. An innocent and childlike romance full of fluff and sweetness might just be your cup of tea in a story.
Erato in the 6th House: You guys could just as well live and breathe lust. Quite frankly, you are obsessed with it will make no effort to hide what or who the object of obsession is in your writings or media you consume. Your writings could clearly show that you are obsessed with them, obsessed with everything they do AND...obsessed with loving and making love to them. Love is perceived as an obsession, a habit, something that heals, something that could require sacrifice and quite possibly, a duty. Work and school romances particularly could tickle your fancy. It just seems you can't keep your hands to yourself lol.
Tumblr media
Erato in the 7th House: For some reason the saying "All's fair in love and war" came to mind while writing for you. Love is perceived as fair, balanced and harmonic. Something that consists of an equal amount of give and take, be it pleasurable indulgence or caring for another. With Erato in the House of Relationships it is only natural that natives idealize the perfect coupling or union. Your writings will explore 2 sets of feelings as you believe it takes 2 to make things work. To you, love is a fairy tale necessity with a happy ending in tow.
Erato in the 8th House: Hello beloved smut reader lol! Jk jk, unless? For you love and eroticism resides deep within and you're not scared of plunging into your own depths to express it. Love is perceived as a force of power capable of changing people deeply and perhaps even destroying people below the surface level. Something transformative and addicting even. This topic is unnatural without it's taboo aspects and you don't shy away from this in your artistic expression. You stir up feelings buried in the depths of people's minds as your love is power and lust, an addiction you created and feed to yourself and others.
Erato in the 9th House: These natives remind me of Sappho and Hozier. Love and sex is spoken of as something sacred and divine. What better way to know your god than loving their creation could be of the opinion that love regardless of and even opposing the divine doctrine is the most sacred. Quotes like "in the crooks of her body I find my religion" & "god was naked in my bed, laying next to me, listening to our favourite song" (can't remember exact quote) come to mind. Love is inspired, a journey, high teaching, philosophical and lucky in your eyes. I feel like you would find the most enjoyment out of classical romances or love stories foreign to your own origins. You have a talent for making your lover feel like a god.
Tumblr media
Erato in the 10th House: Love is greatly explored in the relation with status and commitment. You writings could portray the intricacies of commitment and dedication to one love or dwell dwell on the understanding of how love could be your own undoing. Love is either conventional for the sake of a good reputation or takes on the form of a "risk it all" (badboy goodgirl shit). Your favourite playground if I do say so myself. Authority also plays a major role and romances involving a professor or boss might just be what you like. You yourself could become an authority and earn status as a love poet of some kind.
Erato in the 11th House: Natives could have an innate talent for connecting people and creating networks through their erotic/love writings. There is even potential for creating or participating in fandoms for example BL peoples. Your perception of love brings an extreme awareness of where and how love & eroticism is found and works, as well as understanding the need for socialization and establishing connections for there to be a spark and you enjoy exploring this is your writings. Tropes or love stories you could enjoy include love at first meet and friends to lovers.
Erato in the 12th House: Poetry or writing from these individuals always seem to be cryptic and abstract. They talk about love and sex as if it were a dream, not quite real, hidden, but still there. It's somehow written as something that becomes more convoluted and nonsensical the more you try to discern it. It ebbs and flows loosely in their subconscious and it reflects in their writing and what they enjoy reading. Love expressed by them is something only understood by another native with the same placement. Is it just a dream to some...or is it something with meanings so hidden that only they could find it.
Tumblr media
Hey hey my peoples. So this took exceptionally long and I tried my hardest to interpret it to the best of my ability so please note that it might contain some inaccuracies and I hope you understand this was quite out of my comfort zone. Hugs my little ones 🤗
For more asteroid content I also recommend checking out @saturnianneptune and @d4rkpluto because they are the queens of asteroid content.
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umepnnn · a month ago
hello! I've been getting into astrology lately, and I've been wondering if you knew how I could find out about my star charts? or some explanations or tips to understand it better.
hii to generate astrology charts, i usually use!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
go to, choose extended chart selection, then put in your birth data.
the chart type is already "natal chart wheel" so you just need to choose click here to show the chart to get your natal/birth chart.
if you're looking for other types of chart (e.g. solar return chart, persona chart, etc.) you can change the chart type.
if you want to see where the asteroids are placed in your chart, scroll down to additional objects and type its code number or name in manual entry. they also instruct you how to type there.
— keep reading for tips !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♥︎ read books ♥︎
i recommend the only astrology book you'll ever need - joanna martine woolfolk. super basic, super beginner-friendly, very easy to understand.
aspects in astrology - sue tompkins. helped me understand aspects a lot better. has good analogies that will just stick to your head lol pretty memorable.
the essential guide to practical astrology - april elliott kent. again, very beginner-friendly and informative.
these are just some books i've read. for more you can search up google or tumblr for more, there are a lot of great books out there <3
♥︎ learn from the internet ♥︎
use google, search up your placements like "mars in 1st house" and also read forums, youtube has great astrology content too.
♥︎ tumblr is super resourceful ♥︎
just one search and so much of posts will show up. follow astrology blogs, interact with them, make friends, learn together!
some astrologers n astrology bloggers on tumblr that you probably already know but i still wanna recommend because they have such incredible content: @hillarysss @guxciestone @le-nora @illixit @moviesincrystals @sunball @saintzjenx @d4rkpluto @sagigirlie @jojoangelley @oliviamillss @bratz-kitten @plutoswrath @venusfun @zeldasnotes @astrobyoph @astrojoy @notanastrologer @mypurplejupiter @plutosunshine @augustnotes @purplexhun @sunkissedchld @plutosdate @rattaemin @witchy-home @vicxy @libramc @virghogh @3amastrology @yashashveeroy @medusa12346 @angelvibezluv
everyone here has helped me out so much with astrology ever since i started learning and they still do now <3 ily tysm and have a blessed week <33
♥︎ download apps ♥︎
@le-nora has this amazing guide and reviews for astrology apps here <3
and ones i have on my phone are time passages, astro future, and co-star.
♥︎ family and friends ♥︎
let them know that you're studying astrology (if you want to), ask them for their birth data, make them a chart and observe them! see what traits they have in common and what placements may be the cause of it. read for them! maybe interview them as well.
♥︎ observe people ♥︎
celebrities - there are some with confirmed birth time and some don't, but you can still make a chart and make observations. even people you aren't very close, see if there's something about them (like maybe they are hardworking, or maybe you find them annoying, just anything and then try to find out why in their birth chart).
♥︎ take handwritten notes ♥︎
this can be applied to studying anything as well. handwritten notes are better than typing since you write slower so you can ponder every single word. it would also be better to write what you understand instead of copying everything down.
have a notebook for astrology. doesn't have to look aesthetic, just write anything you find interesting or important things you learn from the book or even the internet. oooh make yourself a cheat sheat!
♥︎ don't try to memorize everything, try to recall ♥︎
another studying tip in general.
you could write what you remember before checking your notes. or just recall them in your head.
ooh and when you know a thing or two about the zodiac signs, try guessing people's signs. you'll remember the traits so much better and it's pretty fun when you get them right. i did this with jujutsu kaisen characters and i'm pretty sure gege sensei (the author) knows astrology sksnjs
♥︎ you don't have to learn everything from the top to bottom, just learn what interests you most and learn slowly one by one ♥︎
for example with learning the zodiac signs, learn your sign first then maybe read about the signs of your close friends and family, etc.
♥︎ and lastly, just have fun! learn when you want to, don't put pressure on yourself <3 ♥︎
Tumblr media
p/s: keep in mind that astrology does not determine your life, you do. and bad placements are there for you to overcome, not dwell on it!
to anyone who wants to add some tips or blog recommendations, feel free to do so in the comments/reblogs 🤍
hope this was helpful and i wish you luck on your astrology journey <3
yours truly, lily.
Tumblr media
© 2021 umepnnn — all rights reserved. do not plagiarize, steal or repost.
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yashashveeroy · 2 months ago
Asteroid Horus (1924).
“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” - Hermes Trismegistus
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: The interpretation of this Asteroid is done intuitively by me, @yashashveeroy , through research conducted personally. I do not allow anyone to copy, repost or reword this original work. You may ask for my permission before you make use of this content.
Egyptian God Horus & His History:
According to mythology, Horus (also spelled Hor, Har, Her, Heru) was the Falcon headed Egyptian god of war and the sky; he was closely associated to the Sun and the Moon as well. ‘Horus’, the name itself translates to “he who is distant” or “he who is above”. He was also known as the protector of the royalty of Egypt, avenger of wrongs, defender of order and uniter of the two lands. He was the son of Osiris and Isis. In the myths, Horus fought against Seth, his power hungry and jealous uncle, for the throne as he was the rightful successor as the son of Osiris. However while battling against Seth; his left eye was damaged to a point where it was divided into six pieces. Thankfully, his eye was restored by Thoth, who was the god of the Moon, reckoning, writing and many other things. Horus sometimes is also depicted as a creator god and benevolent protector.
Significance of “The Eye of Horus”:
Now in this research and interpretation, we will be focusing on the ‘Eye of Horus’. Obviously, Horus the God himself has a lot of significance but, due to ancient myths and beliefs, his eye has come to light more often. Before we begin, one must understand that both of Horus’s eyes had significance, although the left one more than the right. The right eye was associated with the Sun God Ra as Horus was sometimes believed to be his son as well and the left eye was associated to the Moon God Thoth. As I mentioned earlier, Horus fought against his uncle Seth for the right to his father’s throne, during which, his left eye was damaged and torn into six pieces. Each of the six pieces represented the six human senses and mathematical fractions: Touch 1/64, Taste 1/32, Hearing 1/16, Thought 1/8, Sight 1/4, Smell 1/2 and one specific unknown fraction. It is interesting to note that if the pieces are added together the total is 63/64 not 1. Now this ‘Unknown Fraction’ is often said to be the magic that Thoth used to restore Horus’s left eye or in other interpretations it simply suggests that nothing is ever ‘Perfect’.
Considering the very fact that there are six senses attached to the mighty ‘Eye of Horus’, one should also look into the connection it makes to the human brain, specifically; the pineal gland. This part of the brain is linked to emotions and memories. It controls and coordinates everything from the movements of the fingers to the heart rate and depicts the secret areas of the brain that hold the potential for each human to attain enlightenment. Remember, the pineal gland is often associated to the “Third Eye”. It stays dormant until the soul reaches a certain spiritual level. Ancient Egyptians believed that it was primordial to nurture our limbic brain so that the third eye would lead us to spiritual awakening. Clearly in this case, the ‘Eye of Horus’ is also representative of the third eye.
If one was to truly notice, the representation of the ‘Eye of Horus’ is a cross between a human eye and a hawk’s eye. In other myths it is also mentioned that when Horus’s left eye was restored, he gave it to his dead father, Osiris, who ate it and was then restored to life. As a result, it became a symbol of life and resurrection. It later came to be known as the “Wadjet/ Udjat” eye as well in its amulet form which was used by the ancient Egyptians for their homes, travels, mummifications and many other auspicious things.
In our modern days today, this symbol is still used in the form of an amulet in Egypt and others who believe in its powers. In fact, the Egyptian Airlines itself has Horus’s Falcon Head and the ‘Eye of Horus’ illustrated on the bodies of their airplanes/aircrafts. This symbol and name is found largely in Egyptian Tourist Hotels as well.
Tumblr media
Themes to associate with while looking for Horus’s significance in your Natal Blue Print:
There are many interpretations and symbolisations of the ‘Eye of Horus’ and then Horus himself. Although remember to look for things related to the ‘Eye of Horus’ specifically. Some of the major ones that I came across in this research are: Strength, Prosperity, Royalty, Loyalty, Intuition and all the different types of Clair’s: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clair cognizance etc. It is also linked to Protection from negative energies and entities. It is associated with vision (especially the power of vision between the afterlife and the world of the living), the protection of physical integrity and health. It should be noted that the ‘Eye of Horus’ symbol corresponds to the location of the Third Eye, represented by the sixth chakra. The sixth chakra represents the seat of intuition and clairvoyance (including the ability to “see” things usually hidden). Prominence of one’s lunar energy, more so, this asteroid’s effect over Moon Dominance is something that can be looked at since this eye was also called the ‘Eye of Thoth’, the god of the Moon. Yin/ Feminine energy. How one connects to their emotions, their mother and also their grasp on family traditions because it is all about family dignity. Then one may also look for where the native is very detail oriented and focused, given the factor of ‘clear seeing’ through the ‘Eye of Horus’. Transformation, connections to the afterlife, interests in the occult, law and order are also hinted at.
Over all, this particular asteroid, at least according to me, has Lunarian, Solarian, Saturnian, Plutonian and Mercurian energies. So if this asteroid does make aspects to any of these planets in your natal blue print, think of it as a minor active energy.
Tumblr media
I House:
Horus in the first house will be very prideful. Prideful of their heritage, their name, their talents and over all just who they are. With this, an aggressive force is also gifted. The aggression here will be mostly towards mockery made against the native. One should never let another put them down because they have their own set of insecurities and jealousies. Protection of the ‘self’ is what manifests here. A very prominent presence and indications of being sexually attracted to very intimidating people. Strong and broad shoulders.
II House:
Here, Horus will show you what one is protective over and how do they protect it. Do they have a good sense of control over their personal assets? Or do they spend it all? Is the native mindful with the things they work hard for? Does the native have a very giving mind set when it comes to donating? Horus will ground the native when it comes to abundance of any kind and also gift the native with ‘Clear seeing’ in this house.
III House:
In the house of communication, Horus will be loud and clear. Always speaking the truth and lying when it is necessary, especially when it’s to save someone. Remember, lying for something good, will never get you bad karma. Horus here can truly make a native, a genius. The gift of ‘Clair cognizance’ can also be expected here. Good reading and writing skills. Loves to read news articles and probably is great at those mathematical puzzles/games that come in the newspaper.
IV House:
Here, the relationship with the mother can come to light. Horus did only grow up with his mother, Isis after all, so it is expected that the native has a good relationship with the mother figure. Downpour of emotions is felt at times. Karmic lessons on emotions are learnt here. The gift of ‘Clairsentience’ can be expected. If relationship with the mother is wounded, expect the native to try to fix things later in life.
V House:
Horus here blesses the native with skills in whatever they might want to pursue. Can make the native bask in self-love for once. Horus here can also manifest as being good with kids regardless of the fact that one may or may not like them. The protective energy will always stay. One can be expected to be very creatively intuitive if the third eye is activated. Wild and free spirit. Very regal in their ways and always a big heart. Tough love.
VI House:
Protection from infections, diseases and injuries. Horus can also manifest as literal ‘Miracles’ when it comes to curing something that is incurable here, imagine being so blessed. Detail oriented and Sharp minded, after all, Falcons do see clearer than us humans. Horus here also blesses the native with good self-discipline and routine. Native ages very gracefully. Not a very good relationship with one’s own emotions unless they work on it.
Tumblr media
VII House:
Horus often blesses the native with prosperous business partnerships here. Luck with law can be expected since Horus himself was known as the ‘Avenger of Wrongs’. Kind of treatment of the ones closest to the native can also be hinted at. Native can have a few people who are jealous of their success or relationships, but they remain protected. Blessed with a very regal and minimalist aesthetic sense.
VIII House:
Luck with debt. Horus here provides Safety and protection against bankruptcy and illegal doings. Great sacrifices, highly foresighted and blessed with great occult talents. Constant Ego Deaths and Rebirths which further lead to a more solid sense of self/ self-awareness. Sex here could be avoided, not because it is bad or scary, but rather, wanting to stay ‘Pure’ or staying ‘Untouched’ until the right person arrives. Tantric Sex can also be beneficial here. Supressed aggression that comes out when it gets overwhelming.
IX House:
When Horus sits in this house, it dabbles with many philosophical arts. Approach to life can also be made very ‘Stoic’ when necessary. Great achievements in higher studies and spiritual studies. Meditation is key here if one wants to achieve higher understanding of things. Native can also be attracted to the spiritual beliefs and protective symbols of cultures apart from their own. Either very Religious or very Spiritual. Very logical yet intuitive way of handling difficulties in life.
X House:
Relationship with the father can either be very good or bad. As mentioned before, Horus’s father, Osiris, was killed by Seth, due to which Horus was raised by Isis all alone in hiding from the world. He simply grew up to fight for the right to his throne and to avenge his father’s name. So really, just look for the attitude of the native towards the father as either being together ‘for the sake of the family image’ or really wanting to be a ‘shoulder of support’ in hard times. Native can also help others by giving good career advice; this one particularly comes by just “Knowing” what is wrong or right for the person. Use of the native’s intuition through this way is somehow very accurate and flourishing.
XI House:
Blessed with good public image, can work well in groups. Lit up personality. Collaborations can actually prosper here. Horus here can give the native a ‘soldier/protector’ mind-set which can lead to the native wanting to join the army/navy or military force. Horus here somehow enables the native to see beyond caste, creed and class which turns into a positive and giving attitude towards the community, earning them good karma. Might also have admirers in the society for their kind and charitable attitude.
XII House:
Over here, Horus is very grounded. Here he will be very active in all senses. The native can have quite a wide range of intuitive abilities. Multiple ‘Hermit’ stages throughout the spiritual journey. Once spiritually awakened, there’s no going back. The occult will definitely have some significance in the native’s life. Protective amulets and talismans, exclusive to the family heritage can be passed down to the native. Funny enough, in the house of limitations, Horus sees none. He instead blesses the native with this curiosity that lets them turn the impossible into possible.
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoyed reading my research and interpretation of this beautiful Asteroid!! Do let me know if this resonated with you!! 💛🧡💙
Love, Roy.
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moonianbbyg · a month ago
asteroid achilles (588)
definiton; asteroid achilles represents our old traumas in our birth charts.
i decided to be extra so i’m talking about trauma you experienced from certain family members in details also.
Tumblr media
this post was created by @moonianbbyg on tumblr <3 if reposting my work please give credits.
ACHILLES in houses:
house 1: this placement can show that this person could’ve possibly had body dysmorphia at a young age or was bullied for how they looked. you felt worthless at some points in your life and never accepted, you even had trouble fitting in. you suffer from it still and pay too much attention to your imperfections/insecurities. you suffer from childhood trauma that made you have bottled up emotions you can’t speak about, your sensitivity always grew bigger and so did your insecurities. you always wanted to feel like you’re enough. you are!! 💌 if you ever deal with infertility issues and that leaves a trauma on you (i hope you don’t though!) getting close to your husband’s/wife’s nephew/niece will make you feel better about it.
house 2: you may had to grow up in a home where your guardian(s) were/was strict on austerity. for you - being financially stable is important and you might think that happiness is money (you would choose money over love). you could’ve tried impressing your family a lot and they would never care, they’d be the type to look at the drawing you made for them and just roll their eyes then throw it away when you go away. you were alone helping yourself deal with depression. you valued your family a lot but they were the ones who caused you the most trauma before anyone ever could. [2H deals with immediate family that’s why this placement indicates that] women from your dad’s side were never in contact with you because they emotionally weren’t invested into you or interested + your dad might’ve abandoned you right when you were born, so you could possibly suffer from daddy issues too.
house 3: you could’ve had parents who always fought or would break up often and if you have siblings you never got along and you might’ve been the sibling that was hurt by that more. never having peace at home really started to build some sort of trauma for you because you need stability (this could’ve affected you even worse if your 3H is in earth) your parents could’ve always made you go to your grandparents’ house (or wherever you could) because staying near your home was terrible. while all stress you experienced from home you had issues expressing yourself and you felt like you have detached emotions at some point. could’ve gotten cat called as well and thought of self murder.
house 4: your mom could be the person that caused you the most trauma or her side of the family. you would argue with her all the time and some situations may have happened that you think are unforgivable or unforgettable. your mom couldn’t understand you most of the time so that’s what hurt you even more.. you wanted a mother figure so bad. if this isn’t the case your mom might’ve passed away while you were still young or she left you. you were the black sheep in the family everyone would talk bad about (some people could’ve even been almost poisoned by one of their family members.) you suffer from home issues and you’re looking for someone that will love you and not hurt you :(
house 5: (TRIGGER WARNING! MISCARRIAGE, this might be an extremely sensitive and hurtful topic for many so read at your own risk.) this placement can indicate a miscarriage so losing your child could’ve affected you so bad and you might even be afraid to get pregnant again, you’re afraid you can’t or you’re doubting yourself.. you think you’ll be a horrible mom/dad. if miscarriage isn’t the case here you might’ve went through some terrible experiences in kindergarten or while growing up. your childhood was rough and possibly violent. your granddad could’ve taught you a lot in life and losing him or him even raising his voice at you/saying hurtful things still sticks with you to this day. if you have a child you might argue a lot and that’s what will also leave you hurt. you always thought you can’t be yourself around others and spread your creativity around which made you feel helpless or fall into depression because you seek freedom
house 6: you had bad experiences at home since your birth and you could’ve felt close to your aunt (mom’s side) because she understood you. as you started growing up she started being less understanding which made you feel like you lost her as family too and that could’ve been trauma for you. you struggled with health issues and you’re always afraid when the littlest thing happens to you or others because it’s so traumatizing, deaths scare you too. you went through a period of life where you weren’t finically stable and it was traumatizing for you because you always want to provide the best for your surroundings, you hate seeing the ones around you sad the tiniest bit. you could’ve been the friend that’s left out when it came to going to prom and so on because you thought none of the girls/boys recognized you because you were so insecure about yourself.
house 7: trauma from your marriage. this indicates a violent marriage/cheating etc. your partner is possibly a sweet talker who’s very manipulative but you fell for it. if you tried divorcing your partner they could’ve possibly been acting like a psychopath and not wanting to let you go and you always feel like you’re being watched by someone or even followed so they could’ve left you very traumatized. 7H is your grandmother from your mom’s side too, and she might had to raise you so similar to 4H your mom was absent or too busy to take care for you. you understood your grandmother good and she understood you but growing up you started getting into many conflicts which left a stain on your heart.. or when she passed away it left trauma that’s hard to cope with.
house 8: (TW: RAPE, SEXUAL HARASSMENT) you were overly sexualized or raped/molested at a young age. you never payed attention to being cat called but you started to realize how disgusting and traumatizing it was the older you would get, and it would usually be older men that would give you disturbing compliments and so on. your first relationship probably had a huge age gap and you realized you were groomed as you got older as well. in your family - you experienced detached emotions from your family members, you never got told you’re loved directly and you could’ve been the black sheep in the family and to this day you still are. you want to be understood and accepted for who you are because you tend to feel like people think you’re annoying and can’t be yourself without getting/being judged.
house 9: your dad could’ve caused a lot of trauma to you and was your first “heartbreaker”. you weren’t affected by this a lot but now you find yourself chasing toxic people and getting into toxic relationships. you hate being told you act like or look like your dad because when you notice yourself behaving a bit similar to him you get disgusted. 9H also deals with your spouse’s younger sibling(s) so they may had forced you to cheat with them or have sex with them. this placement can indicate getting into car accidents a lot and whenever you went on vacation an accident could’ve happened. you struggled with school and felt helpless, this can also show having an affair with a teacher to pass the grade which can now leave you grossed out and traumatized because you just now realize how wrong that was.
house 10: another placement that shows being attached to your aunt. her death or you drifting apart affected you a lot. 10H deals with your mom’s nephews so when your aunt got her own kids you felt left out and it traumatized you losing her because it’s possible you got along with her better than your mom. people didn’t accept you for who you are and if you aren’t heterosexual and tried coming out you experienced not being accepted and facing terrible memories just for loving who you love. you might’ve been used a lot for sex and couldn’t say no. (this isn’t referring to rape but it’s referring to you saying yes just to please your partner/partners). since 10H deals with your public image you weren’t accepted for who you are which made you want to be someone you’re not and show your friends or your partner that you’re “perfect” that’s why you never had enough self respect.
house 11: people were never supportive of you or your goals. you felt left out from your friend group and that affected you a lot, needing support and affection made you traumatized because you wanted to feel important. if you have older siblings you might’ve argued with them a lot growing up because while you were little kids you were so close that the fall out with them because of the constant arguing made you experience trauma. you fear death and losing people, it shows you have bad attachment issues. you could’ve also been stalked or followed by someone where you had to press charges in order to feel safe, but the trauma here is - is that you can’t feel safe. (you are protected!!)
house 12: 12H represents your grandad (mom’s side) and your uncle(s). your grandad could’ve been a big inspiration for you or might’ve raised you because you were abandoned. your uncle or your uncles always talk bad about you or even force you to do as they say because they could’ve been the people you trusted a lot growing up - and now them knowing your secrets let them think they can take advantage of you. as a kid you could’ve had terrible nightmares or you saw murder happen in front of your eyes. small things leave you feeling depressed and all that together can cause trauma.
this is it for my post, i tried to make it correct as possible. my hands are gonna fall off i swear 💀 but anyways, let me know if this was accurate!! <3
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d4rkpluto · 24 days ago
𝔞𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔬𝔦𝔡 𝔫𝔶𝔵 (3908)
Tumblr media
❦ 𝔞𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔬𝔦𝔡 𝔫𝔶𝔵 3908 tells you about how you navigate and deal with your shadow self and it what areas of your life you find psychologically and emotionally complex.
❦ asteroid nyx in aries - having asteroid nyx in aries makes people who might handle their shadow self with acrimony and force. however, others may handle it with passion and enthusiasm, understanding that it is okay to confront their issues and not push it into subconsciousness. they might find themselves dealing with insecurity issues about their face, especially dealing with their temper, learning how to calm themselves down.
❦ asteroid nyx in taurus - having asteroid nyx in taurus makes people who might handle their shadow self with comforting themselves by spending money on things. however, others may start becoming vocal with their issues, like getting help through therapy. putting themselves in a safe space and spoiling themselves with food. howbeit, they handle their shadow self slowly and calm. may find themselves dealing with loving their voice, perchance, others made these natives insecure about their voice, this is another placement that has to deal with their anger.
❦ asteroid nyx in gemini - having asteroid nyx in gemini makes people handle their shadow self by speaking and communicating with others. this is a social butterfly sign, thus, them not engaging with someone will make them feel alone, they need to speak with people who stimulates their mind. natives with this placement are most likely going to handle their issues with intellect and curiosity. there's a high chance these folks have had their relatives turn away from them, or may went through an era where many have spoken about them behind their backs.
❦ asteroid nyx in cancer - having asteroid nyx in cancer makes people handle their shadow self by speaking with their ancestors. understanding, their emotions and knowing that how they feel things isnt silly. this is a placement that could have home issues and mother issues, they could deal with their problems by moving away, this is a placement that needs a safe space too, their safe space is most likely going to be their home.
❦ asteroid nyx in leo - asteroid nyx in leo causes someone to handle their shadow self by being more confident in themselves, or you could say tells themselves motivation sentences/words. they try and be more optimistic in themselves, and even cater to their pets, specifically if they're cats. they surround themselves with people who make them think highly of themselves so they dont think lowly of themselves and become jealous, lazy and impatient. they contribute to their creativity, and content themselves on entertainment.
❦ asteroid nyx in virgo - asteroid nyx in virgo causes someone to handle their shadow self by servicing themselves, finding self-love and understanding that they dont need to cater to other people all the time. these natives will turn to becoming modest as they heal their inner self, they ignore their enemies or handle them in a pure way, but others may just ignore them to keep their mental health positive, but when they dont handle their shadow self, they find themselves self-critical and standoffish.
❦ asteroid nyx in libra - asteroid nyx in libra causes someone to handle their shadow self by becoming more balanced in themselves, they will search for equality and fairness in themselves and in others. they will start by associating themselves with logical people who can reason really well, they will partake themselves in situations that'll leave them graceful and will start tending to their needs. if not they become manipulative and unreliable people, howbeit, as handling their shadow self, they will know who is not good to hang around with.
❦ asteroid nyx in scorpio - asteroid nyx in scorpio causes someone to handle their shadow self by transforming themselves, they will understand the intensity within themselves and learn how to control it so it doesnt hold them back in life. while they're transforming themselves these natives might find themselves being very moody or manipulative, howbeit, they will stop being lenient on things that can involve sex or drugs, as the observant people these kins are, they start understanding the psychology of life as they dig deep into controversial and hidden topics.
❦ asteroid nyx in sagittarius - how asteroid nyx in sagittarius works is that it causes someone to handle their shadow self by becoming more philosophical, independent, outdoorsy and future-oriented, these people are supposed to be optimistic and need to at least travel for these rotten burdens to get off their shoulders, if these people continuously dwell in the past they will become someone who is careless, impatient, sarcastic and arrogant. as the educators and learners they are, they should start listening to philosophers they admire.
❦ asteroid nyx in capricorn - how asteroid nyx in capricorn works is that it causes someone to handle their shadow self by becoming more disciplined, security-minded, productive and determined, as the goal-oriented people they are, out of all of the signs, if they notice that there is a state of mind they need to achieve, they are most likely the ones who are going to strive towards it, like the mature, consistent and hard-working people they are. though, if they begin to slack, you'll find these people being cold, insecure, uncertain and pessimistic.
❦ asteroid nyx in aquarius - how asteroid nyx in aquarius works is that it causes someone to handle their shadow self by becoming more authentic within themselves, by being more logical within their emotions, strong-willed and a visionary, another future-oriented sign, focus on what will come to you in the future, focus on what is good for them and the people around them, but if these natives become stubborn in change, they will think they are above earth, malcontent, detached and aloof.
❦ asteroid nyx in pisces - how asteroid nyx in pisces works is that it causes someone to handle their shadow self by becoming more empathetic when it comes to themselves and others, they become imaginative, inspirational and wise; these people are supposed to be in their heads, as one of their forms of escapism, it is their safe place, they become more introverted because they are projecting and reflecting on themselves, even though sometimes using your mind to escape can be healthy, there are downsides to it, like creating a victim complex for themselves, becoming confused, restless and illogical.
❦ asteroid nyx in the first house - how asteroid nyx in the first house works is that it causes someone to handle their shadow self by becoming someone who focuses on their soul path. this is the placement where someone has to focus on themselves a lot, learn how to self express themselves as someone who is independent, and someone who controls their mannerisms well. those with asteroid nyx in the first house have a very dark theme in their appearance, they're deemed as very beautiful, having this ebon beauty to them, they could have a very dark and sharp features. as the first house got to do with presence, as the goddess nyx even had zeus fearing her, kins with this placement are perceived as very intimidating, can have authority over masses of people as well and are a night owl.
❦ asteroid nyx in the second house - how asteroid nyx in the second house works is that it causes someone to handle their shadow self by becoming someone who understands and gives into their self-worth, learning how to be high maintenance, becoming someone who is very possessive over their possessions and income. their assets being their daunting, frightening and threatening presence. could belong to an immediate family that is viewed as very menacing and scary. those with asteroid nyx in the second house may sound very magnetic, their tone of voice could be described as dark or even deep, people would perceive this person's voice of being very authoritative, commanding and demanding.
❦ asteroid nyx in the third house - how asteroid nyx in the third house works is that it causes someone to handle their shadow self by becoming someone who has courage to step out of their comfort zone. someone who is valour, brave and confident, those with asteroid nyx in the third house are perceived as people who can be quite rude when it comes to communicating, or whenever they dont even have ill intentions, people will still take whatever they say in a negative light. those with asteroid nyx in their third house were people who learned about dark topics when they were really young, these people can even write sinister pieces if they want, they can have a real talent when it comes writing or telling horror stories, they could even be seen as the black sheep of their relatives or dont even have siblings, but if they do have cousins, their relatives would find them someone who is threatening.
❦ asteroid nyx in the fourth house - how asteroid nyx in the fourth house works is that it causes someone to handle their shadow self by understanding their emotional core and psychology, the psychology might even be a family trait, of menacing thoughts, they become more protective of their emotional caring and can be very devoted learning damnable scriptures. those with asteroid nyx in the fourth house might have a house that looks gothic or a bit gothic, or the presence of the house is mysterious and the lights are barely on, or you are someone who finds comfort in darkness. having asteroid nyx in the fourth house causes someone to be the black-sheep of the family, or they could have a very intimidating mother or just the family in general.
❦ asteroid nyx in the fifth house - asteroid nyx in the fifth house causes someone to handle their shadow self by educating themselves, being someone who can create self expression, these folks can express themselves in a "dark" way, natives with asteroid nyx in the fifth house will find have to find to have more fun, like expressing their dark sexual nature, having this asteroid in your fifth house can make you someone who is very possessive and protective over the people you're in romantic relationships with. you become primal over them and could even have this primal instinct over children or you would have a huge dislike for them. they're people who would express themselves to the media as someone who is menacing, magnetic and powerful.
❦ asteroid nyx in the sixth house - asteroid nyx in the sixth house causes someone to handle their shadow self by knowing when it is enough when it comes to aiding others, they value their time and energy. having asteroid nyx in the sixth house can give you very extreme and intense enemies, but you can have an upper power towards them, you handle your shadow-self by over-coming your conflicts. they become a co-worker who is perceived as someone very powerful and could have authoritative over other co-workers as well. those with asteroid nyx in the sixth house can be intrigued by tarot, witch-craft, astrology, wiccan, paganism and so on.
❦ asteroid nyx in the seventh house - asteroid nyx in the seventh house causes someone to handle their shadow self by presenting themselves as someone who can be fearsome, mighty, but, kind and calm to the general public. when it comes to the death of their identity, if they're people who have been taken advantage of too much they can become that fearsome and mighty being but when they're someone who wants to step down from being to vengeful and intimidating they become kind and laid-back. these people can either have masses of relationships to none, they might attract partners who are appealing, menacing, potent and robust, however, as hekate had more power over zeus, those with this placement are very likely to have more power than the men in any type of relationships.
❦ asteroid nyx in the eighth house - asteroid nyx in the eighth house causes someone to handle their shadow self by becoming more proud of their identity. nyx in this house is very capable of handling their shadow self; they can do it by being disciplined with handling their money, they can be heavily trusted when it comes to handling other people's money, i see that many people who have asteroid nyx in the eighth house might spend their money on books like law of attraction. on the other hand, having asteroid nyx in the eighth house gifts someone with a colossal appealing impact on others, they might be people who are against surgery or would want surgery, no in-between.
❦ asteroid nyx in the ninth house - having asteroid nyx in the ninth house makes you someone who might handle their shadow-self by getting advice from people who are seen as authority. these people might go to their guru or their father; they become people who study in higher education that could include spirituality, religion, morality or philosophy or even all of them. they become someone who is wise and has a greater understanding of the world. with nyx residing in the ninth house they might want to travel to different countries to handle their shadow-self (might be interested in visiting abandoned places or scary places in general) and reflect on their personal belief system as they start to get expansive vision and ideas.
❦ asteroid nyx in the tenth house - having asteroid nyx in the tenth house makes you someone who might handle their shadow-self by focusing on their career, occupation, they handle their shadow-self by fixing their reputation and how they're perceived from the public. these people are going to become very ambitious when tending to their shadow-self, however, these people might come off very dark and strong to other people, it's in their hands to make sure if it's every dark in a magnetic and appealing way or dark in a horrid and troublesome manner. they can even get a status of being very magnetic and assertive. them handling their shadow-self will become a personal achievement to them.
❦ asteroid nyx in the eleventh house - having asteroid nyx in the eleventh house makes you someone who might handle their shadow-self by being around friends, reaching for your aspirations. you get involved with things that got to do with aiding humanity, you might involve yourself in situations that got to do with science and technology. they will need to kick out friends who are toxic for them and get out of toxic communities; those with asteroid nyx in the eleventh house can appeal friends who are dark, powerful, intimidating and brooding, or they might be the friend that is dark and intimidating. can be perceived on the internet as someone who is darkly mighty, someone who has authority over others, someone who is menacing and they might have a dark aesthetic, can have aspirations that could be perceived as taboo. like world destruction.
❦ asteroid nyx in the twelfth house - having asteroid nyx in the twelfth house makes you someone who might handle their shadow-self by becoming more spiritual or learning more about your subconscious, you become someone who is volunteering and someone who self-sacrifices for the people they love. these natives are people who have to focus on their mental health the most, with asteroid nyx in the twelfth house you are someone who gets very dark, powerful ominous hidden-enemies, folks with asteroid nyx in the twelfth house are very prone to wanting to escape or have been exiled for being "different" or have been left out because people have been too intimidated by their energy. these kins need to use their intuition and be more aware about the people who dont want them to succeed, and be careful to not self sacrifice for the wrong person. their hidden enemies are most likely going to be women.
❦ how to find asteroids
❦ my kofi
pluto ❦
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Here’s What You Need to Know About Near-Earth Objects
Our solar system is littered with asteroids and comets, and sometimes they get a little close to Earth. But no need to worry! This happens all the time. When an asteroid or comet could come close to our planet, it’s known as a near-Earth object – aka NEO.
But how close is “close”?
Tumblr media
A near-Earth object is defined as an object that could pass by our Earth within 30 million miles. We begin to keep close watch on objects that could pass within 5 million miles of our planet.
Tumblr media
To put that into perspective, our Moon is only 238,900 miles away.
However unlikely an impact is, we want to know about all near-Earth objects. Our Planetary Defense Coordination Office maintains watch for asteroids and comets coming close to Earth. Along with our partners, we discover, catalog and characterize these bodies.
Tumblr media
But what if one of these objects posed a threat?
We want to be prepared. That is why we are working on several deflection techniques and technologies to help protect our planet.
Tumblr media
So next time that you hear of an asteroid passing “close” to Earth, know that it’s just one of many that we are tracking.
Tumblr media
Here are 10 more things you should know about Planetary Defense.
Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space:
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astrolovecosmos · 10 days ago
Chiron in the Houses Summary
Chiron in the 1st House: Trace wounds to identity and ego. A possible focus on how you are raised or how the personality is developed. Separation and rebellion may come naturally or feel soothing. 
Chiron in the 2nd House: The physical or material world, your values, inner stability, or self-esteem are going to impact your wounds in some way. There is comfort in wealth, resources, and possessions. There is also comfort and possibly greater help in stable loved ones. 
Chiron in the 3rd House: How others understand you, how you express yourself, what life has taught you is what hurts or is key to healing. Pay attention to bonds outside of parents, they are more impactful than you might think. 
Chiron in the 4th House: Home, roots, family, home, roots, family - the past is haunting but also you may need to look back to heal or understand. Protection and privacy are important to them. They prefer to heal alone, but this isn’t always the answer. 
Chiron in the 5th House: You may have a strong identity but it is expressed to its fullest? Do you do what makes you happy? Finding joy in self and life is important to healing. Creation and passion are the environment in which overcoming pain happens.
Chiron in the 6th House: The physical and material world may be connected to your wounds. Health and body are a focus - mental and physical health need to be in sync, one can’t be good without the other. Work, caring, helping, being useful and productive are tied to wounds and healing. Breaking habits and addictions can be associated.
Chiron in the 7th House: The relationship to others and to self is a major focus on the environment of healing. There may be lessons about both or either competition and cooperation.
Chiron in the 8th House: The line between the physical and non-tangible world may be the main setting for wounds and healing. Secrets, taboos, facing inner demons, mastering emotions or intuition are key to overcoming past pain.
Chiron in the 9th House: Pay attention to the knowledge and information available in your life. Wounds may be connected to beliefs. Travel and expanding the mind are helpful in healing wounds. Inspiration feels healing or comfortable along with secretive or exclusive knowledge. 
Chiron in the 10th House: Seeking out fulfillment in career can be important but sometimes it is used to numb the pain from wounds surrounding their own and/or family expectations. The environment for pain and healing surrounds authority, respect, reputation, and ambition. 
Chiron in the 11th House: The desire to belong is strong. Wounds and healing may surround friendships, groups, peers, society, and organizations. Healing can come with healthy detachment, social and emotional intelligence, and focusing more on the big picture. Looking to the future gives them comfort. 
Chiron in the 12th House: Can be a theme of breaking addictions or cycles and escaping isolation. Learning strength and finding wisdom during isolation may be common. Compassion and forgiveness towards self and others is vital to overcoming pain. 
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