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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Saber Stolf is great because you can either read their lines as “astolfo with their sanity is the exact same as astolfo without their sanity they just have a sense of shame now” or “astolfo with their sanity is actively trying to sound like astolfo without their sanity because that’s genuinely when they’re at their happiest” and either take is tasty as fuck

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Day 12

I’m glad to be done with that new fanfic. I have a multi-chapter fic for another fandom that I’m going to try and finish before starting another FGO fic, and I’m sure Astolfo will continue to do nothing wrong.

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Ok ok I’m thinking abt. Erestolf lostbelt right. A world where two kingdoms have been at war for centuries: the land of the dead, trying to encroach upon the living one, and the kingdom of the living, beating it right back into place. Ereskigal leads the former, Astolfo the latter. 

The thing is, prior to this whole mess, those two were friends and even now they’re still deeply fond of one another- and that’s why that war has been at a stalemate for centuries. This isn’t just two kingdoms at war. It’s two people who know exactly how the other functions. So they’re perfectly evenly matched, and neither of them has ever managed to keep the upper hand for long. This unfortunately means that progress has been pretty much brought to a halt, hence the dead end. 

Their reason for fighting? Simple. “I wish to protect humans. I need absolute authority over them to manage that, and that’s something I can only get by conquering the overworld.” “Humans don’t belong under some god’s rule. Humans are free beings. That’s what I believe in.”

(And it’s not a lie! But it’s not the entire truth either, obviously.)

(”They hate being a king, and they won’t give it up because no one else has the will or abilities to be one. This needs to stop. By force, if it must.” “She wants to shoulder the entire world by herself. Isn’t the underworld enough?! I refuse! I won’t let her do that to herself!)

“Ok but you said centuries, how is Astolfo not dead yet?” How do you want to keep dead someone who knows all the inner workings of the underworld?? Astolfo is very hard to keep locked virtually anywhere, and that includes Hell itself. They die quite often, but they always crawl their way back up.

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“But Verse what could possibly lead to a hstorical dead end feat. Astolfo as the lostbelt king?” Remember that one time in Orlando Furioso where Astolfo sealed the entry to hell with huge-ass rock? What if it was more effective than in proper human history? What if it wasn’t the only entry to the underworld they’d sealed? A world where no one dies. A world where no one CAN die. It has been centuries and people only dimly remember that there used to be consequences other than pain from being beheaded. No one ever dies. No one is ever born either. Gut someone, throw them in the ocean, they will not die.

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