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Astro- reaction to the other members exposing their crush on you 


Jinjin was just casually minding his own business having a lovely conversation with you until one of the members run up to you’s, “are you telling Y/N how much you love them”…”So to what I was saying before we were so rudely interrupted”. Jinjin saids sweetly smiling at you.


Originally posted by youngestk


“So mj tell us again how much you like Y/N”….. myungjun smiles at you,”I’ll be right back Y/N… get back here!”. Ready to fight the member has he Chases him out of the room. Mungjun walks back in sitting next to you”so about that..” you put your hand on top of his”I like you to”. 


Originally posted by astroaestheticsandaegyo

Cha Eunwoo

“When are you gonna take Y/N out on a date? You’re always talking about it”. Eunwoo stops talking and stares at the member.“I don’t always talk about taking Y/N on a date but…. If you want to go on a date with me..”. Eunwoo slowly looks at you. 


Originally posted by bin-uwu


“When are you gonna confess your feelings to Y/N?”. Moonbin looking back and forth between you and the member, smiling cutely at you quickly takeing you out of the room to confess properly, while thinking of ways to kill the members.


Originally posted by astro-lovelies


“You know rocky likes you Y/N”. You smile at the members antics as minhyuk quickly pushes the member “be quiet…. Y/N ain’t they funny, what jokesters”. ”aw it was a joke? I wouldn’t mind you liking me”, you say pouting, “ha well I was joking about that joke, I like you”.


Originally posted by dream-astro


“Don’t you have a crush on Y/N?” Sanha quickly agreeing with his hyungs statement,  regretting his decision when realising that you were behind him the whole time *whispers* ”how could you do this to me you knew Y/N was there”. ”sanha I can hear you and I like you to so don’t worry”.


Originally posted by beyourstar

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[ 10:05 a.m. ] “psst, buddy,” you hissed in a hushed voice, butting your elbow against sanha’s arm. you huffed when the sleeping boy didn’t even flinch. your professor had appointed your class to work with your desk-mates on an in-class essay- unfortunately for you, your desk-mate had been fast asleep for the entire lecture. 

you glared at your boyfriend, reaching over with your thumb and forefinger and pinching the skin on his arm firmly, causing him to jump in his seat with a small yelp. the rest of the class looked over and side-eyed you both. you sank in your seat sheepishly, the tall boy next to you rubbing his arm with a pained expression, pouting. 

“why’d you do that?” he whined. you rolled your eyes. 

sanha, we’re partners for this stupid essay. lucky for me, though, i’ll probably have to end up doing the whole thing alone because you weren’t awake when he explained what our topic is about.”

“why’d you wake me up if you’re just gonna do it yourself anyway?” he stuck his tongue out, and you kicked his foot.

“because i’m still going to make you do some of the work, dumbass. i’m not going to fail this because of you.”

“well, i’m so sorry for inconveniencing you, y/n, but some of us had to stay up all night to study for their history finals,” he glared at you, face twisting in annoyance- you couldn’t take him seriously though, and found yourself bursting into giggles. his nose was scrunched in a childish manner, eyes narrowed and lips twisted into a pout. his so-called angry face looked more like the expression of a toddler having a tantrum. 

he hit your arm lightly, stomping his foot. “not funny!” he groaned, rubbing the drowsiness from his eyes. 

“i’m sorry, i’m sorry, you just- god, you’re so cute.”

his annoyed expression dropped immediately, his puppy-like eyes wide like saucers. he blinked rapidly, immediately turning to face away from you and hurriedly opening his laptop with shaking hands. you internally cooed at the way his ears burnt red, smiling widely at him. “what? did i make mr. tough guy blush?”

“shut up,” he blew a raspberry, still refusing to remove his gaze from his laptop screen. you just laughed, shaking your head as you brought up your notes on your own laptop with one hand, smirking as you leaned over and cupped his jaw with your other. you pecked his lips softly before letting him go, returning to your work as if nothing happened. you were vaguely aware of him staring wide-eyed at you with his mouth gaping like that of a goldfish, your heart swelling with pride at the effect you had on him. 

he huffed, turning away from you, his lips fighting (and losing) a battle against the smile growing on his face.  “i’ll get my revenge soon enough.”

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Genre: Vampire Au

Trigger warning: mentions of of blood and death

Word count: 500+

Previous Part   ➳  Now Reading (Part 28) ➳    Next Part


The vampires gather in the room where Sanha lies, it is the day of his awakening and everyone is nervous and won’t leave the room alone.

“He could wake up anytime right?” Minhyuk asked, tapping his feet continuously on the floor.

“Calm down Minhyuk” Bin lightly tapped Minhyuk on the shoulder to comfort him.

“I’m calm.” He answered, still not removing his gaze on Sanha.

“If you say so” Bin mumbled while shaking his head. Minhyuk is obviously nervous, maybe even more nervous than Jinwoo.

“I think he’s waking up” Jinwoo announced and everyone gathered around the bed in a span of seconds.

The newborn earnestly opened his eyes, everyone felt the new vampire’s bloodlust so Jinwoo pushed him back on the bed right after it tried to get up.

Sanha struggled on Jinwoo’s hold but couldn’t do anything with his maker’s strength.

“Sanha! Sanha it’s us” Myungjun called but he couldn’t recognize his own name.

“Sanha, I know you recognize our voices. It’s us, please calm down” Dongmin spoke, he knew that Jinwoo couldn’t do anything but to hold Sanha. He’s too surprised to say anything.

The newborn continued to thrash around until Jinwoo finally spoke, “It’s alright Sanha, you’re safe now. Please calm down” the struggling slowly subsided.

Jinwoo removed his hand on Sanha’s chest, Sanha’s eyes started to clear, finally showing recognition and sanity.

“Hyung…” Sanha called, not particular to anyone.

“Sanha, do you remember us?” Myungjun asked. Sanha is currently sitting on his bed, his eyes are roaming around with the unfamiliar place.

He slowly nodded, his head is still heavy for some reason but he recognizes everyone.

“That’s a relief” Bin mumbled.

Sanha tried to remember what happened, on why everyone is acting unusual. The memories are all hazy but it’s slowly coming into pieces. His breathing escalated, Sanha painfully recalls how he was tortured by vampire hunters to death.

“They killed me” He mumbled, out of breath. His eyes are burning with hate that tears started dropping, “They killed me!” Sanha repeated with too much intensity in his voice, everyone suddenly fell mute.

“Sorry…it’s our fault. We couldn’t save you.” Minhyuk is full of guilt. He knew that they could save him, if only they discovered it earlier.

“Sanha, we don’t have a choice but to turn you… Into a vampire, like us” Jinwoo added, he doesn’t know how much Sanha remembered but he has every right to know what happened to him, no matter how painful it is.

Sanha shook his head, not in denial but in rage, “I hate them Hyung, I hate them” He chanted with tears still trickling on his face.

“It’s okay, w-we already avenged you. Please stop crying” Myungjun tried to comfort the newborn.

All of them struggled with the heavy weight they are feeling on their chests. Sanha went through a lot, just because they became close to Sanha.

The newborn continued to sob, until he finally let it all out. No one left the room, most of them didn’t say anything but tried comforting Sanha in their own way.

Sanha’s chest continued to tighten even though he already stopped crying, his throat is as if throttled but from the inside. His breathing continued to hitch, and everyone knows why.

“Hyung, I think I need blood”

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First Date

Word Count: 938


Originally posted by wuriwoori

     Last weekend, Jinjin had asked you out on a date and you happily agreed. Both of you were free this weekend and Jinjin had promised to take you out today, however he wanted to plan it on his own. 

Despite not wanting you to know anything about it, Sanha and the other members constantly told you what he was planning. From the fancy dinner that he asked your best friend for tips on, to the little ice cream picnic he set up to “find” during your walk after.

You didn’t want to hurt his feelings and tell him of Sanha’s schemes, although you still enjoyed the silly banter of hearing the secret plans.

What you weren’t expecting, was the fact that he was picking you up at 11 in the morning. The constant knocking on your door waking you up much too early for a Saturday.

You groggily got up to answer the door, finding Jinjin holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers and dressed semi-casually. “I wanted us to spend the day together.”

He happily handed you the flowers, as if coming so soon was something you should have expected. You stood there confused before realizing you were still in your pj’s and quickly ran back into your room, telling Jinjin to come in and wait for you to get ready.

He patiently waited for you, sitting on the couch and even chuckling hearing you chaotically get ready. The sounds of your dresser opening and closing, you stumbling across the room, even falling at one point.

“Take your time! We don’t have to go anywhere right away!” He laughed, despite you agreeing he could still hear you quietly cursing as you rushed.

After 20 minutes, you finally came out a little flushed from embarrassment. 

“You look beautiful” He stood up and walked over to you. He seemed to have not thought through what he was going to do as he went from leaning in to kiss your forehead, then to reaching out to give you a hug, to settling with holding your hand. 

You both were still new to the relationship and although you were okay with skinship, it would still take some getting used to.

“So what are the plans for today?” Happy for the distraction, Jinjin walked towards your door while still holding your hand.

“I already told you, it’s a secret~” 


      After eating lunch together and bickering over the bill, the two of you went to an arcade. 

“How did you do that?!?!” Jinjin turned to you as the GAME OVER screen flashed once again.

Originally, Jinjin was going to let you win but after a few games, he tried to take it seriously only to lose once again.

You laughed, seeing how cute he looked frustrated. “Aren’t the roles supposed to be reversed?” 

You continued to tease him until he started chasing you around the store, he was able to easily catch up to you and started tickling you. You thrashed in his hold, smacking his arms a few times while begging him to stop.

“Not until you say sorry!” He continued tickling you and as you were about to apologize one of the workers came over and asked you both to leave.

Quickly walking out of the store, your face flushed, both kept your heads down. When you made it far enough down the street, you both started laughing, blaming each other for what happened.


      You enjoyed walking around together before finally going to the restaurant the members told you about. He tried to act more like a gentleman by holding the door open for you, helping you in your seat, et cetera but it quickly died after he sat down and made eye contact with you. The both of you were thrown into a fit of giggles, struggling to look at the menu before finally taking deep breaths.

The dinner was nice, both of you spent the time chatting and learning more about each other before he finally convinced you to let him pay so you could leave.

Just like you were told, he took you on a walk in the park and “chanced” upon a blanket set up. 

“We should sit here and watch the stars, like a romantic couple would.” Laughing, you sat down as he looked around, as if he lost something.

He mumbled something about “them” eating the ice cream, “I’ll be right back, uhh shout really loud if you need me.”

You laughed watching him run away and became very confused as Sanha, Rocky, Eunwoo, Moonbin, and Myungjun quickly ran up to you with a cooler giggling like little kids and asking for you to not say anything.

When Jinjin came back he noticed the cooler, at first he looked confused, and then he realized what happened and sighed in an attempt to remain calm.

Pretending like nothing happened, he handed you the ice cream and sat down. 

After a few minutes he finally spoke up.

“They told you about the plans for the date, didn’t they?” 


He handed you his ice cream before running full speed towards the bushes across the park. You laughed seeing all of the members scatter, their hiding spot exposed.

All of them ran around the park, quickly waving goodbye to you before sprinting down the street.

Tired and out of breath, he slowly walked towards you and dropped onto the blanket.

He slowly scooted over to you and reached for his ice cream, nearly dropping it since he didn’t sit up.

You lifted his head and quietly let him use your legs as a pillow, enjoying the silence as you watched the people in the park and gazed at the stars.


i was supposed to be writing a monsta x fic, but this idea wouldn’t get out of my head.

Yet another story for someone I really admire @yutopiada​! They are super supportive of me and this account and I wanted to do something for them, so here it is!  It is a little silly, but I don’t see Jinjin as the type to take things seriously forever.

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I’m working on MJ’s scenario currently , but I’m so busy with my finals to complete it, bit ofc i will….until that time , i will share with you something I’ve always wanted to do🙈

I will write how do i expect Astro members to act around you in different situations based on how do i see them from my perspective 💕 i hope you like it~!

PS. Its not an imagine so that’s why i haven’t posted it on my Scenarios blog😊


©®. to all who owns GIFs


Originally posted by myunghjun


  • So Mj would be the type who always jokes around and make you laugh in various ways
  • He sucks at cooking even when he tries to surprise you, the kitchen ends up being messy, but you’d still love it
  • Whenever you’re sick, he would ask either Rocky or Eunwoo to make you some soup , since he sucks at cooking
  • He would make weird sounds and faces just to make you forget the pain of the illness
  • On dates, he’d love to wear couple matching outfits with you, Honestly it would be so cute
  • When he does sth he likes, he’d be too serious about it and makes you always wonder is that my Emzayyyy?but still looks awesome
  • Myungjunie special hugs and kisses whenever you’re super sad or super happy~
  • Always locks you between his arms whenever you’re crying and buys you some ice cream later
  • Plays with your hands and you do the same when both of you are cuddling at night، Mj has the most beautiful hand i have ever seen
  • Teaches you how to hit the highest note while singing and gets impressed.
  • Dates are always on Carnivals, but, you have to see the doctor after visiting the haunted house, you must check your ear drums later
  • May give you lots of tinny soft ppuppu’s

Originally posted by ljuyeon


  • Kind, Sweet a Gentleman+ his personal Charms
  • When he’s with you, He’d be soft and would look like a teddy bear that you don’t want to stop hugging it.
  • Can cook a bit, and sometimes makes you some Sandwiches
  • Dates are always in Nature, either on land or sea, and you both take pictures of the views+ some selfies together.
  • Whenever he pins you on the wall for a kiss, you always end up laughing on his highet with him like monkeys, tho you’re shorter than him but its still funny for you
  • But sometimes being pinned to the wall be jinwoo was a serious thing, he’d just give you that look that which makes you fall for him even harder
  • Will listen to all of your problems and helps you with the biggest smile ever!
  • You’re sad!, No! no! not with Jinwoo bcs he would just let you in his embrace until you feel better . LOL I’M MOONBIN BAISED

Originally posted by boysgroup


  • Literally a Gentleman
  • Tries to act evil when he teases you sometimes but fails and end up being so cute, and it turns to be you who is teasing him
  • Would take you for shopping as dates and buys you everything you want, as you both holding hands
  • Would carry you on his back while walking on the beach, and tells you that he will throw you in it, but then he just says I’m joking bcs you’re cute
  • Takes you to fancy restaurant for dinner, and later when you’re done and head back to the car, he will kiss you passionately, okay wait i blushed
  • Brings you a ring on your anniversary, with your and his name letters carved on it
  • Would play in your hair but ends up sleeping before you, and you will observe his handsome face

Originally posted by mingyusbinch


  • His name is CuddlekissBin
  • He loves to cuddle you no matter what, being all lazy is his favorite game
  • And he also loves to give you many kiss whenever he has the chance to do it
  • If you’re feeling hungry don’t worry, with bin you will have a stomach full of food
  • But he will also takes you with him to work out, but when he sees your tired pouty face, he’d stop you immediately to take some rest
  • Likes to comb your hair, he is in love with your hair, he’d also ask you to dry it for you after showers
  • You both like to stay home, so you have home dates, watching dramas and mostly Animes
  • You like to draw animes to and sometimes you create imaginary webtoons, he would do some aygeo just to let him read it
  • He won’t leave your side if you’re sick, he’ll give your medicine and will massage your head and body
  • If you cried, he’d kiss you, and give you the best back and front hugs in his embrace, king of Hugs
  • In your heart , he is your Mermaid Prince

Originally posted by moonbinning


  • This boy is literally the cutest, he might act manly and serious but deep inside he’s just a crackhead and cute
  • Cups your face with his wide palms when you cry and pulls you in his embrace
  • Gets jealous easily especially if you were hanging out with his members
  • Loves to walk along with you in the park with his arm over your shoulders, he will be like see! She’s mine
  • Loves to make his moms recipes for you and waits for your reaction after eating, gets super happy when you say its delicious
  • He likes to sleep on your lap, when you watch movies at night, during your picnic and also in the practice room on the sofa
  • Loves to dance and teaches you some of their song choreography, when you dance it perfectly, he’d be SUPER PROUD and would brag about it.
  • Gets you a similar Ring that he wears in his finger but with his name inside it, he’s inside your ring even if he’s not around

Originally posted by ljuyeon


  • He’d play the one who’s hard to please, but he’s too cute and soft
  • You like to pinch his full cheeks but he doesn’t, and he’d give you his pouty face asking you to stop, but you’d still do it, its fun to tease him
  • In your free time, you both will play some video games ofc you end up loosing but he becomes happy like a baby when he beats you
  • He’d fight anyone who makes you cry or sad, don’t underestimate him, he’s trained by The MOONBIN
  • He brings you all kind of stuffed animals and dolls for your birthday
  • You both sneak out at night to eat candies, teases you bcs you’re short and you can’t get them from the shelf, bcs he too long
  • Many challenges of doing the cutest agyeo and you’re always the winner
  • You’re dates mostly are going to Random places and also doing Random stuffs
  • Whenever you go out you both hold hands and call it a date , even if you went to drink water from the fridge
  • Plays guitar/ sings for you before bed time, and sometimes you make song covers
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I wasn’t too sure how to write this so I hope it’s okay :) Also sorry it took so long to make- Uni life my dudes Uni life


He likes the feeling of being raw inside you and that’s kind of how it started and just realised ‘wait holy shit this is kind of hot what would happen if I got you pregnant?’ He wasn’t sure how you‘d feel about it so he kept it quiet for a bit until one steamy night it jut happened.

“Baby baby, I’m going to fill you so fucking good.”


It started with a scare actually. You’d accidentally (drunk) had sex without protection one night, leading you both to think you’d gotten pregnant. When you found out you hadn’t he found himself oddly disappointed by it and decided to speak to you about it. Now it’s his favourite thing to tease in the bedroom.

“Aw you’d like it if I filled you up, got you pregnant now wouldn’t you?”


He only mentions it during jealous sex for some reason. Neither of you have brought it up, at this point you both know it’s just a kink yet still a lingering thought. Refer to jealous eunwoo oneshots.

“I really hate the idea of anyone else having you so I guess this is the best solution.”


This is mostly very much because you wanted kids and actually spoke about it and baby fever was hitting hard for both of you. Then it slowly became incorporated in your usual sex life.

“I can’t wait to have children with you, I’m going to make sure it happens one day.”


You brought it up one night in bed. He thought it was a joke agreed and you both fell asleep. He wasn’t aware you meant it until one time during sex you asked him to impregnate you. It did something to him and he couldn’t help but try.

“You want me to? I guess there isn’t any problem with that then.”


Honestly neither of you know how it happened or when it even started? Was it a joke? A tease? Not sure but it happened more often when you’d both taken a Condom out of the equation (still have safe sex kids.)

“I don’t know why but I definitely would love to see you pregnant.”

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Astro Reaction to their s/o cuddling into their chest.

✦ requested. Thank you for sending a request for Astro! Babies deserve a lot of love!



Originally posted by wuriwoori

Jinwoo loves when you cuddle, and if you’re the one to iniate it he gets super soft and just takes the chance to pull you into his lap and hold you as close as physically possible.



Originally posted by tytrack

He’ll tease you a bit about it, like ‘Oh you want to have me close, now?’ but he’ll love it. Is usually running his hands through your hair and placing kisses on the top of your head while you cuddle.



Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Gladly accepts the demonstration of affection, rubs his chin against the top of your head softly. Probably says somethinwg about the smell of your shampoo before kissing your head and wrapping his arms around you.

Moon Bin


Originally posted by h0ebin

Also gets a bit cheeky because you want to be close to him, but quickly hugs you back before you regret it. Probably ends up switching positions often, so you two can be comfortable wherever you endep cuddling at.



Originally posted by starsforastro

Squeezes you a little too hard against his chest once you cuddle up to him. He loves holding you, so once you let him it’ll be hard for him to let you go. Plays with your fingers as you two are cuddling and kisses your palms often.



Originally posted by kpop-imagines-s

This boy just loves cuddling you and if you’re the one to initiate it he’ll be super excited. Holds you peacefully for a while, enjoying the closeness of your bodies as he pecks your head and places small kisses around your ears/neck, but most of the time the intimacy ends because he’s tickling you.

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can i have a private ship for bts, ateez, mamamoo, and astro? 🥺


Of course, thank you for requesting! ♡

I ship you with:

BTS - Suga


Originally posted by jeonsshi

ATEEZ - Yeosang


Originally posted by yeosng

MAMAMOO - Wheein


Originally posted by mdmaverickk

ASTRO - JinJin


Originally posted by starryeunwoo

I hope you like your ships and have a great day! ♡

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