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#astro notes
daszlight · 2 days ago
astrology observations #5
this is based on my personal experience. feel free to disagree.
Tumblr media
- libra mars are really scary when mad at something, they give you some weird ass stare and they tall so smooth that's scary.
- the sign of your moon is how you act drunk. i've noticed that air moons are into talking, earth moons are quiet, water moons can get really sexual and fire moons are making jokes and just partying. i can be wrong tho
- october libras look like scorpios or am i crazy? they have some similarities
- virgo venuses are a real challenge if you want them to like you, but only bc ppl probably broke their heart really bad before and that's why they're one of the most devoted lovers
- please, gemini moon people are so funny. i can't stop laughing around you
- cap and scorpio in your big 3 (and venus) makes you a very intense and also rational lover. you feel a lot, but can't express it
- sister signs (like aries and libra) make terrible couples, idk why ppl try it. it's karmic almost every single time
- leo rising woman are EXTREMELY fairy!!!!! i don't think we talk enough about it. they are a confident sweet princes
- there's a huge different vibe depending on where the sign is in your big 3. for example, a aquarius sun is like a super unique person in a fun way, aquarius rising looks unique in an intimidating way and aquarius moon is unique and mature, like this person has all falling apart and they still can put it all together.
- leo placements make people obsessed with them!
- capricorn and leo attract each other very much!! I wonder why
- I've noticed that sags and scorpios either love each other or are like enemies. they both have a lot in common, the difference is sags explore their depth with a humorous/fun way and scorpios rather face it in a serious manner.
- all fixed signs are quite vengeful. if you do them wrong, they'll do you worse.
- cancers, pisces and libras give me good writer energy and i don't know why
- I know people say cancer mars are bad in bed, but if they are comfortable, they can be a bit freaky.
- LIBRA MARS, YES!!! I LOVE YOU!!! they are people pleasers!! i love you. just be careful with your partners. it's nice that you try to make other people happy, but are you happy?
- strong libra in men makes them selfish, argumentative and manipulative cheaters. i don't make the rules
- if someone has weak water in their birth chart, that's already a red flag. but I think it's worst for men bc of the way society sees men's feelings, and also the way they teach them to have and deal with others/their own feelings. he will be the type to say some shit like "idk why my girlfriend's crying, she's so emotional".
- people say aries' are like red, but I believe they're purple. purple's strong, bold and different, just like aries.
so, i tried making this post cute and aesthetic. can you tell me if you like it this way or you prefer how it was before? anyway, that's it. hope you liked it.
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astrowithkaro · a day ago
ğ–†ğ–˜ğ–™ğ–—ğ–”ğ–‘ğ–”ğ–Œğ–ž 𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖘𝖍𝖊𝖊𝖙 - 𝓅𝑒𝓇𝒻𝑒𝒸𝓉 𝒻♡𝓇 𝒷𝑒𝑔𝒾𝓃𝓃𝑒𝓇𝓈 ❣️
This post is intended for those who want to learn the basics/keywords of:
The 12 zodiac signs
The planets/points
The 12 houses
The 5 main aspects
❥ 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘵𝘸𝘦𝘭𝘷𝘦 𝘴𝘶𝘯 𝘴𝘪𝘨𝘯𝘴
Aries: energy, bold, ego, rash, whimsical, impulse
Taurus: solid, stable, sustain, provide, nurture, stubborn
Gemini: think, discuss, adapt, volatile, curious, playful
Cancer: compassion, care, emotion, security, family
Leo: pride, creativity, perform, generous, temper
Virgo: assist, health, care, worry, analyze, perfecting
Libra: beauty, balance, peace, justice, equality, vain
Scorpio: passion, lust, desire, secrets, taboo, eager
Sagittarius: explore, debate, philosophy, travel, observe
Capricorn: plan, secure, logic, business, details, practical
Aquarius: individualism, progress, unconventional, technology
Pisces: dream, fantasy, martyr, forget, aware
❥ 𝘗𝘭𝘢𝘯𝘦𝘵𝘴 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘪𝘳 𝘴𝘪𝘨𝘯𝘪𝘧𝘪𝘤𝘢𝘯𝘤𝘦
Sun: vitality, ego, creative expression, action, conscious
Moon: emotions, instincts, habits, needs, moods, unconscious
Mercury: intellect, logic, thinking, communication, decision
Venus: pleasure, romance, love, femininity, money, values
Mars: aggression, drive, sex, desire, competition, masculinity
Jupiter: luck, growth, optimism, achievements, morals, success
Saturn: karma, limitation, boundaries, discipline, authority, control
Uranus: Individualism, revolution, liberation, rebellion, inspiration
Neptune: illusion, delusion, dreams, escapism, spirituality, imagination, ecstasy, mysticism
Pluto: power, transformation, metamorphosis, death, rebirth, obsess, occult
Chiron: inner wounds of body-mind-spirit, trauma, pain-healing
(Black moon) Lilith: repressed anger-sexuality-vulnerability, shadow self, primitive impulses, behavioral pattern
North node/true node: direction for growth in current life, desire
South node: past life instincts/behaviour that reincarnated in current life
Midheaven/mc: highest point, career goals, aspiration, reputation
❥ 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘵𝘸𝘦𝘭𝘷𝘦 𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘴𝘦𝘴
1H: identity, surface, facade, personality, drive, conscious
2H: money, possessions, wealth, security, love
3H: gossip, mind, communication, intellect, perception
4H: home, history, family, siblings, tradition, security
5H: creativity, children, pride, ownership, ego, amusement
6H: routine, work, health, nursing, duty, worry
7H: marriage, business partners, love, beauty, attraction
8H: sex, death, taboo, mystery, transformation, unconscious
9H: higher education, travel, experience, religion, philosophy
10H: career, reputation, drive, ethics, organization
11H: Community, friend groups, humanity, altruism
12H: psyche, subconscious, drugs/alcohol, dreams, secrets
❥ 𝘈𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘵𝘴
Conjunction; 0°: blend, subjective, blind spot, unite, exaggerate
Trine; 120° : Support, talent, unnoticed, second-nature
Sextile; 60°: Talent, ease, overt, potential, harmony
Square; 90°: inner conflict, tension, stress, action, lessons
Opposition; 180°: oscillation, disconnect, uncertainty, insecurity
Tumblr media
𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖙'𝖘 ğ–Žğ–™ 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖓𝖔𝖜, 𝖑𝖒𝖐 ğ–Žğ–‹ ğ–žğ–”ğ–š 𝖜𝖆𝖓𝖙 𝖆 𝖕𝖙.2 𝖙𝖔 ğ–™ğ–ğ–Žğ–˜! 𝕲𝖑𝖆𝖉 𝖙𝖔 𝖍𝖊𝖑𝖕.
𝖄𝖔𝖚 𝖈𝖆𝖓 ğ–‹ğ–Žğ–“ğ–‰ ğ–’ğ–ž ğ–’ğ–†ğ–˜ğ–™ğ–Šğ–—ğ–‘ğ–Žğ–˜ğ–™ 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖊
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zeldasnotes · 2 days ago
Astro Observations part.12🏹
People with asteroid Ceres(1) conjunct Ascendant have animals flock to them when they are in a room with animals
Its common to have neptune synastry with your parents since you see them as a super hero when young and then when you get older you start to see all their flaws.
People talk about Plutonians being toxic and Neptunians being deceptive but forget how people with a lot of Saturn hard aspects can have extremely sensitive egos and become toxic bc of that. Saturnians can be very obsessed with status and being above others so much so that they even become discriminating towards those they see as ”less”
Aries Rising have the habit of sounding like they are picking a fight when talking. They might call people out a lot like ”Are you sure that really happened because that sounds impossible?” Ive noticed this with some Scorpio Risings and Chiron 1st housers too. Scorpio and Chiron 1st house usually do this to show how strong and unafraid they are of fighting.
People with mars conjunct pluto are usually either drawn to very controling, aggressive and dominant men or they will be the controlling dominant ones in the relationship. The same with Venus/Pluto but with women. Pluto makes you scared of what it touches so you will either be controlled or take control there.
People with Venus/Uranus might feel a strong dislike towards everything thats ”in”. They will be like ”No I cant buy that because everyone has it”
Ive noticed that Leo Moons are super loyal and they usually stand up for others even if they dont have too.
Neptune 1st house people were most likely extremely photographed as children. There might be thousands of pictures of them, they might even have been childmodels. Marilyn Monroe has this placements and she is one of the most photographed people. Also Kim Kardashian has this.
Mars Square Jupiter people can have an extremely high libido
Its easier to notice when someone has Moon Square Pluto than moon conjunct Pluto because the conjunction makes the person more comfortable with their own intensity. I sometimes get chocked when i see that someone has the conjunction because they are so calm and kind but I always notice when a person has the square, especially women.
People with Venus Square Ascendant are not only hateful towards their own appearance, they notice everything on other people too. They are usually extremely analyzing towards other people, i usually notice instantly when someone has this placement by the way they look at people. Very very criticizing and they usually comment too
People with venus in the 8th, 9th or 7th house might be VERY spoiled on their birthday becasue they will often have transit Venus in the 8th house on their birthday indicating money from others. Everyone wants to give me stuff when venus transits my 8th.
Virgos and Capricorn suns usually dont like PDA.
A lot of people with chiron in the 1st house have the habit of trying to make other people jealous because they are so tired of feeling jealous of others and they want to be the envied ones for once.
My friend have Pluto 6th house and its actually annoying how much she talks about her job
Lilith conjunct Sun people have a lot of issues with society. They might have a hard time getting a job and being a part of society in general and this makes them rebel a lot as a form o revenge. This also makes them have a hard time following rules because why be good when everyone will see them as bad anyways.
A lot of Aries Risings are easily irritated and people usually walk on eggshells around them. You dont want to ask them the same question too many times because they wont just answer they will tell you something rude like ”What did I tell you last time you asked that?” Or ”Here is where the forks and knives are LIKE I TOLD YOU BEFORE!”
Ive noticed that where you have your natal pluto might be what your reactions to others are based on and also where you feel intense envy towards others. Like people with pluto in the 1st house can be extremely envious of peoples looks and ive seen this in real life. People with pluto 10th house on peoples position and status. My friend with pluto 6th house have VERY strong reactions to people she feel doesnt work hard enough.
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mypurplejupiter · 2 days ago
I think mars signs have more influence over physical appearance than most people give it credit for. I think it can heavily influence the "build" of somebody's body, even if it's not aspecting the ascendant. For example:
I and 2 other friends of mine have Pisces Mars, yes we all have different rising signs, and we all look..."dainty" (which is the nice way of me saying we all look fragile as fuck)
Aries Mars people I meet always look like they can punch my teeth out + have noticeable arms
and Taurus Mars people all have hella ass...and I truly don't know why but they ALL DO and that fact keeps me up at night.
BUT YEAH. It's just interesting to me, and I wonder why the community doesn't talk about it a little more.
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astroloshai · 2 days ago
Placements that indicate significant Intuitive Abilities
All notes are based on my own research. Other placements/aspects in the chart can reduce or exaggerate these traits, take what applies.
Tumblr media
🌟 Any Personal Placements in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo, and/or Sagittarius
🌙 Jupiter in Sagittarius/Pisces/9th House
☀️ Neptune in 3rd House
🌟 Moon in 4th/6th House
🌙 Any Personal Planets in 8th House
☀️ Neptune/Pluto in 8th House
🌟 Moon, Venus, or Pluto in 9th/12th House
🌙 Sun, Mercury, or Neptune in 12th House
☀️ Neptune/Moon/Pluto Dominance
🌟 Moon - Ascendant/Neptune/Pluto
🌙 Neptune trine/sextile Ascendant
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tarotwitchy · 2 days ago
Hey, what placements can make me super jealous, possesive and wanting revenge when someone is unfaithful or even comes around my crush? I know my Scorpio placements can be a reason but sometimes my thought are really dark. Like tying up person, saying they're mine etc. Sometimes I think ,,geez, girl chill out'' but I was always super possessive, even over friends. IS there a way to balance heavy placements?
{astro placements}
I apologize for the late reply. I was prioritizing my queued posts when I received this. Hope this answers your questions, and to whoever this post will apply to.
🪓 Personal Planets in Scorpio
This may be very stereotypical to say but Scorpio does rule over dark, unsavory thoughts. Things that make society recoil in distaste because these thoughts are taboos. But you have to remember that this is under Scorpio's domain.
🪓 Personal Planets in the 8th House
In which this one is similar to the description above; the 8th House gives any planet a Scorpionic finish. The energies of this house gets carried over and combined with the planet. Especially if the planets are Mercury and Venus.
🪓 Personal Planets with Virgo and Scorpio Degrees
Scorpio degrees are already a given in this context but you may be confused as to why Virgo is included. It's because Virgo abhors having their plans ruined. The thrive in controlling their environment. And if that environment is threatened, they may entertain dark and morbid thoughts.
🪓 Sun, Venus, Mars, or Pluto in the 22nd Degree
This is an extreme take on the question that's being asked here but I'd rather include this as well.
The 22nd Degree is known for the saying, "kill, or be killed." If you have this degree in any planet mentioned above, you may be getting too comfortable in those morbid thoughts. It would not do you any good to think that any person is your possession, and that you are entitled to their obedience. Please remember that partners/crushes are also human, and not properties.
🪓 Venus opposition/square Mars
There's a theme of "not getting what you want" in this aspect. Regardless of your gender identity/sexual orientation, if you see your partner not complying to what you have in mind for the both of you, this aspect can manifest in nasty ways that affect the native more than their partner. It festers in their mind and affects their behavior — thus, damaging the relationship.
🪓 Mars aspecting Pluto (any aspect)
If your partner has this aspect in their natal chart, and you plan to screw around, just don't.
This aspect screams big ⛓🔨🔪🗡🧨⚰️ energy if you push their buttons the wrong way. They have the tendency to snap in a way that even the native becomes taken aback from. (I know this too well because I have this aspect). If left unchecked, this is the breeding ground for anger management and violent behavior issues. Tread with caution.
🪓 Mars square/opposition/inconjunct Ascendant
With this aspect, the native has the habit of smiling on the outside but plotting on killing you in 100 different ways on the inside. Has a very Yandere feeling to it if left unchecked as well. If you have both Mars-Pluto and Mars-Ascendant aspects in your chart... 😀💀!
I just feel like I should say it: If you are dealing with dark, intrusive thoughts that hinder you from having quality relationships (or are affecting the ones you have), please talk to someone about these. There's no shame in confiding to a professional about thoughts that fester in your mind. Our psyche also needs healing and maintenance, after all.
Tumblr media
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spiritualitywithtally · a day ago
no one can ever downplay tumblr when it comes to learning astrology. like i love this community so much, you guys are SO knowledgeable 🥺🥺. thank you ❤️
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angelicparades · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chiron in the 1st houseâš·âšªğŸŽ¼
Careful, I'm Fragile Like Glass.
I will be writing about difficult health topics here. Reminder that astrology is not a diagnosis tool, but a measurement of chances using language. Consult a medical professional if you are struggling with your health in any way.
Tw: talk of trauma/abuse/bullying,mental illness,body image,eating disorders.
(I personally have this placement, some things will be from experience)
Tumblr media
⚫ Appearance-wise these natives might have a look that seems sad or ghostly to others. There also might be deep physical insecurites. It can actually manifest in a mirriad of ways and all over the body. From simply disliking their appearance to scars to noticable disabilities.
⚫Might be physically weak and have a constantly pained look.
⚫I've found that it's a bit of a wild card regarding what is actually causing the insecurity. It could even be multiple perceived flaws by the chironic individual.
⚫An obvious low-self esteem.
⚫There is a high chance of these natives being born with jaundice or similar ailments.
⚫It's been said that these natives could get traumatized before nineteen months of age, but I would argue that it could be before four years of age.
⚫Can actually be very cute and sweet looking, might have a round face, watery eyes as if about to cry and a frail and/or chubby body. Kind of gives the same vibes as a sad puppy or a kitten in a box in the rain. A sweet or fragile appearance. Angelic looking but they don't know it.
⚫Indicator of identity issues. Major people pleasing aspect. Very non-judgmental.
Tumblr media
⚫I'm sorry to say, but this is a big indicator of having gotten bullied and/or abused since a young age. It can be very severe and unspeakable things could be done to them. They carry this trauma into adulthood.
⚫If you have a child with this placement I would highly recommend putting them in home school or a specialized school with small amounts of students,since they will get picked on even if it seems like there is nothing wrong with them. Sadly v.v
⚫Very smart, might naturally excel in academic or intellectual pursuits. Very curious about knowledge. Likes to teach others what they learn.
⚫These natives tend to have an extremely gentle nature to them and could be very timid from a young age. This very same nature could make people think they are easy targets. It's almost like they're born with a layer of skin missing.
⚫Selective mutism or stuttering might be a possibility as well. Soft,whispery voices.
⚫Skilled with their hands, might even be a genius in dexterity. Their hands might be really soft,even if they have calluses and such. Could be nail bitters as well.
⚫I've found that others with this placement are very beautiful inside and out or even that their flaws make them beautiful but they have a hard time seeing this.
⚫Care about other people more than they do about themselves. Will give their life up for other's sake. They instead should do what they like even if it's hard.
Tumblr media
⚫Jaded Chiron first housers might have a very stoic face. Their eyes could look constantly tired or anxious.
⚫Experts of overcompensation. Will do the work nobody else wants to do and with grace. They feel like this is the only way to be loved. It's not. They always have so much more to offer.
⚫Need lots of encouragement and praise. Never ever try to give these people "tough love" they're already harsh with themselves.
⚫Might have felt invisible everywhere. Even at home and at school. They might have trouble seeing themselves in the mirror. Depersonalization could happen as well.
⚫Might wear lots of grey, black and white. Could also overdress and/or underdress to compensate for their appearance. In that same vein they either care too much about their appearance or not at all.
⚫Wear their heart on their sleeve.
Tumblr media
⚫Many of these natives could end up having mental illnesses as well as eating disorders. Weight problems too,especially if they have aspects to the Moon or Venus.
⚫These people make excellent healers from doctors to therapists to artists and poets. Their talents can heal others no matter what that talent is.
⚫Might love to take care of those weaker than them like small animals and babies. Could love antiques and broken things. Good at fixing things and making them beautiful again. Would have like those teddy bear hospitals and such ^^
⚫On that note they have a great eye for beauty in others and the world around them. Make excellent designers.
⚫Reminds me of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery by mending it with gold.
⚫Same energy as an anime girl angel flying in chains, who is crying through her medical eye patch.
⚫In the end these people are actually a blessing to have around. If you give them a chance they might be one of the kindest people you might meet. They just need some tender love and care to open up and bloom into the beautiful flower that they are🌼
Tumblr media
And a quote to finish:
"I saw it was a human body
trying to stand against winds so terrible that the flesh was blowing off the bones.
And there was no pain.
The wind
was cleansing the bones.
They stood forth silver and necessary.
It was not my body, not a woman’s body, it was the body of us all.
It walked out of the light."
Anne Carson, The Glass Essay
I really love you and I know your pain my chironic siblings of the world.
Tumblr media
As always,thank you for reading!^.^ğŸŽ¼âšªâš«
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americanoddity · 2 days ago
Moon in the 4th House
Tumblr media
☽ Your home is a major focus in your life. 
☽ You may feel that you need to frequently move to find your true home or focus on the look and feel of your home. 
☽ Others may see you as too changeable and not as reliable as you could be.
☽ You spend a lot of time “nesting” and trying to make things feel as comfortable as possible inside your home. 
☽ You want your home to be as comfortable as possible and to make others feel as comfortable as possible within your home. 
☽ You’re a natural caretaker towards anything or anyone that needs care.
☽ You will learn to adapt positively to changes in domestic life to overcome your fears of instability in the home. 
☽ You likely want to live by the water. 
☽ Your home and your biological family has a deep impact on you, whether this is for positive or for negative. 
☽ Your emotions will be focused on your family and loved ones, which can extend to close friends or chosen family. 
☽ You’re incredibly attached to your loved ones and may struggle with emotional independence due to a need for validation. 
☽ Your devotion to your loved ones is incredibly deep and you crave validation from those who are closest to you. 
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unusual-influence · 2 days ago
How the sign got my respect
Aries: You don’t hesitate to give compliments. Your achievements come from true hard work, which makes your acknowledgment even more valid.
Taurus: You’re not swayed by other people’s opinions but you don’t reject them at the same time. It is then comfortable to talk to you.
Gemini: Your genuine eagerness to learn and exchange information gives people a sense of value. Your wittiness can aslo ease any tension.
Cancer: You include and look after the others for nothing in return. You can point out people’s shortcomings but you don’t mind them at all.
Leo: You acknowledge people’s efforts regardless of their past mistakes. You always have your people’s back too.
Virgo: The way you look after yourself inspires the others to do the same. You always try to be of help for the ones who’ve helped you.
Libra: You make sure to hurt no one and no one is at a disadvantage. You don’t mind reaching out first too, which can mean a lot to some.
Scorpio: You don’t mind giving away the spotlight. You’re rare ones that can truly be trusted with secrets.
Sagittarius: You are blindly optimistic but the support you give for other people is priceless. You’re also great listeners.
Capricorn: You complain but you keep on doing the things that people avoid, for them. You’re strict on yourself but you sympathize for those who can’t be as disciplined.
Aquarius: You notice the little things and take time to truly learn about the people around you. You genuinely want to connect people with each other too.
Pisces: The way you just accept everything as it is, is admirable. This then helps validate the values of the people around you,
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starryfree · 2 days ago
Cancer sun people are underrated in my opinion. They’re actually the best at being emotionally sensitive and aware of the energy of the group they’re in. Since they’re cardinal water, once they learn to step into their power, they make great leaders due to their vision and emotional intelligence. I find that they also emit warm, huggable and comforting energy. I feel safe amd comfortable around them. If they want to, I think they make great parents. Usually they turn out better parents than their own due to learning from their parents mistakes. They might also do well in the spotlight like they might be beloved by their fans/constituents. Although they might be prone to having obsessive fans. I love Cancer sun people and they’re looking after people so much but people never really check up on them 🥺
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astroismypassion · 2 days ago
not sure if you've done this but taurus rising culture⁉️
Damn, Taurus is so overlooked in astrology! I'm answering it this second fam!
+ judging everybody's appearance and how they act
+ thinking you are the only, most authentic one in the room, all of them others are so fake
+ having really prominent lips, they just stand out
+ having sloth energy, like you move slowly and it's almost like you move your body into another direction, yet your energy kinda stays in the same place almsot like there is time delay? You move your body first, but then your energy follows? I don't know it's strange like that
+ you really don't follow the trends when it comes to clothing, styling yourself and fashion, you do what you feel best in
+ you are a comfort creature (you have little habits that ground you and make you emotionally comfortable)
+ you have time for emotional and financial stability only!
+ you quickly notice if people are off or unstable and it upsets you, if they are not aware of it!
+ you really like spending time with your friends, buddies, homies and pets
+ you have a sweet tooth
+ you feel the most content when you have balanced diet, life, spending habits though
+ you LIVE for music
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amoonalls · a day ago
As someone who's ruled by Saturn (Capricorn) and/or Pluto (Scorpio), irrational circumstances and public humiliation must be something that's familiar for you
To illustrate, I have this one high school friend named Shelly. Shelly is Capricorn Sun and like Capricorns in general, she is very ambitious. She always use her time in class to study even if the teacher isn't there. Her classmates hate that and due to their feeling of not wanting to be defeated, the class gang up to bully her at once.
Shelly has a competitor named Sally. Sally is also ambitious and both of them fight for 1st position in class. But unlike Shelly, Sally is highly favored by her classmates. Guys flirting with her to take her home. Girls love her so much that she always has many friends. Nobody stands in Sally's way to get 1st rank, even people accept the fact that she is gonna get 1st rank. In other words, Sally doesn't receive emotional backlash like Shelly to get what she desire
As Capricorn and even Scorpio, you may experience this situation where people favored someone other than you by putting that person like queen while they gang up and bully you. It's very much destroying your sense of self cuz besides you have to work hard to get on top of your school or career, you also have to endure emotional bullying from people that irrationally stand in your way meanwhile they don't do that to other person which ironically is your competitor that seems to have much smooth way. Like Shelly's case, it's like the classmates say "We don't want you to get 1st rank, we want her to get 1st rank" even if the one who decide the rank is the teacher, not the classmates
As Capricorn or Scorpio, it's gonna be very easy for you to fall into victimization. It's also to be noted that you often have to endure everything alone by yourself and people seem to not understand your problems. Oftentimes too, this goes for years until you move out of that place or until the situation is manageable. 
What Shelly do to still be able to get to her top of the class even get one of the hardest major to get in (management) in best university in country is that she keep going even if people continuously mock her. Her last year in high school was hell. Again, she has to endured other irrational shit like her fighting with her chairmate over stupid stuff in romantic that cause her jealousy cuz again, her crush favor her chairmate more than her. Imagine enduring such emotional burdens. Shelly had to play with people from other class during recess to run away from her class. But again, she doesn't give up. She still studying, she doesn't give a fuck to classmates that mock her though she study in other place far from these classmates eyes, doesn't change her ways and intensity to study, and to relieve her emotional burden, she join external activitiy which was theatre where no one from school know her. 
You may notice here that the way Capricorn to feel less burdened by negative people in one area is by joining other activities from other areas with no people that know Capricorn before so they can get positive people. That even if one area flunks, the other areas are still safe. Then, this becomes another key of survival guides: you always have to have options for career or school so you don't rely all of yourself in one area.
In the end of the story, both Shelly and Sally get to that best university, but Shelly's major is more prestigious than Sally. This is Saturn's reward for Shelly's persistence and resilience. 
Another Saturnian case happens to this person named Sadie. Sadie found out in her 3rd year of university that her ex bf cheated on her and that's known by her whole major and that guy major. Their faculties are side by side. Sadie loved that guy so much that it destroyed her for a while that she publicly being sad on instagram for a year by sharing sad quotes and insults about her ex bf. Their relationship was constantly breaking up and getting back together. The guy though continuously cheated by installing Tinder. Meanwhile Sadie has to survive in the university or else, her score is gonna get dropped and it's gonna be harder for her career later. But Sadie got that resilience that even during that disaster time, she still managed to be the head of the event, having an internship as HR in the biggest media company, graduated in 3,5 years, and got the job right away. Along the way, she finally found the strength to break up with that ex bf for the last time.
You see the strength between both people in this are plausible. Those are literally the keys for Capricorn to survive. By keep going despite your life in other areas weighing you down, be it friendship, family, or even romance.
For Scorpios, you can learn from Capricorn about this as both of you are familiar with people not siding for you and for Scorpios too, sudden tragic detours are occasional for you. Both of you though have similar way to endure those negative events so you both can survive
All I can say is giving up is never option for Capricorn and Scorpio, where life can give you best reward beyond your imagination after you learn to have mind of steel, keep going, erase toxic people, and manage your expectation by not relying yourself on one area
Good luck!
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daszlight · a day ago
Zodiac signs as mother mother quotes just bc
Air & water edition
earth & fire coming soon
Tumblr media
First, I have to say this is just for fun, so don't get offended. I choose the quotes based on how I think your signs vibe is. You can look for sun, moon and rising to see if it checks. If it doesn't, that's okay, it's just a random post until I get creative enough to make more astrology observations anyway.
Tumblr media
I've got a lot, not a lot, I gotta lot less than a lot
I've got problems
Not just ones that are little
It's those people problems
That's something to consider
When you come for dinner at my place
Problems - Mother Mother
You guys are like emotional rollercoasters and nobody can change my mind. I know if it's a gemini rising they will be more like an antisocial serious person, who observes everything and knows everyone's shit BUT YOU DO NOT FOOL ME!! I know you have some issues from years ago that you are afraid of showing and I know that, especially moons, you forget bad things that happened, but not necessarily forget and that's harsh. I mean... you're as crazy as me, don't lie to me, bae.
Tumblr media
I seem to find myself with the craziest of dames
They get the ball on me
I do forget the chains
Problems - Mother Mother.
Do I have to explain this one? They're simply unique and bold and crazy. All the aquarius I've met were like "I make my own rules", but in a good way? They're that kid in the middle school who wears bright colors and everyone judges to be weird because they think differently, in reality they're the most generous person you're ever meet!! I just- I love, aquarius. <3
Tumblr media
I've found love in the strangest place
Tied up and branded, locked in a cage
I say I'm gonna stage a great escape
Let loose and love all pent up and painfully out of place
Problems - Mother Mother
Baby, we both know you're too loving for this world. You love people because of their idea of romance and your role as peacemaker is exhausting sometimes, isn't it? You need to stop putting your own problems aside to make people happy. It's okay to suffer, what is not okay is to suffer in silence. Try to talk to someone, image isn't everything and love's not all you got. You need nobody but yourself, so make sure you'll love yourself more than you love other people!!!!
Tumblr media
For the love of fuck
For the sake of Pete
Did you ever really think you'd love a guy like me?
I am the rooster in the morning
I'm the cock of the day
I'm the boxer in the briefs
I'm a twelve ounce steak
Verbatim - Mother Mother
It's the brutal honesty for me. Scorpios are as passionate as libras, however their pluto/mars energy makes them a bit brutal sometimes. People don't love them for their romance (could happen, but most of the cases I don't think it's that), they love them for their chaos: the way they manner chaos is absolutely inspiring. I still think it's surreal how easy and with how much intensity they put themselves together on track after having a heartbreak or something. That's why some people don't love them: they're threatening. They're not simple lovers and some people can find it intimidating.
Tumblr media
I fell in your arms tonight
I fell hard in your arms tonight
It was nice
I died in your arms tonight
I slipped through into the afterlife
It was nice
Arms Tonite - Mother Mother
I've noticed that both pisces and cancer romantize things all the time, even things that may destroy them. I believe it's even worst than with libras or pisces, because cancers are more quiet and nurturing, so their issues are not taken seriously. That's why many cancers I've met had this shell to protect them, like they were all ice inside. Some cancers tend to appreciate any kind of affection, even if it's not the right one for them; even if it's not the type you deserve. Specially cancer moons, people can use you a lot, don't let them!! We both know the bad b you are!!!
Tumblr media
I wear women's underwear
And then I go to strike a pose in my full length mirror
I cross my legs just like a queer
But my libido is strong when a lady is near, ya
What defines a straight man's straight?
Is it the boxer in the briefs or a twelve ounce steak?
I tell you what a women loves most
It's a man who can slap but can also stroke
Verbatim - Mother Mother
Bold, loud and savage, that's how I define this quote and that's how I define pisces' true nature. People think of them as only romantic cute little baby, but this b are savage af!!! Have you ever messed with a pisces?? DON'T YOU DARE MESS WITH THEM!!! They're like... cute, but savage, you know? I mean... you guys are gold.
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mypurplejupiter · 2 days ago
ğ”¾ğ•–ğ•žğ•šğ•Ÿğ•š 𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕚𝕟𝕘🦚
FINAL RISING SIGN POST BABYYY. Rip I guess, I really liked making this series. Oh well though.
Every other rising sign post I've made is located here
❇️They always have this “impish” sort of vibe to them and always seem like they are up to something (even if they don’t mean to come off this way they still tend to). But don’t piss one of these guys off either, they will always find a way to get back at you, guaranteed. They have a mischievous reputation for a reason.
❇️Funny lads. Whenever they introduce themselves to new people, trying to come off as entertaining + comical seems to be their go-to.
❇️Can look terrifyingly similar to their older siblings (if they have any). The reason for this is super simple, the sign Gemini is correlated to the 3rd house, the 3rd house is correlated to siblings. And since the rising rules appearance...I think you understand where I’m going with this.
But fr I know one Gemini rising girl who looks like a p e r f e c t genderswap of her older is uncanny. I've seen other examples like that too.
❇️Speaking of Gemini risings and appearance, here are some common physical traits a lot of them (but not all of course) have: Tend to either be VERY short or VERY tall (can never just be average height??), prefer to keep their hair shorter, wide eyes (always look like they’re paying attention to something important), I saw one site say they have “cupid bow lips” (and I couldn't agree more), can look younger than they are, tend to be more slender, and some of them look very androgynous.
❇️HANDS. Whenever they are desperate for attention they’ll find a reason to put their hands on your shoulder or arm or something. Why do they all do this? Idk man. But here we are! Also pay a weirdly large amount of attention to their own hands and/or other peoples.
Stop doing that. I'm just trying to have lunch with you, why are you comparing hand sizes with me and everybody else at our table. This is unsanitary.
❇️Can also be overly dramatic (in a theatrical way) when they are nervous. They type to say “OH THE PAIN, OH THE EXCRUCIATING HORROR😩” or something like that if they forgot about something they were supposed to do. Humor is their #1 coping mechanism for anxiety, and NO, I will not be told otherwise.
❇️Tend to convey the opposite of what they really mean whenever they are trying to be subtle 💀 I can’t really give any examples since every time this has happened to me with one it was in a personal context, but yeah. I’ll just leave you with that.
❇️Why do they know everybody?? I swear I could talk about a random woman I saw near the Eifel tower on exactly 7/18/2018 and 3:26 pm who was wearing a red hat, and a Gemini rising would look back at me and go "Oh, you mean Sydney? Yeah, I've known her for twelve years!". But fr it feels like its physically impossible to introduce them to new people-
All rights reserved © mypurplejupiter 2021
Don’t copy or steal my shit! I will happily put you on blast to all my followers!
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purple-winter · 2 days ago
Hello Winter, may I ask an Astrology question? I've seen "degrees" in Astrology, and I wonder how that may affect a natal?
I have Aries Midheaven, and they say Aries like to take risks without thinking.. but for me I actually overthink way too much 😳 like.. alot.. alot.. For example: Gambling involves taking risks. Gambling is something I'm not too fond about.. (But my Capricorn sun is in an Aries degree)
My Aries MC is in 22 degrees, and I heard this can be a fatal degree? 🥲 I don't believe it, but I'd be curious to know
Thank you, I appreciate the help
Degrees of Signs
The degree in which a body on your chart resides gives a tinge of the sign that specific degree rules to the areas the body affects. Here are the signs the degrees rule.
ARIES: 1°, 13°, 25°
TAURUS:2°, 14°, 26°
GEMINI: 3°, 15°, 27°
CANCER: 4°, 16°, 28°
LEO: 5°, 17°, 29°
VIRGO: 6°, 18°
LIBRA: 7°, 19°
SCORPIO: 8°, 20°
CAPRICORN: 10°, 22°
AQUARIUS: 11°, 23°
PISCES: 12°, 24°
The areas that the bodies in these degrees are present will have a taste of these signs.
For example: Aries MC at 22° i.e the Capricorn degree. Because of this Aries MC will appear a lot more grounded and practical than a typical Aries. The approach to the public matters and career related decisions are taken with much more care and systematically rather than a hasty approach that we may typically expect from an Aries MC.
The degrees may also tell us the "age" of an astrological body in that particular sign.
For example: A Leo Sun in the later degrees will have a lot more mature view towards their self. They will shed their immature need for attention and will have a rational approach towards it. Remember they will still have the Leo vibe to them but a lot more "old soul" kind than a early degree Leo.
These degrees will affect all the bodies in your chart. Taking these degrees into consideration may explain why you may not completely relate to a sign.
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astrobiche · a day ago
The spiritual hierarchies and their manifestation in the physical world 🦋 ~ Rudolf steiner
This is a summary of the first two chapters of the work of Rudolf Steiner "the spiritual hierarchies and their manifestation in the physical world". I don't claim this to be my own post as I've only put together the main points to take away from his book up until this point. I do not know if this author is reliable though so do your own research before you believe anything. I'm only a messenger who desires to spread the bit of knowledge I gathered.
(this is kind of long so grab a snack or a drink and enjoy🍿 It would be nice to discuss this in comments/asks/reblogs too)
If you want me to make a summary of the rest of the book, let me know!!
Tumblr media
🌀 On reincarnation
"The souls that go through the gates of death when the moon is waxing, by day or when the sun is the brighest and highest during the year go to the "brahma" as they shall not need to return. And those who die at night, during the waxing moon or when the sun is the lowest in the sky return to earth."
I believe Steiner means here that the moment of a person's passing is telling of their soul's journey. The phase of the moon, the time and even the season can all be ~potential~ indicators of whether reincarnation would occur or not. When the soul goes through the gates of death during a waxing moon, before sunset and/or when the weather is warm during the year (I presume spring/summer), the soul "shall not need to return". Whereas when the moon is waning, at night and/or when it's cold during the year (I presume fall/winter), souls reincarnate and return to earth.
🔥The element of fire and elemental beings
Fire can be rarified and has an all pervading quality : it can permeate air, water and earth. these are separate elements while fire isn't. It warms air, water and earth.
It has a two fold quality : it can be observed outside of ourselves (touching an object that's been heated) which is called outer materialistic fire and can be perceived inwards which is termed inner soul fire (we know ourselves in warmth) and is the 'first stage at which matter becomes soul', fire is the bridge or the element that plays between the material and the spiritual.
Fire, when consuming an object, creates smoke and light, however, the latter can't be seen with the naked eye. We can only see illuminated objects. The author here speaks of light as something immaterial and spiritual that our senses can't perceive, we can only see its manifestation in the physical world. Even the sun isn't light, it's a "ball of fire" wherein a series of chemical reactions occur and emit light as a result.
"nothing arises in the world having only one aspect, everything created has two forms" (in reference to the fire giving us light which isn't material so it has to send an opaque substance that is smoke into the material world). "in one hand, warmth creates light and on the other hand it also creates dark, opaque", after all, "physical manifestation is the expression of spiritual facts".
Solid was once water that was solidified, and water was once air that came from fire, let's look around us, from solid to air to gas, from the evaporation of water to mist to gold and copper, everything is nothing but fire, densified fire, at least from a spiritual perspective. And every stage of transformation of matter is connected to the enchantment of a spiritual being, called an elemental being.
Warmth, when not intense enough to create fire, still has a spiritual element, once it creates light, the spiritual element goes over to smoke, air, that then turns into water then solid.
Divine beings created matter around us by imbibing fire with elemental beings that dwell in it and feel comfortable in it. These beings are imprisoned in each stage of "densification" but we interact with them all the time. Just seeing an object creates a flow of energy or an interaction between the elemental being and us, as everything that happens around us and everything we do is important in the spiritual world, we are in fact, merely a representation or an expression of it.
We can release these elemental beings by meditating and taking in the beauty and intricacy of the world around us, merely seeing an object transfers the elemental being from said object to ourselves, but it remains trapped.
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idaaxbvby · a day ago
What’s your moon sign and what moon sign do you attract?
I’m a Cancer Moon and I always attract Gemini Moon and Aries Moon people for some reason
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astral-lucy · a day ago
Could I ask u about my Saturn in 12th house thats in retrograde under Gemini? I HOLE THIS MAKES SENSE WKNDEJJFJE
hi babe! love the xcitement hahahahahha
it made sense, don't worry! and i already have some posts where i explain saturn retrograde (here's one, if you still want to check it out) but i wanted to do it in the bullet point format, i just feel like that's easier to read and digest.
also, i too have saturn on gemini inside my 12h, so-
saturn retrograde
suggest absent father figure
difficulty to create boundaries
kinda impossible to say no to anyhting ever
you may find yourself in unwanted situations a lot
...and being walked over
repressed fears
feeling like you never belong anywhere
always feeling it's not enough
saturn gemini
lack of confidence
hard time communciating
but these natives are problem solvers
and wise
get anxious when they need to change paths
feel like they're dumb 24/7
saturn 12h
but stubborn-spiritual
extreme fear of loss
(loss of people, of us, of our achievements; loss in general)
natives could had a lot of obstacles in their childhood
don't eant to depend on others
so they could be alone a lot
they also tend to escape reality
life feel soverwhelming to them
hope this was what you wanted!
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unusual-influence · a day ago
I once had a little discussion with a Leo Moon. I didn’t understand why he kept lending people money, despite he didn’t have much to spare. He responded me with the most dull reason:”Because they said they’d pay me back”. I’ve seen those people joked around and ignored him when he asked for his money though.
My Capricorn Moon can never understand this.
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