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aries moon
The sparklers, fireworks. Aries moons are in my top 3 fav moons signs, i adore them. These people are spontaneous and so so fun. If you wanna travel to a different country impulsively or do something really spontaneous these are your people to go to. They can have a reputation for being perhaps a bit stubborn or hot headed. But here’s the thing. These people are unbelievably passionate, so they can be reactive (within varying degrees) when they feel they aren’t being heard or taken seriously. Not every aries moon is unable to regulate their own emotions. The aries moons i’ve met personally have such a love for living and experiencing new things. It’s like the most childlike thing i’ve noticed about them is their sense of wonder. They are the explorers and wanderers. They can be slightly rebellious in terms of their curiosity. Aries moons have such an amazing way of taking you out of your head. They’re like come on let’s go. They help people live in the moment. Aries moons never take a moment for granted, they have such a untouchable appreciation for experiences. Aries moons are also very riveting to talk to. Their expressions and gestures are so fascinating. They get so lost in their words, they can’t control how they express this passion. Aries moons are accepting, the things you think make you weird, they love. They have a way of making people let loose and just be themselves. These people value authenticity, it’s extremely important to them. They can see fake so easily. They can be in the worst situation and they’ll see a way out. They can be sensitive in regards to their passions or the people they love. So if an aries moon is talking about something they love please don’t sigh or rush them. So why are aries moons expressive? Well aries moons sort of have to express themselves. The reason for this is because they can have boiling point moments if they don’t. This is usually triggered if they feel dismissed or belittled. The worst thing you can do is dismiss an aries moon. These people are LOYAL. This is specifically in terms of friendship. They will defend you in any situation. They’ll be at the rescue if you’re in danger or you need help. This is not an easy moon placement to have. But as the aries moon gets older, they usually learn to channel their (varying) explosiveness towards something they’re passionate about. They just feel so intensely. I would say aries moons are in the top 3 most intense feeling moons. Aries moons don’t hold grudges. It doesn’t mean they’ll keep you around no matter what you do. However, they move on emotionally. They don’t feel the need to wallow and pity themselves. They also don’t feel the need to waste their time being resentful, they see resentment as self destructive and a waste of time. Aries moons value independence. If you are trying to attract an aries moon, avoid being clingy or suffocating. They can’t tolerate neediness, if they feel like you are holding them back they’ll move on. I didn’t want to mention this because it feels so cliche but i will anyway. They can be competitive too, this varies from the aries moons who actually compete in every area of their existence😭, to the aries moons who need to win every board game. Try playing monopoly with them🌝. Aries moons march to the beat of their own drum, don’t bother trying to tell an aries moon what to do. A lesson some aries moons need to learn is to be perhaps a bit softer or understanding with people. If you’re a slow person this can trigger an aries moon very easily😭😭 aries moons are very meticulous about who they open up to. This doesn’t mean they’re cold, they’re far from it. But they don’t just open up to anyone. They can be very closed off with their deepest feelings.
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taurus moon
The first things you’ll hear about any taurus placements is comfort, luxury, food blah blah. We’re gonna go beyond that today and really peel those layers. Taurus moons are quite parental, almost territorial. When they care about someone, they are very protective and defensive over the person. They prefer to stay balanced rather than roller coaster within emotional extremes. But they do have a temper, they really do. But it’s hidden and unleashed when necessary. These people put family and friendships first, this is extremely important to them. They can have issues with letting go. Whether it’s holding onto a person that isn’t good for them etc, they can really struggle to let go. Why? Because taurus moons need familiarity and when they feel comfortable within that familiarity, they can be hesitant to let go of it. Taurus moons are comforting. If you want someone to soothe you or make you feel comforted find a taurus moon. Seriously, they have this way of making people feel understood. These people are of course stubborn, this is within varying degrees depending on their other placements. They will not change their mind when they’ve decided something. They are strong-willed. This is an amazing trait to have, however it can work against them especially during their teens years when this is more than likely an attitude they display towards authority figures. They don’t like unpredictability or inconsistency. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. They’ll be put off instantly if you tell them something you don’t mean or intend to do. They usually have a goal in terms of financial security and material comforts. They don’t like the idea of having to live in survival mode. Taurus moons also like aesthetics. You’ll find a taurus moon interested in interior design or art etc. They have great taste in art. Yes some of the taurus moons i’ve met have been foodies😭 but please let’s avoid this stereotype. Taurus moons like quality and they appreciate the finer things, but this doesn’t mean they’re just material gworls blah blah. They also value the small humilities in life. I don’t like the stereotype of taurus moons being reckless with their money or spending it on luxury items. Honestly i would say taurus moons are very aware of their spending habits and they are actually more on the cautious side in terms of spending. However, when it’s an occasion, best believe a taurus moon will buy the best presents. They are very meticulous regarding who they open up to. They aren’t cold, they’re far from it. But they hesitate to open up about their deepest feelings. They are very protective over their feelings, because vulnerability is difficult for them. They feel like their vulnerability will be mistaken for weakness. Slow and steady wins the race. They are usually very close to a parental figure. Taurus moons are very strong people, emotionally they are very regulated and careful with their reactions. They don’t like overly exaggerated expressions of emotions. They avoid people who are overly sensitive or people who display explosive emotions. They like stability. They like interesting discussions. They like people confiding in them too or asking for advice, because it displays an authentic bond.
gemini moon
chaos personified😭 i’m joking, i’m joking. Gemini moons never fail to surprise me. Gemini moons are known to be crackheads or bubbly people etc. But i want to dig and see what else there is beyond their exterior. These people are very mentally stimulating, their conversations are always so interesting. I never get bored talking to a gemini moon. They are fun to be around, they make people feel more childlike. They also have a reputation for being childish. But i think it’s important to establish the difference between childlike and childish. They have an uninhibited sense of wonder about anything and everyone. Their mind works on overdrive. They like to knows lots of facts about random things. They’re also intelligent, this isn’t limited to grades or academic achievement. I’m talking specifically about intelligence in terms of how much they know about different topics. These people would win at trivia 100%. They like to keep things moving. I’m not going to quote dory from nemo.
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I lied🌝 Anyway this is their attitude towards difficulties or obstacles. They make people see another perspective, a more positive outlook. Gemini moons are hilarious. Some of them lack in the filter department so it’s like thoughts=🗣. I really appreciate this about them though, i find it endearing. Gemini moons are authentic, they don’t particularly care about meeting any standards and particularly not societal standards. I also noticed they’re good at figuring out how to get to places. When i travel with them, they just know where to go. I let them lead the way because directions are not my forte. They’re great with navigating public transport, i don’t know i just love this😭 emotions come and go like waves. I’ve noticed i’m using a lot of sea imagery, what’s going on here?😭 Anyway i’ll roll with it. Their emotions go just as fast as they arrive. You never have to worry about gemini moons holding a grudge. They move on because they have other things to focus on and do, grudges don’t even seem to be an option. I admire this about them. They are very spontaneous. When i travel with a gemini moon there’s no plan😭 They’re up for adventure and i love this about them. I like how they’re not always meticulous, they’re not afraid to make mistakes. They trip, get up and move on, this is their motto. They also usually have some sort of random interest. These are the people who eat the same thing for breakfast for months (if they even eat breakfast) and then they randomly switch it up. They go through phases a lot. And these phases can end just as quickly as they started, hence their moodswings. Their sarcasm is so great. They are so blunt sometimes😭 You need thick skin to handle gemini moon’s communication style. They just say it how it is and i think it’s so refreshing. They like to talk about experiences and memories, this is a bonding experience for them. They have a genuine interest in people’s stories and experiences. They are very inquisitive, so they tend to ask questions. Not necessarily detectives but more so explorers.
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cancer moon
Cancer moons i’ve noticed usually take on a parental role in friendship groups (more so if they have prominent virgo placements or ceres aspects). They like to look after people and nurture people. These people are so caring, like i know this sounds cliche but honestly the cancer moons i’ve met have been such sweethearts. Cancer moons like comfort and familiarity. Similar to taurus moons in terms of stability and familiarity. Cancer moons like to keep long term connections and friendships. They usually have at least a friend they stay friends with from childhood. They like the idea of forming stable and genuine connections. Cancer moons pull through when u need them. If you ever need someone to cover for you or have your back, these are your people. They don’t have underlying motives or intentions and they don’t like this in other people. Cancer moons aren’t openly emotional, despite the ridiculous softie stereotype. However, you’ll spot a cancer moon talking about a memory and you’ll catch them in a wave of nostalgia. This is how you can see beyond their guard. Cancer moons often experience nostalgia. These people are very loyal and when they feel comfortable they’ll express their care for you, perhaps not in words. But they do express their care for people within helping people or remembering something you said years ago. They are considerate and loving. They usually have comfort movies and foods. So when they feel like they need a pick me up, they’ll watch a comfort film to cheer themselves up. Specific but true. This is a comfortable placement due to cancer being in its domicile within this moon placement. They are very understanding and they have a tendency to be able to see both sides of an argument. They aren’t neutral per say, but they allow everyone to have a turn in expressing themselves. Cancer moons feel like a safe space, they make people feel understood and comfortable. They are prone to mood swings, sometimes for no particular reason. But as they get older they learn to put less emphasis on low points. They can definitely wallow sometimes and this is okay for a very short amount of time. An important lesson to learn here is you are not your emotions and it’s important to not identify yourself with them. I just realised last night (july 1) was the cancer new moon. Anyway🌝 They can definitely be absorbed by their emotions sometimes and can feel overwhelmed. Remember detachment is sometimes important, over identifying with your emotions creates a very turbulent existence. They are very empathetic, remember to detach yourself from other people’s emotions. Cancer moon people often need time to recharge after social interactions, because they get drained very easily. A lot of these people are great at different forms of divination due to this deep awareness they have. They are great at reading people and can easily decipher body language and nuances.
leo moon
These people are actual sweethearts! I have so much fun with leo moons. Anyway let’s talk about them. Leo moons value sentimentality. Every leo moon i’ve spoken to loves to reminisce about good times and fun memories. These are the optimists, it almost seems like nothing can get in the way of their positive attitude. Some leo moons feel like they have to upkeep their reputation of being a positive person. Some leo moons need to know it’s okay to let go of those expectations and express those other aspects of yourself. Leo moons help everyone else, they can forget to help themselves. They are such genuine people, what you see is what you get. They can sometimes be quite impulsive, which is either really fun or a bit destructive. Just make sure you are directing your impulsivity in a positive way. They know how to let loose and have fun. They have such a positive influence on other people and they usually have a great reputation. They usually have great social skills and people easily warm up to them. They are social butterflies, even if they’re introverted they are great at navigating social situations. They’re also charming. They just have this warmth about them. They make decisions confidently and they don’t care if it makes sense to other people, i love this about them. Even if they’re more timid, they have a boldness to their personality. Every leo moon i’ve spoken to has big ambitions, they have a vision for their future. They are futuristic thinkers and they have bold visualisations of what their future looks like. I admire this about them. I think something i haven’t seen people talk about is their possible addictive traits. These people can have addictive personalities and they have a tendency to overindulge in things when they’re not in a mentally good place. I won’t lecture anyone, but just watch out for this. Healthy leo moons are self assured and confident. When they feel confident, they also influence others to be. People look up to them.
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virgo moon
Hi virgo moons🌝 Let’s get to the juicy details, i know you love that😭. Anyway. Virgo moons. The investigators of details and pursuers of information. These people can have a refined or goofy demeanor and yet they all have the intellect. When they’re passionate about something they will find out every detail down to the cells😭 These people are known to be self critics and perfectionists. They want to meet their own standard. Their level of self criticism varies of course depending on other placements. It stems from their need to be better, to keep progressing. They always think there’s space for improvement and this can cause burnout. But these people are so self aware, i can guarantee they already know this. Their self perception can be warped due to self criticism, but their self awareness is always on point. Some of these people grew up with a critical parental figure, who set unachievable standards against them. Hence the same self inflicted behaviour, as they get older. Virgo moons are very devoted. When they decide someone is worth it oof, they’ll die for that person. This isn’t talked about enough! Like virgo moons can be so loyal, yet they’re usually portrayed as detached. Their detached demeanor stems from their fear of being hurt. They can see vulnerability as a weapon with the capability of being used against them. But when they are vulnerable, it’s so beautiful and real. These people are authentic. Authenticity and honesty is important to them. They hate fake people. They can’t stand dishonesty. If you lie to them they won’t hesitate to cut ties. Healthy virgo moons are great at setting boundaries and this is a wonderful trait to have. Virgo moons like to feel useful in any aspect. They like to help, this is their love language. These are the people you can go to in a crisis. Virgo moons are another moon sign who are not fans of instability, especially in a partner. They like consistent people because they are themselves. Inconsistency tells them they aren't a priority. These people have morals they stick to, they don't sway from these morals and they use them as a framework to rely on when they make decisions. These people need personal space, if you overstep their boundaries they'll most likely cut you off. They also need time to recharge like cancer moons. They HATE disorganisation, especially in regard to their personal space. They need to make sure their surroundings are organised because it helps them decipher their thoughts. To them surroundings are reflection of your mental state. They are deep thinkers and I would argue they're deep feelers. They just process things differently. It's systematic. They can sometimes try to rationalise their feelings, instead of actually feeling and I think this is why they can seem more closed off. They won't allow feelings to hinder their progress. This leads to my next point, virgo moons are hard workers. They can handle the everyday routine, but they are even more hardworking in regard to things they're passionate about. They are very loving, i feel like people don't talk about this. They are extremely loving and they can take on a caretaking role in their friendships. They like to mentor and help people.
libra moon
Libra moons. So sweet. So soft. So- hold on. ahaha I'm going to try to include every libra moon because I feel like they can have a very generalised reputation. I've seen posts here and there about libra moons being catty or 2 faced. Honestly it's ridiculous, so i'm going to debunk this. To me there are 2 categories of libra moons. The libra moons who avoid confrontation at all costs and the libra moons who face it head on ahaha. This could surprise you because whenever you search libra, diplomatic, mediators are the terms you see. People are multi faceted. Just like I wouldn't say all virgo moons are critical, I wouldn't say libra moons are all diplomats. I think the reason why libra moons have a people pleasing reputation, is because they like people to feel comfortable around them and sometimes this can come off as perhaps a bit fabricated. Libra moons are idealists, they like to imagine outcomes and scenarios. I would even say they're dreamers. They love to imagine romantic scenarios, yeah i'm exposing you ahaha. Every libra moon i've spoken to has a romantic fantasy, whether it's sexual or about a specific partner they want. Libra moons value respect. Disrespecting or being condescending towards a libra moon is probably the worst thing you could do. An unhealthy libra moon likes to cause chaos in varying degrees, i'm not judging we all have shadow sides. But libra moons are not afraid to uproot diplomacy when it's necessary, not necessarily drama for drama's sake, but more so to prove a point or to defend themselves. At one point or another, every libra moon has to prove themselves, assert themselves. They tend to get taken advantage of in their younger years, but when they get older they learn how to utilise their empathetic nature. This is a placement they have to grow into and merge with to really use it in their favour. Now this is where I talk about the balance thing you've probably read about over and over again. Libra moons have usually dealt with chaos in some form, either their childhood home environment, or a adult figure who embodied chaos, perhaps even chaotic friendships. Navigating chaos is a lesson they have to learn. Libra moons are usually artistic in some way, if not this, then they appreciate art and have great artistic taste. These people have an exquisite playlist. They like to experience art in all forms, music, decorating, dance etc. They usually have great fashion too and not always the pretty in pink sort of fashion. I've seen libra moons who really like gothic styles or darker fashion, fishnet tights, velvet, red and black etc. They express themselves artistically either literally or within how they dress, perhaps both. They also can feel very connected to a celebrity or someone who does what they want to do. They can get emotionally attached to someone who moves them emotively. There are 2 types of libra moons in regard to romantic interests. The people who like the elegant, refined, put together, soft or stern partners and the people who love the tattoos and cigarette coming out of the mouth types. I was going to say more, but i'll save it for the 18+ post. Libra moons are curious. They like to learn about the people they love. Libra moons also love to really live in the moment because they tend to get lost in their thoughts sometimes. So if you're someone who can remove them from the expansiveness of their mind, then they're all yours. They are visionaries too. They can be very creatively unique. A healthy libra moon is themselves regardless of who they're with. Libra moons are considerate and genuine. You can confide in these people without worrying about being judged or lectured.
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scorpio moon
They’re intelligent. They’re slow to open up, so they usually present a more toned down aspect of themselves. They’ve probably read this too much but they’re intense. Now i love this about them, but they can have a similar affect on people as pluto-ascendant. People either revel in this intensity or they can’t handle it. Scorpio 🌑’s are detectives so if they really like you you’ll find them asking you deep questions. This is because they want to know what drives people. The majority of them hate small talk. They can see superficiality from a mile away. They hate how surface level things are nowadays. These people are the type of people to like trauma bonding. Let me explain because i don’t mean it in a negative away. They feel flattered when people open up to them. They like the idea of exposing each other’s wounds and healing them together. They like the more jagged, unfiltered aspects of existence. They want to hear about your deepest trauma rather than superficial shit. These people listen and they don’t insert their own opinions. They have this great aspect of acceptance within their personality. The underdogs, damaged, wounded, hurt, they take them in and protect them. They’ve seen the darker aspects of existence, usually within the form of a mother or something traumatic during childhood. Quite a few of these people have controlling mothers or a mother who was very intense or protective during childhood. Sometimes it can be hard for them to get to know themselves, they have to rummage and separate themselves from the external. They can get lost in their feelings. Their feelings can seem like a weapon out to get them. Most of these people have a hard exterior, you can’t see they feel so much. This is a protective mechanism, because they learned early on that exposing such parts of yourself can be used against you. So they tend to hide this part of themselves, suppressing it deeper and deeper until they completely lose themselves. Then they live in survival mode, tackling daily existence. They’ve usually dealt with an identity crisis at least once. This is because they wonder why they can’t be accepted. Why do they need a facade? They are some of the most resilient people and i really admire them. I feel so accepted by them. I’m surrounded by them so their energy is so familiar. I absolutely adore them. They are so refreshing compared to the superficiality and inauthenticity of society. Once they really like you or feel comfortable talking to you, they’ll randomly ask questions. Ranging from what you had for breakfast to what your biggest regret is ahaha. They usually have some sort of values they don’t sway from. Not necessarily religious or anything, but they have deep beliefs of some sort. They can be suspicious of people, they are not naive in any way. People can see their facade as weakness, but scorpio 🌛 are far from it. These people are investigators so they’ll dig and probe until they reach the point of discovery. They have a way of uncovering the surface. They see what’s beyond it. They are not easily revealing so if you can get close to them feel flattered! They are so loyal. If you want ride or die loyalty these are your people. They are there in any situation, you can rely on them. Also let me just say, their humour is underrated. They always make me laugh ahaha. But let me add these are the people who make jokes about their trauma. These people are authentic and raw. They’ll research anything because they love learning. They are usually drawn to more i won’t say taboo, but raw topics. They want to see the unhinged depths of existence. They can see wounds in other people. They’ll help you face them. These people have a deep understanding of society and just humans in general. They wonder how they fit. They wonder what their role is. They think about their purpose because their passions are important to them.
Of course i’m going to mention the obsessive aspect of their personality. When they really like someone, not just romantically but in general they become obsessive. Let me explain why. Their obsessive behaviour links to their abandonment issues. It’s not a i want to control you obsession, but it’s please stay obsessiveness. Control or power dynamics could have been prevalent in childhood, hence the obsession. This can overwhelm people. But it’s not anything to be ashamed of. They can be massive overthinkers, and depending on other aspects, their thoughts can overwhelm them. They have usually dealt with questioning their self worth and a sort of existential crisis. They can doubt themselves heavily. It takes time for them to realise how powerful they are. And let me tell you they’re powerful. My advice to them would be ignore people underestimating you and assert your power in any way that suits you. They should try to ignore expectation in general. I would also say, prioritise yourself, try not to become everyone’s therapist or trauma dustbin. They also are so insanely loyal, once they commit they would literally die for the person they love. These people are sexy. So sexy. They usually hide their intensity, but it’s always in their eyes. They have the sexiest eyes. They’re so intimidating ahaha. It’s either 👁👁 or 😏. I always find them so attractive. They don’t collectively look scorpionic, it depends on their other placements. They tend to love staring, especially if you intrigue them. I always find their eyes intense.
sagittarius moon
The fun lovers and thrill seekers. oof. Being around these people is a rollar coaster ride you'll never forget. These people are sizzling and so spontaneous. Fun and fresh and refreshing to be around. Sagittarius moons are thrill seekers, and I don't necessarily mean in a reckless sense, but they like to feel euphoria, a rush of senses. They like anything to stimulate their senses, so you'll probably find a sag moon who's a candle or incense enthusiast. They are go getters. They don't wait for the moment, they are the moment. They can be futuristic thinkers, but they don't usually let the future stifle them. The unknown thrills them. A healthy sag moon has a balanced awareness of the present and future. I'm mentioning this because an unhealthy sag moon disregards the future as a faraway moment and can make reckless decisions because of this. They like to travel and I don't just mean physically, anything can be a journey to them. They like to make an experience out of anything, even mundane stuff. This is why sag moons need a change of routine and spontaneity. Without spontaneity they lose their oomph. Sag moons are experimental, i'm not going to make this 18+, not in this post. But they like to try new things. You'll find a sag moon trying all the tasters at a food market or taking a new route to work, because why not? You've probably heard every sag moon say this. You're like why? And they say, why not? They don't feel the need to have a reason to treat themselves, they just do. This is their motto, just do. Sag moons don't like the idea of possible regret. They have to try anything sparking their curiosity because they feel like time is ahead of them. leading onto my next point. Unhealthy sag moons feel like time is running out, hence why they can sometimes have a reputation for being reckless. Unhealthy sag moons also feel invincible or overly lucky. They are scared of having regrets so sometimes they feel like to need to do it now. A healthy sag moon will take it a step at a time and realise time is always passing, not leaving them, but simply moving. Sag moons like a fast paced existence, they like to surprise themselves. Some sag moons, perhaps most, have a philosophy as their morality. They possibly don't even know this themselves. But every decision a sag moon makes is based on their philosophy, such as do it or make it happen. Does this make sense? Some sag moons also like to read about different things and random topics because they are students. They like to take in different types of information to create a catalogue of random facts and ideas. If you want an honest, blunt opinion these are your people ahaha. They don't withhold their thoughts. Their bluntness is refreshing. They usually have a crazy amount of energy when they're young and could probably bounce off the walls ahaha. But sag moons are great because they express themselves, I've never seen a sag moon who doesn't just express how they feel. They are the neverending wanderers.
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capricorn moon
These people are very complex if you don't actually understand them. It can almost seem like they don't feel at all from the outside in. But this is an exterior. Not every capricorn moon, but a lot of them, have dealt with a cold adult figure growing up. They could have possibly grown up in an environment where emotions were disregarded or even looked down on. So when they got older they realised emotions can be used against you and they formed this mask. Capricorn moons value tradition and loyalty. They were the kid who was mature for their age and probably got on more with adults. They can be introverted and prefer their own company. Their social battery gets drained pretty easily due to overstimulation. They prefer having a few friends as opposed to a big friendship group. This is because they really value genuine connections. These people HATE small talk. Talk to them about the weather and watch them drift off ahaha. They like to take charge of their own decisions. They hate being told what to do. They hate this because it tells them you undermine their capabilities and intelligence. Capricorn moons don't really tend to cry often and if they do it's because they've held it in and they need to let it out or because they're stressed. They tend to get stressed quite easily, this is because they overthink and their thoughts can race against them sometimes. They have very rigid values and they believe in having a strong sense of identity. They know who they are, even if they hide it, they know who they want to become. They have ideals and expectations for themselves, because a lot of them value success in some form. You'll find a lot of capricorn moons being NT or ST in the MBTI system. I won't ramble on about that, but it's something i've noticed. An unhealthy capricorn moon is scared of their own emotions or people who are outwardly emotionally expressive. But over time they can face this. They tend to be sceptical of people who are emotionally expressive because they don't understand how you can be so open and vulnerable. They value organisation and they probably keep lists or write schedules of some sort. They could also be interested in older partners, because they believe age comes with more experience and awareness of things. This is because they can feel age regressed around people their own age, specifically romantically. They have ideals and they organise these ideals in categories, romance, routine etc. They are extremely categorical. They can be blunt at times, especially if someone annoys them. They can also have a stern energy, and this intimidates people. They are stubborn and unhealthy capricorn moons are relentless with their opinions. They believe in self improvement and they are on a constant journey to success. They can attract people who need their help, or softer people. This intrigues them to an extent but after a while it drives them nuts. More disorganised people tend to be attracted to them. Remember cap 🌛’s (you know this already ahaha) prioritise yourself, you can't mentor everyone. Some of them like to read. I would heavily recommend journaling for these people.
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aquarius moon
we meet again. You already know how I feel about you. I think aqua moons are the most misunderstood out of the moon signs, like ridiculously stereotyped. So being an aqua moon lover, i'm going to debunk the stupidity i've seen and i'm going to talk about them in depth. Aquarius moons are known to be, I guess, weird or detached. Here's what i'll say. I see these people as highly intelligent, they are bigger picture thinkers, hence why their ideas can seem somewhat abstract or far fetched. They think about the possibilities of reality and the multiple outcomes. Yes they can indulge in conspiracy from time to time. They have an absolutely amazing ability to link patterns, it's something i've noticed. In conversations i'll notice them mentally making links, it's so endearing. This is turning into a love letter and i'm not going to apologise for it ahaha. Anyway going on from my point. These people can take a point from one topic and draw a point from another topic and relate them. It's so specific, but does this make sense? They are so intellectually stimulating. I just can't get enough of their brain. They are iconoclasts and they never take things at face value. They will come to their own conclusions despite what anyone else is saying. They walk away from the crowd and dig their own path. They aren't afraid to disregard deep rooted structures to pursue their own belief system. To me they're simply fascinating and they are so so unique. This is why i hate them being described as weird because they are far from it. Weird is such a shallow way to describe them. Iconoclast, visionary, so on and so on. Much better. Perhaps even eclectic. They have no desire to find a way to make themselves fit in, they just don't bother because they don't need to. They don't care about how they're viewed because they know themselves and that's enough. They don't care for approval. However, i will say these people are human (contrary to popular belief) so during their teens years, being outcasted or unseen can bother them, which can result in reckless behaviour. But this placement ages so nicely. Once they accept themselves, instead of trying to fit the common narrative, they become so powerful. They can take down structures. They are so intelligent. I just love this about them so much. I can go on about this forever ahaha. My next point. The aquarius moons have a no feelings stereotype, this is frankly ridiculous. The reason why they can seem detached is because they don't see a reason to open up to you. If they want to open up, they do. And let me tell you, when they do reveal their emotions, they become even more interesting, even more complex. They can also seem detached because they see their emotions as a puzzle to solve. This can cause them to become observers of their own emotions, instead of actually feeling them. Being an observer is a great trait, but in moderation. A healthy aqua moon has a balance of both feeling and observing. What i love about these people is how they don't hold themselves to societal standards, they understand everyone has their own pace and purpose. I've never had more deep and intellectually stimulating conversations than with an aqua moon. They are simply- no complexly amazing.
pisces moon
hi my darlings. Pisces moons, you dreamboats. I really said dreamboats, wow anyway ahaha. Pisces moons are my idealists, my romanticists. Pisces moons have a reputation of being softies or passive. Here's the thing, these people are empathetic, but they're not dumb. If you try to manipulate their empathy, they aren't afraid to cut ties. Setting boundaries is a lesson for these people to learn and it doesn't come naturally, it's usually learned the hard way. They are usually artistic is some way. If not literally, then their imagination is boundless. They can visualise and create pictures in their mind. These people are usually easily able to astral travel too, so please be careful if you attempt this. They are very receptive to people's emotions, so over time they tend to limit social interaction to conserve their energy. They, just like libra moons, like to imagine scenarios before bed. Yes i'm exposing you ahaha. They like to imagine there's more than what is. You think what is, they think what is possible? Unhealthy pisces moons live in their imagination to escape reality, or use creative vices such as reading etc as an escape. This of course isn't an issue, unless it starts to become a crutch or a hinderance within day to day existence. They are such genuine individuals and they have such positive intentions. Their rose coloured glasses can get in the way sometimes, so a balance of idealism and realism is so important for these people.
I wanted to mention timothee chalamet quickly because I recently watched Dune ahaha. He's a great example of piscean empathy being utilised to his advantage. I mean his acting is impeccable. I always wondered why until I discovered he's a pisces moon and it made so much sense. He has a delicacy about him, despite his saturian placements. This leads onto my next point. These people have a very vulnerable delicacy about them. Unhealthy pisces moons will use this to their advantage to manpiulate. But the healthy pisces moons will embrace this quality instead of seeing it as their hamartia. Their delicacy does not equate to weakness. It takes so much power to be delicate, because vulnerability is powerful. These people are also absorbed in their own bubble ahaha. You’ll be rambling on and they’re on a different planet mentally. I love this about them. I always wonder what they’re thinking about. A lot of these people need loads of sleep to be functioning optimally, but some of them have great difficulty sleeping. It’s a catch 22 sort of situation. These people can also be lucid dreamers. They have a great understanding of people and they make people feel so understood. It’s like you don’t have to explain anything, they just get it. They are very observant, more so because of their empathy. They can feel what you feel, so they often feel changes around other people. They can feel sudden changes in their emotions when they’re around people. A lot of these people have hidden psychic abilities not necessarily how people understand the definition of psychic, but i’m sure you know what i mean. Their eyes are so dreamy. It’s like you can see what they see when you look at them. There’s a whole dreamscape in their eyes. These people are so beautiful, raw, genuine and so real. People like them are hard to come by these days.
Tumblr media
this post is based on single, isolated placements, so it’s possible you won’t resonate with all the information.
hi my darlings! This took me a while to write but i had so much fun! I’ve learned more about my perceptions of you all, along the way. Let me know what you think! I appreciate any sort of feedback! If you have any suggestions for my next post, let me know!🌚🖤
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astro-sirena · 2 days ago
My unpopular astrology opinions cuz deep down in my heart, I’m a hater
Tumblr media
• Virgo mercurys, I can’t talk to you guys for more than two minute. You guys are the type of people who ask something and call the answer you get wrong so you can answer it yourself 🫠
• have you ever had an argument with a leo moon? I did and let me tell you, it’s a full waste of time - just leave
• 8th house synastry is the reason why you have to go see a therapist
• I honestly love talking to a cancer mercury, u guys are awkward but in the best way possible- it makes me giggle
• Scorpio risings when someone mentions their crushs name:
Tumblr media
• you know the kid in school who starts screaming and throwing chairs when they cry? Yeah they have Moon - Mars aspects
• I really don’t like the sexualization of Scorpio placements but WHY ARE U GUYS ALWAYS TALK ABOUT SEX??? At this point you’re doing it to yourself
• besides that Scorpio and Sagittarius placements love to roast others, like okay I get it, u think I’m ugly - leave me alone now
• Idk where the audacity Geminis have comes from but I really didn’t asked for your opinion
• one of the worst things you can say to a person with multiple fixed signs is “you don’t understand it” they’ll start eye twitching and smoke comes out of their head
• I saw a list of the zodiac signs of most serial killers and not one taurus was there to find. Nah that’s way to suspicious, they just didn’t found the taurus killers cuz they’re way to good at hiding stuff
• Fr a taurus only tells you what they want you to know
• Pisces and cancers are loyal to the wrong people, u guys need some help😭
• Aquarius Suns will debate about the most insignificant and stupid things, one girl in my class started to argue about the word MILF and how it shouldn’t be generally used since beauty is subjective, and the word itself doesn’t mean that the person is hot - I was about to leave the classroom cuz seriously what the hell are u talking about miss???😭
• If a gemini moon starts to gossip with you about someone, just know they will go to that person and gossip with them about you 👍🏻🙂
That’s it for today, puuuhhh I feel so light now
Bye 🥰
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royalutic · 2 days ago
Astro Observations XII
Tumblr media
SUN IN 4TH can indicate being tied down by your family at a mature age. They may stop you from following your dreams.
Those with the SAME MERCURY SIGN AS THEIR SUN really know how to hurt you with words...
Having SAME MERCURY AND VENUS SIGN as your s/o isn’t necessarily a good thing; both my parents have Pisces Mercury and Capricorn Venus... they do NOT get along
RULER OF THE ASCENDANT IN THE 7TH HOUSE indicates problems with marriage. They tend to attract partners who fall obsessively in love with them, which can endanger them.
People with the RULER OF THEIR ASCENDANT (PLUTO) IN VIRGO tend to listen to the wrong people when making decisions/never learn from their mistakes.
PLUTO IN 3RD natives need to take a deep breath, relax, and take a step back. Stop worrying over things out of your control. Prone to insomnia.
SAGITTARIUS MARS natives lose their tempers really, really easily, and boy do they love yelling at others to relieve their anger. Bonus if they have a WATER SUN/WATER DOMINANT.
TAURUS MARS don’t lose their tempers easily, but they are extremely scary when you set them off.
PISCES SUN MEN WITH VIRGO SIGNATURE are vv hardworking!! Extremely good with their hands and can just about fix anything!!
Cannot stress this enough... if you have your MOON SIGN AT 0 DEGREES you are more likely to embody that sign than your Sun sign.
SUN SQUARE JUPITER are so scared of commitment...
Thanks for reading! :p
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azure-cherie · 2 days ago
Some astro observations pt:3 💙
Tumblr media
Based on Vedic/ Sidereal
I am not a professional so take this with a grain of salt;)
🌙If your D1 atmakaraka becomes your D9 moon you will be successfully doing what your soul wants in future.
🌙 The placement which matters most after your moon sign in vedic is your Atmakaraka ( the planet which is at the highest degree and the nakshatra it resides in) .
🌙 People with Peacock bird Nakshatra i.e. Bharani , Uttara Phalguni, Anuradha, Shravana , Punarvasu , are lovers of Aesthetic things and are good dancers.
🌙Swati's are sometimes treated as god like by people and people tend to put them on a pedestal , sometimes they tend to look different, as if their face changes minutely and sometimes they undergo plastic surgery.
🌙 Shatabhisha's when young ignore their looks and self care only to realise later.
🌙 If your ketu and moon are in the same sign, there's some past life endeavour you have to fulfill in this life.
🌙 If your ketu and rising are in the same sign , you will be displaying some of your past life traits for the better, for eg : maybe fame .
🌙 Purva Bhadrapada Venus tend to have a lot of admirers and their admirers are afraid of them like " she is beautiful, but she a fire spitter" , they anyway tend to ignore everyone until they find their ideal match .
Tumblr media
🌙 Revati Saturn get karma through spiritual leaders, they maybe scammed in spirituality but that's for the better so that they can pave their own way.
🌙 Purva Ashadha and Uttara Ashadha are topper placements, your peers fear you , admire you and look upto you .
🌙 Something I've observed about revati moons is that they tend to pick up the habits of people around them and when you ask them about it , they're proud , yes so what you're my friend but hey that doesn't mean you copy my personality😭.
🌙 But regardless of that revatis are one of my favs , they're the sweetest, very understanding and kind , they will comfort you so much , give hugs and help you when you're sad .
🌙 Punarvasu Saturn get continuous problems thrown at them from time to time so that they learn through them .
🌙Ardra's are legit geniuses.
🌙 Rahu placements are prone to addiction, probably: Ardra's substance addiction, Swati's video game addiction and Shatabhisha device addiction, just to hide their distress and problems.
🌙 Ketu moons are the ones own many fragranced body lotion's , essential oils and deodrant and perfumes , they love to smell good , bad aspects may lead them to ignore it as well.
Tumblr media
🌙 Rahu placements have the ability of precognition.
🌙 Saturninan's really like wearing sleek dresses .
🌙 Mula's like keeping really long hairs.
🌙 Jupitar nakshatra placements tend to gain weight easily.
🌙The element of your Atmakaraka maybe your favourite element.
🌙 Mrigashira's are less interested in education and are likely to skip college.
🌙 Shravana's are very attracted to the number 666 and may have contacted demons.
🌙 Mercury and Rahu Atmakaraka are very calculative and observing.
🌙Krittika is the nakshatra of Adam and Rohini is the nakshtra of Eve , i love Lilith but i am a bit unsure about her , probably Bharani or Purva Bhadrapada.
Tumblr media
🌙I associative Greek goddess:
Artemis with Krittika , Ashwini .
Hera with Rohini.
Aphrodite with Bharani, Purva Phalguni, Purva ashada.
Demeter with Mrigashira.
Athena with Bharani , Vishakha, shatabhisha.
Nemesis with Ardra , mula , Uttara Ashadha.
Eileithyia with Bharani , Ashlesha.
Hebe with Purva Phalguni.
Metis with Uttara Bhadrapada.
Nike with Purva Ashadha, Uttra Ashadha.
(their are so many more Goddesses but I'm a bit unsure)
🌙Anime themes :
Kimi no na wa : Magha , Punarvasu, Uttara Bhadrapada.
Jujutsu kaisen : Jyestha , Shravana , Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada , Ardra .
Demon slayer: Krittika , Mula , Ashwini .
Princess mononoke : Mrigashira, Mula , Krittika, Swati , Ashwini , Bharani .
Angel's egg : Swan bird nkshatra's , Saturn nakshatras, Rohini , Punarvasu .
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading, hope you liked this.
Do not plagiarize my work 🔪
Have a great day/night 💫✨
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orchidrenescottage · 2 days ago
Future spouse predictions
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Note: I lost my old account @orchidrene which is quite tragic but you can check out my paid services <3 and contact me here if you wish to purchase them.
Paid services 1 and paid services 2.
No PayPal/Kofi since they restricted me.
Pile 1
Tumblr media
Cards: the tower (reversed), the sun, the knight of pentacles (reversed), the ace of wands, the lovers.
Your future spouse is definitely someone who can create opportunities out of thin air. One of you might have a scorpio/pluto second house. They'll either be going through a time of internal transformation and change or they'll have already gone through it when they meet you. They'll be learning how to put ego and superficiality aside to be true to themself. You'll both be in a pretty good place when you meet, I feel like the both of you will be open to giving and receiving affection. You both will help each other grow. You might be someone who will be disregarding what others think or say and just be doing what you think is right at the time that you meet them, this will definitely catch their attention. They might help you with something regarding finances or vice versa. I feel like you might be focused on new opportunities that will be entering your life at that time which will in turn not help you focus on them at the beginning, you might not notice them at the beginning. You both will definitely have a lot of chemistry from the very beginning though, you might just be more fixated on getting other shit done. I'm getting for some of you, you will be in a good place when you meet them but they'll make you feel a different kind of happiness which will make you feel like you were very frozen before you met them. Both of you seem to have learnt a lot of lessons before you meet each other though. For some of you, you both might separate at some point but they won't be able to get you off their mind, they'll try to find you in every person they meet which will make things very difficult for them. I feel like they might be a jealous person which is why they'll end up breaking up with you or they'll be in the middle of healing which is why they'll not want to date you. You'll both still be very affectionate towards the other though, it seems to be very confusing, it's like both of you want the other to commit but don't want to do it yourself. For some of you, it might be strangers to crush to best friends to friends but more than that to strangers to lovers. You or they might have their Venus in the 11th house. Some of you might have venus-pluto aspects in your natal/synastry/composite charts too. They might be relocating soon when you meet them which might cause the both of you to think 'what's the point anyways?' Your love language might be physical touch or literally everything (physical touch, words of affirmation, gift giving, etc.) Someone might be a leo/scorpio Venus.
Significant scenarios:
Angry love confession in the rain, saving someone from a near death experience?, stargazing, crying at a café (you're sitting next to them, a glass window in front of you, tall seats, paintings when you turn to the left.)
"You deserve someone who values you."
"I'll be here, where you left me at."
"If it wasn't for you, I'd be so lost, I'm so glad you came into my life."
"They think we're dating."
Pile 2
Tumblr media
Cards: the four of swords (reversed), the queen of wands, the chariot (reversed), the fool, the king of swords (reversed).
Your future spouse seems to be someone who has a hard time relaxing, I'm getting a lot of saturnian (aquarius and capricorn) energy here. They might be dealing with a lot of issues at the time you both meet. They seem to be someone hardworking though. I feel like some of you might have venus-mars/pluto aspects. You'll definitely make a move towards someone who catches your eyes, some of you might be a fire sun/moon/venus as well. If this doesn't sound like you, you should either choose another pile or this is you in the future. You'll try to confidently make a move towards them? I feel like you guys know how to strategize, I'm getting you going to the café/restaurant that they're a regular at and waiting for them and being there like "oh you're here too? What a coincidence?" When you meet them. You might also say things that sound very flirty, they'll just come naturally to you when it comes to this person even if it is nerve-wracking you'll enjoy making them all flustered. You'll be pretty aware of who you are when you choose to pursue them. You'll be determined to make them like you back, I feel like you won't exactly be acting desperate though. You'll be pushing and pulling in a very strategic manner without even meaning to. Make sure you use your brain and don't make poor decisions due to your confidence (even though I think you will at some point.) You might be younger than them or just choose to go into relationships with a very fresh and naive perspective. You might be disappointed when this person doesn't act like the version of them that you created in your head but you'll be too head over heels in love with them to even care ☠️. You'll learn how to not let others affect your relationships. Your pure intentions towards someone who likes your person might cause problems too. This might have been your first love/someone you met when you were very young and naive. Possibly, same sex.
Significant scenarios/stuff:
Ice skating, amusement park, Ferris wheel?, throwing up, you gifting them a matching item, staring at them, randomly hugging them.
"I love you, I hope you know that."
"You don't have to pretend around me."
"Complaining when you feel wronged, feeling upset when things don't go your way, crying when you feel heavy, expressing your anger in a raw manner, these are feelings that I hope you can experience without feeling judged. You don't have to talk to me about your feelings but I really hope that you have someone to rely on at all times. Sometimes, the problem isn't even opening up, you might have a hard time understanding your emotions but I want to be there to support you at all times. Just know, I'll be here whenever you need me."
"The girl/guy you like will be so lucky... *Holds their hand* "...let me know when you start liking someone, until then I'll hold your hand... I'll have to let you go after that." *sad smile*
Pile 3
Tumblr media
Cards: the chariot (reversed), the moon (reversed), the knight of pentacles (reversed), the queen of cups, the two of cups.
Your future spouse seems to be someone pretty confident, I'm getting cancer with a leo Venus energy from them. They might make rushed and overly confident decisions at times but they have a lot of drive to make their dreams come true even though they might get lazy at times. This connection is going to be really emotionally intense. I'm getting a lot of 12h/8h synastry energy here. You might be a water/fire sign/have water/fire placements as well. You won't trust each other, there's going to be a feeling of constant distrust. You'll both have a really hard time understanding what's real and what's not, a lot of fears. Having dreams about each other before meeting, a lot of deja vu, meeting in dreams as well. You'll be viewed as someone independent by them at the beginning. You might actually be putting airs on and flaunting your wealth when you meet them (not in a negative manner.) You'll also have a lot of pride in them liking you. I feel like they'll be giving and giving while all you do is receive because you don't trust them yet. Their cherishing and giving will create a sense of calm in you and you'll finally trust them but you'll take them for granted because you'll feel like they'll never leave you. The way you view them as extremely trustworthy, loving and a secure partner will be a problem in the relationship because of the imbalance and you treating them like shit at times (unintentionally.) I feel like the both of you will separate as soon as you start trusting them. You'll learn how important it is to mutually give and receive love when it comes to relationships whether platonic or romantic, you'll work on the way you give and receive affection, some of you in the end you'll end up together or won't but they'll be the most important person in your life, you'll think of them even in your death bed if you don't end up marrying, this is why I'm picking up on their energy while channeling your future spouse, some of you might not end up marrying because of how much you love them but I'm getting they'll always be there for you, even in your old age even if you don't marry they'll be your life partner in a way? (Ifykyk) and for those of you who end up marrying this person, it's going to be a very emotional bond, you'll reminisce and grow together. You might meet them at a young age but be around them even when you've turned grey. They'll turn you into a very loving person. Someone who has mastered all love languages that's who you'll turn out to be after meeting them. Titanic energy (fast paced but very touching and deep.) They might leave you for someone else or start dating someone right after you. You won't end on good terms but you'll still always be there for the other.
Significant stuff: kinda 18+
Blindfolding?, bondage ☠️, yoga, jogging, walks, giving massages?, water, painting, butterflies, double chin?, dogs, someone's dog passing away.
"I hate my father/mother."
"How's my girl?"
"That's it, that's the end."
"Someday you'll go faraway, I hope you stay there."
"You can't leave without letting me hug you first."
Pile 4
Tumblr media
Cards: the five of pentacles, the emperor, the ten of wands, the knight of wands, the two of wands.
They might be having a hard time when you meet them. They might even be physically struggling when you meet them. I'm getting them being really stressed and isolating themselves during that time. You might meet them through someone of authority, even your father (if not probably a boss or senior.) You might work as a therapist/counselor or something, you'll be forced to work with them because of how much they've been struggling. To be honest, you'll not want to work with them in the beginning as you'll consider it extra burden, you'll be very determined to make them feel better as you get to know them, though it's going to be very difficult. You'll view helping them as more of a duty than something you actually wish to do, you'll act really assertive and bold towards them, you won't consider their emotions in a very empathetic manner. They'll teach you how to trust your intuition, you might not want to date them because it's new and distracting ☠️. You'll be planning everything very carefully once you catch feelings though. I think they'll start liking you and then you slowly catch feelings for them too. I'm getting enemy to lovers here. You'll end up marrying them, I'm pretty sure.
Significant scenarios/stuff:
FS trips and falls while y/n doesn't even take a glance at them. After a brief moment of nothing but y/n typing on her keyboard, with the typing being the only source of sound present. Y/n finally breaks the silence "how did the ground taste?..." She takes a glance at FS with a nonchalant expression and heaves out a sigh, looking away "...you surely have a lot of time to be clumsy and fool around miss/mister FS."
butterflies, tattoos, heart, breaking a vase/something made of glass, hotel del luna, milk tea, candles, calling people by wrong names, guys.exe, the boy is mine, a poem titled you. (Music seems significant)
"You make me feel so insecure."
"Can we start over?"
"I gave up on you a long time ago."
"Do you know how much that meant to me?"
"Don't listen to them, you're not fat, you're fluffy."
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evangelinesbible · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Can show you the most suitable career for you, what your career will look like at its highest point, and a more in depth look at how the public will view you
Ex. My MC in this chart is Leo so a career with entertainment, art, and children might suit me best. And my risings in Scorpio so I could be seen as mysterious, an enigma, or a bit taboo to the public.
Your feminine energy, your emotional needs and persona. When your emotions are at is highest you might show these qualities the most
Ex. My moon is in Leo and I can get pretty passionate and dramatic when I’m very emotional lol. Also it’s in the 3rd house so when I’m passionate about something I can ramble FOREVER
Your destiny, who you eventually grow into, how you mature, what your soul is searching for in terms of satisfaction/completion
Ex. My NN is in Taurus 6h conjunct the sun so my destiny might have something to do with money, working towards a stable financial future, being a hard worker, seeing the beauty in life and fighting for my creative visions/pursuits
A more in depth look into how we love, what we find attractive (especially in women), and how we receive love. Can show what type of beauty we have as well (check asc, and chart ruler)
Ex. My rising is in Virgo and my chart rulers is my Aries Mercury in 8th house. So people might see me as a dark earthy beauty. Especially since my natal rising conjuncts this rising and both charts have the same chart ruler. My Venus is in Gemini in the 10th house so words of affirmations and acts of service are what I’m more attracted to and how I’m might act when in love
A more in depth look to how we’re perceived, especially with first impressions. It can also show some of our physical features that aren’t as present in our natal charts. Certain aspects, house placements, the asc and the chart ruler determines that.
Ex. My asc is Pisces and my chart ruler is Neptune Aquarius in the 11th house ( Jupiter Taurus in the 6th house with traditional astrology) so I might have unique facial features or a bit of a dreamy disposition.
A deeper insight into how you communicate, how you come across, your intellect and how your voice my sound.
Ex. Sun moon and mercury all in Aries in the 3rd house. So I have a fierce, blunt and inspiring way of communicating. Also this explains me having a powerful/loud voice when passionate about something since Sun conjuncts the Moon.
408 FAMA
Can indicate how you could get famous or what you’d be famous for. What type of fame you could get is all depending on house placements aspects and certain signs.(Remember anyone can be famous for good reasons and bad) this chart can help you figure out how to become well known.
Ex. My Fama asteroid is in Virgo in the 7th house at 5° conjunct mercury so a way I might get fame is through a relationship/marriage or with my voice ( singing, public speaking, ect.) And I could get to fame faster with a hard work ethic, and a daily routine. Also my Leo sun and mars might make achieving fame a bit easier
Can give you insight on what career is best for you and where you could make the most money. The placements in this chart could indicate talents that suits a certain career or endeavor
Ex. My Enterprise also conjuncts my mercury, my NN in Taurus is in the 3rd house and my MC is in Sagittarius. This indicates that I could make a lot of money traveling and using my voice in some way. Maybe a touring singer or public speaker.
33154 TALENT
The placements in this chart can indicate what your best talent is and where you’d be most successful in certain fields.
Ex. My talent is in Aries conjunct my moon in the 10th house, my MC is Pisces and my part of fortune is in Leo 3rd house. What I get from this is that my talent relates to music and that it will gain me a popular following and a spotlight.
There’s a lot more persona charts these are just some of my favs and I love trying to dissect them.
- ⚜️💫⚜️
Tumblr media
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loveemagicpeace · 3 days ago
⚡️Saturn & Fear⚡️
⚡️Saturn in 1st house-You may often fear new beginnings, taking initiative in your life, or asserting yourself as you would like.They may feel inhibited, censored by the outside world or an inner critic and fear of being judged by others for your appearance,character and showing who you really are. Fear of losing yourself. Success and ease can come later in life as the person gains more confidence and becomes more and more comfortable in their own skin. Don't be afraid to show who you are, because in reality you are a very exceptional and talented person.
🌨Saturn in 2nd house-fear of losing money, material things. Fear of investing money in something you are not sure about, fear of lending money to others. Maybe a fear of certain foods or too loud music. Also fear of financial instability. But as you relax that fear, you find joy in sharing what you've created and being at peace with what you've manifested in life.
🫧Saturn in 3rd house-fear of speaking and saying your opinion. Fear of self-expression. Fear that others will condemn what you say or make fun of it. You can also be afraid that people will not hear you (what you want to say or present to people in general). That something you have been creating for a long time will not be seen. Fear of cars or speeding. Your speech is strong and good, do not let silence overwhelm you. Trust your mind and voice more.
🌧Saturn in 4th house-fear of change, changing environment or home. Fear of not being safe enough , unwanted and all alone in the world.Maybe fear of losing parents or mother. Maybe the fear of separating from your family. Certain fears may exist regarding the ability to succeed and thrive on their own. Fear of the unknown and fear of change can hold them back and reliance upon what is familiar can give them a false sense of security.
⛈Saturn in 5th house -You don’t like to share with others what you do for fun or what you like because you have a feeling that people won’t accept it. U may fear of not being noticed enough and that people would not notice your creativity. Sense of being unimportant; fear of taking risks; holding back from shining; stifling pride; fear of disapproval; self-denial; restraint of enthusiasm. Maybe fear of children, pregnancy. Working with kids or investing in a creative project can do wonders for this Saturn.
🌩Saturn in 6th house-Fear of animals can be in front of a particular animal. Fear that things will not go according to plan and that the work will not go as you imagined. Fear of doctors. I’ve noticed that people with saturn here don’t like going to the doctor. Fear of disease. Patterns of self-sabotage; denial of your needs; work that threatens health; being overly responsible; serving others at expense of self. You may be afraid to work in front of others or to work somewhere in general. As they relax, doing their work with dedication and simplicity, they have the opportunity to become skilled professionals or even healers.
❤️‍🩹Saturn in 7th house-fear of going into a relationship or getting committed. Maybe fear of marriage. There may be a fear present that you will never find the right person. Fear of being left alone. Fear or social paralysis. Fear of rejection; disappointing early relationships; shouldering heavy burdens in love; marrying for societal status; love as a business alliance; overly dependent on approval.
💔Saturn in 8th house-fear of death, of losing people close to you. Fear that people will exploit your love, trust. Fear of betrayal. Fear of dark things or taboo topics.Fear of moving on , letting people go. I think that's the hardest thing about saturn here - letting go of people close to them. You may also fear of having sex or something relate to it. There can be a lot of fear about surrendering to it. Dramas of financial entanglements; fear of change; emotional isolation, obsessions and addictions. Fear of losing control and power.
☁️Saturn in 9th house-fear of flying and heights. Fear of believing in something or being committed to something in faith. Fear of traveling to unknown places.You can also be afraid of strangers. They prefer to play it safe and avoid taking risks. As they figure out what they really believe in, it becomes easier to step outside their comfort zone and even become valuable teachers for others.
🪐Saturn in 10th house-fear of scandal.Fear of being exposed in public.Lose respect and reputation. Also the fear that the audience will condemn you for not giving the audience enough. Maybe fear of the crowd, responsibility, growing up, rules. You may also be afraid of authority figures. You have the chance to become someone that other people look up to.
🏄🏽Saturn in 11th house-the fear of losing friends that you will never find a person to stand by your side. Fear that you will never belong to a society (fear of rejecting society). Fear of not achieving your dreams and goals.They may be fearful of failing their group of friends and because they’re too proud to admit failure. These natives may be terrified of being “normal” or part of a crowd, which means they can’t loosen up when interacting with others.
☔️Saturn in 12th house-fear of spirituality, unknown, subconscious, dreams, maybe even sleep. Fear of drugs, alcohol. Fear of being completely alone. You can also be afraid of water or places by the water. Also can bring a fear of opening up towards emotion, sensitivity or compassion and it can work with difficult feelings such as guilt or sadness to bring people closer to their inner world. Also people in this placement can be afraid of that they will go crazy and thats why they prefer to keep their problems to themselves. In time, as they clarify their beliefs and their emotions , they can even turn into dedicated helpers and healers.
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starastrologyy · 21 hours ago
Astrology Observations 🪐
This is just a little compilation of random astro observations!
Tumblr media
Please do not repost any of my work on other social media platforms 🤍
People who have their Sun in the 4th house may overly identify with their ‘roots’ or their families. These people find it hard to break away from family traditions or any cultural expectations. (This will not apply to someone who has Saturn or Mars alongside their sun in their 4th house).
Taurus placements don’t get enough credit for how loyal they are. These individuals are creatures of habit, and they prefer to be around people and places that are familiar to them.
Chiron in the 6th or 12th house can indicate someone who has struggled with physical or mental health issues. Interestingly, a lot of medical professionals have Chiron in these houses, & the 10th house.
If you have Libra or Taurus on the 11th house cusp, you are likely friends with people who are creative or artistic. Alternatively, your friends may like to keep up appearances, and their known to be charming/and or diplomatic. It is also possible that your friends see you as someone who has all the qualities that I just listed.
Virgo midheavens may find that other people have the tendency to criticize them quite harshly! Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Jada Pinkett Smith are celebrity examples.
I know many people know Scorpio moons to have a “mommy wound” but I actually think any harsh aspect to the moon in a natal chart (square, opposition, conjunction) can produce a mommy wound! Moon square Chiron and Moon conjunct Chiron are two placements I’ve seen being common in people who have problems with their mother.
A Scorpio rising in a composite chart can sometimes indicate a couple that’s very private. For whatever reason, they like to keep their relationship on the down low.
Having your Sun, Venus, North Node or Jupiter in the 11th house is very auspicious when it comes to wealth, as the 11th house is the house that governs the wealth you earn from your career. A lot of wealthy people (Oprah, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian) have 11th house placements. However, they also have 2nd or 8th house placements too! The moon is also quite lucky, but remember the moon causes emotional investment in the area of life in which it is placed, but it also causes fluctuations. Pluto can cause extremes, so extreme gains or extreme loss.
One of the downsides of having a Pisces ascendant or a Pisces midheaven is that people often project certain images on to you. They will always see you the way they WANT to see you, and it’s not always indicative of who you are as a person.
A solar return year in which you have a Pisces rising, or many 12th house planets can show a year where you are becoming very introspective. You may spend a lot of time alone that year, or you will find yourself becoming more spiritual. It’s not uncommon to start spiritual practices such as tarot or psychic readings during a very “piscean or 12H influenced” solar return year.
Chiron in the 9th house is VERY common in the charts of people who didn’t go to college, or had to drop out for some reason.
People who have squares or oppositions to their Midheaven often struggle when it comes to their reputation or career goals. But, I’ve seen it play out mostly when it comes to their reputation. For example, someone who has mercury square their midheaven may find that people are always starting rumors about them, or falsely accusing them of things! Whereas, someone who has Pluto square their midheaven, they may often encounter power struggles with others! They may have literally encountered a ‘life or death’ situation in their lives. This can be an ego death, it doesn’t necessarily translate to actual physical harm! It could also mean the death of their old reputation, gives rise to a new one. The malefics (Saturn & Mars) square the midheaven are the hardest to navigate. But, these people often have a lot of strength and willpower to come through these challenges.
Food complexes are often present in the charts of people who have significant Taurus & Virgo placements. Planets in the 1st, 2nd & 6th house can also give rise to these complexes. Interestingly, the asteroid Ceres placed in the 1st house has often been associated with eating disorders (please don’t make this apply to you if it doesn’t, it’s just an observation that has been made).
People with Mercury square Neptune in their charts should be very careful when it comes to their consumption of mind altering substances! (Alcohol & drugs! ) As their are often highly sensitive to these substances!
Transit Jupiter making a conjunction to your natal Moon can be a very good time to conceive if you are wanting to have a child! Jupiter transiting your 1st house is also auspicious for this as it will trine your 5th house of casual dating, hobbies & CHILDREN.
10th house overlays in synastry can be very beneficial in business partnerships! In a romantic setting, the planet person may sometimes feel as if the house person values being “seen” out in public with them, over a genuine connection! This is especially true if your rising, or Venus falls into another persons 10th house!
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thatbitchmarge · 2 days ago
Astro Notes 1
Hi, everyone! I hope you're all doing okay ❤
Just some random things I'd like to say. Remember, these are just my observations, not an universal truth 😅
1. I think pisces placements get too much slander. The whole manipulative thing is a sign of undeveloped placements and certain aspects.
2. I don't know why, but I simply can't understand libra men. No hate, but what are y'all up to honestly? 🥲
3. As a scorpio venus, I have some things I'd like to ask. Why is it that everyone who found out that I'm a scorpio venus decided to point out how jealous, possessive, sexual and intense we are and how needy for relationships and love we are? Like calm down, Jessica. I don't even want a relationship in the first place. That's a lot of overthinking on my back to carry 🤚
4. My mom is an aquarius and I'm a virgo. Needless to say, it's a struggle 😅
5. I don't know what to blame for my anger issues. My sun square pluto, my sun conjunct mars, my mars square pluto, or my trauma 💁‍♀️
6. Hello, scorpio/capricorn moons! How's your relationship with your mother? 💀
7. What is it about leo men with scorpio placements that makes me fall for them? It's a trap!
This is it, guys. I hope y'all enjoyed my first take on this. Please, this is no hate towards anyone. Just my observations. Y'all take care ❤
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starhoneypower · a day ago
Astro Notes - ii
Tumblr media Tumblr media
💫 earth mercuries are very poetic.
💫 Aries moons & venus’ have such a hard time experiencing empathy. It’s annoying.
💫 Taurus sun, rising, and mars have a resting bitch face.
💫 so many musicians and comedians have Capricorn in inner 6. This is because Saturn rules over time, and making music or executing a joke is all about having the perfect timing.
💫 Taurus moons were so coddled and spoiled by their moms they’re appalled when others don’t treat them the same way. Taurus is the sign of worth so having it as your moon, these people are more full of themselves than any Leo placement.
💫 unevolved Libra in the 3rd house and Libra mars are superficial. They have a hard time thinking out of the box. They’re always talking and thinking about what other people are doing. Are followers more than leaders. 3rd house rules over courage and Mars is your drive, so these placements express themselves very similarly.
💫 Pisces moon and Moon conjunct Neptune WILL cry during any sad movie.
💫 Leo risings and mars have to take action to get noticed. They talk super loud to make sure everyone hears, are dramatic so you can’t help but look and go “wtf is going on over there?” (Donald Trump, Azealia Banks) but Leo suns and moons just naturally attract attention. Leo suns and moons could be the shyest person in the room in the most basic outfit and you still can’t help looking at them.
💫 a man with Libra and Sagittarius placements has chronic wandering eyes in a relationship. If they have Scorpio placements they’ll hide it though. Doesn’t mean they’ll cheat but they’re always looking and imagining.
💫 Leo and Aquarius are so funny cus they act like each other without trying. Aquarius wants unity & doesn’t like too much attention but they’re so offbeat doing their own thing that they stand out the way Leos want to… and Leos love socializing being a part of everything that they easily blend with the majority which is what an Aquarius wants to learn.
💫 Sun opposite Neptune will make someone project selflessness but deep inside they’re looking out for their own needs first. They have delusions of grandeur about their personality. This aspect unevolved could make someone painfully manipulative.
💫 people think the Scorpio/Taurus axis are wh*res…. no it’s really the Virgo/Pisces axis omfg. they be doing the most when it comes to sex. (could also apply to Virgo or Pisces on the 5th cusp and Neptune conjunct an inner 6 planet)
Tumblr media
please don’t plagiarize!!
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ellmeria · 2 days ago
Hi luv💓 I hope you are doing amazing! I really want to know your top 5 favorite Mercury placements. Sending love and positive vibes✨💞💞
Hello! I hope you are having a day or night as lovely as you are! Of course, you can ask me anything you like! I love this question. 🤍
𝐌𝐲 𝐓𝐨𝐩 𝟓 𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐮𝐫𝐲 𝐒𝐢𝐠𝐧𝐬
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧ Aquarius Mercury - Your unconventional ideas. >> Whenever I think of this placement, the word genius always comes to mind. You are original and innovative. You surprise me with how many tricks you have under your sleeves. Your decisions are firm and rational. These people are visionaries that have the potential to change the world for the better.
✧ Pisces Mercury - Your imagination and creativity. >> Visual and gentle communicator. Artistic. Listening to you feels like I am reading a book filled with ciphers and hidden meanings. It's almost like you are speaking directly to my soul. It is so comfortable opening up to you because of how good of a listener you are. Your intuition is spot on.
✧ Gemini Mercury - Your way with words. >> These people are smooth-talkers. Quick-witted. Social. Clever. You seem to know a thing about anything and anyone. Master debaters. People can't win against you on mind games. Verbal communication is your strong suit. Your sense of humor is a bonus. Conversations with you are never boring. This placement makes for talented writers. 
✧ Virgo Mercury - Your extreme attention to detail. >> No details can escape your observant eyes. You make excellent communicators. Your dry humor is everything, and I take your pieces of advice to heart. Very very efficient and reliable. You exude the impression that you know your sh!t, and you do. Analytical and perfectionistic. You take word-play to another level.
✧ Scorpio Mercury - Your deep insights. >> Sharp. Curious. On-point. You always dig deeper into the matter at hand and won't stop until you get to the truth. Your insights are a mix of logic and intuition. You speak of mystery: short words that leave me craving for more. I love having late-night conversations with you.
Side note: There you go! I focused on the signs because it's much easier. Although I still had difficulties choosing as I love all the signs equally. But for the sake of the question, here are my Top 5. I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for asking. 🤍
The photos are taken from Pinterest. Credit goes to the rightful owners.
Copyright © 2022 ellmeria | All rights reserved.
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brielledoesastrology · 2 days ago
𝑷𝒍𝒂𝒄𝒆𝒎𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒔 𝒊𝒏 𝒂𝒏 𝒂𝒔𝒕𝒓𝒐𝒍𝒐𝒈𝒚 𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒂𝒍 𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒕 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒄𝒂𝒏 𝒊𝒏𝒅𝒊𝒄𝒂𝒕𝒆 𝒃𝒆𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒃𝒖𝒍𝒍𝒊𝒆𝒅 𝒊𝒏 𝒔𝒄𝒉𝒐𝒐𝒍 ☹︎
Tumblr media
Chiron in the 11th house, 3rd house, 9th house or 10th house
Pluto in the 11th house, 3rd house, 9th house, or 10th house
Moon conjunct,square or opposite pluto
Venus square,opposite or conjunct pluto
Black moon lilith (h13,h12, or h21) or priapus (h22) in the 1st,3rd,9th,11th,7th house
Asteroid toro (1685) prominent (this can indicate being bullied or you being the bully)
Mars in the 3rd,9th,11th,7th house
Mercury conjunct,opposite,square pluto (this can indicate you are being bullied or you are the bully)
Asteroid lilith (1181) prominent (being bullied for supporting women's rights)
Pluto dominant
Moon dominant
Asteroid nemesis (128) prominent (not only bullied at school but literally being hated and disliked by people everywhere, but at the same time this can make you being the bully or you being bullied)
Tumblr media
- brielledoesastrology (tumblr) 💕
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astro-sirena · a day ago
Moon sign observations
Tumblr media
• Aries Moons love to entertain, they aren’t afraid to make themselves look like a fool at a party, as long as they can make people laugh
• Taurus Moons can be really mischievous, they tend to lovebomb people through gifts and comfort
• Gemini Moons expose themselves a lot, if you want to know if the Gemini moon you’re talking to is fake or not, listen to the little details they’re sharing about themselves and how they talk about other people and if they get defensive when someone says what they said hurt them, u gotta leave
• Cancer Moons are sooooo protective. They are the type of person, people are scared of talking shit about their friend in front of them cuz if you hurt someone they love, they will come for you and make you look like a total fool especially in front of others
• Leo Moons are the stereotypical Leo that everyone hates on
• Virgo Moons are so anxious but also carefree at the same time. Nevertheless, they do know how to criticize someone
• Libra Moons are called two-faced and people pleaser because they genuinely can’t take sides. They want everyone to be friends and love each other lol
• Scorpio Moons hold on to people, even when they shouldn’t
• Sagittarius Moons are actually quite intimidating, they aren’t afraid to bully someone fr
• Capricorn Moons hold a lot of resentment from their childhood. They know they didn’t deserve anything that happened to them but they still have a hard time letting go. That’s why they tend to overwork, they distract themselves with the academic validation and money they get from working sm
• Every Aquarius Moon I know got bodyshamed or sexually assaulted in their childhood, they went through sm trauma that they become emotionally numb at one point of their life - they feel sm, it’s insane
• Pisces Moons are really good at art, doesn’t matter what type of art. It could be acting, poetry, painting, singing, drawing, literally anything. Every Pisces Moon is good at at least one of these things
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thebestgemini · 2 days ago
I’ve noticed that Scorpios or people with heavy Scorpio placements tend to have friends younger than them. 🦂
Saturn in the 3rd house can represent someone who had a hard time learning in school and could’ve taken special Ed classes or just special classes in general to help them learn more because of it. 📚
Gemini suns have a bad problem with lying specially pathological lying. And if u don’t know what pathological lying is the compulsive urge to lie about matters big and small, regardless of the situation. And usually they use pathological lying to manipulate people or get closer to people one.
I’ve noticed that Lilith in the 6th house can represent someone who REALLY didn’t like to do chores as a kid or someone who still REALLY doesn’t like to do chores. They also probably don’t like going to school. And I’m not talking about just disliking school I’m talking about like they HATE it with a strong passion. 🏫
Whatever sign falls into your 2nd house people with that zodiac sign or people who have sign placement in their big six as rich or you might see them as people who have a lot of material possessions. 💰
I’ve noticed that people with the Ascendent opposite Mercury aspect tend to have a really bad lying problem. 🤥
Having the Midheaven square sun aspect can be an indicator of having a father who often made you feel bad about your self. 😞
Having the sun conjunct Pluto aspect can indicate a person who has a personality, ego, individuality, and creativity that is heavily influenced and impacted by some type of trauma.
I’ve noticed that people with the Venus square Neptune aspect often forget the clothes wore or wear. Like, they’re the type of people to not remember what they currently have on or what they wore a couple days ago or even yesterday. 👚 👕
Having the north node sextile Midheaven aspect can represent wanting to do the same work as your father or wanting to do something similar to it.
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ariesjupiter · 12 hours ago
Astro Notes 7 💫
✰ Those with Mercury in the 11th make great podcast or radio show hosts and often want to start one. I checked and many people who do have podcasts or radio shows have Mercury in the 11th (or Mercury in the 10th). 
✰ Moon in the 3rd house natives are great at making facial expressions to make people laugh. Many celebrities who have Moon in the 3rd have become memes before (The Rock, Robert Pattinson, Winona Ryder, Kevin Hart, Mariah Carey, Zendaya, Will Ferrell, Adam Driver, and Rami Malek).
✰ Pisces placements are often known for being unintentionally funny (for example, Kim and Kanye both come to mind, and they have Pisces moons. i suppose this is bc pisces is traditionally ruled by jupiter, which is often associated with humor since jupiter is happy go lucky and not too serious. in modern times, pisces is ruled by neptune which clouds and causes confusion, illusions, and hidden things.
✰ Your proudest moment or a special achievement could’ve happened during a year that goes with your mars sign degree. For example, if your mars is in 9°, a Sagittarius degree, your proudest moment could’ve been when you were 9 or 21.
✰ Mercury in the 5th synastry is like you’re always on the same wavelength. can read each other’s minds, able to have so much fun together and easily make up from any fights. always laughing at each other’s jokes. inspired to create art for the other person. have a lot of shared hobbies. my favorite house overlay in synastry.
✰ Cancer Mercuries can often be long-winded or take a while to tell a story. if you get to talking about something they’re interested in they could talk about it for hours. i guess my only explanation of this observation is that it’s like a crab coming out of its shell. shout out to cancer mercuries though they’re the sweetest.
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royalutic · 10 hours ago
Astro Observations XIII
Tumblr media
GEMINI MOONS have the weirdest sense of humor... I have this one friend who has this obsession with minions. She would SPAM me with minion memes and when I told her they weren’t funny she was like ‘that’s why they’re funny’. 
The GEMINI MOONS I know hate poetry and have a really short attention span, unlike Gemini Suns who can focus for a surprisingly long time and love love love poetry :p
Moms with SCORPIO MOONS are extremely secretive. My mom’s a Scorpio moon and she’s an enigma to me. I know she had a wild life (she was a player haha) but she never shares anything with me.
MOON IN 3RD tend to love art, literature, poetry, etc.
Polyamorous relationships are a total no-no for people with VENUS IN 8TH.
SAGITTARIUS VENUS natives don’t have a specific physical type, but they crave mental stimulation in a relationship.
MARS IN 12TH natives really grow by reflecting on their own behavior. If you feel like you’re not in a great place, sitting down and really thinking about your life can help :)
SUN TRINE MARS people are brutally honest.
SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE people are their friends’ therapists.
VENUS SQUARE MARS natives sensitive af
VENUS-NEPTUNE aspects makes a person a hopeless romantic.
Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out my other observations on my account :)
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thewindowofthesummerhouse · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Manuel Orazi
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astrodoll2 · 2 days ago
how to stay grounded with so many aquarius and gemini placements ?
How to stay grounded with multiple air placements 💨
Multiple air placements would signify being in your head/thoughts a lot. Overthinking, anxiety, depression, probably rationalizing your emotions too much, using logic over emotions or intuition.
To ground yourself I would suggest stepping into nature talking out loud your issues to someone or even yourself, allowing yourself to FEEL your emotions rather than think them, don’t attach to the past, be in the ocean, begin a new passion or hobby, commit to something maybe a new schedule change or a change in your everyday routine. Do self care or watch movies/listen to music to try and get out of your head.
Learn to be more vulnerable, learn how to healthily express your emotions. Try meditating and be in the present moment more when you catch yourself slipping into your thoughts direct your focus onto something else.
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happyvalleydreamsurvey · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thatbitchmarge · a day ago
Astro Notes 2
Hi, beautiful people! Welcome back to my astro dump. I'm once again reminding you that these are just my observations. Don't take me too seriously. I'm a walking joke 🥲
1. When I tell you that cancer moons can be the most caring individuals and in less than a second destroy your whole life, I mean it 🥲
2. So, when people tell me how manipulative and all over the place pisces men are, why do I take it as a challenge? My virgo nature is like "I can fix them". 🙄
3. Saturn in the 10th house is a pain in the ass. Why would you make me this obsessed with my career and future, and then delay all the process? That's just mean!!
4. As a virgo, I'm surprised that my least favorite zodiac sign is capricorn. Like why?? There's always something in every capricorn I meet that throws me off. No hate. Perhaps, I just haven't met the right capricorns
5. Virgo mars culture is being pissed off about anything and everything and not do anything about it. Buckle up and bottle up, bitch! Here we go! (Noticed this about some pisces martians, too. Though, they go cry out of anger somewhere private most times. No judging. I do the same 🥲).
6. To all my sun in the 1st house people, what was the weirdest rumor someone started about you?
7. My dear scorpio moons, do you really like them or are they just as broken and traumatized as you? 🥲
Well, I guess this is it for today. Hope y'all enjoyed it!
Love, Mar 💜
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