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Where have you been my love? Oh, how I missed you…

-But, how do you miss me if we haven’t met before?

Because our souls are intertwined and familiar with each other. We will always cross paths and we have met many times before. In fact this could be the 100th time even as the same people we are now but because we are human we cannot comprehend time because it simply does not exist in the way we think it does…


-I suppose you are right.

Then why do I see a clear teardrop fall from your golden eye?

-Because you are only a fragment of my imagination. I have not met you yet and I may not ever meet you… I want something different. I feel like to find what I desire in this time period is like finding a diamond in a stack of trash.

Stop that mentality and do not think negatively because you will only manifest it. You should only entertain energies that vibrates well with your pattern not with ones that feed you poison and lower your energy to tears.

-Okay, I will stay positive but it hurts me love, my natal placements makes me feel like an outcast in everything that I do, even my idea of relationships and moral values. I want a gentleman and I want to be a lady to that gentleman. I want to explore the meanings of life and obtain an expansion of knowledge together. I do not desire to quickly dip deep into the taboos of erotics first. I want to know what’s in the soul I don’t care about the outside. Juno has granted me to crave a lover that will care for me as much as Gomez has for Morticia.

Being an outcast is a blessing. You are a quirky and unique Sagittarian fired up in energy of the mighty lion that rules the land of your motherland. You are different because you are to do different. You are not suppose to follow the crowd Luna. Break out of those Aquarian habits of grouping and learn to be alone and able to lead. Listen, you have already manifested a part of me in your life, just stay patient and when the time is right I will make my grand appearance because as I know you’d like that my dear Leo rising.

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Chitra Ketu 💎

Peter Paul Rubens, Pushya Moon + Ashlesha Venus + Chitra Ketu
Egon Schiele, Revati Moon + Punarvasu Venus + Chitra Ketu
Faith Ringgold, Ashwini Moon + Anuradha Venus + Chitra Ketu
Colin Campbell Cooper, Revati Moon + Shravana Venus + Chitra Ketu
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Conserve your energy when it comes to your love life now. You might want to try being mysterious instead of giving a long, rambling monologue. Don’t spill your life story all at once.


With your independent spirit and individuality, you’re bound to occasionally feel that a relationship ties you down. However, you’ll also want to consider the ways that it frees you up. It’s all about balance.

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Okay, as an Aquarius rising (the other quincunx to Cancer) i totally relate to the same kind of dynamic with them! And yeah, that mercury square probably makes the situation more tense, tho it may also provide motivation and drive to clear up the issues and deal with the situation.

Btw from all the quincunx signs, i think the ones I’ve seen most frequently to be super attracted to each other, regardless whether we’re talking about sun/moon/rising, are Cancer and Sagittarius. You guys really have it for each other huh

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I kinda wanna add my astrology posts to instagram but it’s just not the same over there as it is here???

Tumblr astrology is superior. Twitter astrology is cute too but instagram? Just ain’t the same

(Obviously in reality the best way to learn astrology is from multiple sources, not just tumblr but yeah)

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You could get some preferential treatment, and it would be just like you to feel guilty about it, but you shouldn’t! You are good at inspiring others and instigating change, and that is a valuable skill that deserves to be rewarded. Just because this kind of work feels easy for you doesn’t mean that it’s not incredibly valuable. You don’t have to break a sweat in order to do something amazing. It’s time you realized your worth and accepted the praise!

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The North Node is an agitator and amplifies the planet it resides with.

In this NN/Moon case that can mean creating overblown and dramatic reactions.

The NN also rules almost desire and taking risks.  When the Moon is involved it can mean taking risks to attain things you long for.  Whether they be emotional connections or things that make you feel balanced.

The NN is also linked with innovation.  When it’s with the Moon it can create a very imaginative personality that is good with coming up with imaginative new ideas.  Downside?  The North Node also rules delusion.  When conjunct with the Moon it can overblow the imagination and create delusion.

The NN also is affiliated with the rejection of the traditional or bucking trends of society.  So this combination of them together can create a somewhat offbeat, weird, or eccentric personality.  There can be a love of foreign things.  Maybe wanting to live in a foreign place.  An obsession of going against the grounds of the nurturing giving to you. Rejecting the mother might be something seen here. Maybe even rejecting the culture (which can even be seen with NN in 4th as well.)

Another thing I can think of….The North Node is linked with the future.  What you ultimately striving for.  When the Moon is conjunct NN is can create thinking that is always locked into the future. For some, this can manifest as letting go of nostalgia easy.  Why think about the past, it just holds you back.  You get obsessed with what you CAN change and effect, and not what is done and over with.

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