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cspf-theory · 5 minutes ago
Which Zodiac Sign is Actually Most Likely to be a Serial Killer?
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Based on an analysis of 146 criminal profiles a conclusion can be reached that Aries is the most common star sign among serial killers. Roughly around 12.33% of the serial killers viewed were Aries, followed then closely by Pisces and Capricorn. Cancer was the least likely with only 4.11% of the serial killers viewed being born from June 21st to July 22nd. Interestingly, two of the serial killers viewed had the combination of a Sun in Pisces, Moon in Pisces and Ascendant in Saggitarius. This contradicts the popular belief that Sagittarius and Virgo are the most common among Serial Killers, I'd assume that this is because the most famous Serial Killers are usually either one of those signs.
This is a ranking of how common it is for a killer to be each sign:
1. Aries 12.33%
2. Pisces 10.96%
3. Capricorn 10.96%
4. Sagittarius 10.27%
5. Libra 8.904109589041%
6. Gemini 8.22%
7. Scorpio 7.53%
8. Aquarius 7.53%
9. Leo 6.85%
10. Virgo 6.16%
11. Taurus 6.16%
12. Cancer 4.11% (Note: The number doesn't go exactly into 100% for some reason so just pretend)
(Image Cred: The Sun)
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joannetaplin · 16 minutes ago
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6月15日 月は獅子座。土星と天王星がハード。いらっとしてもやり過ごすと決めてしまおうの日。無邪気に楽しみたいけどむずかしい。伝統的な土星と未来型の天王星がもろがちんこです。自分の平静心でいられることに目を向けましょう。 今日は13時からラストまで原宿タリムでお待ちしています。 Decide to have a calm day. #原宿タリム#原宿占い館塔里木 #対面鑑定#西洋占星術 #タロット #数秘術#原宿#東京#占い #arologyreading#astrology #numerology#tarot#harajukutarim #harajuku#tokyo
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sabkuchgyan · 16 minutes ago
दैनिक राशिफल: 15 जून के दिन जानिए कैसी रहेगी आपकी किस्मत
दैनिक राशिफल: 15 जून के दिन जानिए कैसी रहेगी आपकी किस्मत #Astrology #Horoscope
मेष, कर्क, मकर, वृषभ विशेषकर आपकी जीवनशैली अधिक उन्नत होने से आप मकान जायदाद के विषय में गहराई से विचार करेंगे। आपमें आत्मविश्वास की मात्रा बहुत अधिक रहने से अपनी मर्यादाओं से आगे बढ़कर कुछ नया उद्यम शुरू करने के लिए प्रेरित होंगे। आपको आपका खोया हुआ प्यार मिल सकता है। आप जल्दबाजी में कोई भी निर्णय मत लीजिए। आप दूसरों की मदद करोगे तो आपको सब मदद करेंगे। अगर आप किसी से प्यार करते हो तो आप जितनी…
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moodboards-hogwarts-zodiacs · 21 minutes ago
Hello there 🤗
I’d love to request a moodboard for Aqua sun 1H, Sag moon 10H, Aqua rising, Aqua Mercury 12H, Aqua Neptune 12H, Uranus Aqua 12H and Ari venus 2H
Thanks in advance!!!💖🌙
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Here! Hope you like it :)
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bratzinmoodboards · 22 minutes ago
Hi againnn! Can you please make a Gemini venus, mars, and lilith female x Virgo venus, Leo mars, and Aries Lilith male mood board? thank youu!
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VIRGO♀️/LEO🌙/ARIES lilith🖤 (m)
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hillarysss · 22 minutes ago
Hello, when are you gonna put out another future spouse reading? Maybe first impressions or who they are?? Miss ur PAC readings 😩😩 we need mooree. 🥺 But ofc when ur energy is healthy, not drained. Pls & thank you 😇💓 hope ur having a blessed week tho.
In the meantime, my libra moon ass will be waiting. 🥺
yes i take my time with stuff HAHA - very very patient with stuff lol
it should be released soon but i don’t think it’s a future spouse one that will be released now it will be released after a pac i’m about to release or so that’s my plan rn
i love youu🥺🥺 i’m love sick with future spouses too HAHA it’ll happen dw
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jademyrtille · 24 minutes ago
Hi ! I have a quick question ! So I’ve been doing sum readings and watching videos and have learned a lot about the 6th house. I didn’t even know Mars in 6th aspects the 9th, 12th, & 1st House I believe their called planetary aspects and give natives “conflict with father, competitive and fierce nature, and greedy” that relates to the houses above. I was hoping you can tell me what Venus in the 6th aspects rays are and how they impact the native. If I have said anything wrong pleasee correct me.
According to traditional Vedic astrology, planets make certain aspects to specific houses relative to their position in a natal chart as per derivative houses.
First rule is, every planet aspects the house 7th from itself, which is the opposite one. So any planet in the 6th house will automatically aspect the 12th house. Any planet in the 1st house will automatically aspect the 7th house...and so on and so forth. That's why your Mars in the 6th aspects the 12th house, and so your 6th house Venus will also aspect the 12th house.
Mars also aspects every house 4th and 8th from itself, that's why your Mars being in the 6th aspects your 9th and 1st house too.
There are also rules with other planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, but none for Venus. With Venus we only look 7th houses from it.
This is the theory. In practice, I don't use these rules at all as an intuitive astrologer, but I believe these theories to be naturally in sync with the way I work. Why? I don't need to learn by the book to agree with a fact, that a planet in every house naturally causes also an opposite effect to its own house. It's a basic karmic action-reaction principle of the Universe, that if you push strongly in one area, there will be a response on the other end too - that's why the 7th derivative position is activated. Especially with Venus, the 7th house mirroring activates.
Same with Rahu and Ketu for example. Rahu and Ketu aspect each other as opposites of course, but they also aspect 5th and 9th house from each other, so basically the entire trine of any elemental modality they occupy. So let's say you have Ketu in the 8th house like me, Ketu will also aspect the 4th and 12th house, the entire Moksha house trine. Rahu in the 2nd will then aspect the 6th and 10th Dharmic houses. That indicates a soul that comes with natural spiritual gifts, that it desires to apply in the physical world to share them with others through their life purpose and make the physical life on Earth a better place. With an opposite scenario, Rahu aspecting Moksha houses and Ketu aspecting Dharmic houses, a person would bring practical intuitive skills, a natural, solid quality of character on a material level, and they incarnate to instead learn about emotional depth, spirituality, psychology and esoteric sciences in the physical realm in this lifetime.
In your case, Venus in the 6th teaches you about boundaries and differences between codependency and true love, deep spiritual union with another while being able to stand up for yourself and go through conflict. This balance will be what you came to learn in this lifetime.
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moodboards-hogwarts-zodiacs · 25 minutes ago
Could I please get a Mars in Aries (m) and Mars in Virgo (f) mood board.
Tumblr media
Here! Hope you like it :)
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hotastrotakes · 32 minutes ago
what do u mean by my moral code might be a little grey regarding my saturn in gemini in 9th house? also i wish for u to cover the rest of my chart's placements for free without the aspects but at the same idk if its possible for u to do or not
1) saturn shows us the insecurities that we have to work on, and gemini is the kind of sign that may try to achieve their goals through any means necessary, even if some of those means are underhanded, sneaky, perhaps even manipulative. this is only because people with this placement tend to doubt their own charisma and ability, and so they can resort to morally ambiguous ways to achieve their goals. the 9th house rules over philosophy, so maybe you have internal power struggles over doing the right things.
2) sure! i don't like to do planets and houses in the same post because it's a lot of work for a full chart reading (especially since i don't get paid) and takes up a LOT of dash space, so it's much easier if it's split up over a couple posts.
Aquarius Uranus: Uranus is more representative of a generation than it is of an individual. Uranus in Aquarius means that your generation is very unconventional and seeks more intellectual stimulation than the generations before it. It's in the 5th house, meaning that you have a creative mind and value spontaneity in your routine.
Aquarius Neptune: This is another planet that represents a generation. Neptune is a planet that represents imaginative consciousness, and because it’s in Aquarius, that means that your generation finds creativity through intellectualism and idealism. It's in the 4th house, meaning you're highly intuitive and have a weakness for spirituality, be it astrology, tarot, etc.
Sagittarius Pluto: Pluto also rules over a generation in the aspect of power and control. Because it’s in Sagittarius, your generation is likely to be independent and optimistic, always looking towards a brighter future. It's in the 2nd house, meaning that you're very good at building up your financial resources. You're a saver rather than a spender, and you attach a lot of your personal value to finance.
Gemini North Node: Geminis are very adventurous and love communication, always eager to test out their mental acuity. In a future career, that could look like being a writer, giving speeches, or even teaching. It's in the 8th house, meaning that you may have to work hard and be aggressive to achieve your career goals.
Aries Lilith: Your shadow self, the person you are when you’re at your lowest point, can be self-indulgent, entitled, and downright mean. You’re a comfort seeker and you’re lazy as hell. It's in the 7th house, meaning that you have a rebellious streak and don't like anyone telling you what to do.
Capricorn Chiron: Chiron is about healing yourself from spiritual wounds. Capricorns have notoriously tough lives, so you might have a fair bit of trauma that you’re going to need to untangle before you understand yourself clearly. However, you do a very good job at presenting a calming energy to put people who are struggling with their feelings at ease. It's in the 3rd house, meaning that you might have difficulty expressing your thoughts, possibly linked to trauma related to sharing your feelings and getting manipulated.
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tamicabaron21 · 35 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Daily Cancer
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stvrdusted-x · 40 minutes ago
🔥 What To Love About Being A Fire Sign 🔥
❤️For All The Fire Babes:❤️
Tumblr media
[ID: three cards are arranged on a white marble table in two rows. the top row: Knight of Wands&Knight of Pentacles. the bottom row: Scythe. /ID]
Tumblr media
[ID: text in white highlighted in neon pink printed over an image of flames on a black background: "Fire brings heat, draws all living things towards it, is in fact necessary for survival to the human race... never underestimate how valuable the light you have to give is, lovely. Fire signs are known for thriving in the spotlight&being at their best when allowed to really shine. Make sure to take special care of your spark, love. Don't be afraid to nurture others, or allow them to nurture you." /ID]
❤️For the Aries loves:❤️
Tumblr media
[ID: the Lenormand Book card is on a white marble table. the image text: "It's often overlooked due to their admittedly brash nature, but Aries are blessed with quick wit: as the head of the zodiac, all they need is the interest to absorb knowledge like a sponge. A willingness to charge in doesn't necessitate thickheadedness, loves, remember that: all the best leaders always ride at the front, &Sun Tzu literally wrote the book on that. /ID]
❤️For the Leo loves:❤️
Tumblr media
[ID: the Lenormand Cross card is on a white marble table. the image text: "Leo's have a reputation for self-love&confidence that many of us can really only imagine ever having-- &for good reason! As babies of the Sun, Leo's have a glow that often lights them from within. Don't let anyone take that from you, lovely: many, many people spend a long time working for the confidence that comes to you naturally. Let that blessing take you as far as the sun shines, babe: you ARE as good as they say." /ID]
❤️For the Sagittarius loves:❤️
Tumblr media
[ID: the Lenormand Bouquet card is on a white marble table. the image text: "As the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius' can have a reputation for being a bit flighty, but when they disappear, they often come back with stories&gifts from their travels, no matter how near or far those travels took them... Sagittarius' are the youthful travelers&curious sightseers, &that sense of connection to the world around them is a true blessing. Never stop seeking out truths&building bridges everywhere you go, lovely. The world is so much better for it." /ID]
Decks Used:
♡ Universal Waite Tarot
♡ Guilded Reverie Lenormand
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bratzinmoodboards · 44 minutes ago
Hii, can I request a moodboard for couple
Pisces sun, Gemini moon, leo rising girl and leo sun, capricorn moon, pisces rising boy
Thank you 💜✨
Tumblr media
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mermaidastrology · 45 minutes ago
The Cons of Your Sun Sign
Aries: You treat everyone around you like shit, you think you are better than everyone else, you are inappropriate in social situations.
Taurus: You refuse to compromise and do what other people want to do, all you want to do is sit around the house all day and eat, it is like pulling teeth trying to get you to speak.
Gemini: Everyone in your life is expendable, you are fickle with your emotions, you get people to tell you their most personal information and then you go and tell everyone about it.
Cancer: You refuse to go out and never want to leave your home, you use your emotions to manipulate people, you cry at the stupidest shit.
Leo: Your ego is as big as the sun, you constantly talk over everyone else, you throw temper tantrums when you are not getting attention.
Virgo: You are the most judgmental sign, you think your ideas are better than everyone else’s, you think you are the smartest person in the room.
Libra: You are bat shit crazy, you are territorial in your relationships, you insult people to their face and make it seem like they are the crazy one who picked the fight when they insult you back.
Scorpio: You automatically assume the worst in people, you think everyone is trying to sleep with your significant other and go psycho jealous, you’re still plotting your revenge against that kid who stole your toy in the third grade.
Sagittarius: You will insult people to their face, you automatically assume your opinions matter more than everyone else’s, you are one pretentious bitch or bastard.
Capricorn: You are rude to everyone, you are boring as fuck but you think you are sooooooo interesting, when you talk everyone is looking for a way to get out of the conversation with you.
Aquarius: You think you are better than everyone else, you shove your perspective down other people’s throats, you have the worst god-complex of the whole fucking zodiac.
Pisces: You rely heavily on drugs and alcohol, you are the fucking baby that everyone has to take care of at the party because you are always so fucking wasted, you use other people for your own personal gain.
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saintzjenx · 51 minutes ago
I have bunch of questions that I really want to ask u right now but i just want to tell u that I LOVE YOUR BLOG (AND YOUR HAIR LOL) ❤❤
I suck at replying but if you're curious and URGENTLY need it lemme know cause for those ones I answer within a day or two ngl🤣🤣 hehe thank you for ur compliments💗 I'm happy to answer any question you have pretty
saint jenx🪐
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scorpiofactsdaily · 51 minutes ago
I am going to start up a new Wall of Shame in my room and it is going to be print outs of every comment I get on positive posts about certain signs where people are like ACTUALLY THIS SIGN MURDERED MY ENTIRE FAMILY THEY ARE TERRIBLE THE WORST HOW DARE YOU
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saintzjenx · 52 minutes ago
leo rising > wanting to dye/change hairstyle drastically every month
👁👄👁Hi pretty,
I'm on my hairdresser site ready to book an appointment rn, I was just on pinterest thinking about just that. But my capricorn 6h is screaming back at me LOL (capricorn rules hair) so I think I gotta take it slow sksks. Leo Rising honestly love playing with their hair so much, whether its with the colours or we're actua playing with it by either touching it or twirling the hair around our fingers haha, its literally how we cope y'all
Unrelated guys but take haircare tips from a Leo Rising, use Olaplex it saved my hair hehe💗
love u,
saint jenx🪐
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saintzjenx · 55 minutes ago
Does chinese zodiac have to do with the signs too? Does it have a big influence on them?
Hey baby,
Ooh this is an interesting one! I came across a book that look at both system (Western & Chinese zodiac) and they were able to make a correlation in between! I think its super interesting and I do have some background knowledge abt Chinese zodiac too since it was also used by a lot of Vietnamese to calculate. I would love to talk more about this if you guys are interested!💗 Its SUPER interesting and I acc wanna share it w yall!! But that would call for a very long post haha🥲🥲🥲 Lemme know bby
saint jenx🪐
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