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Hello witchblr friends! ✨

I just accidentally made coffee at 7:30pm instead of hot cocoa like I intended to… and now I feel like doing some readings! Instant energy hooray! ☕️

💖 So here’s what I’m offering right now! 💖


🔮 $5 tarot card readings! 🔮

Send me a message if you’d like a tarot reading, and I will send you my payment info for Venmo/PayPal. Then send your question either to my inbox or in the form of an ask and I will reply to it. I will pull 3 cards and explain them individually and how they interact together in relation to your question.

Here are the decks I have available to choose from:

Celestial Tarot (left) // Spiral Tarot (right) - just indicate in your message to me which deck you prefer if you have a preference

🪐 $20 natal chart readings! 🪐

If you’re not so into tarot though, I also specialize in astrology readings and I’m offering natal chart readings for a 50% discount tonight only! Just send me your birth date (including month spelled out, day and year), city of birth, and exact time of birth, and I will send you my payment info for Venmo/PayPal. Then I will take some notes on your birth chart and explain to you what your individual planetary placements could mean for your life.

💸 Trying to scrounge together some extra money for materials to make some 😷 face masks 😷 for me and my family, so reblogging this post even if you don’t want a reading would really help me out!! Thank you!! 💸

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Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which means they can by quite romantic. They often dream of being in love. Often people would not guess this about Taurus individuals, as their earth sign nature also makes them extremely pragmatic.

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So I decided to join quite a few Facebook Astrology groups and despite countless threads of people posting their “Big 3”, (Sun/Moon/Rising) my astro twin is nowhere to be found?? D: Like rude, I’m just trying to find you so I can ask you 7 million questions and maybe become your best friend. Pisces sun, Pisces moon, Capricorn rising is mine.

What about the rest of yours? :)

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