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I have never been able to fully relate to what my natal chart suggests, but I admit I have very limited knowledge on astrology and I understand that the chart “unfolds”/“develops” over time, as life…happens! Thanks to your insights I have also started exploring vedic astrology and so far (I merely scratched the surface) I seem to relate a bit more to what it suggests… Is there something that catches your attention in my chart(s)? In general, my family is well, career is on its track, no major health concerns, friends are loyal and fun and supportive, love life is currently non-existent, finances struggling. I would appreciate any observation.

Thank you very much!


(i took the vedic chart off because it’s a free reading and i don’t want to eat to much space on the dash.)

When you say struggle with your finances and love life I automatically thought of Jupiter.  This is because Jupiter is the natural producer of the 2nd house (Jupiter rules wealth) and the 5th house of love and romance (Jupiter represents generosity, children and happiness.)

Unfortunately in your chart Jupiter is in Virgo which is unhappy and bad dignity.  Virgo is ruled by Mercury which is enemy planet to Jupiter.  One planet loves the big picture and the other loves the details.  They have different views on view.

In a real manifestation this might come across as being picky or even possibly have confidence issues to be outgoing in the love life dating scene. In some cases Virgo can not only be nitpicky BUT also judgemental of potential suitors which could make the 5th house tough. 

For building wealth through the second house jupiter in Virgo can manifest as confidence issues , self doubting tendenices and feeling stressed towards making money. There could even be a love of service oriented work which is not the best for wealth building also. Virgo Jupiter could also be a bit less likely to take chances to on new jobs or income opportunities.  

The prior needs to be to combined with the mercury and Venus in the 4th. Dtaying comfortable and consistent is most important to you emotionally. The downside is taurus is sensual and there is that possibility you spend $$$ just to be comfortable and happy.

South node is in the 6th house too which adds a twist to all of this.  It brings lack of satisfaction from working and dealing with conflict.  So it could possible to have difficulty sticking with things long enough.  Either that or you see a tendency to turn off the emotions working and just coast through life.

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💖probably loves to cook

💖close to their mom / could be an only child

💖loves taking care of their friends and family

💖reminds me of Virgo moon in the way that they care; doing things for you, taking care of you, serving their partner/friends, but Cancer moon is much more emotional than Virgo moon

💖Emotionally intelligent and intune with themselves, but it took work to get there

💖Moody lil crab

💖Sensitive but will roast tf outta you

💖They follow their heart

💖prob loves cartoons

💖Shameless displays of emotion , they’re arguably more dramatic than Leo moons at times

💖Will fight/argue then cry right after

💖They remind me of Annabelle cause scary little doll 🤣🤣🤣 I’m dead

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धनलाभ देती है यह माला, जानिए किस माला को धारण करने से क्या लाभ

धनलाभ देती है यह माला, जानिए किस माला को धारण करने से क्या लाभ

ज्योतिष डेस्क, अमर उजाला, Updated Mon, 25 Jan 2021 04:19 PM IST

हर धर्म में अलग-अलग पवित्र मालाओं का प्रयोग और धारण किया जाता है। शास्त्रों में कई तरह की पवित्र मालाओं के बारे में बताया गया है। इन मालाओं को धारण करने और मंत्र जाप करने से देवी-देवताओं का आशीर्वाद मिलता है। अलग-अलग देवी-देवताओं के मंत्र जाप और आशीर्वाद प्राप्त करने के लिए अलग तरह के मनकों की माला का प्रयोग किया जाता है। इन दिव्य…

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Here’s what I speculate the big 3 of some of the characters to be. This is just for fun because I’m obsessed with this show recently. :)

Geralt of Rivia


Originally posted by bl6cklily

Capricorn Sun, Gemini Moon, Virgo rising: Geralt is focused on pretty much one thing for most of the show: money. While focusing on his “coin”, he does not live beyond his means and tends to focus on practicality and pragmatic side of life. Although, sometimes he can’t make sense of his own emotions, leading to a lot of internal confusion. He takes on life as a loner and absorbs everything around him so that he can properly calculate his next move; whether with monsters or in social situations. 



Originally posted by joeybateydaily

Sagittarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Leo Rising: Lighthearted with a flair for the dramatic, Jaskier is an optimist. He doesn’t let negativity stand in his way, letting his outward goofiness (and sometimes ignorance) lead the way. Filled with songs and poems, he’s a romantic and appreciates the finer things in life. His songs are his craft and his claim to fame, keeping up with his adventurous persona he exudes.  



Originally posted by laurasbailey

Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon, Libra Rising: Yennefer’s obsession with power stems with roots of worthlessness in her youth. She will do anything if it means getting ahead and gaining more power for herself. Sometimes she can be reckless unless someone steps in to stop her. At first glance, she’s cool calm and collected, but her personality beneath her tranquil exterior is tumultuous and hungry. She has a strong sense of what’s beautiful, especially when it comes to her appearance. 



Originally posted by pedropcl

Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising: Her matronly nature is heavily concealed by her fastidious and critical personality. Tissaia is the classic strict teacher stereotype. At times she can be cold and detached, merely serving her purpose as a teacher of magic. But at her core she sees the potential in all of girls she trains and tries to help them cultivate their talents. A lot of tough love. In groups she’s astute with her words, letting on her nuance of the situation at hand. 

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hello, tumblr!!! so if u don’t know me, i’m lauren and i’m a senior in college! i’m trying to start a small lil gig of reading astrological charts, SO i just wanted to let y’all know that i’m currently selling readings! $10 for a sun, moon, and rising reading, and $20 for a sun, moon, rising, venus, mars, & midheaven reading! i’d SO love meeting some of u, and i could also really use the financial support.

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🍓Pushing their partner to be the best, on their ass about things but in a useful way

🍓they don’t wanna break up and start new .. which is good and bad, they’re very loyal

🍓meeting their parents is serious

🍓Late bloomer in terms of love and relationships, might marry later in life

🍓Not the type to hook up really, usually in long term relationships

🍓Could work with their partner or make money with them in some way

🍓Traditional romance turns them on; going out to a nice dinner, receiving/giving flowers, material gifts

🍓Ride or die type; will doing anything for you really

🍓Every serious romantic partner is karmic

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💎They absorb other people’s energies very easily

💎Pisces moon may not like it, but they need routine… or at least a friend with Earth dominance, to keep them grounded

💎Speaking of being grounded, do things that ground you and all of that psychic energy (going for walks or going outside, meditating, playing with animals, painting, reading, writing)

💎^Going along with that, Pisces moon is naturally psychic no matter what imo, even the underdeveloped ones, it’s just a matter of controlling and releasing the energies they pick up

💎The best person to vent to

💎uwu vibes

💎Really cute tbh and mesmirizing eyes

💎Reminds me of a cartoon character hehe

💎Moody and needs alone time! but also needs to know when it’s time to stop isolating

💎coloring books, teddy bears, silk pillows, fluffy blankets are essential

💎They love love 🌝 sweetest ppl

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wow, very intense energy haha they may be very intense and have a very doting and innocent look to them. Like a look that may be one to protect, and they may be underestimated with their looks as they may look innocent. However, they are very intense and passionate individuals, super super devoted to their partners and love them very deeply. They can be very possessive at times and territorial, and they may be prone to being controlling at times. They are very intuitive, and are good at seeing through people and their emotions. They may be a huge freak in the bed lmfaooo. They have extremely deep emotions, even if they conceal them more or don’t admit them. They are very passionate and providing lovers though, they care very deeply. If they are attached to their partner it is hard for them to let go, and they may be a very aggressive communicator at times. They may be prone to anger issues at times but they love having new ideas. 

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Venus isn’t just the planet of relationships. It is also our ability to respond aesthetically to peaceful, beautiful, or cathartic experiences.

Source: Steven Forrest and Charles Obert (Stellar Lexicon)

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Okay so, you may be very soft and caring towards your partners however you may go to more detached/cool and collected partners. You love daydreaming about love, and feeling a sense of security and being provided. You may be very sweet and understanding in relationships, and very romantic and traditional with romance at times. You like to take things traditionally and spending time and being close to your partner, you want to share and give your energy to them too. 

Mars in Capricorn in the fifth may make you very firm with your work and passions, so you will not allow love to get in the way however when you are in love you are very passionate and caring. You may believe in putting forth the effort on both sides to make a relationship work, you are invested deeply in those you are passionate for and look at love as a partnership, like a unit. Something to add to your life. You may look for those with more of a positive rep or status. 

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Here is the start of my series for each moon sign! here I will add details of qualities of each moon sign, and I will start with the Gemini Moon. 

(This gif reminds me of Gemini moons haha)

- Very fast paced, they enjoy doing things very quickly. They may even have a sloppy handwriting because of this. 

- Needs constant mental stimulation, they may even end up in toxic partnerships because it is chaotic and it gives them a sense of “entertainment” lmao

- excellent communicator, they tend to communicate their emotions to themselves and are sort of their own personal therapists. They will talk out every emotion with themselves, chooses rationalizing. 

- They have so many hobbies, they want to do everything and will get annoyed if they are unable to do so

- they have a sense of constant energy around them, caffeine can make a negative affect on these individuals

- They always know what to say to others who are in negative situations, they understand their emotions and look at all sides of things

- Emotions are very chaotic, can get over things quickly but then have things come back to them. At the same time, if they go through something bad in their life they may look it as a walk in the park later. Like they won’t really care much about it later on. 

- Their intuition tends to be more channeled, they are good at channeling messages randomly. Kind of like a computer. 

- They always find solutions or new creative ideas for things very quickly, because they enjoy doing everything quick. They may enjoy board games because of this, they like to look at every aspect and find a solution. 

- Their brains never seem to shut off

- Deeply emotional beings, but they tend to have a hard time expressing this healthily to those close to them

- very introspective

- Can be on social media a lot 

- They enjoy talking to themselves 

- may be very animatic in their expressions to others

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💭Close with their mom / women in general

💭Finds comfort at home - highly unsettled if there’s tension or conflict in the household

💭Probably loves to care for others OR wants to be cared for

💭Traditional household rules

💭Really invested/loyal to their family

💭Always surrounded by little kids

💭Affectionate, this placement is favorable for emotional security depending on aspects

💭Home body

💭Blankets, cuddles, movies, etc. loves loves loves comfort

💭Good at keeping secrets

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Okay so already, a Venus in Gemini may be a very on and off placement one moment you feel very affectionate and another you may need time for yourself. You may be attracted to individuals who mentally stimulate you and you love expressing and sharing yourself to your partner specifically. Now lets go into the Venus opp Pluto 

Your love life may be very chaotic at times and you may be very obsessed with a form of escapism or daydreaming, like you may become fixated and infatuated with a partner for some time and then the next day you may completely forget about them and move onto the next partner. You may feel a lot of extreme emotions and insecurity at times with your relationship as there may be a power play, so there may be a need for development. When it comes to your Venus trine Neptune. However, you may be an extremely creative soul as you have multiple artistic ideas which you love to embrace. You may have an imaginative side to you and you may be very obsessed with some of your creative ideas, and put them to work. Although your love life can be a little chaotic, you are truly soft at heart with your partner and you enjoy love. You may have a lot of daydreams about love on various topics, and a part of your daydreams may be about communication with your partner and being emotionally open and vulnerable. 

I really hope this helped! Note, I am still learning astrology so I apologize if it is not the best. 

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👁Can easily point them out in a crowd


👁Deep and intense eyes

👁Really loyal and sticks to their moral code no matter what… if they see something they deem as “wrong”, you’ll know

👁Magnetic and sexual energy radiates off these people

👁Looks beautiful in black and red

👁Undergoing constant change and transformations - like they’re 10 different people in 1 lifetime

👁special connection with animals

👁They see right through the bullshit, don’t lie to these people

👁ride or die type

👁most likely has tattoos/piercings

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Mars in Virgo fantasy: scrubbing floor together as you fold sheets and manically reorganize with Marie Kondo vigour your entire apartment.

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