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#astrology asks

I’ve done all the single card readings I felt called to do. Thank you guys for sending me your questions and trusting me with your energy❤️

Send me your sun/moon/rising signs and I’ll respond with a very specific assumption about your aesthetic??

Edit: I’m not pulling cards or reading your energy for this, I’m just making assumptions based on your signs<3

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Oooo I love this one!!

Moon sign ALWAYS. I get so many “a-ha” moments after finding them out, it’s like I figured out that persons “other half”.

Especially in combination with their sun sign, I just love putting the pieces together and thinking about them in a different light.

There’s so many people where I feel like their sun sign just doesn’t make sense, but their moon sign makes PERFECT sense.

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🩸has the darkest humor

🩸the best person to have deep conversations with

🩸idc what anyone says, these fuckers really will hold a grudge for life. lil Johnny took your lollipop in preschool? You’ll be 30 years old and still say fuck Johnny

🩸shows they care in weird fucking ways

🩸were probably having sex way too young

🩸puts up titanium walls the size of skyscrapers and let virtually no one in. Even those closest to them will run into them

🩸if they ever apologize for doing something wrong, just know it took every fiber of their being to do it and it shouldn’t go unnoticed

🩸prone to self-medicating because they have so many deep-seated issues and burdens that they’d rather compartmentalize than share with others

🩸really amazing friends, they are loyal and loving (again in their own weird way) and they always check in with you

🩸have memories like elephants, which is another amazing quality they have. They don’t forget anything

🩸surprisingly practical given their water element, however their realism can be exacerbated and turn into pessimism and cynicism

🩸reads WAYY too much into things but they can smell hidden motives like sharks smell blood in the water

🩸mysterious and magnetic no matter what they look like, people just want to get to know them more

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sun semi-sextile venus💘

this aspect can be interpreted as a sextile but with less impact. I think you have a calm aura, specially when you start talking to people. maybe you crave attention to your beauty kinda superficial, because is the sun aspected here maybe materialistic, material things would have a big importance in your ego, can boost your ego. but maybe not that extremist because is a semi-sextile, hope is useful.

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Venus in the 8th house🍷

depending in your venus sign, but scorpio traits can be here. you might dream with a deep romance or you like to touch deep topics with your partner. deep feelings and deep relationships. good sex is a big important part of your loving relationships.

Venus Trine Ascendant💘

gives you libra/taurus traits, delicate features and very pretty as well. maybe you are social or you like attention. your venus in the 8th house perhaps can give you some scorpio vibes but I mean is just a hypothesis. the most common is having venusian traits, kinda angelic moves and face.

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Afflictions in the Natal Chart

An Affliction in the natal chart simply means a house or planet being in a “weak state” or debilitated somehow. It is a planet experiencing hardship and stress due to being in a challenging position. This will cause the planet to have a difficult expression as a result.

Affliction Through Sign Debilitation

I.e. When a planet or house is in detriment or fall [uncomfortable and shadowed expression]

  • Sun: detriment in Aquarius, fall in Libra
  • Moon: detriment in Capricorn, fall in Scorpio
  • Mercury: detriment in Sagittarius, fall in Pisces
  • Venus: detriment in Aries and Scorpio, fall in Virgo
  • Mars: detriment in Taurus and Libra, fall in Cancer
  • Jupiter: detriment in Gemini and Virgo, fall in Capricorn
  • Saturn: detriment in Cancer and Leo, fall in Aries
  • Uranus: detriment in Leo
  • Neptune: detriment in Virgo
  • Pluto: detriment in Taurus

Astro/Bruja note: Look to whatever planet rules whatever house to see if it is in it’s fall/detriment according to the above

In addition

Possible accidental debilities [weaknesses]:

  • Being combust [that means between 18’ and 8°30’ away from the Sun], under the Sun’s beams [between 8°30’ and 17° away from the Sun], or opposed the Sun [less than 8° distant]
  • Being retrograde [moving “backwards”] 
  • Being stationary [not moving]
  • Being slow [considerably slower, in relation to its own mean speed. note that this isn’t an issue for Saturn who is slow moving by nature]
  • In a “bad house” [6th, 8th, and 12th houses]
  • In close aspect to malefics [rulers of the 6th, 8th, 10th or 12th]
  • In the house opposed to its “joy" [When a planet is in the house of its joy it is said to “rejoice”. The joys of the planet: Mercury, 1st house; Moon, the 3rd; Venus, the 5th; Sun, the 9th; Mars, the 6th; Jupiter, the 11th; Saturn, the 12th. So, since Mercury is in it’s “joy in the 1st, it is debilitated in the seventh, etc]
  • Being conjunct [less than 2 degrees] a bad fixed star [Algol, Antares, Nessus, Sado etc]
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The Astrology of Twins

Are a bit like Genetics. When we think of genetics, we think in terms of DNA. Though we know DNA will be the same between two siblings, their gene expression can be quite different based on a few factors. Lifestyle choices can also contribute to things as well.

Since astrology is about overarching themes, how each twin choses to develop personally will determine how their chart expresses itself for them.

Getting into the Psychology of it all…

Two siblings born at the same time will compete for resources and attention. Because they are constantly compared to each other and have to share everything. They’ll naturally try to distinguish themselves from their twin and develop diverging interests. These two of course are operating with the same chart [if we’re considering seconds vs minutes- the Sun will change houses every two minutes], but will develop different ways of expressing the chart. Of course there are probably Twins who act exactly alike, but more often than not, two people will have differing traits because they’re exactly that– two different people.

For Example:

There are a set of twins in my family. They are identical. However, their personalities are like night and day. Both of them are Leos with Scorpio Moons, and Virgo risings. One is extroverted and likes to be in the spotlight, she does not want children, has intense relationships, and needs things operating around her like clockwork. The other twin is very warm, good with children, does not like to be around people much and prefers to have her nose in a book rather than free expression. How can two people be so different?

Because they are expressing different aspects of the same planets and signs.

Twin A: is expressing Some of the more proud and stereotypical aspects of Leo, Scorpio and Virgo

Twin B: is expressing latent traits of all three signs. Certain factors take a back seat to others even if they are prevalent in her chart.

Another Example

Would be two twins who are born when the Sun was traveling through the constellation of Gemini [Gemini Suns]. This indicates they both have STRONG mental faculties. However, these mental faculties, though strong, does not necessarily  mean they energy will be directed through the same interests. One twin may be more scientifically inclined and a genius in chemistry, math, and biology– while the other twin will be more musically inclined- a brilliant lyricists or  a successful concert pianist who becomes the director of an entire symphonic orchestra. Their minds may be attracted to more abstract concepts instead of immediate facts and figures.

At the end of the day, certain traits [even if they are the same chart] can/will be more dominant for one twin while secondary for another. We also have to remember that an aspect can manifest itself in a myriad of ways. In addition, there is typically a more “dominant” twin. When this occurs, typically you’ll see said twin embodying the more “extroverted” qualities of a chart while the other twin embodies the other.

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🤍the elitist power couple

🤍the type to build together and help each other reach their goals

🤍not into PDA

🤍very attractive and put together

🤍neither of these two like to take risks, so if they end up together, they must have been brought together by external forces

🤍Taurus will help cap be more sensual and enjoy the small things, while cap will help Taurus be more disciplined and driven

🤍two earth signs together can either be catastrophic or can last forever, or both

🤍gives me chuck and Blair vibes


Originally posted by perfectfeelings

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Aries Sun in the 3th house☀️

Aries sun competitive people and of course winning fulfill your ego. you like to socialice as well I think and being with people is comfortable with you, like being with close friends specially. in the 3th house is Gemini energy so communication is a big part of your ego as well and maybe you are really good at communication, specially if people really values your opinions is something like very important for you.

Aries Moon in the 3th✨

Competition is something that is connected with your emotions, you have a big competition with yourself in some way. being in the 3th house again opinions are very important for you and if people doesn’t value them it hurts you. other thing is like little trips are cool for you and fulfill you as well, like 3th house is traveling but little travels are important for you. Siblings as well I don’t know maybe having a good relationship with them is important but you aries moon tend to create problems with them because of the unpredictable energy.

Aries Mercury in the 4th house💛

sooo very blunt, you tend to have a mind of leader. you like to challenge people and you like challenges in general. in the 4th house you like to talk about topics about cancer energy for example topics like family, mom relationship, things like that are topics that you may like to discuss in general.

Taurus Venus in the 4th house🌸

taurus is in home here, you are a secret romantic when it comes to love. feeling spoiled and love is a beautiful feeling for you and you tend to hide this but you are intense as well. in the 4th house that is the house of cancer i think every time you fall in love you imagine having a family with that person. you need security in love, and having all the luxury you want.

Taurus Mars in the 5th house🌷

Passive aggressive energy and kinda contradicting to your Aries moon so maybe you don’t react as impulsive as other Aries moons with other mars, because your mars totally makes you a little bit more laid back. In the 5th house things like hobbies, babies, and things that revolve in creativity are things that you put your energy in, and all your passion. i think in sex touching and in general physical touch are super important for you, in a very calm way but again the moon kinda contradicts here the energy.

Gemini Saturn in the 5th house🌺

gemini saturn talks about difficulty with communicating, sooo maybe even tho your opinions have a big impact on you, you kinda have hardships communicating, maybe people doesn’t get perfectly the idea that you wanna give. in 5th house perhaps you can have a difficulty with your pregnancies or sometimes you have a block in your creativiness. remember that Saturn is all about your hardships.

Capricorn Rising✨

Resting bitch face, very serious at first and kinda cold and distant. But when you start talking you are very funny to be around you just need a little bit more of time.

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Sagittarius Sun in the 6th house☕️

i think you are a very happy person or have happy vibes around you, with the 6th house that is the house of Virgo, Virgo topics are interesting for you and we are talking about the sun and ego so virgo topics fullfil your ego. maybe you are interested in topics as health, you like to help and cooperate with others, having a good relationship with your co-workers is important for you, maintaining an order. when it comes to all those topics I think your Sagittarius nature comes of more naturally, very lighthearted and happy. maybe some virgo traits like perfectionism can be part of your personality as well, and more laid back than a Sagittarius sun in a fire house for example. More grounded.

Sagittarius Mercury in the 5th house🧡

you are very honest and blunt, lying is not an option for you. you like to talk. having a positive mindset is very important and you have strong believes but you are very changeable in your opinions as well, very open minded. in the 5th house that is the house of leo maybe makes you more fixed in your options like in comparison to another sagittarius mercuries. topics like kids, art or creativity stuff are things you enjoy talking about. hobbies as well. big possibility you like to debate as well.

Pisces Moon in the 9th house💗

i love this combination, your Pisces moon in the 9th house of sagittarius creates a balance for the intensity of your emotions. Pisces moons are very emotional, live things in a very deep feeling. so cute. sensitive to emotions of other people as well. dreamy and sometimes desilusional. In the 9th house topics of traveling, foreign things, languages as well are things that really fulfill you in a emotional level.

Aquarius Mars in the 8th house💙

unusual things makes you feel passion, when something is unique you put all your energy there. being in the 8th house scorpio topics like criminology, secrets, sex are things that really open your interest and put all you passion there. rebel and very stubborn with your opinions as well because you have a lot of fixed energy. sex you may be very open to new experiences.

Scorpio Venus in the 5th house♥️

in love you are very intense, you crave for intense and deep relationships. intimacy is so important for you, very jealous as well. in the 5th house that is the house of leo I think when you are in love maybe (just maybe) you would like have kids with that person like you think about it. someone that can compromise and not being scared of the depths of love.

Aries Jupiter in the 10th house✨

jupiter is all about expansion so when you wanna grow as a person you can have Aries traits in the 10th house I think you can have a blessed public life, like people view you in a good way. professional life is blessed and you always want to grow there and be better. Aries Jupiter could give you leader traits and maybe sports as well.

Cancer Rising🌷

awww very lovely and very nuturing vibes. but you can really be a bitch if you want to. but in general at first glance you have kinda dramatic lovely vibes. kinda shy at first but very cute ti being around with.

In general you have a very strong presence, public view is very important and you like to help others, and very stubborn with your beliefs.

Don’t worry, hope you like it🤍

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👽really cool in person, but the worst texters ever

👽despite the Leo sun, these guys are really aloof and socially anxious sometimes

👽moody asf

👽loves to travel and be out in the world and can get depressed if they’re alone for longer periods of time

👽do not like to be tied down, probably has a job that allows them the freedom they need

👽full of ideas, has a new one multiple times a day

👽probably the least Leo out of all the leos, but does like show off in their own way

👽can be socially awkward but it’s cute

👽extremely misunderstood, as their emotions are shown differently than they’re felt

👽getting them to open up is like trying to open a steel vault with 50 locks and no keys. Seriously, good luck if you’re going to try

👽very stubborn and opinionated as every other double fixed sign is

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Lilith sextile Chiron🤍

both are asteroids so I don’t know if this aspect is gonna have a big impact on you, specially if you don’t have a lot of aspects with your planets with these two. In general here maybe you have a issue with embracing your power or sexuality. seeing a good way is that sextile is a good aspect so maybe embracing your femininity is kinda healing? Like having that sense of power and intimaditing or just embracing your sexuality have a good impact to your traumas.

Lilith trine Moon💜

so here embracing the power and sexuality is linked to emotions, kinda empowers you? Makes you feel better with yourself, darkness is not an issue for you and is not that overwhelming I guess? Just having that aura is so empowering for you.

Lilith trine Jupiter🤎

sexuality, power, femininity (sorry if I repeat these words to much, but is what it comes to my mind when I am talking about Lilith) is a bless, a natural talent somehow. I think embracing those things give you good fortune and luck somehow around you.

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the 7th house is about insight into relationships. traditionally, people focus on marriage, but it’s really just generally about pairing up, regardless of whether it’s friendship, a partnership, or something business related. 

with a stellium in the 7th house, it’s said that people like this are less likely to stay married or get married in the first place. there’s too many different energies going on in your relationships and you can feel overwhelmed or swallowed up. you’re more likely to want your own space.

i will say this: astrology isn’t set in stone. you get to make your own path. it’s just kind of a road map to our baseline personality. if you look at my chart, you’d think i’m very closed off emotionally. but i also have been in therapy for the last six years or so and i grew up with water sign parents, so i’m a lot better at it than it would appear. just because your stellium is in the 7th house doesn’t mean you’re doomed to have terrible relationships or ones that don’t last.

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sagittarius (f) x capricorn (m) couple🌙🌞

“I’m not afraid to say that I’d die without him. Who else is gonna put up with me this way?” Off to the Races - LDR


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Absolutely! Opposites attract right? However, Juno is way more than attraction, it’s a long term attraction. What you desire and need in a marriage or life partner. So an opposition may be a little more difficult here.

For instance, an Aries Juno needs to be independent and needs their alone time, and they want their partner to be assertive and confident whereas a Libra Juno, the opposite, needs an equal partnership and togetherness, and they want their partner to be gentle and romantic. So as long as there’s a willingness to compromise from both people, it can work no matter what. Also, having the persons Juno in any of your personal planets will be beneficial!

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Separating VS Applying Aspects in Astrology

Applying and Separating aspects in astrology, in essence speak about the speed in which a planetary body is moving towards another. 

Think of it Like This:

Imagine You are Pluto at 25 degrees Capricorn and a fast moving ambulance is Mars is driving towards you. You can hear it approaching, you can see it, it’s getting louder and louder as it reaches 21°, 22°, 23°, or 24° Capricorn. Mars, The ambulance, is “applying or approaching” a conjunction [meet up] with Pluto [you]. At one point it will be right in front of you. You, Pluto and Mars will be exact [at 25 degrees] and then, Mars will start to drive past and the sirens begin to fade. You can’t hear it anymore. Mars has transited away from 25° Capricorn. Thus Mars is Separating.

Another Example is the Moon Phases

We go from waxing, to full, to waning.

Applying and separating behave similarly. The quicker of any two celestial bodies [planets] in an aspect is usually the one stirring the pot.  In an applying aspect, the faster planet moves toward the slower moving planet and in the separating aspect the faster planet moves away from [separates from] the slower moving planet. 

Why is this Important?

Because there’s an order that reflects every planet’s astrological influence on the planet Earth. The Planets from slowest to fastest are basically demonstrating a “teacher to student” role. This is what causes us to say, for example: “Venus – Uranus” and not “Uranus – Venus” aspect. The faster planet defines the dynamics of the aspect. The faster moving planet is always learning lessons from and being shaped by the slower moving planet.

Another example, consider the case of Moon opposing Neptune, since the moon is closer to the Sun and is therefore faster in its orbit than Neptune [because it’s an outer planet, in the boondocks, while the Moon moves every 2 to 3 days], Moon is the one learning the lessons from and being shaped by Neptune.

 In order [From slowest to fastest] they are:

Pluto➝ Neptune ➝ Uranus➝ Saturn ➝ Jupiter ➝ Mars ➝ Sun ➝ Venus ➝ Mercury ➝ Moon ➝ Earth

Now, An applying aspect

Is the degree two planets are coming closer together. In layman’s terms? When they become exact. They’ll intensify and push us in directions that will assist in learning whatever the energies suggest. Because these begin after birth, and onward, applying aspects indicate future endeavors.

As the two planets come closer together, a native feels it. The energy is strong. One receives that gut instinct that something intense is about to take place. Depending on the planets involved, a native might have a sense of excitement, impending doom, hike in libido, spiritual awakenings, or excess in the material [financial, etc]. Applying aspects are coming together and because of this, known to be quite active, volatile and erratic in expression. ‘Applying’ aspects are considered to be much stronger than 'separating’ aspects. They tend to get a rise out of someone. This person will be easier to set off or even get a reaction from. They can’t help it. Said emotional surges will be spike in creativity, resourcefulness, even rise in temper. 

In a Separating Aspect

This means the orb of the aspect [Conjunction, square, Sextile, etc.] between two planets increases as time progresses. Just after the new moon/ after birth. In other words, the degrees are getting farther apart and not coming closer together. “Relief” is in sight. A 'separating’ aspect is said to be weaker than an applying aspect- why?- because the excitable or intense period is finally letting up. It’s a common belief in the astrological community that separating aspects deal with past events, or rather, finished business. These aspects showcase the energy of things that have already been dealt with and will dissipate over time. As a result, separating aspects are said to be less intense, more calm and stable. Adversely, they can be seen as phlegmatic or even sluggish. 

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Mercury Rx in the Natal Chart

In modern astrology [and Ancient astrology] It’s believe that while Mercury is in retrograde, it is in an idle or “napping” state, as a result, it has a psychological effect us here below. Now, If you are born during one of those periods, your chances of being affected by Mercury’s fluctuations are more likely. We call this a “transit”.

What Mercury Rules

Mercury lords over all types of communication: Speech, learning, sense of humor, reading, writing, research, negotiating. Mercury is our intelligence, our cerebral functions as well as our memory.

The Mercury Rx Squad

About 25 percent of people on earth were born during a Mercury retrograde

Since Mercury affects the perceptive abilities, being Rx in the chart, a native may feel a profound sense of being inarticulate, and struggling to speak. Because Mercury is not functioning optimally, the native by proxy will process information a little differently from their Mercury-direct counterparts. They’ll perceive things but have difficulty compartmentalizing it and putting it into concise words. Ideas of course, are often profound, even innovative, but when the native attempts to share said ideas, it may appear as if they’re trying to draw a picture with their non-dominant hand. Things will be uncomfortable communication and perception-wise. They can be perceived as shy even. Typically it takes extra effort for the Mercury retrograde mind to navigate between internal perceptions and external communication. There’s a sort of “collage effect” of Mercury retrograde, so it can make it hard for a native to see how things will play out. They may see the end before the middle. Essentially, they’ll think in a “non-linear” way. Now this will depend on the element, quality and what house it is in. however for example

People Born Under Fixed Sign Mercury Rx

[Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius]

Slow and deliberate in the thinking process. May be slow/grasping, can be confused in making decisions. May mull over things for a long period or be staunch in their opinions. Delay in speech/May not pronounce things correctly. Paranoid thinking often or inflexible in thought process/fixed thinking on details that can be omitted.

How to deal: Let go. Fixed attitudes can keep one from seeing other options/answers. Be open to other perspectives. Speed reading [helps accelerate the cognitive process- this practice is rapidly recognizing and absorbing phrases or sentences on a page all at once, rather than identifying individual words. It improves one’s ability to read quickly.]  Speech pathology is also encouraged.

Under Mutable Sign Mercury Rx

[Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces]

Hard to understand decisions. May have harder time concentration in school or linear thinking may be lost upon them. May not be able to communicate what they’re really thinking. May deal with head in the clouds more often than others. Thinking may be eccentrically theoretical without many facts to back it up. May deal with anxiety more.

How to deal: Focus on facts, cite your sources, seek tutoring or Counseling when thoughts drift, become too hazy, or anxiety beings to run rampant. Keep a dream diary/journal to compartmentalize thoughts. 

Under Cardinal Sign Mercury Rx

[Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn]

Natives may often make impractical impulsive decisions, Think “stop” means “go” at times, quick and effective decision making can be more difficult. Their speech may come off harsher than they mean to which may cause them to not care to share their opinion. Adversely, they may not speak up enough. 

How to deal: Think before you act/speak. Get all the information before jumping to sign something or making an impulse buy. Read the room/know your audience. Meditation is encouraged to ground and keep the emotional state & impulse state at a balance.

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Houses VS Planets

The key to understanding the difference between a planet and a house is: 

Houses represent where the energy is generally expressed. A planet represents a person or thing.

Now, each house has a natural ruling planet based on the sign that rules it.


  • House 1: Mars [Aries] Where? Self
  • House 2: Venus [Taurus] Where? Values/Money
  • House 3: Mercury [Gemini] Where? Learning/communication
  • House 4: Moon [Cancer] Where? Inner world/family/security
  • House 5: Sun [Leo] Where? Childhood/fun/casual relationships
  • House 6: Mercury [Virgo] Where? Work/Routine/Health
  • House 7: Venus [Libra] Where? Relationships/Partnerships
  • House 8: Pluto [Scorpio] Where? Subconscious/shared resources/death/sex
  • House 9: Jupiter [Sagittarius] Where? Higher learning/beliefs
  • House 10: Saturn [Capricorn] Where? Career/public life/prestige
  • House 11: Uranus [Aquarius] Where? Community/friendships/coworkers/peers
  • House 12: Neptune [Pisces] Where? Subconscious/hidden realms/spiritual

From there

Its sign [Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc] placement modifies the quality of the person or thing. 


Adam is emotionally fulfilled [moon] when he is left to jump-start projects on his own (in Aries) at work (6th house of routine and day to day). He gets his emotional security from it.

This means the Adam prefers to be his own boss and hates being told what to do in his place of employ. [Moon [planet] in Aries [sign] in the 6th [house].]

The houses, especially if they contain stelliums, can also influence the energy of the planets living there. So if one’s Sun, Mercury, and Mars are living in the 1st house, even if they are all in Cancer, one’s Cancerian energy will have a dash of Martial influence. They might display their claws more than their soft insides. When one says they have the energy of a house, they’re saying their planets display their energies most in that particular area of their lives. 1st house stelliums are always experiencing situations having to do with their identity. 8th house stelliums often deal with issues having to do with the darker parts of humanity, psychology, occult, and things of the sexual nature.  

I hope this helps clarify things. And if all else fails, at the end of the day, just remember this:

The planets are the actors, the signs are the roles they play and the houses are the stages in which the actors play out their role.

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Hi! I decided to take your request more quickly because I found it very interesting and is something that happened to me.

Super normal feeling insecure, the capricorn here is what makes you insecure. This goes to all capricorn placements, as a venus in capricorn myself insecurity is one of the most difficult things we need to handle. I think this happens because capricorn placements we take things seriously but deep down we are very insecure and when we feel insecure we wanna run. your gemini moon is other placement that sometimes deep relationships are complicated, because gemini moons tend to overthink things and again run. maybe your venus kinda improves this. my aries moon and my capricorn venus get scared of all of that as well. but is something you need to work out.

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