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#astrology couple



Libra sun, Cancer moon, Gemini rising, Scorpio venus, Scorpio mars, Virgo lilith, Virgo north node, Pisces south node FEMALE


Virgo sun, Sagittarius moon, Gemini rising, Libra venus, Gemini mars, Aquarius lilith, Sagittarius north node, Gemini south node MALE

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I think you are doing a great job at observing him cause I feel like he flirts with you and it gives you mixed signals. I think you both would a good match, especially that you can challenge him I think he finds it attractive, you both are Venus so there is an instant attraction, I think you know he likes you but he can be sliiightly dense at it. Good luck! I think you both can start off as friends and proceed into dating!

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thank you for asking! I’m all well, I hope you are too! Oh god, I’m not gonna lie a strong attraction I feel from this one! It’s so great at first you feel the sexual attraction too. It’s all good I love Scorpio x Cancer I feel like these two are meant to be but you too must communicate constantly, I feel like he can be insecure and you’re more brave with your emotions which he finds really attractive. My advice is reassuring him and asks him for help even if you don’t need it, cause it makes him feel loved, and then you’ll find yourself surprises with how verbally expressive he is.

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