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etherealdiva · 2 days ago
Astro Observations: Part 7
Tumblr media
✨ If you have trouble or don’t like meditating, you probably have mars in Aries, Capricorn or in the 6th house.
✨Where Neptune is in your chart, I feel is an escape from the harsh realities of life but also where/who you can heal & channel unseen/spiritual forces (not literally but just by your essence and wherever/whoever you’re around) these are my observations & insight so take it with a grain of salt.
1st- escape through being on your own or your ego, but also heal yourself and help others with their confidence
2nd- escape through spending, but also good with finances and can help others with their finances
3rd- escape through spending time with your closest relatives and going on getaways and in your thoughts but help people with their communication skills and your family probably loves being around d you
4th- escape through being at home (homebody) but can help your family and other people with their family trauma
5th- escape through your hobbies, gambling, casually dating but help children and inspire others to pursue their creative work
6th- escape through work, exercising and their jobs but heal animals and help others with their health.
Side note: I have Neptune in the 6th and my dog was sick and so I flew home and did an egg cleanse, did crystal healing, took care of her meals and said positive affirmations to her and she’s all better ✨
7th- escape through being in relationships and avoiding all conflict but can help people with relationship advice/coaching
8th- escape through sex, the occult and spending others money but help others with shadow work, healing & even sex therapy
9th- escape through traveling but help others by providing wisdom and your optimism
10th- escape through your career but help others with their public status, their ambitions and inspiring them to go after their goals
11th- escape through friends and the internet but help others with technology, making people feel included and your community
12th- escape through drugs, sleeping, and anything that distracts you from real life but help people by just being around them because you have a natural ability to make others feel confortable.
✨Saturn in the 12th house usually indicates depression and issues with the father. (I’ve personally seen this but doesn’t have to be true for everyone)
✨Virgo placements although are very efficient, they will constantly doubt themselves. They are very hard on themselves for the smallest things (such as a minor spelling error)
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brielledoesastrology · 2 days ago
Pop culture assumptions or predictions for the future (2022-2025)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⚠️ Before reading this i just wanted to say that this is all just my personal assumption that i've got. So some or most of them might not come true or be accurate ⚠️
Rihanna and nicki minaj are gonna collab on a single and it is gonna be a huge bop
Pete davidson breaks up with kim k and dates selena gomez (lmao this thing is on my draft for a long time ago and he breaks up with kim k this month and tbh i am not surprised 😂)
Taylor swift will be pregnant and it is a baby boy
Drake is gonna get cancelled
Doja cat's new album is going to flop i am sorry, but she will be more recognized for her personality than her music in the future (she will still be relevant and famous tho)
Anna de armas is gonna be getting huge positive recognition for her acting talent and her beauty maybe between the year of 2023 - 2024 or 2025
People are gonna turn their back on Joseph Quinn for no reason
Chris evans will be married maybe in the year 2024
Someone very huge and globally famous in the rnb music genre will 🚘💥⚰️ (i hope this wont actually happend tbh because i am a very big fan of her 😭😭😭)
Ariana Grande pregnant and it is a baby girl
A famous YouTuber from the dream smp will become a model and will make his runway debut, but it is not going to receive positive recognition from people except in his own fandom.
Dream won't do a face reveal and will never will, i am sorry.
A very huge and globally famous super model who is very well known and has been in the modeling industry for a very very long time will pass away because of a medical conditions.
and also Mason thames will be the new IT boy
This is probably one of the most controversial posts I've ever made.... 😮‍💨😓
And also forgot to mention, Kanye west is gonna go completely out of control again.... Watch out yall...
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starryfree · a day ago
Astrology Observations
💢Listen, everybody wants to say aries are the scariest fire signs. I disagree. I think it’s the Sagittariuses. In my experience, if they’re angry, they’re swinging wildly. They dgaf. These are the ones to watch out for. Sag mars especially. I just know their tempers are legendary. But yes any major sag placements will do (sun, moon, mercury, venus and rising).
💢Combine a fire placement (specifically sagittarius and or aries) with virgo and you’ll have someone who can make others cry at a snap of a finger. Quick wit that can target your deepest insecurities. Watch out lmao
💢Don’t piss off a cancer. When they’ve had enough and snap on you? Legendary. Remember the crab is fast and has sharp claws.
💢Don’t underestimate a Libra. They’ll play dumb and then play both sides to get information that they can use later. They’re very smart and calculating. Watch out.
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iigoddess · 2 days ago
astrological indicators of appearance:
here are some quick ways to determine someone’s appearance through the chart!
Tumblr media
1. the moon sign (especially in females)
2. the ascending sign.
3. the sign tenanted by the planetary ruler of the ascending sign.
4. the sun sign; beware of sign cusps. people born within one, or even two days of sign cusps or borders may resemble their neighboring sign. this is most frequent for people born at the tail-end of one sign. this same rule can hold for cusping ascendants.
5. the opposite sign to your sun sign.
6. the planets nearest the ascending degree. planets that conjunct the ascendant take precedence over the sign on the ascendant (should jupiter be rising in capricorn, the physical appearance will, in most cases, be more "jupiterian" than "capricornian").
7. any planet closely conjunct the planetary ruler of the ascendant, sun (except mercury) or moon.
8. any sign possessing two or more "personal" planets.
9. any sign possessing a "stellium" of five or more planets.
10. stationary planets: this is a planet that has no apparent motion at the time of birth. it is very powerful and may dominate your physical appearance.
11. !! dominant elements. look for at least two personal planets in your chart positioned in one element.
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loveemagicpeace · a day ago
The Deep Sad Placements
🌧I don't mean that these placements are very sad or that a person can’t deal with them or anything. I just think these placements look happier on the outside than they really are on the inside. I describe the inside of these placements.🌧
🌙Moon in cancer- you put a lot on others, you care about others and you make a lot of emotional sacrifices for other people. You are always there for someone even if you know that they may not deserve it. And even when you know that you will not get the energy you give back, you are still ready to give yours for others.
🫀Sagittarius placements- cover their feelings with jokes, laughter. In reality, they feel a lot but don't show it. Many people describe them as too optimistic, independent, cold-blooded, but they just quickly find meaning or things that inspire them so that they don't fall into sadness. Remember the people who are the happiest on the outside can be the saddest on the inside.
🧸Capricorn rising/Saturn in 1st house- many times people find them to be too cold, intimidating, reserved , maybe people who don't express emotions or people who focus too much on building something, career oriented or people who don't understand depth. But the thing is they understand a lot, but they don't talk about it out loud. They don't like to broach sensitive subjects or come off as weak just like Scorpios - both signs are the same. Capricorns are used to life being difficult and things happening that can break you completely, so they want to be strong and do something they can be proud of. I think they are the ones who will understand you best when it comes to difficult topics. And they can be great at helping you with their advice and definitely one of the signs where you won't feel judgmental around them. They can carry a lot of sadness in themselves, but people don't notice it. Cap gets hurt easily. The worst part being, they won’t express that they’re sad. The sadness gets so deep in their hearts that they shut out the world in an attempt to guard their feelings.
🦋Scorpio venus / moon
Scoprios in general are many times they are known as cold-blooded, scary, mysterious, jealous, complicated. Scorpio venus/moon feel deeply but do not show it outwardly. Their feelings are too strong to share with people they don't feel they can trust. They just want someone who will understand their deep soul and the dark side of life.
People with Sun in 1st house- in reality, they are not always as happy as they seem and can be quite unhappy with themselves. Sad to say but many people with this placement are very insecure and critical of themselves and take a long time to start loving themselves.
🐚Pisces moon/ pisces placements- these people spend so much energy, emotions for others that there is simply nothing left for them. They want to help and accommodate everyone, and these are the things that make you suffer. The problem here is that you give a lot to others and you don't get it back. You feel like people don't understand you or don't belong in your world. You can be very sad inside, but cover it up with constant illusion and escape.
🍓Libra Venus- I don't think otherwise that libras are sad or that they have a lot of sadness in them, because they are a sign of love, sociality. But with this placement I feel like people are burdened with justice and do not like injustice to happen to others. They want to help others and they have a good heart, which many people take advantage of. Many times the pain of others saddens them. People with this placement often want perfect love, a partner who would stand by them and be by their side. And that is why they are often disappointed.
🥦Moon in Aquarius- I think that many times these people feel emotionally alienated and different. They want to express their feelings, but they simply do not know how to express them, or they feel that no one will understand them. You feel but you don't. Many times they are looking for people who will help them understand their emotions and feel accepted. I also think that such things can also make them depressed.
🌊Venus in 8th house- people want to understand and see the dark and ugly sides of life. They don't just want beauty, perfection and superficial relationships. They feel things deep in their soul.Their soul is invisible to those who do not look deeply.That is why they are often characterized as selfish, cold, calculating, harsh. But it is so difficult for them to show true love, the true self.But in reality, they have good intuition and a deep soul with which they understand a lot, but their problems of trust and betrayal drag them back. They make a lot of sacrifices for the people they love, but maybe the person doesn't notice it on the outside because their feelings are covered.
🌧Pluto in 12th house-You have a hard time finding your strength and others are constantly taking your strength away.People can suffer the loss of a person who is strong and deep. Pluto here represents a transformation that comes from within and in your subconscious, which is sometimes hard to find. You give a lot of your power to others and in the end there is nothing left for you. It is like dark oblivion you stuck in your deep mind of yours.
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libramc · 2 days ago
a quick guide to . . .
- Planetary Hours.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
what are planetary hours?
each hour of the day is ruled by a specific planet. every planet holds a different energy, resulting in each hour holding a different influence. planetary hours are great to schedule important meetings or dates, to study, manifest, post content, etc. and it's a technique often used by wealthy people to boost their success ✨ this practice dates back to hellenistic astrology; as such, we'll only take in consideration the seven classical planets: the sun, the moon, mercury, venus, mars, saturn and jupiter. in this reading I'll show you how to calculate planetary hours, what they mean and how you can use them based on your birth chart 💫.
Tumblr media
calculating planetary hours
calculating planetary hours is extremely easy, and also free. first of all, I suggest using the website planetaryhours.net. you just have to select the date of the day you want to check and the place of your location, and you'll automatically get a chart of all the planetary hours of the chosen day. apple users also have access to the planetaro app, which pretty much works the same. the advantages of this app are the possibility to enable notifications, in order to be noticed whenever it is a certain planetary hour, and you can also add an aesthetic widget to your home screen to always keep an eye on them.
Tumblr media
how to make the best out of planetary hours
☉ sun hour: great for being in the spotlight, creativity, confidence and self-expression. during sun hour, try to schedule your job interviews, post your social media content to reach more engagement, work on your creative projects to be more inspired; talk to authoritative figures during this hour (for example to ask your boss for a raise). sun hour is also great for manifesting success, fame, popularity and confidence.
☽ moon hour: great time to spend with your family or at home in general. you can book a table at a restaurant during moon hour, since it's also the hour for food, you can have a meal with your family, or also cook, as the food cooked during this hour turns out very delicious. moon hour is also great for serene naps, with frequent dreams. in fact, during this hour we tend to be more in tune with our imagination and intuition. as such, you can also read tarots or your birth chart with better results during moon hour. this is also a great time for journaling and writing down your feelings.
☿ mercury hour: this is the best time for communication and learning of any kind. it's the best hour to study, you may find yourself easily more focused on the topics you're studying. this is also the best time to write essays or any kind of formal document. if you have to write and send an important email or message, this is the best time to do it. this is also the best hour to take a lesson or an exam, if you can schedule them at your leisure. this is also a good time to write content for your blog (it's mercury hour as I'm writing this rn!) and for creative writing. this is also a good hour to sell items and to make deals in general.
♀︎ venus hour: during venus hour you can do a bunch of things! first of all, it's the best time for love, therefore you can schedule a date, a marriage during venus hour in order to make it turn out well. it's also a great hour for creative activities and for entertainment in general. during venus hour you may attend a concert, go watch a movie, go shopping, throw a party... it's also the best time to book an appointment with the hairdresser, with your nail tech and anything that involves beauty. this is also a good time to grow your social media, create and post content and manifest luxury and money.
♂︎ mars hour: great for physical activity; if you workout, make sure to do it during mars hour for better stamina and results. this also applies for sports and competitions of any kind. mars hour also makes you more assertive, so it's a good hour to make decisions and plan your week, do something that you always procrastinate. on the other hand, remember that mars is also a malefic planet: try to avoid confrontations that may escalate into an argument, as during this hour it's easier to get stressed or lose our temper.
♃ jupiter hour: jupiter hour is obviously the lucky hour of the day! it's the best time to manifest abundance and wealth, you may want to play the lottery during this time. this is also a good time to launch your business, do anything that you may want to grow and turn into success. that can implicate studying for an important test, investing your money... during jupiter hour you can also pursue spiritual activies like meditation, astrology, yoga, tarot reading, etc. in addition, it's the best time to study a foreign language and planning trips.
♄ saturn hour: during saturn hour we tend to feel more disciplined; as a result, it's the best time to do your house chores, complete a project you are procrastinating, organize your week and your plans for the future. saturn usually makes things slow, therefore if you want to do something swiftly make sure not to do it during this hour. instead, do things that you want to take slow and nurture with time. saturn also rules karma, therefore be mindful of what you do and what happens during this hour. most of the time, significant events that occur during saturn hours are karmic events that were meant to be.
Tumblr media
a little trick
to make the most out of planetary hours, look at your birth chart and act based on your personal planets. for example, let's suppose you want to cut your hair. you can book your appointment during venus hour, but what I suggest you to do is to look at the sign your venus falls in. for example, if your natal venus is in virgo, it means it's ruled by mercury, and therefore mercury hour will activate your natal venus and give you its benefits. in this way, you'll be able to match the energy of your birth chart to planetary hours for better results.
Tumblr media
if you made it until here, thank you! hope you enjoyed the post ✨ don't hesitate to ask more questions if something's not clear, my ask box is always open.
also, I do complete birth chart readings for only a few $, therefore if you're interested in having your chart read by me you can get all the info on my pinned post. 🦋
last but not least, if you liked this post make sure to follow me for more content! - libramc xx
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chrisadew · 2 days ago
Chiron & healing ❤️‍🩹
Tumblr media
Chiron in our charts shows our pain points; the things that have or continue to wound us, but also allow us to heal ourselves and others. With Chiron, the healing never really ends. My original posts are up on my Instagram (@chrisadew) and include videos. Check it out if you feel like it ✨
Healing with Chiron in Aries: the wound of self
♈️ Wounds =
Issues around independence or taking charge, lack of faith in your ability to lead; excessively impulsive, defensive and selfish tendencies, or constantly serving others before yourself. Seeing yourself through the eyes of others. Fear of following the things that ignite passion in you.
♈️ How to heal =
Start by learning to trust your instincts; take initiative and volunteer to be first sometimes. Act based on your constructive self interests. “I gotta put me first” is valid, because nothing should be at the expense of your well-being. Do things that have nothing to do with anyone else, things that honestly make you happy, light you up and nurture you. Your gift is showing others that harmony starts with being fair to yourself.
Healing with Chiron in Taurus: the wound of loss
♉️ Wounds =
Issues around stability and sensuality, not knowing where you stand or not recognising your value. Fear of not having access to resources or a tangible foundation. Stubbornly holding on to things you’ve outgrown out of a fear of lack.
♉️ How to heal =
Start by fully committing to the things you already have by showing appreciation. Appraise them and be willing to let them go if necessary. Learn to cultivate patience by taking on something that takes time to grow - i.e. making investments into things that you really want. Think about what your value system is or what you want it to be. Think about the things that make you feel worthy, things that require steady growth and accumulation over time. Things that regularly engage and stimulate your senses. Your gift is the ability to create on your own that which was not given to you.
Healing with Chiron in Gemini: the wound of intelligence
♊️ Wounds =
Issues with communicating or expressing your thoughts and knowledge; denying your curiosity or ignoring the facts in favour of 'being right'. Taking life too seriously or entertaining gossip. Fear of being wrong or not being heard.
♊️ How to heal =
Start by writing down or recording your own thoughts and using that to plan out what you want to express. Journaling can be therapeutic too. Practice speaking up and put yourself in places where you feel comfortable raising your voice. Seek out people who respect you and value what it is that you have to say. You can say what’s on your mind! Your gift is showing others how healthy communication opens the door to new ideas and experiences.
Healing with Chiron in Cancer: the wound of family
♋️ Wounds =
Issues around emotional openness, feeling closed off or blocked, like you don’t belong or finding it difficult to connect with those you consider family. Feeling neglected or instinctively responding with excessive self-preservation and hiding your feelings. Fear of truly letting people in.
♋️ How to heal =
Start by learning to sit with your emotions and center them. Write them down to help you process them. Use your favourite memories to put you in a good mood and remind you of what you need to feel nurtured and protected. Make new memories with purpose. Connect with positive influences that make you feel safe enough to be vulnerable and help stabilise your emotional state. Above all, don’t deny your intuition - work with it. Your gift is showing others how to accept the dimensions within moods and feelings without judgement.
Healing with Chiron in Leo: the wound of talent
♌️ Wounds =
Issues around attention or recognition; fear of pride and being seen as self-centered. Being made to feel like you’re not special. Seeking validation in the wrong places.
♌️ How to heal =
Start by figuring out what it is that you’re good at and love to do. Use that to start your own passion project as a way of taking the spotlight and feeding your creativity. Don’t be afraid to show it off, whatever it is. Putting yourself out there builds up your courage! Nobody else can do what you do like you. Your gift is showing others how following your heart brings you strength.
Healing with Chiron in Virgo: the wound of perfection
♍️ Wounds =
Issues surrounding not feeling like you’re good enough; fear of being wrong, inadequate or ineffective. Overly critical (self and others), or paying attention to the wrong things. Putting your dreams on hold to take care of others; overworking yourself.
♍️ How to heal =
Start by releasing the idea of ‘perfection’; whose standards are you living by? It should be yours and nobody else’s. Do the thing that you want to do for you…just do it! The more you do, the more the anxiety around it is released. You are not responsible for the chaos. Pick up what’s yours and yours alone. There’s evidence all around you of how good you already are, don’t discount that, no matter how small, no matter how many times you may have had to reconstruct it. Your gift is showing others how to refine and build on practical wisdom.
Healing with Chiron in Libra: the wound of relationships
♎️ Wounds =
Issues surrounding partnerships, relationships, collaboration or compromise. Giving too much where your needs aren’t being met or excessive self-centeredness. Resisting compromise in extremes, one-sided thinking or misdirected anger and passive aggression. Fear of accepting and honouring your wants and needs.
♎️ How to heal =
Start by acknowledging that while not everything should be done alone, you are your own person and worthy of reciprocity. It’s okay to invite people in and compromise, but before you do - analyse whether it’s a good match for you. There should be no imbalances. Ask for help, work with a partner, but honouring your self-identity also means clearly communicating who’s supposed to be giving what, so that things remain equal and fair. Your gift is showing others that cultivating win-win situations is possible.
Healing with Chiron in Scorpio: the wound of depth
♏️ Wounds =
Issues around intimacy, being vulnerable with others, deep hurts and traumas; secretly taking intense measures against the people in your life to counteract feelings of distrust or holding on to meaningless grudges. Fear of powerlessness.
♏️ How to heal =
Start by asking yourself: what are you afraid of? Acknowledge that true vulnerability has its benefits. Get invested in something that requires an exchange of resources as a way of letting go of what keeps you feeling heavy. Commit to a process that takes time, but produces an outcome that makes you feel powerful in the end; get comfortable with accepting support from others and trusting them. Your gift is showing others that you can transform and develop through focus.
Healing with chiron in Sagittarius: the wound of belief
♐️ Wounds =
Issues with limiting beliefs, fear of experiences outside your comfort zone, or taking on the truths of others as your own. Being too blunt and relying on logic over your higher mind or faith.
♐️ How to heal =
Start by assessing yourself; what is your truth? What do you believe? Break free from the indoctrination that keeps you stuck. Don’t be afraid to experience new things, environments and new journeys that give you a sense of your truth. Develop your own morals, ideals and philosophies by asking yourself honest questions. Acknowledge alternative perspectives without diminishing your own. Your gift is showing others how to expand beyond what you’ve been taught.
Healing with Chiron in Capricorn: the wound of accomplishment
♑️ Wounds =
Issues with authority, challenge and success; feeling burdened (and resentful) with responsibility. Focusing too much on the past. Feeling like you have to ‘control’ your emotions. Fear of not meeting your potential.
♑️ How to heal =
Start by defining what success looks like to you. Make small goals and take the steps needed to achieve them. Align yourself with people that have the kind of reputation you aspire to, personally and professionally. There’s nothing wrong with letting people take care of you sometimes. Do not mistake taking on the responsibility of others as your purpose. 'Can' does not mean 'should'. Everything doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders alone. Your purpose is your purpose. Your gift is showing others how to keep the promises they make to themselves.
Healing with Chiron in Aquarius: the wound of belonging
♒️ Wounds =
Issues with fitting in and feeling included or accepted. Distancing yourself on purpose or inflated self-importance. Seeking approval in groups that don’t understand you to begin with. Fear of alienation and being seen as ‘weird’.
♒️ How to heal =
Don’t be afraid to do things differently and on your own terms. Start by embracing your quirkiness and people will gravitate towards you. If you’re not feeling represented in the group you’re in, start your own! Seek out others with similar ideologies. The more you experiment, the more confidence has the potential to grow. You have a lot to offer and that doesn’t change based on the opinions of other people. Your gift is showing others what’s possible by being your authentic self.
Healing with Chiron in Pisces: the wound of trust
♓️ Wounds =
Issues with selflessness, being taken advantage of or feeling misunderstood; not believing your dreams are attainable. Overindulgence in fantasy and escapism as self undoing, avoiding reality; fear of suffering.
♓️ How to heal =
Start by assessing whether what you do in the here and now supports what you want and truly desire. If not, take action on it! Denying your dreams does not serve you. Like Virgo, you are not responsible for everyone or everything. Express yourself through creation; this helps channel what you’re feeling or sensing to make it a tangible reality and avoid feeling disconnected. Trust yourself and surrender; letting go is not giving up. Your gift is showing people that if you can dream it, you can be it.
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astroismypassion · 16 hours ago
Composite chart real life experience part 3
Tumblr media
Credit goes to my blog @astroismypassion
Mentions of s*x, mas*ur*a**on
🧡 Composite Cancer Mercury: aw very sweet. Though, we were much like emotional crybabies around each other. You know how teenagers are sensitive about everything? But veryyy comforting and reassuring of each other through words. We definitel had mum and daddy, sorry dad theme going on😂😅. Calling “golden boy” too came natural.
🧡 Composite Gemini Moon: people constantly said we look similar. Similar clothing, style, hairstyle, hair colour etc. We were constantly talking, but were often interrupted by other people. We only hang for short time periods at once. We would hang for 3 hours and then don’t see each other for a month and a half, only talking through instant messaging.
🧡 Composite Aquarius Sun: love from a distance at first. I was very scared to approach him (he seemed so in his own landed, unapproachable and detached/cold) and tried to be a flirty friend first. Lovely, but seriously calling him weirdo as a nickname from the start until end. Roles were pretty much reversed. I could’ve have crushed this softer, feminine side he had, but this was such pure, naive, quirky human being that was socially awkward that we rather became misfits together. Again, he was very in tune with his feminine side. I had to constantly be the initiator, the one that is straight-forward.
🧡 Composite Pisces Moon: it can get a bit dellusional at times. I was not a huge fan of this placement, because of projections of ideas, feelings and ideals. But I will also try to focus on the positive. You will read books, poems, interviews to each other. But you will also tell each other a lot of STORIES, even those from your own personal lives.
🧡 Composite Scorpio Rising: people you have Scorpio Rising with might move close to you at some point. They will literally be “in your face”. Like they could move to your neighbourhood, area.
🧡 Composite Aries Moon: so like you imagine this was reallyy NOT platonic. It was funny, because people usually perceived me with other romantic partners before as the more passive one. But NOT with this Composite Aries Moon. From the outside it seemed like I’m very much in charge of the relationship. Pretty much other women were very jealous of this connection with this guy too. However, from my personal point of view, it definitely felt like we are equals and both very own strong individuals (Aries Moon). Yet, those around us still saw ME as the one in charge and would often disregard him or his opinion. He was also more in touch with his feminine side than me, so I was kind of “the defender” in the relationship. It definitely felt like roles was a bit reversed at time, but he was a strong women supporter and I also bought HIM flowers and tried to fight for his “equality” in some situation. I was more playfully, childlike and childish than my usual self with him, because I was so comfortable emotionally. Though, this might be also because we was younger.
🧡 Composite Chiron in the 1st house: ehh yea, I’m still trying to gather more positives with this one. But this one can leave you drained. You will feel physical pain whenever you see them or run into them again and I think this is because it’s connected to its 1st house. You will struggle finding confidence to even continue talking to them. Sometimes they can seem so out of your league or just really different or in their own world.
🧡 Libra Venus: in wore A LOT of dresses and skirts in that relationship. It’s like I changed my wardrobe to only summer dressed and skirts. I can’t explain enough or even properly put it into words how WOMANLY this man made me feel like. I was ready to throw all feminism away😂. No, but really, I felt so feminine, accepted as a woman around him. I even became more soft-spoken. Also this Composite placement reminds me of Lana del Rey and her “You can be the boss” song.
🧡 Composite Capricorn Sun: I kinda really liked that! It was with a really good friend of mine and we met in school and have known each other for years. It was really more of a romantic, soft connection at times. HOWEVER, one thing that was really present and obvious was that he was a traditionalist. He believed that men shouldn’t be so preoccupied with their physical appearance and found being too good-looking as a man a bit ridiciolous. I definitely sensed some double standards too. He really had clear ideas as to what women should be doing. He was very thrifty and NOT a spender. He prefered piling up money or spend it on big investments, like cars (especially old cars). All in all, he was really mindful of the COMMUNITY and society as a whole and really cared about people. Lack of ego too. He tried to treat everyone as equally as possible. He saw his father as someone who is not good with words or doesn’t have anything interesting to add.
🧡 Composite Scorpio Moon: ahh yess, the sexual awakening✨ Or if you are not feeling it for the first time, at least you will be overflowing with totally new feelings of lust, strong sexual desire and deep emotions. You might mastrubate to this person’s image. Sometimes as simple as thinking of this person you will have strong urges of lust and longing. So obviously your desire to touch this person will be strong. Not always sexual though, I’m talking wanting to hold their hand, suck 🤭lol I meant caress their fingers, hug them from behind, hold them tight. Handshake was probably already transformative and electric when you first met them. You will often want to be in their physical proximity.
Credit goes to my blog @astroismypassion
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spiritualitywithtally · 23 hours ago
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flavaflavbutitznyork · a day ago
Toxic Placements 💀 Composite & Synastry Pt.1
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Narcissist :
-Sun in someone elses 1h (this placements usually fine) this in toxic situations could indicate the 1h person seeing the sun person as someone with a huge ego problem 🌞
-Lilith 5h in synastry Lilith could show what someone finds to be a toxic trait of yours, though the placement seems sexual it also could indicate the Lilith person finding the 5h person selfish 🐈‍⬛
-Lilith 7h/Leo composite this placement could indicate backstabbing & with Leo it could be the result of having an inflatable ego🎈
-Lilith 10h composite, it could indicate the relationship having a person that has a strong pressence or feels the need to assert dominance over situations, sun conj. pluto could also indicate a soley toxic relationship, (sun in 1h yet again depends), jupiter conj. asc from 12h or conj. mc, 1h stelliums, sun conj. 7h/12h ruler considering they have to do with enemies & once again possible backstabbers 🔪
Victim :
-12h ruler conj. sun 12h rules hidden enemies & it could indicate the relationship being full of victim playing, blaming themselves, moon in 8h as it may mean emotional wounds due to feeling bad for the other or eachother, Libra BML negatively a of libra toxic trait is superficial then Lilith could make that a situation in the relationship thats apart of why its generally horrible, chiron 2h could indicate someone in the composite having a broken sense of self-worth that weighs on the other person ❤️‍🩹
-chiron 12h sometimes in composite since it may indicate the relationship ending because someone had so many wounds emotionally, neptune conj. asc (sometimes) this might indicate someone who feels weak often & has a lot of delusions that makes them feel bad in this relationship 🧜🏾‍♀️
-12h synastry esp. stelliums of personal planets meaning sun through jupiter in 12th could indicate a person having hidden emotions from the other often bad or good depending on planets, chiron conj. mc this could indicate the "victim-playing" person being known for having issues 🤕
-Neptune harsh aspecting moon synastry, this could indicate feeling like your often helping the moon person to sort out there issues & possibly not often getting that in return esp. opposition 👻
Backstabber :
-Lilith conjunct mercury the mercury person could be unsuspecting of the Lilith person plotting against them, Lilith conjunct mc could indicate the Lilith person developing a reputation for a bad attitude to the mc person & the mc person willing to cut them off, 12h ruler in 1st house esp. malefic planets, pluto 8h synastry🕷️
-Lilith conjunct south node might indicate the Lilith person ready to betray the south node person which could continue to haunt the sn person that they'll learn from, Lilith in 1h the Lilith person could grow to resent the 1h person due to drama that may of occured, chiron conj. chiron this placement could be extremely bad & there relationship could've been hard for both parties, pluto 12h the pluto person could hold secrets from the 12h person🥊
-Lilith aspecting Chiron composite, pluto conjunct mercury, moon harsh aspects chiron esp. 😱
-Nessus 1h, Nessus conj. chiron, Nessus aspecting Asc✂️
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thestarswillspeak · 2 days ago
a film that each sign needs to watch
if u want to feel understood. (sun, moon, venus, rising)
Tumblr media
aries: what’s eating gilbert grape (1993)
taurus: dead poet’s society (1989)
gemini: stand by me (1986)
cancer: my own private idaho (1991)
leo: mommy (2014)
virgo: coraline (2009)
libra: the breakfast club (1985)
scorpio: portrait of a lady on fire (2019)
sagittarius: rebel without a cause (1955)
capricorn: honey boy (2019)
aquarius: good will hunting (1997)
pisces: moonlight (2016)
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cgibsky · 2 days ago
Low key get sad looking at astrology observations bc most of my aspects and placements are only brought up for depressing things like I’m starting to feel discouraged 😭 Saturn in the 5th, Mars Neptune Uranus in Aquarius in the 1st, Cap Chiron in the 12th, Pluto in the 11th, my placements r never in the beauty observations 😍, ppl barely go in depth for diff observations for 6th or 9th house observations like they do w the 1st, 7th, 8th and “spicy placements”, and my placements got me feeling like I’m an unlucky ass person considering it all actually resonates ALSO, Rahu in the first in Vedic ❣️🫶🏽 sad n all the folks that try to cheer up those placements r like “it’s okay it’s actually a good thing u have Saturn in the 5th you’ll find love and a breakthrough for self expression at least in the next 12 years 😍” or “things suck in the early years but near your mid years-“ SHUT! Immediately shut up I despise my placements 😭 I’m SAUR tired of reading “ppl project onto you and can’t see u for u, u look UNIQUE, ur life is hard but give it 10 years, u probs grew up poor, ur an outcast” like omfg nothing positive ab my chart 😭 all my “good” aspects and placements cancel out bc of the amount of SADNESS in this chart. All I have going for me is Venus Conjunct Mercury to flex 💀
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latenightbreezeinheaven · 12 hours ago
Solar return chart observation (on my own chart) 🦄🧚‍♀️
TW : Eating disorder, suicide, mental health problems
• So, my birthday was in June and the following SR placements are some placements which are quite accurate with my current life and situations so far. This is my own observation and experience so please take this with a pinch of salt.
♥︎ SR moon in capricorn - Since my birthday, I've been feeling like I'm bottling up my feelings and closing off myself. I became much more quieter than I'd ever been and showing my emotions to other people feel vulnerable for me. And I also feel very lonely without a particular reason. I also often feel like I'm not getting enough freedom and feel suffocated too much. And I don't know I feel like my feelings are all tangled up at times and I sometimes have suicidal thoughts too. Mental problems occured a lot. Occurring till now. I don't feel productive at all with this placement but in upcoming months I will be productive maybe because my university year is starting after 3 or 4 months from now.
♥︎ SR moon in SR 5th house - Well, I've been flirtatious since my birth month specifically. And I also often get feelings like "Ok I want to go on dates" and I always want to have fun, go to amusement parks, hang out with friends, go to parties and all of those leo-themed stuffs. I've become a bit playful since then and in my mind, I'm always desiring to go out and have fun. Home feels like a prison for me at this moment. Plus, I also got a boyfriend recently and what makes it crazier is that my august lunar return chart's rising sign is taurus which is a bit of an indicator of getting into a relationship with someone (since it is ruled by venus) and I got into a relationship with him 5 days ago. I.N.S.A.N.E.
♥︎ SR moon in natal 6th house - I'm currently stressed out a lot about my future and my everything by observing at how I'm staying unproductive all day long, laying on the couch and not focusing enough on my daily routines. I feel like I'm not using my time usefully and wasting my teenage years in this non-sense all types of s**t. I'm not very conscious about my habits but I'm focusing a lot on my health and my eating habits.
♥︎ SR venus in SR 9th house - I'm having this strong urge to travel (not necessarily abroad) and I'm also taking a lot of interest in learning other country's cultures, traditions, food and stuff. I also want to meet people from different countries, cultures and ethnicities. Oh and my boyfriend is also from different ethnicity so maybe that counts too?
♥︎ SR Jupiter in SR 8th house conjunct my natal mars - I received tons of money (a huge transformation in my finances) as a reward for my hard work. I passed my high school final exam with high marks and my grannies awarded me with money due to this. The state, the region and my school awarded me with money too. Not boasting though haha 😂
♥︎ SR pluto in SR 6th house-This is really serious. I lost 25 pounds in 2 months and I'm currently having or at the risk of having an eating disorder. In my country, most people don't know about ED and when I told my mom, she even laughed at it and just said "then eat more", so I'm not finding a way to cure this at this point. I know this is not the right way because EDs are not just about food, it's more mental-related and also food of course. However, therapists are also considered as clowns in my country mostly and treatments for ED are also really rare, so I'm just trying to keep it by myself. I'm sorry if this is triggering for some people. But it's impacting enormously on my health and my diet and my routines. I know this is soo wrong but I just can't fix this so please don't blame me 🥺. I don't know how this started because at first, I was just trying to reduce my intake of food like normally going on a diet but gradually, I became more and more obsessed about calories counting and my weight. I have body image and self-esteem issues. Plus, I also have my natal pluto in 6th house so maybe it's really doubling up. I'm neither blaming on astrology nor giving a reason for my ED but sorry. Alright, enough for this topic.
♥︎ SR Leo rising - I am feeling more confident than ever (maybe but not really because I just cried for having a flat ass about 10 minutes ago so..) and people perceive me as a cheerful and bubbly girl during this period so far even my inner mind is not like that right now. I also gained some type of recognition from my peers and my teachers and my relatives because of my academic results. I also kinda want attention from other people lately honestly but it's not like a hunger for it though.
This is a bit chaotic but I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you so much for reading to the end!! I love you all and stay safe and healthy! ❤️
(  ̳• · • ̳)
/    づ♡ I love you all
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rabiosantologia · a day ago
👁️👁️ | Moon in the 1H trying and failing to disguise what you're feeling because whatever reaction you have to anything is pretty clear to those around you. 😂😭
✍🏼* — The Moon in our chart would be our most unconscious process - thus, beyond our control. The 1st house is our body. So your emotions are stamped and explicit and it's something bigger than you and I think so funny, I love it 🤣 - a great example of who has this moon is Michael Jackson, no wonder he serves so many memes
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etherealdiva · a day ago
Intro post: About Me
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hi there my ethereal loves!
for those who are new I’m Ally 👋🏽 ⁣
I’m a Pisces sun, Leo moon & rising ✨ with a 6th house stellium. I specialize in holistic astrology and also experienced in general western astrology with a minor emphasis on synastry ❤️ ⁣
My knowledge comes from research, observation and experience which is why people can relate to my work because it’s personable. Although every chart is different, I study people and their behavior that correlate to their placements and then write my analysis. ⁣
I love to teach people about their placements and how they can incorporate holistic methods via their birth chart in order to learn about themselves and live a holistic lifestyle. ⁣My favorite is to help people with their confidence and love themselves. For them to tap into their moon signs in order to fulfill their emotional needs and their dreams.
I also do energy and animal healing ✨ and candle and water magic 💛 I actually really enjoy doing moon rituals to help others to co-create their desires. In my free time, I’m at the gym, out with friends, petting every dog I meet, the beach, at a coffee shop reading and creating content or performing.⁣
In astrology, we don’t say “escapes reality to daydream because it’s therapeutic” we say “I’m a Pisces” ✨⁣
⁣tell me your top three placements and I’ll make one for you too! 👆🏽
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astroqueer15 · 2 days ago
Venus in Capricorn ♑
The Capricorn Venus sign is chill, but future-oriented. They are not overly expressive with their love, but if they let you know they want you in their life, the right partner can pick this up as a rather romantic gesture.
An ideal partner should also have plenty of goals and self-motivation to achieve them. They should not try to rush things, though perhaps they can bring some more warmth to the relationship.
Best matches: Taurus, Virgo, Pisces
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libramc · a day ago
hii i saw an ask that said what do aquarius risings look like and i was wondering if you did/could do one for a taurus rising? Also what would someone feel being in the same room or right beside them?
♉︎Taurus Rising | Appearance
can also apply to venus in the 1st house/conjunct the ascendant
doe eyes, generally hooded with long eyelashes
eyes can also be round
small yet prominent forehead
naturally silky, shiny hair even without haircare
full lips, not necessarily big but with a defined cupid's bow
lips also tend to be pouty
distinctive smile
small ears
very prominent and unique noses
either round and soft face shape or extremely sculpted, no in-between
usually short, with small neck, limbs and hands
stocky figure
mesomorph body shape
naturally attractive face and body, even if not conventionally
usually have very pleasant and soothing voices
upper body may be quite prominent. broad, muscular shoulders and arms are common with this placement
celebrities with taurus rising/venus in the 1st house/conjunct the ascendant:
Tumblr media
robert pattinson - taurus rising
Tumblr media
gigi hadid - taurus sun & rising
Tumblr media
megan thee stallion - taurus rising
Tumblr media
camila cabello - taurus rising
Tumblr media
bang chan - taurus rising
Tumblr media
patrick dempsey - taurus rising
Tumblr media
jeon jungkook - venus conjunct the ascendant
Tumblr media
doja cat - venus conjunct the ascendant
Tumblr media
olivia rodrigo - venus in the 1st house
thanks for reading! if you're interested in more astrology content, feel free to follow me <3
I also read natal charts, so if you're interested in booking a reading with me you can check all the info here. xx
- libramc
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