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#astrology observations
aertem · 13 hours ago
𝑹đ‘č𝑰𝑬đ‘ș : impulsive. you are quick to react to a feeling. the way you feel is intense. it doesn’t have to be rude, mean or bad as everyone always likes to declare it! you feel so passionately, don’t be fooled by the stereotype they have for cancer moons. you are quite similar to it. you have a strong personality, you are admirable. I think people would like to be like you or have your confidence because your image is popular. everybody knows you!
đ‘»đ‘šđ‘Œđ‘čđ‘Œđ‘ș : mothering nature. you value art a lot. stability and structure are very important to you (you might value it even more than virgo and capricorn moons all together!!). you are elegant, ethereal, you remind me of greek statues a lot. you are so caring about the people around you. people love you and come to you whenever they need your advice. you give people comfort. and no I didn’t just say it like that because my mom‘s a taurus moon xD
đ‘źđ‘Źđ‘Žđ‘°đ‘”đ‘° : the actor/actress. you love the theater. you love the attention and when people turn around and laugh at your jokes. you have such a great sense of humor and you enjoy making people laugh. but behind that playful energy, there is this mastermind. you are naturally intellectual and stand out. you experience social anxiety and lose yourself in that overthinking process often. you rationalize your feelings and overthink, you struggle explaining your feelings to yourself or others because you cannot truly feel them. however, you share lots of personalities. gemini is known to be adaptable and adjusting their personalities to other people in order to fit it which can cause identity crisis. you feel like many people at once. you wanna help other people and your kindness is always present!
đ‘Șđ‘šđ‘”đ‘Ș𝑬đ‘č : again, mothering nature. I feel like there is no other sign that feels their feelings as deeply as you do. and you understand them, you can define them. you usually hide your own problems to solve your friend‘s problems first. you always put other people first! you struggle speaking yourself sometimes but you are so powerful and thoughtful when you do (cardinal sign energy). you are pure, lovely, uRGH AMAZING PEOPLE IN GENERAL.
đ‘łđ‘Źđ‘¶ : I don’t know about the leo moons in my circle but I need to let you know that YOU ARE STUNNING WITHOUT BEING LIKED BY EVERYONE. lots of confidence (even if you feel empowered by compliments from other people and might crave them). you strive for perfection and might beat yourself up for it. you are trendy, have a great fashion sense
 I‘m sure you are more than that but I have to get to know you a bit better! you wanna become the best version of yourself and having leo as your moon sign can make you have a battle with yourself and others at all times. you concentrate on yourself, your achievements and ambitions a lot and generally like entertaining other people.
đ‘œđ‘°đ‘čđ‘źđ‘¶ : I‘ve met many virgo moon people as a gemini moon and y‘all change opinions fast! one day you are like "I hate it" and then you are like "I love it! nvm". again, lovely people. the deeper someone gets to know you, the crazier you get. you might come off as cold and detached from other people but when you care, you care deeply. you embarrass yourself often and I love it. because I think it takes you a lot to finally become comfortable with the people around you. you are very selective when it comes to your social circle and also give great advice. you have an opinion to almost everything and spend a lot of time in your mind. you might have experienced a missing father figure in your life (for gemini moons it’s a missing mother figure). anxiety might be a problem as well. nevertheless, you think before you speak.
đ‘łđ‘°đ‘©đ‘č𝑹 : LOVELY PEOPLE. the libra moons I have met until now had a downphase in their lives that I actually never would‘ve thought about. balance is a big thing for you and keeping your peace. the downphase I‘m talking about might be about you wanting to be liked by people, about stressing yourself because of the expectations society has, and so on. BUT I DON‘T UNDERSTAND IT? you are so good at socializing and a fun person. VERY funny person even. you care about your friends deeply and I‘m sure, whenever I text you, you are always quick to reply. a flirty personality though. similar to leo moons, you gain confidence by the reassurance you get from your environment. you don’t need it baby, you are amazing all the way.
đ‘șđ‘Șđ‘¶đ‘čđ‘·đ‘°đ‘¶ : scary. underdeveloped scorpio moons can be so hurtful to their environment. but it’s not even your fault? many scorpio moons have a tough childhood where they are seen as the rude, distant and direct (mean) kid, when they aren’t. your emotions are intense. you are direct and honest. you say it how it is and everyone that doesn’t agree can leave. but you are very careful with your opinions and when you talk, people remember. you have amazing humor, make a great best friend (you really do, when you are close with someone, you are the best friend ever). you have graceful, feminine energy and it takes you a lot to trust someone. you are quick and inconsiderate when removing people from your life that seem "suspicious". sometimes I just wanna cuddle you no matter if you feel comfortable with it or not. I want you to tell me all of your traumatic experiences, drink tea and eat cookies with you while we watch tv. ALSO! when you love someone,
 oh dear. that person is lucky. but I‘d be scared a bit. you naughty naughty 😏 SKDKKSKDKWK HELP
đ‘șđ‘šđ‘źđ‘°đ‘»đ‘»đ‘šđ‘čđ‘°đ‘Œđ‘ș : for once, don’t joke about your trauma and tell me. you are so nice and kind and there whenever I need you. you listen and wanna solve a problem, even if you cannot physically put yourself in people‘s shoes. you might come off as insensitive but I know you struggle with even feeling your own emotions. one of the funniest moon signs I know. maybe you don’t have it all together at all times. similar to gemini moons, you might have a difficult relationship with your mom. she‘s there but also isn’t. you deserve much more recognition for your personality. I know sagittarius moons that can be irresponsible and crazy, people whose actions are unpredictable. but nobody blames you baby. even if you feel lost at times, I‘m sure it’s all the independence you were given at a young age. you struggle a bit with structure but you are STRONGLY opinionated about topics that interest you. I think religion, spirituality or philosophy are topics you are most interested in. you seem like a huge extrovert but I‘m sure you like being home all by yourself enjoying your own company. people know you and like spending time with you. lively people!
đ‘Șđ‘šđ‘·đ‘č𝑰đ‘Șđ‘¶đ‘čđ‘” : you had to grow up faster than all the moon signs. also a caring energy, but more father-like. you know how to do it and you are independent. you are the partner to cancer moons and together you two share this father-mother dynamic in the zodiac. you are giving, honest, you compliment your friends a lot. you send love to your loved ones out of nowhere and it always reminds me of how much I should appreciate you more. sometimes you are afraid to speak your mind even though you KNOW you can do it and how. you find comfort in nature and dark academia as I have noticed and care deeply for other people. with caring for other people I also mean that you get concerned over the people around you; even the ones you aren’t close with. you might think "what kind of a mother would do that??" and emphatic with justice and debates more than most people (similar to aqua moons). you don’t like standing up against authority figures because you don’t like rebelling but I’m sure you will if it’s needed. you have a great solving mechanism and cope with animal memes. I love you and I fall for you.
đ‘šđ‘žđ‘Œđ‘šđ‘čđ‘°đ‘Œđ‘ș : AAAAAARGH THE PEOPLE THAT DESERVE EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD. okay, now the reason why I‘m saying this is because of my own personal experience and because my sun is in aquarius and these people understand me like no one else. you are so funny, so open-minded, open for new, invested in political, philosophical and unusal topics and spend lots of time with figuring out a theme. you wanna hear all the sides of an argument, educate yourself more,
 WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE YOUR INTELLECT. you are caring and empathize with people easily. you work for equality, justice and you want to make this world a better place. you are an enrichment to this world, that’s it.
đ‘·đ‘°đ‘șđ‘Ș𝑬đ‘ș : lovely. nice. cute. beautiful smile. sometimes annoying. but I like it. can be manipulative as they understand people‘s emotions VERY GOOD (perks of having water signs). sensitive. people with quick reactions. careful with their words, yet bring their message across being honest and not hurtful towards other people. however, some might carry a victim mindset. self centered. often doesn’t mean any harm but causes misunderstandings or issues by not being their true self or decisive. like, you might not get their point of view when they are underdeveloped. when they are developed, they are very very easy to get along with, they listen to you, understand you (also on a spiritual level!) and empathize with you. they offer help without you asking for them. grateful to have pisces energy in my life, not even gonna lie.
. ‱ ❀⊱ ┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄ ⊰❀ ‱ .
𝑰 𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝑰 𝒘𝒓𝒐𝒕𝒆 𝒎𝒐𝒓𝒆 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝒔𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒛𝒐𝒅𝒊𝒂𝒄 𝒔𝒊𝒈𝒏𝒔 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒍𝒆𝒔𝒔 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓. 𝒑𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒆 𝒐𝒏𝒍𝒚 𝒕𝒂𝒌𝒆 𝒘𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒐𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒔 𝒔𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒊𝒔 𝒎𝒚 𝒑𝒆𝒓𝒔𝒐𝒏𝒂𝒍 𝒑𝒐𝒗 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒕𝒓𝒖𝒍𝒚 𝒃𝒂𝒔𝒆𝒅 𝒐𝒏 𝒎𝒚 𝒐𝒘𝒏 𝒆𝒙𝒑𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒏𝒄𝒆𝒔! 𝑰 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒚𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝒎𝒐𝒐𝒏 𝒔𝒊𝒈𝒏 𝒆𝒒𝒖𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒘𝒆 𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝒉𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒈𝒐𝒐𝒅 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒃𝒂𝒅 𝒔𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒔. 𝒋𝒖𝒔𝒕 𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝑰 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒉𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝒂 𝒈𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒕 𝒅𝒂𝒚 ♡.
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cancerfairy · a day ago
Astrology observations áȘ„
Tumblr media
áȘ„ aries/mars in the 6th culture is getting headaches because you don't drink enough water
áȘ„ mars in the 6th can also have digestive or stomach problems. probably the type of kid who's stomach was growling a lot in class
áȘ„ sagittarius mercuries tend to like debating with others a lot and i've noticed men with this placement tend to make very offensive jokes
áȘ„ mercury-saturn aspects (especially conjunct) tend to censor themselves a lot and have a hard time expressing themselves fully
for example i have gemini mercury conjunct gemini saturn and saturn acts as a parent in your head constantly telling you what not to say or what not to say at all times
áȘ„ mercury-venus aspects are super charming and tend to be charismatic so many people like them. they also flirt a lot and give the best compliments
áȘ„ moon-venus aspects (harsh aspects) tend to have a hard time choosing what they want vs what they need
áȘ„ moon-venus (harmonious aspects) especially men tend to be in tune with their emotions and attract a lot more female friends. women with this aspect tend to feel like home to others
áȘ„ taurus mars really don't like being wrong and they'll literally argue with you just to argue especially if they have more fixed placements. i find that a taurus mars with a scorpio jupiter do this the most.
áȘ„ taurus mars in retrograde individuals tend to hold in their anger almost more than cancer mars individuals until they finally explode. their anger dissipated fast but some try to hold on to that anger for longer
áȘ„ capricorn moons & venus' especially together in a chart love giving their s/o gifts
áȘ„ capricorn moons aren't even cold hearted, they're actually the sweetest people ever it's just that sometimes they don't know how to deal with their emotions sometimes
áȘ„ one thing about scorpio men is that they will always find a way to come back to you whether you like it or not
áȘ„ as a cancer who's been friends with many cancers i can guarantee that we give the best hugs
áȘ„ cancer men can be very puppy-like and developed cancer men are very sweet and thoughtful
áȘ„ if you have libra in the 8th, you're likely very indecisive and like to be neutral at all times
áȘ„ this goes for a lot of libra placements too. they usually don't like to butt in on a fight and instead will be silent even when you ask for their input but as soon as it involves them they're suddenly very outspoken
áȘ„ gemini moons really do like to gossip and when they start to feel awkward with someone they'll just start talking about random shit (especially those with an aqua sun)
áȘ„ aqua sun x gemini moon individuals tend to be very social but if they have a water rising they're a bit more reserved
áȘ„ lilith in 2nd house may not like their voices
áȘ„ for taurus moon individuals, cooking for themselves is self care
áȘ„ taurus moon individuals are told often by others that they're comfortable to be around
áȘ„ scorpio in the ninth culture is teachers disliking you for no reason
áȘ„ taurus and libra moons tend to sing a lot randomly
áȘ„ people with heavy gemini placements tend to have really nice hands
áȘ„ pluto opposite north node could mean that you've gone through a lot in your life that has transformed you
áȘ„ venus in the 7th are very thoughtful lovers. they're the type to write you random paragraphs when you wake up
áȘ„ venus in the 2nd are gift givers similar to capricorn moons and venus' and this is even more true if you have a capricorn venus and moon in the 2nd
áȘ„ venus 2nd house and neptune 2nd house tend to have really nice voices
áȘ„ sun square lilith culture is being very outspoken on topics you are passionate about but also being wary of others
áȘ„ lilith in aries culture is being afraid to stand up for yourself but also having a burning passion to stand up for others (especially if it's sun square lilith)
áȘ„ sun opposite chiron individuals likely had problems with father figures or male figures in their lives and tend to have a wounded ego. this can also manifest as abandonment issues or people who have trouble gathering their strength until later on in their lives
áȘ„ gemini suns/moons tend to have a hard time remembering things since they're so scatterbrained
áȘ„ leo venus' demand to be respected and if they're not being respected by whoever they're dealing with romantically, they tend to lose interest quickly
áȘ„ pisces moons tend to keep a lot to themselves and can actually be quite secretive but if they have a gemini mercury they might start over sharing
áȘ„ neptune in the 6th individuals might have bad sleeping schedules or some could suffer from insomnia or sleep apnea
áȘ„ literally no one sleeps more than cancer/taurus/pisces placements (especially taurus moons)
áȘ„ having sagittarius degrees (9°,21°) or gemini degrees (3°,15°27°) in your chart can mean you like to debate a lot or have friendly banter with others
áȘ„ having neptune in the 12th can mean you're very naive and you likely allow people to treat you badly because you see the good in them
áȘ„ having leo placements could mean you like to listen to music from plays
áȘ„ i find that venusian moons like to listen to ballads especially if they have a water sun
áȘ„ sagittarius suns are very generous people and have a very bubbly and sunny aura to them
áȘ„ aqua placements say the most random shit to throw you off guard sometimes
áȘ„ sagittarius risings tend to have big foreheads or long noses
áȘ„ uranus 1st house in retrograde people try to hide the fact that they're different or have different hobbies than others
áȘ„ having pluto in 10th/sag mc culture is not knowing what to do in life or what career to pick
áȘ„ air risings tend to have long faces
áȘ„ saturn-ascendant aspects tend to have dry skin especially if you have an air rising. this could also indicate someone who ages backwards
áȘ„ mars-jupiter aspects (especially conjunct) tend to have big outbursts when they're angry. this is heightened when their mars is in detriment or a fall placement like cancer, taurus or libra
áȘ„ natives with mars-jupiter placements however, can always put their plans into action and cultivate great results
áȘ„ moon in the third house could mean that you're the one your siblings tell everything to or the one they confide in the most
áȘ„ chiron in the 11th could indicate trauma dealing with online friends or friends/friend groups in general
áȘ„ i've mainly noticed that people with dimples have taurus placements or sagittarius placements and the ones with sag placements are usually jupiter doms
áȘ„ having a composite pisces moon indicates the two of you just intuitively knowing how the other one feels. this is heightened when there's 12h or 8h synastry as well
áȘ„ 8h synastry is interesting because even if you're someone who doesn't like to tell others your business, with 8h synastry you'll want to tell the other person your whole life story. this house overlay causes you to want to be vulnerable with the other person
áȘ„ 12h synastry is similar to this because it's a water house too but instead this overlay causes you to become a bit paranoid when it comes to the other person. on one side, you can always tell how the other feels (with moon in this house overlay) but on the other side, you'll never know if they're telling the truth. it causes a lot of confusion and if venus is in this house overlay then you likely won't be able to tell if the other person likes you or not even if they say it all the time
áȘ„ an 8th house stellium in a composite chart can indicate karmic partners who need to trigger change in each other's lives
áȘ„ cancer stelliums give off very feminine and nurturing energy to others
áȘ„ people with scorpio moons may have been betrayed a lot by others which might've caused them to develop trust issues at an early age. they might feel as though no one is worthy of their trust
áȘ„ people with aqua and pisces placements are the epitome of weird and they're proud to be
áȘ„ people with virgo in the 2nd are really stingy with their money and really like to save
áȘ„ whereas, people with aries in the 2nd tend to impulsively buy things
hope you guys enjoyed! <3
Tumblr media
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neptuniandreams104 · a day ago
☀Sun placements culture ☀
Tumblr media
Sun in 1st:
Having this tan color to the skin or light to your skin, like glowing even without makeup or anything.
Knowing how to quiet down a room full of kids because of how domineering you are.
Being seen as the "Golden Child"
Having arguments online and then deleting everything because you realised you were wrong.
Realising you were talking about yourself most of the time and didn't ask anything to the other person.
Always looking and doing your best because you want to be "known"
Workout freak or freak about anything that makes them look good
Being known as a "sunshine" because of how quick you are to light up a room, even if it's the darkest.
Getting your way through anything because of how charismatic you are and how determined you are to get it your way.
Sun in 2nd:
Managing many businesses at once
Being a "foodie", therefore knowing about the best restaurants in town (Probably gatekeep foods or recipes though lol)
A lot of self-worth, probably knows their place and respects themselves a lot.
Type of person to always get money on the way ("Am I gonna get paid?" "Did you ask them how much you will be paid?" "How much do you make?")
Striving for their own comfort and sways others to take the most comfortable route for themselves.
Cottagecore or Fairycore.
Finds use on everything they find and manage with what they have.
Always "overdressing", but that really is just your wardrobe. You don't have many simple clothes LOL.
Favorite thing ever as a child was to go shopping or being outside and getting dirty.
Sun in 3rd:
Being at a bus stop and start telling the stranger beside them their whole life story.
More than likely hyperactive as a child.
Elementary school being your peak years.
Having a drive for writing or expressing yourself somehow.
Being so close with your siblings or your cousins that you do everything with them.
BRIGHT at most subjects, it's like you are a box of knowledge.
Not knowing anything about a topic but it still seems like you know what it is because of how good you are with words.
LOUD voice.
Having a diary when young and documenting every single detail about everything that went on that day.
Looking very young or having a young spirit.
Sun in 4th:
Being your family's glue, your family was/is close because of you.
Planned child, you might have also been the favorite or your parents really spoiled you.
Patriotic, thinking that where you are originally from is best, having huge attachments to your roots. You might also be obsessed with your heritage.
Type to settle very young (Marrying, having kids, having a steady job)
Always looking out for others in your community or ones that are like-minded.
Might be a "traditionalist" or follow what their family has in store for them.
Stubborn even if they don't show it.
Type to want to take care of their family when they are old.
Finding joy in being somewhere "cozy" or nostalgic.
Recognizing smells from like 20 years ago.
Sun in 5th:
Art and self expression being part of your life for a long time.
Easiness with children, children might be naturally drawn to you.
Might have picked up artistic hobbies from a young age and has been good at that hobby since day 1.
Your personality might be very theatrical and dramatic even if you do not mean it.
Might have been/thought about being a youth leader or a captain for scouts.
You never see them on black or white colors, they always wear very colorful clothing.
Still young at heart, therefore they might appear younger.
Looking like a star whenever they express themselves artistically, they shine in that aspect.
Still liking things from their childhood the same way, even on their adulthood.
People complimenting you or congratulating you for doing the bare minimum.
Sun in 6th:
Getting excited for the smallest things.
Getting told they should start a vlogging channel because of how neat and orderly their routine and life is. They might even own a vlogging channel.
Might live for work, not work to live. It should be the other way around.
Might have thought about doing nursing as a career.
Good at school, but because of their responsibility.
Might actually enjoy the idea of staying home and taking care of the house while the spouse goes to work.
You get told your decorating sense or crafting looks amazing.
High standards for everyone and themselves.
Getting told to go to bed because you have been working all day, but you say "No I am almost there", yet you have 100 things left to do.
Might enjoy going to forests or beaches, somewhere where they can connect to nature. They might be big on meditating around there as well.
Sun in 7th:
Thinking about marrying since a young age, or at least thinking about relationships since a young age.
Might hate the idea of living alone.
HUGE people pleasers, they lose themselves while trying to help others.
Might be naturally attractive to others, not because of their looks, but because of their ability with people, therefore they might get asked out often.
Probably lack a sense of purpose or actual personality because of how dependant they are on others (At worst).
Father might be a lawyer or involved in politics. If not, the father had a lot of past relationships or he is a people pleaser.
Might have a pinterest board regarding how they want their wedding to be like.
Might laugh out of nervousness or fear.
Jumping from one relationship to the other, whilst mimicking their partner on the process. (If partner is into gaming, the native might get into gaming. If partner is into going to the gym, the native might get into fitness.) This can also happen with their crushes.
Might like the idea of being a president.
Sun in 8th:
CW (Mentions of sensitive topics)
Getting told that you are a "weirdo".
Father transformed their world view, for better or for worst.
Might come off as intimidating, therefore people might not approach them.
Searching for headache relief, but then somehow ending up on brain tumour symptoms. They constantly get themselves into Internet rabbit holes.
S3x is prominent in their lives, for no reason at all.
Might get called "Hot" or "Sexy", even if they aren't wearing anything that suggests so.
Bringing up sensitive topics when not particularly asked to, which can be good or bad.
Might not be afraid of death (Literal or metaphoric). They are okay with transforming themselves and constantly growing.
Going from ugly duckling to unrecognizable after a few years.
Might get told they "changed" very often.
Sun in 9th:
Might get asked "Can you help me with the homework?" very often.
Not afraid to leave their country, might even prefer foreign things.
Always somehow questioning their religion or their beliefs, or if not, they might deem religion as somehow significant in their lives.
Saying they are "Spiritual".
Citizens of the world.
They don't get mad or offended easily.
Very into celebrities, they might be the type to be up with the celebrity gossip.
A lot of foreign friends, they praise whatever is foreign. That might be why they can somehow go through cultural appropriation at some point of their lives, but they don't mean it to be offensive.
Might have grown up somewhere where they were the "different" one. (Might have grown up on a foreign country, might have grown up around a lot of exposure to other cultures or they might have been adopted.)
They might be the first one on their family or community to do something out of the ordinary.
Sun in 10th:
Being the source of comparasion from others, they were the "better one" ("Why can't you be more like *Sun in 10th house native*?")
Valuing other people's status, therefore they might only associate themselves with people that are from a higher status or their same status, never lower.
Might come off as superficial, but they are not.
HUGE emphasis on their career, might not "waste their time" on relationships or kids because their career is their priority, or they might get married and have kids when they are on a good spot on their career.
They let it be known they are high value.
Might have a huge "Halo effect" in their favor.
They might be the person that is the most respected of their community or group, the leader or the worshipped person of that community.
Might be influencers or "small" celebrities, they are always "known" for something.
If they get with someone that is not on their same "level", they are always seen as the jock or cheerleader with the nerdy girl or the nerdy guy.
Might always try to "One up" others.
Sun in 11th:
The most likeable one of the room or group, might be the one that gives you a tour to the school when you are new.
Always raises awareness for social issues, strives for the world to be a better place constantly.
Might use media or fiction as a form of escapism of how bad the real world is. (Might write fiction, be into media that has to do with utopias or other dimensions)
Might be very popular online, even if they are not in real life.
First one to actually do something for social issues, this might develop onto a "Savior" complex, though.
Their life revolves around friendships, they might constantly need friends and they feel unfulfilled if they don't.
Might desire to work on fields that help other people (Social worker or criminal justice.)
They might have ability regarding technology.
VERY good at videogames.
Might be very selfless, causing them to being taken advantage of.
Sun in 12th:
They might be the type to be on a class for 3 years straight and people still forget who they are.
Might be prone to getting very emotional out of nowhere.
Might lack energy.
Closest friends like them because they have a peaceful energy to them and they are easy to get along with.
Constantly zoning out and questioning what's around them.
Might shine when they are on foreign lands or when they are online.
Their dreams are very vivid.
Kinda believing in fairies, mermaids, vampires, ghosts, etc. they might love stories regarding those.
Very passive people, might be prone to being very meek or submissive.
Recharging when sleeping or being alone.
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acaplion · a day ago
 ïœĄïŸŸâ˜†: *.☜ .* :☆.Dark side of the Moon
Since it's October, I wanted to do more dark themed astrology posts. The dark side of each of the moon signs. Don't worry, I will do a bright side of the moon because each moon deserves to be celebrated. These might come off as harsh but please know that I love each moon deeply from the bottom of my heart. We all have a shadow and light self, these just illuminate the dark.
I've been obsessed with the phrase "Dark side of the moon" since I played the Moonlight Sonata, Chopin Fantasie Impromptu last year. While we are talking about Moon inspired posts here's some famous classical music to listen to while reading this post: Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven (3rd movement), Chopin Fantasie Impromptu and Debussy Clair De Lune. Did you know that Chopin was so inspired by the Moonlight Sonata that he composed the Fantasie Impromptu in C# minor ? Additionally all three lunar pieces are composed in the key of C# minor. The soundtrack of my life is to the key of C# minor okay!
If you liked this post, please check out my masterlist here for more astrology and tarot posts! I would also appreciate any likes and reblogs!
Tumblr media
☜ Aries Moon: Impatient by nature, they can be too pushy of themselves or others when it's unnecessary. They need to learn that patience is truly a virtue. The also tend to be quite restless which is annoying for everyone else. They can't sit still and their need for constant change makes others uneasy(esp capricorns OMG). They also don't tend to realize when they are hurting someone. They just think they are "telling the truth" and "being honest". These natives don't mean harm, they just don't think before they speak. They also tend to be bossy when feeling out of sorts, telling everyone else what they need to do and when.
Tumblr media
☜ Taurus Moon: Out of the 7 deadly sins, gluttony is Taurus. These natives love the good life - they enjoy feasting on delicious food, relaxing with their loved ones, shopping etc.. Out of all the earth signs they are the laziest and can be sloth like. They just want more - more food, more luxury, more more more without working for it the way Capricorn or Virgo would. They are also a fixed sign so once they feel something they are unlikely to change it. They think they are right even if it is obvious they are wrong.
☜ Gemini Moon: They have fickle emotions as a mutable sign. Ruled by mercury they have a silver tongue đŸ€Ș and can use that to manipulate others. They can also be very moody and quite sarcastic with their barbs. They can also think of themselves as above others. They can also be quite afraid at commitment and anything 'long term' so they will shy away immediately.
☜ Cancer Moon: Cancer Moons are in their domicile since the moon rules Cancer. They are generally in touch with their emotions which is great (especially when you compare it to the moons in detriment or in the fall). However, their dark side is that they can emotionally manipulate others, including their loved ones. They may have learned at a young age to weaponize their tears since it gets them result. They are like the stereotypical crab, they will often deflect and attack others to avoid being attacked themselves. In arguments, Cancer Moons can avoid the subject and deflect. Arguing with a Cancer Moon is not only pointless it can be extremely frustrating.
Tumblr media
☜ Leo Moon: Drama Queen alert. Seriously these natives can be some of the most dramatic people you will ever meet. They can actually be extremely insecure about their personality and looks, but instead of acknowledging it they will act holier than thou. Because they are a fixed moon they also don't handle rejection well, so expect fireworks if you reject a Leo Moon. Since Leo is a fire moon they can have fiery tempers that blows up out of nowhere and goes away just as fast.
☜ Virgo Moon: These moon natives can't help but find fault with everything. Intense perfectionists they also avoid their emotions by trying to make everything. else. in. their. life. perfect. They will clean the house instead of working on their emotions, perfect their homework in a subject they are confident on whether than a new subject they struggle at. Oftentimes they can turn to critiquing others just to avoid having to look themselves in the mirror. Learn to let things go, Virgo moons, the more you try to control a situation the more out of control you will feel.
Tumblr media
☜ Libra Moon: These natives strive for balance in everything. Since they prefer thinking through everything, Libra moons have a hard time making decisions. From small ones, like a dinner date to big life changing ones, they avoid making decisions forcing others to make them. Libra moons tend to be romantics at heart and some will date for the sake of dating. They can also be quite vain with how they and their partners look. Libras need and want everything in their life to LOOK perfect. Like other air moons, they have a tendency to rationalize their feelings. For Libras, they hate ugly emotions, so will purposely hide their strong emotions in response to social peer pressure.
☜ Scorpio Moon: Poor Scorpio Moons, if they are underdeveloped they can be a nightmare. They just have all these feelings they can't process? They feel so much and so deeply but they have no idea what to do with it. They also usually have mommy issues that they never dealt with. Actually, that's their problem in a nutshell they never deal with their own emotional shit. They can see through other people's emotional shit but they never fix their own. A scorpio moon is a moon at fall, so naturally they find it hard to deal with the moon's energy. Generally speaking, male Scorpio Moons have a harder time compared to female Scorpio Moons.
Tumblr media
☜ Sagittarius Moon: These natives are generally easy going, extroverted with an active social life and lots of friends. That same adventurous spirit that makes them a blast to be around can also be dangerous. They can be extremely reckless with their own lives, so focused on the next adventure or adrenaline filled event that they forget everything else. They often find it hard to slow down and function without constant pandemonium.
☜ Capricorn Moon: These people can't relax to safe their life. Everything is a to do lists and goals to them. They embody the lyrics "what a shame they are f***** in the head" from Champagne Problems by Taylor Swift. They have really high standards when it comes to love and they would rather be single than unhappy in a relationship. They also fear intimacy and being close to new lovers so they will self sabotage because they don't want to be emotionally vulnerable. Their shadow side can also lead to care too much about making money and their career leading them to become workaholics. Those who don't learn better life and work balance may find themselves in a loveless marriage with children who don't love them "because I never see mommy/daddy." Money and prestige can never substitute love ❀, darling!
☜ Aquarius Moon: They can be the definition of flighty. They never stop to think about their true feelings so they literally never know how they feel. They can also be relatively selfish with their time and material things. They only think of others once they have taken care of themselves. Ruled by Uranus in modern astrology, they are not very sensitive and are subject to wild mood swings. One literally never knows how an Aquarius Moon will handle anything. Ruled by Saturn in traditional astrology, they also keep their true feelings to themselves. They are usually more detached compared to Capricorn's stoicism.
Tumblr media
☜ Pisces Moon: Here's the thing about Pisces Moon. They are dreamers, ruled by Neptune. But Neptune's shadow side is delusional fantasies. At their worst, Pisces moons live their lives in their dream worlds. They neglect their duties and jobs on this earth. They can also delude themselves into thinking that their wild fantasies can happen. They also don't see anything wrong with little white lies they tell themselves and others. They weave these illusions that not only fool others but fool themselves. The more times they repeat these fake beliefs the more likely they are to start believing them. This is also a moon that can be prone to addictions and falling into bad habits. Neptune definitely has its dark side. But overall, Pisces Moon is a moon in exaltion so its natives find it easier to navigate.
───  ïœĄïŸŸâ˜†: *.☜ .* :☆. ──────  ïœĄïŸŸâ˜†: *.☜ .* :☆. ───
Well I hope you enjoyed this!
💋 acaplion
© acaplion Oct. 2021
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astroismypassion · 2 days ago
Astro observations🔑🔑🔑
Credit my blog @astroismypassion
🔑🔑 You might think Venus in the 2nd house synastry (or a lot of 2nd house overlays) would be very romantic, because it’s Venus. But that’s not always the case. There could be the sense that 2nd house wants to control the planet person via their assets. By treating them to a meal, buying them clothing, feeding them, providing cuddles and physical affection, they in return want to control the planet person more. They could both strive for a relationship that looks more like that of their grandparents from the past where they stayed together, because of shared resources. So it’s not really that person is territorial and possessive in a cutesy way, but more like they are bound to each other. This also brings longevity, whether is wanted or not. Sometimes this also indicates it’s hard for two people to break their connection off for good.
🔑🔑 Cancer Mercury is VERY much into their family’s history. They might try reaching their background, roots, where their relatives lived across the world. This people might like etymology as well. They also have hard time learning new things. It’s like they keep repeating or relearning things, hobbies they liked in early life and childhood. It becomes part of their value system. Like they read books about cars or visit car museums in childhood and they became hooked on it and are interested into it to this day.
🔑🔑 Mercury sign, house and aspects really show well your full sibling’s chart. If you have Aries Mercury in the 5th house at Libra degree square Neptune, square Uranus and square Jupiter. Your sibling has Aries, Leo, Pisces, Aquarius, Sagittarius placements. Or they could be prominent in their chart.
🔑🔑 If you’re Cancer Venus male your partners LOOVE to feed you. 😂 Like they might get offended if they offer you a croissant and you say “nah, I’m good”. Partners might actually turn a bit cold for a moment. 😅
🔑🔑 Cancer Mercury are very protective of their opinion and they are reactionary if you discard their perspective.
🔑🔑 I would like to argue that Cancer Venus people are really not that clingy. They ATTRACT emotional, clingy, needy people that want to feed them like a mother.
🔑🔑 Cancer Mars might eat to calm their anger down😂. Or their strong emotion.
🔑🔑 If you have Cancer Venus male you attract emotional, clingy women, however if you have Cancer Mars as well, women come off very strong to you. 😂😅
🔑🔑 If you are Aries Ascendant or ruler of the 1st house in the 1st house you might attract people that work less hard than you. Especially if you’re a female, you might be more ambitious than your person. 😅 Or you attract people that only LOOK independent, but they are really dependent on other people. So there will be a lot of situations where you will be alone.
🔑🔑 Aries Ascendant or Aries Moon individuals might need to tone down their know-it-all energy and ego. You need to learn that in order to get nurturing from people you need to understand their perspective and meet them half way. Otherwise you might left people thinking “this person is really smart and knows what they are saying, but I just don’t enjoy talking to them”. So this is how you end up alone again and go through periods where you feel like you are alone and on your own.
🔑🔑 Aries Ascendant also might do everything fast. They do things like homework in their studies or tasks at their job very quickly. đŸ’ȘđŸ»
🔑🔑 If you have Scorpio/Aries IC your relatives are money hungry or entrepreneurs. đŸ’žđŸ’”đŸ’°
Credit my blog @astroismypassion
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toastmyrolls · 19 hours ago
Astrology Notes🌾🌈🍒
💌These notes are based on my own personal opinion and observations, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. I hope you all enjoy! Feel free to comment and ask questions lovelies! Written with much love.
Tumblr media
Ive noticed that Aries & Aquarius Moons like to joke about their sadness a lot or can be quite funny during the most intense of situations. They’ll turn anything into a joke especially if they can make themselves laugh.
Saturn in the 3rd house natives usually always ask others if they’re doing okay. They always make sure everyone is doing good around them especially if they’re under the influence.
Neptune in the 1st house natives usually give off different impressions to different types of people. They may seem like someone else over the phone, but then acts and is a completely different individual in person.
Sun in the 12th house natives can not be themselves for months and then finally start to feel like themselves again and it could feel like nobody may notice the difference.
6th house placements could have problems with their eye sight or may wear glasses/contacts.
Virgo Risings/Capricorn Risings were probably the kids in school that took the more advanced classes or were doing college level classes in high school and such.
Pisces, Taurus and Libra placements tend to have a sweet tooth for desserts and anything really such as bread, cakes, pies, etc.đŸ°đŸ­đŸ„§đŸŹ
Pallas in the 2nd house natives tend to do really well in subjects such as economics and politics. These people could be blessed with windfalls of money randomly throughout their life.
Natives who has their Rising sign within 4 degrees can indicate someone who can appear to be quite expressive. You can see their mood on their face whether it’s looking angry, sad, happy, calm, etc.
Aries Risings tend to have pretty define jawlines and facial structures. They usually have something that sticks out about them
Natives who have the Sun & Moon in their 10th house can indicate someone who may have had parents who put a lot of expectations on them as children or within their upbringing. The parents could have been strict or perhaps even gave the native lots of freedom as well.
Virgos are very weird people, I mean their sense of humor is weird. They’re probably hecka goofy
Uranus in the 9th house individuals can often feel as though they don’t really have a permanent home. They could move from house to house or just having to live in different places at sudden times.
Okay, but why do 12th house placements do the most unpredictable shit and not tell anyone? These people could have a whole ass separate life and none of their friends or family would know. Probably the types of people to take secrets to the grave.
Mars in the 8th house individuals more than likely have very high sex drives. Some of the horniest folks out theređŸ€­
Pisces & Virgos are usually really goofy people but they’ll always make you laugh or just sit there in awkward silence.
Jupiter in the 2nd house natives more than likely traveled a lot when they were younger or perhaps even in adulthood. Like going on cruises, vacations, exotic places. These people may feel that they NEED to have a vacation every year so they don’t lose their marbles.
Venus in Retrograde individuals often don’t get married until later in life. They prefer to live their youth while they have it and saves the rest of it for later.
Aquarius & Scorpio Moons have truly mastered the art of not giving a single fuck. They’ll do what they want even if it’s seen as something bad by others.
Moon in the 10th house individuals could get recognized for something they do or could even appear on tv for something random.
Neptune in the 2nd house could indicate loss of finances or just not being clear minded when spending money. They’re interesting people for sure.
Pallas in the 9th house natives are people who can truly understand how life is the way it is, and still somehow find the meaning and beauty in it. They may blessed with traveling to certain places too
Mercury in Virgo natives are probably the ones in the zodiac signs that complains the most when they’re pissed off. It could come off as nagging. I said what I said, sorry Virgos.
A lot of Virgo’s and Capricorn’s tend to dislike the use of weed while Taurus’s and Aquarius’s tend to smoke the most of it lmao.
Enjoy loves! Written with much love, Em.🍒✹
Tumblr media
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kibumitboyr · a day ago
astro notes/observations four
cancer risings tend to pout a lot
pisces placements tend to attract jealous people a lot; myself included, a lot of people tend to misuse or get jealous of how innocent and likeable and just very comforting and friendly they can be. pisces placements, esp moons should be wary of those kinds of people since they can change them for the worst
literally every earth sun are good looking
fire suns are kind if noticeable people, they may also be high energy or appear to be optimistic in general
OR can be the COMPLETE opposite, especially aries suns; and i think it really depends on the environment they're in because in a social gathering they may or may not stand out but in their own circle they can. i've never really seen or met an aries sun that falls in between being antisocial and introverted or loud and extroverted.
mutuable placements are not good at saying no ; including myself, i've met a lot of mutuable placement people who don't really confidently speak their minds unlike fixed placements,, if you say something in your opinion and they disagree with it they would probably try to deny it as nicely or indirectly as possible
i noticed that whichever house your rahu/north node is, that's the area of your life that you constantly worry about or think about; i have my nn in my 10th and i'm always thinking about what career i would have in the future and if i would be successful
something that i think a lot of neptune 1H people have(appearance wise) are prominent cheek bones and noticeable eyes. they kinda look unreal in a way and you just can't take your eyes off of them
i've noticed that a lot of famous people/influential figures in history have these placements in common;
sun in 9H
moon in 6H / 11H
mercury in 10H
nn(north node) in 10H / 8H
uranus/neptune in 1H/12H
saturn in 10H/6H
10H / 6H / 12H stelliums
sagittarius moon
fire mc
something i think all taurus placements have in common is how nice they are to other people like you could say the most out of pocket shit and they would laugh their ass off even if it isn't funny, like they're so accepting and honestly the least judgemental sign
cancer placements don't get enough credit for how smart and knowledgeable they have like they literally have an answer to any and all of your questions
also a final note, a certain placement or having a certain sign in a place doesn't automatically make it good or bad. it always depends on how you (in an astrological viewpoint) express this energy,, there's always a good and bad to every sign, planet and placement and just because you have a certain aspect or a certain rising sign it doesn't automatically make you seem this or that way. astrology is all about interpretations.
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adorastarotcards · 12 hours ago
Astro Observations
Pt. 7
🩇 Capricorn/taurus moons tend to like to cuddle a lot are be touchy. But they may only be comfortable with this once they've gotten to know you.
đŸ· cancer moons with Scorpio risings tend to have watery eyes. Like eyes that look like deep ocean waters (even if theyre brown/black eyes)
🩇 Gemini risings tend to look like their face is two different people. Also tend to either have very symmetrical faces.
đŸ· Capricorn/Aries/Taurus/cancer/7/10/2 house Venuses tend to be clingy.
🩇 Pisces placements are very good listeners. These people will remember things that you've said years ago.
đŸ· People with venusian signs (Taurus/Libra) in their big three get in relationships quickly and kind of become consumed in their relationships.
🩇 Venus in 7th tend to be very good lovers and can be very romantic. They know how to treat people.
đŸ· Cancer risings look kind of look like Disney princesses/princes. Like straight out of a fairy tail. Also can come off fake even if their not. They're people pleasers.
🩇 Lots of cancer placements attract guys with mommy issues. Maybe because they're perceived as warm and loving.
đŸ· Sagittarius moon/mars placements tend to have a thing for thighs. I once did a poll on ass or tiddies and all the people I knew with these placements voted ass lmao.
🩇 Libra ascendant/risings tend to look very whispy, angelic and innocent. You know those paintings that look like they're watching you.
đŸ·moon opposite mars natal has a tendency to take off their aggression out physically and very aggressively. All six people I know with these placements will get into fights very easily. Also tend to not have a good relationship with their moms.
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spiritualitywithtally · 16 hours ago
Astro Observations (10/18/21)
✹ 3rd or 9th house moons might have teachers that they really love & confide in . same could possibly go for venus here as well
✹ if you have taurus in the 4th house (could possibly apply to taurus moon), you might have routines that feel like “home” to you, rather than an actual place
✹ libra venus’ are either obsessed with relationships or repulsed by them, no in between. i also think venus in 7th house or in a libra degree gives off more of what you’d think a libra venus to be than actual libra venus’
✹ sun in an earth house or sign had fathers that view them as more mature than their age and well enough to fend for themselves
✹ someone who has my venus in their 2nd house told me i’m very aesthetically pleasing & they love my sense of style. i think this obviously makes a lot of sense because your venus shows your style/aesthetic and the 2nd house is ruled by venus
conclusion : venus conjunct venus or venus in 2nd or 7th house synastry can result in a liking of each other’s styles and just the vibe they give off too
✹ mars in 6th house can HATE being sick & get angry when they are
✹ cancer mars/mars in 4th can have tense relationships with the females in their family
✹ libra mars really care a lot about their appearance, they always wanna look beautiful & well put together. especially if they have 1st house placements as well
✹ a couple with venus in 11th house synastry : friends may have brought you together and you could’ve even brought your friends together
✹ your moon placement can definitely say a little something about your children and/or your parenting. i know someone who has their moon in the 12th (spiritual house) & both of their children are life path 7’s. 7 is the most spiritual number. I find that sooo interesting and love it
^ adding on to that, i think it can show what you pass on to your children. so in her case, it’s her spiritual abilities. she has very prophetic dreams & her youngest can often remember their dreams and is always talking about what she sees
my dads moon is in the 3rd house (gemini house) & my moms is in gemini in the 6th & i have a gemini stellium in the 6th house (using whole sign system)
i also find it WILD that my parents big three in their composite is also my big three ! rearranged tho
✹ venus in 12th house people really do love solitude so much
✹so this is just a theory but i think the houses that you have your north node & vertex in , you’re gonna have the most monumental connections with people with whom you have that synastry with
example : my north node is in the 5th & my vertex is in the 7th, so i’d have the most significant connections with people i have 5th & 7th house synastry with
✹ one of my clients said to me “one things about libras, we love each other” & no deadass tho 💀💀
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saintzjenx · 7 hours ago
rave about having someone's moon in your 8th house all you want but having their moon in your 2nd house is wayyyyy scarier like you'll feel this uncalled-for, weird if not instant OBSESSION with the planet person LOL. 2nd house rules possesion and self-worth in astrology y'all:)
my 2nd house has virgo and a bit of libra in it and I get sooo obsessive with people that has these placements like sksksks especially moon from observation its hella unhealthy 😀
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izsavage · a day ago
Tumblr media
@izsavage ✹
đŸ‘șPeople who have there dominant element as something other than whats in there big three confuse people they are perceived as a certain way other than their true personality
💀Fire Grand Trines are so sassy like this is the fire energy that is actually highly fiery
đŸȘ“Those who have Lilith conjunct Midheaven are shamed and seen as pariahs they may also take scandals to the public
🔬A lot of people who worked on the hit series glee died but did you know the main characters actor has a Scorpio stellium with 8th house ruler conjunct Pluto in the 11th đŸ‘ïžđŸ‘„đŸ‘ïž
🧯Negative Mercury Mars Aspects are quiet but if you try to step to them be prepared to hear some things you might want to regret
đŸ‘čAn Aquarius Moon is the most popular moon sign occurring in celebrity natal charts for Example:(Rosalia,Jessica Lange + Alba who have the same sun moon and rising đŸ‘ïžđŸ‘„đŸ‘ïž)
đŸ©žThe Third house rules siblings and you should see your siblings 3rd house to get the tea how they see you for Example:(Capricorn at 23 Degrees with Jupiter in there this sibling may have Capricorn placements and be Jupiter Dominant BUT you see them as logical, holistic or even explicit)
đŸ„ĄIt is no surprise the degree of houses in a natal chart has huge influences over people look at every houses degree in the chart
🏼I saw this post idr where basically your Venus Degree is when you'll glow up so you guys should put in the year you turn/turned the age of your degree and see its SR chart
🍣8th house Neptune die from drug use often overdose
@izsavage ⬅
Tumblr media
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astral-lucy · 2 days ago
what placements make someone a tsundere?
hi babe!
not gonna lie, i had to look up what that was, but once i knew, oh go was this easy
placements that make someone a tsundere:
capricorn and scorpio are the freaking kings
specially moons (on both cases)
scorpios feel , but they don't show it
and capricorns are so compassionate
but both signs avoid being vulnerable
actually, virgo and taurus moon could also count here
and 8h moons
aries !!
aries natives tend to be friendly and kind
but they can be super agressive
aquarius risings specifically
they come across as friendly but detached, cold, they say they hate love and stuff
but they're the actual softest people alive
12h sun/moon
7h moon
cancer could also count here, but not always, not really
maybe cancer risings
hope you enjoy this!
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mypurplejupiter · 19 hours ago
🍉𝕙𝕠𝕹 đ•„đ•  𝕞𝕒𝕜𝕖 đ•Ąđ•–đ•Łđ•€đ• đ•Ÿđ•’ đ•”đ•™đ•’đ•Łđ•„đ•€đŸ‰
SO after the joke I made about South Node persona charts the other day, it occurred to me not many people know how to make persona charts. As somebody who used to ask how to do it constantly and eventually just gave up and figured it out on my own because nobody ever responded (yes I'm bitter about it), I'll save you a bunch of frustration and tell you myself!
Persona Charts I like making and what they represent:
to be clear, you can make a persona chart for ANY planet/asteroid/angle/etc. in your natal chart, these are just the ones I like
Juno Persona Chart (#3): shows how we view our future spouse + what placements they might have
Asteroid DNA Persona Chart (#55555): shows how we view our first child + some natal placements they might have
Ascendant Persona Chart: Gives more detail on how we look + gives more detail as to how we come off during first impressions + more detail about our "vibes" if you will
South Node Persona chart: If you believe in past lives, this one can represent what you were like + some natal placements you had
yeah if you couldn't tell I prefer easier to interpret persona charts...things like Saturn Persona Charts hurt my brain I applaud the people who can read those
How I make persona Charts:
I know half directions are super obvious and literal but as somebody who needs obvious and literal directions 24/7, I like it when things are written out like this
1. First, click this link (I prooooomise it's safe I wouldn't send you guys to the dark web)
2. Then either make an account or be a guest user (it doesn't matter which one you choose) and fill out the needed information
3. Fabulous! You're in. Now, in the area labeled "sections" , which is very close to the top and should be under where it says "Horoscope for: [whatever name you put]", you'll see that "chart type" is set to Natal chart
4. You don't want that right now. So, your going to click the pull down menu for "chart type" and scroll all the way down until you see a section clearly labeled "- OTHER CHARTS -" pick the 6th one down labeled "persona chart"
You could do 9 persona chart (which is the option right above it) but it only focuses on your planets and nothing else, also doesn't make a table for your aspects and is blurry
5. Omg wow look at you go. So intelligent. Now press the big blue button that says "click here to show chart"
6. At the top, you'll see the Persona Chart type is defaulted to Moon, so if you don't want a Moon persona chart then click the pull down menu and change it to what you want
Extra information if you want a South Node Persona Chart:
1. Do the first 4 steps listed above but do not do step 5 yet
2. Scroll down to "display and calculation options" which is not far beneath "sections". If it's not open, click it.
3. Over on the left side, 4th down from the top, you'll see an option labeled "Descending Node". Click that box.
4. Now do step 5 and 6
Extra information if you want an Asteroid Persona Chart:
1. Do the first 4 steps listed under my first set of directions but do not do step 5 yet
2. Scroll down to "additional objects" which is not far beneath "sections". If it's not open, click it.
3. If you can find the names of the Asteroid(s) you want over in the scroll down menu, then go ahead and select them
4. If you want to do "manual entry" instead (which I recommend), then put in the asteroid number(s) of the asteroid(s) you want in there
5. Use commas separating each full asteroid number if there are multiple entries (example: 3, 55555, 1). Look up the numbers if needed.
it says you can put the names of asteroids in manual entry but that never works for me. if it works for you, great! but I'm just letting you know
6. Now do step 5 and 6 listed under my first set of directions
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im-sick-and-tired-of-this · 20 hours ago
Little astrology observations:
disclaimer ‌: these are from my own personal observations, take it with a grain a salt, if it resonates feel free to tell me, if it doesn’t feel free to correct me but be kind <3
Pisces moons REALLY do see all kinds of things, i have a pisces moon sister who complains all the time about how she’ll see spirits in her room at night, or through the mirror, she’s literally has dreams that predict the near future.
Also another thing about this placement that i’ve heard about and can confirm is that they are are truly experimental with drugs and alcohol, once again i’ve observed that with my sisters, who are both pisces moons, they started it mid teenage years.
I know personally two aquarius moons and they both have severe mental health issues, i don’t know if there is any correlation there but it’s just something i’ve observed.
libra venuses have a really good balance in between being clingy and more distant(good for them at least), from personal experience we have our moments where we love to just be there with the people that we care for and then after that episode we take time for ourselves alone, now i get where that would be confusing for their partners but once again from personal experience, as time passes they will get used to it and learn to enjoy it to the max when we’re being a bit more clingy.
pisces venus are big hopeless romantics, they can get themselves lost in the relationship in a different way then a libra venus, while libra venus can make their whole personality about their relationship, pisces venus can literally forget their principals, who they are and what they deserve in a relationship, specially when they are underdeveloped, they can stay in a relationship for years because they think they can change/fix their partners, when they are unevolved not even earth placements can save them, all it does is make them take a little longer to get in the relationship.
how to make the pisces venus placement worse when underdeveloped you may ask? add taurus placements, i’ve seen this placement make it harder for the pisces venus to leave the toxic relationship, they can stay in that toxic relationship for years.
scorpio suns with a leo moon live the constant struggle of wanting to be mysterious but ending up over sharing, in that order, however from what i’ve noticed is that we tend to over share “shallow” information about ourselves, funnily enough even with all this useless over sharing we can still be labeled as mysterious, we’ve mastered the art of sharing everything and nothing at the same time.
for a really long time i thought the stereotype of scorpio placements being mysterious & not opening up much was bs(especially for being a leo moon), until i realized that more than a year had gone by & i hadn’t shared any of my trauma with my best friend.
libra mars is really not as passive as people make them to be, but we can grow to be more passive, as a child i would literally throw hands with anybody & everybody, now i’ve grown to be more passive and try to avoid unnecessary arguments, most of the times in order to not disrupt our own peace we be holding back the urge the beat someone up.
i believe that most libra mars people are one of the types of people who you’ll hear saying “i want to live in a cottage in the woods”, libra mars really just wants peace & quiet.
Libra placements can 100% be more on the shallow side with things, but i’ve noticed that when they have water placements like cancer or scorpio they tend to be more deep because of the water element being there, they’ll look for deeper meaning in the things they do.
for some reason i often confuse taurus energy with aquarius energy, idk, both of them have this laid back, cool, calm & collected energy about them, i just can’t. they’re also both very unique in their own ways.
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secretlyshadowymoon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Being ruled by the planet of unexpected and sudden changes has its own effect on Aquarians. Not to mention the fact that they are also co-ruled by another planet which symbolises maturity and responsibility. Aquarians throughout their love had to deal with these kind of changes and grow. The phrase "Change is permanent" was probably said by an Aquarius. Though the only thing (change) that is permanent in their life aquarians usually have a hard time dealing with it. Remember that Uranus rules unexpected changes so everytime you deal with a kind of change, another totally different one takes place. This nature of Uranus makes an Aquarius really sensitive to other people in general. When some person opens up about the kind of things they went through, Aquarians find it really easy to relate to them. Another thing is that, due to these Aquarians dealing with a lot of changes, they also devlop a liking for knowing and learning new things. New things and skills mean new ways and new methods to deal with change. This "relatability" and being "knowledgeable" paints a really nice picture of any Aquarians that you know. Aquarians deal with unexpected changes that forces them to mature more than their age. Dealing with these kind of changes gives then lots of new experiences which also adds to their "relatability". A lot of times if you think that an Aquarius is acting fake, think again. They are most likely just trying to adjust to the change. Scorpios and Aquarians both go through changes that change them completely as a person and adds depth and layers to their personalities. They both just handle it very differently. Scorpios, being a water sign, uses emotions to deal with it while Aquarius, being an air sign, deals it with rationality. This rational nature of dealing with surroundings and changes, contributes to their stereotype of being detached. The first thing that an Aquarius usually does while being confronted with a change is to detach from the surroundings. Remember Aquarius is a fixed sign, hence it IS hard for them to deal with change as these kind of changes demand a change in the nature of personality and way of doing things. Fixed signs usually have the hardest time adjusting to change and Aquarius is no exception to it. The usual saying that Aquarius deal with changes the best is just due to their experience of constantly dealing with them and not necessarily find it easy to do so. Aquarians hates change as much as the other signs but they hate the stagnancy more.
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okuhle23 · 2 days ago
Check out my previous astro observations ❀:
Tumblr media
☆Taurus IC/4th house may have grown up in nice homes, their parents/guardians might have had stable incomes and were able to maintain a privileged life for their children (as Taurus represents stability and beauty). ☆ 11th house rules friends and social interactions. Whatever sign resides here could give you insight on what type of friend you are to others. Example: 1) Sagittarius in the 11th could be the funny, cheery friend, could also have many groups of friends. 2) Leo in the 11th could be the popular friend within the friend group, could also have many friends. 3) Virgo/Capricorn could be the overachiever of the friendgroup, could also be the 'mom friend'. ☆ Moon/Cancer in the 2nd house could frequently give money to their family (moon rules family and 2nd house rules money/possessions). These peoples money can also fluctuate because the Moon has phases, so their bank accounts can also fluctuate like the Moon's phases and they can be wealthy some days or low on money the others. (just a theory, let me know if it resonates) ☆Mars in Cancer are not all passive-aggressive. My theory on this placement is that they can express their anger in a gentler, calmer way than a fire Mars would. This could be because Cancer is maternal and gentle and Mars represents anger. ☆ Scorpio/Pluto in 2nd house could be very protective of their belongings and money. These people like to save their money and might not like to disclose how much money they have. Underground millionaires 💰. Hope it resonated 💗 x Okuhle ❀
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everythingthemoontouches · 2 days ago
As an earth moon the hardest thing I've learned is that sometimes the only validation + recognition I'll ever receive in return is the thrill of doing things
This is why we love water signs. You guys know when to smother us in hugs
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notanastrologer · 2 days ago
Hey! 😌can I ask about 11th house lord in the 11th house? Thank you ✹
11th Lord in 11th House
đŸ›” House lords in own houses adds strength to the house themes. This is will give you good opportunities for gains, and makes you motivated and hardworking especially with it being the Upachya House.
đŸ›” Can be friends with some influential people.
đŸ›” With malefics here, you may look to some unethical ways to earn income or fulfill your desires.
đŸ›” Your friends/elder siblings or someone from your community or clos d groups is likely to help you with bringing opportunities or help you gain monetarily.
đŸ›” You tend to go well with like minded people, people who had similiar or same interest as you or has socio-political views like you have. You can be judgemental and picky when it comes to being friends with someone.
đŸ›” However you tend to have a big circle of acquaintances.
đŸ›” You can be popularly known in your community or friend circle or be the leader in them.
đŸ›” A lot of your ventures/actions even in relationships can be motive driven.
đŸ›” You can be philanthropic.
đŸ›” Stocks/music/arts/mentoring can bring you gains and may prove helpful. These can help you expand your social circle or you relation with them may attract many similar- minded people
đŸ›” Your sibling/friends could be related to stocks/music/education/arts/theatre.
đŸ›” You tend to be friends with or gel well with Aquarius placements/Capricorn/11th house/saturn/rahu/Uranus placements.
đŸ›” This placement helps provide good education.
đŸ›” Your spouse could be self centred or more focused about their own needs and wants than yours. They could be a self sufficient person as well who can very well fulfill their own wants and needs.
đŸ›”You can bond well with your children's Spouse. Or they may prove to be a strong character.
đŸ›” Your higher education can be very beneficial for you.
đŸ›” You may be able to gain through foreign sources or in foreign lands.
đŸ›” You can be adequately social and has good networking and communication skills.
đŸ›” You command a presence and respect in your surroundings.
đŸ›” A lot of people may come to help you out or has ways they can provide you with that opportunities that will let you help yourself.
đŸ›” Your elder siblings and friends can be very supportive of you and your aspirations.
đŸ›” Your work may involve lobbying, networking, sales, communication, group work.
đŸ›” Good for financial abundance unless afflicted.
đŸ›” Ambitious, independent, unique, career oriented, work oriented, may or may not be good with technology, work could involve technology, progressive mindset, perseverance, smart, quick witted, wise.
đŸ›” Good Fame placement. Atleast known in many circles.
đŸ›” Your desires are particularly pertaining to feel a part of community and have a feeling of belonging ness. You may desire to be wealthy.
Depending on the planet results will vary.
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onenormalperson4012 · a day ago
10 Astrological Observations No One Asked For (P.6)
1. People who have their Suns in your 10th house can try to intimidate you/ they feel competitive towards you.
2. If you have Lilith in 11th house you most likely have many friends who have Lilith in 1st house. Most of your friends do things you consider inappropriate and can’t help but be there for them.
3. Saturn conjunct Venus men look like dilfs from a young age. I’ve seen it in teenage boys who look like they’re in their early 30s/late 20s.
4. The tighter the conjunction, the easier to see/sense it is for the world.
5. Saturn in 1st house tends to scare people away. People can’t look them in the eyes for too long because they get intimidated/scared.
6. The Eros sign is extremely important when seeing someone’s sexual style. The Eros is more important than the Venus and Mars in my opinion.
7. Talking about Eros, we tend to attract people of the opposite sex with one of their main 3’s in the same sign as our Eros. Those people are obsessed.
8. We get attracted by people who have dominance in the planets which stand either in our 4th house, either in 10th house.
9. The number of planets in our 5th house can show how many children we will have. If there is no planet in the 5th house, check where the ruler of that house is. If it conjuncts any planets, the number of planets represent your number of children (who will live/aren’t stillborns/abortions)
10. Children carry their parents’ karma in their charts. Before having children, make sure you fix your karma because that kid is literally innocent and shouldn’t carry any of your shit.
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unusual-influence · 2 days ago
How I see Venus in Capricorn and Venus-Saturn harsh aspects.
With Capricorn Venus, your opportunity to meet the “right” ones to even get into a relationship is limited. You keep encountering obstacles in love. You may end up with regrets more often than a partner. You’ll learn lessons after lessons.
Venus-Saturn is like being in a relationship with someone for 5 years just to realize that they never loved you. You’ll keep getting caught up in undeserving romantic situations until you learn your values and what you truly deserve.
Both will mess with your sense of self-worth one way or another. Still, learn what you have to learn and you’ll get what actually meant for you.
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