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MONEY: If you’ve been working hard to restructure finances during the last few months, there’’ll be some type of fulfillment or reward for your efforts.    However, if you’ve been stuck in an ever worsening cycle of monetary disarray, everything could fall apart around the Full Moon on October 31st.  

SEX:   Try to maintain stability in love,  focusing on what you’ve already built with someone of like-mind,  instead of seeking love in perceived greener pastures.

POWER: Self-worth and personal value can lead you to success, if you’re fully aware of what you’re capable of achieving and then steadily work towards goals.


MONEY: Try to be receptive to offers that present a chance to use personal resources/talents to make money.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate for better terms if you feel you deserve more.    The important thing to remember, don’t fear a change of financial direction.

SEX: Harmony and unity is the energy around love this week, therefore spend time with your partner enjoying each other’s  company on a new social level.

POWER: Change is everywhere for everyone.    The key to the success of these changes, is, having the courage and determination to move forward into the unknown ready to meet new life challenges.  Remember to finish projects already started.


MONEY: A cycle where certain individuals in and around your life, that have affected prosperity, and foundation of life, most likely in a negative way,  will be altered around the Full Moon in Taurus, October 31st.   If you’ve been trying to extricate yourself from these people and situations,  your efforts will pay-off.  But if you’ve somehow followed these individuals blindly, worth. value, goals and ambitions could be affected negatively.

SEX: The direction of love needs to be solidified between your and your partner.  Commitment and responsibilities should be mutually understood in order for the  structure of love to remain solid and secure.

POWER: Out with the old, in with a new perspective to replace it, depending on how self-aware and insightful you are, as well letting go of negative people and  their baggage.  New beginnings could be on he horizon, if you are able to do these things, bringing you the freedom to move forward in a different more positive direction.


MONEY: Entanglements with friends/acquaintances that involve finances  will come to  a close this week, preparing you for new opportunities on the horizon.  However, Mercury is still retrograde, so don’t be surprised if you find out certain people were undermining you secretly.  

SEX: Impulsive urges towards love could get you into trouble and put a strain on already existing long-term relationships.  

POWER: Assessing the worth/value of people in and around your life will be cathartic in many ways, as  you discover that some just aren’t worth your time and energy..


MONEY: When it comes to career, goals and ambitions, in order to achieve the success you’re striving for you have to confront old traditions you cling to with a more practical updated view of things, because the “clinging” is causing stagnation. ,  This may not be easy, if you wholeheartedly believe you have the right formula for success .  However, if yo look back over the last few months,  to see how far you’ve come, you’ll realize very little progress has been made

SEX: In love, be careful of being too selfishly concerned for your own needs, ignoring the needs of your partner.  More compassion and understanding would help.

POWER: The only reasons for holding onto a comfort zone or habit pattern is fear of letting go and stepping into the unknown.  Realize the unknown contains the energy and power to create something new.


MONEY: This week some type of change will occur in the direction you’ve been moving towards to make money,  courtesy of the Full Moon in Taurus October 31st.    Certain contractual/financial partnerships will fall away to make way for new ones later.  Your foundation of life will also be affected.  Either way if you have ideas of how to fill the void, once Jupiter moves into your house of work in December, the “floodgates” will begin to open.

SEX: Support and encouragement will come from the person you love,  so don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas with them.

POWER: This is a week of letting go of stagnated viewpoints and beliefs about making money.  If working with the public in some format, realize that, if you have the right formula, there’s money to be made.  


MONEY: The chance to heal/let go of joint financial partnerships that no longer have worth/value will lay the foundation for future prosperity.     Intuitively you know what needs to be done for future prosperity to manifest, but you must have more determination if it’s going to happen.  

SEX: Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by love regardless of how intense your feelings may be.    Focus on loving your partner for who  and what they are, not what you want them to be and may not be able to become.

POWER: Beware of people who are jealous and as a result try to undermine you.    At the same time, if you’re not paying attention, something of value could be lost.


MONEY: If you’re making money working with the public, some partnerships could end and affect your earning ability.  Decisions will therefore have to be made regarding expansion into new horizons.  The “writing” has been on the wall for sometime, but you haven’t been open or receptive to see it, let alone do anything constructive about dwindling finances.   However, all is not lost, you have let go and commit to moving forward in a new financial direction.

SEX: If you keep repeating the same mistakes in love it will be hard to find happiness.   So far your choices  haven’t been relationship material, making it even harder to have some type of commitment that is mutually agreeable.   Observe the ongoing cycles of sameness and commit to ending them.

POWER: Meeting life challenges always bring reward.  Therefore get ready to face karma that is holding you back and keeping you stuck.


MONEY: Any problems/difficulties arising this week in the area of finances can be easily rectified if you make a concerted effort to look elsewhere for work, or change existing employment to suit your needs, if at all possible.   This may mean discussing what you want with people in power/authority but with Mercury still retrograde in Scorpio, it’s most likely they’ll be duplicitous.    However, you should still allow the Universe to clear away the blocks in your path to success.

SEX: Connect with your partner by buying them a small gift reminding them of your love.    The gift will be greatly appreciated and add a new layer of deep feeling between you.

POWER: Consider changing your diet to eliminate foods that are too sweet or rich.  A good nutritionist would be a great help.


MONEY: Talents and abilities used to make money will need some fine-tuning, influencing you to try something new and different to increase finances.  Whatever you chose to do, it must be worth your time, effort and energy.    Working very hard for very little money is one one those karmas that needs to be overcome.

SEX: You and your partner should explore new activities to add excitement to love.

POWER: Consider a change of appearance that enhances how you appear to others and highlights the uniqueness of what you do, at the same time attracting new opportunities.  Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and the Sun in Scorpio, indicate transformation, rejuvenation and regeneration.


MONEY: A change in living standards/home environment will help to increase prosperity for the better and work overall.   Whatever the changes end up being. worth/value should be at the forefront of your mind, with a realistic approach.    Anything of a visual nature will benefit from the change.

SEX: Giving or receiving a special gift will do wonders for love-relationships.  Just that bit of added attention shows caring and thoughtfulness that is often forgotten.

POWER: As changes occur on the outside of your life, diet and living habits will also be affected, hopefully for the better.  Self worth and confidence, knowing what you want and don’t want, will make all the difference.   Jupiter moving forward in Capricorn will give the support needed to rid Self of  negative people/situations in and around your life.


MONEY: Ideas you’ve been using to make money are obviously not working and hopefully you’re aware of that fact, because in order for the Universe to step in and help you have to be open to new ideas.    This may require you to alter the home environment/foundation of life in some way,  but it’ll be for the better, especially now that Jupiter is moving forward.  

SEX: Tact and sensitivity towards your partner will keep the peace, balance and harmony.    It shows that at least you’re paying attention to the relationship.

POWER: Hopes and wishes you’ve been thinking about are not ready to begin taking shape and form, one step at a time for now.   With Jupiter in Capricorn now moving forward in this particular area of life,  building a very strong structure is most important.

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I’ve done all the single card readings I felt called to do. Thank you guys for sending me your questions and trusting me with your energy❤️

Send me your sun/moon/rising signs and I’ll respond with a very specific assumption about your aesthetic??

Edit: I’m not pulling cards or reading your energy for this, I’m just making assumptions based on your signs<3

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Wherever Scorpio falls in your chart is the area of life best kept private. Something you need to protect. For example, Scorpio falls in my 4th house. I need to be very private and protective of my home space and family life. When I’m not , things go wayyy left. For example, my first apartment I got with a roommate and everyone was invited or welcomed to stay there. If you needed a place, you could crash there. By the end of the lease we had basically her whole damn family living w us in our tiny 2 bedroom apartment. (13 ppl in total ). Noise and messiness constantly , people running in and out , and everyone thinking they were entitled to the space while my boyfriend and I struggled to keep rent paid damn near by ourselves. This is an example of me not setting firm boundaries on the energies and people I allow in my home. I ended up with no privacy in my own home. Look at your natal chart. What house is Scorpio Over? For example the 6h= keeping your health matters or details of your daily work life private.

Blessings and love


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Mercury Retrograde Readings! 🪐💫🔮

What should you be looking out for ? What may be resurfacing for you? Where may you be seeing complications or set backs ? How will this retrograde work in your FAVOR ? ( bc rememger they can do that too!)

$2 -2 card pull

$4 -4 card pull

$6 -6 card pull

$10 - as many cards as I’m drawn to with a brief look at where it’s transiting your chart

*each one will include a summary and channeled message, with the length/ depth depending on which option chosen*

Direct Messages only pls!

Blessings and love


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Personal Astrology Readings October 2020

*These are the first 6 asks that followed the guidelines & gave me all the info I needed when requests were open:) I’m only posting these 6 during the month of October but I might open requests again for November later on🥰

*I will start posting these readings after the new moon on the 16th

💜💜Thank you guys for being so patient💜💜

GSP / dark green & gold / 🦑👾🦕 - General

FlowerCrown / gold and green / ✨💫💚 - General

Dede / green / 😏❤️😂 - General

AL / emerald green / ✨💐💃 - Karmic

TA / blue / 🌙🌌♒ - Karmic

Sav / pink / 🥴🙄💙 - Karmic

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Hi dear<3

I’m hesitant to give a solid date but possibly around November 3?? After the full moon??

I’m planning on posting my current tarot requests between now and the new moon on October 16 and then I’ll post the current requests for astrology readings I have between the 16 and the full moon on the 31 so maybe after I’ve recovered from that???

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I was a little freaked when Every. Single. Card. decided to pop out of this deck reversed, but I think this deck and I are going to have a really compelling and transformative relationship

I found this spread online, it’s not my own!

Card 1: Tell me about yourself, what is your most important characteristic?

Ace of Pentacles reversed: Whenever I do readings for myself or clients, my number one goal is to empower. Too many people view divination tools as a way to see a future that we have no control over, but in my opinion this is so far from the truth. Divination, and tarot in particular are meant to assist us in understanding ourselves and reaffirming what we know ourselves intuitively.

Card 2: What are your strengths?

Nine of Swords reversed: I think this deck’s strongest attribute is going to be its ability to show the bright side of even the most difficult of situations. I think this deck is an uplifting one which wants to empower us and help us learn.

Card 3: What are your limits?

Strength reversed

Once again I think this deck is telling me that it’s going to put so much power into the querent’s hands. The cards are a tool, but you are going to have to make your own choices and your own mistakes. The cards are just here to help confirm what we already know. Trust your intuition.

Card 4: What are you here to teach me?

Knight of Pentacles reversed

This deck is here to teach me about self-discipline, organization, and routine. Something which is DESPERATELY needed in my life.

Card 5: How can I best learn and collaborate with you?

Ace of Cups reversed

I can best collaborate with you by coming from a place of self-love and compassion.

Card 6:

The outcome of our relationship is going to be me gaining a deeper knowledge of my inner self and the patterns I am repeating in my life. I am going to learn how to release myself from these patterns and to forgive myself.

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sign: gemini sun | gemini moon | leo rising

lovers + soulmates Park Jimin | Jung Hoseok

This reading is for Seidj, a lovely fellow hard-stan moot & Hopekook bias. Please note that this is the first reading I’ve done wherein both options were too close to call (I spent hours agonizing) so I decided to incorporate a triad/throuple situation - lucky you ;) Please enjoy, love!


The powerful, fiery of your Leo rising is only fueled by the dreamy, airy nature of your Gemini sun and moon, making you all but impossible to pin down here on earth. This combination is the most enthusiastic in the zodiac, making you a natural born leader in all areas of your life. The Gemini is the brilliant ideator at the helm of initiatives who steers teams towards success at work and is the cheerleader in their various social circles. You are undoubtedly the life of the party - the fun, burst of energy cherished by close friends and admired by strangers alike. People are inherently fascinated by you as they are not always sure what they are going to get when you walk into the room. Gemini is the true sign of duality, after all, and with this in both your sun and moon placements you truly exist in complex multitudes that many people can never quite anticipate or understand but are more than happy to go along on the ride for. Generally aloof and always on the move, it is likely that people want to tame you, proving that your mysterious can be subdued and controlled to some degree. A person of your star placements, however, knows deeply the profound need for individuality and will likely avoid the trappings of normalcy at all costs - your fantasy world is undoubtedly superior than any real-world happenings on the ground.

The inability by others to pin you down applies directly to your romantic life as well, likely leading to a long path plenty of broken hearts in your wake. You do not mean to hurt anyone, its just that you love love but not necessarily commitment to just one person. Easily bored and occasionally self-obsessed, you may develop crushes on people easily, falling hard and fast in true romantic Leo fashion for a beautiful stranger that passes you by (this may be the one!) You likely realize just as quickly that this person does not satisfy you either intellectually, physically or both before quickly moving on to the next shiny new thing. Ultimately, you are looking someone who keeps you on your toes (and makes your toes curl), is mentally stimulating, and stabilizing without inhibiting your innate need to be free. In the meantime, you’re all about enjoying the ride on your way to true love.

Luckily, the equally charming Park Jimin is on your wavelength when you meet in a chance encounter at a lounge on a random night out on the town. Jimin’s Libra is a true match for your airy Gemini, and within moments of approaching each other you instantly click. Sharing a Gemini moon means that there is a magical alignment here: the charm, intelligence and wit essentially that pours from both of your energies is natural, giving off the appearance that perhaps you’ve known each other for years. Your synchronicity bleeds into an undeniable sexual chemistry - it’s apparent from the moment his fingers graze yours as you dance, sliding across the room before coming together for a soft, warm kiss as the lights flicker above you. You two become inseparable, though of course there is a bit of game playing over flirtatious texts and the usual hard-to-get behavior of two attractive air signs. Ultimately, you’re both happy to let your respective guards down and let each other into your internal worlds. Though generally soft and sweet, Jimin’s powerful placesments of Neptune in Capricorn and Venus in Scorpio providing just enough edge for your Gemini soul, while his romantic nature speaks directly to your bold, expressive Leo rising. You need someone who can talk as well as they can listen, and Jimin is that for you - hanging on every word you say, but also equally able to engage with you no matter what the topic. This is a duo that loves to play, so you are likely to fall in love over intimate dance lessons, drinks at local watering holes, and long walks through the city. You could easily spend hours together, holding hands and sneaking in little kisses in alleyways, which you do. Friends would certainly appreciate if you could keep your hands off of each other when you’re all out together.

Jimin’s Venus is in Scorpio, meaning that he is prone to loving with the intensity, jealousy and passion trademarked by the scorpion when he falls for someone and opens up to them fully. While you are both incredibly flirtatious and sociable, Jimin can become unnerved when he sees you getting too close a potential new love interest. You can both openly admit that while unwarranted, his jealous does lend itself to excellent foreplay. You may not love when Jimin is controlling, but you love how his eyes darken and his hands firmly grip your waist as the elevator doors close on your way back to your apartment. My girl likes to play, hmm? Let’s play. His love style is not so much dominating as it is all-consuming: his lips devouring yours before tracing your jawline, your neck, and the top of your breasts as his hands follow along to trail your hips. Fortunately, a private elevator allows for privacy with a bit of exhibitionism, which ignites a naughtiness within the both of you and leads Jimin to act a bit out of character as he kneels down in front of you, lifting your leg over his shoulder before his tongue moves in between your thighs. In this duo, Gemini is the wilder of the two but pleasure-seeking Gemini is more than happy to oblige, enjoying the way your legs tremble as he alternates between flicking his tongue over your clit while his fingers craze your core. He lives for praise, which you are happy to give while his hands grip his hair as he brings you to your edge. Yes, just like that. Do you know how fucking perfect you are?

Typically, an overly emotional Libra may not bode well for the very independent double Gemini. This is a pairing that is able to be both friends and lovers because of the other placements in your charts.  Jimin’s moody and emotional Gemini moon and Scorpio Venus is tempered nicely by his Libra sun, which ultimately seeks balance above all else and to please those in his orbit. As much as you adore each other, he knows that you are someone who is curious about the world and is not easily settled, so he does not try to lock you into a romantic, monogamous commitment. Libra lives to love, and wants to satisfy you by any means necessary. As a result, is able to respect your need for freedom while giving you the emotional connection you need. In return, you can easily promise to love and respect him for life in a way that you’ve always wanted to.

It is in your nature to explore and seek out new experiences, which brings you to an open-air music and art festival just outside the city on a warm late-summer evening. You are in your element, thriving in the buzzing of the music floating through the air and the energy of the people around you. Your Libra rising paired with Gemini means that you do not have a signature “style”, opting instead for whatever you’re feeling on a given evening and knowing how to rock it with your innate confidence. It is not unusual for you to have all eyes on you, but you are taken aback when you spot particularly handsome man who is taking you in from head to toe. The piercing nature of his stare from beneath his bucket hat is electrifying, and the sly smile that follows immediately ignites your fire. This only intensifies when he turns and continues to make his way through the grounds, instead of predictably approaching you as anyone else would. Your Venus in Aries lends you to loving the thrill of the chase, so you are happy to play, playfully shadowing him until he stops in front of an interactive exhibit and beckons you to join him. Interesting isn’t it? I love this artist - he does some of my favorite street art. I’m Jung Hoseok, by the way.

The Aquarius Hoseok has an energy that is irresistible to your Gemini spirit, and is characteristically charming, strange and intriguing to you. You are kindred spirits in terms of your quirkiness and individuality, which connects you on a friendship level first. Neither Aquarius or Gemini want anything that is easy, conventional or predictable, so the relationship begins by simply getting to know each other, playfully and intentionally, over dinners and little adventures around the city. As highly intellectual beings, you and Hoseok are able to know each other mentally, sparring and enjoying the quick-witted, intelligent candor of your conversations. He is unlike anyone you’ve ever met, regularly surprising you with his signature uniqueness that spans from his worldview to his fashion sense - a trademark of his Aquarius moon and mars placements. HIs Moon in Taurus makes him hard-headed at times when it comes to what he desires in life, while his Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn make him extremely strong, creative and instictual - all key components of his success (and his ability to afford to live of an adventurous Aquarius). It is likely you want him to loosen up a bit at first, and you are able to lighten up with your Leo fire. Beneath the devastatingly cool, professional demeanor, Hoseok possesses an emotional depth that you may not have expected as a result of his Venus in Pisces. Intimidating on the surface, Hoseok is a romantic soul whose dreaminess translates into his work and the way he loves - passionately and with unmatched dedication. Hoseok is drawn to the quickness of your mind and how it works a mile a minute, bouncing from one idea to the next with such dexterity he can’t help but admire. He also deeply appreciates your independent, free-flowing spirit, which cannot be bogged down in the status quo or societal expectations of black and white thinking. Despite your differences or perhaps because of then, this is a relationship that deepens to an extent - despite your highly individual natures - wherein you cannot fathom being without the other, creating a fundamental friendship bond that is impenetrable.

This pairing recognizes a shared attraction that sends shockwaves through their veins from the start, and when these two finally get each other alone and naked, the connection is nothing short of intense. This is a moody pair, and that translates very well to sex, which can be soft and tender or more aggressive and intense depending on the time of day. Distract this Aquarius from his work with a bratty text and you’re guaranteed to be met with Jung Hoseok, his brow furrowed and sweat dripping down his neck as he thrusts into you from behind against his desk, moans filling the studio as you take every inch of him with pleasure. You just couldn’t wait, could you? He gets harder watching you let go under his touch, your lips forming into a smile as your eyes meet each other’s in the mirror, causing him to ramp up the energy as only he can with his lean dancer’s physique and stamina. When Gemini gets horny on the way to dinner, its only a matter of moments before you’re pulled off into a discreet area of the parking lot, your hips grinding onto the hardness in his jeans before pulling your skirt to the side to slide onto his cock without thinking twice. You’re both exceptionally curious about each other, wanting to become experts at getting the other off, and sex can often feel like a game as your eyes lock into each other and feed off of the shared fire and desperation. This is likely one of the kinkiest couples in the zodiac, the nature of your airiness activating each other’s deepest, wildest energies when the mood strikes. Hoseok’s Pisces Venus makes him especially passionate, his deep voice whispering into your ear as he’s he knows you’re about to finish. Let me hear you beautiful, I want to hear my pretty baby say my name while she comes for me. While this duo connects on numerous levels, the physicality of this particular coupling is off the charts - so much so that you’re likely to bring in a lucky special guest or two into the bedroom from time to time to share the experience.

When an Aquarius and Gemini come together, it is best to expect the unexpected. You both understand that life is to be meant to its fullest, and that as long as everything is handled financially and in your respective careers that there is no need to be tied down or stagnant for too long when there is so much to savor. A Gemini and Aquarius pairing is not meant for a traditional life, opting instead to march to the beat of their own drum, which works out well considering your boyfriend Park Jimin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon - and you don’t want him to. This is a special relationship which provides both financial and emotional stability with the business-minded Aquarius Hoseok at the helm, alongside the spontaneity and adventure that your energetic Gemini heart requires (think taking the jet to the Shanghai or Tokyo on a Thursday afternoon with your boyfriends for the hell of it). The Aquarius/Gemini are likely the primary couple in this dynamic, with our Libra Jimin being there for you when you need an escape, or a day-long cuddle underneath the covers, or a partner to socialize with when Hoseok is in producer/director mode. This is only possible with a profound level of respect, trust and appreciation for their other as a partner and an autonomous person which is something very achievable with this duo. Ultimately, you are able to create a life that may not be understood by all - and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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