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astrowithkaro · a month ago
ğ–†ğ–˜ğ–™ğ–—ğ–”ğ–‘ğ–”ğ–Œğ–ž 𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖘𝖍𝖊𝖊𝖙 - 𝓅𝑒𝓇𝒻𝑒𝒸𝓉 𝒻♡𝓇 𝒷𝑒𝑔𝒾𝓃𝓃𝑒𝓇𝓈 ❣️
This post is intended for those who want to learn the basics/keywords of:
The 12 zodiac signs
The planets/points
The 12 houses
The 5 main aspects
❥ 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘵𝘸𝘦𝘭𝘷𝘦 𝘴𝘶𝘯 𝘴𝘪𝘨𝘯𝘴
Aries: energy, bold, ego, rash, whimsical, impulse
Taurus: solid, stable, sustain, provide, nurture, stubborn
Gemini: think, discuss, adapt, volatile, curious, playful
Cancer: compassion, care, emotion, security, family
Leo: pride, creativity, perform, generous, temper
Virgo: assist, health, care, worry, analyze, perfecting
Libra: beauty, balance, peace, justice, equality, vain
Scorpio: passion, lust, desire, secrets, taboo, eager
Sagittarius: explore, debate, philosophy, travel, observe
Capricorn: plan, secure, logic, business, details, practical
Aquarius: individualism, progress, unconventional, technology
Pisces: dream, fantasy, martyr, forget, aware
❥ 𝘗𝘭𝘢𝘯𝘦𝘵𝘴 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘪𝘳 𝘴𝘪𝘨𝘯𝘪𝘧𝘪𝘤𝘢𝘯𝘤𝘦
Sun: vitality, ego, creative expression, action, conscious
Moon: emotions, instincts, habits, needs, moods, unconscious
Mercury: intellect, logic, thinking, communication, decision
Venus: pleasure, romance, love, femininity, money, values
Mars: aggression, drive, sex, desire, competition, masculinity
Jupiter: luck, growth, optimism, achievements, morals, success
Saturn: karma, limitation, boundaries, discipline, authority, control
Uranus: Individualism, revolution, liberation, rebellion, inspiration
Neptune: illusion, delusion, dreams, escapism, spirituality, imagination, ecstasy, mysticism
Pluto: power, transformation, metamorphosis, death, rebirth, obsess, occult
Chiron: inner wounds of body-mind-spirit, trauma, pain-healing
(Black moon) Lilith: repressed anger-sexuality-vulnerability, shadow self, primitive impulses, behavioral pattern
North node/true node: direction for growth in current life, desire
South node: past life instincts/behaviour that reincarnated in current life
Midheaven/mc: highest point, career goals, aspiration, reputation
❥ 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘵𝘸𝘦𝘭𝘷𝘦 𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘴𝘦𝘴
1H: identity, surface, facade, personality, drive, conscious
2H: money, possessions, wealth, security, love
3H: gossip, mind, communication, intellect, perception
4H: home, history, family, siblings, tradition, security
5H: creativity, children, pride, ownership, ego, amusement
6H: routine, work, health, nursing, duty, worry
7H: marriage, business partners, love, beauty, attraction
8H: sex, death, taboo, mystery, transformation, unconscious
9H: higher education, travel, experience, religion, philosophy
10H: career, reputation, drive, ethics, organization
11H: Community, friend groups, humanity, altruism
12H: psyche, subconscious, drugs/alcohol, dreams, secrets
❥ 𝘈𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘵𝘴
Conjunction; 0°: blend, subjective, blind spot, unite, exaggerate
Trine; 120° : Support, talent, unnoticed, second-nature
Sextile; 60°: Talent, ease, overt, potential, harmony
Square; 90°: inner conflict, tension, stress, action, lessons
Opposition; 180°: oscillation, disconnect, uncertainty, insecurity
Tumblr media
𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖙'𝖘 ğ–Žğ–™ 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖓𝖔𝖜, 𝖑𝖒𝖐 ğ–Žğ–‹ ğ–žğ–”ğ–š 𝖜𝖆𝖓𝖙 𝖆 𝖕𝖙.2 𝖙𝖔 ğ–™ğ–ğ–Žğ–˜! 𝕲𝖑𝖆𝖉 𝖙𝖔 𝖍𝖊𝖑𝖕.
𝖄𝖔𝖚 𝖈𝖆𝖓 ğ–‹ğ–Žğ–“ğ–‰ ğ–’ğ–ž ğ–’ğ–†ğ–˜ğ–™ğ–Šğ–—ğ–‘ğ–Žğ–˜ğ–™ 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖊
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le-nora · 4 months ago
•⚘°༉‧₊❀˚✧ . ❁˚ ⚘*ೃ ❀*ૢ
Astro Observations
•⚘°༉‧₊❀˚✧ . ❁˚ ⚘*ೃ ❀*ૢ
All of these are based off of my own experiences, and dedicated to my loved ones who inspired me to make this post! Please take the information with a grain of salt if it does not resonate, as astrology can manifest in many different ways— other than the suggested notes below.
☼— Book a reading with me here! —☼
Tumblr media
*à«¢ 𖡼⚘.𖤣𖥧𖡼.𖤣𖥧⚘.ğ–¡¼.𖤣𖥧𖡼.⚘𖤣𖥧*à«¢
⚘ You may find yourself attracting a lot of people who have the opposite sign of your Sun as their rising— you would likely be their ideal type since your Sun shines in their 7H
(Ex. I attract a lot of Aries risings since my Libra Sun lands in their 7H or even conjuncts the DSC)
⚘ I've noticed how a lot of 5H Scorpio or Pluto natives tend to attract people who can be very possessive over them or emotionally destructive...
My best friend has this and had some pretty messy dating experiences. A more positive manifestation I've noticed is how the partner can be very passionate, loyal, and financially driven or materially stable (Capricorn in 7H)
⚘ 6H Aries or Mars natives may really need to pay attention to their water intake... Drink lots and lots of it or else you'll get headaches or migraines from dehydration!
Especially since Aries/Mars governs the head, rules the fire element, and is a dry planet... there's an indication that it can cause some of these concerns in the 6H of health and wellness.
This is also evident through the 6H governing the processes of absorption while being opposite of the 12H that governs bodily fluids and water
⚘ Having the Solar Return 3H overlaying the Natal 9H may suggest a year full of teaching and learning! You'll have a very active mind. There's also a possibility that something significant will happen that year, regarding school.
This is due to the fact that the former governs early education and thinking processes, while the latter is higher education and knowledge or beliefs.
A specific manifestation could be publishing a dissertation since the 3H governs writing as well
⚘ I've noticed how Aries Moon and Moon-Mars natives tend to enjoy or handle hot and spicy foods a lot better than other natives. In contrast, Venusian influenced Moons may often enjoy sweeter food.
Astroherbology, Vedic and food astrology could explain these manifestations since it's noted how Mars governs more hot, spicy, dry or pungent plants and foods... Whereas Venus governs sweets and fragrant, rich tastes! The Moon also governs the stomach in Medical astrology
(Ex. I have a Rohini/Taurus Moon in Vedic astrology, and I love desserts! My best friend is a Tropical Taurus Moon and always suggests getting dessert after dinner too...
+ My brother is a Tropical Aries Moon and finished the 2x spicy Korean ramen noodles when I couldn't even eat half of it lmao)
⚘ A 9H and 2H / 3H and 8H Synastry overlay could indicate a couple that has similar values and beliefs as one another due to their financial upbringing and/or educational backgrounds
⚘ A Mars-Chiron conjunction in Synastry may refer to a pair that bonded quite quickly due to open wounds that needed to be healed. Fleeting emotions of passion could specifically lead to sexual healing.
Although, there's a chance that the connection could end just as fast due to misunderstanding or past traumas resurfacing... and this is because of Mars' burning nature.
A positive manifestation of this synastry placement is that the two will likely learn how to transform their vulnerabilities into confidence through one another
⚘ Based on Derivative Astrology (often used in Horary), you can find out your future spouse's career through your own natal chart from your 12H and 4H.
Since the spouse is represented by the 7H, use this as the Ascendant and count 6 houses away from it (since the 6H governs jobs)— you will land on the 12H. The sign on the cusp and planets within describes the nature of their job.
Ex. My 7H is Taurus, so 6 houses away should be Libra. This could be a field related to the arts, business partnerships, the judicial system, legalities, etc— any type of job this sign governs.
I have a bit of my Scorpio on this cusp as well, so they may specifically be involved with research or money from other resources (ie. Grants, Taxes).
Since careers are governed by the 10H and again, the 7H represents the spouse... you should use the 10H as the new Ascendant and count 7 houses away from it. This would lead you to the 4H. The sign on the cusp and planets here will also describe the nature of the spouse's career.
Ex. My 10H is Leo, so 7 houses away from it is Aquarius. Therefore, my spouse's career very likely involves technology, social networks, and any other fields relating to this sign.
I personally find all of this information fitting for myself, since in Vedic Astrology, my Darakaraka (spouse indicator) is Venus, and it sits in the 11H (which is traditionally governed by Aquarius). Mercury sits in this house as well, so research would make sense.
*Please let me know if you'd like more information on Derivative Astrology!
Tumblr media
*à«¢ 𖡼⚘.𖤣𖥧𖡼.𖤣𖥧⚘.ğ–¡¼.𖤣𖥧𖡼.⚘𖤣𖥧*à«¢
❁ Libra or Venus in the 3H may often think about love and relationships a little more than others, and they may even seem very talented at flirting
❁ I've noticed how 4H or 7H Aquarius natives may actually meet a lot of friends online or have a closer bond with people they meet on the net than those in real life
This could be due to their image and public persona shining as a Leo rising or midheaven
❁ Natives who have Moon opposite Pluto may have a very close emotional and intuitive bond to their mother. Both of these planets fluctuate in energy and are receptive. Think of the moon pushing and pulling the tides of the ocean.
There's an overwhelming understanding for the mother's desire for control and protectiveness, despite how difficult it can make the native feel. Perhaps this placement can point at intergenerational trauma since the Moon governs our roots and nurturing, while Pluto represents hidden trauma itself
❁ Natives with Sun or Moon in the 8H may gain inheritance from their parents. Having Sun there may refer to the father figure, while the Moon may refer to the mother figure.
If we disregard gender— Sun is the assertive or domineering parent, while Moon is the emotionally dominant one.
Otherwise, the native's parents may play an active role in how they handle their money, possessions and/or stock investments
(Ex. My friend Sun and Mercury in his 8H, and his dad often teaches him about money matters)
❁ I've noticed how a lot of my 12H Saturn friends have fairly religious parents, whereas they themselves have some skepticism regarding organized religion or belief systems...
Despite all of this, they may leave others alone to practice their religion rather than trying to impose their thoughts. While Saturn is a teacher, it sits in the house of the subconsciousness... So if they disagree, they may simply keep it in the back of their mind and move on
❁ Having Jupiter in the 5H Composite likely suggests that you and your partner will travel or spend a lot of money together in order to have fun! Especially since Jupiter governs travel and expansion, while the 5H refers to fun and entertainment
This could even be a placement that brings in "relationship weight"
❁ You can see how you nurture and heal yourself and others through looking at the degrees your Chiron is at!
Ex. Having Piscean degrees (12°, 24°) on your Chiron may hint at the native having spiritual or artistic (sometimes both) gifts that help heal themselves and others
(I have a Virgo degree (6°, 18°) on my 11H Chiron, and have always been known for my writing about social issues and other 11H topics. My friend has a Sagittarian degree (9°, 21°) on his 7H Chiron and he heals from travelling and his relationships)
❁ A 6H-12H synastry overlay shows an immense amount of self-sacrifice and compassion from both parties!
The 12H person will help the 6H through exploring their subconscious emotions, while the 6H person will help ground the 12H native with practical daily routines and responsibilities.
There's constant giving with these two, especially since these two houses are about altruism and service
© 2021 Copyright Lenora (Sailor Solar)
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jademyrtille · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
12th house - The Secret Enemy you hide from Yourself
I have seen many people in the Astrology community confused about the idea of the 12th house being associated with one's "secret enemies". Often the misunderstanding is that all people who have their Sun or Moon in a sign, that you have on your 12th house cusp will become a "hidden enemy". Or there is a stereotype, that all hidden enemies will belong to a specific social group, for example for a Scorpio rising with Libra in the 12th house cusp every romantic partner will secretly be their enemy, or for a Capricorn Rising their teachers and gurus may become a hidden enemy.
In reality, this energy doesn't have to reflect directly through another person's one specific placement or be linked clearly to their role in your life, as in fact some people may have no planets falling in your 12th house at all, yet you might still experience this energy. The sign on the 12th house cusp describes the traits, that become your vices without you realising it consciously, because these things fall out of the sight of your ascendant, and thus take effort to grasp with your conscious mind. Often people embodying these traits are within your close circle, friends, partners, family members, because these people mirror this unconscious aspect of you back to yourself, so that you can integrate it and grow in self awareness.
For example, for a Libra Rising with Virgo on the 12th house cusp the trait that is secretly toxic to you is people trying to "fix you". A Libra Rising needs acceptance and harmony in relationships. Someone trying to help you with your healing or helping you process trauma is one thing, but people making you feel like you're inherently and irredeemably flawed is another. This disturbs the harmonising process a Libra Rising needs in their life for balance and peace, and takes away this element of companionship from any relationship.
I'm a Libra Rising in the sidereal zodiac and it always hurt me, how since childhood everyone in my environment tried to point out my flaws and superficial imperfections seemingly because they tried to "help", but instead it made me feel like faulty merchandise, and I felt criticised, which is very Virgo in nature, on the negative spectrum of this sign's energy. Truth is these people just had an issue because I was not fitting in with some mental concept they had, so they tried to bring me down under the guise of "fixing the problem". It had little to do with anyone actually wanting to help me, which I recognise easily as someone who actually heals others all the time both in work and personal life.
A "hidden enemy" for a Libra Rising may also have mercurial traits - play mind games, resort to deceit and trickery, hide vital pieces of information, try to manipulate the situation by making you feel "less than" instead of honestly and directly fixing a problem.
All these situations in a Libra Rising's life are a mirror of their own subconscious intense self criticism and desire to fit in and fulfill everyone's expectations. These situations are meant to teach them to scrutinize who they invite into their lives over going along to get along with everyone. A Libra Rising needs to develop unconditional self acceptance and self expression, even in the face of someone's disapproval, because they need to give themselves unconditional love for all their imperfections.
Let's look at the same scenario for a Scorpio Rising. With Libra on the 12th house cusp, these people's "secret enemies" may keep very close to them and be very sweet to their face, look polite and socially acceptable, yet backstab the Scorpio Rising while appearing completely innocent to their environment. This is a scenario, which very much plays in to the paranoid Scorpio nature of trusting no one due to bad experiences with people like that. In truth, it is a tactic to undermine the Scorpio Rising's power by destroying them from the inside with a pretty facade, because of how a Scorpio Rising is triggering to their environment. Libra on the 12th house cusp energy can poison the Scorpio Rising from the inside in one on one situations, which will weaken them into being unable to express their energy, that seems so scary to so many people, who don't want to face themselves.
The lesson of this placement is for a Scorpio Rising to come out of their shell and stand up for themselves openly and express their own power, desires and self assertion without hiding them. Only by direct confrontation you can actually call out the people in your life, who may have appeared sweet but turned out sour underneath. It is also a natural filter, for who is meant to be in your life. If someone leaves your life because you were honest about who you are, they didn't deserve you in the first place. By unashamedly radiating their controversial Mars - Pluto energy, a Scorpio Rising finds balance inside themselves, without having to subconsciously crave people, who superficially appear more balanced to "fill them up".
These examples are meant to show you, how in truth any "hidden enemy" energies coming into your life are an external representation of an aspect of your own internal disharmony. We are always our own worst enemy, secret or not, and we only heal that part of ourselves when we make friends with it instead of constantly looking for the source of the problem in people around us. As much as people need to be held accountable for being hurtful towards you, you need to take accountability for your own self destructive, subconscious pattern, that are steering your life until you get familiar with them.
Due to demand in the Astrology Communities where I shared this post, I added brief descriptions for other Rising Signs under the cut, Libra and Scorpio Rising have been explained above so I'm not including them. Please note, that any planets in your 12th house will exacerbate the situations described, and require that much more self awareness and healing.
Aries Rising - like with all Risings with the influence of Mars, there is an element of other people feeling intimidated by you due to Mars' confrontational nature. So with Pisces in the 12th, you can have people playing the martyr and the victim, while blowing your actions out of proportion due to Jupiter rulership and using their sensitivity and compassion to paint you as the bully. Like with Scorpio Rising, the lesson here is in direct confrontation, regardless of people's opinions. With this Rising, you just need to stay on track and keep going, and not let anyone suck you into useless conflict.
Taurus Rising - Hidden enemies can be people ruining your inner grounding and stability with violent actions. Venus ruled Risings need an element of harmony in their lives, and you may subconsciously attract people, that are unnecessarily aggressive, as per your perception, someone who you may feel attacks you without reason. In truth, it is the Universe's attempt at teaching you to ground yourself even amongst chaos. Life always has an element of unpredictability and violence, and with your life path you are supposed to be the grounding force, no matter what storms rage around you.
Gemini Rising - The energy you may be battling with is lack of flexibility. The Gemini Rising path is about mental exploration and versatility, and you may have people trying to hold you back through forcibly making you stuck in traditionalist patterns, or questioning your more adventurous ideas. The purpose behind it is to make you realise, that you need to be your own stabilising force, your own point of reference that you come back to, as you peruse the world endlessly like a never-ending story. Every book has a cover on both sides for a reason, and you need to be that framework for yourself, because only this will give you enough balance and freedom to both stay sane and be able to wander wherever your spirit calls you.
Cancer Rising - Like with Libra Rising, the Mercurial energy on your 12th house cusp may attempt to upset your balance by playing mind games. This is detrimental to your inner sense of safety and natural emotional compass, that guides you through life. People in this energy may try to undermine your feelings or impressions and point out logical inconsistencies, destabilising you and then calling it a "joke". There is a chaos and inconsistency, that throws you off course. However, the point of this exercise is to make you trust your intuition and your gut feeling unconditionally, no matter what people say. Also, it mirrors back the harsh truth, that your moods can be pretty changeable too, and that flexibility is an important element in life. You only get to certain places, when you're pushed out of your comfort zone.
Leo Rising - With Cancer ruling the 12th house cusp, you may have people try to keep you forcibly attached to them, manipulate you emotionally, guilt trip you, demand your care and emotional attention excessively, which stops you from focusing on shining through your own life path. The key is to realise you're a bright light just by being yourself and you can't cater to everyone, and when you let people overindulge in your energy they will take advantage of you. Leo needs that external approval, but they need to focus on the fact that their shine comes from within, not from the outside.
Virgo Rising - You may struggle with people, who you feel are less competent than you, yet stronger in their ego and thus prone to what you feel is bossing you around with no practical advantage to back that up. The idea here is to show you, how much deep down you doubt your own skill and charisma and how much you rely on external validation to believe in your own usefulness and competence. These people exist to show you, that you yourself also have a unique shine, and you have the right to express it both in work and in private life, and it's not about perfection, but authenticity. Other people expressing themselves freely are not a threat, but a reminder that you could be doing the same anytime, if only you wanted to.
Sagittarius Rising - The hidden enemy is someone, that you don't see coming, but will make you trip with a precise hit mid-stride, just as you were about to climb the highest mountain, and the fall to the bottom will be painful. These situations are not meant to destroy you or even bring you back down to earth, but to make you ask yourself, where you are running and what for. Your endless journey can easily become a chase towards nothing, if you don't remember the goal. Scorpio in the 12th house has the utmost depth of spiritual meaning within. You need to reconnect with this part of yourself as you continue on your path, or little jabs here and there will make you question your direction and purpose.
Capricorn Rising - You may be secretly annoyed with people, that you can't place or define. People, who don't operate within any system, don't stick to a single, clear path. In truth, you are denying the part of yourself, that is immortal, chaotic and uncontrollable, because you are scared it will go out of bounds and mess up your grand plan. These people externally exist as a mirror, so that you can realise that there is order and beauty in chaos, and everything can be put to good use if you want to, because the Creator made everything perfect, even the parts that escape being controlled.
Aquarius Rising - A strong psychological aversion towards structures. The energy of lack of progress, being stuck with the same, outdated rigid values and principles, values that don't work for people anymore but are kept with no apparent purpose because "that's how things always were". This traditionalist streak exists to show you, how badly you yourself need systems in your life. First, you need old paradigms, so that you have something to rebel against. Then, your plan is simply to install a new paradigm. Your new paradigm will become outdated one day as well. This rising needs to learn, that you will be tomorrow, what people of yesterday are to you right now. Perception is relative. During any timeline systems exist for a reason.
Pisces Rising - This pertains to this Rising feeling "different", out of this world, or like an outcast. People, who belong to organised social structures may be perceived as a threat to the boundless freedom that you crave, you may feel that they are trying to confine and restrict you. These situations only exist to make you realise, how deeply you want to be a part of something bigger on this planet, how much your soul craves that connection to a greater physical life force outside of yourself. Don't be afraid to remain your dreamy self, but believe that you can meet those, with whom you will belong in this lifetime. Being with them will give you a sense of freedom, not oppression.
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acaplion · 17 days ago
Astrology Observations Part III
Tumblr media
Hi! Welcome to the third part of my astrology observations. Everyone seems to love these so I will try to get one out at least monthly. This one is also halloween themed because well it's October! If you enjoyed this post, please reblog or like so more people can see this post. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support. Check out the masterlist here for more astrology insights and tarot pick a pile readings.
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Tumblr media
🍃 Capricorn Venus, Capricorn Moon: These two have very high standards when it comes to a potential significant other. I would say, each individual has different needs and requirements. If there was a common theme it's one of stability. Capricorns value stability and steadfastness above all. If you aren't loyal, honest and present when the going gets tough they don't want it. They also have a lot of patience usually and are willing to wait for someone that offers that stability.
ğŸŽƒ Libra Suns, Risings: I know, I know it's super cliche, but these people generally have the most symmetrical faces. Not only that, their faces and overall appearance is just pleasing to the eye. They also tend to be quite photogenic and could definitely be models (personally I think commercial more than high fashion). With High Fashion I think more about Capricorn or Saturnian influences (look at Naomi Campbell).
👺 Saturn in the I house: Regardless of sign, if your Saturn is in the first house you might give off a Saturnian vibe (Capricorn and Aquarius). You might have been asked to be an adult early on in childhood. I notice that there may be a certain rebellious point around the first Saturn Return.
Tumblr media
🍁 Many planets or stellium in the 4th house: Because this is opposite the 10th house of career, I take this to mean that their focus is not on their career but instead on the family. They might be the stay at home mom or dad. If they do have a career, they make less 💰 than their partner.
😈Mars in the XII house: This in my opinion is not an easy placement. If badly aspected (squares, conjunctions, quincux), they can feel extremely frustrated and feel like they are not appreciated enough. They might have a hard time controlling their temper and then letting it out in inappropriate ways. They can also have propensity to have a sexual addiction. With the 12th house, what is secret will soon come to life so it won't be a secret for now.
🍂 Chiron in the X house: I've seen people with Chiron in the X house who's biggest wound is career. No matter how smart, how talented they are or how prestigious of a university they attend its like fate is against them in their career. Since Saturn and Capricorn rules the 10th house, they might have been independent from a very young age. I know someone who has this placement and he moved from a smaller city to Shanghai at the age of 11! He lived with his older brother but still, 11 is very young to move to a big city like that without your parents. It can also mean that you suffer from a reputation hit, that same person got denied entrance to a more prestigious university because of his reputation as being a troublemaker in school.
Tumblr media
🔮 Vertex Conjunct Sun (Natal): These people tend to be quite self assured and confident. Being in charge and being important in public comes easily. They might also find themselves attracting other powerful people without even trying.
🐿 Planets conjunct DC (Natal): These people tend to be very introverted and shy. They do not have many words to share with the world (particularly if Mercury is also there). They also prefer to be home, or around people they deem safe and nurturing. Planets near IC is even more obvious, but of the charts I have seen the most introverted people have both planets near the IC and DC and none near ASC and MC.
🏔North Node in Sag: My friend who has this placement has wanted to travel the world since she was in high school. She still travels especially around the states that she's living in now. She's always camping, hiking and exploring new places. I think people with this placement are called to travel and explore. It may look different for everyone how they do it though.
Tumblr media
Well that's it for this third installment of Astro Observations and Notes.I hope your enjoy this! And as always any reblogs or likes would be appreciated! The more it's shared, the more eyeballs can see it. Here's my tip jar so I can buy some ☕️.
© 2021 acaplion, all rights reserved
Disclaimer: I don't own any photos on this post, all rights to the owner. The dividers are from Firefly-Graphics.
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immortalink · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
i’ve been running this astrology blog for a few years now (since may 2019, i saw i wrote my first post at the start of gemini season wow) and i decided it’s time to put some of my posts together so it’s easier for people to navigate through them. i’ll try to keep the list updated and add more stuff.
click on the links below to read:
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now some good old astro notes: 
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more posts
you can read more astrology/spirituality posts from me by following my tag #vrangel <---click here to go through the posts tagged with it. i’ve started using it recently so not all of my posts are tagged with it but i’m trying to add them all. 
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what venus sign is your best match rn
which sign do you need to develop rn
sometimes i start astro games on my blog - i post what it’s about and what you need to tell me in order to participate, and you can send me an ask with the information while the game is open. i’ve completed two of those for now: the life style game and the signs of interest game. i tagged the responses i gave to all participants in the games with #life style game and #signs of interest but tumblr is being shitty as usual and not showing any posts for me. you can see some answers for the first game here and here, and for the second here, here, and here. also i think if you click on the tag in one of the asks it will actually load the rest of the answers too. #just tumblr things 
i will try to hold an astrology game every month, probably around the 15-20th, so stay tuned i guess.
ask me a question!
my inbox is always open and you can ask me a question by clicking here or doing it the old-fashioned way by caressing that “ask” button on my profile gently. however, there are some guidelines which i’d appreciate if you’d follow - read them here. they're not many and they’re pretty neat tbh.
paid readings
i’ll update the masterlist with a list of the paid services i offer when i have the time to actually start doing them. for now, click for my ko-fi to tip me if i’ve been of use to you! or if you just think i’m pretty cool, idk. it’s connected to a friend’s paypal since i deactivated mine some time ago, so i’d appreciate it if you write me a message here if you’ve tipped me.
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hotgirltarot · a month ago
🌼Mini Messages for the signs🌼
Apply to Sun, Moon, and Rising
Aries- Listen to your heart and soul. Your mind won't help you during this time.
Taurus- Stop trying to control every move and surrender to the unknown
Gemini- Surround yourself with people who love you & want the best for you
Cancer- Don't let people's opinions affect your decisions
Leo- Share your gifts with the world. You are ready!
Virgo- Stay grounded. Your Patience is being tested.
Libra- Your manifestations are coming. Keep holding your vision!
Scorpio- Let go of people who don't match your vibration.
Sagittarius- Own your uniqueness without apology.
Capricorn- Prioritize yourself that way you won't lose yourself in relationships
Aquarius- Doors are opening for you. Take the leap don't miss any opportunities because of fear!
Pisces- You still have time to apologize to those you have hurt in the past
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Magic Forest🍃🌟Reveals Your🌟🍂Higher Self🍃🌟🍁🍂🌙
This pick a card reading is channeled cosmic guidance from your higher self that is available and accurate for the collective energies of these groups. If you find that it relates to your situation, great! Leave feedback and note the group that resonated with you as well. Keep in mind these readings are general so please only take what resonates and leave out the rest is for someone else.
To recieve a one-on-one psychic session with your cosmic guide dm me for details please. ✨ love and light ✨💛
Now for this Magic🍂🌟Forest reading to reveal your higher self to you , you must meditate and concentrate! 🍃Choose the picture that calls out to you the most , the one you cannot stop staring at and keep looking at . That's the pile.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Each Film Strip Contains three photos. They are TEAM 1 , TEAM 2, TEAM 3, in film Strip number one , then in the second is TEAM 4, TEAM 5, AND TEAM 6.
🌟🍂There is a circle of magic around you;  It is as if you can do no wrong. Well, that's how it seems, at least. But don't let this sense of power that is filling you up now cause you to become overconfident or worse, pompous or arrogant. That isn't your style, but sometimes when one feels invincible, they may take chances they would not ordinarily take. This is not the time to do that. This is the time to appreciate the fact that things are going right for you and to aim your energy at what matters to you the most. Do that, and you will fare very well. 
Don't let pride stand in your way when it comes to accepting an offer or an opportunity from someone this month. You may think that accepting this chance will somehow make it appear that you can't do it on your own. But where you go from here with this will be dictated completely by your own actions and how much of yourself you invest in it. Don't worry about appearances;   You are extra-gifted now with matters that involve the written word. This may have to do with the way something is phrased in a contract - and if so, write it down yourself so that your expectations are completely clear to you and to others. Or, if this involves conveying a message or a presentation, write it all down and go over it until it feels right, and edit as you go. This can also be related to something creative that
🍁🍃There are many very happy things happening in the world right now. People are welcoming babies, achieving successes, doing good for their fellow man, rescuing cats stuck in trees, and on and on. There are, at the same time, many sad or upsetting things happening at the same time the good things are transpiring. At some point in our lives;  we have to make the choice of what to focus on. Right now, there is no need to focus on something unhappy or upsetting in your life. If you turn to the happy, the hopeful, and the positive, you can take your own life more easily down that happy, hopeful, positive path you prefer. Choose to be happy! 
TEAM 3: 
🍁🍂This is a wonderful day to get out into nature;  You are very at home in the natural world and spending your time in a peaceful, beautiful setting will do you good. You may be coming out of a tense time and trying to put certain worries behind you. You can accelerate that process by doing something fun but productive out under the sun - such as gardening, walking, or just taking a drive to enjoy the scenery. This is always a good way for you to center yourself. Don't underestimate the power a natural setting can inspire in you.
🌟🍃You may not be receiving the compliments and the accolades you have been expecting for a job well done. You may be feeling very proud of yourself right now; but that pride and admiration may not be reflected in your people. Let it go. Maybe there is some jealousy there for what you have managed to do against the odds, or maybe they are afraid you won't follow through with part of your plan. Get out there and do whatever needs to be done to complete your mission, and you will have all the admiration you can handle. 
On a side note: to clean out a messy closet, garage, or basement, you first have to tear it apart. You may have to dig into boxes and tear things asunder to figure out what is worth keeping and what should be thrown away. It could become pretty emotional at points because you will undoubtedly uncover sentimental things tied to fond memories. But it must be done sometimes to lighten your life and make things easier. You are faced now with the clearing out of some emotional baggage;  You can handle the process. Go forward with a clean-up, and you'll certainly lighten your outlook on life. 
🌙🍂You may be considering the positives and negatives of a situation you are considering in a very responsible and logical manner; You are very conscious of this because in the past, you have been more impulsive in decisions or choices like this one. So now you are being extra-cautious, extra-aware, and extra-scrupulous in figuring it out. But as you check and check again, just be sure you are not being overly cautious, overly aware, and overly scrupulous. It can go both ways. Relax, take a fresh look, and go with your instincts. 
You may be feeling like you are at a crossroad. Or on a speeding highway and need to take the next exit quickly before you crash. But the truth is, you have time to breathe it out and examine all roads leading to your goals and have a lot of time, so take your time deciding the right decision for you.  
🍂🌟Taking a chance that involves a big risk is sometimes necessary to get a big break in life. It may require you to go beyond your comfort zone, and it may make you feel shaky and insecure because you have no idea how it will turn out. You are on the verge of something big;   but it may not happen on its own. You may have to put yourself on the line for that door to open for you. Even if you fear rejection or failure, you need to step up with faith in yourself. Sometimes the biggest breakthroughs happen because you literally broke through your fear. 
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eclectic-witchling · a month ago
Tumblr media
hello there! ✨
because of my recent increase in sales, my diviner shop has been updated slightly with new available options & prices! please take a look above for the additions :))
- these readings are very in-depth and are typically 4-5 pages long, depending on which type of reading you choose—so i promise that you are getting a bang for your buck!!
- i go over every single aspect of your chart to ensure that you fully & clearly understand all of your placements!
- if you are interested in receiving one, please message me directly here on tumblr!! i am only able to accept cash app & venmo payments at this time.
please consider purchasing a reading from me; it will help me out more than you know, and i promise that you won’t be disappointed!!! 🥰
below are some recent reviews from past querents, just to give you a little insight on the services that i provide :))
i hope you all have a lovely day!! 🤍
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lvnbyeol · 4 months ago
can you do a jaehyun boyfriend reading or a personality reading please 💗
jaehyun personality reading
「 masterlist 」
a/n: hi, thank you for requesting! <3 i hope you'll like it :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To start off, Jaehyun has his Ascendant in Pisces. It gives him a dreamy and more gentle aura, while also making him pretty charming. Similar to other Water Risings, Pisces Ascendant makes for a changeable (other people might say “moody” but I don’t like that word hehe) personality. Jaehyun can “feel out” his environment and wants to make people comfortable around him, even if it may mean talking less or more. Usually, Pisces Rising people are described as open-minded, tho idealistic and very artistically inclined. Water Ascendant can come off as quite reserved or even secretive, and since I would describe Jaehyun more on the quieter side, I think this goes pretty well for him. Just think about how little we actually know about him!
Also, especially together with his 12th house stellium in Aquarius, he likes to take things easy and do them in his own way and time. Additionally, I find his Pisces Rising suits him insanely well, I always think about how he looks spaced out so often, but is also quite observant and I find you can definitely see this in his Pisces Rising and 12th house stellium.
Adding to this, I wanted to point out that he has his Saturn in his 1st house, which Taeyong has as well. This stuck out to me since it adds a little more ‘edge’ (idk if that’s the right word) to his appearance (think his eyebrows, defined jaw and a more “masculine” look). It also gives him a lot of natural fortune in terms or money and career. It also gives him a very unique appearance (which Pisces Rising often already have :0) and makes him disciplined and dependable. I feel like this thing of changing from one black shirt to another stems from placements in his chart similar to this (the Aquarius definitely also play a role in this lol).
(Note) Also, I wanted to add to this: I saw that he mentioned that he wants to be a dad and wanted to be one pretty young as well? So what I will say about his Aquarius Venus might confuse people when they've heard that from him. I definitely think his Saturn in 1st house plays a role in this. He may like the idea so much, because Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) also represents the more "masculine" parental role in the zodiac (opposite to Cancer, who is described as the "mother" of the zodiac). I think this placement might make the idea of being a father appealing to him.
Next I wanted to talk about this before-mentioned 12th house stellium in Aquarius. He has his Sun, Mercury and Venus in this cluster, which means he is idealistic, supportive and a little stubborn (more on that in a second).
These placements make me think that he may have problems with living in his head rather than the actual reality. Maybe he constantly thrives for a more “ideal” version of himself or thinks of himself as something different than his friends. He may often feel misunderstood even though he can be quite funny and witty (personally I think he is very funny).
In love, he will be a mixture between a best-friend-type of boyfriend and a true romantic. He likes to have his sentimental moments, but probably more to himself than showing it intensely outwards. He may be drawn to unconventional but compassionate people. Together with his Mars in Libra, I actually think he would make a pretty “classy” boyfriend. His Mars also makes him avoid direct conflict and he likes to have the feeling of harmony and balance in his relationships and passions (this also shows in his Mars being in retrograde).
Finally, adding his Taurus Moon to the mix, it manifests the idea that Jaehyun likes to do things in his own way but is actually a big softie. He may not be the best at handling complicated / “messy” emotions, but he will try his best to understand and support his friends and family. Similar as his Libra Mars, it makes him enjoy the finer things in life and appreciate more sensual, romantic moments with his partner. But, this placement also supports the idea of him being quite stubborn and reserved, he will need some sense of security and some patience from his s/o in order to fully open up emotionally.
© lvnbyeol
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scorpiocody · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Here’s what the New Moon in Libra is bringing to you ğŸŒšâœ¨â™Žï¸ (check sun + moon + rising)
♈️ Aries: you are directly opposite Libra,so this new moon is bringing a new start to something directly affecting your long term goals for both your relationships + career. What you put out is what you’ll receive. With Mercury in retrograde, your ‘connections’ from the past will also be resurfacing.
♉️ Taurus: you and Libra are both ruled by Venus, therefore Libra loves to flirt with you and help in any way she can. She’s putting a major focus on your physical and mental health, but primarily physical. You can also lookout for any expansion regarding your career aka positive breakthroughs.
♊️ Gemini: major focus on growth at the moment. You’re releasing any negativity + unhealthy mindsets that have been stunting your growth/success and welcoming in what your fellow Air sign has to offer for you. Expect expansion/travel during the month of October, you’re starting the journey to fulfill your path. Lastly, there’s a hint of romantic passion coming your way ;)
♋️ Cancer: you’re ruled by the Moon, so New Moons are already big deals for you, but this one is bringing you clarity. Major clarity, and resolution, in any aspect of your life that involves family + money.
♌️ Leo: balance is a major key for the rest of this month. Libra wants you to use your communication skills to deepen a new relationship or let go of baggage and make positive changes in your current relationships. Be careful to not come off argumentative or passive aggressive with Mercury currently in Retrograde
♍️ Virgo: money is on your mind and Libra wants you to sit down and create a plan on how you’re going to make more and save. Let go of whatever is draining you and your wallet. You’ve been working hard and now financial prosperity is on the way.
♎️ Libra: this can be a powerful + lucky time for you ♎️ embody your true identity and find the balance you’ve been searching for. Go on dates, enjoy! Work harder than you’ve been, you have the energy! Feel like the main character, it’s fine! The Sun + Moon + Mars + Mercury are all aligned with you so enjoy but try to let down the protective wall you’ve created around yourself and use this time to heal from what caused it.
♏️ Scorpio: let. it. go. this is a perfect time for you to release + heal. You know where there is imbalance in your life and now is the time to close the door and open a new one. You’re a natural born leader and your skills are both appreciated and intimidated. Strength is sexy and you know this. Keep an eye out for any Epiphanies this month.
♐️ Sagittarius: with an optimistic mindset your luck will find you. Now is the time to be social + flirty + network your ass off! Be open to business partnerships + mindful to your romantic endeavors. Listen to your dreams. This is also a time to heal any wounds in your family.
♑️ Capricorn: you’re currently making moves towards your desired abundance and, similar to Geminis at the moment, there is a major focus on growth for you. This growth includes personal + career + self worth, things you’ve been working towards for awhile now. You’ve acknowledged that there have been some bumps in the road recently but now is the time the road is starting to appear smoother and straighter. Work your ass off and abundance will flow effortlessly towards you.
♒️ Aquarius: long distance relationships are deepening as long as you can look past anything that has been weighing on your mind. You’ve been experiencing a lot of personal growth this year and are feeling stronger than ever. You’ve been wanting to plan another trip before the holidays so how’s the time to squeeze it in.
♓️ Pisces: major changes in your life are happening this month either physically or internally. Clarity is key right now so don’t be afraid to check things twice. Libra favors Pisces beautiful mind so remind yourself that any/all of these changes will be for your benefit. Everything happens for a reason.
Comment down below how this is manifesting in your life!
DM for how this can affect you more personally
Follow my insta: @everythinginscorpio
Follow my insta: @cody_springer_
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metaphordad · 2 months ago
It's official! I have $5 to my name 🥲
And I have to do laundry so it's about to be $1 tonight. 🙈
I'm still selling tarot and astrology readings!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And I've lowered my minimum to $10.
Long story short, I have a job lined up, it just so happens that it takes over a month to get properly into childcare if it's your first time in the field.
And even if I do take a few shifts, I will not get paid until SEPTEMBER 1ST AT THE EARLIEST! 😦
I need help bad. And I want to help YOU too. I will not be setting up a limited number of spots -- my readings are open indefinitely, as they come in.
I will only close them if I get crazy busy but that seems far off so I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
If you'd like a sample of how I read, feel free to ask me a simple question in my ask box!
Any other questions or inquiries can be sent via DM here or my instant gram.
My V-nmo and P-ypal will be exchanged if you express interest!
Please reblog if you feel so inclined, and thanks for the support I've been met with already! 💙🌱🤗💚
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astrowithkaro · 8 days ago
ğ•¯ğ–”ğ–’ğ–Žğ–“ğ–†ğ–“ğ–™ğ–˜ ğ–Žğ–“ ğ–žğ–”ğ–šğ–— 𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖙 ❣️
Short descriptions of what the dominant planets mean in your natal chart. To find out which planets are your dominant I recommend
Sun dominant
Sun dominants have a radiant/confident appearance and personality. They tend to make dramatic gestures. Sun dominants stand tall and have a strong sense of self-respect and are not afraid of presenting themselves in social situations.
Moon dominant
These people tend to have a softer/rounder appearance and personality. Their eyes are the windows to their souls followed by a soothing aura. They are most likely the person to notice incase anyone feels uncomfortable in social situations. Moon dominants also intellectualize themselves through emotions.
Mercury dominant
These people typically have a slender and airy appearance. Mercury dominants may either be petite like a fairy or tall like a supermodel. They think and act quickly, there is emphasis on their hands and arms - may use body language a lot when speaking. Very witty personalities.
Venus dominant
These people have a charming, proportionate and soft appearance to themselves. They may have nice curves and give off an ethereal vibe. They value aesthetics and art highly. Venus dominants are thoughtful and fair in social circumstances - appreciate honesty and sophistication.
Mars dominant
These people have a striking and dominating appearance which draws a lot of people in - may come off very determined and ready for a discussion whenever. Mars dominants are leaders rather than followers I would say and love to take initiative. Might like to stand up for those who are more receptive.
Saturn dominant
They have a classy and thoughtful appearance. They usually have amazing bone structure as well as work ethics. They may look or act more mature than their actual age. Saturn dominants are very realistic in their approach to life and value hard working individuals.
Jupiter dominant
These people have abundant and inspiring appearance and personality. These people are very lucky but they may overindulge which affects their looks or mental health. They enjoy the pleasures of life. Jupiter dominants may have darker features.
Uranus dominant
They have an eccentric and rebellious personality and appearance. The is emphasis on the forehead here, usually short to medium height. Uranus dominants tend to learn life lessons the hard way but are thus the wisest. The awakener. May be those "out of the box" thinking people or are attracted to such individuals.
Neptune dominant
They have a dreamy and soft appearance to themselves. They always look like they're daydreaming. They are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and are the intuitive type. Neptune dominants are attracted to calm and peaceful individuals.
Pluto dominant
These people have an intense and seductive appearance. Having defined eyebrows and dark traits are common followed by a deep gaze. These people may have a strong presence in the room even if they're not in the centre of attention. Pluto dominants highly value powerful individuals and move quickly and swiftly.
Tumblr media
𝖄𝖔𝖚 𝖈𝖆𝖓 ğ–‹ğ–Žğ–“ğ–‰ ğ–’ğ–ž ğ–’ğ–†ğ–˜ğ–™ğ–Šğ–—ğ–‘ğ–Žğ–˜ğ–™ 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖊
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le-nora · 3 months ago
Astro Observations
Solar Return Edition
Previously, we've taken a look at the Solar Return and some of its manifestations. If you haven't yet, please feel free to check out the last two observations: [1] [2]
All of these are based off of my own experiences, and dedicated to my loved ones who inspired me to make this post! Please take the information with a grain of salt if it does not resonate, as astrology can manifest in many different ways— other than the suggested notes below.
☼— Book a reading with me here! [CLOSED]—☼
Tumblr media
୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿ ୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿୨˚̣̣̣͙୧
⋆.*⃝̥◌ Having Aries on your 5H in the Solar Return may indicate a new hobby that relates to exercising or sports!
This is because the 5H governs hobbies, while in medical astrology, Aries governs both the muscles and overall body
Ex. A client of mine had a 5H Aries with Chiron, and they confirmed how they've been focusing on taking care of their body during their Solar Return year!
Chiron especially brings in healing through this area of life as well
⋆.*⃝̥◌ If you have Mercury in the 11H of your Solar Return chart, you may want to write down your manifestations throughout the year!
This could be really beneficial for planning out your future, especially since Mercury refers to writing, while the 11H is about our dreams and ambitions
⋆.*⃝̥◌ A Solar Return 5H overlaying the Natal 2H could result in many manifestations, but not limited to— earnings from a hobby or spending on entertainment, and/or dating
⋆.*⃝̥◌ Since the 8H governs debts, loans and taxes, you can figure out what you'll be spending a lot of your finances on by looking at the 8H sign of your Solar Return and/or the degrees of the planets within!
Ex. I had Uranus with a Pisces degree (24°) in my 8H one year, and donated a lot of my money through online resources. Both Uranus and Pisces have associations to the collective, humanity, and altruism. Uranus moreover governs technology or social media, while Pisces governs charity
My friend had her Uranus with a Libra degree (7°) in the 8H, and she spent a lot through online shopping on clothes and beauty throughout that year
⋆.*⃝̥◌ Having your Solar Return Venus sitting in your Natal 1H/ASC or 10H/MC may suggest a glow up that year!
The former refers to your physical appearance becoming more aligned with your identity, while the latter refers to your public image
⋆.*⃝̥◌ You may want to pay attention to your stomach or gut health if your Solar Return has Moon in the 6H of health and wellness!
Throughout the year, there may be fluctuations in your routine... and this may cause some emotional disruptions or anxiety. Hence, this could result in issues regarding how you treat your eating habits and therefore stomach health
⋆.*⃝̥◌ Having your Solar Return Mercury in Natal 9H or 12H can refer to learning new languages, travel or meeting many people of a different background (ie. religious, ethnic, etc) throughout the year
This could be explained as Mercury governs communication, journeys, and peers— whereas the 9th and 12th houses refer to foreign affairs
⋆.*⃝̥◌ You may become more comfortable with revealing your hidden secrets or traumas to your friends when the Solar Return 12H overlays your Natal 11H
(My best friend had this placement in the past year, and while I can't specify what the trauma is about in this post— I could certainly say her vulnerabilities were more apparent)
⋆.*⃝̥◌ While having the Solar Return 12H overlaying the Natal 10H could refer to traumas being noticeable to the public that year, it could also refer to being more open about one's spiritual practices or making a career out of it
(I have this in my current Solar Return, and can confirm how I've been able to make work out of my knowledge surrounding 12H themes)
⋆.*⃝̥◌ If you have your Solar Return rising in Scorpio, you might be torn between being perceived and hidden (especially online) throughout the year...
This can be explained as the 4H will likely be in Aquarius, 8H likely in Gemini, and Leo— the brightest of them all... on your Midheaven
Both Aquarius and Gemini refer to social interactions! But since they're in houses that aren't as noticeable, there's an indication that you may want to hide or keep your friendships and/or online presence low-key. Although... the Leo suggests that there may be a need to put oneself out there
If you also Natally have a Scorpio rising and Leo midheaven, you're being tested on how you present yourself throughout the year :^)
Tumblr media
୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿ ୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿୨˚̣̣̣͙୧
⋆.*⃝̥◌ You may want to check where Pluto is in your Solar Return chart in order to find out where you'll experience jealousy!
Ex. 3H Pluto - Jealousy from childhood or local peers, neighbours, and/or younger siblings
11H Pluto - Jealousy from friends, a collective or online communities, and older or adoptive siblings
⋆.*⃝̥◌ You may also want to check where Mars is in your Solar Return chart in order to find out where you'll experience frustrations, arguments or simply spurts of energy and passion!
Ex. 1H Mars - Frustrations towards the Self, identity or an active change towards this area of life
5H Mars - Frustrations or arguments with the inner child, one's hobbies or interests, and/or confidence. Otherwise this points towards an active change and passion in these pursuits
9H Mars - Frustrations or arguments with school authorities, the law, beliefs, knowledge, education, and/or in-laws. Otherwise this points towards an active change and passion here
⋆.*⃝̥◌ Neptune in the 4H of your Solar Return may point to some mysterious health concerns within the home, especially if it aspects the 6H... otherwise emotions may be running deep throughout this year
⋆.*⃝̥◌ You may want to redecorate your home or spend a lot more on aesthetics if you have Taurus, Libra (2°, 7°, 14°, 19°, 26°) or Venus in your 4H! This is because these signs, degrees, and planet all refer to comfort, harmony, and beauty
⋆.*⃝̥◌ Having your Solar Return 3H overlay your Natal 7H may suggest a lot of teaching and learning from your overall relationships throughout the year!
You can check which sign is on the cusp or the planets and degrees in this house to see what you'll learn or how the communication will go:
Ex. Chiron in the 7H - A lot of healing and reflection on your past relationships
Libra in the 7H - Potential conversations about politics, art, and/or relationships in general. You may also learn how to better balance and compromise in your connections
⋆.*⃝̥◌ You'll likely notice a growth in your online social following when you have your Solar Return Midheaven overlaying your Natal 11H!
This is because your public persona or even career is aligning with your dreams, ambitions, and influence on others
⋆.*⃝̥◌ Having Fixed Star Regulus (29° Leo) conjunct a planet in your Solar Return will likely bring fame or recognition to that house or planet themes!
Unless there is Saturn influence, that fame can quickly fall through due to a growing ego
Ex. Regulus conjunct Mercury - Recognition through one's words. Hypothetically if it is in the 11H, the native could gain vitality from something they've said online.
This "fame" could even potentially lead them to saying things that'll reveal their true colours, and as a result have them cancelled. Otherwise, they may experience some drama (due to the Leonian influence) and gossip
⋆.*⃝̥◌ Having Libra as your Solar Return rising could indicate an injustice that will be brought to focus within the year. After all, Libra governs the scales and is represented by Lady Justice!
You'll have to see where your Solar Return Venus (your chart ruler) falls within the Natal chart in order to determine the area of life it will affect
Ex. A client of mine had their Solar Return Venus in the 6H of work. This house overlayed their Natal 9H that governs law and contracts
There was an ongoing issue at work that has been brought to focus due to legal and ethic concerns
⋆.*⃝̥◌ Please don't forget to drink water if you have Aries/Mars in your Solar Return 6H!
Since the 6H governs your daily routines, having this placement will likely show how you're going to be busy throughout the year. Therefore, there may be a tendency to forget your hydration needs
In Medical Astrology, Aries/Mars furthermore governs dryness, as well as the head and brain. Now what happens when we're dehydrated? Possible headaches or migraines... So take care of yourselves!
⋆.*⃝̥◌ Having your Solar Return Saturn conjunct the angle or in your 3H indicates a need for discipline and structure in one's writing
This may especially be necessary if you're working in communications, planning on applying to jobs or higher education, and/or publishing a book during this year
Tumblr media
© 2021 Copyright Lenora (Sailor Solar)
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basstual · a month ago
Tumblr media
im broke !! so Im doing astrology readings again. dm me here if you’re interested
full carrd + testimonials here ✨
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mooninbutch · 2 months ago
astro notes (my placements edition)
Libra risings usually struggle with making others and their wants a central focus of their identity (libra = other people, 1H = you).
Chiron in the II can talk about eating problems/disorders, issues with hoarding food (Scorpio on the II) and hating your voice, not wanting to talk.
Pluto in the III is hard. my sister has this placement too and we had a transformative, soulmate type relationship but it was also incredibly unhealthy. eventually she ended it by ghosting/leaving (we also had 8H placements in composite so). so yes, it can imply a karmic or intense bond with a sibling or relative.
Pluto in the III can also bring neighbors and classmates who are incredibly horrible, abusive, who bully. this is a good placement for poets or people who write more intense fiction. also for counselors or orators, as people listen when we talk, and we can sense trauma, pain and fears.
4H stelliums love being at home, we need privacy. we feel a connection to our mother/family/ancestry - good or bad. Uranus in the IV have to break a generational or family curse, but it’s up to us as individuals to figure out how (try looking at your where aquarius is in your chart).
Mars in the V are incredibly competitive. Especially in sports. I have Sun, Mars and Jupiter in the V and I try not to play games I won’t do well at or win because it’ll bother me. Thankfully, with my Jupiter there, I rarely lose (Jupiter = luck, 5H = games).
People with Moon and Saturn in their VII essentially have to think of these two planets as parents, one strict, one caring. If you have any house with both Saturn and the Moon, you benefit from learning how to balance these two out. Avoid leaning on one more than the other.
Gemini or Mercury in the 9H can indicate someone who enjoys or does well with going to school online or utilizing technology within education. Also someone who benefits from picking up a language in college or higher education.
Cancer MCs play the parental role in their career or work, which can sometimes come at the expense of our family (Capricorn IC).
The ruler of your 11H can show you what types of friends you attract but also what you like to do with your friends. Leo is on my 11H and my Sun is in the 5th - I attract artists, creatives, people with Leo + Aquarius (the sign on my 5th) placements, people who are more fun-loving and pleasure-seeking, and we often go out to eat, go shopping.
Virgo on the 12H means I sleep better when my space is clean, specifically my bed. 
my etsy shop (readings are open) 
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hotgirltarot · 2 months ago
🦋Messages for the signs🦋
General messages for the signs apply to Sun☀️, Moon 🌑 and Rising
🍊Messages for Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer:
Self-acceptance: You are being called to examine the areas in which you do not accept yourself, not because you need to change, but to let yourself know that it's ok not to be perfect and be more at peace with yourself. You need to accept yourself the way you are to improve. Self- criticisms rarely leads to true improvement. If you are critical about your decisions, where you are in life right now, your appearance, you need to work on accepting yourself in the present so you can be able to move towards the person you want to be in the future. You are doing the best that you can, and you need to remind yourself that. When you start to accept yourself the way you are, then perfect things for you and your life will show up.
Trust: The Universe and your spirit guides want you to learn how to trust yourself, the people around you, and the larger forces that are at play in life. You are playing it safe and wait for a person and situation to prove themselves before you risk and take action towards it. We don't need confirmation in everything in our lives, gather the courage and take a chance. Remain committed to what you feel is best and right for you.
🍏Messages for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Life Journey: You are at an important stage in your life journey. If you are currently feeling frustrated or stuck in any area of your life your Spirit Guides are encouraging you to look at this situation in a more positive light. Acknowledge yourself for what you already achieved and celebrate the small wins. The stuck feeling might be because you simply need to rest for a while before changes happen. It might be that you need to heal something from your past or let go of something before you can move forward. It could simply be that Divine Timining has not come into play and patience is required. Your intuition will know what factors are at play. Your Guides want you to remind yourself that even though the mind is impatient, your soul already knows the answers and that you have come a long way.
New chapter: A new chapter in your life is about to start. Right now you might be at the stage where you are only aware of the things and people that are leaving your life. Your Guides want you to release them and focus on the new phase that is coming into your future. Don't cling to a situation that is changing and falling away. You are in a period of transition and you need to fully review your journey and acknowledge the role you played and what you need to heal from. Express gratitude daily for everything in your life! New doors are opening for you, opportunities to grow and new experiences are on the way!
🧿Messages for Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius, Pisces
Happiness: You are being asked now to choose to be happy and see the beautiful things in life. You need to choose happiness for yourself. Life sometimes will throw things at us that can be difficult to deal with, but even then we can choose to see the positive in every situation. Painful things will happen from time to time, how long the pain will last it's up to us. Focusing on healing ourselves from the past, prioritizing our health, and finding out what truly makes us happy in life will make our life journey easier for us. Take a bit of time away from social media and figure out what are the things that truly make you happy and include them more in your life. Choose happy thoughts, attitudes, and perspectives. Spread the happiness to others and be open to receive it back.
Prosperity: The levels of prosperity in your life will increase. Most people will think about money and financial gains of some kind, this is one of the possibilities. Your spirit guides are asking you to pay attention to all forms of prosperity in your life and their potential to grow. Such as good friends, a healthy mind and body, a satisfying job, a loving partner, pets, a peaceful community. Expressing gratitude towards them is the best way to increase our prosperity. Next time you pay a bill, give thanks for having the money to pay it. Next time you see your friends, family, partner be thankful for having them in your life.
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earthplacement · 3 months ago
Pick a Pile Tarot Reading - What's next for you?
Disclaimer: This is just for entertainment! Please don't make any life decisions based off my reading, nor can i guarantee that my reading applies to you.
if you want to tip, my Venmo is @earthplacement !
Interact/RB to claim!
Let's get started, Choose a picture that resonates!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The truth is important to you right now. Maybe you've been lied to, found out someone else isn't being truthful, or maybe you're even having trouble with the legal system. It will take work to get out of the situation you're in, or bring justice to light. You'll be aided by someone else, who will make you feel secure. You'll reach some sort of agreement with whoever's honesty you're doubting. Be sure to keep your temper under control through this, or things will not lean in your favor!
You'll receive some sort of good news, probably pertaining to yourself! This will give you a calm sense of self, and you may find yourself wanting to connect with other people. If you're offered a short trip or a chance to go somewhere new, take the chance! You'll have a great time. Just keep your happiness in check so others don't get jealous of you (unless you like that sort of thing [: )
Check your relationships for someone who seems to be able to give you more than what you deem reasonable, or seems like a really good person. All that glitters is not gold, look beyond the curtain and see who that person really is. If you find something that upsets you or makes you uncomfortable, don't be afraid to walk away. You may feel happier that way, even if you've known this person a long time. If they try to retaliate, know that you have the upper hand. This work needs to be done! Doing it will invite brightness and strength into your life. Beware of deception in the future. Seriously, I got like 3 different cards about this.
You may receive important information, possibly having to do with money. If that news is negative, understand that you didn't do anything to get in that position.
I sense happiness or celebration in your future, probably for the completion of something! Your funds may go up, or you may go on vacation. Good feelings all around! Things may feel happy at home. This is the beginning of a new chapter for you!
Be careful of moving through life too fast. These negative feelings will add up, and you'll start to feel the pressure. Look to family (especially feminine figures) for guidance, and don't let the world turn your sensitive side into a bad thing. The world may make you feel frustrated, but remember this new chapter is a time to build relationships! You might even meet someone new, or deepen a relationship with your current partner.
Visitors may come with messages! Listen to the people you see less often. Don't shut them out- be wary of being alone too often! You may feel burdened by a lot, but please reach out for help. It's okay to take some time to relax. Remember you will come out on top if you give yourself some time! A masculine figure will help you draw your troubles to a close. Let go of your emotions!
Good things will happen at work. Be aware of your power! Money may change, and remember to keep your interests at heart when dealing with any offers.
Be aware! Surprises are in store! New beginnings may arise for you, and they might come at you fast! You will learn that not all negatives are truly bad, and there is good in everything.
Has a big decision impacted your life lately? If not, one will! It may have to do with a gentle masculine figure. Don't be afraid to be outspoken! This decision may calm things down for you. You'll feel balanced! You'll need to remove any biases to make the decision, though. Avoid the option that will make you feel trapped. Any delay involving it will prove necessary. A sense of relief will wash over you at its conclusion.
This is a time for manifestation! The divine are listening.
Work on your confidence and inner strength. Understand that this is a process, and there will be delays. This will make you happier. You may need this strength to do things you never thought you could before! This is a time to celebrate, but be wary of your spending. Money may need to be restricted.
A person of authority may give you good news. It may be about a new opportunity! Use this time to free yourself from things holding you back, but be aware of those who may be jealous of you. This may start arguments! If needed, think outside the box about the best course of action. Your emotions may be up and down during this time.
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librarycards · a month ago
Normalizing identity politics are completely dominant when it comes to neuropsychiatric diagnoses such as ‘ADHD’. Within formal education, there has been a worldwide push for performance and efficiency: a technological rationality enforced by the use of standardized curriculums and measurements squeezing students into conformity rather than focusing on unique subjectification (e.g. Biesta, 2010). In combination with the neuropsychiatric dogma and its expansive influence in education and upbringing, we have to deal with a (enormous) classification apparatus striving for uniformity among students. Paradoxically, in the pursuit of uniformity, a constant flow of new psychiatric identities are created, resulting in a hierarchical and stigmatized situation of us-and-them (see Runswick-Cole, 2014). What also needs to be emphasized is that the diagnosis is many other things but individual, as it is closely intertwined with professional, political, economic, and ideological interests. Hence, from what has been demonstrated above, ‘ADHD’ should be understood as an anthropomorphic and biosociotechnological construct rather than a ‘disorder of the brain’.
Mattias Nilsson Sjöberg, Reconstructing truth, deconstructing ADHD: Badiou, onto-epistemological violence and the diagnosis of ADHD.
[emphasis mine]
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eclectic-witchling · a month ago
Tumblr media
advertising my birth chart readings again because i’m going through some hard times and could really use the support 🥺
these readings are very in-depth and are typically 4-5 pages long, depending on which type of reading you choose—so i promise that you are getting a bang for your buck! i go over every single aspect of your chart to make sure that you fully understand all your placements :))
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here is a recent review from one of my querents just to give you a little insight on the services i provide:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thed4rkhand · 18 days ago
Hey guys! I have a fun idea for a game, it suddenly came to me since we’ve been doing so much tarot, let’s do an astrology game this time!
Tell me your big three placements, and I’ll predict something for you in the coming 3 months and tell you a fun fact plus what I love about you! ❤️❤️
(P.s big three is sun, rising and moon signs for those of you who aren’t familiar)
Rules -
1. Be following me
2. Reblog and like this post
3. Send me your big three placements
4. Tell me an assumption you have about me, or my vibe.
5. Be nice, leave a hello/goodbye/hope you’re alive and kicking/ nice dad joke, anything works honestly.
6. Optional, but leave a feedback.
7. Be patient ahhaha, I have some tests going on currently! So it’ll take me a day or two to reply to everyone.
I’ll reblog this post with a jimin gif when I close it!
Tumblr media
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