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astrologyninaa · 2 days ago
Hello dear, saw your post about birth charts. What u think about it? Also new follower here!
Tumblr media
•°`~•°Heyy sorry I didn't reply earlier °•~`°•
Let's break it down 😌
♡ Aquarius Sun ♡
I ADORE you! You are loving, sweet and beautiful ❤
You are also really helpful.
You are imaginative and good at music.
You may like making your own music. You are also really good with technology and may work with it.
☆ Virgo Moon ☆
Mathematical and logical thinking.
You are very kind and smart.
▪︎not so good at self loving :(
▪︎ very hard on yourself ☹
▪︎often misunderstood
¤ Pisces ASC ¤
• intuitive
• often shy
• others may see you as manipulative
• animal lover ❤
• feel things strongly
• this you?: 😂❤💕
Tumblr media
♧ Capricorn Venus ♧
▪︎ hard to love due to closed-mind
▪︎doesn't talk about their feelings
▪︎ isn't cold-hearted, just misunderstood
Sorry the Capricorn part is very short, I don't really know about them that much 🦧
Hope you can still enjoy and it resonates :€
°~`•× THANK YOU ו`~°
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lunarticxenia · 2 months ago
Sun Through the Houses
My take on Sun in the Houses based off of people I know :) 
🌞 1st house: These people are either really selfish or really selfless, and there’s no in between. They’re very dynamic individuals and have a lot of energy. They’re very good at expressing themselves, and their life purpose is centered around this. They’re also really funny and have a chaotic sense of humor. They’re also very hard-workers and power comes naturally to them. 
🌞 2nd house: These people are really money oriented. They love money and material possessions; they center their whole lives around this. They probably also love to eat and are very grounded individuals. They also usually keep to themselves, and this can definitely be a workaholic placement if positively aspected. If negatively aspected, it can have the adverse effect of making an individual lazy. 
🌞 3rd house: These people are very social and very intelligent, as the 3rd house is ruled by Gemini. These people are also very impulsive and really funny as well (Jim Carrey has this placement). These people are wild and fun, and they talk ALOT. They’re also very quick and fast moving. The rest of the world moves like snails compared to these people LMAO. 
🌞 4th house: The people I know with this placement are very introverted, even if they’re social, they’re very private people, and don’t reveal a lot about themselves to just anyone. They also tend to hide their emotions because they’re very sensitive and don’t want to get hurt. They’re protective of their feelings, and are very compassionate people, even if they don’t always show it. Definitely one of my favorite sun placements; I literally just want to hug them all. 
🌞 5th house: These people are DRAMATIC. I don’t really mean it in a bad way, they’re just very theatrical and expressive. However, they do often find themselves in drama alot. They’re also extremely creative and have a really nice sense of style! I also find that they can be kinda childish and that they’re definitely the kinds of people to take control in a group project. 
🌞 6th house: Ugh, bless their hearts they have so much anxiety. They’re such perfectionists and they feel a lot of anxiety when things don’t go their way. Go easy on them, they’re dealing with a lot. These people are really hard workers and tend to put others before themselves. These people likely have a daily routine and really want to be healthy. These people can’t take criticism at all. ;( 
🌞 7th house: This is a really bubbly placement, people with this placement are really good at socializing and making friends. They’re very likable people overall, and have this really nice aura about them. They’re also very diplomatic and good at solving conflict. A lot of lawyers have this placement. They can get very dependent on friends and romantic partners though. 
🌞 8th house: These people are INTENSE. When they enter the room, there’s a presence that follows them. You can see the Plutonic energy in these people’s eyes, they have a very intense gaze and you can’t miss it. These people are also obsessed with all that’s hidden and taboo. They’re also extremely intuitive and people smart. They’re analyzing the hell out of everyone and every room that they walk in. They’re a mystery that everyone wants to solve. 
🌞 9th house: These people are SMART. You can talk to them about anything, and they’ll be able to keep up. They also have very strong beliefs, and are extremely dedicated to them. I find that these people either tend to be politically involved and/or extremely religious. They’re passionate and smart, and love to travel. Another placement I love. 
🌞 10th house: They have a presence about them. It’s not an intensity like the 8th house, it’s almost like a regal kind of presence; kind of like they know they’re the shit, and honestly, they kinda are. They keep to themselves and focus on their goals; they don’t care to try and ruin their status or reputation by getting involved in drama. They’re very hardworking and career oriented; these people will do absolutely everything to make it to the top. Total CEO energy. 
🌞 11th house: Love these people. They’re so friendly and unique. They’re such goofballs and have so much fun. I wish I knew how to have fun like these people. They all have something unique about them, whether it’s an interest or a hobby. Whatever interest or hobby they have they geek over, and it’s literally the cutest thing. They’re lovable weirdos, and totally down to earth. One of my fav placements. 
🌞 12th house: They’re…mysterious and very closed off. You never know what goes through their minds. They could be thinking about anything. They rarely let other people in and don’t let people see them get emotional. People are very intrigued by them (myself included I love 12th house stelliums) because despite all the closed off energy, there’s a softness to them (don’t forget this house rules Pisces), and part of you wants to save them. 12th house suns typically tend to go through a lot of hard events in their life, and whenever I see someone with a 12th house sun I just want to hug them. 
*Note: Other placements in your chart can affect how these traits manifest as well, so if not everything applies to you look at other stuff in your chart :) * 
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drip-2-hard · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Travis Scott
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milkywaychaser · a month ago
Tumblr media
Rocket launch.
Photo made by Galactic Kiwi
Follow @milkywaychaser for more Milky Way photography wonders.
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lilastromama · 15 days ago
Astro Observations 🧲
Pisces sun/moons daydream a LOT, - theyre the people to save tiktok sounds because it fits a situation theyre currently daydreaming about
Sagittarius women can turn into toxic beetches REAL fast. Once they set their mind to something theyre going all in. Trust me when i say, ALL - IN! No regrets, no remorse
Idk if its just me who noticed it, but Cancer suns have troubles with being asked "what zodiac sign are you?" i ALWAYS feel like theyre fed up with the crybaby stereotype, they dont wanna come off like that
Libra men are more "full of themselves" than leo men, no one can tell me otherwise. Libra is the "creep trying to be charming" type, while leo is the "im the best and yall can suck my b@lls" type. First one is more uncomfortable imo
Individuals with a lot of 8th house influence probably dont make a lot of friends "on first sight" - its very rare for them to have an "instant click" connection since they value depth in a relationship and true passion, what takes time
The sign your venus is in can indicate how you will care for someone when things get bad/how you comfort your friends
Idk how to put it, but libra sun women will ask you for advice and do the exact opposite of it. They also lie to themselves big time (" i dont care" / "im not worried" / "im not jealous")
Having a taurus moon is such a great placement to be honest. Theyre grounded, mature, serious yet bubbly, kindhearted, loving - but also: Jealous/possessive/controlling to an extent. WILD, i love it
Aries moons tend to be know-it-alls in such an uncomfortable way. U literally feel them lying to u in arguments to back up their statements. Like "ive read that..." / "a friend of mine experienced.." / "ifs scientifically proven that.." - UHM no its not☠️
A stereotype i fully support: Scorpios and their eyes! U can spot them so easily by just looking at them. Resting bitch face / deep set eyes/sanpaku(?) eyes, hooded eyes/bigger lidspace
lets pray a minute for the peeps having a pisces/scorpio dad or a gemini/libra mom
Gemini moons and aries moons have something in common: They cannot stand being proved wrong. But where aries begins to lie to back themselves up, gemini just gets mad and tries to catch u slipping, saying something wrong so they can bash you about it and turn the tables. Often times u probably weren't even wrong, u just got gaslit and manipulated
Ive noticed that Capricorn suns like routines. Like the unknown makes them feel uncomfy, they wish they could keep everything in their hands and control
If your partner has a taurus/cancer/libra venus, u know ure gonna be loved loved!!
Water/air mars can be extremely manipulative. They probably had a close relative/fam member with manipulative/narcissistic tendencies where they could learn from. Behaviour like this grew into a survival strategy for them
Sagittarius venus is an underrated placement i said what i said. IF they are into you, they will treat u mad right
The worst mercury placements u could possibly have in my opinion: Leo/aries/scorpio/aquarius- All of em have their way with lying themselves out of things/avoiding communication even tho its highly needed/"walking away" from problems - immature behaviour in serious moments
im so mad at yall for making taurus the most forgotten sign. THEY ROCK OKAY?
I cant explain it but the ones who get it, get it. 3 = gemini / 2 = sagittarius / 6 = aries / 5 = capricorn / 1 = taurus - If numbers had a zodiac sign
What is there about leo+libra? Ive heard many think thats a great combo. to me, tho, it smells like downfall
Virgo placements struggle with making plans. Either they come too late or dont show up at all (yes, even if they themselves MADE the plans)
Ive experienced A LOT of 12th house/pisces placements to be extremely intuitive, but they somehow never believe their inner voice and dont trust themselves? Bitch, u a whole witch
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hillarysss · 8 months ago
Astro Observations 🌙
Tumblr media
Disclaimer, this will not resonate with everyone. These are observations I’ve made over time. ✨🌙⚡️ Do not repost, plagiarize, reword.
🌙⚡️I’ve noticed that the asteroid Juno actually tells way more than I thought! If you ever had an important connection with someone check their Juno and your Juno! Usually the sign there is significant in one of the people’s chart. For example; Person 1: Juno in Leo Person 2: Has Leo Venus. I’ve seen this a lot in very meaningful connections not always romantic. Let me know what you guys think of this! Also, this can manifest in the Juno sign being opposite of a sign in the other person’s chart.  
🌙⚡️ Most Water Risings are actually very slick, you can find a lot of water risings leaving troll comments or fighting in comments sections for the fun of it.
🌙⚡️ Every Scorpio Rising I’ve encountered always liked interesting music not usually mainstream. 
🌙⚡️Water Risings can feel very productive after a good shower/bath. This could go for water in big three, but I’ve noticed this especially in the rising. 
🌙⚡️ Saturn in 1st & Capricorn Moons & Capricorn Rising & Maybe even Capricorn Sun. I’ve noticed this a LOT they tend to complain a bunch about anything. 
🌙⚡️Scorpio Risings aren’t always very consistent is not that they don’t love you is just scorpio risings are hard people to figure out and like doing their own thing. Don’t ask them too many questions though, it shows you don’t trust them
🌙⚡️ Taurus in big three usually are very physically affectionate with loved ones they usually like hugging a lot as well. 
🌙⚡️ Every Pisces Rising I’ve met is usually into tarot and spirituality.
🌙⚡️To contrary to what a bunch of people think I’ve seen Pisces Rising usually have big feet.
🌙⚡️ Libra Risings are always very attractive and we always hear this but they don’t have to be PHYSICALLY attractive they just have this charm, it’s crazy.
🌙⚡️Air moon with dominant water in chart is probably a hard combination when it comes to mental state. Person can break down easily & overthink.
🌙⚡️Earth Dominants usually aren’t very stable to what I’ve seen. They love practical things like routine but when something is out of order they don’t know how to express it and this can cause chaos.
🌙⚡️Leo Rising/ Leo moon love love to tell you how much they love you and like you as a person, it’s such a blessing. But this comes with them also making fun of you. 
🌙⚡️ A lot of people that tend to stay in toxic relationships for very long time tend to be water or fire venuses. 
🌙⚡️Earth moons can struggle emotionally too, they want security in everything and when something doesn’t add up they find a way for it to add up and this can make them come to conclusions and be stubborn on the actual reality.
🌙⚡️If Lillith is in the same element of your moon/rising this can make you very defensive in your opinions. Can make you go very far aggresive lengths towards the other person verbally.
🌙⚡️Most Water Mercuries tend to like to express them in a creative way.  Singing, Drawing even if it’s bad, and poetry.  They can tend to be shy when it comes to their actual feelings, they tend to make it a little harder on purpose.
🌙⚡️Pisces placements tend to be very in-tune with their psychic side but Cancer placements tend to not realize this until later on. 
🌙⚡️If someone’s moon/ rising is the same as your venus this will make you guys very affectionate and loving towards each other. Constantly lifting each other up.
🌙⚡️A lot of Air Risings tend to post a lot on Social Media and they know this too even if it’s a private story or something they tend to always like to record their moments and share it. I’ve noticed this quite a lot. Especially for Aquarius/ Gemini rising.
🌙⚡️Sagittarius Placements can be inconsistent but they will reasurre their love for you and what adventure they’re up to. 
🌙⚡️If your big three is all different elements, this can make you always act a bit different and you can come off as secretive or people don’t really know what your next move will be. Not Two Faced Neccarisily but just unpredictable. 
🌙⚡️Libras major placements tend to always be able to find friends easily.
🌙⚡️ Air Dominants tend to be weirdos, they say the most random stuff. They are the type to not speak to you for a while and send you a meme out of nowhere. 
🌙⚡️ Earth Dominants when very comfortable with you tend to tell you very irrelevant details about their day.
🌙⚡️ Major Water Placements tend to be attracted the unknown, they would love to talk about this constantly.
🌙⚡️I noticed a lot of Taurus suns tend to like to clean and listen to music to feel productive. Their room is barely messy.
🌙⚡️Pisces Suns tend to be very popular in their youth & sociable. People can easily agree with them.
🌙⚡️Virgo Placements hate conflict more than Libras (Libras secretely love drama and can be corrupted for fun) they tend to run from it. 
🌙⚡️If someone’s Jupiter conjucts a placement in your big three or Venus the connection is usually long lasting. 
🌙⚡️Every Virgo I’ve met is secretely a nerd and has secret hobbies you could never guess. No matter how popular.
🌙⚡️Online Relationships / Long distance in synastry can have Uranus- Venus aspects. 
🌙⚡️Libras are very weird, most I’ve met are very strange (not in a bad way) but most people think Libras at first glance are very neutral. They’re usually very random and laugh at everything.
🌙⚡️Strong Mars Placement in chart can actually manifest in a lot of insecurity, especially in their sexuality & (insecure about feminity, masculinity)
🌙⚡️A lot of Aries Placements I’ve met are very argumentative and they don’t realize this but they can be very aggressive and stubborn in arguements yet they think they’re winning.
🌙⚡️A lot of Aries Placements tend to like to have a companion by their side and teach them their own ways. 
🌙⚡️Aries Placements are probably the parent a lot of kids want. They will want to motivate their kid to the best potentional even if this comes out aggresively. 
🌙⚡️Pisces Venus tend to have feet fetishes. I’ve noticed this quite a bit now..
🌙⚡️Cancer Venuses tend to be very attracted to the female figure & the breasts.
🌙⚡️Gemini Mercuries can easily find good logic to get themselves something out of a situation. They’re the type to finesse a store employee for a discount.
🌙⚡️If someone’s Mars is in the 4th it can indicate not wanting to be like the father. But it would depend on the rest of the chart as this can indicate the father is someone they looked up to greatly. Either way the father plays a role wether this is a bad or good the role is usually very effective on the person.
🌙⚡️Scorpio Mercuries / Pisces Mercuries can easily research a bunch and find what they were looking for & get hurt. Cancer Mercuries Can shy from anything that can hurt them.
🌙⚡️If your Saturn is in the 7th this can indicate karmic relationships/ your relationships could be people you knew from a past life.
🌙⚡️Earth Risings tend to be very brutally honest & this can make other people think they’re careless. ‘
🌙⚡️Air Risings love to stay in touch with people they really like and don’t like growing apart. This can manifest as them sending you a gift, etc. Even if it’s just a random joke at a random time.
🌙⚡️Aquarius Placements tend to be very talented at a hobby a lot of people may not know about. Aquarius sign can manifest as what is hidden. A lot of people truly don’t know an Aquarius major placement.
🌙⚡️Cancer Moons are good friends, they tend to be very optimistic about problems of their friends. I’ve noticed a lot Cancer Moons always look in the bright side of problems to help people. They don’t dwell. Also incredibly loyal to their friends.
🌙⚡️Male Earth Risings can be very desired on the media for their body figure & their structure. While Water Risings females tend to be very desired for their feminine body figure & eyes & face.
🌙⚡️Fire Risings on Media can be seen as untouchable and very desired and intimidating. Someone that doesn’t tolerate with bullshit. 
 🌙⚡️ Earth Mercuries won’t easily express their feelings if they don’t see good outcome/ possibility. Example they can love someone but know it probably won’t work out. They need to find a logical reason to express them.
🌙⚡️Whatever sign is in the 6th can manifest as seeing this sign a lot in work, school & neccarisy events & you may find your work radiates this sign or you feel like this sign at your work or whatever place is like a routine for you. You may find a lot of people with this sign at work/ or whatever place. 
🌙⚡️ Gemini major placements especially the moon tend to like talking to themselves.
🌙⚡️Pisces placements are usually very intuitive but since they’re very emotional they’re emotions can block their intuition and this can lead to mental disaster
🌙⚡️ Capricorn Placements seem to be very stable, but Capricorn placements are very prone to falling into bad mentalities and low- self worth mindsets.
🌙⚡️Cancer Women (Major Placements) Are usually very kind and supportive. They radiate mother energy. 
🌙⚡️Cancer Major Placements (women) tend to be very desired by men. 
🌙⚡️Cancer Moon Men tend to be more open to their feminine side. 
🌙⚡️ A lot of Aries Placements tend to have very controversial opinions.
  🌙⚡️Earth & Water In big three indicates someone very distant with their emotions and finds it hard to express them. They can find themselves needing therapy but neglecting it since they do not like to talk about how they feel & run away from it       
🌙⚡️ Scorpios & Leos tend to be attracted to one another, but this usually ends up toxic.
Tumblr media
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athena-swords · a month ago
Esoteric Astrology
(the evolutionary journey of the soul)
1st house is the soul body or casual body.
2nd house is your energy.
3rd house is communication with higher self.
4th house is spiritual house
5th house is higher self expression.
6th house is of Meaningful work.
7th house relationship between ego and higher self.
8th house is transformation of the soul.
9th house is spiritual education.
10th house is your higher purpose.
11th house is higher self connection with humanity.
12th house is your conscious karma.
Tumblr media
From moon take care everyone and be healthy and happy.
Credit to Pinterest
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azraaah177 · 3 months ago
🔞Astrology Observations🔞
Sex Edition💋💦👅
Hi guys! I've gotten an inspo to do some astrology sex notes! This is definitely for grown ups so please if you still a kid, pass this!:)
Tumblr media
💋🖤💋 neptune dominants, neptune/pluto in the first, pisces/scorpio moon/ mars/venus, pluto dominants, lilith in the first are the gods of seduction. Believe me, these people don't even have to try, but if they do, watch out cause you WILL be theirs😩 Now, to make it clear, Pluto does it more consciously and with intention while Neptune doesn't. With Neptune, they usually do it without even knowing it. But all of them seduce with their bedroom eyes, looking at you like they want every part of you, acting so glamorous and distant, but still being so innocent... the thing is, you will never get to know them truly. When they do get you, they disappear and continue being a movie star seducer, without ever knowing it. Well, now they do! ;) 🖤
💋🖤💋 pisceans and cancerians love doing it in the shower. Also when masturbating they do it in the shower using a shower head! Cool thing. ❤
💋🖤💋 aquarius mars/venus/rising/8th house have a thing for group sex AND being friends with benefits. They also love recording everything and love being watched by their friends or vice verca 🎥
💋🖤💋 gemini moon/venus/mars/rising/10th house are actually the most likely to become pornstars or get their nudes leaked! Of, be cautious geminis! 😌
💋🖤💋 sagittarius and aquarius are such hot sex couple, like- their sex life is magnificent. They get along so well in that aspect. They literally do it everywhere. Okay lemme explain down there for my sags 👇
💋🖤💋 sagittarian placements love doing it in PUBLIC SETTING. Like hell yes, let's break the rules. They will do it in cafeterias, restaurants, parks, parking spaces, forests, picnics-okay you get the point. But um, the favorite one for them is somehow the car?
💋🖤💋 now the aquas love using toys, (pisces and virgos love these too) and making their sexual fantasy A REAL LIFE. They will do whatever it takes. 😩❤
💋🖤💋 cancerians and libras love being lil "brats" in the bedroom :). What that means is they are usually submissive BUT will tease their partner without listening to them, trying to be dom so their partner can get agressive and dom, because they really wanna be put in place and fucked the whole night. Fav position, DOGGY 👅
💋🖤💋 taurus placements don't like getting to the thing real quick. They like to take their time, enjoy sensuality, foreplay, teasing... they love to have some wine before the act. 🍷
💋🖤💋 okay i have to say this, aquarians and scorpios have an energy of a non virgin and know it all abt sex, even if they a virgin! Ppl will literally ask them FIRST for sexual advice!
💋🖤💋 geminis and virgos look really innocent and pure, but still being so playful and cheerful! This is why they are so preferred in porn industry (esp women) because those are men fantasies. Gem and virgos love oral so much, and sounds turn them on a lot.💦
🖤💋🖤 capricorns are so dominant and give daddy/mommy vibes 🙈 they are the types in suits and expensive watches and jewelry, that come home and got that look in the eyes where you know what they want, that YOU GOT to obey and do everything as they say. They love spoiling their love interest and their fav sex position is missionary or cowgirl.🤠
💋🖤💋 cancers and leos got a thing for saving themselves for marriage and having that first night and honeymoon fantasy. Really hot and wet ngl 🌊
💋🖤💋 taureans and scorpios loove kissing and giving or receiving hickeys. They are extremely posessive and love marking their territory;)
💋🖤💋 leos are so passionate and steamy like woah. They like physical contact when fucking, and love destroying you and then giving you love. Cuties 😩😍
💋🖤💋 aries placements love quickies and wearing sexy underwear everywhere. That's how they tease their partner and touching them inappropriately in public is their thing. 69 is their position 🖤
💋🖤💋 if you have moon conjuct mars, mars in 1st, mars in 5th, uranus in 8th an 1st, moon in 5th, pluto in the 1st and 5th, you can be seen as overly sexual or be sexualized. You see sex as something very important and love not being ashamed of it. An important aspect for this is also uranus conjuct mars where you will be an activist for sexual freedom and talk about it alot. You can also be raised in religious families where sex is seen as something dirty, but you break free from it and make it very sacral and beautiful because it is. You could have been a very sexual child where you explored a looot and in ur teen years you started buying toys and breaking the rules by talking about it to many people where others saw it as inappropriate but you didn't care. Love this placement a lot bc you really broke the taboos.
💋🖤💋 arians, cancers, pisces, sagittarians, leos, geminis, libras, are the loudest in bed 🙊 even when alone masturbating! Neighbors prob heard them!
💋🖤💋 mercury, lilith, venus, pluto, neptune in 7th, 3rd, got really hot and sensual voices. Dirty talk is their talent!
💋🖤💋 pluto in 10th loves having control in their bedroom life. The most likely to be in bdsm community while also going to curch having a vibrator in their panties! 😊
💋🖤💋 aquarians LOVE sexting! And they are really good at it. But they get bored so quickly...
💋🖤💋 geminis are so charming and always ready to fuck! Had to say it!
💋🖤💋 virgos and pisces love anal
💋🖤💋 cancers love surprising their partner while sleeping with an oral/smth else 😌
💋🖤💋 okay almost all water signs have a thing for daddy/mommy things 😪
💋🖤💋 scorpio SUNS can be very cold when doing the act. They don't really like showing emotions.
OKAY guys, that is it for now! Hope you enjoyed this one 🤭.
Prepare for channeled future spouse and higher self readings soon, and then paid readings. I will gift some of you a free astro reading when I start my astrology career because I have studied it for 6 years now! It will start soon and I will update you guys about it so dw!
Bye bye now! 💋❤
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lunarticxenia · a month ago
Moon in the Houses
Hello! This is my take on moon in the houses based off of individuals I know! If certain things don’t apply to you, remember another aspect in your natal chart can cancel things out! :) 
🌙 Moon in the 1st- From my experience, these people tend to be shy. They’re more on the introverted side, even if they’re more social, which I rarely see, they’re very private and don’t reveal alot about themselves. These people also have a softness to them, they have that Cancerian type of softness. They’re just really sweet people and want the best for everyone. The people I know with this placement rarely get angry but they do get moody a lot. I’d also say that people with this placement tend to be pushovers. They also tend to put others first, it’s okay to put yourselves first sometimes guys! :( 
🌙 Moon in the 2nd- These people like comfort. I say this about Sun in the 2nd too, but this is really exacerbated with the moon. These types of people would likely have multiple fuzzy blankets, soft pajamas, they engage in self care a lot, and they love to sleep. They like to nurture those around them, and take care of their loved ones. However, this can lead to them being possessive with those they love; especially in romantic relationships. These people are also the types to buy a bunch of stuff when they’re sad. I knew a Moon in the 2nd house individual who bought $200 worth of stuff from LUSH because she was sad. If that’s not peak Moon in 2nd energy I don’t know what is. 
🌙 Moon in the 3rd- Boy oh boyyyy, these people OVERTHINK. They’re constantly analyzing every conversation they’ve ever had in their entire life. They’re still probably thinking about a conversation they had with their childhood crush and likely cringing about stuff they said that wasn’t perfect. These people however, are really talented writers, and they find a lot of emotional comfort in writing. If they don’t write, they find a lot of comfort in reading. They also react very quickly to things, and they express how they feel. ALOT. 
🌙 Moon in the 4th- I know soooooo many people with this placement, including myself. I feel like I always befriend people with Moon in the 4th, however I’m going to exclude myself from this. Moon in the 4th people are very private. They don’t like to air their dirty laundry to people, even if they reveal things to you, it’s in such a way where they barely reveal anything and it seems like they revealed alot. They have a hard time letting people in and being vulnerable, but once they let you in, they’re soft and kind. Their family strongly influences who they are, especially their emotions. If they get into a fight with a family member, you bet it’s gonna weigh on them until they make up. They tend to struggle with mood swings, and have a tendency to hold onto toxic people (I’m so guilty of this LMAO). 
🌙 Moon in the 5th- The people I know with this placement are super creative. They likely use their emotions to make art, or write poetry, or anything. They use their emotions in their artistic hobbies somehow. If they don’t have a creative hobby, they definitely have a creative streak. They’re also super generous and can be very dramatic with their emotions. They tend to exaggerate situations in their mind to see things worse than they are such as if something embarrassing happens to them they see it as so much more worse than it actually is. I’d say that some downsides of this are that they can be childish and get stuck in codependent relationships. 
🌙 Moon in the 6th- This placement creates workaholics and over-thinkers. They’re good at hiding this however, and you would never know that these people are hurting. They also don’t like asking other people for help, and want to do everything themselves. They will do anything for those they love, and they love befriending co workers so they become family. However they can be too selfless and they can get taken advantage of. :( These individuals are really sweet and they’re soooo hard on themselves. I just want to hug them. 
🌙 Moon in the 7th- These people constantly crave a relationship and if they don’t crave a relationship, they feel the most fulfilled when their loved ones support them. They tend to idealize love, and they want their soulmate. However, this can be their downfall because they can become very codependent in relationships. They also tend to stay in relationships with people they’re not happy with anymore just because they don’t want to be alone. However, these people are also super well liked and are great mediators. 
🌙 Moon in the 8th- I love moon in the 8th placement people, they’re super intriguing and intuitive. They tend to suppress their emotions, and don’t like to tell people their emotions as they don’t like to burden them. These people are also interested in psychology and like to figure out what makes people tick. I’ve also found that the people I know with this placement tend to be interested in astrology, the occult, and/or the taboos of life. I’d say some downsides of this placement are that they’ll never tell you how they feel, and you can tell when they’re sad, but they still just refuse to tell you how they feel. 
🌙 Moon in the 9th- People with moon in the 9th are constantly wondering what the secrets of life are. These people always feel the need to escape and they want to travel. They constantly need to feel stimulated and they hate routine. They’re very smart and have strong beliefs. They do tend to be detached a lot and run from their emotions. They also constantly need change and constantly need to be stimulated. 
🌙 Moon in the 10th- While these people try, they cannot hide their emotions. Even if they’re stoic, you can always see it in their face. However, these people are usually really successful and they know what they want. They tend to worry a lot about what others think of them, and they tend to have a hard time settling on a career to pick because of their emotions. They tend to change what they want to do alot. These people are also caring and soft. 
🌙 Moon in the 11th- These people attract friends with strong Cancerian or moon placements. They think of their friends like family, and they develop deep emotional connections with them. They also tend to feel other people’s pains and struggles, which can motivate them to become activists and advocate for social justice causes. They’re independent and have an unconventional personality. Some downsides are that they can be emotionally unstable and they constantly feel like they need the approval of others. 
🌙 Moon in the 12th- These people are SENSITIVE, but they hide it so so well. They have this whole world inside them that you’d never know about. They have such intense emotions and they’re deeply empathetic. These people are also super creative and imaginative, and are very interested in spirituality or intrigued by it in general. I’ve noticed that they have sleep issues, like they just don’t sleep a lot. These people also tend to repress their emotions alot, since they’re so sensitive, they just don’t like to deal with the emotions. I also feel like these people are either emotionally unavailable or they crave relationships to an unhealthy extent. There’s really no in between.
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itscupidsaki · 4 months ago
Astrosology Observations 1 Good fortune theme
Disclaimer: I am not a professional astrologer and I am doing these for fun. This post is based off my own observations and experiences that I’ve had with the signs. They are just my opinions and shouldn’t be taken as a fact.✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🌸 Capricorn placements as children, might have acted or appeared older and more mature. They might also have had to take on responsibilities from a young age.
🛍 Leo suns want to appear supportive and strong to others. Even though they might be insecure or sensitive, they don’t like showing it or people seeing them as ‘vulnerable’.
🎀 Aquarius placements could have been an outcast or have been bullied for being or looking ‘different’ and ‘weird’.
👛 In their youth, libra placements might have been that friend that chose to be neutral in friend group fights, not favouring one over the other. This might have made them come across as ‘two-faced’, ‘flaky’, or ‘fake’, even though their intentions were to be nice to everyone.
🌸 Virgo placements can be too harsh on themselves, as they prefer the best possible results for outcomes. A lot of Virgo’s I’ve noticed, tend to be well liked among communities, without needing to put the effort in.
🍧 Sagittarius moons are the type of people to crack jokes all the time and effortlessly make people laugh. They could say the most unfunniest thing and still be the funniest people in the room. Virgo moons also like being comedians within their groups.
🍥 Gemini placements are the definition of clowns. They could even have been class clowns.
💝 Cancer moon children are so sensitive. If you say one thing to hurt their feelings they’ll start screaming.
🌸 Cancer placements in public settings can be some of the most mature and calm people.
🛍 Taurus placements give off this energy as if everything is fine. It can be very difficult to tell if they are going through something. You usually won’t know unless they tell you. They’re very good at concealing their emotions.
🎀 Taurus men are so stubborn, they don’t like apologising. They’re very goofy though.
👛 Scorpio sun men like to feel like they’re helping you in some way. They like when you need their support or advice.
🌸 Scorpio placements in general like to give people advice or aid. They like playing therapist too. Almost all Scorpio suns and moons I’ve met have a staring thing. They just like to sit and stare at people.
🍧 Scorpio risings in my opinion don’t come off as intimidating. They’re actually quite friendly and open, but are still quite secretive of what information they tell you.
🍥 Gemini placements have the most unpredictable mood swings. One minute they’re happy, then next minute they’re upset over something and It’s difficult to know what they need, as their mind is often somewhere else.
💝 Aries literally give off warrior vibes. Like people can literally feel their Mars energy and authenticity. Similarly to Leo’s, they don’t like being perceived as ‘vulnerable’ or ‘weak’ to others.
🌸 My art class was literally full of Scorpios, Aquariuses, Pisces and cancers. They’re all very creative and artistic.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✨ All images were taken from Pinterest ✨
I wish the best blessings on you all, free of all negative thoughts and feelings. Become at peace with yourselves. Let’s all become beautiful, wealthy individuals. We don’t just live in luxury, we are the luxury.
Lots of love and luck
ItsCupidSaki 🏹
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milkywaychaser · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Reflections of the past…
Photo made by blntpencil in Mannum, South Australia
Follow @milkywaychaser for more Milky Way photography wonders.
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lilastromama · 2 months ago
Rating the signs as big 3 placements
(gemini, aquarius, capricorn, cancer)
sun: 8/10 I love them and that is not bc its my sun sign, i genuinely like them in general. They are bubbly but also serious if needed. Theyre literally the twins and u if ure lucky (or unlucky) u will meet both sides of them. Yet i have to say, we can be incredibly toxic if unevolved. Also sometimes we start arguing for fun and dont really tell you about that so it leads to an actual beef, we sorry tho, but evolved we really mean no harm
moon: 6/10 i have mixed feelings about this one to be truthful, it can definetely be a hit but also a huge miss. there is a lot going on in their heads and hearts and they tend to overthink to the point they end up blaming you for things they themselves made up. Listen to their words when mad, it says what they wanted to say all along
rising: 9/10 im positive about this one tbh, like i as already mentioned in one of my posts before, they definetely have more of the "gemini" look than actual gemini sun people. They somehow look always very young or younger than they actually are atleast. Cute people <3 but maybe tend to be a little arrogant, what a tragedy
sun: 4/10 i definetely dont feel positive about aquas. Maybe its just the ones ive met i dont know, what ive experienced was just a complete turn off to be honest. Yet to be fair, i wanna mention they can be incredibly creative and there not getting enough credit for that. They have a universe inside of them they only show a few. Also very tragic
moon: 3/10 theyre over dramatic, Also not very good at expressing what bothers them so they tend to ghost people often - they can be mean as hell just bc they feel offended + they take things personally very fast
rising: 7/10 we're going somewhere. Aqua risings tend to be very upfront, maybe a little TOO upfront, to the point they will just shit on you just because. Well it could be better but as a friend of a friend, could be quite funny since they can be storytellers. but be warned: maybe ull become one of their stories
sun: 9/10 i really do like them, they always bring jokes that are just out of pocket but u will catch urself laughin still. They can be very mature and serious people if needed tho and they can give very good advice about whatever topic
moon: 7/10 lets not deny the fact that cap moons were probably the kids in school which always got mad if certain group projects weren't done how they would've done it, still I usually vibe with them bc theyre very trustworthy and empathic (if they want to)
rising: 8/10 i do feel good about it aswell - they come off as very collected, organized and clean. I feel like they take their first impression very seriously and are afraid anyone could NOT see them as anything i listed above. I miss a little resting here tho so cap rising: please consider a break!
sun: 10/10 i love cancer suns, they so often possess such a calm yet bright energy which can influence the people all around them. Ive always felt so understood by cancers and memories with them always stuck out to me
moon: 6/10 i feel like cancer moons can be extremely problematic if not evolved. They tend to project their insecurities onto u too and make it your problem. They can be the person that always vents to you but will never let you vent to them. But evolved this placement can be just like cancer suns - incredibly understanding (maybe even psychic)
rising: 11/10 idk i find them a true masterpiece tbh. I feel like cancer risings look more like a "cancer" than typical cancer suns - its the same with gemini. I know i will probably be alone with this but i think this placement just left out all the "negative" traits about being a cancer and just claimed the best bc thats what it feels like to me
(More parts with more signs/placements are coming🌽)
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hillarysss · 8 months ago
Yes, beauty is extremely subjective however we can’t lie and say there isn’t a magnetism to certain people!
With that said, if you have 4+ of these placements you’re more likely to come across as desirable to a big variety of people. If you don’t, don’t worry there is much more little indicators out there. ;). Love yourself <3. Little disclaimer it may be a little different for males and females. 
Tumblr media
Venus in 1st/ Libra Rising. No brainer, I swear such symmestrical beautiful people have this placement.
Neptune Dominant, dreamy type beauty.
Lillith- ascendant aspects. More of a sexual appeal, can be objectified at times ):, Usually the body is very desirable.
Moon in cancer for Women. This is beautiful and it radiates very feminine energy and more of a rounder softer look.
Moon in Leo. For males and woman this is very hottt placement 🔥. They most likely will show off their beauty as well.
Pisces ASC For women. Such pretty soft apperance with dreamy eyes. More classified as “adorable”.
SCORPIO ASC. I’ve never met a scorpio ascendant that wasn’t sooooooo desirable I swear. I get lost in their eyes.. 
Aries ASC.  Maybe not too feminine, more on the masculine so men may benefit more from this placement. But definitely attractive and aren’t afraid to let people know that. Desirable eyebrows/ eye shape.
Cancer ASC for women. Curvy figure. Very feminine features. They look like someone to snuggle with, just very attractive and sensual. 
Venus in Taurus. I know I talked about physically but in my opinion the way Venus in Taurus love is so sensual and beautiful it makes you view them so physically attractive as well. Very nice clothing style. Their outfits are so put together in such beautiful way.
Apollo asteroid (1862) in aspect to Venus, Ascendant, Sun. (Especially conjuction, opposition) It’s an asteroid, yes. But its a BIG indicator on someone’s physical beauty in my opinion. Also indicator of how they’re respected and how people are attracted to them. 🥰
Apollo asteroid (1862) in Leo, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Libra for women. Apollo asteroid in Aries, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn for men.  (Or if you classify as more feminine or masculine, gender doesn’t matter much) 
Mars in a water sign for Women.
Mars in an Earth sign for men.
Lillith in 8th or 1st house or 2nd house. 
Capricorn risings. Beautiful bone structure. Extremely wanted features.
Mars- Ascendant aspects. High sexual appeal.
Uranus- ascendant. More of a schocking beauty. Doesn’t look average at all, there is something intrueging about their apparance. Pulls people in. They like that as well.
Venus in Leo. They know people want them as well. They go out their way to look good, they know they look good.
Kallisto asteroid (204) touching the venus, ascendant, sun, moon, jupiter.  (For example Adrianna Lima has it conjuct venus, Beyonce has it conjuct her ascendant, Angelina Jolie has it conjuct jupiter and moon. 
Venus- Pluto aspects. Suffocating like apperance. Intense appeal.
Moon- Ascendant. Cute appearance, most likely shorter. Benefits women more.
Venus in Cancer. They most likely dress casually but they have a very trusting aura that’s attractive, so people would most likely find them physically attractive as well. May benefit from modeling. Found this a lot in actors who are admired for their beauty. Also models
Lillith in water sign for women. Lillith in fire for men.
Venus -Neptune aspects. Dreamy look kind of like a pisces rising. They have a dreamy clothing style as well. Does benefit women a little more. A lot of Victoria Secret models have this.
Gemini risings. They give off more of a “bad bitch” type of appearance. May flaunt their body a lot. In my opinion this one isn’t talked about a lot but I definietly think Gemini risings are extremely attractive. Charming teeth/smile.
Moon in Sagittarius for women. More of a curvy figure. 
Jupiter~ asc. Can give a big bootey, big breasts. More of a curvacious figure. Both men and women usually have dimples. 
Mars in Libra. They put effort a lot to their style.
Asteroid Eros (433) in a water or fire sign. Eros in 1st or 2nd.
Aphrodite Asteroid (1388) in Scorpio/ Taurus/ Libra.
Hera asteroid (103) More of a feminine maturity. Era touching Venus, Ascendant, Sun, Moon. 
Juno (3)  in 1st, 8th, or 2nd.  Juno touching ascendant or Venus or sun.
Bella Asteroid (695). Ageless beauty. Touching Venus, Sun, Ascendant, Moon. **If it’s touching your Venus you will most likely age like fineee winee.** 🤓. Honorable mention to Gemini in this asteroid. You will stay looking so youthful when you’re old asf.
Moon in Scorpio for men especially. Very attractive intensely. Most likely get compliments about their eyes a lot or their nose.
Leo sun. 🔥 Sexy bitches.
Leo Ascendant.. Again sexy bitches! With nice wavy hair. (If not wavy, your hair is definietly a noticeable attribute about you)
Zeus (5731) in Fire or Water. Touching Ascendant or Venus as well.
Earth in big three for very desirable calming features. May look older as well.
Saturn- Ascendant. Benefits men a bit more. More of a skinny lean figure.
Sagittarius Ascendant for Men and Women. Definietly beautiful smiles and big lips. 
Venus in the 2nd house. Venus in 10th house and is known for their beauty.
Asteroid Eva (164). In Libra, Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio, Pisces.
Moon in 2nd or 1st. More of an innocent type beauty. Women may have more of a motherly look to them. Just very trusting look.
Virgo rising. More of an intellectual look, that is attractive to big auidences. Probably looks good with glasses. 
Lillith- Pluto aspects.
Pluto~ Sun aspects.
There is much more out there, but these are very remarkable. Leave some feedback in the comments. Thank you! 
Tumblr media
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