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as a heads up ill tag adventure time obsidian things as at spoilers if anyone wants to not see spoilers

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“MERRY CHRISTMAS, SHOUKO!  HAHAhahahaha….god, he was such an idiot.”


After disappearing for two months suddenly, I return for a hit and run scribble?????

It has been an eternity since I’ve felt this kind of fire over a manga.  The last time was probably Gintama.  I’m rather bemused and amused it’s Jujutsu Kaisen.

Friendly reminder that Gojou killed his one and only best friend on Christmas Eve just last year in manga time.

(That’s what I get for loving you)
Lie! Lie! Lie!
(No I can’t live without you)
Why? Why? Why?
(And all the things you put me through)

And I believed in you and I
Believed in you, in you

I didn’t give you permission to break my heart in little measured stabs, Gege Akutami-san. 

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There’s a policy
That if you swim too far beyond the sea
You’ll lose sight of the shore
And be forgotten

So ‘forgive me’ 
I would say
But you lost me
The further you drifted away

But here you are again
Expecting me to be welcoming
That the word ‘sorry’
Was the cure for it all

I say… fuck you
Paddling away from your pleads
Half ass promises
And unwanted presents

You can call me petty
But I told you before
If you swam too far beyond the sea
You’ll lose sight of our shore

That’s the policy.

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