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swesaning · 8 hours ago
too goblin to be fruity,
too fruity to be goblin
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laggam · a day ago
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Quand en allant à l’hôpital faire changer mon pansement, je me fais gronder par le chirurgien et une infirmière car je ne marchais pas en m’appuyant sur mon pied, avec les béquilles et la chaussure post opératoire..
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xunxunny · a day ago
oh god i did not realize i spammed with arcane content im so sorry
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ramyeonupdates · 2 days ago
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look at me
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tatarothouse · 2 days ago
Hi! Can I have get a yes/no on
- if I’ll find a stable group of friends any time soon
- And if I’ll have career opportunities coming towards me and start being financially independent any time soon
- Do I have romantic encounter coming towards me?
my initials are AT. I’m sorry if these are too many questions. Thank you so much.
1: an air sign male( masculine energy) prominent
2: balance (passion and creativity) something exciting on it's way~~
3: an old friend or a childhood friend confessing you in 2-4 months
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techty · 2 days ago
IAEA chief says negotiations in Iran proved inconclusive
IAEA chief says negotiations in Iran proved inconclusive
VIENNA, Nov 24 (Reuters) – U.N. atomic watchdog chief Rafael Grossi instructed his company’s Board of Governors on Wednesday that negotiations he had held in Tehran this week over Iran’s nuclear programme had proved inconclusive. Grossi returned from Tehran on Tuesday after assembly the top of Iran’s Atomic Vitality Group and Iran’s international minister as he soughtto strike a cope with Iran to…
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shoresofeasy · 3 days ago
Night Foraging
the shadow carving moves
like some slither bound night ghost
slick between red light walls
quick step
knocked loose
beating from heel to skull
the steady footfall trance
roaming their oily grey streets
foraging for peace
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vetrehberi · 3 days ago
Türkiye’de Atçılığın Tarihi #türkiye #turkey #at #horse #equide #tarih #history #atçılık #vet #pet #animal #veterinary #veteriner #vetrehberi
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angltth · 3 days ago
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laggam · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Quand Albizzia marche sur mon pied.
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