#at least i can see my 17 y/o dog every day
buddeysystem · 2 years ago
How have you been? I always like seeing you around. I was happy to see you posted. 😊
hello!!!! i have been okay. my classes all got moved online and i lost both of my jobs due to the pandemic but i am alive and relatively healthy and that's all i can hope for right now
thank you for this message i really needed it :')
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ssurveys · a year ago
survey by chrissylee22dc
Achievements: I guess I’m being asked to list some of mine...some of the ones I’m proudest of, at least, are graduating university with honors, landing a job (liking it is a big bonus), and taking up leadership positions.
Age: I am 22, but never felt quite like it.
Are you planning something right now? Kind of. I’m eyeing a long road trip to Tanay with just myself and go to one of their coffee shops, but idk when I’ll be able to do that. My wallet and bank account are still beat from Christmas lol (and until now I’m still buying gifts for friends), so it might have to wait until sometime next month.
Arizona or Alaska: I think Arizona weather is already quite like ours here, so I might enjoy Alaska a bit (if not a lot) more. There’s generally a lot more factors I find interesting with Alaska, like their food.
Birthdate: April 21st.
Build: I’m quite thin and underweight, but I actually recently made plans to start working out - both to make an effort to be healthy with myself, and also to feel good post-breakup. I’m hoping to see some changes in my body and build in the coming months.
Babies, do you have any? None of those, not sure if that’s still the plan for me.
Blonde or Brunette: Brunette.
Childhood sweetheart: Erm, does Gab count? We technically weren’t kids anymore when we first got together. I wasn’t attracted to anyone as a kid and was more concerned with growing my Pokemon pogs collection.
Current mood: I’m hungry and can go for savory breakfast foods right now, like shakshuka or huevos rancheros. Also a little anxious because I really don’t want to think about work, but tasks continue to pile up for a certain client.
Children, are there more in your future? There aren’t even any to begin with.
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi just because it reminds me of Punk and my chaotic wrestling fangirl years.
Dad's name: Edgardo, but no one calls him by that full name. He has two nicknames; one of which he hates and only family and friends use, and the other is the name he has permanently introduced himself as in his workplace.
Dating anyone: Not anymore.
Do you plan on having lots of money? Don’t most people?
Dogs or cats: Dogs.
Elementary School: I’m not sharing that.
Eye color: Dark brown/black.
Ever going to China? Probably not right now considering the present situation. I’d love to go to the rural cities and have a peek into their country life.
Early or Late: EARLY. Lateness is a big pet peeve, unless the excuse is super reasonable like Manila traffic or a car accident.
First Crush: The first person I felt remotely attractive to was Andi, from 6th grade. Then she moved to New Zealand and the crush quickly faded out.
Fears: For concrete things, I hate cockroaches and fair rides. For bigger concepts, I fear getting left behind, failing, and not getting approval, and the idea of never being satisfied or happy with who I am, what I’ve done, or where I’ve gone.
Future goals: Have a place of my own, be able to sustain myself, and keep myself alive.
Funny or Serious: I think everyone has to have both sides. I wouldn’t want to hang out long with people who can’t be sat down to just shoot the shit with conversations that go a little deeper. At the same time, I’d be quickly bored with someone who talks about existential or philosophical topics 24/7 and takes everything seriously.
Grandparent's names: On my dad’s side, Dolores and Federico; on my mom’s side, Agnes and Jun. My maternal grandpa is the third in multiple generations of Abelardos in the family, but his nickname is simply ‘Jun,’ because Philippines.
GPA: We don’t measure our grades with that, but we do have a GWA; I’m just not sure how that can be converted to GPA. Mine was in the 1.47 range, which was good enough for cum laude honors. I barely missed out on a magna cum laude honor (which required a 1.45 GWA), so that’s something I’ve always been pressed about and I know I could have clinched it if the pandemic didn’t cancel my final semester, which would’ve given me the chance to pull up my grades.
Going anywhere this weekend? I don’t think so. I want to spend the remaining 5 days of my break completely unproductively.
Giver or Taker: Giver. I like pleasing people.
High School: I attended one school from kindergarten to high school.
Hair color: Black.
Hate anyone for life? I don’t think so. I dislike some people, but I can’t tell if I’ll feel that way for the rest of my life.
Hairspray or Gel: When I’m going somewhere or attending something fancy, I use hair gel to hold my hair down.
In 8th grade, who was your best friend? Eighth grade is freshman year of high school, right? In that case, my best friend was Gabie.
Is ignorance bliss? Sometimes it is. I like no longer being updated about Gabie’s life. Back when I still tried to push my way in, I was miserable. I stopped doing so over the holidays and I just stopped reaching out, stopped trying to communicate, everything. I’ve been a lot happier that way.
Is there anything you wanna share? That’s kinda the goal with every survey I take.
Ice Cream or Cake: Right now, maybe ice cream. I’m very picky about cake, and I don’t like the spongy ones aka most cakes I know.
Jumped rope for fun: That’s exactly what I use jump ropes for. I don’t think I ever used it for fitness or working out except for maybe PE.
Junk around you right now? I mean, not really. I have my embroidery stuff in a pile beside me, but I don’t consider them junk.
Joining anything anytime soon? Not planning on it. I briefly considered joining a gym as a new thing to do for 2021, but in the end I figured working out at home would be enough. Angela recommended the latter as well, so that’s how I abandoned my gym plans quickly haha.
January or July: I guess July? January always feels just a teeny bit stranger than other months, considering it’s the beginning of a new year.
Killed anyone: ...This serious?
Keeping a secret? I keep different secrets from different people.
Kicking someone off your top friends today? I don’t think that’s a thing anymore. Hasn’t been for a while.
Kiwi or Apple: Apple, just because I’ve never had the chance to taste kiwi.
Lost anyone close to you: I’ve lived 22 years, of course I have. I’d be very surprised if someone has lived that long but has never experienced losing people, whether from a fallout, from death, etc. Just this year alone I lost a great-aunt on my maternal grandpa’s side, and a ton of relatives from my maternal grandma’s side.
Last kiss, when and who: Gabie, three months ago.
List 3 people that you'll love forever: I can only think of Angela. And of course, Gab.
Lover or Fighter: Fighter, I suppose. I can be relentless. Right now with my breakup has been the only time I allowed myself to take a step back and not forcibly take things under my control for once.
Middle School: We don’t follow the concept of middle school here. The levels in middle school fall under elementary school as well.
Marital Status: Single.
Mom's name: Abigail.
Music or TV: TV.
Northernmost state you've been to: Batanes, which is as northernmost as northernmost gets in the Philippines.
Nickname: A lot of family members call me Byn, but for the most part Robyn has always been my main nickname.
Name your future boy and girl: I have yet to make up my mind about this.
Naughty or Nice: Nice. I never particularly feel ~naughty, and since the breakup I especially haven’t felt the need to be sexual.
Opened a piece of mail that wasn't yours? Sometimes I’ll open the electricity or water bill addressed to my parents out of curiosity just to find out how much we consumed in the last month. But nothing more than that.
Occupation: I’m an associate at a PR agency.
Owe anyone money: Nope.
Outgoing or Shy: Shy at first but I can get outgoing once I’ve warmed up to a person/situation.
Place you most want to be? Right now? I’d love to be at a coffee shop or bar at a higher altitude, with a view of the city. I used to go to a lot of these before the pandemic hit, but now I’m thinking of doing it again.
Purposely destroyed someone’s life? No.
Planning a major trip? Not really. Most tourist spots require swab tests and I am not having anything go up my nose.
Pink or Black? Love both, but I like pink ever so slightly more.
Quit a class: I’ve never dropped a class. I’ve wanted to, but there was so much paperwork to fill out to do so and I also didn’t want to be behind on my overall schedule.
Quickly...the first word to come to mind: Whistle, because the pink/black question reminded me of Blackpink.
Quitting your job soon? No lol I’m barely two months in.
Quiet or Loud: I can be both, but these days I’ve been quieter.
Riding in an airplane: I have no idea what this is asking.
Ride, tell me about yours: ^ Same.
Running for any political office in the future? No plans to.
Rain or Snow: I guess rain, since it’s the only one I’ve experienced.
Siblings names and ages: Nina is 20, my brother is 17.
Shoe size: I fit anywhere between a size 6 to 7.
Shave daily? It used to be daily, but I haven’t had the need to since the quarantine began.
Shower or Bath: Shower.
Turning 21 was (will be): It’s been a year since then.
Texas, ever been? No but I have relatives who live there, so it’s one of my choice states to visit and stay at if I ever plan to go to the US.
Think you'll live to be 100? I doubt it. I don’t have any relatives who lived until that age.
Tame or Wild: Idk, tame I guess?? I don’t know what this is asking.
Unique quality about you: I feel like this is a question best answered by other people who see and interact with me more than I do myself.
Underwear on? Yeah.
Under your bed lies: Large containers with all the magazines I collected from childhood that I can’t bring myself to throw out.
Under or Over: Idk, you have to be more specific.
Virgin? No.
Vacation time left? I have five days left, including today :( I plan to be the most unproductive or bum-y I’ve ever been, because I have no clue when I’ll have a break this long again.
Voting in the next Presidential election? Of course.
Volleyball or Swimming: I like swimming more, but I like watching volleyball.
Went white water rafting? I don’t think so, but I would give it a shot.
Wearing right now: A hoodie that’s around two sizes bigger for me.
Write a sentence about you: About anything? I’m a little upset with myself for having been a bit lousy with survey-taking during the holiday break. I planned on taking a lot to catch up on the ones I’ve missed out on, but so far I mostly take just one a day lol.
West Coast or East Coast: East.
X-Rays in the past month: 0.
X-Mas plans: Had a get-together with my mom’s side of the family on the 24th; we hosted our own Christmas party on the 25th; and we visited my dad’s side of the family on the 26th.
X, does it mark the spot? Idk.
X-Tina or Britney? Britney.
You lost "it" when? I mean, I’ve had more than one moment where I freaked out...
Your favorite song:  I’m really in love with Saw You In A Dream by The Japanese House. My favorite songs come and go, but this one has been a constant.
Your favorite place on Earth: Sagada.
Yes or No: Idk. I’m not enjoying these vague ass questions.
Zodiac Sign: Taurus.
Zodiac Sign: Idk, I’m still a Taurus.
Zippos are neat, agree? I don’t have an opinion.
Zoo or Circus: Neither.
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heyyylittlemo · a year ago
Ask game
1. Where did you hide the body??
Me: *pause* No, where did you hide the body—
*police stare at me with disbelief*
Me: there’s no—there’s not a single body here—well stop looking at me like that, you’re the cop! You should know! Why are you asking me for! Body? Whaaaaaat. Ahaha.
*cops shake head*
*whispers to my friend* Guys I think I pulled that one off
Police: you know we can hear everything you’re saying
me: 👁👄👁
2. Favorite rock? The 1975. Dominic Fike. Arctic Monkeys. Bad Suns. The killers. Pale Waves. Etc. That good good shit 👌
3. Most aesthetic season? Fall. Love them orange colors. The leaves falling. Though spring is also neat if you have a bunch of flowers bloomin in shit and winter is only aesthetic when it’s snowing. Boring ass summer tho just be heating me up.
4. When texting do u shorten words or spell out? I used to write stuff out all the time mostly but now it’s like half and half bcuz its just faster and nobody got time for it 🤣🤣
5. Vintage stuff? Hell yeah, but maybe not anything too expensive since some old stuff IS hyper expensive.
6. Colors that pop or blend? Not sure I understand what u mean abt them blending ahaha u mean like when they’re so similar to another?? Well I think it’s nice but honestly I prefer a pop and a bang, y’Know?
- At this moment I realized I was answering the last few questions from a completely different ask and felt like a dumbass 😂 anyways the actual number we’re on is three so imma just kickback
3. Worst dream u have ever had? I had sleep paralysis but was imbetween that and a lucid dream. At first I was paralyzed and could see my bed but my eyes felt closed and open at the same time?? A giant dark demon looking dog had towered over me and began to tear at my neck. It looked and felt very real I started to try to scream and it felt like a scream was coming out but no sound exited. Then I went into a lucid dream where I was being chased by this dog and running for my life I was running by and nobody could save me nobody in the dream when it caught up to me I was back in my bed and it was trying to eat me again. I was so terrified I couldn’t sleep for a whole week.
4. Lyric that comes to your mind? “And I don’t think I can be there. I’m paralyzed,I’m terrified of being alone. When you said I deserved what had happened.”
5. Blood make u uncomfortable? Yes, I passed out once when getting my finger pricked and a VERY small blood sample and another when dissecting a fish.
6. Even or odd numbers? Well I like the number 5,7,9, 3 so odd. (Like me 🤣🤣)
7. Something I hate that I love? Anything I’ve ever loved becuz love can be frustrating. Bruh.
8. 1st initial of someone I hate? Hmm...do I hate someone tho? Not that I can think of...
9. *Skipping down the lane* NOPE
10. Corn dogs? It’s funny cuz when I think of corn dogs my mind will always go to when we first moved to our current house because at our initial town we never had Sonic and while we were getting the house fixed up and moving stuff we use to always get Sonic since it was the closest to us most times to eat and that was a bunch of corn dogs and hotdog days 🤣 so thnk u corn dogs for ur service
11. I’m not a huge movie person so...I looked up movies from 2005 and movies Inlike from this time are Brokeback mountain bcuz it’s gay af, Shark Boy and Lava Girl damn I rewatched the shot out of it when I was younger, Narnia and the Chocolate Factory(although it low key creeped me out as a kid, and idk why).
12. Least fav music genre? Most country, most EDM, dubstep, screaming/really hard rock, some pop music, mumble raping.
13. As someone who waits on tables, my job is my least favorite restaurant experience 🤣🤣 just dealing with ppl...like ok, I’m half Hispanic right?? But I look white. Well, I work at a Mexican restaurant and so sometimes racist costumers will say shady shit just bcuz I guess they think it’s appropriate to say it to me just bcuz I’m not Hispanic in their eyes?? But it pisses me off and I feel like I can’t say anything without causing a drama which I hate and when the “costumers always right” it can be hard to budge and stand up and say “bitch wtf did u just say??” And there’s just folks who take things the wrong ways or ask too much at once or give u a hard time or just say something that sticks onto you for the whole day. One bad move can turn my whole day upside down.
14. 3 things never come near me? Cockroaches, Needles, and close mind ppl
15. Worst way to die? With regrets. Something really brutual, random, or where something just happened to go wrong (accident). Being killed by someone u love.
16. Unusual habits? Doing a Michael Jackson esque “hee-hee” after every sneeze I make, being extremely clumsy and making every task 100% more difficult, having the ability to talk as if I have an accent that comes from nowhere in particular just stupidity also I can’t speak my own language half the time 🙃getting words confused or misusing them in a sentence so I sound dumb having a very weird imagination and thoughts, I swear it like I never went to school and don’t know how the world works, plus many many more
17. Clothing style u want? I want to dress in a way that screams who I am and is a blend of both femininity and masculinity. A little vintage. Grunge. Urban maybe?? What do I know abt fashion 🤣🤣
18. Song or artist that deserves more? Dijon, hands down. I love his stuff. He’s like Frank Ocean meets light-singing beautiful lyricist with a more rock vibe?? Hidden gem. I also think Durand Jones & the Indications needs more love along with BadBadNotGood they sound like old-times but are new!! Oh, and Pale Waves is like a female The 1975 and kicks it. Bad Suns is a good alt rock band that no one seems to recognize :,D Toro y Moi too! His song with Flume “The difference “ is a banger!! Kid Cudi is my man when I want a blend of rock and rap. Also Dominic Fike,King Krule, and Roy Blair, who are all amazing!! Ok I need to stop 🛑
Duck I answered the past questions from a different post I’m sorry 😐
17. Emoji never used? There’s a bunch since I reuse the same over and over again. Lmao
18. 3 sentence Gatorade horror story? A faint quiver overtook the small freezer the Gatorade lay in; no one had come by in days, hours, weeks; when was the last time he met the lips of a thirsty body? They’d forgotten about him, as his last sips remained glued to his hollowing entrance. ‘Help, ‘it wanted to say, but it’s frozen lips could not be moved; It’d stay here, die here...just like the rest.” What am I doing with my life 🤣🙏
19. Do u know what an old bay is? A bay that is old? And old ocean? Idk!!!
20. Can u dance? Sometimes I dance when I’m alone but nothing spectral lol
21. What first comes to ur mind when u see ropes? 2 extremes. Sex and death. Hm. Ok. Moving on.
22. Make an obscure reference. “Even a bra couldn’t hold these nipples” *Holds a water gun to chest*
23. Fav balloon color? Pink or yellow.
24. If u were in court would u be innocent or guilty? Depends, what am I in court for 🤣 lmao jk honestly idk bcuz I don’t think I’d wind up in there
25. Are u hungry ? Nope
26. Unlucky number? Hm I don’t think so but I have a lucky number “123”
27. What’s “JMD”stand for? I’m guessing...Jamming my d—- 💀lol jk ahaha why am so dirt
28. Random inside joke? *chirpy squeak* I’m making a double batch of cookies
29. What sends chills up ur spine? Seeing disgust food or smell disgust or talking abt disgust things like gore
30. How many questions are in ur inbox? A pathetic zero ahaha no one want to ask me anything 😂
31. Someone real who scares u. 2 of my ex friends. One when I was 10 said disturbing things and I was kinda forced onto the friendship and everything they said make me fear for others lives...and then a different ex friend who seemed normal at 1st but became both low key psychopath cult leader type stuff and I booed out of there—-.
32. Run or hide? Uhh probably hide because I’d say even if ppl say “u can run but u can’t hide” u CAN just hide! that’s the point of hiding they not find u xD also why not combine them? Hide then run somewhere far away once I got them off the trial.
33. Last person who made u angry? A frickin beetle that flew at me and pinched me in the middle of singing in the shed xD also my autocorrect
34. What’s going on in ur head? I should probably pee soon—
35. Little thing that makes u Smile? A lot of little things bruh.
36. Are u a descisive person?
Not sure.
*pAuse *
Ok, I guess I’m not then 🤣
37. Would ppl say I’m paranoid? Hm maybe about certain things social situations, singing in front of others what ppl think abt me etc etc
38. Store least likely in? Any southern clothes shop, Abercrombie & Finch types shit, lol
39. Do I like hats fave type? Hm not wear many hats but I think they’re cool any type is cool for different ppl and their aesthetici just can’t rock a hat.
40. Bow ties or ties? Don’t really care but now want to see more bow ties
41. Who? You.
42. What? Reading this shit
43. Where? In ur ass
44. When? Now.
45. Why? Not even u know why.
46. How? We all want to know
47. Do u collect anything? Vinyl records.
48. What tome is it? Time to get a watch
49. Fav transportation? My car or walk is possible
50. Would u ever kill someone to save someone? Don’t want to think about that
51. Make a joke. Yo, it’s time to make a joke—so the other day I was working. And I was practicing my Spanish, yes? Anyone whose trying to learn anew language k n o w s that sometimes words can be so close to another u just confuse then! So apparently churros in Spanish is a desert but if u say it more harshly (it literally sounds almost the same) it makes a whole different meaning—diharrea, but like I didn’t know that so I legit just walked up to this person and asked if they would like some shit to eat. So yeah, that was great. Let’s not forget that I mixed up blood, watermelon, and sangria which is a wine. I legit once said I had mixed wine in my vines and another time watermelon 🤣
52. I’m really confused so I skip
53. Would ur dash be confiscated SFW? By dash do u mean this account? Um not 😬
54. Do I like to cuddle? Hell yeah and manhandle ppl all the time it’s my affection
55. What makes u angry? Close minded ppl or ppl who jump too fast to conclusions, strict schedules just dumb stuff that people try to force when I just want to be carefree 😭✌️
56. How many voices are in ur head? 😐
57. Do U consider urself mentally stable? 😐
58. Are u easily offended? Well U just called me mentally unstable and asked it there was voices in my head!!
59. What’s wrong with taking the backstreets? Uhm...
60. Any questions u want ppl to ask u? Nothing in particular but it’s be nice if someone care to ask me something abt me from personal question to my opinions on shit to 19 days fandom related junk 😌
Woooo I’ve finished this game! Thanks to @seiji-amasawa for introducing me to this ^^
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shesawriter39049 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
**For this first time, Jimin’s “lifestyle” clashes with yours...what happens when work makes him miss one of the most monumental moments in your career!? **
1.2 K sneak peek-
Jimin’s whipped and in his feels and so is the OC
Jimin’s still fucking perfect though...and a freak..but we all know this!
Things are starting to get just as much angsty as sexy…and the OC’s lowkey freaking out a little....
SLIGHT daddy kink, mentioned twice
Jimin couldn't hide the smile on his face if he wanted too, grinning from ear to ear as he watched you sway in his direction. Suddenly the nervousness he felt flooding through his body the entire drive over here disappeared, all that mattered in this moment was you. “Fuck..” Swept past his lips almost breathless as he pulled his blacked out aviators off hanging them in the neckline of his black V-neck.  The sun and the slight breeze was damn sure working in your favor, giving Jimin his own little runway show so it seemed. In his eyes you always looked good…”cute and fuckable” in his words, but due to your work schedules and obviously your previous arrangement which was essentially a booty call! It was rare he got to see you all dolled up like this, in your heels, hair and makeup done, skin tight midi dress that clung to every curve that Jimin’s committed to memory. Sitting on the hood of his challenger in the parking lot, distressed dark wash jeans that gave you no choice but to stare at those sinfully thick thighs of his! The minute you were in arms length he grabbed you, pulling your body into his which you fit like a glove, spreading his legs just enough to trap you in between them. Nuzzling your nose in the crook of his neck, a sigh of contentment leaving both of your lips at the contact. Giving yourself a moment to take in the scent of his cologne mixed with his natural aroma which you loved a little too much, even for your own liking! Hands slowly soothing up his back only to get tangled in his thick mane of hair, raking your nails down the nape.
“Hi baby…” Rolled off his tongue and into you hair, physically able to hear the smile in his voice, palms soothing up your ass, gently kenading his fingers into your skin through the fabric of your dress “God, I love how you feel…so soft and just...mine...mmm” A low moan fell from your lips at that, instantly feeling almost lightheaded. The things this man could do to you, hands coming up to find their home on your waist, not trusting himself where they currently sat!  Leaving a couple kisses up the side of his neck, pulling back to admire the faint outline from your lipgloss, the sun accentuating the gold reflexes from the glitter. Bringing your forhead up to rest against his, lashes touching in the procces, you look too damn tempting right now, espeically considring the two of you were outside of your work, but fuck. The idea of bending you over the hood of his car sounds painfully appealing, leaning down to let his lips capture yours nothing subtle about it Jimin kissed you with force. His tongue clashing clashing against yours, volleying it against his teasingly as if you’d really fight him for dominance, A growl leaving his lips once he realises too, pulling back to sink his teeth into your bottom lip, hand coming up to make firm contact with our ass until you knead out into his mouth. Soothing his palm over your cheek, which made you ultimately give in,Jimin moaned once given free reign of your mouth. Suddenly switching up the pace, his actions becoming more delicate as he tangled his fingers in your hair.
“Soooo...there's a reason I asked you to meet me for lunch…”
Smiling against his lips before pulling away, a slight hum leaving his lips as he cocked his head to the side, brow quirked in curiously. Rubbing slow soothing circles up your sides “ I found out it was confirmed almost 2 weeks ago….but things  between us were still so new, and up in the air,so I didnt wanna make things weird by brining it up right away...” Palming your hands up his shoulders nervously,unintentionally fluttering your eyes away from him until you felt his index finger flick your chin. Silently demanding your undivided attention, and clearly you weren’t one to deny Jimin of any of his desires!
God your face was so damn hot, why were you so nervous for this!? It’s a GOOD thing Y/N breathe ..”Babbyy…” Slipplied from his lips catiously “Are youuuu like...preg-” Jimin didint even let the word fully slip past his tonuge before you were almost ready to fight!
“NO! GOD NO! That’s the last thing I need right now” Just the thought of it alone had your blood presure rising, eyes almost bucking out of there sockets which only had Jimin cackling. At least he found this humerous....heart damn near thumping out of your chest!
“Well shit, if it’s not that it can’t be that deep, your a big girl...I know you prefer to swallow but spit it out…” Gazing back at you with the cheekiest grin on his lips, reaching up to playfully pinch his nipple, alright maybe it wasn’t so playful. And neather was the hiss that left his throat, so damn sinful! A second away from saying fuck lunch and just dropping to your knees! Since that wasn’t an option you despertly tried to pretend as if you didnt hear the whine that just rolled off his tonuge!
“Oh fuck you! Okay, Okay, well... I have my first official show ...as in it’s booked, sponsered, the full nine” Nose scrunching in tentatively, not quite sure how he’ll react or if he’ll even care but you should no better, this is Jimin were talking about here!
This man's face lit up immediately, those big puppy dog eyes of his gazing down at you with nothing but fondness “Oh my god baby!!!” Squeezing you into his arms, kissing you hard enough to knock the wind out of you before picking you up. Twirling you around in his arms ”I’m so damn proud of you…” Something about hearing Jimin say that you a second away from tears...you didn't have family around to say it so he was the closest thing you’d had in years. The first person in lords knows when to mean enough to you to make that phrase hold weight!
“Thank you..” Exhaled from your body shakingly, the grip you help around his waist tightened. As if he could read your mind Jimin switched gears,  wanting to pull you out of that headspace. Ducking down to kiss up the side of your neck in between words.
“Soo you know this means I’m coming over tonight , and were having realy ,really kinky sex right? All night...high,nasty,sex! I’m talking like, on top of your dining room table next to the carry out..spread wide open on your fucking stairs. However and wherever I want you , I’m having you, daddy’s in full control, I know how much my baby can reallyyy take” Jimin was litterally moaning in your ear, and ya what know, dick sounds more appealing than food right now! “Fuck,and your gonna take it, over and over again until you know how proud I am... god I’m gonna fuck you soo damn good!” Sinking his teeth into the patch of skin behind your ear since he knew your hair would cover the mark he was currently leaving behind “..bescause you deserve it...” 
“Mmm,that a promise?” Brow quirked slightly purposely challenging him, as you nibbled on the side of his ear, words coming out breathier than intended..
“Damn right it is, you already know how long I last when I’m high, I just can’t wait to see how long baby last before she's begging daddy to tap out...” A low whine leaving your throat, reclining your neck to give his tongue more access.
“But wait...”Pulling back suddenly, clearly perplexed, and considering the current conversation so where you “Whyyyy... were you nervous to tell me about that??Baby it’s what you’ve been waiting for” Mhhmm, It’s what you've been working towards since  you got your promotion 8 months ago!
“Umm..well…” There the nerves go again “I also wanted to invite you, as my date....I-I’m not trying to rush things and introduce you as my man but. I just, I don’t know, I really want you there, and not just hiding in the damn corner somewhere…I wanted you by my side...if your comfortable with that”  fidgeting with the rings on your fingers slightly, feeling like complete puddy in his grasp, suddenly questioning if you were 17 again!
Jimin’s damn near melted at that, eyes beaming, the smile that spread across his face instantly eliminated any uncertainty you had prior!  He’s been the one up with you as of late, at all hours of the night, just chillin on the couch. Smoking while your creating,editing, destroying, having mental breakdowns..the full nine!
Pulling your forward lightly by the chain around your neck, leaning in for one more lingering kiss before responding. “That’s why you were nervous?! Are you fucking serious Y/n of course, I’d go!” Tone indicating he was actually somewhat offended that you thought otherwise. “I’d be more pissed if I wasn’t at least invited...when is it?”
“Monnnn-day???” Tone hopefully, maybe too hopeful especially  once you took in the look on Jimin’s face looking like someone just stole his damn bike! “What-what's..wrong?” You are very tentative at this point...almost scared to know the answer.
A deep exhale left his body at that, recling his neck slightly, raking his fingers though his hair “I-fuck...I was going to tell you at lunch, that I gotta leave tomorrow morning...” Pausing to read your body language , your mouth forming an unintentional “O” not sure what else to say! “I’m, not set to be back until...  Tuesday….” Slowly dropping his gaze away from ours, Jimin literally felt naesous right now. Your body tensing under his hold and what made it even worse is he could feel it “Baby I’m so-”
“No, no it’s cool, it was supid anyway, were not even official yet so I can't be offended that you can’t go..you have a job too...I understand” Bullshit, nothing but bullshit, not even sounding remotely convincing as your voice wavered in your throat, like a leaf in the wind. “I-umm..I should probably get inside and prep-” Attempting to pull away but Jimin was always one step ahead of you.
“You still haven’t even eaten lu-”
“It’s fine, I’ll like grab grub hub or something..” Still trying to pull away, is it maybe because your eyes were bruning and even though you weren’t “Official” you felt like you’d just been knocked in the gut and wanted to cry?
“Okay...can I atleast pay for it?” Tone a second away from almost begging, of all the times for Jay to come around..it just fucking HAD to be now!!?
“No, no, Jimin it’s fine you don’t need to do that...I’ll ummm, call you when  I get off okay??” Pulling away without a hug or a kiss, and more importantly you didn't make eye contact with him and that hurt more than anything else.
“Y/n!?”- Silence
“Baby!!?” - You could hear the slight plea within his voice but if you turned around he’d see you cry and you weren’t doing that! You told him you could handle this..you told yourself you could handle this!
“Fuck!” Growled from his chest as he raked his fingers through his scalp almost painfully hard.
Jimin knew he warned you, warned you that this wouldn’t alway’s fun, and you’d have to take the good with the bad! But fuck, did he warn himself!!!? Because he literally felt as though he was a second away from throwing up right now! The look on your face once he told you he wouldn't be here was burning through his mind on instant replay, as you walked away from him.
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peachiesheepie · 2 years ago
B- birthday? | E- easiest person to talk to? | F- favorite song? | G- good at? | O- one wish? | R- reason to smile? | S- song last listened to | U- 3 biggest wishes? | Y- your last hug?
B- birthday?
april 17!
E- easiest person to talk to?
this depends for me!! i have people who im comfortable talking to, but most of the time there’s at least one topic im not comfortable talking to someone about, and that can vary from person to person. but i’ll say that one of my roommates, im becoming way more comfortable talking to about a myriad of things, so that’s one!
F- favorite song?
hmmmmmmm at the moment i’d say it could either be one of multiple orvi11e peck songs, or sam sm1th, or also ive been listening to the lotr soundtrack lately while i work and samw1se the brave makes me cry every gotdamn time
G- good at?
i guess i could put drawing down for this shjdk
O- one wish?
that my messy roommate will start cleaning up after themself without the rest of us needing to ask them 50000 times
R- reason to smile? (also asked by @bigbellyguy12 !!)
my dog!!!! i was looking at pics of her a few days ago and almost started crying i miss her so much she lives w my family so i dont see her while im at school omg i love her
S- song last listened to
dont @ me i just recently watched klaus bc i never did over winter break so i got on a christmas music kick again and the last song i played was seeing is believing from the polar express soundtrack
U- 3 biggest wishes?
1) same as above multiplied by a million, 2) to have a cute lovely bf sometime in the near future, 3) to pull through my last semester of school with as little pain as possible
Y- your last hug?
tbh probably one of my parents when i was coming back to school a few weeks ago? lmao as much as i want to be touchy feely w people and be all affectionate i actually dont like hugs that much. or ppl touching me in overly affectionate ways. but also maybe it just depends on the person bc my Bad roommate i dont want to ever touch me, but my other roommate i would love to hug if i wasnt feeling too icky about it!
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xxkellsvixen19xx · 3 years ago
Right For All The Wrong Reasons Duncan Shepherd x Fem Reader (18) AU
Dedicating to @langdonsinferno for our mutual love for the film American Beauty, couldn't resist writing this concept hope you enjoy!
A/N: Used some of the main elements to the plot of the film American Beauty with some adjustments and changes. Duncan Shepherd becomes disillusioned with his existence and begins to hunger for fresh excitement in his life. As he experiences a new awakening of the senses, his marriage to Claire Underwood-Shepherd was a dead end heading nowhere but when their daughter Alexis brings her friend Y/N around Duncan's fantasies get the better of him, bound and determined to get what he wants he let's his lustful thoughts become reality when he seduces the barely legal 18 year old fulfilling his wildest desires.
Warnings: Cheating, Lust, Fantasizing, Barely Legal 18 Year Old Reader, Fingering, Masturbation, Oral (Fem Reader Receives), Virginity Loss, Rough Sex, Choking, Dominate Duncan, Submissive Fem Reader, Mention Of Divorce, Dirty Talk, Daddy Kink, Absolute Dirty Smut
Word Count: 4,361 Words
Note: Lyics used in this fic are from American Woman by Lenny Kravitz and Beach by Mew
Duncan Shepherd becomes disillusioned with his existence and begins to hunger for fresh excitement in his life. As he experiences a new awakening of the senses, his marriage to Claire Underwood-Shepherd was a dead end heading nowhere but when their daughter Alexis brings her friend Y/N around Duncan's fantasies get the better of him, bound and determined to get what he wants he let's his lustful thoughts become reality when he seduces the barely legal 18 year old fulfilling his wildest desires.
They were always fighting. There were screams, a loud crash and shattering glass. I quickly escaped to my room and closed the door
He  was outside.
I turned on the music, so I wouldn't have to hear anything from downstairs. I brushed my hair. It was dark and long, much like raven's wings or maybe just a black veil draped over my head. The mirror reflected sad eyes of a little girl, hiding behind that veil. The veil had been put on at the very moment of birth, since my family was never a family, but a nest of cruel and uncaring people.
I went to the window and eyed the front yard. He was there, I knew it, even though I couldn't see him. Carefully I let the music carry me, lyrics letting me sway to the beat.
"It's hard to make sense
Feels as if I'm sensing you through a lens
If someone else comes
I'll just sit here listening to the drums"
I had closed my eyes. The notes flew through me like a force of pure emotion, so raw and so deep that it almost hurt. I could've stayed like that for a long time but I knew that was not what he expected.
I opened my eyes. Then I slowly took off my top, revealing the skin beneath it. There was no need for a show, he didn't want that. I didn't want that. Or at least I thought I didn't. My real wants and needs had blurred with his, making me obey him blindly. Still, he didn't force me to do anything. It was all up to me to make my next move.
I took off my bra. When I revealed my breasts, I saw a quick move somewhere in the night. He was there, watching me, I was sure of it now. I swirled a stray of hair around my finger, then let go of it. I traced the line from under my jaw right down to my waistline, feeling the breastbone, the navel and the fabric of my skirt. Then I stopped.
"The world is like you
Here time's the charm
Like a dog it's breathing
They're just as lonely
And we all make mistakes once in a while"
//Seated in the bleachers, next to the high school BAND, is a group of about twenty TEENAGE GIRLS, dressed in pale blue and white uniforms. Among them, Alexis sits next to Y/N Y/L/N. At eighteen, Angela is strikingly beautiful; with perfect even features, h/c  hair and a nubile young body, she's the archetypal American dream girl.
On the gym floor, the girls perform. They're well-rehearsed, but too young to carry off the ambitious Vegas routine they're attempting.
Duncan Shepherd leans forward in his seat.
He is focused on Y/N now. Everything starts to SLOW DOWN... the MUSIC acquires an eerie ECHO…
He watches transfiixed.
Y/N looks directly at us now, dancing only for Duncan. Her movements take on a blatantly erotic edge as she starts to unzip her uniform, teasing us with an expression that's both innocent and knowing, then... she pulls her uniform OPEN and a profusion of RED ROSE PETALS spill forth…
Y/N, fully clothed, is once again surrounded by the other girls. The HIGH SCHOOL BAND plays its last note, the Dancing Spartanettes strike their final pose, and the audience APPLAUDS.
Claire Duncan's wife claps along with the rest of the audience while he just sits there, unable to take his eyes off Y/N.
The game is long over. Y/N and Alexis come out of the gym. Duncan and Claire  stand at the edge of the parking lot. She crosses reluctantly toward her parents, followed by Y/N. “Congratulations, honey, you were great.” Duncan praised his daughter. “I didn't win anything.” She states offhandedly with a shake of her head. “Hi, I'm Duncan.” He extends his hand to his daughter's new friend. “Hi.” her voice is melodic Duncan is drawn in, though she comes across shy he senses something about Y/N, something beyond the shy front Y/N has in place.
“This is my friend Y/N Y/L/N” Alexis introduces you to her parents, her parent's looked like the high class version of the typical 9-5 office job type of couple. Claire is well reserved and has made quite the name for herself in D.C. in the political profession, Duncan Shepherd was tall handsome dressed in a $10,095.00 Giorgio Armani business suit. The 5 o clock shadow that adored his handsome face and every  hair on his head was perfectly in place, the scent of his cologne Killian's Black Phantom waived through the cool night air. Duncan was old enough to be her father at the distinguished age of 35 and though it was inappropriate Y/N already found herself attracted so strongly that it was impossible to deny. She couldn't help all the dirty overly sexual thoughts that already flooded her mind, but then again neither could Duncan despite the 17 years age difference their minds seemed perfectly in sync.
Later that night….
Duncan and Claire were in bed, even in a deep sleep Mrs. Shepherd looked determined. Duncan is in that boundary between sleeping and awake he stares up at us.
A solitary single red rose petal falls slowly through the air.
Duncan's POV
'It's the funniest thing’
The red rose petal lands just in view on Duncan's pillow.
Duncan POV
‘I feel like I've been in a coma for about twenty years, and I'm just now waking up.’
More rose petals fall to the bed surrounding him, in his dream induced haze he smiles up at the almost life like vision that played out before him.
Duncan's POV
Y/N, naked, FLOATS above us as a deluge of ROSE PETALS falls around her. Her hair fans out around her head and GLOWS with a subtle, burnished light. She looks down at us with a smile that is all things…
A few days later Alexis brought Y/N over after school, it was Friday night the initial plan was a sleep over and girl time.
The two were in the living room in front of the large screen streaming music videos from YouTube. “Oh, shit. They're home. Quick, let's go up to my room.” Alexis clicked the tv off tossing the remote aside. “I should say hi to your dad I don't want to be rude.” Y/N called from behind her shoulder sauntering towards the kitchen. “Besides I could use a drink, you want me to grab you one?” “Yes there is root beer thanks.” Alexis responded hastily disappearing.
Duncan is in the kitchen faced towards the open refrigerator. “Nice suit.” Her voice rings out immediately causing him to snap at attention to face her, He is instantly transfixed.
Duncan's POV
‘Y/N leans against the counter, twirling her hair.’
“Your looking good Mr Shepherd.” There is a saying that says flattery will get you no where but to him hearing anything come from her lips would get her anywhere even if it was naked in bed with him to play out all his wild dirty fantasies. In the eyes of the state 18 is considered an adult so in all honesty it would be consensual. She slowly moves towards him, “the last time I saw you you seemed kinda wound up.”
Duncan's POV
‘She reaches inside the refrigerator to grab a bottle. As she does, she moves to place her other hand casually on Lester's shoulder. He sees it coming. Everything SLOWS DOWN, and all sound around in that moment  FADES…’
‘Her hand as it briefly touches his shoulder in SLOW MOTION. We HEAR only the amplified BRUSH of her fingers against the fabric of his suit, and it's unnatural, hollow ECHO…’
Duncan snaps back into reality, the hear and now. Y/N grabs two root beers from the fridge smiling at him. His eyes narrow just slightly with that mixture of sexy yet dangerous.
Duncan's POV
‘He cups her face in his hands and kisses her. She seems shocked, but doesn't resist as he pulls her toward him with surprising strength. He breaks the kiss, looking at her in awe, then he reaches up and touches his lips. His eyes widen as he pulls a ROSE PETAL from his mouth right before we…’
Real time...
Y/N is back against the counter, drinking the root beer. Duncan stands by the refrigerator, gazing at her, still lost in fantasy.
Later that night….
Claire  lies sleeping. Duncan is awake, staring at the ceiling. After a moment, he gets up, taking care not to disturb Claire, and walks toward the bathroom.
‘Across from us, in a PEDESTAL BATHTUB, is Y/N. She smiles and beckons us, and we MOVE CLOSER. ROSE PETALS float on the surface of the water, obscuring her naked body.’
‘Duncan leans down by the bathtub like a man in church. “You've been working out, haven't you? I can tell.” She arches her back looking up at him provocatively. “I was hoping you'd give me a bath, I'm very very dirty.” ‘
‘Duncan  gives her a hard look, then slowly slips his hand into the water between her legs. Her eyes widen and she throws her head back...and we…’
‘His hands run over my body and I let out a soft sigh. I need to ease the ache between my thighs. I need him touch me, to tease me. I need to cum. Wanton desirous thoughts invade my mind. The feeling overwhelms me and I can't do anything else until I'm sated. I let my thighs fall open as he slips his fingers into my cunt. Heat envelopes them as he slide two inside.’
‘My cunt throbs with pleasure. I feel you inside me, filling me. He  slide another finger inside, greedily filling me, thrusting them in and out to keep rhythm with my hips. I lift my leg, needing him to push deep, feeling the velvet walls of my cunt squeezing tight around his fingers. My arousal surges. My legs tremble. I wonder if you can feel me. Feel how my body knows just how to respond to your touch.’
‘My clit throbs. He presses harder, stroking me. His fingers are slick against me. My body begins to succumb. I don't want to draw it out any longer. I need it too much to let it last. I need to be greedy. I need to be satisfied. His fingers move frantically over my clit. My cunt pulses harder. I feel the heat building inside me. I gasp again and a small cry escapes my lips. I can't control my hips as they buck up against his hand. My heart pounds as I feel pleasure flood my body. Hot breath rushes from my lungs as I cry out. Warmth pulses over his hand and I careen into bliss. Can you feel it?’
Real time…
Claire, her eyes wide, listening to the rhythmic BRUSH of Duncan's hand as he masturbates under the covers. She flips over and faces him, “what are you doing?” A beat passes “Nothing” he responds frustrated. Claire switches on the bedside lamp, “you were masturbating weren't you?” “Don't be ridiculous Claire I was not.” He turns his back to her letting out a loaded sigh. “Yes you were” she challenged. He turns to face her trying to appear innocent but gives up. “Alright so shoot me I was whacking off!”  Claire gets out of their bed repelled Duncan can only laugh. “That's right. I was choking the bishop. Shaving the carrot. Saying hi to my monster” Claire shakes her head “that's disgusting.” “Well, excuse me, but I still have blood pumping through my veins!” Yelled argumentativly.
Duncan's POV
‘ Claire this hasn't been a marriage for years. But you were happy as long as I kept my mouth shut. Well, guess what? I've changed. And the new me whacks off when he feels horny, because you're obviously not going to help me out in that department.’
//American woman, stay away from me… american woman, mama let me be… don't come a  hangin' around my door... I don't want to see your face no more...//
Duncan has retreated downstairs to the kitchen, opening the refrigerator he grabs a beer and starts to head toward the family room.
Duncan's POV….
‘AS we MOVE SLOWLY around a corner, Y/N comes into view, standing at the STEREO, holding a CD case. She's been crying; her face is puffy, and her hair mussed. She regards us apprehensively... then puts on a slightly defiant smile.’
‘ ‘'He leans against the wall taking a swig of his beer, “Not at all, bad night?” “No not really just strange” she replies. “Believe me couldn't be any stranger than mine” he stated with an exasperated huff. She smiles. They stand there in silence; the atmosphere is charged.’
‘ “Alexis and I had a fight…. It was about you.” Y/N admitted. “She's mad at me because I think your sexy.” Duncan grins. He is sexy. “Do you want a sip?” You nod. Duncan  holds the bottle up to her mouth and she drinks clumsily. He gently wipes her chin with the back of his hand “so are you going to tell me what you want?” He asked with an eyebrow raised. “I don't know.” It was a lie she knew exactly what she wanted. “You don't know?” ‘
‘His face is very close to yours was this really happening--or was it mere imagination… “what do you want?” She asked him her eyes locked on his. “Are you kidding? I want you. I've wanted you since the first moment I saw you. You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Y/N takes a deep breath just before Duncan leans in to kiss her cheek, her forehead, her eyelids, her neck… “you don't think I'm ordinary?” “God, fuck no… you couldn't be ordinary if you tried.” Duncan presses his lips to yours in a seductive kiss, it was wrong but felt oh so right in a variety of ways.’
‘Y/N lays back on the couch as Duncan moves in over her. He pulls her jeans off and gently brushes his fingers over her legs, then moves up and caresses her face.. He  starts unbuttoning your blouse. Slowly he eyes every inch of her skin. Duncan pulls her blouse open, exposing her breasts. He looks down at her, grinning, unable to believe he's actually about to do what he's dreamed of so many times, and then… “It's my first time.” Duncan laughs surely she is kidding right? ‘
‘ I laid down and he was sort of kneeling over me as we kissed. “You’re a lovely girl.” Duncan's voice was kind of firm. I imagined he was expressing irritation with me for earlier telling him about being insecure about my looks. I  felt uneasy for a moment. I was embarrassed that I was wearing an old plain white bra. I looked up to see if he was staring at my breasts, but he was to my surprise looking at my face. I wondered if he thought they were unattractive or if maybe he didn’t like breasts. “I don’t think you ever  did tell me.” he broke the silence. I pulled off my skirt and underwear, and then he moved his head down. For a while I stared at the wall, and then I caught a glimpse of his head down in between my legs. I wondered what he was doing.’
Duncan's POV…
‘ I was kissing and licking everywhere  between your thighs I could tell you were getting turned on. I moved on to the clitoris, I starting with gentle licking and sucking. I look up to see you “does that feel good, babygirl?” You were unable to respond but by your blissed out expression it was clear I was doing something right. “You look so hot right now, at my mercy, so young so vulnerable” I paused for a moment then I asked you, “Did any guy ever do that to you before?!” ‘
‘ “Do what?” my voice came out nervous betraying the brave front I often gave off. “Eat you out.” Duncan responded seductively. Despite the dim lighting I could see the smirk on his face. I had felt his face and hair rubbing against my thighs, it kind of tickled but at the same time it turned me on. I felt an unrelenting pressure build in my abdomen it was driving me insane. I could smell my pussy juices on his breath. ‘
‘ He moved in to kiss me. I wanted him to kiss me, but I didn’t want him to think I would want something like that, so I turned my head to the side to dodge him. But he tried again, grinning big, and we kissed and I was excited by him forcing a kiss on me and forcing me to taste myself on his tongue. Then two of his fingers went into my dripping pussy and it hurt tremendously.  My eyes snapped shut and I started to moan both from pain and out of feeling an obligation to make him think I was enjoying it (and in all honestly I really was), and feeling like I wanted to excite him by moaning and groaning.’
‘ I peeked my eyes open and saw his face was right over mine, watching my reactions.  he was grinning god how he looked so sexy right then. “God, you’re wet.” he moaned. He took his fingers out and held them up to the light. They were drenched, completely covered in my arousal.’
‘ I writhed beneath him in sexual bliss, nothing mattered in that moment than how this felt, how my body responded to his. My body was a map but every inch, every curve he knew it almost like committed memory. I was made for him and he knew it, I knew that there would never be anyone else that could ever make me feel like this it was like ‘devine appointment’. He was experienced and he knew just what to do and boy he did it well. I embraced the desire to quench the sexual fire that burned throughout my body setting every nerve ending on a blazing rage of intense fire.’
‘ “Cum for me babygirl.” His voice was firm yet commanding. My body detonated. The heat that had built up inside of me for what seemed like forever  and had been centred entirely on my most sensitive areas and it burst out. Warmth and tension coursed through every vein as my heart leapt for joy and pumped my blood explosively. My skin tingled as a wave of goose bumps rode a shiver along my body stretching out to every extremity as my breath caught in my throat. I could feel fluid blasting out of my exposed and knickerless core and soaking my thighs further as an orgasm ripped through me.’
Duncan's POV….
‘ “Do you like that? Do you like I make you feel.” I own every single piece of your body, and we are attached to each other as one. I love how your skin tone matches your lips and make your hot eyes look brighter when you look me directly in the eyes telling me that you know I'm have you, I have you right where I want you. I want to cover you in marks and hickeys hearing you moan uncontrollably.’
‘ “ I want to make love to you, rub my cock on your clit, make you beg for it for me to put it inside of you. But I'm not going to until you say please daddy fuck me. Over and over again, I want to make you drip babygirl.” Your frustrated state was almost endearing, your face was flush, I heard your needy please leave your lips like a prayer. “Please daddy fuck me, I want to feel every inch of you rip me apart. I want you to fuck me so hard I can't walk straight for weeks afterward.” You begged me.’
‘ “Well since you put it that way…” my body was in overdrive, in an almost inhuman speed I was out of my pants discarding them off to the sidelines. “I want to choke you while I fuck you relentlessly, I think it's only fair to warn you that this won't be sweet and slow but it will be hard, fast and deep. I don't intend on showing any mercy.” I smirk at you before I slammed into you without warning giving you no time to adjust to my size. I want to ruin you, rip you apart, test your limits.” ‘
‘ Pelvic bones got heavier, shifted somehow. Y/N not only  experiences multi-orgasmic fireworks, but a more realistic longing for the act of sex to last longer, to “feel more.” ‘
‘ When we had danced and I lost myself—in him, in the music, in the shapes on the wall—I was also intensely aware of myself physically. I felt as though my pelvic bones got heavier, shifted somehow. And when he had pushed into me on the mattress, I was wet, though I hadn’t known I would be. His warm slide in and out felt not like the intrusion, but like something that was already part of me. I hadn’t any sense of wanting him to finish: I’d reached and pushed against him to feel more. “Deeper…” I managed to call out breathlessly. I felt his hand reach up to grab my throat closing in around it with just enough pressure to add to my already heightened senses.’
‘ It’s hard to experience desire while at the same time controlling it. We were trying to lose control, I couldn't explain it but I trusted him. His dominance is merely a way to show his control, to push my limits, to break me. Would he hurt me intentionally, or cause any harm? No the kind of delicious pain I was feeling was more a way to drive me crazy, the right amount of pain mixed with pleasure was nothing more than absolute complete and total bliss.’
‘ We were moving purposefully, into and against each other, I was holding the top of the bed, my eyes falling back into my eyelids, and we were trying to follow our desires, such as we understood them, and we could tell we were close to something. I watched these images in gold and red and white as Duncan’s fingers fluttered and moved as our bodies molded into one. When my body began to tense, his understood and our bodies seemed to move like a well oiled machine, my rhythm matching his thrust for thrust.’
‘ I was waiting, craving almost desperate as I felt my release very near. No violence was committed, it was clear he desired it as much as I did, it was consensual like an unspoken agreement between us both. I was savoring this saving every last moment between us that we were sharing, I committed it to memory. I have been stripped and I entered the pit and I didn't want to ever come up out of it.’
Duncan's POV…..
‘ Y/N was poised to melt, to completely shut down underneath my touch. I owned you ever single inch. Because of the intensity of this moment we shared it was an unspoken happiness of pure sexual and wanton bliss. Her head flung back fuck she looked absolutely gorgeous. When I locked my gaze with her she was fixed on me eyes glassy.’
‘ My breathing became loud and shaky I moaned out. Our bodies were in the extremes of pure unbridled pleasure, it's like we weren't in our own bodies anymore like we were possessed taken over by desire. We worked at a deliberate frenzy to chase our ultimate release. She wrapped her legs around my waist lifting up at just the right angle allowing us a feeling that both of us enjoyed. “I am close… I….” I gave my go ahead, dropping my dominant personality just slightly “go ahead cum for me babygirl.” I coaxed you. I felt your pussy walls clench around me as your release covered my cock causing me to near my release within not even half a second afterward. We road out our orgasms and attempt to regain normal breathing again. I laid down next to you, our eyes connected both of our blissed out expressions giving us a natural high. With damn near fifteen years of marriage with Claire it was evident that the passion between us had fizzled out making the act of sex nothing more than going through the motions. But tonight with us it sparked something between us something unquenchable, I knew this was the first time but it surely wasn't the last. We had both had a taste and if it was the last thing we would ever do it damn sure wouldn't at all be the last especially if I had anything to do about it. Claire was now nothing more than an inconvenience, an unpleasantry and she would be dealt with. Our marriage was dead and undoubtedly within less than 24 hours I would see to it to have her served with divorce papers. It was time to live life my way on my terms fuck everything else because nothing or noone was going to stand in my way.’
‘ "You are as beautiful as a raven; wrong in all the ways but still the only right for my eyes." I broke the silence between us. "And you are not a dream, because if you are, then I am one too." I scrutinised her for a brief moment. After that fell the silence once more. For the first time ever I smiled at you, then looked away and the moment passed. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.’
//"It is sweet outside
Where it seems magical
And if nothing works
We'll do nothing
Save yourself tonight
Asleep in the dark
I hope we're on time"//
Tumblr media
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1: Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora?
None of them work on my computer but I have a feeling when I get a phone, it’ll be Spotify.
3: what color are your eyes?
The most boring shade of brown you could possibly imagine! :D
5: what is your relationship status?
Ahhhhh single but I also have a crush so I can’t see anyone else in a romantic way??? AHHHH HELP??????
7: what color hair do you have?
Dark brown.
9: where do you shop?
Target/Kmart/Big W… we’re pooooor. XD
11: favorite social media account
YA LOOKIN AT IT :D for real tho I gotta stop wasting my life on this gotdamn website
13: any siblings?
Yeah. An asshole big brother. I hate him. :)))
15: favorite snapchat filter?
Never had a snapchat, no idea. XD
17: how many times a week do you shower?
Pretty much all 7 days. Occasionally I only shower every other day, especially when The Depression is kicking my ass. But I normally shower at LEAST 4 days a week.
19: shoe size?
Tumblr media
21: sandals or sneakers? 
SNEAKERS. God I hAtE sandals with a fiery passion. >:(((
23: describe your dream date
adopting a shelter dog :D Getting take out and curling up on the couch watching a movie or show.
25: what color socks are you wearing?
Not wearing any. Too hot.
27: do you have a job? what do you do?
Not yet!! But we should be moving back home this year and I’m going to get one then!! :DDDD
29: whats the worst thing you have ever done?
I used to be on another site. I left that site to dedicate all my time to this one (abusive) friend, and I left all my other friends on there with only a mediocre explanation for 9 months of silence. I was in a bad place mentally and wasn’t thinking too clearly, but I still feel guilty to this day. I apologized to all of them and explained myself after I left that bad friend but it was never the same again and honestly I don’t blame them for not trusting me again. I wish I’d never done it.
31: 3 favorite boy names
Uhhhhhhhh I really don’t know? Aaron, Ben, Zephyr??????? First three that pop to mind, don’t even know if I really like them or not. XD
33: favorite actor?
35: who is your celebrity crush?
Don’t have one.
37: do you read a lot? whats your favorite book?
YES!! Tho I do have a bad attention span when I’m bored so only books I really enjoy grab me. My all-time favourite book is Bird by Crystal Chan. It’s beautiful.
39: do you have a nickname? what is it?
Matt and Math(s) mostly! :D My parents call me Bubba bc I’m the baby of the family. XD 
41: top 10 favorite songs
(in no paticular order)
Favourite song ever
Somebody Else
Take me to Church
God Put a Smile on Your Face
Mr. Blue Sky
Dust and Light
Give It Up
43: what is your skin type? (oily, dry, etc)
Dry AF with brief and confusing bouts of Grima Wormtongue. XD
45:how many kids do you want?
Me??? A responsible parent who wouldn’t accidentally fuck up their child’s life??? *hysterical laughter* Idk. Depends on how future-me is and if my partner wants kids, I guess??
47: what type of house do you live in? (big, small, etc)
Small!! Big houses just mean more cleaning. Besides, I like feelin cozy n my parents do to. XD
49: what was the last compliment you received?
I can’t remember? Not that it was that long ago, I just tend to disregard compliments?? bc I don’t think I deserve them?? I mean don’t get me wrong I love them and appreciate them and they’re super nice but.. idk, I don’t let them soak in. :’)
51: how old were you when you found out santa wasn’t real?
53: opinion on smoking?
If you wanna slowly and painfully kill yourself, it’s your choice, go nuts. But don’t do it around me bc my lungs flat out don’t work at the best of times. (fun fact but I actually blackmailed/guilted/manipulated my Granddad into stopping smoking when I was 6 lmao.)
55: what is your dream job? 
Waiter at a li’l cafe thing I used to go to when I was little. Also, author! :D
57: do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?
……………. ye. :) XD I know they won’t reuse them so I may as well have ‘em.
59: do you smile for pictures?
Yeah but I look stupid. XD
61: have you ever peed in the woods?
Multiple times. XD
63: do you prefer chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or McDonalds?
Neither. My brain doesn’t let me eat fast food. The only thing I can eat from there = chips/fries.
65: what do you wear to bed?
My birthday suit. 👀 (occasionally just briefs… but mostly nothing lmao)
67: what are your hobbies?
Writing. Walking. Daydreaming. Doodling. Playing with animals. Playing Pokemon. And watching Netflix atm. :D
69: do you play an instrument?
71: tea or coffee?
73: do you want to get married?
I really don’t care either way??? So it’d depend entirely on what my partner wanted, I’d be happy to do anything for them. a lightning bolt might strike me at the holy alter tho just a warning XD
75: are you going to change your last name when you get married?
Again, it’d depend on what my partner wanted. But I guess I’d prefer not to? Or I could hyphenate the names?? :D
77: do you miss anyone right now?
79: do you believe in ghosts?
81: last person you called?
Can’t remember.
83: regular oreos or golden oreos?
I’ve only ever had regular ones so I can’t really say! :D
85: what shirt are you wearing?
I’m not wearing one. Too hot. I’m wearing my binder tho (even tho I should really be bc it’s too hot and I can’t breathe properly lmao) and it’s black. :D
87: are you outgoing or shy?
I guess I’m shy? But really I’m just socially anxious. XD With people I know, I’m more outgoing.
89: do you like your neighbors?
I like the ones on our left, they’re a nice old couple.
91: have you ever been high?
No. I’ve had close people in my family addicted to drugs. Not even gonna go there.
93: last thing you ate?
95: summer or winter?
97: dark, milk, or white chocolate?
Yes! :D
99: what is your zodiac sign
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thechaoticwonderland · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
I finally have time to write, damn it! I have been MIA for the longest time (and Twitter has been basically my place for word vomit) but I swear I have been trying to write something here -- as proven by my numerous drafted posts. LOL. 😓
If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Instagram, I TURNED TWENTY FOUR a few months back. Yup, I have officially changed my profile every where to 24. I still can’t believe I am THAT old but meh. 
I celebrated my birthday walking dogs and getting drunk around Sheung Wan and Central Hongkong with my boyfriend -- super low key but probably one of the best birthday celebrations ever! 💜 But I’d probably save a different post for that -- WHEN I FIND THE TIME AND ENERGY TO DO SO. (Possibly never, but let’s see lol)
And since I am T W E N T Y F O U R (ack!), I have decided to come up with a blog post on 24 life realizations I have at 24 - some are realizations I’ve had leading up to my 24th but you get my point. 😂
1. Love comes when you least expect it - cliché, I know. But I met my boyfriend at this random birthday party I gate-crashed AKA his 30th birthday. 😁 Long story short, we’ve been going out for over a year now. We both weren’t looking for anything then since he just got out of a toxic relationship, and I was casually going out with random people. But here we are. 😜
2. No need to rush things, do things at your own pace - I started my Masters over 2 years ago, and you’ve guessed it, most of my batch mates have their Masters degree already. 🙆🏾 At some point, I wanted to study full-time cos I’ve gotten envious of my friends. But since my parents are still (yep, I know. Shame on me) paying for my tuition fee, I don’t want to burden them with allowance expenses + my living expenses (If you’re new here, I actually live alone lol) so I need to keep my job. Now I’m 1 subject away from defending my paper! I’m almost there! And it’s actually not bad. 🤗
3. Don’t live beyond your means - Ahh, my dad’s favorite life lesson. I never thought about it then since I was living under my parents’ support, but now that I live alone I have to make ends meet month on month. In layman’s terms IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT, JUST DON’T. 
4. Don’t put your eggs in one basket - I know I am not the best person to be all preachy about money (cos I am bad at handling my own finances, but I try) but I have 3 savings accounts in different banks. It comes in handy when one bank fucks shit up (like goes on a nationwide shut down *cough BPI*, or one that just eats up your card and your money from time to time *cough BDO*). 
5. Your past doesn’t define you or how you’d succeed in the future - Another cliché saying, but I swear you get to realize why people say it often. I’ve done so much shit when I was younger but believe me when I say such experiences will help you realize stuff later on. After all, we learn from our mistakes and such mistakes will push us to be better people tomorrow. 
6. Your choices in life are your own, don’t let people tell you otherwise - You will never share the exact same beliefs with everyone, I’m sure about that. Just do you and brush off other opinions, they don’t matter - believe me. 
7. Keep your circle close and small - Your real friends genuinely care, the others are just curious. Be cautious.
8. Always be kind - And this applies to everyone: guards, maids, janitors, etc. Believe me, if you’re nice to everyone, it’s easier to ask for favors. 😜
9. Travel alone - You should try this at least once in your life, me thinks. It gave me a sense of liberty and independence! I did this when I was trying to mend my cracked heart - and I came back to Manila feeling all refreshed and happy. I guess I learned that I don’t need a man to survive! HAHA! 😂
10. Don’t complain, do something about it - Ranting is fine, human nature. But if you will just sit down and whine when something could actually be done, then maybe you should rethink your life choices honey. Instead of wasting your time and energy complaining, why don’t you stop and think? Things and answers won’t always be served to you on a silver platter, FIND WAYS. 😊
11. Don’t forget to remove your make up at the end of the day - PLEASE. Do yourself a favor and let your face breathe! 😛 
12. ALWAYS MOISTURIZE AND PUT SPF - *i-capslock mo para intense!!!* I couldn’t stress this enough. I actually keep various moisturizers depending on the weather, I have intensive moisturizers for when I travel and light ones for the Philippine heat. Just please, never skip it! 
13. One at a time - My boyfriend would always tell me this when I’m stressing over work, school, among other things. It helps, actually. Stop, arrange your thoughts, and do things one at a time. 
12. Treat yourself - Now before you go crazy and tell me that this is a bad thing, I didn’t say you have to buy that expensive bag you’ve been eyeing on for so long because “I DESERVE IT”. Going back to point number 3, if you can’t afford it - IT’S A NO. It can be as simple as “I did a great job today, I deserve good coffee - not my usual pantry coffee”, which is my usual way of treating myself. If you can afford to buy that expensive bag to treat yourself, BY ALL MEANS DO IT. But always remember POINT NUMBER 3!  
13. Family will always come first - Ah, this is one of the many things I realized growing up. Of course I was super excited to grow up so I can go out with my friends whenever I wanted to before. But when I moved out, I always look forward to weekends so I can come home to my family. What a baby, I know right?  
14. Let go and let God - I am not the most religious person in the world, heck I barely even hear mass (I’m busy, but that’s not an excuse I’m sorry). But I really believe in greater power from above. I always find myself in hopeless situations, where I find my shitty ass crying myself to bed on most nights (add that I also live alone so imagine how bad it must be lol). But I usually find myself just getting through the worst days with little miracles. And I always thank God for that. 
15. If you feel so happy with the wrong person, image how happy you’d be with the right one? - Eep, another cliché saying c/o me lol. But seriously, I thought I couldn’t be happy anymore when I once got my heart broken HAHAHA. Cut to mid-last year, I’m extremely happy -- waaay happier than before. Not saying I’m already with the person for me, though I really do hope so (HAHAHA yuck cheese) but I’m happier than before and I’m sure the person I’m with is a better person amongst all the guys I went out with before.
16. Take long walks. - I enjoy this so much especially abroad. I went on a birthday trip in Hong Kong and I spent 70% of the time walking - thinking and reflecting. 😅 I think long peaceful walks are good for everyone’s sanity.
17. Cut off toxic people. -  Not everyone you lose is a loss. If they aren’t doing you good, what’s the use of keeping them? 
18. Life is what you make it. - If you want something to happen, the first step starts with you. 😅 If you don’t take the first step, nothing will happen. SERIOUSLY. Everything doesn’t happen by chance!!!!! 
19. You don’t have to have a reaction on everything. - I believe there are things better left unsaid. I know a lot of people would disagree. But I still think the saying “If you have nothing nice to say, just zip it” is still superior. Lol.
20. Work isn’t everything. - I recently had to stop working for a week and a half due to some health concerns. It sucked balls. But I came to realize work isn’t everything -- YOUR HEALTH (mental health included) IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT.
21. Quite connected to the bullet prior, Work can wait. - I have learned to keep work within working hours. Remember, work will always come and it will never be done. Know what’s most important and prioritize! That’s the key. Whatever’s left can be done tomorrow. You don’t have to spend 12 hours in the office all day and stress out on work, tbh.
22. Choose your battles. - Not everything is worth stressing over. (remember point 19!) 😋
23. Respect begets respect. - Respect opinions, respect people - young and old alike. Sometimes we just have to learn to agree to disagree. 
24. Live life to the fullest. - Another cliché saying, but honestly you’ll never be as young as you are today. Make mistakes so you will never make the same ones in the future, learn the ropes of life through the decisions you make everyday. Not everything will go our way, that’s for sure, but life is only what we make of it. 
I hope you got to pick something up from my blabbing. To be honest, it took me months to finish this list since I barely have time in my hands. Lol. 😬 
I missed you, Tumblr! ✨  
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risalei-nur · 3 years ago
TAFSIR: Risale-i Nur: The Letters Collection:The Twenty-Eight Letter.Part9
The Fourth Matter, which is the Fourth Part 
In His Name! And there is nothing but it glorifies Him with praise.(17:44)
[The answer written for my brothers to a question about a minor, though alerting, incident.]
Y o u  a s k : On the arrival of a blessed guest, your mosque was raided on the night before Friday. What really happened? Why did they bother you?
 T h e  A n s w e r : I shall explain four points, necessarily in the tongue of the Old Said. Perhaps it will be the means of alerting my brothers, and you too will receive your answer.
First Point 
In reality the incident was a satanic plot and an act of aggression carried out by dissemblers on account of atheism in a way that was a violation of the law and purely arbitrary, in order to alarm us on the eve of Friday, destroy the congregation’s enthusiasm, and prevent me from meeting with people. It was strange, but that day, that is, Thursday, I had gone somewhere to take some air. When returning, a long black snake that looked like two snakes joined together appeared from my left, and passed between me and the friend who was with me. Meaning to ask my friend if he had been terrified at the snake, I asked him: “Did you see it?”
He replied: “What?” 
I said: “That terrible snake.” 
He said: “No, I didn’t see it and I can’t see it.” 
“Glory be to God!”, I exclaimed, “Such a huge snake passes between us and you didn’t see it! How is that?”
At the time nothing occurred to me. Then later this was imparted to my heart: “It was a sign for you. Watch out!” I thought it was like one of the snakes I used to see at night. That is, whenever an official visited me with a malicious intention, I would see him in the form of a snake. In fact, one time I said to the District Officer: “Whenever you come intending evil, I see you as a snake. Be careful!” I saw his predecessor many times like that. It means that the snake I saw clearly was a sign that their treachery would not only remain intentional but would take the form of actual aggression. For sure, this time their aggression was apparently minor and they wanted to minimize it, but encouraged and joined by an unscrupulous teacher, the District Officer ordered the gendarmes: “Bring the visitors here!” We were reciting the tesbihat following the prayers in the mosque. Anyway their intention was to make me angry so that I would react in the vein of the Old Said and drive them out in the face of such unlawful, purely arbitrary treatment. But the wretch did not know that Said would not defend himself with the broken piece of wood in his hand while on his tongue he had a diamond sword from the workbench of the Qur’an, indeed, he would have used the sword like that. But the gendarmes were sensible, and since no state, no government at all, disturbs people in the mosque during prayer while performing their religious duties, they waited till the prayers and tesbihat were finished. The Officer was angry at this and sent the rural watchman after them saying: “The gendarmes don’t pay any attention to me.” But Almighty God did not force me to struggle with them. 
So I make this recommendation to my brothers: so long as there is no absolute necessity, don’t bother yourselves with them. In keeping with the saying: “The best answer for the stupid is silence,” do not stoop to speak with them. But watch out, for like showing weakness before a savage animal emboldens its attack, to show weakness by being sycophantic towards those with the consciences of beasts, encourages them to be aggressive. Friends must be alert so that the supporters of atheism do not take advantage of other friends’ indifference and heedlessness.
Second Point 
The verse: 
And incline not towards those who do wrong, or the Fire will seize you,(11:113)
threatens in awesome and severe fashion not only those who support and are the tools of tyranny, but also those who have the slightest inclination towards it. For like consenting to unbelief is unbelief, so is consenting to tyranny and wrongdoing, tyranny and wrong.
One of the people of attainment perfectly interpreted as follows one of the many jewels of the above verse:
One who assists tyranny is the world’s most despicable being;  
He is a dog, who receives pleasure from serving the unjust.
Yes, some of them are snakes, some are dogs. The one who spied on us on that blessed night when, with a blessed guest we were reciting blessed prayers, and informed on us as though we were commiting some crime, and raided us, certainly deserves the blow dealt by the above poem.
Third Point 
Q u e s t i o n : Since you rely on the Qur’an’s saintly influence and its effulgence and light to reform and guide the most obstinate of the godless, and you actually do this, why do you not call to religion those aggressive people that are around you, and guide them? 
T h e  A n s w e r : An important principle of the Shari‘a is “The person who knowingly consents to harm should not be condoned.” Relying on the strength of the Qur’an, I say that on condition even the most obdurate irreligious person is not utterly vile and does not enjoy spreading the poison of misguidance like a snake, if I do not convince him in a few hours, I am ready to try. However, to speak of truth and reality to a conscience that has fallen to the very lowest degree of baseness, to snakes in human form that have reached such a degree of hypocrisy that they knowingly sell religion for the world and knowingly exchange the diamonds of reality for vile and harmful fragments of glass, would be disrespectful towards those truths. It would be like the proverb “Casting pearls before swine.” For those who do these things have several times heard the truth from the Risale-i Nur, and they knowingly try to refute its truths before the misguidance of atheism. Such people receive pleasure from poison, like snakes.
Fourth Point The treatment I have received this seven years has been purely arbitrary and outside the law. For the laws concerning exiles and captives and those in prison are clear. By law, they can meet with their relatives and they should not be prevented from mixing with people. In every country, with every people, worship and prayer are immune from interference. Others like me stayed together with their friends and relations in towns. They were prevented neither from mixing with others, nor from communicating, nor from moving about freely. I was prevented. And my mosque and my worship even were raided. And while it is Sunna according to the Shafi‘i School to repeat the words, “There is no god but God” in the prayers following the prescribed prayers, they tried to make me give them up. Even, one of the old exiles in Burdur, an illiterate called Şebab, and his mother-in-law, came here for a change of air. They visited me because we come from the same place. They were summoned from the mosque by three armed gendarmes. The official then tried to hide that he had made a mistake and acted unlawfully, and apologized, saying: “Don’t be angry, it was my duty.” Then he gave them permission and told them to go. Comparing other things and treatment with that incident, it is understood that the treatment accorded to me is purely arbitrary, and that they inflict vipers and curs on me. But I don’t condescend to bother with them. I refer it to Almighty God to ward off their evil. In fact, those who instigated the event that was the cause of the exile are now back in their own lands, and powerful chiefs are back at the heads of their tribes. Everyone has been discharged. They made me and two other people exceptions, although I have no connection with their world; may it be the end of them! But one of those two was appointed Mufti somewhere and can travel everywhere outside his own region, including to Ankara. And the other was left in Istanbul in the midst of forty thousand people from his native region, and he can meet with everyone. Moreover, those two persons are not alone and with no one, like me; they are very influential, with God’s permission. And so on and so forth. But they put me in a village and set those with the least conscience on me. I have only been able to go to another village twenty minutes away twice in six years, and they did not give me permission to go there for a few days’ change of air, crushing me even more under their tyranny. Whereas whatever form a government takes the law is the same for all. There cannot be different laws for villages and for different individuals. That is to say, the law as far as I am concerned is unlawfulness. The officials here utilize government influence for their own personal grudges. But I offer a hundred thousand thanks to Almighty God, and by way of making known His bounties, I say this: 
All this oppression and tyranny of theirs is like pieces of wood for the fire of ardour and endeavour which illuminates the lights of the Qur’an; it makes them flare up and shine. And those lights of the Qur’an, which have suffered this persecution of theirs and have spread with the heat of endeavour, have made this province, indeed, most of the country, into a medrese in place of Barla. They supposed me to a prisoner in a village. On the contrary, in spite of the atheists, Barla has become the teaching desk, and many places, like Isparta, have become the medrese.
All praise be to God, this is a bounty from my Lord and Sustainer.
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chrysalisim · 3 years ago
I was tagged by @pxelbutterflies -thanks kimmy!
1. which season are you going to play with first?
well. i would love to see fall first, but my story is still taking place in late august/early september-ish.....so i might have to see summer first.
2. from what you’ve seen in the trailer, what are you most excited about?
holidays!!! i’m so excited for (what looked like) new years! i love holiday decorations. it’s not in the trailer, but custom holidays sounds fun!
3. what’s your favourite season irl?
F A L L. Not the beginning of fall, when it still feels like summer, but I mean actual fall. When it’s a little windy and it’s just starting to get cold.
4. what’s your favourite flower/plant?
this sounds basic, but i love roses and sunflowers. i also have some succulents that i have somehow kept alive. am i a plant mom yet
5. are you going to create a new sim/family or are you going to keep your current household?
keep the same household! i’m going to probably experience seasons for the first time with winnie & co., but i have a personal save that I’ve had since 2014 when i first got ts4.....i’m only on gen 4 of that family, but i jump in between like 20 households at this point. this is a story for another time. anyways, i’ll probably play more with the features of seasons in that save!
6. what would you like to see in this new add-on that we haven’t seen yet?
hmm.....i’m not sure i can really think of anything else, except maybe how weather will affect occult sims? pets? i’m not too sure...OH, will sims be more susceptible to illness in certain seasons/weather?
7. how do you feel about not having a new neighbourhood?
i’m fine with it. i don’t think seasons in ts3 came with a new world.......i dont remember though. i dont think you can really make a “themed” world for seasons. san myshuno was specifically crafted for city living because of apartments, festivals, etc. brindleton bay was specifically crafted for pets to be a small town, home-y place. i dont think you could do that with seasons, especially when half of them are complete opposites (summer/winter, spring/fall).
8. snow, rain, sun or wind?
depends on the temperature and where i am. if its not too hot, i like the sunshine! if i’m in my room, R A I N
9. favourite refreshing drink in summer?
there’s a place by my university famous for lemonade and their vanilla and peach flavors are the bomb.
10. favourite hot drink in winter?
hot chocolate or coffee! i’m not a big tea drinker, mostly just when i’m sick.
11. walk through the forest or by the beach?
dependent on where the forest is/how dense. being in the middle of the woods would freak me out, so i’d say beach!
12. swimming pool or ocean?
swimming pool for swimming, ocean for just relaxing.
13. where would you like to travel if you could leave right now for a week?
I want to go to Italy so badly, it’s beautiful and i’ve heard the people are so nice
14. how is the weather today?
G R O S S. it’s been so hot, and it’s been raining on and off so the humidity is through the roof. this is by far my least favorite weather.
15. what new traits would you like to see in the new add-on?
oooooo i don’t know.....maybe a new take on the loves the heat/cold traits we got in ts3....maybe a trait that marks your sims as “easily burned” if they stay outside too long in the summer!
16. do you like to play with supernatural creatures like vampires and aliens? and if so, would you like to have witches/fairies/elves?
unfortunately, no, not really - my gameplay is more realistically centered.
17. what is your favourite thing to do during winter?
we have a fireplace in my home so i like sitting in the living room with a hot drink and either a good book or a good tv show!
18. …during spring?
uh. i’m not sure...hike, maybe? OH WAIT there’s a big grassy lawn at my university and it’s nice to sit there on a blanket and study or play with dogs or smth.
19. …during summer?
um, NOTHING because I H A T E hot weather. hate it. i guess i like swimming because then im shielded from the hot fiery hell outside
20. …during autumn?
21. have you already pre-ordered seasons? and if you haven’t, are you going to pre-order it or wait until it comes out?
no. i’ll wait for it to come out and then in a few weeks the physical copy will prob be on sale at target. ive gotten every expansion for $20 at target like a month after they come out. patience
22. in which neighbourhood are you going to play first with seasons?
probably san myshuno
23. do you listen to music while playing? and if so, what are your favourite songs to play to?
no, i don’t! i usually have my tv on in the background though
24. what’s your favourite thing to do in the sims? creating sims, building, etc?
creating sims! which sucks because i create so many i want to play with but i refuse to make any new saves outside of my story and my first save, so i dont usually get to incorporate them!
25. what’s your favourite kit/pack/add-on?
hmmmm. any pack? or just game or stuff packs? expansions, city living and pets. game pack.....i think parenthood. and stuff packs....laundry day and bowling i think have my favorite cas and build/buy things
26. and finally, what add-on/pack would you like to see next?
oooooooooooooh boy. ummm i don’t know actually! university would be nice, but i think i want a tropical themed add-on more than anything! i want my sims at the actual beach. the bay is nice, but i want an island paradise kind of deal!
im sure everyone has prob done one of these by now so pls forgive me if i tag you and youve already done it.... ill tag @maxismademedoit @ali3npixls @psychoxmachia and @whiisker
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secondscratch17 · 2 years ago
weird asks that say a lot
1. coffee mugs, teacups, wine glasses, water bottles, or soda cans? All of them. I drink tea in coffee mugs and teacups. I love drinking wine. I like that I can recycle soda cans
2. chocolate bars or lollipops? chocolate
3. bubblegum or cotton candy? bubblegum if the flavor lasts long
4. how did your elementary school teachers describe you? the stereotypical quiet, obedient, smart, goody-two-shoes kid
5. do you prefer to drink soda from soda cans, soda bottles, plastic cups or glass cups? somehow I like the aesthetic from soda bottles
6. pastel, boho, tomboy, preppy, goth, grunge, formal or sportswear? hONESTLY I can dO ALL OF THE ABOVE in the span of days. Went to work one day wearing beach-y clothes for spirit day. Returned to pick up a friend to go see a metal concert in VERY metal concert attire. I own short, sweet summery floral dresses and gothic dresses, too
7. earbuds or headphones? Earbuds, they allow me to be more mobile
8. movies or tv shows? movies
9. favorite smell in the summer? Fresh cut grass. The smell of the ocean. Churros at the fair
10. game you were best at in p.e.? Soccer, obvs. Somehow would always last until the end of the game in dodgeball tho because I was small and no one could hit me
11. what you have for breakfast on an average day? Cereal
12. name of your favorite playlist? Don’t have one. 
13. lanyard or key ring?  Key ring
14. favorite non-chocolate candy? Smarties!
15. favorite book you read as a school assignment? I remember re-reading Holes over and over just to make my book reports easier since I knew the boo so well. The Kite Runner was phenomenal and unforgettable
16. most comfortable position to sit in? idk?? I really can’t sit still in one position for too long
17. most frequently worn pair of shoes? Currently my hiking/outdoorsy shoes. Also my black Nikes that I play pickup in and wear to the gym
18. ideal weather? Sunny and 65. Maybe one or two clouds. The tiniest of faint breezes to cool me down. 
19. sleeping position? Any I can get into and fall asleep in quickly
20. preferred place to write (i.e., in a note book, on your laptop, sketchpad, post-it notes, etc.)? Laptop. I can edit easier.
21. obsession from childhood? Probably any cheesy show on Animal Planet. The Most Extreme, Meerkat Manor, Big Cat Diary, etc
22. role model? I have a lot of different ones. Role models for athletics, role models for career and ambition choices, artistic role models...can’t pick just one
23. strange habits? Spelling words with the tips of my fingers
24. favorite crystal? Aquamarine
25. first song you remember hearing? how in the FUCK am I supposed to remember that. I do remember my parents playing The Beatles for me when I was a toddler
26. favorite activity to do in warm weather? Soccer! (futbol) 
27. favorite activity to do in cold weather? Sledding, making hot chocolate, or playing indoor soccer haha
28. five songs to describe you? Who I am Hates Who I’ve Been by Relient K, Proud by the Icarus Account, Land of the Dead by Voltaire, Always Leaving by Mayday Parade, Wavin’ Flag by K’naan
29. best way to bond with you? Listening to my favorite music with me or watching the US Women’s national soccer team with me
30. places that you find sacred? Belfast, Maine. Gold Camp Road. Newport Beach
31. what outfit do you wear to kick ass and take names? Tight jeans with holes in them, fishnets, and a crop top
32. top five favorite vines? Vines still exist?
33. most used phrase in your phone? “tbh”
34. advertisements you have stuck in your head? O O O O REILLYYYYYY’S autoparts
35. average time you fall asleep? around 9
36. what is the first meme you remember ever seeing? I don’t remember
37. suitcase or duffel bag? suitcase
38. lemonade or tea? Is it warm outside? Lemonade. Is it cold outside? tea
39. lemon cake or lemon meringue pie? PIE!
40. weirdest thing to ever happen at your school? Zombie hunting or my professor cutting lab a half an hour short to go look at some Cedar waxwings
41. last person you texted? I think it was Robert
42. jacket pockets or pants pockets? Pants pockets
43. hoodie, leather jacket, cardigan, jean jacket or bomber jacket? Jean jacket
44. favorite scent for soap? Anything fruity
45. which genre: sci-fi, fantasy or superhero? Fantasy. It depends on how good the sci-fi movie is
46. most comfortable outfit to sleep in? as little as possible lmao
47. favorite type of cheese? Parmesan
48. if you were a fruit, what kind would you be? A raspberry
49. what saying or quote do you live by? A great amount of good is always evened out by a great amount of bad
50. what made you laugh the hardest you ever have? Honestly Daniel knew how to make me laugh better than anyone. There are a couple of memories with him that I don’t remember entirely but I know that I ended up cry-laughing so hard that my head hurt. There was a time during my orientation camping trip when a bunch of us were playing ultimate Frisbee, and Jesse went to catch the frisbee in the most perfectly lateral horizontal position and the expression of focus just frozen on his face had me laughing so hard that I couldn’t see
51. current stresses? Sam. Jobs that I can apply for starting in May of 2020. Sam. STUDENT LOANS. Bills. Car payments. Wondering how fucked up my car has gotten since I’ve lived here on this ranch. Sam. 
52. favorite font? Anything that looks fancy and sarcastic
53. what is the current state of your hands? Need to be washed. 
54. what did you learn from your first job? The world is cruel and bad things happen without warning
55. favorite fairy tale? Uh....the Pied Piper?
56. favorite tradition? when my family visits for Christmas, eating lots of traditional Chinese food with them
57. the three biggest struggles you’ve overcome? Heartbreak. Staggering rejection from the field I majored in. Probably a lot of body image struggles in there as well
58. four talents you’re proud of having? Writing, futbol, adaptability, flexibility. I think the last two are just traits but I don’t have a lot of talents I can invest in
59. if you were a video game character, what would your catchphrase be? Let’s make like a baby and head out
60. if you were a character in an anime, what kind of anime would you want it to be? No idea
61. favorite line you heard from a book/movie/tv show/etc.? Though we are far apart, our spirits share the same earth and the same sky
62. seven characters you relate to? Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit, Data from The Goonies, Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, Eliza Thornberry from The Wild Thornberries, Raven from Teen Titans, Isaac from Teen Wolf
63. five songs that would play in your club? ANYTHING by Within Temptation. I wouldn’t be a good club owner. The catchy and pump-up songs from Hamilton.
64. favorite website from your childhood? Wasn’t allowed much computer time. I was allowed to visit educational sites and occasionally the Disney site
65. any permanent scars? some self-harm scars. Probably the one on my right leg that I got from CO parks and wildlife. I stepped on a barbed wire fence that had been plastered to the ground, but the metal sprang up when I stepped on it and ripped through my skin
66. favorite flower(s)? Plumerias
67. good luck charms? I’m not sure if I have any. 
68. worst flavor of any food or drink you’ve ever tried? earthworm flavor from Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans
69. a fun fact that you don’t know how you learned? uh...Something about not being able to spray silly string on Halloween in Hollywood
70. left or right handed? Right handed
71. least favorite pattern? wtf
72. worst subject? anything math related, I really struggled in GIS.
73. favorite weird flavor combo? I...have no idea
74. at what pain level out of ten (1 through 10) do you have to be at before you take an advil or ibuprofen? 2. I’m a baby
75. when did you lose your first tooth? I was 6
76. what’s your favorite potato food (i.e. tater tots, baked potatoes, fries, chips, etc.)? chips and fries
77. best plant to grow on a windowsill? a succulent
78. coffee from a gas station or sushi from a grocery store? sushi from a grocery store, the quality can surprise you
79. which looks better, your school id photo or your driver’s license photo? Both are terrible
80. earth tones or jewel tones? Jewel tones
81. fireflies or lightning bugs? I hate bugs
82. pc or console? PC
83. writing or drawing? Writing, I’m terrible at drawing
84. podcasts or talk radio? Not into either
84. barbie or polly pocket? I had both
85. fairy tales or mythology? God!!!! Like hearing about both but mythology I guess
86. cookies or cupcakes? Cookies
87. your greatest fear? Being forgotten. I also have a terrible, horrible fear of drowning
88. your greatest wish? In the times I’ve struggled I often find myself wishing for peace. Not only for myself, but for others to easily feel peace with everyone else
89. who would you put before everyone else? Sierra
90. luckiest mistake? Mistake? There’s been lucky accidents but I don’t think any of my mistakes have been lucky
91. boxes or bags? It depends on what I’m packing and where I’m going
92. lamps, overhead lights, sunlight or fairy lights? Sunlight
93. nicknames? T, Tear, Tear-tear, T-Dog, Miss T..a few of my recent favorites from soccer: Ronaldinha and Thierry Chun
94. favorite season? Fall! Shit, especially in New England
95. favorite app on your phone? I don’t know
96. desktop background? A picture of a simple dock leading out to sea
97. how many phone numbers do you have memorized? My parents’ and brother’s
98. favorite historical era? Victorian era, for sure
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sstarkiid · 4 years ago
do all of the lovesick asks bitch. expose urself
wow, ok.
read more thing bc this is long and embarrassing
1: Do you have a current crush?
Two actually but who's counting
2: How long has your crush lasted?
Uhh a few months n then the other one is weird i can't answer that lmao
3: 5 songs that you have associated with your crush?
I'm……..not that sappy I can give u like one
Ice prince : Runaways by ATL
Space boy : Stars by Fun.
4: Do you think they've ever liked you back?
I mean. It's very likely.
5: Will you ever reveal your feelings to them?
Yea probably
6: What’s holding you back from making a move?
It's not that I haven't made a move but like. I am Fear.
7: Are you frightened by your feelings for them?
A lil
8: Do you think they could ever love you?
Maybe???? but i’m kind of an optimist
9: Do you love them?
Lol next question
10: Have you ever had a crush on someone you really shouldn't?
11: Do you think anyone currently has a crush on you
12: Ever had a crush on what you thought was a platonic friend?
Hi Jared
13: What would you do if your crush revealed they felt the same?
I'd probably need a second to process it but like probably hug ‘em idfk
14: Has your crush ever hurt you?
15: Have they made you cry by breaking your heart?
16: Why do you like them?
Ice prince is fun to tease idk we go back n forth a lot but he's also a softie n listen he's dramatic enough to keep up w/ me
Space boy tells u like it is and he seems kinda scary or not,, nice at first maybe but he's actually also soft !!
They're also both hot as hell oh my god
17: Do you think you'll ever get over them?
I mean. If I had to I would but...  I don't WANT TO.
18: Do you have 1 specific song that is strongly associated with a certain memory or interaction with them?
Mmm not really?? Not yet?? It'll happen dw
19: The moment you knew you had feelings for them?
We both got scared of the firework finale on the 4th and I squeaked and he like held onto me n it was really funny n cute n I was just like “ok this is a thing now great”
Uhh I was doing the typical girl thing where I send screenshots of a conversation to a friend only the friend is his sister so………..i blame her it’s literally all her fault
20: What would they have to do for you to stop liking them?
Murder someone probably
Or y'know
Something equally as shitty n illegal
21: Have you ever fallen asleep with them?
Yea. Both. Napping is cool.
22: Held their hand?
Mmhm! Both but like that's not that weird
23: Kissed their cheek?
Yup. Both.
24: Kissed them on the lips?
Yeah. Both. Actually.
25: Gone down on them/ they've gone down on you?
26: Had sex with them?
27: Where on your body have they touched you?
This is…. A weird question I don't like it
28: Does their touch set your skin on fire?
Ice prince.
29: Do you get butterflies when they touch you?
Ok maybe
30: Do they make you smile like no one else can?
Y e a
31: Does their presence calm you?
32: Does it make you go crazy being around them and not 'being with' them?
Not… until recently but---
33: Are you friends with your crush?
Both of ‘em!
34: Have you always been friends?
Uhh I guess w/ Ice prince yes but not the other one
35: Last thing they messaged you about?
One was abt a dog, other one was abt coming over to hang out
36: Best phone call with them?
Hands down any call when I've been driving so I make my brother talk to them instead those are always fun
37: Last time you hung out with them?
I. I literally started answering this in one of their houses.
38: Ever been drunk together?
39: Fondest memory of them?
The fireworks show n then probs a few days ago when we just drove around n talked abt stuff
40: Ever made a mistake with them?
Mistake??????????? i don’t make those
41: Regretted not making a move?
Every day of my life but also I have literally kissed both of them so which is the truth
42: If you could go back in time to that moment, what would you do?
Nothing ‘cause I'm a big baby
43: Do you think that would change your current relationship with them?
44: If you could get a 100% honest answer from them, what 3 questions would you ask?
Ice prince
Do u. Actually wanna date or am I just the most gullible person ever
.......................so how do you feel about polyamory
Do u actually hate the puns or do u secretly enjoy them I need to know.
Space boy
Are you aware that you can literally text me for anything at any time?? Bc u should be
Were you ever afraid to talk to me?
Will you promise to talk to me before doing stupid shit so that at the very least i can tell u that ur an idiot,,, but like. affectionately.
45: Did they wish you Happy Birthday on your birthday?
My birthday is in like another month and I didn't know either of them really last year so they better
46: Have they ever tried to make a move?
Idk tbh
47: If so why did you miss it?
‘Cause I'm clueless as hell
48: Have they ever been infatuated with a friend of yours?
Don't think so
49: Are they single?
Lol yeah they're definitely single
50: Where were you when you felt the most for them?
IT'S ALWAYS WHEN THEY'RE SLEEPING they both just look so cute n peaceful n I get all mushy n wanna protect them but I'm weak as hell so
51: Any specific place you associate with them?
Mmmm not really
52: Films that make you think about them?
Disney films in general
Marvel movies for Ice prince bc NERD
53: Have you picked up a habit because of them?
I don't think so but it's also not unlikely
54: What was your first impression of them?
Ice prince seemed antisocial and idk abt space boy we were like 5 yrs old technically so who knows man
55: Has it altered since then?
56: Do you remember the first thing you talked about?
Probably musicals bc I can't shut up ever and he was confused
And uhhh no unless u mean like when we started hanging out bc it was candy
57: First time they touched you?
And I'm 99% certain I made him high five me before we ever spoke bc I'm a nuisance
58: Have they ever lied to you?
Not that I know of
59: What are their eyes like?
Ohhhhh my GOD
really......clear?? that’s not like. a good way to describe em but u know when u look up at the sky and it’s like. wow there are no clouds!! n then u feel the breeze and it’s kinda cold but it’s not unpleasant it’s?? p nice??? like. that.
cool as FRICK like what the hell i’m actually jealous they’re a rly pretty nice shade n then suddenly it’s!!! different!!!! and it’s like!!!!!!!!!!!!! a surprise a v good surprise which is fitting u just gotta look a lil and he’s full of lil surprises
60: What are you most attracted to about them?
well,, for one they’re both hot as hell, so. that. in general.
if u know anything abt me i’m a sucker for pretty eyes
i also like the “soft but pretends to not be” because i think it’s cute they’re also really good to cuddle with
61: Can you see a future with them?
well i can’t see one without ‘em so something’s gotta give here right?
62: Have you sabotaged things between you two?
i freaking hope not
63: Why? What were you afraid of achieving? Love? Happiness? Content? Disappointment?
why does this thing assume you said yes to the above question that’s kinda rude
64: Could they make you happy?
already do
65: Do you dream about them?
if we’re friends and you haven’t appeared in one of my dreams and done smth weird or random are we actually friends??
side note does daydreaming count LOL
66: What's something that only you two do?
i don’t think i “gently bully” anyone nearly as much as i do ice prince also the only one who actually can cuddle w/ me properly in the summer i’m js
uuuummmm go on random drives in the middle of the night so tht zoe can make out w/ ppl instead of texting our sorry asses
67: Does liking them make you feel vulnerable?
you. have. no idea.
68: Have they ever given you anything?
food has definitely been exchanged and shared. i’ve stolen sweaters. uh.
69: Have they ever used you?
.........not that i’m aware of??
70: Have they abused and manipulated you due to your feelings for them?
71: Have you ever spent quite literally all day and night thinking about them?
that’s......a bit much i might be pathetic and somewhat desperate but like i do kinda have a life
72: Have you ever accidentally nearly walked into moving traffic cause you were thinking about them?
no but i’ve walked into walls because i was tired and thinking abt stuff so that’s a thing i probably have done
73: Ever worn anything knowing it would draw their attention to you?
YEAH LMAO I DO THAT ALL THE TIME IN GENERAL i like attention fight me
74: Have they ever made you feel so safe and content everything else slips away?
y e ah
75: Ever held you so close you could feel their heartbeat?
76: Truthfully do you think you belong together right now?
[taylor swift’s you belong with me playing in the distance]
77: Have they ever seen you completely vulnerable?
um. no.
78: Do you trust them?
i would trust all of my friends with my life
79: When you see them what feelings are strongest?
i just get?? really happy n i turn into a little kid i swear to god how does he put up with me
n he makes me feel really calm n content n just. good. u know.
80: Are they in love or interested in someone else?
d e a r l o r d i h o p e n o t
81: If they asked you to kiss them, would you?
in a heartbeat
82: Will they be in your life a year from now?
83: A moment where you so nearly gave into your feelings for them and did something about it?
i have literally kissed both of them and not because of dares what kind of,,
84: Do they know you have feelings for them?
i’m not exactly,,, subtle
85: Do you have a favourite picture with them?
no but i have favorite pictures of them
86: Your ideal date with them?
hey. concept. a double date. but like. instead of 2 couples it’s just me w/ both of them wow
87: What's their name?
it’s rly obvious that i’m talking about porter and connor fuck you
88: Have you ever been in their room?
i’ve been in connor’s but porter n i mostly chill other places
89: Shared a secret with them?
yeah but it’s not a secret if i tell the internet now is it?
90: Have they ever made you a promise and broken it?
don’t think so
91: Have they ever disappointed you?
92: Whats the most problematic thing about them, which you overlook due to your feelings for them?
uh. idk. porter’s kinda closed off to other people at first i guess that could be problematic. i’m patient w/ that shit so it doesn’t bug me as much idk
general relationships or lack thereof w/ other ppl tbh for both of them i think 
93: Have you ever had to compete for their affection?
94: For as long as they're in your life could you handle just being friends?
that’s what i do with p much everyone else but another way to approach this is if u couldn’t be together would u shut them out and the answer is no?? bc that’s kinda shitty
so yes
95: Ever looked for a sign to make a move?
every?? single second of every day but once again i have literally kissed both of them uh
96: What's standing in your way from being with them?
general anxiety
a single conversation
97: Would you let them use you for sex?
this implies that,, they don’t care abt me and only themselves n they’re not really?? like that so?? it wouldn’t happen like that??
realistically knowing myself i wanna say no but i probably would which is Not Good i know
98: Ever had a bad feeling about them that's screaming for you to get out while you still can?
no. like. literally the opposite. wtf
99: If you could go back in time, would you avoid ever meeting them?
100: You have 1 wish about them, what would you wish for?
that porter finds someone who makes him feel warm n fuzzy on the inside even if it’s not me
n for connor that one day everything is stable and everything is ok
anyway hey jared U SUCK
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