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#at the end of the world we learn to dance
thatsidewayssmile-blog · 22 hours ago
Lead Me Straight Back Home - Part 4
Thank you for reading so far! For the previous parts of Grace and Harrys journey, you can read here, as well as the little Instagram series I’m running alongside it. 
Grace and Harry are adjusting (badly) to life without each other, which may prove a little trickier than expected when they have a difficult week!
Three weeks in to Love on Tour, we were all adjusting to life on the road, and with that, our roles in the tour family. I learned that Niji was always up for going to the gym, but if I invited Ny I’d get nothing done. Sarah, Elin and I became regular walkers, as it helped the baby sleep and was a great excuse to gossip. If I wanted a drink or a late-night adventure, I knew Emery, Pauli and Ny would always answer their phones. 
Somewhere along the way, not talking to Harry became almost as normal as all of these things. Sure, sometimes I’d go to text him and remember he wouldn’t want to hear from me. It had hurt a little when I’d face-timed my mum and sister, and they’d immediately asked after him.
Admittedly, it was still difficult to hear that loud, endearingly confused accent around the hotel and the venue and the tour bus – it was his tour, after all – but I was doing a good job at not thinking about the exact way he sounded when he told me he didn’t need me. 
OK, I was mostly doing a good job.
Unfortunately, even the strongest of resolves had weak moments, so I’d had trouble sleeping the night before, after waking from a dream in which Harry had invited me up to the roof and then tried to push me off. That meant that I’d woken up late and in a foul mood, and had almost opted to work from bed, until I’d remembered I’d left my charging lead in the venue the night before. I hurriedly pulled on a baggy sweatshirt and leggings, and a baseball cap to hide the hair I couldn’t be bothered to wash.
I almost did a happy dance when Ny replied to my whinging voice note, summarising my morning, with ‘I have a coffee with your name on it’. I swung through the back exit, calling out her name with renewed enthusiasm.  
As I stepped into the hallway, instead of being greeted by a large latte, I came face to face with Harry. I made a move to step around him – a nod to our new normal of barely acknowledging each other – but something stopped me. 
His arms were braced against the wall, head down. His face was mostly hidden by his mop of dark hair. What I could see told me that his brow was knitted in to a tight grimace, and covered in a sheen of sweat.
“Harry?” He barely moved, so I warily edged closer, touching his shoulder lightly in concern “Hey, are you ok?” He shook his head slowly, like it pained him to do so
“Think m’sick. Had to make it through soundcheck but m’stomachs fucking killing me” He sucked in a breath, face scrunched up as if to demonstrate his pain.
“Can I - get you anything? Call someone?”
“Just need to get back to my room and die in peace”
Perhaps it was because, now he’d lifted his head, I could see that his eyes were watering slightly. Perhaps it was how his hands shook as he pushed his hair from his damp forehead. Or maybe, just maybe, it was because I would always care enough to help Harry, regardless of what had happened.
“Come on then. I don’t want to be responsible for the death of Harry Styles” once again, he remained still, so I reached for his arm “H, come on, I’ll help you”
Whatever it was, it had me tucking in to Harry’s side to support his swaying weight as we navigated our way back out of the venue.
In a stroke of luck, there was a car waiting outside, and the journey to the hotel was uneventful. Harry settled against the tinted window, eyes closed, until we pulled up outside. Unfortunately, my luck ended there, because I now had to get one of the most recognisable faces in the world up to his room unnoticed, all while he was barely conscious. 
I debated enlisting some help, but Harry was looking increasingly uncomfortable, so I settled on giving him my baseball cap to hide his face, and helping him out of the car and across the lobby as fast as possible for a small person who was basically dragging a large person.
“What room are you in?” Harry’s skin was almost tinged green in the elevator light. He didn’t seem to be able to formulate a response, instead shoving his whole wallet in to my hand. Luckily, the numbered room key was visible. I had half expected him to jump out the second we hit his floor, but his warm body hadn’t left the side of mine, so I awkwardly opened the door to his room with one arm.  
The door had barely closed behind us when Harry lurched towards the bathroom, falling to his knees and emptying his stomach. I winced at the harsh gags, waiting until he had finished to pass him some water. I handed him the glass without entering the bathroom, assuming he’d want privacy, but the sad sight of him crumpled by the toilet, still shaking, tugged at my heart-strings. I slid down next to him, running my hand along his warm back, a silent ‘you’ll be ok’.
It wasn’t like we hadn’t seen each other this vulnerable before. I’d once spent the majority of a 3-day stomach bug camping out on the bathroom floor next to a very patient Harry, who refused to leave me even to get clean clothes, in case I ‘fainted or something, I dunno’. Another time, I’d helped Harry through an asthma attack while hidden in a cloakroom at the Met Gala afterparty. Our friendship had very few boundaries. 
That was before, though, when we were Grace-and-Harry. As if he could read my mind, Harry adjusted so his head was in my lap, and I settled against the wall, resigning myself to a long evening.
I didn’t know how much time passed, but it was growing dark outside. My legs were numb on the unforgiving tiled floor, but Harry remained still, save for the occasional pitiful whine. I felt so sorry for him that I’d put any bad feeling to one side, and was stroking his hair away from his burning forehead which seemed to soothe him a little.  
“W-want to sleep” he could barely choke out a sentence, so I assumed he’d be needing my help getting in to bed. I fetched him a clean t-shirt and poured mouthwash and a fresh glass of water, before helping him to his feet. He sank on to the bed heavily.
“You good?” He’d regained a little of the colour in his face now, which could only be a good sign. He managed a brief nod before shutting his eyes, catching my escaping arm and interlocking our fingers. I sat next to him, hand in hand, until I heard soft snores. 
I thought about the last time we’d held hands, before the first show, and all the times before that - walking home drunk, when one of us needed comforting, or simply as a gesture to signal to the other that we were there, and we weren’t going anywhere. There was a time when his touch was as familiar to me as my own. I missed it. 
I took that as my queue to sneak out of the dark bedroom.
Sarah and I met in the lobby for an early morning walk. I’d not made it back to my room until 1am, and I’d woken up feeling achy and unrested, so I was hoping the fresh air would do me good. As we chatted and picked up takeaway coffee, I didn’t mention the previous nights’ events – I figured that Harry didn’t need people to know about his vulnerable state. I’d sent him a text this morning checking in, but I wasn’t surprised by his lack of response.
I opted to work from the hotel that morning, as I knew the venue would be in chaos in preparation of tonight’s show. I found a place in the corner of the hotel bar, making my way through a second coffee and a bagel as I answered emails.
When I finally got back to the room a few hours later, I was greeted by a large cardboard box with my name on it. I hadn’t got a text back from Harry, instead I had what looked like a million bags of Milkybar chocolate buttons, and a note on top which simply read
‘Thank you for having my back. H x’
As ever, Harry’s way of doing things confused me. I couldn’t pretend that I wasn’t happy to receive a huge amount of my favourite chocolate, but I didn’t have much of an appetite, so I opted to get ready for the show and grab something to eat later. 
A few of us had decided to watch from the pit tonight, and I was excited, so I swapped my t shirt and leggings for a pair of high waisted leather trousers and an off the shoulder top. The heat from the hairdryer made me feel dizzy, so I opted to let my hair curl naturally.
The Harry on stage was a different Harry to the one I knew – and certainly a different one to last night. He danced and sang his way through the set list, every inch the performer. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to tear my eyes away, but tonight I was warm and irritable. Every time someone inched closer to me, I felt suffocated, and every part of me ached when I tried to dance.
As Kiwi started, I’d decided I definitely needed an escape plan. I pushed through the crowd of sweaty bodies, my knees growing weaker. I could feel a roaring in my ears louder than the one coming from the crowd. Everything went black.
I woke up, dazed and disorientated, on a cramped leather sofa in one of the dressing rooms – Sarah and Mitchs’, based on the concerned faces staring back at me. My last memory was the chorus of Kiwi, so I’d been presumably unconscious for the encore.
I didn’t have too long to dwell on what I’d missed, before I was scrambling to sit up and get to the bathroom. I was kneeling on the toilet floor for what could have been hours or minutes, barely aware of Sarah pulling my hair back and muttering concernedly to Mitch. I’d hoped I’d be able to put my passing out down to overheating and move on, but it looked like I’d caught whatever it was that wiped Harry out the previous night.
I was so out of it that I didn’t know someone else was here, until a familiar pair of strong arms was around my waist, helping me up, and reassuring me in a thick accent that they’d got me. I was just aware of being carried, my head resting against someone’s chest, and the cold outside air hitting my face, as I fell in to a dreamless sleep.
“I know they wanted to meet me, I don’t care about that right now, Jeff! I really need you to get those bits for me. I don’t care what time it is! I need to get her fever down. Yes, I’ve Googled it!”
When I opened my eyes this time, it was to the sound of Harry pacing the room. The way he hissed at his phone suggested he was trying – and failing – to keep quiet, but when he snapped his head around to look at me, I could gage how agitated he was.
“Gracie, you scared the fuck out of me” he might have been trying to look annoyed, but his concerned eyes betrayed him “no, don’t get up” he rushed to my side as my legs shook beneath me.
“Why are you here?” I sat back down with a thump
“In case you hadn’t noticed, you weren’t up for taking care of yourself”
I had more meant why did Harry, who put so much energy recently in to not acknowledging my existence, take time out of his evening for me. I might have been out of it, but I knew I heard Sarah offering to take me back, and I definitely knew he always had a whole host of big names ready to chat to him after a show. I couldn’t give all of this much brain space, thanks to my pounding head and uncontrollable shivering.
“You’ve got a bad fever, we’ve got to get it down or you’re going to pass out again” he explained with a new-found calm, placing a cool wash-cloth on my head. Everything hurt so much, I couldn’t stop a tear escaping as he fussed over me
“Sucks, doesn’t it” Harry shot me an empathetic look “hey, don’t cry” he wiped the tear from my cheek delicately with the pad of his thumb. I was having trouble keeping my eyes open, so the warm weight of someone sliding in to the space behind me made me tense up “s’just me” he mumbled in an almost whisper. Wordlessly, he turned me around, so I could rest my head on his chest, winding his fingers in to my hair as if it was nothing more than a reflex. As the ache in my head eased, I found it in myself to ask again
“Why are you helping me?”
“’Cos I care. I hate seeing you like this. Always have” he was silent for so long, I wondered if he’d fallen asleep, until “and we look out for each other, y’know. Never stopped. Don’t think I ever will”  
I fell asleep to the sound of his heart beating.
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A matchup for @sugarandmelody.
I’m not taking new commissions right now, but if you want to take a look at what I offer to prepare for when I open them again, the details are here. Let me know if you have any questions~
Your heart’s desire is...
Tumblr media
... Rook Hunt!
You’ve never particularly cared for P.E. class outside—it opens your squishy, vulnerable body up to the elements, and to all the creepy crawlies nature has to offer. That day had been no different. Vargas had told you to “give him 20 laps'' around the track, a seemingly impossible feat for you. All those insects buzzing overhead made it all the worse, droning endlessly in your ears, when—CLAP!!—two hands encircled the butterfly hovering dangerously close to your face, trapping it in a cage of fingers. “Th-Thanks,” you had mumbled to your classmate. “De rein,” he had responded, turning to release the captured bug out into the world. The boy moved with the grace of a butterfly himself, his smile lighting up the sky like its beating wings. As you would later come to learn, Rook was a rare ray of light that both NRC and you needed.
You didn’t expect to meet him again and again after that initial encounter, but meet again you did. Little by little, Rook coaxed you out of your shell. Sometimes it would be something as subtle as a wink, a nod, or a wave as your paths cross in the hallway, and other times it would be as overt as him tugging you along for a wacky adventure. A nature stroll, a trip into the town, a plushie (that looks suspiciously like your pet cat), a surprising potion, a cologne recommended by Vil himself (do you like it?), a delicious new dish… all impromptu, and all exciting. Rook would take every and any opportunity to pull you away from your books and introduce you to the kinds of beauty you can experience for yourself. You find that your footing is lighter when he’s tugging you along—almost as if you’re floating on clouds. Whimsical dips and swings, it’s like you’re dancing, and Rook is your partner, leading you. Even when you finally start dating, he never stops surprising you or taking you on outings. At times, it can be annoying—but somehow, you’re always enjoying yourself by the end of it.
It’s impossible to see one of you without the other. You’re either trailing after Rook, or he’s trailing after you, public displays of affection abound. Pet names, cuddling, compliments, hugs, kisses... Why, sometimes, Rook even sweeps you off your feet, helping you just narrowly avoid tripping on a rock while you’re staring at him! Time seems to slow when you’re in his arm, and you get so cozy that you never want to leave his side—and nor he, yours. “Get a room,” your classmates will often joke, rolling their eyes... but their comments never get to Rook. He takes it all in stride, telling you to pay no mind to them. “As long as we have true love, nothing else matters, mon amour,” he tells you cheerily. Nothing ever seems to get to him—not what others think or say, not the little mistakes here and there, or how loudly you express your love. It’s all beautiful to Rook.
Rook relishes in every little bit that life, and you, have to offer, and encourages you to do the same, and unabashedly so. In that sense, you’re each other’s best support, taking life as it is and protecting one another on the rare occasions when the chips are down. Chances are, if you somehow can’t find the silver lining, Rook definitely can. The two of you make the most out of your situations, dancing when it rains and filling the still air with your laughter and playful banter. Rook catches onto your ploys quite easily, but he’s just as great at playing along. You’re never bored when he’s with you!
As silly as Rook is most of the time, he knows when to reel it in for your sake. He can be both flighty and grounded, depending on what you need the most in the moment—and when you’re at your lowest moments, Rook’s your rock. Whether you rush to him or try to hide away, he’s got a knack for tracking you down and seeing right through to your true emotions. He makes sure that he has some kind of a grip on you. Your hand, your shoulder, whatever. Anything will work, as along as there’s that contact, that familiar warmth, to remind you that you’re not alone. Rook’s not pushy about comforting you. He knows you’ll talk when you’re ready to, and he reminds you that he’s here to listen when you are. Until then, he’ll tide you over with the timbre of his voice, rambling about whatever crosses his mind until the sun sets and you’ve stopped shaking and all your tears have dried up.
An adventurous pas de deux—a step of two—across your dreamscape... There’s nothing quite as romantic as basking in that magical moment with your beloved huntsman. In your heart of hearts, you know that you will never dance solo again.
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kikuism · 16 hours ago
he mariam!!! 🤍🤍🤍 now that our darkest month of year in the northern hemisphere begins i start searching out bright things like a crow ✨✨ what are some things that have brought you joy recently?? like a book, a recipe, a song, anything at all 💖
hi jenna!! 🤍🌟🐚 i love this ask so so much!! here are some things that have been giving me a lot of joy recently:
the singer tamino
vampire au!!!!! my ocs in general 💕💕💕
you!!!! i've said it before but you give me such peace of mind and i just feel safe in your presence jenna 🤎☕
foreign films and shows, besides anime—i don't consider anime foreign anymore, it's as familiar to me as the back of my hand—i love consuming foreign media so much. and it's so wonderful to get a glimpse of different cultures. some i enjoyed a lot (squid game, and then we danced), some i enjoyed less (dark, young royals), but the overall experience has been so enriching! especially in this plague era, my wanderlust has been hitting way harder than usual. so it's just such so lovely to be able to consume media from places i normally wouldn't even have thought about, and i always end up learning something new and developing a new interest. i'm really grateful for translators, and to the people who make this content, for sharing it with everyone around the world, that someone sitting halfway across the world can experience the creations of others. it just hammers home the point how vast and varied this world is and there's so much rich culture just waiting to be explored. i really do feel so blessed that i can be a part of it.
skip to loafer. this is the first romcom/slice of life manga i've read and it's become soooo dear to me. i always gravitate toward heavier more mature seinen stories, so something like this was just way out of my ballpark and i really wasn't sure it was going to be for me. and it just melted my heart from how sweet and wholesome it is. i'm beyond ecstatic that we're getting an anime!!! i read a lot of manga this year but this one, for its sheer opposite vibes of what i usually read, really stands out.
my tiny group of online friends that makes my heart feel so warm—my day just feels that much brighter knowing that @cofidea and @lissar and @schech are out there existing and that they grace my dash with their presence 😌 you three are the only people i talk to with any regularity here so and i'm very grateful for that.
calico critters/sylvian families 😭😭😭😭 they bring me SO MUCH JOY. one day i will own a set!!!!!
the locked tomb series by tamsyn muir. i recently finished my reread of gideon the ninth (my first reread of anything ever.......), and i'm just blown away by how sharp, concise, snappy and professional the writing is. it makes every book i try to start afterward feel soooo average hgjsjfjf. now onto the behemoth that is harrow the's so challenging but i'm ready to tackle it again with notes this time so i can fully understand what's going on hgjdhfhf. i'm so excited for nona the ninth and alecto the ninth.....i want to recommend this series to everyone but i have not the faintest idea how to even start explaining what it's about, other than 'lesbian necromancers in space', which is all the information i had when i went into this series. so my advice is.....go in completely blind. it will be the ride of your life.
this really banging butter chicken recipe.....i hadn't made butter chicken in years so i was nervous to make it again, and i used a new recipe this time and i Loved it. i'll put the recipe here....this is a ginormous amount so feel free to scale down obviously jfhdhf
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the song queendom by aurora. it's sooooo lovely and just instantly comforts me. aurora is such a magical soul and i'm really happy to have discovered her.
the youtube channel twoset violin 🎻🤎 they singlehandedly ignited my love for and genuine interest in classical music. as someone who is not a musician and has no musical knowledge at all, i'm in awe just watching them explain everything about violin in a way even i can appreciate. i love how their content is accessible for musicians and non musicians alike. and of course they're professional violin players, so it's a treat every time they play. i just really love when someone has specialized knowledge in something and they talk about it....i could listen for hours and that's one of the reasons i absolutely love their channel. it's so educational. i'm like a sponge drinking up all this new information. they deserve all the views and all the subscribers and i genuinely just wish them all the best, they're so brilliant and talented and hard working and hilarious.
this pin i got for my bag 💕
Tumblr media
and that's all i can think of for now!!!
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saveyourtearsdarling · 2 days ago
Levi x fem reader
A/n: All I can think about is levi and reader in Steven universe au.
Tumblr media
reader and levi are both a gem
Both of them are deeply in love but because of the strict rules at home world stopped them.
And levi and reader was also afraid to confess, afraid that it will break their relationship between each other. They didn't want that.
They also heard about fusion, both of them wanted to try it but they knew they were opposite gems. it was against the rules.
They were sick and tired about all of this, everything was against them...
So.. they decided to secretly travel to earth
And nobody knew.
When they landed. They were stunned, surprised by earth's beauty, they landed in a forest.
they wanted to learn more about earth and discover many things.
They were finally free, nothing can stop them now.
But they still didn't confess. They didn't win over their fear..yet.
After some time learning about earth and the forst they landed in.
Some day, after many days learns and discovering, building and creating. they finally tooka break
At the end of the day, they decided to take a walk with each other
As they were taking a walk in the forest. They were talking and laughing with each other. They didn't feel so free before.
And then they stopped.
They were greeted with a beautiful view. They were surrounded with beautiful flowers, all kinds and beautiful trees,with a pond. With the reflection of the moon on the pond and some of  fireflies flying peaceful.
Such a beautiful view.
As levi was observing, he was interrupted with a humming
He turned, and he saw that the humming was coming from her.
He knew what tune she was humming. He knew it very well.
It was the tune that they both found each other humming when they were finally alone, at home world.
As she was humming, being lost in the tune. She heard another voice humming with her.
A smooth, deep voice.
She look at him and he was already looking at her. smiling softly at her. looking at her with so much tenderness As if she will break into pieces if he hardened his eyes just abit.
she found love and passion in his eyes.
He found love and passion in her eyes.
He walked to her, closing the distance between their bodies as he circled his arms around her, pulling her into him, finally closed the distance,  holding her tenderly as she circles arms around his neck.
Humming softly to each other, complete each other, smiling lovingly As they poured their love to each other, feeling of the butterflies in their stomach as their heart beats getting faster
Staring lovingly into each other eyes as they were swaying gracefully.
As they finally reached the pond, just a few feets away, about to finished the lovely tune..They stopped, staying still. Finally Ending the beautiful tune.
Still looking at each other lovingly, still holding each other softly...both of them leaned in locking their lips into a kiss. The Hold on each other tighten, pressing each other as they poured all their sweet love, their passion, their need to each other.
Finally their gems lightened. The beautiful colour mixing into a more beautiful colour.
Both bodies connected into a one fair body with four arms.
Levi's grey, bluish eyes with reader's eyes are mixing into 2 beautiful eyes.
Their hair is mixed into a fine colour and texture. With levi's undercut, it made their appearance more comely.
Both of their fine, attractive looks, hair, skin, features made the gaint incredibly fine.
The gaint had a stunned, confused look, not knowing was just happened. They were dancing then suddenly, they become into one body.
"wait..we fussed!?"
" but, but how?" 
" I don't know...I thought only same gems can."
the gaint began to touch and feel its body by its four arms, feeling its flawless skin.
" it's like..well I feel the same as me one body?? It's confusing"
the gaint moved. Looking at its reflection in the pond.
   Such a beautiful view indeed
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divincta · a year ago
✖ ❰ . fandom tags . ❱ ✖
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joyuls · 2 years ago
Not sure if they're up your alley butVAV's "Thrilla Killa" and TXT's "Crown" were both pretty fun choreos if I remember correctly. If you don't mind, do you have any dance tips for people who want to learn dance but can't afford professional lessons?
true crown!! that one looked pretty fun~ i actually havent watched any of VAV’s stuff before but ill go check it out, thank you 🥰🥰
dance tips below cut!
you can definitely definitely learn dance well without spending money! i actually started off by mirroring videos and learning choreography that way since i didnt want other people to know i danced lol. i use the ‘flip this’ extension on chrome to flip videos when i can’t find a mirrored version!
1. steezy studio is a good resource for learning. back when i was super desperate to improve, i read every one of their articles. the dancers that work with steezy to make lessons and the ones that write articles 200% know their shit and are world class. they also have pretty affordable online lessons but i never bought them because i always just mirrored videos and learned them lol
2. do what’s fun for you. if you want to learn a kpop choreo, then just learn it! (back in the day… i first learned b2st shock, exo growl, infinite paradise lol). never give up when it’s hard. character building!! (lol im half kidding but dancers really hate it when they see people giving up in class). at the beginning, nothing will be easy. it’s like learning a language with the moves as the vocabulary… you just need to keep learning and keep trying until you start getting fluent and it’s super rewarding. 
3. record yourself! lol this actually feels so embarrassing and youll never be satisfied with how you look but it’s an amazing way of learning haha. but also dont beat yourself up if you dont look like how you want. you dont dance to look perfect - you dance to have fun! always always remember that dance is fun :) 
4. start learning how to watch dance with purpose! this is gonna accelerate your learning curve. dont just think ‘this person is good’ or ‘i dont like this’ when you watch dance videos. try to figure out EXACTLY why you like it or why you dont. you like the musicality? what about it? how is that dancer doing it? what makes their hits more meaningful than the dancer beside them? when you figure out how other people are doing things then you can figure out how you can do them too
5. if you’re passionate about dance, and you keep practicing, you will find a way to be good, no matter what resources you’re using. ive seen people learn dance without mirrors in their super small rooms but they loved it so much that they eventually were able to dance at a competitive level. anything is possible!
6. look beyond kpop. i’m not saying that kpop dancers are bad, but the further you extend your knowledge, the better you’ll be. keone madrid, kyle hanagami, haley fitzgerald, kinjaz, choreo cookies, sorah yang, grv, to name a few. some of these people get asked to choreo for kpop too~ 
feel free to message me for dance help whenever you get started! the dance community is built off the concept of always helping each other out!
(my experience: 6 years hip hop/urban choreo, 4 years competitive, choreographer, taught at multiple studios, learned from choreographers around the world! i would post a video but i dont wanna show my identity sorry 😅😅)
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cocona · 2 years ago
i hope that i leave my physical body before my spouse does....or else i think id end up dying of despair....
#🐝#i think of myself dressing all in white for the rest of my life to represent pure love..... until ! i myself ascend#as someone whos afraid of commitment. that's wild#my lover... the one who'll share my life with me until the very dearest friend ....they shall be blessed nd i shall grow#we're going to craft a world of our own......... nd let ppl into our paradisiac nest........ our children nd our pets will carry this energy#purity. innocence. spirituality. growth. kindness. compassion. thoughtfulness.#a gentle existence........gentleness is all i need........ sweet fruits...white clothes... luxurious furniture...blooming nature....#to see the ocean from the mountain is a dream of mine ..i need to go back home nd live in the south...with my lover....#i wish things went well back there. so that. i cld be happy..nd so that everyone cld be happy. we're so beautiful nd unique ! us haitians#the craving of intimacy is Real lonely....oh so lonely#i have no one to share my interiority with.... no friend close soul patient enough......#no one 2 touch my chest nd to feel the ocean rumble under their one to hear the melodies in my words....#no one to hold me... to dance with me... to press a kiss against my hair to wish me goodnight...#no one to cherish me like id cherish one to hold one to care for until i ache...#a friend .. a dear friend. lovers are friends with a special link arent they? after some time love sheds it's different skins#it stops carrying the different etiquettes men have put on shines becomes absolute nd universal..#it rules over all is everything there is. things happen bc there isnt enough love in the world....#if i ! were to find the person whose heart would be pulled to mine...the person who's so intimatly similar 2 me...#but so different.....oh so different. so different we learn from ourselves by discovering the other#through every touch...every smile.. every glance...even after thirty years... a surprise still makes it way into our tightly woven routine#i wish life was simpler.....i wish......
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glazelilyy · a month ago
for the sake of your smile
Tumblr media
pairing - scaramouche x gender neutral reader
word count - 2385
genre - fluff, lil bit of angst
format - headcanons + blurbs
warnings - scara is slightly mean in the beginning, very vague spoilers for the 2.1 archon quest
summary - on the eve of inazuma's harvest celebration, scaramouche finds himself torn between his lover and his own personal feelings towards the nation of eternity
a/n - this is my submission for the lovely @favoniuscodex's "fall festivities" collab with the prompt: 14. harvest celebration! here's a link to the masterpost so you can see a bunch of really cool work from some really talented authors that's been submitted already!! i'm super grateful to be able to participate in this, thanks to favoniuscodex for hosting and to all the other authors for contributing such awesome work!! i'm proud to be among you all!! :) (posting this a day early EST time for my friends on the other side of the world! :>)
Tumblr media
being the lover of the sixth harbinger had it perks, you thought
you often tagged along with scaramouche on his various missions and had the ability to venture out to lands in teyvat you'd never thought you'd ever set eyes on: from the calmest valleys of mondstat, to the icy basin of ice that was snezhnaya
currently, you were buckled down in inazuma's capital while scaramouche ran some sort of hidden operative on yashiori island
he never quite told you just what he got up to for the fatui, and you respected his silence, but you couldn't help but feel a little lonely at his constant absence
while taking a walk to clear you head, you stumbled upon a bustle of activity near the city's square: stalls were set up around the perimeter and draped in elegant cloths, lanterns hung from strings that connected various poles to each other, and most of all, the buzz in the air was electric
upon investigating, you learned that around this time the inazumans would harvest their crops before the coming winter and put them on display either to showcase or to sell
there'd be games, music, dancing, auctions, and fireworks that would set off at the end
the best part? the celebration was set to take place tonight! :D
growing up in natlan, you'd never experienced a harvest since everything was always boiling hot, so you were quite excited to attend what seemed like a joyous celebration!
the only problem would be convincing scaramouche to come with you
more content utc!
Tumblr media
much to your surprise, scaramouche was standing in front of the vanity mirror, unbuckling his elaborate belts when you returned to the hotel from your walk. a perfect occurrence; fate seemed to be in your favor today.
"welcome back, scara." you hummed and wrapped your arms around his waist.
scaramouche merely grunted in reply, but placed a callous hand over top your knuckles.
"someone's in a good mood, did work go well today?" you teased, poking your head out to the side so your eyes connected with his through the mirror.
"i suppose it did. of course, only i could've received the electro archon's gnosis so quickly and efficiently." a haughty smirk found its way onto his lips as he unraveled his palm to reveal the floating, lilac gnosis.
the flickers of electricity licked up the side of his pale skin and elicited little to no reaction, despite the overwhelming charge being far too much for you to even look at straight. your eyes glimmered in the aftereffects of the gnosis just as your lips parted in awe; scaramouche couldn't help but beam with arrogant pride and a snarky smile of hubris on his face.
"that's that, we can finally leave this horrid nation by tonight." the sparks of electricity disappeared from his palm as did his body remove itself from your warmth.
"wait, tonight?!" you gawk, following his figure with your eyes as he disappeared into the bathroom.
"i'm not repeating myself. get packed." he ordered.
you sucked in a sharp breath of air and fiddled with your fingers, unsure of how to bring up the harvest celebration. scaramouche wasn't quite fond of inazuma to begin with, nor was he fond of mere insignificant humans (though you liked to count yourself as a significant human to him).
"hey...scara?" you hesitantly call.
something's telling you not to bring it up: you've known scaramouche to never be one to partake in celebrations like this, but surely it couldn't hurt to ask, right?
"so there's this, uh, festival celebration thingy tonight?" you curse yourself for the nervous tingles in your stomach and continue forwards, "i-it's to celebrate the inazuman harvest, and apparently it's really fun! so i was kind of hoping-"
"absolutely not."
your face fell just as he emerged from the bathroom with both of your shower kits. "those things are far below me; i don't want to mingle with humans while they celebrate absolutely nothing." he scowled, tossing the kits into a nearby satchel.
"i-i know but-"
his eyes shot up and met yours. where they were once but calm seas and gentle waves, now brewed a tumultuous tempest flickering with violent violet lightning. "i said no. if you want to go frolic around and act stupid in this weakling nation, be my guest."
defiance still in your veins, you opened your mouth to retort but quickly shut it when scaramouche shot you an icy, cold look of anger. it was clear: he definitely did not want to stay in inazuma any longer. defeated, you bowed your head and swallowed your objections in one go. while scaramouche tosses all your belongings into the many boxes and bags that he'll make his agents carry, you opt to quietly slip out of the hotel room for some fresh air.
annoyance gripped him like a vice as he focuses on trying to stuff as many items as he could into his leather satchel. scaramouche despised the nation of supposed "eternity", and he'd be damned if he spent a single second longer in a country where his undesirability shone most.
daylight was still plentiful so you decided to bide your time until you bid farewell to inazuma by watching the harvest festivities from afar
a few times, children ran past you with sparklers and tasty looking treats in their hands
you hadn't brought any mora so there was no use in trying to quell the hungry ache of your stomach
the celebration came alight with life the more the sun lowered into the horizon and you couldn't help but feel slightly melancholic
sure, scaramouche wasn't the most social person, but even then you would've been more than happy just to browse everyone's proud harvest and buy a tricolor dango stick or two
maybe if he had been in an excellent mood, he would've considered dancing
but to no avail, you knew better than to try and change his mind
so you decided to lean your forearms on the crimson wood of a bridge and watch from afar until it was finally time to leave inazuma
scaramouche has never been fond of the nation of eternity.
it reeked of something putrid and vile; a stark smell in his nose or taste upon his tongue. the air was suffocating, if he breathed any more he'd choke to death. the nation of eternity had once discarded him like trash, but now he was eager to watch it unravel from the inside out from the safety of snezhnaya.
night had finally fallen and with your combined belongings packed tightly, he could finally leave this putrid island in the dust. the carriage in front of the modest inazuman hotel was packed with your belongings, two horses in the front ready to go.
"lord harbinger, we're ready to leave at your notice."
scaramouche dismissed the fatui underling and scanned the nearby roads for any sign of your figure. a scowl appeared on his face as he sharply snapped his fingers and summoned an attendant.
"where are they?" he ordered.
"master (y/n) is near the city square, they appear to be awaiting your summon, sir."
scaramouche felt his skin itch every moment he continued to be in this wretched city, so with an aggravated snarl on his face, he dismissed the attendant and set off to drag you back to the carriage himself.
much to his chagrin, the closer he got to the city square, the louder and more populated the streets became. the lanterns that hung from the many strings connected to various poles and building cast gentle glows of honeyed light onto the cobblestone below. laughter and cheering echoed in his ears, and from afar he could hear the telltale quick speaking of an auctioneer.
and then there you were:
quietly watching from afar on a wooden bridge, your arms folded over the railing and your chin rested snug in top of your arms. the light from the festivities rained down on your figure, yet there was such a solemn aura that engulfed you.
his boots thundered over the wood of the bridge as he spoke with no need to address you. "come on, we're leaving."
you didn't need to turn around to know that it was scaramouche, not with the way you awaited the slight twinkle of the bells from his hat to sound, nor with his unmistakable irritated voice.
"okay," you assented quietly, eyes still transfixed on the dancing crowds and displays of large fruits, "i'll be there in a moment."
he paused for a moment and finally turned around to glance at your sullen face. there was an obvious depletion to you, even noticeable to him. flickers of gold and fuchsia glimmered in your longing eyes from the faraway festivities, and a forlorn smile graced itself upon your lips. though his heart was no more than a frozen wasteland that beat for nothing, he couldn't help but feel a tightness grip his chest as you practically pried your eyes away from the celebration.
"alright," you started with a sigh, which then dissolved into a smile as you glided down the wood to him and slipped your hand into his, "let's go."
he should've been quite thrilled that you were finally letting go of those stupid mortal traditions that held no meaning to them. instead, he found his stomach swimming with nervous aches of worry. you'd been awfully quiet and lacked the usual vibrancy that often boosted his own mood. scaramouche couldn't find it in himself to ignore the longing side glances you cast out to the children who ran by nor to the way your your hand fit so snugly in his and spread warmth throughout his entire body; and perhaps that warmth melted his glacial heart just a little bit.
you broke from his grip, clambered into the carriage and scooted over to make room for him, only to find that he hadn't moved to join you. his violet eyes trained themselves on the faraway festivities with a look you couldn't quite place etched on his features.
"scara? are you coming?" you asked, inching forwards to the door of the carriage.
without warning or much grace, scaramouche gripped your hand and tugged you out of the carriage, sending you face-first into his body.
"we'll leave at first light tomorrow, send the carriage away and return by dawn." he ordered, ushering you away from the carriage with a strong arm locked tight around your waist.
"scara what are you doing? aren't we leaving?" you stumble behind him, feet unsteady and confusion written all over you face.
"what," he huffs, an annoyed tint to his voice yet a distinct softness in his eyes when he whips his head back to you, "you wanted to go to that harvest thing? well, we're going now."
if it meant he'd get to see the look of pure joy that spread across your face every single harvest year, he'd be willing to stay in inazuma forever.
you're so shocked that he's willing to stay in inazuma no less attend the harvest that you nearly trip over a crack in the cobblestone and faceplant into the ground if not for scaramouche's grip on your waist
"clumsy idiot, watch where you're going." he grumbles, but you're too happy to notice :P
the celebration is even more vibrant up close and you can't help but vibrate in place as your eyes take in each and every crack and crevice of the city square
scaramouche, on the other hand, is vividly uncomfortable and finds it hard to not immediately leave
you tug him around to various farmer stalls, gawking at each bulbous pumpkin or aromatic bushel of flowers that you come across
he doesn't quite understand what the big deal is about a pumpkin that looks slightly bigger than an average one
he also, much to your surprise, has never had tricolor dango, which you easily fix by ushering him to share a stick with you (there's no way in hell he'd ever admit how good it tasted though, good luck getting him to admit his sweet tooth)
"never EVER let scaramouche near the auction booth" is a lesson you learn very quickly after you find yourself gawking at the largest pumpkin on auction
his competitive spirit would never allow him to lose a feat in acquiring the big pumpkin for you (even if you didn't outwardly ask for it and try and tug him away from the bidding pool)
the fatui's pockets run deep and he's got a loud voice, of course he's gonna put it to use even more for your sake!
you do end up walking away with the title of "owner of inazuma's largest pumpkin" and with seven million mora less in scaramouche's pockets
there's a few stalls with games that you pull him towards, and though he'll grumpily comply he finds that he likes the little fishing game the best (you praise him for his efforts and suddenly his face is lit up like a lantern)
you knew his social battery was never high to begin with, which is why you found yourself tugging him by the hand to a secluded part of the city where there'd be less noise and even less interruptions. wordlessly, you plopped down onto a grassy cliffside and motioned for him to come sit beside you.
"thank you." you hummed and melted into his side.
scaramouche merely grunted and slung his arm over your shoulders to press you closer to him. "are you satisfied?" he asked.
"mm very. i'm a pumpkin owner too if that counts for anything."
comfortable silence engulfs the two of you before the unnaturally calm lilt of his voice gently cracks through the surface.
"i'm glad you enjoyed yourself." scaramouche hummed and pressed a chaste kiss to the top of your head.
under a thin veil of evening fog and glimmering stars, scaramouche makes a silent promise to himself to return next year to relive the smell of fresh spices and pumpkins in the air, the feel of cool water under his fingertips, and hear the soft melody of your beautiful laugh preserved in amber and illuminated under seasonal honeyed lanterns once more.
in any nation, he'd feel wanted as long as you were by his side.
Tumblr media
date published: october 13th, 2021
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ace-thinks · 2 months ago
I’m not in love with you.
But since knowing you, I feel like I understand love songs for the first time.
I’m not in love with you.
But every second I’m with you I swear the world gets warmer.
I’m not in love with you.
But I’m jealous of everyone who gets to spend time with you.
I’m not in love with you.
But I wish we could be together forever.
I’m not in love with you.
But every time we say goodbye I start figuring out excuses to see you again.
I’m not in love with you.
But it’s hard not to stare at you when you’re around.
I’m not in love with you.
But damn I wish I were in love with you.
And that you were in love with me.
And that it could be that simple.
Because then I would know what to do with all this love that I do have for you.
We would know the steps to this dance and we would do it together and it would be beautiful and then maybe it would end but it would be beautiful anyway because it would have happened and isn’t that a miracle?
And I’ve tried to learn that dance before—the one I’ve seen so many other people do. I swear to God I have. But I just can’t hear the music.
So, for now I’ll sit. And I’ll watch you find people who can hear it. And I’ll clap while you twirl with them and I’ll cheer for every dip and spin.
And in the meantime I’ll keep listening. For a single note, a chord, a melody—anything. Not because I care about the music or even the dance.
But because I love you.
I’m just not in love with you.
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Childe, Scaramouche, Zhongli - Tales With the Cryo Archon
Summary: You are the Cryo Archon--a God and Ruler to Childe and Scaramouche, and an old friend to Zhongli.
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Characters: Childe, Scaramouche, Zhongli x gn!Cryo Archon!Reader
Genre: Fully written, fluff (?)
Warnings: Mentions of injuries, death.
A/N: For the lovely @cryo-visionary​ !! congrats on finishing your AP exam <3
C H I L D E 
“I have returned, Your Majesty,” Tartaglia said, dropping to one knee at your feet, his gaze lowered to the floor in respect. 
A faint smile danced on the corners of your lips. When he was in front of you like this, you were reminded of the rowdy boy of nearly seven years ago, forced to his knees by your other harbingers as they scolded him. He was different now—more subservient, more patient as he kneeled in front of you. But in his eyes, you could still see the glints of fire, of passion. That is something even the passing of years cannot change.
“My dear Tartaglia,” you said. “How did you like Liyue? Isn’t it as beautiful as I said?”
“Yes, Your Majesty. But I would prefer the lands ruled by Your Grace over the land of that Geo Archon any day.”
You let out a small laugh. “Ah, perhaps I did send you on a little goose chase. But it was a good vacation, was it not?”
“With all due respect, I could have had a more productive mission, Your Majesty. I could have been of better use to you elsewhere.” Despite how wide Tartaglia’s shoulders were now, he seemed smaller, like a young boy, when he complained.
You hummed to yourself. “Perhaps you’re right. But breaks are important, my dear Tartaglia. You’ll wear yourself out...and we can’t have that, right? Not when you still have so much left to do.”  You held out your hand. “Now go. Prepare for your next mission.”
Tartaglia gingerly took your hand in his, as if you were made of the most delicate glass that would shatter if you were touched too carelessly. “Yes, Your Majesty,” he breathed, flicking his eyes up to look at you for a moment, a blazing fire locked away in his blue eyes. “I will burn away the world for you.”
S C A R A M O U C H E 
When Scaramouche entered your throne room, he already knew you were not happy. 
The air was ice-cold, threatening to freeze his lungs with every breath he took. You were sitting on your throne, leaning your head against one hand as you tap your finger impatiently against your temples. Your lips were pressed into a thin line, and with every tap, Scaramouche could swear the room was getting colder. 
Yet, despite the dangerous aura you radiated, Scaramouche could not help himself but find you ethereal. 
“You’ve summoned me, Your Majesty?” He approached your throne, hat bobbing as he dropped to one knee in front of you.
“Yes, I did. Please tell me, my lovely Balladeer,” you sighed. “Why has another class of Fatui recruits ended up in the hospital again?”
Scaramouche stifled a snicker. “Oh, that? I heard one of those fools doubting your ways, Your Majesty. So I merely—ah, how should I phrase this? —put them in their place.”
“Collective punishment for the entire class is harsh, Scaramouche, even for you.” 
“I barely touched them. If a few broken bones are too harsh for them, then they are not fit for the Fatui,” Scaramouche scoffed.
You clicked your tongue as you rose from your seat. “Oh? If broken bones are not harsh to you, I wonder what is?” 
“For daring to utter your name with that foul mouth of theirs? Even death would be too lenient for them.” 
You lifted his hat, smiling lightly as you closed the distance between the two of you. Scaramouche blinked at you, his lavender eyes drinking in the sight of his god hungrily. The way they widened in shock when your hand touched his skin, however, was so cute you almost laughed.
You grabbed his chin, roughly pulling him towards you. His breath hitched, and for a moment, you thought you saw a flicker of fear cross his face before it returned to his neutral, pliant expression. Your fingers wrapped delicately around his cheeks, threatening to leave icy marks of frostbite on his milky skin. 
“Oh? Then…” you whispered, your cold breath sending shivers down Scaramouche’s spine. “Are you willing to die for me, my pretty Scaramouche?“
“If Your Majesty wills it,” Scaramouche responded without hesitation. “I will gladly give my life for the future you envision.” 
You giggled. “Ah, as expected of my obedient harbinger,” you purred. You let the warmth return to the room and your body, brushing off the frost that was beginning to form on his face. 
Scaramouche let out a quiet sigh of relief. “Of course,” he said. “But when I die, it will only be after I let the whole world know Your Majesty’s name.” 
“Come in,” you heard his deep voice from the other side of the oak door. 
His back was to you, admiring the flowers on the tree right outside the window. His long black hair tied in a neat ponytail and the brown tailcoat draped on his shoulders were unfamiliar to you. When he turned around, however, you were met with two amber gemstones staring back at you, eyes you would be able to recognize regardless of the era. 
“Morax,” you greeted him. “Long time no see.”
“More than five hundred years, I believe,” Morax agreed, walking towards you. 
“You’ve changed considerably. I must say, I quite like this form of yours.”
Morax held your fingers gently in his black gloves, bringing your knuckles to his lips. “You, however, are as beautiful as ever.”
You exhaled in amusement. “Since when have you been such a gentleman?”
“You learn a few things when you live as mortals do.” Morax let your hand slip back down to your side. “And I must thank you for that.”
“It was a fair exchange. All according to our contract, wouldn’t you say?”
“Of course. All that is left for me to do is watch you reshape the world.” Zhongli held out his arm to you. “Shall we have a cup of tea? Liyue has a fine collection of tea leaves that would suit even your refined tastes.”
You smirked. “Oh? And is this part of the contract as well?”
“It is merely a drink between two old friends. Think of it as a Liyue custom.”
“Ah, then if there is no catch, I will gladly partake in your country’s ways.” You looped your hand to rest on his arm, allowing him to escort you out of the room. 
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any way you want it | kth | m
— summary; in which your best friend, Taehyung, finds out about your unsatisfying sexual experiences and decides to put an end to that track record himself. 
— contents and warnings; smut, childhood best friends, Taehyung x reader, bigdick!tae, breast play, oral (f receiving), dry grinding, dirty talk, tae has a praise kink, unprotected sex (be responsible!!), rough sex, creampie, multiple orgasms, Taehyung takes things personally but he has good intentions, this is what happens when mutual thirst gets suppressed for years of friendship 
— words; 6.6k
— author’s note; i have no idea why but this fic was so fucking hard to put down into words??? I felt mentally constipated the entire time but it’s finally here 
Tumblr media
Taehyung wasn’t the slightest bit surprised when you called him at almost two in the morning, complaining about your newest nightmarish date and practically begging to come over. Like the good friend that he was, he made sure to tell you that you would be more than welcome to join him in his newest documentary marathon about aliens, and wondered if you could bring him some takeout on your way over there. Like the bad friend that you were, you said no. 
To be fair, the nearest takeout place was across the city from his apartment (about thirty minutes away and in a bad neighborhood), and you were already having a horrible night as it was. Besides, you refused to take part in Taehyung’s search for a high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, arguing that it wasn’t the right time to stuff his face full of hypercaloric noodles. 
But you did pity him enough to comply with his second request: a big pot of vanilla ice cream, which you were sure you’d end up consuming too. You were in a crisis.
As if to prove that the gods above were laughing at you, during the walk of shame to Taehyung’s apartment, it had started to rain (because of course it did), and your umbrella was only able to save you from the shoulders up before it crumbled and flew away from your gasp, rolling on the asphalt like a ball of dirt in a Wild West movie. By the time that you dragged yourself to his front door, you were completely soaked (and not in the way you had planned for that night to end), and about to break down crying. 
Taehyung, like the angel that he was, helped you with your heavy coat and talked you into taking a warm shower before you got sick. He took the supermarket bag from you (where the ice cream had probably already melted) and walked you to this bathroom, excusing himself so he could grab you some dry clothes — and you only saw the ones he had picked when you got out of the shower. 
With a silly smile dancing on your lips, you fumbled with the black booty shorts that Taehyung had jokingly gifted you that past Christmas — one that read “daddy’s juicy butt” in big, bold, neon pink letters over your ass — and then decided that your dignity was already dead by that point, so another kick wouldn’t hurt. Taehyung had also given you one of his favorite band shirts, which he only revealed during desperate times. 
Your heart melted with the thought of your best friend trying to comfort you, and pulled the fabric close to your face so you could take a deep inhale, drowning in his scent. It smelled of that stupid cologne that Taehyung had used ever since he hit puberty, and a bit of fabric softener. 
The two of you had an extremely close friendship, to the point that it got kind of strange at times. Ever since childhood, it was joked that you and Taehyung had been long lost soulmates — doing everything together, from going to school to laughing at the same exact jokes during movie marathons, often at the same moment and for the same amount of time. Before puberty hit (and the hormonal rage took over your first teenage years) you couldn’t remember disagreeing with him even once. You two had always been in sync. 
But the uncomfortably close part only hit after you two went to college, and your anxiety for being a virgin in a sea of starving sharks got the best of you. After long conversations, you had managed to convince Taehyung to help you learn a thing or two about the art of naked wrestling. 
Apparently it was weird to give your best friend a handjob and a blowjob for the sake of education. Go figure. 
Regardless, your friendship wasn’t affected by any of that — even if you two had agreed to never mention any of it ever again — and you could always count on Taehyung to catch you when you fell. 
Even if it was at two am on a Tuesday, after one of your nightmarish dates. 
You threw yourself on the couch next to him, hugging your knees against your chest to form a barrier between you and the divine providence that had taken you to that point. You had half-assedly dried your hair, but pools of wetness had started to build on the back of Taehyung’s shirt. 
Instead of accusing you of ruining his favorite piece of clothing, Taehyung reached for the remote and paused his documentary just as the narrator was starting to explain how hieroglyphs were actually part of an alien language. “Just tell me how bad it was,” he said, a mustache of ice cream melting over his top lip.
You took a peek at the bowl of melting vanilla on his center table, and decided that you would probably pass the desert for the night. 
You glanced at him sideways, voice coming out monotone. “You sure you want to go down that path?” 
Taehyung licked his sweet mustache off and nodded, clearly intrigued. “Yeah, hit me with it. You look like you need all the help that you can find.” 
You sighed, turning around on the couch so you were facing him — legs still against your chest. “Okay so… I went to his place...” 
“And... we had dinner, talked for a bit.”
“How was the talk?” He asked. 
You shook your head, trying to kill the memories inside. “He didn’t let me say a word. He just went on and on about this new website he’s working on, and how expensive his wine glasses were.” You scoffed, angry at yourself for ignoring the clear red flags of an arrogant douchebag. That was what the desperate need for immediate human connection could do to someone, you thought. “Apparently it’s supposed to be the next Facebook or something. Or twitter. I honestly wasn’t paying much attention.”
He chuckled. “Starting off strong.” 
“That wasn’t even the main issue,” you said, lowering your forehead so it was touching your knees. You just wanted the world to end at that moment, so you wouldn’t have to go through those experiences again. “After that, we sat on his couch and started watching a movie. And you know how that goes, we started kissing, he pushed me down and got on top of me…”
“And?” He instigated. 
With a sigh, you raised your head, meeting your friend’s gaze. Taehyung thought he had never seen you look so dead inside. And he had seen a lot from you. “And he humped like… my lower abdomen for about three minutes and came in his pants.”
Taehyung cringed visibly, taking one hand to cover his mouth. “Oh, man. That’s bad.” 
You nodded, strangely relieved at his reaction. Part of you was worried that you were the evil witch in that scenario, that maybe you had done something wrong. “The worst,” you agreed. “Wanna know what else?”
“What? There’s more?”
“He didn’t even ask me if I was satisfied with whatever the hell that was.” You told him, bitterness dripping from your tongue. In the grand scheme of things, that was something silly to get mad over, but the fact that your date didn’t even have the guts to ask if you had gotten something out of that was ridiculous. “Not that I could possibly be. But it’s like he didn’t care and I was just a pillow for him to hump like a… sexually repressed religious teen, I don’t know.”
Taehyung only nodded, realizing that there wasn’t much that he could say to fix the situation. “Was he a good kisser at least?”
You sneered. “I think he was trying to crush my face with his.” You glanced at your friend, only half of his face bathed by the yellow and orange shades coming from the television. Maybe a documentary about ancient history and alien expeditions wouldn’t be so bad. Worst case scenario, it would knock you out, and you wouldn’t have to think about that mess anytime soon. “Also, too much tongue, just… the amount of saliva…”
“Got it. You can stop there.” Taehyung raised one hand, his eyes closing for a second. His palm lowered and met one of your knees, standing there in a silent attempt at consolation. “I’m sorry about your terrible date experience, dude.” 
“If you could even call it that.” You ran one hand through your hair, suddenly overtaken by a wave of anger. “God! I was just… so… ugh! Like… ughhhh!!” 
Taehyung, bless his heart, sometimes couldn’t understand the random neanderthal sounds you threw his way. “So... what?”
At last, your makeshift protection came crumbling down, and you collapsed on the couch dramatically, legs dangling off the edge. Taehyung thought that you were being possessed for exactly two seconds before you started talking again. “I did a full body shave for this night, Taehyung. Do you realize what that means?” His lips fell open, but, before he had the chance to answer, you continued. “It means that I really wanted to get railed tonight. Actually, I wanted to find a guy who actually knew what he was doing for once in my life.”
Taehyung chuckled, trying to disperse the tension in the room. “Come on, the dating pool can’t be that bad.”
“Oh, it’s bad,” you said. 
He wasn’t giving up that fast. “How bad?”
You raised your head to look him dead in the eyes, a silent threat, before finally uttering, “Try no-man-has-ever-made-me-cum bad,” and crashing your head back against the sofa. 
If you weren’t so hyper-focused on your own sexual melodrama, you would have noticed the thick silence that fell between the two of you, Taehyung’s face contorting into fifty different emotions within a few seconds. He thought that he had heard it all — from the secrets hidden in Machu Picchu to the obvious extraterrestrial influence on earthy religion — but no amount of bad documentaries could ever prepare him for that revelation. That didn’t make any sense. 
“Wait. Seriously?” He finally found his voice and managed to push his doubt out of his throat. “You’ve never had an orgasm before?”
You chuckled, humorless. “Oh no, I’ve had plenty of those. Just not from another person.” 
“How’s that possible?” he asked. 
“I ask myself that every single day.” You sighed, forcing yourself to sit back up. Taehyung was staring at you like you had just grown two extra arms, and you wondered what an amazing sex life he must’ve had for that confession to get him so confused. “Guess I’m just really bad at picking partners, who knows.”
There was a soft grunt on your throat as you fixed your position on the couch, suddenly feeling the exhaustion of your entire day piling up at once. Your gaze mindlessly traveled to the TV — a big plasma monstrosity that Taehyung had bought compulsively during a Black Friday sale — looking at a white-bearded man pointing maniacally towards a specific, round-shaped hieroglyph. You didn’t even need to hit play to know that he was making it seem like it was an UFO, but curiosity got the best of you. 
“Can you pass me the remote?” You asked, pointing at the small device that laid beyond Taehyung’s body. “I kinda wanna see what—”
“I’ve made tons of girls have orgasms,” Taehyung interrupted, looking at you like he had just clicked out of a transe.  
You laughed at his monotone voice. “I’m happy for you, Tae.” You leaned over his legs so you could finally reach the remote. “That wasn’t a jab at your masculinity, I’m sure you’re a very caring partner, and I’m sure there’s tons of guys out there that—”
“I can make you cum too, if you want.”
You had just grabbed the small piece of plastic when his sentence hit you like a smack in the face, making you drop the remote back on the couch, eyes widening. “You… what?”
He suddenly broke eye contact, taking one hand to massage the back of his neck. “Did that sound as creepy as I think it did?”
“A bit, yeah.” You forced out a light chuckle, trying to break the ice. There was no sign of mockery in his voice, and you didn’t know how to react. You could not say that the offer wasn’t tempting (you’d be lying if you claimed that you didn’t think Taehyung was attractive), but his proposal was so oddly-placed that it sounded like a joke. “What are you talking about?”
Taehyung sighed, turning his head to look at the television. “I just think it’s really unfair that no one has ever made you cum before.” 
You smiled. “That’s very nice of you, but…”
“And I want to help you with that.” He looked back at you. Oh, he was being a hundred percent serious. There was no longer a single ounce of doubt in your mind. “We’re friends, it’s not gonna be weird. We’ve done similar stuff before.”
“We were a lot younger, though.” You didn’t know why your mouth suddenly felt so dry, your fight or flight response kicking at full strength. You could tell that Taehyung was also trying to convince himself about the strangeness of the situation. “It’s gonna be kind of weird, yeah.”
“Not if we don’t make it weird,” he threw back. Was it bad that you were actually considering it? Maybe it was the piled-up exhaustion combined with the years of sexual frustration, maybe you were finally out of your mind. But you were really considering it. “I don’t wanna pressure you, alright? Just making a friendly offer. If you don’t want it, that’s fine.” 
You kind of wanted it, though. There was too much accumulated libido inside you from years and years of unsatisfying partners, and you trusted Taehyung with your entire heart. It sounded like a safe enough bet: if all went to shit and it got too awkward, you two could just stop, no hard feelings. Besides, you knew that Taehyung cared about you, which was more than you could say about all your dates in the past couple years. 
And the more you stared at him, probably looking like a deer in the headlights, the more you grew soft under his presence. At once, you were hit with desires that you had never considered before: you wanted to kiss those soft lips, wanted to know how his large hands would feel around you. You really, really wanted to know how it was to have a good sexual experience with someone, and you couldn’t think of a better candidate than your best friend. Even if you still thought it could be seen as a little bit weird. 
But you also kind of didn’t care. 
You licked your lips, finally finding your voice after a long moment of silence. “How… how would you do it?” 
Taehyung turned his head and looked at you, noticing the expectation in your eyes. “How would you want me to do it?” He asked. 
You tried to think, but your mind was completely blank. What did you want him to do? What did you like? Suddenly you weren’t sure about anything anymore. “I don’t know,” you admitted, glancing down. 
Taehyung smiled at your nervousness, one of his hands moving to your chin and tilting your head up. “How ‘bout I start by kissing you?” He questioned, gaze flickering to your parted lips. “Is that alright?” 
There were no words in your throat, so you simply nodded, closing your eyes as he leaned in. 
Taehyung’s mouth tasted of vanilla and you thought, even for a moment, that you were in paradise. The second that his tender lips met yours, your anxiety melted away, giving space to a newfound flame of desire. Taehyung kissed you softly, sensually, taking his time caressing your mouth and drowning in your heat. His hand moved to the back of your head, pressing you closer to him and leaning your head to the side so he could deepen the kiss. 
He sighed heavily into your mouth when your tongues met, his other hand moving to hold your waist. The position on the couch was kind of awkward for kissing, with the two of you sitting side by side, so it wasn’t an unwelcome surprise when Taehyung tugged you onto his lap, making you straddle him. 
The kiss was starting to get hungrier, messier, a small whimper dying in your mouth when his palms traveled down to cup your ass, pressing you down against his semi-hard cock. Taehyung sighed and groaned at the feeling of you on top of him, loving the way that your fingers played with his hair, your body so perfectly tight against his. If there was any hesitation before, it had completely vanished by that point. 
It caught you off guard when he suddenly broke off the kiss to ask you, “Do you like any pet names?”
You blinked, taken aback. “Hm? What?”
He placed a strand of your hair behind your ear. “You know, you want me to call you by something?”  
You realized that Taehyung was really taking that personal service to a different level, and you couldn’t say that you were let down by it. If any of your past partners had the dignity to ask what you liked, you wouldn’t be in that position in the first place. “I… like being called ‘baby’,” you told him. 
Taehyung smiled. “That’s cute. Baby it is.” 
Before you had a chance to respond, Taehyung’s lips were back on yours, a dreamy sigh leaving his mouth as your tongues met once again. Only a few seconds passed before he shifted his weight to lay you down, never breaking the kiss as he positioned himself between your legs, hovering over you. Taehyung started trailing a path of kisses down your neck, his large hands slithering beneath your oversized shirt and caressing the skin of your stomach. 
“Can I take this off?” He asked, tugging at your shirt. 
You agreed and, within a heartbeat, that piece of clothing was already on the floor, and Taehyung was diving in to kiss the valley of your naked breasts. You moaned timidly when one of your nipples was wrapped by his lips, his tongue coming out to play with it. Taehyung’s other hand was occupied fondling your other breast, tugging and pressing down on it, and the sensations were taking over your mind. 
“You have great tits,” Taehyung mumbled against your skin, switching to mouth your other nipple. 
“I’m glad you like them,” you teased, playing with the hair on the nape of his neck. You were letting out these cute little whimpers that were making him lose his mind. “Feels really good.” 
“Yeah?” He asked, moving back to kiss his way up your neck. His tongue was hot and heavy as it danced on your skin, and you knew that those sucks he was giving you were surely gonna leave a few marks on your flesh. But you didn’t really care. “Gonna make you feel even better, baby.” 
Your eyes fluttered shut at the pet name — it sounded heavenly when Taehyung used it with his deep, honeyed voice; his warm breath hitting your neck as he continued with his ministrations. 
He kissed his way to your cheek, placing a small pec on your lips before saying, “Can you do something for me?”
You nodded. “What is it?” 
Instead of responding right away, Taehyung’s gaze fell to your lips, and he was once again attacking them. That time, you weren’t able to hold back the whimper that you let out, your panties already glued against your core with how much he was turning you on. 
One of his hands had trailed down your exposed abdomen, teasingly playing with the hem of your shorts. You held your breath when he tugged them down, bringing your underwear with it and throwing them somewhere in the living room. Taehyung grunted loudly when his fingers slipped past your folds, digging into your heat. His brain almost short-circuited because of how wet you were. 
He broke the kiss and looked you deep in the eyes. “I want you to sit on my face, baby,” he said, and his request shot straight to your core. “Let me take care of you, okay?” 
“Are you sure?” You asked. You had never done that before.
But Taehyung wasn’t sharing your reluctance. “Yeah,” he said, voice hoarse and eyes darkened. “Wanna taste you so bad. Sit on my face, please.” 
And you didn’t need any more convincing than that. Taehyung helped you get up from the couch so he could reposition himself on it, laying flat on his back and watching as you settled yourself above him, thighs on either side of his head. The couch was the exact size for that, a little smaller and you’d have one leg dangling off the edge.
Taehyung took his hands to your thighs, running them up to your hips. His eyes were focused on your pussy, and you never felt so exposed when he started pressing you down lightly, guiding you closer to his mouth. 
You held the back of the couch for support and did as he requested, lowering yourself until Taehyung had you flat on his tongue. Your breath trembled and caught in your throat when he licked a thick stripe from your entrance to your clit, humming around the taste before doing it again. Taehyung was an expert at erasing your worries because, with a few more licks, he had you fully losing yourself in his sinful ministrations. 
It wasn’t long until you were whining out his name, your folds lazily dragging against his tongue as you started to grind on his face. “God, Taehyung!” You called out, hand coming down to tug at his hair. Taehyung grunted in satisfaction, the vibrations of his deep voice sending shockwaves through your pussy. “That’s… that’s really nice. You’re really good at this.” 
He moaned in response, closing his eyes at your words. Taehyung was eating you out like his mouth was made for it, like he was starving for your taste and you were all that he could think about. He licked you from your entrance to your clit, playing with your sensitive spots and enjoying the tremors of pleasure that ran through your thighs, his hands locked tight around your hips. You sobbed and cried over him, making special effort to keep your legs steady as you rocked yourself on his tongue. 
It was only when he decided to suck on your clit that you realized how absurdly close you were. You clenched your teeth and whined out, yanking his hair harder. “Do that again, please,” you asked and Taehyung, like the good friend that he was, was quick to comply. Taehyung wrapped his mouth around your clit in a way that had you trembling over him, licking and sucking on your sensitive nub like his life depended on it. “Fuck, that’s so good, Tae. Feels so good…” 
He moaned again, more desperate this time, and some part of your mind understood the pattern that he was presenting you: Taehyung really, really liked your compliments. And you had no problem giving away any more of them. 
“You’re licking me so well, Tae, you’re gonna make me cum like this,” you told him,  meaning every word you said. Taehyung was a Greek god beneath you, staring up at you with those dark, focused eyes as if he dared you to cum on his tongue. “God! You’re so good for me.”
And then your praises ran thin, because your mind was gravitating somewhere else — seeking for the high that was dangerously close. It was only when Taehyung started toying with your entrance, brushing two of his fingers on it, that you came undone, crying out his name like it was a personal prayer. 
There was a smirk on your mouth as you came down, a flooding relief that overtook you. You never thought that you could come so hard in your life, especially when it depended on another person, and you were so, so happy to be wrong that you could cry. 
With shaky legs, you removed yourself from Taehyung’s face, straddling his lap and watching as his lips glistened with your arousal. His pink tongue came out to lick them, a hum on his throat as he took in your fucked-out expression. 
“You did so well, baby,” he said, placing one of his hands on your waist. “Come here.” 
Obedient, you leaned in and sighed as his mouth met yours. This time, Taehyung didn’t wait to eagerly insert his tongue inside your mouth, making you taste yourself on him. 
He pulled away leisurely, his voice hoarse. “Can you taste how sweet you are?” He asked. “I loved making you cum on my tongue, baby. You looked so pretty.” 
Taehyung breathed out, planting kisses on your neck, one hand trailing down to squeeze your ass. You whined at his tight grip and pressed yourself down on him, feeling his hard cock poking out against the fabric of his sweats. 
Taehyung groaned at the stimulation, pressing down on your asscheek again. You rolled your hips on top of him, wincing in sensitivity as his member brushed your clit. “Loved your pussy so much, baby,” he continued, sounding like he was lost in a daydream, “I can’t wait to be inside you. Bet you’d be so tight for my cock, hm?” 
“Yeah,” you managed to speak. Even if you had just reached your orgasm, you were still aching to feel something inside you. You wanted Taehyung more than you could understand. “I want you to fuck me, Tae, please.” 
He breathed out, his hands tightening around your flesh as you rolled your pussy against his cock once again. Taehyung looked like he was one heartbeat away from completely losing his self control, and hearing you beg for him to fuck you wasn’t doing him any favors. “Gonna need to lie down for me, baby,” he asked. 
With a few more shifts on the couch, Taehyung had you beneath him once again, your legs open for him as he removed his shirt and pants. It wasn’t long before his cock sprung free from its confinement, standing erect. You licked your lips at the lustful sight, pussy clenching in anticipation as you took him in — Taehyung was big. Bigger than anyone you’ve ever had, that’s for sure; long and thick and already leaking for you. 
You would’ve cried out in need if he didn’t interrupt you. “What are you looking at?” Taehyung asked, the ghost of a smile creeping up on his lips. 
Your stare oscillated toward his own. “That’s why you have such a good track record, your cock is huge.” You bit your lip, thinking about how good he would feel inside you. You didn’t know how it was possible, but you were pretty sure the last time you’ve seen his cock — back in the dark ages of your freshman year of college — it wasn’t as big as that. Or maybe you just didn’t have anything to compare it to. 
“Hey, I just used my tongue on you, don’t ignore my efforts,” Taehyung teased, wrapping one of his hands around his member so he could pump himself a few times. The playful atmosphere swiftly shifted back, and, when he spoke up again, his voice was deeper. “You think you can take it?” 
“Yeah, I can,” you said. You couldn’t be sure, but you were sure going to try. 
Taehyung hummed, moving a bit closer so he could brush his tip against your pussy, coating it with your wetness. You closed your eyes in expectation, knowing that you’d love the stretch he would give you. 
“You want it?” He asked, a touch of desperation covering his words. Taehyung was nearing his breaking point, and the fluttering of your pussy on his cock was making him go insane. “Want my cock inside your tight little cunt, baby?” 
You nodded, frantic. The brushing of his thick tip on your hole was becoming too much, your walls clenching around nothing, seeking for something to fill you up. “Yes, fuck, I want it so bad.” 
“Are you tight for me, baby?” He was trying to prolong that moment for as much as he could, keep the pretty face you made when you pleaded for him to fuck you burned in the back of his head. Making you cum once was a victory he would take forever, but making you cum around his cock might as well be his life’s biggest achievement. “Ready for me to fuck you?” 
You cried out when he started pressing himself inside you, guiding his crown inside your pussy, then stopping. “Yes, Tae, just put it all in, please,” you whined, hands fumbling for support on his broad shoulders. Taehyung already had you clenching around nothing, you didn’t know what else he wanted from you. “Please, please, fuck me.” 
Taehyung chuckled, looking down at where you two met. He was only human, and his self control was short lived. “Since you asked so nicely…” 
Your back arched off the sofa as you felt the delicious drag of his large cock inside you, opening you up gradually, taking its time before filling you up to the brim. You gasped and sobbed at the overwhelming feeling, nails digging on the skin of his back as Taehyung groaned besides your ear. 
“Fuck, that’s so good.” He let out a shaky breath, and you swore you never heard his voice get so husky before. “I just slipped right in. You’re so fucking wet.” 
Your mind was an apocalypse of confused thoughts and forgotten exclamations, eyes fluttering shut as you dove into the sensation of Taehyung inside you — his hips angling backwards, tilting up just enough so he could move himself away from you core, only to come slamming back inside. The stretch of his cock was amazing, it was making you drunk, and all that you could think about was how much pleasure it was giving you. 
“So-So big—“ you muttered, half aware that the words actually left your lips. 
“How do you like it, uh?” Taehyung asked, his voice dripping sin and hunger. You could tell that he, too, was getting carried away by the feeling, his hips rutting themselves against you at a lazy pace. “Gonna give it to you any way you want it, baby.” 
You bit your lip, a small moan leaving your mouth when Taehyung leaned closer to you, distributing hot kisses on your neck. You swore you’d be happy if you died then. “I like it rough,” you answered. 
He groaned, apparently satisfied with your response. “Whatever you want.” 
Taehyung got to his knees on the couch, deciding to put one foot on the ground for support, his hands raising your hips to help him reach even deeper inside you. Faster than your brain could compute, the shallow, lazy pace he had sat was being replaced with a harsh, fast pumping that made you cry out his name, eyes closing in sheer bliss. 
“Tae! Yes, yes, just like that,” you sobbed, running one hand through your hair. You felt like your body was floating, every cell of your body overheating with the amazing pleasure that Taehyung was giving you. You never had someone fucking you so hard, his cock pistoning inside you, your body bobbing up and down on the couch. 
Taehyung’s eyes were glued to the bouncing of your breasts as he continued to fuck you, a deep groan leaving his chest. “That’s it, take it,” he moaned out, quickening his pace even more. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head, mouth opening in a silent scream.  “Gonna make you cum so hard around my cock, baby. Gonna fuck you until you cry. Want that?” 
“Yes, yes, please,” you moaned. “Feels so good, Tae.” 
“You like my cock, baby? Like it filling you up?” He asked and you could only nod pathetically, your entire body too fucked out to even respond. “F-fuck, your pussy is so good. Tell me that you love my cock.” 
“I love your cock,” you whined, feeling like a complete hot mess under his thrusts. “I — fuck! — I love your cock so much, Tae, it’s so big.” 
Your words motivated him to fuck you even harder, his member hitting even deeper inside you. Taehyung was getting lost in the stretch of your pussy around him, the glorious sounds you were making, the lust that coated your face every time you called out his name. 
“Shit, I don’t know how anyone could look at you like this and not want to see that pretty face cum.” He was breathing out hard, grunting every time your cunt tightened around him. Taehyung wanted to see you like that forever, taking his cock like a good girl, creaming all over him and begging to do it again. You were wrapping around him so perfectly, taking all of him so well, that he didn’t think he’d manage to move on from that anytime soon. “So fucking hot.”
Taehyung chased after your high like a starving man looking for food, experimentally changing the angle and force of his thrusts to see what would get the best reaction out of you. At last, after a pathetically loud cry from your part after he raised your legs up, it seemed as if he had found it. “I bet you’d be so tight cumming around my cock, baby,” he was thinking out loud at that point, trying to make sense of the pretty sounds and expressions you were giving him so eagerly. He wanted nothing more than to see you cum — it was personal at that point. “I wanna feel you cum around me, baby. Wanna feel it so bad.” 
“I’m c-close.” Your nails dug into his shoulders, eyes closing tightly. There was a light heat in your cheeks and sweat on your forehead that was making Taehyung wonder if you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. “You’re so good, T-Tae, you’re fucking me so well…” 
Taehyung thought that he could cum right then and there, pushed over the edge with those sweet words alone. He loved being good to you, loved making you feel things that no one else managed to before. He was intoxicated by that sense of superiority, drowning in your praise. He wished that he could fuck you forever. 
“Cream my cock, baby, come on,” he pushed you on, his words hanging somewhere between an order and a breathless plea. You were getting so tight around him that it was making him crazy, your wetness coating his cock and dripping down between your legs like his own personal brand of aphrodisiac. “You can do it, come on. I wanna see you cum so bad.” 
You smiled at him, a cute, fucked-out smirk that made Taehyung go to heaven and back. “So good for me, Tae, you’re so big,” you said, your voice so needy and high-pitched. Your orgasm was looming over you, pressing down on your lower body and making you see stars. It was only a matter of time before Taehyung got you crying out his name, back arching off the couch and mouth falling open in delirium. “Tae! Fuck! Don’t stop, please, I’m gonna—“ 
But your warning came a second too late, because you were already spasming around his length, body shaking as Taehyung thrusted hard inside you. Just as expected, you were absolutely fucking gorgeous when you came — all quivering lips and rolling eyes —, and Taehyung was beyond satisfied to know that he was the only one who saw that pretty face of yours. 
“That’s it, baby, fuck.” Taehyung was starting to feel his own high approaching, called by the delicious tightening and releasing of your pussy around him. His thrusts were messy and harsh; his sweaty hair falling over his eyes like a cascade. “Can I cum inside you, baby? Can I fuck you full of my cum?”
You noticed the desperation in his tone and, with the throbbing of his member inside you, you knew that he wasn’t far. “Yes, please,” you said. “You were so good for me, Tae, you can cum wherever you want.” 
And it was that final taste of praise that pushed Taehyung over his limit; waves upon waves of cum filling you up as he rode out his high. “God— fuck!” He cried out, drunk on the feeling of your walls milking the last drops of cum out of his cock. A few lazy pumps later, and he was collapsing on top of you with a mumbled, “F-Fuck.” 
There was an instant of silence after his orgasm, the quietude only filled by Taehyung’s heavy breathing. You took one hand to his head, caressing the strands as a smile blossomed on your lips. “Well, I believe you now,” you said playfully. “I’m sure you made a bunch of girls orgasm.” 
Taehyung chuckled, breathless. “Thank you, I try,” he said, looking up at you. The darkness in his gaze was gone, and it was just your best friend staring back at you. “You alright?”
“I’m great,” you admitted. You never felt so good in your life. “You?”
“Fantastic, thanks for asking.” He leaned back so he could sit up, running one hand through his disheveled hair before saying, “I’m gonna grab you a towel, hang on.” 
Taehyung left you for a couple minutes before coming back to clean you up, tenderly wiping away the mess you two had created. After he was done, he discarded the towel on the floor and crawled back to rest on your chest once again. 
There was a comforting quietude that floated in the atmosphere, only filled by the muffled buzzing of his freezer and the vague sound of raindrops drumming on the window. You didn’t really know how to deal with that entire situation, didn’t know how things would stay between the two of you. But, at that point, you made the decision to keep those worries for the following morning and, instead, just enjoy his warmth radiating all around you. 
The glorious silence, at last, was broken when Taehyung started mumbling against your breasts.  “Hey, ___?” He called. 
“How many dates have you been on?”
You hummed, thinking for a moment. “Ever?”
Taehyung made a clicking sound with his tongue. “I don’t know, like, this past year.”
“Uh… like… five or six? I think?” You answered, looking down to meet his gaze. You knew that wicked expression very well. “Why?”
He smiled. “Because we have a lot of shitty dates to make up for.”
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promptfairy · 3 months ago
❥     𝟖𝟎𝐬 𝐇𝐈𝐓𝐒    [   𝚂𝙴𝙽𝚃𝙴𝙽𝙲𝙴 𝚂𝚃𝙰𝚁𝚃𝙴𝚁𝚂    ]   .
sentence starters inspired by various lyrics from random hits from the 1980s !!   some lyrics have been slightly modified to be more usable .  change gendered language   &   add context to your needs .  happy roleplaying !!  ♡
“   something’s  buggin’  me .   ” “   something  ain’t  right .   ” “   my  best  friend  told  me  what  you  did  last  night .   ” “   i  should  have  been  with  you  instead .   ” “   wake  me  up  before  you  go .   ” “   i’m  not  planning  on  going  solo .   ” “   take  me  dancing  tonight .   ” “   you’re  my  lady ,   i’m  your  fool .   ” “   it  makes  me  crazy  when  you  act  so  cruel .   ” “   come on ,  baby .   let’s  not  fight .   ” “   we’ll  go  dancing   &   everything  will  be  alright .   ” “   we’ll  go  dancing  tomorrow  night .   ” “   it’s  cold  out  there ,   but  it’s  warm  in  bed .   ” “   don’t  look  at  it  like  it’s  forever .   ” “   i  guess  that’s  why  they  call  it  the  blues .   ” “   time  on  my  hands  could  be  time  spent  with  you .   ” “   picture  my  face  in  your  hands .   ” “   live  for  each  second  without  hesitation .   ” “   never  forget  i’m  your  man .   ” “   cry  in  the  night  if  it  helps .   ” “   i  simply  love  you  more  than  i  love  life  itself .   ” “   some  boys  kiss  me ,   some  boys  hug  me ,   i  think  they’re  okay .   ” “   the  boy  with  the  cold  hard  cash  is  always  mister  right .   ” “   you  know  that  we  are  living  in  a  material  world .   ” “   i  am  a  material  girl .   ” “   boys  may  come   &   boys  may  go .   ” “   experience  has  made  me  rich   &   now  they’re  after  me .   ” “   opposites  attract .   ” “   you  must  try  to  ignore  that  it  means  more  than  that .   ” “   what’s  love  got  to  do  with  it ??   ” “   who  needs  a  heart  when  a  heart  can  be  broken ??   ” “   it  scares  me  to  feel  this  way .   ” “   there’s  still  enough  time  to  figure  out  how  to  chase  my  blues  away .   ” “   i’ve  done  alright  up  ‘til  now .   ” “   i  wanna  dance  with  somebody  who  loves  me .   ” “   i’ve  been  in  love   &   lost  my  senses .   ” “   sooner  or  later ,   the  fever  ends ,   and  i  wind  up  feeling  down .   ” “   when  the  night  falls ,   my  lonely  heart  calls .   ” “   don’t  you  wanna  dance ??   ” “   i’m  sick   &   tired  of  everything .   ” “   all  i  do  is  eat   &   sleep   &   sing .   ” “   there  are  moments  when  i  think  i’m  going  crazy .   ” “   the  sight  of  you  will  prove  to  me  i’m  still  alive .   ” “   some  boys  take  a  beautiful  girl   &   hide  her  away  from  the  rest  of  the  world .   ” “   i  wanna  be  the  one  to  walk  in  the  sun .   ” “   you  could  never  know  what  it’s  like .   ” “   there’s  a cold   &   lonely  light  that  shines  from  you .   ” “   you’ll  wind  up  like  the  wreck  you  hide  behind  that  mask  you  use .   ” “   did  you  think  this  fool  could  never  win ??   ” “   i’m  still  standing  after  all  this  time .   ” “   i’m  picking  up  the  pieces  of  my  life  without  you  on  my  mind .   ” “   i’m  still  standing .   ” “   if  our  love  was  just  a  circus ,  you’d  be  a  clown  by  now .   ” “   heaven  is  a  place  on  earth .   ” “   they  say  in  heaven ,   love  comes  first .   ” “   we’ll  make  heaven  a  place  on  earth .   ” “   in  this  world ,   we’re  just  beginning  to  understand  the  miracle  of  living .   ” “   i  was  afraid  before ,   but  i’m  not  afraid  anymore .   ” “   when  you  dance ,  there’s  a  magic  that  must  be  love .   ” “   i’ll  be  coming  for  your  love ,   okay ??   ” “   i’ll  be  gone  in  a  day  or  two .   ” “   i’m  slowly  learning  that  life  is  okay  ??   ” “   it’s  no  better  to  be  safe  than  sorry .   ” “   you’re  all  the  things  i’ve  got  to  remember .   ” “   you’re  shying  away .   ” “   i’ll  be  coming  for  you ,   anyway .   ” “   sweet  dreams  are  made  of  this .   ” “   who  am  i  to  disagree  ??   ” “   everybody’s  looking  for  something .   ” “   keep  your  head  up .   ” “   it’s  gonna  take  a  lot  to  drag  me  away  from  you .   ” “   there’s  nothing  that  a  hundred  men  or  more  could  ever  do .   ” “   i  seek  to  cure  what’s  deep  inside .   ” “   i’m  frightened  of  this  thing  that  i’ve  become .   ” “   some  are  born  to  sing  the  blues .   ” “   sometimes  i  feel  i’ve  got  to  run away .   ” “   the  love  we  share  seems  to  go  nowhere .   ” “   once  i  ran  to  you .   now ,   i’ll  run  from  you .   ” “   you  need  someone  to  hold  you  tight .   ” “   don’t  touch  me ,   please .   ” “   i  love  you ,   though  you  hurt  me  so .   ” “   i  just  want  to  tell  you  how  i’m  feeling .   ” “   we’ve  known  each  other  for  so  long .   ” “   your  heart’s  been  aching ,   but  you’re  too  shy  to  say it .   ” “   you’re  turning  heads .   ” “   anything  you  wear  looks  good  on  you  especially .   ” “   there’s  nothing  i  can  tell  you  that  you  haven’t  already  heard  a  half  a million times ,   but  still ,   i’d  like  to  say  you  wear  it  well .  ” “   they  can’t  compete  with  you .   ” “   you’re  more  than  just  a  pretty  face .   ” “   you’ve  got  exactly  what  it  takes .   ” “   can  you  feel  it ,   too ??   ” “   i  toss   &   turn  in  my  bed  in  the  morning  when  i  think  about  you .   ” “   i  attempt  to  look  my  best  for  you .   ” “   you  sure  are  sweet .   ” “   would  you  mind  if  i  had  a  little  bit  more  of  your  time ??  ” “   just  keep  doing  what  you  do .   ”
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angrysupremacy · 3 months ago
Chubby S/O: Bonten(smut)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Request: Can i request a hc of bonten member with chubby s/o who insecure abt their big thighs & chest? It can be fluff / smut, thank u sm!❤️
A/N: I hope you like it!!!!!! okay it was suppose to be fluff, but I was horknee
Warning: not proofread, Bonten, minor dni, smut, swearing
Tumblr media
Loves your thighs and chest.  He thinks you’re so sexy.  Mikey has a hard time talking about how he feels sometimes, but when your insecurity kick in, he’ll nonstop compliment you.
He’ll drag his fingers up you thigh and towards your chest, massaging you nipple in circles
“You’re so sexy, don’t say anything opposite,” he whispered into your ear then proceed to bite it.  You can feel his hot breathe turning you on even more.
Literally hates it when you talk about you insecurities cause he don’t understand it at all, he’ll probably yell at you for it.  But he hates making you cry, so he finally found a way to comfort you.
“Touch yourself for me, I’ll handle something else.” His hands trailed up your waist then grabbing ahold of your chest.  He massaged your chest and pinched you nipple as he watched you masterbate in front of the mirror.
“Why can’t you see how hot your are princess?”
Big daddy Takeomi:
Thigh man, you cannot tell me any different.  This man will always rub your thighs whenever he can.  He likes to squeeze them, especially your inner thigh.  He knows damn well what he’s doing.
Before eating you out, he’d wrap his arms around your thighs then trail kisses down to your crotch.
“I love your thighs so much, so sexy,” he cooed before going crazy with his tongue.
Respectful king.  He will try to understand why you are insecure about your chest and thighs, to him you were the most perfect being in the world.  He tries his best to explain reason why he loves them but he ends up sounding like a pervert.
“Should I show you to further convince you how perfect you are?” He gently laid you down on the bed, then gotten on top of you.  He started to trail his tongue down to your chest.  Circling his tongue around you nipple.
“I get to work with so much, I love it so much.  I just want to kiss you everywhere.”
Will purposely buy lingerie that barely has any material, just to see more of everything.  He loves seeing how tight the lingerie is hugging you especially around you chest.
He’d buy you tight stockings because he loves to see your pudge, it turn him on so much.  So much that he leaves the lingerie on even when he’s balls deep in you.
“I’ll show you perfect you are, no matter what it takes.  You’re going to learn, ” He says biting you nipple before sucking onto it.
He had enough of your insecurities, he literally roll his eyes when you complain about how big your chest looks when he makes you where skin tight clothes.
“It’s the perfect size, it fits in my hand like a puzzle,” He cupped his hand on your chest, he let his fingers dance down your waist then held your hips tight.  He roughly pulled you in close to him, you can feel his hard member rubbing on your thigh.
“Let me fuck you between your luxurious thighs doll, I want to see them covered by my cum.”
Just like his brother, he get irritated of your insecurities.  Does not understand why you’re insecure.  But he will try to say comforting words or ways you can boost your confidence.  He always takes you shopping when you’re insecure.  Having you wear tight clothes, also to see you strip.
“You’re so sexy, why do you complain about your body?” He humped you from the back, right onto your naked skin.  You felt his hard cock suffocating in his pants.
“How bout we use your tits?” Unzipping his pants as the other hand pulls you down to your knees.
Doesn’t allow you to be insecure.  Whenever you talk about it, he’ll shush you right away.  
“Hush or I’ll stuff your mouth,” He said squeezing your thighs as he sprawled your legs apart, “I love how you are, why do you keep saying you hate it?”
He trailed his finger up and down your thighs knowing ticklish it made you, but he enjoyed seeing you squirm around.
Tumblr media
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soracities · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“We’ll dance a little, you and me.” “Do we have time?” ”We have time. Always.”
“Summer school students of Miss Margaret Morris rehearse on the beach, 1934,” ph. Kent Walmert
Gregory Orr, Concerning the Book That is the Body of the Beloved
“Rock ‘n Roll sur les Quais de Paris (Rock 'n Roll under the quays in Paris - detail),” ca. 1955, ph. Paul Almasy
Jack Gilbert, “Ovid in Tears”
William Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale
“Couple at a dance, 1960 (detail)″, ph. Diane Arbus
Albert Camus, Algerian Chronicles
Wendell Berry, “Horses”
Mediterraneo, (dir. Gabriele Salvatores, 1991).
Awa Yoshikono chant, from the Awa Odori dance festival, Japan
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cielrouge · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2020 YA Reads By Authors of Color
10 Things I Hate About Pinky by Sandhya Menon - The follow-up to When Dimple Met Rishi and There’s Something about Sweetie, Pinky and Samir pretend to date—with disastrous and hilarious results.
145th Street: Short Stories by Walter Dean Myers - A salty, wrenchingly honest collection of stories set on one block of 145th Street.
A Map to the Sun by Sloane Leong -  A coming-of age-story about a struggling girls' basketball team of a fictional neighborhood in the LA area. 
A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow - About the strength of black sisterhood set in Portland, OR, best friends Tavi and Effie discover their true supernatural identity when Effie starts being haunted by demons from her past, and Tavia accidentally lets out her magical siren voice during a police stop.
A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown - Inspired by West African folklore in which a grieving crown princess, Karina, and a desperate refugee, Malik, find themselves on a collision course to murder each other, despite their growing attraction.
All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson - Journalist and LGBTQ+ activist George shows readers how they can fight for themselves or be allies in the struggle for equity and equality.
A Breath Too Late by Rocky Callen - After 17-year-old Ellie dies by suicide, she looks back on the events of her life that led up to the moment, directly addressing the characters in her world—including her mother and the boy she loved—both animate and inanimate, interweaving past and present. 
All The Days Past, All the Days To Come by Mildred B. Taylor - The saga of the Logan family--made famous in the Newbery Medal-winning Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry--concludes in a long-awaited and deeply fulfilling story.
All The Things We Never Knew by Liara Tamani - After locking eyes on a Texas high school basketball court, black teens Carli and Rex discover how first love, heartbreak, betrayal, and family can shape you—for better or for worse. 
Almost American Girl by Robin Ha - A Korean-born, non-English-speaking girl, abruptly transplanted from Seoul to Alabama,  struggles with extreme culture shock and isolation, until she discovers her passion for comic arts.
And the Stars Were Burning Brightly by Danielle Jawando - A story of suicide, mental health, bullying, grief and growing up around social media, after 15-year-old Nathan discovers the horrifying truth about his brother’s suicide. 
Anna K: A Love Story by Jenny Lee - A  modern reimagining of Anna Karenina, set between Manhattan & Greenwich, CT, where a Korean American “It Girl” is caught between her picture-perfect, family-approved boyfriend and the guy who just might be her one true love, along her high-flying cast of friends. 
The Archer at Dawn (The Tiger at Midnight #2) by Swati Teerdhala - Set in an Indian & Hindu-inspired world, long-held secrets will force Kunal and Esha to reconsider their loyalties—to their country and to each other.
b, Book and Me by Sagwa Kim - A poignant coming of age story about two Korean high school girls, who equally despair over and desire adulthood. 
Banned Book Club by Hyun Sook Kim, Hyun Ju Ko & Ryan Estrada - Set against the backdrop of political oppression, bookish college student Hyun Sook finds her political views slowly challenged after she joins the Banned Book Club and befriends a group of student activists.
Before The Dawn (RWBY #2) by E.C. Myers - Unsure of whom they can trust, Teams CFVY and SSSN must contend with new teammates and uneasy rivalries, all while The Crown continues to plot their next move. 
Black Girl Unlimited by Echo Brown - Echo Brown is a wizard from the East Side, who transfers to the rich school on the West Side, and an insightful teacher becomes a pivotal mentor. But a black veil of depression soon threatens to undo everything she’s worked for.
The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta - A boy comes to terms with his identity as a mixed-race gay teen - then at university he finds his wings as a drag artist. 
The Black Kids by Christina Hammonds Reed - A coming-of-age debut exploring race, class, and violence through the eyes of wealthy black teen Ashley, whose family gets caught in the vortex of the 1992 Rodney King Riots.
Blazewrath Games by Amparo Ortiz - 17-year-old Lana Torres, who after rescuing a prized dragon, is awarded a spot on her native Puerto Rico's Blazewrath World Cup team. But the return of the Sire, an ancient dragon, soon threatens to compromise this year's tournament.
The Blossom and the Firefly by Sherri L. Smith -  Set in Japan during eight days in 1945, two teens, former student Hana and violin virtuoso-turned-kamikaze-pilot Taro, find their lives intertwined in the midst of war.  
Breath Like Water by Anna Jarzab - When swimmer Susannah Ramos finds her sports dreams put in jeopardy, she struggles to keep her career afloat, before two important people enter her life: a new coach with a revolutionary training strategy, and a charming fellow swimmer named Harry Matthews. 
Broken Wish: The Mirror by Julie C. Dao - As 16-year-old Elva taps into her powers for the first time, she discovers a magical mirror and its owner—none other than the Witch of the North Woods herself. As Elva learns more about her burgeoning magic, the lines between hero and villain start to blur. 
Brown Girl Ghosted by Mintie Das - When the queen bee of the school ends up dead following a leaked sex tape, Violet Choudry’s spirit world friends decide it’s the perfect time for Violet to accept the legacy of spiritual fighters from whom she’s descended. Her mission? Find the killer. Or else she’s next.
Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas - Latinx trans teen Yadriel, hoping to release his cousin's spirit and prove himself as a brujo, accidentally summons the wrong ghost and resident bad boy Julian Diaz, falling in love with him.
Check Please!: Sticks & Scones by Ngozi Ukazu - Bitty and Jack must navigate their new, secret, long-distance relationship, and decide how to reveal their relationship to friends and teammates. And on top of that, Bitty's time at Samwell is quickly coming to an end. 
Cinderella Is Dead by Kalynn Bayron - 16-year-old Sophia would much rather marry Erin, her childhood best friend, than parade in front of suitors. At the ball, Sophia flees, hiding in Cinderella’s mausoleum. There, she meets Constance, the last known descendant of Cinderella and her step sisters. Together they vow to bring down the king once and for all.
Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo -  Separated by distance and Papi’s secrets, sisters Caminos and Yahaira Rios, are forced to face a new reality in which their father is dead and their lives are forever altered.
The Court of Miracles by Kester Grant -  In 1828, Paris, talented cat burglar  Eponine Thénardier goes head-to-head with the nobility as well as the leaders of Paris's criminal underground, during her quest to save her sister Cosette’s life, which will take her from the city's dark underbelly to the glittering court of Louis XVII, following the dangerous days after a failed French Revolution. 
Come On In edited by Adi Alsaid - this powerful anthology explores the joys, heartbreaks and triumphs of immigration, with stories by bestselling and beloved YA authors who are themselves immigrants and the children of immigrants.
Cloak of Night (Circle of Shadows #2) by Evelyn Skye - After the devastating Ceremony of Two Hundred Hearts, Sora, Daemon, Fairy, and Broomstick are truly alone in the fight to save their kingdom. Empress Aki is missing, and everyone else who could help them is a prisoner to the Dragon Prince’s mind control. In Sora’s quest to stop Prince Gin, she must also unravel the secrets of ryuu magic before it is too late for nearly everyone she loves.
A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey - For Lila Reyes, a summer in England was never part of the plan. But tea shop clerk Orion Maxwell is determined to help Lila out of her funk, and appoints himself as her personal tour guide. From Winchester’s drama-filled music scene to the sweeping English countryside, it isn’t long before Lila is not only charmed by Orion, but England itself. Soon a new future is beginning to form in Lila’s mind—one that would mean leaving everything she ever planned behind.
The Damned (The Beautiful #2) by Renée Ahdieh - Sébastien Saint Germain is now cursed and forever changed. The price of loving Celine Rousseau was costly. But as Bastien and Celine begin to uncover the danger around them, they learn their love could tear them apart. 
Darius the Great Deserves Better by Adib Khorram - Darius Kellner suddenly has it all: a boyfriend, an internship, a spot on the soccer team. It’s everything he’s ever wanted–but what if he deserves better?
Dark and Deepest Red by Anna-Marie McLemore - Summer, 1518. A strange sickness sweeps through Strasbourg: women dance in the streets, some until they fall down dead. As rumors of witchcraft spread, suspicion turns toward Lavinia and her family. Five centuries later, a pair of red shoes seal to Rosella Oliva’s feet, making her dance uncontrollably. They draw her toward a boy who knows the dancing fever’s history better than anyone: Emil. 
Date Me, Bryson Keller by Kevin van Whye - Everyone knows about the dare: Each week, Bryson Keller must date someone new--the first person to ask him out on Monday morning. Few think Bryson can do it. He may be the king of Fairvale Academy, but he's never really dated before. Until a boy, Kai Sheridan, asks him out, and everything changes.
Daughters of Jubilation by Kara Lee Corthron - In Jim Crow South, black teen Evalene Deschamps finds her place among a family of women gifted with magical abilities, known as jubilation - a gift passed down from generations of black women since the time of slavery.
Dear Justyce (Dear Martin #2) by Nic Stone - Incarcerated teen Quan writes letters to Justyce about his experiences in the American prison system.
Deathless Divide (Dread Nation #2) by Justina Ireland - After the fall of Summerland, Jane McKeene hoped her life would get simpler. But nothing is easy when you're a girl trained in putting down the restless dead, and a devastating loss on the road to Nicodermus has Jane questioning everything she thought she knew about surviving in 1880's America. 
Diamond City by Francesca Flores - Young assassin Aina Solís unravels a conspiracy after a job gone wrong, which could rewrite her city Koshima’s history and—if it isn’t stopped—sink her country into a catastrophic war.
Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From by Jennifer De Leon - First-generation American Latinx student Liliana Cruz does what it takes to fit in at her new nearly all-white school. But when family secrets spill out and racism at school ramps up, she must decide what she believes in and take a stand. 
Don’t Read the Comments by Eric Smith - After a chance online meeting, gamers Divya and Aaron decides to team up – but soon find themselves the targets of a group of internet trolls who begin launching a real-world doxxing campaign. But Divya isn’t going down without a fight.
Dragon Hoops by Gene Luen Yang - In his latest graphic novel, Yang turns the spotlight on his life, his family, and the high school where he teaches.
Each of Us a Desert by Mark Oshiro - Xochital is destined to wander the desert alone. Her one desire: to share her heart with a kindred spirit. One night, Xo's wish is granted—in the form of Emilia, the cold and beautiful daughter of the town's murderous mayor. But when the two set out on a magical journey across the desert, they find their hearts could be a match... if only they can survive the nightmare-like terrors that arise when the sun goes down.
Early Departures by Justin A. Reynolds -  Jamal’s best friend Q is brought back to life after a freak accident . . . but they only have a short time together before he will die again.  How can Jamal fix his friendship without the truth?
Everybody Looking by Candice Iloh - Told in-verse, Ada, the daughter of an immigrant Nigerian father and an African American mother, struggles to find a place for herself in America and in her own family.
The Ever Cruel Kingdom (The Never Tilting World #2) by Rin Chupeco - To break the cycle of sacrifice, twins Haidee and Odessa need answers that lie beyond the seven gates of the underworld, within the Cruel Kingdom itself. The shadows of the underworld may hunger to tear them apart, but these two sisters are determined to heal their world—together.
Every Reason We Shouldn’t by Sara  Fujimura - 15-year-old, biracial figure skater Olivia Kennedy’s Olympic dreams have ended. She's bitter, but enjoying life as a regular teen... until Jonah Choi starts training at her family's struggling rink. But will this rivalry bring her closer to Jonah, or drive them apart?
Felix After After by Kacen Callender - Black trans teen Felix Love begins a journey of questioning and self-discovery that helps redefine his most important relationship: how he feels about himself.
Fight Like A Girl by Sheena Kamal - Trisha's trying to break the chain, channeling her violent impulses into Muay Thai. Until the night her father wanders out drunk in front of the car Trisha is driving, practicing on her learner's permit, her mother in the passenger seat. Her father is killed, but Trisha doesn't know exactly what happened that night, and afraid it's going to happen again.
 The First 7 (The Last 8 #2) by Laura Pohl - The thrilling conclusion to The Last 8 duology that follows the Last Teenagers on Earth, led by Clover Martinez, as they head home to a now-hostile planet.
Forest of Souls (Shamanborn #1) by Lori M. Lee - Sirscha Ashwyn, while training to become the queen's next royal spy, discovers she's a rare and powerful lightwender and is summoned to the realm of the Spider King, where her newly awakened abilities are needed to cull the bloodthirsty Dead Wood. 
Found by Joseph Bruchac - A teenage survival expert finds all his skills tested as he's pursued through the Canadian wilderness after witnessing a murder. 
Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust - As the day of her twin brother’s wedding approaches, Princess Soraya must decide if she’s willing to step outside of the shadows for the first time. 
Gotham High by Melissa de la Cruz - Before they became Batman, Catwoman, and The Joker, Bruce, Selina, and Jack were high schoolers who would do whatever it took--to satisfy their own motives.
Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson - Enchanted Jones, an aspiring singer, is spotted by legendary R&B artist Korey Fields at an audition. And suddenly her dream of being a professional singer takes flight. But her dream soon turns into a nightmare. But now Korey is dead. And all signs point to Enchanted.
Harley in the Sky by Akemi Dawn Bowman - Aspiring trapeze artist Harley Milano leaves home, betrays her family and joins a rival circus. But Harley must soon come to terms with the truth of her family and her past—and reckon with the sacrifices she made and the people she hurt in order to follow her dreams. 
Heiress Apparently by Diana Ma - Chinese-American actress Gemma Huang living in L.A. lands her dream role set to film in Beijing, in an update of M. Butterfly, and discovers that she's descended from Chinese nobility. 
The Henna Wars by Adiba Jaigirdar - When a school competition invites students to create their own businesses, Flávia and Nishat choose to do henna. Amidst sabotage and school stress, their lives get more tangled—but Nishat can’t quite get rid of her crush on Flávia. 
Here The Whole Time by Vitor Martins - Felipe and Caio must spend fifteen days living with each other over school break.
Hunted by the Sky by Tanaz Bhathena - Set in a world inspired by medieval India, the story tells of a girl, Gul, with a star-shaped birthmark who is prophesied to be the downfall of a tyrant king, the warrior women who come to her aid, and the boy she falls in love with. 
If You Only Knew by Prerna Pickett - A boy recently released from jail, Corey, and the daughter of a prosecutor, Tessa, fall for each other against the odds.
I’ll Be the One by Lyla Lee - Bisexual Korean-American Skye Shin competes on a reality TV show to become the first plus-sized k-pop star, while falling in love with her competitor Henry Cho, also a world-famous celebrity.
Imagine Me (Shatter Me #6) by Tahereh Mafi - With old enemies looming, Juliette Ferrar’s destiny may not be her own.The day of reckoning for the Reestablishment is coming. But she may not get to choose what side to fight for.
Incendiary by Zoraida Cordova - As Renata Convida grows more deeply embedded in the politics of the royal court, she uncovers a secret in her past that could change the entire fate of the kingdom--and end a costly war. 
Infinity Son by Adam Silvera - In the Bronx, two brothers, Emil and Brighton, get caught up in a magical war generations in the making.
The Iron Will of Genie Lo (Epic Crush of Genie Lo #2) by F.C. Yee - Along with a few other contenders for the throne,  heaven-appointed guardian Genie and her friends embark on a Heavenly quest to an in-between world. 
Jake in the Box by Ryan Douglass - To protect himself from possession, 16-year-old black teen Jake Livingston will have to master his power over both dead world and reality and discover his own reason to live. 
K-Pop Confidential by Stephan Lee - Korean-American teen Candace Park travels to Seoul in hopes of debuting in a girl group at the same k-pop company behind the most popular boy band on the planet. 
The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu - Born with a gift for music, Nannerl Mozart has just one wish--to be remembered forever. One day, a mysterious stranger from a magical land appears with an irresistible offer. He has the power to make her wish come true--but his help may cost her everything.
Legendborn by Tracy Deonn - In this King Arthur retelling, black teen Bree Matthews infiltrates a secret society of powerful magic wielders to find out the truth behind her mother's untimely death. 
Lobizona by Romina Garber - As Manuela Azul uncovers her own story and traces her real heritage all the way back to a cursed city in Argentina, she learns it's not just her U.S. residency that's illegal. . . .it's her entire existence.
Love on the Main Stage by S.A. Domingo - 16-year-old songwriter Nova is having the best summer of her life. Helping out with her parents' food truck, she gets to attend not one, but five different music festivals! Things get even better when she meets cute American boy, Sam, an aspiring musician like her. Nova never expects to see Sam again. But to her surprise they keep meeting up at music festivals . . .and she begins to hope for more than a summer fling. 
A Love Hate Thing by Whitney D. Grandison - When Tyson Trice and Nandy Smith find themselves stuck living together under one roof, the house may not be big enough for their hate…or their love.
Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen - 18-year-old Everett Wong is shipped off to Taiwan by her strict parents to study Mandarin for the summer. She finds, though, that the program is actually an infamous teen meet-market nicknamed Loveboat. Free for the first time, Ever sets out to break all her parents’ uber-strict rules—but how far can she go before she breaks her own heart?
Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know by Samira Ahmed - The lives of two young women, Khayyam and Leila, fight to write their own stories and escape the pressure of familial burdens and cultural expectations in worlds too long defined by men. Echoing across centuries, Leila and Khayyam’s lives intertwine, and as one woman’s long-forgotten life is uncovered, another’s is transformed.
The Magic Fish by Trung Le Nguyen - An intergenerational story of a mother and son struggling to relate to each other—the mother an immigrant to America who wants to make a home for her family in an unfamiliar country; the son Tiế  trying to figure out the best way to come out to his parents. Through telling each other fairy tales, they're able to find common ground.
Malice by Pintip Dunn - In a race against the clock, Malice finds herself falling for the boy in school, meant to wipe out two-thirds of the population with a virus.
The Meet-Cute Project by Rhiannon Richardson -  A rom-com about a girl, Mia,  who prefers watching romances, until she's challenged by her friends to create real-life meet cutes to find a date for her older sister Sam’s wedding. 
The Mermaid, The Witch, and The Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall - A desperate orphan turned pirate, Flora, and a rebellious imperial daughter, Lady Evelyn Hasegawa, find a connection on the high seas abroad the Dove, in a world divided by colonialism and threaded with magic.
Miss Meteor by Tehlor Kay Mejia & Anna-Marie McLemore -  Two friends, Lita Perez or Chicky Quintanilla, one made of stardust and one fighting to save her family's diner, take on their small town's 50th annual pageant in the hopes that they can change their town's destiny, and their own. 
More Than Just A Pretty Face by Syed M. Masood - Danyal Jilani  recruits the brilliant, totally-uninterested-in-him Bisma to help with the competition, but the more time Danyal spends with her, the more he realizes that happiness may be staring him right in his pretty face. 
My Summer of Love and Misfortune by Lindsay Wong -  Chinese-American Iris Wang who takes a trip to China to reconnect with her roots after being dumped by her boyfriend and rejected from every college she applied to. What she doesn’t expect is to meet a handsome Mandarin-language tutor named Frank and to be swept up in the ridiculous, opulent world of Beijing’s rich elite. 
Never Look Back by Lilliam Rivera - An Afro-Latinx retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice set in the Bronx. Pheus is a bachata-singing dreamer who falls in love with Eury, a girl who lost everything in Hurricane Maria and is haunted by the trauma—and by an evil spirit. 
The New David Espinoza by Fred Aceves - David Espinoza is tired of being messed with. As David falls into the dark side of the bodybuilding world, pursuing his ideal body at all costs, he’ll have to grapple with the fact that it could actually cost him everything
The Night Dragon (Shadow of the Fox #3) by Julie Kagawa -  As darkness rises and chaos reigns,  fierce kitsune shapeshifter Yumeko and her shadowy protector Kage Tatsumi, will face down the greatest evil of all.
Not So Pure and Simple by Lamar Giles - Del’s had a crush on Kiera Westing since kindergarten. And now, during their junior year, she’s finally available. So when Kiera volunteers for an opportunity at their church, Del’s right behind her. But he soon realizes he’s inadvertently signed up for a Purity Pledge. 
Now That I’ve Found You by Kristina Forest - Evie, granddaughter of film icon Evelyn Conaway, flees to New York after a disastrous viral video seemingly tanks her young career. When her grandma vanishes, Evie reluctantly teams up with live-in helper and burgeoning superstar musician Milo to find her.
Oculta (A Forgery of Magic #2) by Maya Motayne - After joining forces to save Castallan from an ancient magical evil, Alfie and Finn reunite once again to preserve Castallan’s hopes for peace with Englass. But will they be able to stop sinister foes before a new war threatens their kingdom?
Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon - A Beauty and the Beast re-telling set at a prestigious boarding school for modern royals, about an Indian princess, Jaya Rao, who must con her worst enemy, misanthropic British aristocrat, Grey Emerson, into falling in love with her in order to restore honor to her family. 
On This Unworthy Scaffold by Heidi Heilig - The stunning conclusion of the Shadow Players trilogy, following shadow player Jetta. 
The Only Back Girls in Town by Brandy Colbert - Follows the complex friendship between the only two black girls, Alberta and Edie, in their California Central Coast beach town as they discover a collection of hidden journals that uncover shocking family secrets. 
Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzalez - Ollie meets his dream guy, Will Tavares, over summer break in this queer take on Grease.
Parable of the Sower: A Graphic Novel Adaptation by Octavia Butler - In 2024, Lauren Olamina, a preacher’s daughter living in LA, is protected from danger by the walls of her gated community. However, in a night of fire and death, what begins as a fight for survival soon leads to something much more: a startling vision of human destiny . . . and the birth of a new faith. 
Parachutes by Kelly Yang - two immigrant girls, Claire Wang and Dani de la Cruz, on a collision course - one plucked from her privileged life in Shanghai and the other, a scholarship student determined to earn her way into an Ivy League school - grapple with life-altering experiences they wish they could erase. 
The Perfect Escape by Suzanne Park - Korean-American teen, Nate “Jae Woo” Kim meets his dream girl, Kate Anderson, at the zombie-themed escape room where they both work, and team up for a survivalist competition with a huge cash prize, finding love along the way. 
A Phoenix First Must Burn: 16 Stories of Black Girl Magic, Resistance, and Hope edited by Patrice Caldwell - Filled with stories of love and betrayal, strength and resistance, this collection contains an array of complex and true-to-life characters in which you cannot help but see yourself reflected. Witches and scientists, sisters and lovers, priestesses and rebels. 
Punching the Air by Yusef Salaam & Ibi Zoboi - An in-verse novel about 16-year-old Amal Shahid, an artist and poet, as he is convicted of a crime he didn't commit and sent to prison where he turns to the refuge of his art. 
The Queen’s Assassin by Melissa de la Cruz - When a surprise attack brings Shadow and Cal together, they're forced to team up as assassin and apprentice to hunt down a new sinister threat to the Kingdom of Renovia. 
Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko - In a West African-inspired empire, Tarisai is raised by The Lady and sent to kill the Crown Prince once she gains his trust. Tarisai won’t stand by and become someone’s pawn—but is she strong enough to choose a different path for herself?
Rebel Sisters (War Girls #2) by Tochi Onyebuchi - Though they are working toward common goals of helping those who suffered, Ify and Uzo are worlds apart. But when a mysterious virus breaks out among the children in the Space Colonies, their paths collide.
Rebelwing by Andrea Tang -  At a prestigious prep school, scholastic student Prudence Wu, who smuggles censored media in a futuristic North America divided by culture wars and becomes an unlikely revolutionary, after being imprinted by Rebelwing, a sentient cybernetic dragon. 
Rent a Boyfriend by Gloria Chao - College student Chloe Wang hires a fake boyfriend, the artistic Drew Chan, to appease her traditional Taiwanese parents, but when she falls for the guy behind the role who is not parent-worthy, her carefully curated life begins to unravel. 
Running by Natalia Sylvester - When 15-year-old Cuban American Mariana Ruiz’s father runs for president, Mari starts to see him with new eyes. A novel about waking up and standing up, and what happens when you stop seeing your dad as your herowhile the whole country is watching.
Salty, Bitter, Sweet by Mayra Cuevas - 17-year-old Isabelle Fields from Chicago whose family life has fallen apart after the death of her abuela and the divorce of her parents, turns to a kitchen apprenticeship in Lyon, France as the only means to bring order back into her life, where she makes peace with her family and finds love in an irresistible Spaniard and his albino French bulldog,
Sanctuary by Abby Sher & Paola Mendoza - In a near future dystopian America set 2030, 16-year-old Vail and her brother must escape a xenophobic government to find sanctuary in California. 
Saving Savannah by Tonya Bolden - In the early 1990s, Savannah is the daughter of an upper-class African American family in Washington D.C. But she soon meets a working-class girl named Nell who introduces her to the suffragette and socialist movements, inspiring her to fight for change.
Scammed (Vale Hall #2) by Kristen Simmons - Brynn is living a life she never dreamed possible: She lives in a mansion, getting a top-rate education at Vale Hall. She has friends and an almost-boyfriend. Anything she wants, she can have.The only catch? To stay in this life, she has to help the director of Vale Hall take down the bad guys of Sikawa City by collecting secrets and running cons.
Scavenge the Stars by Tara Sim - In the city-state of Moray, Amaya, orphaned by a powerful merchant's greed and condemned to seven years aboard a debtor's ship, returns to seek revenge only to encounter the merchant's son in this gender-swapped retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo. 
The Serpent’s Curse (The Last Magician #3) by Lisa Maxwell - The last book in The Last Magician trilogy. 
Set Fire to the Gods by Sara Raasch & Kristen Simmons - Set in a Greco-Roman inspired world, which follows the daughter of a murdered champion, Ash, seeking vengeance against the god of fire, and an underprivileged stonemason, Madoc, fighting to reclaim his standing under the god of earth as they are swept into an ancient war between gods and mortals
Seven Deadly Shadows by Courtney Alameda & Valynne Maetani - Set in contemporary Japan, Shinto temple priestess Kira Fujikawa, must seek the aid of seven ruthless shinigami, in order to protect Kyoto from an ancient evil. 
The Shadow Misson (The Athena Protocol #2) by Shamim Sharif - The follow-up sequel to The Athena Protocol. 
The Shadow of Kyoshi (Kyoshi #2) by F.C. Yee - Kyoshi’s place as the true Avatar has finally been cemented. With her mentors gone, Kyoshi voyages across the Four Nations, struggling to keep the peace. But while her reputation grows, a mysterious threat emerges from the Spirit World. To stop it, Kyoshi, Rangi, and their reluctant allies must join forces. 
Shadow of the Batgirl by Sarah Kuhn - Cassandra Cain, teenage assassin, isn't exactly Batgirl material. But when Batgirl goes missing from Gotham, can Cassandra defy her destiny and take on a heroic mantle of her very own?
Shadowshaper Legacy (Shadowshaper #3) by Daniel Jose Older -  Sierra Santiago and the shadowshapers have been split apart, but a war is brewing among the houses. As old fates tangle with new powers, Sierra will have to harness the Deck of Worlds and confront her family's past if she has any hope of saving the future and everyone she loves. 
Shine by Jessica Jung - Korean American teen Rachel Kim, is thrust into the competitive, technicolor world of k-pop, but complications arise when she falls for k-pop star and golden boy Jason Lee.
Sia Martinez and the Moonlit Beginning of Everything by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland - A Mexican-American teenage girl discovers profound connections between immigration, folklore, and alien life, when a spacecraft crashes in front of her car…and it’s carrying her long-lost mom, who’s very much alive.
The Silence of Bones by June Hur - In 1880s Korea, 16-year-old Seol, indentured to the police bureau, takes a murder investigation of a noblewoman into her own hands, delving into a restless city swirling with intrigue and secrets. 
The Silvered Serpents (The Gilded Wolves #2) by Roshani Chokshi - Séverin and his team members might have successfully thwarted the Fallen House, but at a terrible cost. Desperate to make amends, Séverin pursues a dangerous lead to find a long lost artifact rumored to grant its possessor the power of God. Their hunt lures them far from Paris, and into icy heart of Russia. 
A Sky Beyond the Storm (An Ember in the Ashes #2) by Sabaa Tahir - Laia of Serra is now allied with the Blood Shrike, Helen Aquilla. Determined to stop the approaching apocalypse, she throws herself into the destruction of the Nightbringer. In the process, she awakens an ancient power that could lead her to victory--or to an unimaginable doom.
Smash It! by Francina Simone - In this Othello retelling with a comedic twist, featuring themes of sexuality and sisterhood, Olivia “Liv” James decides to set aside her self doubts and go for her dreams and winds up with a part in her school musical and the interest of her two best friends,
So This Is Love by Elizabeth Lim - What if Cinderella never tried on the glass slipper? Unable to prove that she's the missing princess, and unable to bear life under Lady Tremaine any longer, Cinderella attempts a fresh start, looking for work at the palace as a seamstress. Faced with questions of love and loyalty to the kingdom, Cinderella must find a way to stop the villains of past and present. 
Spell Starter (Caster #2) by Elsie Chapman - Yes, Aza Wu now has magic back, but now she’s in the employ of the gang leader, St. Willow. Who soon decides that having Aza as a fighter is much more lucrative than as a fixer.
Stamped: Racism, Antiracis, and You by Jason Reynolds & Ibram X. Kendi - A timely and empowering exploration of racism--and antiracism--in America. 
Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar - Inspired by Hindu mythology, half-mortal, half-star Sheetal enters a celestial competition to save her human father's life. 
Stolen Justice by Lawrence Goldstone - A thrilling and incisive examination of the post-Reconstruction era struggle for and suppression of African American voting rights in the United States.
Storm the Earth (Shatter the Sky #2) by Rebecca Kim Wells - Maren and her girlfriend Kaia set out to rescue Sev  in Zafed, and free the dragons from the corrupt emperor. 
The Summer of Everything by Julian Winters - Comic book geek Welsey Hudson excels at two things: slacking off at his job and pining after his best friend Nico Alvarez. But when his dream job at a used bookstore is threatened with a coffee shop franchise that wants to buy it; Wesley  comes face-to-face with the thing he's been avoiding most—adulthood. 
The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling by Wai Chim - Anna Chiu has her hands full looking after her brother and sister and helping out at her dad’s restaurant, while her mum stays in bed. But when Mum’s condition worsens, the Chius to question everything they understand about themselves and each other.
Super Fake Love Song by David Yoon - When Sunny Dae—self-proclaimed total nerd—meets Cirrus Soh, he can’t believe how cool and confident she is. So when Cirrus mistakes Sunny’s older brother Gray’s bedroom for Sunny’s own, he sort of, kind of, accidentally winds up telling her he’s the front man of a rock band. Before he knows it, Sunny is knee-deep in the lie. 
Sword in the Stars (Once & Future #2) by Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy - To save the future, Ari Helix and her Rainbow knights pull off a heist...thousands of years in the past.
These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong - In 1920s Shanghai, starcrossed heirs to rival gangs, Juliette Cai and Roma Montagov, must work together to face a monster that hunts the city streets before the outbreak of the Chinese Civil War. 
A Thief Among the Trees by Sabaa Tahir - This prequel graphic novel follows three young military recruits: Elias, Helene, and Tavi, during their brutal training as soldiers for the Martial Empire. 
This Is All Your Fault by Aminah Mae Safi - Set on the first day of summer, in which three teens—a bookstagrammer, an aspiring poet, and a girl living through her Britney moment—set out to save their dying local bookstore. 
This Is My America by Kim Johnson - Every week, 17-year-old Tracy Beaumont writes letters to Innocence X, asking the organization to help her father, an innocent Black man on death row. Then Tracy’s older brother, Jamal, goes from being a bright, promising track star to a “thug” on the run, accused of killing a white girl. Determined to save her brother, Tracy investigates what really happened between Jamal and Angela down at the Pike.
This Is My Brain In Love by I.W. Gregorio - Jocelyn Wu and her unlikely new employee, Will Domenici, must bring the Wu’s family restaurant, A-Plus Chinese Garden into the 21st century. What starts off as a rocky partnership soon grows into something more. But family prejudices and the uncertain future of A-Plus soon threatens to keep Will and Jocelyn apart.
Tigers, Not Daughters by Samantha Mabry - Loosely inspired by the story of King Lear and his daughters, set in San Antonio, Texas, following the Torres sisters, struggling to escape their tyrannical father's claustrophobic world while dealing with the loss of their eldest sister, whose troubling death continues to haunt—perhaps even literally—the loved ones left behind. 
Turtle Under Ice by Juleal del Rosario - A novel-in-verse which follows the relationship of two sisters after one of them goes missing during a snowstorm. 
Unravel the Dusk (The Blood of Stars #2) by Elizabeth Lim - With a war brewing, master tailor Maia Tamarin will stop at nothing to find her love Edan, protect her family, and bring lasting peace to her country.
Vicious Spirits (Gumiho #2) by Kat Cho - With the support of Somin and Junu, Miyoung and Jihoon might just have a shot at normalcy. But Miyoung is getting sicker by the day and her friends don't know how to save her. With few options remaining, Junu has an idea but it might require the ultimate sacrifice and, let's be honest, Junu isn't known for his "generosity."
The Voting Booth by Brandy Colbert - In an all-in-one-day love story, first-time voters, Marva Sheridan and Duke Crenshaw, meet at their polling place and overcome obstacle after obstacle in order to cast ballots in a critical election. 
Wayward Witch (Brooklyn Brujas #3) by Zoraida Cordova - Rose Mortiz begins to discover the scope of her powers, the troubling truth about her father’s past, and the sacrifices he made to save her sisters. But if Rose wants to return home so she can repair her broken family, she must figure out how to heal the land of Adas, a fairy realm hidden in the Caribbean Sea, first. 
We Are Not Free by Traci Chee -  A novel-in-stories that offers a collective account of a tight-knit group of young Nisei, second-generation Japanese-American citizens, whose lives are irrevocably changed by the U.S. mass incarcerations of World War II. 
We Are Not From Here by Jenny Torres Sanchez - A ripped-from-the-headlines novel of desperation, escape, and survival across the U.S.-Mexico border focused on three teens, Pulga, Chico, and Pequeña. 
We Are Totally Normal by Rahul Kanakia - One night after a party, Dave and Nandan hook up, which was not part of the plan—especially because Nandan has never been into guys. Still, Dave’s cool, and Nandan’s willing to give it a shot. But while Dave takes to their new relationship with ease, Nandan’s completely out of his depth. But is breaking up with the only person who’s ever really gotten him worth feeling “normal” again?
We Didn’t Ask for This by Adi Alsaid - Central International School’s annual lock-in is legendary — and for six students, this year’s lock-in is the answer to their dreams. But then a group of students, led by Marisa Cuevas, stage an eco-protest. While some students rally to the cause, others are devastated. And Marisa must now decide just how far she’ll go to attain her goals.
We Free the Stars (Sands of Arawiya #2) by Hafsah Faizal - When Zafria, the Hunter, and Nasir, the Prince of Death both embark on a quest to uncover a lost magic artifact, they encounter an ancient evil long thought destroyed - and discover that the prize they seek may be even more dangerous this time. 
We Unleash the Merciless Storm (We Set the Dark on Fire #2) by Tehlor Kay Mejia - La Voz operative Carmen Santos is forced to choose between the girl she loves, Dani, and the success of the rebellion she’s devoted her life to.
When We Were Infinite by Kelly Lo Gilbert - All Beth wants is for her tight-knit circle of friends—Grace Nakamura, Brandon Lin, Sunny Chen and Jason Tsou—to stay together. Then Beth witnesses a private act of violence in Jason’s home, and the whole group is shaken. And Beth must decide how far she’s willing to go for him—and how much of herself she’s willing to give up. 
When You Were Everything by Ashley Woodfolk -  The story of how two best friends, Cleo and Layla, fall apart, told in alternating "Before" and "After" chapters. And despite budding new friendships with other classmates, Cleo’s turbulent past with Layla soon comes back to haunt them both.
Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles - Showgirl Kallia, haunted by a dark past, must compete in a magician's competition in order to secure her ambition and freedom from the handsome, enigmatic keeper of the club, Jack, even as mysterious accidents seem to plague her every move, while crossing paths with another talented magician, Demarco. 
Where We Go From Here by Lucas Rocha - In Brazil, three gay teens, Ian, Victor, and Henrique, find their lives intertwined in the face of HIV. 
Wicked As You Wish by Rin Chupeco - A girl descended from Filipina mythological heroine Maria Makiling, finds herself caught up in a war between two fairy tale kingdoms, where the fate of Avalon is at stake. 
Windborn by Mary Fan - With magicians hot on their trail, air nymph Kiri and magician’s apprentice Darien embark on a treacherous journey through dangerous lands to freedom. 
Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibanez - Set in a Bolivian-inspired kingdom, magically gifted weaver and decoy Ximena plays the role of double agent to restore her queen to a troubled throne. 
Yes No Maybe So by Aisha Saeed & Becky Albertalli - Two teens. Jamie Goldberg and Maya Rehman, fall in love while canvassing for a local election, discovering the power of activism as they navigate cross-cultural relationships. 
You Brought Me the Ocean by Alex Sanchez - Jake Hyde doesn’t swim––not since his father drowned. There’s nothing “safe” about Jake’s future—not when he’s attracted to Kenny Liu, swim team captain. But Jake is full of secrets, including the strange blue markings on his skin that glow when in contact with water. What power will he find when he searches for his identity?
You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson - In her small, prom-obsessed Midwestern hometown, self-declared band geek and black teen Liz Lighty enters the Prom Queen race with a college scholarship on the line—only to fall for the competition, new girl Mack. 
Zara Hossain Is Here by Sabina Khan - 17-year-old Pakistani immigrant, Zara Hossain, has been leading a fairly typical life in Corpus Christi, Texas. She has to lay low, trying not to jeopardize their family's dependent visa status while they await their green card approval. But after facing a racist hate crime, Zara must choose between fighting to stay in the only place she's ever called home or losing the life she loves and everyone in it.
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vendettaparker · 4 months ago
Nik’s Peter Parker Masterlist
Tumblr media
“I’m sorry! I can’t remember anybody’s names!”
all fics are fem!reader
Fics are from OLDEST to NEWEST
♡= Fluff
★= Angst
✐= Requested
♔= Personal Favorite
*= NSFW/18+
Where We Rot ★♡*
Summary: Morals don’t quite apply to people who have nothing to lose. Peter can try to save you all he wants, but there are darker games at play; a bigger shadow that shields you from his warmth.
Status: Complete
Word Count: 47.4k
The Name ♡
Summary: Peter and you can’t agree on a baby name.
Word Count: 800+
As The World Caves In ★
Summary: Peter can’t bear the though of living in a world without you.
Word Count: 800+
Bumps ♡✐
Summary: When you’re feeling insecure because of your acne, Peter reassures you that you’re beautiful.
Word Count: 600+
Overprotective Peter ♡✐
Summary: Peter gets a little too overprotective
Word Count: 700+
Peter Loves Tits ♡✐
Summary: Peter loves your tits
Word Count: 500+
One Shots:
Talking to the Moon ★♔
Summary: When Peter’s identity is leaked, he is forced to leave you and his old life behind, shattering your heart in the process.
Word Count: 1.8k
Only You ♡ (Part 2 of “Talking to the Moon”)
Summary: You and Peter finally reunite.
Word Count: 1K
What a Dumbass ♡♔
Summary: Peter’s mistake leads to you being injured.
Word Count: 2.1K
You Love Me, Right? ★♡
Summary: Peter is worried when his daughter doesn’t seem to vibe with him.
Word Count: 2.5k
Dancing With Your Ghost ★
Summary: Every night you’re visited by a ghost from the past.
Word Count: 1k
What We Deserve ★♡♔✐
Summary: The strain in your marriage to Peter is ready to snap when he misses another date night; the most important date night too.
Word Count: 2.6k
What They Deserve ★ (Part 2 of “What We Deserve”)
Summary: Devastating news leads to Peter questing whether or not he’s able to take care of his kids alone.
Word Count: 1.4k
Password Protected ★♡︎♔ ✐
Summary: You and Peter’s relationship comes to a stand-still when he refuses to share his phone password with you.
Word Count: 2.4k
They Call It ‘Puppy Love’♡✐
Summary: Peter has an adorable accident in the lab; resulting in his new irresistible look.
Word Count: 3.6k
Take Yours (And I’ll Take Mine) ★♡♔*
Summary: Your ‘friends with benefits’ situation with Peter only grows more painful for him as he watches you push his affections away.
Word Count: 6.9k
You Say the Whole World’s Ending (Honey, It Already Did) ★
Summary: Peter mourns his greatest loss.
Word Count: 1.2k
The Glitch ★ ♔
Summary: Something seems off during a walk in the park.
Word Count: 1.1k
Red-Handed ♡★
Summary: You and Peter get caught red-handed playing “naked games” by Morgan, leading to am extremely pissed off Tony.
Word Count: 2.5k
No Time To Die ★ ♔
Summary: After learning the horrifying secrets your family kept from you, you became what they feared the most.
Word Count: 4.8K
Punch in the Heart ★♡︎✐
Summary: Peter is the sweetest boy in the world, except for when it comes to you. 
Word Count: 3.4k
How Do You Taste?* ★♡︎✐
Summary: Something about Peter Parker just irks you. As much as you hate the banter and the annoying comments, that doesn’t stop you from falling into his arms..
Word Count: 4.8k
Six Feet Under ★♡︎
Summary: When Peter broke up with you, he never expected to see you fall into the arms of Harry Osborn.
Word Count: 2.8k
Virgin* ♡♔
Summary: When you find out Peter’s no longer a virgin, you find yourself wondering what sex is like and Peter, being your best friend, offers to help you experience a thing or two.
Word Count: 2.1k
I Gotta Go My Own Way
Pretty Boy
Nudes Gone Wrong
Sexting Gone Wrong
Avengers GC Gone Wrong
Babysitting Gone Wrong Part Two
Meeting Gone Wrong
It Finally Goes Right?
Pregnancy Insecurities Part Two
Shower Pics
Break Up With Me Please
Kiss Me More
Accidents Happen Part Two
Showered With Kisses
A Cock(roach)
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Dive Into You: Part 4.(M)
Tumblr media
Preview: “What brings you into confession today?”
Pastor Lee’s voice sounds through the small wooden booth around you. Uncomfortably shifting in your seat when the reality of confessing your sins to the one who brought them into this world settles.
“Pastor… what does the bible say about pre-marital sex with two brothers?”
“At the same time?!” Pastor Lee spits out abruptly, gagging on his words.
“Separately Pastor!”
Pairing: brothers Jeno/Haechan x female reader
Word Count: 4k
Genre: pwp, church boys AU, smut, love triangle, brothers nohyuck, a little angsty
Warning: sacrilegious themes, explicit language, master manipulator Haechan, innocent Jeno, corruption, cheating, religious innuendos
Smut Warning: dry humping, fingering, in public setting
Part 1–>
Part 2–>
Part 3–>
“Oh my gosh goodness, that woman is old enough to be his mother!” Your mother gasps, hand over her chest. Haechan strutting into mass with, quite frankly a woman old enough to be his mother. Scantily clad in a tight skimpy hardly there dress. Arm securely draped around her waist. Your jaw falls open following where he leads her into a pew. Both Mark and Jeno sharing looks, back and forth between you and Haechan. Mumbling whispers erupting throughout the crowd of church-goer’s gathered.
“Isn’t that woman just a bit too mature for Pastor Lee’s son?” A voice behind you whispers. Conversations sparking around faster. Pastor Lee awestruck at the podium, slack jawed similar to you and others questioning what Haechan is doing. Your mother scoffing eavesdropping in on everyone muffling their words.
“That is just disappointing. Such a promising young man, wasting his time with an old whore like that.” She lets out a sound in dismay. Never noticing how you hide your face behind the scripture for today's mass. If you muted everyone's speaking enough, sure enough, you’d be able to hear your heartbreaking this very moment. Blinking away hot tears threatening to pass over the rims of your eyes.
Your mother may have not noticed, but that didn’t mean the altar boys missed the way you sunk into your seat. Sadness taking over your features as Haechan relaxed in the pew across from you. Arm around this woman’s shoulders, large smirk displayed. Jeno and Mark gave you many warnings, too many. Your stubborn fault for not listening…always insisting to do things your way. Maybe this was how life worked? How could you have expected a guy like Haechan to want you for more than sex?
Your eyes lift to the ominous cross hung above the altar where you let Haechan commit sin with your body. This church becoming more like a place to drag your mind through hell than anything. Ah, but what was really the point in letting yourself get upset over this? He used you, like some brainless naive idiot you danced along to the pied pipers fiddle.
With a few rapid blinks you return to stare at the floor until this dragging mass ends. Catching Jeno’s gaze before you land on the dirty brown itchy carpet. His lips part open, surprised when your eyes lock on each other. The question passing through his mind all too obvious in his stare. A silent ‘are you ok?’ that you didn’t even deserve from him.. Forcing a smile, your eyes end on the floor, defeated. What if Jeno was the angel on your shoulder that you turned a muted ear to? Turning the volume up for the devil on your other side. Consequences, that’s what the bible was all about wasn’t it? Learning your lesson and living with the aftermath.
Eve bit into the apple of temptation, you were no different.
“Father Lee insisted we provide fruit along with baked goods. Health is wealth!” Your mother slaps an apple in your palm. Turning to greet approaching bodies with a shining bright small. Like a wire hanger was propped in her mouth.
“Watermelon! My favorite!” Mark’s brows wiggle, picking up a plate of vibrant fruit. “The fruit of salvation. You know fruit represents, pleasures.. overindulgence, temptation.”
Mark holds up a slice of bright red watermelon. Pale light in the bible room dimming it’s flavorful beauty. Admiring it as if it’s the best thing in the world. He takes a large bite, avoiding seeds. Juice spilling down his chin, speaking between chews- “Can’t always agree with the bible I guess.”
“That’s shocking coming from you..” you look at the apple in hand. Thumb rubbing over a bruise developed on the red yellow coating.
“Nothings perfect right? Only God is perfect. Look at that apple, bruised but still serves a purpose. Sort of like us, we have our flaws but we’re doing our best.” Mark shrugs, devouring the rest of his watermelon.
“You’re pretty logical when you’re not quoting Samael 6:66 all the time.” You smile, earning the jaw drop from Mark as expected.
“Now that is just blasphemous, you little harlot!” Mark scoffs. Damn finger waving about in front of your nose. “Jesus said..”
“Save the quote, I’m not seeing the gates of heaven anytime soon.” You quietly interrupt Mark. Setting down the apple with the other fruits. Some more pristine then others, none perfect. How could perfection be defined anyway..
“I’m pretty sure my invitation to the sky above got revoked years ago.” Perfection spoke up. Jeno standing by, catching the tail end of your conversation. Hands shoved into the pockets of his tight black jeans. Form hugging black t-shirt tucked in. Defined trimmed waist leading down to sculpted long legs. Physique of a God if you’d ever seen one.
“Gods for sure not the only perfect being..” you mumble under your breath. Mark and Jeno’s eyes both lifting to you curiously. Smiling, shrugging off a response. “Well I’m sure you redeemed yourself with all that bible camp stuff. God loves shit like that.”
“Does he now?” Jeno’s arms cross over his chest. Forehead wrinkling in surprise. Mark muttering into another bite of fruit how you needed to stop cursing all the time.
“He doesn’t communicate with me, but I’d imagi-…” Haechan’s loud laughter cuts your speech off. Entering the room with that woman old enough to be his mother. Pulling them closer to the table filled with coffee, pastries, fruits. Shifting side to side anxiously as they near, stomach bubbling in.. embarrassment? Was it because Mark and Jeno knew?..or could at least assume very well.
“Aw nono, you already changed out of your cute little altar boy get up? Wanted to introduce my girl to my cute innocent little brother. Now you just look like hot topic threw up on you or something.” Haechan pokes at Jeno. Smirk plastered across his face. Jeno’s ‘fuck off’ reply coming in like garbled words.
My girl?! My girl? All of a fucking sudden? Hag. Haechan wasn’t even sparing you a glance. If he was trying to make it clear there was nothing between the two of you- he didn’t need to try much harder. Accepting the situation the best to your abilities or not wasn’t going to stop the rush of tears attempting to streak down your face. A quick spin had you racing out of the church, Jeno’s neck snapping catching sight of your back exiting.
“You’re such a dick Haechan.” Shoving past his older brother, Jeno pushes past a few bodies. Running out of church behind you.
“I didn’t watch the porn because there was a watermelon in it…BUT there was a watermelon in it…” Mark’s eyes lift expecting to see you and Jeno. Too engrossed in his favorite snack. Haechan staring at him dumb founded.
“This is exactly why I don’t believe in God.” Haechan’s head shakes, teeth clicking. Nudging the woman at his side to agree with him. “He’s my distant cousin. Emphasis on distant.”
“Hey! Wait up!” Jeno catches up to you easily. Long legs sprinting out faster than you were moving. Hand wrapping around your arm, revealing your wet tear stained face with a turn. His face instantly falling, chest moving up and down returning to a regular breathing pace.
“It’s ok..” hands lift covering your face. You should be accustomed to this sensation of embarrassment by now. Hunching in, sobbing harder the more it settles in. Humiliating deeper because it wasn’t some secret you could live with. Jeno knew exactly how easily you walked into his brothers trap.
His hands shook, staying still in the air near your head. Internally resisting the immediate urge to comfort you. Arms dropping, hands flopping down by his sides. Lips pursing annoyed he couldn’t bring himself to even touch you. The fact was- you weren’t interested in him. You were another broken girl, crying at his feet over Haechan. Ignoring the stinging pain in his chest, from watching you break down. From knowing why you were in such pain. Who knew either way, Jeno wasn’t going to admit it.
“I can.. take you home..”
His delicate rasp reaches your ears past muffled cries. Pouting, rubbing your palms across wet heated cheeks. Reminding yourself in the back of your mind how you probably looked like shit. The last way you’d prefer for Jeno to see you, not that it mattered.
“Don’t wanna go home..” you sigh into your hands, shoulders shaking trying to control yourself. “Dad’s home..”
Jeno looks around, eyes falling on his bike under a large tree. Shaded from the bright daytime sun. Mouth lifting to one side, he could take you to the diner? The book shop was closed on Sundays to prioritize mass.. or maybe..
“I got a place..” Jeno pulls your wrist. Sad face reveal causing another type of tight clench in his chest. “Come with me.”
Gently leading you toward his bike, unclasping the helmets attached along the back. The memory of riding attached to his back still drawing impure thoughts to your mind. No idea who you even were anymore. Riding around on the back of an attractive boys motorcycle. Losing your virginity in church of all places.
Arms circling around his flat stomach. Jeno smelled nice, clean and fresh. Nothing too strong, your nose tempted to dive in with a deep inhale. Opting to rest your chin on his broad upper back where it dipped down the middle. Not bothering to question where he was going to take you, grateful he even cared.
He cared.
“What is this place?” You cautiously stepped forward. Looking down the ledge of the cliff Jeno had brought you to. Setting the helmets back on the bar attached at the end of his bike.
“I guess I come here to get away.” He shrugs, moving to stand by your side. “Small town, not many places to go. It’s hard when you’ve lived here all your life, everyone thinks they know you..”
“Yea..” guilt gnaws away at your gut. You were no different from everyone else. Like your mother looking at Jeno with preconceived notions, judgement. “It’s hard when you’re the town pastor’s son, I can only imagine..”
“Pft.. cause he’s so innocent. Somehow brain washed everyone into forgetting he cheated, knocked up my mom while still married to Haechan’s..”
“Oh…” scuffing your boots nervously against dirt. Sparing glances Jeno’s way. Chiseled jaw having you ready to swoon like some sad teenager passing her crush in the hallway. Mind so far away distracted, screaming at yourself that Jeno’s trying to have a deep conversation with you. “I didn’t uh…know that about your dad.”
“He just lucked out my mom didn’t tell anyone about the church intern fresh out of high school that she filed divorce papers over..” Jeno says, removing his jacket. Holding it open for you with a questioning look. Your eyes widen, immediately caving in a moment of weakness. Allowing him to drape the material around your shoulders. Fresh scent engulfing your sense of smell.
“You’re really.. nice Jeno. Considering everything, I have to admit I expected you to be more like Haechan..” you express, pulling the jacket around yourself tighter.
“We aren’t that different, growing up together will do that. Someone has to be the scapegoat, unfortunately it’s always me. Typical younger sibling syndrome right?” Jeno rubs his exposed arm, muscle tank revealing bits of tattoo. You nod to his words, unable to picture Jeno and Haechan getting along like two loving brothers.
“Your tattoo… your dad doesn’t know about it right?” You inquire, returning to topic back to Jeno. Ready to forget his brothers existence, at least for the time being.
“Oh yea..he’d probably ship me off to Jerusalem, peace core or some shit.” Jeno laughs, pushing the loose cut off sleeve up. Further exposing the evil creature blaring into your vision.
“Why a demon?”
“Why not right? I lost my faith in religion when my dad kept coming up with new excuses for why his sins were forgiven. God isn’t real anyway.” Jeno finishes. Eyes narrowing, expecting a reaction from you.
“I think you’re right actually..” you nod, softly smiling. Awestruck eyes staring into yours, satisfied. “..I should probably get home. Didn’t even tell my mom I was leaving. She’s gonna be so pissed..”
“Ah yea..can’t have that. She’s pretty intense huh?” Jeno scratches his throat anxiously. The voice in the back of his mind yelling at him to do something now. “..I’ll take you home.”
You take languid drawn out steps together. Tension surging between your bodies like electric shocks. Jeno reaching for his helmet. Fingers hesitating to open the clasp.
“Can I ask you something?” he looks away, teeth digging at his bottom lip. Was that nerves?
“Of course” you promptly respond, bouncing on your toes.
“If Haechan..hadn’t.. I don’t know, gotten to you first..” Jeno cringes. Focusing his eyes on the ground. Ending his curiosity there, struggling with his hope that you’d ever like him.
“What do you mean?” Your brows furrow, moving in, closing the space between your bodies. Jeno’s eyes meet yours, giving away the intent behind his question. “ are you asking? You don’t..”
“It’s nothing, forget it.” Jeno’s head shakes, realization hitting you. Guys like Jeno never gave you the time of day..
“Would you have?” Boldly your hand lands on his, pulling fingers away from the helmet. Still wearing his jacket, could you be more oblivious?
“I wanted to..” those words are all it takes. Pushing up on your toes, lips smashing on his. Fever like heat raising your confidence to go for it. Jeno’s been good to you- the cold demeanor a cover up for how painfully shy you make him.
Hands find your hips, pressing you against the seat of his bike. Ass digging into the warm leather, jacket falling from your shoulders. Jeno kissing you back needy, full of desperation, loud breaths passing through his nose. Finger nails scraping the material of your dress, gathering the fabric up. Skin rubbing on the sun kissed bike under you. He presses in, tongue flicking out, asking for permission to enter. Fisting the cotton shirt on his chest in a wrinkled mess. Mouth parting so fast, too fast. Wet tongues eagerly meeting, rolling against the roof of your mouth.
Jeno’s groans are hot, raspy and deep. Affecting you quickly, sinking back on the bike when his hips roll between your thighs. Hard on tenting angrily in tight jeans. Grinding against your soaking core.
“God I..” Jeno mumbles on your lips, lapping spit across your mouth. His own pouting out cutely, blood tinted lips shining in outdoor light. “I really…whoa..fuck..”
“Jeno..” your arms lift, wrapping around his neck. Bringing your bodies together impossibly close. Pained moan trapped in his throat, thrusting in anguish. Craving to bend you over on his bike, slap your ass and fuck you until you can’t even remember his brothers name.
Jeno’s thumb shoves between your wet mouth, tongue swirling around. Groaning louder with another crushing thrust. Cock screaming for release, working up a faster speed. Demanding movements bouncing you on the bike. Eyes falling shut sucking at his thumb, picturing the length prodding at your walls sitting heavy in your mouth instead. Both of you growing needier with each dry hump against each other. Calves finding Jeno’s hips, lifting yourself up writhing against the hard fabric of his worn jeans.
“You feel so good..fuck..” Jeno captures your upper lip, sucking harshly. Hips growing furious, thigh muscles flexing tightly. Dragging sweet panted moans out of you, thumb opening your mouth. Saliva drooling past both of your lips messily, chins coated in each other.
“Please..” you whimper, pleading. Unsure what you could be begging for. Jeno nods reassuringly, gripping the back of your neck. Hand falling from your mouth, finding space between your legs. Drenched underwear shoved aside, sliding long fingers up and down. Catching your wetness, palm covered, landing loudly on your mound. Jeno finding your clit, pressing down hard. Surprised scream releasing from your chest. Tongue covering your exposed neck, nipping at dips.
“Can I?” Jeno’s fingers prod your opening up entrance. Head nodding rapidly, eyes wide. Gliding past your convulsing walls. Groaned curses repeating from his lips, finding way deep inside of you. Slender pretty hands working you to a heightened pleasure. Jeno continuously licking around your jaw, catching parted lips in bites. Hard enough to leave you a swelling pained mess, lips pursing out asking for more.
He lets your neck go, face dropping, forehead hitting his shoulder. Tattoo coming to life so close up, licking the expanse inked skin. Jeno grits his teeth, whimpering with squeezed eyes. Hand squeezing your hip, fingers jabbing in and out. Thumb circling your clit with expertise, nothing innocent in his touches.
He squirms on your thigh, member begging to fuck you open. Resisting to need for himself, fully focused on getting you off. Enjoying the way your eyes roll, tongue hung out letting your mind succumb to his touches.
Your hips jump up, wriggling into the thrusts of his fingers. Reaching far deep within, hitting every delicious spot. Lips landing together in a bruising sloppy kiss, muffling strained moans. Jeno’s thumb pressing down just right on your clit, precise fingers hitting where you need him in repeated motions. Trembling around him, walls gripping tightly. Jeno’s motions slowing down, letting the climax high wash over you. Softly tracing kisses atop your burning cheeks, staggering down to your neck. Soft nips turning into hard bites, leaving marks of himself behind.
“I..” Jeno’s forehead rolls over yours, skin dragging against his. Nose nudging gently at you, nerves still clouding his sense. Hard breaths landing on your face, eyes finding yours, mind returning back to you. “I want.. I like you.. I need…..I take you out, like…date out...”
You nod a bit too excited, nose hitting his. Jeno’s stressed words making you clench up around his fingers yet again. Another pained groan blended into a sigh sounding around you. “I want that so bad Jeno.. I really want you.”
“What brings you in to confession today?”
Pastor Lee’s voice sounds through the small wooden booth around you. Uncomfortably shifting in your seat when the reality of confessing your sins to the one who brought them into this world settles.
“Pastor… what does the bible say about pre-marital sex with two brothers?”
“At the same time?!” Pastor Lee spits out abruptly, gagging on his spit.
“Separately Pastor!” You shriek out. Fingers stopping your lips, wondering if Pastor would recognize your voice. It’s not as if you spent time speaking to each other much..
“Well..” Pastor Lee’s throat clears, adjusting the collar tightening around his neck. “That’s..good to hear. Are you planning to wed one of these men?”
“Wed?! Like marry?” Your forehead creases, thinking it over. It was way too early to even consider such a thing. “I’m not pregnant pastor!”
“That’s…that’s good news my child.” Pastor audibly swallows. Sweat gathering at his hairline. “You..wish to know what the bible has to say about this?
“Am I going to hell if I choose to…have intercourse with both of them? I’ve only slept with one..”
“Only?” The pastor sounds flabbergasted. Gulping down another loud breath of air. “You won’t go to..hell over this. You need to repent for your mistakes none the less. God is good, and forgiving.”
“So, I’m not going to hell right?” Your frazzled tone sounds around the booth. Growing frustrated the longer he skirts around your questions.
“Yes my child, of course God does, but!-…”
“….God forgives all right? Like…God will love and forgive me even if I do happen to…somehow…you know..fornicate with uhm..” you chew on your thumb nail, catching yourself ready to say- ‘your sons’. “..siblings?”
Pastor Lee becomes frantic on the other side of the confessional booth. Fingers quickly turning through thin pages of his bible. Murmuring sounds of ‘uhm’ between, buying extra time to find an explainable excuse for why you absolutely should not do such a thing.
“Now my child.. yes God loves you, of course. I cannot say he would approve of you doing this! What about the brothers bond you could end up destroying?? That would be greed and lust! Those are sins child, sins!” Pastor Lee exasperates. Patting a handkerchief along his sweating forehead. Small towns hardly ever brought him confessions this extreme.
“Pastor, did you not have sex out of wedlock once too?.. more than once! With two different women! Does God approve of that?” You sit up straight. Hand slapping over your mouth after speedily replying. Shit, God probably didn’t care much for this conversation, that’s for damn sure..
“Child of God! now..” the pastor continues, avoiding your accusations. “Are you going to go through with this regardless of what excerpt from the bible I give you?”
“Yes father…I believe so..I really like this guy..” you timidly say. The thought that the pastor could have you in mind making your stomach turn.
“Well then..” with a heavy dissatisfied sigh, Pastor Lee continues. “Twenty hail Marys and Fifty our fathers should do it.”
“Fifty?!” your mouth falls open, disbelief stricken by the idea of sitting here for the next three hours repeating prayers.
“Make that seventy child. Ten for each seven deadly sin.”
You pause for a moment, hand on the door knob ready to exit. Mouth gaped considering asking what the bible says about losing your virginity in church. A minute of contemplation later, you decide it’s best to add another fifty hail Mary’s.
“Thank you so much Pastor Lee!”
It felt a little scary, but fun, getting ready for your date with Jeno. Of course you still wanted to leave an impression, even with his confession.
Repeating it in your mind over and over again: A. Date. With. Jeno.
Holy fucking shit. What alternative universe had you stumbled into moving to live here. Maybe the best way to get over someone really was by getting under someone else…younger brother and all. God had to be real if this was how your love life was playing out.
Walking up to Jeno, he was a complete vision. Black messy hair pointing different directions, as if he just ruffled it and said ‘good enough’. Leather jacket all too tight over his defined rippling biceps, like a second skin. Silver chain necklaces shining under the sunset across the orange red sky behind him. Hoops adorning his ears making the sparkle in his eyes come to life. The large steel ball chain necklace catching your eye against his pale thick neck. Imagining him on top of you coated in a sheen of sweat. Cold chains dangling down on your skin..
“Isn’t this… your brothers car?!?” Your eyes nearly bulge out of sockets asking the question. Drawn out of the quick fantasy you’d almost drifted into. The cherry black trans am practically glowing behind Jeno.
“It is, isn’t it..” Jeno’s smile lifts into his eyes. Fingers waving around a set of keys mid-air. “Who do you think Haechan learned how to pick pocket from? Still no match to the king.”
Jeno unlocks the car, opening up the passenger door for you. Surprising you first with his tattoos.. now this. Maybe he wasn’t the innocent cute younger brother you’d perceived him as all this time.
The engine sounded alive, Jeno pulling out of your driveway. Better looking than any heart throb you’d see on some terrible basic cable teen drama. Arm reaching around the space between your bodies. Other stretched in front of him. Long fingers attached to pretty veins flexing around the spinning steering wheel. All he had to do was grab your thigh to set you bursting up in flames. Stealing subtle looks at him picturing the tattoo adorning his perfectly sculpted shoulder.
“Haechan doesn’t know you borrowed his car I’m guessing? Won’t he be mad?” You wonder out loud. Jeno’s smile spreading into his cheeks. Eyes squinting under the low sun coming through the windshield. Relaxed in the drivers seat making way down the empty road. Arm closest to you splaying out, fingers wrapping around your exposed leg. Shivers shooting up your heat from where his large palm covers the majority of your visible mid-thigh.
“That’s the plan.”
Tumblr media
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daenqyu · 9 months ago
— doing their eyeliner at 12AM
includes: bakugou, kaminari, kirishima, and hawks
warnings: suggestive (LOTS of making out)
a/n: did i write this just because i love doing my eyeliner and i really want to sit on a guy’s lap while i do his???? maybe. but that’s none of your business 🙄☝️
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
it’s canon that he wears eyeliner and even if it wasn’t,,, he’d still try it at least ONCE
in this case you had to ask him
well more like beg him 
“babe please, i promise i’ll make a good work!” 
“how? you suck at doing yours”
you scoff before punching his arm, making him let out a hiss as he glares at you
“i don’t you idiot, now can you shut up and stay still for a second?”
of course he ends up giving in bc come on, he’d do anything just to make you happy and if that meant letting you put makeup on him at 12AM because you thought he’d look ‘pretty’ then so be it
bakugou doesn’t voice out any of this though 
instead, he keeps complaining and even tickles your sides from time to time just to get on your nerves
“bakugou,” he frowns when his last name falls from your lips, not liking how it sounded at all. “stop fucking moving or i’ll stap your eye.”
“tch, stop telling me what to do, dumbass.”
but he does stop
after all, he didn’t really want you to get mad at him
he entertains himself by tapping his fingers against your thighs to the beat of the music playing from your speaker 
his touch makes butterflies flutter in your stomach, but you ignore them and continue to draw on his eyelids 
you decide to keep it simple; just a very defined line that’s not too thick, but enough so that it’s visible 
“okay, i’m done”
after you put the eyeliner down and notice bakugou’s eyes were focused on you, you completely forget how to breathe
the black makes his vermilion eyes look even brighter and in contrast with his blonde hair...he simply looks beautiful 
he takes your silence as a bad sign and thinks you probably did fuck up, but when he looks at himself in his phone camera, the makeup looks fine to him so,
why the heck weren’t you saying anything?
“what is it? do you not like it?”
didn’t like it? couldn’t he see you were practically salivating bc of him?
“uh no, you look really good actually,” you look away before continuing, not trusting yourself to look at him while you said the next words. “you look pretty”
bakugou is a little surprised by the compliment, but he wastes no time before teasing you
he leans in, and once he’s close enough, he takes your chin so you’re looking directly at him
a smirk takes over his lips when your eyes avoid his
“what’s got you so shy?” he teases
“i’m not”
“then look at me” 
you didn’t want him to know how big of an effect he had on you, so you turn your head around and face him, even tho you’re flustered beyond belief
his eyes slowly look down at your lips and then back to your eyes, making you a little anxious as to what could happen, but bakugou decides to drags it out
just to have some fun of his own
he places one of his hands on the back of your neck, gently pulling you forward until your noses are almost touching 
the other one caresses your cheek softly, then his fingers slowly trace out your jaw, eyes still stuck on your own 
it’s infuriating really
the way his fingers carefully touch your lips, applying a bit more pressure on his thumb that’s touching your lower lip so he can open your mouth ever so slightly 
the way he acts as if he has all the time in the world, as if he could do this all day
and you know he can
but you don’t 
so you lean in to close the distance with a deep kiss
it’s messy and sloppy; his tongue clashing with your own as his hands roam all over your body to feel you
you end up sitting on his lap, lips still connected and hands all over each other
you pull away, chest heaving as rough breaths leave your mouth and smirk when you notice bakugou is looking at you 
his hair is messy thanks to your gripping and the eyeliner fits him so nicely
for a moment you almost can’t believe he’s your boyfriend 
“have i ever told you how handsome i think you are?” you ask him with a goofy smile on your face, fingers playing with the ends of his hair
“hm, once or twice but you can always remind me again” 
“let me just show you”
he quirks an eyebrow at your implication, licking his lips as his eyes darken
“oh? bold, aren’t we now?”
“learned from the best”
“fuck yeah you did”
to keep it short, you guys didn’t sleep a lot that night 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
Tumblr media
kaminari denki
he was DEFINITELY the one that came up with the idea
something just tells me he probably spends 90% of his time scrolling through tiktok 
and if he feels like it, maybe he’ll even posts some of his own
so it’s no surprise that he’s caught up with all the trends and challenges
and even dances (which surprisingly, he’s damn good at)
i’m guessing you guys already know what i’m trying to get at
he had seen way too many tiktoks of couples doing their partner’s eyeliner and he thought it was the coolest thing ever
not only was he curious to see how the makeup would look on him, but he also just wanted an excuse to spend more time with you
he had been thinking about it for a few weeks now, but couldn’t seem to find the perfect moment to ask you
until one night you guys were having a sleepover on your dorm and a video of said trend pops up on his ‘fyp’
you’re cuddling, your head against his chest as his fingers trace random pattern on your back, when he brings it up
“hey babe?”
you hum in response, eyes fluttering open to look up at kaminari
he smiles before pecking your lips, thinking about how beautiful you look all cuddled up next to him
“do you think you could do my eyeliner real quick?”
the question takes you by surprise,
tho you’re used to yout boyfriend being quite spontaneous and random at times, so you don’t really question it
instead, you nod and move out of the bed to get the makeup product, which sits on your vanity
“where should i sit?”
he asks you once you walk over to him, but you simply smile before taking a seat on his lap
you position your legs on either side of his hips so you’re in a straddling position and kaminari almost forgets all about the makeup because of this
but can you really blame him?
you just look so perfect like this
he has to physically stop himself from flipping you over and kissing you all he wants
and you giggle when you notice a pout forming on his face
“what’s wrong?”
“you sure?”
“yeah, just hurry up and do it so i can kiss you”
you laugh, “yes sir”
when you start, he can’t help but giggle at the feeling and you have to hold his face in place so he would stop moving
he gets used to it after a while 
almost even falls asleep from how soft your other hand felt on his cheek
since you know kaminari likes to be a little extra, you attempt to draw a lighting bolt right below one of the lines
it’s not the best, but it looks decent enough so you decide to leave it there
but when you finish, you feel like something is missing; like it could be better
then you have the fantastic idea to use eyeshadow
kaminari feels you getting up from his lap and he whines 
“where are you going?”
“hold on, i’m feeling inspired right now”
he doesn’t understand what you mean at all, but he lets you be
you take a random eyeshadow palette and make sure it has a nice black color on it
then you reposition yourself on his lap
“open your eyes and look up”
he does as he’s told and you proceed to put some more black on his lower lash line and waterline (not too much)
when kaminari doesn’t feel your touch on his face anymore, he looks down at you with a smile, which inevitably makes you smile too
“how do i look?”
you chuckle lowly, examining his eyes once more 
he always looks gorgeous, but the eyeliner just...makes him hit different
and the fact he’s wearing one of his chokers doesn’t make it any better
he looks straight out of alt tiktok
“you, my beautiful boyfriend, look very attractive”
he smirks at your teasing tone, “oh? is that so?”
“i’m afraid it is” 
he doesn’t even bother looking in the mirror because all he could think about was kissing you
and that’s what he does
he holds your face with both of his hands before pulling you in to kiss you
his lips feel hot and so does your whole body when he grips your hips
after a few more kisses, he pulls away and looks at you with excited eyes
“can i do yours now?”
you chuckle at his cuteness before nodding and letting him draw on your face
it’s not perfect, but hey! baby tried his best and that’s all that matters
besides he looks so proud of himself, telling you how cute you look and how lucky he is to call you his
“you look soooo pretty! i mean you always do, of course, but you look even prettier which i didn’t know was humanly possible yet here you are”
he ends up going on a rant about all the things he loves about you and you’re pretty sure you have hearts in your eyes by the time he ends
“i love you”
“i love you too, my pretty girl”
Tumblr media
kirishima eijirou:
this man has absolutely tried on eyeliner at least once in his life
has it been good? probably not
but he likes it and thinks it looks very cool
sometimes you do yours and kirishima lives for it
he likes the way it compliments the shape of your eyes and how happy you get when you get the line right from the first try
whenever you’re getting ready and he’s with you, he doesn’t take his eyes off you
a smile spreading across his lips when he sees you bite down on your lower lip in concentration, your fingers skillfully tracing the marker on your eyelids 
and that’s when the idea pops in his head
he ponders on it for a while tho, not sure how to bring it up or if you’d be up to do it
it takes him a few days before he asks you and when he does, he looks all nervous 
you’re both hanging out in his dorm cuddling as you just finished watching a movie
a yawn leaves your lips and you stretch your arms, looking at the time on your phone screen
it reads 12:33 AM 
you hum, moving your head up to look at kirishima from your place on his lap
he looks down at you and offers you a sweet smile before placing a quick kiss on your lips
“i should get going,” he pouts at your words, his hold on your waist tightening so you couldn’t stand up and you giggle, turning around completely so you’re facing him
you wrap your hands around his neck to pull him closer, just until your lips touch
you teasingly smirk at him before kissing his cheek and he frowns
“what? don’t you like my kisses?” you pout at him 
kirishima scoffs at your stupid question and grabs your jaw gently, looking you in the eyes
“stop being a tease”
you roll your eyes, “you’re so impatient”
nevertheless you comply and connect your lips with his, your hands now slightly massaging his nape
he hums against your mouth, prompting you to keep going
before things can go any further tho, you pull away 
he huffs childishly, not liking the way you kept leaving him hanging
“i seriously should get going,” you press one last peck on his lips. “don’t wanna risk getting caught here” 
“then just stay the night”
“baby i already did yesterday”
“uhh your point?”
you chuckle, “good try babe”
you attempt to stand up but once again your boyfriend stops you from doing so
you open your mouth to ask him what’s up 
but he beats you to it
“actually, i wanted to ask you something” he’s looking away from you and that makes you a little nervous, not having a clue about what he wanted to talk about 
you nod, silently telling him to keep going
“could my eyeliner?” a blush creeps onto his neck, his eyes still not meeting yours and you think he looks adorable. before you can answer him, he talks again. “but i mean only if you want to cause’ i know it’s kinda hard so it’s okay if you don’t but i think i’d be really cool and-”
“oh my god eijirou it’s okay!” he finally shuts up and looks at you with big eyes
“it is?”
“hm, i’m more than happy to do it,” he lets out a sigh after hearing your comforting words and you kiss his nose. “besides you’ll look super manly”
if kirishima was already head over heels for you, then now he just wanted to straight up marry you
you got up and started to look around in kirishima’s bathroom drawer since sometimes you left some of your stuff behind just in case
luckily, the eyeliner was there
after you took it, you sat in front of kirishima once again, your legs crossed and you moved closer to him
he kept still and let you get comfortable, looking down at your lips briefly when you got a bit too close
“close your eyes”
and so he did
like i mentioned before, you’re a bit experienced with this since you practice on yourself quite a lot
so it doesn’t take you too much time
the line you drew was a bit thicker than normal but not too much
and instead of doing a straight line, you did it a bit more upwards
“and done!” you say happily while retracting your hand from kirishima’s face
he opens his eyes and offers you a grin
the action is small and meaningless, but it somehow makes you nervous
the makeup really suits him and you can’t help but admire him for a while 
by admiring i mean shamelessly checking him out
of course he notices it
and he teases you about it
“does it look good?”
“yeah,” you answer while looking away, trying to hide how flustered you are. “really good”
he hums before placing his hands on your waist and sitting you down on his lap, making you look at him with a surprised expression on your face
one of his hands stays on your waist while the other travels up to hold your face
you let out a heavy breath at his actions, feeling your heart thumping against your chest
his fingers caress your cheek softly and you lean in to his touch, loving the way he was always so gentle with you
without any warning, kirishima smashes his lips against your own
your eyes widen for a moment, not expecting this at all, but you close them when you feel his tongue touching your lower lip
you open your mouth and let him take the lead, a whimper coming out of you when you feel his hand wrap around your neck, pressing slightly
he pulls away with a smirk, both of your chests heaving from the lack of air
“still wanna leave?”
you sigh while moving your head, yet a smile was evident on your face, “i guess i can stay”
“atta girl”
Tumblr media
takami keigo (hawks):
another one who canonically wears eyeliner !!
unlike bakugou (who does his eyeliner to cover up the gap between his mask and eyes), keigo does his solemnly because he thinks it looks good on him
wait, let me rephrase that
he knows it looks good on him
it’s part of his morning routine, he does it every time before going to work
so sometimes while you’re both getting ready for the day, you see him doing it
you open the bathroom door sleepily, barely managing to keep your eyes open
you walk over to the sink next to keigo’s and splash water on your face to wake yourself up
beside you, keigo smiles at your antics
he thinks you look the cutest in the mornings, especially when you’re grumpy
feeling his eyes on your figure, you turn around to face him with a raised brow
“why are you looking at me like that?”
“like what?”
“like i have something on my face”
he laughs at your attitude and walks over to place a kiss on your cheek
his lips feel warm against your cheek and it makes you smile
“good morning to you too” his says teasingly
“morning birdy” your tone matches his and he rolls his eyes playfully before pulling away from you to finish doing his eye makeup
you brush your teeth quickly while thinking about what you were gonna have for breakfast, and whether keigo had time to eat with you or not
once you finish, you place your toothbrush on its place and look over to your right
only to be met with the number two hero doing his eyeliner
in one hand he holds a feather of his against his eyelid, as if to help him do a straight line, and with the other he holds the actual makeup product
he has a concentrated look on his face, his brows slightly furrowed
and you look at him with nothing but adoration in your eyes
he looks so effortlessly beautiful
his golden locks are messy, yet perfectly in place and his wings rest by his side
he has his hero costume on, except for his coat
meaning his muscular arms are in full display for you to see
you don’t realize you’re staring until keigo finally finishes the second eye, and puts down the eyeliner
he smirks at you through the mirror and you look away, embarrassment clear on your face 
“come on, i made us breakfast”
instead of teasing you, like you thought he would, he simply grabs your hand and leads you to the dining table
your heart swells for the man and you look at the two plates in awe, “you did this?”
“is it so hard to believe?”
you roll your eyes before turning around and kissing him, a soft “thank you” leaving your lips as you pull away
that morning you can’t help but keep stealing glances at your boyfriend’s flawless eyeliner
and later that night, when you’re both cuddled up in each other’s arms  watching a movie, you get the sudden brilliant idea
“hey babe, can i do your eyeliner?”
keigo doesn’t even question you, he just nods before pressing a kiss to your neck and you giggle happily
you stand up to get the eyeliner from your shared bathroom and once you return, you take a seat right in front of him
“do you even know what you’re doing?” 
“shut up, i do my makeup too, you know?”
keigo laughs, “i’m just teasing baby”
“you’re mean”
he leans in towards you, pulling you closer by your hips until his lips hover over yours
unconsciously, your eyes look down at his lips, wondering whether he was gonna kiss you or not
but being the little shit he is, keigo doesn’t 
“you should hurry up,” his lips are still inches away from yours, but he doesn’t plan on closing the gap any time soon. “i wanna finish the movie”
this fucker
you clear your throat and move away from him, enough so that you can actually do the makeup, but his hands stay on your hips
you try your best to do it the exact same way he does it
a sharp, straight line that covers part of his outer v and also a small portion of his inner corner
giving his eyes a cat like shaped form
to add your own touch, you draw two small hearts on both sides of his cheekbones 
“m’kay, you can open your eyes now”
and when he does, your breath literally hitches in your throat
of course it’s not the first time you’ve seen him wearing eyeliner
but your faces are still close and his amber eyes are stuck on yours and you just feel like you’re about to explode
your reaction doesn’t go unnoticed by keigo and he smirks 
“i take it you like how it looks?” his tone is flirty and it makes you snap from your trance
you smile at him, softly tracing the two hearts with your fingers, “hm, you look lovely”
“oh really?”
“not as lovely as you, i bet”
and before you can even disagree with him, he presses his lips against yours
you let out a soft moan when he moves you so you’re sitting on his lap and his tongue explores your mouth ever so passionately
keigo takes his sweet time kissing you, taking in every little sound you make and the way your hips slowly move against his thigh
when you pull away, your lips are swollen and you have some spit coating them
which is enough to make keigo go crazy, but before actually doing something, he takes the eyeliner on his hand
you furrow your eyebrows at his action
“what are you doing?”
“well it’s my turn now”
“why do you oh so suddenly want to do my eyeliner?”
he smiles, leaning down to whisper in your ear, “because i wanna see how it’ll look when i make you cry it off”
your eyes widen at his words, but you make no attempt to stop him
keigo kept his promise and he indeed made you cry all of your eyeliner off 😁👍🏼
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donutloverxo · 9 months ago
Soooo there are many fics where reader makes steve jealous and it ends in rogh possesive fcking.. but what if steve tries to make reader jealous and it totally backfires and she becomes extremely insecure?? But please with a fluffy ending because my poor heart can’t handle anything less 🥺🥺
Hey. Thanks for the request and I hope this fits. *gif is not mine* Dividers by @firefly-graphics
Please note that my stories are not to be stolen or reposted on any other site. Reblogs and welcome and much appreciated. This blog and this story is 18+. Do not read, follow or interact if you are not 18+. Please🙏🙏
Tumblr media
"Um... yes?" You asked as you brought down the hand which was holding out a twenty dollar bill - since you thought it was the pizza you've been waiting for, for like the past half an hour, and not a blond, six feet and some inches,tall super soldier.
"Hi... doll," he smiled.
"My name's Y/N," you corrected him as you frowned, so fed up of men undermining you by calling you such 'sweet' nicknames. You knew Captain Rogers wasn't like that, but still you couldn't have him getting any ideas.
"Right," he cleared his throat as he repeated your name. "Sorry," he said with a toothy grin, which almost made your heart melt.
"How did you get my address, Captain?"
"Tony gave it to me. I would've asked you at work... but I wanted to do this the right way."
"Do what?" you quirked a brow.
"Um, I maybe people aren't as formal nowadays," he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, "But I can't really change who I am... not so late in life anyway," he cringed as he realised he was pretty rambling then, taking a deep breath he gathered enough courage, "I wanted to ask you to come with me, as my date, to the valentines party this Sunday."
You hummed at that, considering it because damn if Rogers wasn't convincing. Even when he wasn't as authoritative and dominating as he is when he puts on the suit.
It would be nice to be courted and treated nicely, and to not have to put up with the shit most men try to pull with you, you were sure Rogers would show you the time of your life. Besides, only an idiot would say no to him.
"No." You said with a finality that left no room for debate. "Is that all?"
"Uh... I... yes..." he stammered, not exactly prepared to be turned down so bluntly. "Can I ask why?"
"I don't shit where I eat."
"What?" his eyebrows cutely scrunching up.
You just knew you must've touched a nerve with your crass language. Tony, your boss, had told you about Cap and his 'language' incident.
"I don't date people at work... it can get complicated," you explained as he nodded.
It wasn't a complete lie. You didn't want to be known as the 'easy' girl or have others gossip about you. But that would be a sacrifice you'd willing make for someone like Steve. Who'd dare make fun of the Captains girl anyway?
You had been smitten with him from the moment you saw him, learning about his bravery and sacrifice as a kid you looked upto him and respected him, but when you met him in real life... you were a complete goner. Your stomach did somersaults every time he touched you, or hell even looked your way.
You tried your best to flirt, which was basically you stuttering and trying to make small talk whenever you had a chance to talk to him. Since he was born almost a century ago he would probably be offended if you were the one to make the first move.
You continued your back and forth for weeks before he told you about her. That he'll be visiting her over the weekend. You simply nodded, having a vague idea of who Peggy Carter was but not of what she went to Steve.
After some research you found out that she was an old flame of his, someone he couldn't marry and build a life with because he was frozen for decades. Upon seeing her many qualifications, and just how freaking brilliant she was, you knew one thing.
You may not be as smart as her, but you knew that you could never measure upto a woman that incredible. Someone Steve still visits after all these years. You were already afraid that he was out of your league but now you were sure of it.
"Did I do something wrong?" he wanted to know.
"What do you mean?"
"Well," he shoved his hands in his pockets, his bottom lip jutting out in a pout, "It's just that you used to talk to me all the time... and now it seems as if you're ignoring me. Is it because of something I did? Whatever it is I never meant to hurt you," he swore.
You sighed. "It's nothing you did, really. I just realized how incompatible we are. I hope you find the one you're looking for, someone who'll make you happy and give you the world. It just won't be me."
You didn't let him say anything closing your door instantly as you kept your tears at bay.
Tumblr media
At the valentines party
"Cap," Tony said, slapping a hand on Steve's shoulder, "I thought you'd have her on your arm tonight. What happened?"
Referring to his assistant. He wanted to play cupid this once, since it was the season of love, he wanted to see his idiot friends happy. He was sure you both would be disgustingly smooching and all cute at the party. But not only had you both shown up separately, you seemed to be actively ignoring Steve.
"She uh... rejected me," he said, looking down into his glass of whiskey. It didn't do much for him but it helped him blend in.
"Ouch," Tony winced, "I was sure she would go for you. But I guess I have been wrong before," he shrugged.
"Yeah. She goes all heart eyes whenever you're around. But I guess that's nothing unique since that's just how most women act around you," he scoffed. "You should read all the love letters you got today. I was going through them, you have quite a passionate fanbase of people who want to... what was it..." he pretended to think hard about it. "Yes, 'ride your bicep', I don't understand the physics of how on earth that would work, but I am intrigued."
"Tony," Steve rolled his eyes as he always does when he's around the billionaire. "I don't really care about all of them... they don't know me. I only care about her and I don't know why she said no, but there's nothing I can do about it."
"Whoa, you're accepting defeat so soon? Where's that I-can-do-this-all-day attitude?"
"This isn't a war, Tony. If she doesn't see me that way... then there isn't much I could do."
"Maybe she's just playing hard to get. There's absolutely no way to really know what goes on in womens heads, Rogers. They're so smart and sneaky... it's kinda scary actually."
"I don't think she'd play games..."
Tony had gotten distracted pretty quickly and left Steve alone to pout and only appreciate your beauty from afar. You had worn a pink dress with red hearts on it, and for some reason, you got more beautiful every time he looked at you.
He jerked when he heard the foreign voice, looking at the blonde woman next to him, with her hand out, he shook it just to be polite.
"I'm Crystal," she smiled, flashing her sparkly white teeth.
"I'm Steve."
"Of course I know who you are!" she laughed, "You're Captain America, everyone knows you," she playfully hot his bicep before squeezing it, "Oh my... you must work out a lot."
"Uh... yeah..." he nodded. He could never get used to how people perceived him so differently.
"There is something I need to know really bad," Crystal blinked as she looked up at him, "Do you wear underwear in those suits? They seem really tight, wouldn't it be uncomfortable?"
"Oh, um... we just sort of..."
Tumblr media
You had never looked at yourself as a jealous person. Maybe things were different when it came to Steve... he was a pretty special guy.
When you looked at him, talking to some girl, dancing with her, laughing and having fun with her, it was as if you were on fire from simmering rage, at the same time you could feel your heart breaking in a million pieces.
You knew it was wrong. You had no claim to him, he can do whatever he wants. If you said no to him then it makes perfect sense that he seeked out someone else.
You just had to get away for some fresh air, so you wouldn't abandon all class and pull the girls hair and drag her away from your Steve.
You yelped when you heard him call out your name.
Looking over your shoulder you saw him staring at you, his brows scrunched up, he looked so worried. But why?
"What're you doing here? You'll catch a cold, doll," he takes off his blazer, putting it over your shoulders and then groaning when he realised his slip up.
"Right, sorry, old habits die hard. I won't call you that again, I promise," he said, crossing his finger over his heart.
"No... I think it's kinda sweet. No ones ever had such an endearing petname for me. I do like it."
"Oh," he frowned, "it's just that you said you didn't."
Tony, of all the people in the whole universe, was right. There was no understanding women.
"I guess I lied..."
"Um..." You were at a loss of words and nervous. Steve wouldn't tolerate lies, and you didn't want him to hate you. "It was easier to do that then tell you the truth."
"What's the truth?"
"I do like you... a lot. But I don't want to live in someone else's shadow. And I just think the whole thing would end in a disaster..."
"What're you talking about, Y/N?"
"Peggy. Your first and only love. I can't measure upto her, not in my wildest dreams, there's no use trying."
"Why would you have to measure upto Peggy?"
You opened your mouth to answer, but couldn't really come up with an answer. "Why wouldn't I?"
"I did have feelings for her, but that was a long time ago. I'm happy she lived her life, it just wasn't meant to be."
"So, you're not still in love with her?"
"No," he shook his head, "I wouldn't have asked you out if I was."
"Well, what about Crystal? You were practically glued to her the entire evening!" you huffed as you stomped your foot. Mad at your own stupidity. You could've simply told him the truth and asked for a straight answer. "I have to warn you, she had was pretty crazy in the last season."
"Last season?"
"Mm-hm, the last season of her reality show, I've seen all eight seasons. Maybe they just amp up the drama, maybe she isn't actually crazy, I wouldn't know," you shrugged.
"Doll," he smirked, circling a hand around your waist and pulling you into him, "are you jealous?"
"I am not!" you gasped, looking away from his eyes as you felt your cheeks heat up.
"I don't want anyone but you. Why would I? You're goddamn perfect. And... I want you to be my girl."
"I guess I don't really have a reason to say no now..." you murmured, your face still flustered as you played with the buttons on his shirt before he tilted your chin up to make you look at him, placing his lips over yours in the most tender of kisses.
Tumblr media
"Got the job done, Tones... I'm pretty sure I saw him go after her, I have to say though, you look at Captain America, and you really don't expect him to be that awkward..." Crystal said as she sipped on her gin and tonic. "You owe me."
Tony only hummed, not too happy about being indebted to someone, but you both needed a necessary push in the right direction.
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