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animatedtext · 27 days ago
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micro-pyro · 5 months ago
May I present to you;
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My AU/Human design for the screen wh0re
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He hates it here
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yohansgaon · 24 days ago
anyone else just come up with aus for your ships based on irl situations? i spent all day yesterday in airports and apparently that has gahan potential because i was definitely thinking of gahan travel aus
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embyrinitalics · a year ago
An Inconvenience
Read the previous thread here, or jump down the rabbit hole 🕳🐇
Link lays awake that night, staring restlessly at stars.
She’d left, and he can’t for the life of him figure out how he’d let it happen.
The stories don’t help him sleep. He finds Farosh’s Tail and tells himself the story of the first thunderstorm and lifegiving rains it brought with it. He finds the Mighty Boar and the story of the first hunt, but he can’t imagine ever having an appetite again, so dwelling on that seems pointless. He finds the Great River, where the first woman stepped out of the waters and made herself a companion out of clay and animal bone and bits of dragon’s claws. When she pressed her mouth to his to give him breath, he was so grateful and awed by her that he kissed her again, trying to give it back.
His chest twists and cramps, and he rolls out of the hammock and feels his way down to the water in the dark.
The lake is still, the flagstones around the shrine are empty. But he can hear Mara humming at the pool, her song echoing out of the dragon’s mouth, lending it a voice. It’s not surprising. The old priestess never sleeps. He thinks he’s been quiet as he climbs the stairway beneath its teeth and drifts down its throat towards the light of the fire she keeps flickering at the goddess’s feet, but before he can make himself known she turns around and hands him a bowl of broth.
His lips move to form a question.
“I heard you not sleeping,” she says before he can ask, and when he opens his mouth again, “I know. But you need to eat something. This will keep you strong.”
He frowns, but takes it anyway, scenting the stock and taking a sip. He knows better than to argue with her. It tastes of porgy and thistle, and just a hint of banana. Her brow is arched at him when he chances a glance in her direction again.
“Did you really think she would stay? Leave everything and everyone she knows behind, just to be with you?”
“I didn’t think she would stay,” he argues, but quickly finds he has no where to go. “I just... never thought she would leave.”
“Typical,” she chides him, smiling, and turns to lower herself into the pool. “Leading with your heart, without thought for what might be. Without fear. You are a dragon through and through.”
He drinks, just so he can’t ask the question trying to squirm its way out of his mouth. He swallows and asks it anyway. “Was that wrong of me?”
She barks a laugh, so loud he hunches his shoulders and glances warily up into the colonnade, and wades out with her palms skimming the water’s surface.
“Oh, Link. What are we going to do with you? You are what you are.”
He downs the rest of his broth, folding his legs under him to sit at the water’s edge. He doesn’t dare dip his feet in, as inviting as Mara makes it seem. He knows better, even if he is so dragonlike.
“Have you been to the spires?” he asks, planting an elbow on his knee so he can drop his jaw against his fist, and she laughs again, more a puff of air than a bark.
“No, of course not. My place is here.” The water around her hums, glows gently, as though harboring lightning. She glances curiously up at the statue, and then turns with a knowing look in her eye. “Have you even thought about what you’ll do when you find her?”
“I wasn’t—”
Mara snorts at him before he can deny it and turns back to the goddess, humming as she sways her hips. The waters glows a little brighter, just a pulse, and then it’s fading again. He doesn’t understand the communion at all; but then, it really isn’t for him to understand.
His words at the edge of the plains echo in his head instead—too loud to be memory, too distinct. Trapped in him, shoved deep in his brain when they ricocheted meaninglessly off her ears. As infuriatingly unintelligible to her as Mara’s song is to him.
You can’t leave. I have too much I want to say. Too many things I don’t have the words for!
He remembers the rise of panic in his throat, the awful clench in his stomach when he realized he had no way to tell her and that she was mere seconds from disappearing forever. How frustrating it was to know useless words like rain and bird and banana, and none of the meaningful ones he needed, like fire or breathless or love.
If you go, I’ll only follow you, he’d tried to tell her. I’d follow you anywhere.
He feels stupid for it now. How futile that had been.
“They’re not like us,” Mara says—sighing, like she’s talking into the wind. “They lean towards the other balances. Far-sighted as an owl, single-minded as a boar. It’s makes them anxious. They’ll fear you because you’re different.”
He frowns. What a strange reason to fear something.
“Are there no dragons there at all?”
“A few,” she smirks. “But none so dragonlike as you.”
He stares up at the goddess, watching impassively over the world with powerful, unseeing eyes. For the first time he feels an unpleasant twinge of doubt. Maybe they’re too different. Maybe she’ll foresee too many problems (because there’s no doubting towards which of the balances she leans). Maybe it will take too much courage to love him.
He doesn’t like feeling doubt. He’s not used to it at all.
“They’re her children too, you know,” she hums, the water around her pulsing again with submerged light. “Though as I recall they believe she came from the sky, not the waters.”
He frowns harder. “Who’s right?”
She turns to smile at him over her shoulder. “Does it matter?”
Mara goes back to her humming. All at once he feels unwelcome—perhaps because the water gets darker the longer he looks, and brighter when it’s barely in his peripheral, like the goddess is urging him away. Perhaps because she’s humming much louder than before, like she’s trying to drown him out.
He’s getting to his feet and retreating from the spring before he can draw any more conclusions.
For a moment he feels in a fog. But then, beneath the row of stone teeth, watching an icy moon begin its slow descent, the old priestess’s words snap together like puzzle pieces, and the doubt melts from the heat sparking off them.
You are what you are.
He doesn’t know if she meant to chide him or encourage him, but either way, if a dragon is what he is, why does he pretend to be anything else?
He climbs back into the colonnade to gather a few necessities and heads out into the plains with the morning light.
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rayveewrites · 4 months ago
I'm thinking about lpau, how the first players to have non-player children. The heartbreak that would come the first time they realized respawn didn't apply to them. How the lifespan of a player is so much longer than a non-player, how many generations of their descendants they would see come and go... Might honestly make this one of the most heartbreaking Minecraft AU's I know of
The life of a Player is fraught with danger and death, but death is simply a setback. Even broken bones only take a couple weeks to heal with adequate food, and less with even a basic regeneration effect.
But these people… the Players didn’t even understand it, at first. Many kids died before word got around, because the Players just assumed they’d respawn, that they’d be fine, like it always had been… they didn’t raise them with much of a self-preservation instinct, because they themselves didn’t need one.
Players often lived twice, sometimes three times as long as their counterparts, even without factoring how many died prematurely before everything was adequately nonplayer-proofed. Some Players even had to bury their great-grandkids, while their own hair was only starting to grey.
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bulletsfucker · 21 days ago
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concert fiiit 🪰🖤
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khirurg · a month ago
Hello please share a happy/cute/wholesome/etc. fact about your muse in the replies ✨
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twilight-99-tm · 5 months ago
I wanna cry 😁
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maxinities · 8 months ago
everyone is so anti genshin until they reveal a new character who's the exact same color of white & exact same type of skinny as every other character but with a different hair color
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smuttyassholes · 10 months ago
i want oli london to toot toot in my poo poo
What if this was my last straw. Then what.
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- asshole 4
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notwordsspoken · 10 months ago
South Park please I am on my hands and knees please just put an estimated release date for the new specials
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asswatthama · 6 months ago
i hate movie theaters and i wish my friends did too
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micro-pyro · 2 months ago
Close up!
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- Micro! P03
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12am · 8 days ago
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embyrinitalics · 11 months ago
Is there anyone who wants to keep reading An Inconvenience in bite-sized pieces on tumblr? Or should I just keep it to ao3 from here on out?
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colliepropaganda · 6 months ago
Ya know how I complain that Jason is perfect except hes TOO perfect and should do some teenage crimes once in awhile? Teaching him he can get things out of pockets has 100% fixed that
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noneedtofearorhope · 2 months ago
i’d love to see the tables turned and all these anons and shit try and justify the mass death, misery, suffering, exploitation, and slavery that NECESSARILY comes with the state.
like, if we assume for sake of argument that the state is necessary for insulin production (which to be clear, i don’t think any of us agree with, we all believe that life would find a way), the state is unnatural, it’s human made, and thus needs to be justified. unless there has been recent research that finally gives conclusive evidence that diabetes is human caused, it’s just a fucking shit fact of life. diabetes doesn’t have to justify itself, and no one, anarchist or otherwise, has to make a justification for its existence.
i shouldn’t have to stress this so much, but fash jacketing just seems all too common here lately, but again, we don’t believe the state is necessary for insulin production. but if divine powers came down and showed us that it was, it still wouldn’t be justified to cause the death and suffering of others thru the state just to extend the lives of diabetics. in this case, we would do everything we can to alleviate the suffering of those who are dying. the focus would be on quality of life and end of life care. just like it is for any number of diseases that have no cure even under the boot of state and capital. just like it is for the elderly, as again, fact of life is that we all die eventually.
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guinevereslancelot · 2 months ago
besties i am dying my hair wish me luck
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mars-ipan · 14 days ago
not to be rude. but some ppl on this site are a little TOO dependent on ao3 methinks….
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alternautxyz · 25 days ago
trying to decide which pokemon to obsess over because all of them are all so GOOD
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