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sanshine · 2 hours ago
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turbulence mv :: seonghwa
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barnesbabee · 10 hours ago
[P]raise || P.S
Tumblr media
[ꜱᴇxᴜᴀʟ ᴇɴᴄʏᴄʟᴏᴘᴇᴅɪᴀ - ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ P]
Summary: Everyone gets distracted in class every so often, but not everyone is as lucky to have a hot professor to be distracted by.
Pairing: DILF!Park Seonghwa x female!reader
Words: as many as I fucking want to wtf
Genre: Smut
⚠ alcohol, unprotected sex ⚠
Tumblr media
You felt something hit the back of your head and snapped out of your daydream. You looked at the floor to find the tap of a pen you recognized all too well.
"Fuck you whore." You mouthed, as you turned around to throw the item back at your friend.
"Read the note that fell on the ground!" They whispered (rather loudly).
You looked at the ground once more to find a crumpled-up piece of paper. You considered leaving it on the ground, purely to piss them off, but you were afraid it was some stupid shit that would cause a poor cleaning lady a severe trauma, so you picked it up.
If you keep daydreaming about the man you're not passing this class
You crumpled it up again and stuffed it in your pocket. Was it that obvious you were eating him up with your eyes? I mean, how could you not, your professor was literally everyone's wet dream: tiny waist, nice ass, wide shoulders, slick jawline, and dark eyes that put anyone in that class into place. God, you wished he'd put you into place.
Your gazes met for a split second while you were imagining all that, and you immediately looked away. Would that make you weird? I mean, he's teaching a class of course you should be looking at him. Would he think you were thinking something weird by averting your gaze?
Before you could keep overthinking, his voice along with chairs being dragged on the floor took your attention.
"Alright everyone I need to pick up my daughter from school a little earlier today so you're dismissed, see you Friday."
He sighed and placed one hand on his hip, as another brushed his hair back.
That was another thing about Park Seonghwa: his daughter. She had visited the university once and all of the students (and teachers) were sad to find he had a daughter because usually, a child came with a partner. But after some pushy (and borderline disrespectful questions) that left the teacher feeling quite uncomfortable and uneasy at the time, the university found out that he wasn't married, had never been married, and was single. When he was younger his girlfriend at the time got pregnant. He was overjoyed, but her not so much... The disagreement over the baby caused a huge fight between the two and the relationship would never be fixed, but he begged her to have the baby and so she did. Afterward, she left him and his daughter and fled to God knows where. By the looks of it, he hadn't been too heartbroken, all he cared to know was that his baby was safe and healthy in his arms.
Of course, the whole 'loving single dad' scenario was another thing that made everyone's hearts melt, especially when he came to the university with her, hand in hand, wearing her sparkly backpack unicorn over one shoulder, whenever there were no classes.
"Would it be so bad to fail this class? I could see him for one more year..." You commented as you and your friend left the class, stealing one last glance at the eye-candy professor.
"You are desperate."
If looks could kill, your friend would be dead on the ground.
"Don't forget we agreed to go out with my partner and his friends tonight." They warned.
You had completely forgotten, and honestly, you wished they had too.
"I totally forgot I had that... thing."
"Ah, ah, ah," they cut you off "you promised you're going. I don't want to go alone and you already said yes, don't cut yourself out now."
You groaned and hung your head low.
You knew they would give you hell for months if you didn't go, so you thought what the hell, might as well get it over with. Their partner and their friends were kind of a pain in the ass when drinking, so you weren't really excited for the night, but you figured the sooner you went, the quicker it'd be over with.
Once you got to your apartment you decided to take a nap, so you'd survive the night. You knew you'd probably end up having to go home by yourself, since your friend and their partner usually got drunk and horny and went back to their place to fuck, so you'd have to stay awake for a long time without drinking much, and that called for a nap.
You woke up with an annoying ringing sound, that you didn't recognize for a long minute, until you remembered: the party. You sat up in panic, having absolutely no clue what time it was. The room was pitch black, except from the light coming from your phone.
"Where the fuck are you? You were supposed to meet us at my house half an hour ago, I swear to God if you're bailing on us-"
You immediately got up and started getting undressed.
"Yeah yeah I know, I'm running a little late, I'll meet you guys there in like, 40 minutes? See you!"
You gave them no time to reply, as you immediately hung up to get ready. You took a quick shower. You had no time to wash your hair, but you wanted to make sure you at least didn't stink. Not that it made any difference though, inside of bars and clubs you went in smelling like vanilla and flowers and came out smelling of sweat and cigarettes.
You did a quick makeup look (to hide the fact that you had just woken up), fixed your hair as best as possible, put on the cute outfit you thought of while trying to sleep, and left the house. The uber got to your place relatively quickly and you were able to meet your friends right on time.
You had mixed feelings about these ambients... You didn't love having to scream over the music to talk to your friends, or bumping into everyone and having a drink spilled on you every so often, or even the smell, which was arguably the worst. However, it was different. It was a little change to your routine that started becoming boring. The loud music allowed you to hang out and be social without actually having to have tiring small talk, the alcohol allowed you to get loose, and the fun and energy that exuded from the place was a good contrast to the same sad, tired faces you saw every day in the halls. There were good and bad sides to going out but you agreed that letting loose once in a while only did you good.
Your friend told their partner to go grab drinks for everybody, while they dragged you to the dancefloor. When the first song came to an end you were handed two drinks. You held up two fingers and mouthed 'two?', confused.
"Yeah! You didn't come to the pre-party at my house, we're all tipsy already gotta catch up! Down one of them!" Your friend yelled in your ear, over the sound of the booming bass.
You shrugged, there were enough men around you that you knew would take care of you, so you downed one of the drinks. Your group cheered and you smiled and raised the empty glass over your head. As you began drinking the other. And then another, and another, until your arms and legs felt like they moved by themselves. You were bumping into people and dancing like you were alone in the room (but you weren't, and you looked like an idiot).
You took a break from your 'dancing' and fanned yourself. Even though your jacket was long gone, it was still warm, so you tied your hair, and told your group you were going to get a drink.
Before making it to the bar, you bumped into someone.
"Shit I'm sorry- oh hello..." Your tone shifted as soon as you saw the man.
Tall, dark, and handsome, with a soft yet intimidating appearance. His eyes and hair were dark, and his outfit stood out from the other people in the room: the man had light skinny jeans, black combat boots, and a black, short-sleeved button-down with white scribbles and a couple of the buttons undone.
Your body was pushed up against his, and he instinctively placed his hand on your lower back when someone bumped into you from the back, and you were able to see his face clearly. His eyes were wide as if he had seen a ghost.
"Do I know you? Your face is familiar..." You asked.
You squinted your eyes to try to recognize the face, but the room was spinning and all you could make out was that he was handsome and you wanted to do him.
"Uh yes, miss I'm-" He took a deep breath and removed his hand from your back, the alcohol clearly boggling his mind as well "I'm your professor, so yes, my face should be familiar."
Your eyes widened, just like his, as you recognized the sharp features.
"Seonghwa!? I mean- Mr. Park? I'm sorry..."
Those words left your mouth but you didn't mean them, and he knew it.
"Well if you are why are you still hanging onto me?"
He looked down, and he meant to look at the way your hands gripped his shirt, but he didn't miss the way your breasts pressed against him, and for the first time that night a blush that wasn't caused by the alcohol crept on his cheeks.
You looked at your own hands and then back up at him.
"You're right, I'm not."
It was your stupid drunken self-talking, and your sober self was in the back of your mind praying that it wouldn't affect your grade. You gripped his shirt tighter and pressed your thigh against his crotch, feeling something grow hard, slowly.
Seonghwa's alcohol-filled head (and dick) were telling him to go ahead, but the one remaining conscious part of him that wanted to keep his job told him he should stop, and so he grabbed your shoulders and pushed you away, lightly.
"I'm sorry Miss, I should go."
He left you pouting on the dance floor, and you watched as the perfectly built man headed outside.
Seonghwa took a breath of fresh air and brushed his hair back. The man reached for the pockets of his jeans and took out his cigarettes. He didn't smoke, really, only when he was extremely stressed or alone in a night out, which was the case. He didn't want to be a bad influence on his daughter or have her inhaling second-hand smoke, so he tried to keep it minimal. Although the pressure and stress of being a young teacher and a young single father were fucking with his head. Sometimes he wanted to let loose, be a little irresponsible, do things without having to think about the consequences, you know, normal 25-year-old things, enjoying life and being dumb while you still can. But he had responsibilities, and he knew he couldn't do all the things his friends did, including fucking whatever girl he pleased. Seeing all those women who were around his age in class wasn't the easiest task: Seonghwa was no less of a man than others, and he too had urges, but unlike his friends, he couldn't act on them. That was including you. God the way your outfit hugged your figure and exposed just enough was driving him crazy, but he couldn't. He had to remind himself of it, not for the sake of his job.
The man headed back inside. He knew it was probably a bad idea, however, he didn't want to waste away the money he spent on a nanny by going home early. Seonghwa kept his distance from you, drowning the memories of your body and horny eyes in more alcohol.
But as you both kept drinking, the inevitable happened.
It happened in the hallway to the bathroom, the lights were dim and the music was muffled by the thick door. There were red LED lights on the ceiling, giving the room a sort of erotic vibe, and the second your eyes met your brains were too fogged by the lust to think about any consequences.
Seonghwa grabbed your waist and put you against the wall. He spread your legs by pressing his thigh against your crotch and moving it slightly from time to time. The male moaned into the animalistic kiss as your hands gripped his hair.
The teasing way his thigh moved teasingly annoyed you, and you tried rubbing your crotch against his leg, but he held your hips in place. For the first time, he broke the kiss, and looked at you with eyes dark as ever.
"I'm in charge here, you move when I tell you to." His scary demeanor went away as soon as it came, and he began stroking your cheek "You don't want to be a bad girl, do you?"
"No Sir..."
He gripped your face with his right hand, bringing his free one to spank your ass.
"I'll allow you to call me Seonghwa... Just this once."
The man looked around. The people constantly coming in and out of the bathroom gave them no privacy. Seonghwa tsked, annoyed that at the people around him, but not for one second did the thought of leaving this task behind cross his mind.
"Let's take this somewhere more comfortable, yes?" He asked, rubbing your cheek with his thumb.
You simply looked at him, with defenseless eyes, and nodded. And, as he took your hand and got into a cab with the destination being his house, you wondered if you had passed out on the club and this was all a dream. Whether it was or not, you were definitely going to enjoy it.
The professor's house was adorable, small, cozy, very clean, and well decorated, as expected from a man like Seonghwa.
Your heart stopped when you saw a young woman coming down the white wooden stairs of his house.
"Mr. Park you're home ear- oh, you accompanied."
The girl smiled at you, bitterly.
"Yes, Annie thank you so much for tonight, here's uh,-" He shoved his hand on his pocket, hurriedly searching for bills "here's your payment. Have a good night."
The man grabbed your hand and started walking upstairs.
"Sir this is like, at least 50 dollars more than the usual."
"Good night!" He said again, desperately wanting her to fuck off so he could fuck you.
You expected him to get into the bedroom and smash you against the wall, and inside he wanted to do no less, but something stopped him. He lightly closed the door and pressed you against it with his body. His hands played with the skin under your shirt as he kissed your neck.
"I want to fuck you against every single surface on this bedroom and make you scream so loud my neighbors hear, but my kid is sleeping, and as a respectful parent we're gonna have to keep it down, is that okay?" He asked, kissing the spot right below your ear.
You gripped his shirt tight, as he began sucking and biting.
"Yes sir- sorry, Seonghwa..."
He pulled away from your neck and smiled, his dark eyes shining for the first time that night.
"Good girl."
You moaned quietly in his ear as his mouth made its way down your body. He hooked his finger around the hem of your shirt before removing it completely. Your bra was gone as quickly as the shirt, and as his mouth worked around your breasts, his left hand sneakily undid the button and zipper of your pants. You didn't know what to focus on, the way his mouth left sloppy kisses and hickeys on your breasts, or the way his hand slowly made its way inside your panties.
You bit your lip to prevent any sound from coming out of your mouth, but by the way, he moved with such experience, you knew it would be hard. Your hand tangled in his hair once more and tugged on it, causing him to moan against your skin. The sensation of it all just made you want to scream and beg for more, as his fingers sped up the movements on your clit, and the frustration of not being able to do so was building up inside you.
"Shit, please..." You whispered.
Seonghwa ceased all movements, keeping his hand still on your pussy.
"Can't take it anymore princess?" He asked, pausing for a second to see you nod.
His hand moved further into your womanhood, feeling how wet you were. He smirked and placed two fingers by your entrance.
"You're already so wet for me, such a good girl..."
Before you could reply he shoved two fingers in you, slamming his lips against yours in the process to stop you from making any noise. Your moan was muffled by the kiss, and you held his shoulders, trying to keep yourself steady as he fucked you with his fingers at an incredible speed.
He could feel your breathing become faster and the kiss sloppier, and once more he stopped right when you were on edge.
"Why... Why would you do that?" You asked, looking at him with puppy dog eyes.
He tilted his head and smirked.
"Cute." He thought, before removing his shirt.
"I just wanted to prepare you for the big finale princess."
The man picked you up and swung you over his shoulder before setting you down on his bed. Somehow he had managed to spank your ass a couple times in the short distance.
You watched as he stripped from his pants, the bulge in his boxer staring right back at you. You couldn't stop staring at how perfect his body was, even when he hovered above you. You ran your hands down his body, making sure that he was indeed real, and Seonghwa licked his lips and smiled shyly, as a small blush rose to his cheeks, a little embarrassed at how obviously you were checking him out.
He grabbed your chin, and gently lifted it up, so he could catch your lips in his. Every time he kissed you it was the most amazing mixture of romantic, passionate, and intense. You had never felt anything like it and you weren't sure you'd ever feel it again, so you just wrapped your arms around him and enjoyed your time with him.
You could feel his hard cock brushing up against you, and your sneaky hand trailed down his body. Your finger hooked around the waistband of his underwear and pulled it down just enough so you could get a hold of his cock. Seonghwa pulled away, to watch the way you collected his precum on your thumb, and put it on your mouth.
Seonghwa simply smiled and stroked your cheek.
"You look so beautiful..."
You blushed at the compliment, and Seonghwa removed your underwear so smoothly you barely realized. He got his cock fully out of his underwear and ran it across your folds, stopping right by your entrance. Seonghwa held your right hip in place with his hand and looked at you before moving. You gripped the sheets and bit your lip in preparation, before nodding.
He entered you and immediately started snapping his hips against yours at a pace your head couldn't fully register. Seonghwa's eyes darted from the way your tits bounced right in front of him, and your pleasure-filled face.
He himself had a hard time keeping down the noise, only letting a few grunts escape through his gritted teeth.
"Shit you're taking me so well- such a good girl for me, aren't you."
You moaned quietly, and Seonghwa's cock twitched inside you at the sound.
"F-fuck yes! I'm a good girl for you- only for you."
He moved both his hands to hold your waist as he slammed into you harder and faster,
"Shit princess I might not last any longer if you keep talking like that."
Whimpers and moans kept slipping out of your pursed lips and eventually your walls tightened around his cock, finally cumming after being edged twice.
"Such a good girl, doing so good for me, shit-" He stopped himself as he pulled out just in time, cumming all over your stomach.
You cheekily took some with your index finger and put it on your mouth, grinning widely as you did you. Seonghwa, although breathless, bent over, smiled, and pressed a small kiss against your lips, playing with your hair in the process.
"You did so well for me, really well princess."
You let those words sink in as he stood up and quietly grabbed a towel from the bathroom. By the time he came back you had already passed out on his bed, so he cleaned you up softly and joined you in your deep sleep.
When you woke up with a dry mouth and pounding headache there wasn't much you could remember, other than a man hovering over you, doing God's work on your body. But the face on your memory was blurred out, and it only came back to you when you looked to your site, to find your teacher cuddled up to you.
You felt proud that you were able to bag him, but you were also horrified by it. You slid out of his grasp slowly, as to not wake him up, and got dressed as quickly as possible so you could leave the house quietly and hope he didn't remember anything, as you still had a semester and a half to go through.
You were pretty successful in your mission: you were able to get dressed, leave the room and go down the stairs without anyone noticing you. That was, until a little adorable voice sounded behind you, just as your hand was on the doorknob.
"Are you my new mommy?"
Her voice was like an alarm, and as soon as she spoke Seonghwa came running out of his room, causing you and him to make the most awkward eye contact ever. You bolted out of his house without saying anything.
You thanked God it was a holiday and you didn't have to go anywhere, because you felt just like you looked: like shit. Your body felt as if it had been beaten up by a group of people, and your head was pounding. Once you got to your bedroom you washed off all of the stickiness and run down makeup with a hot shower and got into bed. You considered ranting about the amazing night you had with your professor to your best friend, but it was a serious thing that could possibly put his job on the line, so you kept your dreamy night to yourself.
You soon fell back into a deep sleep, and before you realized it, it was Friday, and you had a class with Mr. Park. Oh no.
You lowered your head as soon as you stepped into class, earning a couple of confused looks from your peers. You hoped he hadn't seen you arrive, but he had. And today he was especially aware of your presence.
He was very distracted by your presence, and even when you weren't looking at him, he swore he could feel your burning stare on his back, so he just ordered the class to do exercises.
At some point, you forgot about the whole ordeal and you were so focused on your assignment, that when you raised your hand to ask a question you somehow didn't expect him to answer.
Seonghwa was pretty shocked himself, he was sure you didn't want to interact as much as he didn't, but he had to reply nevertheless.
"Yes, miss Y/N?"
You stopped in your tracks and slowly put your hand down.
"Do we give this back to you by the end of the class or should we just file it and hand it over at the end of the semester with the rest of the assignments?" You asked, your eyes never leaving the paper.
"Uh just leave it on my desk."
You pursed your lips and nodded, you didn't want any other exchange with him but he was still your professor and you didn't was to be rude.
"Thank you, Sir."
"You're welcome prince- Y/N." He caught himself before he finished the sentence, but the slip up caused you to look up at him.
You made eye contact, and both of your rosy cheeks confirmed that you both vividly remembered the previous night.
The rest of the class felt very tense, and it was the longest two hours of your life. After the time had passed, the man dismissed the whole class, with one exception.
"Miss Y/N would you stay back please?"
After everyone left the class, you approached the professor. The cutthroat tension was making you uncomfortable, and you could tell he would have avoided the encounter if he could.
Seonghwa placed one of his hands on his hip, and the other ran through his hair as he sighed. You fiddled with your hands nervously, waiting for him to say something.
"Y/N, about the other night... It was a mistake."
Your shyness passed as quickly as your anger came. You couldn't believe your ears, you couldn't believe this man used the most cliché excuse with you. And on top of that, saying it was a mistake. A mistake! As if the sex hadn't even been good!
"Are you serious? You can say whatever you want right now, you can say we can't do it again, or that we shouldn't do it again or whatever the hell you want but out of the few things I remember from that night your face and the noises you made were some of them and that weren't the noises of someone making a mistake. So don't you stand there and make it seem like you didn't have a good time, 'cause I know damn well you did. I know the consequences of what we did and I get it that we can't continue but don't bullshit me, and don't lie to yourself."
You finished your sentence, looking him in the eye angrily and with your arms crossed in front of his chest.
This bratty behaviour of yours just made him want to bend you over the desk and discipline you back into that good girl he had on his hands the other night.
His eyes turned back into that dark colour they had when you hooked up, and you swear he could eat you alive.
"You're right. It wasn't a mistake and I could, and would, take you on that bed again every day of the week but I don't want to risk my job over booty calls. I have a kid to take care of and that depends on this job."
There was a small silence, both of you got what you needed off of your chest and suddenly the aura wasn't as tense.
"Well," You started, sighing "if you ever need someone to fuck, you know where to find me."
You smiled at him, before starting to walk out, but just as you hand touched the doorknob, you felt a familiar pair of hands hold your waist, and his breath fanning your neck. His hard-on pressed against your ass, and you teased him by wiggling your behind. He groaned in your ear and kissed your neck.
"Maybe just one last time."
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incorrect-ateez-quotes · 17 hours ago
Mingi: I want to tell you a joke but I only remember the punchline.
Yunho: Go ahead.
Mingi: Tooth-hurty.
Yunho: When is the best time to go to the dentist?
Mingi: You complete me.
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holy-yeosang · 19 hours ago
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211202 || Deja Vu
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97choi · 2 hours ago
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mingidata · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
(211202) MG private message
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parkseonghwadata · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
211203 ATEEZ Fancafe: [🎁] ATINY PRESENT
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