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“now is that anyway to talk to your mommy, baby?” you taunted as you looked down at wooyoung. his face in your hands as you sat on his dick, slowly rocking your hips. “n-no mommy, i’m sorry.” he apologized, moaning right after. you let go of his face and continued riding him, still keeping your movements extremely slow. you watched wooyoung’s face as he closed his eyes, trying to hold back tears and moans. “please mommy go faster..” he whined as he groped your thighs. you stopped and placed your hands on each side of his head as you looked over him. “beg for it then. beg for it until you’re crying and cumming, begging me again to stop.”

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[ 8:31 pm ] requested !

“when you suggested i take a break, this isn’t what i had in mind to be honest,” hongjoong said, his eyes watching you intently as you slowly lifted your shirt up. you were teasing the male with playfully showing him your bare breast. he groaned when he saw you were wearing no bra, his head tilting back exposing his neck. 

“do you want me to leave?” you asked, voice covered with a fake innocent tone. you let your shirt fall back down to cover your once exposed stomach. 

“don’t you dare leave me like this,” he demanded and you couldn’t help but clench. damn, how could his voice alone affect you so much. hongjoong smirked as one of his hands trailed down to his pants where he slowly began palming himself. his other hand slowly lifted his shirt, mocking you in what you had did moments ago, in order to expose his stomach to you. 

“you know two can play at your little game, babe,” he teased, tongue sticking out before he took his shirt off. you huff playfully at your boyfriend before you started to unbutton your jeans. you turned so you back was to hongjoong before you slowly, perhaps too slowly, began taking your pants off. 

hongjoong watched as you slowly bent over, exposing your new thong to him. “when did you get this?” he questioned, leaning over to caress your ass before quickly smacking it making you turn to pout at him.

“about two weeks ago, never had a reason to wear it till now,” you say with a shrug. you smile when hongjoong pulls you to straddle his lap, his arms securely wrapping around you. 

you hurriedly roll your shirt up over your chest, exposing your boobs to hongjoong finally before pressing them against his own bare chest. your hands come up to cup his face before kissing him. the both of you sigh simultaneously as you open your mouth just enough for his tongue to slide in and run over your own. hongjoong groans as you start to rock your hips back and forth and you moan as the texture of his jeans and your thong add a rough type of pressure to your clit. 

joong,” you moan out as he begins to trail his lips down your throat before he settles on kissing and marking your chest. his hands rest on your hips as you continue to rock your hips into his. you can feel his jeans begin to get damp from your juices. his hard cock poking at you making you moan loudly every time it hits your clit. 

“fuck– h-hongjoong, i’m close,” you moan as your hips begin to stutter and hongjoong lets out a breathy laugh as he watches how you come undone in front of him. you start to grind down rougher on him before–

“hyung, y/n! do you guys want to go eat with us!” mingi suddenly opens the door, scaring the both of you in the process. hongjoong is quick to pull you close his chest before spinning his chair around, hiding the both of you from the other male’s eyes. “i-i-i’m sorry! i can see you guys are busy. you can join us when you’re done if you want!” mingi says, quickly leaving and closing the door.

you and hongjoong sit in silence for a few moments before you begin laughing which causes him to laugh as well. “well, that just killed the mood, didn’t it?” he teases and you nod in agreement as you rest your head on his chest.

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[8:39pm] “You look so good with my hand wrapped around your throat.” And “I’ve seen your search history, why didn’t you tell me you wanted to try that?” W/ Seonghwa

⋆ ⋆ ⋆

“Seonghwa, Can I borrow your laptop to finish my essay please?” You were staying with Seonghwa at the dorms and you had just remembered you needed to turn this in tomorrow.

Seonghwa was about to go take a shower so he let you do whatever you needed, “Yeah but make sure you close all your tabs afterwards…”

You agree and grab his laptop as he’s walking out. You log in and when you’re trying to type into the search engine you see something that catches your eye instead.

‘Choking Kink’ you pause for a second and look towards the door to make sure Seonghwa isn’t going to walk back into the room.

You press enter and see that Seonghwa has looked at pretty much everything that comes up. “How to properly choke someone” “Choking 101” “So you’re into choking…” Well, at least he’s being safe?

You bite your lip as you scroll through the different articles. How long has Seonghwa been wanting to try this?

You press your thighs together as you imagine Seonghwa’s hands. He has the perfect hands. Long fingers that he sometimes covers with rings.

The door opens suddenly making you shut the laptop quickly. You look up to see Seonghwa with a towel wrapped loosely around his waist. Your eyes linger where the towel is before you look at him guiltily.

Seonghwa looks at you weirdly but doesn’t question it further, “Hwa… I- come here please.”

When Seonghwa stops next to you, you spread your legs and pull on his towel to bring him on top of you, “Aww, is my baby needy?” You nod with your lip caught in between your teeth as you feel Seonghwa hardening against you.

You grab Seonghwa’s wrist and contemplate before placing his hand on your throat. Seonghwa groans loudly and he swears he almost came right then.

Even though Seonghwa had done his research he was still slightly hesitant, “It’s okay Hwa.” And that was the only confirmation that Seonghwa needed before he squeezed lightly.

Your mouth opened in silent pleasure, “I saw your search history, why didn’t you tell me you wanted to try that?” You saw a light blush creep on Seonghwa’s cheeks making you laugh slightly.

Seonghwa’s grip on your neck tightened making you moan, “S-Seonghwa-” he complies with your silent plea and pulls your shorts off. You’re already dripping making Seonghwa smirk.

He quickly pulls off the towel that’s wrapped around his waist to reveal his leaking cock. You looked at Seonghwa with your mouth parted in slight amazement how hard he got so quickly.

Seonghwa wastes no time and quickly pulls your panties to the side and completely bottoms out inside of you.

You whine loudly as Seonghwa immediately starts thrusting into you roughly. He can’t help the moans that he’s releasing as his eyes are glued to his hand that’s wrapped around your throat, “You look so good with my hand wrapped around your throat.”

Your hand went to grip onto Seonghwa’s wrist from the combination of the feelings. Your mind was clouded with lust because you honestly didn’t think Seonghwa choking you would affect you as much as it is.

You were both pathetically close, “Seonghwa h-harder!” His hips lost their momentum as he screwed his eyes shut.

“Harder? Yeah? You like this don’t you? You like the way my hand feels around that pretty little throat of yours.” Seonghwa tightens his grip further making your mouth drop open in a silent moan.

Seonghwa drives his hips into you even harder than before making both of you walk the edge of your orgasm. You release choked sobs, “Gonna cum baby? Why don’t you cum with me yeah?”

You nod the best you can with Seonghwa’s hands restricting your head, “Y-Yeah-”

Seonghwa’s breathing gets heavier as he gets closer to his release.

He quickly moved his free hand down to rub at your clit. Almost as soon as his thumb made contact with your throbbing clit you came. Your back arches against his chest as his grip tightens slightly only making you cum harder.

Seonghwa cums almost immediately after you with a loud groan before slowly releasing his grip on your neck.

Seonghwa immediately goes into his soft mode as he softly grips onto your chin to look at your neck. He pouts slightly whenever he sees red marks he left on your neck that would most likely bruise lightly, “Did I hurt you?”

You smile hazily at Seonghwa, “No Hwa, it’s okay. You didn’t hurt me.”

“But there’s bruises…” you wink at Seonghwa and pull him against you, “You don’t seem too worried whenever you leave bruises anywhere else”


Originally posted by jaehyum

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ahhhh shitttssss this one will be difficult because all the boys are so different, but let’s do it !! thank you for requesting my love !!

most likely to prefer somebody docile in bed

jung wooyoung

park seonghwa

choi san

choi jongho

jung yunho

kim hongjoong

song mingi

kang yeosang

most likely to prefer somebody bratty in bed

wooyoung, seonghwa - i repeat my statement for wooyoung… HE LOVES BEING AN “ALPHA” MALE. woo is just the definition of a power-hungry dom, and you cannot tell me otherwise. then, there’s seonghwa. it’s not that he doesn’t love somebody who can snap back, but he loves disciplining you and making you whither under him oops

san, jongho, yunho, hongjoong - these three adore somebody who’s versatile. they definitely would like a brat to continuously stimulate them and heighten their emotions, but they would began to detest it when it’s too much. the concept of you becoming all high and mighty to a little doe that begs for more? fucking orgasmic.

mingi, yeosang - so, you’re probably thinking HOW??? THESE TWO??? yes, these two. you know damn well that both of these boys are the babies of the group and are often pampered by their members, so they’d love the spunk you give them, the refusal to comply whilst giving them pleasure. 

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[02:12] jongho slowly and carefully walked through the door after practice one night. its not until he’s took off his shoes that he saw you there, body curled around a pillow laying on top of the couch. you waited up for him even though he told you not to, that at least one of you should get some decent sleep. nonetheless, he smiled fondly at your sleeping frame. you looked so delicate to him, almost fragile… like one small noise or touch may disrupt the calmness that seemed to encase you at the moment. he brushed some hair out of your face before ever so slowly taking the pillow from your grasp, trying his best not to wake you. you began to whine and stir in your sleep due to the disturbance, so just as jongho got the pillow out from your arms he began to shush and coo at you before you were able to fully wake up. as he whispered sweet nothings into your ear he leaned into you and was able to carry you to bed

instead of laying you down, he sat on the mattress with you in his arms. something about the way your cheek squished into his chest made him not want to let you go, at least not yet. with a mind of their own, his fingers lightly slid over your arm as he looked at you sleep. he could feel all of his stresses and worries dilute into nothing with every slow rise and fall of your chest. just as he felt ready to end his day, as if on cue, you made an unconscious noise wanting to be laid down

jongho, handling you as if you were glass, laid you down and pulled the covers up to your shoulders. he looked at your eyelashes nicely laid across the tops of your cheeks for a couple of seconds with his hand still behind your neck before turning the bedside lamp off and stumbling through the room to get to his side of the bed and turn his lamp on. after quickly putting some pajamas on he crawled into bed and immediately wrapped you up into his arms, sighing as the last little bit of tension left his body, making way for a peaceful sleep

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Originally posted by mvssmedia

My requests are open, so send away lovelies!

I’ll leave a list of kinks below, so you can control how filthy the fic gets :) also don’t feel limited to what’s on this list!! You can add more if you’d like!

*These can apply to boyxgirl AND boyxboy fics*

  • Daddy/mommy kink
  • Rimming
  • Sex toys
  • Spit-roast
  • Size kink
  • Strength/manhandling kink
  • Corruption kink
  • Voice/sound kink
  • Mirror sex
  • Public sex
  • Food play
  • Exhibitionism
  • Voyeurism
  • Bondage
  • Blindfolds
  • Body worship
  • Temperature play
  • Pain kink
  • Choking/gagging
  • Spanking
  • Fingering
  • Dirty talk
  • Degradation
  • Praise kink
  • Feminization
  • Somnophilia
  • Sadism
  • Masochism
  • Water sports
  • Dom/Sub space
  • Cock warming
  • Cum play
  • Nipple play
  • Overstimulation
  • Orgasm denial
  • Humiliation kink
  • Breeding/impregnation kink
  • Role reversal
  • Sexting
  • Hickeys/love bites
  • Scratches
  • Hair pulling
  • Lingerie/harnesses/garter belt
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Send me a Title for a fic (& pairing) and I’ll write a summary based off it.

note: these will be added to my WIPS

Please, I don’t feel good and I’m stuck in bed and I can’t fully write right now but I’m dying to 😭


Originally posted by rosemybaechu

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ateez simply just doesn’t have a bad song. every single one of their tracks go so hard like, it’s literally impossible for them to put out a bad song

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HI, I’m planning on being more active here, so if you’re an Ateez blog/a fan please like or reblog.

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Hello all! Kinda was feeling nostalgic the other day so decided to be active on tumblr again! I need more active blogs to follow so like/reblog if you post/reblog:

  • monsta x
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I’ll follow u!💞💗💕💖

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Warnings: Bad smutty scenes. Enemy king hongjoong. King Mingi. Falling in love. Forbidden acts. Maid x King. Making Deals. Chakras. 

It’s somewhat edited, so I’m sorry if errors pop up.

This is also on wattpad

Wattpad: capatainhongkissme

Tagging: @cutebutapsychoo @piratequeen-1117 @gamernerdmemegirl0614 @youneedapiratekink


Kayla sighs as she rushes around the guest bed chamber, King Mingi her king was inviting the enemy king: Hongjoong over to make some type of deal so they wouldn’t be enemies anymore. 

King Mingi put her in charge of being Hongjoong’s personal maid for the time being until he leaves to go back home. 

King Hongjoong of the dark lands will be staying at Mingi’s castle in his kingdom until they can reach an agreement. 

After Kayla dusted and cleaned Hongjoong’s room she goes downstairs to the living to find that Kim Hongjoong has already arrived and is waiting with his two personal guards and one of the maids that worked in the kitchen, who she recognized to be her best friend: Mimi. 

Mimi turns to her with fear in her eyes but Kayla only gives her a small smile and a pat on the head “King Kim Hongjoong, it’s an honor to have you as our guest. I will be your personal maid while you stay here.”

Hongjoong raises an eyebrow and walks over to her “What’s your name?” Kayla pushes Mimi towards the kitchen as she answers “My name is Kayla." 

Hongjoong gives her a small smile "I’m the enemy king so why are you being nice?” Kayla blushed and whispered “What makes you think that you are everyone’s enemy in this kingdom?” Before she could say or King Hongjoong could say anything else King Mingi walks in and says “Alright let’s get this started, Kayla just stand next to Hongjoong and get him whatever he wants.” Kayla nods and follows Hongjoong back to his sitting area. 

In the room altogether there are 7 people. Four are guards. Two are Kings. 1 maid. 

As Mingi was talking about sharing a land, Hongjoong tugs on her dress causing her to look down at him. Hongjoong smiles up at her and whispers “Can you get me some water?” Kayla nods and goes to the kitchen where the chefs were and the other maids. 

As Kayla got Hongjoong something cold to drink, one of the chef’s spoke “I hope they make an agreement quickly. I know if we were ever to go up against Hongjoong and his army we would all die.” Another chef shushes the other “I don’t think King Mingi would be thrilled if he heard that." 

Kayla sighs and turns to them "Will you two knock it off? King Hongjoong agreed to work things out. He came here across the sea to our land to make it work. Also King Mingi wouldn’t be so thrilled if he heard that.” With those words Kayla turns and leaves the kitchen and takes Hongjoong’s water over to him. 

Hongjoong gives her a small smile as his fingers brush against hers as he took glass cup from her. Kayla goes back standing next to his chair and watches King Hongjoong sip on his water and watches him set the cup down on the table before making deals of his own. 

Four hours later

Kayla walks Hongjoong to his room with his guards following, after four hours of him and her king going over things and making deals they both called it a day. They had a lot more to work on and over on things they already made an agreement on. 

“where is your room?” Hongjoong asked Kayla with a small smile. Kayla smiles up at him and says “My room is right across from yours so if you need me, you can knock or send one of guards to get me." 

Hongjoong hummed "Your king really wants me to comfortable here doesn’t he?” Kayla nods as she opens his chamber’s door “Oh yes, King Mingi wants to make sure you are treated like a king here just as you are at home.” Hongjoong nods and walks into his room and says “At home. I don’t have a personal maid. Especially an elegant one like you." 

Kayla blushes and waves her hand at him "I’m not elegant and really? King Mingi has one.” Hongjoong smirks “Why wasn’t that maid in the room with us than?” Kayla blushes and speaks softly “She’s currently sick at the moment." 

Hongjoong nods and hummed softly as he looked around the chambers before speaking "I hope she feels better soon.” Kayla nods in agreement “Yes I hope so too, she’s very sweet." 

Hongjoong lazily lays down on the bed and whispers "You are also sweet, thank you for bringing me to my room. You are dismissed." 

Kayla nods and leaves Hongjoong’s chambers and goes to her room. 

That Night

Kayla was laying on her bed playing with her pink rose quartz chakra necklace when she heard her bedroom door up, she quickly sits up and looks up to find that it was Hongjoong "King Hongjoong? What’s wrong? Do you need something?” Hongjoong walks over to her bed and whispers “I want you, I’ve been thinking about you ever since I met you earlier today." 

Kayla didn’t know what to say, she was shocked. "King-” Before she could say anything else Hongjoong is hovering over and he whispers “Call me Hongjoong, beautiful." 

Kayla gaps softly as Hongjoong starts kissing her neck before pressing his lips against hers. Kayla blushes as she kisses Hongjoong’s lips back softly causing Hongjoong to smile against her lips as he kisses her passionately. 

It wasn’t long until Hongjoong’s and her clothes were on the floor. 

And it wasn’t much longer after until Hongjoong slipped his cock into her entrance with his arms wrapped around her waist and started thrusting in and out of her. 

Kayla moans in his ear and kisses his lips softly as he thrusts in and out of her, Hongjoong let’s out soft gaps and low groans and whispers "You feel so good around my cock.” Kayla blushes and whispers softly “Hongjoong” Hongjoong smirks as he picks up the pace of his thrusting and cums deeply in her while nuzzling her ear with his nose with a moan. 

Kayla moans in his ear as she cums around his cock and gaps softly under him, her fingers buried into his mullet brown hair. 

Hongjoong softly pants in her ear gently and whispers softly “you look so beautiful blessed out.” Kayla smiles with a flushed look and whispers “As do you.” Hongjoong pulled out of her and lays down next to her and caresses her face as she turns onto her side and looks at him. 

“We probably shouldn’t let anyone know about this.” Kayla whispers softly. Hongjoong gives her a soft look and whispers “My guards know, and i wouldn’t really mind if anyone knows-” Kayla cuts him off by covering his mouth with her hand and she whispers “I wouldn’t either but my King might take it as an act of you just coming her and stealing his maids, This is for your own safety, promise me you won’t tell anyone else." 

Hongjoong caresses her side and hip before nodding his eyes soften more and when she removed her hand from his mouth he whispers "You have such a soft and pure heart. I can tell by your words, you care about others even if they are dangerous to be around." 

Kayla flushes and whispers "I’ve always been that way." 

Two Weeks Later

After that day, Hongjoong always snuck back into her room, either they were getting to know each other or having sex and Hongjoong knew he was falling in love with her, he wanted to protect her and always be near her. 

He couldn’t keep the delays going on any longer but he wanted to speak to her first before going to King Mingi and breaking the deal. 

Currently he was in his chambers going over the papers that Mingi gave him as he wrote some stuff down on the paper when Kayla opened his door and spoke softly "Joongie? Can I talk to you? It’s important.” Hongjoong puts down his writing tool and looks up at her “What’s wrong?” He whispered. 

Kayla sits on the edge of his bed biting her bottom lip in worry “I think it’s best if you just agree on something with my King, he is getting more emotional and more upset that you won’t answer his questions or agree with anything, is this because of us?" 

Hongjoong gulps softly and he thinks to himself ‘it’s the moment of truth’ he stands up and goes and sits down next to her and he whispers "Yes, i just don’t wanna leave you here. I love you and if i leave we’ll never be able to see each other ever again so I want to make a deal with your king about you.” Kayla stares at Hongjoong before whispering “what will this deal entail?" 

Hongjoong bites his bottom lip and whispers "To take you as my wife and if i get you, i will share everything he wants, land, warriors, food, water, and other stuff if he doesn’t accept this deal I will go to war and take you anyway." 

Kayla’s mouth drops and whispers softly "Joongie-” Hongjoong shushes her gently and whispers “I know you love me, I heard a few nights ago when you thought I was asleep. I will only do this deal if you’re okay with it-” Before Hongjoong could say anything Kayla whispers “Do the deal, I have no idea what he will say or if he will agree or not but do what your heart guides you to do. My heart is telling me to let you do this deal so do the deal." 

Hongjoong kisses her lips softly and nods before getting up and whispers "I’ll be back stay here, Yeosang will protect you.” After he said those words he rushes out of his chambers and rushes to the king’s chambers. 

When he reaches them he slams the doors open to find the King sitting at his desk looking over his papers but he lets out a gaps and spoke “You can’t just-" 

Hongjoong walks over to him and spoke firmly "I have deal breaker. If you agree to this deal I will share everything with you if you give me what I want." 

Mingi raises an eyebrow and says "Okay what do you want?” Hongjoong licks his lips “I want Kayla as my wife, if you let me have her you will get anything you want.”

Mingi stares at him before letting out a long sigh “I see, I guess that’s why she didn’t accept my proposal, you can have her. Just make sure you make her happy." 

Hongjoong stares at him "You love her and you still accept my deal?” Mingi sighs softly and stands up “Yes, I love her and I’m only accepting this deal because she loves you. I don’t know if you know this but my kingdom goes by the rose quartz chakra which means many things that go by love and it can be any type of love. Kayla wears a chakra necklace and sometimes I think is that chakra herself because she always follows her heart even if it could get her killed, so, If she loves you it must be very deep and I won’t keep her from that.” Mingi couldn’t stop the tears rolling down his cheeks and he whispers “So you have to make me a promise that you won’t hurt in any way." 

Hongjoong gives him a look of determination and spoke softly "I love her so much. My love for her grows everyday, I want her to be happy too. I want her to feel the love she deserves. I will do anything for this woman so hurting her isn’t an option.” Mingi nods and whispers “Then it’s a deal though I’m curious what would’ve you done if I said no." 

Hongjoong blushes and spoke softly "I’ve would’ve gone to war with you.” Mingi chuckles and says “I’m glad I agreed now go. I’ll make the papers. Just spend your time with Kayla." 

Hongjoong nods and rushes out of King Mingi’s chambers to go to his chambers so he can hold Kayla in his arms.

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all of this atla stuff im seeing is making me wanna write an ateez atla au someone please stop me i dont have the mental capacity to create another au when i have the ******** san to finish as well as the ateez bnha origin stories 😔🤧🥴

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Pairing: Pirate Captain!Hongjoong x Mermaid!Reader

Genre: Pirate/Fantasy AU, Romance, Drama

Word count: 1,087 words.

“You could never know a person’s true nature simply from the words of others. You must experience it first hand to make an opinion and stand by it.”

It had only been a few days since Wooyoung arrived and he didn’t know exactly how to explain it. He couldn’t help but feel anxious as he sat there in his cell making small talk with the blue haired boy. Not because of the child, Jisung was simply curious and a sweet boy. No, it was perhaps the mermaid who looked like she would drop dead at any second yet also jump him despite her frail state.

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