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seonghw-a · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
choi san best boi
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baekhvuns · 10 hours ago
mr & mrs park.
Tumblr media
synopsis : in which the task of killing your enemy is abruptly put on a pause when you discover their cute little secret.
pairing : mafia seonghwa x reader.
theme ( s ) : romcom, angst, action & smut.
word count : 50K ( i- )
Tumblr media
there are three things you need to know before you read this.
one, you screwed up.
two, it wasn’t supposed to be like this.
three, you’re holding onto a revolver.
also, four, you’re standing at the doorstep of your favourite person. your breath hitches in your throat, swallowing before taking quiet steady steps to the right.
it’s as if you’re starring in a james bond movie. the wind is crisp, your heart’s pounding and it’s a dark, rainy night.
little drizzles of rain roll down your windbreaker and your shoes click against the cement pavement. hands shaking slightly as you held your gun up, eyeing the inside of the window.
“lights off,” you whisper, a smirk forming over your lips because you can finally complete this task.
your eyes squint over the silencer, peeking inside the window like some sort of a creep before walking to the backside of the house.
just to be clear, you’re not a thief.
it’s pretty evident considering the revolver you’re holding is only ever made twice, you own one of it while the other is in this house.
you wince at the crunchy grass, trying your best to be quiet while the inside of your mind is opened like tabs, and tokyo drift seems to be playing.
you grim when there seems to be a wooden back deck, which would definitely make noise if you step over it. a lavish pool just a few meters away from where you stood, you swallow and then slowly step on the deck.
once you’re comfortable with the low noise level, you start to pick up the pace and then push your back against the brick wall. gun cocked down, and your hood over your eyes.
you look to the left, where a window was. you presumed was the kitchen and grinned, slowly lowering yourself to peek inside with wide eyes.
when you don’t spot anyone, you skrt towards the glass doors. lifting your hand to your hair, you shimmy out a bobby pin and stick it inside the door lock.
you’re hoping the sound of rain drains out the constant noise of the pin, and that there is no security alarm turned on at this hour.
your face falls into relief when you hear the lock click open, jumping on your toes slightly you shoved the pin in your pocket. gripping the gun tightly before slowly opening the glass doors.
immediately you’re welcomed by the warmth, contrasting from the cold outside. a light vanilla smell in the air as the interior inside is boring yet cozy.
you click your tongue, “just like him.” whispering that you tiptoe to the stairs. before stopping and turning on your heels to examine the first floor, but all you see is decorations all over.
from frames to big fake plant pots, even in the dark, you could make out the very obvious taste of the man. there’s a white round archway, which separates the entrance space from the rest of the house.
where you stood was just a few inches by it, where the stairs were, to the left. you had to say, even in the darkness, the house looked beautiful.
when the lower floor's coast was clear, you carefully headed up the stairs. thanking god that there was carpet placed on them, making it easier for no creaks to pop through.
you eye the white walls, pressing your back against them as you make your way to the top floor.
you walk up the white door just on your right, hoping that it would be his master bedroom. your feet thump over the carpet, heart pounding against your chest you flipped open the door.
it flung upon with a bang and you immediately jumped inside, “hands u-“ you pause just as you walked in.
looking around the empty room frantically, “shit,” you cautiously walk over to the bathroom and rummage through the tub or the walk-in closet.
when you find nothing, you lower down the gun and run a hand through your hair. your eyes fall over the bedsheets, “the sheets are a mess, he must’ve been here at some time.”
the quietness in the house is sickening, you terribly wanted to finish your job and evacuate the house within seconds. but seeing that your main person isn’t even in his room, sends you into a fury.
you fish your phone out from your pocket, opening the location app. a blue dot stood right where you were, telling you that he was in the house.
don’t ask where or how you put a tracker on the man, that’s a. . very long and complicated procedure.
your eyes roll to the back of your head, raking a hand through your hair down to your face. lips pressed in a line you once again look at the screen, but this time you see the blue dot move.
your eyes widen and you immediately hide behind a dresser, crouching down just by the wood. but when you don’t hear anything, eyes fixated on the screen you slowly get up.
and that’s when you hear a cry.
“that’s not how he sounds like,” you mumble slowly, a pained expression on your face because you wanted to leave but not before you completed your task.
when you take a step, you hear the cries only double. with each step you take, now out of the room, the cries only seem to be tripling and sounding more clear.
your eyes narrow and you angle your head to the right, eyes falling over the room near the end of the hallway. lights turned off yet a small lamp like brightened shined the room, you swallow.
you’ve heard multiple things like this, to divert someone’s focus by using a child’s cries and falling into their trap.
with a scoff you step towards the room, face turning into a frown as the cries are louder and clearer. and this time you hear a low voice too, you slowly peek inside the room.
eyes falling onto a silhouette near the corner and you nearly drop your gun, cursing inwardly you hold it tighter.
you then dramatically enter the room, gun aimed at the man who you’ve been looking for. a smirk gracing your lips when the man clearly doesn’t seem to pay attention, or well knows but doesn’t care.
both your hands now grip the gun, slightly shaking as you inched closer. “park seonghwa, hands up.”
park seonghwa, the very man you grew up with. from being friends ever since you two were in diapers, to being mortal enemies once high school ended.
and now you’re here, in his house with a gun pointing at him.
that’s when he spares you a glance from over his shoulder, and you realize he’s shirtless while folding his arms over his chest.
“not the time y/n.”
you scoff, “it is the rig-“
you’re abruptly cut off by a loud cry and seonghwa immediately tends to it. whispering and shushing while your eyebrows furrow in confusion, enough for you to lower your weapon down slowly.
you take a hesitant step forward, feeling your heart start to pick its pace up with every step you take.  
once you’re close enough to peek over seonghwa’s shoulders, “oh my god-“ your mouth falls agape when you see a tiny body cuddled up in his arms.
you realize he wasn’t folding his arms over his chest, but instead holding a baby. the loud cries weren’t some tactic, but a reality that hit you like a truck.
“not right now y/n,” he grits out, “not when my daughter is involved.”
your eyes widen at that, a shaky breath leaving your mouth as your eyes diverted to seonghwa’s back. the cries of his daughter echoing the room as he desperately tries to calm her down.
“s-she’s?” you can’t even make full sentences out, walking in a circle behind him with a hand over your forehead.
“she’s your daughter? oh my god, seonghwa i was here to k-“
“piss off y/n.” he cradles the baby in his arms, whispering sweet nothings to her in an attempt for her to stop crying.
you keep watching him struggle to keep her from crying, and a feeling of anxiousness pools over you. swallowing as your eyes searched the room, full of drawings and frames of him and his daughter.
it feels so weird to even say a sentence like that, his daughter, his. daughter.
“you’re married?!” you blurt out loudly and it only makes the baby cry, wincing you mumble out an apology.
“y/- shit hey baby, daddy’s here look- no don’t cry for me!” he coos, rocking the baby back and forth and you physically have to stop everything in your mind.
“..what’s her name?”
he peers over his shoulder once again, “you don’t deserve to know that.” and it only makes the baby cry, wailing out as he struggles to stop her.
your eyes then land on the gun you placed in your holster, swallowing thickly before having the courage to step closer to the man.
“god, hand her to me you dumb ass,” you say when you come to stand beside him. he immediately cowers away, his daughter only sniffling louder.
seonghwa looks down at the tear-stained cheeks of his daughter, he’s been desperately trying to stop the crying for minutes now and seeing you here isn’t doing much.
but when you offer, he glares at you. you stare back at him with a stern look, nodding your head to the crying figure he’s holding.
“give her to me-“
“you’ll kill her,” he says, pushing back her hair as he rocked her back and forth.
“i’m not like that and you know that,” you grit out, swallowing at the harsh assumption he’s placed over you even after knowing you basically since diapers.
“you’re only making her cry more seonghwa, geez give her to me,” you say once more, this time holding your arms out.
you know he’s hesitating, the look of worry flickers his eyes and he looks at you then at his daughter. her tiny hand clutching his one finger and he finds himself tearing up seeing her cry, you stand there waiting for him to do something.
when he doesn’t respond, you bring your hands down only halfway until he speaks. “you’ve got some balls thinking i’d hand my daughter to you,” the baby cries and he sighs, “put your gun away and wash your hands!”
you give him a deadpan, “i said go wash your hands y/n, i don’t want my daughter to get sick because of you.”
with a tsk you walk out of the room, only to be lost and step back. before you could ask he already finishes the sentence for you, “bathroom’s to your left.”
you stare at the mirror while washing your hands, and it hits you that it’s been years. it’s been so long that all your friends are having kids while you’re stuck in this ring of business.
you stare at your reflection, noticing how time has aged you gracefully. and how time had harshly sped up seeing the circumstances you find yourself in now.
you definitely didn’t expect everything to turn out like this, to meet your once friend and now enemy with his child in his arms. it makes you swallow and stare at yourself, wondering if you would ever come in a position like this.
with your own small family, that’s all yours.
with a scoff, you walk out of the room and head towards the baby’s room, this time you see everything better. the faded pink room, posters of cartoony rainbows and suns scatter all around and in the middle rests a birch white coloured crib.
even in the crib resides a small pillow, half the size of a regular one. a pink fuzzy blanket and a wall of plushies all over, it was cozy and just right for his p-
“princess,” you hear him mumble and something swirls in you, “daddy’s here baby, please don’t cry.”
your eyes soften at the scene you walked into, never in a million years, you thought you’d be experiencing this.
the big bad wolf softening down, making you forget about the gruesome things, deals, murders, spewing violence, mingling with politics he’s done. borderline making you forget that he’s the heir to a mafia throne, you just on the same wavelength.
the empire.
that’s what his clan was called, full of more than fifty thousand people at max. not including their families and allies, it was a constitution of some sort.
the empire was feared since the day it began, starting from the ancestral background that goes back to olden royalty.
although his clan did many sinful things, they have never partnered up with prostitution rings or human trafficking. their only sole purpose was to not inflict harm to those innocent, to not involve those who aren’t supposed to be.
yours was named the crown.
similar in a sense of history, rooting back all the way to royalty. some even considered the empire as a neighbour, an ally to the crown.
but all that faded away when two idiots, you and seonghwa birthed and created chaos. every generation of the empire and crown had been on mutual terms with one another, many even going as far as to befriend them.
but then you and seonghwa decided to be born and chose violence.
no literally, your first account of violence was when you two jumped on each other. on a beach, on the sand, in public, because he destroyed the sandcastle you made with your mother.
the two of you wrestled until pulled away, and that was only in grade six. as the two of you get older, it’s as if you could not stand each other’s existence in a room.
one of you always needed to be away from each other, which meant you two finally had different classes at the opposite side of the school.
but it’s not like that would stop both you devils, absolutely not.
somehow, out of literally nothing you two would burst out into arguments over the most baseless things.
you two knew it was ridiculous and yet kept going until one of you had the last word. which usually meant your parents being called in, talking with the principal while your parents threw glares at you.
it was embarrassing, to both the clans. seeing how friendly the two were, only to be starting small rifts because of you two.
but you two did not care, all you did was go at one another all throughout high school.
your banters, the push and pull even made it to the school news.
the last memory you two have of each other is from graduation, not the dinky and expensive gala’s you two were supposed to attend.
you know nothing about him, nor does he. two different people, the same profession yet somehow reunited again.
maybe on a lighter note this time.
“oh, you’re done.” he glances back, “please make her go to sleep.”
you spare him a glance and notice the dark circles around his eyes, “you became a father but look at your dumb ass struggling as usual,” you mock.
you gently reach out to grab his daughter from his arms, holding onto her with such care and softness as if her fragile figure would just shatter.
“oh my god,” you whisper, caressing her full cheeks and she immediately stops crying. only little sniffles echo through and you find yourself tearing up out of nowhere at the sight of her face.
a low gasp escapes seonghwa’s mouth that his daughter has finally stopped crying, but in your arms out of everyone’s.
“hi baby,” you coo at her wide shiny eyes, an exact copy of him. “your dad’s a big idiot! can’t make his princess stop crying hm? he’s also a very bad enemy, you know?”
you watch her break out into a smile as if she understands and it makes you gasp at how stunning she is. “god, she looks just like you. it’s kinda creepy.”
seonghwa watches you with a surprised look, leaning on the crib with his arms folded over his chest.
“good, didn’t want an ounce of her mother on her.” he says, watching you make faces at his daughter who squeaked in excitement.
“so you’re not married?” you ask, eyes still on her as you played with her. he shakes his head, “ohh you’re a baby daddy, i see.”
his lips quirk up slightly, “an ex.” his reply is short but you could tell the bitterness behind it.
“who was the ex?” you finally look at him and notice the changes he now stands with. black hair over his eyes, shirtless, in grey sweats and a foul look on his face.
“was it-“
“don’t.” he stops you, “don’t even say her name.”
“everyone told you to stay away from her,” you start and he glares, “but you’re so stuck on the love at first sight sh-“
“okay, okay i get it.”
you scoff, smiling widely at his daughter. “hwayoung,” you lift your head, “her name’s hwayoung.”
it only makes you grin wider, “hi hwayoung!” you give her a little wave and she yawns. carefully shifting her in your arms so that her head is now resting on your shoulder, your hand patting her back as you lulled her to sleep.
the next few minutes you two spend in silence, you rocking hwayoung to sleep while seonghwa himself tried not to doze off. you smiled slightly and then thought about the real reason why you were here and it makes you curse inwardly.
“you came here to finally kill me?” he mumbles lazily, eyes closed and head tilted to the right.
you pause on the patting, “i did,” responding short. because now the situations have changed, you can’t exactly kill him because he’s got a daughter he needs to take care of.
“well, are you going to do it?”
you swallow, coming closer to place hwayoung in her crib. she whines in her sleep but you gently place her down, bringing the blanket to her chin and placing a plushie by her.
“…not right now, not when you have a daughter.” you pause to stare at him, “maybe later, i’ll spare you for now.”
Tumblr media
there’s a sheepish grin on your lips as you stand on his doorstep, both hands full of multiple branded and expensive bags, you curl your hands in a fist and carefully knock on his front door.
rocking on the balls of your feet, sparing the bags a glance with a smile before you hear sounds from the other side. excitedly you fix your hair and the door opens, you expect a hello or a good morning or even a face.
but when the door opens you’re face to face with a gun, right in the center of your forehead. the man holding it being the one and only seonghwa.
“so your first instinct is to put a gun to my head?” you say, moving your head to the right, knocking the gun away.
the man in front of you groans, “what the fuck are you doing here?”
you make a face, “i got your daughter a bunch of stuff— now let me pass.” you shove him aside and walk in, ignoring his calls for your name as you made your way upstairs.
you called for hwayoung and instantly you hear her squeals, it’s as if she’s recognized you just by meeting you once.
you jog to her room and break out into a smile when you see her standing by the support of the crib. “hi!” you excitedly call out, she giggles and it makes your heart swell.
you move closer to her and just as you’re about to, you’re pulled back by your collars. only hitting seonghwa’s towering front, “let me go you old man,” you sneer, trying to shimmy off his hands.
“old man?” he scoffs, coming in closer till he’s right behind you. “i’m only, like what, months older?”
you turn around, letting go of the bags as they hit the floor. “still an old man,” you grin, flicking his hands off your collars before fixing them.
“not let me see my princess.”
“of course,” you say, “she already loves me, see.” you point at her smiling.
“hi hwayoung, this is your aunt y/n!”
you ignore the way he mutters out, “oh? an aunt?” and walk towards her.
he rolls his eyes when he sees you skip towards his daughter, ignoring him. he leans on the doorframe watching you and her, taken aback why the energy she protruded out at a total stranger.
when you hold onto her, he watches a big smile on his daughter's face. her excited giggles and squeaks only making you laugh, he stares at how her eyes widen with the stuff you show her.
when you notice his boring stare into your back, you turn around. “look don’t be happy, i still want to kill you— but this little bean right here won’t let me.” you pause to take in his expression, “so wait a few years, i’ll do it then.”
he rolls his eyes for the ninth time, throwing his head foraged to let his hair fall over his face. “why are you here?” and before you could answer, “and don’t say it’s for her.”
“well-“ you hold onto her fingers, “i have a few questions to ask you, about your ex and her possible involvement with a cartel.”
“so you’re saying she’s involved with hyphen? that ratchet cartel?” you hear him say, “and what proof do you have?”
you stand with a smile, lifting your fingers to point at your forearm. “my proof,” his eyes graze over the white bandage wrapping around your arm.
“they attacked me around two days ago,” you walk past him, from his kitchen to his living room.
you hear him scoff behind you, “how do they know where you live? no one knows th-“
“exactly.” you twist on your heels, “no one knows where i live, but that’s where i’m suspicious of you.”
he raises his eyebrows, “and why me?”
“because the only people who know me are from our school, your ex was there too.” you pause to stare into his eyes, “and so were you, which only concludes my reasoning that you had something to do with it.”
“and is that why you came to kill me?”
your hands shift to your hips, “your ex and her gang physically attacked me two days ago, left a scar on my pretty skin and you think i won’t do anything about it?”
he shakes his head, letting his hair fall over his forehead. “i don’t know what you’re on about, i had nothing to do with this.” he points all over you.
your lips twist in a frown, “you got my location revealed!” eyes narrowing in anger at the fact that someone had just, randomly walked in and physically attacked you in your own house.
“your security should’ve worked better!”
“you shouldn’t have revealed my location!” you frustratedly yell.
“i don’t even know where you live!” and he only yells louder but bites his tongue, swiftly glancing at the living room where his daughter was.
“well your ex certainly does,” you walk closer, raising a finger at him. “i swear to everything park, if they attack me or my family. i won’t hesitate to out you this time,”
he scoffs out loudly, taking a step towards you until your finger is touching his chest. “i have nothing to do with this-“
he pauses to hold onto your finger, slowly bringing it down. “and i couldn’t care less if you out me, unlike you, i have good security.”
you clench your jaw, raising an eyebrow at him. “we’ll see how innocent you really are, huh?” he steps back with a shrug and you take in the time to look at his calm demeanour.
maybe he didn’t out you, why would he? he’s got his daughter with him but he did have his ex. you’re starting to think of the most impossible thing ever, maybe park seonghwa is in fact innocent.
you take that back just two weeks after, how could you ever think that he would be innocent. because not only did that cartel work from inside, they also blew up a part of your house.
so now you’re standing outside watching the firefighters come and diminish the fire, hands on your hips and a frown decorates your lips.
“it’s not my fault.”
you sharply turn your head, “it’s all your fault seonghwa, your ex did this! and i don’t even know her!”
your frown deepens when you stare back at your beloved home, now a part of it rotting in a fire. running a hand through your hair you stop to inhale, trying to figure out what you should do.
there’s no chance you could go back to your parents, considering they live on the outskirts of the city. which is a whopping five-hour drive and since all, if not, most of the business resides in the city.
you can’t just give it up, buying a house would also be a hassle. seeing your picky choice for a cozy home would only have you running around in circles.
you know seonghwa’s also staring at your home, hands in his pocket as if it doesn’t affect him. when all of it is his and his exes fault.
he clears his throat and shuffles closer when a firefighter runs by him, “uh, look i know you’re not going to believe me, but i really don’t have anything to do with this.”
“i don’t trust you one bit.”
“i am a hundred percent innocent, your honour.”
“i call that bullshit.”
the man scoffs and then clears his throat, “i could help you.”
you don’t even pay attention to him, just like usual he’ll say something so dumb that it’ll rile you up. you’re not in the mood for his ransom-ness or him, so you take a step to the side.
he only takes one closer.
you stare him down with a frown and he holds a tight smile, eyeing the surroundings. as if telling you two to keep our mouths shut and not embarrass yourselves in public with the dispute you two have.
“just listen to me, you don’t have to agree.” your lips twist and a snarl, side-eyeing the man who takes the opportunity to continue.
“so, uh, my daughter really likes you.” he starts, staring at your resting face. “and since now your house is partially destroyed, i was thinking if you coul-“
“if i could, what?”
“if you could become a caretaker for her? like a nanny-“
your eyes narrow down and you fully turn your body to him, “excuse me? a nanny? me?” your wide eyes bore into his and he swallows.
“ could live with us?” he says hesitantly as if he knows you’ll throw something at him.
“seonghwa, what?” you stare at him in disbelief, “what is going on inside your head?”
“you want me to be a nanny for your daughter?” a loud scoff leaves your mouth. “why can’t you do that or better, hire someone?”
he shifts to the side, licking his lips before continuing. “we are friends-“
“were.” you cut him with a glare.
“okay, were friends,” he pauses to inhale, “and since you’re desperately accusing me of being behind all this, then let me help you.”
“not only will you spend time with my daughter, since she is your favourite. you’ll also get to stay there until your house is fully fixed, now doesn’t that sound appealing?”
“are you using your daughter to guilt-trip me?” you lift a finger, walking close enough to poke his chest.
he smirks obnoxiously, “call it what you want, i’m being the nice guy and offering you a place to stay.”
“you’ll give me the couch,” you deadpan, knowing how insanely calculating he is, he won’t let you know the entire deal.
“that’s- yes i will.” he completes with a smile, “well?”
you squint your eyes at him, swiftly glancing at your burning house and then back at him. “what do i get out of this? not the couch but you have something in store.”
“be my daughter’s nanny, caretaker, guardian whatever they call it when i’m not present.” he simply shrugs.
“are you going to pay me? that is the real question.”
“one million a day?” he offers and you raise an eyebrow.
taking a step forward you stop just before getting too close, “and how much for staying at your place?”
“one million a day.”
you push him away with your hands at that, crossing your arms over your chest before walking opposite him. leaving him standing behind, hands in his pocket and a boyish grin on his face before he turns around and walks to his mercedes.
the minute you get off the phone with your parents, you’re welcomed by not only seonghwa but his daughter also in his hands. your eyes glare at the man but soften at the baby, you can’t help but coo at her dressed in a pink dress and a hat on her.
“this won’t work seonghwa,” you point out between him and you, “you can very well hire someone in seconds to take care of her.”
he looks at his daughter and then bounces her slightly as she laughs, “actually i can’t, no one knows i have a child. if they do find out, i don’t want to risk her life.”
“so i’m the best option you have?” you ask, looking at hwayoung who finds interest in his shirt buttons. “don’t you have, i don’t know, mingi? or even san?”
“please,” he stops you, “i’d never let them near her again.”
the again sticks with you and you don’t question it anymore, knowing full well of the tomfoolery the duo do.
he then moves his daughter to prop on his waist, “plus, she loves you.” he looks down at her, using a finger to softly poke her cheek. “don’t you baby?”
“see!” he grins brightly, his daughter only mirroring it while they both look at you with their identical features.
you try to look away from their intense stare, flickering your eyes from your home and then to the duo.
“how big is the couch?”
“i’m not that easy to win over,” you step forward, “make my pay fifteen million, take it or leave.”
“i have no choice but to take it.”
Tumblr media
you thought that you’d stay here for a week, max. seeing the daily updates of your house finally being fixed all together with new furniture and facilities, you were ready to move back.
but how could you leave her all alone? your eyes fall over hwayoung with a pout and then they shift to seonghwa. immediately making you frown, mumbling something incoherent to yourself.
“i can hear you,” he says from his spot, throwing you a nasty glare.
“good, you were supposed to.” poking your tongue at him and then shifting your focus on his daughter, who seemed to be playing with your shirt.
it’s as if time had flown so quickly that it took you a few seconds to realize that you had been coming over almost every day for the past two months.
having such an attachment to hwayoung that it was almost impossible for you to stay away, in the past you did like kids when they were your siblings but now the whole thought process had changed ever since you took care of hwayoung.
there was a day where you had an incredibly important meeting that you had hosted with shareholders of your business. it was all rainbows and daisies until your phone blared out in silence, catching everyone’s attention.
you gave a tight smile before excusing yourself to pick the call and once you did, you regret it. because the second you say a hello, seonghwa’s yelling from the other side.
“could you please babysit hwayoung for tonight? i need to go take down a politician and can’t have her dad take her-“
“seonghwa,” you looked around the meeting room, “i’m literally in a different city, handle it yourself!”
“and? she’s been waiting for you patiently all ready in her blue overalls and a bow— oh did you know i did her hair today? here, talk to her!”
your eyes widened, “no, no, seonghwa don’t make me— hi hwayoung!”
and that’s when you knew, there wasn’t an easy way out of this mess you willingly got yourself into.
sometimes after work you’d come in with food and spend the day with her before going back home, you’d bring her toys and clothes and anything she wanted.
and rightfully so, you also managed to make a few conversations here and there with her dad. the dude who you literally couldn’t tolerate being in the same room as you, now you standing in his house taking care of his daughter.
but it’s not as if you were the only one doing so, seonghwa had been present every day, just a few days where he had work and the same goes for you. it was a balanced timetable the two of you had stretched, where you two didn’t interact.
“i never expected you to be a dad,” you caress her hair back, “on top of that, this soon.”
you hear him type something on his computer and you lift your eyes at his larger frame, “i didn’t either yet here we are.”
you roll your eyes at his remark, holding onto hwayoung’s hands which she wrapped around you. “you never told me how old she is,”
“just a little over two, almost three soon.” you hum in response, watching her fiddle with your ring-adorned fingers.
you take the moment to stare at her properly, it really makes you in awe at how stunning the child is. an exact copy of seonghwa, you remember seeing his baby photos around somewhere in the house during your stay.
all across the house, especially in the living room held up frames of hwayoung and seonghwa. from candids to professional and yet you didn’t see anyone else but them, it was empty in a way.
you come to caress her cheek with your thumb, softly and gently and she leans into your touch automatically.
and then your mind wanders to what exactly had happened between seonghwa and his ex, for her to leave such a beautiful child alone with him. it’s not the first time you’ve thought about it but many times during this entire period.
and so you find yourself asking the tricky question. “did she ever come to see her after birth?” you know you hit the mark when you see him go stiff, eyes flickering from his computer screen to you and his daughter.
he lifts his hand to shut the computer down, bringing the same hand to run through his black hair before leaning back. and you watch him, eyeing him up and down and instinctively raising an eyebrow.
“why do you want to know so much about her?” he muses and you give him a blank stare, making him smirk.
“always kills the cat-“ he adds on and you smirk.
“-still has nine lives.”
he chuckles through his nose, coming forward to place his elbows on the table, cradling his face in his hands. “she left after a week of giving birth, she hasn’t seen her ever since and i don’t plan on letting her.”
“why?” you find yourself asking, propping hwayoung your waist and walking towards the man.
“she didn’t want her,” you slowly take a seat opposite him, putting hwayoung on the table. “told me that the minute she found out she was pregnant, i begged her to keep it.”
he finds himself looking at his daughter, the one he and only he raised. he still remembers how insanely hard it was as if it was just yesterday, and he smiles at that because he wouldn’t have it otherwise.
“i’m glad you did,” you look at him, “she’s too precious.”
“she’s a pain in the ass sometimes,” he laughs, eyes falling over his daughter playing with the chain hanging down your neck.
you chuckle at that, “i can just imagine you struggling to do anything with her.” and almost instantly she looks at you, a bright sparkle in her eyes.
he shakes his head at that, remembering how he had to call his mother in a panic. how she had given him every single instruction on how to handle, care and nurture the baby.
he tried to follow them all, really he did but never in a million years did he think that diapers were more horrifying than what he does for living.
he thinks when he first changed her diaper, afraid of letting it fall on him or the carpet and staining it. oh and the smell, he winced physically at that.
he barely missed the diaper falling over when his friends had walked in, first chuckling at him and then helping him quietly because he had threatened to throw the dirty diaper at them.
his friends would be over almost every day to take care of their little niece, whom they all named together after a very competitive game of choosing a name.
yeosang definitely won that, not only that but the title of being her godfather.
they all shopped for her, a clash of styles you thought. seeing how there are clearly very different aesthetics in her closet, from street wears to onesies to-
“the cottage core collection was from yeosang and the bucket hats were from yunho’s unhealthy obsession.”
you chuckle at that, now placing your head in hwayoung’s lap who rested her small hands on your hair.
he then goes on about detailing her entire life so far with him, how when she cried he also started to cry. eventually getting tired and then cuddling each other to sleep, or how they would have disney and barbie movie nights every week.
her wrapped in his favourite blanket, laying by her and watching the movies that he now remembers the dialogues from. he uses them to make her laugh, imitating the characters to just hear her giggle.
he’s done everything to fill the other empty spot of a parent, he knows he can’t give her a mother’s care but he tries his best to. he’s come to the conclusion that the two of them are good alone together, just a pair of father-daughter against the world.
“damn,” you mask out, impressed at seonghwa for the first time in a whole. “has she called you dad yet?”
you watch his eyes sparkle at that, he runs off to a different room and hurries back with a small bag of what you can only think are cassettes or cd’s.
“mingi was useful for once and recorded her saying it for the first time,” you hear him as he plugs in the cd player, showcasing a very clear version of him, hwayoung and the rest.
he comes back and sits beside you, glancing at how she’s playing with your necklace. “it was a candid moment, but we had the chance to record it.” you hear the excitement in his voice while watching the video.
all the guys hovering over hwayoung’s baby chair, trying to make her eat some food. you could hear the very clear whines of wooyoung and it makes you laugh. once hwayoung raises her head, her lips part and she blurts out “da...da?”
your eyebrows shoot to your forehead, everyone in the video pauses dramatically. at a robotic speed that they turn their heads at seonghwa, who mingi zooms in at an extremely close angle.
the butter knife falls from his head and he steps towards his daughter smiling brightly, he kneels down and it makes you feel as if you’re intruding on a very personal scene.
she calls out for seonghwa as dad again and he’s overjoyed, holding her up in the air while the rest screamed.
“i never thought i’d say this,” you pause, eyes still on the tv. “you’re a good dad.”
a few beats of silence passes, “thanks.”
“that’s the only time i’d compliment you, so take it well,” you say and he chuckles, offering to hold hwayoung in his arms and you let him.
you two sit together on the couch, maintaining a stable distance between you two. a serene silence falls over you and you glance at seonghwa brushing her hair back, he does it so gently that she holds onto his hands and brings them up to her lips.
and then she stares at you and you pause to wave, “hi.” it makes seonghwa stare at her too, waiting for what she was going to do next.
you then shift on the couch, sitting sideways so that your elbow is on the couch and your hand supports your head. “what good deeds did you do in your past life to have h-“
but instead of completing your sentence, you fall still. eyes as wide as the bowls seonghwa had, mouth hung open partially.
your eyes meet seonghwa’s and you wish you hadn’t, you could see the shift in his demeanour almost instantly and it made you swallow.
the temperature dropping down to the depths while hwayoung squeaks out, “mama!” again and it makes you bite your lips.
“n-no, haha hwayoung i’m not mama-“ you stare at her awkwardly, ignoring the heated stare of her father.
it makes you wonder where exactly she learned the word, and it hits you like a truck. the movies you watched with her late at night, where she imitated a character barely with her wobbly words.
and now she’s saying those same things to you as if she means them, it makes your insides swoop at the thought that she’d thought of you as her mother.
you swallow once again, “uh, i’ll go put her to sleep. it’s getting late anyways.” you reach out to hold her but you’re too late, seonghwa stands up faster and walks out of the room.
sparing you one last glance over his shoulder, “stay here, we need to talk.”
and it’s the first time you felt the need to run away from him instead of putting your guard up and argue. your eyes search the entire room again and again until you hear the soft padding of his feet coming downstairs.
you immediately busy yourself with your phone, pretending as if you didn’t hear him come in until he stands at the table just a few inches away from where you sat.
“y/n.” you pause, slowly lifting your head.
“that wasn’t me- i didn’t teach her any of it.” you lay it out beforehand, knowing full well he already doesn’t trust you and this incident he definitely wouldn’t.
he stares at you menacingly but you stare at him right back, standing your ground.
“you’re not her mother nor will you ever be,” he spits out, “just because she called you that once does not automatically give you the rights to her!”
you tick an eyebrow at him, “don’t scream, she’s sleeping.”
“i never said i was her mother, if she called me that once, what can i do? i can’t cont-“
he huffs out, “she may need you, because yes, you somehow are providing the motherly figure to her.”
it’s so hard to say but he agrees you were, he notices how his daughter has been receiving the love you give her. whenever he sees you two together it’s always a sight to see. as if a mother with her child, he’d only frown at that and busy himself with his work.
he remembers coming home one day at the later hours of the night, tired and worn out as he stumbled inside while unravelling his tie as he walked towards his daughter's room.
just as he has the chance to call her name, he instead pauses and stares into a scene he thought he’d never see in his life.
where you cradled hwayoung near the window, softly swaying her back and forth while humming a lullaby that sent a shiver down his body. he remembers swallowing at the scene and thought if one day you do decide to leave, how would she handle the situation.
when you’d leave for your house, hwayoung would fall asleep in his arms without playing with him. it almost saddens him at the attention he gets from his own daughter after you came, but he knows she can’t help but gravitate towards your nurturing side that he couldn’t give her.
“i’m only her caretaker, or whatever.”
“she needs you even if i disagree, but i don’t need you, so just stay by her.” he says as if it’s the most disgusting thing he’s ever said, and it makes you want to snarl at him.
you stand up after his words, “i already am, what’s the difference!”
“then,” he pauses to stare you down, taking a step closer. “stay, stay here for her.”
you let out a loud scoff at that, “i can’t stay park, i have a life outside this too and that’s my boyfriend!”
“you what?” his eyes widens, “your what?”
he laughs out loudly, almost in disbelief. “since when did you have a boyfriend? who’s the unlucky guy?”
you shake your head at him, crossing your arms over your chest. “not you park, how fortunate for you hm?”
“who is it?” he asks purely out of curiosity, “who even liked you out of all?”
“ay-“ you raise a finger at him, stepping closer to him. “i am dating a guy more handsome, respectful and hot guy named kai-“
“kai?!” he says, throwing his head back laughing. “that asshole?”
“to you he must be,” you push the chair to the side, “but to me he’s the man i’ve been dating for a whole year now.”
“a fucking year?”
“excuse me, why are you acting like someone dating me is a joke to you?”
“how did no one find out?” he ignores the previous comment by you and now has a smirk on his face.
“just like how no one knows about your daughter and here we are.” this time you smile, squinting your eyes at him and pushing away the thought that you quite literally told him about your private life.
“oh and he’s definitely not the asshole you’re trying to portray him, i’ve known him the longest and i know the type of guy he is!”
you could argue in defence of your boyfriend for days, considering the two of you go back during school days. staying close even before and after your falling out with seonghwa.
growing up together only formed and strengthened your friendship, which slowly developed into a relationship.
seonghwa shakes his head and takes a step closer, closing the space between you two slowly. “has he ever raised his voice at you?”
“that’s absolutely none of your business.” you grit right back, staring into his dark wide eyes covered slightly by his hair that unknowingly made your insides swoop.
“that’s not a man then y/n, not one anyone should deserve.” he inhales, “now leave, leave before hwayoung wakes up.”
“has he raised his voice at me?” you repeat his question, “no he has not, but you definitely did seonghwa.”
“y/n, you know i never meant it that way. not in the way his childish ass does.” you roll your eyes at his words, closing the space you two had.
“why do you hate my boyfriend so much when i’m the one dating him?” you murmur out, poking a finger on his chest. ticking your jaw when you feel the hardness under his shirt.
he grabs a hold of your wrist and pulls you to him, close enough so that your faces are inches away. his hardened face falls into a softer one, “you’re right, i’m sorry-“
“seonghwa, shut up.” you whisper, searching his entire face up so close. “you sound like a prick.”
he tilts his head slightly to the right, eyeing your face from up close. “i’d never let a guy yell at me,” you click your tongue and shake your head.
you stare at him just as intently he’s staring back, it goes quiet for a few minutes. just the two of you communicating through your eyes, eyeing each other’s faces as if analyzing every detail.
glancing at every corner of it, from the deep eyes to the long nose bridge that could quite literally cut someone and then your eyes flicker to his lips and a smirk forms on yours before you push him off.
“now, i’m hungry, go get me some cereal.”
“it’s literally two in the morning.”
“and? cereal has no curfew.”
he lets out a sigh and takes a step towards his kitchen counter, “cheerios or fruit loops.”
you raise an eyebrow.
“what? i have an almost three year old daughter, i don’t exactly have any variety.”
you narrow your eyes and sit on the island chair, “then surprise me mr park.”
you hear him scoff, “god, you’ll get bread drenched in milk if you ever say that.”
Tumblr media
“you’re weird,”
seonghwa cuts you with a stare to which you grim at, “well aren’t you ‘miss normal’?”
you lean back on the chair with a smile, gesturing a finger gun with a click of your tongue and he shakes his head at your antics.
“are you seriously going to order groceries online when you could go it in person?” you stare at his back, “and hwayoung could have a field trip, right baby?” you turn to her smaller frame with a smile and she bobs her head repeatedly.
“see,” you mirror his daughter and he turns around with a blank stare, “you’re so boring seonghwa, let me take hwayoung out!”
with that you prop her up on your waist, walking past seonghwa who only stared at you with squinty eyes. “where do you think you’re taking my daughter?” he asks hastily and you pause, giving him a tight smile before reaching behind him to grab the keys.
“to the grocery store, you’re welcomed if you want too...i guess.” with a shrug you walk pass him and out the door with his keys in your hand because you know he’d follow you back anyway.
and you were right, when you turned around he was locking the door to his house and then stepping down the stairs. the wind hitting his face almost perfectly, for his black hair to bounce with it.
an amused expression graces your face when hwayoung says, “daddy!” and he walks closer, giving you one of his intense stares before leaning down to peck hwayoung’s cheeks.
when he sees your expression he cocks an eyebrow up and nods, “get in,” with a smirk and a roll of your eyes you carefully walk back and strap hwayoung in her baby seat.
from the mirror you know he’s looking at your every move and it only entices you that you stare right at him, “do you have something to say?”
he stiffens slightly, “get in the front,” he nudges his head to the seat.
“oh but i thought you couldn’t tolerate me? i’m perfectly fine sitting at the back,” you pause, “or would that hurt your ego because you’d look like an uber driver?”
he scoffs out loud, presumably taken aback by your remark that he can’t seem to form words, you’ve left him speechless. with a grin you walk towards the front anyway, plopping down on the passenger seat.
“nice car,” you say and he drives off without a word, but it doesn’t take him seconds to open his mouth.
“uhm, could you type in the directions.” his stare maintains on the road but he swiftly takes his phone out his pocket, handing it to you.
“you trust me so much that you’re giving me your phone?” you mock, grabbing the device.
“i gave you my daughter,” he glances at you and you smirk, “i think there’s a little bit of trust.”
“hwayoung’s birthday,”
your eyes narrow at his, looking at his side profile. “do you think i know that?” you don’t hesitate to check the man out, clad in all black and white sneakers. a expensive looking watch on his wrist an-
“april thirteenth,” ticking an eyebrow up in amusement. you hum when his phone unlocks, you notice the way his lock screen was black yet the background is a mirror selfie of hwayoung and him.
with a small smile you type in the directions not noticing the way he kept glancing at you back and forth, slightly agitated.
“can you hurry up?” he masks even before you could say anything.
“gimme a second,” he sees you type in the search bar and clenches his jaw, gripping the steering wheel tightly.
you desperately try to read through the streets but there’s this pounding headache starting to slowly creep up on you, it has you closing your eyes for a moment before opening and repeating it again.
“can you even read?” he spits out and you give him a look.
you shake your head, “actually i can’t read it-“
“and why’s that? did you drop out?” he grits out, not loud enough for the child in the backseat. “didn’t want to pursue education because your parents gave you everything huh?”
he scoffs before turning right, “i bet you didn’t even work, your parents probably used their powers to put you where you are to-“
“i was in an accident,” he stops right at the red light and he wishes he didn’t, it’s the awkward silence that creeps up on the three of you.
“it flipped two times but i made it through,”
he shuts his eyes and lets out a sigh, poking the insides of his cheeks. your eyes glance out the window while he dares to look, “i can’t read in cars after that because it gives me migraines, a whiplash you know?”
he stays quiet for the rest of the drive until you pick your own phone up to guide him around, “forget it,” he says before you tell him to turn into the store.
“if my parents used their powers,” you repeat, “don’t you think i would’ve been in a better position?”
you see the way his jaw clenches and you rest your elbow on the armrest in the middle, cradling your chin on your palm as your eyes look at the rear mirror.
a sigh escapes your rouge lips because you’ve heard that phrase many times before to the point it has no effect on you.
a reflection of a hwayoung with her tongue poking out welcomes you through the mirror, you smile ignoring the stare of her dad.
“mommy?” she calls out and this time you don’t care the way seonghwa would stare at you, remembering how the time she called you that.
you know you’re digging a whole for yourself when you respond to her, “yes, hwayoung?” you hum back.
“daddy bad!” your eyes shift to seonghwa’s side, curling your lips in a tight smile you humed again.
“hm he is, isn’t he?”
the next time you and seonghwa meet is when he’s panicking over the phone, forgetting every decency and yelling in panic.
“se— hey- park, park seonghwa shut up!” you yell at your phone, catching the looks of those sitting in the meeting room.
“excuse me, gentleman, i’ll be right back.” you say with a smile and walk out the room, standing by the wall opposite the door to hear whatever crack seonghwa had been yelling.
“y/n, hwayoung-“ you frown.
“what about hwayoung?”
you hear him take in a deep breath, shaky and panicked. “she’s all warm and red,” he hiccups and you just know he’s been crying.
“seonghwa,” you grip your phone tighter, looking all across the hallway. “be clearer, what’s going on?”
“she’s- y/n can you please hurry up, i don’t know what to do!” he chokes out between sobs, your bodyguard seems to have come out of the room at your service.
“miss y/n, everyone’s waiting inside, is ever-“
“y/n, please i don’t know what to do! she’s- i’ve been trying to make her fever go away by using the wet cloth metho-“ you hear a wail in the background and you swallow, knowing full well it’s hwayoung’s.
you spare your guard a quick glance, “cancel the meeting for me, i need to be somewhere.”
“they don’t want me there anyway,” you say, grabbing your jacket from his hands with your phone still over your ear. “please just tell them.”
and with that you run out the hallway, giving the man on the other side full instructions. “seonghwa, listen to me!”
he sucks in a breath, tending to his daughter who’s crying seems to have been going quieter. it seems as if she’s finally relaxed, but when he touches her cheeks as you ask him too he pauses.
“y/n,” his low tone stops you from entering your car.
“she’s not breathing-“
“don’t kid ar-“
“she’s not breathing y/n! wha- how, y/n!” he yells out and this time you hear the fear in his voice, “y/n, hwayoung- hwayoung baby daddy’s here plea-“
“seonghwa!” you yell out loudly, grabbing the door handle. “listen to me right now, you need to gather yourself together and hurry to the damn hospital right now!”
“i will be there in seconds, i need you to think properly and hurry up-“ you start your car, “i’m on call with you, seonghwa i’m here!”
as soon as you hear you car start, you’re backing out of the parking lot at an incredible speed. not caring if you’re crossing red lights because no one was at the intersection either, it’s dark and gloomy but your car speeds down the roads at a flashing speed.
jaw clenching, hands gripping the wheel tightly as you talk to the man while your own tears drop down. the panic settling in your chest as well, hearing the man struggle to make words out has you fearing for the worse.
never have you expected such a situation to come around, where the two of you are involved. it makes you swallow the lump down your throat when your mind plays a reel of hwayoung’s voices, the gas paddle picks up its pace and you’re speeding.
“y/n, where are you!” you hear him say and you assume he’s already inside.
“i-i’m right here, where are you?” you run out of your car, rushing to the entrance of the hospital where you see his larger frame standing, and when you run towards him your eyes go straight to hwayoung’s.
“give her to me, get the doctor!” you don’t look at him in the eye and grab her, holding her hands while rubbing them. “hwayoung, mommy’s here!” you coo, eyes scanning her face as you speed walk inside, her face warm and pink adorned her cheeks.  
almost immediately the doctor runs out the room, ushering to seonghwa to bring his daughter inside. he holds hwayoung from your arms and takes her inside, not before being asked to stay outside.
“mr park, i’m afraid you can’t go inside.”
“i’m her father! just let me go insid-“
“seonghwa,” you call out from behind him, glancing inside the room through a small window. “we have to stay outside, they’ll make her all better— you’ll see her in a few minutes!”
you eye the doctor and he nods, your arms curling around his torso to forcefully walk him away towards the bench. “park, listen to me.”
you crouch in-front of him, his head’s facing down while his hair covers his face. “h-hey,” you shakily hold onto his larger palm.
his shoulders shake as he nods his head sideways, “y/n, she’s— she can’t leave me like thi-“
you stop him before he could go further, moving your hands to cup his face. it makes you swallow when you see his bloodshot eyes, traces of dried up and fresh tears over his cheeks. “she’ll be perfectly okay, she’s a park after all, hm?” he holds onto your hands and buries his face in them, his sobs echoing the empty hallway.
it’s slightly awkward, crouching in front of him as he sobs into your hands. “nothing will happen park,” you choke back your own emotions, “she’s strong, you know that.”  
it felt as if hours had passed when the door to the room had finally opened, seonghwa had long passed out on your shoulder. sobbing while muttering incoherent things to you in his sleep, while you wiped the tears away.
“doctor,” you mumble, holding onto seonghwa’s hand.
“she’s perfectly alright, just a few more check ups and you can take her home.” his eyes move to seonghwa’s body and smiles, “you and your husband can go see her now.”
with a nod he walks away and you turn to seonghwa, “hey, park, you can go see her.” you poke his cheeks repeatedly and he flinches awake, eyes wide and frantic.
“where’s hwayoung?”
you smile, “she’s inside, go on, the doctor said you can see her now.” he spare you a glance and sprints inside, you’re afraid he might just break the door at the speed he’s going at.
you stand up and slowly follow him inside, choosing to stand at the entrance while watching the pair interact.
the minute seonghwa kneels, he breaks down in front of his daughter. seeing her with wires around her scared the living daylights out of him. he holds her so close to him as if she’d vanish into thin air, you watch him peck her hands, cheeks and forehead before caressing her head.
a smile graces your lips and you see his lips forming into words you can’t hear, it’s as if the timing was perfect. hwayoung wakes up screaming “daddy!” enthusiastically and wrapping her arms around his neck.
you watch their moment quietly, wondering if you should go inside or leave. there is no reason for you to be here, seonghwa’s her family and he’s by her side.
you choose to do the latter, choosing to quietly step away from the scene to walk out knowing that she’s safe and sound. that’s all you wished upon her, with barely five steps to the side you’re stopped by the small call for your name.
or well for mommy, as hwayoung says.
you turn around to see both of them looking at you and you choose to glance at her, she motioned for you to come in and your eyes flicker to seonghwa for a quick second before smiling at hwayoung.
“mommy’s gotta go,” you say, slowly walking to stand at the end of the bed. “i’ll be back soon, okay?” she lets out a loud ‘okay!’ and you laugh a little, waving at her before walking backwards not looking at the man sitting beside her and walking out.
there’s a harsh reminder looming over you, to keep your boundaries. but that doesn’t stop the tears rolling down your cheeks and pout over your lips, it’s a mechanism you picked up to not cry in public.
wiping the tears away you drive your way back to the one person who always welcomes you with open arms, kai.
the second you burst through the front door to his house, you’re falling in his arms sniffing. wrapping them around his neck as he slowly pulls you in, chuckling a little before walking inside his apartment further.
and you find yourself spilling all the guts to your boyfriend, how seonghwa had a daughter, the cartel, you being a caretaker for her and the recent incident all while you lay on your stomach and he brushes your hair away.
“and you left because?”
“because i’m not in their family, kai, plus that idiot doesn’t want me there anyway.” you mumble and he chuckles, putting an arm over your back.
“but his daughter wanted you there,” he says, “maybe you should’ve stayed?”
“i would’ve burst out crying and i don’t want him to see me cry,” he hears you say and bites his lips, “he’ll make fun of me for life.”
“i would to-“ you raise your arm to smack his chest and he laughs, “his daughter sounds adorable.”
“that she is,” you agree, “she looks just like him too but a smaller and much better version!”
he hears you babble about her and it only brings a smile to his face, he lowers his head to peck your forehead to which you respond with a grin.
“you’ll see her at the gala next time and see how cute she is.”
Tumblr media
the next time you find yourself at the park estate is from a supposed call from hwayoung, inviting you to come back. and you do after much pleadings, but your invitation seems to come from her father instead of her.
and sitting in front of him, in his kitchen, on the dinning table while staring at each other with an intense stare. eventually turning them into squinty and dirty glares.
“why did you call me here?” you ask, cutting through the air.
he folds his hands in front of him, tilting his head to the right which makes his single long earring dangle. he clears his throat and sits straighter, cracking his knuckles along the way.
“the incident from last time,” he barely manages to start before you interrupt.
“there’s a lot, you’ve got to be specific.”
he sighs loudly, “the one in the car where i yelled at you and said stuff i shouldn’t have.”
“well at least you let it out huh?” you cradle your face in your palm, “bet you’ve been dying to say that to me as if everyone already hasn’t, hm?”
intertwining his fingers he stares at you, “look, i’m sorry i shouldn’t have said those words to you. i was stressed from work and took it out on you,”
you tilt your head to the side, “it’s alright, at least you apologized.” with that you stand up, grabbing your bag and ready to walk out.
you sigh, “now what do you have to apologize for?”
he rubs the back of his neck, “uh, actually i wanted to thank you for taking care of hwayoung when she was sick.”
“and how i was yelling at you when i was panicking, and uh, uhm, thanks for putting sense into me.”
“that’s alright park, just take care of her better.” this time you smile, staring at him a second longer before walking away.
“so...does that mean you’ll still come over right? for you know, the...caretaker stuff?” you turn around and cross your arms over your chest, looking at him up and down before sighing.
“yes i will, now will you let me go or do you have to say something and interrupt me every time?” you ask with a tight smile and he immediately shakes his head, “good, then i’ll leave.”
“where are you going?” he asks, completely ignoring everything you just said.
“on a date, with my boyfriend.” you respond, “anything else?”
he backs up, “oh no, go on, have fun.” he watches you leave with narrowed eyes but with an ease to his heart, he’s glad he talked to you about what’s been weighing him down this past weekend.
he then finds himself sitting on his couch, hwayoung burying into his side while they both watch barbie and the twelve dancing princess. “woah,” he hears her say and smiles, “daddy dwance!”
while the duo are spending their day watching movies, you’re on a roll with your boyfriend. running down streets laughing while grabbing street food at the highest spice level just to check your tolerances.
“kai you’re an idiot,” you breathe out, falling onto the metal chair while he does the same. both of you breathing heavily from the run you two did because a neighbourhood dog decided it was your last day alive and ran full speed behind you two.
“forget about me, you visited seonghwa right? how’d that go?” you roll your eyes at the mention of his name and he smiles.
“he just apologized and thanked me and hopefully meant it,” he raises an eyebrow and you stare him down, “why are you giving me that look?”
“do you think,” he pauses to move his chair closer, “hypothetically, you wanted to go and date seongh-“
“i will not, not even hypothetically.” you frown, “what type of question is that?”
he shrugs, “well i don’t want to be the one holding you back, we aren’t-“
“i know that very well but you know our circumstances,” he nods with a sigh, “and plus, whenever you find yourself someone only then i can.”
“ah, you’re still stuck on that aren’t you?” you respond with a wink and call out for the waiter.
when the food arrives, you two dig in immediately. giving each other shares of one another’s food out of pure habit and then pretending as if you were gordon ramsay.
“but,” kai starts with a full mouth, “why do you even dislike him? what’d he even do?”
you twist your lips in a snarl, “you’ve heard it a million times before kai,”
“yeah but i know that’s not exactly it,” he plops in a piece of meat in his mouth, “it can’t be you two destroying each other’s sandcastles, just tell me what actually happened.”
you clear your throat before diverting your eyes from the table to the side, and then you hear him laugh.
“you’re stubborn y/n,” he continues, “bet he’d have the time of his life getting it away from you.” you throw a napkin at his face which he chuckles.
“we dated once.”
the minute you drop the bombshell he immediately stiffens, “w-what?”
“don’t make me repeat it,” you say, “it was once in high school, in secret.”
now kai seems to be even more into what you’re telling him, he grabs his chair and comes to sit beside you. motioning with his hand to continue on while he eats the food in-front of him, feeding you at times too.
“in secret huh, tell me more.”
you narrow your eyes at him, “you remember how i told you we were put in different sides of the school?”
“because you two just went at one another with no warning?”
you nod, “we both had the same tutoring teacher on the top floor of our school, where only teachers are allowed but we used to go there every tuesday after school.”
he hums in acknowledgment, “our parents had put us in there and one thing led to another, we were arguing over colours and he backed me up to a wal-“
“he backed you up?!” kai interrupts loudly with wide eyes, catching the eyes of those in the restaurant before sitting down slowly.
“to a wall?” he whispers, “oh my god y/n, tell me more!”
you click your tongue as the sudden memories start to wash over you, “and then he asked me out.”
“y/n, you’re so stubborn.” you stare into seonghwa’s dark eyes, a mix of anger and disgust but curiosity looms in your eyes.
“what will you do about it?” you tilt your head upwards, “gonna call your daddy on me?” raising your hand to place it on his chest while slowly backing him up.
“you know seonghwa, you piss me off very much.” your voice is barely above a whisper and yet it quirks his lips into a smirk.
“you’re the only one i enjoy pissing off,” he holds onto your wrist in a flash, an arm snaking around your waist that has you taking an extra breath as he pushes you against the cold wall.
“fuck off,” you spit out but he grabs your arms and brings them over your head, dipping his head lower until you feel his breathe fanning your lips.
he does that cocky laugh that swoops up your insides and inches closer, “y/n, listen to me very carefully.” he nods and you stare at him.
“tell me you haven’t found me attractive one bit,” and when you respond with, “i haven’t,” he chuckles.
“tell me you haven’t imagined me pushing you to this wall and kissing you like it’s my birthright to.” he continues on, “tell me you haven’t imagined getting your hands onto me, like this?”
“where are you taking this?” you had managed to let out and he only brings his face closer, lowering his lips to the shell of your ear that definitely made you shudder.
“y/n, let’s date.”
“okay and what did you say in return?” kai only gets more excited as you recited the story while rolling your eyes.
“what was i supposed to say? he was charming, i was hot. i said yes of course.”
“no, thank you park seonghwa.”
his lips that your gaze was stuck on twist in a pout, “but yyy/nnn, we’d be dating in secret, no one would ever find out!”
“why do you want to date me? got tired of those you toyed around with?”
he lets out a sigh and grips your chin, softly. angling your face to look up at him, “just one date.”
“so did y’all make out or what?”  
“kai, for a boyfriend, you sure are interested in my choices a lot huh?” you sip your drink, rather furiously.
“i’m not even your boyfriend,”
“yeah yeah, fiancé and whatever.” he laughs at that and then continues on by asking the same question again.
“yes we did kai, we did make out and before you ask,” you hold up a hand, shushing him. “no we did not go further, just a few kisses and that’s it.”
“how did it feel?” he asks hesitantly, almost backing away.
“hot.” you admit, “now he looks disgusting, a hundred percent never do it again.”
he nods, bringing his glass closer. “how long did you two date?”
“it was on and off but until he left,” you say with a shrug and he frowns, “left as in, he found the love of his life or whatever he thought it was.”
“did you guys break up after that?”
you pause for a second, humming to yourself and then your eyes widen. “come to think of it, we never officially broke up. he just left and so did i, we both continued fighting until we graduated.”
“and why are you so calm and collected about this? you two had a literal dating history and you’ve-“ he inhales deeply before intently staring at your demeanour.
“fate has reunited those once lovers again,” he shoots his arm up dramatically, “and this is why i told you i trust that tarot lady down the street!”
“you’re ridiculous kai.”
Tumblr media
“god damnit, what’s your problem!”
“my problem? it’s standing right here in front of me!”
you threaten to chuck a fork his way while seonghwa sticks his tongue out at you, it’s as if the two of you woke up and said ‘let’s argue till one dies!’ which has been very successfully alive and going.
“seonghwa, how exactly did they even appoint you as their kingpin?” you pause to stare him down, eyeing the half unbuttoned shirt while he’s desperately trying to put his pants on as you peacefully ate an apple while watching him run back and forth.
“you underestimate me,” he huffs out, walking to a different room before walking out.
“you give me every reason too,” you say with a particularly harsh bite of the fruit, yet only pausing when the man himself stares at you, as if asking something.
“what?” you ask, “you want something don’t you?”
he rubs the back of his neck sheepishly, “look um, could you tie my tie?”
your eyebrows lift in amusement, “you don’t know how to?” he shakes his head and you narrow your eyes at him.
“but i’ve seen you in ties before, don’t lie to me.” when you look away, you know he’s walking towards you with his hands holding each edge of the cloth.
“those weren’t done by me,” he pauses as if it’s almost embarrassing to say, “my mom did them.”
you bite back the urge to smile when you see his face turn a shade of red, “c’mere,” you wave your hand and he comes to stand where you now stood.
your hands hold onto the fabric as you start to fold the tie into its proper form, “stop looking at me, i know i’m very attractive.” a scoff leaves seonghwa’s lips when you say that and he in fact does the exact opposite of what you said.
with a slight shake of your head you tighten the tie and it makes him flinch, you pay no attention but your lips perk up into what could only be described as an evil smirk.
when you tighten it even further, he loses his composure and chokes. “oh honey, are you alright?”
he stares at you through his watery eyes and barely manages to smile, “o-of course, it’s barely even tight!”
“oh really?” you respond while biting your lower lip, “would you mind if i fix it mr park?”
but he stops you from going any further, holding your hands with a pained smile across his lips. “that’s okay, i like it a little loose anyway!”
with a grin you step back, watching him fix his tie sheepishly while clearing his throat extra loudly. when you point it out he uses the excuse of “dry throat, needing water.”
he watches you shake your head and sit back down, grabbing the apple and bringing it back to your mouth. he mumbles a few curse words under his breath and just is about to step away from you when the doorbell rings loudly.
it makes both of you freeze, your eyes meeting his and his blinking profusely. “did you invite someone?” you ask, watching his face contort into one of confusion.
he walks past you towards the main entrance and finally uses the little peep hole to its advantage. when he does look through he rolls his eyes but walks back when another round of bells ring in a slight panic.
“y/n,” he says and you turn your head to him.
“can you answer the door for me?” you raise the remote to change the channel, “it’s that, there’s this girl at the door.”
“go open it,” you say blankly, “aren’t you a ladies man?”
his face forms into a smug, “that i am,” before it dies down. “but this girl, she takes it a level higher.”
you turn your body fully towards him, a look of panic and fright runs through his eyes. “well, does she have a crush on you?”
“even worse, she’s been trying to date me for the past few months!” you press your lips in a line to stop yourself from laughing. “she’s got hwayoung and the guys all wrapped around her finger.”
you shift in your seat and cross your arms over your chest, “park, it’s destiny, fate wants you to date and it sends a messiah for you.” you point at the door dramatically but he isn’t having any of it, instead he grabs your wrist and pulls you towards the entrance while you complain.
“just make her go away....please.” he whispers as if the lady can hear from her constantly ringing the bell. he chooses to stand behind the door while you roll your eyes and whisper `you owe me.’
with a small smile you open the door to be welcomed by the ‘lady’ most likely someone in their early twenties standing, in a nice floral dress holding onto a box.
with a quick glance at seonghwa you look at the girl, “how may i help you?” you lean on the doorframe as she checks you up and down while you mentally pat yourself for wearing a nice outfit.
“uh....this is the park’s estate, right?” her bright voice catches you off guard and you nod, too quickly.
“it is,” you say, leaning your head towards seonghwa’s side as he whispers something incoherent into your ear. “and you are?”
“ah!” she smiles, “i’m mr park’s neighbour- he must’ve told you about me?”
you hear a quiet whisper violently disagreeing, “mr park?” you lift an eyebrow up and you pause, “why would he tell me about you?”
“i-i usually visit him once in a while,” she chuckles, “and who are you?”
you stare at her, an amused pout on your lips. “hey park, maybe you should date her-she’s definitely your type.” you mumble through your teeth.
“who might you be?” she asks once again and you smile.
“say you’re my wife.” your head sharply turns to him, “what?!” you whisper, smiling at the girl who stared at you with uncertainty.
“are you his friend?”
“uh, ac-“
“say you’re my wife y/n,” he continues, “she’ll only leave then.”
the girl snaps her fingers, “ah you must be the babysitter? aw, i asked mr park if i could baby sit hwayoung but i guess he found someone else...”
seonghwa pokes your side harshly and you barely hide the pain, peeking behind the door to give him a snarl.
“are you perhaps thinking of quitting any time soon?”
you raise an eyebrow, “because i know young-ie is a bit hard to handle, she only likes certain people, or well only me and her dad!” you clear your throat and smile, fisting seonghwa’s shirt as he tries to take your attention desperately.
“i’m not the babysitter,” you blurt out and seonghwa slaps his forehead, “i’m, well-“
“she’s mrs park, my wife.”
his low voice cuts you off as he comes from the side to stand behind you, your back flush against his towering front, his larger hand snaking around your waist while his chin settles on your shoulder.
you freeze at the sudden contact, fastening the speed of your heart rate, you glance the way her eyes widen. “oh! mr never told me anything about...a wife?”
he chuckles lowly and it rings in your ear, “she’s always at a day job so she’s only home late at night,” he turns to look at you, “right, baby?”
you nod shakily, opting to laugh a little to ignore the weird feeling in your stomach before turning to the girl. “where i work it’s at a very high place, so most of my day is usually spent there.”
“are you hwayoung’s mother? like...birth mother?” and it’s almost near perfect when you hear the child yelling your name as she runs down to stand near you.
holding her arms out with an adorable smile, “mommy!” she says and you willingly prop her on your waist. her bright eyes bore into yours and she buries her face in your neck shyly, making you chuckle.
“she is,” seonghwa answers for you, knowing full well that the three of you look like a loving family which is good enough for her to leave.
seonghwa watches her face mix into confusion and frustration and he can’t help but let out a laugh, tightening his hold on you.
“that’s why you haven’t seen her,” he says, “but now that you have, this is y/n, my wife.”
“i-it’s nice to finally meet you mrs park,” she bows and you take a quick moment to elbow the man behind you, who groans into your ear.
“come over for dinner sometime!” you offer but seonghwa holds you closer at that, “y/n.” squeezing your sides as a warning.
“of course!” she grins, looking at you and seonghwa smiling before slowly taking a step back, saying “bye!” with every step she takes as if wanting someone to stop her.
he closes the door from behind you and you shove him off right away, “mrs park,” you mock, holding hwayoung closer and walking past him.
she pecks your cheek as seonghwa follows behind you, “yes, mrs park. is that a problem?”
you give him a hard stare, “call me that one more time and it will surely give you a problem.”
he smirks, dipping his head lower. “mrs,” he tilts his head to the right, “park.”
“my mrs park?” he mocks in a singing tone and you take a step forward with an ugly frown, “mrs park!” your mouth twists into a snarl and you lift a hand to grab his colla-
“mommy, no!” hwayoung coos in your ear and you halt, taking in the man’s amused yet smug face with a shit-eating grin decorating it.
“yeah mommy,” he emphasizes cockily, “not in front of the princess.”
Tumblr media
with a smile you wrap a tie around kai’s neck, tying it for him as usual, kind of like a tradition you two have every time you’d go out together.
“i’ll see his daughter today,” he does that big smile with a jump and you laugh, randomly reminded of when you were tying seonghwa’s tie the other day and the whole moment of you being called mr-
kai gasps loudly, coming to hold your hands. “you’re going to meet seonghwa aren’t you? are you gonna talk to him?”
you stop to stare, “why would i, and why are you so hooked on him coming to the gala?”
he grins, “because one, his little daughter that you’ve been talking about and second, i want to see the live chemistry between you two- the once secret lovers to enemies~”
you smack his chest playfully and his grin only widens, “it’s like a movie isn’t it? lovers to enemies to lovers again!”
“yeah but there was no love story,” you fix the last bit, “it’s only him being an idiot and me witnessing it.”
you hear him mumble something when you follow him down the stairs and out the door, something about a movie turned reality while you unknowingly are reminded of the time when seonghwa had called you ‘his wife.’
not only did it bring a sudden burst of butterflies but it somehow felt natural, perhaps it’s the notion of how he has a way with his words and would flirt with any living breathing thing in his way.
even though the gala today is held to commemorate the successful business owners, it’s also one that includes other clans wanting to offer and buy new deals in a not so secret manner.
when you link your arms with kai, you’re reminded of who exactly you’re supposed to blatantly ignore, the one and only park seonghwa.
because even if everyone is living to see the day when the crown and the empire finally have a chat together, it’s not something you want to do.
absolutely ignoring how you’ve broken rules that were made by you to not interact with seonghwa or any one of his. and yet here you are babysitting his daughter while he’s called you his significant other to a neighbour who could full well be a snitch in disguise.
you knew the minute you walked in with kai, you’re supposed to pretend that tall man doesn’t exist. but even if you have to pretend not to be in touch, you can’t help but not look his way at least once.
it’s the way his hair is swept in a comma, him wearing an all black ensemble with a turtleneck and a chain. the outfit makes you raise your eyebrows a bit, and the ends of your lip perk up when you notice he didn’t use a tie.
when you settle down by kai, drinks in hand while conversing with someone beside you. it’s not long enough that you feel a pair of eyes stare at you, you’re used to it to be honest, you’ve gotten quite a few stares any time you attend these.
but for no reason you choose to look up and stare into the very eyes you didn’t want to look into, it’s the way his lips quirk into a smirk and your eyes narrow.
he lifts his wine glass up and clinks it in the air, as if cosplaying leonardo dicaprio’s scene from the great gatsby. it makes you roll your eyes and he fights the urge to not laugh, it’s then when you discreetly snarl at him that sets him off.
he mirrors the same look while you smile tightly, lifting your finger just enough to point and then pretend to gag. he sucks in his cheeks as a smile graces his lips before he lifts his hand up to fix his hair while throwing a middle finger your way.
it makes you laugh like one of those older rich ladies, laughing one second while glaring the other.
you poke your tongue at him and he rolls his eyes dramatically, lifting his finger to run across his neck and then point at your scowling face. it continues on for about five minutes, both of you throwing ridiculous expressions to each other before you’re interrupted by kai.
you begin to busy yourself with one of his friends and their colleagues for a while that you pay no attention to your surroundings. focusing on what they were saying and not noticing the sudden quietness that grew over the room.
all because of someone squealing, “mommy!” out loudly in the room that it echoed every wall and ear before it made your eyes widen.
your wide eyes meet kai’s who shares the same expression when you turn around to see hwayoung, looking a polar opposite of her dad in a pink dress waddling over to you with her arms wide open.
it’s almost scary at how your demeanour changes when you kneel down to her level when she crashes into you, a never ending smile graces your lips when she squeals as you prop her on your waist.
ignoring the murmurs and gossips making their way around the room as you turn to kai, “kai, meet hwayoung, his daughter.” you make sure you don’t say seonghwa’s name out loud, remembering how no one knows of his daughter.
you watch kai’s face glow at that as he comes closer to hold onto one of hwayoung’s hands, “hi!” he says and you look at her shy face and she buries it in your neck.
you laugh at her while patting her back, making her cling onto you further. “she’s a little shy,” you say while kai shows heart eyes for the girl.
he rambled about her being very similar to seonghwa and you agree, cracking a few jokes here and there that eases the tension between hwayoung and kai.
but when you hear her mumble for you, your attention goes to her. “yes?” you reply to her small voice.
“i’m hungy,” you bite your lips at her little fumble as she curls her arms around your neck.
“you’re hungry?” she nods, “did daddy not give you dinner yet?”
when she shakes her head your eyes scan the room quickly, looking for the very man so that you can give him a piece of your mind. when you hear her whine again and no sign of her dad, you excuse yourself to walk towards the buffet.
asking hwayoung to point at what she wants on the plate you held, it makes you chuckle when she chooses the desserts and when she ‘ew’s’ when you put literal food and not just sugar.
when you walk back with a plate of food and hwayoung in your arms back to where kai had reserved a table, she runs out your arms to sit beside kai who helps her sit on the table so that you two are facing her.
“mommy?” kai gives you that look, “where’s daddy?”
“i don’t know baby, he’ll be back soon okay?” she responds with a very enthusiastic okay while kai coos in the background.
your eyes wander around the room with every bite of food you give to hwayoung, desperately looking for seonghwa when he’s nowhere around.
he is, just not where you think he is.
he makes sure to stand by the second floor balcony, where he’s got the view of everyone. and it’s no surprise when he sees you sitting by kai and seeing his daughter run towards you, you carrying her in your arms with a big smile while he watches.
he sees how you take her to the food table, pick up some deserts and then some greenery that he hates and knows hwayoung does too.
shaking his head when he sees you walk back to your table, frowning when hwayoung climbs into your boyfriend's arms while you two take turns feeding her.
he can’t help but gravitate towards you, staring at how your eyes turn into crescents when seeing his daughter. how you become a different person with her, like now, how you’re feeding her while pretending to be an airplane or a train.
he knows his daughter has a strong liking towards you and he can’t deny he himself is starting to too.
but that’s when his eyes glance at kai and squint, “so that’s the infamous boyfriend of hers.”
it’s then after a few hours you’re standing by the big window, hwayoung sleeping in your arms while you rocked side to side. kai had excused himself for the bathroom, leaving you standing by the private hallway outside it.
your gaze stuck on the huge window that showed skyscrapers outside, patting hwayoung’s back and she seems to curl only further and it makes you realize that she might’ve been cold from the aircon.
before you could turn around to ask for kai’s jacket, from behind you a pale yellow cloth settles over hwayoung. you quickly whip your head back at the sudden gesture but pause when you realize it’s her father.
“you’re early aren’t you?” you turn back to the window, fixing the fuzzy blanket he had wrapped over her.
“thanks,” his voice echoes softly, “for taking care of her, no one knows about her-“
“thanks to you, people think she’s my daughter,” you glance at the girl in your arms, “they asked me when i got the time to be a mom, ridiculous.”
he smiles, “she does call you her mom-“
“-and like you said i’m not her ‘real mom,’” you interrupt and spin towards him, he says nothing but stare into your eyes. then lifting his hand and gently caressing the back of hwayoung’s head, that’s where you take a note of his softer side.
“ah, so you’re the park seonghwa,” your ears perk up at the sound of kai’s voice, diverting your attention from seonghwa to him.
seonghwa puts on a smile, “and you’re kai,” he pauses to look at you, there’s a glint in his eyes you can’t pick up. “her boyfriend.”
kai grins and comes to stand by you, one hand around your waist. “that i am, oh and your daughter is really cute- she almost mistook me for you and called me dad-“
“she what?” he interrupts loudly and you shift your hand from hwayoung’s back to her ears.
“it was an accident,” you cut in, “she was looking for you but you were nowhere to be found- and then blurted out dad in front of everyone.”
you see the way his eyebrow ticks and his jaw clenches, he glances at the way you two are staring at him. it’s like the two of you and his daughter that you’re holding are all a happy little family, it irks him to look at you two so he asks to hand hwayoung to him.
“i’ll walk you to your car, she’ll wake up if i move.” he stays quiet yet nods, you give a wave towards kai and start to follow seonghwa’s taller self.
when he reaches his audi, he opens the door for you and you carefully place hwayoung in the backseat. tucking her blanket and wrapping her in it, you smile a little at the way her lips perk up and you wonder if she’s dreaming.
seonghwa watches you through the corner of his eyes, the way you’re so gentle with her but not with him. he scoffs at that and then gets reminded of what kai told him, not believe how hwayoung called him a da-
“kai was joking,” he stares at you, “she didn’t call him dad, don’t worry.”
he smiles a little at that, shoulders slumping in relief because he knows his daughter won’t mistake someone else as him
“of course she wouldn’t, she knows who her dad is.” the way your lips press in a line makes him doubt the situation and he’s about to say some but you cut him off by laughing.
“you’re a literal joke seonghwa,” you say in between laughs while closing the door, “kai was right.”
“he was what?” he steps forward, “what did he say?”
“he,” you try to bite back a laugh, “he said you’re cute when you’re mad.”
his face falls at that and he tilts his head, “did kai think that,” he pauses to stare you down.
“or did you?”
“are you going to leave or what,”
Tumblr media
to say that you’re furious is an understatement, it’s evident that your facial expression is showcasing every emotion of anger.
the way you walk down the hallway holding a folder loosely in your hand, an eyebrow raised and your tongue touching the inside of your cheeks. you’re sure no one wants to cut in to interrupt you, but instead one does.
“oh y/n, wasn’t that a blow to the crown?” his cocky voice fills your ear and you come to a stop, “i wonder how much damage it would create?”
you’re so tempted to blast him off and go on and on about what he’s been hiding for almost three years now but you calm yourself, developing your character and choosing to frown at him.
“oh, it was damaged for sure.” you say, “but at least i can recover from it but...can you?”
you know the way he stiffens you’ve hit right at the mark, and you know it’s bad to mention his daughter in this mess and you almost immediately regret hinting at that.
he takes a step towards you, “i’m sure i can y/n,” he displays a tight smile. “or should i say mrs park?”
your eyes widen slightly at his lowly spoken words, afraid someone might’ve heard. mirroring his smile you chose to walk past him with your men by your side who hurried to open the doors to your car.
it’s as if the god knows you’re angry and decides to make you even more angry by having seonghwa drive right behind you. his obnoxious self sending you a two finger salute when you look through the rear view mirror.
he follows you into his house, both of you going into hwayoung’s pink room where she sat in a corner playing with a toy he bought her.
the name leaves both your lips at the same time, turning your head to stare into each other’s eyes dramatically. cocking an eyebrow up and lifting the ends of your lips into a forced smile, there it was, the electric tension between you two.
it’s as if that’s all you’ve felt for this man since day one, yeah okay there might have been some instances. specifically the part where you two dated for a month, at max where the level between you two was different.
it was once something that was similar to your current relationship now, but that was all in the past. seonghwa doesn’t change and he definitely doesn’t change for anyone, he seemed to have once. when he met the girl of his dreams, hwayoung’s actual birth mother.
who also somehow happens to scheme your death, terribly, you must say because you are very much alive and breathing well.
sometimes you sit down while doing your work a small bubble of thoughts start to form, like what happened between seonghwa and his ex? or how did he hide hwayoung? or what if you tw-
see, there it is again.
the irregular thoughts you have out of nowhere, it’s as if the curiosity to find everything is getting to you and yet you always stop yourself from prying further.
that’s exactly how you find yourself walking into a quiet house after dropping hwayoung at wooyoung’s who not only screamed when you showed up at his door, but also slyly asked for your number.
you know seonghwa’s inside, it’s the haunting text he sent you when you reached wooyoung’s. ‘my house after hwayoung, be prepared’ was the way he decided to welcome you.
you knew what it was, a declaration of war, solely between you two.
you enter the house quietly, looking around for the shadow of the man or even the slightest bit of noise.
it’s eerily calm inside as your feet pad across the carpet floor, eyeing every single angle of the room because you know he can attack from nowhere.
you reach for your pistol in between your tights and grip it tight, it’s almost like you’re experiencing déjà vu from when you first came here with a pistol in hand. but this time you know your way around, the house and the man.
“park seonghwa,” you call out, slowly making your way towards the kitchen. back against the wall as you slid past the rooms to hide behind the island table, your heartbeat quickens in pace when your elbow hits the island cabinet.
but what shocks you more is the way the cabinet opens, your curious eyes urge you to open the cabinet that let out smoke even more. you timidly reach for it and yank it down slowly only for your mouth to let out a gasp.
“no way in hell....” your eyes wide and shocked and surprised, staring into the neon lit storage where a massive machine gun was set up and smoke was coming out.
a wicked grin decorates your lips and you reach for the weapon, slowly so that it doesn’t trigger an alarm. it’s almost fascinating and shocking that seonghwa has secret spaces all around his home, full of weapons that his daughter has no idea about.
“crazy,” you whisper but then pause midway when you hear footsteps just above the staircase and that’s when you hear his voice call out for you.
“y/n,” he says once, searching the foyer before swallowing. “yyyy/nnnn!” he sings it out this time and hovers his feet over the stairs before quietly padding his way down.
he knows you’re inside, on the first floor waiting to see the chance and finally finish him. his hands holding a revolver and a smirk on his lips he makes his way down, hiding by the door and peeking from behind it.
it’s then when he hears a rattle come from behind him that has his heartbeat quickening it’s pace, irregular breathing and swallowing when he hears it again he assumes it’s you.
you’re still behind the island, patiently waiting to hear seonghwa mess up so that you’d be able to find his location quickly and attack him. the only thing you’re worried about is the level you two would go at, to the point you’re scared it would destroy the house.
shaking your head you decide to crawl out slowly, wincing whenever your knees scarped against the tile flooring. pistol now tucked away, hands now holding the machine gun as you slowly made your way through the kitchen to the couch.
“mrs paaarrrkkk,” you grip the gun tight at his teasing, eyes averting left and right. “where are youuu?”
you’re glad that hwayoung’s at her uncles because hearing his infuriating voice makes you feel enraged. because one, not only has he been blackmailing you with his daughter to take care off.
he’s thrown hands at one of your uncles, today. from the meeting you were furious about, all because he wanted to assert his dominance.
second, he has obnoxiously interrupted every single business meeting ever since you started to take care of hwayoung. what makes you even angrier is the fact that he has that smugness on his lips, and he never replies to the multiple questions you ask him.
third, he and his damn ex could literally kill you any-day. you’ll take this day to finish him because you’re not letting yourself back down, it’s as if every single thing since kids to now has boiled up to the top that you’re finally bursting.
you stand up, gripping the gun tightly before heading straight to where his voice was coming from. intentionally making noises with your feet as you approached him, “mr paarkk,” you sang.
aiming your gun up high, making sure it’s all full before bringing the telescopic up to your eye. clenching your jaw, closing one of your eyes before shooting all across the wall, the impact so strong that you had to take a few steps back.
a side of the wall crumbles down, the frames on the other side seem to have fallen as loud crashes of glass breaking echoes the hallway.
seonghwa bolts out of the room to the second floor the second you start shooting, a smirk on his lips and a tease in his eyes. “your aims are just as bad as your cooking sweetheart,” he yells at you.
it makes you scoff, pushing your hair back as a drop of sweat trickles down your neck. “oh yeah?” he responds with a loud hum.
it’s then when you sprint up the stairs, aimlessly shooting around as he desperately tries to hide. “we got a coward here, don’t we?” you walk towards the guest room, the one next to hwayoung’s room.
“y/n,” he interrupts you from behind the door, “not hwayoung’s room.”
it’s the slight demanding tone of his voice that has you smiling a little, “roger that mr park,” and you push your way inside the room, immediately spotting seonghwa and aiming your gun at him who mirrors your stance.
you two stay quiet for a few beats, eyeing each other so intensely that anyone who’d see this would see literal laser pointing at one another.
“you,” you start, the gun still aimed at him. “how dare you attack one of mine?”
he scoffs, “you didn’t see one of yours go haywire on mine?” he argues and you snarl, moving just a meter closer.
gripping the gun with two hands now you inch forward, “you spied on me,” you pause, “you and your ex both spied on me and created an attack on me and kai!”
he laughs this time, tilting his head to focus his irises to yours. “that’d be good if he dies huh? he’s annoying anywa-“
before he’s able to finish his sentence, in a span of seconds you reload from the side of the gun, triggering it to shoot a bullet out to the side of his head.
he stays still when the bullet moves past him and loudly hits the wall, creating a dollar sized hole. it’s quiet for a a few seconds as the wall crumbles then he lurches forward over on top of you, stumbling you to the ground as you let out a broken sound from your lips.
“what’s your problem with kai!” you yell, grabbing his wrists just before they reach yours. he watches you from his position and smirks, “just an old friend.”
that’s when you use all your might and push him away, using your feet to kick his stomach and he takes a few steps back and then regains his posture.
“old friend my ass,” you grit, motioning him to come forward with your hands, as if taunting him. “you and you daughter- which you definitely would’ve brought her on purpose to spy on me and kai when we go out!”
his lips curl into a shit-eating grin, grabbing your wrist harshly before jerking you to him. he uses his other hand to bring the revolver to your forehead, his hold on your wrist so tight that you knew there’d be a bruise left.
you know he sees the displeased expression on you, but what he doesn’t see coming is the knee kick you do to where the sun doesn’t shine for him. he lets out a chortled groan, letting go of your wrists and bending down to hold the pained area.
you then grab the back of his white collar, drag him and throw him onto the soft, pillowy bed. he falls on his stomach and you take the chance to jump and straddle his back, hovering over him before grabbing a chunk of his hair.
his upper body hovers up slight when you do so and he lets out a pained groan, “h-how do you even know that for a fact?”
you yank his head back just enough for your lips to slightly brush against his ear, bringing a shudder to his body. “do you think i wouldn’t see an abnormally large newspaper covering you and hwayoung?”
“games over,” you use your other hand to grab the back of his neck, “mr park.” but he doesn’t spare a moment and grabs the back of your legs and spins you around so that he’s the one on top of you.
his hands grab onto your wrist and pin them above your head, while he uses his hips to pin your lower body down. “not so fast mrs park.” you let out a dry chuckle at the way his eyes turn into slits, “you seem to think everyone has an obsession with you-“ you raise your eyebrow when he suddenly stops.
“that’s what you’ve been thinking since high school,” he does the same for what you did with him, grabbing the back of your head but this time behind it closer to his face.
“you think you’re the best in the game,” he tightens his grip and it makes you wince, “ever since we met, you’ve always been the one who gets praises left and ri-“
“because i deserved it,” he clenches his jaw, putting pressure on your wrists. “i deserved it because i worked every bit of it.” you blurt out and he tightens the hold he has on your hair and you can’t help but let out a loud yelp.
he lowers his face closer to yours till you feel his breath fan over your lips, “and i didn’t?” you avert your eyes to the side, ignoring his question as you glare at the wall.
“answer me.” he grips your chin with the hand that held your wrists, quickly you unlatch them and grab his collar harshly and yank him down to your level.
at this point his entire body is flat over yours and you’re finding it hard to breathe, your eyes fall over his face when you bring him closer.
his eyes full of darkness yet there still manages to be a twinge of shine lurking in them, your breath mingles with his when you lift yourself up slightly. closing the distance between you two, close enough that the tips of your noses touch.
“you did work, it’s not my fault it wasn’t recognize-“ he twists your hair and you can’t help but shut your eyes as a pinching pain starts to loom over you. it’s only then that you use your legs and hold his collar tighter, pushing him off as you rose up and threw him behind.
he falls through the open door onto the bathroom floor and you scramble downstairs with your heart frantically pounding in your chest.
you hear him run behind you, shooting bullets on every stair you landed on. it’s the way his angry voice makes your insides flip, it doesn’t stop you from yelling the same back.
you turn to him and shoot his way with both your hands, hurrying to cover behind a wall. you’re sure at this point the neighbours would’ve heard something, a loud bang or arguing or gunshots.
but then you realize he’s got a silencer on his gun, he was prepared for this. you curse inwardly when you realize he knows you weren’t prepared, he’s out to kill you tonight.
before you can pry further on your thoughts, seonghwa jumps out the door and holds onto your forearms, jolting you into reality before he slamms you to the wall behind.
the impact of the hard cement wall hitting your head has you shutting your eyes tight, unconsciously letting go of your gun as you lift a hand up to hold the back of your skull.
he takes this as an advantage and shoves the gun far away from you, “you started this- you told me if you saw me the next time you’d kill me.” he harshly spits out and you finally manage to open your eyes.
curling your hands in a fist before violently punching seonghwa’s jaw, his head falls to the left and a pained voice escapes his lips as he holds onto his throbbing jaw.
“i definitely will today.”
when all you see is red, you think quick and kick his hand that held the gun. sending the firearm to the other side of the room before you grab the man and push him to the floor just where the table was.
the second he hits the table underneath, the glass breaks underneath and a million shards scatter around. you hear his low groans and pained moans before he stays still for a few moments and then scarily lunging at you.
you step back and hold his forearms to yank him down but he grabs a pretty vase and swings it at you.
“you idiot!” you yell out as you duck down for every swing he takes at you, until he grabs you by your shoulders and throws you on the kitchen floor.
you slip down to the wall as your back collides with the cold floor, now mixed with shards and smoke pooling all over.
“might wanna watch out y/n!”
when you bring it forward to inspect it, seonghwa shoots the floor just beside you. you roll over your stomach fast enough before the bullet hits you, but not fast enough for it to graze the side of your waist. you bring your hand to your mouth, biting it to muffle the cry you desperately want to let out.
the side of your dress is grazed open, wound seeping in blood as an excruciating amount of pain washes over you. your mouth hangs open as you breathe heavily, chest heaving up and down as your heart rate takes a sudden increase.
your eyes are blinking rapidly as you try to wake yourself up and that’s you notice your gun not too far away from you, you lift yourself up on your elbows desperately, biting back the pained moan you want to let out to reach for your gun.
when you finally get a hold on it, you use your legs to slide by the island counter and shoot a series of bullets relentlessly. not caring if they even hit the man or close to it, you’re just trying to distract the man so he doesn’t end up killing you.
when everything goes quiet, smoke in the air and debris everywhere on the floor. the only thing you hear is the chandelier swinging back and forth, your heavy breathing and the erratic heartbeat that rang in your ear.
you find yourself up on your legs, using the table you get up and begin walking towards the living area. your walk is limpy and your wound is screaming at you in pain yet you walk past using the chairs to finally face seonghwa.
he stands there breathing heavily, jaw bruised, lip busted, hair a complete mess, shirt cut from a few sides and a pool of blood trickling down his hand.
you walk towards him at a slow pace, “you gonna kill me now?” you shake your head at the pain coming from the back of your skull.
he shifts in his spot and you hold the towel tighter, the one you secretly hid behind your back. when you inch forward, a smirk on your bleeding lips he sprints to grab the back of your neck and throws you on the couch at an awkward yet painful angle.
he watches you squirm in pain on the couch and scoffs, using his fingers to gesture at you. “come on sweetheart,” he sings, “come to daddy.”
your tired eyes form into a glare, your tongue touching the insides of your cheek you lift yourself up in nothing but anger. you feel his lingering stare on you, head cocked to the side while he himself tries not to wince at his wounds.
you immediately grabbed the towel and swung it across his neck and yanked him to the ground. “who’s your daddy now?” you yelled while breathing heavily.
you limp towards him and he lets out an audible groan of pain, lifting your feet to hover over his heaving chest before pressing the edge of the heel on his built chest.
you watch the way he closes his eyes and then lifts a hand to rub his face, but when he opens them his eyes dart straight into yours.
you raise an eyebrow to taunt him, “come on, get up, i’m right here. the one person you desperately want to finish off! come on.” you open your arms wide and look down at him with a satisfied smile, kneeling down next to his face mockingly.
when you dip your face closer to his with a smile, hair falling to the side as you search his face and then click your tongue. “what a shame, huh? look at the bruise on your pretty little fac-“
he barely lets you finish when he use his hand to grip your face, harshly pushing yours into his. “you,” he growls out, the bite and grit behind his voice causing your lips to smile.
“what’re you going to do?” you ask, “oh, i know!”
you grin and lower your face, “will you shoot me,” pausing in to take in his expression.
“once again?”
your fingers reach to play with his buttons, “will you do it on my right shoulder this time?” you tilt your head and lower your voice. “or will you do it somewhere else?”
“uh uh,” you stop him by placing a finger in his lips, “i’m talking.”
he tightens his fingers around your face, “must’ve hurt when i was alive right?”
he stays quiet and you grin.
“how could i forget that night when you shot me, then threatened me-” you pause to inhale as the memory shoots through you, “that you’d make it your mission to kill me over a misunderstanding?”
you lick your lips when he stiffens, “you orchestrated my car accident didn’t you?” this time you kneel down comfortably, wincing slightly at the pain that’s probably numbing you all over.
you gasp loudly, “how do i know,” and then you pretend to think, “where else would i see the insignia of the empire? hmm on your number plate-“
“-and yet you didn’t die,” he interrupts with a chuckle, “what a shame that you lived hm? after doing everything you’ve done to me- you do deserve to die.”
you laugh, “what a shame indeed, you tried to kill me three times- once nearly succeeding.” you pause to shake your head, “wouldn’t that have been the best day for you?”
“you’re sick.” he spits out and you yank his hand off your face, he then sits up straight and stares right into your eyes. gripping the back of your neck to pull your face to him.
“i know,” you mumble and pause, “did it hurt when you fell on the glass?” you ask and he stays quiet with eyes that bore daggers into yours.
“imagine how much it hurt to be shot, be in a car accident, be in this position.” your smile fades, “and yet still be alive and take care of the daughter whose father tried to end me with a smile.”
“you’re sick, park seonghwa.” you spat with every bit of anger you had in you.
“don’t act like you’re a saint,” his low tone barely echoes the room, “you’ve done equally horrible things to me-“
“oh really? please enlighten me.” he stares at your nonchalant attitude with a raised eyebrow.
when he stays quiet you smile, “that’s what i thought.” craning your head to the side you watched the mess that’s been created. “i came to kill you but stopped myself when i saw the condition you were in.”
“she isn’t here anymore.” he says, still intently looking at you.
you form your lips in a line, reaching out to grab his gun and putting it in his hand then aiming the end at your chest quietly.
“then kill me,” your voice just above a whisper, lips inching closer to his. “kill me once in for all and fulfil your wish to see me die in your hands.”
you grip his hand and push the gun to your chest, “at this angle...i won’t survive anyway,” you stare at his eyes darker eyes. “hurry up and do it already.”
your fingers move to the trigger, “don’t count though,” you avert your gaze to his, “that part’s a little scary.”
it’s as if you two stay still for minutes, eyes staring down into one another’s with spiralling emotions and a heavy tension in the air. chests beating rapidly, in adrenaline or even fear.
there’s so much more you want to say and you know he wants to too but all you do is stare and speak no words. your hands are still holding him while he holds the gun to your chest, the stare in your eyes is enough to relay the things and emotions you want to give across.
and then while still looking in your eyes shamelessly, he hammers the gun.
the noise you’ve heard multiple times suddenly falls deaf on your ears, his fingers subtly move around the trigger as if tapping it to induce intimidation.
you swallow despite already being used to things like this, except this time it’s different in every way possible. inhaling shakily before tightening your hold on his hand.
“hurry up now will you,” you whisper, quick and strained and he bites the urge to laugh.
“lay down,” he says, soft yet demanding.
he tilts his head before moving the aim away, pushing you down slowly and you wince once you hit the cold floor. he then comes to hover over you, he uses his fingers to push away the glass before putting the end of the gun right under your collarbone.
“hurry up,” you close your eyes, “you’d need to hide my body to-“
“y/n.” you hum, eyes still shut.
but then instead of continuing on, he’s interrupted when the doorbell rings and echoes hauntingly through the entire house. it makes you shoot your eyes open and stare into seonghwa’s already widened ones.
“fuck,” you two say at the same time, “hwayoung’s home!”
you push seonghwa off of you and he scrambles to get up, holding your own wounds as you two tired to stand up on your feet. your eyes rapidly search the entire living area and groan loudly when you realize it’s a complete mess, you grab a cushion from the couch and throw it at seonghwa.
“clean up!” you whisper loudly and he nods frantically, running with his limpy feet to get the broom to wipe the floor.
“excuse me, did you break my photo frame?!” you hear him yell and you scowl.
“if you give me another reason, i’ll break your neck as well!” you yell back and he does the same.
“do you think this is the right time to argue?!” you yell back, “get to work, your daughter’s home!”
“the daughter who calls you mom too!” he says while aggressively swiping the floor until another round of the doorbell and knocks echoes and it makes you two stop.
you grab a dusty towel from earlier and throw it at his face, “clean your lip,” you point at his mouth and he gets to it quickly.
he then runs for the door while you busy yourself to fix the room, but he stops and turns around. “y/n,” you look over your shoulder, he slowly raises his finger and points it at your dress strap. “up.”
he runs off before you get to pull the fabric up towards the door, he runs a hand through his hair, fixes his shirt and rubs the random blood splatters on his black pants.
inhaling deeply he plasters a smile contrasting to his previous demeanour, when he slides the door open his daughter’s smile welcomes him.
“daddy!” she coos, arms wide and eyes droopy. it’s the way the sparkle comes back to his eyes he reaches out to hold her in his arms, and then glances at wooyoung who gave him a hard stare.
“what?” seonghwa whispers when hwayoung buries her head in his neck, wooyoung raises an eyebrow and shrugs.
“nice house,” he remarks, looking all around. “totally not dest-“
before he gets the chance to complete, he shuts the door in his face. “hwayoung say bye uncle wooyoung! bye!”
and then there’s silence until he hears wooyoung yell from his garage door, “i’m borrowing your corvette!” and sighs, pressing a kiss to hwayoung’s head.
“daddy,” she asks, lifting her head up to stare into his eyes and he softens up. “where’s mommy?”
the faster he softens up the quicker he stiffens, “mommy’s uh- she’s a little busy!” he says to console her when he sees a small pout garner over her lips.
“i’m right here!” you cut him off, walking towards the duo albeit limping a little.
hwayoung grins, waving her hand at you before looking at her dad. lowering her head to whisper something in his ears, “daddy, is mommy hurt?”
it’s as if you two hear it despite it being a whisper and freeze, she then uses her hands to cup seonghwa’s cheeks so that’s he facing her. her smaller pointer finger taps his lip and he winces, “you...hurt daddy..”
seonghwa’s eyes dart to yours and you suddenly find interest in the floor, not until you hear the shaky voice of her little cry.
in a split second her cries turn from non existent to loud and whiny, you take a step towards them but pause when seonghwa stops you with his hand.
you watch him shush her, pat her back as she cries in his neck all while seonghwa throws glares at you. it’s almost like déjà vu, from the very first time to now.
everything’s the same except the location and the motive, he rocks her back and forth while mumbling sweet nothings in her ear and you force yourself to step up and hold her from his arms.
she doesn’t stop until you’ve put her to sleep, it shoots a twinge to your chest when you hear her broken sniffles in your ear and the tight hold she has around you. changing her into her night wear you place her frame in the crib, pulling the blanket up to her chin and pushing her hair out of her face.
seonghwa watches it from the doorframe yet says nothing, instead keeps mum and watch you take care of his daughter and it reminds me of the words you said just moments prior.
“imagine how much it hurt to be shot, be in a car accident, be in this position.”
he looks at you up and down, watching the way you wince with every step you take. his eyes then dart to the rip on your waist and for a brief second his eyes widen when he sees blood seeping out of it.
“and yet still be alive and take care of the daughter whose father tried to end me with a smile.”
when you spin around it catches him off guard and clears his throat to step away, eyes on the floor he turns around to walk downstairs and you follow seconds later.
he stands by the kitchen counter, eyeing the mess and the broken pieces scattered around. you pause in the living area, just behind the couch and instinctively watch the way a few pieces of glass are still stuck on him.
you decide to shake your head and look for your bag, he looks over his shoulder to see you fishing through it. biting the inside of your lip while pushing your hair back, he sees it all as he walks around the couch to stand in front of you.
“i really don’t have time for this anymore,” you interrupt, pause and then look up. “you had the chance to do it for once, yet you were too slow.”
he stays still as you continue on, “it’s getting late, i’ll leave.”
“you don’t have a car,” he replies, “kai took it.”
you pause and nod slowly, “i’ll take the taxi b-“
“it’s late at night, taxis usually aren’t in session.”
“okay then,” you sigh, “i’ll just walk.” and turn around, ready to walk right out of this house.
“h-hey!” he yells and you turn around angrily to shush him and point at hwayoung’s room. “you can’t walk!”
“yes i can?”
he shakes his head, letting his hair fall over his eyes and he points at your waist. “you’re injured.”
“yeah, no shit park.” you deadpan, “your expensive bullet hit my waist, worse than when your ex sent her me- oi park what’re you do-“
“shut up and follow me,” he holds your wrist and pulls you to the destroyed kitchen, “sit.”
“where?” you point at the broken stools dramatically, you then hear him sigh and step closer. snaking an arm around your waist carefully and lifting you up on the island table.
“now shush,” he puts a finger to your lips, ignoring the way your eyes widen. “you’re hurt.”
you scoff, “are you bipolar or something park?” crossing your arms over your chest you follow his taller stature, “you’re going to help me? me?”
“y/n,” he says, holding out a huge box which you presume are full of medical equipment.
he opens the box with a sigh, “i’m doing this for my daughter..” he pauses, “..seeing her cry when she saw our faces was something i never wanted her to see.”
he continues in his low voice, “i keep my identity hidden from her, so seeing her cry out like this hurt me more than the injuries you gave me.”
he fishes out an antiseptic and motions for you to lay down, “i’m no-“ but he hears nothing and instead holds your shoulders and gently lowers you flat on the table.
he grabs a stool and sits facing your side, near where the bullet grazed your skin. “when she looked at you, she quietly whispered asking if you were okay.”
you smile a little at that but hiss seconds after, “sorry,” he says when he accidentally touched the wound. “i’m going to need to rip the side of your dress open.”
“do it,” you say, covering your eyes when you feel a stinging pain from your head.  
“you’re not going to question me why?”
you groan, “you have a first aid kit, you’ve forcibly laid me down on the table and have an antiseptic in your hand- why would i question you when you’re fixing my wound.”
“point,” he nods, hesitantly reaching for your dress and you sigh. removing your hands from your eyes and then ripping a part of your dress, handling him the end product.
“i ripped my favourite dress for you,” you wrap your arms around your head, “you better fix my wound with no damages now.”
he responds with a hum and gets to it, cleaning the excess blood with a cotton while you winced when he used the antiseptic that stung you like a bitch.
“seonghwa,” you hiss, “this is one of those moment where i really h-hate ow! you!” he scoffs as a response and keeps working on it, using the long white bandage to wrap as a first layer after stitching the would close.
where you screamed in his hand, squeezed it and bit it to hold in the loud noises that could wake hwayoung up. where you also slapped his shoulder, hand, face and the counter.
which he never complained for even a second.
“all done,” he says, he holds your head gently while cleaning with the utmost care, it feels slightly weird that it’s such an intimate moment filled with silence.
“hey seonghwa,” you ask out of nowhere, “did you really make that accident happen?”
he doesn’t stop and shows no reaction to your words, “what if i said it wasn’t me?”
“i still wouldn’t trust you,” you reply and the corner of his lips quirk up, “still- if it wasn’t you then uh, didn’t mean to put the blame on you.”
he chuckles lowly when he wraps the bandage around your head, “doesn’t mean i’ll forgive you for shooting me....twice!”
he mumbles deep and low, “sorry.”
“stop talking already,” you lift yourself up and a frown washes over your face, “you talk a lot for the intimidating personality you put up.”
“sorry,” he lowers his voice and then helps you get down on the floor, “i would recommend you to keep laying dow-“
“turn around,”
“turn around and take your shirt off,” he faces you with wide eyes, “excuse me?” you roll your eyes and then point at his back, “blood, injuries.”
“oh it’s alright, i can handle myse- ow ow y/n what the heck!”
“‘handle myself,’” you mock, tapping his shoulder to non-verbally ask him to take it off and he does without no hesitation the second time.
you wince when your eyes land on his injuries, the way a few pieces of glass stuck on his skin made you feel a little guilty. quietly reaching for the tweezer you ask him to take a seat and hold onto the counter in case it hurts.
when he acts all high and mighty, you carefully pull the glass out that evidently makes him let out a pained whine for your name.
cleaning the cut immediately you repeat the process until it’s all covered and bandaged off, with multiple whisper screams coming from the man you turn his stool around and face him.
eyes on his lip and hand holding his chin, you grab the antiseptic and brush it over his lip. “you punch hard,” he says, muffled.
“i know,” you grab a q-tip and inch closer until you’re standing in between his legs. “i used all my strength on you.”
he tries to laugh but hisses, resting his arms on his lap while he watches you work. it goes quiet for a while, just you cleaning his lip and eye area before applying the right ointments over them.
“you remember you did this same thing years ago?” he breaks the silence, “in high school, when the nurse wasn’t there and you patched my lip up.”
you laugh a little, shaking your head at the small memory. “you remember it well huh? i should’ve left you like that if i had known the type of person you were.”
“you know exactly the type of person i am,” he stops, “yet here you are doing it again years later.”
when you choose not to respond, he takes it as a go and tries to speak again until you smacked his lip with a bandaid, restricting him from speaking.
“sshh,” you tell him while tidying up the box and then holding his face gently, moving it right and left as you inspect his bruised jaw. “it’ll take a few days to heal,” you run a finger over the light blue and purple hues.
“thanks,” you hum and walk past only to halt when he stops you, “where are you going now?”
“home.” you respond back, eyeing him up and down.
“you’re freshly hurt and it’s late night,” he holds a finger up when he sees you open your mouth, “there are no taxis or ubers or walking allowed, stay here for now.”
“that’s something i’m definitely not going to do,” this time he holds your wrist and pulls you to him, trapping you in his legs.
“y/n, stay here until tomorrow morning.” his low tone whispers and it sends a shiver down your spine, “consider it as a gift.”
you scoff, “no thank you and i can’t stay here.”
he tilts his head to the right, “why not?”
“because first, where would i sleep? two, I have no clothes to change into.” you raise an eyebrow, “three, you can literally kill me again.”
“you were eager to get killed,”
“that was a moment of the time decision, my mind’s changed now.” you nod back, “so please mr park, i need to leave.”
he suddenly stands up, his larger frame towering over you. “i have some spare clothes, change into them.” he glances at you, “while you’re changing, i’ll fix the guest room up again.”
“no tha-“
“y/n,” he warns and you raise an eyebrow, “go change.”
Tumblr media
waking up in his clothes and his daughter curled over you was something that you didn’t expect to be so comforting. but then a call from kai made you want to run into a wall because not only was he pissed, but he also managed to tease the crap out of you.
the second he met you, he had that shit-eating grin on his face and that look in his eyes that you knew would bother you in the long run.
“so you spent a night at this,”
“yes, a month ago, is there a problem?”
“you were in his clothes-“ he pauses for a quick second, “oh you’re still holding them!”
“do you want me to throw them out?” you yell back and he laughs, waggling his eyebrows and shoulders at you.
“how was the night- you know, despite the injuries and stuff?” you shake your head at this question, whirling your memory back to the night that happened a week ago.
where you two almost killed each other, then took care of his daughter and then patched each other’s wounds in nothing but silence.
“s’all right,” you respond and he grins.
“is my little y/n falling for her ene- ow!” you smack his arm, “what was that for!”
“for your stupidity, i told you nothing like that will happen!” you say, “someone already has their eyes on him, and that’s not me.”
“that’s what everyone says,” he laughs, turning into the very familiar driveway.
“isn’t it weird that my boyfriend is dropping me off at another man’s house?” you question with a smile and he grins.
“seonghwa would think you’re cheating on me.”
he leans on the steering wheel and pauses, long enough for your eyes to widen. “you did not!” you gasp.
“look, i found a date!” he raises his hands, “you told me to go find someone so i asked someone on a date!”
your mouth drops in shock, slowly shaking your head as the gasp turns into a cheeky grin. poking his side repeatedly while he yelps and squeals away from you.
“so that is! why! i won’t be! y/n! able to pick you up!” your chuckles and his squeals fill the car, you both don’t notice how the window’s curtains are pulled outside and someone watches you two with a frown.
“stay safe,” he yells from the car windows as you walk up the park’s stairs. “use con-“
“-shut up!”
you raise your fists to knock once kai’s car was gone and yet the door opens when you simply push it lightly, confused yet curious you walk inside the very familiar place.
hanging your coat on the hanger and taking your shoes off was eerily quiet until you yelled out, “hey park! i’m inside- just to let you know!”
and it makes you jump when the response comes right away, from behind you. “i know that,” it’s as if you’re more aware because of his voice all of a sudden.
looking over you shoulder you quickly glance at him up and down and resist the urge to bite your lip, because since when were grey sweats something that enticed you.
surely something is wrong, you chuckle awkwardly and look around to save yourself from embarrassment. “hwayoung?”
“at my moms,” he says, putting both his hands in his pockets as he takes slow steps towards you.
you blink rapidly until he comes closer and wraps an arm around your torso, pulling you to his front and catching you by surprise. when you hit his chest, your wide eyes dart to his calmer ones and notice the hint of a smile.
his fingers caresses your shirt gently and he stares down at you. “is the wound better?”  
it’s then when you’re pulled out of your thoughts and nod, “yeah, all good.”
he chuckles darkly, raising his other free hand to cup your cheek. lowering his face till you feel his breath near the shell of your ear, it’s the way your heartbeat increases its pace when he does so.
you stand frozen when he speaks again with his low voice, “is your pretty little head alright?” this time you suck in a deep breath and are about to nod when he runs his fingers through your hair.
making you shudder against his otherwise warm body, he then slowly unclips your hair and lets it fall down all while his face is practically buried in your neck.
“leave it like this,” he says, fiddling with a strand. “it suits you.” he then hums and lowers his lip to your neck, hot breath fanning against the skin while you stiffen.
his lips quirk in a smile and gently, almost ghostly brushes his lips against the silver of your skin. it sends unbelievable and sudden butterflies to your gut.
he stops to groan in your ear and you jolt back, “you smell like him,” you nod.
“of course i do,” you poke his chest and push him back, “he’s my boyfriend.”
he grimaces. “cheap cologne of sandalwood, really?”
you roll your eyes and push him away, “why are you like this,” you mumble past him and he blindly follows behind you.
his eyes boring into the back of your head with an amused glint in his eyes, “hey y/n,”
“yeah,” you turn into his living room, placing the bag full of the coat he leant you last time.
“you know the neighbours next door?” you nod, shifting your weight in the couch. “she’s coming over for dinner-“
“just her?”
“i think so, maybe her friend too.” he quickly adds, “i didn’t want to invite her but she insisted and i couldn’t say no.”
you shrug, “not my problem,”
“ah,” he pauses, rubbing the back of his nape with a shy smile. “i was thinking you could, you know, help me make it.”
“absolutely not,” you interrupt, stepping closer to place the cloth in his hands.
“why not?” he lets out a whine and you raise an eyebrow.
“you told- no you yelled at me that ‘your cooking’s just as bad as your shot sweetheart!’” he grins, “what makes you think i’d wanna help you?”
he smiles sheepishly, “because you’re my mrs park,” followed by him clearing his throat loudly, “to her! at least.”
you cross your arms over your chest and narrow your eyes, tapping your feet on the carpet below. eyes falling onto his wide and curios ones, with a part of his lips that has you looking away.
“what do i get from this?” you ask and his face falls in relief.
“my cooking of course!”
“last time you cooked something for me was eight years ago,” you shake your head, “when you over spiced the dish and sent me to get a glimpse of hell!”
“y/n,” he pleads, coming closer to stand right up against you. “please? just this one last time.”
and that’s how you find yourself standing beside him in his newly fixed kitchen, green starbucks type of apron’s on with spatulas and a box of seasoning in your hands.
“that’s- oh! oh!” you slap his hand and he winces, “that’s not how you do it!” grabbing the spoon from his hand and pushing him away with your waist.
he watches with a forming pout beside you, face right beside yours as he peers down at what you were making.
he stays quiet as you blabber on and you assume because he’s staring at the pot, “the girl next door seems perfect, exactly your type, her personality seems okay, she’d be fun to get along with!”
“i’m only doing this because you should date someone,” switching the stove on, “hwayoung would like that too, she’d have someone else beside you with her.”
“but you’re already beside me,”
he goes on, “hwayoung knows you too and what do you know about my type?”
you scoff, “hwayoung came from someone exactly like your neighbour, i won’t be surprised if i see you to toget-“
“that won’t happen,” he quickly cuts you off, “never.”
“why not?” you question, reaching behind him to grab the cutting board. “scared?”
he shakes his head, “you’re already mine in front of her,” he continues yet you bite the inside of your lower lip.
“that’s only for a show dummy,” you hand him the pot for him to stir and he gladly takes it away from your hands.
“is it?” he mumbles, eyes on the pot. “we never broke up right,”
“so that still makes you mine.”
you’re sure you want to throw a fit in the moment, finding out that you’re going to have to join and be beside seonghwa at the dinner with his neighbour is absolutely ridiculous.
“come on, don’t be spoilsport y/n.” he said, “if my wife isn’t with me, then i’d cancel the dinner.”
“cancel the dinner then.” you challenged, flipping through the magazine he lent you.
“y/n,” he whined, “just once.”
“just once?”
he nodded, eyes big and wide staring into yours with hope. what could you do in this situation anyway, him staring at you up close while rapidly blinking reminded you of hwayoung.
and that’s how you find yourself glaring out the glass window, eyes narrowed and arms crossed over your chest. holding a warm glass of tea while staring at him playing in the rain, it sort of brings back memories from your school days.
you lean back on the couch and observe the way he wore his school jersey, surprised it still fits him you take a sip. you hate the way you’re drawn into watching him, the way his wet hair brushes over his forehead when he does a layup.
or how his jersey of number thirteen slides up when he takes a shot, it makes everything look like a cinematic masterpiece from high school musical. how you automatically see him dribble in slow motion and how the water drops down him like he’s a god.
and when your eyes meet his, you hurriedly bring the mug up to cover your face. he watches with a smirk and stands tall as the rain drops all over him, the basketball in his hand he watches you.
when you stare at him he raises his hand and asks you to come outside with a wiggle of his finger, you pause and stare then slowly shake your head.
he responds by nodding his head, mouthing a “challenge,” to you knowing you would walk out because you won’t settle to loose to him.
and you do walk out, with an expression he’s seen one too many times. it reminds him of when you and he would sneak inside the school’s gym to verse each other in a game of b-ball.
how he would purposely block you, slap the ball away from your hands or run behind you like usain bolt when you had the ball.
“first one to get three shots, wins!” he yells from the small court he has while you stand underneath the roof.
“it’s raining! do you plan on getting sick?” you yell back and he smirks, walking towards you with that gaze that has you swallowing.
“come on,” he says and holds your wrist, pulling you to his drenched front. “for old times sake, hm?”
“fine,” you grab the ball, “if you loose, you fulfill my wishes. but if i lose then.... i’ll get you dinner.”
he chuckles, shaking his head. “if i win, you do what i ask, deal?”
your lips quirk up, “deal.”
both of you lunge at each other, ducking down when one aggressively reaches out for the ball. or swirling and spinning to get away from the other, everything is dramatic. you’re sure the fever dreams of you starring in a movie are coming true with this, the intense lingering gazes and the pent up tension in the air as the rain drizzles cold.
fighting each other to grab the ball only for it to slip outside the court because of the water which would make seonghwa yell out “fowl!” and you glare at the way he, like a child, like his child, sticks his tongue at you.
you’re cursing with your eyes with every shot he takes, complaining how he has an advantage as he’s played the sports before.
“that’s not fair!” you yell, wiping the water from your face only to gasp when he slaps the ball away from your hands. “you’re cheating!”
he turns back with a smile, not even sparing the hoop a glance he takes a shot and it’s illegally perfect. the entire time he looks at your frowning face and laughs whenever it falls in disappointment.
“everything’s fair in basketball- especially if it’s between us.” he grins obnoxiously and runs a hand through his wet hair, showcasing his forehead while doing so.
mayhaps that’s the first time in years you’ve really paid attention to him, noticing how he’s aged so gracefully that it would pain you to ask about his skincare routine.
his sleeveless jersey doesn’t make anything easier as you not so subtly hawk over his frame, he’s built; not to an extent. lean, tall and fit. handsome yet a personality of a prick, who also has three year old who you’re convinced is smarter than him.
he walks your way while you’re ogling him, lips perked up in amuse and an eyebrow raised at his attitude. it’s as if he knows you’re checking him out, he purposely flaunts himself.
and you’re not complaining, scarily you are not. it’s kind of weird considering you have a boyfriend- who’s also on a date at the moment. who you’re also in relationship with semi-publicly, not quite literally because that’s a whole different story that no-
“yeah,” you mumble, hoping he wouldn’t notice the sudden rouse of goosebumps over your arms and the slight shaking from the cold wind.
“we’re both tied,”
his voice falls deaf on your ears, all you do is stare at him. eyes wide open, a glint in your eyes that even you can’t realize what it is.
he watches you zone out, eyes staring into his and he slowly breaks out into a smile and then motives how cold it must be. without a word he closes the distance between you two, arms wrapped around your figure tightly as he pulls you to him.
he buries his face deep in the crook of your neck and you let out a gasp, the otherwise calm heart rate of yours doubling up in speed. “park, w-what do you th-“
“ssh,” he rocks you to the side, humming a little before continuing. “you’re cold.” his cold lips ghost just by your neck and it makes you bite your lips, forcibly pushing him away even if the bodily heat was addicting.
“we’re tied right?” you ask, walking past him to grab the ball. he hums in the back, “then last round before we go in, don’t want us getting sick before the dinner.”
you think you hear him say something along the lines of ‘shy baby’ and it never has made you swallow that harshly before. shaking your head on purpose you grab the ball and begin dribbling it, turning around to see him bending down to tie his shoes, eyes still holding yours.
“last round mr park seonghwa,” you tease with a smile that he might like a little too much, “don’t be soft.” with a wink you run past him, catching him off guard as he chases you while yelling.
you laugh when he fails to catch you, jumping on your feet to keep the ball away from his hold while he whines a little too close to you.
it’s the way he runs behind you, the second you’re about to shoot he somehow comes from behind and slams the ball to the ground. earning a gasp from you and a boyish laugh from him, the one that’s very familiar to you.
“seonghwa!” you complain.
“y/n!” he copies back, stomping dramatically.
you snarl at the man, “you keep cheating!”
“i’m playing the game,” he shrugs with a knowing smile and it makes you throw your middle finger in the air for him.
his laugh echoes in your ear as he grabs the ball and starts to dribble it away from you, his back turned and your eyebrows meet for a few seconds before relaxing.
if he can cheat, so can you. you grin to yourself, everything’s fair in...everything’s fair between you two.
you begin to creep up behind him and it’s as if his senses know, he immediately turns around instead of meeting you face to face, he sees you laying on the wet ground, holding your ankle close to your while biting your lip.
he shakes his head, “nice try y/n, these tricks don’t work on me.”
when you keep quiet and stare at him, he watches how your face twists into pain and it reminds him of when you two fought.
“i don’t care,” you cry, “i don’t care for your validation when i’m clearly hurt.”
he drops the ball down to his feet, “you didn’t even yell or cry in pain!”
you shake your head, holding your ankle gently. “why would i make it known to you out of everyone?”
he thinks for a second and nods slowly, watching how your face cringes in pain he slowly walks to you and kneels by your side.
“let me see,” he mumbles, as if now more serious. “you take everything so competitively, no wonder you’d get injured so quick!”
you frown and he stifles a chuckle when your lips form into a pout that he thinks is way too adorable for his own good.
“can you stop scolding me, it’s already so cold!” you groan audibly and the rain drizzles even more, when he keeps staring at you, you scoff and try to stand up yourself.
but that barely works because you come flopping down on the ground while he chuckles, shaking his head.
“it hurts,” you frown and he bites his lips, willingly holding your ankle gently.
he glances at how you wince with every move of your ankle and genuinely starts to worry. “does it hurt a lot?” you nod.
“can you get up on your feet?” you shake your head and he scoots closer, “not only are you injured again, but cold.” close enough for your shoulders to hit his chest, and close enough for you to drop your head on his chest.
“hurts,” you mumble and he sighs, lifting a hand to pat your hair as you curl yourself to him further.
“i’m sorry,” he whispers, “let’s get you inside hm?”
everything’s fair between you two.
you lift your chin up to quietly whisper in his ear, “you’re holding the wrong ankle hwa,” you pause and he stiffens, “you’ve gone so soft for me, it’s cute.”
with a quick, subtle peck that barely touched his cheek you jolted up and ran to grab the basketball. giggling to yourself because you know you’ve left him speechless on the ground, but what you don’t expect is him rising up and facing you.
you stick your tongue out, pointing at the ball and then at the hoop. he shakes his head, huffs and suddenly sprints at you.
your eyes widen, shocked you take a few steps back. “hey hey- no! stay there, i’ll scream if you get close-“ before you finish the sentence you bolt while holding the ball.
he chases after you, stepping into the puddles as you two run in circles. laughing and giggling as you teased him, he wastes no time to run and catch you from behind.
he does it so quickly that you can barely register it happening, both arms looping around your waist and pulling your back against his chest. your drenched clothes sticking to each other’s as he lifts you from the ground, your squeals and his laugh ring the backyard.
and it felt good, it felt way too good to be honest.
he spins you around way too many times for you to count before landing you back on the ground, spinning you around by your waist so that your dizzy self falls onto him.
he chuckles and holds your falling body onto him, your heavy breathing syncing with his heartbeat and he runs a hand down your arm to keep you warm.
“i hate you,” you spat.
he chuckles, holding you tighter and this time you’re not even complaining because you stay still catching your breath.
“of course you do,” he grins, “now should we finish the game?”
you lift your face to meet his eyes, “what? h-“ but without saying another word, he bends down and loops his arm around the back of your thighs and lifts you in the air.
your widened eyes and a surprised yelp makes him smile, your arms wrapped around his shoulders tightly as if he’d throw you down.
he looks up with his toothy grin and you hold him tighter, “put me down right now!” you say loudly and he grins.
“aren’t you going to take the shot?” he says, slowly walking near the hoop and you stare at him in disbelief.
“are you serious?”
he grins, “very serious, now hurry up before i drop you.” he holds even tighter at that and you shake your head.
“you’re ridiculous,” with a smile you raise your hand in the air, the ball settling on your palm is thrown when you shoot for the hoop and when it goes through you yell in excitement.
“i won!” you look down at him with a smile so big that it hides your eyes, you cup his face, “you loose!”
he shakes his head because he doesn’t care if he wins or loses and carefully walks to where the shed was, hearing you blabber on about what he’s gotta do now since you won.
he smiles to all of them and places you on the wooden bench carefully, “sit for me okay? i’ll be right back,”
“hurry up!” he hears you say when he runs inside, cursing when the water comes inside the warmer house.
he hurriedly runs to his room to grab extra towels and bolts back outside where you were rubbing your palms together rapidly, sniffling here and there.
he smirks softly and wraps a towel around, catching you by surprise again when he throws the other on your head carelessly. grinning when he hears your whine before coming down to kneel before you.
“park, stop-“
“seonghwa,” he repeats and you lick your lips.
“seonghwa, stop it!”
he grabs the ends of the towel and you freeze, eyes widened when he starts to slowly dry your hair. he does it with a smile and it surprises you, so you take it to your advantage and close your eyes as a content smile decorates your lips.
he continues to dry your hair, sometimes doing it so fast that it made you squeal and slap his hand away.
“can’t have mommy falling sick, especially if daddy’s taking care of her hm?” he says, using the towel to clean any water on your face.
“well...” you clear your throat, eyes suddenly finding interest on the floor. “ thank you.”
he smiles.
you look to the left once he pulls back and takes a seat beside you, you grab a spare towel and chuck it at him. he catches and brings it to his hair, drying it while purposely shaking his head your way so that the water droplets fall your way.
you flinch when the cold splatters hit your skin and it makes you curse at him, he accepts it all with a wink.
it’s then when it goes a little quiet, just the rain acoustics and you two sat together. sometimes he spares you glances and sometimes you find yourself looking at him.
“thanks,” you start, grabbing the ends of the towel tighter. “for the towels i mean,”
he nods, “no worries.”
you then slid closer, knowing he was shaking slightly just a few moments prior. grabbing your towel and throwing the half of it over his shoulder, he glances at you with a raised eyebrow.
you shrug and look ahead, watching how the rain fell knowing full well his gaze lingered over your face. and then you feel him snake his arm around your waist, pulling you to his side.
both of you stay quiet, still, frozen or whatever. just you two, the rain and silence.
it’s probably the only time it has been quiet between you two because like in the past, there wasn’t a day when you two wouldn’t argue.
you’re beginning to weirdly like it and so does he.
“i’m sorry hwayoung gives you a hard time,” he suddenly blurts out.
“she doesn’t bother me seonghwa,” you respond, “her dad on the other hand... pain in the ass.”
he chuckles, “no but really, this feels weird to say but....thanks.”
“coming into hwayoung’s life,” he looks down at his hands, “you’re the only mother-like figure in her life beside my own mother.”
you hum and wait for him to continue, “it wasn’t easy as a single parent, so when you came it kind of lessened the stress on me.”
“sometimes when i have to go out for work, i couldn’t always leave her alone.” he sighs, “and then come home- sometimes angry or injured or have blood splatters on me,”
“that explains why you were so lowkey for the last few years, you had a baby to take care off.”
he nods with a little smile, “yeah, the baby's mom and dad was me.”
“i might quit the mafia,” he suddenly says and you turn to look at him in shock, “i can’t keep coming home and then one day never see her again.”
“it’s hard to quit.” you say and he nods.
“i was going to let hongjoong take over the empire,” he lets out a deep sigh, “because i want to live my life for hwayoung, if i lose her, i’d be the same as dead.”
“it’s hard to join but impossible to leave,” your eyes face down and he mumbles a small “i know.”
“i was beyond furious when we fought,” he pauses and clenches his jaw, “how hwayoung saw us in a way that i didn’t want her to see.”
“sorry,” you lowly mumble and he shakes his head.
“i’m sorry, i was the one who started it, i was the one who texted you to be ready for our fight.” he sighs, “and i hurt you quite badly, i’m sorry.”
“it hurt quite bad,” you huff and he sighs before apologizing once again.
“i wasn’t actually going to kill you, i called for your name but before anything the door bell rang again.”
“i still want to know who caused my car accident,” you pause to look at him.
“i’ll help,” he says, “i’ll help you find whoever did it.”
you hum and then your lips curl into a smile, “hwayoung’s really cute huh?” you pause and look at your hands, “it feels weird whenever i see her, i get a reminder that she’s yours- like as in, you have a kid.”
“crazy,” he whispers, “hwayoung’s my wealth, my reputation and the only one i love besides-“
“yourself i know,” you cut him and lean back on the bench, “it’s cute, seeing you all tall, dressed in all black and holding your daughter who’s dressed in nothing but pink.”
you laugh and he smiles, “you’re so tall and she’s just a tiny princess holding your leg,”
and that’s where he smirks, “you seem to have a thing for my height,” he grins, “got a kink?”
you turn to him with a smirk, “got plenty mr park,” puckering your lips, “see and find out.”  
he laughs shyly but the next thing he says makes you smack his shoulder, “i can guarantee i don’t disappoint in both my heights,”
“i didn’t need to know that,” you push him away, “you’re still the same, never changed.”
“you haven’t either,” he retorts, “still the same, always ready to fight me.”
you smile, grabbing your towel to wipe your legs. “remember how you threw your five alive juice box at me? in front of everyone.”
he shakes his head at the sudden recollection, “and then i kissed you in the private classroom to make up for it.”
you throw your head back laughing while he watches you with a smile, “we were idiots.” he nods.
“still are.” he adds and you turn your head to stare at him, pulling your legs up to your chest and facing him.
“you really haven’t changed huh?” you point at his hair, “it looks better now.”
“really?” he mocks, “you didn’t say that when you’d run your fingers through them,”
he then mirrors you and you can’t stop the way you’re feeling warm from the inside, “you still look the same,” he whispers, “maybe a little prettier.”
you two go quiet right after that, eyes staring into each other’s as if communicating through them. it’s as if your eyes are a camera, you see every memory you have together in his eyes.
the rain starts to slow down as your heartbeats sync together, blinking and smiling.
“so, what do you wanna talk about?” you say, tone just above a whisper and eyes glancing into his.
“i wanna talk about you,” he breathes and you swallow, holding his deep and intense eyes.
“your hopes,” he looks to the side, “your dreams.”
and then looks at you again, “everything you want in life.”
you let out a breathy chuckle, turning yourself ahead as your feet meet the ground. “just to be clear.” you turn to him.
leaning towards him and whispering, “i’m too smart to be seduced by you,” with a wink and a smile you stand up to walk away but yelp when he grabs onto your wrist.
“are you now?” he pulls you forward till you’re standing in between his legs, his thumb caressing the back of your wrist gently. “but i think i’m a little dumb on that part.”
you smile, “you’ve always been dumb, it’s noth-“ you cut yourself off to sneeze, to which he grins and stands up to tower over you.
“a hot shower sounds really nice,” you say, rubbing your nose lightly.
“without me?”
you stop to look at him in disgust, “yes, without you.”
Tumblr media
“stop staring at me,”
you roll your eyes and stand beside him at his vanity, you expected his bathroom to be larger and maybe in a lighter colour.
but in reality it was smaller, cozier with darker shades, a window ceiling and a large vanity table with a equally large mirror that had lights poking out its back.
“i don’t have anything to wear,” you look at your reflection, wearing nothing but a robe that’s a bit too huge.
“did you put the clothes in the laundry?” he jumps out of his shower and you barely spare him a glance because you know he’s naked.
but you can’t help but stare at him through the mirror, rolling your eyes at how his dignity is one towel drop away. the towel that hangs a little too low on his torso, you don’t break his gaze even when he stares back.
how his shoulders are so broad, a lean yet toned body that has you raising your eyebrows.
“i’m handsome,” he flexes his arms, “i know.”
you scoff and grab the lotion he first went for, aggressively opening it while he smirks at you through the mirror and leans on it. running a hand through his hair that has you shaking your head repeatedly.
“aren’t you flustered at the sight of me?” he cheekily asks and you spare him a glance up and down.
“no?” you pause, “do you expect me to turn around and die of shyness?”
when he doesn’t respond and stares, you shove him away. “i’ve seen people shirtless, it doesn’t matter to me.”
“wouldn’t say the same if kai was here,” he pauses, “no, stop,i don’t want to hear about him!”
“you’re just gonna stay in that robe?” he asks when you hand him the lotion and he stares at you, applying it all over your face.
“i don’t have any clothes-“ you pause and then your head to him sharply. “because someone desperately wanted me to play the game, in the rain!”
he grins and wiggles his eyebrows teasingly, it’s then when you notice the odd ink pattern on his side.
“oh my god,”
he pauses, “what?”
“you still have that tattoo?” you point at him through the mirror, at his side waist. “i remember you crying about it in school.”
he scoffs, “first off i didn’t cry about it!” he then dramatically taps the lotion all over his face. “second, yes it’s still there.”
“i didn’t know you kept it,” and you find yourself staring at it intently, impressed at the artwork that runs up his side in all black with the scales being red.
he sees you staring and angles his hip towards you, nodding at you knowing your fingers were already going to trace it. and it doesn’t disappoint him when the do, a smile on his lips as he continues to apply perfume while watching your reflection.
“hwayoung does the same,” he chuckles, “she asked me if i was superman once, and then traces it with her finger asking if it hurt.”
you automatically smile, “you know i have one too,” he lets out a noise of amuse, “coincidentally it’s a smaller but red version of yours on my back shoulder.”
you carefully turn around and expose the skin where it was inked and it reminds you of the awful night you got it on.
“coincidentally,” he scoffs, “you copied me!”
“excuse me, how would i know?” you yell back, “i was drunk to a whole new level i barely even remember getting it.”
he huffs loudly, “still copied me, cheater.”
you stick your tongue out and he smacks your shoulder lightly, but you return it back a bit harsh. hiding a laugh when you see the two marks of your finger on his skin, “i-i’m sorry,” you manage to let out.
“i’m sorry,” he mocks, shoving you away and you do the same until in a span of seconds you both are fighting with your hands.
his expensive lotion bottles, shaving equipment fly in the background as you two find each other in different corners of the room, panting heavily as he stands in his shower with the head turned to aim at you.
while you stand with a towel covering your upper half, “you know how to swim?” he asks, pressing a few buttons to show what the shower head could do.
“no,” you peek from the towel, “but i know how to drown.”
“good,” he nods, “because that’s exactly what i’ll do!”
“i will kill you- oh hi hwayoung!”
“hwayoung?” his eyes widen, shower head aimed to the ground as the water drips and he steps out to look for his daughter and your grin.
but your grin soon turns into a cry for help when you fall backwards on the ground, the water he showered being the reason. you expected to fall knowing you’d fall hard on your butt, no, that happens.
but what you didn’t expect was for mr park seonghwa to fall right over you, his hand holding the back of your head as he lays flat over you.
your wide eyes stare into his shocked blinking ones, “w-what- what are you doing, this all happened because of you!”
“oh yeah? who’s protecting your head right now?” he mumbles and you shook his hand away.
he’s about to shift and so are you in your position but when you hear the familiar cheery screams of hwayoung, both your heads robotically turn to the bathroom door where she stood with a big grin on her face.
“your fault,” you whisper through your teeth while still looking ahead. he barely manages to answer when hwayoung skips to you two and you both panic and yell a loud, “no!”
it makes her halt in her steps with a frown, “but daaddy,” she then turns to you, “mmommyy~”
“sometimes it really hits me that she is in fact, your daughter,” you say and he turns to face you, his hot breathe fanning over your cheeks. “everything- every damn mannerism is the same!”
“that’s my little baby,” he grins proudly when he sees her walk slowly to them and crouch down near your faces.
“hi!” she whispers, “see daddy, mommy loves you!”
“i don’t but go on,” you whisper low enough for seonghwa to drop his head in your neck laughing. “why are you laug-“ you stop when he moves around, chest beating rapidly when you feel something the vibrations of his deep laugh.
“Get off me,” he narrows his eyes.
“you first.”
hwayoung watches you two with her wide eyes, to the left when seonghwa speaks and to the right when you speak.
“yeah but who here-“
“don’t even go there!”
“seonghwa get off!”
“the door daddy..”
“the what hwayoung,” you two pause at the same time, glancing over at one another as the doorbell rings the entire house and you fall back dramatically.
“the dinner,” you cry out, “your neighbour, she’s already here!”
he immediately gets off of you and holds hwayoung in his arms, “get dressed quick!”
“i have no clothes!” you whisper-yell, sitting in a straight position.
“well,” he rubs the back of his neck, “i don’t have any clothes for you.”
you then stand up, walk towards him to grab hwayoung in your arms. “then go get me some,” you look at the little girl who nods, “daddy dress.”
he stares at you then at his little girl, then back to you before dropping his shoulders. “fine,” he grunts, turning his back to walk into his closet.
hwayoung grins at you and you squish her cheeks with a smile, “let’s get you ready before daddy comes back!”
just as you place her on his bed and walk into his closet, the only thing you see are dark clothes everywhere. except one corner that was full of pastel coloured blankets with animals and stars on them, it makes you smile at how intimidating he looks to a different person in front of his daughter.
the thought makes your insides flip and you turn to him, who stood in-front of his mirror buttoning his shirt.
“what colour,” he asks in his low deep tone, shifting his gaze from the mirror to you.
“any,” you mutter, eyes searching his closet. “oh! you can take the neighbour with you, it can be a like a little date for you two. how interesting,”
he scoffs under his breath, tugging his shirt in his pants he turns to look at you. “that won’t happen.”
you glance at him, “why not?” crossing your arms behind you. “you don’t want to date, i think you should, hwayoung already loves her anyway!”
he tilts his head to the left, coming to step closer to where you stood. he opens his drawer while maintaining perfect eye contact with you, grabbing a random watch he places it on his wrist and then slowly proceeds to back you to the closet door.
“y/n,” he breathes out, “why are you so interested in my love life?”
“because you should date,” you take a hold of his wrist, fiddling with the watch strap. “it’s good for the long term and plus you won’t have to have me over every other day.”
“why don’t you and kai break up,” he grabs your hand gently, “it’s good for the long term, then you can see me everyday.”
“i’m not going to date you,” he smiles and lowers his face.
“i never asked sweetheart,” his face closing the distance between the two of you, enough for you to feel his breathe fanning over you and the sound of your heartbeat pounding in your ears.
“you implied it,” instinctively turning your voice just barely above a whisper.
“i imply a lot of things,” he steps closer and the scent of his perfume washes over you, breathing it in. “but you only notice the ones to do with me.”
you smile tightly, a hand reaching up his shirt to settle on a button. “take the neighbour with you, okay?” with a pat to his chest you turn around to walk away.
his stare lingers over your frame, watching you skip towards hwayoung and hold her hand to walk her out the room. just as you’re about to walk past him, he grabs a random piece of cloth and shoves it in your chest.
“wear that until i come back,” he looks away and you bite a smile, staring at his back while he walks down the stairs towards his underground garage.
the garage he takes pride in, lined with the finest cars from the latest to vintage. when he switches the lights on, turn by turn it reveals the shiny cars of his lined up perfectly as he walks in the middle.
wiggling his finger as his eyes search across them all until they land on his black range, grinning he immediately grabs the keys and drives it out the underground.
coming to stop at the entrance, rolling his eyes when he rolls the window down to call out for the girl standing near his front door.
“miss kim!” he waves when she turns around with a smile, stepping down to jog to his car.
“mr park!” she breathes out loud and he displays a polite smile.
“could you join me on a…uh, shopping spree?” she breaks out in a smile and leans forward.
“are you..perhaps buying something for your wife?” he watches the way her eyebrows wiggle and scoffs internally.
“yes,” he scratches the back of his neck, not knowing if he should blush at the mention of you or reply back. “my wife, yeah her, a surprise for her.”
“then you have just the right person here,” he hears her mumble as she walks across and unlocks the door, “i’m not a fashion student for nothing mr park!”
he swears every time he hears her talk about you, he has to bite back a smile. when asked about your favourite colour, he smiles.
“all of them.”
he remembers from that one game you two played years ago, surprising himself that he actually remembers. when the rest of the ride to the mall is spent with him answering questions about you, he realizes he knows more about you than he thinks.
your dislikes and likes, small habits that still haven’t changed. he smiles as he talks about you, feeling a sense of giddiness fan over him as he tells her about you two.
“how long have you two known each other?”
he grips the steering wheel tighter, “since we were babies, you know family friends and stuff.”
he hears her giggle at that and he follows soon after when he remembers when you two first met. you hiding behind your dad’s legs, while he stood with a big smile watching you cower away.
“she’s really pretty,”
“always been,” he responds quickly, a smile dawning on his face.
“ah but mr park, i had a question.” she stops and he nods, “why are there no pictures of mrs park in your home? whenever i visited i’d never see her face.”
simultaneously tightening his grip on the wheel, he stops in the mall parking lot. turning the car off before glancing at her, not knowing what to say because either way it would be a lie.
he panics and blurts out randomly that, “she doesn’t like taking pictures.” nodding he adds on, “camera shy…now shall we?”
it’s as if her questions don’t seem to end, he feels like if he answered one more question he’d end up blurting the truth out. so he chooses to answer briefly, searching the mall shops for somewhere acceptable.
she notices the way seonghwa chooses to enter the expensive stores, the ones with no price tag and it has her swallowing with wide eyes. having never walked inside these stores, she’s definitely suspicious of his wealth.
the way he walks in like he owns the place, eyes turning into slits as he narrowly chooses what he wants to buy without sparing a glance at the price.
finishing through the rows of fabrics, the two settle on a piece that he guarantees you’d like. it’s the way he can’t stop imagining you in it, twirling in front of his mirror with a grin.
he puts the dress aside and looks over his shoulder, “oh, miss kim, you can buy anything you’d like. i’ll pay.”
“oh- no no! mr park i’m alright!”
he smiles, handing the dress over to the cashier, “consider it as a gift and plus i’ll be paying, don’t be shy, mrs park would scold me if you came back empty handed.”
when she doesn’t budge, he holds her shoulders and walks her down the aisles of clothes. pointing at any she’d want and as he’s doing so, he looks over his shoulder for more options but promptly freezes.
blinking his eyes rapidly, slowly letting go of her shoulders as he squints his eyes. “choose what you want, i’ll be right back.”
and so he walks outside, slowly yet steadily follows behind a very familiar man. too familiar, the one who you called your boyfriend.
he follows kai’s silhouette down the mall, pushing his way through the packed hallways while his eyes never leave the hand kai holds.
it’s as if a sudden feeling of anger washes over him, the swirling thought in his brain about kai cheating on you quickly rapid in numbers.
he contemplates calling you right away, telling you that kai was with someone else. doing subtle pda in public that’s only ever seen you two do, the perfect couple image in his mind suddenly breaks when kai leans down to lock his lips with the former.
a loud scoff leaves his mouth, “i knew it,” he mumbles underneath his breath and decides to narrate this entire thing to you face to face. where he thinks you would see past kai’s actual colours and break up with him.
but there’s a little hope in the back of his mind, that he knows is wrong but can’t help wonder if you’d break up with him and possibly prefer t-
“mr park?” he snaps back to reality, finding himself already back in the store and smile curves up his lips.
“did you choose anything?”
“i promise i’ll pay you back-“
“there’s no need to miss,” he grabs the cloth from her hands, ignoring her protests and walks to the cashier. “please have these packed.”
the entire ride back home he wonders how to break it to you, should he say it after the dinner or before the dinner. or should he let kai say it all or have you see it with your own eyes.
he thinks about it when he's climbing the front doorsteps, when he enters inside to the smell of a nice scented candle, to him asking the guest to have a seat before going up the stairs with a dreaded feeling in his stomach.
the guilty look on his face when he’d watch the way your face would drop, when he tells you about what he saw.
he thinks about it until he sees you doing hwayoung’s hair into two buns in his bathroom, leaning on the doorframe and promptly pausing just to enjoy the scene in front of him.
he hears you talk to her, coo and tickle hwayoung all with a happy smile on your face.
it’s then when he imagines seeing this everyday, waking up to you beside him. seeing you in his clothes, your multiple facial expressions that he loses a lung at and to see this everyday.
“oh, you’re back.” he hears you say but he pays no attention and watches your every move, glancing at how your lips perk up in a smile and then walk to him in slow motion.
and then waving your hand in front of his face while he watches with a smile, heart beating all while in slow motion. only jolting back to reality when you flick his forehead, making hwayoung giggle.
“ah, here.” he hands you the bag and you shake your head, “thank you seonghwa, now take hwayoung downstairs, don’t keep the guest waiting!”
hwayoung runs out the bathroom at an unreal speed, leaving you two staring at each other all alone.
“how was the date~” you poke his arm before closing the door almost all the way through. “don’t come in!”
you take the package out and quietly gape at the dress, darting your eyes to the back of the door to the dress you held in front of you.
“did you have fun?” you ask before stripping yourself off seonghwa’s hoodie, “did you buy her something? don’t tell me you did-“
“i did y/n, i did.” you smile at that, pulling the straps up your shoulders and turning your back to zip it all up.
“did you ask her out again indirectl-“
“y/n.” you suddenly stop, looking into the mirror as your hands froze at your back.
“yeah?” you ask cautiously, picking up on his lower tone.
“do you know where kai is?”
with a roll of your eyes you walk towards the door, pulling it open and then landing your eyes on his stuff stature.
“i do…why?”
he takes a moment to inhale and studies you up and down before closing his eyes, feeling his heart swell at the sight of you.
“i don’t think you do know y/n,” he says while looking down and you frown.
“what do you mean,” you walk inside to grab his hoodie, “he’s sitting home playing video games with my brother.”
the lie comes awfully easy to you, shrugging when knowing that’s not the case and that kai’s probably shitting his pants at the date he’s gone to.
his next question throws you off guard, “are you and kai dating?”
“we are….why are you asking those questions? you’ve seen it all for yourself- like you said,” you pause to look over his face, “i smell like him, my wallpaper is him, he lives with me, we go on dates every so of-“
“your wallpaper is hwayoung,” he cuts and you stop to stare and quint.
“okay, she’s cute why would i not have her face-“
“why was kai at the mall?”
you shrug, “you’re asking stupid questions! he’s probably there with his friends, why are-“
“does he kiss his friends on the lips?” he stops to eye you curiously, “specifically female ones?”
your mouth forms into an o shape, shaking your head at the fact kai kissed someone on the first date.
“why aren’t you affected by it?” he suddenly stands up, walking to stand behind you. “shouldn’t you be calling him furiously right now? how are you so calm ab-“
clenching your jaw you place the hoodie on his couch and then face him. “me and kai aren’t dating, never were, never will be.”
“what?” he cracks, eyes widened and staring into yours.
“i don’t think i owe you an explanation, am i right?” you ask, nodding your head out the door. “come on, it’s dinner time.”
Tumblr media
“baby did you set the table up?”
you smile, strained and full of anger. turning to the guest, soojin and fake laughing. then standing up to walk to the kitchen, the smirk fading into a blank face.
“i don’t know it’s your house,” you respond with a nasty glare that has him stifling a laugh.
he chuckles and comes to stand by you, glancing at the other two before looping his arm around your waist. “you’re so funny sweetheart,”
narrowing your eyes you let out a forced laugh, “of course, i carry the humour between us.” he smiles and you mirror it perfectly until soojin interrupts you two by cooing.
“how did you two even come to be?” she grinned, hwayoung hopping onto her lap. “you know the back story?”
you give seonghwa a side eye and nudge him with your feet, “well, we used to be childhood friends. we did quite a lot of things together-“
“-like going to the beach every weekend because we lived near one, and destroy each other’s sandcastles.”
with a raised eyebrow your eyes find seonghwa’s, a little surprised he even remembered that incident since you were practically five and now in your late twenties.
soojin’s laugh echoed the room and you smiled, “we went to the same elementary, high school and even university but only really dated when in the last year of uni.”
he lets out a sound from beside you, his hand that rested on your waist carefully caresses you. “we actually dated once before,” he dips his head closer to yours. “in secret.”
you stand straighter when he does so, feeling a little warmer when his lingering stare at the side of your face intensified.
“aww,” she let out, “you guys look so much in love, it’s so cute.”
he lets out a toothy grin, “we always have been, just noticed a few years ago.” he looks at you, “right y/n?”
you pause to stare, squint your eyes and then nod. “i’ll set the dinner table, you guys keep talking.”
with a final tap on his feet you walk away from the room releasing a breath you didn’t knew you held. the sudden increase of your heart that you felt when he came to stand by you, and then hold you by him and- you’re losing your mind.
“over him of all,” you replied to yourself, shaking your head and then opening every single cabinet to find plates and setting the table up.
you didn’t want to listen to their conversation, you couldn’t help but be curious. wanting to set the two up, it was only natural for you to hear just a little of what they were talking about.  
“the wedding was amazing, one of the best nights i ever had.” you heard him say, “oh, she looked like the most beautiful woman to land on earth.”
you resist the urge to let a scoff out, shaking your head at the lies he’s putting out. “i do want to see her in her wedding dress at least once again,”
“oh really?” you mouth to yourself.
“i think i’d fall in love with her all over again, and again.”
it’s then when you stop, inhaling sharply at his words before processing it all down and continuing.
“did you ask her out first mr park?”
you huff, “of course he did, cornered me to the wall and asked as if he was in a movie.”
“i did, she said no at first.”
the edges of your lips perk up, “and then after i kept asking her, she finally said yes.” and you rolled your eyes.
“did you guys break up?”
he chuckles at that, the deep chuckle sending a shiver down your body. you hear them walk towards where you were and quickly set everything perfectly before turning around.
you smile when hwayoung runs to stand behind you, with a smile you gesture towards the chairs. “i’ll bring in the food, seonghwa,” you look at him and he immediately focuses his attention on you.
“come help me,”
“of course, anything for you, love.” he grins and follows behind you blindly.
when you two are away from the room, you spin on your heels and place your hands on your hips. “why are you acting like that?” you ask quietly, switching gazes from the room to seonghwa’s.
“why,” he responds, as if bewildered. “i can’t do that to my wife?”
“you’re so ridiculous,” you grab a couple of spoons and hand it to his giggling self. “go put them there nicely.”
he bobs his head repeatedly and does as you follow, only coming back to open his mouth again but you’d hand him something, something that wasn’t necessary to him so you wouldn’t look at him.
“go out the bowls there and then-“
“-huh, so you’re shy hm?” he mocks, stepping closer to lean on the fridge. hands crossed over his chest, and a smirk on his face.
“am not,” you respond, not looking towards him because you know. know that he’s staring at you with look that always has you looking away, surely the effect of it returned rather early.
“you are,” he sings, tilting his head to the side so that his hair falls over his eyes prettily.
you shake your head because one, you’re stubborn. two, you’d never let him see you being shy over him out of all.
you then turn to him, step a little closer till you’re in his personal space. “really?” you say lowly, “do you like that, me being shy?”
his eyes widen slightly and mouth turns into a smirk, “i like it more than i used to,” he drops his arms down only to lift them and wrap them around your torso pulling you to him.
“you won’t see it again,” you smile and he chuckles, lowering his head to yours. tightening his hold onto you and pulling you to him.
“i think i will,” he challenged and you glance at his face, a glint of tease yet warmth. it makes your stiff body relax in his hold and it makes his heart flip.
you lift your hands to hold his forearms, “now get off of me,” looking past him, “can’t keep the guest waiting.”
he resists and only holds you closer, “mmhm, she can keep waiting.” the sudden closeness makes you squeal and you panic.
“she’ll walk in- hwayoung could walk in!” you whisper-yell, eyes flickering from his to the kitchen entrance.
he only teasingly pouts, “let them,” he pulls you closer so that your hands are now on your chest. “they’ll see how much i love you.”
“seonghwa,” you breathe out.
“y/n,” he replies in his soothing tone and it makes your insides flip. jerking you forward till he’s leaning his weight on you, the steady beating of their heart only doubling in pace when his face meets the crook of your neck.
you don’t stop the way a shaky sigh leaves your lips as he melts in your embrace, “you look stunning in that dress.” he whispers softly and you bite your lips.
“thank you,” you inhale his scent and it makes you swallow, sweet and expensive.
it doesn’t end there, no no, when seonghwa is involved it only makes it worse. in a good way.
if it means playing footsies under the table while smiling at each other above it, poking each other’s sides while throwing snarky remarks at one another.
whether it is being fake in love or being a couple, the two of you did a master job at it. when feeding one another, while clenching your jaws or his hand resting on your thigh throughout the entire dinner while making conversations with soojin.
it’s then when a particular comment he makes has you choking for air, when he whispers not so quietly about your answer for kids.
“oh you want kids?” he nudged your side, “we can go to the bedroom right now.” he winked and your eyebrows shot to your forehead.
you’d laugh off his mockery and singing voice, paying attention to feeding hwayoung bit by bit while her father interlocks his fingers with yours under the table that had an unbelievable amount of butterflies pooling in your gut.
and then when soojin bids her goodbyes, you and seonghwa put hwayoung to sleep.
when he leaves to go and change, looking down his windows he finds your silhouette sitting by the lighted pool. swinging your legs back and forth with your phone in hand, he assumes it’s you texting kai and smirks.
he wasn’t wrong, you were texting kai. just not in the way he thinks, instead you’re shocked at kai’s sudden bravery to kiss someone while he tries to defend himself desperately.
you laugh at his failed attempts at texting you about the date, instead sending voice memos of him whining while you laughed. glancing at your legs submerging in water as you swung them back and forth.
it’s then when you feel something cold as ice against your forehead and flinch back, eyes wide in shock and hands up in a protective manner.
“oh my god, why do you scare me!” you yelled at the man standing with a big smile, shaking his head and handing you the cold can of pepsi.
“why are you out so late?” he asks, standing by you, a hand in his pocket.
“because,” you open the can and then look at him, “it’s nice.” and then pat at the space beside you before shuffling away a little.
he doesn’t say anything instead takes a seat on the ground by you, legs dipping in the cold water that makes him flinch while you chuckle.
“still so sensitive to cold,” you take a sip, “somethings don’t change.”
“were you talking to kai?” he lowly mumbles, placing the can in between you two. “did you yell at him- oh! do you want me to beat him up?”
you throw your head back laughing, “oh god, seonghwa you’re so cute.” and then take a sip.
“no, i didn’t yell at him.” you pause and turn to him, “why would i? i’m not dating him, he’s free to do anything he wants.”
when he stays quiet, you look at him with a frown. wondering what’s wrong but when you do look, you see a light tint of pink over his cheeks and it makes you drop your mouth.
“are you…blushing?”
“what? no no, it’s uh a little cold.” you nod with a knowing smile and he looks away.
it goes quiet for a while, just the sounds of the can scraping against the cement when you’d pick it up or the water moving. the chilly air making you shiver, yet it felt surreal as it played with your hair.
he wide eyes you and swallows before opening his mouth, “so you were never dating?” you simply shook your head and he nodded.
“then what were you and kai?”
your eyes avert to the water, “just friend with benefits, no feelings involved though.” he nods and you continue to look ahead.
“sooo,” he leans back, “why were you two acting that you were dating?”
you hum, “you should know it by now,” you look at him and he stares at the way your hair moves with the wind.
with a sigh you start narrating your story, “didn’t you hear about the news of me getting married?”
“y-you what?”
“i was almost going to marry this italian guy,” you stop to chuckle and dramatically continue, “vincenzo cassano.”
you hear him sigh deeply and shake his head, “he was this consigliere and my dad was all over him,”
“corn salad?” he says, confused.
“consigliere, like the advice giver or something.” you continue on, “and so my dad really liked him and wanted me to marry him for the whole family power and what not.”
“then what did you do?”
“there was a condition that i couldn’t marry him if i was already in a relationship so i pointed at kai in front of everyone,” you shake your head, “and said he’s my boyfriend and he played along.”
“so this was all just to not get married?” he sips, leaning back a little.
you nod, “it was like a play, we both pretend we were dating while we weren’t. and would only ‘break up’ when one of us found partners, which he did first so.”
“but you found yours first,” he mumbles. “me.” he sips and turns to you.
you scoff and take a sip, “that’s only for play seonghwa, i’m just a what? nanny for hwayoung.” with that you place the can to your side and lay back down on the ground.
putting your arms behind your head while looking at seonghwa, “do you not want me to be her nanny or wha-“
“i think you’re more than just a nanny,” he looks over his shoulder with a smile, “you’re more than that, her mommy as she says.”
you smile and he joins you by laying down beside you, letting out a relaxed sigh as he looks at the sky full of stars with you.
“remember when we did this on the school's roof,” he remembers and looks your way, taking a moment to admire the way the lamp light hits your face perfectly.
and then the way your lips curve in a smile, “those were good times.” the wind moving your hair in slow motion.
you two spend the next moments remembering the crazy things you did when you were together, laughing, giggling and teasing in the midst of the night.
the lingering stares, smiles and rapid heartbeats with the special feeling of butterflies in your guts. it brought a sense of serene, peace and quiet but with you two together.
it’s when you’re almost about to sleep because of the drowsy environment that he turns around and it changed everything for you.
“y/n,” he says, whispering.
“hm,” you turn his way and he shuffles closer, eyes now open to see him up so close to you.
your heartbeat starts to ring in your ears when his gaze goes from your eyes to your lips. “thank you for coming into hwayoung’s life,”
you nod slowly and inhale when your gaze lands on his fuller lips, slowly in a spur of moment you feel as if you’d grow dizzy at the way he’s staring at you.
“mhm,” and it’s at the second that he closes the space between you two, foreheads touching as his eyes prey on your lips.
“not only hers but mine too,” he whispers.
it’s then when he closes the space by using his lips, his softer ones planting onto yours. soft and slow, eyes closed and his hand lifting to cup your cheek. it’s a weird feeling, like a spark. kissing for the first time after nearly a decade.
a burst of butterflies swarm in your stomach when he pushes himself further on you, his lips don’t move at first. as if testing the waters, but when you kiss back you feel him smile and move his lips slowly against yours.
your hands lift to curl his shirt, deepening the kiss so it’s more rhythmic. your saliva mixes with his and he pauses, pulling back.
a line of spit connects you two, both your chests heaving up and down. eyes staring into one another’s before, this time, you hold his chin and lock your lips with his.
he pulls back to rest his forehead on yours, both of you are breathing heavily, shy smiles decorating your lips and you push his chest away.
he grabs a hold of your hand and brings it to his chest, laying it flat against his beating heart. “you feel it?” you nod, feeling his heartbeat against your hand. “this is because of you.”
you stare into his eyes for a brief second before he dips his head closer and pecks your lips once again. the blood shooting to your face as everything around you gets warmer.
swallowing you sit up straight, looking over your shoulder to his content face. “i don’t think soojin would’ve liked what you did,” you say with a grin and he chuckles.
“yeah?” he raises his eyebrow, “but i liked it.”
you chuckle and shake your head, looking into the pool and when you feel a tingling sensation on your lips you automatically rewind the kiss.
biting your lip, trying to hide a smile. “i still wanna kill you, y’know?”
you hear him shuffle to sit up, coming to rest his chin on your shoulder and you inhale shakily. “you’ve already killed me inside, what more could you want?”
Tumblr media
never in a billion years did you think you’d ever find yourself waking up in seonghwa’s arms, and when you do, well, you aren’t complaining.
though he is a bit of a clingy sleeper, holding your waist with his larger hands while one of his leg is swooped up your torso. his face buried deep in your neck, snoring lightly and shuffling to hold you closer whenever you moved.
the room, full of light from the window ceiling. white duvets covering your clothed bodies, the smell of his perfume slithering your entire body and the comfort of his king sized bed.
you’re awoke by the whiny voice of hwayoung who’s unable to climb the bed, you peek open your eyes gently and glance at her in her pyjama set that matches seonghwa’s and her pastel yellow blanket she held in her hand, well more like dragged.
her bed hair reminded you of einstein and you giggle, lifting yourself up to pick hwayoung from the floor into your lap.
her head falls on your shoulder and you lazily rub her back, asking if she was okay to which she replied by wrapping her arms around your neck.
“do you still want to sleep?” you ask her quietly, feeling seonghwa’s hands move to bring you closer.
when she nods, you shift back to lean on the bed frame. wrapping her blanket around her while pulling your duvet over your legs, patting her back as she slept away.
your nose is filled with the scent of baby powder and seonghwa’s expensive perfumes. when you gently pat hwayoung’s hair, pecking her head softly, you turn to seonghwa’s now barely opened eyes with a smile on his lips.
he moves closer till his shoulders hit your hips, (he’s laying on his stomach) a sleepy smile on his lips he raises a hand to rub hwayoung’s back. and then brings it down to hold your hand in his, bringing it to his lips.
“morning,” you say, smiling when his lips tickle your hand.
he glances up and smiles, his cheeks squishing. “good morning love.” his morning voice sends a shiver down your spine, so deep and raspy.
“is she sleeping?” he asks and you nod, “put her in the middle, don’t want you getting tired.”
you do as he says and gently place her in the middle, she whines at the loss of touch but you quickly make it up by pulling her duckie blanket to her chin.
pushing her hair back, you supported your head with your hands. laying down comfortably by her, giggling at her sleeping position.
“she sleeps like a starfish,” you mumble, patting her chest in a rhythmic way. watching her sleep peacefully, little snores coming from her mouth.
he chuckles, “hmm, she sleeps like her mom.”
“really?” you say, “i didn’t know she-“
“you.” he stops you from going further, “you sleep like a starfish.”
“me?” you ask, eyes now widened and staring into his teasing ones.
he nods against his pillow, “you have no idea how much you moved the entire night,” he suddenly holds onto his shoulder, frowning. “a-ah, my shoulder-“
you slap his shoulder before he can continue, this time he groans because it hurt while you have him a tight smile.
it’s as if this had become a daily routine of yours, staying over at seonghwa’s as he drags you to his bed to hold you to sleep. saying he’s “never had a sleep so good.” as an excuse.
which would make your heart pound against your rib cage, which he also would point out with a smirk.
sometimes, hwayoung would join you two, settling like a starfish in the middle of you two which would make you both laugh. sometimes she’d sleep on seonghwa’s chest and you’d secretly take a picture of the moment when he would pat her back even if he was asleep.
or sometimes you two argue over what hwayoung should wear while she sits cross legged, unlike her father, watching you two nudge each other’s hips.
or when hwayoung would stand on a pedestal in between you and seonghwa when in his bathroom, brushing your teeth in front of the mirror. the three of you standing while you and seonghwa made faces in the mirror, making the little girl giggle.
it really felt like you were in their family, as if you had an importance there which the father-daughter duo would remind you constantly.
from going on walks to the park to finishing your work duties proficiently, you would always come back home- seonghwa’s home. you could, at this point, barely remember your own home.
he’d chant your name like a mantra, whenever you were working just to annoy you, even taking your glasses off and running off.
he sees you sitting working while giving subtle looks to him, your eyes meeting his, your tongue poking out when you concentrate. and that lip bite you do, how your teeth dig into your lips and the slight frown you have on, it makes his brain go fury.
never failing to bother you, with his voice or the stupid expressions he makes at you that actually does have you breaking out into a smile.
you never expected him to be so clumsy, tripping on thin air or on hwayoung’s toys. burning his tongue whenever he’s about to drink something hot, or falling right onto you.
and then came his lingering stares, touches and flirty comments that made you roll your eyes half the time. how he’d come from behind to hold you, mumbling something cheeky in your ear before placing feather like kisses over the expanse of your neck to shoulder.
holding hands together under the table whenever one of the guys was over, who were equally as shocked as kai when they saw what exactly was going on between you two.
“i told you, lovers to enemies to lovers!” kai would yell in your ear.
randomly pinning you to the wall, holding each other’s gazes while you’d tilt your head and close the distance only to push him back and walk past him.
brushing past each other with heated gazes, teasing one another by doing anything. and whenever something’s about to happen, just so close to actually doing something with the pent up tension you two have developed.
that hwayoung walks in skipping with her dolls and you two push each other away at an alarming speed, immediately catering to his daughter while stealing glances with shy smiles.
squealing when he would pull you in his closet to pin you against the walls and kiss you feverishly, your hands coming to wrap around his wider shoulders. broken moans eliciting from one another that only makes the kiss deeper, he’d then move his swollen and puffy lips, tinted in your lipstick down your neck.
using his tongue to lick a strip down your neck that would have you letting out shaky sighs, and when he’d kiss and suck immediately after.
it went on for days till you two somehow went a step further, doing it against a wall that had a the living room directly behind. where everyone had settled for a meeting, unfortunately you two couldn’t make it in the first ten minutes in your own place.
because seonghwa had pinned you to the wall by their hips, quietly moaning against your lips while his hands roamed all over you. your lips moving against one another messily, feverishly.
hips grinding onto one another, his hands inches close to your heat as his lips roamed down your neck. leaving his creations all over and marking you his.
it was hot yet risqué, just how you two liked it.
and that’s exactly how you found yourself staring at seonghwa sheepishly entering the bathroom, following his larger frame through the mirrors as you dried your hands.
at the night of the charity gala or more like lé gala de los narocs, where business leaders, politicians, actors and mafia leaders come to boast about their wealth.
it’s one of those events you used to attend with kai but ever since that stopped, you were here with seonghwa as each other’s plus ones.
“what’re you doing here?” you asked, fixing the earrings seonghwa had bought for you prior to this gala.
it’s a quieter atmosphere despite the chaotic gala going on outside.
from the mirror you watch him take his tie off slowly while still maintaining his gaze onto yours, it makes you swallow at the intense moment you two are having. in a luxurious bathroom, where only you two are in.
those yellow dim lights casting on you two, you turn just as he stops and eye him up and down. and he smirks, knowing full well he looks good in the black on black tux he’s wearing.
with those thick gold cuban chains that you did once imagine pulling him close with, “aren’t you supposed to be with those blood thirsty politicians?”
he tilts his head to the right, his black hair falling on top of one another and it really made him look as if he was staring in a perfume commercial.
“why, i can’t be with my gi-“
you cut him off with a laugh, “nope, you never made anything official.”
he chuckled darkly and you lean back on the sink, bringing a strand of your hair back into the bun you had. “well then i’m here to be with my daughter’s mommy, can’t i?”
you smile shyly, “do you want something?”
he nods, “you.” and steps forward to be right in front of you. you lift a hand up slowly and point to your chest, “me?” and he nods once more.
he takes another step and places his hands on either side of your waist, leaning his body closer to yours and you feel your heart starting to pick its pace up.
he then lowers his mouth close to your ears and you shiver when his breath fans over your skin, his perfume filling your nose.
“you know,” he starts, low and deep. stopping to inhale your scent and you let out a shaky exhale. “there’s so many times we’ve gotten close so to fucking the sense out of each other?”
you swallow and he continues, wrapping and arm around your torso. sending a ray of goosebumps over your skin. “but every time, we are interrupted… i don’t want that to happen tonight.”
when he finishes the last sentence, he uses his middle finger to trace up your spine. having it easier since it’s backless, you shiver when he slowly smooths your skin with his finger.
he sees from the reflection how the dress dipped, clinging onto your body so seductively that it almost made him want to hold your hands above your head and press his lips onto yours, starting something that would definitely not end here.
he swallows when your hair strand’s fall over your face, vacancy around your neck that made him want to run his hand through them, feel his lips on your skin so that he could hear the pretty sounds you let out.
“anyone could walk in seonghwa,” you lift your hand to place it flat over his chest. you feel his pecs, or when you look at him fully, you see the way his black shirt accentuates his slim torso, and just for a brief second, you wanted to rip it off.
he chuckles, his warm lips ghosting over your skin as he speaks. “no one will be sweetheart, just you and me here.” when his lips touch your skin, your mouth parts a little.
he then uses a little force to pull you to his chest, he rests his chin on your shoulder and glides his lips over your skin. at the same time using his tie to gently wrap around your wrists, you being too out of it instead of noticing.
he starts slowly, placing his soft and plumpy lips up your neck to your jawline before stopping once again.
“we never officially broke up right?” he mumbles, “if i hadn’t gone to her,” he grits his jaw.
but smiles right after, reaching for the hair clip of yours. looking at himself through the mirror as he un-clips your hair, “i would’ve fucked my kids into you hm?” you grip the back counter, your hair falling down your shoulders.
he continues on while peppering hot open mouthed kisses along your neck, “you could’ve been the mother to my kids.” he then gently holds your chin, looks right into your eyes.
“oh, to see you full of me.” the tip of his nose brushes over your skin and you shudder, chewing on your lower lip. “hm? wouldn’t you have want that, have me fuck my kids into you till the brim. to see you carry my kids, see you all swollen up, looking all pretty.”
he tightens his grip on your waist, “wouldn’t you want that too?” you close your eyes, inhaling shakily at every single thing he says. the second he sees you nodding he smiles, one of those smiles that curve into a smirk.
“jump,” he whispers and you do, he grabs you by the waist and places you on the counter behind. his hands slide from your waist to your thighs, then rest on your knees before he slowly parts them open.
you suck in a breathe at the cold wind hitting you, eyes flickering from the door behind to seonghwa’s. he then comes to stand in between your legs, brushing just the right amount on you and it makes you squirm.
he then lowers his face to your neck, burying it deep within your neck before he starts to kiss his way up to promptly stop before your lips touch.  
“my pretty baby all full of me,” his voice has your mind growing dizzy and you’ve never felt like this before, not even with your previous partners.
“wouldn’t you want to carry my kids in your little stomach?” he pats your stomach and you freeze, his eyes never breaking eye contact as he spills these sinful thoughts openly.
“tell me y/n,” he whispers, searching your eyes. “tell me to fill you up, till my come is leaking out of you until i fuck you again.” you gasp at that, wanting to throw your head back at the coiling heat in your stomach but he holds the back of your neck.
“our kids would be so pretty,”
you nod, “so pretty.” whispering it brings a smile to his face.
“just like my pretty girl, hm?” he teases, pecking your lips in a flash before pulling back.
you want to let out a whine, have him all over you especially since the moment he kept his eyes on you the minute you left his side at the gala outside.
his next sentence makes your eyes widen, “what if hwayoung was from you? wouldn’t that have been better?” he nudges you with his chin.
“she’d have all your qualities,” he pauses, “i would’ve seen you with our daughter everyday.”
“you know hwayoung asked me a question a while ago,” he mumbles.
“w-what did she say?” you whisper, searching his eyes.
“she said ‘daddy i want a sibling,’” he looks behind you, “i want her to have one too.”
before you could say anything, he shuts you up with a single sentence. “but this time, from you.”
lifting your arms, you slowly wrap them around his shoulders. “then what are you waiting for?” you whisper, tips of your noses touching. “i am yours, or no-“
he barely lets you finish and smashes his lips onto yours, cupping your cheek to deepen it. his warm lips melt over yours in an instant. your lips are brushed together, and it shoots butterflies in your stomach. both of you fight for dominance, when he tugs onto your wrists you gasp and he takes the chance to slip his tongue in.
feeling a soft cloth tied around your wrists you smile between the kiss, his hands hanging loosely on your waist. he pushes himself on you and your let out a muffled groan, his tongue licks your lips and you let out a groan. the sound of kissing echoes the room and you lean your body backwards.
he finds purchase in sucking on your lower lip in particular, that’s so soft that he lightly nibbles on it. your salvia mixes with his and it has him slowly moving his hips and you move closer, he pauses and then kisses you again.
his tongue explores your mouth and you moan when he uses his teeth to nibble on your lower lip, and it has you moaning against him. he then pauses, wanting to hear the sound again, he grabs your waist and tilts his head, deepening the kiss to which you responded back with.
he nibbles and sucks and swirls his tongue over your lips, hands roaming everywhere and swollen, hot lips pecking every part of your face, neck and shoulders. you bite your lip and squirm when he circles his tongue over your skin.
he sucks and bites and circles his tongue on a particular spot that has you hissing in pleasure, your hands aching to run through his hair as he decorates your neck with pretty red spots all over.
when you two pull back, both of you are breathing heavily. chest heaving up and down his eyes looks at yours, and then down to your swollen lips.
smirking he lays his lips over yours again, softly and it only lasts for a second before he pulls back.
“i missed this,” he mumbles lowly, caressing your cheek. “missed your taste, missed how we were when we were together.” his low tone sends a shiver down your spine and you shudder.
his hand that rested on your waist slowly travels up your spine, his fingertips dance over your skin. you could feel the thudding of your loud heartbeat fastening, driving your knees weak when he looks at you with those eyes.
you rub your wrists together in hopes of getting the tie off and he smiles at that, before moving his hands to your thighs, squeezing them lightly. your body feels hot against his, this wasn’t the very first time you had kissed him, yet it felt like you were back in school.
when you stare into his eyes, there’s a shift in his eyes that has a wave of what you can think is arousal, he then closes the distance and connects your lips again.
it’s messier, his lips are moving fast against yours. he nibbles and sucks on your already swollen lip, you gasp when he moves down to your jaw, you lift your head up and he places peppery kisses down your jaw. you shut your eyes and sigh, wanting to wrap your arms around him.
he slowly pulls away but rests forehead on yours, slowly trailing his fingers to your dress strap. you breathe heavily, chest pounding rapidly. his fingers dwindle with the straps before he slowly pulls them down, followed by his lips on your skin.
a small voice from the back of your throat he lifts his hand up to play with the strap, fiddling with it before he tugs it down. enough so that he can see the top of your breasts and he looks at you, your eyes already onto his.
his fingers graze them through the dress, and he lowers his mouth to place a soft kiss, you hiss at the way he licks at the skin right after.
he glances at you, leaning forward to peck you on the lips as his hands slowly travel down the valley of your breasts. “you’re so stunning,” he whispers and you let out a whimper.
he cups both of them gently and gives them a squeeze, earning a whine from your lips. his finger caresses them while he still has his lips attached to yours, moving at a slow pace while his fingers roam over the bud.
and for a second he pulls back and stares at you, “seonghwa,” you say breathily, “untie me.”
“mhm mhm,” he shakes his head, lowering his face till his lips are ghosting over your breasts. he gently pecks them first and you sit straight, then he pokes his tongue out to lick before molding his mouth over it.
you bite your lips, probably hard enough to draw blood when he growls at the softness, his large hands squish your skin and you throw your head back.
he swallows and kneads and pinches with both his hands and you let out his name like a mantra, “you’re stunning,” he whispers before lowering his lips to mould on your breast.
while he sucks and circles his tongue relentlessly on your boob, his other hand tweaks and rolls your hardened and sensitive nipples.
you squirm and throw your head back when he swirls his tongue over the bud, then swirls and nibbles on it and it has you parting your mouth. he hums and uses his freehand to attach to your other breast, squeezing the soft skin while flicking his tongue over the nipple.
eliciting cries for his name, “h-hwa-“ you moan out when he delivers a harsh suck on your skin you nudge him with your legs when he keeps going, asking him to untie your wrists but he hums and keeps on going.
when he pulls back, a thin string of spit connects him to your breasts and he looks up with his wide eyes. you tilt your head forward and he immediately pulls you by the waist, smashing his lips onto yours once again.
his hands grip your hips and you squeal in between the kiss, he smiles, “like that?” he whispers. roaming his hands lower, spreading your legs further till he’s standing so close to you till you feel him brushed up against you.
his fingers go down to grip the slit of the dress and parts it, softly squeezing your thighs and you let out a breathy whine that gets muffled by his lips.
his fingers brush over your center and it makes you shiver, pulling back to stare into his that are full of nothing but lust. he loops his slim fingers over the waistband of your underwear while slowly caressing through the cloth, you squirm and bite your lips as he watches you.
you ask him to untie you once again yet he pays no attention and bunches your dress to your waist, letting out a low growl when he traces his fingers over the wet trace on your underwear.
“y/n,” he says, strained and low. you hum in response while closing your legs but he immediately grips onto your thighs and shakes his head. “you’re so pretty.” he mumbles and you look away, feeling your body heat up at the comments.
“look at me,” he demands and you do, then he pulls the fabric down to your underwear and lets it slide down your legs. he puts the fabric in his pockets and then lowers his face to yours and forces you to look at him, “eyes on me y/n.”
you bite your lips and stare into his eyes, shaking your head to which he chuckles at. “strip,” you say, gesturing towards his shirt and he smirks.
lowering himself to place his hands on the either side of you, a glint in his eyes that you return full well. he drops his head to laugh and then unravels his tie form your wrists and you relax immediately before tugging him close by his chain.
then using your forefinger to run down his shirt until it reaches the buttons, you peck his lips and then slowly start to unbutton them as he takes his coat off and places it to the side.
as you’re doing so he takes the chance to slowly slip a finger in your already wet clit, you pause and whine when he goes in. and then he inserts another finger, watching your face through his hooded eyes, how your mouth hangs open and how quickly you bit down on your lip.
“fuck, baby.” he lets out a whine when he eyes your expressions, “i wanna fuck you so bad,” you fail to not let out a pathetic whine.
he slowly pumps in and out of you and you bunch his shirt, placing your head over his shoulder as he keeps going in and out. the room echoing with your moans, his groans and your wetness.
you let out a broken whimper when he suddenly stops, your mouth hangs open and eyes closed and breathing heavily while he coos in your ear. whining at the building high he’s left you at without continuing.  
he then holds your hand and you tilt your head up, “you sound so pretty,” he whispers, “i wanna hear you again, cry out my name. all for me, just me.”
he then kneels down, his hot breath fanning your inner thighs before it reaches you wet folds. you whimper when he places soft kisses and hot long licks where he twirls his tongue on your inner thighs before he slips in his finger and presses his mouth onto your clit.
you throw your head back and let out one of those high pitched, breathy cries when his lips touch your heat that it only intensified the coiling heat in you.
his tongue laps, swirls and circles all over your clit, gathering all the juices you’d spill out, and using his tongue at different speeds. he holds onto your thighs, kneeling down and throwing you leg over his shoulder and his mouth doing wonders.
“louder,” he grumbles and you let out a broken whimper.
you squirm and let out breathy and shaky calls for him, pushing his dark hair back while he repeats his sweet torture again and again until your eyes are prickling with tears.
his hot mouth breathing against an already wet and aching cunt, “seonghwa...” you whimpered pathetically, clutching the counter as he licked a strip down your folds making you shudder underneath him.
you let out a loud cry of his name when he does so, feeling him insert his finger in and out so slowly at your legs start to weaken.
you’ve never done this with him yet it feels as if you have, both your bodies responding to each other naturally. “i wanted you so bad y/n, my pretty baby all to myself.”
he eats you out like he’s been starving. his long tongue circles and sucks on the bundle of nerves while you let out strangled moans that has his cock hardening in his pants.
“you’ve been making me wait, hm? the way you stare at me,” he stutters, “everything you do on purpose.”
you cry his name out, feeling the heat coiling in you at a fast pace. fingers finding his hair, pulling on them when his nose would brush against your wet and sloppy pussy.
“so pretty,” he says before diving his tongue in making you let out a moan for his name as he moves in and out of you skillfully.
he sucks and kisses, alternating from longer slower licks to circling his tongue. and then he uses his fingers to his tongue and lapped sinfully against your clit until he's had you moaning his name out on repeat.
you arch your back to his fingers and you feel the immense coil of heat starting to become unbearable, your lips moan out a breathy “seonghwa,” which he hums in response against your pussy, and you feel the vibrations.
he grins again when you tug on his hair and lets out a mewl. “come, come on me.” he says and almost immediately you find yourself coming off the high, crying his name out as you start to see white.
he’s quick with his tongue and licks out every juice that comes out of you. growling and mumbling how, “good you taste, better than what i thought.”
you shut your eyes, breathing out heavily and he stands up. running a finger down your sensitive clit before bringing the same finger up to his lips, but before gets to do that you tug him closer to kiss him.
lightly tasting you on his lips and you push him back, a line of spit connects you two before he grips your waist and pulls you off the counter.
he pins you to the wall to the side, face buried in your neck as he places feather-like kisses all over. he tilts your chin to the right, pecking your cheek while you two stare into the mirror.
you watch the mess you two have made, your lipstick over his lips, smudged and red. breathes mingling with one another and he smirks, eyes still watching you through the mirror.
the way you’re pressed down by him, your hands fisting his shirt, hair falling over you prettily that he bites his lip. your eyes shut and your head leaning on the wall, chest heaving up and down as the strap of your dress threatens to fall again.
“look at the mess you’ve made huh?” he chuckles darkly, caressing your cheek. “bad girl.”
he watches you slowly open your eyes, a cocky smile on your lips that he’s come to love over the years. “what’re you going to do?” you quirk an eyebrow, “teach me a lesson.”
he knows full well that you’re tempting him, the longing gaze you’re giving him. the cocky smile and the eyebrow raise might have him want to teach you a lesson like you’re saying, but then he realizes you two have got to be somewhere.
he grabs your chin and looks into your eyes with a serious yet teasing glint that makes your insides swoop, “don’t push it,” he swipes his thumb over your lips, “we’re not done.”
he then brings over his coat and wraps it over your shoulder, fixing your dress and then tapping you to look up. “only mine to see, you’re for me and no one else, just mine.”
it comes more of as a rule than anything and you cup his cheeks, tracing his lips that are tinted with your lipstick with a smile.
and he wastes no time to close the distance between you two again, soft and relaxed, following a rhythm that makes you both smile.  
“it’s a little cold outside isn’t it?” he mumbles and you shrug.
“you just want me to wear your coat,” poking your tongue out you walk past him only to flinch with every step you take, he chuckles, holding your waist while he has that shit-eating grin, taking you to the counter to fix your hair and face. he chuckles at the dazed out state of yours, squishing your cheek and then mumbling something about how good you were.
when you begin to walk, you throw him a glare remembering how he still has your underwear in the pocket of his pants. he taps it with a lip bite and a wink while you two the leave room, already knowing the eyes watching you limp slightly.
smiling tightly at all of them while seonghwa chuckles, escorting you both to his favourite midnight blue gtr.
halfway through he chooses to carry you, making you squeal in the dark and quiet parking lot.
“you know baby,” he huffs, “we could’ve gone at it for hours, but we need to pick our princess up from my mothers-“
“who says we’re done,” you say the second he settles you on the car seat, he says nothing but hums lowly and walks to the driver seat.
sitting down with a sigh, before driving towards his mothers house. a hand resting on your thigh, caressing it whenever he  gets the chance. it’s then when you’re almost minutes away from the house that you feel him creep his fingers up your dress.
smacking his hand away to point outside, “hwayoung,” he looks at you with a pout before getting out to pick her up.
you watch him run inside the huge mansion you once recall visiting everyday, biting your lips you glance over the house as memories start to wash over you.
remembering how you and seonghwa would chase each other in the huge gardens, to know seeing him walking with his daughter. laughing as she held on to her father who has the same grin as her, resting your elbow on the armrest you watch him hold her bridal style and run down the path.
you hear their giggling as they come closer, her eyes lighting up when she sees you and calls for you. you wave at her and the door unlocks, and you’re greeted by her high pitched calls for you.
it’s something you’ve gotten so used to hearing everyday that it would hurt you if one day you were just to stop.
you think about it until you’re in seonghwa’s driveway to then putting hwayoung to sleep, and then when you accidentally walk into seonghwa who holds your wrists.
“where are you going sweetheart,” he mumbles by your ear and you squirm away, “you said we aren’t over yet.”
you look up at him and smile, forgetting everything. “i’m still waiting.” you squeal when he lifts you up, followed by your laughs when you wrap your arms around his neck.
walking all the way to his room, closing the door with his feet you watch him stare back into you. the way his eyes wander, cheeks warming up and lips whirling into a smile makes you peck his lips.
he gently places you on the bed and takes a step back to admire you, his eyes roam all over till they meet yours with a gaze that was much different from moments prior. not the lust or the other but something you’ve never seen in anyone’s eyes before.
he then hovers over you and plants fleeing kisses all over, you squirm and chuckle until he cups your cheek. “y/n,” he whispers, eyes looking at you longingly. “i’m gonna go in, is that okay?”
you smile and pull him closer, “more than okay,” you whisper against his lips. hands coming over his chest to unbutton his shirt, he slips your dress off and it’s discarded somewhere in the room.
and then he does it again, inhaling sharply as he admires you. fighting the urge to let out a whimper he climbs over onto you and begins by pecking every part of you, humming whenever you run your fingers through his hair.
you hear him unbuckle his pants and it has you biting your lips, he never breaks eye contact as he does it. choosing to watch the way your face changes expressions, locking lips together he slips his briefs off and this thick cock slaps his stomach.
his fingers hover on your clit before he slowly pushes them in, watching the way your body immediately reacts to him. your head thrown back and your mouth letting out breathy and airy moans of his names that you’re sure someone would hear.
“y/n, be quiet for me.” he mumbles in your ear as you bite your lips, arching your back to his fingers.
your whines don’t stop him from using his slim and long fingers to curl up inside you, his face hidden in your neck while he fingered your already sensitive clit from moments prior.
he places soft kisses over your neck while cooing your name out, your eyes shut tightly when he starts to nibble on your earlobe and quickening his pace on your pussy.
it’s then when he whispers that he’s about to go in and you cry his name out, the one that had his cock hardening.
“fuck, baby.” he lets out a whine when he eyes your state, “i wanna feel you so bad,”
he then lines his red tip, that’s already been coated in pearls of precum to your entrance. holding your hand in his while the other stays on your waist, he enters you, both your lips letting out gasps when you feel one another.
he buries his face in your neck as he starts to move, hearing your moans in his ear as you feel yourself stretch out at his thick length. he starts slow and then picks his speed up, pounding into you at alternating speeds.
you let out high pitched yet breathy cries for pleasure and hold onto his shoulders, your body moving against the bed as he grunts and groans and grinds himself into you.
your head falls back, mouth hangs open as he starts to roll his hips into yours and you let out a cry that echoed the room.
“you feel so- so good.” you let out as he continues to go at different speeds, the room filling with his own loud moans.
“be quiet for me y/n,” he does a particular thrust that has you biting your lips. “don’t wanna wake our-r princess up- y/n-“
“make me,” you manage to let out in the state you were in, “m-make me.”
he whines, the one that his eyebrows touching. “that’s my pretty girl,” and you let out a cry that gets muffled by his lips.
“f-fuck yes hwa,” your eyes roll back when he hits that certain spot in you, again and again, you let out a cry, throwing your head back on the pillow while releasing moans and whimpers of his name in pleasure.
“that’s m-my pretty boy,” you sigh out and he drops his head down to your shoulder.
throwing your own head back at the pleasure, he whines and groans into you when he feels you clench around him and he pounds into you again, fast and hard and deep and you let a tiny, pleasurable moan as the heat in you becomes unbearable.
he chuckles cockily, raising an eyebrow at what you just called him. he lifts his eyes to stare into yours, “say it again.”
he watches your lips quirk in a smirk, teasing your eyebrow you open your eyes. poking your tongue to your cheeks, you told your head. he inhales sharply and his hips stutter at your look.
you shake your head, “mhm mhm.”
he smirks at the attitude and rams his hips into yours and you gasp, mouth hung low and eyes shut, eyebrows meeting as tears roll down your cheeks.  
he tightens the grip around your waist, “say it again baby.” you cock an eyebrow up and stare into his eyes, with the same look of tease.
when you stay quiet, he repeats one more time while grinding his hips to yours slowly. and that’s when he comes to a complete stop, not hearing any of your whines or looks of lust.
“seonghwa,” he hears you coo in his ear, “i-i’m so close-“
“i’m so close too, baby,” he whispers, slowly moving in you. “but you’re not behaving,” and pulls himself out, you whine at the loss and he hums mockingly.
but you rise up and grab him by his chain, one hand behind his neck and then flip him over so that he’s under you.
“my turn,” you say and he leans back with wide eyes, a smirk decorating his plump lips.
“oh really?” he places his hands behind his head and you look over his body, broad shoulders relaxing as your gaze hardens, licking your lips before straddling his torso.
he watches you fidgety smile, “mhm, but there’s a catch.” you lower your lips to his, moving over him deliberately that it has him breathing shakily.
“you don’t get to touch me,” and it’s as if he never listens, his hands grip your hips immediately after what you told him.
he smirks, “make me.” repeating what you said to him.
you bite back a smile when you lean forward, hair strands falling over his face he pushes them back gently.
his wide eyes bore into yours when he watches you waste no time and sink down on him, biting his lips when he sees your mouth drop.
“hold on for me hm?” he holds your hands as you start to move, him controlling you from the bottom.
he watches you bounce over him, hands resting on his stomach as your boobs bounced, mouth hung open and head thrown back totally not being quiet like he wanted you two to be.
that’s alright he thinks, the room’s sound proof. he whimpers as his hands roam all over you, “i-i’m close,” he responds only moments later, voice strained, and you moaned at the sensation and it only makes you go faster, hands over his abs as he feels himself come up to his high.
he rests his hand on your hips and helps you go faster, until your moans are syncing with his. “y/n- i’m gonna come in-“
“come inside me,” you pause, groaning. “fill me up like you sai-“
and it takes him seconds to come in you, both you moaning one another’s name out until you fall on him, breathing heavily.
he lifts you out of him carefully, watching you wince at the sensitivity. sweat lines both your bodies, sex filled air lingering and he slumps down on you, wrapping his arms around you.
he pecks your forehead, nose and then he’s about to place on your lips that you pull him to you. burying your face in his chest, he chuckles.
caressing your hair, he pecks your temple. feeling you hold him tighter, you two stay like this for a while, catching your breaths.
“you’re going to have to let me go.”
you snap your head up with wide eyes, “w-what?”
he grins boyishly, biting his lips. “i’ve to clean you up, sweetheart.” and you nod slowly, watching him leave for his bathroom and come back with wet towels.
he watches you lying down, quiet and fucked out to even say anything. “are you scared?” he asks, “because i came in you?”
you shake your head slowly and look at the ceiling, “…no, even if i hate you. i do trust you.” he smiles, pecking your forehead.
“still hate me?”
“maybe a little bit,”
he chuckles, “i’ll take care of you and our kid, and hwayoung.” you grin, reaching a hand to ruffle his hair.
“it’s just one time hwa,”
his heart swells at the name, “i know, but just letting you know.”
“you’re cute.” he brings the same hand to his lips, holding it there until you glance at him.
“i’m serious,” he comes to lay by you, “give me a chance, i’ll take care of everything, be mine.”
you scoff playfully while your insides flip, “yours?”
he hums, “all mine.”
you grin cheekily, “who said-“ and he cuts you by placing his lips on yours, smiling when you respond back.  
“you were mine the day you held a gun to my forehead, sweetheart.” he mumbles, caressing your head.
“but that was in high school, the school alley rem-“ he watches you realize with a smile, “you did not!”
he grins and wraps an arm around you, saying quiet for a few long moments before he finally whispers something to you and it makes your heart swell.
“my mrs park.”
Tumblr media
this time he wakes up before you, a sleepily smile on his lips he turns around to be welcomed at the sight of you and hwayoung curled onto you.
his smile brightens, rubbing his eyes he supports his head on his elbows. eyes grazing over your face, to the marks he’s left over your neck then at the shirt of his that you’re wearing.
he smiles at how you’re holding his daughter, “‘hi i’m y/n, your aunt.’” he mocks what you first introduced yourself to hwayoung.
“you’re going to have to change that now,” he pats hwayoung’s back and continues quietly.
“to what,” you whisper, eyes closed and he smiles.
“hi i’m y/n, your mommy.”
and you try not to smile because you know he’s staring at you, “i’m in debt of you… you gave hwayoung the biggest gift ever.”
“seeing you two like this,” he looks over at you, “it makes me happy.. because it feels like a proper, complete family.”
you hold hwayoung closer at that, caressing her hair while peeking at her father. “sometimes i think about how if we didn’t break up, hwayoung could’ve been mine too..”
he hums and then his eyes widen, “what? what did you say? say it again!”
you stay quiet and shut your eyes, hearing him blabber about you while you bite the inside of your lip to contain a smile.
“what! say it again!”
“good night seonghwa.”
“it’s good morning!”
you frown and slap his arm, “you’ll wake her up, sssh!”
and when you thought he laid back with a pout, you were wrong because not only was he right in your face but also staring at you with the same pout.
you open your eyes to see him right in front of you, “say it again, one more time for me.” he whines and you look away.
he then frowns, pecks your forehead for a response but all he gets is you closing your eyes. he then pecks your nose, then your cheeks and when he gets no response he’s about to peck you lips that you stop him.
opening your eyes slowly you face him, “i said i’d like it too if hwayoung was mine.”
he grins, “you didn’t say that but i’ll take it,” and then peck your lips, throwing an arm over you and shuffling forward till hwayoung’s being spooned by you two.
you grin at the tv when remembering that moment, not only that but plenty others that you’ve spent making with these two. like right now, how you and hwayoung are watching max and ruby with popcorn in hand.
while your mind remembers all the moments you’ve experienced with seonghwa over the past four months, from seeing the first snow with them, making snow angels and eating marshmallows while drinking hot chocolate.
to decorate the house with lights, where you and seonghwa found hwayoung wrapped up in lights sleeping on the floor. you two fell to the floor laughing and then taking her out of the mess not before snapping a picture.
then celebrate your first christmas with them, which was all in a rush because you and seonghwa spent the week hiding gifts for hwayoung everywhere. then arguing about what that one amazon thing he should’ve bought when he had the chance too.
or then finally giving her the gifts and watching her overjoyed, ripping them apart and gasping at every single one of them. accompanied by the guys who also brought gifts, and seonghwa’s brother who stole the show.
and your attention.
“your brother’s hot,” you whisper softly at seonghwa and he scoffs.
“he’s your type?” he asks disgustingly.
“yes,” you sip, “very explicitly.”
“he’s taken.”
“jeez, what a way to ruin the fun.” he grins proudly, throwing an arm over your shoulder but you get up and leave before he has the chance too. yelling, “you’re mine!” when you left.
oh, and then him asking for his present late at night when everyone had gone and hwayoung was asleep. he sat by the fireplace and popped the question, which did end up with him pinning you down on the couch and well, you know how it goes.
“mine, mine, mine.” he’d mumble over your skin, and in minutes he’d have you crying on an orgasm. be it either on the kitchen counter, couch, his bedroom or the shower.
“remember how hwayoung wanted a sibling?” you nod, “how about we give it a head start?”
your eyes widen, “hwayoung! where are you?” trying to get out of the obvious situation that has you squealing inside.
he’d chuckle and swoop you in his arms, “she’s at my moms, baby.” and you’d yelp.
“we’re all alone, no one can keep you from me now, you’re all mine.”
as for an actual present, he gave you a tiffany blue box. carefully watching you open it in hesitation, his wide eyes full of curiosity and nervousness watching how your lips quirk into a smile.
“you’re giving me the keys to your home?” he heard you ask and nods, knowing how you’re always home when he’s there. yet, in emergencies he always finds you calling him.
“like i said, you’re mine,” he looks into your eyes, “my house is yours, my daughter is yours and everything i own is yours.”
and you’d chuckle, “aren’t you getting ahead of yourself? if i take this,” you point at the key, “how do i know you won’t ask me back for it?”
he’d chuckle, “guess we’ll never know.” and jump on you, blowing raspberries in your neck that has his ears filled with your giggles.
“and my present?”
you’d smile against his head, “it’s not ready yet.”
it was known that you had him wrapped around your finger, to the point where wooyoung who’s generally afraid of seonghwa had to ask you to rely something to him because he thought you were the only option.
which, you did, had seonghwa sit down in front of you with soft eyes staring into yours.
“wooyoung,” he nods and you hide a laugh when his face turns into a frown. “listen to me first before doing anything okay?”
he sits straight, “of course, anything you want baby.”
“wooyoung, he crashed your corvette.”
you don’t know what happened after that, maybe because he pecked your lips, patted your head and walked out all tall, cocking his gun, in all black before heading out.
and then came back home in an exceptionally good mood, curling an arm around your middle until you brushed him to take care of hwayoung.
to which you found them sleeping on the couch, after the squeals and giggles you heard. seonghwa having an arm over her, while she faced him. her blanket draped over both of them, yet the fabric was very small for seonghwa.
and that one particular time, when seonghwa had come home all beaten up. blood oozing from his lips, knuckles and neck. after giving you the warning before going on a supposed raid, your heart was screaming in nervousness and seeing this made you panic.
“if anything happens to me,” he held your hands, “please take care of hwayoung- she’s all i have left.”
“that won’t happen, because you will come back, i’ll make sure you will.” you said confidently despite the heavy beating of your heart.
his chuckle would ring, “you can’t handle hwayoung alone?” thumbs caressing your cheek.
“no, not without you.” you close the distance between you two. “i’m going to need mr park’s help a little.”
“aww, my mrs park.” he’d coo and you’d roll your eyes.
“idiot, go! you’re late!”
and he swore he wanted to cry when he faced you, instead smiling through his injuries as you smacked his shoulder.
“you,” you smack his shoulder, “who,” hit. “told,” hit. “you to get hurt?”
“you idiot what’s wrong with you!” he heard you softly yell at him, dabbing the cotton swab over his injuries. he said nothing but stared at your concentrated worried face, staring at you in a certain way that has you looking everywhere but his eyes.
you then grip his jaw, “look at me, who did this to you? who told you to come home all beaten.” and this idiot smiled when you called his home yours.
it’s also when he realized his feelings for you, your faces right up against one another and he holds your wrists down when you kept talking. shutting your up by crashing his lips on yours, immediately melting his body in relief.
from road trips with hwayoung in seonghwa’s expensive cars, to sleepover at your apartment to movie nights to park walks.
it was all perfect, a perfect little family.
you smile at the screen of your phone, looking at your wallpaper of a perfect little family. you and seonghwa holding hwayoung, with big grins on all your faces.
and then glance at the box of cream puffs that hwayoung’s and her father have an obsession with once when you brought them for her third birthday.
sending a quick message to seonghwa, you lock your car and walk to the door. chuckling quietly when you’d see their reactions and wide eyes, in like the door you walk in with a happy smile that you don’t notice a another pair of shoes.
“young-ah,” you call out, skipping to the kitchen with a grin seonghwa loved complimenting. “hwa!”
it’s eerily quiet yet you walk the hall to the kitchen, a feeling of nervousness and giddiness coming over you only to pause when you enter the room.
the smile one your face fades quickly, shoulders slumping. “hi.” you let out.
she says and you grit you teeth, knowing full well who she was. smiling tightly at the scene in front of you, seonghwa standing by hwayoung’s mother, who held her in her arms.
his ex, his child’s mother.
that looked like a family.
you don’t even look at the man who’s desperately asking your attention, “ah, y/n, y/n, y/n. i finally meet you.”
you stare at hwayoung in her arms, her lips in a pout as she makes grabby hands at you. you smile, and then look at her.
“you’re name must be, what is it again? rayoung lim?” you ask.
“nayoung.” she corrects, and you nod.
“that is me,” she smiles, “you have no idea how much i’ve been wanting to meet you, i needed to know who keeps escaping from my acts.”
you smile, “it’s nice to see someone who’s been trying to get rid of me.” you take a step closer.
her chuckle echoes in the quiet room and you stare only at her, sometimes at hwayoung because you didn’t want to see him. you didn’t want to look in his eyes, it scared you.
“i must ask,” she says, holding hwayoung’s hands. “what are you doing here?”
you grip the bag of sweets a little tighter, clenching your jaw before breaking into a smile. “nothing, just here to drop some stuff.”
“ahh,” she nods, looking at seonghwa and then you. “you guys must finally be friends.”
you smile, strained. knowing full well that you’re not just friends, it makes you chuckle inwardly.
she chuckles yet again, “how silly of me, my family here.” she points at the two, “we’re just thinking about a dinner, would you like to join?”
“no thanks,” you turn to seonghwa, barely flashing him a look before telling him. “i gotta go, enjoy your dinner.”
“isn’t it crazy y/n,” you pause, looking over your shoulder. “you’ve been staying at my house for months now, getting so close with my boyfriend and daughter to the point she calls you her mom.”
“nayoung.” seonghwa warns and you turn around fully.
“isn’t it crazy how you didn’t want hwayoung?” you point out, “and your supposed boyfriend here? left for three years and came back for this?”
the silence is enough for you to get the answer, this time when you’re about to walk again hwayoung calls out for you lowly.
you swallow the lump forming in your throat, plastering a smile and then looking at seonghwa.
“your mommy’s right here baby,” you cringe at her words, choosing to look into seonghwa’s eyes in a way that even you don’t know.
“i’m not stupid enough to not know that you have been meddling in my family,” you see the way he grits his jaw, eyes holding yours as she speaks.
“and even after the things i did to get rid of you,” you flicker your gaze to her, raising an eyebrow to which she smirks at. “ah, are you reminded of the car accident or the gunshot?” she refers to the night he shot you,
“you did not.” you say, lips parting in anger when she laughs. your glare averts from her to seonghwa who stood quietly.
“seonghwa.” you call out to him, “what is the meaning of this?”
it feels as if there’s a sudden weight over your shoulders, a scoff leaving your lips when you’re reminded of the fading scar you have on your shoulder.
“why would he say anything,” she cuts in, “he knew, why wouldn’t he, everyone in empire knew.”
“not everyone.” he says and she laughs, your eyes widened in shock. baffled at what he’s blurting.
“of course baby, not everyone did, just everyone he’s friends with.”
you scoff loudly, shaking your head at what you’re being told as if nothing’s real. all of the months you spend with him suddenly all washed away, everything you’ve been through with that man, poof all gone.
“then let me guess, you were the one behind my car accident.”
your eyes widen, matching seonghwa’s who snaps his head at her. “what the f-“
“stop, hwayoung’s in the room.” you say, stepping closer until you’re right in front of her. lifting your hand you caress hwayoung’s head, slowly and gently.
“does it bother you that i’m alive?” you ask, holding hwayoung’s smaller hands.
“of course,” she responds, loud and proud.
“then it must bother you that your daughter doesn’t consider you her mother,” you tilt your head, “how unfortunate it is that the one you two wanted to kill always escaped.”
knowing full well the words you’re using, two, both of them wanted to kill you. you barely even know what to say at this point, instead choosing to stare into her eyes.
“snake.” she snarls and you laugh nodding.
“that i am.”
you send a glare towards seonghwa, who looks away knowing he’s wrong. “you,” you take a step towards him.
“you did everything on purpose,” grabbing his collars and forcing him to look into your eyes, “after everything, everything.”
“you’re a liar seonghwa,” you blurt out angrily, tightening his grip on his collar even though you want to let go, tell him to hold you back and say everything’s a lie.
you know it won’t happen, “you said you’d help me find who was behind it all but you were the one stabbing my back relentlessly.”
a scoff leaves your lips, not believing anything at this point you turn around and walk towards the front door. not missing the way nayoung laughed, hwayoung cried for your name and seonghwa chasing you.
just as you walk out the door and head for your car, seonghwa chases behind you, grabbing your wrist to stop you from going any further.
“y/n, please listen to me on-“
“what’s there to listen?” you yell, “leave my hand.”
“no, you’re going to listen to me right now!”
you yank your hand away from his hold, “what? what do you want me to hear? that you shot me for no reason? your ex is lying about you and her doing this to me? she planned my car accident, the night of glass and the attack on my house and you had no idea?!”
you watch him shake his head, “y/n what she’s saying isn’t what happened!”
“then what happened?” you screamed, “seonghwa, you and your ex deliberately planned to kill me- she attacked my house, do you realize i wouldn’t be here?!”
“the night- fuck that thing! y/n you need to listen to me.” he takes a few steps forward and you take the same back, putting a hand in between you two.
“no,” you shake your head, “i don’t want to hear a single word from you, you lied seonghwa. you knew and yet you wanted to help me find who did everything to me!”
“i had no idea about the car ac-“
“you shot me park,” you don’t stop the away your lips quiver. “on purpose, you created the separation between us and our clans!”
the wind picks it’s pace up, both of you standing in the quiet driveway yelling at each other. you’re glad no one’s anywhere near the property, this is something you’d never want anyone to hear.
“then what did you want me to do!” he yells out in frustration, running a hand through his hair as the wind picks up its pace, enough for leaves to start rattling and flying.
“you tell me,” he steps forward and grabs your shoulders, “did you want me to follow their orders and kill you as a whole?!”
shaking your head, you scoff. “you almost did seonghwa!” with all the force you had, pushed him away.
he steps closer and holds your forearms, staring into your tear filled eyes while clenching his jaw. “y/n..”
“leave me seonghwa.”
“if i ever did kill you, i’d kill myself right after it.” he says, desperately crying for you to listen. “i can’t lose you-“
“you lost me the minute you lied,” you spat out harshly, watching the way his face falls at your words and yours hardens. “after every promise you made to me, everything we’ve done together for us…” your eyes softening, “for hwayoung,”
“no, no!” you step back and stare in his wide glossy eyes, “i’m le-“
“they asked me to kill you that night,” he says, so low and dejected that you stop.
“i didn’t want to do that- i didn’t want to do any of it! but y/n, if i hadn’t shot you, they would’ve killed you by their own hands!”
“you realize the reason we hate each other so bad is the fact we started our entire relationship based on lies!” he stiffens and you chuckle dryly, “but i’m glad it ended on truth even if it was hidden from me.”
“i shot you on a non-vital area so that you would be alive!” he cries, “i couldn’t let anyone else d-“
“seonghwa after everything… were those not enough for you?”
“i didn’t want to do it y/n!”
“please leave me alone,”  
“y/n don’t go, please, i’m begging you!” you turn around, “h-hwayoung’s going to ask for you-“
“i don’t want to see your face and everything and anything that reminds me of you,” you stare ahead, feeling your eyes water. “i don’t want to see the face of a traitor ever again.”
with that you walked down the street to your car, ignoring the yells and cries and pleas of seonghwa, nayoung standing at the doorstep with a crying hwayoung while yelling, “don’t take the highway, you were nice so maybe i’ll spare you!”
but you said fuck that, you will take the highway. maybe there was a bug, but you didn’t care as you raced down the roads with tears glistening your cheeks.
driving on and on in silence, ignoring the buzzing of your phone. until you find yourself at your apartment, walking solemnly into the empty and quiet and dark room.
running a hand down your face as everything washes over you again, “so everything that happened, was her.” you whisper to yourself.
falling face first on your bed, from sobbing quietly to loudly. the salty tears came like a force, your cries echoed your apartment. with no one around, you buried your face in your sheets instead of seonghwa’s chest.
the scent of your fabric cleaner instead of his comforting perfume, no noise of hwayoung’s little snores from beside you. only tears flowing, the anger raging yet the only thing you wanted was the comfort of his arms.
“what has that man done to me,” you whisper, muffling your mouth by face planting in your pillow. groaning repeatedly into the bed, only for you to shoot up at the sudden buzzing of your phone.
you know it’s probably seonghwa’s and it makes you sigh, sit up on your elbows and stare at the phone with its face down.
you barely know what to say or think, if you’re sad, what for? you’re angry, but at who? him or his ex? or both?  
you stare at the phone blankly, head empty yet your thoughts are everywhere. you look down and bite your lips, hesitantly reaching for your phone and flip it over.
when you flip it, you let out a sigh. “oh thank god…” when you realize it’s kai, and the moment you bring the phone up to your ear.
“tell me everything, unlock your apartment, i'm coming.”
Tumblr media
two months later.
you find yourself looking at the mirror a lot these days, glancing at your face closely or walking down the hallways and randomly stopping to glance at your reflection while humming a tune that reminds you way too much of them.
you stopped everything and moved towns, it was about time either way. you left your old apartment to the one near your parents, a secluded reserved area with the best view of the coastline.
it really at times made you forget about what you left months ago, it irritates you when your mind does the “you ran away instead of solving” which you kind of did.
particularly only because if you saw that man’s face one more time, you’re not sure how you’d handle it. it’ll remind you of everything again, and especially hwayoung.
it’s the way you’d call kai whenever he’d go to those gala’s or meetings and he’d willingly tell you every detail even if you hadn’t asked.
“y/n, he keeps asking me.”
you’d sigh and sip, “let him,” and then divert the topic. “how’s everything else holding?”
“hwayoung’s beside me," you'd suddenly be quiet, hearing a low mumble of her voice would have you gripping the glass tighter.
and when you’d accidentally hear his voice, you would hang up at a speed of flash. because yes, you are mad at him but you don’t want him to see or hear you because he makes you nervous.
sometimes when you would be doing some paperwork, and randomly think of him to the point it would have you stopping everything and have you in a nervous wreck.
the way his eyes would make you look away, his lips would make you bite your own while your heart races as if it’s a horse power engine.
and then you would scoff, as much as you’d want to keep thinking of him. it made you more and more irritable and annoyed.
it really made you think of all the possibilities as you unlock your front door, but instead choosing to shake your head and walk in. placing the bags on the couch before taking your jacket off and then pausing.
slowly reaching for your gun, your eyes search the entire living room. it’s quiet, eerily quiet.
with a frown on your face, you slowly padded towards the small office at the end of the hallway, swallowing deeply you cocked the gun back.
barely wasting time and shoving the door open, gun aimed in the air to an empty room? you raise an eyebrow, mumbling something incoherent to yourself before slowly moving the gun down and looking out the doorframe.
then the sudden timing of your phone makes you jump, picking the call up while you walk back to the living room only to stop midway.
you glance at the phone and freeze, “y/n? it’s me kai, open the door.”
“give me a second,” you toss your phone into the couch and place the weapon under your jacket, “i have a surprise for you!”
you chuckle walking towards the door, “okay, hold on.”
“what surpis-“ you stop yourself from continuing, eyes wide and staring into the wide and curious eyes of, “hwayoung?”
you watch her grin widely, arms holding out to you while screaming excitedly for you. “mommy!”
when you hold her in your arms, she wraps her arms around your neck and holds you tightly. calling your name excitedly while bouncing around, you chuckle and rub her back, cooing at her with a wide smile.
kai watches you with a shit-eating grin and you smack his leg with your feet, gesturing for him to come inside and when he does. you stare around the entrance for a few seconds longer before shutting the door.
only to face kai sprawled over your couch with a grin, “who were you looking for?” he wiggles his eyebrows and you shake your head but hwayoung coos “daddy!” in your ear that has kai laughing,
“if you’re wondering, i only brought hwayoung here.” he grins, stretching his legs on the sofa and you take a seat opposite him as the kid sits in your lap.
“and why did you bring her here?” you ask while cupping her cheeks, grinning when she smiles and it makes you suck in a breath. “god, she even smiles like him.”
“se-“ you stare, “okay okay, her father was very busy finding someone and asked me to look after her,”
you swallow and he continues, “i brought her here because she kept saying she wanted to see you,” he stops, “he doesn’t know don’t worry.”
“mommy,” you tear your gaze down, pushing her bangs back. “daddy looking for you.”
you hum, “really?” she nods, “what did he say?”
she then puts a finger on her chin as if she’s thinking, making you and kai giggle, “daddy said he will find you!”
“he did,” kai says with a satisfied nod, “he’s very eager too actually, i sometimes hear him say he’ll find what’s his.”
you look at hwayoung, who finds interest in playing with the rings on your fingers. clenching your jaw and throwing your head back, “i can’t,” she looks too much like him, it’s only making everything worse.
“why? are you afraid?” he suddenly sits up straight, walking to the kitchen for a second and leaving you alone with his question.
he comes back with an apple in hand and takes and aggressive bite, “hm?” pokes, “afraid, of what?”
“nothing,” you mumble lowly and he shakes his head.
“it’s not going to be easy to stay away you know, especially with.” he looks at hwayoung and then at you and it makes you huff.
“i can’t just go back to him,” your fingers find hwayoung’s hair, patting them down. “there’s- her mother’s back i can’t go around and break their family.”
“that’s what you’re afraid of?”
no, you’re afraid of seeing him again. falling for him all over again and then being lied to. spend your happiest with him and then be betrayed, have his ex come and reveal all his secrets when there shouldn’t have been any.
“y/n, you’re going to have to give him a chance.” he says, “be it today, tomorrow or the next week. he’ll find you and you’re going to have to face him-“
“i’ll just go farther.”
he shakes his head, “he’ll find you regardless.”
his words stay in your mind the entire day, it makes you nervous and scared because you know it’s true. you know he’ll find you, you know there’s not running away from him because he’ll eventually call out for you one day right in front of you.
it’s inevitable, you know.
and somehow you want to see him more than you want to push him away. because no matter how much you want to push him away, you can’t help but want him more.
the man on the other side can’t help but stare off into his backyard, swinging himself on the chair while sighing repeatedly.
it’s been two months without you, since you told him you never wanted to see him. your words haunt him at night that he barely sleeps in his room, where you used to sleep with him.
he chooses to stay on the couch, putting hwayoung to sleep before sluggishly walking down and plopping himself on the couch. groaning into the pillows while calling for you, it was too similar to what he used to be before you came and he hates it.
“daddy,” he looks down at hwayoung and smiles, “yes sweetheart?” she giggles and pecks his nose, wrapping her arms around him that makes him chuckle.
“missing me so much?” he teases, blowing raspberries in her neck that makes her squeal. he pats her back as she buries his face in his neck, sighing as he nuzzles into her.
he thinks he’s tripping when he smells your scent on her, it makes him smile sadly because he still hasn’t found you.
“daddy you know,” hwayoung sleepily mumbles in his ear, “mommy really likes mermaids.”
he laughs, “mhm, did mommy tell you that?” she nods and he smiles.
“mommy told me she wanted to stay with them!” he stands up while propping her on his waist, she points and gasps comically and it makes him laugh.
when he places her in the crib, tucking her in with an adoring smile. “good night baby,” leaning down to peck her forehead.
when he’s about to leave she holds his finger, “daddy,” she whispers, motioning her other hand for him to lean down.
“mommy really likes mermaids,”
he smiles, “then when we meet her, how about we go to see them?”
she nods excitedly, “but! mommy sees them everyday!”
he shakes his head and chuckles, “good night young-ah, see you tomorrow.”
two days later, he wishes he listened to hwayoung’s mumbling more closely, maybe because he could’ve found you sooner.
“mommy really likes mermaids!”
he chuckles at himself, realizing how dumb he can be when his daughter had been telling him all along where you were.
the sea, he knows you loved the sea. and mermaids, he laughs again, mermaids live in the water.
“daddy are we doing somewhere?”
seonghwa looks through his rear view, smiling at hwayoung strapped in her baby chair.
“we’re going to bring mommy home.”
Tumblr media
he rings the bell to your apartment, dropping hwayoung at your parents house down the block. he laughs remembering their expressions when he walked into crown’s house, the eyes of guards widening when they saw him walk with hwayoung holding his hand.
he remembers the expressions on your parents, dad’s in particular. how he narrowed his eyes at seonghwa and then softened at hwayoung who hid behind his legs, peeking to the side.
he was still fairly shocked seeing your dad after ages, still tall, barely aged, dressed in the best of suits always and a cigar in his hand that he immediately crushed once he saw hwayoung.
seonghwa knocks on your door once again and smiles at what he said to your dad.
“please look after your granddaughter for a few hours.”
he’s snapped back into reality when he hears noises from the other side, breathing sharply he fixes his hair and pats racing heart.
watching the door open in slow motion yet again, the way it slowly opens to reveal your stunning face in front of his.
he feels his heart beat fasten and spares no second and lurches forward, arms wrapping around tightly and it that has you stumbling back.
“y/n,” he breathes and you close your eyes, the same comfort washing over you. “y/n, oh god.”
“ssh,” he whispers and you shiver when he tightens his embrace, “let me hold you please.”
you stay still despite your hands aching to hug him back, heart beating at the same pace as his and you swallow when his breathing fans down your neck.
when he pulls back, arms still hanging loosely over your hips and his eyes glancing all over your face.
“why are you here?” you ask, grabbing his arms to shove them away but he only holds you closer.
dipping his head closer to yours he whispers softly, “i’m here to get you back baby,” and it sends an influx of butterflies in your gut.
his eye stare into yours for a few seconds before you push him back, “g-go back home.”
he shakes his head, “not until you’re coming with me,” he pauses and then makes your heart stop. “stop biting those lips y/n.”
you stop in an instant and point out the door, “you should head home.”
“i’m not going until you listen to me,” he took a step forward, “hear me out first…then decide what you want to do.”
you sit opposite him as he stares at you, “how have you been?” his eyes roam all over you and you look away.
he smiles briefly, “i’m sorry for everything.”
“i’ll start where you would want to know,” he stops and takes a breath, “nayoung holds no right over hwayoung, none. she’s gone for good,”
you lift your eyes, “where?” he feels his heart quicken when he hears your voice.
he watches your face fall in relief and then goes on, “for life with no parole, convicted for orchestrating a murder repeatedly.”
you nod slowly, processing the information with a heavy sigh of relief. leaning back on the couch comfortably.
“i visited your parents today.”
your eyes snap to his and widen, “you what?”
he smiles, “i think they were shocked, but your mom offered me tea.”
“she still likes you,” you look down and shake your head, remembering how often she favoured him. “what did you say to them?”
“i,” he scoffs, “your dad, i told him to take care of his granddaughter and i’ve never seen him panic so fast.”
“you what?!” you say, shocked and baffled, “is hwayoung with them?”
he nods, “i saw a few toys with her, don’t worry she’s in good hands.”
“no, no!” you stop him, “you told them she’s their granddaughter?”
“she is, isn’t she?” he tilts his head and you fall silent.
he smirks and then it fades as he continues, “hwayoung’s smart,” he hums, “i didn’t know she visited you, no wonder she smelled like you.”
“uh, yeah, kai he brought her.”
he chuckles a little, “she actually told me where you were, by the mermaids she said.” and you choke out a laugh, his heart insides flipping when he hears it.
it goes quiet for a few minutes, just you two staring at each other’s eyes from across the room.
“why..” you start, “why’d you do it.”
his jaw clenches and unclenches, “when we were there...”
“i’m not doing that uncle!” seonghwa’s voice echoes loudly in the cathedral, “t-that’s, uncle that’s y/n!”
“she isn’t the y/n you know anymore!” the elder holds his shoulders and shakes his teen self, “they’re the crown, you hate her so why are you acting like this?!”
because y/n and seonghwa don’t hate each other, their circumstances made them hate each other.
he realized that when he asked you out, sitting on rooftops talking till the sun hit the skies. you two didn’t dislike one another, never did.
“you have to finish her once in for all,” his uncle pauses and he can’t help but swallow at what he says next, “or empire will do it themselves.”
he goes on, “you don’t want to die right seonghwa?” he nods and blinks, “take this gun and go out there son, finish their heirs all for once.”
and he found himself standing in front of your bloodied self, breathing heavily as his hands shook as he lifted the gun to aim at you.
he watched the way your eyes widened in shock, that look that haunted him for years after.
“y/n,” he mouthed and you nodded as if trying to make out what he said, “run.”
you only stepped forward, opening your mouth to call out for him, lifting your hand towards him.
he shook his head and pulled the trigger, being told to shoot you he did. and when you ran, he shot again, this time successfully hitting your shoulder.
he watches with wide teary eyes as you fall down on your knees, shaking your head and lifting a hand to hold your wound.
it’s then when he was pulled away, everything slowed as you looked over your shoulder. eyes burning with hatred as he gets pulled away.
“why did he want to kill us off?” you ask, gripping the couch.
“my uncle took that with him,” he looks up, “he died shortly after the night when your father called everything off with mine.”
“so if you hadn’t shot me, i would’ve died by the hands of the empire.” you scoff, “i don’t know what to say but thanks? for not killing me?”
“y/n, i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i have no excuse for what i did but i wanted you to hear it all.”
you nod, “and the car..”
“it was her, nayoung, who stole one of our higher up cars with the insignia.”
“and that’s what i saw.” he nods.
“we had no idea it even happened until word spread that you were in the hospital, it was when hwayoung was just born too.”
you hum and he stays quiet, “hwayoung misses you a lot,”
“i do too.” he looks at you, “i missed you everyday, i tried finding you everywhere. your apartment, your house, kai’s house, your parent’s.”
“but i was with the mermaids,” you smile, looking down, laughing a bit. “she’s way too smart.”
“gone on you.”
“y/n,” you hum, hearing him step towards you till he’s right in front of you.
he stops to take a breath, kneeling down till he’s kneeling between your legs. “please come back,” he whispers and you shiver. “i need you y/n, need you so bad.”
he holds your hands gently, caressing the back of your hand with his thumb. “and i need the baby growing inside of you.”
you’ve never lifted your head so fast, eyes wide and lips parted. “seonghwa,” you mumble shakily.
he looks down at your stomach, swallowing he shifts his hand and places it over your stomach.
you nod, breathing heavily. “ours, mhm.” you let out shakily and he smiles.
“breathe baby, breathe.”
“seonghwa,” he looks up, eagerly waiting for you to go on. “i need some time, i-i want to think over everything.”
he nods slowly, “of course,” caressing your hand.
“i’ll be waiting.” with that he stands up, you nod and walk him towards the door.
just before he leaves he turns back and you stop in your steps, “w-what?”
he smiles, that soft smile that makes you giddy on the inside. he loops his arm around your middle and pulls you two him, faces close enough for his breath to fan over your lips.
lifting his freehand to cup your cheek, “can i,” he whispers. “can i kiss you?”
you feel your heartbeat pound loudly against your rib cage, hearing it in your ear as you search his eyes. it’s nothing full of lust, but something else, something more intense.
you nod shakily and he leans closer, closing the distance between you two. placing his lips over yours for the first time in a while and it has your knees wobbly, and if not for him holding you would’ve stumbled back.
he stays for a while before moving them slowly, you feel hot tears prickle in your eyes as you kiss back. as if all the emotions you own are transferring to him, clutching his shirt tighter.
he pulls back to rest his forehead on yours, “y/n,” he breaths. “i’m going to say something, you don’t have to respond, okay?”
you nod slowly, and he swallows before continuing. “i think i’m in love with you y/n.”
“the way you walk like you’re in heaven, you look at others as if you tolerate them. and then when you get angry, we fight and you do that accidental smile of yours.” he pauses, “oh, y/n, i’m in love with you so bad.”
Tumblr media
you find yourself standing in a local hallmark store, flickering through shelves of birthday cards for hwayoung’s that’s on the weekend. being invited to her birthday after the visit of seonghwa a week prior that still has you feeling nervous.
it’s then when you exit after paying that you see a familiar silhouette of hwayoung in the middle of the crowd, eyes widening your ran to her lonely figure.
“hwayoung!” you say, kneeling down carefully to hold her hand. “why are you here? where’s daddy?”
she giggles in response and you frown, looking around to find that man and give him a piece of your mind.
“that bastard,” you mumble lowly, “what a careless father, leaving his daughter alone. what a-“
“douchebag? asshole? scum? idiot?” he completes from behind you and you look over your shoulder.
“yes,” you nod, “all of the above, how could you leave her alone like that? you idiot!”
and hwayoung giggles when he kneels down, he doesn’t look at you just yet but you stare him down as he plays with hwayoung’s hair with a smile.
and then he stares at you, scrunching his nose a little. “did you miss a word? maybe prick, or stupid? hm?”
“why are you even here?” you hold hwayoung’s hand but instead of seonghwa responding, hwayoung beats him to it.
“because you’re coming with us!” she looks at you with her wide shiny eyes. “come home with us please mama!”
you smile lightly, “i’m not your mama sweetheart, i’m sorry.”
and just them seonghwa coughs loudly, “we can change that.”
“what was that?” you look at his cheeky smile.
“you heard me, i said we can change that.”
“oh?” you raise your eyebrows blankly, “and how exactly will you?”
“by marrying you.”
you gape, “excuse me?”
he grins, “you’re not excused actually.”
and then you frown, “why would i marry you, you park? your last name is so ugly.”
he lets out a choked laugh, “but what will you do if it’s your last name.”
“i won’t take your name,” you look away even if your heart is racing inside.
he shrugs, “that’s okay, i can take yours.”
you look at hwayoung and her cheeky smile and poker her cheeks, “fine,” you mumble lowly and he moves forward to hear it again.
“what’d you say?”
“fine,” you throw him a glare to which he winks at, and then look at hwayoung with adoration. “i’ll be your mom!”
you stop him before he can even think, “not for you though- you can go away.” he leans closer with a smirk.
“that won’t happen,” and then pecks your lips, making hwayoung squeal a little ‘ew’ out. “my mrs park.”
Tumblr media
“seonghwa, what are you doing-“ you stumble back, “we need to go down to the beach.”
he hums lowly and wraps his arm around you, “y/n, you know how much i missed you.”
“when i found out you were pregnant,” he stops to play with your hair as he backs you up to the table. “you had no idea how happy i was.”
you don’t stop the shaky, “yeah?” that escapes your lips. squealing when you hit the table behind and when he tugs you closer.
“hm, but i was more happy that you’re back.” he buries his head in your neck and you shiver, his lips peck under your ear and it makes you squirm.
“so i could feel you, taste you all over again.” he grumbles lowly in your ear and you swallow, his fingers slowly creeping down your sundress.
“repeat what we did in that gala, to show you that you’re mine.” he nuzzles closer, “only for me, you got it?”
when you nod, he lifts you up to sit on the table while he kneels between your legs. your eyes widen and you look around, “seonghwa, we have to go-“
“just a little bit y/n,” he says, inching closer to your heat as you bit your lip. his fingers loop on the waistband of your underwear and you squirm when he pulls them down all the way.
“seonghwa,” you say breathily when his lips grow closer to you folds, his breath fanning over them and you let out a whine.
“mine,” he mumbles, kissing the inside of your thighs till his lips peck your clit and you sigh.
his hands move from your legs to under your thighs and over his shoulders, he dives his tongue in and you gasp loudly, throwing your head back.
“seonghwa,” you moan as he continues to eat you out, his long and torturous tongue exploring your insides with speed.
his hot breathing against your wet and aching cunt, “hwa..oh my god!” you whimpered pathetically, clutching the table as he licked a strip down your folds making you shudder underneath him.
“so pretty,” he hums, moving his tongue in making you let out a moan for his name as he moves in and out of you skillfully.
alternating from long slow, slow licks to small circles as he added his fingers, to his tongue lapping sinfully against your clit at different speeds. his nose that’s so sharp nudges against you while his tongue does wonders, sucking and licking and humming as you let our breathy moans of pleasure.
“i’m-“ you pause to cry for his name, “i’m close, seong-“
“come on me,” he says as he continues to eat you out as if he’s a starved man, you move and squirm as he grips your legs tighter over his shoulder.
your fingers weave through his hair and he growls when you tug at them, smacking your thigh when you try and close your legs.
he pecks and places feathery open mouthed kisses as you find yourself right on the brink of an orgasm, shutting your eyes as your moans echo the room and shakily you come to his tongue.
throwing your head back, releasing a long whine and he pauses. smirking before diving in again, cleaning all the juices you spilled out with his tongue.
he pulls out and licks his lips, standing straight to cup your face gently and making you face him. “y/n,” he whispers and gets closer, “you’re mine, no one else’s.”
and kisses you as if his life depends on it, teeth clashing against one another’s as a fight of dominance happens with your tongues. you taste yourself very briefly on him and he nibbles on your lower lip, then pulls back to place his forehead on yours.
he smiles and your breathing mingles with his, his swollen pink lips hovering over yours as he caresses your hair back.
“you know i love you a lot right?”
you grin, “i love you too.” and peck his lips once again, when you go for it once again, he pulls back with a teasing smile.
“we’re late for the beach y/n,” he teases, “we’ll continue this when we come back, can’t promise it’ll be on the bed though.”
and that’s how you find yourself on the beach, two years later. hand in hand with seonghwa as you carried hwan, your son, and he carried hwayoung.
both of them sleeping on you two, as you walked down the shady beach on a friday afternoon. the right time for the beautiful orange sunset, and an incredible family day.
you and seonghwa had come here every month for the past two years, after having your son with him that he was sobbing at the delivery off.
spoiling the crap out of his only son and a newborn of his to the point you had to drag him out the toy store.
it reminds you every day of the circumstances that got you two here, from the time you crashed into his house to kill him to finding out he has a daughter that now holds your heart.
to fight and then to fall in love with the man who you despised at one point of your life, to now hold the key to his heart after the painful separation of you two.
the one that determined everything for your future, the one that got you here. him beside you, with your kids.
life couldn’t be any better, until everyone teased you about the very obvious outcomes.
now it was just you and seonghwa, and your two kids. walking down a heavenly stunning beach, holding them in your arms as they slept.
patching up with each other and expressing the undying love and gratitude you two had for one another, to now raising your kids together.
it was truly cinematic, like kai said, “a movie y/n.”
truly was, an action packed yet a romantic movie with twists and plots that ended in peace.
and as for marriage, you two were never in a rush. everyone knew he was yours and you were his, no questions ever asked further.
“y/n,” you hum, “thank you.”
you smile, your two year old nuzzling further. “thank you seonghwa- hwa-“
“marry me y/n,” he kneels down, hwayoung still sleeping in his arms as he barely supports himself.
“i’ll make you the happiest you’ve ever been, will never lie or betray you in any way.” he holds the ring in front of you and you bite your lips, the diamond shining brightly.
“that’s difficult,” you say, “how will you top the happiness i have right now?”
“by accepting me,” he says and it makes his little heart swell when you ask him to stand up.
“marry me, i want to see you in a wedding dress beside me. telling me your vows while i sob pathetically and you wipe my tears away with a laugh.”
he goes on as his eyes get teary, “grow old with you and raise our kids together, be with each other till we die and beyond.”
“i’ll make you the happiest,”
you smile at his sappy monologue and kiss him, smiling when you pull back. lifting your hand up, “well then make me your mrs park.” he grins happily, sliding the ring down your finger.
“let me grow old with you, do your skincare so you don’t look like a hag beside me in a few years.” he chuckles, wiping his tears.
“i’ll do anything, mrs park.”
“very well mr park.”
there are three things you need to know before this ends.
one, you screwed up, in a good way by falling for seonghwa.
two, it wasn’t supposed to be like this. yet it turned out to be the best thing ever.
three, you’re holding onto his hands with your kids in your free hand.
also, four, you’re both probably in this marriage for life and beyond.
the end.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also, I don’t care what anyone has to say about San’s hair. It looks so good on him and he said he loves it too and that’s what matters. Short black hair San supremacy
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introduction pt. i | pt. ii | pt. iii
ch. xliii - dingbats
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??? × reader, ateez × reader
A freshman hookup rekindled into something new. With an incentive, of course. But what would happen if your 'relationship' led you somewhere you never thought would happen to you ?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist :
@raysanshine @peachy-maia @xuxiable @90s-belladonna @theclawofaraven @sanraes @sungiehan @felix-kithes @nycol-ie @superstarw99 @skkrtnawrskkrt @viv-atiny @the7thcrow @stfu-xeena @laurademaury @multihoe-net @daisyhwa @scoupshushushu @whyisquill @bikiniholic @yunhorights @exfolitae @simplewonderland @verycooldog2 @perfectlysane24 @hannahdinse8 @tannie13 @aka-minhyuk-kun @phebeedee@em0yunho @marsophilia @donghyuckanti27 @se-onghwa @malewife-supremacy @hyunsukream @elijahbabyb @taejichafe @alliecoady98 @rdiamondbts2727 @hakuna-matata-ya
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choi san drinks the respect women juice for breakfast lunch and dinner.
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part 17 - nice job kang yeosang
iced americano
seonghwa x reader
genre : smau, slice of life au, strangers to lovers au, enemies to lovers au, college au, kinda slow burn, humor, fluff, slight angst
prev : next
⤷ after transferring to a new school, you were excited to hear about the famous coffee shop on campus and try their iced americano. what you weren’t excited about is having to argue with a random stranger for it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐲 𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐦𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝!𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐳
Tumblr media
it’s no surprise that everything and anything reminds him of you; he doesn’t see the world through rose colored lenses, he sees the world through images of you. when he strokes a certain material, his mind takes him back to the one sweater you wore for that one date, or the sweet scent of vanilla beans he smelled on the way to kq reminded him of a candle you enjoy (he bought it for you that same day). but he envisions you through the art of music, a beautiful person paired with the beauty of sounds. one lyric, snippet of a melody, cover art, or the general vibe of the song. he accumulates them and puts them into a playlist and makes the cover a photo of you. by now, the playlist is nearly thirty hours long. it’s his favorite to listen to. 
being the amazing cook and the prime example of husband material, he’s built a habit of making and packing your lunch. when he originally got the key to your home, he would sleep over often and wake up earlier than you so he bought why not help you out in the morning by preparing your lunch. it starts off with little doodles or a simple heart, slowly it evolved into encouraging quotes and cheesy pick up lines, then it reached it’s final form of small love letters. he has become so in love with you that he feels the need to tell you whenever he can. even on the days he is furious with you, he still chooses to be blinded by your love. each little note is completed with a heart--for special occasions, he would slip them into a little envelope and seal with pink wax. when he has to go on tour, he stays up all night writing out notes for you to find in your work clothes. 
the storm rages on just outside the four walls of your tiny apartment, the light cuts out and the only source of light you have are the candles that burn on the short coffee table. despite the cold wind blowing just outside, the home fills with warmth that you strip away your clothing and so does he. you can’t see the  dopey smile on his face as he looks at you, swaying around in your under garments to the soft broken radio you hear next door. he gently takes your hand, his other holding the small of your back and he brings you closer to his body. at first, the dancing is, slow much like a waltz, but as the radio plays more music, he turns to joyful jazz steps that are sure to make the people living beneath you angry. this moment is one he will treasure forever; no one is around to disturb the peace, not even the angry storm can create tension between you two. 
this short moment happened so spontaneously, neither of you had the idea in mind until the actions were in motion. the night sky turned dark and the city life continued on, everyone roaring into the night. both of you were young and in love, every opportunity that can be turned into romantic was turned into just that. the rain continued to pour down around you as the two of you ran around the city, giggling at every raindrop you felt. at one point, he stopped you right in the middle of the quiet street. you stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, exchanging loving words with your eyes. without warning, he picked you up from your waist and orders your legs to wrap around his hips. he kissed. right then and there. he’s not crazy for public affection but there he was. kissing you like he’ll lose you tomorrow. the stares from strangers didn’t bother him one bit. he was lost in your lips and drowning in the euphoric state of being in love. 
there is nothing lustful about the act of showering together; it’s pure adoration in his respectful eyes. sure, his eyes do linger on your body but if you see the way he looks at you, you’ll know he’s staring at you like you’re the most expensive statute in the most grand art museum. after a long and stressful day, it’s always best to unwind with a soothing shower, one he is always invited to. he loves seeing the water cascade onto your body and the droplets roll down your curves, a sight so magnificent that he wishes he can take pictures with his eyes and replay the moment over and over again. but the best part of all of this? tangling his fingers through your hair as he scrubs away any and all worries from your head. your eyes closed and sounds of pleasure as you relax into his grip. he feels as though you trust him the most in the world; you’re vulnerable to him the same way he is to you. 
you love him--you love everything he does. you love his goofiness and maturity, you love his carefree attitude and the way he strives to make every situation fun no matter the cost. that’s why you look forward to going out to karaoke bars with him, he always sends the attendees into a frenzy with his singing. looking into the crowd, his eyes are on you as he belts the lyrics to the cheesy love song that he claims as “our song.” a big smile on his face that unleashes every butterfly within your stomach, a feeling you once hated but now love thanks to him. he’s shameless with the ways he displays his love for you; after all, his love is meant for you only, who are they to judge him for it? he’s not oblivious that he’s a bad singer when it comes to the high notes but that doesn’t matter to him, the million dollar smile you wear on your face and the glimmering love in your eyes is enough to make him forget. 
service is your biggest love language and it shines through in your relationship with him. his love language is not the same as yours but he makes up for it in other ways, still, he feels upset when he’s unable to return the same love in a similar style. that’s how he ends up in the kitchen on weekends during his break, the sun shining bright in the early morning. he stirs one pot, flips a pan, whisks together ingredients, he does everything on his own. he arranges the breakfast on the small table for you to have breakfast in bed, never forgetting to add a single rose in your favorite color. he awakes you with kisses on your face and the loving gaze of your boyfriend is the first thing you see. 
rich, hot, and young; three perfect words to summarize your boyfriend. he always makes it his top priority to spoil you with whatever it may be. a candlelit dinner with a view overlooking the city and a fancy bottle of wine with steak so expensive, you feel guilty just looking at it. he can’t put a price on your happiness. dates like this happen so often that the owners and chefs always save your favorite table for the two of you. he acts like the hot ceo of a big company, ordering foods without a care of the price tag and handing over his card like it’s nothing. romance for him doesn’t stop at a long love letter--it extends to flashy dates like these. the satisfying grumble and perfectly bloated tummy fills him with joy, seeing as you enjoyed the dinner and his company. 
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happy halloween 🐈‍⬛
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Hello Vicky~ For the drabble game, Seonghwa and prompt no.27😌✨
pairing: seonghwa x reader
genre: suggestive, fluff, established relationship
word count: 530
[07:23] Your eyes open slightly as the light fell onto your face. It was too early for your liking, but still enjoyable, since you didn't get to see the sunrise as much as you'd like to. You wished you could go to sleep for a little more, but looking at the time, you realize not only that you slept a little more than usually, but your boyfriend, Seonghwa, overslept as well, which meant he could possibly be late as well. You turn towards him and you smile. He's sleeping on his back, a hand across his chest, his eyes firmly shut, as he breaths deeply, chest rising and falling. You slowly put hand on his cheek and stroke it softly, in an attempt to wake him up. Evens if it was late, you still didn't have the guts to wake him instantly, opting instead to wake him up with care, just as you did everyday. You stroke slowly your thumb on his cheek. On a regular day, he would sweetly smile and open his eyes, but today, he didn't move and inch. You think what else could actually wake him, and as you start taking away your hand from his cheek, to your surprise, his own closes up around your wrist. "Good morning" you say softly but instead of an answer, you feel a small peck on the inside of your palm. You gasp as you feel his lips on you, surprise taking over you, and you forget what you wanted to tell him. A sweet kiss then is planted on your arm, then on your shoulder. "What are you doing? Isn't it a little early for that" you say sighing, feeling his lips paying extra attention to your neck. A long kiss, accompanied with a small bite that makes you moan, " it's never too early for that" he says as he pulls away slightly, hand grazing above the now bright red spot. "You'll be late though" you say, but he doesn't really pay attention to it, is focus being sorely on kissing your body. His kisses were always soft, gentle. He barely touched your skin, slowly, as if you were the most delicate flower in the garden. You knew you were precious to him, and that he sometimes he couldn't help himself being clingy. He always took extra care of you, making sure you always felt loved and cared about, even if he was far away. You knew why he was doing this now, you knew him long enough to figure it out, but you couldn't stop him, his soft touches and his full of love kisses that left your skin on fire, made your mind fuzzy. Fuzzy enough to just let yourself free to enjoy everything he had to offer. "Hongjoong would be mad you know" you say as his hands glide down your sides, pulling up your shirt just enough to kiss your tummy. "He knows I'll be here today" he says his lips leaving a trail of kisses from the base of your chest, going lower and lower. "Now please let me just love you, okay?" he says and you finally let yourself free on his arms.
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210731 ATINY ZONE update.
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