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I know this is mostly for KPop. But Trump is not going to be president again and Answer by Ateez came on and I burst into such happy tears. I’m crying so much! I’m so happy and I feel so hopeful and things have never been perfect in America and we have a long way to go but I’m just so relieved that no one has to live through another four years of so much pain brought by one person.

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× my favorites: kpop mv’s in 2020 » ateez ㅡ answer 

The burning sun
And the huge wave
Are nothing for us
Come in, as we don’t care
We’re not afraid anymore
No one can touch it
Like a burning flame

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I have always looked at ‘Answer’ in a certain way, thinking that that is how everyone sees it, but it isn’t so. A lot of people seemed confused by the end of the suicide squad and by what ‘the answer’ is. I would like to share my theory:

”So, will you join us?” 😏


The lyrics in a part of the chorus and at the very beginning of the song say;

“Keep filling your glass, even though it overflows”

I believe that this means; ‘To let your hidden emotions out into your life, even though it will displace some old ideas/emotions, and constantly change and evolve during your life.‘

Then later these lyrics come in: “Come in, we don’t care, we are not afraid anymore, no one can touch us”

Isn’t this also referring to emotions more than to a physical enemy? What I believe this means is connected to what the first line means. Here is how I view it; ‘I am not afraid of what I will become, or the choices I make if you enter. I will still be me, and maybe a better me.’

From Pirate King/Treasure up until Wonderland there has been a battle of what is inside of them: The Suicide Squad. I believe that it was less of a battle, and more of a chase.

The Suicide squad is a deep, suppressed, emotion. A burning passion that terrifies Ateez. Ateez have been running from it since the beginning, and the Suicide Squad have been in pursuit.

Why does Ateez run? People have to much pride to accept the aspect of themselves that they hide. People are also afraid that when it comes out it will change everything, perhaps even change what ‘treasure’ means to you.

The answer? Accept who you are, and strive to do better.

But wait! How can they except their bad alter ego in the end of the story? I do not think that the Suicide Squad IS bad. I believe it is just an overwhelming passion that scares them.


Originally posted by finding-the-bin-to-my-moon

So how do they come to accept them? They simply stop fighting and step back. They search INSIDE of themselves for a new treasure.

This gif shows what I think was the beginning:


Originally posted by ateez-gifs-videos

They show many shots with snow, which I believe signifies letting go of the tug and pull of fiery passion for a moment and viewing the cold, pure truth.

When they are in the snowy shots everything is calm and quiet looking. The turmoil is inside only, where they ask themselves if they are ready to change, and if it is worth it.


Originally posted by maxsix

Then later, Yunho and Yeosang are seen looking into mirrors at themselves. This means that the trouble was indeed inside of them, but now they have the courage and humility to SEE THEMSELVES as they are - even the parts they don’t like. Even ‘The Suicide Squad’ that has the terrifying power to change them. Them looking in the mirror shows that they are not running anymore, and later in the MV they take the next step.

”Raise your glasses and face each other!”

these lyrics come right when it shows Ateez and Suicide Squad at the banquet table together. There are glasses in front of them, and they sit on the opposite sides of a long table.

They stare at each other for a while. What I see as the acceptance of the change. They view what is inside, and are prepared to take the step.

They toast together.

They are one. They have accepted whatever it is that the Suicide Squad represent, a desire, a trauma, a hope, a weekness, a fear. It doesn’t faze them anymore. They wish to become stronger, and the only way is to confront yourself, know yourself, and love yourself. They are not perfect, but they strive for perfection through the exceptance of themselves.

This is the answer.


Originally posted by finding-the-bin-to-my-moon

Now the only question is:

Will it “Complete them, or destroy them?” 😉

///once again super quick and sloppy! But I am very passionate about Answer MV, so I just wanted to share this as soon as possible!///

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For my next kpop rec, I’m going with my favorite group and my favorite song of theirs. I’ve linked the video as opposed to just the song, because with kpop you really have to experience the entire package: the song, the visuals, the choreography.

Now this group isn’t considered a “typical” kpop group, in the sense that the music they make doesn’t necessarily follow the typical kpop formula. Because of this, they are actually more popular overseas than they are in their native Korea. This song especially, has a very different sound than other kpop songs. It’s very emotional to me, and I think that’s why it resonated with me so much (this group has no bad songs though, or as one youtuber put it, they have a “flawless discography”). They’re also insanely talented, if you love dance choreography like me you will be blown away by their talent (I was a huge boy band fan, I loved BSB and NSYNC but let me tell you these guys are on another level).

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Pirate!hongjoong: *smiles and kisses your shoulder* now now kitten~ how about we cuddle you, hmm?

Pirate!seonghwa: *rolls his eyes playfully and smiles as he boops your nose*

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guess i can’t… *flickers my gaze down to his lips* -tsukiatz


Pirate!yeosang: *turns his gaze back to you and tilts his head* maybe I should teach you a thing or two about patience then, kitten. Good things come to those who wait, no? *pats your cheek before walking over to the dinner table to pick up the plates*

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Admin: *turns around at commotion and scowls* hey hey guys, chill. We have a friend over, do mind being so loud??

Pirate!san: he ate my chocolates!!! He knew I was saying them!!

Pirate!wooyoung: it wasn’t just me- *looks at you mid scuffle and waves* oh hello~ *whisper shouts at san* stop wait she’s gonna think we’re weird-

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