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#ateez hongjoong

Eden: You know Jongho, you seem very mature for your age

Jongho: Thank you very much , its the trauma

Eden: Trauma?

Jongho: motions vaguely at woosan bullying seonghwa , hongjoong trying to control yungi while yeosang just sits aside and yells encouragements to everyone

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Ateez as the Kind of Babysitters They’d Be

Warnings? None, all fluff!


Originally posted by jonghoshoe


  • easily the best babysitter out of all 8 of them
  • would be amazing with the kids
  • i feel like he’d make really creative snacks for them
  • very interactive with the kids
  • “hey wanna play this game? yeah? cmon let’s go!”
  • sings lullabies to to get them to fall asleep

Originally posted by jwy


  • he’d be fine until the kids started crying
  • then he’d have a breakdown
  • he doesn’t really like physical affection
  • so when a kid starts crying he’d awkwardly pat their back
  • “there there don’t cry… please…”
  • instead of lullabies he’d make up a super creative story to get them to sleep

Originally posted by gemini-hyuck


  • yunho is the softest person ever
  • so i think he’d be great with children
  • would play any game with them even if he hated it
  • the kind to always make dino nuggets for them even if the parents had a different meal planned
  • would let them stay up past their bedtime bc he has a soft spot for kids and can’t say no
  • “okay fine but only ten more minutes”

Originally posted by prettyseonghwa


  • would be scared of the kids at first
  • doesn’t know how to say no but not in the good way
  • like the house would turn to chaos
  • “stop eating the flowers please”
  • tries to get them to sleep early so he can get some peace and quiet (in the nicest way possible i promise he’s good with kids)
  • would do cute little impromptu dances if they couldn’t fall asleep

Originally posted by taooh


  • is always excited when he gets to babysit
  • loves taking care of them
  • always listen to the kids ramble even if he doesn’t understand
  • “yeah? really, that’s so cool!” *has no idea what they said*
  • makes their favorite meal and if they don’t have it in the house he finds a way to get it for them
  • the kind of babysitter to always be involved whether it’s a video game or a tea party

Originally posted by staytinyunni


  • the babysitter that’s like an older brother
  • very playful with the kids
  • the kind to play the i got your nose game
  • also makes things like dino nuggets
  • because when the kids get dino nuggets he gets dino nuggets
  • let’s the kids stay up all night

Originally posted by wooyounggifs


  • the babysitter that the kids love
  • because he also acts like a kid around them
  • very rambunctious
  • who’s the loudest in the room, the kids? or wooyoung? the world may never know
  • never gives them the dinner that the parents planned
  • “your mom and dad made veggie wraps but i say we order pizza? yeah? yeahh!”

Originally posted by hwarizon


  • the kind to look tough at first but turns to mush when he sees/meets the kids
  • i’m telling you rn he has a soft spot
  • he probably sticks to the parents rules more
  • but if the kids beg enough then they’ll definitely get whatever they want
  • the kind of babysitter to invent a really creative game when the kids complain that they’re bored
  • 100% sings the kids to sleep
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you’re sad?! seonghwa said he’s keeping hongjoong’s pictures all around their room because hongjoong is never home now you’re even sadder

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Anon said: “Hi um could I please request for an ateez reaction to their s/o flinching in an argument? Thank you so much if you do this!! Much love ❤️❤️”

Triggerwarning: This scenario could be triggering for some people as it deals with past (physical) abuse, no abuse will happen though. Take care of yourself and please seek help if you need it.


Heavy angst (Writing angst is always emotionally draining but I love it so much, it means a lot more to me)



Originally posted by ceojongho

 You knew Jongho was strong. This didn’t help when he raised his right hand during the argument. You instinctively crouched down and covered your face with your arms. When you couldn’t feel any sort of punch, you dared to look at him again. The expression on his face scared the living hell out of you: shock, hurt, pain, disappointment.

You thought I’d hi-hit you?

At that point you realized you didn’t think, your body just reacted. Things, that happened in the past were screwing up your present, you had to start letting go.

I do-don’t know, Jongho, I didn’t… I-You raised your arm and I thought-

That’s when you broke down: knees giving out and tears starting to spill from your eyes, announcing that you were starting the self-healing process.

Sunken on to the floor, he slowly approached you, gently wrapping his arms around your body. For a while nothing could be heard except your muffled cries.

Holding you tight while you fell apart, he reassured you: “I would never lay a finger on you like that… please believe me, you are so precious

After a moment of silence, he continued: “Do you wanna talk about what made you think that I could do that to you?

With almost no energy left, you slowly shook your head no.

It’s okay, I love you and I will always be here

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Wooyoung - Embarrassing

Scenerio: you work in a big company and you have to do a Skype meeting late at night with others over seas and Wooyoung doesn’t want to go to sleep without you.

You sat on the sofa your laptop in front of you the screen of your bright laptop held the members of the business meeting that was being held. Glancing down you at the small digital clock to see the numbers 00:00, the meeting was soon disturbed by the sound of soft potter patters of feet, Wooyoung’s nsleepy figure soon emerges from your shared bedroom and into the living room where you are situated. Gently patting the seat next to you, he waddlesntknhoj before lying down, his head in your lap.

3 hours into the meeting Wooyoung suddenly turns over his arm making a swift hit into your jaw, you look down at him before your head snaps up hearing the snickers and giggles of your fellow workers. Feeling your cheeks glow red you just smile trying to brush it off

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𝑨𝒕𝒆𝒆𝒛: 𝑳𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒀𝒐𝒖 𝑲𝒏𝒐𝒘 𝑻𝒉𝒆𝒚'𝒓𝒆 𝑰𝒏 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑴𝒐𝒐𝒅 (𝑹𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒅)

𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠: 𝐒𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐍𝐒𝐅𝐖 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭.

❥𝓚𝓲𝓶 𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓳𝓸𝓸𝓷𝓰


Originally posted by santashine

Hongjoong tried to focus on the screen in front of him, but the tight and throbbing ache inside his pants was too much to handle at this point. He had tried to ignore it for the past 15 minutes, but the urge just kept growing as his mind began filling with dirty images of you, underneath him, squirming and shivering as he pounded into you.

His hand lingered a little too high on his thigh. He could just indulge in a little fantasy…….but why do that when reality was sweeter? With no hesitation, he picked up his phone and instantly dialed your number.

Joongie?” You answered.

Baby….” Hongjoong breathed out, almost panting at hearing your sweet voice say his name.

“Be ready for me. I’m coming over in 10 minutes. You know exactly how I want you: clothes off and legs spread…..

See you soon…” You heard him chuckle lowly.

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“first kisses” - ateez 💌💭 = kim hongjoong + park seonghwa

  • this will be done in series of two members per post because i don’t have enough time to write all of them at once and this way you at least have something to read  while waiting😊
  • fluff, unnecessary angst with hj, lots of kissing
  • trigger warning: mentions of drinking alcohol
  • requested: yes




Originally posted by wooyoungs

Your first kiss happens while you’re still friends, after midnight, on a cold night, while being slightly tipsy. But only enough for one to feel vulnerable and brave to say the things they would rather not while being sober and completely fine. But the problem was, you were both far away from “fine”.

The shift between two friends who slowly became too close was loud and clear. Every other night you would go to him, head high and brave, having your emotions under control, but every time one friendly drink turns into two, and two turn into three and suddenly there is no air if you’re not close to him. Your affection is shy and soft, he never turns you down, always wrapping his arms around you as if to protect you.

From what? He doesn’t have to know nor does he ask.

But there is something strangely familiar in the way you cry at the end of the night, always saying the alcohol makes you lonely, so he offers to hold you and you say yes, because his touch burned your skin and made it feel better at the same time. Because your feelings changed over time and letting that happen was your biggest mistake.

And Hongjoong knew that. Of course he knew, of course he felt that, he saw himself in your actions, in your eyes, as cliche as that sounded. You weren’t a good actress and he wasn’t a man of bold actions. Until that night. While taking in your puffy eyes and your quivering lips, he ached at you struggling to come up with a good enough lie to explain your emotions. If he didn’t knew better he would have thought you despised seeing him and with a brief imagining of that scenario he made a decision he would never let that happen. He simply refused to be the cause of your pain.

And you were in so much pain but above everything scared, because you couldn’t lie anymore and you were about to be rejected. You closed your eyes and told him how you loved him, deeply, how you can’t stand yourself, how you wished you were smarter and how you were so incredibly sorry.

And that made him angry. He stood up, so did you, call it a reflex of getting ready to watch someone you love walk out of your life for good. After a moment spent contemplating in silence, your eyes filled with tears once again at his accusatory gaze and restless hands messing up the dyed strands of hair. You wanted to hide but at the same time you wanted to say something that you probably wouldn’t mean because there is a way to fix this, right?

Suddenly everything felt wrong, every word, every decision and Hongjoong couldn’t stand it a second more. His eyes shifted to a soft, hurt, but above that a loving gaze. He stepped forward, unwilling to hide anymore and you looked at him shocked and surprised. His steps were slow, eyes never leaving yours that you felt like you were held in place. He reached you, settling his hands on your neck, feeling your soft skin and your erratic pulse but he wasn’t any better. His movements were delicate yet almost rough, his eyes were shaking between you eyes and lips, he was so close that you could feel his uneven breath and realize that he was nervous as hell.

Thumbs brushing against your jaw and cheeks, you look up at him with wide eyes as he finally bents his head down, slowly, both of you closing your eyes. Another moment of hesitation followed before he seemed to make up his mind and with a swift motion capture your lips in his.

The kiss was desperate, slow and packed with emotion at first, but as your hands reached up to his shoulders, caressing their way up to his hair, gripping tightly as if needing to feel for sure what was happening. One of his hand slid to the small of your back, pulling you flush against him, lips urging a faster and deeper pace.

Even as you returned his kisses, your head spun, trying to understand how you reached this point. It was addictive, everything about him was addictive. The need for air suddenly made you gasp into his mouth and you felt his fingers grip your jaw, putting some distance between you. Your lips parted and Hongjoong leaned his forehead against yours, softly brushing his thumb against your bruised lips, he leaned in again, placing small, gentle kisses to your mouth. Once, twice, again and again. With your fingers tangled in his hair, cradling the back of his head, Hongjoong whipped away your tears and smiled lovingly, brushing his lips against yours, he whispered a single “i love you too” before capturing your lips together again.



Originally posted by wooyoungs

Seonghwa thought the universe just didn’t like the idea of you two kissing at all. Surely a couple that already went on countless of dates, shared everything together, occasionally slept in the same bed, hugging, laughing, talking every day, should have kissed by now.

Mhm, no. That wasn’t happening any time soon, Seonghwa was simply convinced.

From your friends interrupting you, your phones ringing at the wrong moments, you throwing up once from the awful dinner you had at the equally awful restaurant, him getting sulky when you hugged one of your male friends a little too enthusiastically for his liking, your work calling, his company calling, everything and anything you could think off all leading to this night.

It was raining. It was raining so bad, Seonghwa was seconds away from collapsing on the ground and dramatically screaming at the sky for hating him, you, both of you so much. You were trying not to laugh at him all frustrated and pouty and when you sensed that he was serious about lying on the ground, you quickly wrapped your arms around his biceps, pulling him to run with you somewhere, anywhere where you wouldn’t be continuously soaked by the rain. A park with big trees was your best option, so you hurried and found a small spot that was good enough to stay until the rain wasn’t so angry at the world.

Seonghwa grumbled in annoyance and you laughed at his grumpy actions, finally having the chance to relax and catch a break. The date was ruined and Seonghwa was about to start apologizing profoundly to you for having to endure a different series of bad turn of events every time you go out with him but he stopped to think about something.

Your hands were still tightly gripping his arm and you were snuggled into his denim jacket he gave you the millisecond it started raining and you were looking at him with that sparkle in your eyes that made him weak and on top of everything, with a freaking smile on your face. So that made him think that maybe things weren’t that bad after all.

Yes you were absolutely soaked and in danger to catch a cold, but you were smiling! You were smiling so big at him that he forgot that he was annoyed, angry, sad or that he ever felt a single bad emotion ever.

So in his conclusion, it was now or never. He was gonna kiss you, because things could never be perfect and if he waits for them to be then he could kiss his chances goodbye, not you. But he wanted to kiss you, not anyone or anything else and he is going to do it now, under a tree, thanking god that it didn’t storm that night but still holding a big fat grudge against him for trying to drown him with that ridiculous amount of rain.

He took a deep breath, calming his heart enough so it wouldn’t put him in cardiac arrest and grabbed your hands in his. You instantly turned to him, securing your fingers together, sending him a questioning gaze even though you knew what he wanted and you were more than ready.

Hell, you were trying to do that for so long, forgive you for taking the chance now that you finally have it.

He smiled at you almost like he was relieved, about kissing you or for things being normal around you, you didn’t know or cared enough to question him, but you returned an even bigger grin. His warm palm rested on you cheek, stroking your cold skin and you leaned into his touch like it was the most comforting thing in the word, because it might as well be.

Seonghwa slowly leaned down, looking at your parted lips, pulling you to him with a single move and finally kiss you. You both sighed into the kiss, not being able to control it and pulled at each other in need to be closer and in need for more. His lips felt slightly cold but soft, so soft against yours, he was being careful, mindful and he was taking his sweet time tasting you. Your patience was thin but your nerves were not letting you rush, so you let yourself melt into him, his gentle touches and long, sweet kisses. Because it finally happened, under a tree, in an empty park, while raining and the wait was so incredibly worth it.


A/N : this is purely fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only.

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ahaha so i’m baaaack ;; super sorry for all the inactivity babes life has been weighing down on all of us i’m sure and i needed some time! This is the next installment of the college!au ateez series, and although i had planned to have hongjoong last, y’all requested him so much i wrote him next and changed the order around! 

Author’s note: Bullet fic, 

Warnings: like a drop of angst if u squint ?? the word sh!t appears one time i think




Originally posted by a-teez

  • he’s so cute i’m Sad
  • ok so Joongie is just so loved, so treasured by everyone ,, every time he enters into a room everyone just 🥺
  • he’ll walk into a room looking all sleepy in overalls or something and literally everyone’s parental instincts awaken from the depths of college emotional indifference and suddenly ,, 
  • there’s world peace it’s a sight to see 
  • so, our Hongjoongie is actually a double major!! 
  • he’s a world lit major, and he’s minoring in gender studies so his emphasis is on analyzing feminist texts 
  • more often than not, the best way to find hongjoong is to just go to the library on the south side of campus at odd hours at night and you’ll usually find him buried underneath a pile of books ;; (and more often than not he’ll also be sleeping because baby can’t stay awake to save his life ://) 
  • But he really does love his major ,, and If u let him ,  he’ll rave hours and hours about literature; analyzing them through historical context, societal reflection, the role of women, writing style….. 
  • ….he just loves what he does and it makes everyone around him love him for it too!! 
  • He always has extensive talks with Yeosang (an english major who took a lot of lit classes with hongjoong hint go read the yeosang!au) on american 19th century feminist writings
  • they started their own book club and it’s literally just them two, no other members allowed, and all they do is eat finger sandwiches and shit on misogynistic men we sTAN
  • HoWEVer, although hongjoong’s work in literature is impressive and respected, he’s probably better known for his second major: 
  • music composition!
  • music is the love of his life ,,, no buts there’s nothing he’ll love more than his art (except maybe you aha ha ha ;)
  • and people knew him around campus becaaaauseeeeee ,,,,, he would usually ,,, dj at frat parties… 
  • it wasn’t something he particularly liked, but hey money is money.
  • in all seriousness though, when hongjoong wasn’t reading or writing papers, he was glued to his mac producing tracks and writing lyrics 
  • the only thing was ,,, he didn’t actually sing any of what he wrote 
  • he never thought his own voice suited his songs, and would much rather sit on the sidelines moving along the creative direction 
  • and although the boys usually are the ones to sing his demos,, joongie always felt like something was still ,,, missing 
  • this is where u come in wink wonk 
  • you’re just a lowly econ major who surprisingly !! doesn’t !! want !! to start your own fortune 500 company :DD !! wow so rare :) 
  • anYWaYS,, you’re just doing it cuz your parents pressured you into pursuing a career with stable job opportunities and you’re kinda good at math and graphs soooo 
  • ….why not 
  • but to be honest, you always felt trapped 
  • you were never able to stop that feeling of impending doom when you’d open your macro-econ textbooks ,,,
  • or how your heart hurt when you think about the fact that your life is headed straight to an incredibly mundane future :
  • a desk job, an overpriced apartment that barely has enough room for you, living in constant air pollution from the city’s high carbon emissions, never finding true love, dying alone with 50 cats,  taxes…you get the drift
  • you usually pushed those thoughts to the back of your mind, negativity isn’t productive and right now you had a world economics midterm to study for
  • but..
  • not that you’d ever admit it, your true passion had always been music 
  • you weren’t the best composer, you knew just enough piano to get you but; but you had a set of PIPES dAmN
  • your friends could usually find you at the dorm’s music rooms ,, and whenever you felt stress or needed to unwind, you’d usually head over to those rooms
  • now ,,, these rooms are soundproof // but the trick is you actually have to close the door cuz if u don’t……
  • everyone can hear you 
  • and by everyone I mean the entire floor
  • you were doing your usual thing at the music room one night when one of your friends came in to let you know everyone would be heading over to dinner soon,, u promised only one more song before meeting them upstairs on your dorm floor 
  • and soo ,, when u started singing again  //// everyone heard 
  • and by everyone i mean ???!?
  • hongjoong :))
  • and it was love at first sight ,,, or rather 
  • ,, love at first listen??
  • he won’t ponder over the semantics, all Hongjoong knew was that he had been looking for a voice like yours and needed you on his tracks 
  • this man barged into the room and begged you to lend your voice for his songs 
  • …on his knees :00
  • you were in shock like what were you supposed to do?
  • this random man stormed in and got on his knees ,, 
  • what was next ??
  • marriage ????
  • u didn’t really say anything for a while just kinda looked him in his eyes 
  • but then your uwu instincts kicked in–u don’t know what it is about this dude but u just wanna like give him candy or something 
  • and so you hesitantly asked for his name 
  • and that’s when hongjoong realized he was an IDIOT 
  • because not only was your voice heavenly, but of course you were cute too and he just presented himself like a complete and utter maniac and He Didn’T eVEN bOTHER To TelL You hIS NAme!
  • he wanted the ground to swallow him up but alas 
  • he got off his knees and shyly stuck out his hand and told you his name 
  • you looked at him once again ,, and surprisingly 
  • you took his hand with a small smile on your face 
  • you ended up totally forgetting about dinner with your friends at the dining hall 
  • because hongjoong sat beside you on the piano bench and showed you his songs and lyrics, and you….fell in love <3
  • you’d never connected with anyone on this type of emotional level before and it was almost sort of overwhelming 
  • it also kinda gave you hope too ,, because here was Hongjoong ,, someone who managed to get the best of both worlds : a music and a lit degree
  • and you thought that maybe ,, you could do something with music too 
  • you guys exchanged numbers and scheduled to meet at the university’s recording studio that weekend 
  • Hongjoong composed a track and you added your own lyrics with his help–after two weeks of mixing, mastering, producing, and recording ,,, you guys officially released a single!!
  • you really weren’t expecting it, but hongjoong was a bit of a social butterfly and so the song became a hit on campus 
  • people were uploading it to their social media, sharing it with friends, playing it while they worked out, it was kinda ridiculous to you 
  • the student paper even wrote an article about it (and later you found out that the journalist was one of hongjoong’s friend’s girlfriend ,, (hint go read the yunho!au)
  • And when the song reached 10,000 streams, that gave you the confidence to do what you had always wanted to do 
  • you called your parents up on a Saturday morning to tell them you were picking up a vocal performance major 
  • you were extremely anxious for this conversation, so Hongjoong decided to stay by your side for moral support 
  • As both of you waited with baited breath for your parents’ response, Hongjoong was also right there just ,, holding your hand so sweetly,, and that was driving YOU INSANE 
  • (because in these past couple of months you had gotten to know Hongjoong you had mostly definitely, absolutely, completely fallen head over heels for him)  
  • after a long moment of silence, your parents agreed 
  • they weren’t too happy about it, but they also weren’t as against it as you thought they’d be–the only condition was that you’d continue with econ and instead double major 
  • it would honestly be hard considering the amount of mandatory classes and performances required of the vocal performance major, but you were too happy to care 
  • after your goodbyes with your parents, you looked over to Hongjoong with the biggest smile on your face 
  • and it just,, absolutely melted his heart 
  • before he could stop himself he just wrapped his arms around you and twirled you around
  • and then :) he gave you the softest kiss on your cheek 
  • of course, after it dawned on him what he had done, he instantly turned red and started chucking nervously as he stuttered his words 
  • but for you, the newfound confidence and ADRENALINE after your successful phone call with your parents, you grabbed both sides of his face and asked him if you could kiss him 
  • Hongjoong was wide-eyed but LIKE HELL he would pass up this up 
  • so after muttering out a shy yes, y’all kissed awwww :))
  • and after that, you guys became a couple! 
  • you’d show up to the frat parties he would DJ at and would always dance like an idiot with wooyoung in the corner of the room 
  • and you and hongjoong would always partner up for music composition and performance projects: Hongjoong would write the tracks and you’d sing for them
  • you guys were honestly such a soft couple 
  • you also picked up the habit of studying sleeping at the library with hongjoong because double majoring was hard and it required a lot of work
  • and it just, now became a thing for people to always find you along with Hongjoong sleeping under a pile of books 
  • you guys kept on releasing more singles after that, and are currently working on an EP!
  • and honestly, you were so incredibly happy 
  • you had the most amazing boyfriend, and you were pursuing your passion 
  • and you felt just a little bit better knowing that your future was unclear
  • you no longer pictured yourself at a desk job, living out an absolutely dreadful life 
  • instead, you finally realized the multitude of opportunities at your disposal
  • and with Hongjoong by your side, you just knew everything in life would work out in the end!



Love you guys! Stay safe and healthy!!

- Luna

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