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#ateez is the answer

Answer short theory

I just wrote it on my Twitter (ahrasliambar) but I decided to put it here also :

Ok so after Answer MV I talked with my friend and she said that this white dude in the end of MV killed everyone in this room, that’s why there is such a mess and he was looking for something there. But in my opinion there was some different disaster and he was just late to help everyone and now he is looking for some clues to find out what was that. And also we both suppose that before this thing happened the purpose of ATEEZ and black ATEEZ was just some kind of conciliation banquet but something went very very VERY wrong and now we have mess. But that’s not all - at the beginning, in turn, we see someone at this table but probably not in a swordsman costume so I think that this person is responsible for this demolition and not the white swordsman who was just late to help them.

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oh my god? this honestly made my day. thank you so much for being sweet. 💕 you take care of yourself, too! and thank you, he is a beautiful man.

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thank you for the ask!!! 💖💖💖💖

27: “get down” - boys republic

42. “turn back time” - wayv

53. “answer” - ateez

66. “wonderland” - ateez

71. “tiger inside” - superm

99. “cat and dog” - txt

send me a number and ill tell u what song it is on my spotify wrapped!

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