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#ateez x reader

[17:25] -> Focus

Warnings: Size kink + Cockwarming

H-hwa, I don’t think this is a good idea,” you muttered under your breath as your hand shakily tried to turn a page in your book. Your eyes couldn’t focus anymore as they trailed down to your boyfriend unbuttoning the top of your pants. 

“Shh (Y/N), nobody’s going to walk in our study room, just focus and let me do the rest,” he coaxed with a lustful tone. You squirmed a bit before letting him take control, feeling his throbbing member under you. 

You let him shimmy your pants and panties down before you heard his zipper come undone all too quickly. You felt your core start to drip as you clenched your thighs together, yearning for friction. 

You let your eyes fall back on the page of your book but the text seemed like a jumble of words and what you had just read was long gone. He let his cock spring free from the confines of his boxers before hoisting you up gently and letting you sink down on his length.

You inhaled a sharp breath before you felt him stretching out your warm walls and bottom out as you took a seat on his thighs again. “Mmm that’s it baby, just focus and no one will suspect a thing.” 

He let his arms wrap around your waist as he pulled you in as your eyes darted across the book but to no avail did any information stay in your mind. He peppered kisses down your neck as his hands wandered down to your lower abdomen. Gently pressing on it, he felt the outline and tip of his cock. 

“Look how well you take me angel, love seeing you filled to the brim.”

You let out a small whimper of pleasure as your walls subconsciously clenched around his pulsating length. His sex twitched in response to your body as you tried your best not to let your pleasure take over. 

“Be a good girl and focus and you’ll be rewarded after your done.”

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You surprise him for his birthday with a special present and some of his favourite food.

Sh: There’s actually something I want to give you too..

You: Oh! What is it?


Happy Birthday Toothless! 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙

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Softly. [K. Yeosang}


Warnings: soft sex


“Yeosang.” Your lips part momentarily, his arms still wrapped strongly around you, “Can we…you know…?”

“Are you sure?” His face is only millimetres away from yours and you can see every ounce of worry etched into his features, “Are you sure you want to?”

You nod. “Is something wrong?”

“I just-I, um, I wasn’t sure if you could see me that way.“ He looks down at your confused expression, voice quietening even more, "With the b-birthmark and all that I thought it might put you off, you know…”

“Yeosang.” You stroke his hair a little before gently rubbing your thumb over his birthmark, “You’re perfect. Your birthmark is perfect. There’s no way it could put me off.”

He bites his lip, “Well then…”

“I’m serious, Sangie, even if you don’t like it, I do. It’s not going to change the way I feel about you.” You pull his lips back to yours, letting him softly push you back onto the mattress.

You’re used to Yeosang’s shy, gentle kisses and the way he holds you so delicately. And although you’ve wanted to go further in your relationship you’d never really imagined what Yeosang would be like in bed; now that you think about it you can’t help want it more and more.

“C-can I?” he asks, somewhat confidently, his fingers playing with the hem of your shirt. You nod and soon he comes to the same question with your bra.

Placing soft kisses down your neck, his teeth occasionally graze against your skin - causing a shiver to run down your spine. He pauses for a second, mumbling against your collarbone, “This is going to be our first time.”

“Yeah.” You say quietly, sighing contently as his lips find your chest,

Before you know it his fingers have hooked over the edge of your shorts and his doe eyes are looking up at you. A soft blush comes to your cheeks as you nod again, the feelings of anxiety and excitement building up inside you. “Wait.”

He freezes instantly.

“Can you maybe…?” You motion to his shirt and he understands, quickly stripping down to make you feel less exposed before returning to his position.

“You’re so beautiful.” He sighs, eyes scanning over your body. You blush as his finger gently strokes the outside of your panties, gently caressing your folds. You know you’re not the only one who’s nervous, but at least Yeosang has the bravery to take the lead. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes.” You pull him in for another kiss, letting him pull off your panties and caress your hips. You let out a small whine as his forefinger rubs softly against your slit before gliding against your clit. He rubs it a few times before sliding his digit inside of your already wet heat. Soft moans leave your mouth as he pleasures you, lips leaving yours to watch your face contort.

“Does that feel good, baby?” he asks sweetly, peppering kisses across your collarbone. “You look so gorgeous right now.”

You reply with another moan, pushing your hips upwards until he slips another finger inside of you. Your eyes almost roll back at how his digits tenderly stroke your walls. It’s so slow yet youre so sensitive. “Yeosang, p-please.”

He places a soft kiss to your neck before pulling his underwear off and positioning himself at your entrance. He hides his length from you, in almost a gentlemanly way, freeing his fingers from your aching walls before coating his tip with the juices.

He pushes inside you so calmly, a warm breath leaving his lips as he feels how tight you are. “___, oh my god.”

“Fuck.” You let out a whine, feeling his length rub against your walls. Your hands find their way to Yeosang’s back where they cling to his body.

“Are you ready, baby?” he nuzzles your head slightly, pushing his hips even further into you when you make a noise of affirmation.

You didn’t even know how badly you had needed this - with every thrust of Yeosang’s hips you were gripping him tighter, waves of pleasure rolling through you. His soft gasps and moans echoed around the room, sending you into an even deeper state of bliss.

“You feel amazing.” He mumbles against your neck, thumbs pressing gently into your side.

You whimper in response. A warmth begins to build inside go you and you pull your legs over his frame, his arms pulling them to encase him. The newfound closeness makes his thrusts even deeper, hitting a spot you didn’t even know you had.

Your cheeks flush as your moans become a little louder; the combination of his deep thrusts and the thumbing of your clit makes your eyes roll back.

“Y-yeosa-ang.” You barely manage to whine out his name before your orgasm crashes through you and you find yourself lost in a blissful haze.

You’re sure from Yeosang’s own loud moan he reached his high too, and with some reluctance he pulls out of your warm walls, collapsing next to you.

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park seongwha/reader | doctor!au | fluff! too cheesy


warnings. medical inaccuracies, maybe?, unedited


Despite the completion of your surgery, the anesthesia still coursing through your veins has your mind foggy, so when the handsome resident walks through the door, clipboard in hand, your mouth seems to move on its own.

“Hello, Dr.Park,” you slur with a lopsided smile and flushed cheeks. “You come here often?” Seonghwa laughs, and scratches the back of his neck. “How are you feeling, Ms.(Y/N)?”

“Well, now that you’re here,” you giggle. “I’m feeling peachy!”

He steps closer to the side of your hospital bed, maneuvering the stethoscope into his ears, hoping to check your vitals. He places a hand on your shoulder, the other moving to place the chest piece of the tool right above your breast.

Dr.Park! Watch the hands! Have the courtesy to take a girl to dinner first,” you whisper, and Seonghwa snorts. Scribbling something down on his clipboard, he laughs, “Is that what I should do?” You nod your head, teeth sinking into your lower lip.

Seonghwa leans over, his face so close to yours, tapping the tip of your nose with his pen, “You’re cute, (Y/N).” He stands up, and turns to walk out of your room. “I’ll be back soon. Take care, sweet girl.”

As Seonghwa fades from view, you can’t help expressing your giddiness with a series of handclaps, a joyous smile spread across your features. “He thinks I’m cute!”

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[ 5:45 pm ] requested!

my mountain ; practice let out early! i’m on my way home right now!! love you, see you soon

your eyes widened when you read the text husband!san sent you. you quickly glanced down at the two pregnancy tests before you grabbed them and placed them under your pillow before you got up and walked to the kitchen.

you quickly began making dinner while you thought about the pregnancy tests. how on earth were you going to tell san. you knew he wasn’t going to be upset about the news, because he had always wanted children. you knew you had to make it special for him when you told him. 

i’ll figure it out, you thought as you finished cooking and after a while san finally returned home.

“my precious wife!” san said beaming brightly at you as he rushes over to you and kisses you. “i’m home,” he says, arms wrapping around your waist as he holds you closely to him.

“welcome home. how was practice?” you asked.

“it was good just preparing for our comeback,” he says resting his head on your shoulder.

“why don’t you go change, while i make us plates,” you say and he hums before stepping away and walks towards the bedroom. 

san grabs some clothes, throwing them onto the bed. he had just changed his shirt when he noticed something peeking out from under your pillow. 

“what’s this?” he ask reaching over to pull the pregnancy test from under the pillow. his eyes widened as he looks at the positive symbol on the test. he felt his heart speed up at the thought of you being pregnant and quickly ran out of the room, almost tripping over his own feet.

“y/n!!” he says scaring you as he enters the kitchen. “are you really pregnant?” he ask with wide eyes. 

“h-how did you find out?” you asked as san walks up to you and shows the test he had in his hand. “i only took those today, i was going to go to the doctors in a few days to make sure,” you say.

“so… there’s a good chance there’s a baby inside you?” he ask placing his hands on your stomach. “we made our own little person and it’s inside you,” he added bending down to kiss your stomach.

“nothing confirmed yet. let’s wait until after i visit the doctors, okay? that means no telling the others until we know for sure,” you say pointedly.

“not even wooyoung?”

“especially not wooyoung,” san pouts at your words before nodding and stands back you pulls you into his arms. 

“thank you for marrying me, y/n. i love you so much. i really hope you’re pregnant,” he says before kissing you.

“let’s eat before you get too excited,” you say stepping away from san and you both sit down to eat. san thinking about how even more beautiful you will look in a few months.

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Summary: Seonghwa comes home to find you looking like cake itself. He couldn’t have asked for a better present.

Warning(s): Birthday Sex and Smut.

Type: Smut Oneshot.

Status: Completed.

Keep Reading.

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jealous | + poly!ateez


request - plz poly!ateez where seonghwa gets jealous thinking you spend more time with the others more than him and you have to reassure him how much u luv him


Seonghwa told himself he is not a selfish person. He taught himself not to be. But with this particular feeling eating him up from the insides, he feels that he has failed himself. The big green monster, depicted of the feeling of envy - jealousy had infiltrated its way from the back of his heart and eventually covering the whole thing in its disgusting shade of green.

He the old himself he can’t help it with the way the boys practically throw themselves onto you. The last week he’s walked in on ski ship with every member makes him want to scream and whisk you away from everyone. Just you and him.

For example, here has been some of the instances that have filled his heart with the horrible shade of green.

Monday, 19:47 - boys dorm (San)

Seonghwa had gone to the shop with Yeosang, both of them holding two bags. The fact is, you only asked for a bottle of water and a packet of gummies. The rest was for the boys who requested a shit load of junk food to snack on. At first you were confused at how much food they can consume but you just narrowed it down to: boys are gross.

Whilst Yeosang unlocked the door, Seonghwa quickly slid past and took his shoes off. Outside was freezing and he was pretty sure all of the heat just left the house in those few seconds the door was open.

He shivers as he walks through the house and deposits the junk food one by one. He is almost giddy when he finds your stuff at the bottom of the bag. He lifted your bag!

He quickly makes his way to the living room where he suspects you still are. He vaguely remembers you being swaddled in blankets on the sofa before he left so he decided to take a guess that you’re still there.

“(Y/n)” he sings, walking into the living room with a cute smile on his face. You giggle from under the blankets as you catch a glimpse at his windswept black hair.

He smiles as he walks closer, trying to hide the little tings of jealousy he felt when he saw that San has joined you on the sofa, holding you in his arms like you’re a precious doll. His smile breaks slightly but he still hands you your things and scurries out of the room, trying to ignore the stupid voice nagging him in the back of his head.

Tuesday, 14:27 - outing (yeosang)

Seonghwa smiles to himself as he hears the phone pick up. He had called you with the intention of asking you if you would like to come over and perhaps get lunch with him.


“Hey baby, what are you up to?” He smiles as he presses the phone to his ear. He faintly hears chatter in the background accompanied by the sound of rushing cars.

“I’m out with Yeosang right now, we’re going out to get lunch” Seonghwa sighs, feeling a spike in his heart. You seem to notice his unusual silence and talk once more.

“Do you want to come with us?”

Seonghwa deflates, slumping his shoulders and breathing heavily out of his nose.

“No, it’s fine”

Wednesday + Thursday , 20:48 - boys’ dorm

Both of those days, Seonghwa has walked in on your ‘private’ time with both Mingi and Yunho. He can’t deny that he hasn’t had his own time with you but seeing it happen and with the horrible feeling in his heart he felt had taken it over.

Each time he hadn’t been caught but it was the fact that each time he went to see you, he was going to ask you on a private date..


Seonghwa sighs and he trudged into the livingroom, heart already panging when he sees that your attention is being taken up by the younger one who is currently in the middle of play fighting you. Although he desperately wishes to smile to mask his emotions he can’t help but stare at the scene and allow his heart to finally be consumed by the envy he’s been harbouring.

He stomps off a little too loudly which grasps Yeosang and Hongjoong’s attention. The two were in the livingroom too but situated on the other sofa, allowing you and Jongho to take up the other sofa to wack each other with the pillows. Your giggles were all you could hear so you didn’t even hear or see Seonghwa enter the room.

“Guys” Hongjoong’s stern voice pulls you and Jongho out of the nth round of your play fight to pay attention to him. You stare curiously, your grasp on the pillow softening.

“Seonghwa seems upset, did one of you two do something?” He asks as he runs a hand through his blonde hair. You frown as you think about the past week of instances.

“I don’t think I have? He’s been a little off during the past few days” You answer as you stand up and place the pillow down and walk out of the room.

You let your own thoughts eat away at you, perhaps you had done something without realising it? Maybe you had been spending too much time over?

It didn’t take long for you to reach Seonghwa and Hongjoong’s room. They were located not that far away from the livingroom so when you saw the door open you knew for sure that he was in there.

“Hwa?” You pause, knuckles grazing the white door “Can I come in?”

He doesn’t answer, the rustling of the bed sheets is your only reply. Silently you roll your eyes - he couldn’t be bothered to reply to you?

“What’s wrong?” You ask, closing the door behind you as you walk into the room. He laying under his covers, an evident pout on his face as he stares at one of the walls. He stays quiet and by the look on his eyes, he’s having an internal battle with himself.

“You can’t ignore me forever, you know” You tease as you carefully walk over and sit at the foot of the bed, running a hand over his leg from above the covers.

He sighs “It’s stupid”

“No it’s not Hwa”

“I’m jealous” he whispers. You force yourself not to smile at his childish tone.

“What are you jealous of, love?”

He pouts and sits up, letting the covers gather around his waist. His hands fall limply on the covers as he explains himself.

“I-I don’t know.. I just want to spend some alone time with you” Your heart breaks at the solemn tone of his voice. He looks absolutely devastated.

“You could have just asked me”

“I tried” he cuts in a little too sharply “But every time you were with one of the boys and I didn’t want to intrude” He leans back onto the headboard.

Shuffling up the bed, you grasp one of his hands with both of your hands. He flickers his dark eyes up to look at you.

“I’ll always make time for you”

He nods softly “I know”

The room quiets, allowing a blanket of emotions to cover Seonghwa. His eyes waver as he thinks of his selfish emotions.

“I’m sorry”

You laugh lightly, allowing a breath of air to escape your lips “Don’t be sorry, I felt that way before.. too”

Seonghwa raises his head, his eyes now filled with curiosity.

“Why would you be jealous?”

You laugh “I used to be jealous of how close you were with the others..” a blush spreads across your cheeks “But it took me a while to get over it.. I’m sorry I never told you”

He shakes his head “I understand”

Your thumb softly strokes the back of his hand “I love you”

He smiles, allowing his hair to fall across his eyes as he looks back down, a red blush covering his face.

“I love you most”

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[ 11:30 pm ]

happy birthday seonghwa!

when seonghwa came home, he was happy to see you sitting on the couch working on some school stuff. he placed his stuff on the ground before walking over to you and immediately hugged you.

“happy birthday seonghwa,” you say as you turn and return his hug. the two of you stay like that for several minutes. “i know you probably already had cake with the guys and everyone else at kq, but i got us a small one to share.” you say breaking the silence.

seonghwa pulls away and smiles at you, “i would love to have cake with you. go get baby and i’ll make space for it,” he says and you nod before going to the kitchen. he quickly organizes your school stuff into a small pile on the coffee table and watches as you bring the cake in. 

the cake is just big enough for the two of you to enjoy, and seonghwa could tell you decorated it with the way the strawberries don’t sit perfectly around the cake and how his name is written in what he recognizes as you handwriting. two candles sit nicely at the top of the cake and seonghwa can’t help but let out a laugh as struggle trying to light them.

“damn candles, this is why i hate them,” you mumble after finally getting the first one lit. you manage to light the second faster and you cheer before you start to sing happy birthday to seonghwa.

“make a wish,” you say after singing, smiling at your boyfriend as you watch him close his eyes before blowing out the candles. you quickly make work of taking the candles out before cutting the cake and handing the first piece to seonghwa.

“thank you, y/n. i‘m sorry we couldn’t spend the whole day together.”

“don’t worry about it. i’m happy with just having thirty minutes to celebrate with you,” you say resting your head on his shoulder. 

“i promise to spend the whole day with you on your birthday. i’ll make sure to get time off on that day for you,” he says making you smile.

you lift your head turn to look at seonghwa before placing a hand on his cheek to have him turn and look at you. you then lean in, pressing your lips to his and you can both taste the cake on each others lips as you kiss.

“happy birthday, my love,” you say once more against his lips as you soon discard the cake to the side as you both begin getting lost in the kiss and each other.

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23, 74, 79 with dom yunho please 🥺 he’s been fed up with how bratty you’ve been at a dinner with all of the members and wants to show you who’s in charge 👉👈

23: “keep teasing, I’ll bend you over right here.”

74: “so why don’t you?”

79: “maybe if you ask nicely.”


You sighed quietly when the food was made and brought to the center of the dining table and everyone began digging in. You had been horny all night. You’ve dropped hints to Yunho, you even wore a revealing top to grab his attention but frowned when you didn’t get the attention you expected.

You start eating and while Yunho was talking you rubbed his thigh, looking and talking as if nothing was happening. Yunho gripped your wrist and you took your hand away. You sigh and place his hand in your thigh. He squeezed slightly but not meaning anything sexual by it. You mentally groan when the attention is turned away from you and ride his hand up your thigh, brushing his hand against your covered heat. Yunho darts his eyes over to you was a warning and you push your arms together, creating more cleavage to be shown. “What?” You ask innocently and he leans in, “keep teasing. I’ll bend you over right here.” His voice was deep and filled with caution. He starts to pull his hand away but you put it back, “then why don’t you?” You smirk. The daring tone in your hushed voice made his heart race.

Yunho squeezed your thigh harshly, “maybe if you ask nicely. Nice and loud.” He murmured back. Yunho got insanely horny when you’d embarrass yourself for your own pleasure. He loved feeling like he had power over you. You bite your lip, cheeks a deep shade of red. You wait a few minutes. Yunho raises his eyebrows in a ‘I’m done waiting’ way and slowly took his hand away. You mentally cursed him in your mind. This was the first time he asked you to be so desperate infront of his members. You knew he wanted to degrade you, he loved watching your fucked out face when he did.

The warmth from his hand disappeared and you stood up abruptly, causing the other members to look at you. “Jeong Yunho.” You said shakily, your face was burning. You looked down at your boyfriend you was smirking slightly. “Please, I need to to fuck me right now. I can’t stop thinking about how good you make me feel. I need you and I don’t care if they watch, I need you so bad.” You begged as Yunho smirked, blushing slightly as well. The members stopped eating as Yunho spoke. “What a slut.” He stood up, grabbing your hips. “You want them to watch you? You want them to talk down to you the same way I do?” He cocked his head. You nodded your head furiously, “please Yunho.” You whined. Yunho let’s go of you and chuckles. “Get naked.”

The members stare in disbelief. Not sure of it’s an April fools joke, not sure if it’s actually going to happen, not sure to run or stay. They were quickly mistaken as you quickly undressed yourself as Yunho demanded. Once undressed, Yunho pulls down his pants where his hard cock was hidden. He quickly shoved himself into you and pushed your face into the table as he thrusted in a fast pace. Yeosang darted out of the room as you moaned loudly, clinging to the table. Yunho grunted and pulled your hair, making you look at the other members, “are you guys not going to say anything to this whore?” You panted as you made awkward eye contact with the stunned members before San spoke, “she’s that desperate for your cock Yunho?” He asked and you nodded in response for him. Yunho smacked your ass with his free hand as the members filed out, however the ones that stayed spoke dirty things to you, stroking their cocks over you. If you were desperate for cum, then cum you’d get.

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Everything ☁️

Hey everyone it’s admin 🌵!! I wrote a Mingi × Reader drabble. It’s angst. I hope you like!! Feel free to request at any time!!


“Baby, what’s wrong?” Mingi asked (Y/N), his girlfriend since middle school. She was quieter than usual, and it bothered Mingi. He was used to the energetic, bubbly, loud (Y/N), not this secretive, quiet one. It’s been going on for about three weeks now. He thought maybe it was her period, but now he feels it’s something else.

“Nothing’s wrong, Mingi,” (Y/N) replied back, rolling her eyes. Mingi sighed.

“Something has to be wrong! You never call me by my name! What’s gotten into you? What’s wrong? I want to know! I want to help!” Mingi exclaimed. (Y/N) isn’t how she used to be and that hurts him.

“You wanna know what’s wrong?! I’m tired of you! I’m tired of your endless aegyo! You’re way too clingy, and your voice just gets annoying! I honestly don’t even know why I got with you! You’re ugly and can’t even go two second without rapping! Mingi, your rapping skills suck! I’m done with you. I’ve found a better person. He’s way better than you’ll ever be,” (Y/N) yelled. She was sick of Mingi. He got on her nerves way too often.

Mingi sat there, shocked. Tears welled up in his eyes as he stared at the love of his life. She was his everything. He didn’t know this was how she felt. He thought she liked it because she always laughed and smiled when he did aegyo or rap. His whole world was crashing down in front of him. “W-Who is he..a-and how long?” Mingi asked, immense pain coursing through his body as he said those words.

“Chittaphon. We’ve been together for a month now,” (Y/N) responded. Mingi fell to his knees and cried. Chittaphon was his best friend since birth. That was his rock, his brother. (Y/N) rolled her eyes at Mingi. ‘Dramatic as always. Another reason why I got tired of you.’ She thought before walking out of the door.

Mingi watched through his tears as his only meaning of life walked away from him. What was he supposed to do now? (Y/N) gave his life meaning. She was the reason he wanted to live on. And with her gone, what’s he got left? Nothing.

He stayed there, on the floor, for what seemed like days, crying his heart out. He was in so much pain. What could he do? He can’t live on without her. He crawled to his room and into bed. He stayed there for a while, staring at the wall thinking of their memories. He began to cry as the faint scent of her was left on the sheets. More memories flooded in of their bed forts and cuddling sessions. He began to cry more, clawing at his chest. “Stop! Stop hurting!” He yelled, pounding his chest now.

He looked over at his nightstand and saw his back pain medicine. He grabbed it and opened the lid. 'This should stop the pain. Farewell, (Y/N). I will always love you.’

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A little Ateez fluff written by Admin 🌻! Hope you guys like it! :]

Genre: Pure fluff   |   Pairing: Hongjoong x Reader


     “Ready or not, here I come!” (Y/N)’s sing-song warning sounded through the apartment. Hongjoong quietly giggled from his space in the cupboard. She would absolutely find him here, but he had just the plan for when that happened, and it sounded like he was about to put it in action. “Hongjooooong.” (Y/N)’s voice was definitely near. He readied himself as he heard the room’s door slowly creak open. (Y/N) heard the small movement in the cupboard. A sly smile spread across her face as she crept toward the cupboard. Before she got much further, however, the cupboard doors were flung open with a bang. A flash of strawberry hair and a fit of laughter was all (Y/N) had time to register as the culprit fled the room. “Get back here!” she shouted while giving chase. “You’ve gotta catch me first!” he shouted.

     Hongjoong was doing one hell of a job evading her. Was being the keyword there because it turns out running, socks, and hardwood floors don’t mix. (Y/N) took full advantage of his situation upon finding him. She now sat, straddling his waist in the most triumphant way possible. After each of them had stopped laughing, they met each others’ eyes and stared for a bit. He broke the tension by pulling her down for a kiss. She pulled back after a moment. “You still got caught though!” she stated, hopping up and trotting off while giggling. Hongjoong propped himself up on his elbows, watching her leave the room all while spewing some nonsense song about her victory. Right then, he couldn’t help but to count himself lucky. After all, how many people can say that they are in a relationship with their best friend in the whole world?~

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[ateez] S E O N G H W A ⤮ baby daddy au


Originally posted by park-seonghwa


a/n: in honor of the beautiful vlive from last night 😭😭. how ya’ll doing Seonghwa stans?

• Seonghwa’s proud of his son.

• even if he works dirty jobs—

• isn’t exactly proud of himself.

• he’s got pride, believe me.

• but it’s not ordinary pride.

• Seonghwa’s far from the ordinary.

• “The nanny quit.” Hongjoong teeter’s Seonghwa’s baby-double on his hip. “Hwa, you need to find someone who can handle Yeolhwa. Your son is as bad as you. If not, worse.”

• he chuckles lowly putting down his stack of papers before reaching over for his son.

• his son always curling at the scent and warmth of his father.

• he playfully glares picking at his cheeks before telling him, “Yeolhwa, you can’t just pull nanny’s hair when you can’t get something you want. That’s not good.”

• Yeolhwa’s too young to understand.

• because his son is spoiled by everyone he encounters.

• and Seonghwa expects nothing but when he works his ass off to get the things he wants.

• he doesn’t want his son to struggle the way he did when he was young.

• “What’s the mother doing?” Hongjoong is merciless when he asks. “That dumb skank only knows one thing and it’s popping kids and popping pills.”

• he admits he’s had too much leisure when having his fun in the past—

• but he never regrets having his son in a mistake he can barely even remember.

• “I’ve made it clear he needs no mother.”

• “Seonghwa, no matter what you do, that boy needs a mother.” the younger rolls his eyes. “A nanny can only make up so much for what you deprive. And your job doesn’t make things easier. You can’t take care of him like this forever. Not by yourself.”

• Seonghwa teeters his own son to sleep in his arms.

• staring and cradling his face like he’s the greatest gift not even money can buy—

• not even his power.

• he didn’t have to kill someone to get Yeolhwa.

• his son is everything to him.

• but he has to make sacrifices to give his son everything.

• nothing is ever just given.

• “I’m sorry it’s such short notice, Ms. y/n. But I hope the accommodations we have are enough to settle with.” Hongjoong opens the door for you. “Yeolhwa can be a little arduous when it comes to caretaking. Do be careful.”

• you are anxious you must admit.

• the home smells eerily like iron and musk.

• you can tell the job you took wasn’t just leisure or easy money.

• “Oh.” you shyly smile. “I’m sure he’s just a little hard to understand. Children can be unpredictable and we can’t blame them for that.”

• Hongjoong hears that too many times.

• knows that’s what they all say.

• chokes on his breath before he says something that might scare you away.

• “Well I must get back.” he hands you a cellphone and a book of references before pulling his suit. “Please don’t hesitate to call me. Everything you need is in that book. I’ll be back to relieve you at 9 pm tonight.”

• “Thank you, Mr. Hongjoong. I hope I don’t let you down.”

• he scoffs at that. “Good luck, Ms. y/n. You’re gonna need it.”

• you don’t know what that means.

• but you’re more concerned on taking care of a child who is claimed to be intolerable.

• and you stern by the idea of inexperienced children.

• because they’re not like us.

• they learn from what they’re surrounded with.

• “M-mr. Hongjoong. I’m sorry for bothering you but I was wondering if I can take Yeolhwa to the park today. I see there’s no schedule for outside play time and I—“

• “Unfortunately his father doesn’t approve of outside exposure.” Hongjoong’s fast to quib. “He’s going to have to settle playing inside.”

• “But Mr—“

• “I apologize y/n but that just can’t happen.”

• you observe Yeolhwa.

• he’s a quiet and kept child.

• but he doesn’t like the word no.

no, he likes getting what he wants.

• and he plays with his toys like they’re not toys at all.

• holds his toy gun like it’s almost real.

• “Yeolhwa, what’s that baby?”

• he looks up to you with golden eyes. “Nanny y/n.”

• you smile at the small boy who offers you a book. “You want me to read to you?”

• he cracks a smile and curls in your lap.

• he’s a sweet kid and is quite capable.

• but you see why he’s not easy to deal with.

• not when he throws tantrums like he’s a grown ass adult—

• “Yeolhwa baby, put the book down.” you ease him in the best way possible. “Sweetie, you can’t play anymore. You have to take a nap.”

• he sobs again.

• hurling a heavy hard cover book in your direction.

• sighing, you only collect the things he throws never giving it attention.

• it only peeves him more.

• “You can cry all you want. But crying won’t get you your toys, baby. You have to sleep.”

• eventually fulfilling your hopes,

• he gets tired.

• curling in your lap when he seeks comfort and warmth for slumber.

• once he’s asleep, you pack your things ready to leave for the night.

• “I hope he wasn’t too much trouble.”

• Hongjoong’s surprised the safe house wasn’t a complete wreck.

• he’s surprised nothings broken.

• but notices the bruising marks that formed on your legs.

• “I’m assuming you won’t be back?” he asks while teetering the small sleeping boy on his hip.

• “I’ll be back.” you affirm. “And I don’t intend to leave any time soon.”

• he’s convinced you’re different.

• that you have a certain will and composure that resembles someone he knows.

• tells Seonghwa immediately.

• “She’s worth watching. You should definitely see.”

• it happens again for the next couple days.

• but Yeolhwa’s toys hurt more than the books.

• and now you’re bleeding hard in the bathroom while he sleeps in his bed.

• “Children are unpredictable, y/n.” you mumble to yourself. “They grow learning from you.”

• Seonghwa watches through his monitor how you treat his child.

• sometimes peeved that you don’t give his son what he wants—

• but mesmerized when his son crawls into your lap every time despite it.

• “Hongjoong, I’ll be picking up Yeolhwa tonight. And prepare Yunho for babysitting duty.”

• Yeolhwa cries when he’s pulled out of your arms by a dark suited man,

• wants to stay in yours.

• crying for your name while you smile softly at him, hand to his cheek.

• “I’ll be back tomorrow, baby.” you coo. “Be a good boy okay? And I promise if you don’t cause trouble, I’ll come back every time.”

• he understands well for a child.

• curling obediently into the dark suited man who resembled him after you spoke.

• “I’m assuming you’re the infamous father?”

• Seonghwa studies you. “You take care of a child well. Thank you.”

• you shake it off pulling at your scarf. “I take care of a child as if it’s my own. Thank you for letting me.”

• your voice is soft,

• motherly and gentle.

• Seonghwa hasn’t felt this kind of delicate emotion in years.

• “I have dinner waiting. Care to join me?”

• you smile while holding at Yeolhwa’s reaching hand. “I have my own family I must attend to, Mr. Park.”

• “It’ll only be a couple minutes.”

• you notice the tattoos on his neck.

• the similar stamp of injustice that lingered on each of the men you’ve met prior.

• realizing days ago that Seonghwa’s son was a prodigy.

• one so that isn’t exactly safe or ordinary.

• “Your family relies on you.” Seonghwa keeps his eyes on you in midst of eating. “You’re a very lovely woman, y/n. Strong willed and captivating.”

• you blink softly unsure of how to respond. “I do what I must..”

• “Don’t we all.”

• your eyes meet his and you swallow your emotions harshly biting back at your lip.

• you don’t deny he’s a charming man.

• like his son, quiet and kept.

• “But you’re a beautiful woman too.” he admits. “Caring and gentle. My son’s fond of you for those reasons. He has good taste.”

• “Like his father I presume?” you tease making him laugh. “I have one request I want to light up though, Mr. Park. I want to bring your son out. Expose him to more than just the guns and walls.”

• he notes your observance.

• strong willed indeed.

• “I trust you.”

• you should be the one trusting him.

• but it’s inevitable what happens with his son as soon as he’s vulnerable, exposed.

• he’s a prodigy wanted by the best and worst of the world.

• and now your shielding a child with your own life.

• as if he was yours.

• “Hey baby, don’t cry. You’re gonna be okay. Yeolhwa, you’re gonna be okay sweetie.”

• he’s only crying because you’re crying.

• cause you don’t know what to do in this situation.

• but when Seonghwa appears from nowhere, spins you and his son around into his chest,

• you suddenly feel safe.

• him guarding you,

• you shielding his son.

• “Y/n, look at me.” he’s careful to touch you. “I’m gonna need you to come with me, okay?”

• you can only blink when his son is yanked out of your hands,

• the poor boy wanting only you.

• but with Seonghwa’s men, he’s safer.

• Seonghwa staying behind to protect you.

• “Y-Yeolhwa!”

• “He’s gonna be okay.” Seonghwa caresses your face shooting blank bullets over the car you two hide against. “I need to get you out of here okay? You need to be strong for me.”

• crying’s not gonna get you anywhere and if anyone were to know that, it would be you.

• so you follow.

• now safe from harm, Yeolhwa sleeping soundly on your lap,

• while his men try to console you with a cup of hot herbal tea and sweet talk.

• “This must be a lot for you. We’re sorry y/n.”

• you smile softly bouncing Seonghwa’s son up and down on your lap. “I don’t mind. I read the book Hongjoong gave and it was all in the fine print. A disclaimer that promised to keep me safe.”

• it’s no lie even Seonghwa’s men find you attractive.

• and it might be because you’re so humble.

• so delicate.

• Seonghwa has a proposition for you when Yeolhwa’s asleep.

• today being the day you should be quitting.

• but you promised Hongjoong your full effort and nothing but.

• “Y/n, stay with me.”

• Seonghwa leans his forehead against yours, hand cradling the line of your jaw.

• you feel warm against his touch.

• like a baby to a mother.

• in this case, a woman to a man.

• “Stay with me and Yeol.” he runs a finger over your parted lips. “He needs you. He needs a mother.”

• he admits his son has grown to love you.

• and maybe he’s grown to love you too.

• “I can’t take care of him the way you do.” he watches as your eyes lull to his voice. “He won’t be able to live without you.”

• “I’ll stay for as long as he needs me too.”

• it’s the first time Seonghwa’s ever stayed home.

• ever slept in his own bed with his own son curling into his chest.

• but it’s not the first time he’s slept in a bed with a woman.

• but it’s the first in his own bed with a woman he loves.

• “Mommy, hurry..”

• your eyebrows furrow and you whip around to face Seonghwa and his son,


• Seonghwa chuckles brushing through his sleepy son’s hair. “You heard him, mommy. Come to bed.”

• you take care of his son like he’s your own.

• but now Yeolhwa doesn’t need a nanny anymore.

• most of the time, looking for his father.

• “He doesn’t need me anymore, Seonghwa.” you playfully nudge at him when his chocolate haired son plays with new toys. “I don’t think I need to stay.”

• “Absurd.” the mafia boss spins you on your feet so your lips meet his. “If he doesn’t need a nanny, he needs a mother. But if he didnt need you at all then stay because I do.”

• you giggle against your boyfriend’s lips.

• “Hongjoong keeps having me sign a contract.” you pull at his collar, studying his eyes some more. “But the one this morning seemed to have unordinary discrepancies.”

• “That’s because that was a marriage contract.”

• “Ah.” you tease, him biting at your lip. “That must be why I saw your name instead of Yeol’s.”

• “APPA!”

• you two are suddenly pulled apart, the small boy holding out his arms protecting your legs.

• “You’re hurting mommy with your teeth! Bad appa.”

• you choke a laugh when Seonghwa furrows at the cockblock son of his.

• “Yeolhwa, you can’t just hurt me to get the things you want.” Seonghwa teases hoisting up his smiley son on his hip. “Who taught you that?”

• “You appa. You said we have to protect mommy from bad people. And that mommy should never get hurt.”

• “Oh yeah. I did, didn’t I?”


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[stray cat masterlist]

warnings: attempted suicide, depression, hallucinations

when choi san shows up at your fifth floor windowsill in the middle of the night, can you keep up with the changes and whirlwind lifestyle this stray cat brings?

note: do not read if you are sensitive to any of the warnings! tumblr does not allow me to put a keep reading tab, please do not read if you are sensitive to the warnings!

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