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🎄 Day 1 of the Christmas project  🎄


It was the first time of the day that you detached your eyes from your computer screen, and a pleasant surprise was waiting for you. Stretching your arms above your head, you remarked with a smile that snow was falling from the sky, coldly welcoming the last month of the year. Standing up with a bright smile decorating your lips, you paced out of your room and walked down the corridor to the living room, where your boyfriend was resting on the couch, the fourth novel of Harry Potter in hand.

“Baby look!” you said as you hopped on him, leaving him no choice but put the book down on the coffee table.
”What?” Yunho questioned and grinned as his gaze followed the tip of your finger pointing outside.
”It’s snowing! It’s wonderful,” you exclaimed, a rush of goosebumps travelling down Yunho’s spine. He didn’t understand why, but each time snow was brought up, he started shivering.
Ignoring his body reaction, he beamed even wider as he took in your figure resting above him. Due to your excitement, your cheeks were slightly crimsoned, your eyes twinkling with something magical that he couldn’t place his finger on yet found adorable.

”We should get something to drink to mark the start of December,” you suggested, and your boyfriend snorted at your childishness but agreed.
”Let’s see what we have.” he said as you pushed yourself off him, offering him a hand to stand up from the couch. With Yunho on your heels, you happily walked to the kitchen and started opening all the drawers and cabinets, in search of any type of winter beverages.
“Darling,” Yunho’s voice appeared from behind you as he was ransacking the upper cabinets you couldn’t reach, “I think we ran out of hot chocolate,” he mumbled, and your eyes went wide.
”What do you mean we’re out of hot chocolate?” you retorted, and your boyfriend shrugged, feeling a bit helpless in your current situation.
”I can’t find anything that looks like hot chocolate, I’m sorry,” he said, and your shoulders subside, your happiness was now gone. You were looking forward to those warm beverages, but it looks like your mind had played tricks on you, making you think that you still had some from last winter.

”Well, too bad,” you muttered and sighed, heading towards the kettle to boil some water. A cup of tea will do.
”Wait,” your boyfriend suddenly said as he kept on looking for hot chocolate, his loud voice almost making you drop the kettle on the floor. “We have a bit of cocoa powder left, maybe we can do something with it. We can still try, what do you think ?” he suggested, taking out two small packets from an upper shelf.
”I guess,” you answered, and Yunho smiled, slightly nudging you on the ribs to make you move, getting access to the drawer where the pots were before taking one out to boil the milk in it.
“Come on Y/N, I know the hot chocolate will taste a bit industrial, but it’s still hot cocoa! I promise we’re going to buy some better powder the next time we go grocery shopping, okay?”
you said and kissed your boyfriend’s cheek, keeping an attentive eye on the pot, a hand on the handle, ready to push it away from the stove if it gets too hot.

While waiting for the milk to warm up, you stayed into Yunho’s arms and talked about some things that happened in your respective lives, catching up with each other since you both had busy schedules. On the outside, you seemed like two friends that randomly ran into each other and talked for hours, but it was something very therapeutic for both of you. Allowing yourselves to spend some quality time together without having to care about anything else is one of the best feelings in the world. You sat back on the couch with Yunho, his hand on your thigh as you both enjoyed your hot beverage.

“I’m so glad to be with you right now,” he said, and you pursed your lips with a smile, red spreading to your cheeks and neck as you nuzzled your face into his neck. His hand came in contact with your head, softly patting it as you laid soft kisses on his skin.
”I’m happy to have you for myself,” you giggled and so did he, taking a sip of hot chocolate before grabbing your chin to make you look at him. Without a second thought, his mouth softly crashed onto yours, feeling the chocolate on his lips, the taste lingering on yours as you pulled away. And with that, you cuddled on your boyfriend’s side, allowing yourself to rest a bit in his arms before accidentally falling asleep next to him.

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[movie night in ateez dorms]

wooyoung: HORROR MOVIE

san: YES

mingi: NO

yunho, whispering to mingi: if you scream for the entire duration of the movie, you won’t be caught off guard

hongjoong: i heard that yunho, we already got sued for public nuisance, please don’t

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𝐴𝑡𝑒𝑒𝑧: 𝑆/𝑂'𝑠 𝐶ℎ𝑖𝑙𝑑 𝐶𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑠 𝑇ℎ𝑒𝑚 𝐷𝑎𝑑

♡*:.。.𝓚𝓲𝓶 𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓳𝓸𝓸𝓷𝓰.。.:*♡


Originally posted by seongshwa

Hongjoong had offered to look after your daughter since he knew you had an interview to go to. He didn’t mind having her keep him company at the studio, he usually got very lonely that a tiny bundle of sunshine would definitely brighten up his day. Noticing she was probably bored, just as he was, he thought of something.

“Hey? Princess? Wanna play hide and seek?”

She didn’t even respond, she immediately ran out the door to go hide somewhere in the company. Hongjoong giggled and began counting to 20 before scurrying off to go find her. It wasn’t difficult for him to find her either, her pink bow was peeking out from the table she was hiding behind in. Hongjoong quietly crept up and peeked his head out.

“Found you!” He exclaimed, which had the little girl bursting into giggles.

“Yay daddy! You found me!”

Hongjoong’s heart stopped for a moment before he ended up giggling himself.

“Yes princess. I did find you. Now go hide again so daddy can find you again.”

Hongjoong watched as she ran off again, a shy smile on his face as he recalled the moment. He couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

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“Hello. I’m not sure if you’re still taking requests, but if you are, can you do ateez reaction to you blushing whenever you guys kiss? I hope you’re doing well. 💖😊”

Ugh this is so cute, I’m dead

Reminder that you can request something 😊

Thought I’d try a new style of reaction cz I think most of the boys would react similar

Genderneutral 😊



Originally posted by holy-yeosang

Seonghwa and Hongjoong couldn’t comprehend your cuteness. They’d throw their head back, squeeze their eyes shut and then take your wrists into their hands.


Originally posted by sanshine

In my opinion Wooyoung and Mingi would have the loudest reaction to your blushing. They’d laugh their loud high-pitched laughs that warms your heart. Later they’d also love to tease you about it.


Originally posted by jaemtens

I can see Yeosang’s reaction the clearest: He’d start giggling and then cover his mouth with his hand. He’d also kinda fall down cz he’d be so giggly. (Ugh, once again attacking my poor heart)


Originally posted by holy-yeosang


Originally posted by seongshwa

Now Jongho and Yunho would maybe pinch your cheeks and just kinda laugh. These two couldn’t believe how much they loved you, and you could feel that.


Originally posted by sanstar

I think San would have the most serious reaction in that he’d think you’d be so cute that his love for you got a lot deeper. He’d of course smile but I think he’d try to get closer to you, hug you and try to make you feel his love.

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! please read my guidelines before requesting !

boyfriend headcanons are CLOSED


A/N : okay, if I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never watched Running Man. So I ended up using Weekly Idol instead since I’m more familiar with it. Anon, I know it’s not exactly what you asked for, but I hope it’s still okay. 

                ~ Admin Ally

* gif credits to the owner *


⤳ first of all, Yunho is extremely excited to be on Weekly Idol with you 

⤳ the two of you were promoting your duet single 

⤳ not only were you able to work on an amazing song together 

⤳ but now you get to promote it on variety shows as well 

⤳ and you finally can fully embrace your public relationship 

⤳ which was just the cherry on top 

⤳ even though you love Yunho with all your heart

⤳ that doesn’t mean that you won’t sell him out to win some bulgogi as a prize 

⤳ the first challenge was of course .. the random play dance 

⤳ song after song played, and the two of you were challenged to dance along to the random track 

⤳ there were song from your group as well as Ateez

⤳ Yunho was able to catch a glimpse of you dancing along to “Wonderland” with him

⤳ regardless of how much talent he knew you had, it still surprised him to see you dancing along to his 

⤳ and likewise with you 

⤳ watching Yunho dance to your group’s songs was heartwarming 

⤳ it made you think back to the many videos and vlives Yunho had made of him dancing along to and promoting your group’s songs 

⤳ it was sweet seeing how supportive he was 

⤳ however .. 

⤳ you had gotten caught up in the sweet memories that you messed up the choreography to your own song 

⤳ and the hosts called you out for it 

⤳ your punishment? the red mallet

⤳ you begged Yunho to take your place 

⤳ and of course, as your knight in shining armor, he was bonked on the head by the rubber mallet 

⤳ a loud squeak and a thud echoed in the empty white studio 

⤳ Yunho fell to the ground, covering his head

⤳ exaggerating the pain for the camera 

⤳ you fell to your knees on the floor, attempting to comfort him as you laughed 

⤳ there were also some other songs from NCT, Seventeen, Gfriend, and Red Velvet thrown in as well 

⤳ and of course your single with Yunho

⤳ the two of you were able to finish off the segment 

⤳ both of you nailing each song’s choreography flawlessly, passing the random play dance challenge 

⤳ the next segment was a small interview from the hosts 

⤳ the hosts brought out the profiles you had created ahead of time in the green room 

⤳ they asked questions about your groups, your group roles, your relationship, as well as the single you has just released 

⤳ the funniest moment was when the hosts brought up your dislike for performing aeygo  

⤳ so of course, in Weekly Idol fashion, the hosts asked both you and Yunho to perform the famous ‘Naekkohae’ aegyo song 

⤳ Yunho was up first 

⤳ the music began playing and you immediately covered your eyes 

⤳ as Yunho began singing along to the cute track, you peaked through your fingers 

⤳ watching Yunho make a fool of himself on national television 

⤳ he poked his cheeks, sang with his baby voice, and displayed the biggest smile 

⤳ Yunho has finished his performance, and the whole studio erupted in laughter

⤳ now it was your turn, and wow .. you were dreading it 

⤳ you felt the embarrassment bubbling in your chest 

⤳ the music began to play and your boyfriend watched you in anticipation 

⤳ you did your best to act cute for the camera and for your fans, ignoring the burning embarrassment in your stomach 

⤳ the song finally ended and you covered your face, falling to the ground laughing 

⤳ Yunho along with the hosts laughed at you as well, all in good fun 

⤳ the final segment of the show included a short performance of your single with Yunho 

⤳ the two of your danced and sang along to the amazing track that the two of your produced 

⤳ you allowed the music to flow through you as you sang and danced along side your man 

⤳ it just felt right to be doing what you loved with the person that you love

⤳ once the song finished, you and the hosts waved goodbye to all the people at home before the cameras cut 

cut the cameras, deadass 

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Most likely to like a tomboy: Ateez edition

Most:Top 3



Originally posted by defbeoms



Originally posted by geumhyuk-archive



Originally posted by defbeoms

Middle 3



Originally posted by anewz



Originally posted by choiisan



Originally posted by chawoongs

Bottom 2



Originally posted by ceojongho



Originally posted by seongshwa

This was requested by @imdatruejoker and I don’t know if I have a a full on reasoning with why i decided this, i just got a vibe (this honestly might be my reasoning for everyone of these I do!)

This is the end, I hope you enjoyed this!

I love you all❤

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thanksgiving humor~ateez

I enjoyed writing the bts version so I wanted to make a ateez version lol. comebacks and nasty/good food and all. hope y’all enjoy and happy very late thanksgiving.~ squishy




You and Seonghwa were in the kitchen snacking on some peach cobbler, as much as you both love spending time around other people; the cobbler was very much needed. Seonghwa especially wanted it because it just happened to be his favorite dessert over at your parent’s place.

You looked at him with a soft smile and swiped a bit of whipped cream off his upper lip, licking it off your thumb. He leaned in to press a small kiss to your lips in thanks before eating another bite of his pie. 

“So, how did you like the food?” You quietly asked as you wrapped an arm around this waist to hug him. “It was good, the ham was very delicious but um what was it, love? The..” He looked around in the kitchen before point to a foil pan with dressing in it. 

You recognized it being you aunt’s dressing and covered your mouth so quickly, not wanting to laugh so loud. Seonghwa set his plate down on the counter and began laughing. “Wait, stop…” He chuckled. “stop…laughing.” He took a small breath. “It was was really dry. I thought dressing was supposed to have a bit of moisture in it but it was like..” 

Before he could even finish, you laughed harder. “Hwaaa.” 

“I’m sorry! I didn’t want to be rude and stand up with the dressing still on my plate so I had to water it down after every bite. It was like eating a sponge, it soaked nearly all the moisture out of my mouth.” Both of you laughed so hard, tears were actually running down your cheeks. 

“Baby, stop laughing at me.” He whined playfully as he cupped your cheeks, thumbs wiping away the tears from your cheeks. “I know you told me I could fold or flip the plate but I didn’t have to heart to do that.”

You whimpered as you tried to stop laughing. “How can I avoid not getting that on my plate again?”



Something was up and he was determined to figure out why. You weren’t eating a lot today, he noticed when you were declining a second plate and Hongjoong never saw you decline a second plate. It wasn’t sitting right with him so he grabbed your hand and pulled you away from everyone. 

Thanksgiving was fun with your family and he loved staying with you during this time but today was just off after he saw you talking to your cousin. 

He sat down in the chair and pulled you down on his lap. “Baby, what’s going on, huh? You’re not eating and you won’t let me give you some bites. You denied your second plate as well, what’s wrong?” 

You took a deep breath as he leaned in to kiss your cheek. “Talk to me..” 

“When I was talking to my cousin talked about my weight and made me feel insecure about myself. I know I shouldn’t have listened but he was really fucking rude. Like damn, make me feel terrible about my size..”  

“I should have known.” He sighed lowly and looked at you. “Look at me.” Your eyes made eye contact with his. “Don’t listen to him. You know I love when you eat, so does your Mom. She came to me asking why you weren’t eating like you usually are. Had to see why my baby wasn’t. You’re beautiful, you’re sexy and you’re everything to me. Okay?” His eyebrows furrowed in a soft expression. 

You nodded your head then softly responded. “ I love you..”

 “I love you more. Come on let’s first go get you a plate, you still hungry right?” He rubbed your hips softly as you stood up from his lap. 

 “Y-yeah. What if he says something though?” 

“I know that smart mouth of yours will have something to say, yeah?” He licked his lips with a grin and pulled you in, his lips attacking your cheek in multiple kisses. “Yeah? Always gotta say something smart, why don’t you say something to him?” You laughed quietly, taking all his kisses. You needed this badly. 

After your little talk, both of you went to the kitchen to get some more food, Hongjoong feeding you bits and pieces while he made your plate. Everything was going perfectly fine until your cousin walked in. “Girl, you better watch how much you eat before you get fatter.” He laughed. 

“Why though? You didn’t.” You covered your mouth in shock and looked at Hongjoong before bursting out in laughter. 

“Should have kept your mouth shut.” Your grandpa walks in laughing to himself. 



“Oh my god, aren’t you a tall fine man.” Your cousin’s friend smirked as she leaned against the wall. Yunho didn’t really take it as much but nodded his head with a silent thank you.

“What’s your name?” She asked and Yunho gently smiled out of courtesy. “Yunho, ma’am.”

“None of that ma’am shit! I’m sure about the same age as you, so what are you doing here cutie? You got a girlfriend?” She softly tapped his chest and looked down.

“Yeah, she’s talking to a few people right now. Her name is ______.”

“Oh shit! Her? Baby you can do so much better than her, let me give you my number.” Before she could ask him to pull his phone out, you popped up with your cousin.

“Not you flirting with her boyfriend.” Your cousin shook her head.

“And not you thinking he would take your number. Instead of worrying about me and my man you should be worrying about the man, what’s his name Mr. Reinalds and when he’s gonna finally leave his wife.” You shook your head and Yunho tried his hardest not to laugh.

“I don’t know where you got the courage but imma need you to leave. You sure as hell ain’t a friend of mine anymore.” Your cousin shooed.

“Matter in a fact, let me lead y’all out.”

Yunho softly took your hand and lifted it up to kiss your knuckles. “Your man, hm? I love that..”




Thanksgiving was practically over but there was still few family members and friends hanging arounf the house, conversing and eating still. You and Yeosang were in the kitchen grabbing some more chicken since there was some left. 

Yeosang loved your mom’s chicken and thanked her earlier for saving some chicken on the side for him.

“I have a question.” He tilted his head as he ate a piece of chicken. “I know it wasn’t your mom who made the greens. So who butchered the greens this time?” 

You gasped out loud. “I was actually just thinking about that! I don’t know who made the greens but weren’t they like extremely salty? Or was that just me?” 

He shook his head. “No baby, I tasted it too and not to mention the texture was kind of weird. Thank god I had some soda on the side but I couldn’t finish them so thank you for throwing my plate away from me.” 

“Oh it’s no problem Sangie. While we’re on the topic of food though, the mac and cheese was delicious. I so glad it came out good!” 

“Oh yeah, hearing everyone compliment your mac and cheese made me feel a sense of pride. I was sitting there thinking “Yeah, my baby knows how to cook.” You cooed and leaned in to peck his lips making him smile. 

“You’re so sweet. Why are we in the kitchen critiquing food while eating chicken, Yeosang?” He licked his lips with a grin. 

“Because why not? Now, let’s talk about the cornbread.” 



It was about that time the dance floor was filled with smooth moving family members and friends.

“You want to dance..?” San whispered in your ear as you were leaning back against him, his wrapped around your waist in a comforting hug. You mumbled back “Do you want to dance?” 

“Yes, yes I do. Nothing too intense, just want to groove with you baby.” 

“Say less.” You stood up and took his hand, tugging him up with you to lead him to the dancing area. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands held your hips. Just a smooth wave of rhythm you both shared instantly which made the vibes lovely. 

“I know you not dancing like that at Thanksgiving!” Your Uncle yells and you shake your head. 

“And I know you aren’t drunk after your second beer! Get out of people’s business! At least I got someone to dance with.” You replied back sassily making San chuckle. 

“You still got that nasty ass attitude.” He took a swig of his beer. 

“And you still can’t handle your alcohol. Uncle, this is the third time you decided to say something to me as if it’s okay. Next time I won’t be so lenient.” San gently smacked your hip. 

“Baby..” He chuckled.

“Oh, sorry Sannie.” You smiled innocently as if nothing just happened.



“I don’t know why he came here thinking he was going to snatch, ____ up. Over here thinking that personality and attitude was going to get her interested.” One cousin said. 

“I know, like sir you are not cute. And then he had the nerve to talk shit about Wooyoung. Huh? Make it make sense.” Another one shook their head with a laugh.

You were quietly laughing as Wooyoung was just out right laughing, clapping his hands as well. “Exactly, saying some crap like “He’s ugly” and “He’s wack.” Uh, wrong and wrong. I can make a whole list as to why Wooyoung is better than your ass but I’m not like that so I won’t hurt ya feelings. Wooyoung is a good man.” 

Wooyoung felt so much better knowing that your family loved him, it made you glow with happiness that he was accepted and loved in the family. “A good man he is.” You agree confidently. 

“And that boy loves my mac and cheese, he’s a keeper ____!” Your grandma yelled and that took the cake, everyone in the group started laughing hard. Wooyoung was on the verge of tears laughing, he had to hide his face against your shoulder. 

“Wait, did ya’ll know he was still here?” All of you perked up at what your mom said and looked around. 

“He’s outside though!” 

“Oh..shit he can’t know what he can’t hear.” The same cousin that started the conversation said and the room was once again filled with laughter.



“Mingi can you come try this potato salad?” The tall man stood up from his spot and looked down at you with his hand out for yours. He was a shy baby and though he was very comfortable, he did not want to go in the kitchen alone. 

You took it as you stood up and led him into the kitchen where there stood a few of your family members, the who who called out for Mingi happened to be one of your aunt’s friends. 

“You know damn well he doesn’t want to try that. Mingi, sweetheart you do not have to try that.” Your grandma reassure’s him with a laugh but he didnt want to be rude and not try it, he was called. 

“It’s okay, I’ll try it. I’m sure it’s good.” He looked at you then walked over to your aunt’s friend, who held a spoon of ptotao salad with rasisns on it. You stood there wondering who in god’s name let her make the potato salad because it wasn’t right but Mingi insisted. 

You released his hand to grab a paper towel and bottle of water while mingi took the spoon full in his mouth. At first the taste was fine but something…something wasn’t right. Yeah no, this was not hitting like the one your grandma made. 

“So?” Everyone had eyes on his and he turned to you. “Excuse me.” He looked at the napkin and you held it up to his mouth, letting him spit out the rest. You laughed as you handed him the water and watched him gulp down the entire bottle. 

“Um.” He tried to figure out the right words but looked at you. “Tell her that it was okay. The potato part was good but the raisins don’t go in potato salad. It just threw me off..” He looked at your aunt’s friend as you translated for him, making everyone laugh in the kitchen.

“Should I just take the raisins off then?” She asked. 

“Just throw it all away.” Mingi accidently blurted out and you snickered. 

“Yeah, you should just take the raisins out.” 



Jongho did not like your uncle, the one with all those kids and baby mama’s, yeah that one. He always had something to say about Jongho and Jongho would never say anything back out of respect but you on the other hand always called your uncle out.

Your uncle wanted to arm wrestle him, god and your entire family knows your uncle was going to lose, immediately.

“Where did you get this pettiness from, Jongho?” You asked and he smirked.

“You babe.” He rolled his long sleeve up and sat down in the chair across from your uncle. Both men grabbed each other hand and your uncle may be buff but Jongho definitely had some heavy mass, his strength was real.

“Hope you’re prepared to lose, Jonghooo.” Your uncle taunted.

You placed your hand over both of theirs and looked at Jongho, secret communication between the both of you.

The table was surrounded. Cameras out and recording.

“Beat his ass Jongho.” One family member said.

“Uncle youre going to lose horribly.” Another yelled.

“Ready? Go!”

Both man gripped each other but you could tell Jongho wasn’t putting much effort in yet. It was pretty hot meanwhile our uncle was determined. After a few minutes, Jongho felt like he should stop messing around and pushed your uncle’s hand down on the table.

Everyone cheering including you, your uncle stood up pissed.

“Man, you still with this boy? Why haven’t you found yourself a real man?”

“You’re just a sore loser uncle, why haven’t you figured out how to stop after your fourth baby momma? Get back to me on that.” You rolled your eyes and looked at Jongho.

“Sexy every time..” he lowly said.

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Do Me a Favor


Originally posted by anewz


Originally posted by santashine

Yunho x Reader x Seonghwa

Warning: Smut, Choking, voyeurism, oral (male receiving), vaginal penetration, daddy kink, spanking, cum swallowing, light degradation


Seonghwa was initially unhappy with being the member chosen to go throughout the dorm to fill the stockings with gifts chosen by his fellow members but he couldn’t change anything about it since Hongjoong was conveniently at the recording studio again and nobody else was willing to help him.

Wooyoung had already gave him a heart attack when he went into his room to stuff his stocking and he had the frame of mind to stuff Wooyoung’s mouth as well when he screeched at him in surprise and gave a string of empty apologies for still being awake.

He contemplated giving the younger male coal but he didn’t want to see him cry from sadness so he left his gifts with Wooyoung along with a stern warning to not open any of the gifts until Christmas morning. Seonghwa sighed as he went down the hallway, having left gifts in Jongho’s and Yeosang’s stockings without any problem, the hyungs were sleeping soundly, making the elder male’s job easier and he anticipated Yunho’s stocking would be just as easy to stuff.

Quietly he opened the door, his eyes immediately settling on Yunho’s naked form thrusting hard and heavy into your trembling, vulnerable body.

Seonghwa was unable to take his eyes off of the way that Yunho’s hand was wrapped tightly around your throat, the glazed over expression in your eyes and the way that your body was so pliant beneath Yunho’s aggressive strokes of his hips made Seonghwa grow hard immediately and the muffled moans that you exhaled added to the tightness of his pants fitting around his member.

He felt that he should leave, the intimate moment between you and Yunho should be kept intimate and unseen by strangers, but he was too late and unable to stop himself from greedily drinking in the sight of your lithe body being abused underneath his hyung.

His heated face immediately paled when his best friend turned to him, undoubtedly having noticed that you were distracted by Seonghwa’s presence and the look of longing in your eyes was distinct.

“Don’t go.” Yunho commands between labored pants when the rolling of his hips came to a sudden stop, noting that Seonghwa was about to flee the scene and was aware of how fascinated he was by what was going on between you and Yunho.

Seonghwa turned around, face flushed a deep shade of crimson at being addressed in a low, calm voice in spite of having been busted for being a voyeur.

“I don’t usually like to share what’s mine with others but I can make an exception since my baby here is obviously wanting you to join us, and you’re clearly wanting to experience what it’s like to be able to make Y/N see stars…” Yunho commented lowly as his hand massaged your throat with tenderness and care, wrenching a soft mewl from your lips.

“P-please Hwa…~” You whined hoarsely, the lingering haze of lust overwhelming your ability to think clearly.

“What do you want, little one?” Seonghwa spoke instinctively, not realizing how calm his own voice sounded as his dark eyes shifted into an expression that both you and Yunho were unable to read, though your boyfriend was maintaining a calm aura in contrast to the way your pulse pounded in your chest as a result of the adrenaline that rushed through your veins.

“I- I want you to f-fuck me… too… p-please… daddy I want to be g-good for you and make Hwa feel good!” You whimpered softly, feeling your boyfriend pull out of you, leaving your throbbing heat clenching and yearning for more.

“I- I want to cum d-daddy…” You whined needily, bucking your hips and failing to gain any friction from anything.

“Babygirl, I want you to get on your hands and knees.” Yunho gave your hip a rough tap which coaxed you to get on your hands and knees more quickly.

A soft mewl filled the air as you realised that you were fully exposed to Yunho’s best friend and without realizing your actions you gripped the sheets as you gazed at Seonghwa innocently who sat the gift sack down that he had been carrying to approach you boldly without hesitation.

A shiver ran down your spine when Yunho rested his hand against your back, slowly pushing the dripping head of his cock inside of your entrance.

“Hwa, I need you to do me a favor and let my babygirl suck you off, please. She loves having something in her mouth while she’s being fucked and having your cock in her mouth while I’m fucking her cunt will be fantastic if you’re alright with it.” Yunho withholds a low groan when he senses your hole clench around the head of his dick hungrily, all while your eyes gazed up at Seonghwa pleadingly.

“I’d be happy to lend you a hand. This beautiful angel deserves it.” He confirms to your relief, inciting strings of drool to seep from your mouth in anticipation of his length.

Yunho pushes himself deeper inside of your heat, bottoming out deep inside of you while Seonghwa unfastened his pants and allowed his own erection to be freed of his underwear.

“She’s so gorgeous, she must always be good for her daddy for him to be allowing her to suck my cock.” Seonghwa mutters as he stands beside the bed and presses his leaking tip to your lips, humming at the way your tongue darted out and swirled across his seductively.

“She’s a good girl for daddy. Always is my perfect little darling.” Yunho replied lowly as he began to thrust into you urgently, unwittingly causing you to moan out loud and open your mouth wide enough for Seonghwa to impatiently slip his length into your mouth.

Without thinking twice you leaned forward and took his cock in until it hit the back of your throat, coaxing a hungry moan from you as your hips eagerly bucked into Yunho, wanting to feel him as deeply as Seonghwa’s length that stretched your throat in a way that was not unfamiliar to you but was equally as addicting as the sensation of your boyfriend’s girth stretching your throat.

“That’s good, babygirl, keep going.” Yunho cooed as he pounded into you dramatically, cruelly bringing several strings of moans from you that sent Seonghwa reeling from the blissful vibrations of your sounds around his cock.

Trails of drool began to trickle around the hot intrusion, and with the instinctive reflex to gag on his tip each time that he vigorously snapped his hips forward made even more drool spill from your mouth and trickle to your chin.

Soft cries of pleasure vibrated against Seonghwa’s tip and he looked to Yunho, who quirked an eyebrow in question of what the male wanted.

“Words can’t describe how good her mouth is… Can I fuck her mouth?” He asked bluntly, resting his hand on your head gently as Yunho maintained the pace of his harsh thrusts faster inside of your abused pussy.

“You can do that. She loves it so much when I do that.” Yunho murmured proudly, holding your hips possessively in his hands as he snapped his hips in unison with Seonghwa’s rough thrusts.

The latter grabbed your hair to gain more control of the pace and as soon as his thrusts sped up you knew you were going to be unable to hold back your high any longer, accidentally climaxing with a choked scream that was muffled by the constant assault of Seonghwa’s member fucking fast and deep into your throat while Yunho held you in place to keep you from scrambling away from the unending assault on your sweet spot as your vision went completely white from the pleasure.

Your boyfriend gave you a reprimanding spank across your ass cheek, prompting you to gasp around Seonghwa’s cock.

“Did my babygirl forget her manners? It is rude to cum before the guest does. You will be punished for it.” Yunho remarks darkly, pulling himself from your body and spanking your ass again, leaving a reddened handprint on your skin.

The choked cries of your growing arousal around the girth of Seonghwa’s cock was too much, the occasional grazing of his skin against your teeth coaxed him come in your mouth messily and you greedily slurped at every drop of his hot, heady essence and swallowed it down immediately.

“Her mouth… perfect…” Seonghwa mumbled hoarsely after groaning out quietly from the bliss of using your mouth for his benefit.

“Every bit of her is, but none of daddy’s cum for her tonight because she came without allowing you to first.” Yunho rubs his hands together as if he was devising a plan, staring at your messy pouting face, “I’m sorry daddy…” You whimpered pitifully, watching Seonghwa tuck himself away in his pants with large eyes filled with curiosity.

“If you keep talking like such a desperate cumslut I may let you have daddy’s cum.”

Tagging my girls @yunhoes-twancings-nsfw and @hanatiny I hope this is enjoyable 💜💖

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mermaid yunho¡ x reader

[I was inspired by warmau and they are one of my favorite authors so please check out their blog!]

  • you’re studying marine biology in a university and you have to write this report on Marine invertebrates
  • and you’re having this absolute brain dump
  • you heard of an opening for an assistant of a marine biologist
  • some guy named Jeong Yunho needed an assistant
  • and so you went and gave the interview and they hired you on the spot because you were qualified enough to take up the position
  • you had expected yunho to be this fifty year old guy– but
  • when you told him about your report, he agreed to help you out!!!
  • every day, you’d accompany him and study different skeletal remains to the floors of the ocean etc
  • one day you and yunho were working on your report and you geniunely looked tired so
  • “hey let’s take a break–” he suggested, a worried expression on his face. “i am treating you for being such a good assistant.” he explained, but in all honesty, he really liked hanging out with you
  • You nodded as you accompanied him to the cafeteria, where you ordered some fried chicken
  • The two of you sat down, waiting for the food to arrive
  • “so– how are you liking the experience so far?” He asked.
  • “its okay but– I mean, okay this will sound very weird–”
  • “weird is my second name,” he laughed.
  • “alright well–” you sighed. “as a kid I really thought that the ocean had it’s own secrets and that–”
  • “that?”
  • “I just always thought that mermaids and other fantastical creatures exist but–” you sighed, “science proves otherwise.”
  • “thats not stupid at all,” yunho remarked. “i can tell you for a fact that I topped in marine biology but I still believe mermaids exist.”
  • “you do?”
  • “heck yeah!” he giggled. “mermaids are so cool and so amazing.”
  • “they are!” you replied, a hint of excitement in your voice. “i really wish they existed though…..”
  • “hey, I promise– if I ever discover some mermaids I will inform you,” he winked
  • “thank you,” you smiled. “but if you do ever discover some pretty mermaids, please don’t imprison them. Everybody deserves to be free but since human beings are caged to themselves, we try to do the same to others.”
  • “are you sure you’re not a psych major?” he joked and you smiled.
  • The two of you carried on and as the weeks went by, you both become very close
  • Heck, you two even met outside work and yOU START DEVELOPING THIS FAT CRUSH ON HIM BECAUSE THE MANS SO FINE
  • and like ,,,,, the fact that he had so much vast knowledge about the ocean made you realize this dude was miles ahead of anyone like–???
  • he knew so much about the smallest little things and it continued to surprise people that worked with him
  • One day, Yunho and you were hanging around the beach because it was kinda a safe place for the both of you
  • The two of you were sitting on this huge rock as the shoreline was very rocky and there was barely any smooth sand to sit on
  • “hey let’s go and grab some dinner” yunho suggested and you agreed
  • The two of you got up but much to your dismay
  • You slipped and fell backwards, your eyes shut as you were ready to hit your head on the rocks and possibly die,
  • You braced yourself for the impact, only to be surprised when the water hugged your body, as you gently sank, with something keeping you afloat
  • you opened your eyes to see yunho, holding your body close– except there was something different about him?
  • and you looked down and realized
  • something pink?
  • and as you looked more clearly–
  • there was a rose gold colored tail that eventually faded into this lighter shade of pink, with diamond scales. The fin was almost as long as your arm, aside from the tail.
  • The disbelief in your eyes told him everything
  • “you– you’re a– what?!?”
  • “okay so I might have not been completely honest with you but surprise!” he faked a smile.
  • “you’re a–”
  • “yes, I am a mermaid.”
  • “let me just, take you out of the water and then we can have this conversation.”
  • You nodded as he put an arm around your waist and swam towards a flat rock that you could sit on
  • Once you were up and out of the water, the shock was still evident in your face.
  • “yunho, you’re a mermaid?”
  • “yep, that’s how I know so much about marine biology like the back of my hand because I literally live in the ocean half the time.”
  • “but the legs–?”
  • “when I step out of the water, my tail converts into legs and then boom! I can walk.”
  • You were speechless
  • “i know you think I’m weird and you probably want to run and tell everyone–”
  • “hey, my second name is weird!” you smiled, remembering what he had told you in the past.
  • Yunho giggled
  • “yunho, I hope you know I won’t tell anyone about this.”
  • “i know– otherwise I would have let you smash your head on the rocks,” he smirked.
  • You rolled your eyes. “but you are now officially ten times more cooler than you were, previously before,” you told him, as you started noticing the little gills on the side of his face and how his light pink hair color complimented that of his tail.
  • “thank you,” he ruffled your hair. “oh I forgot something!” he exclaimed, as he dived deep into the water without any other explanation.
  • before you could stop him, he was already gone.
  • And with in a minute, he was back up, holding something in his hand.
  • “i thought you were going to leave me here to rot,” you hissed.
  • “as much as fun that would have been–” he smirked, “i had to give something to you.”
  • “and that is?”
  • “every mermaid has this necklace that is made up of a string that is the same color and texture of their tail– and I want to give mine to you.”
  • “but isn’t it important?”
  • “it is– because of this you can know every emotion I feel, all the time,” he explained.
  • “how can you give it to me, then?”
  • “well, its a symbol of trust and–” yunho started blushing.
  • “and?” you asked, a hint of amusement in your voice.
  • “in mermaid world– it means we are soulmates.”
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