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idk why it’s on my mind but some of you have said some pretty mean and cruel things about atheism that i honestly don’t think you would say to someone’s face because you know it would be very unkind. it is a movement much older and broader than people pretend it is on here. older and broader than r/atheism for sure

not goin anywhere with this, just puttin it out to say it

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Hi, God here there, everywhere!

I appreciate how everybody’s been talking me up lately.

Have you ever noticed how I don’t have to do it for myself?

  Just thought I’d let you know.

It matters not who counts the votes to me they are all puppets! I control them all.

You are unaware of this. But an evil has taken control of this planet. It took control long before you came into this world. It knows you better than you know yourself. And it is determined to kill you.

The Devil knows how to play people. It made up religion. It knows how and who to play to propagate it’s agender

God and Religion is a Weapon of the Devil’s, and It has Ensnared You With It. A Lie So Well Executed, So Well Hidden, That it, Can Not Be Conceived.

A Cunning Manipulator the Devil has Moved Us in a Direction, He Wants Us At.

⦁ IT has control of Powerful People.
⦁ IT controls World Events.
⦁ IT controls Technology.

You have been deceived, and the Devil’s Laughing. You have to try and understand the Devil wants you to believe in God it wants you to worship God wants you to obey, to be complacent.

Our salvation will not come from God, which is actually the Devil! Or Christ who has actually been compromised by this entity but will come from Our Father and Mother. My message is about the truth of the existence of Our Father and Mother and the Devil’s, God Deception! 

God’s the Devil you say, well I didn’t see that one coming I wouldn’t have thought of that one. That’s their objective you don’t see it and you can not believe it. Vehemently you will fight this realization even though the majority of people have never met this God. You do this because of what the Devil has done to us. This is the cunning of our enemy.

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Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals, pg. 160-161

You heard it here: atheism is the most advanced form of Christianity.

All I have been concerned to indicate here is this: in the most spiritual sphere, too, the ascetic ideal has at present only one kind of real enemy capable of harming it: the comedians of this ideal— for they arouse mistrust of it. Everywhere else that the spirit is strong, mighty, and at work without counterfeit today, it does without ideals of any kind—the popular expression for this abstinence is ‘atheism’—except for its will to truth. But this will, this remnant of an ideal, is, if you will believe me, this ideal itself in its strictest, most spiritual formulation, esoteric through and through, with all external additions abolished, and thus not so much its remnant as its kernel. Unconditional honest atheism (and its is the only air we breathe, we more spiritual men of this age!) is therefore not the antithesis of that ideal, as it appears to be; it is rather only one of the latest phases of its evolution, one of its terminal forms and inner consequences—it is the awe-inspiring catastrophe of two thousand years of training in truthfulness that finally forbids itself the lie involved in belief in God…What, in all strictness, has really conquered the Christian God? The answer may be found in my Gay Science (section 357): ‘Christian morality itself, the concept of truthfulness taken more and more strictly, the confessional subtlety of the Christian conscience translated and sublimated in to the scientific conscience, into intellectual cleanliness at any price. To view nature as if it were a proof of the goodness and providence of a God; to interpret history to the glory of a divine reason, as the perpetual witness to a moral world order and moral intentions; to interpret one’s own experiences, as pious men long interpreted them, as if everything were preordained, everything a sign, everything sent for the salvation of the soul—that now belongs to the past, that has the conscience against it, that seems to every more sensitive conscience indecent, dishonest, mendacious, feminism, weakness, cowardice: it is this rigor if anything that makes us good Europeans and the heirs of Europe’s longest and bravest self-overcoming’ All great things bring about their own destruction through an act of self-overcoming: thus the law of life will have it, the law of the necessity of ‘self-overcoming’ in the nature of life—the lawgiver himself eventually receives the call: ‘patere legem, quam ipse tulisti.’ In this way Christianity as a dogma was destroyed by its own morality; in the same way Christianity as morality must now perish, too: we stand on the threshold of this event. After Christian truthfulness has drawn one inference after another, it must end by drawing its most striking inference, its inference against itself; this will happen, however, when it poses the question ‘what is the meaning of all will to truth?’ And here I again touch on my problem, on our problem, my unknown friends (for as yet I know of no friend): what meaning would our whole being possess if it were not this, that in us the will to truth becomes conscious of itself as a problem? As the will to truth thus gains self-consciousness—there can be no doubt of that—morality will gradually perish now; this is the great spectacle in a hundred acts reserved for the next two centuries in Europe—the most terrible, most questionable, and perhaps also the most hopeful of all spectacles.—
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Ronnie || 20 || she/her || lesbian || atheist

Welcome to my religious trauma blog, babes ❤

So this is just a side-blog where I vent and reblog some anti-religion stuff that I feel is too much for my main. I like/follow back with my main blog @wuhhluhhhwuhhh and I write books and poems about how much I hate christianity more on @bottleofspilledink and I’ll be reblogging my very blasphemous and gay works from there onto here!!


I’m not here to debate with believers.

I’m not here to talk about or bash other religions like Islam or Judaism as I have not come from those religions and don’t want to accidentally perpetuate islamophobia or antisemitism.

|| DNI ||

Transmisogynists/TERFS/Transphobes are not and will never be welcome here and can fuck off.

Pedophiles are the scum of the earth and can fuck off.

If you’re just here to proselytize and try to “save” me, then you can fuck off.

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