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To my fellow white Hellenic polytheists:

I feel like right now is a good time to share something Athena told me the first time I connected with Her:

Replace pressure with knowledge

Feeling overwhelmed by everything going on right now? Educate yourself. Read books and articles on racism and police brutality by black authors. Since no one really follows this account, I’m not going to put together a list to look into, but if anyone is interested, message me and I can compile some recommendations.

And remember, if you can, donate! I know a lot of us have been praying or doing spells in support of protestors, but there are other things we can do to help, too. We know that “thoughts and prayers” are not enough. You can even combine the two–last night I donated to Black Visions Collective alongside lighting candles for and praying to the Gods. I can also share the prayer I wrote if anyone is interested.

Black Lives Matter

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Ares: “So I read my first book.”

Athena: *perks up*

Ares: “It was Athena’s diary. So many plot twists! I would definitely recommend it to readers who like more complex themes in their stories. Also, it’s quite slow so it took me a while to get into.”

Athena: “Normally I would be overjoyed but now it just feels like a small part of myself died.”

For @ace-in-love-with-space, since you love Athena’s dynamic with books so much.

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Given my current situation there isn’t much I can do to help with the protests and Black Lives Matter, aside from signing the online petitions and such, so I’ve decided to do what I can with my Craft and try my best to help that way.  It may not be much, but still-  that’s why I sat and wrote this prayer to Ares and Athena.  I don’t do stuff like this super often, so it may not be worded the best, but it’s something and just wanted to share it in case if gave anyone else some ideas or if others wanted to use it too.

“I call to Ares, God of War, Courage, and Civil Order.
I call to Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, Defense, and Justice.
Please stand by those who protest, lend them your strength and protection.
Raise your weapons against those who wish to oppress and cause harm, and your shields to defend those fighting on the front lines of this war.
Please help us all find the courage, strength, and wisdom to fight for and make a new and better world.”

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*Athena standing on the table*

Aphrodite: Why are you on the table?

Athena: I tried to kill a spider and it escaped.

Aphrodite: *hops onto table* Where?

Athena: If I knew that, would I be on the table?!

Aphrodite: Don’t yell at me!

Athena: There’s only one thing that we can do.

Aphrodite: What?

Athena: Ares! Come blow up the kitchen!

Aphrodite: Get comfortable, Ares is napping.

Athena: He’s never around when I want him to be!

Aphrodite: Oh you want him, huh?

Athena: *shoves Aphrodite off the table.*

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Books that remind me of each deity

Athena - Villette//Charlotte Brontë

Poseidon - The Odyssey//Homer

Artemis - Black Beauty//Anna Sewell

Apollo - The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe//C.S. Lewis

Dionysus - Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland//Lewis Carroll

Hades - The Book Thief//Markus Zusak

Ares - Assassin’s Blade//Sarah J Maas

Hephaestus - Game of Thrones//George R.R. Martin

Aphrodite - Looking For Alaska//John Green

Hestia - Stung With Love: Poems and Fragments//Sappho

Zeus - Sherlock Holmes//Arthur Conan Doyle

Hera - Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone//J.K. Rowling

Demeter - Pride and Prejudice//Jane Austen

Persephone - Goddess of Legend//P.C. Cast

Hermes - Food Of The Gods//H.G. Wells

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Athena: “Shame about your dead dad but hey, good news, Telemachus! Some straggler from Troy is gonna set up a new empire in Italy and I want someone to build a Greek city there to counter it and you’re the lucky hero I choose.”

Telemachus: “Noooo? No, thank you”

Athena: “l’ve never been so offended in my life”

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