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#athena grant nash
lindzhatesithere · 2 days ago
michael is 100% in the right what the fuck are bobby and athena on.
yeah he could’ve gone about it better but he did the right thing. hittinf your child is no joke.
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squattingismypassion · 2 days ago
Episode 5!
Ew Taylor (Don’t mind her but I don’t like her and Buck) I’m all for Taylor and Buck friendship just not romantic relationship.
Nobody is real thrilled about having to work without their partner.
Ravi 😂😂😂 You’re in trouble now.
Buck is pissy.
Athena, you’re not subtle at all.
Harry punched someone. 😳
Ravi, pull yourself together.
I adore Harry and May’s relationship.
Oh man
Buck 😂 Poor Ravi.
Eddie!! I love you! 😍😍😍
Yeah Ravi!!!!
Poor Buck 😭
WHAT THE FUCK BUCK?!? Absolutely not! How is it your fault Buck?
My word, that was too much for me tonight.
Oh May 🥺
Get it May!!!
There’s the Buck we know and love!
Ugh, Taylor again. I don’t want it.
I love Bobby and Athena so much!
Maddie 🥺
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fireladybuckley · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Evan Buckley Week
Day three: Character Development Buck’s evolving relationship with Athena - from contempt to love 1x01, 3x10, 4x05, 4x10
Tumblr media
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loveyourownsmiilee · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
🔥And they’re officially back to filming!! Season 5 officially in the works!!🔥
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buddiemecca · 14 days ago
I love this !!!!
Tumblr media
Credits to @oliverstarkupdate on Instagram / Season 3 BTS 3x10 Christmas spirit
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phantomqueenmorrigan · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
9-1-1 as Gremlin Quotes
pt. 10/? (special guest appearance from @eddiesbuckaroo)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9
tagging the gremlins responsible for this: @honestlydarkprincess @cowboydiaz @chimreaper @prettyboybuckley @trashbaget @pentagrampanikkar @ethicalconflictdiaz @doodlemeimpressed
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spotsandsocks · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Look at them!
Tumblr media
Cute 9-1-1 stickers. I love them so much!! 😍
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From RedCrayonStudios Etsy
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lindzhatesithere · 2 days ago
unless we see some real change from athena I don’t think I could forgive her as a character like ever. shes consistently had so many issues and I understand that trauma can make things complicated however she has done some very unacceptable things especially to her children
I just have a feeling they’re gonna brush over her hitting harry and I am very upset about it
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buddie-actually · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Buck and Eddie getting disapproving looks from Athena and Bobby at the dinner table
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evaneddie · 23 days ago
okay but bobby calling athena baby really made me melt into a puddle for no reason
i love them
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sexyapplemilk · 2 months ago
Athena saying "I got you" after saving Bobby when he was shot vs Buck saying "I got you" While saving Eddie after he was shot.
Athena walking through fire to save Bobby while the sniper was there vs Buck going under a firetruck to save Eddie during the Sniper's active gunfire.
Athena and Bobby having a heart to heart in the hospital that strengthens their bond vs Buck and Eddie having a heart to heart in the hospital that strengthens their bond.
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Evan Buckley x Reader Imagine
Taglist: @nurse-buckley
Prompt: "Stay with me. Don't close your eyes."
WARNINGS: mentions of car wreck involving DUI driver
Hurt, Angst, Trauma/Healing, Fluff
Later that week, you had run out of groceries and needed to do some shopping before Buck got home. Seeing that you boyfriend was working a double shift today, after the earthquake had hit L.A.
You grabbed your jacket and purse along with the keys to your truck and the grocery list that you had just finished. You locked the apartment door behind you and made your way to your truck.
During the drive to the market to buy groceries, you had the green light, and as soon as you began to drive, someone slammed into your side of your truck, causing you truck to flip several times.
All you could hear was people screaming, and voices all around you as you faded in and out of consciousness. Your head was bleeding, you were pinned under your crushed truck, and you saw people kneeling, trying to free you.
Buck was playing video games with Hen when the bell rang, signaling a car. "We got a car wreck down on Main Street. A drunk driver collided with a red, Dodge Ram." Bobby alerted the team.
Tumblr media
But little did the 118 know, that it was you that had been hit by the drunk driver.
When the 118 arrived on scene, Buck hopped out, and the minute he saw you, laying pinned under your truck, his heart stopped beating. The next thing he knew, he was trying to get you out because your truck had been leaking gas.
"Hey! Hey! Y/N! Stay with me, baby! Don't close your eyes!" Buck begged you as the crew worked fast to get you out.
Once they cut you out, they slipped a C-Brace on your neck and got you onto a backboard.
Buck never left your side. You were rushed to the hospital. You knew Buck was there but all you could do was squeeze his hand lightly. "B-buck." You managed to get out, in a raspy voice.
"You're going to be fine. You got this, Y/N." Buck brought your hand to his lips, gently kissing it.
The pain had become too much for you and you passed out just as Hen arrived at the hospital.
Doctors and Nurses rushed out, wheeling you in on a gourney. They rushed you into the OR for immediate surgery. Due to the stint of your injury, you suffered a spinal cord injury, a severe concussion, amongst numerous of bruising and swelling around your head and your lower spine. Along with some broken ribs, and a broken wrist.
Days after your surgery, you were completely zonked out still from the anesthesia. Buck was sitting beside your bed.
Bobby and Athena stopped by to check on you and also to check on Buck. "Hey, Buck, how is Y/N?" Bobby asked.
"Not too well. Y/N slipped into cardiac arrest twice since coming out of surgery. They had to intubate Y/N." Buck sighed, running his fingers through his messy hair, still in his uniform.
"Why don't you go and get some rest Buck? Me and Bobby will stay with Y/N awhile. You need sleep, kid, and food." Athena spoke quietly.
Buck stood up. "Are you sure? I don't mind staying."
"Go, Buck, you need rest and food. And also a shower. We will call you if anything changes."
After Buck left, Eddie and Chris stopped by. "Hey, any news?" Eddie asked Bobby.
"No, Y/N is still out of it." Bobby said, smiling towards Chris. "Buck should be back later this evening, we told him to go home, get a few hours of sleep, some food, and a shower."
Maddie swung by with Chimney just as Buck walked in. "Hey, Maddie, Chimney." Buck greeted his sister and Chim.
"How are you doing?" Maddie hugged her brother.
"Scared. Worried. I can't stop worrying about Y/N. What if Y/N dies?" Buck rambled.
"Hey, Y/N is a fighter. I know Y/N will pull through this." Maddie walked into the ICU with Buck.
You were awake. Looking around at everyone with the tube down your throat still.
"Hey baby, you're awake." Buck smiled, kissing your head.
You tried to smile but couldn't.
A week later, you got moved home where Carla was taking care of you and Chris since she offered. Buck and Eddie had agreed to let Chris stay over at Buck's with you while the two men worked their shifts.
After Buck and Eddie finished their shifts, they arrived back to Buck's apartment and Buck let them in. "Carla? Whe-" Before Buck could finish, Carla shushed Buck. "Come here." She smiled, motioning for Eddie and Buck.
You were fast asleep with Chris asleep against you. You had your arms over him protectively as the two of you slept.
Eddie took in the sight. He chuckled. Then looked over at Buck.
Buck grinned. "Carla? Did you get a few pictures?" Buck asked.
"Yeah, I did. I just sent them to you both." Carla whispered.
"So, cute." Eddie chuckled, taking a seat, watching the two sleep.
Buck grabbed a drink from his fridge. "Glad to see them both resting." He laughed quietly.
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futures-tense · 3 months ago
you know i really kind of want more eddie and athena content like them making jokes and stuff and Athena absolutely seeing right through his lovesickness just more eddie and athena friendship
Okay I know you didnt ask for it but I actually had this sitting in my wips but it was too short to do anything with SO (and before anyone asks yes it was loosely based on something one of Angela’s other characters said)
i searched for you in someone else and found nothing// ~750 //
“Out of curiosity, why did Christopher come with Buck and not you?” She doesn’t actually look up at him, just checks the bread in the oven.
Eddie glances at her. “Buck offered to pick him up from school.” He hesitates slightly, the knife in his hands stopping just over the pepper on the cutting board. “I don’t know if Bobby told you but the last call we went on… I don’t know, it kind of messed me up.”
Athena nods sympathetically. “I get it. Are you okay now?”
He thinks for a moment, then continues what he’d been doing. “Yeah, I think so. Or I will be. Buck offered to get Chris so I could have a little while to myself.”
“And where’s Ana tonight?” She side eyes him and he freezes again.
“Why do I feel like you already know the answer to that?” He says, pointedly ignoring her gaze as he empties the contents of the cutting board into the salad bowl.
“I heard this story about a fish,” Athena starts, casually filling the bowl with the rolls she’d pulled out. Eddie furrows his brows and leans back against the counter. “It went up to an older fish and said ‘I’m looking for the ocean.’ The older fish looked at him and said ‘the ocean? That’s what we’re in now.’ And the younger fish shook his head and said ‘no, this is water. I want the ocean’.”
She gives him a knowing look and picks up the bowl, heading around the counter to the table.
“Alright, y’all. Come eat!”
Eddie doesn’t move, still trying to figure out the point of the story.
“Eds,” Buck calls, one hand on the back of Christopher’s chair and the other on the empy seat next to the kid. “You good?”
He nods and joins them at the table, taking the seat next to Buck. The blond leans close- brushing their shoulders together and Eddie leans in closer.
Because Buck’s about to say something.
“You didn’t get water.”
Eddie makes a face. “What?”
“That’s why you went to the kitchen, right? To get a drink?”
“Yeah, yeah, I just… Athena needed some help and I forgot.”
“Naturally,” Buck says with a playful shake of his head before getting up.
Eddie rolls his eyes and tunes into the story Christopher is telling Bobby and Michael. Buck comes back a moment later and places a glass of water in front of him and chooses to engage in a conversation with May about her job at the call center.
Eddie opens his mouth to say something but stops. He sees Athena raise an eyebrow at him.
“Buck, what about you and Ms. Kelly?” Bobby asks when the conversation slows.
Buck raises an eyebrow at him and swallows the food he’d been chewing. “What about us, Cap?”
“You two were going steady for a while, weren’t you?”
That makes Buck laugh a little. “No, we weren’t. We’re just friends.”
Eddie tries hard not to roll his eyes and he looks at Athena, who give him an innocent shrug. What is she playing at?
Bobby looks as unconvinced of Buck’s statement as Eddie does but Buck just shakes his head.
“Seriously,” he insists. “It’s just nice to have someone to talk to. Uh, someone outside of work, anyway.”
Eddie can tell Buck’s trying not to look at him.
Oh. Oh, that’s what she meant.
The conversation moves away from Buck’s love life and on to Harry’s latest video game. Dinner lasts a while longer and eventually they move back into the living room.
Eddie leans toward Athena. “What was all that about?” She gives him a confused look. “Bobby asking about Taylor, it just seemed very…strategic.”
“You’re looking for the ocean when you’ve already got it,” she says quietly, gesturing vaguely toward Buck and Christopher- who are playing a board game with Harry and May.
“I don’t-“ He sighs and shakes his head. “I don’t have him, Thena, that’s the problem.”
She turns to him and smiles fondly. “All you have to do is talk to him. I have a feeling it’ll go your way.”
“Hey, Athena,” Bobby interrupts. “Sorry, but can I get your help outside?”
“Of course,” she says, getting to her feet.
“Wait,” Eddie says. “Do you know something I don’t?”
She smirks at him and shoots a not-so-innocent smile in his direction- one that makes hope spark in him like a match.
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fandom-101 · a month ago
This scene vv
Tumblr media
{...rescuing Athena 4x02}
Reminds me of this scene vv
Tumblr media
{...telling Chris about Eddie 4x14}
I know the situation is different but the wording, the looks and the feel of it is, oddly, exactly the same. Go watch it!
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