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my german class zoom experienced technical difficulties this morning so i spent a few minutes reading this book that my stepfather gave me for christmas and actually eating breakfast for once!

Quarantine Fall Study Challenge Day 25 - September 25th

unpopular studyblr opinions? i think there is a lot of underlying racism prevalent in the community, simply because of inaccurate opinions about race and intelligence/access to education. i think it’s especially important for white people such as myself to reevaulate our biases when involving ourselves in the community and our studies. i also think washi tape is kinda useless (for my studies) but it’s cute as hell so i’ll let it slide. 

today’s seltzer: going to have some aha strawberry cucumber later!

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september 25, 2020 ♡

I recently got this beautiful pure leather journal to document my gap year and I’m so in love with it like so incredibly in love. There’s a lot of pages and they’re all blank so you can choose to write, to draw, to make it as a bujo, and so forth. I swear, everytime I write on it (which I’ve found myself doing every night before sleeping), I feel like a fearless and independent character from a classic period drama and I feel like I can do anything. Also, I only got this for a week and I’ve already filled all of the pages like halfway through like omg! I just love writing on it so much and I’m so grateful. I did feel a bit worried that I’ll run out of pages before my gap year is over so I ordered a new one just in case and it should be arriving soon! I’m excited and I highly recommend this journal. On another note, I’ve devised a routine for myself during my gap year and I started it yesterday and I feel much calmer and better than before. I’ve realized that, in order to have a successful gap year, you need to have some structure (at least for me) bcs, otherwise, like for me, I thought of so many ideas and things to do that it seemed so overwhelming and I ended up succumbing to the feeling and losing energy to do anything. With this new routine, I’m able to do a lot of the things that I enjoy and get closer to achieving all of my goals for my gap year! I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!! 🤍✨

🎧: body - jordan suaste

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late night study sesh with my favorite boy (void cat)! getting some duolingo in to clear my head before diving into some macro reading and note taking. thanks for your patience with my posting schedule! with volleyball every day and college applications, i’m pretty swamped atm but i’ll do my best to check in often!

Quarantine Fall Study Challenge Day 24 - September 24th

what do you love about studyblr? this community has had such a positive effect on me during these past few months that it’s hard to think of just a few things to speak about. i think the friendships i’ve been developing through the community, as well as all the love, support, and advice i’ve received, really make this group of people one of the greatest. 

today’s seltzer: half a swig of some old cherry bubly, a poor choice on my part tbh

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22 - 24.09.2020 - 22-24/100 Days of Productivity

• cleaning, cleaning • shopping • zoom meeting • preparing for the start of academic year •

This is the first page of my new journal. I hope that it’ll keep me organised during this academic year. Also, this is my first journal - do you have any tips or ideas of how to fill it?

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24th Sept. 2020

These days you’ll see me posting a lot about Calculus, because I’m going to have my first exam next monday so I’m dedicating myself to Calculus whenever I can.
It’s a lot to study, but everything is easier with my kitten around ♥

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23.09.20 / i was writing all morning but i took a bit of a break this afternoon to pick up some craft supplies. i’ve been itching to do a bit of acrylic painting so i rewarded myself with some. i’m topping the day off with some reading. how was your day? hope you’re well ♡

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23 september 2020 [ day 1/100 ]

After much deliberation I finally purchased a month of Grammarly premium today – I honestly hope it’s worth it because it’s quite pricey, y’know, due to the 17.10 South African Rand to a Dollar exchange rate, which is fun. other than that I spent the whole day working on my dissertation. I procrastinated & we are now panicking™️

🎧 listening to: Halfway to Nowhere by Chelou

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🎡- i had my first therapy appointment since last year. i hope i can get used to this new therapist. maybe she’ll help me manage my school stress? here are some philosophy notes! - 🎡

🎧: bury a friend by billie eilish

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ooof please ignore how dirty my screen is ANYWAY here’s some more in class happenings from programming! i finally figured out my formatting for the gradebook program and i’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Quarantine Fall Study Challenge Day 21 - September 21st

what is your favorite thing about fall? ooh i love halloween and the spooky vibes of the season in general. i do love being able to wear cosier clothing and sleep under more blankets too!

today’s seltzer: spicing it up with some cherry bubly woohoo

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22.09.20 / i’ve gotten into the habit of sketching a little bit throughout the day and it’s such a mood booster. i used to think it’s a distraction but now i think of it as therapy. i feel very content these days because of that. how’s your tuesday? i hope you’re well ♡

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hey guys! last time I did this it seemed to be popular so let’s do it again! there’s nothing like to much positivity ♥

what is this?

  • basically it’s secret santa, only happening in October
  • you’ll be sending anonymous messages to another studyblr whose url I’ll randomly assign to you 
  • the messages should be positive! talk about your day, tell them a story, compliment them, ask them stuff, anything you want! just keep them positive :)
  • someone else will receive your url as well and will also send you anonymous asks
  • the aim of this event is to meet new people and make friends


  • this event will begin on the 5th October 2020 and last for a week, so will end on the 11th
  • you can continue sending asks after the week ends if you want :)


  • reblog this post to participate
  • pls only enter this if you are willing to commit to this
  • there’s no limit of the asks you should send but I’d recommend to send one per day (the more the better, we all love getting asks!)
  • have your ask box open with the anonymous option turned on! not everyone is comfortable being off anon
  • you can reveal who you are either at the end of the month or not reveal your identity at all! it’s up to you
  • the target group are studylbrs but langblrs and bookblr are welcome too
  • if you have any questions, feel free to ask
  • have fun :)
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So the whole month of September has been a bit of a roller coaster tbh. The amount of COVID-19 cases has been skyrocketing in Denmark, so I’m sort of just waiting for the government to put us under lockdown again (but hoping that it doesn’t happen!!). School has also been taking a toll on me; there has been a lot of assignments hanging over my head, but I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel since we have a break in two weeks! I still have five assignments in those two weeks though… But on the bright side! the afternoon sun lightens my room up in such a lovely way, and I’ve learned how to knit socks! Also! Thank you for 500 followers 🥺 I love each and every one of you!🧡

🎧 - if this is the last time (LANY)

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mon // 21 sept

spent half the weekend painting my bedroom at my parents’ house with my siblings, which turned out to be a fun bonding activity! we blasted old john mayer and ne-yo albums which i’m sure our neighbors got a kick out of. it’s immensely satisfying finishing a paint job but there was some sadness about it, too, like saying a little goodbye to the walls of my childhood. i’ll miss the bright green walls that were here before. but it also feels sort of like a refresh, not so much a clean slate that’s erased all the old memories, but a new slate for future ones to be made.

the rest of the weekend i got through most of kazuo ishiguro’s never let me go. i finished the rest of it today. the first time i tried to read it was in middle school and i barely got past chapter 2. maybe i was too young to get through it then, being a middle schooler who didn’t care much for any book that felt very introspective and wasn’t forthcoming with its world building. so it surprised me quite a bit how quickly i got through it this time around, and how profoundly it affected me. i highly recommend it, as well as his other book the remains of the day, and i have a pale view of hills on my reading list next. there’s just something about the way he ends his novels that gets me thinking about my own life.

autumn is finally upon us, northern hemisphere friends! hope everyone has a cozy, productive week :-)

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