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16.01.21 / art and saturdays go together like pb&j! i painted a canvas bag today (i’m a fledgling painter at best so i practiced my design on paper before hand). it’s for a dear friend who’s leaving the country soon for a job. i wanted to gift her something she could use and since i always envision her at a farmers market i went with this, along with a camera to capture memories with, and mildliners that she has always wanted. how are you spending your weekend? hope you’re well ♡

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01.16.21 | how’s your semester going? what a productive day for me.

tip: on a weekend like this where I will usually list my things to-do and just end up accomplishing 1-2 things because I will end up slacking and procrastinating until the last minute, I actually resolved it today! I just made an 🌿 hourly schedule 🌿

this helped me focus more and stick to my sched and I was able to finish all my to-do list today and caught up with my backlogs. I don’t recommend it if you need more time in understanding a topic because what happened was the breaks I allotted were used because some topics really took time to understand. it went good though. I’m on bed now, rewarding myself with an episode or two of haikyu (that I’m rewatching) 😁

what about you? how do you deal with procrastination? (x)

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Saturday, 16th January, 2021

the long stretched out, lazy summer days of the holidays are going by so fast, with only 2 more weeks until we go back!! i’m grateful for the holidays, as they always make me take a step back, and reflect on my day. i’m no longer constantly that stressed, or always focusing on the destination, rather, i enjoy taking in the little details that i always seem to miss hehe!! i know that within 2 weeks of school starting, i’ll be back to my stressed, hurried self, so i made this bujo spread, filled with self care ideas to make sure that i remember to make time for myself before others🌱

hope everyone has been taking time for themselves and have had at least a glass of water today!!💞

currently playing: july, far caspian (they are so good!!🌱)

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15.01.21 / a bright and colorful friday of reading and concluding this week’s work. can you believe we’re already halfway through january? i hope everything has been going smoothly for you so far. you’ve been doing your best and you ought to take pride in that. enjoy your weekend ♡

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january 15, 2021 ♡

Some colorful journals and my new bookshelf! Technically, it’s not new; it used to be my shoe rack for some reason, but a few days ago, I came across the realization that, perhaps, it’s much better and more convenient as a bookshelf. I’m currently waiting for more books so the middle will probably fill up and the ones at the bottom are ones I’ve read already! Honestly, in this household, we stan books. By the way, if y’all have any books to recommend, please send them my way!! It’d be much appreciated. I’ve been filling the days with cleaning, journaling, and watching videos. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve really been feeling like time goes by so fast these days. I should probably start getting up early tbh. Anyways, I hope all y’all are doing well and have a relaxing weekend!! 🤍✨

🎧: sirene - levante

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“Stay. The sky is a lot more heavenly with you still under it.” -Eloise Night

How to describe January so far? Cold winter days, cold cheeks and just a lot of studying to do while trying to stay sane and not lose myself in negative thoughts (bc we’re trying to leave that back in the hell hole of 2020 lol)

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• 15.01.2021 •

Halfway through January. My exams are coming (just in few days is the first one) and I’m totally focused on revising >_<

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january fifteenth, 2021. 

hello hello ! it’s been a good while since i last posted. i’ve been pretty caught up with schoolwork, and i kinda forgot to do the winter studying challenge LOL but that’s just how things go sometimes :”) 

here’s my studygram … a lot of the pics that are on my tumblr are reposts from my studygram sorry not sorry LOL but there are also New pics here too ! 

my studytube … which i’m not really active on but oh well 

and my pinterest bc i got some asks asking for it! i’ll put this list on every post i make from now on <3 

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A little introduction to 2021′s bujo! For those who have been following me a while–specifically before I took a huge break from bujo due to 2019-2020 shenanigans–you may remember I always name my journals after a flower. After the… wild ride that 2020 was, I thought that a flower symbolizing passion, integrity, and strength said a lot about where I am in my self-love and self-respect journey. 

I hope to keep you guys updated with my journaling adventure! I may have taken a large hiatus from original content, but I never stopped journaling, and my bujos have chronicled a lot of changes and growth for me.

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14.1.2021 | thursday

started a bunch of new courses this week and i’ve been pretty busy. this spring will truly be a lot of work but i’m trying to take it one day at a time. i always start stressing about the entire semester in the first week as if i’m supposed to do all the work right there and then. i need to remind myself that i have time. 

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

I actually managed to get a lot done today! I stopped by my uni to pick up a lab kit for my chemistry class and also got some matcha in addition to doing like 10 pages of chemistry :)

This semester is going to be stressful but we’re surviving so far!

Listening to: Pierre by Ryn Weaver

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21년 01월 13일 // 저녁에 한국어 문법 노트를 하기 [evening Korean grammar note taking]

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01.13.21 | what a loooong day 😪 I just did darebee’s workout of the day and took a shower and I feel GOOD. tired, but good. 1 subject/day seems like it’s more troubling than the distribution of subjects throughout the week. I think this is mainly because the doctors think they can just extend and extend our time even though the unnecessary pauses and such could have been avoided. it’s just taxing to be in zoom all day.

after classes though, I just passed out!!! been doing that these days. I passed out, woke up at 6pm, and spent two hours with our research team in zoom. endless zooms. 😱

now I’m on bed, taking a break before I finish putting side notes in our physio trans. my take will be the last before proof reading, and then perhaps I’ll study an hour of physio and turn in. will leave gross backlogs for the weekend because transes are not ready yet.

how about you guys? how’s your sem going so far?

also, a good thing today: I asked a surgery question during gross lab today and our uro surgeon was impressed!! he asked how I came to my question (why we use a lot of NSS during cysto surgeries) and I told him I was an OR nurse and they were impressed idk why 😂 he also said he hopes to have me assist in his future uro surgeries and I was thrilled. 😭❤️

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january 13, 2021 ♡

Featuring one of the books on my to-read list this year and some pictures I took of the beautiful sky when I went on a car ride with my family a few days ago! I actually discovered this book through a studyblr I saw on my dash; I got curious when I saw the title and their description so I read more about it and became convinced. I’m quite excited to read this! Apparently, it includes a lot about the philosophy of romance and relationships and it sounds fascinating. These days, I’ve just been taking the time to read, journal, clean my space, and enjoying every moment I’m given. I hope this week treated you all well so far! A gentle reminder to always prioritize yourself and be grateful for even the smallest things!! 🤍✨

🎧: cosa vuoi che sia - gianluca modanese

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first original content in eight Million years… yesterday’s badly-edited statistics notes! ft. my unbelievably good tswbi vac mini. that’s not a purple barrel, that’s the ink! 

i had a bad couple of weeks there. i wound up having to apply for mitigating circumstances, so i haven’t taken my january exams and hopefully i’ll be able to make them up pro rata with the big set of exams in may. things are improving, though! i actually managed to watch a lecture today and everything. astonishing.

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playlist tag!

we all know i’m awful at getting these done in a timely manner; @studiac tagged me to do this in september and i’m so sorry it took this long sfghjk

rules: You can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to! Put your favorite playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping!

1. take me to church - hozier
2. moonlight popolare - mahmood ft. massimo pericolo
3. rapide (acoustic) - mahmood
4. apocalypse - cigarettes after sex
5. gold rush - taylor swift
6. who we are - imagine dragons
7. i love you (quintet version) - woodkid
8. you’re somebody else - flora cash
9. never enough - cover by boyce avenue
10. soldi - mahmood

the fact that only one hozier song made it to the list is straight up hilarious, considering the percentage of my playlists they make up,,,,
i’m just gonna tag @medical-magpie @uglystudies @serendistudy @athenastudying + whoever else would like to do this too x

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12.01.21 | Actually wanted to go for a walk today but it’s a real sludge day, so I decided to start reading Love in the Time of Cholera instead. Take it slow.

((Duvet - Niklas Paschburg))

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