stardust948 · 2 days ago
Ozai: Engage your enemy!
Zuko: On it!
Zuko, puts Kya's necklace around Katara's neck: Will you ma-
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cometblaster2070 · 2 days ago
I am here to remind you all, on behalf on Uncle Iroh, that today is International Tea Day!
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Happy Tea Day everyone!
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guiltyportfolio · a day ago
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Zukka week 2022 day 1
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flynnpaff · a day ago
If you were serious about that third wheel energy ask thing...bottom left, Zuko + Katara/Aang?
yeah anyways, sokka took the pic
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julianneday1701 · 12 hours ago
Watch "TOPH: An Avatar Fan Film" on YouTube
Very proud of my friends for their hard work and dedication to this fan film. I was blown away.
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xinee0910 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Model brother&sister
My friend said they are like two blue-eyed seals😭😭😭sooooooooooo— cute description...I love seals...🤤❤️
My school gave us a coming-of-age ceremony today, which means I have a free afternoon not spent with physics papers! I've had a draft of this one saved in my phone for a long time(like the same time as fire siblings!),and it was a joy to color ittoday! I got a lot of advice from my deskmate!XDDD
Now I really don't have any holidays before the exam ;;
see me later on June 10th!
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fanonical · 22 hours ago
aang: back in my day, we used to call firebending flamey pointy shooty hands!
sokka: i refuse to believe anything you tell me, ever
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correct-gaang · a day ago
Toph: Sokka has no survival or preservation instincts. I think he was built without them
Zuko: That can’t be true
Toph: Watch this
Toph, to Sokka: Hey, asshole! Race you downstairs!
Sokka: [jumps out the second story window]
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the-dragon-red-1 · a day ago
Oh Alador, I Like You to Meet My New Husband and his wonderful daughter. 😈🔥
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brainrotzukka · 9 hours ago
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[ Image Description: A drawing of Sokka taking Zuko’s hand and almost giving it a kiss. Sokka is on the left dressed in formal blue with elements of gold on his glove and his ear piercings. His hair is tied in a high ponytail with braided hair loopies. He also has a slit in his eyebrow. Zuko is on the right, dressed in red and gold. His hair is long and styled in a half updo with several braids scattered in it. He wears a fire nation headpiece, several golden ear piercings to match Sokka, and golden nails. In the background there is a moon. On the left of Sokka, the artist’s watermark reads ‘glummar’. /End ID ]
zukka week day 2: arranged marriage ( @zukkaweek )
yue’s blessing
( click for better quality )
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stardust948 · 2 days ago
[During The Crossroads of Destiny]
Katara: *Hesitates before following Aang*
Zuko: *Watches Katara leave*
Iroh: Oh, you just fell in love with her didn't you?
Zuko: Yeah I just fell in love with her.
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dreaming-in-fire · a day ago
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elievervale · 2 days ago
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everycloudinatla · 2 days ago
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Season 1, Episode 2, 3:50-4:06
honestly it's a miracle that small fire bending kids aren't burning places down all the time out of anger. imaging being able to release frustration with literal fire like korra's doing here! it would be awesome but also such a hazard.
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outpastthemoat · 2 days ago
one of my favorite iroh moments is this little exchange in “lake laogai.”  
iroh has just been offered his own tea shop in the upper ring, a dream come true for him.  but zuko takes the news badly.
Tumblr media
Iroh: We have a chance for a new life here. If you start stirring up trouble, we could lose all the good things that are happening for us.
Zuko: Good things that are happening for you! Have you ever thought that I want more from life than a nice apartment and a job serving tea?
yikes! zuko comes off pretty awful here.  and it would be so easy for iroh to become angry with zuko’s bad attidude and to tell zuko he’s being selfish and ungrateful for everything that iroh is doing for him.  because it’s pretty clear that a nice aparment and a job, safety and security, these are things that iroh is trying to achieve for zuko, even if zuko doesn’t want them for himself.
Tumblr media
but iroh is so gentle with him here.  he doesn’t take offense to zuko’s selfish attitude or his unkind words, because iroh understands exactly how hard this change will be for zuko.  
for zuko, moving to the upper ring and permanently accepting a life in ba sing se means giving up on any chance of finding the avatar and returning to his home, it means losing any hope of winning his father’s acceptence.  for zuko, this isn’t a lottery-ticket winning moment, but rather an abrupt transition into a frightening unknown, a change that he’s being asked to adapt to when zuko already finds it very difficult to handle transitions.  
and a lot of zuko’s behavior in this moment is a trauma response.  zuko often struggles when forced to adapt to a change in plans; his usual reaction to things not going his way is to have an emotional meltdown (losing his crew to zhao, being asked to change course so iroh can buy a missing pai sho tile, losing the avatar’s trail, not being able to lightningbend, ect, ect.).   c/ptsd leaves you with a lot of anxiety about change, and for zuko, this move would be a huge trigger.  he’s only just settled into the lower ring and begun interacting with other teenagers; he’s being uprooted just as he had begun to esablish ties, he doesn’t know what the upper ring is like, and the big kicker: all of this is out of his control, because iroh is the one now making decisions for their family.  of course zuko’s going to react badly.  zuko really does not like feeling out of control and he feels like he has NO control over iroh’s decision here - which directly leads to zuko taking matters into his own hands by infiltrating lake laogai as the blue spirit.
iroh takes the tea shop offer because it’s a path to an easier life, so that zuko can prosper within the only avenue iroh can offer him right now.  but he knows that zuko isn’t going to see it that way.  iroh can see that for zuko, this isn’t a victory but a brutal acknowledgement of his defeat.  
Tumblr media
zuko never looks more than a lost child than he does in this scene.  everything he’s done, how hard he’s worked, all his suffering, it seems like it was all for nothing in this moment.  he’s being asked to give up everything that’s important to him.  and if we the audience can see it, than iroh certainly can.  
and so iroh doesn’t chastise zuko or try to correct his behavior, he doesn’t take zuko’s words personally.  instead he lets zuko express his anger and fear and jealousy and allows those feelings to wash over him without reacting in kind.  he can acknowledge zuko’s disappointment without letting it diminish his own happiness in his success, and it’s such a good example of trauma parenting done right.
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charlesoberonn · 2 days ago
How Ozai was Conceived
Iroh: Dad I'm joining the military to be part of the war effort.
Azulon: No, you can't. If you die I'll be left without an heir.
Iroh: Tough luck, I'm going. Bye.
Azulon: Fuck...
Azulon: ...better have another son just in case.
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thealllureofdarkness · 2 days ago
Started watching Avatar the Last Air Bender. Got to the necklace episode and immediately started shipping Zutara even though it’s a doomed ship.
Tumblr media
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fanonical · 2 days ago
katara: we have to help aang master all four elements!
aang: hey look, katara, i'm way better than you at waterbending
katara: we have to help aang master all three elements!
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correct-gaang · a day ago
Sokka: All clothing is unisex if you stop being a little bitch about it.
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pixalry · a day ago
Tumblr media
Elemental Symbols - Created by Rebus28
Available for sale at the artist’s TeePublic shop.
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