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A Suzukka Royalty/Canon Divergence/Nothing really changes except for the fact that It is more modern, and Suki, Sock, and Zuko have never met each other until this moment AU! It can also be found here on Ao3 :)

Reference: The time zones I used were based off of the IRL time difference between where Inuit live (Canada), and Japan. In addition, Bocchan Dongo is a popular Japanese dessert, so that’s what Sokka, and Suki were eating in that one flashback of the kitchens. Both of these facts were found through brief google searches, so please correct me if I got anything wrong. Thank you!

Tagging @sukisbxtch @thomaslightwood @emiikas @zafirafoxx @older-brother-kit @ronan-lynch-deserves-the-world @sterllast @potter-redheads (I didn’t know whether the people who simply liked this wanted to be tagged, so I tagged them anyway, and I’m sorry if you didn’t want that)!

Sokka had never expected to fall in love. He certainly did not expect to fall for someone during a business trip, nor did he expect it to happen as quickly as it did.

It had all started out perfectly normal, Sokka packing to stay at the Fire Nation Royal Palace for a few months to discuss the economic, and political affairs between the Fire Nation and the Water Tribe after nearly a century of war. He had become the Ambassador of the Water Tribe not too long ago at the ripe age of 19, and this meeting seemed like a good opportunity to gain hands on experience. It was, of course, but Sokka hadn’t expected to fall for the nation, never mind meeting two people who would bury themselves into his heart in that fateful trip. 

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Here are some more random headcanons about the gaangs kids!

Bumi is the most annoying big brother in the world. When they’re young he drives Kya and Izumi crazy with his antics but they love him to death.

All of the kids gang up on Tenzin when he’s being a stick in the mud.

Izumi and Kya love putting on makeup and they help Lin discover her own style which she wears for the rest of her life.

Whenever Suyin and Lin have an argument, Little Su always runs to Kya and tells Lin she wishes Kya was her sister instead. (Lin always scoffs and brushes it off bc she’ll never admit that it really hurts her feelings)

Bumi and Tenzin had a bit of a strained relationship when they’re teenagers/young adults. Kya, Katara, and Aang make sure they aren’t completely estranged but when Aang dies they finally overcome their differences and decide to make an effort to be closer.

Lin always had a crush on Kya but didn’t know how to express it. She ended up dating Tenzin instead bc he was her best friend and she confused her love for him as romantic. (Obv didn’t work out and she ends up with Kya)

Izumi is the first to question Lin about her relationship with Tenzin and the fact that it was going nowhere. They had been together for years at the time yet neither had planned on moving forward into marriage or having children. Lin is offended and they have an argument. They eventually make up, Izumi apologizes for being intrusive and Lin apologizes for being defensive since Izumi was right.

Suyin is so fascinated by Kya’s travels and is part of the reason she travels the world as a young adult.

When they’re around 17, Kya really, really wants to start a probending team. She recruits Lin and together they convince Izumi to join. They ended up placing first in the championship that season. They disband the team shortly after due to other responsibilities.

Tenzin, Bumi, and Suyin go to their matches to support them. Bumi carries Su on his shoulders and they the loudest cheerers in the audience. Tenzin doesn’t approve of probending but secretly wishes there were more air benders so he could be down there alongside his sister and friends.

The gaang have no idea about the girls involvement in probending (except Toph who helped them enroll and paid for their fees) until the last match. They all show up to support their girls and throw the biggest victory party on Air Temple Island to celebrate.

Aang is the totally embarrassing dad who does funny dances or sings really loud to make his kids cringe.

Izumi often feels left out of the gaang’s shenanigans since she’s lives in the fire nation. Whenever she’s feeling down Zuko will take her to Republic City so they can reunite with their friends.

Even though Toph’s the chief of police, all the gaang babies know to go to her whenever they need help with something that’s not technically legal. 

The gaang and gaang’s kids all absolutely love Iroh II. Katara is extremely jealous that Zuko is the fist to have grandchildren as he parades the baby around wherever he goes. Baby Iroh is babysat by almost every member of the gaang and their kids.

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everything’s the same but you have a circular mark on your chest that symbolizes your romantic soulmate. it glows when they’re in either physical pain or feeling strong emotions and you can feel an echo of whatever they’re feeling. once you find each other you confirm it by touching your blood to their mark at which point you’ll see flashes of their most poignant memories (5/5) 

pt 1 - pt 2 - pt 3 - pt 4

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S: <Stares>

Z: Got something to say, ponytail…?

S: <Tch> Fucking bender…


I’ve had these edgy boi references saved on a Pinterest board forever now, and today between rehearsals I finally sketched something out!!  

And ooooh have I found myself yet another Zukka AU to feed my soul.

Edgy modern bad boi Zukka AU?  Yes please.

(Also - enjoy my incorrect boomerang)

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Mai: Zuko, it’s just a dumb meeting. Who cares?

Zuko: I don’t.

Mai: Well, good. You shouldn’t. I mean, why would you even want to go? Just think about how things went the last meeting you went to.

Zuko: [Sighs.] I know.

This scene bothers me and for a long time I couldn’t figure out why. I’ve read some uncharitable interpretations of Mai in this scene that paint her as insensitive to Zuko’s pain but I don’t think that’s right, either. She’s clearly upset when she talks about the last time Zuko was in a war meeting, and this is the only time she ever alludes to Zuko’s banishment. I think she’s absolutely worried about him going back into that war room.


But since Zuko’s relationship with Mai when he’s back in the fire nation is meant to represent a regression in his character, her way of comforting him is to tell him that he shouldn’t want to go. Which makes sense with the way her character is written. Her way of dealing with problems is to avoid them and present an appearance of apathy. Zuko tries to do the same but his “I don’t” is very obviously a lie. He clearly cares a lot.

And here’s what bothers me, and why even Mai’s attempts to sympathize with Zuko represent an obstacle in his character growth:

Mai encourages Zuko to not be involved in the meeting, and reminds Zuko of how he was punished for being involved before, for speaking up when he was supposed to stay silent. She encourages him to be passive by reminding him of the price of speaking out. It makes sense that Mai would do this, as she’s also been taught that staying silent and pretending not to care is better than being vulnerable. She’s not doing it out of callousness, but out of worry for him.

But even after everything, Zuko cannot stay silent. He has to speak up, and he knows he has to, and that’s part of what is bothering him here. I’ve also written about how I think Ozai is deliberately messing with him by letting him wonder if he’s invited to the meeting and then making it clear that he’s expected at the last minute, and that certainly contributes to Zuko’s insecurity. And on the surface level Zuko wants to go because he wants to prove to his father that he can be the heir his father wants, and being welcomed into the meeting whereas before he was punished for speaking would give him that validation. But I think he’s also starting to realize that he’s never going to be welcomed in the way he wants, and, more importantly, that this isn’t what he needs. Either on a personal level, because his father isn’t capable of providing the kind of father-son relationship that Zuko has longed for, or on a political level, because that thirteen year old boy who spoke up in defense of others and was punished was right all along.

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Why is it that people who don’t ship Zutara are so fucking hateful about it while in my experience people that ship Zutara are just trying to live their lives??? Like why do all these antis gotta be out here going out of their way to be negative, you don’t even fucking go here so stop showing up 😂😂😂

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Originally posted by horsesaround

  • Your relationship is very special though very complex due to the fact that you’re both complete opposites
  • When you first met you actually butted heads often. You approached the same situations in different ways, and because of your earth bender stubbornness this often led to things becoming messy
  • But then you’d risked your life to save him, and Aang was able to see that there was more to you than just the hard exterior you put on in front of your friends

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Sokka: “Anyway, Katara believed she could talk to penguins. She tried to convince everyone in the village that she could. You get how little sisters are. What was Azula like?”

Zuko remembering every single time Azula shocked his hand with electricity pretending she wanted to hold his hand because she was scared:

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the guards standing outside of the firelord’s study suddenly hear voices from inside the room even though they know zuko is in there alone and think someone snuck in to antagonize him (or worse) and they’ll burst in, swords drawn and ready for a fight, but it’s just zuko having a one-sided conversation with druk

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Zukka Shadowhunters

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Zuko Hard of Hearing

Original hearing loss ask 

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Avatar Sokka

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Aang: “You guys wouldn’t be able to handle airbender training. Ive mastered all 4 elements and air is still the most complex.”

Sokka: “I’m basically an airbender, you have seen how far I can throw my boomerang. It glides like butter.”

Aang after blasting Sokka off a cliff to prove a point:

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