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is it just me or would toph be the one to destroy that factory (in 3x03) with katara if the writers weren’t trying to give us “kataang moments”?

blowing a fuctory up is %100 something toph would do. also the factory was made out of metal, why does no one think about this😭

this would also show us toph developing her metalbending skills! we didn’t see any development at all. she was just metalbending the doors in 2x19, 2x20, 3x08, 3x11, and she was metalbending a fricking airship in b3 finale.

also like, blind bandit?? anyone remember her??

toph would absolutely be thrilled to know that katara was having a persona at nights too, that she keeps secret from her family, doing illegal stuff and all.

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The implication that Zuko and Azula are dating Aang at the same time….intrigues me……please continue……

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Katara: Ask me why I love you.

Zuko: Is this a trap?

Katara: Just ask.

Zuko, cautiously: Why do you love me?

Katara: *pulls out a 2508 slide power point in reference to the one Zuko made for her expect this time it’s about how much she loves him and why* You know I’m so glad you asked-

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Surprised the Yuyan Archers weren’t a major part of the storyline. They were an independent subset of the Fire Nation Military, meaning they actively chose what they did or wouldn’t do. 

Like when Zhao asked them for help and they refused. Or when you saw one or two of them traveling with a group of rebels, or marauders.

 I think it would be really interesting to see if they had a collective moral code, because they were all part of a group, or if we could explore their backgrounds (whether they were elites or peasants, I’m wrestling between the two).

 I’d love to explore the dynamic of Earth Kingdom citizens working with Fire Nation citizens to wreak havoc on a warring world.

 Maybe I’ll assign Mai to be the one to explore that because Aang and Zuko are going to be the ones with the combustion benders (I have my reasons). I think it would be really cool if Mai’s noble lines were kind of involved in this.

 Wonder if I could include ninja and shinobi attributes. We could also connect them to the warriors who wielded the kusarigama (at least i think their weapons were loosely based on the kusarigama, considering instead of sickle at the end of a chain, it was a fire blasty thingy).

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Katara had long since learnt to live afraid. She hadn’t probably felt totally safe since her mom had died—there was always a small sliver of fear lurching around, ready to jump and bite her neck the moment she let her guard down.

So now they were living in the Fire Lord’s summer house. In the Fire Nation. And Katara was fine with it.


And even if she hadn’t been, it didn’t matter. Because they had to do this, because they were the only ones that could.

So when she couldn’t sleep at night, she went for a walk.

It was dark—the moon was hidden behind storm clouds—, so she really didn’t see Zuko until he called her name.

“Oh. Hi,” she said, when he helpfully lit a small flame on his palm that made it easier for her to not twist her ankle on a rock as she made her way to him.

The sand she sat on was cold.

“It’s nice in here,” Katara said. The ocean was dark and deafening, but she wasn’t afraid of the water.

Zuko hummed. He kept the flame going, so Katara got to see the burnt half of his face. It was brutal, and looking at it sent contradictory messages to her stomach, so Katara looked back to the waves.

“Did you come here often?”

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Originally posted by blk-femme-fetale

UM YES Zuko and Azula fighting over Aang would be SO good!! Maybe Aang should stop being so universally beloved and he wouldn’t have to deal with this every 5 minutes!

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A Tale of Ice and Smoke

Chapter 39: The Northern Mountains: Part 1


After eighty-six years of war, a new Avatar is born into the Southern Water Tribe. Fourteen year later, Katara realizes the full extent of her powers when she finds a child with strangely familiar abilities frozen in an iceberg and a prince comes searching for her. Along with Sokka and Aang, she flees for the North Pole, and Zuko is never far behind.

This time:

Katara and her friends continue their journey north and make a detour along the way.

Links to AO3 & FFN can be found in the first reblog

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Life is nothing but varying degrees of confusion

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Soooo….I’m starting a fanfiction writer server. If anybody wants to join shoot me a dm. Reblog this post to spread the word pls ❤️

This server is for you if:

You’ve written and published something.

You are currently writing something.

You have thought about writing something but haven’t gotten to it yet.

You can also join if you mostly wanna beta other people’s fics.

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Been thinking about this for sometime, but;

Honestly do we even know if Hawky made it to Tophs parents with her letter? - Cause like 👀 Hawky never came back… and … I mean- Sokka was shown, not to know how to direct nor even train Hawky… so like…

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Raiga’s Diet

He is a big eater and will try anything, but loves meat. Far more than even Sokka, so much so because of his instinctual drive to hunt.

This becomes a problem in Republic City as Raiga will often just wander off to hunt whatever is nearby, be it some rat-pigeons or koi from a park pond.

What’s a bigger problem is when Raiga just steals food from street vendors. He becomes a bit of a public menace and frequently butts heads with the cops, giving Lin a headache.

Korra suggests Raiga stay on Air Temple Island, but their vegetarian diet clashes with his tastes. Worse, Raiga really wants to eat a sky bison, and the only thing stopping him is the fact they’re endangered. He’s part nature spirit and knows the bison need to be left alone.

That said, Raiga has less of a problem with eating one of the lemurs, even if they are threatened, and he will eat ALL the fruit cakes if you let your eyes off him.

Raiga can eat a LOT. Like “shonen anime protagonist” a lot. He’s almost always hungry. Do not let him near a buffet.

Raiga won’t eat most other apex predators as they share the same tier on the food chain, but cat gators are fair game. Domesticated animals are fine, but Raiga generally prefers wild meat.

He prefers the taste of cooked meat that’s been prepared, but at the same time he likes it better when it’s something he’s hunted. Raiga also doesn’t like waiting around while food is being prepared, he wants it NOW.

Since Raiga has never really been to the ocean, seafood is kind of exotic to him. Not that he doesn’t enjoy freshwater fish though. Tuna, salmon, and lobster are his favorites.

Raiga isn’t crazy for fruits and veggies, but doesn’t dislike them. He enjoys them raw just as much as if they’re cooked, but mostly eats them to keep his diet balanced.

Bread and pastries and other kinds of carbs are a nice treat sometimes for Raiga, though he isn’t really used to baked goods. They’re very new to him, and he enjoys discovering different kinds, especially the sugary ones.

Different foods have different effects on Raiga. Any food will let him heal, and the more he’s eaten the faster he heals. Meat makes him stronger physically, while veggies make him a little tougher. Fungi he rarely has, but they will heighten his senses. Fruits and sugar give him energy.

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I WISH I COULD TAKE CREDIT FOR IT that was Emily @foxy-knowledgeseeker (I spent forever trying to find the actual post but I cannot, thank u tumblr). But yeah, that’s literally it, Aang deals with his trauma in healthy and self-reflective ways. He’s not perfect, because he’s still a person, but he doesn’t do shit like regularly scream at his loved ones (*cough* zuko and katara *cough*). And again, that makes these jokers feel bad bc a fictional 12 year old is better at dealing with his problems than they are. Literally the core of all Aang hate lmao. 

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Azula big and loud by forever acharmedone

Not my vid but you’ll should see it on yt it hasn’t been purged like so many others

It’s 12 yrs old

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that’s honestly how I feel in some of the rare instances when I get good engagement on social media xD

Algorithm Bender!

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Azula big and loud by forever acharmedone

Not my vid but you’ll should see it on yt it hasn’t been purged like so many others

It’s 12 yrs old

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