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Huevember Day 21 - Kya

I’m a few days late to post but this was quite ready to be posted on time, I was just busy with life and mental health. This challenge gave a sense of purpose and fun but I admit something can be a bit stressful if you truly have just a day to make the drawing for the assigned day/colour. 

This is a reminder for myself and the ones who see this that mental health should always have the priority and if you are struggling it’s okay to take your time, or take time off and on a more general note to be kind to yourself and not feel pressured into making/doing things when you are not okay. The main character of this show would certainly approve of us being more kind to ourselves too!

Onto Kya, a character we see little of, but who has such an impact on the story and on the characters, I think she was very very brave and I would like to see more of her,

I wanted to make a gif out of this but gimp gave me many problems so I’m just posting the two drawings, which I am kinda proud of to be honest.

My posting will be kinda delayed but I am trying to end this challenge anyway, no matter if I’m late.

Enjoy an be gentle to yourselves! 

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Since I reopened my account last October to join Avatar fandom in general and Mai and/or Maiko nation in particular, 25 lovely people started following me. So as a thank you to this community, I will be taking drawing requests from Dec 1st to Dec 20th and will be publishing them on Dec 25th

  • Keep in mind that I’m not a professional artist and I feel more comfortable in traditional illustration, so that’s what I will be doing. (You can see my drawings here, I do what I can haha). 
  • You can request any ATLA character in any situation (nothing NSFW or that could be triggering, c’mon people let’s keep it wholesome!). 
  • You can ask for ships drawings (except between adults and minors or between relatives obviously, I shouldn’t have to clarify this!!) but, I’m gonna be cheeky here, I won’t do Mai or Zuko with anyone else but themselves as a couple muahaha. They can be with others as friends though. All other pairings - canon or not - you can request them. Again: nothing NSFW or implying it. 
  • I would LOVE to draw fanfic scenes or headcanons, so you can request those too (same conditions as above). 
  • I think I will be doing 20 drawings max! I’m sorry but I have a job.
  • This should be a fun way to practise my drawing skills and to thank this community, please be kind <3 
  • Reblogs are appreciated <3
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since I read in someone’s post how it is suspicious and not cool the fact “modern au” atla drawings will usually take aang’s arrows away from him using the excuse of it being a modern setting but will still draw zuko with his scar I can’t unsee it

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Update: I have found some! Thank you!

I’m looking for a beta reader! I have an 11k word, explicit kataang smut that I want feedback on before I post it. It’s written in the third person but mainly describes Katara’s perspective about growing up under public scrutiny.

Please dm me if you want to help!

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more screencap redraws, this time with suki! and some paint!

since i’m still very much learning, don’t have a full grasp on proportions, and am still developing my “style,” following screencaps like this has been the easiest way to practice making art. original shot under the cut!

(i also really don’t understand how to make hair look good pls give me pointers thanks) 

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(title by @acorn-boy, art by @artbean)

Only three days left to sign up for the Avatar New Year Gift Exchange!

We’re incredibly excited to kick off this event in only a few days time. So many of the prompts have been utterly adorable and compelling, and should be a blast to match up! You can find all the details and timeline here.

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Based on this post

[Image ID: Image1: digital drawing of Zuko. He is drawn from the neck up. His hair is long and he has half of it up in a top knot, he also has a smile on his face. The only visible part of his outfit is a red colar with golden trim. He’s waving his hand but only the palm is visible. On the top right corner there’s a speech bubble that reads “Hello! Zuko here”. At the bottom right corner of the drawing there’s text that reads “@soft-zuko”

Image2: digital drawing of Song from Atla. She is drawn from the chest up. She has her hair in a braid that is resting on her left shoulder and she’s wearing white and pink robes as she did on the show. She has a confused expression on her face and there’s a text bubble on the top right corner of the drawing that reads “No, you’re Lee and you stole my ostrich” .At the bottom right corner of the drawing there’s text that reads “@soft-zuko”. End ID]

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