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#atla headcanons

Little headcanon based on gut feeling rather than anything resembling evidence:

Ozai is younger than Ursa, by like two years. They were married when he was nineteen and some part of him resents her for him having to marry so young. Especially because his brother never had to remarry or marry at all, depending on whether or not you interpret Lu Ten to be Iroh’s “legitimate” son.

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Yes! Sorry this took so long!

I still don’t know where to find all these symbols, so I’m just gonna use words for the ones I can’t type.

Star: Happy Headcanon.

Redeemed Azula having loving, genuine relationships, and getting the love she’s craved all her life, but never realized she needed.

It’s basic. I know. I don’t care.

☮️: Friendship Headcanon

She and Sokka being friends I love. Because like…scheming. Inventing. Being brainy planners together. Both caring about Zuko a TON but being too embarrassed to admit it. All of that.

♦️: Quirks/Hobbies Headcanon

Azula loving to hike is me projecting. Azula being really good at acting is also me projecting. Both are headcanons that I have.

♒️: Cooking/Food Headcanon:

This girl cannot cook. At all. She always ends up with all of the food all over her and the floor.

Crab: Random Headcanon.

Azula being made fun of for doing yoga because it’s a “hippie thing” and then just doing a full-on split.

Thanks for the ask!

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It would definitely flip the table and would be pretty interesting to see (although yes, it may be a little out of character for Ursa, but hey that’s what character development is for!)

All I want is Azula and Ursa to have this tearful conversation post-Ursa-saving-Azula that goes from Azula screaming and yelling in a fit of rage to her breaking down as she confuses what or whom she’s really angry at and Ursa being there to scoop her up in her arms and soothe her.

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I can’t speak for all people cs I am white. (Yes sorry.)

Yesterday I was talking to an asian(!) friend of mine, who is also darker skinned, about rasisam (and atla). And she was like: “Yea. Like I know everyone thinks it’s cute and hot to describe dark skin as chocolate. But would you like to be described as food?”

1st: To be honest I would like it at first but after some time it would be annoying. So no thanks. I am so sorry.

2nd: That’s why now I have personally made it my mission to bully people who use chocolate as a description of dark skin into using flour or rice or eggs as a description for white skin.

I have read hundreds of fanfics till now. (About atla ofcourse.) And since the caracters are asian I came across fanfics that describe Katara and Sokka as chocolate skinned. And it kind of bothers me cs then the artist/writer goes on by describing Zuko and Azula as porcelain white. Like. Tf? I don’t really write and I also don’t know what else to use instead of tan for chocolate and pale for porcelain. But imagine kids reading fics and they read about porcelain, that is beautiful and reflective and gorgeous. Then they read the chocolate part and they start thinking that it’s not good for them cs there parents say chocolate is bad for the teeth and stuff. This is so messed up.

But just imagine the chaos if we used food to describe colours: “Her chocolate dark palm touched the rice light cheek flusting strawberry red at the contact, while her ocean blue/blueberry blue (blueberries are purple) eyes locked with the sky blue/golden yellow ones. A hand found her weist and pulled her closer. She could feel the warm breath the other girl exhaled and looked down at the watermelon sweet lips just waiting to be kissed. She moved her hand the the coffee auburn/blackberrie black hair and carefully started playing with it before there lips connected and time stopped.”

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This week on “hey, there’s irl cultural precedent for that!”

A Water Tribe version of a dragon?


The tiritchiķ is described as a “monsterous reptile” or dragon with four (originally six) legs, an alligator-like tail, rocky scaled skin, a long neck, and a small head.

This was taken from the Inupiaq Eskimo Dictionary published in 1970. I wasn’t able to find any stories about them, unfortunately.

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sokka keeps a stash of cactus juice to make him feel better on bad days. his friends pretend not to know about this, but they do. they know not to get short with him when he’s being ridiculously goofy. annoying as he can be, they know what he really needs is just a hug.

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Katara introduces Zuko to Mitski and plays some songs for him and suddenly, it’s the middle of the night and Class of 2013 is blasting from his bedroom while mans has a full mental breakdown

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This has probably been said by someone else already, but SINCE I HAVEN’T SEEN IT-

You know how the avatar cycle goes like Firebender > Airbender > Waterbender > Earthbender and then it starts all over again, right?????


First Fire


Then Air


Then Water


And finally Earth


It’s not that important, but I loved this So(?????? MUCH????¿¿¿¿

Anyway, hope u guys liked it too

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idk how to explain this but Suki has tall energy

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oooooh this is a good question!! lemme think:

- generally speaking, i feel like aang and/or mai would serve as a good mediator if it’s something they’re really struggling to reconcile over

- both zuko and katara can be very intense and hotheaded, so i think their arguments (albeit rare) would be explosive. they’d occur because of the straw that broke the camel’s back, not frequently

- (once they’re older, that is 😂 when they’re younger they’d probably argue more often including over silly things)

- but yeah! because their fights would be largely induced by stress and pressure, they’d both take time and space afterwards to collect themselves before they apologized

- it’s pretty 50/50 about who apologizes first

- zuko is more likely to say hurtful things on a personal level. katara tends to be more stubborn regarding admitting she was wrong (to be fair, though, most of their arguments are not about simple right/wrong issues)

- it actually doesn’t take them too long to work things out, especially once they’re older. they’re very similar, after all 😂 birds of a feather know exactly why the other is upset

- they somehow came into the habit of reconciling over tea. probably iroh’s influence

- when it is a more serious argument, they can go days without speaking. zuko doesn’t have a problem with throwing himself into his work and katara’s like “i lived 14 years without him, no reason why i can’t do it again” hence why aang or mai will intervene, lol

- those reconcilations take longer. a little harder to work through, especially when one of them feels personally wounded. sometimes it gets broken up over the course of a few days, where they take it one issue at a time

- but they always make it work!! because they truly do care about each other (although perhaps they’d only begrudgingly admit it when they’re in the midst of a fight 😂) and they always want to remain on good terms 💛

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Sometimes when my posts lowkey blow up I go back and look at them and wonder what the fuck everyone who liked and reblogged it was thinking

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summary: try as you might to forget it, you’ve always known you didn’t belong in the palace. you value zuko’s happiness more than your own, so you must make a sacrifice. you just didn’t think he’d make it so hard.

song: champagne problems by taylor swift

“love slipped beyond your reaches and i couldn’t give a reason”


Originally posted by firelordandlady


  • it was clear to everyone in the palace that the fire lord had never been happier. the sparkle in his eyes every time he spoke of you, how his face lit up whenever you entered the room, the way looked at you as if you were the most beautiful constellation in the night sky.
  • oftentimes you felt as if you were one of those constellations, but not for the reasons one might think.
  • because despite all the time you spent by his side, you still felt as though you were lightyears apart, separated by an unspoken distance.

  • after all, how could the fire lord stoop so low as to fall in love with an earth kingdom peasant?

  • zuko never cared for your background of course. he loved you for who you were. from the beginning of your relationship, he did his best to make you feel welcome and comfortable, constantly reminding you how much you meant to him. his feelings for you ran deep and he’d never let you forget it.

  • but to the rest of the fire nation, it didn’t matter how happy he was. you came from a poor earth kingdom city, and that was enough for them to cast you aside.

  • you always knew your past would create a rift between you and the fire lord. he tried to empathise with you since he had lived as an earth kingdom peasant during his banishment, though it wasn’t the same. he would never fully understand how your upbringing haunted you.

  • you didn’t blame him for being oblivious to the problem. everyone did their best to hide their true feelings, and you hid it from him too, not wanting him to overreact. 

  • but every night when the fire lord retired to his chambers, the whispers began.

  • “gold digging tramp”

  • “earth kingdom scum”

  • “breaking every tradition”

  • and ultimately, “just a silly little distraction for the fire lord before he settles down with a suitable partner.”

  • they wouldn’t dare say any of it when he was around, but when it was just you wandering the halls alone, their words loomed over you. you could could feel their glares piercing your skin. 

  • you tried to act like it didn’t bother you. in the beginning, you convinced yourself it would get better.

  • except it didn’t. whispers turned to echoes, growing louder and harsher by the day. and the longer it went on, the more you began to believe it.

  • the fire sages had been especially insistent on getting you out of the picture. the nation was still adjusting to the changes in a post-war world and they needed to preserve what little tradition they had left.

  • so one night, once the fire lord had retired as usual, the sages summoned you for a secret meeting. you’d always known that they didn’t like you, however you never expected what they had planned. they presented you with an ultimatum:

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I think she totally can be redeemed, but it will be such a long and grueling process that definitely will take a few years. That being said, her relationship with family members will definitely be a little strained and I don’t really know if they can fully recover.

• Zuko would probably act comfortable and be the first to “trust” her, but in secret he is actually very skeptical, especially now that he has Izumi who he is super protective over. He doesn’t let her live in the palace for awhile, but allows her to stay in a flat near the palace under intense supervision

• Ursa would probably have the hardest time. She can barely look at Azula without being flooded with guilt. When they finally are able to have a deep conversation alone, it would probably be the biggest tear jerker in animation history

• Izumi is mostly left in the dark when it comes to her aunt. She is very curious, and gets frustrated with Zuko when he keeps her away. She knows a little bit about Azula’s past, but being the young innocent child she is, she looks completely past all that

• Iroh would probably not really want to reconnect with Azula. Not only did she try to kill Zuko but tried to kill him as well and I just think it would be hard for him to get over it. He supports Zuko in his decision though, even if he has some doubts

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okay but imagine zuko who has trouble falling asleep even though his body’s screaming for rest. you’ll find him up at odd hours working on something he had forgotten earlier or exercising, covered in sweat and eyes bloodshot from exhaustion. imagine zuko who gets scared to sleep because he still isn’t used to feeling safe, and it takes soft mumbles in between a reassuring kiss to his forehead for him to even get into bed. his worries aren’t completely quelled, but zuko feels the protective arm you have wrapped around him. and he lulls to dreams by the sound of your soft breaths.

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Longshot likes flowers the most of all the Freedom Fighters and the others will bring him really pretty ones they find. You can always tell which side of the fort Longshot spends more time in than the others because he has flowers hanging to dry on the wall.

Smellerbee comes from a long line of herbalists and some supposed witches and tells him what each flower means and what it’s good for, as well as the stories she knows about them. He mends the fletchings on his arrows as she tells him and she can’t always see his smile, but she knows he can listen to her talk about it all day.

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Fire benders eating the hottest peppers on the planet, where people try to drown themselves in milk, and they just go

“Ah, this ones got a kick”

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prompt: anonymous asked, “can you do a sokka x reader ? romantic or platonic whichever you think would be more fun. but if you choose romance no nsfw please ,, jus wholesome stuff”

warnings: none! jus wholesome stuff :]

note: i’ve never written for sokka before, so i hope this isn’t ooc! thank you so much for requesting <3 you’re very swag and i hope you appreciate this :0


― Sokka thinks that he’s suave, but he really isn’t. You can expect a lot of flustered half-flirting and blushes - and, if you’re lucky, you can catch him with a lovestruck look on his face when he thinks you’re not looking. He’s so genuine in his expressions - never one to hide the way he feels - and seeing him be enamored with you so openly makes your heart beat just a little bit harder in your chest.

― If the two of you ever do something cool and spontaneous, he’ll just give you the biggest high five ever. The first few times he’s done it, it’ll take you by surprise, but you get used to it. Your palm always stings afterwards, though.
There’s nothing to say about him that can’t be summed up with one word; clingy. He’s pretty affectionate, and wants to spend all his time with you.

― Sokka just seems like the up-and-at-em, always on the go type of person. He’s always dragging you into some new adventure, whether it be battling a strange kind of creature in the ocean, or spicing up a trip to go stock up on food - he’s a bit reckless, and you’ve just learnt to go with the flow.

― He’s pretty shy when it comes to initiating physical contact, but he’ll fight through the nervousness to make moves on you. Hand-holding and kissing are what he starts out with, and doesn’t really go too much further until he knows that you want him to. He may be impulsive and rash at times, but he’s no asshole.

― Misunderstandings and disagreements arise, but you two have never genuinely fought. Miscommunications happen with Sokka, and it’s not too much of a big deal - anything that could have possibly been done wrong is usually sorted out by an apology, a short conversation, and a promise to do better.

― When either one of you has a bad day or night, you seek comfort in the other person.

― Sokka offers to hold you and whisper reassurance in your ear, but… he’s not too good at the actual reassurance part, at first. He’s more at a loss for words in this situation. He’s not used to seeing someone he admires so much break down, can actually be really bad at comforting you at first. With time, this improves, but he’s always a bit awkward when it comes to needing comfort. It’s not that he doesn’t care; he’s just not sure what he can do to help.

― He’s always looking for an excuse to show off his combat skills, so if you show any interest whatsoever in training, Sokka is on it. He’ll take it upon himself to train you, and will get so genuinely excited that this is just more time you can spend together. During these moments, he tends to remind you of a puppy.

― Sokka is a genuinely wonderful partner, and wants nothing but the best for you, dating or not. Every chance he can get he lets you know how much you mean to him, which never fails to make your heart flutter.

― (And, let’s be honest - your cute reaction to that just makes him blush and fall harder for you.)

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Aang: Bisexual Trans Man, He/They/Ze.
Katara: Pansexual Cis Woman, She/It 
Sokka: Queer Genderfluid, He/They/She.
Zuko: Asexual Nonbinary, Ze/They. 
Iroh: Gay Cis Man, He/She.

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