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Ghost Lu Ten: you can see me?
Aang: yeah...
Ghost Lu Ten: can you tell my father and Zuko something?
Aang: sure! 馃槃
Ghost Lu Ten: fuck you backstabbing hypocrites! 馃が
Aang: ...
You know, if they all thought Azula was just hallucinating Lu Ten, why, certain people might argue that she's just clearly unbalanced and far too much of a danger to herself and others to be left unchecked. And certain adults manage to convince Aang and the rest that it's really for her own good if she loses her bending.
Iroh isn't exactly stopping it.
But when Aang goes to where Azula's being held, he's shocked to see the tall man in the room with her. Who looks a lot like Iroh.
Turns out, Azula absolutely is not hallucinating. And Lu Ten is absolutely furious that his father's inaction would kill his baby cousin when it already killed him.
Things...do not go the way the White Lotus planned from there.
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atlaculture a year ago
Okay I鈥檝e been dying to find out the answer to this and my own search was fruitless: whst鈥檚 the long cloak thing Zuko wears in Book 1 called? Because I鈥檝e been wondering since forever it鈥檚 a regular outdoor garmet or if that鈥檚 the Zuko equivalent of a night robe.
Tumblr media
It looks like a beizi (瑜欏瓙), which is a Chinese parallel-collar jacket. The kind that Zuko is wearing is the casual-wear kind, due to the narrow sleeves. Beizi were generally secured at the front with either one tie or one big metal button, like Zuko鈥檚. From what I鈥檝e researched, they appeared to be an outdoor garment worn by the upper-class.
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mangoofthesea 7 months ago
For the prompt - zukka, ATLA, something hurt comfort with zuko being the hurt one?
hello! I'm so so sorry this took so long, my free time drastically decreased this week suddenly. But it's finally here because I loved this prompt and was super excited to write it, and I was finally able to! Yay! And I really enjoyed it, I always forget how much I love writing for these two.
anyway, without further ado here's the ficlet that turned into more of a short fic oops
The infirmary is quiet as Sokka enters, looking around with sharp movements trying to find dark hair, pale skin, and a burn scar. Thanks to it being the royal palace infirmary, it wasn鈥檛 too difficult though, not with there only being one bed with a patient in. One clad in the elegant reds and golds deserving of the ruler of a nation. If a little rumpled.
鈥淶uko!鈥 Sokka shouts over the low buzz of sound from the rest of the room's occupants - all seeming to be bodyguards or doctors.
Zuko looks up sharply, and his expression seems to shift through a couple different emotions before settling on a sheepish smile that has Sokka's fear shifting to anger.
He stalks over to Zuko's bedside, as he goes watching Zuko attempt to sit straighter and wince as he does, hand going to his side.
"Sokka, hi." Zuko says, smiling with a slight wince. "How was your journey?"
"Don't do that!" Zuko frowns.
"Don't do what?"
"Don't act like you don't have a fucking stab wound!" Zuko's eyes dart away briefly then come back to Sokka, expression reverting to placating and that same innocent expression he saw him try to use to calm down his uncle after he sustained his lightning injury.
"It's fine, Sokka, really. Don鈥檛 worry about it. They caught the attacker, and even if they hadn鈥檛 his skill was stealth, not combat. It was no trouble for me subduing him.鈥
Sokka purses his lips, looking down at his boyfriend and takes a deep breath that is supposed to be calming but only serves to give him a moment to be more annoyed when he sees Zuko鈥檚 eyes follow the rise and fall of his chest. Biting the inside of his cheek, he folds his arms across his chest and closes his eyes.
鈥淚鈥檓 not mad I鈥檓 not mad I鈥檓 not mad,鈥 he repeats to himself under his breath. Why is he exclusively friends with noble idiots?
Well, noble idiots and Toph.
He opens his eyes to find wide gold eyes looking at him, and a soft smile pulling at the rough edge of burnt skin.
鈥淶uko, getting stabbed is not a 鈥榯his is fine鈥 kind of thing!鈥
Well he tried.
鈥淏ut I am-鈥
鈥淪hut up. Shut up right now. If you say you鈥檙e fine I鈥檓 breaking up with you and getting on another boat back to the south pole, ambassadorial duties be damned.鈥
Sokka has no intention of fulfilling that threat, but when Zuko鈥檚 eyes drop to the edge of his robes pooling on the bed he鈥檚 sat on, suddenly unsure, Sokka regrets even making it hyperbolically. The bed is solid when he sits on it beside Zuko, sighing again as he tries to corral the wave of fear and anger that he鈥檚 feeling so as to not keep aiming it at his boyfriend as much as he wants to chew him out for not being more careful.
鈥淶uko, I鈥檓 sorry. Just鈥︹
Zuko looks up, and he looks so like a sad polarbear puppy Sokka immediately regrets ever saying anything. Even with the storm of feelings he still has swirling in his chest, he鈥檚 taken aback by how beautiful Zuko looks. His hair is loose around his face for once, something Sokka normally only sees late at night when he gets changed out of his official robes and removes the hair piece from his hair. Right now, he鈥檚 in a state of undress normally reserved for sparring as well, soft slightly billowing red trousers and no shirt under the robe that has now fallen open, revealing the bandages underneath.
In the face of it all, Sokka can鈥檛 help but be struck by the fact he could have lost his boyfriend today. His boyfriend who he hasn鈥檛 seen in four months before he had walked into the infirmary a few moments ago..
鈥淔uck I missed you,鈥 Sokka says, voice breaking on the last word as he darts forward suddenly to wrap his arms around Zuko鈥檚 shoulders. He hears Zuko hiss a breath out quietly indicating his pain and Sokka curses and tries to pull back, but Zuko doesn鈥檛 allow it. Before he can pull back more than an inch, Zuko鈥檚 arms are around his back, clutching onto his travelling clothes tightly and burying his face in Sokka鈥檚 shoulder. In response, Sokka holds him tighter.
鈥淵ou really scared me, firelily. I got here and they said you were in the infirmary. That there had been an attack.鈥
鈥淚t was a couple hours ago,鈥 Zuko replies quietly, voice half muffled by his shoulder. 鈥淚 had hoped I鈥檇 be able to be walking around when you arrived. I didn鈥檛 want to worry you.鈥
Sokka scoffs, but doesn鈥檛 let go. No matter how weird it feels to be talking to the wall behind Zuko鈥檚 head, the feeling of him, safe and so warm and in his arms, it doesn鈥檛 feel weird at all.
鈥淵eah, well. I鈥檓 gonna worry, okay. I love you, of course I鈥檓 going to worry, even if you鈥檙e claiming you鈥檙e fine. Which you absolutely fucking aren鈥檛.鈥 He cinches his arms tighter around the muscular shoulders and turns his face into Zuko鈥檚 hair.
Zuko meanwhile, has gone still in a way that is quickly worrying Sokka.
鈥淶uko, are you okay?鈥 he says, trying to hide the tremor in his tone. What if the dagger had been poisoned? What if it was slow acting and now Zuko was going to die because Sokka hadn鈥檛 been here to stop this happening? What if-
鈥淵ou love me?鈥
Sokka blinks and sits back frowning, finally detangling himself from the hug. Zuko does the same, but keeps a hold of the side of Sokka鈥檚 tunic in the same way Sokka keeps a hold of the sleeve of Zuko鈥檚 robe.
鈥淲hat? Zuko, of course I love you?鈥
Zuko bites the inside of his lip and his eyes begin to water. Sokka panics.
鈥淲ait wait! No, hey, I鈥檓 sorry, don鈥檛 cry I mean-鈥
He cuts himself off when Zuko laughs.
鈥淣o, Sokk, it鈥檚 fine, fuck. I-鈥 he stops, and swallows. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e never said you love me before.鈥 Sokka frowns.
鈥淗uh? What, no, I鈥檓 sure I have.鈥 He must have? He鈥檚 sure. All he鈥檚 been able to think of for the last few months is how much he loves Zuko and can鈥檛 wait to see him again and-
Oh fuck.
Zuko had left him to process, looking on with an amused watery smile, quietly waiting for him to respond.
鈥淭hat was the first time I said I loved you.鈥 Zuko smiles and nods.
鈥淵eah. It was. I love you too though.鈥
Then Sokka finds himself reacting and he totally understands Zuko鈥檚 now. The words feel like a warm soft blanket being wrapped around his heart, and it's like he can鈥檛 breathe from how much he adores this amazing man in front of him.
They come together suddenly, but when their lips land it's soft. Tender and gentle, imbued with all the affection that has been swarming in his chest from every letter, every moment of distance where he couldn鈥檛 wake up to the sunlight streaming over gorgeous pale skin and shining black hair resting on silk sheets.
The kiss only lasts a few moments, then they pull back and this time it鈥檚 Sokka who tucks his face into the crook of Zuko鈥檚 neck, clutching the back of his robe tightly and Zuko responding in kind.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e still not off the hook for getting stabbed,鈥 Sokka eventually says, muffled by Zuko鈥檚 shoulder. He feels the responding chuckle reverberate and holds on tighter, uncaring any more if the grip is too much for Zuko to deal with yet. If it is, he鈥檒l apologise later.
They have time.
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haha nerds--
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Just watchin...
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yourfavepokemontype 6 months ago
Hi! Could I request the Gaang from Avatar the last airbender? I was hoping for Toph as a Rock/Steel type, Zuko as a Fire/Dark type, Sokka as a Normal/Water type, and Katara as a Water/Ice type and Aang as a Flying/Ghost type? Sorry if that's too much!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Toph is a Rock/Steel Type!
Zuko is a Fire/Dark Type!
Katara is a Water/Ice Type!
Sokka is a Normal/Water Type!
Aang is a Flying/Ghost Type!
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asteriacove 8 months ago
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at their party, a few loved ones were invited and altogether enjoyed dinner, chatting, and opening up presents! what each sim got:
leilani聽鉃 snowflake mirror
aspyn聽鉃 chess set
weston聽鉃 sleeping gnome mcmulty
sylvie聽鉃 flower light
dahlia聽鉃 game console
elodie聽鉃 guitar
atlas聽鉃 sadly nothing Dx the presents ran out before his turn ;-;
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paygeling a year ago
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i cant stop thinking about this banger i tweeted.... who gonna write the fic bc i cant write聽
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incorrect-jojo-quotes a year ago
Johnny: If Diego discovers us, he'll kill us.
Gyro: If Wekapipo discovers us, we'll be turned over to Valentine.
Johnny: Diego it is.
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tronmike82 a year ago
You know those supermarket tabloids and gossip magazines with sensationalist articles and headlines, like weekly world news, or the national enquirer?
Well imagine an atlesian one that has a picture of Weiss, Ruby, and Penny on the cover, with the caption 鈥測ou鈥檙e just jealous because I have two girlfriends and you don鈥檛 have any!!!鈥
I just think that鈥檚 a funny image.
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pilferingapples a year ago
Les Mis and ATLA
oh wow unexpected !
..Ok so! Les Mis basically happens in the aftermath of France's own attempts to Take Over the World, Empire-Style; so going with that! AtLA -verse , in the immediate aftermath/years following Zuko's coronation!
(disclaimer: I am in no way an AtLA Lore Expert; this is about Vibes. I'm sure it'll contradict like nine billion points of canon that I don't know. )
..you know what I can come up with backstories and all for Valjean and Javert etc but lbr this is AtLA -verse, people over 40 exist to be Mentors and Background characters , this one is about the Fantine , the Amis, and Patron-Minette
also I guess at some point Marius and Cosette will like...exist but they'll be Very Children ; Marius is probably all of five at the start here and Cosette's only going to be born in the early years of Zuko's rule so
one of the uncounted and uncountable war orphans left by decades of world war. Her background is entirely unknown, even to her; grew up in a little border colony. Post-war, she's made her way to the Fire Nation capital to find a better life and new friends. Her story is about the ground-level struggle for the least powerful people in her society so there's a better sense of what the political maneuvering is in reaction to (and she'll be part of it by like the middle of the first season? yeah, I'm thinking big Main Character energy for her in this)
-The Amis are Mostly Teenagers but that's never stopped anyone in the AtLA-verse from being plot relevant!
- Enjolras, Courfeyrac and Prouvaire are from important Families in whatever part of the Fire Nation equates to "the South". Like a lot of children from such families, they were sent to Capital City to be hostages guaranteeing their families' loyalty learn the necessary leadership skills for people of their rank (and be hostages guaranteeing their families' loyalty). This has of course given them lots of time to hang out together and bounce around ideas about how (a) the Current Regime Sucks and (b) the Nation could do Better. Enjolras is an ace firebender and fighter, Courfeyrac is one of the best swordfighters in their class, and Prouvaire...is a poet. Who has a lot of Spirit-World visions.
-Feuilly is part of the small (non-literal) army of artisans responsible for all the artistic flourishes that make Capital City and especially the palace grand and imposing and the living propaganda piece it needed to be during the war. Friends with Enjolras, Courfeyrac and Prouvaire since they were all kids, united by mutual outrage that their country is Like This. With the war over, they're all hoping to grab the chance to see the new government won't ever repeat the (horrifying, almost world-ending) faults of the old.
- Bahorel is the only fire-bender in his farming family--the only remaining firebender, anyway, because his parents made sure he kept that secret, because peasant kids with firebending don't get trained to be elite guards, they get chucked into ships and tanks to server as engine fuel-makers, and his family was not having their kid used that way. Now that the draft is not a thing anymore, though, he's free to let loose and maybe check out the Other Options for an energetic youth who wants to hit things with fires.
- Joly and Combeferre have been friends since they both got funneled into the Fire Nation's version of the Polytechnic; they were fully expecting to be battlefield medics and are incredibly relieved that's not their immediate future, and very excited at the idea that maybe now they can focus on some Exciting Theories They've been Developing About--
--Legle and Grantaire are just in the city because their parents moved there in the last few years, and the two of them fell in together. They managed to get less of the brainwashing school than most kids their age and class by virtue of just. Not Going. Slacking Off For Greater Justice!
TOGETHER THEY FIGHT CRIME ORGANIZE A POPULAR MOVEMENT FOR A MORE DEMOCRATIC FIRE NATION, so the country won't be plunged into another 100 year war the next time some Fire Lord gets a bug up his cloak
but Can They Succeed when the Patron-Minette, the old regime's hit squad, is trying to undermine them at every turn and destabilize the new government's efforts at peaceful relations with other Nations ? Will Our Heroes figure out who's behind these reactionary efforts? Is Javert just gonna be a comic-relief heavy? DO WE HAVE GUINEA PIGS?? WHO KNOWS but we know there WILL be lots of awesome fight sequences and everyone will get a chance to Unlock More True potential and like with a cast roster like this and only two known Benders, there will be at least a few people discovering their True Gifts etc
plus lots of trippy Spirit World storylines ! Whooo!
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thethiefandtheairbender 2 years ago
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I was a rich only child who got anything I wanted ... as long as I behaved and sat still, and didn't speak unless spoken to. My mother said I had to keep out of trouble. We had my dad's political career to think about. // You don't love him, do you? You don't even seem to like him. But I do love my people.聽// Mai, I never wanted to hurt you. But I have to do this to save my country. Save it? You're betraying your country! // It鈥檚 my duty, Sokka. I have to do this. // You miscalculated. I love Zuko more than I fear you.
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werebutch 2 months ago
I think london鈥檚 music career would look a lot like poppy鈥檚, from start to finish. It鈥檚 kind of sus bc poppy is already their voiceclaim but it just lines up like that sometimes. At least they share no likeness at all
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