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#atsumu crack
sexyandcringe · 24 days ago
Accidentally touching his dick while falling
Tumblr media
Warning: Suggestive, use of words like dick, balls, willy etc. The boys are reader's friends and have a crush on the reader (it's a mutual pining ig)
A/n: this happened to me with ma middle school crush bbsorhrvs we were just messing around and I fell with my hands barely touching his willy wonka and I was 1. Embarrassed as fuck and 2. A tsundere with issues so I started to smack his head to get out of that awkward situation 💀 Do NOT act like me.
Tumblr media
LMAO this mf 😭
Ok so y'all were having a pick-nick and he stole your last cookie, rude.
He knows you're short so he stretches up his arm with the cookie in his hand so you won't be able to snatch it back
You didn't wanna get up because you knew that if you did, he would also get up and you will never get your cookie back
So you tried to get on your knees hurrily to reach his hand and take your cookie back
But you lost your balance while you were stretching out your arm <\3
You grabbed Tsumu's shoulder to prevent yourself from falling but the other hand automatically went between his legs
You not so gently pressed on his junior and he shrieked lmao
You retrieve your hand quickly, heat creeping up your neck. Well, who wouldn't feel like this when they just touched The Miya Atsumu's dick
He, on the other side, composes himself real quick, like you were there embarrassed asf and he had that ugly smug grin
"Didn't know ya were that eager fer me y/n, ya coulda just asked fer it sooner" but you can see a hint of pink on his ears
"If you don't stfu, next time I'll fall with a knife in my hands, Miya".
"Eeeek! " he screams childishly and eats your last cookie right in front of you 😐
Tumblr media
Pour soul just wanted to cut his nails in the gym
And you were just waiting for him to finish his practice since he was leaving earlier than usual
But waiting for him while hoshiumi practiced his spikes wasn't a good idea
"Y/N!!!" you heard a loud voice and just barely managed to save your head from the speedy ball coming over you
But while you were dodging the ball, you lost your balance and fell over Tobio
You are still tryna understand what the heck just happened when you notice something... Soft yet hard in your hand
"OHBWISHEIEJE I'M SORRY" u jump back all flustered and are bowing and apologizing like crazy
He is RED like a tomato and doesn't even know what to do in this kinda situation
It wasn't even painful when you fell over so there wasn't even the pain to distract him wjdhdbr
Someone help him
Fortunately Hoshiumi comes running towards you to apologize so the awkward tension is over
But you two still have to hang out later- he won't be able to look at you in the eyes for a while lmao
Tumblr media
You were just chilling with your best friend Suna on the couch on a Saturday evening
You both wanted to watch a nice anime, but you wanted to watch a sports anime (Haikyuu) while he wanted to watch to watch a Shonen like Kemono Jihen
This is how you both started to play-fight, throwing pillows at each other and stealing the remote when the other tries to put the other anime
He was able to steal the remote from you and you were tryna steal it back, but you slipped on the couch (damn socks)
Dude GASPED when you pressed on his willy 😭😶
You backed off at record speed and gasped with him
"Oh my god I'm sorry Rintaro" you are apologizing but also laughing cause he is covering his nuts with both hands, as if he just got kicked in the balls
"I thought my entire bloodline was gonna end here" he said with furrowed eyebrows and a dramatic voice
"now you're exaggerating, I BARELY pressed on it, don't be such a drama king oh God"
He laughs at you and the flustered, yet pouty, mess that you are, his own cheeks getting warmer.
You don't let this moment go to waste and snatch the remote, finally putting on your favourite show
Rintarou doesn't try to change it, but that's mostly because he knows that both of you are down bad and need some distraction
Tumblr media
🙄 Dramatic king pt. 2
You, Oiks and Iwa were playing in an arcade, specifically that game where you have to keep up with the dancing steps shown on the screen in front of you
Iwa was out to get drinks for you and Oiks while you two were having a passionate match against each other
Oikawa hates losing so he does his best to keep up with the steps, while you were getting tired and the steps were getting difficult
But you are an unfair and cheater little shit, so you tried to push Oikawa off his dance floor so his points won't be counted it
Ur bold bold, he may look all delicate but he's stronger than you, have you seen his serves 🙄
So ofc when you try to push him off, he doesn't budge, but he does lose his balance while he tries to kick your ass outta his playzone
Long short story your legs get entagles with each other and you romantically fall on top of him and not so romantically squeeze his wee wee
This mf MOANS, like, he legit goes "AHNNG Y/N!!" bye 😭😭😭
You look at him with the most disgusted expression ever widbri lmao and he looks so hurt at that he covers his body as if you have violated him
"Asshole" you murmur, as if it's his fault you fell on him, but anyway
"that's not the part you touched Y/N- chan"
Will never let you live it down, always brings it up when he wants you to do something!! "Remember that time you harassed me in the arcade..."
Punch him pls
Tumblr media
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minruko · 4 months ago
‘say your boyfriend and won’t cheat on you without saying he won’t cheat on you’
ft. inarizaki [timeskip edition]
a/n- was that the name of the tiktok thing or whatever?? idk i completely forgot but either way enjoy
a/n 2- yea yea this is totally crack
you saw this floating around and you decided to try it
you were sitting next to atsumu while he was sobbing over ‘finding dory’
a: “look baby she she was lost and now she’s not if only she could remember” he said between sniffles n sobs
you were trying to comfort him but you couldn’t help but laugh a bit as you were recording him
you posted it and it was went viral cause it’s atsumu, he most definitely got made fun of by the msby team
especially hinata he had so much to say
you were walking out of your shared bedroom to see osamu measuring onigiri with a ruler and you saw your chance to strike
“what are you doing??” you said while snickering
“do these look even to you??” he moved around to measure another one and then his face dropped
you made eye contact with him and he just blinked at you and said “well??”
you ended up having to convince him that it was fine through muffled laughter
you posted it and most of the comments were about having a man that can cook
atsumu tried to make fun of him but osamu just drove to his house to jump him
y’all were just hanging out in your shared room and suna started to stare at you while you were filming him
“hey babe do you think they put crack in mcdonald’s sprite?”
you were holding back a laugh and he was like “no no hear me out it always sends to like a whole other dimension”
suddenly he smiled at you and asked “wanna go find their secret crack supply at a nearby warehouse?”
the video ended with you agreeing to go along with his crazy plan, it went viral and the comments were filled with questions asking if you were successful or not
y’all were in the car and he was spitting out random shower thoughts and at some point you decided to film it
“no no hear me out baby because we got twenty two, thirty three, forty four, now why isn’t eleven onty one??”
“and another thing what the fuck is a casserole??”
you were cackling behind the camera not even trying to hide your laughter
“laugh all you want but don’t be comin to me when these thoughts keep you up at night.”
you posted it and it went viral, cause it’s ojiro, but the comments was filled with people askin what even was casserole and kinda being bummed that ojiro is taken
you were honestly hoping to catch him during some dorky moment but it didn’t go as planned
you were lounging off to the side while he was working in the rice fields
he bent down and saw something in the grass and she started running towards you, you decided to get your phone out and film it cause the little waddle run he was doing looked kinda funny to you
and he walked up to you and handed you a daisy he was like “baby look” in a soft voice and you melted on the spot
when you posted it, it went viral and the comments were like “where can i get a man like him 💳💥💳💥”
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mrssunasimpowo · 3 months ago
Hq boys with a s/o who sleep's in weird positions~
A/N: Its 3am and i HAD to do this, or else i would forget-
Suna x Reader ~ Atsumu x reader ~
Tumblr media
Suna ~
Mf takes advantage. He find it ADORABLE that you sleep in the most weirdest position. So adorable that he NEEDS to take a couple of photo's! He was a album titled '' Sleeping Beauty''.
✧ ''Did you sleep well?'' Suna said looking up from his phone to look at you and you'r sleepy state. You didn't really say anything you just scratched your back and noded before siting right next to him. You took a quick look to what Suna was watching on his phone before you noticed it was pictures of you sleeping in the most embarrassing position. ''You look so hot in this picture here. The drool really adds to your good look's!'' He said zooming the picture of your sleeping face. Next thing he knew his phone went flying out of the balcony.
Atsumu ~
He literally LAUGHS at you and your positions. But why is he laughing when his WORSE. He says you take up all the space, but at-least you sleep vertically. Mf sleeping horizontally- so who is he to judge?
✧ '' babe..we need to talk..'' Atsumu said in a serious tone. Which scared for a moment. ''sure, whats going on..'' Atsumu looked up at you then looked back down on the floor. ''We both need our own beds..'' You looked at him surprised ''WHY??'' ''You take up to much space babe..its nothing personal, really i still love yo-''. You smacked the back of his head. ''What do you mean I take up to much space? huh? Im no stranger to falling off the fucking bed because of how much space you take!'' Atsumu just gave you and offended look. He's WAY to good looking to sleep like that.
Tumblr media
A/N: feel free to ask for a part two lmao. But thanks for reading <3
Sorry it was short!
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bakugousdumbass · 3 months ago
When You Flash Him During An Argument
Characters: Atsumu,Akaashi,Iwaizumi
Genre: mostly spicy 🌶
A/N: My requests are open, have a good day!💜
You and Atsumu always argue over the most stupidest shit ever, today you were arguing about leaving the lights on. You then thought of something that might shut him up about the damn lights.
“Baby M’m not yelling at ya I just want ya to turn of the lights ya ain’t using!” You jutted out your lower lip in a pout as you slowly started to un-button your top, “I’m sorry T’sumu I’m just used to doing that.” He rubbed the back of his neck as he sighed “It’s fine baby but please just try to rem- What are ya doin’?” He stopped his sentence as he stared at you as you slowly took off your pants, “Just thought I might distract you and shut you up about the damn lights.” You said in a teasing tone, you then reached for the clip of your bra only to be smashed into the nearest wall, you yelped at Atsumu’s fast reflexes. “T’sumu what the hel-mmph!” He cut you off by smashing his lips onto yours, he hands made its way to your ass before giving it a spank making you moan. He pushed his tongue into your cavern exploring it, you whimpered as his hands wandered towards your chest. He pulled away from your lips before getting close to your ear, he gave it a nibble before whispering “How about I show ya how much of a distraction I can be baby?~” You didn’t even get the chance to speak as he threw you over his shoulder and dashed to the bedroom.
You were being clingy as your boyfriend Akaashi was doing paperwork, he told you he would be done in about 10 minutes but you clearly didn’t accept that answer. So here you were leaning over his broad shoulders as you whined while he was getting distracted.
“Lovely please I promise just 10 more minutes then I’m all yours.” “But Keiji I wanna spend time with you.” Your whined as you slumped over his figure, he gently pushed you off making you pout. “Baby can you please leave me for a few minutes?” You huffed before turning off his computer “Hey what was that- what are you doing?” His eyes widened as he saw you with your shirt off and pants, his cheeks painted with a dust of pink. You walked towards him before sitting in his lap, you wrapped your arms around his neck. “How many minutes now?” You teased as you played with the end of his tie, he chuckled deeply in his throat before softly grabbing your neck. “Your gonna get it tonight and I don’t wanna hear any complaints, got it princess?” “Yes.” He pinched your ass cheek making you Yelp softly “Yes what?” “Yes daddy.” He smirked dangerously “Good girl.”
Iwaizumi had a rough day today and you not doing the dishes clearly didn’t make his day any better, you can tell he looked stressed and wanted to help him.
“Babe just please put the dirty dishes in sink and clean them, that’s all I’m asking right now it’s not that hard.” “I’m sorry baby, you know sometimes I forget.” You mumbled as you started to take off your sweater, you then took off your shorts leaving you in your bra and panties. “Babe I get it, I’m like that too but just please- Woah! Where the hell are your clothes?!?” He hid his face in his hands before turning away his face already turning red, you hid back a giggle. You walked up to your boyfriend before throwing your arms over his neck and placing kissed on his cheek and neck, “I know you had a rough day baby, how about I help you relax?” You said in an innocent voice, he looked at you before admiring your beautiful body. He chuckled before smirking at you, he picked you up before throwing you on the couch, you yelped before giggling. You brought him down for a kiss which he returned, he started to kiss down your body making you moan at the feeling. “Sorry babe but I can’t help it, Looks I’m in charge tonight then.” You chuckled before rolling your eyes playfully, “Well I guess you are.”
Tags-list: @cryszus @ebiharachan
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hajimescutie · a month ago
hi!! can i request smth like a headcanon or drabble for the seijoh 4 or inarizaki boys (that you write for) reacting to their s/o singing doja cat’s need to know or ain’t shit (・・?)
this is my first time requesting smth lol i hope im doing this right(´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)
inarizaki singing doja cat
Tumblr media
includes: s. kita, a. miya, o. miya, & r. suna x gn!reader
genre: crack and fluff!
warnings: swearing, suggestive bc of the lyrics
a/n: I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK 5EVER BC I’VE BEEN WANTING TO DO THIS ONE I JUST HAVENT HAD TIME also i’m 100% making a seijoh 4 part to this bc why not and i also decided to combine the hc and drabble bc why not pt. 2
main masterlist
inarizaki masterlist
Tumblr media
KITA: woman
kita LOVES this song
which honestly surprised you bc you wouldn’t think that someone as sweet and pure as kita would actually listen to doja cat
then again doja cat is immaculate
so when you walked inside your home to hear a soft voice humming to the tune, your ears perked up
you tried your best to be as sneaky as possible, tiptoeing towards the kitchen to see your boyfriend’s phone playing the song, and said boyfriend facing the stove as he swayed his hips slightly to the song.
you had to bite your tongue in order to keep from giggling when he started singing the lyrics, “you can reciprocate, i got delicious taste you need a woman’s touch in your place…”
when he finally turned around to see you standing there with the biggest teasing grin on your face he let out a yelp, his face immediately turning a bright red as he stammered for something to say. you burst out laughing, walking over and wrapping your arms around your lover's waist.
“you weren’t supposed to see that,” the former captain mumbled, feeling his heated cheeks press against your neck where his face was currently hidden.
“it’s okay shin. for what it’s worth, you put on a great show and you have a lovely singing voice,” you said, rubbing his back up and down.
he pinched your waist in response, pulling back to grab your hands to dance to the rest of the song, laughter and smiles filling the small kitchen.
Tumblr media
ATSUMU: need to know
atsumu’s music taste is very… interesting
as someone who has immaculate music taste, you were very surprised when this song blasted through the speakers as soon as he turned on his car
even more surprised when the professional setter started SINGING IT
atsumu didn’t bother changing it, his fingers drumming against the steering wheel to the beat of the song. you had to try so hard in order to bite back remarks, until an idea popped in your head.
you sneakily took out your phone, tapping on the camera app and switching it to video. the universe must be on your side today because your lover started singing the best part of the whole song.
while dancing slightly in the driver’s seat, atsumu sang, “oh, wait, you a fan of the magic? poof! pussy like an alakazam. i heard from a friend that that dick was a ten out of ten!”
you busted out laughing as soon as he sang them, his head shooting towards you and the camera pointed at him.
“awww, y/n!! delete that right now. please baby if ya love me you’ll delete it. please i’m begging ya,” he said, looking between you and the road.
“please ‘tsum? it’s adorable! i promise i won’t show anyone,” you compromised, giving him the best puppy dog eyes and pouted lip.
he let out a sigh, “okay fine, but ya can’t send that ta anyone, got it?”
you gave him a happy nod, continuing to listen to the next song.
you 100% sent it to the other msby players and osamu.
Tumblr media
OSAMU: ain’t shit
apparently doja cat runs in the family
but osamu likes to hide his obsession, mainly to prevent the teasing from you and his brother
but, you caught him red handed at a very fortunate time while he was working
you had decided to make a surprise visit to ongiri miya, the staff greeting you with smiles as they told you that osamu was in the back helping out with cleaning the dishes.
you made your way back to the soapy station, only to slowly stop in your tracks when your ears were filled with, “look at what you did, listen to your friends, when they said, -ain’t shit.”
you peaked your head around the corner to see osamu with his sleeves rolled up, one hand holding a sponge while the other held a dirty pan. but the owner was too distracted having his own concert to notice your presence.
“i’m not gon’ key your car, or call your fucking mom, you should’ve payed my rent, go get a fucking job!” when he began using the sponge as a microphone, you had to step in.
“doja cat who?” you stated, stepping around while startling your boyfriend so much that the pan and sponge slipped back into the soapy water, his shirt becoming soaked with bubbles from the splash the dishes created.
he let out a sharp breath, “ya scared me babe.”
you let out a chuckle, “i didn’t want to ruin your moment ‘samu! you were getting pretty into it.”
he rolled his eyes at your comment, until he looked at you playfully as he took careful steps toward you.
“no… ‘samu, don’t you dare,” you demanded.
“what do ya mean baby? i just want a hug,” but before you could get away, he quickly pulled you towards him and wrapped his strong arms around your waist, spreading the lingering bubbles that were stuck to the fabric of his shirt to you, claiming that it was “punishment for ruining my moment”.
Tumblr media
SUNA: get into it (yuh)
this man is shameless
calls everyone who teases him haters
except you bc you’re the only one who entertains his love for this song
the giggles that were spewing out of your mouth was nonstop. not when your boyfriend was showing his most embarrassing dance moves at the party you both were at.
before this, you both were sitting with some former inarizaki players, catching up since it had been a minute since you were all together like this. that is until you and suna both heard the familiar tune, both of your mouths turning into grins as he snatched your hand and dragged you to the middle of the room.
when he first heard this song, it made him feel like a certain way. and when he told you that you were sorta confused.
“makes you feel like what?” you had asked a while back.
“sorta like… what do people call it when they feel really good about themselves and like they can do anything they want?” your green-eyed lover has asked.
“…a baddie?” you asked, furrowing your eyebrows together.
he snapped his finger and pointed at you,” yeah that!! that’s what this song makes me feel like.”
you stared at him for a minute, shaking your head while chucking, “you’re such an idiot rin.”
his idiocy led you both to here, dancing until your heart's content, ignoring the whistles that were sent both of your guy’s ways. as the song headed towards the end, you felt his hands wrap around your waist, pulling you into him with a cheesy smile on his face.
the last few lyrics bounced against the walls of the house, "thank you nicki..."
"i love you!" suna had said at the same time as the song, leaning forward to place a peck on your lips.
"got that big rocket launcher!" he also said, busting some even more embarrassing dance moves.
you'd never get sick of this.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated! <3
feedback is welcomed!
©hajimescutie 2021, all rights reserved
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sleep3deprived · 6 months ago
Haikyuu!! Boys Reaction to S/O Removing Glasses Prank
Pairings: Tsukishima Kei x GN!Reader, Atsumu Miya x GN!Reader (Separate)
Genre: Crack, Humour, Fluff?
Warnings: None, badly edited
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This mf
Honestly, this is more of something he’d do
So it can go both ways
He definitely said something to piss you off
After giving a comeback, you figuired now’s the perfect time to try it.
And you did :)
“Tsuki, I’m just trying to study-“ you gave him a look for him to stop bugging you. You hoped it would work but unlucky you, Tsukishima was in a mood today, and you were the lucky person.
“Why study? You’re just going to procrastinate again, right?” He looks at you with a knowing face while you were typing at your laptop.
You slowly turned your head to look at him, putting on your most “excuse-me-face” to see if he said what you presumed. I mean, he’s right, but he didn’t have to attack you like that.
After the silence being your answer, you decided to try a trend you saw awhile back and thought that right now was the perfect moment.
“I don’t even wanna look at you right now.” After taking off your glasses.
He stood there like 🧍
He really didn’t know what to say to that
Saltyshima just doesn’t know how to express his emotions.
Like a log 🪵
He does say sorry and makes up for it
Because you haven’t worn your glasses through the night to the evening of next day
This boy genuinely thought you didn’t wear your glasses. As if you don’t own contacts
He would never admit that you got him pretty good.
Ofc he started using that on other people tho
Kageyama wanted to drop kick him after he said that to him so bad.
Tumblr media
Atsumu Miya
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This bitch istg
I love him, I do but he was so shocked when it happened
Over a very petty argument too
Cause yk
You like pushing his buttons :)
“ATSUMU, IT DOES!” You yell at your boyfriend from across the couch. You really don’t understand how someone can be so dense.
“Babe, I love ya, I do, BUT IT REALLY DOESN’T!” Atsumu tried hard to keep it in. He really did. But hearing this ridiculousness spew out of your mouth was something that his brain is having trouble comprehending.
“No, ‘tsum. Listen. Pineapple is pretty good! I don’t know how you ate it, but if you make it JUST RIGHT, then YES IT DESERVES TO BE ON A PIZZA!” At this point in the argument, you are trying so hard to convince him that it does. But alas, he has a thick skull and one too many timed bleach hair.
“Uh-uh, not listening, la la la,” Atsumu puts his hands to his ears, singing a rather annoying and out of tune song to keep from hearing you.
“Omg, I can’t believe you. You know what, I don’t even wanna look at you.”
The minute you take your glasses off you really can’t see much
Just a blurry image of your boyfriend who really looks like a log with a yellow blob at the top
Nothing new really
But when you did that, when I tell you this man SCREECHED
he really stood there looking at you like
“This girl did NOT just say this to me”
He thought it was a good one, but not when it’s towards him
Did not hesitate to take your glasses and put it back on you saying “THIS CONVO ISNT OVER”
You late got ‘Samu to make you guys some pizza with pineapple
The PROPER way
Atsumu liked it.
May or may not have bought fake glasses to try it on other pple too
Tumblr media
Note: hey lovelies!! Here’s a random prank that I thought of doing to these boys after I’ve done it to my brother before he broke my only pair of functioning glasses. Anyways, hope you enjoyed and let me know if something wrong with it!!
Tumblr media
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leylaniee · 5 months ago
'My reflection' tiktok prank with HQ boys
Tumblr media
☾Gender neutral!Reader
☾Warnings: suggestive in Terushima because it’s Terushima🙄, heartbroken boys💔, one (1) bad word.
☾Genre: crack
☾Characters: Tooru Oikawa, Atsumu Miya, Yuuji Terushima, Tetsuro Kuroo
Tumblr media
"y/n-Chan I missed you!!!" Oikawa claims with a childish whine, but his whiny tone falters, as you look him in the eyes, without blinking. "Something wrong babe?" "You have something really beautiful in your eyes Tooru." You say, focused on his eyes. His cocky smirk:✔️ "what do I have in them baby?" "My reflection Tooru." His smirk drops so fast. He walks past you, gripping your wrist in the process, and walks to the car. "You’re lucky you’re a cutie." Iwaizumi has paid you 50$ for this, because he laughed his ass off for so long lol.
"Doll? Ya okay?" You ignore Atsumus question, and your gaze gets more intimidating second by second. "Okay yer startin' ta freak me out here. What’s wrong angel?" He asked again, and this time you answer him. "Tsumu there‘s something really beautiful in your eyes." You cup his cheeks with your hands, and he looks so confused. "Not just ma eyes look beautiful! Everything’s beautiful about me!" You try so hard not to laugh. "But what is so beautiful about ma eyes?" He asks, one brow raised and a lazy smirk on his lips. "My reflection Tsumu. I look so good." Like Oikawa, his smirk drops so fast. You stop recording, and send this to the old Inarizaki volleyball gc. He didn’t speak to you for 3 days.
Watcha doing prince/ss hm?" Terushima asks you, while two of his fingers are lifting your chin. "Nothing Yuu. Just looking at the beautiful thing in your eyes." You answer him, and smile a little. "And what is the 'beautifully thing' doll?" You focus on his whole face, before saying "my reflection Yuu. It’s really beautiful." Bobata and Futamata Are laughing so hard when his smirk drops. "This shouldn’t be s-so funny!" The two fingers of Terushima let go of your chin, and are gripping your throat. "Let‘s see what’s more beautiful. Your reflection or your shaking mess under me."
"Kitten what are you doing?" Kuroos smirk makes you just wanna go 🤜🏼💁🏻‍♂️. "I stare at my reflection you cocky asshole." His eyes widen so fast oml- "Kitten?! you hurt my feelings!" He says, and brings his hand up to his chest. Faking a pout. "I don’t care. But..." "but what?" "Could you bring me an happy meal?" "It’s 2am. Why are we even awake?" "I don’t know. But happy meal."
Tumblr media
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keijistar · 4 months ago
↬ summary: sometimes is just a little too hard to find someone you can trust. so, when the person you despised ended up being the one you told your secret to, it's fair to say you were shocked. who would've thought miya atsumu could become not only your confident but also your best friend? still, how long can you rely on his advices for? once another alluring boy enters your life you begin to question if atsumu can really help you out of this one.
Tumblr media
↬ pairing. miya atsumu × fem!reader; akaashi keiji × fem!reader
↬ genre and tags. smau with written parts; tooth-rooting fluff; college!au; oblivious pining; slow burn; a bit of angst on the side; slightly crack (if you have my incredible sense of humour); atsumu is an adorable dork and also a stupid bitch; you-kinda-wanna-thank-him-you-kinda-wanna-knock-him-out-you-kinda-wanna-push-him-up-against-the-wall-kinda-wanna-buy-him-a-round; you and atsumu are neighbors — if I took that idea out of that one taylor swift mv? absolutely fucking not; friends to lovers.
↬ cw. specific warnings will be listed according to each chapter, but suggestive jokes/content will probably appear.
Tumblr media
↬ current status: coming soon.
↬ lenght: 0/?
↬ updates. weekly on saturdays, 12 a.m. (GMT — 3); bi-weekly on saturdays 10 p.m. (GMT — 3)
↬ taglist status: open! send an ask to be added.
a/n: HI EVERYONE!! this is my first writing content since I moved blogs and I'm SUPER excited to get started! I hope you guys love this story just as much as I already do <3 also a HUGE thank you to @kureyama for listening to me ramble about this idea non-stop. this smau would not be the same w/o you! remember that reblogs help me out a lot <3
Tumblr media
the lions | the foxes
Tumblr media
chapter I. who's gon tell him?
Tumblr media
© 𝐤𝐞𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫 — 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏.  𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐝. 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭, 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐞 𝐢𝐭, 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐢𝐭 𝐧𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐝𝐮𝐜𝐞 𝐦𝐲 𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐨𝐰𝐧.
Tumblr media
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nosepetals · 2 months ago
Captain Miya Atsumu Headcanons
a/n: because third year Atsumu makes me giddy 
Tumblr media
takes every (and i mean every) opportunity to brag about his juniors, whether to tv crews, spectators, opponents. everyone.
“ya see that serve jus’ now? A taught ‘im that,” *queue that smug ass smile*
like Kageyama, he files his nails before important matches to make sure they’re the right length, both finger and toenails. He does it in front of his teammates too. The other third years hate him for it
the twins do that thing where at the start of the year they’ll tell the first years that the blonde one is Samu and the grey-haired one is Tsumu and then gaslight you and claim they said it was the other way around
like one morning, a first year comes into the gym and calls out Atsumu’s name while pointing at Osamu and they’ll shit on him for it
“Wha?! How could ya mistake ‘im for me?” 
“B-but ya said-”
“Were ya not listenin’ ta us before?” *hurt eyes*
“I’m dissapointed”
Ginjima smacked them on the head for scaring a first year and clears everything up
Atsumu insists on doing everything as a team, especially when they’re at away tournaments. You’re pulling out your lunch box? “let’s all eat together!” You’re going to buy t-shirts? “let’s all go take a look” You’re going to watch another team’s game? save a seat for literally everyone, Atsumu will somehow drag the whole team
it’s because he missed out on all the team-bonding activities in middle school so now he doesn’t want anyone feeling left out
he gets giddy when a first year calls his hand thing cool and asks to copy it
he’s the kind of third year that’s obsessed with drama from other grades. On bus rides to games, he’ll get all up and personal in his juniors’ faces and bombards them with questions
“whats the gossip?”   “who’s dating who?”   “is there anyone ya hate? I’ll bully ‘em for ya.”
will gladly take the blame for any trouble his teammates cause (breaking a window, tearing a net, losing the gym key, etc)
okay so there are two possibilities in my mind as to why
1. he doesn’t have a fantastic relationship with school admin because he gets in so much trouble already, so really what’s one more tick on his long list of misbehaviours? 
Also he hates seeing his juniors so anxious over getting in trouble :(
or 2. he has a perfect relationship with school admin. They LOVE him. He’s Miya fucking Atsumu, best high school setter in the country, captain of the volleyball team. He brings in new students and donors and a shit-load of trophies that the school can brag about. Private schools are superficial like that. 
They love him so much they’ll forgive him for anything, as long as he keeps the championships rolling in.
trash-talk enthusiast. no one’s safe
probably won’t show his bias, but he just has the tiniest (teensiest tiniest) soft spot for whoever gets his old jersey numbers
like probably just pays a little extra attention to them during practice and offers advice
idk why but i feel like his first year jersey number was 13 or 17
Ren, Akagi, Kita, and Aran all went to watch their national semi-finals and Atsumu didn’t notice them until after the game but he cried when he saw them. I’m talking sobbing, snot and all. 
he just missed them so much <3
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xmyshya · 5 months ago
Mint & Chocolate
summary: Atsumu takes you out for a day. genre: fluff, crack warnings: Atsumu being Atsumu, really cheesy, one adult joke a/n: Something to heal your broken souls after the previous one, hehe Fic is part of the Church of Meian Atsumu April collab! Check the masterlist here wc: 2.1k
It’s not often that you’re surrounded by not one, but three absolutely smoking men. It’s not often, because two of them are successful volleyball players, and the third one is a renowned restaurant owner. Nevertheless, even a few years after finishing high school, you still keep in touch with your best friends and meet regularly to reminisce about those carefree days. None of you is particularly sentimental, but maybe it’s just one shot too many, because Suna throws
“What’s one thing that you guys regret not doing in high school?”
And the answer isn’t simple at all. After all, it lasts only 3 years. 3 years filled with classes, exams, planning the future, club activities, nationals, successes and failures. 3 years of being suspended between “too young” and “too old”, “too cool” and “who the hell cares”. Yet, there is a thought forming in your head.
“Okay, I know it’s real cheesy, but please don’t laugh, ‘kay?”
They promise not to.
You’re brutally woken up, on a beautiful Saturday morning, by a furiously ringing doorbell. It’s only 9 am and you’re already mad, growling “coming!” at the abuse of a poor button outside of your apartment. Ready to scream when you swing the door open, you’re met with
“WHOA, who the hell are ya?!”
You blink once, then twice, and Atsumu Miya is still at your doorstep, apparently very much amused about your disheveled look. What did he expect, really.
“Do ya have plans for today? No? Good. Now get dressed, I’ll wait.”
And there he is, walking past you and sliding his shoes off. Before you register what has just happened, he’s already comfy on your sofa.
“Tick tock, sleeping beauty. Wear somethin’ comfortable!”
Normally, you’re not that obedient. You’re just surprised, that’s all. At least, that’s what you keep telling yourself when you blowdry your hair in a hurry, when you brush your teeth in a hurry, and when you put on your favourite pair of jeans and the softest t-shirt you can find. Also in a hurry.
“Looks good, lessgo!”
He slaps his thighs and lifts off the furniture when you finally walk out of your bedroom.
“Can ya at least tell me where we’re goin’?”
There it is. The famous Miya squint, condescending and arrogant, as he looks at you from above. Jerk.
It’s immediately replaced with his brightest, boyish smile. Adorable jerk.
“Ya hungry?”
Now that you think of it… You haven’t had breakfast yet. The loud growl of your stomach answers for you, to which Atsumu drops a paper bag on your lap, his eyes never leaving the road as he drives god knows where.
“A got ‘em for ya from ‘Samu. Just don’t make a mess, will ya?”
For a moment you contemplate punching the guy.
By some miracle, onigiri inside is still warm enough to release some steam upon opening the bag, and it’s enough to make an unholy amount of saliva gather in your mouth. Honestly, the younger twin’s triangular balls of rice were an ambrosia. Each bite brought you closer to nirvana, grains of perfectly cooked rice massaging your tongue, and fillings exploding with a harmonious fusion of flavours. The blonde next to you smiles to himself when he sees your expression of pure delight, as you melt into a passenger seat. After a feast like this, all sins are forgiven, all anger cleansed, all spirits lifted.
“Gotta tell ‘Samu this is a foodgasm.” “A what?” “Foodgasm? As in… food so good that your tongue is getting an orgasm?” “Oh, I can give ya an orgasm on yer tongue, if ya want.”
You do punch the guy after all.
“‘Kay princess, we here.”
Atsumu parks his car among dozens of other vehicles.
“Here? Why are we-” “Didntcha say ya wanted to do this?” “Well, yeah, but-” “No but. C’mon, we got stuff to do.”
You’re still tossing between excitement, embarrassment and surprise, while being pulled through the gate, a colourful band wrapped around your wrist.
“Let’s go there first!”
By any means, you’re not a coward. You just don’t like scary things. He should know that. So why are you now following his footsteps in this dark, creepy haunted house? “It’s for kids, it can’t be that bad” is played in your head like a mantra, but does it help? Absolutely not. So you crumple a handful of his t-shirt, seeking comfort in this brittle connection.
“Is someone scared?”
His voice echoes in the darkness, teasing and boisterous.
“O-of course n-not! Unless it’s you!” “No worries! A’ll protect ya!”
And he pulls you closer, one arm around your shoulders. Hanging spiderwebs tickling your foreheads, and mechanical dolls laughing hysterically don’t feel so terrifying anymore. That is, until one of the dolls, not as mechanical as you thought it to be, chases you through the corridors. You have no idea which one of you is screeching louder.
One of the adjectives that come to mind immediately when you think of the older Miya is competitive. It’s painfully obvious on court, it’s painfully obvious in his interactions with others, and it’s painfully obvious when his next choice of entertainment is… go-karts race. Which is also hilarious, considering how this huge and beefy volleyball player tries to fit into a tiny (in comparison) car and you half expect it to be crushed between his thighs. Just this sight alone makes it worthy being pulled out of your slumber.
“Hurry up or I win by default.”
His grumbling makes you cackle even louder.
Trying to get this small machine to work as you wish for it to, reminds you exactly why you don’t have a license. You’re uncoordinated, and having to pedal, to watch where the track leads, and to react accordingly is, putting it simply, too much. It starts to be irritating, when you bump into the other vehicle for the fourth time. “He won’t let it slide,” you think, and he really doesn’t.
“Oi, Y/N, are ya planning to kill me or sumthin’?” “Shut up, stupid ‘Tsumu!”
The blonde laughs heartily, as you try to get back on track. After feeding on your desperation, he decides to help and kicks your kart away from his.
“Okay, good to go! See ya!”
Atsumu waves as he drives away.
“Ya sonuvabitch!”
He’s already too far to catch up.
His hold on your wrist is unforgiving, as you’re being pulled through the whole park, towards a huge attraction. He’s running almost, he knows well you could change your mind any moment now. This is exactly what you want to do though, looking at the construction from up close. It’s so much bigger from this distance, too fast for your liking, definitely not looking safe, and ohmygod are those screams? What were you even thinking when you agreed to this?
“We’re lucky! There’s no line!”
Lucky? This is not “lucky”, this is a nightmare.
“Are you ready?”
A member of the staff asks when they’re done with explaining safety rules to the current batch of participants.
But it’s already too late. Protection mechanism is locked, trapping you inside. Sharp pull signals the beginning of hell. Unconsciously, your hands grab Atsumu’s forearm tightly as “nononono, don’t wanna” falls from your lips repeatedly. The devil incarnate next to you laughs, and you swear you could see a shadow of horns.
“Just relax and enjoy!” “Shut up”
“C’mon, open yer eyes! Yer missing all the fun!” “I refuse!”
If anything, you keep them shut even tighter.
“Ya sure?”
There’s a warm touch on your hand, a movement you’re only half aware of, but when fingers intertwine with yours, your eyes shoot wide open. Though immediately your attention is grabbed by the sight of a really high peak right in front of you. Quick look around reveals an almost perpendicular angle of the railway, the ground being as far away as the clouds.
“‘Tsumu, I don-”
You don’t get to finish, when brakes are released and the whole car slides down backwards with a terrifying speed. Inhuman screeches mixed with excited shouts fill the air, and you really think your soul would have been pushed out of your body if not for a firm grip around your palm.
Dizziness mixed with adrenaline overwhelms your senses, as you follow Atsumu towards a bench. What a ride it was. Even after it’s done, fear is still circulating in your veins, maybe with a tiny hint of excitement. Never again.
“Are ya that weak at the knees fer me?” “Ya wish.”
Yet, you walk with the grace of a newborn deer. If not for his hand holding yours… wait, what? H-his hand… Still?
“Hey, let’s sit for a moment, get ya to breathe, yeah?”
There are two sources of heat. One in the sky, peeking through leaves of the tree you’re seated under. It’s well in the afternoon, and not even summer, but it’s borderline uncomfortable. You wish you were wearing shorts. Second origin, much closer, being the skin on skin of your joined fingers. You’re awfully aware of the fact now, blood rush blooming and burning on your cheeks. “It’s just the sun,” you try to convince yourself. His thumb is rubbing soothing circles on the back of your hand.
“Let’s find somethin’ ta eat. I’m starving.”
He gets up after your breathing steadies, not letting go of your hand.
Finally the crowd thins out with the evening approaching. It’s easier to walk now that you don’t have to watch out for kids running around, or in order not to bump into other people. It’s not completely dark yet, but random lights appear here and there already. You’re admiring the colours surrounding you, when you feel a tug on your hand.
“Oi, no date is complete without this!”
You turn to look at a… claw machine.
“Are you serious, ‘Tsumu?” “Which one ya want?”
You scan the plushies inside, creepy spiders, shiny fish, dolls with heads way too big, until your eyes land on a soft-looking fox with a huge fluffy tail. The problem? It’s in the furthest corner of the box.
The man curses under his breath. It’s his fifth try and the toy fell. Again.
“‘Tsumu, it’s fine, you don’t hafta do this.”
You manage to choke out bent in half from laughter.
“Ya want it, ya shall get it.”
He hisses through clenched teeth, inserting a bunch of coins again. His ego would suffer some serious damage if he gave up now.
Three more rounds, and you’re carrying the stuffed ginger animal in your arms.
By the time you reach the last checkpoint for the day, it’s completely dark and the only people left are either in a cart just like the one you’re in, or waiting for their turn. It moves slowly with a soft hum, rocking gently as it begins its journey on a vertical orbit. All the merry-go-rounds, stalls, roller coasters grow smaller and smaller, until they’re reduced to a swarm of colourful fireflies, twinkling and spinning.
Above, a vast black ocean littered with glimmering stars seems so close that you could collect them if you reached out. Being lifted in this glass and metal can makes it so easy to imagine that you have wings and fly up, higher and higher, until you’re completely free. For now, you relax in your seat, running fingers mindlessly through soft plush.
Behind the other window, the ground tries to mirror the sky. Another city that never sleeps, with its flickering flashy advertisements, temple lanterns, late home-comers lighting up their tiny rooms. Skyline is covered in a rainbow glow, and you can’t tear your gaze away.
“Beautiful.” Atsumu says quietly, he can’t look away either. “True, the city lights-” “No, I meant you.”
Your eyes meet his for a second, before his hands cup your cheeks and his face stops millimetres away from yours.
“Can I kiss ya?”
A question rather felt than heard, not louder than a breath, yet reverberating in your head.
His lips are soft against yours, and he still tastes like the minty chocolate ice cream from before.
You walk through the empty square of the park hand in hand, but this time, it’s peaceful and warm. It feels right, as if your fingers always belonged in the spaces between his. It feels complete. Almost.
“Wait! I left the fox on the seat!”
“Okay, I know it’s real cheesy, but please don’t laugh, ‘kay?”
They promise not to.
“I always wanted to go on an amusement park date.”
They promised. So why are they rolling on the floor and howling?
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gh0ulszn · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
tsumu x reader
Tumblr media
gender neutral but mentions of coochie😐
timeskip af
uh part 2
free robux
a/n: I made this a long time ago lololol but I am super busy and just wanted to post it bc im sorry for not updating any of my series !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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poofitsasnek · 2 months ago
Arguments The Twins Got Into
being an argumentive piece of shit i love thinking about all the things the twins beat eachother for <33
genre : crack
warnings - mentions of vagina and vaginal parts
Tumblr media
first and foremost, atsumu wanted to do a twins thing and wear the same clothes for a day
very persistent
continuously persistent
uh oh, osamu your veins do be popping
manz got whacked across the face with a random sweatshirt osamu was carrying
atsumu cried and begged osamu
he said 'no' five times and gave an entire essay as to why 'no' in one sitting.
they did it tho lmao.
osamu swore death on atsumu while the piss-hair strided around in glee
anything with the numbers 1 and 2
like yk the shirts 'thing 1' 'thing 2'
besties had whole ass bite marks and scratches when they were little fighting over the 'thing 1' shirt
even chased each other around with a stapler
i feel so bad for their parents PLS
atsumu did accidentally stapled his brother on his shoulder during those times and reluctantly gave up his title as number 1 for a month
osamu totally thought the staple was worth it
atsumu went through a dumb phase
he thought people with pussies could close their sacred lips for some reason???
where he got that from idk idk
osamu was so done with his brother atp
literally argued about the labia for an HOUR telling atsumu that they dont HAVE BODILY FLUID GLUE THEY PRODUCED
he even had to turn the idea down of having ZIPPERS INSTALLED
needless to say
by the end of the argument
they knew where every single part of the vagina and found no evidence regarding closing them
atsumu gets teased about it by his brother and man visibly shudders and shrinks
osamu thought volleyballs were the same as basketballs and soccerballs for a small window of time
atsumu was not happy about this discovery. hence why it was a small window of time.
this man did SUPER THOROUGH RESEARCH to make sure his brother could NOT argue with him
so the next time osamu and his dumbassery said, "hey can't we just use the basketball?"
mans got traumatized and the lecture of his life.
atsumu spit word for word the essay he practiced a week for
grey guy didnt even get TIME to argue back
he was left dazed and afraid in the middle of the yard while atsumu triumphantly practiced receiving by himself.
the day they discovered flavored candy was the same
was the same day they discovered atsumu was passionate about this subject.
it was second to volleyball arguably.
he took one glance at skittles and suddenly he's 'arguing' with his brother about why THEY ARE different flavors
osamu really just wanted some instant ramen
but but said some shit that ticked him off
full blown argument in the middle of Miya Kitchen about flavorings in candy and how they do/do not exist.
with some... sweet insults they got grounded for.
atsumu poured a quarter cup too much water into a rice cooker
was banned from the kitchen for a week by head chef osamu
no questions asked
best part tho
is he couldn't go in AT ALL
he'd sneak past the 'guards' only to shit his pants by the jumpscare 'filthy dumb pig' pulled
he learns
and he learned quick
"Ya banned me remember??? Ya don't have a choice."
poor osamu
didnt have a choice
and couldnt swallow his pride enough to unban him
never did he ban him again (un)fortunately
depends on how you look at it
a nonbiased point is that atsumu didnt properly learn how to cook
Tumblr media
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mrssunasimpowo · 3 months ago
Haikyuu dad's when there child says they have a crush at school
A/N: I am drooling over haikyuu dads rn. And i finally got an idea so yay :D.
Atsumu x Reader - Sakusa x Reader - Kita x Reader - Oikawa x Reader
So it was a normal day, Atsumu picked your little girl up from school. Until his daughter said. ''Daddy, am I pretty?'' ''Ofcource you'r pretty angel, why would you think that? did someone say you'r ugly?'' He said with a concerning voice . Your daughter smile grew ''Good! That means Hiroji will like me back as i'm pretty!'' Atsumu literally choked on air. ''LIKE YOU BACK?? Princess your to good for the boys at your school! You have daddy to stay with!'' She looked at atsumu and smiled ''Ya i mean i AM so pweety . And two hiroji picks his booger's.'' She said all of a sudden not being interested in hiroji. ''Ya! he seems like a very gross boy unlike daddy.'' ''YAAAA'' your daughter agreed. So now they were both talking about how gross guys were until your daughter said. ''do you think uncle sakusa will let me date his son as i'm pweety?'' ''NO-''
Sakusa was watching tv with his daughter they were currently watching the little mermaid. Then when the movie ended his daughter said ''Dad one day i'm gonna get married with Akito!'' ( Lets say Akito is atsumu's son in this one lmao- ) Sakusa froze, he didn't like Atsumu and he once say Akito come out of the bathroom without washing his han ds, and he clearly didn't like the idea of his angel getting married, she's just 6 for crying out loud. ''darling, you sure Akito? I mean his very very VERY dirty! You know I saw him come out of the bathroom without washing his hands!'' Ofcource her daughter took some traits from her father and cared a-lot about hygiene so she was disgusted. ''EWWW never mind!!! i just wanted to get married so i can wear a pretty white dress just like ariel when she got married!!!'' She said sitting on her fathers lap hand hugging him. ''Daddy will try to get you a pretty white dress then.'' Ofcource he felt relived i boy is good enough for HIS daughter.
After Kita's working hours were over, like usual he came home and was greeted with his young daughter jumping in his arms. He noticed today she was giddier then usual. Ofcource he asked what made her so happy and jumpy all of a sudden. Then she showed him a wilted flower. '' Yuki gave me this flower! Isn't it pretty!!!'' She said squealing. He was happy his daughter got a flower but he didn't know who was yuki. ''Darling, who's yuki? Is she a friend of your's?'' ''Yuki is my classmate, he is a she dad. His my crush! I like him very very very very very much!'' She squealed. It made him smile for a moment because Kita gave you a flower in high school as confession, but thats when he was old enough to date! His daughter is 6 years old! Way to young to start dating. ''Thats very sweet of him. But...maybe you shouldn't be thinking about dating sweetie.'' ''Why?'' She said pouting. ''Well, because you'r to young.'' Your daughter thought for a second and said ''okay. Il wait till i'm older then, but what age can i date?'' She said going back to pouting. ''When your 35 sweet heart. Now let's put that dead flower- pardon i mean flower in water, okay?'' ''Okay!''
Oikawa came home from practise to come home to you and his daughter talking about this new boy that came to class. Of Course being the AMAZING father he is eavesdropped for a moment to hear about this new boy his daughter is obsessed about. ''Ya, and his from spain! his so pretty!'' She said '' No really? That means he speaks spanish?'' ''Ya he does, he spoke to the whole class in spanish! He is so smart and looks pretty to!''. Oikawa couldn't take it anymore. He couldnt take it, he didnt want his daughter talking about some stupid boy. ''Mi amor. What is this boy you'r talking about? Is he really that pretty? Prettier than your own good looking father??'' He said dramatically. Your daughter giggled at how dramatic Oikawa was, so she messed around with him. ''Yes! his prettier then you daddy! So pretty!'' Oikawa couldn't process what he just heard. this new boy, PRETTIER than him. Rip oikawa 😔. ''If I bought you ice cream and that new princess costume will you stop liking him?'' ''HMMMMMM. Okay!'' And on that day forward she never talked about the new boy in her front of oikawa ofc. She still talks plenty about him to you.
End A/N: Ty if you got this far. And i want to say sorry for not posting much. I had the worst writers block. lmao.
Requests are currently open so dont be shy to send a requests <3
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kurooisdbest · 6 months ago
hiii! i’m not sure if you’re still doing your 200 event (congrats btw!!) so my nickname is Ari + kuroo, ushijima, and atsumu and my fav number is 4 (not sure if i even did this right lol) thank you so much!! 🤍
Hi Ariiii ehehehe this took me so long to do I’m sorry 😭
anywayyys i’m doing texts instead of drabbles for this one im sorry but I hope you still like it 😭
here are your results!
Kuroo Tetsurou (Married)
Ushijima Wakatoshi (Lovers)
Miya Atsumu (Enemies)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: idek what I did at this point ngkenf i think my brain is rotting 🙃
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yaomomvs · 5 months ago
when fangirls say sike
they are not the only pretty ones in your relationship
Tumblr media
don’t get me wrong, you knew from the very beginning that dating tōru oikawa meant dealing with his fangirls
more than dealing it’s just that you know they are going to be constantly there
yeah sometimes a tiny part of them are kinda jealous lol obv u got the prettiest boy of them all
but don’t misunderstand, most of them were really sweet to you
they like the fact that oikawa now has someone as cool and kind as you
still oikawa doesn’t know that bc of you being his s/o well...
“tooru! come one that was a jaque mate don’t be a sore loser!”
iwa chuckles while makki hands over money to mattsun.
“what? you are the greatest captain but chess was never your strongest point”
oikawa face now look offended and he puts making you giggle. you give him a soft peck on the cheek and suddenly oikawa’s mood takes a one hundred eighty degrees turn.
“ugh! disgusting y/n-chan” mattsun throws you napkin ball and you laugh out loud now.
“you are just jealous go get yourself someone, oh wait, you can’t” your boyfriend teases.
“don’t go being narcissistic, y/n really needs glasses, shittykawa” his best friend says.
“iwaizumi!” you claim “we have to make him believe that i don’t!”
“baby you are way meaner that these three together!”
“in my defense you did ask me to wait with you four while practice starts”
you left out another exaggerated laughter and high five iwaizumi.
then you hear a soft, almost inaudible sweet voice. makki is the first one to spot the tiny blonde haired girl that stands behind seijoh’s setter. his cheeks are blushing and she keeps staring to the ground way to embarrassed to even look up.
“oi-oikawa senpai i-“
you sigh and give a soft smile to your boyfriend before he turns around. oikawa really did not like when his fans confessed in front of you, he knows you’d never doubt that he loves you and only you, but still it was pretty awkward to him rejecting girls in front of you.
you on the other hand as long as they were respectful really were happy that oikawa’s fangirls treated him right. you sometimes felt insecure because they gave your boyfriend more than you could handle sometimes, like gifts, etc. but still you trust oikawa and that’s all that really matters.
the girl was really nervous and it made her look kinda cute, she was holding a package of... gummies, and a folded pink sheet which you assumed was another letter.
“hello! oh i guess those are for me, how lovely!” the brown haired boy starts cheerfully as every time, he tries to be kind with the girls. however the girl face was reflecting... confussion. then he continues “i’m so flattered! i really am but i don’t know if because you are a first year you don’t know that i-“
“i-, oikawa senpai i need you to move” she interrupts your boyfriend clueless “i’m trying to to talk y/n senpai”
your eyes widen at how suddenly the girl approaches you once again dying from nervousness.
“y/n senpai y-you are gorgeous and i- i just want to please go out on a date with me! my heart is hopelessly devoted to you!” she bows and extends her arms to you asking you to receive her gift which was gummies you recognized and the letter “i’ve heard these are your favorite!”
hesitantly you left out a soft giggle and thank her, you felt your cheeks burn, the thing is that there was this cute girl confessing her endless love to you in front of your boyfriend was just embarrassing and hilarious at the same time.
oikawa is still in his place frozen while disastrous laughs are heard from his friends, iwaizumi claps trying to breathe.
“i- i’m very thankful for this, sweetheart” you say noticing how the girl is about to pass out because of the nickname “but well i have a boyfriend! i’m dating the idiot behind you, i’m sorry but i hope we can be friends!”
at first this girl looked kinda heartbroken but when you took her and and watching you being so genuine cheered her up a bit and she immediately nodded.
“i really appreciate that” flustered, she turned around trying to evade iwaizumi, makki and mattsun admiring stares at her.
but when she passed through oikawa, her expression completely changed to a deep scary looking type, if stares could kill, the setter would be already buried a thousand meters underground
“watch your back pretty boy” she shamelessly said and you and makki once again bursted into laughs.
oikawa glances at you panicking from the boldness of this little girl tryin to steal his s/o.
“sorry darling!”
godddd yk how badly he wants his fangirls to just leave him alone
having tsumu as your boyfriend is pretty much dealing with this fact
but you loooveeed the girls no matter what, i mean once again they are just not mean to you, super sweet and you adored how they got atsumu out of their mind
in fact sometimes when they watched during practice time you made sure you told them embarrassing thing about him
still tsumu having fangirls just meant that he had a reason to keep believing he is just great
“nice kill, tsumu!” you congratulate from the side bench.
it was now a habit you just staying over practice since you had nothing else to do, and besides it was good excuse to see you boyfriend for a little longer. and the coach didn’t mind as long as you didn’t interrupt so it was a win win.
“only for you baby!” he points you just to create a heart shape with his hands.
“that was your first landed spike, asshole” suna bickered and you laugh. atsumu’s face is solely red from embarrassment and proceeds to yell at his teammate.
the coach whistle blew and if you were not wrong, the team was now going to practice serves and receives. therefore, you tried to move in a place where you couldn’t get reached.
“you got this atsumu!” a femenine voice says over at the higher stands in the gym looking how your boyfriend was about to hit the first serve. you recognized the girl since she was always with other two friends always cheering for the twins sometimes she more than her other friends. the other few people looked at them surprised for the brunette girls confidence in screaming that.
osamu is the first one to wave at them, unbothered while the yellow haired twin was in a good mood to look at them and followed his brother action.
“weren’t they here yesterday too?” kita asks politely and you nod.
“it’s sweet that they support them anyways” you assure.
while doing this the girls spotted you and you happily raised a hand.
“they just be blind if they come to see you guys, puag” the inarizaki libero says and a laugh follows up from aran’s mouth.
“they come to see me, jerk, osamu is the less hot twin anyways” the setter boasts himself.
and even tho osamu never wanted the fangirls attention as his brother however he abruptly wanted to mess with his twin.
“yeah sure piss hair”
everyone laughs at osamu’s statement and you just roll your eyes.
“who are you calling piss hair?!?”
“there’s a thing called toner bitch!” suna pushes.
you take a quick look around to se the other spectators’ reaction to one of the twins fights, you get distracted on how the brunette girl is confused and her other girl friends seem... unbothered?
and when your boyfriend is about to go all on osamu trying to punch him you catch suna taking a volleyball and suddenly throws it straight to atsumu.
everything happened so quickly that when the ball hit atsumu, you didn’t have time to react after the ball was deflected towards you hitting you right up in the face.
the girls in the stands squeak panicking.
“love!” you barely manage to stop you bleeding nose and dizziness and focus on your boyfriend’s voice.
“hey don’t-“ aran tries to stop the girls from the stands
“atsumu-“ a cute ginger girl calls out.
aran as well as the rest of the team thought the girls approaching from the stands were just searching the perfect opportunity to intercept the twins. and before kita imposes the girls to leave, he stops.
“not now you jerks, don’t you see-“ the blonde setter starts while kneeling in front of you but then, he feels a pair of hands pushing him to the side.
“atsumu get out of the way can’t you see y/n-senpai is hurt!” the red haired girl says annoyed by his presence.
“y/n-senpai are you okay?” the brunette one who was cheering for your boyfriend asks hyper worried as the other blonde girl hands her a tissue to help clean up your bloody nose.
inarizaki team is shocked and the suna lefts out a sour giggle noticing how tsumu looks at you being all touchy touchy with who we’re supposed to be his fangirls.
“uh these guys are just brutes!” the ginger growls.
“uh girls i’m okay sometimes it happens don’t worry i-“ you try to defend them however somehow they look way more annoyed than before.
your cheeks turn red seeing how well the fans were treating you, after all they were so close and you wondered what this meant. and realized why they were somehow unbothered minutes before because apparently you boyfriend was not the only one they cared for.
you spot aran teasing tsumu and a very confused but satisfied osamu.
“can you please stop they have a boyfriend here!”
“we have to go to the infirmary y/n-san!” the blonde one helps you stand carefully, and completely ignoring atsumu.
“yeah you are only exposed to dangers with this idiotic boys”
before you could say anything they dragged you out of the gym.
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sunkaashi · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
↬ In which the MSBY boys take a trip to Disney World and Universal Studios.
↬ Genre: Crack
↬ Featuring: Shoyo Hinata, Kotaro Bokuto, Kiyoomi Sakusa, Atsumu Miya. 
↬ Word Count: 0.4k
↬ Warnings: Light Cussing? I guess nothing else. Let me know if you think I’m wrong!
↬ tris' note: I laughed way too hard thinking about these... I just hope you guys find it as funny as I do. also, reblogs are deeply appreciated and help me tons ♡
© sunkaashi — 2021.  all rights reserved. do not repost, plagiarise it, translate it nor reproduce this post as your own.
Tumblr media
↬ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 always sprays rubbing alcohol on the seat before going on a ride.
↬ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 keeps trying to cut in line, but 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 pulls him back by the collar every time.
↬ 𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐓𝐀 throws up on 𝐁𝐎𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎’s sneakers after they go on “Space Mountain” for the 5th time in a row. “Oh, man, I just got these shoes!”
↬ 𝐁𝐎𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 bawls his eyes out at the fireworks show and simply will not stop sobbing for the next two hours. Later, he facetimes 𝐀𝐊𝐀𝐀𝐒𝐇𝐈 to tell him how pretty it was.
↬ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 makes fun of him but also cries the minute “When You Wish Upon a Star” starts playing. 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 notices this and takes pictures for future blackmail. He’s definitely laughing behind the mask.
↬ 𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐓𝐀 did not know you could pick a song to listen to while riding “Rock It”. He gets nervous and randomly presses tons of buttons, accidentally choosing “I Will Survive”. The song hits chorus on the highest fall of the ride.
↬ A kid grabs 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀’s hand by mistake and he freezes on the spot. The other boys look at him just as mortified as he is.
↬ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 says he won’t ride shotgun on “Splash Mountain” because he doesn’t want to get wet. 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 tells him that’s stupid as everyone knows the first seat is the driest one since it breaks through the water barrier. They fight over this and 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 decides he’ll go on the front to prove his point. He ends up COMPLETELY drenched. “Told you, dumbass. At least now you’re clean…”
↬ 𝐁𝐎𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 keeps disappearing and suddenly coming back with food, mostly pretzels and turkey legs. 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 complains that he didn’t buy him one. The next time 𝐁𝐎𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 goes missing, he comes back with cotton candy for all of the boys.
↬ 𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐓𝐀 wants to buy Mickey headbands for each of them to wear, except that he messes up and gets Minnie’s instead.
↬ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 has a fear of people dressed up as pets. Whenever they run into a Mickey Mouse, he hides until they go away. The problem is that 𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐓𝐀 and 𝐁𝐎𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 always want to take pictures with EVERY character they meet. “GUYS, LOOK, IT’S GOOFY!”
↬ Bathroom lines are always insane, so the boys make 𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐓𝐀 hold it in for the whole day. When they go on Tower of Terror, 𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐓𝐀 is so frightened that he can’t take it anymore and pees himself a little.
↬ 𝐁𝐎𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 buys so many souvenirs that he is stopped at Customs when they come back home.
Tumblr media
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sunarent · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
hair dye
Tumblr media
pairing: atsumu x reader
type: oneshot
genre: crack
synopsis: in which he dyes your hair
wc: 0.6k
warnings: none
Tumblr media
»Can you stay still, I don’t want to mess this up!« Atsumu growled behind you, holding a strand of your hair up while simultaneously mixing the dye.
You rolled your eyes. »You wouldn’t struggle so much if you would just let me mix it, you know?« you muttered, hands already reaching for the little bowl.
»Nuh-uh!« he exclaimed »I told you, I‘d help you so let me do this«
Sighing you leaned back again. »Sure. Just let go of my hair and mix it properly or you‘re gonna make a mess«
Atsumu snorted but complied after all.
A couple days ago you mentioned to him how you wanted to dye your hair. You didn’t even know why, you simply had this deep desire to do so.
»Alright. Tell me what color and I‘ll dye it for you« Atsumu immediately said. He somehow seemed more excited than you about this, since he was the one to grab your arm and practically drag you to the next drugstore.
And now you sat in his bathroom, a towel draped over your shoulders with Atsumu standing right behind you. His eyebrows were furrowed as he parted your hair after finally mixing the color together in a small plastic bowl.
»Good« the setter sang, looking into your eyes through the mirror »Let‘s do this!« You took a deep breath and closed your eyes for a second before you nodded.
Calm down. It’s no big deal. It’s just hair.
Atsumu was more than careful. He was observant and careful as he slowly applied the paste to your hair, starting rom the ends and slowly moving to your roots, always making sure to reapply some if needed.
Just as he finished the first few strands you stared getting doubts and started fidgeting in your seat.
What if it didn’t look as good on you? Was it even the right color? Jesus, what would your friends say? Would they like it?
Hell, what would Atsumu think?
»Baby. Stay still« he commanded »I know you‘re nervous and that’s alright, but if you keep fidgeting so much, I‘ll mess up and it’s gonna look horrible. You should‘ve seen Samu the last time I‘ve helped him with his hair« The blonde snorted. »I’m pretty sure he wanted to kill me right then and there«
»Wait, you‘ve send me a picture that day, right?« you suddenly remembered »Didn’t he have more dye on his shirt and neck than on his hair, right?«
You two bursted out laughing.
Atsumu took another strand in his hair, coloring it. »But still, he let me fix it. Basically I had to run to the store at night just to grab some more dye. On the way back it was raining and I forgot my keys so, yeah, Samu got his revenge« Atsumu continued.
You remembered that very vividly. Not only was it late, but Atsumu caught a cold after that. Being the stubborn and determined person that he is, he blankly refused to acknowledge that he was sick and wanted to train just like usual.
Thankfully Kita was there to scold him and send him home.
»You can’t deny that you didn’t like me taking care of you, Tsumu« you said shrugging.
He chuckled. »No, I can’t. No complaints here, angel«
The setter‘s eyes never left your hair as he continued to color it, still maintaining a lighthearted conversation with you, which stopped you from fidgeting to much and after many more minutes, you heard him sigh in relieve.
»You got a lot of hair, you know?« he remarked, smirking at you. »C‘mon, we gotta wait some time and then we‘re gonna wash it out, alright?«
Atsumu leaned over, placing a small peck on your lips. His hands found their way on your hips as he continued speaking. »My angel‘s gonna have beautifully colored hair and then we can match« He started giggling.
Tumblr media
tags [join here!]:
Tumblr media
© sunarent. all rights reserved. do not modify, copy or claim as your own. do not repost. reblogs are appreciated
Tumblr media
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keijistar · 4 months ago
↬ summary: sometimes is just a little too hard to find someone you can trust. so, when the person you despised ended up being the one you told your secret to, it's fair to say you were shocked. who would've thought miya atsumu could become not only your confident but also your best friend? still, how long can you rely on his advices for? once another alluring boy enters your life you begin to question if atsumu can really help you out of this one.
© 𝐤𝐞𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫 — 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏.  𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐝. 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭, 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐞 𝐢𝐭, 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐢𝐭 𝐧𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐝𝐮𝐜𝐞 𝐦𝐲 𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐨𝐰𝐧.
Tumblr media
the lions | masterlist | the foxes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆ aran muted the twins for a whole month when he first joined twitter. he's thinking about doing it again.
☆ kita almost never tweets, he basically only interacts with his old teammates and gardening accounts.
☆ osamu didn't follow atsumu. atsumu literally had to take his phone and follow himself.
☆ suna gained a considerable amount of followers when he started shitposting about the twins. but he got way too tired of their shenanigans and regrets doing it. every once in a while he holds this power over their heads tho.
☆ you were inarizaki's manager and you are still good friends with most of them.
Tumblr media
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melsun-deleted · 15 days ago
thinking abt drunk! atsumu singing "can't help falling in love" outside your window on the roof at 3a.m. after a fight; you let him in because it's cold and he might fall off, and as much as you're mad at him right now, you don't want him to get hurt <3
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xmyshya · 7 months ago
summary: I am a firm believer that Atsumu CAN be soft. When he wants to. And now he just might. genre: fluff, crack, smut warnings: fem!reader, soft Atsumu, sexual tension, making love at the end, MINORS DNI special thanks: HQHQ and our lovely Atsumu sessions, you guys gave me so much inspiration for the last part. I love you. I love you all. a/n: I don’t want to say that I’m proud of this one, but I am. wc: 2.7k
Looking at the friend sitting across the table in the quiet corner of this adorable cafe, you can’t help but think how crazy it has been. Mostly because he’s an idiot, but you LOVE that idiot. “Y/N? Are ya even listenin’?” “Uhh… yes?” “What were ya thinkin’ ‘bout so hard anyway?” “Okay, uhm, remember when…”
The gym was huge and offered a lot of equipment, half of it having names you’d never heard before. The only problem? It was constantly crowded. Except for crazy early hours, which is why you were dressed in your tracksuit and drenched at 5 am. Yet, you were still not alone at this ungodly time. On the first day, he visibly hesitated before entering, clearly wanting absolutely no company. You couldn’t really blame him, he was probably followed by throngs of fans and paparazzi every day. The man must have deemed you harmless however, because he stayed. Well, at the other end of the enormous room, but stayed. He came back on the next day. And next one. And another, and soon enough you were nodding at each other in a silent greeting. This odd ritual continued on for a few weeks, until… “Hey, ya… come here often?” Fuckfuckfuck, he was still sporting the smug smile, though his eyes were filled with panic. You stared at him dumbfounded. Guess even celebrities struggle sometimes. “Uhh… I… N-no, this is my first time.” Both of you erupted in laughter. “Miya Atsumu, nice to meet ya.” “Oh yeah, I know.” He raised an eyebrow. “I mean… L/N Y/N, nice to meet you too”
“D’ya really gonna rub it in ma face til the end of ma life?” “Nah, I’m pretty sure I’ll forget when I’m old, so I gotta make use of it till I can.” The blonde doesn’t look happy. Amusing. “So what were you talking about?” “Oh right, so there’s gonna be a party for the team and friends, and… uhh… would you like to… be my plus one?” Of course you would like to. Love to. “Lemme know what colours ya wanna wear.” “Ehh? You wanna match or something?” There is a teasing undertone in your question. He either misses it or ignores. “I’ve always wanted to do that…” But you already know. Black and gold, the colours of his team. Yes, obviously that’s the only reason. It’s completely unrelated to your current imaginations of Atsumu looking smoking hot in a black fitted suit, black shirt, and matte gold tie. Totally not.
You’re still adding final touch ups, when the doorbell rings through the air. “Open!” In response there’s a click of the door, opening and closing, and Atsumu announces his arrival with a sigh saying why aren’t ya ready yet. “I’m coming, I’m coming.” You shift from your bedroom to the hall, and he whistles. Sharply. You know you look good in that black dress, hugging tightly all your curves (extra points for a deep notch on the back and thin golden chains), and golden heels. And now, he knows it too. Just like you assumed, he does look great. So great, that the only image filling your head as your eyes run down and up on him is how much you want to rip that suit off of him. Party? You’d rather have a one-on-one party against the wall he’s leaning on. Or a kitchen counter. Or a sofa. Shower maybe? “Are ya checkin’ me out?” Again that smug look on his face. You really want to wipe it off. With your lips. “Must be your imagination.” You push him out of the apartment and lock the door.
One of the greatest mysteries of this world must be why elevator scenes are so… weird. Weirdly hot. You’re both on the opposite ends of the tiny cube, ogling each other and turning your gaze away. “Ya really look beautiful.” “Thank you.” Silence. “You look great too. Perfect ten.” You look him straight in the eyes, and if you have the timing right… “Very fuckable.” Ding and the door opens. You brush his chest while walking out. Atsumu forgets to leave the elevator.
Party hall is already swarming with people when you arrive. Faces from magazine covers flash here and there, some of them entertaining whoever wants to listen, some whispering mysterious promises in eager ears, some just roaming around in search of god knows what. “I’ll get us some drinks” is one of those promises, and Atsumu leaves your side. He’s quickly replaced by one of those roaming creatures. “You here alone?” He’s much too close to your liking. “Actually I-” “You’re beautiful. Absolutely stunning. I’m Shugo-” “Meian!” The voice of your companion startles you with its sudden proximity, but also brings comfort. As soon as the drink is passed in your hand, you feel his touch on the small of your back. “Oh, I didn’t know you two were-” “We’re not.” “We’re friends.” Both of your replies come immediately. Meian straightens up and smiles. “So, you wouldn’t mind if I went for her?” “Not like I have any right to stop ya.” Miya says calmly, but you can feel his whole body tense up against yours.
“Alright everyone, we’d like to make a toast…” Clinking of glasses interrupts your surprisingly pleasant conversation with the MSBY captain, but soon enough he’s back to flooding you with questions. Atsumu walks away to join his other teammates. “Please excuse me.” You don’t even look at the male next to you, focused only on catching up with the blond friend. His questioning gaze burns a hole at the side of your head. “I came here with you.” “Is that the only reason?” Your eyes meet and you give him a lopsided grin. “Nah, you’re much hotter.” He stands a little taller, visibly more confident, fuller of himself. His hand finds its way to your hip and he pulls you a little closer.
Next two hours are spent on the dance floor, countless people already pulling you back before you even step outside of the designated area. You’re currently trapped in the arms of none other than Bokuto Koutarou, and you could swear you were swayed by the sheer force of his alone. But you don’t mind, his energy of a nuclear reactor and megawatt smile fully compensate for any inconveniences. The song comes to an end however, and you quickly follow him back to the table. “Ya don’t wanna dance anymore?” Atsumu asks when you settle in your chair, looking for something to replenish your energy. “Why?” “Ya looked so happy on the dance floor. And yet, yer sittin’ here now.” “Were you watching me this closely?” His ears fire up like Christmas lights. “I do.” “Huh?” “I do wanna dance.” For a moment you’re both just staring at each other in silence. Then you notice gears turning slowly in his head, and, at the moment of realisation, a light bulb. “May I please have this dance?” He holds a hand out, and you place yours in it. Atsumu leads you towards the swaying crowd, and then pulls you close. So close, that your bodies could merge. “And the next one too.” He purrs in your ear.
Miya’s breath on your skin is hot and distracting. Does he feel you shiver every time he exhales on your neck? He must, you conclude, since his palm is resting on your bare back. “Ya smell so good…” The whisper caresses your ear, his lips so close, yet so far. “Mmm… you too.” And those lips curl up.
It’s not just this dance. And not just the next one either. Many dances later and you’re still glued to his body, surrounded by a muscular arm, and one hand still in his. The other one playing mindlessly with his undercut. “Looks like Meian found someone to take home t’night.” “Hmm? Did you?” You pull a strand of his hair and lightly scratch his nape. “Do that again and I might get dangerous.” “Maybe I like doing dangerous things?” There’s a movement near your thigh, and you both hope those words carry a promise.
It’s well into the night and people start leaving, but it seems like the blonde is still not ready to let you out of his embrace. You lean your head on his shoulder, forehead right under his jaw, and let him rock you gently to the slow music. With eyes closed, breathing in his scent, it feels almost as if you two were the only people here. “Are ya tired?” You only purr in response. “Lessgo home then. Wanna stay at mine?” “Oya?” “I-i-it’s… not whatcha think… A won’t… won’t touch ya.” “But if you won’t, then what’s the point?” He freezes, agape, and you wonder how the hell someone so hot can become so flustered. “But seriously, I don’t have a change of clothes” which is a lie, because you do have spare panties in your tiny purse “or cosmetics, or-” “I’ll give ya somethin’ to sleep in.”
The door behind you closes with a quiet click. God, it feels so good to finally, finally take these heels off. You put your purse on a drawer right next to the door, and proceed to take your earrings off, placing them neatly in a tiny pouch. “Tsumu? Could you help me with the necklace?” He doesn’t say anything, instead coming behind you and trying to unclasp the piece of jewelry. Trying, because his hands shake. You take a sneak peek at him through the mirror, at his focused face and slightly poked tongue. He’s so adorable. In the meantime you reach to your hair and start removing the pins, but soon your hands are pulled away and replaced with his. It’s surprising but endearing how gentle this giant man can be. You close your eyes and just enjoy the moment, as your strands tickle your nape one by one. And then something hot and wet tickles your neck, right below your ear. Oh. Oh. “A… ‘m sorry, a didn’t mean to…” Nononono, come back here. You grab his tie and pull him down to a kiss, a searing clash of lips, slowly beginning to move against one another. One of his hands caresses your back, right under the edge of your dress, the other one pulls your hair gently making you gasp. His tongue slides along your lips painfully slowly, and you chase it with yours until the tips meet. The feeling is electrifying, sending shivers through your whole body.
Undressing Miya Atsumu is similar to unwrapping a Christmas present you’ve been waiting for for months. Button after button, you reveal more and more of his heavenly sculpted chest and stomach, your lips following the hands. He loves it, the feeling of your wet muscle soothing the bites drives him crazy, little purrs he lets out make his chest vibrate. It’s almost unbearable. He decides he can’t take it anymore when you hook your fingers under his pants and start unzipping them, grazing his cock. He pulls you close, sliding your dress off of you, and letting it pool at your feet. And then drags you to the bathroom, where he rids both of you of your underwear. The man enters the shower, extending his hand to you, and you grab it by instinct, before being pulled right under the stream of steamy water. “‘Tsumu, I’m gonna look like a panda!” “Eh? But pandas are cute tho?” “I’d rather look hot right now” He laughs boyishly, almost innocently, as he pumps some of his face wash and rubs it gently all over your features. His calloused fingertips massage your forehead and temples, while thumbs work on your chin and nose. It fills you with millions of bubbles, cotton candy surrounding your heart as fluffy as the foam. “‘Tsumu?” “Mmm?” “Kiss me.” And he does. At first it’s slow and sweet, but as your hands wash away the evening from the skin, there’s more hunger, more passion. Atsumu pulls and lifts you, throwing you over his shoulder as he walks out of the bathroom. “‘Tsumuuuu! The towels! We’re NOT sleeping in a wet bed!” “Who said anything about sleepin’, princess?”
Bonus scene: “Good morning sunshine.”
He whispers against your forehead after your lashes tickle his neck. His palms embrace your cheeks, and his lips on yours are as soft as summer rain. Pecks become open mouthed kisses, invitations and promises of summer heat. Breaths and sighs remind you of a seaside breeze, carrying the freshness of waves and hotness of sand. Your hands are roaming in search of a buried treasure, but no matter how much they find, it’s not enough. It’s never enough. His mouth ghost over the shells of your ears, spilling words smooth and shiny like pearls, while fingers trail new paths under the veil of your shirt. They discover new lands, gliding along the skin, making it bloom in tiny goosebumps wherever they touch. Kisses and licks flow at the surface of your neck, sealing and sucking over sensitive spots, painting them in pinks, reds, and purples. Big palms cover the hills of your breasts, thumbs sweep over the nipples so gently, that you’re not even sure if you imagined it.
Your naked body shivers underneath his, and arches into his warm embrace, as his lips press silent praises into your skin. You open your eyes, and you don’t know which is brighter - the sunshine pouring through the windows, or the sunshine of his hair. You can touch his hair though. So you do, and the soft rivers of gold cascade and tickle in between your fingers. Atsumu raises his gaze and smiles against your skin, lighting up your heart.
Reaching your heat, he pulls the strings of your pleasure with each kiss, each flick of his tongue, and you sing the ballad he composes. In this concert you’re the star, you’re the diva, and he’s merely there to worship you, to accompany your voice, to encourage and appreciate. He’s guiding you through the quiet breathy parts, not much louder than a whisper. He’s caressing the keys, adding more passion, more force, more depth, eliciting notes reaching higher, pushing you through a crescendo, rapidly, lovingly, until you’re nothing but an effusion of pleads and cries of his name.
“Atsumu, come back to me.” You breathe out.
And he’s walking the path again, kissing the ground he steps on, coming back to where he belongs, where he wants to belong. Your eyes meet when he glides into you, slowly, carefully, as if any sharp movement would shatter you and this moment. Atsumu nibbles at your lips and you let him in, let his tongue dance with yours, as your fingers intertwine.
One more push joins your hips, and you both let out a breathy sigh. He pulls back and rolls back in, making sure you feel all the veins, until his tip kisses your cervix. And again. And once more.
“Ah… Tsumu…” And he knows he’s lost.
“God, yer so beautiful.”
You’re sinking in his eyes like molten chocolate, and the whole world ceases to exist. There’s only you and him, and the flame spilling from where you’re joined, overtaking your bodies, minds, and senses. It’s too much, it wells up in your eyes and overspills, and he’s quick to brush it away. A kiss is placed on your temple and travels down your cheek and onto your neck. With a free hand you rub mindless patterns on his back, scrape at his nape, while his roams down along your skin, adorning all the curves.
You moan into his shoulder at the sudden touch. He only grazes your clit and you’re fluttering, pulling him deeper inside of you. The movement is slow, as slow as the roll of his hips, as the drag of his tongue on your throat. But it spreads like a wildfire, floods your mind in waves until everything is drowned in a white haze and explodes in a million stars.
“Come with me”
And he does. He paints his own milky way inside of you, releasing galaxies upon galaxies until he pours everything he has, until he’s empty and you’re full. He does, because he would follow you anywhere.
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