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#atsumu drabble
sunamayo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
he thinks you're staring at someone else
characters: suna rintarou and miya atsumu
warnings: not proofread
Tumblr media
suna rintarou
suna stops mid sentence narrowing his eyes at you. you were clearly more interested in something else than whatever he was talking about and that whatever being something behind him because this is the fifth time he caught you staring at whatever or whoever was behind him. turning around to check what was distracting you so much that you didn’t bother to even look at him, he saw a guy standing at the counter. the dude seemed pretty tall with smooth silky hair and perfectly toned arms. frowning, he turned around to face you again. jealousy has never been an issue for him and he wasn’t jealous. why would he be jealous? he was anything but jealous but he was a little hurt by the fact that you were checking someone else out right in front of him and you didn’t even try to hide it. “rin?” “earth to rinnie?” “what” “is everything okay baby?” “yeah, why wouldn't it be?” “i don’t know, you’re acting weird” “why are you worried about me anyway? you should continue checking out pretty boy over there, don’t let me intrude” he mumbled, looking away. “what?”  you chuckled at your boyfriend's pettiness. “it’s not funny, at least you could try to hide it, shameless ass” “'m staring at him cause he’s wearing his shirt upside down” suna turned around to see that you were right. he was indeed wearing his shirt the wrong way. “oh” "you’re so cute baby” you giggled, squishing his cheeks. “don’t start” “jealous rinnieeeee” “i’m leaving you here, you can walk”
miya atsumu
atsumu had the biggest pout on his lips right now. he was so excited to finally get some alone time with you, he planned everything perfectly. a quiet dinner then a nice walk in the park and ending the day in your arms, a perfect ending to a perfect day but much to atsumu's disappointment his day turned out to be anything but perfect. he was rambling on about his day with a smile on his face telling you about everything that happened at practice and there was always the regular complaining about his twin but his smile soon turned into a frown when he notices your attention was on something else or rather someone else. He couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. you were staring at someone else when he was right in front of you. Now jealousy has always been your tsumu’s weakness. he just cannot bear the thought of you paying attention to someone that's not him. call him selfish but he dones't care, you’re his and his only and atsumu doesn’t like sharing. “tsumie baby what’s wrong, you seem sad” “ yea it’s cause yer staring at that guy over there, am i not enough?” babe what’re you on about? i wasn’t staring at him "'yes ya were" "i was staring at the kid beside him, little shit has been staring at me ever since we got here” he turned around to notice this kid glaring at you. “It looks like it wants to fight,” you whisper, narrowing your eyes at the kid. “babe yer not fighting a kid” “but tsumu he’s glaring at me” you pout. “ignore it babe, it’s gonna go away by itself”
Tumblr media
a/n: didn't expect these to get so long so only doing two but more characters coming, enjoy! reblogs appreciated <3
Tumblr media
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kurosukii · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
thinking about being in a relationship with atsumu for like five months...but the only nasty things you’ve done together are blowjobs, handjobs, dry humping (basically things that don’t directly give you pleasure) and it’s not because atsumu doesn’t try to get his mouth, hands, cock, and whatever else on you—in fact, he’s the complete opposite.
you’re the one who doesn’t want to let him touch you (perhaps due to your insecurities and such) but fuck, the moment you spread your legs for him, watch his slightly trembling hands peel your panties down your soft thighs and dewy legs, there’s literal stars in his eyes and a little bit of drool on the corner of his mouth.
“can’t believe you’ve been hidin’ my pussy away from me for so long, baby.”
Tumblr media
he hasn’t even fully removed your panties from your ankles before the few strings of his self control snaps, and he quickly dips his head towards your pussy, mouth and tongue quickly licking and suckling away at your glistening folds.
the groan that erupts from his throat is louder than the high-pitched moan coming from you, and he doesn’t waste his time anymore, quickly lapping and sucking your clit into his mouth, tongue swirling over the bundle of nerves as your cries spur him on.
he eats you like he’s been doing this since the start of your relationship and he technically has—but only in his dreams. it’s only in his dreams where he has made you cum so hard that you get headaches from the overstimulation. but now, sweetness and musk emanating from your cunt cements one goal on his mind and he proceeds to eat your pussy like a man starved of his favorite meal. if only you knew how long he’s been wanting to do this.
his large hands push your thighs to your chest, folding you in half to give him better and unrestricted access to your dripping cunt, shining with your slick and his saliva as your fingers tug and tangle within his blonde strands.
“gotta make you feel good too, y’know?” he grunts in between licks of your clit, finally pushing his tongue inside your hole. your hips jerk and back arch from the new sensation, instinctively grinding against your boyfriend’s face as you build towards your orgasm.
atsumu’s groans vibrate through your core and your eyes are glossy from the pleasure you’ve been shying away from for so long. he bobs his head in sync with his ruts on the mattress, instantly addicted to the taste of you on his tongue.
the slurping noises are obscene, but it only serves to make the knot in your stomach tighten and toes curl. atsumu’s nose is nudging against your clit and it has you reeling, the swipes and swirling of his tongue inside your tight walls has you hearing colors.
his fingers are hot against the sweaty skin of your thighs, imprints of his fingertips on the softness of your flesh as he loses himself in you. he abruptly pulls his tongue out and quickly pays attention to your pulsating clit, his tongue switching between sloppy licking and wet sucking. the squeaks of the mattress are getting louder by the minute, same with the cries of pleasure and relief that’s coming from the both of you.
“atsumu! oh my god—f-fuck, ‘m g-gonna cum!”
and you do, you cum so hard that the scream of his name bounces off on the walls and the pleasure coming from your mouth shoots down his cock and he can’t stop himself—doesn’t even want to—from cumming in his shorts like a young boy. his groan of your name against your clit makes you squeak, hips grinding his face as your back arches off the bed, riding the last vestiges of your orgasm.
you think it’s over, only whimpering his name as his cheek rests against your wet cunt, inhaling the scent of your slick that’s invading his senses. you think he’s going to let you rest, let you recover from your very first orgasm with him, but evidently—he has other plans.
his strong hands flip you until you’re lying on your tummy, quickly maneuvering you until you’re on your knees.
“you think i’m gonna be satisfied with one orgasm, sweetheart?” he scoffs, spreading your cheeks as he reveals your puffy folds to his caramel eyes once more.
he groans as he watches a clear trail of slick leave your hole, traveling down to your clit as he licks one long and wet stripe, moaning as he tastes your fresh juices once more. you whimper as you bunch the sheets in your hands, shivering from the determined look in his eyes—the same expression when he’s playing a difficult match.
“i have months to catch up on,” is the last thing he says before he ducks his head, mouth and tongue latching on to your pussy for the second time that night, and he’s definitely nowhere near the last.
now that he finally knows what you sound like, what you look like, what you taste like—it’s going to be a cold day in hell before you can keep miya atsumu away from his pussy ever again.
Tumblr media
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hannamakki · 2 days ago
[𝟕:𝟒𝟕 𝐀𝐌] - 𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮
Tumblr media
“good morning, miya-san. what can i get for you today?”
“the usual is fine.” you nodded, expecting his answer. he’d been a regular at your hole-in-the-wall coffee shop for a while now and he rarely ordered anything other than an iced americano. you’d never say it out loud, but he seemed like someone who’d enjoy something a little sweeter. “and i thought i told you to stop calling me that. everyone calls me atsumu.”
“isn’t that a little too casual?” you asked, waiting for the espresso to brew. even though atsumu frequently insisted that you call him by his first name, you could never bring yourself to. most people didn’t seem to mind, considering he had a twin and all. but his you’d never met his twin, so it never felt weird to call him by his surname.
you poured the espresso into the cup of cold water. shoveling a scoop of ice from the freezer, you dumped that into the cup as well.
“i don’t think so. i come here everyday, we’re friends right?”
you giggled at that. it certainly didn’t take much to be considered a friend when it came to atsumu. if anyone ever asked you to define your relationship with the blonde setter, you’d describe it as one that an employee and customer share—acquaintances at most.
“i guess you could call us friends,” you entertained him, capping his drink with a plastic lid. you met him back at the register, quickly ringing up his single item. with the tap of his card on the reader, the transaction was complete. though, before closing his wallet, atsumu pulled at least triple the amount he paid for his drink out in cash, dropping it into the tip jar.
you narrowed your eyes at him. this wasn’t anything new. just as he insisted that you call him atsumu, he insisted on leaving you with an insane tip for each of his visits. if you didn’t know any better, you’d think he stopped at the atm to withdrawal cash for this very reason. “i thought i told you to stop tipping so much.”
he shrugged with a smirk, stuffing his wallet back in his pocket and grabbing his drink.
“i’ll think about it if you start calling me atsumu.” touché, you thought. “see you tomorrow.”
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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melsun · 2 days ago
▷II i see rainbows when i think of us
Tumblr media
␈| atsumu, parties, and other things you can’t say no to.
␈| inspired by ‘cigarettes and feelings‘ (the atsumel anthem) - first longish fic. self-indulgent.
Tumblr media
"stop moving, idiot," you scold atsumu, knotting his tie, "it'll be all messy if you don't stand still."
"but it's too tight," he whines, hands going up to cup your elbows, "can we please ditch, angel?," he tries his luck, shifting his face closer to yours.
“atsumu,” your voice is stern, as you push his hands off you, “you are not ditching a party thrown specially for you.”
it’s not the kind he likes, you know - it’s more of a formality, with people he doesn’t know, stuffed in a fancy room wearing uncomfortable clothes. sadly, he has no choice but to show up.
“‘m not going,” he crosses his arms, “not unless yer coming too.”
there it is. the real reason he doesn’t want to go. you’re invited, of course, but you’ve never been too fond of formal events. they aren’t exactly your favorite way to spend a saturday evening.
unluckily, you’ve never been able to say no to miya atsumu.
you sigh, biting your lip in deep thought, “c’mon,” you walk to your closet, “help me choose what to wear then.”
atsumu smiles, walking up behind you and enveloping you in his arms. pressing a kiss to your neck, he points at an expensive outfit (one he’d bought himself - for ‘special’ occasions, yet you’d never got the chance to wear it). “tha' one,” he says, “‘m gonna suffer less if yer sufferin' with me.”
you take it off its hanger, turning towards atsumu and shooting him a glare, “you better not complain about going to the bookstore with me again,” you declare, looking him up and down, “and change your tie so we match.”
he grins, knowing he’s on your good side (he always is, unfortunately. one smile from miya atsumu is all it takes to make you crumble). “whatever ya say, babe.”
Tumblr media
”’m bored,” atsumu wails in your ear, pulling you close to him as you both sway, “we showed up, now can we please leave?,” he requests.
the party is something, yes, pretty tables decorated with vases, white daises with bits of lavender among them floating around; exquisite food - certainly not cheap, uncountable guests - half of whom you'd not be able to name.
it's not exactly your type of scene.
“it’s rude to leave,” you mutter, although you yourself are sick of the low chatter that accompanies the classical music echoing through the hall, “we’ll stay for another half-hour.”
it may be fun for some, but if you're honest, you're pretty fucking bored too.
”half an hour?!,” he whisper-yells, gripping your waist a little too tightly - earning a yelp, “i’ll treat ya to ice-cream, just please-,” he pauses for emphasis, ”-please let’s get out of here.“
you cave in, perhaps because you really do want to. ”fine,” you grumble, the corners of your mouth twitching upwards involuntarily, ”let’s ditch.”
Tumblr media
“i told ya this will be more fun,” atsumu grins, securing your legs around his waist, “ya know,” he pretends to drop you, making you screech, “i got ya, i got ya,” he laughs, groaning as you tighten your grip on his shoulders. “drop me and i’ll kill you, babe,” you threaten, hanging onto him.
“‘m sorry,” he stretches out, the smirk on his face making it obvious that he isn’t the least bit apologetic. he nudges your nose with his, making your gaze soften. “i love ya,” he breathes, leaning in towards you.
“and i love you,” you place your lips on his, eyes shutting, your hands shifting to cup his face. you pull apart, making a face at atsumu.
“just how much shrimp did you eat?”
atsumu pouts, adjusting his grip, “who ’m a to decline free shrimp?”
“you don’t even like shrimp.”
“so?,” he looks at you in all seriousness, “a do have to honor the party, y/n,” he shakes his head, “people and their double standards these days,” he chuckles, sarcasm lacing his voice.
you roll your eyes at him, resting your head on his shoulder. “tsumie,” you start, “it’s getting dark.”
he only seems to realise this when you say it, looking around in shock. time passes faster when he’s with you, atsumu thinks, he wishes it could carry on forever.
“let’s go to the port,” he suggests, “see the sunset.”
you nod, poking his cheek, “let me down then,” you urge, “you can’t carry me all the way.”
“but-,” atsumu protests. why exactly can’t he?
“i said no, miya.” you interrupt before he can say anything further. the port is a long way from here, and you can feel atsumu getting tired.
“alrigh',” he agrees (much to his distaste), “but ya can’t call me miya!”
you snort, breathing in as he lets you down, “okay, tsumie, let’s go.”
Tumblr media
tired after the long walk, atsumu and you sit next to each other, hand-in-hand, huffing as you watch the tinted sky quietly.
“god that woman was so judging me,” you break the silence with a laugh, rubbing circles on his hand, “she stared at me for fifteen minutes straight.”
“hmph,” atsumu coughs, “she was jealous that ya have such a hot, good-looking, gentleman of a boyfriend.”
“yeah right,” you retort, “she was probably jealous of you for having such a polite, wonderful and charming partner.”
“yer not charming!”
“you’re not a gentleman.”
“well, yer not polite!’
“hmm, and you’re not good-looking.”
“hey!,” atsumu’s ears perk up at your statement, ‘“m too.”
you laugh at his blown-out expression, bringing his hand up to your mouth to kiss it. “okay, i’ll give you that one.”
he smiles, drawing you near, “what would a ever do without ya?”
“probably be the brunt of suna’s teasing,” you rest your hand on your chin, “maybe break sakusa-san too, at some point,” you continue, “definitely unleash samu’s anger on a daily basis and-.”
“okay, okay!,” he interrupts, ““in short - a'd be a wreck without ya.”
you hesitate for a moment, fiddling with his hands. expressing feelings openly isn’t really something you’re used to doing, but atsumu’s always been an exception, hasn’t he?
”hey tsum?”
”i’d be a wreck without you too.”
”of course,” he replies immediately. (he’s grinning so wide you think your heart may not be able to take it). “let’s get married,” atsumu says, turning to look at you with wide eyes.
“right now?,” you reply, lashes fluttering.
“yea',” he affirms, bringing his hand up to your cheek, “let’s go to the office and sign the papers, right now.“
this is sudden. you don’t know what it is - maybe he's had too much champagne, or is too tired to think straight - but what do you do know is that it doesn't matter.
you'd marry him even if he asked you half-wasted, with a ring pop as a promise - no, you'd do it without any sort of ring too, just his words have always been enough.
"let's fucking do it," you shout happily, slipping into his arms and bringing your lips together - maybe the taste of shrimp isn't all that bad when accompanied with his strawberry lip-balm. "right now," you whisper, "right here," another kiss, "i'm ready."
you're his, he's yours, and if he wants to set his promises in stone, there's no reason to stop him.
and after all, you never have been able to say no to miya atsumu.
Tumblr media
reblogs/interactions appreciated !!
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shotomyheart · a day ago
falling for you only makes me bleed
atsumu x gn reader
genre: angst
warnings: no comfort :( , reader is called beautiful
wc: 340
Atsumu never lies. He’s awful at it, really. His feelings are too loud to silence. His actions too dramatic to fake nonchalance. And when he tries to lie, his face turns red and sweat runs down his face like a damn sauna. So why is it, when the one time he doesn’t want to lie, you believe it.
I hate you.
How could you ever believe him? He hates walking behind slower walkers when all he wants to do is run. He hates plain popcorn (seriously, who eats that?). He hates losing. So why does this hurt more? He could never hate you. He can’t even make himself hate the way your back looks when walking away from him.
Two months later, eleven missed calls, five breakdowns, and one exhausted twin from hearing Atsumu’s whines everyday. Atsumu’s out on a jog on a brisk morning. The wind hits his skin without forgiveness, but he enjoys being able to feel something- anything that wasn’t the numb tingling he’s had since you’ve left.
You’re at the park, the park he jogs by. Was it on purpose? Do you want to see him?
He stumbles to a stop, not believing his eyes. It’s you, cuddled in a warm sweatshirt with a smile that radiates against the cloudy sky. You’re beautiful.
Who is that?
Two feet away from you (he really should have seen him sooner, but his focus was solely on you for so long), a basketball player (and he only knows this because of his obnoxious red varsity jacket) stands tall and smiling back at you as he tells some boring story, Atsumu suspects.
Atsumu turns around and does what he does best: he runs away. He runs so fast the wind dries his eyes of any residue of sadness. His feet ache and he dramatically blames gravity for making him fall so hard for you.
Maybe he does hate you. The way you smile at someone else. The way you laugh at another’s jokes. But, god, he hates himself more.
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adoringhaikyuu · 2 months ago
Could you write something about how y/n is her comfy clothes and the haikyuu boys comes home drunk one night say says something about her appearance? And then he tries to make it up ofc
I love hurt/comfort hehe I don’t mind who you write about but my fav is iwa 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: timeskip!atsumu + kageyama + iwaizumi + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: i made it so that the comment just came out wrong but wasn't intended to be bad!
part one / part two / part three
Tumblr media
atsumu groaned as he stumbled into your home with the help of his brother. you amusedly made your way to the front of the house from your bedroom as you heard the two of them bickering as usual.
"hey guys," both heads turned to you and you focused on osamu, "thanks for bringing him home."
he waved you off, "don't worry about it. this dumbass would probably be headfirst in a dumpster somewhere if i didn't."
you laughed and looked over to the "dumbass," your brows furrowing in confusion as he looked at you with an annoyed expression on his face.
"jesus christ, y/n."
you and osamu both paused. "...what?"
"are you kidding me?" before you could ask what was happening, he went on. "y'knew i was coming home and you look like that?"
your lips parted but no sound came out.
osamu slapped the back of his brothers head, the faux-blond turning to look at him, confused and irritated. "ow?!"
"what's wrong with you, you idiot?!"
atsumu stood up straight, suddenly realizing that his brother was there as well. he turned back to you, "and samu is here too! y/n go put a bag over your face or something!" he shoved his brother in the direction of the door. "you gotta go man!"
you were still standing there, watching the scene unfold, unbelievably hurt and in disbelief.
"why are you being such an ass, dipshit?!"
the brothers were arguing once more and you were honestly starting to tune them out when you heard atsumu's next words.
"because y/n looks too good right now! you can't be here! only i get to see em like that!"
all three of you paused and you looked up, the dark cloud suddenly clearing above your head. you sighed, "you really are something else tsumu."
he turned his head to look at you and whined your name, "y/nnn you need to hide your face!"
you smiled and osamu rolled his eyes. "i have the world's biggest dumbass as my brother."
you laughed and took atsumu's hand in yours, feeling something burst in your chest when he immediately turned to face you, his eyes tracing every detail on your face in awe. "i think i got it from here samu."
you stepped forward and opened the door, letting osamu walk through. just as he turned around and made eye contact with you to say bye, a hand suddenly covered your face and the door shut closed.
you pulled the hand off to find atsumu pouting at you sheepishly before he pulled you in his arms. "mine."
you let out a breath of laughter, nodding. "yours."
Tumblr media
kageyama walked into your shared apartment, seemingly normal. but you could tell by the blush on his cheeks, the glaze in his eyes and the way he stumbled ever so slightly as he kicked his shoes off that he was drunk.
you smiled to yourself as you watched him from the couch, turning down the volume. "seems like someone had a good night."
he looked up with wide eyes at the sound of your voice, only now noticing you were in the room. "yeah we drank––and it was good." he walked over to you, taking his time, making sure not to bump into anything on the way.
when he reached the couch he looked at you and tilted his head before blinking owlishly a few times.
you paused and blinked back. "...yes?"
he opened his mouth and stared for a bit before speaking up. "why?"
you bit back a laugh. "...why what?"
" you look like that?" his face morphed into an almost offended expression and your smile dropped. he sat down next to you and you shifted, suddenly more tense, your stomach tight.
"what do you mean?" you knew that people sprouted nonsense when they were drunk but there was also the fact that there was some truth in what they babbled. did he have a problem with the way you looked? something he was too afraid to say sober?
you braced yourself for his response as he slowly tried to stutter his reply, starting and restarting his sentence, a strong furrow between his brows.
"you look––i just don't––" he paused to hiccup and you could only feel yourself getting more anxious with each delay.
you crossed your arms and frowned but he didn't seem to notice.
"why do you––" he paused and licked his lips, suddenly realizing how dry his mouth was.
but you were getting impatient at this point. "so what, tobio?"
he turned to face you fully and leaned his head on the couch cushion. "so...good." your breath hitched in surprise but he went on after a heavy sigh. "s'not fair..." his eyelids were getting much heavier with each passing second and each blink was longer and slower than the last. his words started to slur more, now coming out it mumbles. "y'always make me feel all warm and...tingly inside––just with your face." his eyes scanned over your face as he spoke and you could feel your cheeks heat up.
your lips curved into a smile again and he smiled back. "that smile always gets me too."
before you could think of a response, he plopped his head in your lap. "can you play with my hair?"
as soon as your hand pushed back the hair from his forehead, he closed his eyes and leaned into your touch, a sated smile slowly spreading onto his lips as you ran your fingers through the strands. "really like it when you do that."
"you're really honest when you're drunk, aren't you? even more so than usual," you let out a breath of laughter, "didn't even think that was possible."
he hummed and opened one eye, "s'that bad?"
you smiled, "not at all."
Tumblr media
iwaizumi was glaring at you, there was no other way to describe it. his brows were furrowed, and sure he had a pout on his face that made him look adorable––but that fiery look in his eyes? that was a glare, for sure.
you handed him the glass of water you'd gone to get from the kitchen and he took it, eyes still on you. "thank you." his words were clipped and quite honestly his whole attitude was confusing you.
"uh you're welcome?" you tried to brush it off and went to fetch him his sweats that he liked to sleep in. you could feel his gaze glued to your back and when you placed the pajamas on the bed, only to find that same look on his face as he placed the glass on his bedside table blindly, you sighed and crossed your arms.
"okay what is it? what's wrong?" you leaned on one heel and tilted your head at him. "did oikawa do something?"
he raised a brow, "who?"
you rolled your eyes. "shittykawa."
"oh." he blinked and his face returned back to its scowl. "no."
"well then what is it?"
he stared at you for a few more seconds before taking a deep breath. "your face."
you almost took a step back, completely offended. "what about it?"
"it pisses me off."
your eyes widened in disbelief and you stood up straight, not even sure what to do with yourself. "oh really?"
he nodded.
was this really how he felt? for how long?
you put your tongue in your cheek and nodded as well, ready to leave the room before you burst out into tears when he spoke up again.
"you're so beautiful it fucking pisses me off." he sighed and lied down, letting his eyes close. "no one should be allowed to look that good."
you stood there for a moment, a new type of disbelief coursing through your veins, a fluttering feeling in your chest. you scoffed and shook your head, a smile on your face. "you're one to talk, haji."
he opened one eye and looked at you, "wha's that supposed to mean?"
you looked at him fondly, leaning down to kiss his forehead and play with his hair. "you're more beautiful than you think, babe."
a flush rose to his cheeks and he sputtered a bit, looking away, but still leaning into your touch. "wha–shut up––dumbass."
Tumblr media
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risumu · a month ago
4:17 pm
Tumblr media
atsumu goes to his brother’s restaurant enough to know everyone that works there, be familiar enough with the regulars, know who belongs there and who doesn’t. which is maybe why he’s so brash in asking..
“who’re you?”
you blink at him from behind the counter, raising an eyebrow up and pointing to the name tag. “uh, yn?”
“why’re ya here?”
your eyebrows scrunch up at his question, giving him a ‘really?’ look as you refill his cup of water sitting in front of him.
“i work here?” you answer, and maybe you should watch your tone, being that you know this is your boss’ brother (the face is a dead give away, obviously).
“since when?” atsumu presses, leaning across the counter and narrowing his eyes at you. this close you can tell he needs to touch up his roots a little bit.
“like, three weeks ago?” you sigh, sliding a tray full of a table’s order onto your palm and balancing it with only just a slight wobble, something you’ve slowly started to get the hang of since being hired. “now, if you’ll excuse me.”
atsumu’s eyes follow you as you make your way from behind the counter, swiveling through the path of tables and customers until you make it to the corner booth, placing down the family’s order onto the table, smile wide—much unlike the slight frown you’d been giving him a second ago.
he finds you odd, just a little. it’s obvious you know who he is, seeing as how there’s only one other person on earth who shares the same face as him. and that means you know he’s a professional volleyball player which he, though he’d deny it if cornered, likes knowing how it has an effect on people who meet him.
but not you. you didn’t care he’s a pro athlete or your boss’ brother. and that…
shit, he finds that really attractive.
“don’t even think about it.”
atsumu jumps to the voice at his left, placing an exaggerated hand on his chest as he snaps his head back to glare at his twin, chocolate eyes turning to slits at cloudy ones.
“scared tha hell outta me, geez,” he huffs, crossing his arms on top of the counter. “‘nd what the hell’re you talkin’ about?”
“stop playin’ dumb,” osamu dismisses with a roll of his eyes, leaning his hands on the hardwood and nodding his head towards where you’re currently handing someone their check. “leave ‘em alone. they’re too good for you.”
“hey,” atsumu pouts, scrunching his nose. “what’s that s’posed to mean? i’m good too.”
“yeah, good at being a douche,” osamu smirks, pushing off the counter to dodge the half assed punch his twin tries to swing his way.
“i’m a nice guy.”
“keep tellin’ yerself that tsumu.”
“yer an ass, samu.”
“only to you.”
“um, excuse me?” the twins’ heads snap in your direction, causing you to recoil just a tad before regaining yourself. “sorry to interrupt whatever.. this is, but sir,” you turn your eyes to osamu, polite smile on your lips, “there’s someone here to see you, she says she’s from the newspaper?”
“alright, thank ya,” he nods, flashing you a grin before giving his brother one last stern look and disappearing off somewhere further into the restaurant.
the silence that follows as your boss leaves is a little awkward, a tad strained as you and the blond share eye contact. you clear your throat and look away.
“right, well then.”
“what’s wrong with ya?”
you stop mid turn, whipping your head back around to stare at the blond, eyes wide and brows furrowed. your fingers curl at your sides, fists balled up.
“excuse you?”
your incredulous tone does nothing to deter him, he simply perches his chin in his palm.
“yer actin’ like i ain’t a big deal. kinda weird.”
you blink at him, pressing your lips into a thin line. osamu had already warned you about his brother, how his pride gets the better of him sometimes but how he honestly just can’t help it because he has absolutely no filter. you just didn’t expect it to be this blatant.
“well, if you’d like me to be honest, then i don’t think you’re a big deal,” you reply, turning away again and grabbing another table’s ticket out of your apron. “you’re just another athlete with a big ego and an even bigger mouth. nothing more.”
this time it’s atsumu’s turn to blink at you as he watches you walk away, painting on another one of those wide smiles as you go back to doing your job. you’re feisty, mouthy, a tad bit brash. no one’s ever really talked to him like this before apart from his brother or old friends.
he smiles to himself as he lets his gaze follow you, buzzing around his brother’s onigiri shop. he’s made his decision.
he’s going to make you fall in love with him, his ego, and his even bigger mouth—and he’ll be damn good at it too.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated!
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haikyutiehoe · 10 days ago
“last time you only let me put in the tip.” meian mumbles against your forehead.
hands on his shoulder to steady your smaller frame beneath his, you whimper gently, because it’s too big!” your lips tremble at the cold expression across his stoic features. one too many times, shugo has been patient and loving with you. his brow twitches as the seconds of silence stretch without another word uttered from your lips.
“lies.” the captain mumbles again, a hiss gracing his voice. hands separating your legs and pushing you further beneath him, he adds. “it can fit.”
“no-daddy, please…” weakly, your hands migrate to his chest to shove the tall middle blocker back. the weight of his body bears down above you, impressing the muscles against your fingertips.
“don’t worry princess, you’ll feel so fucking good when i’m done. don’t you want to be my pretty baby?” with the praise, your tummy flutters and your nails delicately rake against the valley of his abdomen, each finger registering the deep grooves.
abandoning your earlier opinions, you wiggle closer to meian, taunt legs hooked over his hips. “m-make it f-fit…please.”
with a small smile, eyes smirking meian rubs your entrance gently with an imposing thumb, large and intimidating cock sitting atop your tummy. “you want daddy to make it fit don’t you baby?” easing his shaft into his hands, the jackals captain leans back before aligning the head against you. “ready? breathe with me baby.”
without warning, shugo smirks and rams his entire length into you, shoving his fingers deep into the depths of your pretty mouth. the sounds of your grumbling chocking sound silently under the weight of his large hand over your lips. “take it my pretty baby, you’re doing so well.” thumb reaching over to your cheek, meian caresses the skin and tears till your gently cries migrate into whimpers and moans for him to fill you up over and over.
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kiyelle · a month ago
Tumblr media
with: atsumu MIYA, kiyoomi SAKUSA
warnings: none !
isabelle says: idk if i like this, wrote it while half asleep </3! loving the reversed personalities in this one tho → haikyū masterlist <3
Tumblr media
*.⋆ʚ ATSUMU ⸻ knows that not concentrating on his work isn’t a good idea, knows that he should probably pay attention in the likely case the information comes up in his next test. but it’s not his fault that all he can think about is kissing you.
your lips are just so pretty, the prettiest he’s ever seen and all he really wants is to feel them softly pressed against his own. either that or watch them whisper promises of being his forever.
he’s so weak, he thinks, as his resolve finally breaks, giving into his desires. the way he leans forward to place a palm upon your cheek and gently guide you towards him is almost shy. his touch is but a ghost against you skin, something you’ve never associated with the boy of a thousand words.
he always has something to say, so why now, as he kisses you with the delicacy of a petal, is he suddenly vowed to silent declarations of love? perhaps it’s because he simply has too many words to profess, and there isn’t a single phrase in our world that could ever justify how he feels.
*.⋆ʚ SAKUSA ⸻ isn’t normally one for public professions of love. but right here, right now, as he watches the volleyball land on the opposite side of the court, just barely grazing the fingers of another player, he can only think of you in his moment of victory.
his flushed hand tingles from the last fatal hit he delivered that won his team the game, and yet it’s nothing compared to the warmth that glows within him when he catches your eye.
as always, you’re sat in the front row of the stands, cheering with a wide smile, your gaze never once wanders away from your boyfriend. kiyoomi is so effortlessly charmed he doesn’t even question the way he instantly gravitates to your seat.
while high on adrenaline his actions are more confident and inexplicable. so his team watches with astounded looks as their teammate kisses you as if his life depended on it, as if kissing you is the only way he can finally catch his breath after such an intense match.
when he pulls away he presses his forehead to yours, stuttering breaths breaking up his words ‘i did it, darling’ he laughs tiredly but with so much adoration in his eyes. sakusa kiyoomi is absolutely gone for you.
Tumblr media
MWAH! ଘ(ᵕ◡ᵕ) - reblogs are so so appreciated!
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sunaluvs · 2 months ago
Hii can I have a scenario with kita, suna, atsumu and kuroo x reader Afraid of sex?
➳ 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐚 𝐬/𝐨 𝐰𝐡𝐨'𝐬 𝐚𝐟𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐬𝐞𝐱
ft. kita, suna, atsumu, & kuroo.
Tumblr media
wc: 1.2k
tags: fluff, gn!reader, mentions of anxiety/nerves, silent praise??, this thing is Soft || nsfw, minors DNI.
A/N: so i didn't mention any reason behind the fear, and didn't really make it intense or anything, so if anything you can probably imagine it as the reader's first time as well? i hope that's okay hjdhdjdh thank u for the req and i hope u enjoy <33
Tumblr media
so extremely sweet and patient about it.
doesn’t pressure you at all, and waits for you to bring it up first.
constantly reassures you throughout it and checks in on you at different points.
he wants you to feel safe in his arms, and hopes that his touch can be something you can always fall back on.
you sigh at the sensation of kita’s lips against your skin, his kisses littering the soft planes of your stomach. there’s anxiety and anticipation twisting in your gut, and you swallow in an attempt to quell the sick feeling.
the pet name is murmured low, and you open your eyes—which you hadn’t realized were squeezed shut—to look up at the man you love, who’s come back up to gently cup your face with a calloused hand.
“focus on me,” he whispers, and then his lips are meeting yours in a delicate kiss that sends warmth flowing through your body.
it’s easier, after that—to get lost in the feeling of his mouth moving against yours, the sighs he releases and breaths he takes in, the tongue that glides across your lip and caresses your own. before you realize it, the tension that strained your muscles slowly slips away, leaving you pliant to the hands moving up and down your waist, pulling you flush against your lovers form.
with his chest firmly against yours, you allow it all to wash over you in gentle waves. you let yourself feel the contrast of his rough skin against your own; feel the heat thrumming through your veins and eagerness that spills into his waiting mouth.
when you part with a small gasp, he tips his forehead against yours and repeats the words that you can feel in every touch and stroke he lays on your skin.
“i love you.”
you capture his lips once again to say it back.
really understanding.
doesn’t ask you for a reason or explanation because he honestly doesn’t need one. whether there’s nothing or everything behind why, he knows you’ll tell him when you’re ready.
gentle and slow with you throughout it all.
he’s not very good with words, but his touch reminds you that sometimes it’s all you really need.
suna’s fingers trail along the hem of your shirt in silent permission. you exhale against his lips, giving him a nod and lifting your arms to allow for easier removal.
the nerves you felt earlier return once the fabric is off, slithering into your fingertips and stomach when suna takes a moment to appreciate your loving form. but they don’t get a chance to settle, because as soon as he notices your teeth digging anxiously into your lip, he leans down to take them with his own. his hands come up to slide down your arms, sparking warmth into the skin as his fingers interlock with your own. his lips move slowly with yours, allowing you to fully relax into the feeling of him filling all your senses.
it’s sensual and dizzying and forces a breath out of you, eyes closed to focus on the downward trail his lips go on, from the delicate skin of your neck to the solid planes of your shoulder.
beautiful, he kisses onto the curve of your collarbone. perfect, he marks on the valley of your chest.
he doesn’t need to say anything, because you can already feel every word and emotion seeping through the blemishes on your skin into your veins, and it’s enough to let yourself be swept away by the tides of your desire.
doesn’t have a single issue with it.
despite what people may think, he’s also very patient with you; he takes your comfort very seriously in the relationship.
in fact, he’s actually nervous too the first time you two have sex, because he doesn’t wanna mess anything up.
but when he’s finally in the moment, his hands in your own, he slowly feels the doubts wash away from his conscience.
“this okay?” atsumu asks, looking up at you from the space between your thighs. nodding, you feel a small smile forming when you see relief slipping into the features of your lover. it pushes away some of the anxieties churning in your stomach, knowing that he just wants to take care of you the best he can—the way you know he will.
a small sigh leaves you as your hands trail down to brush through his hair, fingers caressing the strands and massaging his scalp, making him let out a satisfied hum against the skin of your thighs.
his lips travel towards the center of your needs, lips sucking and teeth grazing the supple flesh there. it makes your chest rise a little faster, your hips grinding down to get him closer to the place that aches for his touch.
a low chuckle sounds from his chest, and it makes you flush in heat and embarrassment. but like he knows what’s going through your mind, he brings his hand up to hold on to yours, squeezing in reassurance when he speaks his next words.
“patience, baby,” he murmurs, his fingers finally tugging down the fabric of your underwear, “i’ll take care of you.”
it settles the thoughts that’d fled through your mind for a minute, and when you lift your hips up to make it easier for him to take away the fabric, you squeeze his hand back in reply.
you don’t doubt it.
accepts it and moves on; doesn’t make a big deal out of it.
he’s perfectly comfortable waiting for you to make the first move whenever you’re ready, and makes it clear that you can stop at any point you want to.
another one that’s also a little nervous when you tell him you wanna go all the way.
but it’s not overwhelming, and soon enough, he regains his self-assurance enough to take care of you the way you deserve.
it’s abrupt and probably unintentional, the feather light touches on your skin that make you flinch, a short snort escaping you as you curve away from kuroo’s fingers.
looking down at you from above, his eyebrows are raised at the unexpected reaction, and a grin takes over as he tilts his head and speaks.
“ticklish, are we?”
you purse your lips and look away, refusing to give him an answer he’ll definitely exploit. but it’s too late, because before you know it, his fingers are playfully digging into your sides, forcing a laugh from your chest as you try to squirm away from him.
“tet-tetsu—” you gasp, squeezing your eyes shut at the uncontrollable giggles falling from your lips, “stop—stop it, you’re—so annoying!”
he laughs and surprisingly obliges, choosing instead to smooth over the skin with his hands while you gather yourself together, a fond smile playing at his mouth.
“well that's a nice surprise,” he teases, “think i should save it for later?"
you roll your eyes in faux annoyance, but you can’t conceal the lightness in your chest and the angle of your own fond grin. whatever doubts that’d plagued your mind were brushed aside with the comfort and ease that naturally comes with being with your boyfriend.
he leans down, close enough for you to inhale the familiar scent that lingers in all the right corners of your life, and you loop your arms around his neck to keep him there.
looking into his eyes, you see nothing but the confirmation of what you already sense in every touch and word he gifts you; the tenderness and heat of his desire to love you—all of you—in way that you know reflects your own.
"gonna make you feel good," he promises, and you give him a gentle smile in return.
"i know."
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terrakiyo · a month ago
Tumblr media
“i lost my keys.”
you blink sleepily at atsumu. he bashfully smiles at you, a soft pink hue dusting his cheeks.
you rub your eyes, “huh?”
atsumu bounces on his feet. “i lost my keys.”
“so?” you yawn.
he looks at you, “so i wanna crash here for the night.”
you blink at him. he blinks back. you stare at him, then blink again. he hides his face in his hoodie.
“why here?” you ask, voice laced with curiosity.
“because,” he trails off. he looks away from you, biting the inside of his cheek. his brows furrow as he thinks of an answer.
and you lean towards him, “because…?”
and he takes a step back, “you know.”
your brows quirk in confusion. atsumu groans, rubbing the back of his neck.
“‘cause you’re the only one who hasn’t banned me from stayin’ at their place,” he mumbles.
you snort, “‘samu banned you?”
atsumu’s face turns a bright shade of red. he waves his hands in front of his face, sputtering nonsense like ‘samu didn’t deserve me there to begin with’ or ‘like i wanted to go stay with him anyway’.
you take a step to the side, gently beckoning atsumu to enter your apartment.
he quickly takes his shoes off. “ya got any food?”
“for you?” you grab his cheeks, playfully squishing then together. “never.”
(you can see why his brother doesn’t want him in his place anymore, if the way he hungrily looks at your fridge is any indication of the hell osamu had to go through).
“so mean.” he whines, gently rubbing his cheeks.
that doesn’t stop him from grabbing a banana from your fruit bowl. you sigh when he reaches out for an apple.
his head whips in your direction. you laugh when you see his cheeks puffed out, a small smile on his face as he bites the apple. he makes a small noise of acknowledgment.
and you smile at him, “if you eat all my food i’ll kick you out.”
and he frowns, quickly sticking his tongue out at you.
so you laugh, tugging at his sleeve. you drag him to your couch. his gaze flickers from it to you, a disgusted look makes its way to his face.
“‘m not sleepin’ in that.” he deadpans.
“hey!” you cross your arms.
“look at it!” he points at your couch. “that’s gonna break my back!”
and you give him a look. “it won’t.”
so he shakes his head. “maybe to you it won’t!”
(you’re starting to really envy osamu right about now).
“you’re gonna sleep on that damn couch, atsumu.” you glare at him.
so he glares back, “like hell you’re makin’ me sleep there.”
and maybe that’s when you should’ve realized you’d find yourself with atsumu laying in your bed, soft snores leaving his lips as he turns to his side.
you turn your head to look at him. a small smile makes its way to your lips when you see how peaceful he looks.
a yawn escapes your mouth, drowsiness finally kicking in again. you blearily blink, gently patting atsumu’s head.
and when you wake up next morning, with a sleepy atsumu clinging to your side, nuzzling his face into your neck, you can’t help but entertain the idea that atsumu should lose his keys more often.
Tumblr media
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kurosukii · a month ago
𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐚 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞
Tumblr media
a/n : i get so hoeknee when i think about atsumu. also the pawrn link is one of my favorite ways of how atsumu eats my pussy <3.
☀︎ MINORS DNI 18+ ONLY — filming a sex tape, oral (f receiving), fingering, spitting, praise, kind of exhibitionism. you and atsumu are scandalous ! 1012 words.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu, for lack of a better term, is an absolute nightmare to the PR team of the msby black jackals.
blurry photos that are allegedly him lounging in sex dungeons, standing outside of a sex shop holding two large bags, and other scandalous ‘accusations’ not fitting for a star athlete.
they’ve held one or two press conferences where he apologizes, but they know it’s futile because he’s going to have another ‘issue’ in a few weeks.
atsumu claims that he’s not hurting anyone (which is technically true) and something as arbitrary as his public image is stupid to him, and it makes them want to wring his neck but unfortunately, he’s right and how is he any different?
other athletes actually have scandals that could end their careers and not to mention, he brings great revenue for the team so what’s a few rumors about how he spends his time off the court?
so imagine the relief they felt when he met you and became less wild and wayward. no more incriminating photos and anecdotes because he’s now acting like a mature adult.
they honestly feel like a miracle has occurred in osaka until one sunny afternoon where they caught wind of a video on the internet that is apparently him eating your pussy.
his phone is pointed towards the plush couch of your shared apartment, where you’re sitting, naked and legs spread wide. you’re holding the back of your trembling thighs, keeping them open while atsumu messily devours your cunt.
the lighting is sensual, soft yellow hues and r&b playing in the background (no to white lights because atsumu wants it homemade and intimate).
he’s got a thing for attention. he wants people to know how well he eats your pussy and the pretty noises that come from your mouth while doing so.
“hnng, too sensitive!”
“can’t help it, baby. your pussy tastes so good,” atsumu groans softly, careful not to let his phone catch his voice.
his tongue is licking up and down your glistening folds, chin dripping with your juices. and as if it’s not already messy enough, he spits on your pussy, making you jerk and squeeze your thighs as you throw your head back and moan.
he chuckles at your reaction and you’re reminded that atsumu is as good in playing volleyball as he is in eating your cunt, and you feel like it’s been hours since he kneeled between your legs and latched on to your poor swollen clit.
you don’t even mind that he’s filming this, knowing that this is probably the hundredth sex tape you’ve filmed with your cheeky boyfriend, but you know this time is different.
it’s different because this is the first video of the two of you that he’ll be posting on the internet. you can’t help but admit that there’s a certain thrill in doing something so risqué and it bleeds into the way atsumu’s vigorously bobbing his head on your pussy while he’s harshly sucking your clit into his mouth.
“m’gonna, g-gonna cum!” you whine loudly, biting your lip so hard that it almost draws blood, but it doesn’t matter because you have to stop yourself from screaming your boyfriend’s name.
it’s one thing for the internet to see your pussy and the signature two-toned hair of your boyfriend. as long as your faces aren’t seen—it’s fine. but to scream his name? you’re practically begging to have a scandal.
atsumu moans into your cunt, his tongue licking every patch of wet skin he sees while his two fingers slip inside your pussy with no friction whatsoever. you cry out and your hands let go of your thighs as your fingers tug on his hair, pushing his face further between your legs.
his hooded caramel eyes make contact with your teary ones, his cock twitching in his shorts at the sight of a thin string of saliva falling from your lips as they form the perfect ‘o’ shape.
he groans loudly, and coupled with the vibrations of his mouth on your clit as he curls his two thick and long fingers towards your sweet spot, you find yourself moaning loudly as you push his head, your legs shaking and body convulsing around his pretty face.
he softly hums while licking and slurping your juices for a few moments before he pulls away and stops the recording on his phone. he rests his head on your trembling thighs, softly kissing the glistening skin as he goes to his dummy account in twitter and uploads the video, throwing his phone to the side when it’s already there for the whole internet to see.
“you’re such a good girl for me, lettin’ me film you and postin’ it on twitter. your cunt definitely deserves some fuckin’, sweetheart.”
he groans as he joins you on the couch, pulling down his shorts to his thighs and his cock springs free, hitting his abs as he wraps your legs around his waist. he rubs the head of his dick on your clit, smearing his pre-cum before sinking into your pussy, causing the both of you to moan as his cock nudges the deepest part of your tight walls.
atsumu leans over your body, your chests rubbing together as he starts thrusting into your drooling cunt, the sounds of sloppy kissing and skins slapping filling the apartment as your cries of pleasure drown out the music.
a few hours later, while atsumu is in the middle of fucking you on the kitchen counter, his phone starts blowing up with pings and notifications, and his groans turn into half chuckles because he knows what it’s about.
but he doesn’t pay it any mind because the sound of your cries and stuttered whimpers of his name while he wrecks your pussy is so much better than dealing with angry and uptight higher ups (and a few jealous teammates).
and hey, if the volleyball thing doesn’t work out, you’re one hundred percent sure that atsumu can make it as a pornstar. he’s a natural born entertainer after all.
Tumblr media
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hannamakki · 12 days ago
[𝟔:𝟑𝟐 𝐏𝐌] - 𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮
Tumblr media
“i feel like i’m dying,” atsumu called from his place on the couch as you opened his front door. you barely had a second to step in to his apartment before he was complaining to you.
“‘tsumu, it’s a cold.” you set the paper bag down on his kitchen counter, carefully unloading its contents. “you’re acting like you got your leg amputated.”
“i might as well have,” he mumbled, coughing shortly after.
you rolled your eyes at his theatrics. you always knew he was the dramatic twin, but you didn’t think he’d throw such a fit over a little congestion and a cough. nevertheless, when he texted you with concerns about his health earlier in the day, you were quick to agree to help him out. as soon as you got out of class, you ran over to the store to pick up some medicine and soup.
“how come you didn’t call osamu?” you questioned, dumping the can of soup into the pot you pulled out from his cabinet. you quickly adjusted the heat of the burner before turning around to measure out some medicine for your whiny boyfriend. “he didn’t have class today so he could have been here a lot sooner than me.”
“samu doesn’t love me as much as you do,” was his answer. you couldn’t help but giggle at that. you were sure he didn’t even try to contact his brother. though, you wouldn’t fault osamu for not wanting to put up with his drama king of a brother during a time like this.
making your way to the living room with a cup a medicine in one hand and a box of tissue in the other, you were met with the sight of atsumu curled up on the cushioned piece of furniture. it looked like the only thing he’d done today was roll out of bed and relocate to the couch. his hair wasn’t brushed and he was still sporting his wrinkled pajamas. he did look pretty miserable.
setting the fresh tissue box on the coffee table, you kneeled down beside atsumu.
“drink up, big guy.” you handed him the tiny cup filled with the syrupy liquid. his fingers brushed against yours as he took hold of the plastic, bringing the the cup up to his lips and swallowing it down in one gulp. he grimaced, returning the tiny cap to you.
“good job, bub.” you gave him a couple of gentle pats to his cheek. “you’ll feel better soon.”
“you know what would really make me feel better?” he asked, his question accompanied by a sniffle.
“what?” you stood up, peering into the kitchen to make sure the soup wasn’t boiling.
“a kiss.” he tapped his lips with his pointer finger.
so that’s the real reason he didn’t ask osamu over, you thought.
“fine.” you leaned down, pressing your lips to the center of his forehead, pulling away with a smile.
“i meant a real kiss,” he pouted.
“i don’t wanna get sick,” you told him, backing away towards the kitchen.
“hey! come back and give your suffering boyfriend a kiss!”
spinning around completely, you continued on your path to the kitchen. “nope! i have to finish your soup.”
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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atsumiye · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
"baby im leavin' for practice now!" atsumu shouts from the front door of your shared home. he reaches down to slide on his shoes then adjusts the strap of his bag on his shoulder.
you walk towards him and place both of your hands on his cheeks, "bye tsum, have a good day." you pull his head towards you to place a small kiss onto his forehead.
within the first few weeks of living together, you and atsumu (mainly atsumu) had made it a routine to give him goodbye kisses when he leaves. one on the forehead, then one on the tip of his nose, one on each cheek and finally one on the lips (which atsumu always manages to turn into 10).
after his forehead kiss you pull back. you thought you had heard him sniffling this morning, but when you asked about it he said it was nothing. but now his forehead feels hot. so you lean back in, placing one more kiss onto his forehead when you conclude he definitely has a fever.
"heh, why am i gettin' extra kisses today baby?" he grins down at you, "not that i mind or anythin'. i love yer kisses."
"you have a fever. why didn't you say anything?"
"cause i don't have a fever, baby. i gotta go to practice!"
he huffs, turning to grab his jacket and slide it on as quickly as he can, "miya atsumu," he pauses and stiffens at your use of his full name, "if you do not sit yourself on the kitchen chairs right now, you will spend the next few nights on the couch. and from what i know, the couch is not very comfortable."
he grumbles before throwing his bag onto the floor and slipping his shoes off. he knows the couch isn't comfortable and he knows if you're mad at him you wont massage his shoulders like you always do. so he drags his feet and makes his way to the kitchen, plopping himself down onto the chair.
his eyes follow you as you run into the bathroom and come back out a few minutes later with a small box. you drop it softly onto the table, opening it and pulling out a thermometer. you place it under his tongue and wait for the beep, "tsum! your temperature is 100.4, you aren't going to practice. call and let them know." you pull out some bottles, looking for a fever reducer and begin to mumble quietly, "maybe i should call out of work too."
"baby i don't need to stay home! im fine, ya don't need to worry about me!"
"you do need to stay home. if you go to practice sick, you wont be able to do your best and then you'll get all pouty." you walk into the kitchen to get him a glass of water, "and! everyone will be pissed at you if you go sick. so just stay home" you hand him the glass of water and the medication, "please?"
after a few beats of silence he nods, letting you place a few quick kisses onto his forehead and nose. and after taking his medication, he crawls back under the covers, letting you take care of him.
and atsumu decides maybe being sick and missing practice isn't all that bad if he gets to spend the time with you.
Tumblr media
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blossomkoushi · 2 months ago
hello! can i ask for a drabble of pussydrunk atsumu/suna?
pussydrunk rly is such a good concept i love it sm <33
contains: afab reader, unprotected sex, overstim
Tumblr media
it's with a loud groan that atsumu bottoms out in your soaking pussy, his eyes fluttering shut while his hands grip the sheets tightly next to your head.
"fuck, a turn ya on that much huh? shit, yer fuckin' soaking" he gasps, shuddering slightly while slowly moving his hips back, brows furrowed as he feels the slick heat of your pussy move around him.
"tsum- please fuck me" you whine, clawing uselessly at his back, trying to pull him closer to no avail, "please, want to be fucked so good, the way only you can, please"
his eyes slowly open, meeting yours with a lustful haze glazing over them. atsumu nods dumbly, mouth hanging open as he slowly rocks his hips. wet squelching echoes in the room as he speeds up, the familiar plap plap plap of him filling you to the brim.
"ohmygod-" he groans, his body falling down against yours, still humping desperately into your pussy, reaching deeper. "ohhh fuck baby, y-yer pussy is so good- fuck! oh- oh- oh-!"
he comes to a stuttering halt, burrowing his face in your neck while he groans loudly, cock jumping inside of you, thick seed filling you up. he says still, panting heavily against your damp skin, his face heating up.
"baby? did... did you-?" you begin to ask, gently rubbing his back while he comes down. you only get a whimper in reply, a few mumbled words until he detaches himself from your neck. his face is hot pink, lips swollen from chewing on them.
atsumu begins to pull out, looking down to see your pussy spread out so prettily for him, cock glistening from your wetness. it only takes a moment for the familiar throbbing between his thighs to return, the hunger growing and he lifts up your thighs, pressing them to his chest while beginning to rock his hips against yours again.
"tsum you don't-"
"want to-" atsumu cuts you off, hissing from oversensitivity, quickly followed by a loud groan as he watches his thick cum bubble out from his thrusts, "p-pussy 's so good, fuck- ahh fuck- feels too good ta stop"
he leans over you, your legs flopping back down on the bed. mouth agape once more, he pants and moans loudly with each delicious thrust, babbling incoherently about just how good you feel, how he needs to feel you cum around him. again. and again. and again.
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adoringhaikyuu · 7 months ago
they see you wearing a men’s sized sweater and think you’re cheating on them
Tumblr media
characters: atsumu, bokuto, kenma, ushijima, (gn!reader)
summary: what happens when they see you wearing a men’s sized sweater and wrongfully assume you’re cheating on them.
warnings: nothing, just a hint of angst, some suggestive things and some dumb boys–
notes: this actually isn't that angsty! everyone is aged up and living together but it doesn’t really matter lmao (u can request others if you’d like! i kinda wanna do kageyama and oikawa)
part one | part two
Tumblr media
this dumbass sees you all cozy in this extremely over sized sweater––like his size sweater
you’re on the couch, mindlessly scrolling through your phone, your head leaning on a sweater paw 
and at first he gets distracted cause you look so cute and his face softens
but then he realizes that he doesn’t recognize it, and it sure as hell isn’t yours
and !! he knows !! it’s not his !!
and he immediately thinks it’s another mans, i mean what possible other explanation could there be–
his brows furrow and he just speaks without thinking, masking his hurt with anger
“so who is it?” he crosses his arms and stares down at you, practically barking, his voice breaking the silence around you. 
you pause immediately and look up at him confused, noticing how he’s doing the same stance he does when he’s trying to act tough. “what?”
he tuts and rolls his eyes, sighing in annoyance. were you really going to deny it? he narrows his eyes. “who. is. it.” the look of confusion on your face only deepens and he can feel his blood start to boil. his voice is dead cold and it sends a shiver up your spine. “who have you been fucking?”
you blink, once, then twice. “ what’s going on here––”
“don’t play dumb with me, y/n.” 
you looked around the room for a few seconds then back to him. “ it daddy? is that the answer––”
“y/n.” he growls impatiently.
“i don’t know what’s going on!” 
he breaks and steps closer to you, yelling almost in your face. “you’re cheating on me!” 
“what?!” you practically shriek. “why would you think that??” 
he scoffs, “are you kidding me?? the evidence is right there in front of my freakin’ face!” he points at you and you start to get aggravated as well, not knowing where these absurd allegations came from. 
“what the fuck are you talking about tsumu?” you set your phone down and stand up, a few inches away from him. 
“that fuckin’ ugly ass sweater you’re wearin’! you really think you’d be able to hide that from me, i’m not a dumbass!”
you look at him bewildered and down to your sweater, pulling at the hem. “you think it’s ugly? i bought it yesterday i thought it was cute–”
“i don’t give a shit! how could you do this to me i thought––” he cuts himself off and blinks a few times, the redness in his cheeks and on his neck slowly fading away. “wait what?”
you looked back up at him. “i said i bought it yesterday...? what does that have to do with––”
“so it’s not some other guy’s sweater...”
the both of you stood there for a few seconds just staring at each other, you in disbelief, him with a guilty and sheepish smile on his face. without warning, you slapped his arm and he shrieked. 
“ow?! that hurt!” 
“i don’t care! you really thought i would cheat on you?!” you tried to shove past him but he stopped you, eyes wide as he held you by the waist. 
“baby i’m sorry––”
you looked up at him, eyes watery. “what the hell, ‘tsumu?”
he felt his eyes start to water up too, a dull ache in the back of his throat as he pulled you into his arms and held you tight. “i’m so sorry babylove, i––i wasn’t thinking and i just––i saw you all cozy in that sweater and the thought of you wearing someone else’s clothes, being with someone else...” you wrapped your arms around him, hearing the pain he was trying to hide, in his voice. 
his voice was small as he mumbled, his cheek smushed against your head. “i thought you had some side piece hiding around somewhere.”
you shook your head and nestled your head into his chest. “don’t be ridiculous ‘tsumu, if anything you’d be the side piece.” 
“hey!” he pulls away to look at you and smiles when he sees your lips curved upwards cheekily. his thumbs came up to wipe the remnants of your tears that hadn’t soaked into his sweater. “can we go cuddle now?” 
you pretended to think, “hm i don’t know...i don’t think you deserve those right now.”
he pouted. “please? i’ll do anything––i’ll cook all our meals for the whole week!”
you cringed, “last time you cooked, you almost burnt the kitchen down.”
his shoulders drooped as he tried to think of another offer. “oh!” he perked up, eyes bright. “i’ll get ‘samu to cook for us? he owes me a favor anyway–”
you smiled, leaning up to kiss him softly. “deal.” 
Tumblr media
this absolute angel would be so sad :(((
at first he’d be like :D they’re so cute
and he’d be staring at you, all entranced and in love
then he realizes he doesn’t recognize the sweater cause he’s never seen you wear it before (he knows all of your outfits, he compliments all of them) and then he also realizes how big it is on you ://
immediately gets in a bad mood, more sad then angry
baby boy is just hurt tbh
was he not good enough?
he doesn’t even say anything, he just sulks and hopes you’ll come to him and let him down easy or come to your senses and leave the other guy
he’d forgive you, he loves you too much
bokuto walked into the bedroom where you were and paused for a bit before lying down next to you and staring up at the ceiling. you could feel his energy shift as he walked in, as if there were a cloud above him. 
“kou?” you asked, looking away from your phone to your pouting boyfriend. he simply hummed in response, not even glancing at you. “what’s wrong?”
he bit his lip, blinking a few times before responding. “mm, nothing.” 
your brows furrowed, wondering what could have possibly put him in a bad mood. “oh i know, did akaashi beat you at cup pong on that imessage game again?”
he frowned, “no––i mean yes, but––” he finally turned to look at you, eyes wide, filled with unshed tears and you sat up, alarmed. “are you happy?”
you tilted your head in confusion. “happy?”
“yes,” he nodded. “with me.” he was looking at you hopefully, the usual light in his eyes now dim. 
now it was your turn to frown. “of course i am, baby. i’m happiest when i’m with you. why are you asking me that?”
he seemed to perk up a bit at that, but he still wasn’t fully himself. he looked away, “nothing, no reason.”
“nuh uh,” you scooted closer to him and gently cradled his face, turning him to face you. “why are you asking me this? something’s obviously up.” 
his hand came up to hold yours on his cheek. “i just...” he looked down to your sweater. “you look really pretty in that sweater, you know? i think that’s what hurts the most, you still look like mine, my baby...even though you’re not wearing my sweater.”
“that’s what this is about? bo, you had me worried! if you want me to wear your sweaters i will, you know i love wearing them.” 
he looked up into your eyes, “but what about this one? what about the other–”
“i only bought this cause it was on sale, it’s not like i’m attached to it or anything. honestly, i like yours a lot better.” you smiled at him and you could see all the tension leaving his body, the hurt leaving his face as he smiled wide.
“you––you bought it!” 
this boy confused you more and more every day. “yes, i bought it. what’s up with you?” 
he shook his head vigorously like a little puppy, eyes wide as he hastily wiped his tears. “no–nothing!” he pulled you into his arms and you fell into him with a gasp, your legs on either side of him as he held you tight. “i love you so much, my precious angel.”
you raised a brow, giving into his embrace. “o–kay? i love you too, baby.” you let your head fall onto his shoulder, your boy was always so dramatic...
Tumblr media
kenma would be gaming at his desk, cat headphones on
and you’d sneak in, bored of doing whatever it is you were doing before, to sit on his lap as you always do
he’d barely look away from the screen as you squeeze into the chair with him, lifting and opening his arms to let you in
you’d snuggle against him and as he plays, he unconsciously kisses your forehead and lean his head onto yours 
he’d honestly play for a good while before he takes a break or a loading screen pops up before the next mission and he’d finally take a good look at you all cozied up on top of him
he’d bring a hand to your waist, just to let you know that he’s there and appreciates your company 
he’d notice how peaceful you look, your eyes closed as you held onto his sweatshirt
but then he’d notice your sweatshirt and his brows would furrow 
you felt kenma stiffen underneath you, and at first you thought it was because his game was getting intense––but you couldn’t hear any noise coming from the monitor or from the keyboard (and trust me you would hear when he was typing––his fingers going at fifty miles per hour). 
you opened your eyes to see him staring off to the side, not even paying attention to his game resuming, a worrying crease between his brows. you took the hand that was fisting his collar and brought it up to hold his cheek and though he softened at the touch at first, as he always did, you could tell something was off. 
“baby?” you mumbled. “what’s wrong? did something happen in your game?”
he barely even heard you at first, too caught up in his own troublesome thoughts. was it someone else’s? another guy’s? you wouldn’t––right? 
“baby?” again, no response. 
you sat up and his hands fell to the arm rests, or more like he put them there, as though he wanted you to get off. this was immediately a bad sign––he never wanted you to get off, even when you had to pee, he would grumble and hold you tighter, continuing to play his game as though you weren’t about to literally piss your pants. 
you turned his head towards you but he still wouldn’t look at you, instead choosing to look down. “ken what’s wrong? you’re worrying me.” he finally looked into your eyes and you felt a chill run through your body at the fierce look in them, an indescribable emotion swimming in his irises. 
he stared at you first for a few moments silently before speaking up. “when did––” he paused, unsure of how to go about this, his voice small and hesitant. “when did you get this sweater?”
you looked down at the fabric you were practically melting in and back up at him, a confused pout on your face. “a few months ago, why?” 
“a few months?” he frowned and tilted his head back down. it’s been that long? 
“yeah, i got it at that thrift store, you know the one by the café? why do you ask?”
at that, his eyes widened and his lips parted, but he quickly snapped out of it and wrapped his arms around you. “n–nothing. no reason.”
“what? but–”
“doesn’t matter.” he pulled you close so that you were leaning on him again, his arms tight, not letting you up. 
you snuggled back against him hesitantly, your hand sliding up to play with the loose bundles of hair that fell out of his bun at the nape of his neck. you smiled as he purred at your touch, his hands going back to the keyboard. 
you felt yourself sink back into his embrace, your fatigue quickly washing over you again. you’d definitely ask him what that was about after you woke up.
Tumblr media
poor baby sees the sweater and tries to remember if he’s ever seen you wear it, since he already knows it’s not his
he comes to the conclusion that it’s most likely another man’s since it’s so big on you and immediately assumes it’s his fault ://
he just stands and stares at you for a while, brows furrowed in thought
but he does that all the time, so you don’t think anything of it and just go about your business cutting up your apple slices in the kitchen
he notices how the fabric is swallowing you up, but it’s still not as big as his, and that at least gives him a teeny bit of satisfaction that whoever this man is, he’s bigger than him
after a few minutes of contemplation, he stands next to you and speaks up
“do i not satisfy you enough, y/n?”
you paused and the sound of your knife slicing fruit came to a halt as you looked up at your boyfriend to see if he was joking. he wasn’t. you almost laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation but looking at the seriousness in ushijima’s expression, you decided against it. given the way your eyes would fill with tears, the way your thighs would tremble as you clung to him after every night you spent together in bed, he should have known the answer to that question. but maybe he meant it another way––
“in what way?” he frowned and you went on. “if you meant sex wise...then yes, you more than satisfy me. if it’s in terms of love and affection, then the answer is also yes. short answer is yes, always.”
this only seemed to trouble him further, somehow. “then what is it?”
you tilted your head in confusion, “what is what?”
“what made you go elsewhere?”
you blink and put the knife down. “ushi, i have no idea what you’re talking about, i’ve been here all day.”
“what made you go and find someone else to take care of you?” he said bluntly.
“what? i didn’t...” you turned fully to face him, piecing together what he was saying so cryptically yet plainly at the same time. looking at his features carefully, you could see the anger, frustration and most of all, the hurt he was trying to hide, on his face. your voice shrunk in size. “wait, you think i’m cheating on you?” he nodded silently and you felt a twitch in your stomach. “why would you think that?”
he reached down, “this” he tugged at the sleeve of your sweater with two fingers, as if it disgusted him. “is not mine. and it is far too large to be yours.” he crossed his arms and looked at you, waiting for an explanation.
you paused for a few seconds before you burst out laughing and he only stood there, watching you, offended and utterly confused. why was this funny? “i’m sorry baby i just––” you placed one hand on the counter and tried to hold yourself up and not fall down to your knees. you waited until your laugh died down to a giggle before looking up at your adorable, dumb boyfriend with a smile on your face.
“this isn’t your sweater, you’re right. but it is mine. i bought it the other day, it’s just oversized.”
his arms slowly dropped to his sides. “––oh.”
“yeah, ‘oh’.” you shook your head slightly. “you really thought i would cheat on you?”
“i didn’t want to believe it. i wasn’t sure, so i asked.”
you pursed your lips, more amused than anything. “more like you accused me, ushi.”
he looked down in shame. “i’m sorry.”
you placed a hand on his chest as he hesitantly wrapped his arms around your waist. “i would never hurt you like that. i’m yours.” you leaned up on your tiptoes and he bent down, eager to give you the kiss you wanted. he pressed his lips against yours, his hands holding you tight.
when you pulled away, he rested his forehead against yours, his eyes still closed. “i really am sorry.”
you placed a hand on his cheek and pulled back to look into his eyes, smiling at the way he nuzzled into your touch. “it’s okay baby. how about i just wear your sweaters instead of buying my own, hm?” though you were slightly teasing, he nodded, more serious than ever.
“i would like that.”
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devikyuu · 7 days ago
Pairing: Miya Atsumu x GN!Reader
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Drabble
Summary: When will you ever be enough for someone like him?
Word Count: 743
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“It’s not my fault I’m not good enough for anything!” You shout.
Everything stills and it’s like time has stopped for you and Atsumu. Atsumu stares at you, eyes that used to be filled with frustration, are now filled with pity and they’re so wide open that you see the pity he gives you. You hate it. You don’t want the pity. So you turn away from him.
“I can’t catch up with you anymore, Atsumu.” Your voice is softer. It’s different from your scream earlier and it throws Atsumu off. He was ready to argue with you (through his anger filled mind) and get it over with. He didn’t expect this at all.
You burn holes into the wall you’re staring at. Hoping that the hot feeling in your eyes will go away. Hoping that your lips stop trembling. Hoping that whatever is stirring in your chest, stops. Hoping that your mind stops racing with insecurities you’ve stored away.
Atsumu eyes burn holes into you. He never meant to call you annoying or clingy. He never meant to make you feel neglected (and yet at the back of his mind, he thinks that it’s for the sake of the future he wants with you). He never meant to make you feel worthless. He never meant to make you feel like you aren’t enough.
The silence is so thick and heavy that it’s hard to speak (has it always been easy to speak when you’ve been apart for so long?). Atsumu makes steps to get close to you and you shut your eyes tight. Afraid that if you face him, you’ll come running back. 
“Angel, look at me.” You hear him whisper and you feel his presence. He’s just right in front of you. He could have just hugged you if he wanted to, but you know this is his way of saying he’s sorry and won’t do anything without your consent. “Please.”
You clench your fists so tight that it’s shaking and you shut your eyes even tighter that your face is scrunching up. Your insecurities are just spilling out of you in the form of tears. As soon as Atsumu sees your tears fall and hears you sniffing, he feels his chest get so heavy with guilt but he can't bring himself to just hug you.
So he kneels in front of you and slowly holds your hands like they’re made of paper that is just about to rip. He firmly presses his lips to them. “My angel, my pretty baby, I’m so sorry.” His lips stay on the back of your hands as he speaks. “I never meant to hurt you and I never meant to make you cry.”
His voice is soft as he speaks and you’re silent crying has turned into small hiccups. Atsumu rubs his thumbs on your hands and you slowly open your eyes. The sight you’re welcome with when you face Atsumu’s kneeling form, is of him leaving soft small kisses on your hands.
“‘Tsumu,” comes your broken voice, “I can’t catch up with how fast you’re going. I’m not like you and I--”
“You don’t have to be like me. You don’t have to catch up with me.” Atsumu looks up at you and you gasp. Seeing how determined he is makes your chest feel light. “I’ll go at your pace, angel.”
You whimper a little and go down to Atsumu’s level. His eyes follow your every movement and he squeezes your hand tight, wondering if you’ll allow him another chance to make you feel better. To make you feel special. To make you feel enough.
He brings your hands closer to him, silently asking if he can hug you now and you allow him to. Once his arms are wrapped around you, he sighs and buries his face to your neck. He inhales your scent and his shoulders start shaking.
“I was so scared, angel. I thought you were gonna break up with me.”
You both hug each other tight. Afraid that the other would walk away and disappear from their life.
You both stay that way for a while. Holding each other close, staying in the silence of the room, only hearing each other's heartbeat or breathing. Everything may be off at this point in your lives, but you know that having each other is enough for now.
“Angel, you’re enough for me, okay? You have always been enough for me.”
Tumblr media
Yeah... Imma jus,,, leave that there uwu
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anhelus · a month ago
Atsumu knows he’s a difficult person.
He’s been told that many times, over and over again. His need for perfection, his headstrong nature and his dedication to volleyball has earned many admirers. But it has also earned many people who scorn him for being stubborn and competitive to a fault.
He knows he didn’t exactly set himself up for a role model when he was found constantly fighting his twin brother all through his school years. And he’s aware his contempt for everyone who dared to cheer during his serves painted him in a harsh antagonistic light, something that he could only curb with years of playing pro and listening to his team as they handled his social media presence and the whatnot that followed with being a professional athlete.
So when hours bleed into days and you constantly refuse to communicate with him after the third fight of the week, he is cautious, navigating his way to you while walking as if he’s on eggshells - scared that another wrong move, another insensitive remark and he just might lose you.
You’re silent as he picks you up from work, lucky to have an off day for the first time in forever. Your eyes are averted to the car window, as he drives through the traffic - careful to not let the gentle rain block his sight as he tries his best to navigate it safely back home with you.
He wonders what you’re thinking. How was your day? Did you eat enough? Did your shitty boss piss all over you like you always complained? He’s never been too good at reading people and sometimes he wished he could do it as easily as you do.
“Do you wanna pick somethin’ up to eat?” he asks nervously, a wobbly smile gracing his lips as he averts his gaze from the mostly empty road to look at you, but you’re not looking at him. No, your eyes are still trained outside the window, watching everything pass you by in a whiz, the rain drops having a race against time
His hands are shaky (he’s not certain if it’s the cold that’s creeping up his spine due to the sudden rain, or is it because he’s anxious about losing you forever with each second passing in dreadful silence his ears and soul cannot bear) as he slows the vehicle down until it’s parked at the utmost left of the now empty road.
Confused at the sudden stopping, you turn to question him but your mouth dries as you take a good look at your boyfriend in what seems like days. His eyes are bloodshot, eyebags heavy and dark - highlighting the endless nights he has failed to sleep without you in his arms. His hair is disheveled - a consequence of his anxious habit of playing with his hair when he’s nervous to the bone and has nothing to help him calm down.
You wait with a hitched breath as his eyes turn watery and his lips wobble into a pout as he whispers into the cool air, “Can ya forgive me, angel?”
And that’s when the waterworks begin.
His palms rush to his aid, pressing into his eyes to stop the tears from falling down his face and your face falls as you watch your boyfriend get caught up in his mind.
“Hey, hey! Baby, shhh”, you coo at him, taking his face into your hands and gently wiping his tears away for him.
“M so sorry for this, angel”, he hiccups, his eyes rimmed with red as he just looks at you - almost as if he’s remembering your face when it isn’t so passive… and distant from him.
“Maybe if I hadn’t been so bad, you’d still talk to me and-”
You’re quick to cut him off, “It’s okay, bub! I forgot about it a long time ago, especially with the day I’ve had, okay? All I wanted was to take a bath and just sleep with you, okay? I’ve just had a shitty day and I should’ve apologized for being mean to you, ‘Tsum”.
Sure, fights with Atsumu are no fun. He’s stubborn, a know-it-all at the worst of times...but he’s still the man you love. And despite the fact that he surely has a talent for getting on your nerves, he’s also the love of your life and no amount of petty fights could ever change that.
“You mean that?” he looks at you with such hopeful eyes, it makes you wish you could protect him from everything that can ever hurt him (including your temper).
“You’re not angry anymore?”
“Not at all, pretty boy. I love you more than anything, you know that?”
He nods slowly, a shy smile on his face.
With that, you kiss his forehead and watch in relief as his shoulders sag and relax after all this time. You’re tempted to leave more than one kiss and you slowly start kissing his face over and over again - till you end up peppering his face with feathery kisses that make him giggle and make him look much more worry-free than you have seen him ever since training started again.
“Okay, okay, fine!” Atsumu gently gets you off of him, smiling as he starts the car again - the rain much lighter as he asks you what you’d like to order for takeout.
You’re all the more happy to humor him by suggesting his favorite restaurant. And he’s happier than ever to pick up dessert from the bakery you like on your way back home.
Tumblr media
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aikuu · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
— in which atsumu tries to salvage what's left of your sinking relationship.
category: angst with comfort
Tumblr media
atsumu stares at your sleeping figure wistfully, wondering where it all began to go wrong. was it him? was it you? was it distance? or was it just that what you both had wasn't strong enough to withstand the tides of time? he didn't know. all he knew was that your relationship had begun to fizzle out quite some time ago and that the two of you were hanging on for dear life, but he wonders how much longer it's going to last for. not that long if it keeps sailing in this direction.
it might have been better if it ended quickly, like a ship crashing into a huge iceberg, that would have been less painful that what is happening to you two currently. it's like a small hole had opened up in the hull, making your relationship sink painfully slowly as the two of you simply watch on in silent horror, waiting for the inevitable to happen.
a massive shipwreck is in the works, and it's bound to happen anytime soon, and all you know is that you will drown, having lost the strength to fight a long time ago.
but what you don't know is that atsumu still wants to fight. he wants to salvage what you two have left, to gather all the broken pieces and put them all back together and hopefully make something beautiful out of the pain, because unlike you, your boyfriend isn't a quitter. he never was, and never will be, but the only problem is that atsumu can't find a reason to hold onto your love.
to him, it seems like a distant memory, something from the past. it seems nostalgic, like something out of his reach. all he needs is one reason to stay. one reason to try harder, to hold your hand in his and promise you that you'll both be just fine. just one reason.
and he will keep holding onto the thin thread that holds you two together until he finds that reason, because he promised you years ago that he'll make it last, and even if he can't, he'll go down trying.
you roll over in your sleep, and atsumu gulps, realising how long it's been since he last admired your beauty. you look so peaceful and undisturbed, and his heart aches reminiscing of the times you used to doze off on his chest as a boring movie played in the background. you never reached out to him anymore, not even in your sleep, the same you that used to lean into his touch almost as if it was second nature.
it's almost as if you've gotten used to being without him by your side, and it hurts.
it hurts atsumu to see you move on when you two haven't even ended things yet, and for a short moment, he considers if all this was even worth fighting for, but he quickly brushes the thought away, thinking back to your college days and how you two would never even have stayed together if you thought the same way that he did now.
he smiles, thinking of how you used to patiently wait for him when he's had to attend sudden overtime practices, how you graciously forgave him everytime he fell asleep during dates, tired from practice, how you used to show up to every game and silence the loud cheers, knowing they'd mess with his concentration, how you used to tell him to get 'em the next time whenever he lost and how you were just as excited as he was when he got scouted into a v1 league, jumping around and planting kisses onto his head, muttering how proud you were of him and how far he's come.
you used to be his support system and the backbone of your relationship, and now it's his turn to take over that role because this time around, he knows you're tired, so he'll just have to be patient with you as well, because just like quitting volleyball after losing a couple matches isn't an option, quitting on the love of his life because of a rough patch isn't either.
atsumu tucks a stray strand of your hair behind your ears, smiling as he mentally scolds himself for ever wanting a reason to fight for you, he has millions of reasons already, he just forgot about them for a while.
absently caressing your hair, atsumu wonders if taking you to the burger place where you two had your first date would be a good idea to reconcile, only to freeze in his tracks at the sudden sensation of you moving closer to him, leaning into his touch.. just the way you used to.
overwhelmed with excitement, he pulls you closer to his chest, hugging you tight as he buries his face into your neck, practically suffocating you and causing you to wake up from your peaceful slumber, gasping for air.
"you're holding me too t-tight," you manage to choke out, tapping his back as he releases you, still looking dazed. "why are you still up? it's past four in the morning, atsumu," you say, yawning loudly. your boyfriend frowns, his heart sinking again at the way you called him by his name. he missed the times where you lovingly addressed him as 'tsumu or some other sappy nickname.
"what's wrong?" you ask, eyes growing bigger as your drowsiness evaporates seeing the way atsumu's shoulders slouch sadly. as much as you want to go back to sleep, you can't just ignore him, especially when he looks so uncharacteristically dull.
"yer gonna leave me, aren't ya?" he says out of the blue, taking you by surprise. sure, things have been bad for a while now, and you're so close to giving up, but breaking up hasn't even crossed your mind yet. you open and then shut your mouth, unable to answer him.
"do ya still love me, y/n?" atsumu tries again, his hands coming to a rest on your shoulders. you nod almost reflexively, just like how you jump back after touching flaming cinders, like there's no other choice. you gave up on loving atsumu physically long ago, it's gotten too taxing and tiring and you felt like you weren't getting the same energy back from him, but your mind and heart have never stopped loving him, and all you ever needed was one reason to keep trying, to keep holding onto him, because you really didn't want to let go.
"i do, i can't ever stop loving you," you admit, your voice barely coming out as a croak, and you mean every word you said. atsumu smiles, although it doesn't reach his eyes. "but do ye love me enough to try?" you tense up at what he said, his question hitting you right at the one spot you didn't want to be hit at.
"do you?" you shoot back, heart thumping loudly in your chest. "because i'm tired, i'm so fucking tired of always being the one that has to try harder and fight a little more." your words shock you just as much as they shock him. for once at least, you want atsumu to show you he cares as much as you do.
"y/n," says atsumu, hands lifting off of your shoulders and moving to cup your jaw instead. "please, jus' look at me, baby," he pleads, as you slowly lift your head up, blinking back tears. you know it's your fault for letting it all get this far when you could've just told him to try harder before your relationship fell apart, but you were too immature, too stubborn, and you wanted your boyfriend to read you and understand your needs just like you understood his.
"ye know how fuckin' dumb i am, love," he says, leaning in and pressing your foreheads and noses together. "i know i can't read ya and sometimes 'm too slow to understand what ye want me to do, that never means i don't love ya, 'kay?" you nod, sniffing, knowing that what he's saying is genuine.
"fuck, i wish i was smarter than this, but even if i can be infuriating sometimes, 'm still yer man, y/n, ye can always gimme a good ol' slap on the back, face even, if you want me to try more," he says, pressing a soft kiss right next to your lips. "next time, jus' yell at me, baby, go crazy, tell me what 'm doin' wrong, pick a fight, but don' ever leave me, okay? i dunno what i'd do without ya."
you nod, your hands wrapping around his neck. "sorry i didn't tell you how i felt," you say. "i was being childish, i won't do it again."
atsumu shakes his head, rocking you back and forth comfortingly. "don' ever apologise ta me, love, yer too good to me," he says soothingly. "yer always too patient with me, it's 'bout time you acted up, i'll try ta be more understanding."
"i love you so much, 'tsumu," you rasp into his shoulder, drinking in his warmth and basking in his affection after so long. "we should make more time for each other too, this only got this far because we became too career oriented and got busy to the point where our relationship lost it's spark." your boyfriend nods into your neck. "we gotta reignite this shit till it's as bright as carnival fireworks, baby," he says, making you smile. you missed this. you missed him, and even the tiniest possibility of going back to being like how you used to be during the glory days of your relationship makes you feel giddy.
"i'll take a day off practice tomorrow, wanna go to that burger place where we had our first date?" atsumu says, grinning up at you.
you nod, smiling broadly in so long. "yeah, i'll take a day off work too, let's do it."
and just like that, you feel the sinkhole in the ship closing up slowly but surely. things are obviously still far from perfect, but it's a start. your relationship has been salvaged, with your boyfriend inspiring you to swim after the broken fragments, because if it's you and him, you're sure you can piece everything back together to create something stronger than you had before.
because all it takes is one moment. either for a relationship to fall apart, to start afresh, or to salvage a broken relationship, all it takes is that one golden moment that decides everything, and that moment for you was your boyfriend stepping up to start a conversation that you two so desperately needed.
and you couldn't love him more for it.
Tumblr media
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bellesowl · 7 months ago
kiss and make up
Tumblr media
- multiple characters 
⤷ atsumu, sakusa
genre: (an attempt at) angst to fluff ; established relationship, timeskip 
synopsis: in which you have an almost relationship-ending argument
word count: 2.1k total - about 1k each
warnings: fighting (obv), being called a burden, the boys are kinda mean but they make up for it i swear
- a/n: tbh i was kinda getting sick of writing just fluff so i wanted to spice it up a lil! if this sucks i’m probably going to stick to fluff fics but i think it should be fine? this one also only has 2 characs cause idk how i would be at writing angst LMAO if this does well enough i’ll post the one i have written w kuroo and iwa <3 but i feel like this kinda sucks so oh well
- thank u @kybabi for beta-ing <3
Tumblr media
- miya atsumu
you n atsumu have been together since high school which is why you’ve always been inseparable
you went to the same college & moved in together right after, but once he got his job with the jackals, he insisted that you didn’t work and focused on getting your master’s degree
you reluctantly agreed, if only to be able finish & earn your phd soon after
because atsumu is always busy, it’s kinda become commonplace for you to do the chores around the house- like doing the laundry or washing the dishes or cooking dinner for him
but it’s gotten to the point where he expects it
atsumu sighs, unlocking the door to your shared apartment. today’s practice was rough, it was a day of hard conditioning and bad sets and he wanted nothing more than a good meal and to cuddle. the first thing he noticed when he walked in was the mess. instant ramen bowls were scattered everywhere, empty coke cans and dirty napkins were all over the floor, and there you were, in the eye of the hurricane. the second thing he noticed was that there was no homecooked meal.
surprised, he walks into the dining room to see you, furiously typing away at your laptop with four different books surrounding you. you hear his footsteps and look up.
“hey baby! how was practice?” you ask with a smile
atsumu grunts in reply and gestures toward the kitchen, “so.. what’s for dinner babe?”
your eyes widen, “oh shoot! i’m sorry, i was so busy studying for this final that i forgot to cook. do you mind-“ you stop when you see him roll his eyes and head out.
“um, where are you going? you just got home?” you ask, following him.
“out. i have to get food somehow” he replies, “especially because my useless s/o can’t cook a goddamn meal for me” he mutters under his breath
you stop in shock because did he really just say that?
“i’m sorry, i don’t think i heard you right.” you start but he interrupts you
“i said, i have to go get food because someone is too busy to cook a goddamn meal. what do you even do anyways- well, besides spend my money? the least you can do is cook for me, god.” he finally turns to look at you but he feels his heart stop at the look on your face.
not wanting to escalate the situation any further, you try to calm him down, “tsum, hey, i’m sorry i forgot to cook okay? this is my last final before the year ends and i just can’t afford to fail it, so i’ve been studying all day. if you come back to the kitchen, i’ll make you something, okay?”
“i don’t want to eat your half assed attempt at a meal, y/n. the whole point is that you couldn’t get off your ass for an hour to cook when i make the money, i paid for the apartment, hell, i’m even paying for your school! is it really too much to ask for you to stop being such a burden and cook and clean everyday?” he fumed.
you gape at him, shocked that he would even say that. to hell with not escalating things
“at least i want to do something more with my life than hit balls around and retire at 35” you hiss, “and i do everything in this house! i do the laundry, i clean the bathroom, i cook - i do all the things you refuse to. and do i complain? no. i offered to get a job but you refused.”
you turn around to grab your laptop and your textbooks, “just- just do whatever the hell you want to, atsumu.” and with that you walk out the door.
atsumu’s heart drops when he realizes that you actually left. sure, you’ve had arguments here and there, but you’ve never left. he pulls out his phone to call you when he sees you’ve left yours on the counter. knowing there’s nothing to do but wait at this point, he begins to clean up and calls osamu over.
it’s already 3 am when you walk back into your apartment, and you blink multiple times when you open the door. it’s ... clean? you’re sure it was a mess when you left, so how would it be clean? you sigh, too tired to think about it more and walk into the kitchen. your eyes widen at the sight. not only is your favorite food on the stove, but there your boyfriend is, asleep on the dining table. you smile slightly, well that explains things.
“ ‘’mu, hey, wake up babe.” you kiss him lightly and shake him.
he grunts and sits up, “baby! i’m so so sorry for what i said. you are in no way, shape, or form a burden, i have no clue why i said that. today’s practice was just really tiring, but i know i shouldn’t have taken it out on you. just please-” he sighs, “just please don’t leave me again.”
your heart breaks your teary eyed boyfriend. “shh, of course baby. i’ll never leave you again okay?” you say, tugging on his arm, “cmon babe, let’s go to bed, okay?”
“mm okay my love.” he replies and practically pulls you into bed. “i love you, okay?”
“i love you too baby.” you reply
“to the moon and back?” he asks
“yeah, and to infinity and beyond.” you reply, your lack of sleep hitting you hard
“oh, i didn’t know i was dating buzz lightyear”
you let out a loud laugh and just like that you both fall into the same routine, love radiating off both of you in waves.
Tumblr media
- sakusa kiyoomi
dating sakusa was,, challenging
it definitely took him a while to get comfortable with you
so you guys have been dating for a couple years now, and at this point he’s def clingy
however there still moments when he reverts to his old self
this just happened to be one of those times
the stadium is silent before the ejp cheering section erupts in cheers. you stay silent, watching your team below. you watch as sakusa stills, still in disbelief. you make your way down, practically sprinting to your boyfriend.
he sees you on the sideline and makes his way over to you. you put on your biggest smile and attempt to make him feel better.
“you did great, kiyo! you’ll get them next time, yeah?” you beam, knowing how hard he’s been training to beat his cousin
he eyes you warily, not knowing what to say.
usually, sakusa gets pretty clingy after games, so you you move to give him a hug.
“don’t touch me” he barked, jerking away from you. “if you hadn’t been distracting me, we would’ve won.”
you stare at him, refusing to let the tears flow. you both turn when you hear a certain setter yelling at the opposing middle and you sigh.
“um, okay then. i’ll see you at home, yeah?” you ask
sakusa merely nods and makes his way over to his teammates. you look around to see if anyone saw what just happened and you lock eyes with your boyfriend’s cousin, who walks over.
“congrats on the win komori! you guys did so well!” you cheered
“thanks, y/n! and i’m sorry about kiyoomi. i’m sure you know he gets that way sometimes.” he explains
you smile and shake your head, saying that you’re used to it and you both bid your farewells. as you walk out of the stadium, you think back to how your boyfriend, the one person you loved with everything you had in you, utterly embarrassed you in front of his whole team. before you know it, silent tears start streaming down your face. 
you enter your home and immediately rush to the bathroom. you draw yourself a bath and make some dinner while waiting. you assume that kiyoomi wouldn’t be home to have dinner with you anyways- and now that you think about it, you can’t remember the last time you had dinner together. after you finish your bath and eat your dinner, you decide to wait up for boyfriend and watch a couple episodes of your favorite show to pass the time. 
kiyoomi walks into his apartment at around 1 am, completely and utterly exhausted. he kicks his shoes off and drops his bag on the floor. The rustling rouses you from sleep and you sit up.
“hey kiyo” you say with a yawn, “where’ve you been all night?” 
sakusa ignores you in favor of getting ready for bed and you frown when he brushes past you. 
“kiyo, babe, what’s wrong? you’ve been ignoring me all night and i-” you start but he interrupts you before you can finish. 
“god, just shut up, y/n. can’t you tell i don’t want to talk to you right now? i’ve already had the worst day, i don’t need you making it any worse.” he snaps
"kiyoomi, look, i understand you’re upset but you shouldn’t take it out on me.” you reason, reaching out towards him, “listen, i’m here if you wanna-” 
“i said, do not touch me.” he seethes. “you are so fucking clingy y/n, lord, let me breathe a little.”
with those words, you explode. “you know what, sakusa,” he flinches when he hears his last name come out of your mouth, “i think i have the right to want to spend some time with my boyfriend! i haven’t seen you in god knows how long- you leave before i wake up and i fall asleep in an empty bed. i’ve been working my ass off to get some time off to watch your stupid volleyball game and what do you do? you embarrass me in front of your whole team!”
you sigh, wiping away the tears that continue that continue to fall. “listen, i don’t want to fight right now. i’m going to go stay at a friend’s house for the night, alright? i’ll see you tomorrow” you say, grabbing your purse. “if you’re even home tomorrow,” you add under your breath.
sakusa is in shock. the moment he saw your tears start to spill, he felt an undeniable and unrelenting ache in his chest that only seemed to grow with every work that came out of your mouth. and when the door shut? sakusa fell on his knees, his heart dropping. he truly couldn’t believe he said that to you. now all he had to do was wait till you got home.
2:38 pm - you check the time on your phone before pulling out your keys. you hope you made the right move, choosing to come back home while kiyoomi was still at practice. you open the door and the sight causes your eyes to widen.
there, on the couch with your favorite flowers in hand, is your boyfriend. he hears the door open and stands up abruptly.
“y/n, my love, i am so sorry. i truly cannot express how horrible i feel, and i cannot begin to understand how you feel.” he takes a deep breath, seemingly holding back tears. “i- i do love you. i love you more than i’ve ever loved anyone in my entire life. i know i’m not the best at expressing it, but you mean the world to me- no, you are my world. without you, i don’t know what i would do. so please-” his voice cracks, “just, please give me another chance?”
you run towards your boyfriend, practically tackling him. “kiyo, baby, of course. i love you too, you know? you just can’t do that anymore, yeah? you shouldn’t feel like you have the right to embarrass me just because you had a bad day. and please, don’t call me clingy? i know i do stick to you like glue sometimes, but that’s just because i never see you anymore.” you reply.
“that will all change, darling.” he answers sincerely, “i’ll make more time for you, i swear. in fact, i’ll take the week off, how does that sound?” at the sight of your smile, he relaxes.
“that sounds wonderful, yoomi.” you answer
sakusa feels the weight that’s been dragging him down lift and he realizes the effect you have on him- you’re his breath of fresh air. he also realizes how utterly idiotic it was to push away the one person who could make him feel better.
it’s fine, he reasons, he’ll just never make that mistake again. he swears it.
Tumblr media
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