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#atsumu hcs
zeroatsu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
halloween favour / atsumu m.
18+, minors please do not interact.
warnings pet play, use of the names bunny and daddy, spanking, implied squirting, fingering, penetrative sex, choking, tell me if i forgot any others <3
Tumblr media
you walked beside your boyfriend and his other half, osamu, whilst a playful hand danced across your waistline - which of course, belonged to that of your atsumu, who’s boyish gaze never left your equally excited movements.
“i can’t stop looking at your costume, ‘samu,” you remarked to the taller brunette, stifling a laugh.
much to atsumu’s dismay, he had stolen one of his bedsheets, cutting a large hole straight in the centre so that his head could stick out.
but that wasn’t even the worst part - it was the fact that you had helped him that had atsumu so outraged.
the blonde clicked his tongue, clearly still not over the incident. “yer buying me a new one, asshole.”
“didn’t think y’d mind,” osamu shrugged.
“yeah well i do,” the blonde retorted, pulling you closer as you giggled at the interaction. he smiled down at you as you laughed, taking in your pretty features for the umpteenth time that evening.
you had come as a classic fever bunny, a tight-fitted leotard hugging your curves, accented with pretty fishnets that hugged your thighs. cute black ears stood erect ontop of your head, one of which fell at it’s tip, creating a sweet, innocent attribute. white cuffs were secured around your wrists and neck, just tight enough so that it wouldn’t move against your skin.
and of course, the final touch - a fluffy, white tail attached right above your ass.
when you first turned around after showing atsumu your outfit, he had almost taken you right then and there.
he could already see it - you, bent you over the kitchen whilst he fucked your brains out, watching that pretty little tail bounce with every slam of his cock against your entrance.
but he was quickly reminded of the occasion when he heard his brother’s footsteps descending the stairs.
who knew the sight of such a cute little detail could almost drive a man insane.
so now, the three of you walked side by side, clutching empty bags just waiting to be filled with delicious treats and gifts.
atsumu’s costume was arguably the best of all. he had decided to go as the infamous ghost face, the masked killer from the notorious scream franchise.
that’s right. he wore a thick, black cloak that fell down to his feet, his pointy hood drawn over his head and mask drawn back out of his face.
was it bad that you found it kind of… hot?
i don’t know, there was just something about the idea of your precious ‘tsumu, masked and pushing you up against a wall, holding your arms above your head and muttering his dirty curses, promising to fuck you until you saw stars.
but that would have to wait.
suddenly, atsumu spoke up, his voice excited. “hey, i have an idea.”
osamu audibly sighed, rolling his dark eyes. “oh god, here we go.”
“shut yer trap, ‘samu! anyways, what’re yer thoughts about a little bet on halloween night?” the blonde proposed, his tone laced with a hint of mischief that you couldn’t yet find the source of.
“count me out. every single deal we’ve made, y’ve either lied or made up a dumb excuse.” osamu objected, to which atsumu got defensive.
“hey! false accusation! i am a man of my word, believe me y/n,” he argued.
osamu shook his head, once again disagreeing with his brother. “nope. remember that time we made a deal about ‘whoever gets the highest score on the arcade game buys the other popcorn’ and then ya deserted me when i won? or the time when i beat ya in a game of basketball and you pretended to have a stroke? or the time when we went campin’ and we made a bet about-“
“alright alright enough!” atsumu quickly interrupted his sentence, his tone defeated. “yeah whatever, i’m a sore loser. ya still love me tho, right y/n?”
you smiled at the older twin, placing a quick peck on the side of his face. “‘always, tsumu.”
atsumu smirked, the glint in his eye only growing at your touchy nature.
“anyways about this bet: just y/n and i since ‘samu knows he’s gonna lose,” he teased, to which said brother shot him a dirty look, “how about we see who can get the most candy by the end of the night, and the loser has to do the winner a favour.”
“a favour?” you repeated, tilting your head to the side, which unknowingly made atsumu’s head spin.
“yeah, a favour. y’know, just a little something to help them.”
you thought about it for a moment, all while atsumu’s dick throbbed in his pants, already excited about what was to come, (literally).
“sounds harmless, you’re on,” you agreed with a devious smile, all while your boyfriend was already planning his winning strategy.
“right then, bye!” and with that, he was gone. he had ran away whilst you and osamu could only watch in bewilderment at his speed.
“but- ‘tsumu! when does this bet end exactly?”
the blonde turned to look over his shoulder, one hand gripping the end of his mask. “meet me back at home at midnight! ‘samu, do whatever, i guess.”
osamu let out a huff at his words, unamused.
you laughed as he ran further away, pulling down his mask to conceal his face.
“guess i better go then, bye ‘samu!”
the brother gave you a lazy smile and a wave as you also ran away, your cute little tail bouncing along with you.
you had finally made it home after an hour of scouring for candy, confident that you would win.
you had been to over 40 houses, there was no way you could’ve lost.
you waited patiently outside of your front door, pulling out your phone from your pocket to text atsumu, when the familiar blonde appeared from around the corner, breathless and holding not one, but two bags of candy.
“wait, what? how did you?…” you trailed off, bewildered at his findings.
“a good magician… never tells… his secrets…” he said between breaths, hands on his knees before approaching you.
he smirked knowingly, aware of his victory. “guess that means i win, right?”
“i guess so,” you smiled back.
“c’mere,” he beckoned, smiling as you ran up to him with a curious smile. his hands sat innocently on your waist for a few seconds, before falling down to your ass and cupping the soft skin.
“ya looked so beautiful tonight, princess,” he leaned in for a kiss, placing one finger underneath your chin to guide your lips onto his. “c’mon, you must be cold, let’s getcha inside.”
and so he did, taking you back inside his shared home, shutting the front door behind him with a soft click. he was quick to prioritize your needs, asking if you needed anything.
“you want any food? drinks? i make a killer hot choclate, ya’know.”
you let out a laugh of delight, enticed by the idea of a warm, hot drink after a cold night. “please ‘tsumu.”
fuck. that shouldn’t have turned him on as much as it did.
a few minutes later, he returned with your drink as well as his own, careful when passing it to you as not to let you burn yourself.
as you placed your lips to the rim, he quickly reached out to, placing his hands over yours. “hey, hey, it’s hot. you shouldn’t drink it just yet.”
“oh. okay,” you complied, placing the drink onto your lap and instead focusing on your boyfriend.
he looked so pretty tonight.
something about his messy, blonde locks pushed back by his mask, his eyes brimming with lust and concern, his gentle hands guiding your own.
“hey, remember that favour?”
fuck it.
you kissed him, placing your hands on either side of his face, which was surprisingly warm in contrast to your cool palms.
he immediately kissed back, needily but also softly in a way, as if this was his way of telling you he cared.
next thing you knew he was flipping you over on to your back on his plush sofa, the red of the material contrasting perfectly with the black of your costume.
“fuck, princess. you have no idea how badly i wanted you tonight.”
those words alone made you whine, grinding against nothing.
his hands roamed across your body, which was begging for attention all over. he peeled your leotard from your shoulders, exposing your breasts, to which he immediately dove on to.
he kneaded the skin, sucking and kissing on your cold neck, leaving marks that you knew would stay there for days, yet you didn’t care. his hot breath traveled against your skin, making you shiver.
his tongue continued to glide across your neck and eventually down to your chest, where he licked and sucked at every free bit of skin he could get his hands on.
you moaned and whimpered against him, placing your hands on his face once more and forcing him to face you, looking down at him with pleading eyes. “‘atsu, please. please fuck me- please, i need you.”
his erection grew impossibly harder, now absolutely desperate to feel himself inside of you.
you had finally pushed him over the edge.
he flipped you over on the couch so that you were on your stomach.
“c’mon, ya know what to do. ass in the air, just how i like it. yeah, good girl, just like that,” he told you, the smirk evident in his voice, “now stay.”
he ordered you around as if you were property, and it drove you crazy in the best of ways.
you could feel your cunt leaking and pooling with your own juices, practically aching from lack of attention.
his hands grabbed and played with the skin of your ass as if it were dough, even more so than usual.
shit. it was that fucking bunny tail.
you let out a gasp as his fingers pushed your leotard and panties aside, giving him full access to your dripping cunt. he eagerly dipped a finger inside of you, brushing against your walls causing your breathing to hitch.
“ya knew what you were doing, dressing like a little slut. fishnets, a tail, damn ya’ve even got your own little cuffs. you fucking wanted this from the start, didn’t ya, y’filthy whore.”
you whimpered at his harsh words, yet, it only turned you on more.
“fucking say it. tell me what you are.”
“i’m daddy’s little whore,” you mewled, toes curling as he added two more fingers, pumping them in and out of you at a mesmerizing speed.
“fuck- ‘tsumu-“ you squealed when his hand came in contact with you ass, causing you to jump forward slightly. “wrong. what’s my name, bunny?”
the nickname caused your body to erupt in pleasure, your cunt now squeezing and spasming around his fingers which were coated in a thick layer of your juices.
“daddy. daddy, please. please, make me cum,” you begged, your eyes beginning to sting with tears of pleasure as he continued to stimulate you.
the pad of his thumb suddenly met with your clit and you leaped forward, letting a cry of surprise. “shh, s’alright. take it, pretty girl.”
you relaxed even further against his fingers, which rubbed and prodded at your clit even further. as he continued, your body began to shake, specifically your thighs, as you were near enough thrown into a sudden orgasm.
“nn..! daddy! m’gonna cum!” you slurred, breathing ragged and heaving as you rubbed against his hand. he slowed his movements, causing you to let out a quick whine.
“what do ya say when y’wanna cum, pretty girl?”
“m-! please daddy, please can i cum?”
he smirked from above you, fingers so deep in your pussy you wondered if it was even possible.
“go ahead, bunny. cum for me.”
you tried to suppress a scream as the liquid gushed out of you, spraying all over his fingers and chest as you smothered your face against his couch.
he let you go, allowing your heaving body to fall down beside him. “my messy girl, aren’tcha?
he kneeled down beside your face, which was flushed and and somewhat pouty, tilting his head.
“c’mon, it’s my turn now, right? are ya ready?”
you nodded slowly and he crawled on top of you with a coy smirk, pushing your legs over his shoulders as he lined himself up with your still leaking entrance.
“pretty little bunny, all wet and desperate just for me,” he described fondly, one hand below your breast and another stroking your tear-stained cheek.
“ya sure y’don’t need a break?” he purred, causing butterflies to erupt within you.
“yeah, i’m sure. i just- m, i want you s’bad ‘astu.”
he took a deep breath, holding you close and planting a kiss onto your forehead. “well then yer gonna get me, aren’tcha?”
and with that, he pushed inside of you, stretching you open. every time felt like the first, painful and burning, until he adjusted.
when he finally bottomed out, you muttered a soft curse, both hands clinging to his neck. “s’okay pretty, i gotcha.”
after a few moments of adjustment, you whispered a quick ‘i’m ready’ to let him know that he could start moving. he started out slow and loving, but slowly increased his pace with every stroke.
“fuck, bunny, yer so warm.”
you blushed at his words, panting and shaking, but nonetheless taking it all.
all it took was a glance at your tail, soft and tiny, and bouncing with every in and out movement of his thick cock to cause him to set a ruthless pace, nudging your g-spot and causing you to reach out for him.
“‘tsumu! fuck-“
he knew what he was doing, after all, he knew your body like the back of his hand.
he knew all of your little quirks, habits, and quips, and making you cum and squirt were like second nature to him.
but fuck, it never got old.
“ha-ah!” you moaned out, nails dragging against the skin of his back.
he was hitting that spot, over and over again, causing your body to rack with uncontrollable sobs of pleasure and delight.
he kissed your neck, allowing low grunts and groans to slip past his pretty lips while he held you, going as deep as he could.
it was then that he had a cruel idea.
he leaned forward, pressing all of his bodyweight on top of your own whilst also gripping the cuff around your neck and trapping you beneath him, causing you to squeal in pleasure.
now he was hitting the same spot, but with a much more brutal pace, and some how managing to go even deeper than before.
“daddy!” you cried out, voice shaking and breaking from the intense pleasure. “h- hah!”
you felt tears slip from your eyes as he rammed into you, eyes staring into your own as your mouth opened to form words - but only moans and weak cries followed. you choked as he pulled the cuff tighter, but it only made the pleasure you felt more intense.
“fuck- y/n, m’gonna cum. m’gonna cum inside you- fuck!”
his cock suddenly throbbed inside of you, releasing thick ropes of white all over your walls. you followed immediately after him, feeling yourself let go and spill your juices all over his couch for the second time that night.
“i love you! nnh, love you, ‘tsumu!”
“i love you too, bunny.”
when your death-grip finally loosened, you lay below him, in shock of what just happened - but more importantly, how fucking good it felt.
“god, are y’okay? sorry, i went too far at the end-“
you immediately stopped him, eyes still wet and glistening. “no, no- don’t apologize. you were so good.”
the blonde laughed out of relief, kissing your puffy lips and cupping your face in his warm hands.
“shit, the hot chocolate!” you said suddenly, sitting up from the sofa and glancing up and the long forgotten beverage.
“damn, yer right,” atsumu agreed, standing up and pulling up his pants. “i’ll go wash my hands and make ya some more, sound good?”
you smiled up at him, cheeks flushed. “yep.”
now that, was a favor well spent.
Tumblr media
that was such a shit ending i’m sorry
anyways first oneshot HURRAH
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sunkeiji · 15 days ago
# how they react to you asking for affection !
✫ ft. kuroo , akaashi , atsumu , suna , sakusa x gn! reader
a/n: some quick hcs to get back into the swing of writing !
Tumblr media
✫ KUROO when you ask him for a hug, he smiles gently, taking ahold of your waist to pull you into a tight hug. in moments like these, it feels like time has frozen and it's just you and him. he rubs your back and whispers "i'm always here if you want a hug, you know. you never have to ask". he makes sure to hug you more often, swaying from side to side until he hears a sigh of satisfaction from you.
✫ AKAASHI he's sitting at his desk when you wrap your arms around his shoulders, tucking your face into his neck — he knows exactly what you want. he turns around and pecks your cheek before pulling you onto his lap. his hands fall to your waist, rubbing small circles into your skin. "missed me, angel?" he says into your hair. his voice is low and laced with exhaustion. and when you murmur a yes, he pulls you even closer. with your arms around his neck and your head sitting gently on his shoulder, he rubs your back and keeps his arms loosely around you as he types away at his computer, placing kisses at your cheek every couple minutes.
✫ ATSUMU a huge smile erupts on his face when you ask him for a hug out of the blue. "of course, angel! anything for ya!" he says with nothing but love in his eyes. he pulls you in, picks you up, and swings you around. you're both laughing at his behavior, and he's reveling in the sound of your giggles. he puts you down, but doesn't let go. "just a bit longer, yeah? i missed ya, too." the rest of the day is filled with random kisses, cheek squishes, and a very clingy atsumu.
✫ SUNA "hmm? someone's needy today" he jokes while placing his hands on your waist, slowly bending down to kiss your lips. he pulls away and looks at you with a soft smile, making sure to stay at your eye level. he kisses you again and again until you're both smiley. and he's blushing slightly, but you don't mention it. moving his hand to the top of your head, he strokes your hair and hides his face into your neck. "i missed your lips, cutie. i'm all yours, you don't have to ask, okay?"
✫ SAKUSA he's a bit taken-aback by your request. when you ask him for a kiss, he starts wondering if he's been neglecting you. he bends down to place a kiss to your nose, cheeks, forehead, and finally, your lips. "are you okay?" he'd ask. when you hum a yes, he blushes, knowing that you just missed him. he can't lie — he's just as touch-starved as you are. so, he pulls you into him and snuggles his face into your hair. "let's take a nap. practice was too long and i need to recharge."
Tumblr media
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kaashikuroo · 3 months ago
What breaks him (makes him cry)-Haikyuu Reactions
Characters: Atsumu, Osamu, Kuroo, Kenma and Tendō
Genre: fluff and angst
Warnings: Tears.
Requests? Send ‘em here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When he lashes out on you:
- Would have pent up frustration which makes him say stuff he doesn’t mean to.
- Realises his mistake the second the words left his mouth.
- Never in a million years did he want to be the one making you uncomfortable and doubt yourself.
- Would throw everything of his out the window just for you to hear him out.
- Would break down crying when he notices how much you do for him just because you love him.
- Feels like the biggest scum.
- Would try wiping his tears while blurting out apologies and beg you not to leave him.
- Would find comfort in yiur embrace when you two settled the fight.
- But his tears don’t seem to stop.
- Would never forgive himself for lashing out on you.
pls reassure this babie 🥺
Tumblr media
When you hug him for too long:
- Mans would be going through difficult times and he wouldn’t even notice it.
- His life was going downhill but he couldn’t feel it.
- He was being mistreated for so long and he couldn’t even notice it.
- You felt like you should be better for him. He truly does deserve love.
- It worried you when he shrugged off his problems like it was a part of his life.
- Being unhappy being a part of your lover’s life 😃❓
- nop.
- not happening.
- You’d come up to him while he was studying for a mock test.
- You could see that he was very stressed.
- “Samu? You okay there?”
- Would look up at you confused.
- “Yea, babe. ‘Course a am.” Would smile at you but it didn’t really feel genuine, although that wasn’t his intention.
- You asked him if he’d mind giving you a hug.
- Mans worried cuz he’s like: Huh? What happened, baby? Aw, c’mere. pls- we don’t deserve him 😭❤️‍🔥
- Would cradle you on his lap as you wrapped your arms around him.
- It’s been a while and Osamu thought it was okay to let go now, but was confused when you were still clutched onto him.
- “Baby?”
- “Are you okay?” You repeated your question with the softest voice you could muster up at the moment.
- This just…strikes something in him.
- Recalls the events of the previous days, not finding anything positive much about them.
- Realizes he’s been mistreated too much.
- Feels your love through your embrace
- Reality hits him like a brick.
- His eyes pricked with tears and soon turned into a steady stream.
- Would be so greatful to you. Because- well- he can’t imagine his life without you.
- My mans vulnerable rn.
- “P-please love me. Pl-ease” His voice would come out cracked as his sobs wrecked his body.
- You’d be there to provide him with comfort to the best of your abilities.
- “I’m not letting you go until you’re okay, love.”
pls- you’re breaking my mans 😞✋
Tumblr media
Fear of losing you:
- He’s had many relationships in the past.
- But when I tell you that he has never loved someone this hard.
- He feels love whenever he sees you. It literally brightens up his day.
- But then he remembers that all his past girlfriends had left him.
- Why? Was he at fault? It had to be him, right? Was he so unbearable that no one could stick around?
- Thoughts like that suddenly cluttered his mind when he was alone.
- Then he realised that you’re currently dating him.
- Will you leave him too?
- He lets out a soft but sharp gasp, tearing up just at the thought of it.
- Will take a moment to process his thoughts.
- You’ll leave him, won’t you?
- But he doesn’t want to let you go.
- You’d walk in his room to hangout but would be speechless to see your teasing boyfriend sitting on his bed with a broken expression as tears descended from his eyes, hitting the floor.
- “Tetsu…?” You’d be clueless as to what was going on but you’d still want to comfort him.
- After all… the sight shattered your heart.
- Was he always this broken?
- You’d walk towards him as he looked at you with his wide, glossy eyes.
- Would pull you in as soon as you got close enough.
- Hugs you so tight, choking out sobs.
- You’d rub circles on his back, trying to comfort him.
- “Tetsu…? Love, what’s wrong?”
- Sobs louder when you called him “love”
- Means the world to him.
- Would calm down a bit after a few minutes of wetting your his hoodie.
- “D-don’t leave me. Please don’t ever leave me. Not you. Oh god, n-not you.” His voice would come out broken as he burried his face deeper in the nape of your neck.
- You could feel your own eyes stinging with tears.
- “I’ll never leave you, Tetsu. I’ve never even thought about it. I plan on loving you ‘till the day I die. It’s always going to be you, love.” You’d say, kissing his hands and the back of his head.
- Poor boi’s letting out relieved and happy sobs now.
- Is so greateful to even have met you.
- You, on the other hand, spend your sweet time on reassuring him that he’s the best boyfriend you could’ve ever asked for and that you’re not going anywhere.
pls handle with care 😭😭😭
Tumblr media
When he realises you’re patient with him:
- Mans didn’t know he was ignorant.
- He’d literally play on his games all day with you just watching him from his bed.
- You didn’t have any interests in his games but whenever he’d talk about them, you’d listen.
- He’s had past relationships before but it never crossed his mind as to why they left him.
- One day when his game crashed and wouldn’t work, he’d finally come to the living room expecting to see you watching T.V or something.
- But what he sees is you cooking.
- You looked like you were having a hard time perfecting the dish.
- Were you always like this?
- His mind flashed back to all those times when he would push you away and forget to eat your food just because he was playing his games.
- That’s when he actually realized that he was neglecting you.
- And that’s when he also realized that you didn’t leave him even after that.
- Why? Was your love for him really unconditional?
- Mans turned pale when he realised that all his exes left him because he didn’t show them that he loved them.
- And frankly, he wasn’t showing you that he loved you either.
- Would you leave too if he didn’t make a move?
- No. He really loves you too much to do that.
- Looks around and sees how much effort you actually put in the relationship and compares it to his own efforts.
- When was the last time he told you that he loves you?
- That’s when the dam breaks.
- He’d walk towards you, shaking, as tears ran down his cheeks.
- He looked like a lost puppy.
- A broken expression on his face with wide eyes of realisation.
- Right now he wants nothing more that to shower you with his love and affection and put in his own efforts to make sure that you realise he truly loves you and doesn’t want to let you go.
- “Y/n…?” Sobs would wreck his body as he took slow steps towards you.
- You’d trun around confused and surprised that Kenma actually got out of his room.
- However when you saw his tears, you immediately abandoned your food turning off the stove and went to him.
- “Baby? What’s wrong?”
- Here you were. Still caring about him.
- Realizes that he doesn’t even deserve you. wut 😃✋
- Would hug you tightly, crying onto your shoulder as he chocked out apologies and profanities.
- You’d be confused.
- “Kozume? Why are you apologizing? What happened?”
- Would take him a minute to calm down before speaking again.
- “I’m s-so sorry for neglecting you. P-please don’t leave me. Please.”
- Would kneel down, hugging your waist while crying into it.
- Your eyes would widen.
- What the hell happened to him? And why is he apologizing to you now?
- You’d pat his head before pulling him up and dragging him to the couch.
- “Tell me what happened, kitten.”
- Would tell you how he felt and explain the whole situation.
- You nodded, understanding that he really does love you and wants to keep this relationship.
- “I promise I’ll be a better boyfriend.” He said as he pulled you onto his chest, tears falling on the top of your head.
- “Just don’t leave me…”
we won’t. 🥺😭
Tumblr media
When you look at him with loving eyes:
- Tendō grew up surrounded by people who thought he was a freak.
- So, naturally, he felt invalid.
- After discovering his feelings for you, he straight up asked you out not expecting you to accept his confession.
- When you did, he basically malfunctioned. Cuz- like- what do we do now? 😃❓
- Your relationship turned out way better than the both of you could’ve hoped for.
- Both you you are completely smitten for eachother.
- Tendō is still a bit self concious and insecure tho.
- You didn’t know that tho.
- One day you’d just be looking at him from the distance, admiring him.
- He seemed to have noticed your gaze as he called you on the couch.
- You were feeling really happy that day so you kept staring at him.
- It wasn’t the gaze that would make someone uncomfortable.
- You reached out your hands to cup his cheeks, caressing his cheekbones with your thumbs.
- “Tendō…”
- You’d smile at him gently and look at him with a gaze filled with pure love and admiration.
- Then he realizes.
- You don’t look at him like he’s some kind of monster.
- You don’t judge him no matter what he does.
- You always support him and trust him.
- He leaned into your touch, letting reality sink in.
- Finally.
- Finally, he found the one that completes him.
- His lip quivered as his eyes filled with tears.
- You don’t find him weird…
- You love him.
- You panicked seeing tears in his eyes.
- “Sato? What’s wrong?! Did I hurt you? I’m so sorry!”
- You’d try to quickly remove your hands but before you could do so, his own hands rested on top of yours, keeping them in place on his cheeks.
- Wouldn’t say anything.
- Would just pull you in to a sweet kiss filled with love.
- “Y/n. I love you… Please keep loving me.”
- Would speak his mind.
- Because now he knows you won’t think anything less of him.
- Finally.
- A person he can truly rely on to comfort him when he’s at his lowest and a person who he can share good memories with when he feels happy.
- He just knows you’re going to be with him all the way.
pls- my babie needs more love😭😭😭
Tumblr media
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ohajime · 2 months ago
When you ask them “do you think I’m pretty?” (Atsumu, Kageyama, Kenma, Suna, Tsukishima, Ushijima)
Tumblr media
AN: okay people so I had to text myself to make these and it wouldn’t let me change the contact name so um yeahhh and this one I don’t really like these besides Suna’s but let me know what u think
Reblogs make the work go round see what I did there
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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iwaizumiya · 3 months ago
heyy yk that tik tok trend where u pretend to talk w a guy friend while gaming to see what ur s/o would react? can u do w ur fav hq boys pls? 🥺
includes - bokuto koutaro, miya atsumu, suna rintarou and iwaizumi hajime
a/n - i love me some jealous haikyuu boys >.< so cute ahh ty for the request my love <33 also i did not know what to write for dialouge so y/n sounds like a pick me girl lmao
Tumblr media
;; BOKUTO KOUTARO was seated right next to your feet, happily resting his head on your thighs as you were gaming, slowly succumbing to his tiredness before you let out a shout so loud that your precious boyfriend sat up in alarm, before accidentally knocking his head into your desk. "kuroo, how're you so good at this? no wonder kou couldn't beat you" bokuto frowned while simultaneously rubbing his head when he heard the name of his best friend/rival. settling himself on your lap, your vision completely blocked by your 6'2" boyfriend holding you tight in his chest. when you try to push him off, it only enables him to hold you even tighter before he starts shouting, "baby!! don't say stuff like that!! :( i'll practice extra hard for you okay?? please don't leave me :(" he even starts to take the controller from you and starts playing to show you how he's better than kuroo, looking back at you every so often for words of approval. he doesn't even notice that you can't even feel your legs bc of how heavy he is.
;; MIYA ATSUMU had just come from a rough day at practice, immediately seeking your comfort, walking into your shared bedroom. he dropped everything when he heard you yell, inevitably tripping over his own feet in a panic. he opened the bedroom door, only to see you laughing hysterically, "sunarin, team up with me! we always win when we team up!" at this point, atsumu is glaring daggers into your back, stomping towards you, "angel, you said we were gonna play this game together :(" but you only push his face away in annoyance, "sorry tsumu, later, i'm busy right now" he scoffs, sitting on the edge of your king sized bed, staring longingly at your figure, in hopes that you would notice him. after 10 minutes of pointless pouting, he struts over to you again where he yells "suna, so sorry, ma angel is busy now, ya know because she's MA GIRLFRIEND" making awful kissy noises, hoping to scare off suna. in which he succeeds, suna ended the call the moment he hears atsumu's voice.
;; SUNA RINTAROU rested his chin on his palm as he watched you play, flinching when you giggled in excitement "samu! you're so good at this!" he looks to you borderline offended. he starts poking aggressively at your sides, "baby, hey baby, my turn" "rin, i'm playing with samu right now, maybe later". he frowns and puffs his cheeks, seeing if acting cute makes you change your mind. he seems to mumble something under his breath, before smacking the controller right out of your hands and onto the floord, somehow keeping a straight face when you look at him, almost furious. "rin, what was that about? what if you broke the controller" instead he just snuggles into your chest, "jus wanted your attention, pretty girl" and how could you keep being mad when your boyfriend was acting so cute.
;; IWAIZUMI HAJIME you were sitting on his lap while gaming as he leaned back on the chair, scrolling through his phone, leaving small kisses on your shoulder every so often. "oh my god, thanks makki, you really saved me" iwaizumi raised his eyebrows at your words, snaking his arms tighter around your waist, but quickly brought his attention back to his phone. "makki, hurry, you're the only one who can save me right now, hurry!" all of a sudden, he's sitting straight up, his chest now directly behind you, snatching your headset off your head. you twist your head in shock before your boyfriend says in the mic, "oi makki, go find your own girlfriend to play your stupid games with" before turning off the pc. "haji, what was that about?", "what do you mean, i remember a certain pretty girl promising to come cuddle me ages ago", before holding you tightly, carrying you to the bed with him.
Tumblr media
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guruicore · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↠Riding with your best friends father is one thing, but when the car abruptly stops in the middle of nowhere…you’ve got to entertain yourselves one way.
↠Dilf!Atsumu x Sub!reader
↠ Word Count: 2.2k
↠Dilf!Atsumu, public sex, oral! male & female receiving, slight degradation, mentions of breeding & impregnating, creampie, age gap.
Tumblr media
"Again thank you for the ride," you whispered, descending into the passenger seat. You could suppose you were actually thrilled to be solely with your best friend's father.
After consuming the whole afternoon at school, confronted with your college entrance exams, you were thankful that you didn't have to walk all the way home rather, atsumu offering to drive you home.
"it's nothing princess," just the nickname caused your stomach to churn, becoming agitated when you had conclusively understood that you would be alone with the man; his cigarette firmly dwelled within his lips, gaping off onto the road in front of him and you couldn't help but gawk at the man.
Certainly, you understood that you shouldn't be pondering someone's father like this but you couldn't stop. Ever since you had first met the man, you were unable to stop pondering about him...and how'd he'd perhaps appear inside you.
The numerous toys wouldn't support, ultimately becoming bored of them, preferably, yearning to have nothing but the man alongside you.
The drive was completely quiet, monitoring the soothing noises of the radio as the man discussed over the phone, conversing with no one else but his son. "yeah, we're fine aren't we Y/N?" he grants you one of his trademark smiles, prompting you to unknowingly clench your legs, quickly nodding and he laughs.
"Yeah, just fine. I'll make sure to keep her safe...don't you have assignments to do or something?" he groans over the phone, somewhat glimpsing over to examine your agitated mood.
He lightly settles a hand on your thigh, your frame stiffening at the action, and finally, you had eased down. His fingers danced along the flesh of your thigh, his voice rising as he proceeded to speak with his son.
you worked your hardest not to appear influenced by his hand that nonchalantly stroked your thigh, sensing the pulsating warmth between your legs become intense. There was no purpose for you to feel like this, certainly, he was just being kind and reassuring you that you were in great hands.
Intervened in your thoughts, you hadn't recognized that the car had arrived at an unexpected stop, lines of swear words parting the man's lips as you immediately noticed the smoke in the air. "fuck, I'll call you back," he quickly finishes the call, casting his phone into the backseat.
"Is everything okay?" he notifies you to wait still, moving out of the driver's seat. Silently, you followed as he strolled over to the head of the car, elevating the hood as he eyed the engine compartment.
He seemed to be muttering to himself, glimpsing around and he realizes that he was in the midst of nowhere.
"princess do me a favor and get my pack of cigarettes...also my phone," he yells and you frantically rummage about for the pack of cigarettes, not needing to exert much of his time. Ascending into the backseat, you accumulated his phone, viewing the text messages from his son.
Carefully, you stepped out of the car, hugging the items tightly in your hands as you walked towards the hood of the car.
There remained barely anything but haze, Atsumu's head lowered into the engine compartment. He momentarily raises his head, handling both items in which he provided a small 'thank you.'
He drops his head once again, cursing when the cigarette rested within his lips had dropped someplace into the engine.
His firm, thick fingers were unable to reach the little section the cigarette had slipped into, shifting back to see you watching him anxiously.
"would you mind? i cant exactly reach," you immediately rushed over, declaring that it was no problem at all so, he steps back, preferring to call someone to tow the car instead.
Articulating with the man on the phone, he couldn't help but gradually gape at your figure as you happened to be leaned over, viewing your ass beneath the elevated skirt and observing the outline of your pussy through your underwear, sensing his dick twitch in his pants.
"Yeah, we'll wait until then," he softly murmurs, closing the call. Finally, you had recovered the cigarette, shifting back to atsumu. His eyes raise, facing yours and you grew flustered. "we'll have to wait a while, I'm sorry about that. My car never did this before."
"it's okay," you whispered, the man inclining upon the hood of the car. the retrieved cigarette was lodged within his fingers, urging you to come settle beside him. It was entirely too quiet with the both of you, eyeing him whenever he would emit the smoke in soft sighs.
"do you like to smoke?" the statement had left your lips before you realized it, atsumu turning to you as he raises an eyebrow. Instantly, you waved your hands, saying that it was a stupid question to even propose.
"i do sometimes, would you like to try?" he proposes and before you could answer, his hand clasps your chin, tilting your head up. He takes an inhale of his cigarette, inclining as his lips graze upon yours. You decided to lastly close the gap within the both of you, now exploring his soft lips touch about yours.
The haze momentarily hindered your vision, attempting to not cough when you felt it seep into your mouth, transmitting out the curves of your lips and dissolving into the air.
But however, he did not draw away rather, his tongue surges around yours, his hands descending to your sides. His fingers slide beneath your blouse, lightly stroking your skin.
You weren't positive if what you were doing appeared to be a fantasy or reality, but you certainly weren't protesting at all; lightly whining when he trails pecks down your neck. he playfully nips your bottom lip before drawing away, smirking when he notices your lidded eyes.
You needed him to do more, craved to finally feel him. You slowly opened your legs, the man groaning when he examines the saturated region of your underwear. "your pussy got all wet just from me kissing you?" he murmurs, leaping from the hood of the car.
He drives himself within your legs, instantly, securing them around his waist. His bulge was strongly pressed upon your underwear, slightly swaying your hips just to feel that charge of satisfaction. His fingers enclose around your neck, restricting your movements.
"you do realize who i am, yet you are rutting yourself on me like a bitch in heat," sure you did, he happens to be the father of your closest friend and you didn't mind.
The one-man you'd continually fantasize about stood directly in front of you. "p-please," you gasp once his hold on your neck tightened, his opposing hand shuffling down to your covered clit.
He tenderly strokes your clit, seeing you quiver in his grasp, "hmm? what is it?" he taunts, relishing the way you rolled onto his fingers. "n-need your dick, please sir."
"hm? want me to fuck you is that it?"
"yes, please," he catches your thighs, quietly dropping himself to where you desired him to be the most. you sense his breath gently fanning the area, slowly stirring your underwear to the side and almost salivating at the view of your wet pussy tensing around nothing.
Parting your lips, he explores with one great swipe of his tongue, observing how you instantly twitch at the action. He does it again, sucking and flicking on your swollen clit. You wouldn't have anticipated something like this to occur but you damn sure wasn't protesting.
"mhm, fuck," his tongue probes into your hole, your clasp on his hair hardening with each thrust of his tongue. He's lazily gnawing on the bud, viewing you jolt with desire, it made his dick twitch with each whimper that left your lips.
He succeeds to glide his fingers inside, enjoying the firm feeling of your walls tensing around him. He spends no time in thrusting his fingers, crooking them upwards to graze against that delightful spot of yours.
"look at you, you don't even care that we're outside and anyone could see us?" you now shook your head, discovering this situation to be more sensual. "of course you don't fucking slut," he cherished how swollen and pretty your pussy looked for him, all eager to take his dick.
"mhm, g-gonna cum," you mewled, quivering when his movement becomes faster, sensing the unusual pleasure flow upon you. Your rocking your hips, the man carelessly striking your clit, "good fucking slut."
He moves away from you, witnessing your current position; your hands sprawled on the hood of his car, cum dribbling onto the cold surface underneath and he smirks to himself. Raising his finger, he crooks it upwards, now aiming to his swelling bulge.
You didn't need to be told twice before rushing off of the hood, plummeting onto your knees and his eyes saunter down to where you knelt in front of him, hoisting his shirt to view the little trail of hair that disappeared under his pants. "seems like you really wanted this did you?"
You immediately nod, fingers reaching up to loosen his belt, before hauling it low enough for his thick dick to spring free and quietly gasping when observing it heavily smack upon his abdomen. It's oozing with precum, the flushed tip requesting to be dealt with and for a second you had overlooked the fact that you were out in the public for anyone to notice you right now.
Petting your lips, he brushes his tip across your bottom lip, your mouth opening in which he slides himself inside; groaning at the damp heat that immersed him. You allowed him to grasp onto the back of your head, thrusting you deeper into his dick. "fuck, yeah take my dick like good bitch you are."
His words wander down to your pussy, whimpering at how easily it rolled off his tongue. you felt the drool trickle down your chin, your nose softly stroking upon his trail of hair. "yeah fucking milk my dick baby, just like that," his dick is driving along your tongue, his hand bobbing your head back and forth.
Just observing you unable to take all of his dick into your mouth made him prideful. His hips bucking, groaning when your teeth gently graze upon the underside of his dick. You sense his dick spasm in your mouth, aching to have his cum down your throat.
"fuck, gonna cum and you better swallow it yeah?" it was more of a statement than a question. you vigorously nod, setting your hands onto his thighs when his hips push faster. His head hangs back, shooting his load of cum into your mouth. He finally draws you away, examining the drool blended in with his cum trickle down your chin.
He raises you from your knees, shifting you towards the car. "gonna fuck this pussy real well," he whispers, shoving you upon the hood of the car. He elevates your skirt, grasping the flesh of your ass, your body squeezed firmly against the cold surface as your ass perked up waiting to be fucked by the man.
"I'm sure that's what this slut wants isn't it?" the tip of his dick rolls down your pussy lips, slowly driving himself inside. Your eyes roll back, content with the feeling of his thick dick straining into your pussy.
"fuck, look at how well your pussys' sucking me in," he sensually laughs, immersing himself deeper and you sought your hardest to bite back the moan that threatened to emerge. He draws his hips back, harshly slamming back into your pussy.
He inclines into your ear, monitoring your moans and the way your body bounced with each massive thrust of his. "such a good fucking pussy of yours, I'm sure you don't mind me putting a baby in here? make you a mother?" Just the concept of you possibly carrying the man's child made you tense around him.
"gonna give this womb a nice fucking baby," his hips brutally slam against your ass, listening to the loud skin slapping of his balls. He draws his fingers to your neglected clit, lingering soft circles. He's nibbling on your skin, savoring the feeling of your tight walls throbbing around him.
Your vision becomes blurry, your mouth drooping agape as shockwaves of pleasure washed upon you. But he's not finished, continuously grinding against you. "mhm, i-i can't, it's too much," he kisses your shoulder, elevating your leg to bury himself deeper into your pussy.
The new angle made your pussy clench around him, your eyes contorted shut as you were in pure ecstasy. "gonna cum in this little pussy and you're gonna fucking keep it yeah? have you carrying my fucking child." you have no strength to respond to him, glazing his dick in your cum once again.
You're a babbling mess, requiring nothing but to be filled with his cum. "yes—fuck- please cum in me!" His movement grows faster, lightly twitching in your hole, hips slowing down as his cum spurts into your pussy.
The both of you are breathing heavily, the man drawing away in which his cum oozes out of your pussy. You're too drained to move, the man receiving the hint so he settles you into the passenger seat, head-turning at the sound of another truck.
"looks like they're here."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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atsubaka · 2 months ago
embarrassing things they've done
w oikawa, iwa, atsumu, sakusa, osamu, suna, kageyama, tsukishima, tanaka, noya, daichi, bokuto, akaashi, kuroo, ushjima & tendou
nav || taglist: open
Tumblr media
✵ oikawa
he accidentally bumped into a manequinn, and said "sorry" then proceeded to say, "i thought you were a person," until he realized that he was still talking to a manequinn. this is smth id acc do 💀
✵ iwaizumi
one time when he was ordering in a drive thru, the worker told him to drive up closer to the speaker because he was talking to the trash can.
✵ atsumu
he thought he was reading the comments on HIS post, and replied to every single one, thanking them, until realization hit him like a fricking punch to the gut 🤡
✵ sakusa
the teacher chose him as her demo partner for a dancing class and kiyoomi was both appalled and horrified to find out that the 50 year old woman had a waist 💀 yes, im referencing ron and mcgonagall
✵ osamu
onigiri boy told this girl at a party that "some old, dirty creep was hitting on ya," and she told him he was her fiancé.
✵ kageyama
when he was seven he had a crush on this girl and kags being the awkward person he is - didn't know how to deal with it. so he wrote her a note that said, "get out of my school." 🤦
✵ tsukishima
after helping an old lady cross the road, a bunch of elderlies decided to adopt him and make him their errand boy. the grandmas wanted him to be their "boyfriend" so he had a bunch of senior citizens hanging on his arm that day 🤭
✵ nishinoya
when the teacher caught him dozing off in class, he slowly raised his head and said "amen." 🙏
✵ tanaka
he thought this girl was going to confess to him, so homeboy started flailing his arms around and screamed, "I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!" .... turns out the girl was confessing to the person next to him 🙃 canon
✵ daichi
this man saw a sad looking dude with shabby clothes and overgrown facial hair standing by the metro with a plastic cup, so feeling generous - he took some coins and put them into his cup, and the homeless guy was like, "hey, that's my coffee!"
✵ suna
this fool accidentally went into the women's restroom and stayed locked up in one of the cells for thirty minutes straight because girls won't stop coming in. p.s: he took a pic of their feet under the stalls
✵ ushijima
he offered his seat to this woman on the train, and when she thanked him he told her that "it's a policy for pregnant woman to be given extra privileges." ... the woman wasn't pregnant 😳
✵ tendou
baby wanted to screw around, so he told the person next to him that he has a secret he wanted to tell them. this weirdo literally started giggling inside the poor person's ear and ended up spitting in it 🥴
✵ akaashi
he witnessed a girl fall down a flight of stairs and when she reached the bottom, he told her "to be careful," as if she didn't already fall all the way down 🥲
✵ bokuto
he's been trying to get permission to use the toilet, but the teacher doesn't notice and tells him to come up to the front and answer the problem on the board. boy was squirming while he held his "thing" so ppl thought he was doing the shimmy🕺
✵ kuroo
that awkward moment when he says goodbye to an acquaintance, and they both start walking in the same direction, and they make eye contact 👀 asksfajsl this happened to me and it was soooooo embarrassing cuz I kept saying bye while he followed me
taglist: @tetsuukuroo @amisuh
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ichigomis · 3 months ago
hey, um can i request some hcs with sakusa, the twins, iwaizumi, tsukki and shirabu having a so that's shy but who's love language is touch, like their so gets easily flustered by displays of affection but they don't want to stop hugging etc, sorry if it's quite too much😅 you can remove some char if you want, thank you❤
Tumblr media
with: sakusa, atsumu, osamu, iwaizumi, tsukki, shirabu
note: hi nonnie this is so cute~ i was 🥺 all throughout writing this egwurhgief —fluff!
part one - part two - part three
Tumblr media
the two of you are cut from the same cloth, you both are putty over physical touch but get all shy to ask for it
the headache of just dealing with you two smh
anyway, in some way you’re shyer about it than him wherein he’d just straight up deny wanting attention than ask for it lmao
when ur feeling touch starved though, you’d initiate cuddle time by tapping his arm or tugging on the sleeves of his shirt
at first, he would always be so confused and would awkwardly hug you
but after a while, he started getting the hang of your little habit and he’d carry you to the sofa or the bed for cuddles 🥺🥺🥺🥺
when he initiates cuddles though you get much more flustered
you'd stay there dead silent and stiffly hug him back fniernreivr
at first, it was awkward but now u just enjoy hearing his breathing and heartbeat and he loves seeing you quietly snuggle in deeper into his touch he loves u so much im not even kidding
some days though, especially after a long day of practice, he’d run up to you and hug you and you’d just stay there... frozen... for a good few seconds then hug him back
would definitely start laughing uncontrollably while cuddling because of how stiff or blushy you are pls this man as if he wasn't a flustering mess as well 🙄
Tumblr media
always has a hand on you no matter the situation, he either slings his arm on your shoulder, holds you by the waist, or has his hands on your back pockets please
when he does that though you get all blushy and you tug at his shoulder and he immediately understands
as much as he thinks it’s so cute when you get shy and blushy, he’d transfer his hands somewhere else instead and asks if you’re more comfortable now
loves giving surprise back hugs !!!
you always either a) shriek in surprise or b) squirm in his touch, but never push him away :')
“tsumuuu i’m working...”
“well then let go,” he'd say teasingly, knowing well you would never do so (ahaha we be simps like that i don't make the rules)
“dont wanna....” you mumble, and he brings you in closer </3
he knows you're shy about this and would never push you out of your comfort zone, but encourages you to speak up when you want cuddles !!!
Tumblr media
first off he gives the best hugs, hands down
he knows that whenever you snuggle your head deeper into his chest you need more cuddle time and he willingly gives it
no words exchanged, this man just knows you that well !
teases you a bit though when you get shy to ask for more cuddles but it's all in good fun :D
“okay time for dinner,,” he'd say, pulling away from your hug
you’d groan and hold him tighter and he’d just laugh, “what are you? a koala? come on...” he’d push you away and you’d pull him back in
“alright, tell me what you want.”
“you have to tell me what you want or else we’re heading to the kitchen for dinner,”
you'd groan blushing furiously, “cuddles.” you'd say under your breath
he'd move his ear closer to your lips teasingly, “hm? what was that?”
“i want... more cuddles,” you mumble.
“aww, you should've just said so, baby!”
loves sitting you on his lap so he can see you all blushy and have easy access to pepper your face and head with light kisses
in public, he’s pretty chill. would never do anything you’re uncomfy with but will hold your hand or offer his arm so you could hold it :')
Tumblr media
was so confused when you would stare at him with furrowed eyebrows... you were actually just thinking of how to say you wanted cuddles
he’d wrack his brain for why you were acting that way and tries to remember if he made you mad in anyway waaaaah pls just hug him
eventually, ask you what's wrong and you’d stutter about having a long day and just wanting to be held
okay so this man picks up on non-verbal cues pretty easily but sometimes he just overthinks things when it comes to you bc he doesn't want to hurt/upset you in any way !
once he understands what you want, he’ll pull you in his ripped (had to put that ehehehe) arms and hug you tight
yeah and you're both blushing as if it's the first time you're holding each other
also gets really shy but he’d rather be extra brave with you than see you pouting out of nowhere lmaooo
i'm talking about tight bear hugs and his hugs are just so cozy i-
like atsumu he'd encourage you to speak up when you want something from him
you two have practice exercises for this smh where he'd instruct and encourage you to tell him u want cuddles before doing so
hajime iwaizumi (27) athletic trainer coming through i guess
Tumblr media
you saw this coming, yes, he'd tease you about your shyness but of course, it's just him being head over heels for you
“come here,” he’d pull you in and whisper to your head, “why are you getting shy? it’s stupid”
this mf is also getting shy but ofc he would never tell you that 💀
you gotta speak up honey it’s just how it is
would sometimes initiate cuddles but would never do it in public, he'd rather have you by his side with your hands constantly brushing against each other and to be honest you love that too 🥺
loves resting his chin on your head. especially when you're studying or reading so he can see what you're doing
will observe you and your body language like it's homework. so he easily gets that you love displays of affection but just really shy about it
would start testing out his "theories" by checking where you're comfortable or what actions get you flustered
surprisingly his little experiments work!
he just wants to make sure you're comfortable and feeling loved, bc he feels sometimes his words don't express this enough 🥺
Tumblr media
as much as he loves you he sometimes gets ticked off when you don’t tell him what you want
think back to that time he was silently telling goshiki off and semi got kinda scared lmao
he’d stare at you like that and you’d just give up and tell him you want cuddles
and he’d oblige and pull you in without saying anything, you don’t say anything as well because a) you’re far too flustered to and b) he’s kinda scary when he’s quiet like that lmaooo
sometimes when he’s studying with you, he’d unconsciously touch your arm and pull you in and you just turn ted as a tomato imo
he sees how flustered you get and actually enjoys your reactions so he does it a lot
always always puts your head on his shoulder, he knows you can get quite shy about these things so he thinks that this action is subtle yet intimate
loves talking to you while you're cuddling, he'd just blabber about anything or nothing at all
and it actually helps you calm down and distracts you from the shyness you're feeling
of course, he knows this and that's why he does it in the first place :')
Tumblr media
p.s.: haahaha the way it took me about a week to post this im so sorry~
» m. list
Tumblr media
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ryoccoon · a month ago
Haikyuu boys and random things guys do that are attractive
according to tik tok, my friends, my older sister and me
Tumblr media
includes : almost everyone tbh but some are mentioned a lot more than others
warnings : some suggestive ones but it's very tame
a/n: the characters i mentioned are the first that came to mind, there's probably more but as I said— just the more obvious men imo
Tumblr media
• Having fast reflexes
⇨ tbh they all have 'em since they play volleyball but the first that come to mind are Suna, Nishinoya, Tendou, Bokuto, Sakusa
• Referring to you by your name during a casual conversation
⇨ Akaashi, Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Kita, Ushijima, Osamu, Tsukki, Sakusa
• Being bashful when they receive a compliment; eyes flitting to the ground briefly while they chuckle a little
⇨ Daichi, Osamu, Kita, Akaashi, Oikawa but he totally does it intentionally, Yamaguchi, Asahi
• Rolling up their sleeves so that their forearms are showing before they do something manual
⇨ Bokuto, Iwaizumi, Daichi, Ushijima, Tanaka, Osamu, Kuroo, Sakusa, Yaku, Nishinoya
• Rolls his shoulders often to ease his muscles
⇨ Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Kageyama, Akaashi, Tsukishima, Yaku
• Putting their hand on the small of your back to guide you through crowds
⇨ Kita, Akaashi, Daichi, Atsumu, Osamu, Kuroo
• Classic but— running their hand through their hair when they're tired
⇨ Oikawa, Daichi, Akaashi, Osamu, Atsumu, Goshiki, Kenma, Sakusa
• Alternatively : sighs and ruffles his own hair up when he's stressed
⇨ Iwaizumi, Atsumu, Tanaka ('cept he rubs his head instead), Semi, Kuroo, Yaku
• Idly spinning a pen around their fingers when they're concentrating in class
⇨ Suna, Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Tendou, Kuroo, Tsukki
• Putting their arm behind your seat when they're reversing
⇨ Iwaizumi, Kageyama, Tanaka, Daichi, 'Tsumu, 'Samu, Bokuto, Kuroo, Suna, Oikawa (again, he knows exactly what he's doing)
• Takes their shirt off by pulling it at the back of the neck
⇨ Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Kageyama, Osamu, Daichi, Bokuto, Kenma, Sakusa, Kuroo
• Being naturally paternal or good with kids
⇨ Bokuto, Daichi, Suga, Atsumu (more like a big brother than a dad tbh), Kita, Asahi
• Putting their hand on your thigh when he sits next to you
⇨ Daichi, Atsumu, Osamu, Iwaizumi but only once he's very comfortable in the relationship otherwise he'd be too shy, Makki and Mattsun, Tanaka, Kita (under the table kinda guy), Sakusa also under the table (again, when he's very comfortable)
• This:
⇨ Atsumu, Suna, Osamu, Oikawa, Sakusa, Iwaizumi
• The playful and sarcastic "oh, really?" or "oh yeah?"
⇨ Osamu, Iwaizumi (but most of the time he's grinning rather than smirking, other times he's like 😏 tho) Daichi, Suga, Kuroo, Tsukki when he's in a particularly playful mood, Oikawa, Akaashi, Suna, Atsumu, Makki
• "Atta girl", "that's my girl"
⇨ Atsumu, Tanaka, Daichi, Kita, Makki, Osamu (but it's usually to himself and under his breath), Bokuto and Tendou but it's loud and playful— less flirty, Oikawa, Iwaizumi (but again quietly to himself), Suna (purely in a sensual way), Ushijima but he said it once and it really caught you off guard—
• Wears his sweatpants low on his hips so the waistband of his boxers and his hipbones peak out
⇨ Oikawa, Suna, Hinata, Tanaka, Nishinoya early in the mornings, Makki, occasionally Daichi but he gets flustered if you point it out, Suna
• Reach over to you in their sleep to either pull you closer or drape an arm over you
⇨ Iwaizumi, Akaashi, Bokuto, Atsumu, Tanaka, Oikawa, Nishinoya, Hinata, Daichi, Asahi
• When he didn't hear you properly so he does that quick chin jerk/nod thing at you for you to repeat what you said
⇨ Suna, Osamu, Iwaizumi, Tsukki, Shirabu, Makki
• Knows how to toe bounce a football really well
⇨ Terushima, Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Osamu, Makki
• Slightly tugs on his jeans or slacks around the thighs when he's about to sit down
⇨ Daichi, Iwaizumi, Bokuto, Mattsun, Kita, Tanaka, Tsumu, Sakusa, Asahi, Kuroo, Terushima
• When he's standing in front of a desk or counter or railing etc and rests his elbows on the surface
⇨ Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Tanaka, Atsumu, Suna (he's also slouching, shoulders hunched and whatnot), Makki, Terushima, Sakusa (but he's the opposite of Suna with a very straight, well postured spine)
• Puts their hands on your waist when they're trying to walk around you
⇨ Daichi, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Tendou, Atsumu, Osamu, Makki, Mattsun, Terushima
• When you do or say something silly he'll just laugh and shake his head (bonus if he's got his arms crossed yknow?)
⇨ Iwaizumi, Daichi, Osamu, Mattsun, Kita, Yaku
• Knows how to peel an apple with a knife in one go
⇨ Osamu, Tsukki, Oikawa, Kageyama, Iwaizumi, Akaashi, Kita, Ushijima, Daichi, Sakusa
• The playful "yes ma'am"
⇨ Kuroo, Tendou, Atsumu, Osamu, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Terushima, [Nishinoya, Tanaka and Bokuto but its more like "yes ma'am!"] Suga, Daichi, Kita (says it a lot when you're married)
• If you're shorter than them and they lean down a bit so that they hear you better
⇨ Lev, Osamu, Suna, Tendou, Iwaizumi, Kageyama, Tsukki (it depends though cause sometimes he'll just tease you instead like "what was that?" with a coy smirk on his face)
• Absentmindedly drumming their fingers along to a song (bonus if it's on the car steering wheel)
⇨ Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Osamu, Atsumu, Sakusa, Kuroo, Daichi, Kita, Suna, Semi, Asahi, Suga and Yams (but those three end up looking more cute than anything else- tis a different vibe, know what am sayin'?)
• When it's too hot and he wipes his forehead with the bottom of his shirt
⇨ Daichi, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Mattsun, Nishinoya, Yaku, Tanaka, Daichi, Ushijima, Kageyama, Atsumu and especially timeskip Atsumu (idk why) and he purposely does it for the fangirls, Semi, Goshiki
• When he looks up at you through his lashes while talking. (Like when he's doing his laces and looks up to talk to you)
⇨ I mean all of 'em, really. But my mind went to Nishinoya first because I feel like he'd be doing his laces a lot.
• When you walk into the kitchen and find him cooking (bonus points if he doesn't look up from what he's doing as he's talking to you )
⇨ Osamu, Iwaizumi (I actually think Iwa's a really decent cook), Kuroo, Kita, Akaashi, Sakusa, Shirabu, Goshiki, Suga, Ukai
• When they run their tongue across their teeth before answering a question
⇨ Ukai, Semi, Terushima, Oikawa, Atsumu, Kuroo
• That thing when they've been doing sports and they bend over with their hands on their knees, all panting and sweaty, ya know
⇨ Makki, Iwaizumi, Semi, Daichi, Nishinoya, Akaashi, Yaku, Oikawa, Tanaka, Ushijima, Shirabu, Sakusa, Terushima, Kageyama
• When they exhale smoke from a cigarette before saying something
⇨ Ukai
• Subtly tugging on the cuffs of their shirt
⇨ Daichi, Sakusa, Tsukishima, Kita, Ushijima, Akaashi, Osamu (who dislikes formal wear), Atsumu
• When they take their hoodie off and it messes up their hair
⇨ Kenma, Oikawa, Osamu, Atsumu, Hinata, Kageyama, Tendou
• Hugs you from behind when you're standing and rests their head on your shoulder as they quietly ask what you're doing
⇨ Suna, Osamu, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, a very comfortable Kageyama, Kita, Tendou
Tumblr media
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heymickyy · 17 days ago
saebyeok jealously headcannons? like how she asks when she’s jealous
Thanks for the request, I had a blast writing it!!
I feel Sae-byeok would be very protective over you, she doesn't have many people in life that mean something to her like you do so she feels a responsibility to protect you but that protectiveness turns into jealousy
If she notices someone talking to you for too long she has the need to walk over to see what's up, she walks up behind you and stands there silently glaring the person down as she wraps an arm around your waist, slyly pulling you away from the situation
she is normally very silent about her jealousy, although sometimes she snaps at the person and it's pretty hot to see
"Can you just shut up and back off" She says pushing the person back, "I don't need you taking what's mine," she grabs your wrist firmly and walks till the both of you are out of public view, "I am really sorry about back there, you know how I am. I just can't help it" she pulls you into a warm hug. "I just.. don't want to lose anyone else"
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dreampathic · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
┇haikyuu boys and the morning after┇
❥characters: suna, iwaizumi, atsumu, tsukishima, and yamaguchi
❥warnings: implied nsfw
❥genre: fluff
❥a/n: honestly this is going to be more than one part because i’m a neanderthal🤪
Tumblr media
SUNA; you end up waking up before him, having his arms wrapped tightly around you. he’s incredibly warm and seems so peaceful while he sleeps. sucks that it’s ruined when you try to get out of his grasp to leave. his eyes flutter a bit open, and shuts them right away, pulling you closer so you won’t leave.
IWAIZUMI; you wake up to an empty bed. you didn’t think hajime was the type to hit it and quit it. you get up after silently scolding yourself for falling for him, when you realize all of his clothes are folded on top of your desk. a surge of happiness goes through you, walking out of your bedroom to see hajime in his boxers, cooking breakfast.
ATSUMU; you didn’t expect to wake up to the sound of the shower turning off in your apartment, let alone having atsumu walk into your bedroom in just a towel, as if it’s his own home. “mornin’ gorgeous” he smirks. you groan and flip to the other side of the bed. “i really like your shampoo,” he puts on his underwear and walks over to you. “and i really like you.” he whispers in your ear, kissing your bare shoulder.
TSUKISHIMA; you wake up to his long arms wrapped around you, your back to his chest and his head on the top of yours. you grin to yourself how you finally were being held by him. but that fades when you come to the realization, he probably doesn’t want you in his bed when he wakes up. you gently remove yourself from his grip, gathering your clothes from his carpeted floor. “what are you doing?” you jump from his voice. “uhh, getting my clothes?” you say, not facing him. “you don’t need to if you’re going to just stay here.”
YAMAGUCHI; he sleeps peacefully laying on his stomach with one muscular arm around you, saliva dribbling out of his mouth as he softly snores. you flutter your eyes open and smile at the sight in front of you. brushing his hair out of his face, he slowly awakes, giving a sleepy grin. “you drool when you sleep.” you say, poking one of his flushed cheeks. “well good morning to you too.”
Tumblr media
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itsdanii · 6 months ago
can i req the iwa, atsumu, and suna being in a secret relationship w the reader and the reader gets insecure bc they wanna keep it a secret? w comfort after plspls
Tumblr media
Hey, bubs! Of course, you can request ♥️ Unfortunately, I'm only taking 1-2 characters per request so I canceled Iwaizumi from the list. Also, this is only Atsumu's part. Don't worry, I'm still going to do Suna's part, however, it will be uploaded tomorrow instead of today. I hope you enjoy it! Have a good day, stay safe and hydrated! ♥️
Tumblr media
Secret Relationship
genre: semi-angst to fluff, comfort
warning/s: self doubt and insecurity, descriptions of anxiety, do message me if i missed any
a/n: please do read the warnings before you proceed. warnings have been put there for a reason.
ft. atsumu miya
maybe keeping your relationship wasn't the best decision after all
Tumblr media
Atsumu Miya
You and Atsumu have been in a relationship for 2 years now
With the rising popularity of Atsumu, not only throughout Inarizaki but to the other schools as well, he decided on keeping your relationship a secret
Though you respected Atsumu's choice, it can't be helped that sometimes your emotions got the best of you
Random girls would always approach your boyfriend. They were basically anywhere, everywhere - at school, during practice matches, and even when you were both trying to have a simple date on a nearby cafe
You tried to confront Atsumu about it once but you only ended up fighting, him saying that there was nothing to worry for because you were the only person he loved
So despite the heavy feeling of insecurity looming over you, you tried to understand his side which eventually caused the both of you to make up
You tried to ignore the insecurity and put your trust on Atsumu
But maybe sometimes, trust isn't just enough
"Y/n, someone's looking for you."
You lifted your gaze from the book you were reading, eyes snapping towards the direction of the door where two unfamiliar students were currently standing and waiting for you.
Even without having the need to hear what they needed you for, you instantly knew why they're here. For the past weeks, after Inarizaki's defeat against Karasuno, you've been bombarded by several girls, holding chocolates and teddy bears in hand, asking you to deliver them to Atsumu since they were afraid of giving it to him directly. So, as his "bestfriend," they wanted you to give it to him instead.
And although you wanted to be mad and scream at them to stop, you couldn't just do that. It would be wrong for you to snap at them since nobody, aside from Suna and Osamu, knew about you and Atsumu's relationship.
Sighing loudly, you shut the book you were reading and went over to the two girls with a semi-forced smile. "For 'Tsumu?" you asked, taking the paperbag from them and taking a peek of what's inside.
One of the girls nodded eagerly, her eyes sparkling as she fanned her face with her hands. "Yes, please! I really really like Atsumu and the way he played from the previous match was so splendid! With every spike, I can't help but fall in love even more!"
You could only chuckle at what she said because even though there was a feeling of jealousy inside of you, you wouldn't be able to deny that what she said was true. You loved how he was able to inspire other people through sports and you couldn't be more proud of being his s/o.
"Please hand this letter to Atsumu, senpai!" the other girl said, bowing down as she handed you a letter.
You reluctantly took the envelope from her, your body becoming stiff as you muttered a small "Okay."
"I put all my feelings and support in that letter so I'd really appreciate if you handed it to him," she said with a smile.
Just how were you supposed to tell these girls to stop giving you stuff and ordering you to hand them over to your boyfriend? You weren't the type of person who would hinder others to relay their feelings. In fact, it wasn't your job to blatantly tell them to give up. It was Atsumu's responsibility, not yours.
But it wasn't your obligation to be their messenger as well.
Torn between two sides, you decided on maintaining a polite smile, giving the two juniors a pat on the head before nodding. "I'll make sure to deliver these to him, okay? Now, go back to your classroom and study well."
The two girls glanced at each other, eyes sparkling before smiling at you. "Thank you so much!" Turning around, the two went on their way, squealing slightly at their successful mission.
You, on the other hand, sighed and stared at the paperbag with a small frown. "Guess that's two more girls on the list," you mumbled before slipping back inside your classroom.
When the class ended, you immediately headed to the gym where you knew Atsumu was currently training. With the paperbag and 2 more boxes of chocolate given by some fangirls along the way, you entered the gym and placed the items down on the empty bench.
"That fer me, angel?" came Atsumu's voice from behind you.
Spinning around, you were met with a grinning Atsumu before getting engulfed with a warm hug. Sighing with your eyes closed, you wrapped your arms around him tightly, unconsciously gripping the back of his jersey. You couldn't help but bury your face more to his chest despite the slight sweat clinging to his clothes.
"Ya alright?" Atsumu murmured beside your ear, worry obviously evident on his tone as he slightly squeezed you.
As you were about to answer, someone from behind Atsumu cleared their throat. Your small moment was immediately cut off and Atsumu reeled back as if you were caught doing something wrong.
The comfort he brought awhile ago was instantly replaced by uncertainty and insecurity, making your heart throb as you bit your lower lip.
"Sorry, did I interrupt something?" Aran asked while shifting his gaze between you and Atsumu.
With a forced chuckle, Atsumu was quick to scratch the back of his head. "It's fine. I was just givin' y/n here a hug. They seem kinda down. Ya know, bestfriend duties."
"Ah.." Aran simply muttered with a slow nod. "Practice is almost done. Why don't ya sit down while we cool down and clean up?"
Sitting down on the bench, you looked at Aran with a small smile before nodding. "Okay," you said before turning your head to Atsumu's direction. His eyebrow was already raised as if asking you whether you were fine or not.
"I'm fine Atsumu. I'll wait for you here."
When the boys went back to the court, you were left alone to ponder with your thoughts. It felt as if the sounds around you suddenly died, your self doubts once again making its presence known.
You knew how much Atsumu loves you. In fact, he never failed to remind you everyday. Not once did he forgot to say it and express it through actions, or at least when you were both alone.
Everytime you were in school, he would deny your relationship. When people asked if you were his s/o, he would simply shake his head and claim you as his bestfriend. It really didn't bother you at first but as the time passed, you were slowly starting to question why he would do such thing.
Though he claimed that it was to avoid people from harassing you and picking on you, was it really? What if there was a deeper reason?
What if he was slowly getting tired of you? What if he didn't even liked you in the first place?
You anxiously tapped your foot on the floor at the thought. Gripping the hem of your hoodie, you stared at the gifts you brought from his fangirls. You knew that it was an act of invading someone's privacy but you couldn't help but reach for the letter given by your junior awhile ago.
You took a quick glance at the boys, checking if they were still cooling down, before opening the envelope slowly. As you read on the letter, you unconscious tapped your foot faster on the floor, your grip on the paper tightening as you let each words sink into you.
Bit by bit, you absorbed what was written on the paper, making the unpleasant feeling inside you deepen. You wouldn't deny that the letter was well written and you were certain that if it was handed to Atsumu by that girl personally, she might be able to get his attention.
After all, she was pretty. She looked like a bubbly person and someone who people would easily get along with. There was an optimistic aura around her which you knew Atsumu would appreciate.
And maybe if-
You were snapped out of your thoughts by Atsumu's hand touching your shoulder.
Jolting up slightly, you looked up at him with wide eyes, immediately noticing the worried expression on his face. "Tsumu.." you mumbled with a shaky voice, your eyes glossing with tears as your lips trembled.
Atsumu was quick to sit down beside you. Lifting you up, he sat you down on his lap and nestled your face on the side of his neck, knowing how much you hated it when people see you crying.
"Y-your teammates," you mumbled against his skin, hiding your face even more as you tightened your grip on the letter you were holding, almost crumpling it.
"Let's worry about them later, alright, angel? Yer my priority and ya know that," he answered while rubbing your back, "Now, tell me what happened. Why are ya crying?"
With the overwhelming emotions surrounding you, it took you a few seconds before you could answer, and you were thankful that Atsumu was patient enough to wait instead of forcing you. "Do you really love me, Tsumu?"
You felt Atsumu stiffen at your question and for a biref moment, you were scared of hearing the answer.
Was this it? Was he really lying to you all this time?
"Look at me, angel," Atsumu said, slightly pulling away from his embrace to cup your cheeks in his hands. "Of course, I do. Where is this coming from? Did somebody-"
"No," you cut him off. "It's just that... you always tell people that we're nothing but bestfriends. I can't always have my moments with you because you want to hide our relationship. It didn't really matter at first but... because of your constant denial, your fangirls would keep sending me these random stuffs and ask me to give them to you. I'm scared, Tsumu. What if one day you get tired of me... or worse, what if it's me who gets tired? I don't like this set-up..."
"I want to be able to express my feelings. I want the people to know that you're mine. Why can't you show them that you love me, Tsumu?... Do you even love me?"
Atsumu was left speechless as he listened to your words. All he could do was rub your back soothingly while listening to you as you let everything out. As you did, the guilt inside of him kept on piling up, enough to make him clench his jaw at how disappointed he was at himself for making you cry.
"Of course, I do. I love ya so much, angel. Don't ever ferget that. I'm sorry fer not taking yer feelings in consideration. I didn't know that ya have been feeling this way fer quite a while now. I really thought that we were already fine after our first argument about this but.. I guess I should've paid more attention," Atsumu said while staring at you, his hands still cupping your cheeks to angle your face to him. "The reason why I wanted to hide our relationship was fer people not to bother ya. It wasn't my intention to make ya feel insecure. I'm sorry."
"I'm sorry, angel." Wiping your cheeks with his thumb, Atsumu leaned down to place a kiss on your forehead. "Would it make ya feel better if we open our relationship to other people? No more hiding it."
Nodding, you wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled. "Mhm, yes, please."
"Alright, if that's what ya want."
Tumblr media
Likes, comments and reblogs are appreciated ♥️
Tumblr media
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sunkeiji · a month ago
# how he knows he’s fallen in love with you !
✫ feat. akaashi keiji, iwaizumi hajime, suna rintaro, miya atsumu + gn!reader
warnings: mention of kids in atsumu's
Tumblr media
✫ AKAASHI can’t help but smile when you’re in the room. he's not paying attention to a word that bokuto is saying. instead, his eyes are drawn to you. you're standing across from him, but he's positive that you can hear his heart beat (it beats for you, he thinks.) and when you laugh, he does, too. your laugh is contagious, your smile blinding in the best way possible. your eyes finally catch his. his cheeks burn red and his fingers fly up to his face to push up his glasses.
"you look pretty," he says. he's fallen for you and he know's it. why else would he blurt out the first thing that comes to mind? knowing that you two are having a moment, bokuto slyly slips away with a grin.
"you do, too. you always do," you tell him. and when he starts to play with the rings on his fingers, unable to keep his eyes on yours, you know that you've won the flustering game. or maybe you've fallen just as hard.
✫ IWAIZUMI thinks about his future with you before he goes to bed. after a long phone call with you, he's laying in bed with his hands behind his head. he felt his lips turn upwards as you whispered a good night before you ended the call and fell asleep. despite it being 1:12 am, hajime is wide awake. he wishes to hear your voice in his ears every night as you two huddle together and bask in each other's warmth. he thinks about how he'd wake you up in the mornings. maybe he'd wake up a bit earlier than you and make you coffee, or maybe you two would make breakfast together.
hajime rolls over to his side and grabs his blankets closer to him. the bed is too big for just one person, he tells himself. before drifting off to sleep, he promises himself to find the courage to ask you to move in with him. his dreams are full of a future of you and him (like they always are).
✫ SUNA finds your touch comforting. his presence is often subtle, never wanting to draw attention to himself. but when you're with him, he only wants your attention. whether you two are walking beside each other or watching childhood movies on the couch, rintarō wants to be close to you. he wants you to embrace his presence. so, he'll catch your hands in his, or he'll brush his shoulder against yours, hoping you'll get the hint. and when you finally take ahold of his hands and smile up at him, he feels his heart race.
"your hands are cold, here, let me warm them up," he'd tell you. of course, he uses this excuse in the middle of the summertime, too.
without a doubt, he looks down at your intertwined hands and thinks about how you've always been his missing puzzle piece.
✫ ATSUMU hopes his mom will love you as much as he does. it's no doubt that your name is always brought up in conversations between atsumu and his mom. you and his mother are two of the most important people in his life. you've supported him and his career, just like his mom did, and he hopes to be the best he can be for you.
so when his mom asks atsumu when you'll be coming over to meet the whole family, he breaks into a nervous chuckle.
"the whole family? they haven't even met ya yet!" he's shuffling his feet, kicking it against the pavement as he thinks about how you'd react if he asked you.
"i think they're great already, atsumu! bring her over, will ya?" that's all he needed to hear.
so when he finally finds it in himself to ask you to meet his whole family, he's relieved at your excitement. he takes your hand in his and places a gentle kiss to it.
"you're really great, ya know?" he tells you. (ma's always right, he thinks).
when the day finally comes, he realizes he's infatuated with you. seeing you and his mom poke fun at his baby pictures fills his chest with indescribable warmth. one day, it'll be you two poking fun at your own kids' baby pictures, he hopes.
Tumblr media
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v1ct1m1zed · 2 months ago
alright, how about atsumu and bokuto with a dumb bf- i’m dummy myself so yk
atsumu, bokuto x dumb m!boyfriend reader
a!n ; i decided to do hc's for this req, but i'm probably gonna write a drabble or fic for it too 👁 so keep an eye out for that if you want it
warnings ; degradation, praise, thigh fucking, face fucking, oral, bottom reader, petnames (puppy, mutt, good boy)
💌 atsumu loves to make fun of you. degrading you and calling you his dumb boy is his favorite past time.
💌 and don't even get me started on how he likes to use you,, he'd definitely be the type to want you to be brain dead with cock
💌 he especially loves facefucking and fucking your thighs. watching you get needy is one of his biggest turn ons.
💌 going back to his degrading kink, if you do anything even remotely wrong or differently or a bit off from how he'd prefer, he would constantly call you his dumb puppy. his dumb baby, he should probably fuck some sense back into you, no?
💌 he'd treat you like your incompetent in a condescending, yet caring way if that makes sense. his poor boy is so dumb, he'd have to do all the work now wouldn't he?
💌 he's much sweeter and softer on his baby. he likes making you feel good and loved.
💌 he loves spoiling you and praising you to keep you motivated. calling you a good boy or his pretty puppy, if you're being a brat he'll call you a dumb mutt and punish you. his punishments consist of an apology afterwards. "i'm sorry puppy, you know i don't like punishing you. but you were being such a filthy mutt, yeah? i had to."
💌 occasionally he'll slip in a comment like 'you're doing so good for such a useless boy'
💌 he wants to give you head and he could do it all day long. one of his favorite things is to watch and make you cum, especially when he knows he's the one doing it. and tasting you is like heaven to him.
💌 he will also fuck you to the point that he's mindlessly rutting his hips into you, it doesn't matter how many times either of you cum. all he's thinking about is how he's gotta keep fucking his baby dumb.
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sadlysoulx · 5 months ago
Haikyuu characters thinking you want to break up with them
part 1 (Atsumu& Sakusa)
Tumblr media
Heyyyoo~ I'm sorry I haven't post in a while school's bad and it managed to get into my nerves without me going to the place itself plus i have now wifi so I have to connect to my dad's data☹️ Thanks for 33 followers😭💖!! Especially to my friend Mocha berry who supported me :)
Would be doing Tsukishima and Ushijima in part 2 ;)
⚠️Warning⚠️: swearing, not proofread
"I really have enough!" Atsumu banged his fist down the table, making you flinch and take a step backwards.
"You are so fucking dramatic," he pointed at your shivering figure.
"I'm dramatic?" You asked hysterically. "I'm the ones who's dramatic?" You asked again, glaring back at Atsumu. "Open your eyes, 'tsumu! You're the one who made this into a bigger issue!"
"Me?!" Atsumu screamed back, finally making your tears fall down. "Y/N! If you weren't do clingy, this wouldn't happen!"
"Its not my fault that my boyfriend doesn't have time for me!" You fisted your hands.
"And this is fucking why I regretted to ask you to be my s/o!"
You stopped. Brain stopped functioning as you slowly let his words sink in, and to your despair, he didnt stop there.
"If you weren't my s/o, I would have a free life without you whining around like a kid," Atsumu was still shaking from anger.
"I would have the best life without you," he muttered.
More tears flowed down on your face.
"Fine!" You walked out the kitchen and into your shared bedroom, making sure you bang the door open.
You grabbed your bag and began stuffing down your clothes.
You heard loud and fast footsteps and in the corner of your eye, you saw Atsumu standing and peeking in the door, regret filled his eyes.
"If your not contented with me," you began as you take another bag and filled it with toiletries. "Then find another s/o, I wouldn't mind,"
You swung your bag over your shoulder and quickly breezed past him out the door.
Tears prick your eye since again as you quickly fumbled with your house keys and shakily tried to shove the the keys into the keyhole.
Atsumu grabbed your arm, trying to pull you to his chest.
"Y/N! Babe—"
"Don't fucking call me Babe!" You turned to him, new fresh batch of angry tears flowing down your cheeks. "Save that for your new s/o!"
You could see Atsumu's eyes turn glassy, his bottom lip trembling.
You successfully unlock the main door and you walked out of your apartment, striding down the hallway and waiting for the elevator.
Atsumu quickly followed you to turn annoyance, sniffles escaping his trembling lips constantly.
You hated seeing him hurt, especially if your the one who cause it. Imagining him with another person left a sour taste in your mouth.
But now that Atsumu said that he wished he wasn't your s/o, you knew that it wouldn't be long for him to find a new someone— if ever the both of you really make things over.
You distracted yourself by looking up the escalating red digital numbers that was labeled up the elevator doors.
In the corner of your eye, you see Atsumu opening and closing his mouth as if he wanted to say something but he couldn't. His hands hesitantly trying to reach out for you, his head hung low, tears dripping out of his red eyes pitifully.
The elevator doors finally opened and that's when Atsumu find his courage to talk to you.
"Y-you're really gonna leave me, aren't you?" He whispered softly, only loud enough for you to hear.
You stopped your attempt to walk in the elevator and stare aimlessly somewhere.
His sniffles and hiccups were getting worst. He was obviously trying to stop himself for crying.
You watch as the elevator doors close infront of you.
Turning to him, you saw his huge mascular figure shaking violently and his head still hung low.
"You are, aren't you?" He asked shakily again.
You dropped your bags and threw yourself to him, hugging him tightly.
He finally broke down, loud sobs echoing the empty hallway and hugging you back tightly.
"I'm never gonna leave you, 'Tsumu," You sobbed into his chest. "Never. . . I can't do that, I love you so much,"
"I'm so sorry, baby. . ." Atsumu sobbed into your hair. "Shit. . . I'm so sorry. . . I- I didn't mean what I said, I would never replace you– Fuck! Please forgive me baby. . ."
You let out a watery sob.
"H-hey, it's fine 'Tsumu." You looked up at his slightly swollen and wet but dreamy eyes. "I'm sorry for being dramatic," you giggled slightly.
He wiped your tears.
"It's fine baby," He smiled at you through his teary eyes, pressing a chaste kiss on your forehead. "I love you. . ."
"I love you more,"
He smiled, his eyes suddenly lighten up more.
"Hey, I found a really good movie in Netflix! It's a horror movie, let's watch it together!" He smiled down at you, gripping your hands.
"Okay! Let's watch it tonight!" you smiled up at him.
He smiled wider and cupped your cheeks, leaning down to kiss you.
Sakusa groaned. He stood up straight and made the mop lean towards the wall.
He scanned the living room all sparkling clean. Walking towards the couch, he plopped himself down, sighing in relief.
Sakusa having a bad day is an understatement.
The weather is bad, rainy and muddy outside, making their volleyball practice get cancelled for their own safety. Just today, when he woke up, he found that you weren't around. Sakusa had no idea where you went and it angers him that you didn't let him know. He waited for you and he spent his time cleaning the house and yet it has been an hour since you left.
And he hadn't have his breakfast and it made him more grumpier and more icy than ever.
Sakusa stood up and was about to go to the kitchen to eat on his own when the door opened, revealing you in muddy clothes.
"Hi babe!" You softly chuckled before breaking out in to a harsh and loud cough.
Sakusa flinched at that.
He observed you as you drop the plastic bags filled with what he assumed groceries.
He watched as you slowly walk into the living room, leaving a disgusting trail of wet puddles and mud.
Sakusa clicked his tounge.
"Y/N!" He frowned as you stopped in the middle of the living room, looking up at him. "I just mopped up the floor!"
"Oh, I'm sorry—"
"Save it Y/N. . ." He clicked his tongue in annoyance once more, picking up the mop again. You knew he was mad, and you tried not to worsen the mood more. "Look what you did!"
"Babe. . . I'm really—"
"I said save it!" He raised his voice higher making you shut up. "Where are you from?"
"I went to the grocery—"
"We still had a lot of food!" Sakusa pointed the way to the kitchen, eyebrows deeply furrowed.
"No, there isn't—"
"Shut up okay?!" Sakusa banged the mop on the floor harshly, you flinched. Tears threatened you.
He wasn't always like this and if he ever is, it wouldn't be a pleasant sight.
Sakusa run his hands through hair, tugging it stressfully.
"Go to the bathroom and clean yourself!"
You slowly slumped across the living room in the way to the bath.
"If you want to be part of this household, then make yourself useful. . ."
You turned around just as he finished whispering those words.
Sakusa turned to you.
"I said 'If you—'"
You laughed, humorlessly.
"So you're saying I'm not useful?" You voice cracked with sadness.
Sakusa only stared at you with his stoic expression.
"That I'm worthless?" You pointed to yourself.
Sakusa frowned. "I didn't say that—"
"But you're making it sound like that!" You raised your voice, running your hands through your damp hair angrily and in stress.
"You're the one who's making it mean like that!" Sakusa exclaimed, slightly shaking from anger.
"I am your fucking s/o! And you have the audacity to insult me!"
Both of you argued on and on, the clock ticking away, voices getting louder than the last. You don't know when would this end and how.
Both of you were stubborn, both doesn't want to lose from the other.
Until, Sakusa had enough. He swiped the things away from the coffee table, making the fragile things on it shatter loudly, triggering the tears that sat on the edge of your eyes and fall down your cheeks.
"Would you shut it?!" Sakusa's cheeks glowed red.
"You're not telling me what to do!" You shouted back.
"You are so fucking stubborn!" His voice trembled. "You know what? I regretted to be with you!" He screamed shakily, pointing at your smaller figure.
Tears flowed down your cheeks more. You stepped up to him, you didn't care if you're still damp with rain.
"And you know what? I did too," you spat the words with venom and you saw Sakusa softened, guilt immediately swan in his eyes.
You immediately walked to the main door and Sakusa immediately followed, trying to string his sentence but it all ended up with a stutter mess.
"Y/N!" He called as you banged the main door close, you walked out the glass doors and you were immediately met with heavy rain pouring down your back harshly.
You didn't know where to go and you panicked when you hear Sakusa running to you from behind.
You tried to run away but he gripped your wrist, making you turn to him.
"Y/N. . . Please. . . please. . ." He grabbed your hands and clasped his huge hands around yours, looking at you with pleading eyes. "I didn't mean—"
You sobbed.
"Maybe it's better if you find someone new. . ." You tried to pry your hands away from his, in which you successfully did due to him staring at you in shock.
"What? No! I won't replace you!" He shook his head, making his now curly hair sway along with him.
He paused, guilt swimming at the pit of his stomach and his lungs, making it hard to think and breath.
"Are you breaking up with me?"
You looked up at him and you immediately spoke.
"No,no,no,no," he chanted, tears swelling his own eyes. He held your hand as he let out a sob that he tried to keep in.
He knelt down still clasping your hands, looking up at you. Sakusa broke down, sniffles, hiccups and sobs escaping his trembling lips.
"No,no,no, please don't break up with me," he cried.
You cried with him as you knelt down beside your lovely boyfriend.
"Please don't, Y/N. . . I- I can do anything! Just forgive and stay with me—"
You peck his lips, making him shut up.
"I won't break up with you, silly boy," you went to his chest as he hugged you right, both of you crying hard and not really caring of you're out in the rain.
"I'm sorry," you sobbed.
"I'm sorry too," he sobbed back.
You pulled back and wiped his tears, and he did the same, which was useless since the rain was still drenching you both.
"Let's dance in the rain?" you wiggled your eyebrows at him as you let out a distorted laugh since your throat is still sore.
"That only happened in cringy romantic movies," he let out a watery laugh of his own.
Nevertheless, you both stood back on your feet and danced in the rain.
Whew! That was a trip, my finger really said ✨No✨ when I wanted to make another angst for an another character.
Thanks for reading this blog and likes and reblogs are appreciated ;)
I hope my likes won't go down for not posting in a while :(
Follow @xmochaberryx too😊
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swellsweaters · 2 months ago
what the haikyuu!! boys would wake you up for
atsumu x reader
[WARNINGS : none | atsumu being baby | fluff, fluffy, the fluffiest]
A/n: hey lol i have a lot of ideas for this sorta scenario idea, so hang tight! and enjoy, loves >:) <33
Tumblr media
You groaned at the sound of your boyfriend's whines, burying your head deeper into the pillows despite it was very much futile. A weak attempt at drowning out his undying persistence was an attempt nonetheless, and you were taking what you could get.
"What do you want, 'Tsumu," you mumbled just loud enough for him to hear, slowly turning to face your shared alarm clock albeit begrudgingly. "It's... 4 fucking AM?" Your eyes were blown open at the realization, staring daggers into his face causing him to jolt in fear. If you hadn't been all that awake before, you sure were now.
Atsumu gulped, "O-ok, listen! Before ya go 'n tear out my throat, lemme explain?" The faux blonde frowned, cradling you closer to his body, "Please??"
In reality, you weren't really that mad at him, more curious if anything, but that didn't excuse the fact he had indeed woken you up.
You both knew how much of a deep sleeper that the idiot was, and his incredible inability to wake up had caused more problems than you'd like to admit. You'd had to set your alarm a whole hour earlier to ensure there was enough time to awaken him, let alone actually get him out of the bed. So how on earth was he up and, more importantly, why?
You sighed deeply, his puppy eyes pleading too heavily for you not to comply, "It better be good, or I swear..."
"It will! It will!" He perked up, a smile gracing his features, "I promise." Sealing his words with a gentle kiss to your forehead, you huffed with slight frustration.
"Then why'd you get me up now? Could this really not wait till morning?"
"Because.." he drawled out too cheerily for your comfort zone, "It'd ruin the whole idea of a late-night drive."
You paused for a moment, absorbing his words carefully, "I'm sorry a what now?"
Atsumu pouted, "Aw, babyyyy! I was tryin' to act all cool for ya!!" His lip jutted out slightly to signal just how necessarily upset he was, "But yeah... what d'ya say?"
"I say you're stupid." You said sharply to his utter dismay, "And that you need to sleep, you have practice tomorrow."
"Darlin' yer killing me, c'mon babe!" he tried again, this time pulling himself to lay on top of you, "Please?!"
You groaned at the sudden weight, "Nice try with the pet-names, but they aren't gonna get you anywhere, honey."
A chill ran up his spine at the sheer amount of venom in your voice, "So cold.." He slumped his head into your shoulder dramatically, eliciting an eye roll from you.
"What do I hafta do to get ya to come with me?" Atsumu said uncharacteristically quiet, "I'll give ya kisses or somethin'..."
He draped his arm over you, a genuine pout on his lips. You scoffed quietly.
You knew better than to comply with his spontaneous actions, but you knew he had good resolution.
"You're paying," rubbing a hand across your face exasperatedly, you gave in. "And buying my some (f/f)."
Atsumu broke out in a grin, "I knew ya couldn't resist me~"
"I will dump you for Osamu."
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guruicore · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↠ Wouldn’t admit but he surely does love thigh riding.
↠ Purposely works out his thighs for this occasion.
↠ Would allow you to use his thigh whenever you’d need too.
Tumblr media
"Hm? come on tell me what is it?" he taunts, examining as you'd continuously gaped at his thighs. You couldn't help it regarding how much he'd proceeded to work them out and you throbbed to possibly rest on them as well. Suna possesses a smug grin on his features, permitting you to obtain your words although, he already understood what you desired; he simply adored to hear it from you.
"wanna sit," you muttered, face flustered and you couldn't bring yourself to gape up at him. Either way, he's drawing you upon his lap, leg strongly settled within yours and he's gazing at you. His fingers soon saunter to your hips, nudging you down further onto his thigh and you were helpless to restrain the whimper that slipped while he began conducting your hips.
It was to the point where he had discerned the wetness trickling onto his thigh, dampened panties remaining the only obstacle hindering your cunt from undergoing the remarkable sensation from his thigh. "does it feel good baby?" your firmly nodding, head slung back as his clutch on your hips becomes secured. You were unable to define the sensation from the erosion you'd received from his thigh, however, it certainly felt so damn good.
Tumblr media
↠ It turns him on knowing how desperate you are for them.
↠ Would purposely wear those 5 inch inseam shorts, just so they would catch your eyes.
↠ Allows you to work yourself on his thigh while he just sits back and watches until you need him to help you.
Tumblr media
"Feels so good!" you whine, Atsumu inclining upon the couch while he's observing your movement become quicker with every shift of your hips. He senses your cunt pulsating upon his thigh, occasionally heaving his thigh simply to make certain it would get the right places. soon your panties remain in Atsumu's hand, his opposing one comfortably lodged on your hips. "yeah? you look so pretty baby, riding on me like this," he breathes, sensing his cock twitch with each whimper that departed from your lips.
He's willing to settle till he witnesses you gushing all across his uncovered skin, provoking you further by tenderly flicking and stroking on your perked nipples. "'Tsumu!" his lips latch onto your nipple, your hold on his shoulder growing tighter and he's savoring the way you're twitching in his grasp. Surely, this was something you had been too afraid to introduce, concluding that possibly Atsumu wouldn't be so engrossed in some sort of thing.
But when his fingers are traveling about your body, permitting you to work him to your personal pleasure, it appears as if he's more interested than you. He desires to make sure you were to cum from this alone and possibly he'd also provide you something else as well, his fingers delicately stroking upon his clad bulge. The view is too intriguing to the man, ranging from the view of your pretty cunt, to the expressions that were on your features; he aspires to remember it and undoubtedly have this occur once again.
Tumblr media
↠ Wants to be the one to guide you upon his thigh.
↠ Needs to make sure your pretty cunt gushes all over his exposed skin.
↠ Doesn’t matter how long it would take, he just desires to see you trembling above him.
Tumblr media
Osamu sinks back in his chair, shifting his hips out to grant you added access to his revealed thighs. It's not long before two firm hands are seized on your hips, panties jostled to the side and he groans at the touch of your wet cunt. "fuck, like getting off to my thigh don't you?" your moans grow louder when he's driving his leg to resemble the rhythm of your hips.
"Mhm—fuck- f-feels so good!" you're unable to wriggle anywhere under his boring clutch, sinking in to settle your lips upon his just to explore the passion and lust emitting from him. You're not overlooking the strong coil developing on your abdomen, whimpering when his tongue surges around yours, and nonetheless, he's retaining that steady pace he has. It's prompting you to descend into the crook of his neck, enabling him to conduct your hips whichever way he aspired to.
"gonna have this pretty cunt of yours creamin' all over me," he breathes, a faint grunt parting his lips when he senses your hand stroke upon his bulge. "'Samu gonna cum..." you fuss at the aching sensation, gasping when his movement has advanced and all you could do was cling onto his body, praises spilling from his lips, and oh, how he couldn't wait to have you stuffed full of his cock right after.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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atsubaka · 2 months ago
haikyuu boys and their toxic traits
w atsumu, suna, osamu, oikawa, sakusa, kageyama and ushijima
warnings: angst 🙃
a/n: these are just hcs that i feel like would suit the characters above^ ofc i love my boys, so pls don't take this to heart. i've just been craving angst lately, so yeah... 💔
nav || taglist: open
Tumblr media
✯ atsumu
i headcanon atsumu as the type of guy to victimize himself in any situation and start unnecessary fights. let's say you're in an argument - wherein he's clearly the one in the wrong, but instead of working it out rationally, he shifts the blame away from him and pins it on you. everytime you have a disagreement, he'll guilt trip you into thinking that it's your fault while he's the one compromised.
✯ suna
let's be real here - being with him is going to be emotionally draining. while you're here pouring everything you have into this relationship, suna won't even be half as invested. all the time, patience, and effort that should've come from both partners is off unbalance, and it'll be the eventual destruction of the both of you.
✯ osamu
during an intense moment of blinding fury - he'll throw your insecurities right back at your face. i don't see him as the type of guy to have a short temper, but if provoked, he'll honestly say some really hurtful things. things that took you time to open up to with him. he'll apologize for the outburst, but this'll be a major turning point in your relationship - and not for the better.
✯ sakusa
to be with sakusa means that you always had to have the shorter end of the stick. he's the primary taker in the relationship, while you're stuck in this endless loop of trying to please him while he drains you mercilessly. he keeps taking and taking, while you lay down all your cards.
✯ oikawa
to him, his career is above everything. the main reason why your relationship wouldn't work out is because he's never there. all his time goes to volleyball, to the point where his absence and neglect almost seems normal. you're simply not his priority, and it seems like you never will.
✯ ushjima
he doesn't make you feel secure in your relationship. your mind would be plagued with doubts and worries about the two of you, and he'll be absolutely trash at reassuring you. he's blunt, stoic, and straight to the point. in and off the court. period.
✯ kageyama
my main concern with him is that you'll probably experience a lot of miscommunication. due to him struggling to his express his feelings properly, you'll have occasional misunderstandings that could potentially damage your relationship. he might even lash out at you unintentionally, when in reality - you're just trying to help him.
taglist: @tetsuukuroo @amisuh
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ichigomis · a month ago
Can I request scenario or headcanons of Daichi, Ushijima and Atsumu whose girlfriend is also a volleyball player and they witness her getting hurt during one of her games, please?
Tumblr media
with: daichi, ushijima, atsumu
notes: hi nonnie alright so i made these with them seeing you get hurt while playing vball instead bc i suck at technical stuff hehdhdhdjd! —fluff!
tw: minor injuries
Tumblr media
you two are in the same gym class and are playing volleyball on opposite teams
when you suddenly get hit on the face by one of his team's spikes and just fall on the floor
the game is put on hold and he's immediately running to the other side of the court and helping you up
he calmly checks you for injuries, holding your chin up for him to see you clearly
you wave him off and tell him you're fine but he only shakes his head,
"you shouldn't be too sure," he gently takes your hand and asks for permission to take you to the nurse's office
just as the two of you head out of the gym, the guy who accidentally hit you runs over to you and apologizes
and before you can even say anything, the guy seemingly shudders and mumbles another apology then runs off back to the court
you turn to daichi and see him still not-so-subtly giving the guy that angry captain look
with a sigh, you nudge him to stop and he immedietly does so, all his attention back to you and your not-so-serious injuries
Tumblr media
he sees you playing volleyball with your friends and watches on the sidelines, just waiting for you to finish so he can walk you home
suddenly, you do a dive to try and keep the ball at play but scrape your knee
you get up like normal and get in position despite your reddening knee while your friends take a pause on the game and urge you to sit your injury out
but you only shake your head, adrenaline getting the better of you, and insist that you're alright and that you can continue playing
ushijima trusts you and your judgment more than anything, but as someone who's been playing volleyball all his life he knows when an injury is too much
so he does something he would not usually do, barge in
"i'll tend to their injuries," he walks over to you and speaks to your friends, "i was going to walk them home anyway."
he looks calm as usual but on the inside, he's both worried and a bit scared after seeing your injury up close
so he gently takes your hand and lets you lean on him for support as you start to feel your injury,
"take care of yourself before anything else," he wants to scold you, really, but it comes out more as gentle advice.
and as you pout up at him, complaining about how you were only trying to save the ball, he sighs. he can't ever seem to get mad at you
Tumblr media
gasps so loudly that even you were distracted from your own injury
you were playing volleyball with osamu to pass the time when he suddenly hits a spike your way and it grazes your arm
and the next thing you know, atsumu is immediately by your side, shouting profanities at his twin
"how could ya samu!?" he cries out, cradling your arm that barely even hurts anymore
you let out a laugh and try to push him away, "tsumu, i'm fine-"
"no! we're gettin' your arm checked now!" he wraps his hands around your leg and waist and swoops you up from the floor bridal style
he literally runs to the exit of the gym as if he wasn't carrying you and you're too shocked to even say anything
and just as the two of you reach the doors, he turns and squints his eyes, "i'm comin' back to avenge y/n, just you wait samu!"
Tumblr media
rbs are appreciated! *kithes* p.s.: these sucked so much i- ;;
» m. list
Tumblr media
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realcube · 7 months ago
you flinch during an argument
Tumblr media
navi | masterlist | taglist 
thank you to anon for this request 
characters ♡ suna, atsumu & sakusa
content warning ♡ cursing, angst, mentions of abuse, hurt to comfort, hinted ptss, parent!reader (in sakusa’s)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rintarō suna
♡ he paced back and forth through the living room, casting you dirty looks whenever you try to speak 
♡ you rolled your eyes at how far he took your singular comment on his volleyball career
♡ you were aware that what you said might’ve offended him and in any other situation you would’ve just apologised but considering how needlessly confrontational he was being, of course you were going to be mean too
♡ ‘rin, you’re being overdramatic.’ you muttered off-handedly, assuming he’d brush it off like everything else you said, so ofc you did not expect what he did next
♡ he suddenly stormed over to you 
♡ not only did he take you by surprise but also his furrowed brows and generally mad aura unnerved you too, so your natural instinct was to flinch 
♡ once he saw that, he immediately stopped in his tracks 
♡ his head slowly tilted to the side and his clenched jaw loosened, ‘(y/n)?’
♡ your hands were still covering your face but when you heard the suna’s soft voice, you realised what you had just done and craned your neck out to peer over your hands, ‘yes?’
♡ obviously, his intention wasn’t to hurt you but rather just stand in front of you. though it worried him that your natural instinct was to prepare yourself for harm from him. despite the fact he would/has never hit you. 
♡ ‘are you okay?’ he sighed, slowly approaching you as if you were a small critter that’d run away in fright at any moment
♡ you hesitantly lowered your arms, eyes wide as you intensely examined his every move, ‘i’m fine. are you okay?’
♡ suna gestured to the seat beside you on the couch, ‘i’m good. can i sit?’
♡ you simply nodded
♡ he reluctantly sat down next to you and gently placed his hand on your knee, tracing circles with his thumb, ‘i didn’t mean to scare you. i’m sorry.’ he said, his now hushed voice contrasting to how sharp and loud his words were just a minute ago
♡ you blinked rapidly, shocked at how quickly his demeanour changed but also relieved he realised that what he did brought you discomfort, ‘it’s fine, i guess. it just looked like you were going to- y’know. and i’m sorry too, what i said was uncalled for’ you murmured, the words just falling from your lips without any prior thought as your mind was somewhere else
♡ ‘i’d never do that.’ he blurted out, ‘but i get why you might’ve thought.’
♡ a few minutes passed and not a word was spoken - you just blankly stared at the wall opposite, completely lost in thought while suna closed his eyes, slumped back in his seat and revaluated everything he did 
♡ eventually, you snapped out of your contemplation and turned to look at him, only to see his sleeping figure beside you 
♡ it was probably the most peaceful you’ve saw him all day - so you decided against waking him up and instead cuddled up to him, accidentally falling asleep yourself 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
atsumu miya
♡ you had your arms crossed over your chest, patiently waiting for atsumu to finish his hissy fit
♡ ‘it was a fucking joke, (y/n)! not that i’d expect you to understand my humour anyway. do you not get what you did? you fucking embarrassed me.’
♡ ‘it wasn’t a very funny joke, atsumu.’ you shook your head disapprovingly, trying your very best to keep a level-head but his nasty remarks didn’t make it an easy task for you, ‘you made me really uncomfortable so of course i was going to say something. also, i didn’t embarrass you, you embarrassed yourself.’
♡ the fact you weren’t as worked-up about this as he was only irritated him more. because deep-down, he knew he was being overdramatic and the contrast between both of your demeanours only highlighted this fact.
♡ he gritted his teeth together, momentarily side-eyeing you before absentmindedly cracking his knuckles
♡ he cracked his bones when he got tense - you knew this - but there was a faint voice at the back of your head, insisting that you had to run away bc he was preparing to hit you 
♡ and it didn’t help when he jerked his head around to look at you 
♡ though it was only the movement of his neck, this caused you to flinch as a part of you expected his hasty motion to be followed by a swing of his hand 
♡ you never really thought too much of your action and assumed atsumu would pay no mind to it and continue to talk but you couldn’t have been more wrong
♡ he slapped his hand over his mouth and let out gasp as though his whole soul was exiting his body through his mouth
♡ your eyes were squeezed shut but you blinked them open to see when you mentally established that atsumu wasn’t going to swing at you and had actually stopped yelling
♡ ‘(y/n)- i’d- i’d never do that!’ the volume of his voice gradually rose as he spoke, starting as breathy emphasis and increasing to a cry
♡ upon noticed his appalled expression and his frozen structure, you dropped your arms which you had automatically raised in defence, ‘you’d never do what?’  you voice was hushed, afraid that if you spoke too loud, you’d reignite his temper
♡ he rushed over to your side, immediately opening up his strong arms for you to enter, if you wished, ‘i’d never hit you.’
♡ both his eyes and tone seemed sincere so without even thinking, you found yourself leaning into his embrace, his arms holding you close - but gently
♡ you really had no reason not to believe him as he’s never harmed you purposely in the past and he didn’t plan on harming you just there; he didn’t even plan on intimidating you but that kinda just happened involuntarily
♡ he had so much on his mind, so much he needed so say at once, so much he wanted you to know. hence, it all came out as rambles. 
♡ ‘i love you, (y/n). i love you so much. i don’t want anyone to hurt you - including myself. i just want you to feel safe - i want you to be safe - so i’ll leave if you don’t feel that way with me around. i can understand why you wouldn’t. but heh, i guess it’s quite funny because i feel the safest when i’m with you. well, it’s not funny - i’m actually gonna miss you like hell - but it’s ironic. i wouldn’t even dream of harming you, love, but i don’t expect you to live in fear constantly so yeah, i’ll go if you want me to.’
♡ you blinked rapidly against his chest, pulling back to look him in the eyes and to your surprise, he appeared to be in more tears than you
♡ ‘i love you too, atsumu.’ you cooed, wiping away one of his tears with your shivering hand, ‘we don’t have to break-up. i mean, truthfully, i feel safe when you’re around too.’
♡ he let out an audible sigh of relief, ‘thank goodness.’
♡ a few moments passed of you just silently enjoying the feeling of being wrapped up in his arms until he spoke up once again while placing an infintite amount of kisses on your forehead, punctuating each kiss with an ‘i love you.’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kiyoomi sakusa
♡ he was sitting beside you on the bed but he had long before withdrew his arm which rested behind your head when you expressed your concern surrounding his hostile behaviour lately 
♡ ‘omi, i’m too ti--’
♡ ‘don’t call me that.’
♡ you sighed as you realised that this had spiralled into a heated fight which you really didn’t intend for it to become. all you wanted to do was talk to him about how rude he’s been to you and the baby as of recently and try to work out a solution but he had turned this into something way bigger than it needed to be.
♡ the remarks he was throwing around - as if they were nothing - resulted in a wrath bubbling in the pits of your stomach, which had been present and building up since the start of sakusa’s attitude problems 
♡ you knew that if this argument didn’t stop soon, you’d lash out on him and although you really didn’t have a problem with that in theory, you had spent hours trying to get the baby to fall asleep and you didn’t want to risk waking them up with the noise 
♡ and though you hated to give sakusa (mental) praise in a situation like this, you had to admit that he was good at keeping his voice down even while angry
♡ so you decided that it was best to diffuse this situation quickly and pick it up at a later date, ‘you know what, kiyoomi--’
♡ ‘don’t call me that either.’ at this point it was clear he was just saying that to piss you off, and it was working
♡ ‘--i’m going to bed; i’m tired from doing all the work in this damn house. we’ll talk about this later.’
♡ sakusa quirked a brow, scoffing at your statement despite the fact it was completely true 
♡ ‘no, let’s talk about it right now. since you clearly have a lot to say.’ 
♡ instead of replying, you gave him what he deserved - the silent treatment
♡ you casually pulled off your slippers, tossing them aside, proceeding to do other nightly activities - while completely ignoring his presence - then reached down to pull the duvet over yourself so you could drift into sweet, serene slumber to imagine a life where sakusa acted like loved you again  
♡ ‘(y/n).’ sakusa snapped, his voice sharp and demanding, ‘listen to me. talk to me- god, you’re so immature.’
♡ your eyes widened; out of the corner of your eye you saw him quickly raise his arm
♡  during your three years of marriage with sakusa, not once had he ever purposefully harmed you - physically or emotionally - but you were aware that what you were doing displeased him so your immediate reaction was to turn away and shield yourself with your forearms
♡ sakusa froze
♡ moments passed and you had yet to feel the impact of his hand so you lowered your defences to peer at him, only to see that his arm was stretched upwards as he yawned
♡ his gaze flickered between you and his arm - he was truly at a loss for words at what he just witnessed
♡ a lump formed at the back of his dry throat as he didn’t dare to speak, trying to communicate all his emotions through his eyes which grew increasingly difficult as they began to burn with tears and ache from the elongated period of time he went without blinking 
♡ he wanted to tell you that he’d never lay an finger on you in that way, that he adores you and he was aware of how he’s been treating you recently but he was previously too arrogant to change his ways. now he was ready to change though, if it’s not too late. 
♡ but all that came out was a choked syllable followed by a cough 
♡ ‘are you okay, omi?’ you tilted your head, watching as your husband coughed his lungs out beside you, his puffy, irritated eyes squeezed shut
♡ he eventually managed to catch his breath and the first thing he did was offer his shaky hand to you 
♡ though you were reluctant at first, upon meeting his gaze, it was as though his fury had melted away. his eyebrows were no longer knitted together, his judgemental sneer was now a gentle smile he wore to try reassure you and the way he looked at you resembled how he did on your wedding day. all the resentment, all the stress and all irritation was gone - which left you with the considerate, understanding man you had married. 
♡ you fingers found their way to his as you slowly intertwined them together, ‘we should, uh, g-get some rest, yeah?’ you stuttered, your lips gradually curling into a weak grin
♡ a faint hum of agreement could be heard from sakusa as he shuffled so he was now laying down, with a duvet draped over him 
♡ though he lay with the intention of going to sleep, he kept his hand locked with yours all throughout the night
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