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#atsumu headcanons
saintmanjiro · 4 hours ago
haikyuu boys and angry sex
Tumblr media
characters: miya osamu, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, miya atsumu
warnings: fem! reader, orgasm denial, slight overstimulation, blow jobs, cum swallowing
a/n: repost from my old blog lets all ignore that fact
Tumblr media
— he lets you do all the screaming, absolutely hates having to raise his voice and contribute to the argument, so he tries to be patient and let you get it all out, but sometimes you get too bold, take it a little too far for his liking, and he has to remind you of your place
“D-don’t have much ta say now, huh baby? J-just need me ta— f-fuck yer so tight— need m-me ta shut yer trap for ya, is that it?” Osamu grunts as he keeps his steady pace, drilling into your cunt while you claw into his back. The wall behind you is rough against the skin of your back, his body pressed against yours as he’d pinned you to it just moments ago to cut off your screaming. Your hands trail to his chest, wandering over his pecs as a thumb swipes over his nipple. With a growl, he pins your hands above your head, his pace getting faster, making you whimper against his mouth as he presses hot, open mouthed kisses to your lips. “That’s m-my job, baby,” he interrupts himself with a moan, hissing as he feels you clench on him. “Don’t ya start gettin’ bold on me, princess.” With a long, drawn out groan, he swipes his own thumb against your nipples while you clench down on him once more with a whine.
— absolute brat tamer and we know it, he’s got little patience and you will do as he says. he lets you get your way for a short bit just so he has more of a reason to put you in your place, it makes it so much more satisfying for him when he’s got you pinned down and he’s teaching you a lesson
“You can take it, doll. You had so much to say earlier, now you gotta pay the price,” Iwaizumi groans as he thrusts into you, not stopping his pace even though this was your third time cumming. You’d cum twice on his fingers, but he’s yet to fuck you, and he’s not stopping till you’re a sobbing mess, creamed on his cock at least a few times. With a deep groan, he hits your spot over and over, quickening his pace as he gets closer. “F-fuck, stop squeezing so—ngh—h-hard, brat,” he pants, feeling himself get closer and closer to the edge. Slowly, he lets his pace die down, growling as he hears you whine when your orgasm dies down too. With grit teeth, he pants as he tries to calm his breathing, feeling his dick throb from his own approaching orgasm slowly fading before it came. “Shut up,” he tells you when you whine again. “Like I said, you can take it. And you will,” he growls into your ear before starting his punishing pace all over again.
— has the shortest patience you’ve ever seen, he gets irritated so easily, and he’s gonna show you that if you wanna make him mad, you’re gonna have to let him get rid of all that pent up frustration, even if he has to use you for it
“Fuck, just— shit— j-just like that,” Sakusa groans, tugging you by your hair and forcing his member deeper into your mouth. He feels your tongue run down the prominent vein, and he throws his head back, moaning wildly as you continue to suck him off. He thrusts into your mouth, setting his own pace, watching with narrowed eyes as your nose touches his skin as you take every inch of his dick. “Y-you wanna—fuck I’m s-so close— you wanna m-make me mad? You’re gonna f-fix it too,” he says, letting out a loud grunt when your hand moves up to fondle with his balls, making him grit his teeth. “More, brat, I’m c-close.” With a series of curses, he lets out broken moans as he cums, chest heaving as spurts of cum fill your mouth, breath hitching when he feels you continue to suck him as he rides out his orgasm, dick becoming sensitive as you refuse to stop. With a tug of your hair, he pulls you off. “Your turn,” he growls.
— he gets frustrated easily and you should know it, he’s another one with a very small level of patience, and he’s gonna make you forget why you were even angry with each other in the first place. very cocky about shutting you up
“That’s it, atta girl, j-just takin’ me so—oh sh-shit— so well,” Atsumu pants, pressing kisses to your collarbone, sucking on the skin until another mark starts to form, smirking at the littered hickeys on your skin. Quickening his pace, he brings you in for a kiss, swallowing your moans with his mouth. “Y-yer always yappin’ away, bet ya couldn’t even t-tell me why now, huh?” With a sharp thrust, he hits your spot, making you clench on him, letting out a strangled moan as he gives you a cocky grin, grabbing your face and tilting you to look at him. “Tell me who makes y-ya feel this way. Fuck—‘m close,” he grunts. His hand travels down, rubbing circles onto your clit, bringing you closer to the edge, pounding into you as he feels his own orgasm approach him. “It’s me,” he growls, “I make y-ya feel this g-good.”
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rinnieyeager · 11 hours ago
reacting to a picture of your new lingerie
Tumblr media
includes • suna + oikawa + akaashi + atsumu + kenma
warnings • suggestive themes (?)
note • this is literally my first time EVER doing this. so don’t judge if it’s bad or whatnot :(
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© rinnieyeager 2021 — please refrain from stealing, plagiarizing, translating, modifying, and reposting my work!
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hannamakki · 11 hours ago
msby as frat boys !
✸ ft. bokuto, sakusa, atsumu, & hinata
✸ info & warnings: college au, alcohol consumption
Tumblr media
✸ BOKUTO is the life of the party. he makes his rounds everywhere— beer pong, dancing, keg stand, you name it. everyone at the party knows him or knows of him. it doesn’t matter if you’ve only met him once or on a thousand different occasions, he will remember your name. he tries to converse for a little bit with everyone who approaches him. he can handle his alcohol pretty well so he’s always tries to keep an eye out on the environment just to make sure everyone’s being respectful and staying safe. he also offers to walk people home or call them rides if they aren’t okay to drive.
✸ SAKUSA is the loner. he’s usually just lingering around to make sure no one is getting injured or breaking anything. he doesn’t drink a ton but he needs a something in his system to get through the night. his drink of choice usually ends up being a couple of tequila shots. he’s not too fond of random people sleeping in his house, so while he does send them home, he makes sure they get back safely. once the stragglers are gone, he’ll start cleaning up. he hates the idea of going to sleep knowing that it’s super messy, so he’ll clean up his fair share and leave the rest for the guys in the morning.
✸ ATSUMU is the flirt. he’s naturally charismatic and parties host copious amounts of people, so he never has trouble when it comes to relationship opportunities. he doesn’t really like hooking up a parties though, so if he ends up making a connection with someone, he’ll just give them his number. getting to know them outside of the party setting is what really seals the deal. after all, most people at parties are pretty drunk. he also can’t resist playing matchmaker if he meets someone he thinks might click with one of the other guys. he’s never super successful but the effort is there.
✸ HINATA is the amateur. he’s doesn’t know how to play half of the games and isn’t familiar with the drinks being served. so he just follows the lead of brothers, drinking what they drink and surveying their technique in the party games. definitely a happy and excitable drunk, but not the type to get into trouble. he’s more likely to get into a conversation about anything and everything with some person he’s never met. he doesn’t last too long before he’s passed out on the couch with the party still in full swing. he calls the night a success though because he had a good time.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments are reblogs are appreciated <3
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grilledsquids · 2 days ago
ok i can’t be the only one with this headcanon about miya atsumu… atsumu is the blonde because he just doesnt have the patience for toning his hair.
he waited all that damn time with an itchy scalp so that the bleach could process, and now you’re telling him he’s gotta slap on more funky-smelling paste and then wash it out again? it looks fine when it’s yellow!! and he has to maintain the color with special purple soap?? take cold showers so it won’t fade?? get outta here, he’s suffered enough, he looks cool as a blonde.
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itachiyama · 2 months ago
a day in the life of miya atsumu—(featuring you, his wonderful lover)
other parts: sakusa | osamu
Tumblr media
6:45 AM:
“Baby, hey—hey, baby. Y/n? Y/n, are ya—holy shit,” Atsumu gasps, hand clutching his heart startled when you move to bite his prodding finger suddenly.
“Will you shut up and let me sleep? Go get up quietly,” you hiss, making him furrow his eyebrows and stare you incredulously.
“Yer on top o’ me! Don’t yell at me.” You look down to see that you are indeed laying on a warm chest.
“Five more minutes.”
“I don’t have five more minutes.”
“How about ten?”
“No, why would I have—I just said I don’t have five,” he says exasperatedly. Your head finds the crook of his neck.
“You didn’t say anything about ten.”
“Yer impossible.” Despite his words, Atsumu settles back in bed, limbs tangling with yours as he rubs your back gently, kissing your forehead while you drift off with a smile on his face.
7:18 AM:
“If ya keep rollin’ on top o’ me every mornin’ so I can’t leave, ‘m gonna start sleepin’ in the guest room,” Atsumu huffs, rushing to finish his breakfast.
“That’ll be very cold for you.”
“And why’s that?” he asks in a mouth full.
“You kick the blanket off fifteen minutes into sleeping. Who’s gonna keep you warm or cover you up again?” He pretends to ponder your words for a moment.
“‘S a bit of a predicament.” You smile.
“It is.”
“Guess I’ll have ta be the one who lays on top o’ ya instead.” Atsumu reaches to your plate with his chopsticks, stealing the last bite. He snickers when you smack his shoulder.
“I’ll wake up dead. You’re heavy.”
“We’ll, at least that’s one less person ta nag me—I’m kiddin’! Don’t push—hey! Look, ya made me spill ma water.” He chuckles when he notices you stare at his muscled chest through the wet shirt.
7:38 AM:
“Tsum, you should really go now,” you whisper.
“Yeah, ‘m goin’.”
“You said that three times already.”
“Why’re ya in a rush ta get me out the door?” Giggling, you reach up, cupping his cheeks and pressing kisses to his the apples of them, purposely skipping his lips.
“Drive safe. Don’t curse people out the whole time, okay?”
“If ya don’t kiss ma mouth, it’ll curse more than usual.”
“Guess I should give you a few extra kisses then,” you giggle. Atsumu smirks, arms snaking around your waist as he pulls you impossibly closer.
“Guess ya should.” He wastes a few more minutes getting his kisses, but maybe the sweetness on his lips will last a bit longer that way.
8:05 AM:
“Miya, quit taking my parking spot,” Sakusa grumbles, lifting his weight as he glares daggers at the blonde.
“Doesn’t have yer name on it, Omi.”
“Neither does y/n, does that mean that we can all have y/n,” Adriah calls from across the room, making the other team members snicker as Atsumu’s face curls in distaste.
“Yer all ugly. Y/n doesn’t want any of ya.”
“Maybe y/n wants someone less childish,” his captain adds, pushing his buttons further.
“Y/n’s not into old people,” he spits, lips curled in a pout. He lifts the weight in his hand up, eyes narrowed as he looks around.
“No, y/n’s into real men. Not children.”
“‘M not a child!”
“You’re a lil kiddo, Tsumie,” Oriver calls out, making everyone burst into another round of chuckles. Atsumu only lifts his weight more aggressively, not comforted when Hinata calls out I think you’re manly, Atsumu!, a scowl painted over his face as he huffs to himself about how he’ll prove them wrong on their lunch break.
12:30 PM:
“Do ya think I’m a child? Answer me right now, no games,” Atsumu calls you on the dot of his lunch break.
“It’s a yes or a no.”
“Oh, absolutely.” He gasps dramatically—further proving your point.
“Oh, do ya? Okay. Go date an adult then,” he spits out, crossing his arms as he stares at you through his propped up phone. “So it seems yer gonna agree with ma teammates then.”
“Oh my go—okay. Fine, you’re an adult. A big man, Tsumu, really.”
“No, now yer just sayin’ it cos I wanna hear it. It’s not real.”
“Atsumu, what in the world are you on about? You know what? You’re a man child. There. Best of both worlds.”
“‘M a man! I got chest hair and everythin’!”
“You only have a few.”
“Y/n,” he whines, serious facade breaking as he pouts as you. Giggling, you blow him a small kiss through the screen.
“Tsum, it’s not a bad thing. You’re cute, you’re like a little baby. I love it. Even though you’re dramatic.” And if you notice Atsumu is a little blush faced and fights back a silly grin as he eats his lunch, you don’t mention it.
8:08 PM:
“There’s my baby!” Atsumu scowls at you as he walks through the door.
“Ya don’t deserve me. Always pick yer side, ya never do the same.” He welcomes the arms that slide past his shoulder, wrapping around his neck and burying into his hair. And the small, featherlight kisses to his jaw are enough to make his body go slack, relaxing into you.
“Love you.”
“Yeah, whatever. I love ya too. Do anythin’ new today?”
“Nope, same old routine as usual,” you hum. He buries his face into your neck, kissing your skin.
“Wanna shower with me?”
“You gotta wash your hair yourself.”
“Then what’s the point of havin’ ya join?” Rolling your eyes, you let the wide grin that begged to surface break out on your face, squeezing Atsumu tighter to yourself.
“Fine. This is the last time.” You both know it’s not, but Atsumu agrees anyway, pecking your forehead as he grabs your hand and leads the way.
8:43 PM:
“You scrub, I rinse.” Atsumu nods in agreement, moving to stand by his rightful spot by the sink, grabbing a towel.
“Who dries?”
“Can’t do both,” he insists. Fisting the towel in one hand, he whips it at your ass as you turn to grab dishes from the table. You turn and glare, and he snickers. “Sorry, ya got a cute butt.”
“And you’re ugly.”
“Then Samu is too,” he shrugs.
“Never mind.”
“Hold on one second! So yer okay with callin’ me ugly? Samu’s where ya draw the line?” He throws the towel at you when you nod, grumbling as you giggle.
“Samu’s cute.”
“Then I am too!” Leaning forward, you kiss his cheek, ruffling the messy hair as you place dishes into the sink.
“You’re the cutest, baby. The cutest ever.”
“Yer cute too,” he whispers. The dishes are forgotten for a bit, shoved to the back of your mind from Atsumu caging you against the counter, his hands molding against your face, kissing you like you’d disappear any second.
12:16 AM:
“G’night y/n,” Atsumu whispers.
“Goodnight, Tsumie.” He closes his eyes, pecking your forehead as you settle your cheek against his chest. Two minutes pass before you speak up again. “Okay, so let’s say we were stranded on an island, right? Would you rather—” you’re cut off by a groan.
“I gotta wake up early, ya know. Go. Ta. Sleep.”
“But I wanna talk to you,” you pout.
“We’ll talk in the mornin’.”
“But I wanna talk now.”
“Talk to me in yer dreams.”
“Can’t, I’ll be dreaming of Samu.” He shuffles away from you, back turning to you as he pulls the covers off your body and hogs them.
“Go ahead then, yer both scrubs, yer meant for each other anyway.” Giggling, you wrap your arms around him, clinging to his body while he fights back a grin.
“I’m kidding. Can we talk now?” Shifting so he can pull you to lay on his chest, he covers you both with the blanket.
“Fine. Just for a little bit.” Atsumu chuckles softly when you fall asleep first, trailing off slowly mid ramble, cutting yourself off with a yawn as you drift off. Kissing your head, he rubs your back as he smiles to himself. “Love ya, ya make every day worth it.”
Tumblr media
reblogs are really appreciated !!
someone asked me to make this a series so lmk what characters y’all want. i have oikawa and kuroo on the list so far nsjdnsjd
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sunkeiji · 15 days ago
# how they react to you asking for affection !
✫ ft. kuroo , akaashi , atsumu , suna , sakusa x gn! reader
a/n: some quick hcs to get back into the swing of writing !
Tumblr media
✫ KUROO when you ask him for a hug, he smiles gently, taking ahold of your waist to pull you into a tight hug. in moments like these, it feels like time has frozen and it's just you and him. he rubs your back and whispers "i'm always here if you want a hug, you know. you never have to ask". he makes sure to hug you more often, swaying from side to side until he hears a sigh of satisfaction from you.
✫ AKAASHI he's sitting at his desk when you wrap your arms around his shoulders, tucking your face into his neck — he knows exactly what you want. he turns around and pecks your cheek before pulling you onto his lap. his hands fall to your waist, rubbing small circles into your skin. "missed me, angel?" he says into your hair. his voice is low and laced with exhaustion. and when you murmur a yes, he pulls you even closer. with your arms around his neck and your head sitting gently on his shoulder, he rubs your back and keeps his arms loosely around you as he types away at his computer, placing kisses at your cheek every couple minutes.
✫ ATSUMU a huge smile erupts on his face when you ask him for a hug out of the blue. "of course, angel! anything for ya!" he says with nothing but love in his eyes. he pulls you in, picks you up, and swings you around. you're both laughing at his behavior, and he's reveling in the sound of your giggles. he puts you down, but doesn't let go. "just a bit longer, yeah? i missed ya, too." the rest of the day is filled with random kisses, cheek squishes, and a very clingy atsumu.
✫ SUNA "hmm? someone's needy today" he jokes while placing his hands on your waist, slowly bending down to kiss your lips. he pulls away and looks at you with a soft smile, making sure to stay at your eye level. he kisses you again and again until you're both smiley. and he's blushing slightly, but you don't mention it. moving his hand to the top of your head, he strokes your hair and hides his face into your neck. "i missed your lips, cutie. i'm all yours, you don't have to ask, okay?"
✫ SAKUSA he's a bit taken-aback by your request. when you ask him for a kiss, he starts wondering if he's been neglecting you. he bends down to place a kiss to your nose, cheeks, forehead, and finally, your lips. "are you okay?" he'd ask. when you hum a yes, he blushes, knowing that you just missed him. he can't lie — he's just as touch-starved as you are. so, he pulls you into him and snuggles his face into your hair. "let's take a nap. practice was too long and i need to recharge."
Tumblr media
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sluttsumu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring: atsumu, bokuto, suna, sakusa
warning(s): 18+, praise, degradation, choking (atsumu), breeding (bokuto), dacryphilia, teasing, overstimulation (bokuto).
a/n: this was a request on my sfw but I decided to write it here!
Tumblr media
I’m torn.
He’s a mixture of HEAVY degradation, and ‘teasing’ praise it depends on the night.
Lets into degradation first tho.
Atsumu is fucking mean, and he loves that you get off to that. Not only does he love degrading you but he loves to hear you degrade yourself. (in bed only)
He makes sure you KNOW your place and you’ve have never steered from it
He finds it repulsive that you look so pretty crying for him
Honestly he’s lucky he found someone like you who enjoy his insults so he can let his slick mouth run free and say whatever he feels (not that he doesn’t already do that)
As someone who loves to receive praise (Atsumu) he loves giving it as well, but you know he has to tease you while you’re at it
Always telling you you can take some more
Would choke you till you almost pass out, while cooing about how cute you look with your eyes rolled back
“What a slut, so fuckin’ filthy” “Just worthless, only for me to use” “God, look at you” “You can take some more, c’mon for me” “Princess you can go a lil’ longer, cant you?’
Tumblr media
Thats all that’s on his mind
Bokuto wants to get you pregnant NOW.
God the way he babbles in your ear as he overstims himself fucking his cum into you
Cuddle fucking, so his mouth is directly next to your ear.
So vocal. So so vocal.
99% praise, he wants you to know you’re doing well.
Bokuto will stretch you out, he’s huge. He knows its probably not the most comfortable at first, so he’ll always ask you before putting more
That low/quiet kinda babbling between you two like “you’re so deep” “yeah? am i?” “mhm” “you like that?” “uh-huh” YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
“Give me a baby, baby” “So fucking good for me” “You’re doing so well” “Just a little more for me, you can take it” “Are you okay?”
Tumblr media
Soft, pleasure dom Sakusa.
Cold on the outside but he just wants to make you feel so good
Loves reassuring you because he knows how closed off he can be
The deep moans he lets out when you claw at his back, UGHHH
His main focus is you, and how you feel. His pleasure is making you feel pleasure
HE JUST WANTS YOU TO FEEL GOOD. And his words reflect that.
Every word he says he means
Call him ‘Kiyo’, and grip the roots of his hair. He will lose it.
Loves making you repeat things for him to hear as reassurance as well
“Does it feel good right there? You want more?” “Thats it angel” “Go on, cum for me doll” “Such a good girl” “Say, you know I love you”
Tumblr media
But he knows just what to say to get you going.
I headcannon Suna as a backshots person, but he does love missionary so he can smile in your face when he talks to you.
Your reactions to his words is what keeps him going
Loves talking against your lips, neck, etc
Suna’s the type of person brats like in bed, someone who will make you a little embarrassed for how needy you are
He LOVES mocking you omg
He’ll start fucking you harder and then ask you a question, you cant answer him. He loves that.
Personally i think he’s more of a fucker rather than a ‘love maker’ so he just wants to have fun, meaning don’t take his teasing to heart
“Just like that?” “You’re too pretty not to ruin” “Use your words, tell me what you want” “Yeah?” “You like that don’t you? Yeah ya do” “Who makes you feel this good?”
Tumblr media
sluttsumu 2021
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gojospup · a month ago
Tumblr media
characters. atsumu, sakusa, oikawa
includes. angst, cursed words, no happy ending,
+ sticky note. yeah, my first work in here is gonna be angst
Tumblr media
☆ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 it was an old fight already, but it has drained every ounce of patience left in you. “Do you think it’s funny?!” You hiss, watching Atsumu chuckle dryly. “Yeah, ‘cause apparently my girlfriend thinks she is my fuckin’ mom! I don’t need to tell ya when or where I’m going out Y/N, it’s not like I’m cheating on ya, if that’s what yer worried about.” His words are filled with poison and your little heart couldn’t take it anymore, “Don’t— Don’t expect me to be home when you are back. I’m done.” Atsumu rolls his eyes, he thinks you were being dramatic but once he saw the lonely bag standing in the living room when he arrived from practice his whole body weakened. There is no trace of you and even with the note that says I’ll pick it up tomorrow he still calls for you. “Babe? Stop playing it’s not funny.” He mumbles opening each room searching for you, eyes growing glassy with each disappointment. Finally he drops his weight on the couch, clinging onto your bag as a scared kid because Miya Atsumu didn’t know what to do without you.
☆ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 he didn’t mean tell you that you were suffocating him and he didn’t mean to say that you were a mistake but sadly for Sakusa, you did mean what you said right after it. “Don’t worry Kiyoomi I won’t bother you anymore.” In the heat of the moment Sakusa’s lips were faster than his head and he didn’t even notice that he shot the final blow with two words. “Fucking finally!” Sakusa slammed the bathroom door closed making your whole body shiver. When he left for practice, he didn’t even notice you were packing your bags, quiet tears running down your cheeks. When he open the door again, Sakusa feel his chest tighten and a lump forming in his throat making it hard for him to even call your name in the darkness of the apartment “Y/N?” The curtains brushing against the walls is the only sound besides Sakusa’s shaky voice. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he tries but there is no point in it. You are far gone. Clasping his fists Sakusa stares at the empty bed already missing the nights of endless chattering. “I didn’t mean to.” He mumbles again hoping you could hear those words.
☆ 𝐎𝐈𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 it was obvious he fucked up. “I’m happily single, I don’t know who that girl was.” The moment the lie fell from his lips he knew that mending it was barely possible. You have already communicated your insecurities to him and he gave you little comfort. “It’s for my image, princess, i swear.” But not acknowledging years of relationship in the big screen was definitely something else. Oikawa is not surprised that you are not home, you have left like this before and came back to him but he is truly taken aback by the key laying on the table and the absence of your clothes. “Princess, w-when are you coming back?” He whispers through the phone and you laugh bitterly making the six feet man tense. “We’ve been a couple for years, and you always treat me like a fucking stranger!” “I— don’t” He grasps the phone tighter, desperate to make you stay. “I deserve better.” And a dead silence settles in the line. Oikawa looks down, a muffled sob coming out of him because you are right. You do deserve better. But it’s when you say that you are not coming home that his voice cracks as he breathes a final i’ll change. Sadly, it’s too late for that.
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rintaroll · 8 months ago
❝ *・🎥 ·̩͙ TRUTH OR DRINK ❞ | exes edition
[ tags : suggestive, slight timeskip spoilers? hints on exes to lovers trope :D ]
[ truth or drink m.list ] 
Tumblr media
you : i'm y/n.
atsumu : and i'm atsumu.
you : and... we dated for three years.
the video cuts to a text on a white background. the text says, 'these exes will ask each other a set of random questions. they can either answer the question or take a shot.'
Tumblr media
[were you guys in love?]
atsumu : yeah.
atsumu sees you give a firm nod with a tight lipped smile from the corner of his eyes.
[when did you guys break up?]
you : um... it's been almost a year i think?
atsumu : it'll be a year next week.
both of you share a look before you turn your head back to the camera.
you : so, yeah. almost a year.
Tumblr media
atsumu : ya ready?
you : mhm.
he picks a card from the stack in front of him before reading it out loud.
atsumu : why'd we break up?
he notices how you fumble with your own hands.
you : for me, i think i wanted to give you space, i guess. you were so focused on… you know... practice, and promotions and stuff. you were busy, and i thought i was just…
atsumu :
you : weighing you down.
you finally find the courage to return his gaze. he opens his mouth, only to immediately close it again.
[what about you?]
atsumu : me?
atsumu looks at the director behind the camera and points to himself. the director nods.
atsumu : um…
you catch something flicker in his eyes.
atsumu : i jus' felt like… i wasn't being the best boyfriend for ya. thought ya deserved someone who can actually give ya their time and, uh... yeah...
you :
atsumu : so i let ya go.
there's a few seconds of awkward yet comfortable silence that blankets the room when you and atsumu finally look at each other again. breaking eye contact, you whip your head towards the director.
you : can we still take a shot even after answering?
the scene cuts to both of you clinking your glasses and downing your shot together with smiles etched onto your faces.
Tumblr media
after reading the next card, you stifle a giggle that's rising from your throat.
you : rate- oh god- rate me in bed, and how can i improve?
atsumu : what?
you : rate me in be-
atsumu : no, no i heard ya the first time-
atsumu looks at the director behind the camera.
atsumu : i'm... i'm takin' a shot.
you gasp comically, laughing.
you : you'd rather take a shot than answer that question?
atsumu : ... yes?
you : ... how– how low is my score?
atsumu : it's not low– ya try answerin' it then!
you : well, i personally think you're a solid 8 out of 10.
atsumu : an eight?
you : next question!
atsumu : wait, wait, wait, i want an explanation-
Tumblr media
atsumu : were ya attra–
you snort at the sight of him groaning before finishing the question, smacking the card right side down on the table.
atsumu : i don't even have to ask this. i know what yer gonna answer.
you : what's the question?
atsumu : ... were ya attracted to any of my friends while we dated?
your hand flies up to cover your mouth as you let out a laugh. atsumu looks into the camera like he's in an office episode with a deadpan expression on his face.
atsumu : see?
you : whaaat? i only said he looked so much better since high school!
atsumu : no, ya said he looked so much hotter since high school.
you : i mean… am i wrong…?
you laugh at atsumu when when he scoffs and crosses his arms.
atsumu : i'm tellin' suna-
you : WAIT NO- 'tsumu you can't just say his name like that!
it's atsumu's turn to laugh at your distress, making you squint your eyes at him.
you : i hate you.
atsumu : no ya don't.
you :
atsumu :
you : ... unfortunately.
atsumu flashes his signature handsome grin at the camera.
Tumblr media
you : alright, next one.
atsumu : mhm.
you : is there anything you want to apologize for?
atsumu drums his fingers against the surface of the table absentmindedly before answering.
atsumu : sorry for forgettin’ our third year anniversary-
you :
you : ah.
atsumu : -and for not returnin’ the shirokuma plushie i won for ya during our, what, third? third date?
your jaw slowly falls open.
you : oh, i forgot about that- was it that time you spent hours at the claw machine and-
atsumu : ya left me to get mcdonald’s.
both of you laugh, reminiscing on the spontaneous arcade date that happened when you just started dating.
atsumu : can't believe i spent an hour tryin' to get that for ya and all ya gave me was a few soggy fries.
you : you should feel honored! i never share my food.
atsumu rolls his eyes playfully at you while chuckling.
you : how is shirokuma anyways? you brought it with you that time you stayed at tokyo right?
atsumu : yeah. ‘cause it smelled like ya.
you : huh?
atsumu : nothing. anyways-
you : wha-
atsumu : -d’ya want it back? i can drop by yer place some time and give it to ya if y'want.
you : oh, sure. i swear if he looks different than the last time i saw him-
atsumu : i took good care of 'im i promise!
you :
atsumu : what?
you : i don't trust you.
atsumu's jaw drops as the room is filled with the crew's laughter. you stick your tongue out at him.
Tumblr media
atsumu : are ya ready for the next one?
you : yup.
atsumu : alright-
he clears his throat dramatically before reading the question out loud.
atsumu : i dare ya to kiss me on the mouth, take two shots to get out of it.
there's another pause of silence, and you pretend not to see the tips of atsumu's ears growing slightly redder as he looks away.
you : i- um. uh-
atsumu : ya don’t have to do it-
you : no, it’s fine. actually i think i’d much rather kiss you than take two shots of whiskey-
atsumu : oh, uh, alright then.
you : yeah. alright. so, um-
atsumu leans forward with his forearms resting on the table while you stand up from your seat. bending over the surface, you finally kiss atsumu for the first time ever since your break up. from how his lips moving lightly against yours, to how his fingers graze your jaw; the familiarity of it all sends chills down your spine. you’re quick to pull away and sit back down, looking at the crew behind the camera for approval while atsumu stares at you. ignoring the jitters at the pit of your stomach, you gulp before breaking silence.
you : was that... good enough?
[yeah, you can go move on to the next question now.]
Tumblr media
atsumu : wow, this one’s kinda...
you let out a small groan.
you : what is it?
atsumu : uh- what’d it take for us to get back together?
you : oh.
atsumu : um...
you : we’d have to talk it out first i guess... we haven’t really sat down and talked to each other properly for a year.
atsumu : that's fair.
you nod. atsumu nods along with you.
[so both of you would consider getting back together?]
atsumu : depends on them.
he motions to you.
you : sure.
Tumblr media
atsumu : is this the last question?
you : yeah.
you take the last card, fingers brushing against atsumu’s for a quick second but you’re quick to pull away.
you : do you- oh... uh-
your eyes flicker to atsumu’s questioning ones before going back to your card.
you : do you still love me, did you ever love me?
atsumu : i... of course i did.
you : me too.
atsumu : actually...
you : hm?
atsumu : i still do.
there's unmistakeable sincerity shining in atsumu's eyes, and suddenly you're looking at the same person you fell head over heels in love with four years ago.
you : i... i do too.
atsumu :
you :
atsumu :
you : ... now what?
everyone breaks into laughter, including you and the blonde before you. the scene slowly fades to black after the producer yells 'that's a wrap!' and voices belonging to you and atsumu slowly fade as atsumu tells you that he's taking you home.
Tumblr media
*・🎬 ·̩͙ special cut
you take yet another card from the pile, ready for another difficult question, but after giving it a onceover, your eyes widen and your hand clamps over your mouth.
atsumu : what does it say?
you :
atsumu : let me see-
atsumu takes the card from your limp hand and reads part of it aloud.
atsumu : do i ever pop into your head when yer mas- oh.
you shake your head vigorously while atsumu laughs.
you : i don't wanna know.
atsumu : ya go answer it then.
you : i-
atsumu raises an eyebrow.
you : no. absolutely not. i'm taking a shot.
atsumu : does that mean ya–
atsumu laughs harder as you glare at him despite your burning cheeks. the scene cuts to both of you downing a shot, this time with your eyes avoiding him and atsumu with a smirk on his face.
atsumu : so...
you : shut up.
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kybabi · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
telling their s/o that they talk too much
w/ oikawa, atsumu, and sakusa!
(a/n: thank you guys for requesting !!! i really liked this prompt so i decided to write for it :))
there is a little bit of blood in sakusa’s part, but not too much!!
all settings are placed in the timeskip! as always, thank you for your support😽💞)
Tumblr media
you’d always known you could get a little talkative with those you were comfortable with
every time you got passionate about something, words just spewed out of your mouth
thankfully, your boyfriend was quite talkative too
you loved to listen to him talk about volleyball and the team and you loved to talk to him about the things you loved
you never figured that your habits had bothered him
but when he snapped at you about it one day, you figured you’d misread him
tooru sighs. honestly, he just wants to go to bed.
the day has been quite long. he overworked his muscles, which are now aching quite painfully, and he’s been exhausted all day.
but you’re still going on about something that he really doesn’t care about, and he doesn’t have the energy to pretend he does.
“they had these really adorable decorations at the store, and i was thinking about buying a couple for our apartment! but then i looked at the price tag, and i decided it was way too pricey anyway,” you ramble, hands flailing around as you talk. oikawa sighs.
“why are you telling me this again?”
you laugh. “well, i’m not done telling you the story! anyways, i walked around the entire store...”
you continue along with your anecdote, and tooru can feel himself getting more irritated with every word.
at a certain point, you realize he’s not paying attention, and sigh. you nudge at him.
“couldn’t you pay attention for one second? i’m trying to tell you—”
“maybe if you didn’t just talk all the goddamn time i’d actually want to hear what you had to say, y/n. i genuinely don’t care whether or not you bought those stupid things from the store, alright?” he mutters before getting up and retreating into the bedroom, slamming it shut.
you deflate, all of the excitement from earlier dissipating. you hadn’t meant to talk so much, but you really wanted to tell him about your day. you thought he’d want to hear about it.
you wait until he’s asleep before you cautiously slip into bed beside him, turning on your side and away from him.
the next day is much better for tooru. it’s a good day for the team; everything seems to be going well. he makes excellent sets and the team appears to be pleased with him. he feels elated.
he comes home, happy to see you after a long day of hard work. he finds you in the kitchen and wraps his arms around your waist, gripping you tightly.
“missed you,” he breathes against you. you smile at him, and he sits down on the stool across from the island.
“man, today was amazing!” he starts, looking back on the day fondly. he rambles about how great his sets felt and how the team just seemed to be on their game and how everything just felt right, and you nod along as he talks.
“what about your day?” he prompts, looking up at you eagerly. you open your mouth to speak, but close it. you shrug instead.
“the same as always, i guess.”
there’s an awkward silence as he waits for you to continue, but the words never come.
“really? that’s hard to believe,” he chuckles, hoping you’ll elaborate, but you kind of just laugh awkwardly, and he can tell that you’ve tensed up.
dinner is no better. it’s awfully quiet, and he’s never seen you like this before. he even throws out those stupid puns you hate, knowing you always laugh at them anyway, but you just look down at your plate and push your food around.
when you slip into bed wordlessly, turning the lamp off, he gets antsy and turns it back on.
“what’s up with you? you’ve barely said a word since i got home.”
you look away.
“that’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” you ask, voice small.
he pauses. “what?”
you stare up at him, and there’s hurt swimming in your eyes that wasn’t there before.
“i just— i didn’t wanna annoy you again. i know you don’t like it when i talk so much.”
his heart begins to sink when he remembers how he completely turned you down yesterday.
he’s always loved how passionate you get when you talk about the things you love and everything that happens in your life. he didn’t mean to make you insecure about that; it’s one of his favorite things about you.
“that’s not true,” he whispers, sitting beside you and pulling you flush against him. “i love it when you get excited about things and wanna tell me about them. i shouldn’t have said the things i told you yesterday,” he mumbles regretfully.
you look up at him, hesitant. “i don’t want to make you mad again.”
he presses a kiss to your temple, dismissing you. “that wasn’t your fault, okay?” you nod, and lean into him.
“now, how about you tell me about your day?”
Tumblr media
you’d always been pretty talkative when it came to the things you loved
you loved to go on and on about your favorite tv shows and your hobbies
thankfully, atsumu himself was generally outgoing
he was able to keep up with you in that aspect
even so, even he could only take so much
atsumu buries his face in his arms. he really just wants to sleep. but at the present moment, you’re still talking about that weird show you like.
“i was really disappointed in this episode. i mean, seriously? the characters were so well-written until they completely ruined them,” you huff, annoyed. 
atsumu nods along, just wanting to turn over and go to sleep. he starts to zone out, thinking of tomorrow’s plans. 
“i really hope the next episode is better. people are saying the manga is a lot better than the show, but i haven’t quite gotten to it yet,” you mumble thoughtfully. he groans, irritated. you look over at him curiously.
he grunts, not saying anything.
“well, like i was saying, the next episode apparently comes out tomorrow! i was thinking we could watch it together after you got home from-”
“could you just be quiet for two seconds? all of your rambling is getting on my nerves,” he mutters, scrubbing a hand over his face and closing his eyes. at his words, you stop, words forgotten.
“right. sorry.”
you turn the lamp off and slip under the covers, thoughts still buzzing in your head.
the next day, atsumu comes home from practice, exhilarated and exhausted from the work, but happy. today felt pretty great, and he can’t wait to end it with you.
he calls your name when he opens the door, letting you know of his arrival. your response never comes, and he walks through the hallway to see you sitting at the table, headphones in.
you finally notice him at some point and look up, smiling sweetly. he’s about to ask you a question, but your attention is back on your screen, so he stays quiet.
he must say, it’s a little strange. you’re usually already jumping into a tangent about some random thing or asking him how his day was. the silence is a little unnerving.
he sits down with his dinner, hoping that if you see him sitting there, you’ll want to engage in a discussion with him, but you clearly have no interest in doing so. he sighs sadly and continues to eat in silence.
you finally put your headphones down and turn off your phone, and atsumu perks up.
“so, whatcha watching?” he asks eagerly. you stare at him blankly.
“oh, it’s nothing. just the new episode,” you mumble. he pauses.
“i thought we were gonna watch it together?” he answers, and the two of you stare at each other awkwardly.
“oh. i assumed you didn’t want to...” you trail off, looking away. atsumu shifts uncomfortably.
“well, how was it?” he attempt to direct the conversation elsewhere, and you shrug.
“it was okay, i guess.”
he waits for you to continue, but you just sit there, and the atmosphere is tense.
the two of you sit in silence for a while, and it’s uncomfortable.
“oh,” he laughs awkwardly. “that good, huh?” he says, but it falls flat. you just nod and look down at your plate. he winces at your coldness, but before he can say anything, you’re standing up and taking your dish to the sink. you rinse it and then leave, retreating into the bedroom and closing the door behind you.
he sighs, confused. he misses your obnoxious laughter and your endless anecdotes, and he doesn’t understand why you’re acting this way.
he opens the door to see you reading in bed, and he pads over to sit next to you. he lays his head on your shoulder and nuzzles at you.
“what’s wrong?” he mumbles, rubbing a hand over your thigh.
“nothing,” you reply, eyes still glued to your pages.
“seriously, what’s up?”
“i’m fine, tsumu.”
he takes the book out of your hands and forces you to look at him.
“you know you can talk to me, right?” he offers softly, and you scoff.
“really? because the last time i tried, you just told me to shut up. excuse me for trying to be considerate,” you retort, hurt.
his eyes widen and he sits up to look at you. you won’t make eye contact, so he puts a hand on your cheek and tilts it towards him.
“i’m sorry, baby,” he whispers, and you look at him reluctantly. “i miss the old you. i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”
you sigh, shrugging. “it’s okay. i just take things really personally and i didn’t want to be called annoying again.”
he comes closer and nuzzles your nose affectionately. “you’re not annoying, okay? i love you.”
you laugh, tilting your head up to kiss him. he pulls back.
“wanna watch the new episode with me?”
Tumblr media
in terms of being talkative, you were definitely way more talkative than sakusa
he was reserved and didn’t have much to say, but you loved to talk about the things you were passionate about
kiyoomi didn’t mind having a s/o like that; even though he himself wasn’t exactly outgoing, he enjoyed your company
but sometimes he got overwhelmed with you, and this was simply one of those times
“man, today was the worst!” you exclaim, dumping the potatoes into the pot. you turn the stove on and sigh.
“my manager was pissed all day and then got mad at me for leaving, and on time too! i had to stay and close because no one was able to cover the last shift and i had to do all of the organizing,” you complain, stirring the pot.
kiyoomi sighs. his head is hurting from today’s practice, and your loudness is only making it worse.
“not to mention, no one even bothered to clean up after themselves. which is fucking stupid, because i had to clean up after them. they’re like children sometimes!” you yell, hands thrown in the air. kiyoomi buries his face in his hands, agitated.
“and while i was cleaning, i ended the up dropping the knife on— kiyoomi?”
his head is on his forearms, and he appears to not have heard a single thing you said. you scoff, annoyed, and attempt to shake him out of whatever faze he’s in.
“babe, can’t you just listen for—”
“my god, do you ever just shut up? all you do is talk,” he spits, irritated, and puts his head back down.
stunned, you stand back, not knowing how to react.
you pad back over to the place where you stood, tending to the food on the stove.
sakusa doesn’t have practice the next day. his head is feeling much better than it did yesterday, and the pounding is gone.
he spends the day doing some exercise and doing some cooking while he waits for you to return home from work.
at hearing the door open, he perks up, and sticks his head out of the kitchen, watching you. he greets you, and you smile softly at him.
when you walk into the kitchen, he wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you in. you tense up for a second, and his eyebrows furrow in confusion. but you relax, and so does he.
“how was work?” he asks, and you pull away, moving to sit on the couch.
“good,” you respond, eyes on your laptop.
he pauses. you’re uncharacteristically silent, and it’s making him uncomfortable.
“that’s... good. do anything exciting today?” he asks, expectant. you shrug.
“not really.”
he shifts on his feet, feeling a little awkward.
“well, i’m making your favorite,” he offers, a little smile playing on his lips. “thought you could use it.”
you do look up at him at that, but all you do is nod stiffly and return to your work. he shrugs it off.
but dinner is awkward too. it usually takes you half an hour just to finish a portion of your food, the time spent with your mouth running on about some random thing, but you don’t talk at all. you get up and leave before he can even say anything, and his chest aches. he’s not sure why you’re being so distant.
sighing, he settles into bed, waiting for you to finish showering. but all of a sudden, he hears a whimper and a hiss, and he goes to see what’s wrong.
you’re sitting on the edge of the tub, clutching your ankle. there’s a deep cut just below the bone, and kiyoomi’s eyes widen in alarm. he rushes over and takes your leg into his hands, inspecting the cut.
“what happened?” he asks sternly, and you sigh.
“it’s nothing. had an accident yesterday, and the cut reopened,” you mumble, cringing at the pain.
“why didn’t you tell me?” he scolds, the coldness of his tone masking the worry under it. you laugh dryly.
“you need to tell me about these things, okay? i don’t understand why you—”
“i tried to tell you, kiyoomi!” you yell, frustrated. “i tried to tell you, and you told me to shut up.”
he freezes, eyes wide, before softening guiltily.
“i didn’t mean—”
“yeah, whatever. just, get out? i need to shower,” you wave him away, dismissal obvious in your tone. you pause when he starts taking off his shirt. “what are you—”
“isn’t it obvious? i’m coming with you.”
you scoff. “you don’t need to—”
he cuts you off by pressing a finger to your lips, and puts his forehead on yours.
“i’m sorry for the way i treated you yesterday. it was unfair to you,” he apologizes softly, and you nod. “i want you to tell me about these things, okay? even if they’re about you being a complete and total klutz.”
you pull back and smack him in the chest, and he laughs.
“shut up.”
Tumblr media
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crimsonchxins · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
atsumu's hitting on you.
again, for the fifth time this week, for the seventeenth time in the last fourteen days.
"come on," he smirks, "won't you like someone like me?"
"no," you say, straightforward and blunt as you watch his facade crumble.
"oh come on," he whines, "just give me a chance."
you'd call this less of flirting, and more like a failed confession and you bite back a laugh, "no,"
atsumu's a nice guy, really, he's funny, he's supportive and sweet, but good god does he have ego.
he's full of himself and arrogant, but for once in his life, he isn't so sure of himself anymore.
five months ago, exactly five months ago from today did he start feeling like something changed, it started with tension in the air because he was no more smooth with his words, then butterflies fluttering around in his stomach whenever you came around, then the tightening of his chest whenever his name fell from your lips, then the red that would bloom on his cheeks whenever you had physical contact, and god does he feel so hopeless.
because you are the only one who could make his ego crumble, the only one who could make the butterflies in his stomach flutter and the only only who could bring red to his face.
"okay, scenario," atsumu starts, "i'm the last man on earth, would you date me?"
you ponder it for a moment, "meh."
"are you serious right now?"
that's why he's been needy, desperate even lately, dropping pick up lines and confessions as jokes for any kind of affirmation, a push strong enough for him to actually ask you out, because he really, really needs it.
"okay, another scenario," he says, "an asshole just dumped you, and you need someone else to get over them, would you date me then?"
and you laugh, "tsumu, no,"
he scoffs, offended, "would you throw me a bone here?"
it's a late afternoon on a wednesday and the two of you are hanging out at your place, having a couple drinks by the kitchen counter as the sunlight pours in, the tv is on, volume low and quiet, there is no traffic jam outside and it's quite cozy, before the two of you have to get back to work a couple minutes.
atsumu says, "alright, how about this, i offer you a dance?"
you set your empty glass in the sink, "i think you're a bad dancer."
"what?!" and oh, he sounds so offended.
"yeah, atsumu," you say, snickering, "i saw the highschool prom video."
he practically shrinks down with a surprised, horrified expression.
you laugh, and you throw a towel at him, before grabbing your keys and heading to the door, "alright, come on, lover boy, we have to go now."
atsumu gets up from his seat, and he's shoulders are noticeably slump, and he says, "just, give me a chance,"
by the doorway you turn over to him, "how about instead of all these silly scenarios and cheeky confessions, you actually ask me out after practice today?" you raise your eyebrows, smirking, and you turn away, "now, come on, we're gonna be late."
surprised doesn't even begin to describe how he feels, and it feels as if he regained a little bit of his ego now, enough confidence to actually ask you out.
looks like he got his affirmation.
Tumblr media
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oikadori · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↱ includes: atsumu, oikawa, bokuto
↱ genre//warnings: fluff, domestic, hq dads <3 // atsumu is a tease
↱ wc: 0.9k
an: i just love when they are loving fathers yk?
reblogs are highly appreciated :DD
Tumblr media
“I don’t need ya, daddy”
Atsumu felt a pang in his chest as he watched her little girl getting on her toes to reach her favorite candy and successfully doing it.
His arms were already reaching for her small body to keep her steady. Just in case he thought, but there was no need.  “Sorry baby! Sometimes your silly dad forgets what a big girl you are.” Your husband chuckles nervously at your six-year-old daughter who smiles proudly at you both.
Atsumu’s eyes drift to the flask and his face lightens a bit “Here, let me open it for you, girly—”
Your daughter moves her price away from your husband's grip with a cute little frown. “I can do it!” She says, before opening it, not before letting out a few grunts. “See?!”
Humming happily your daughter leaves the room and you watch with a sympathetic smile at your husband, who follows her with a heavy stare, almost nostalgic.
“You okay, ‘Tsumu?” you coo, dragging him out of his trance. To hide the strange feeling that was building up in his stomach, he brings back his smug self.
“Yeah! Why wouldn't I?! Our little girl is just...growing.” he says the last part with a little crack in his voice. But he is quickly brushing his teary eyes away and fixing his blonde locks.
Rolling your eyes, you simply  ignore him.  You go back to wash the dishes when a pair of large, rough  hands grip your hips.
Trying to look behind you, you catch a glimpse of Miya Atsumu's pouty face resting on top of your shoulder blade. You can't help giggling softly at the image until he leans closer to your ear, huffing.
“Let’s have another one, please.”
“Daddy, look!” 
Your daguhter runs into your living room where Oikawa is currently is watching a volleyball match on the couch, rocking a new braid.
Oikawa’s lips stretch into a wide smile as he claps. “Princess, that looks so pretty. Did your mommy do it?” 
The brown-haired girl shakes her head as she crowls onto the couch and sits next to him. “No, I did it myself!” She says happily, holding her braid with her small hands and showing it to your husband. Oikawa is still smiling until he hears what comes next.
“I don’t need you to do my hair anymore.” 
It might be dramatic but Oikawa felt as if he was being fired. What did she say? she didn’t need his help anymore? No way.
 You were clumsy for doing braids and complicated hairstyles unlike your husband. Oikawa and his skilled fingers always made sure your daughter had the prettiest hair at every kids party. And he was really proud about it. 
“Excuse me?” he says in a high pitch tone, crossing his beefy arms over his chest. “Who made your hair for your birthday party? AND who help you with your bangs when a little someone cut her hair alone, mmh?” he counts with his fingers all of his successful hairstyles, desperately trying to show your daughter that she still needs him.
“You…But,” She cross her legs, “—I want to do it alone like the others girls.” 
Oikawa quickly shuts his mouth and carefully looks at the braid, he can’t contain the goofy smile that takes over his face as he realizes that her daughter was growing, a little too fast for his liking. But he was happy to see it happening.
He sighs. 
“Okay, okay angel, daddy will teach all of his hair tricks BUT don’t tell mommy.”
“Are you sure?!” 
“But like, are you sure, sure??!”
This has been going for a while now. Bokuto’s hand is still on your daughter’s back and the other is firm on the purple bicycle’s handle. The day has finally come when the training wheel were no longer needed by your little girl.
“Yes, daddy!!” She yells, making your husband jump. “I don’t need you to hold me, anymore”
Through the lens of your phone, you notice how Bokuto’s spiky hair falls down, a signature thing the former Fukorodani’s captain did  when he felt down.
Bokuto feels like crying, his little girl is not so little anymore and he wonders how much time he’ll have before he has to let her go for good. 
You are on your way to Bokuto’s muscular figure when your daughter gets off her bike and pulls your husband's shirt.
“What happened honey-pie?” He says with a shaky voice, kneeling in front of her, patting her head lovingly. 
“Why-Why are sad, daddy?”  So perceptive, Bokuto thinks and his heart melts. He pinches her chubby cheeks and shoots her a warm smile before kissing her tiny forehead.
“Nah, birdie. I’m just happy you are growing strong and big just like your dad!” Bokuto let out a booming laugh as he tickles her sides making the cutes giggle come from her lips. ”Now, now. Show mommy and daddy how you ride your bike like a big girl, okay?” 
She nods, kissing his cheek and whispering a silent I love you before getting on her bike again. 
Your face finally relaxes. Holding your phone you catch you daughter riding her bike alone for the first time as an overexcited Bokuto jogs by her side, where he belongs.
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haikyutiehoe · 21 days ago
bokuto who just doesn’t understand why you’re whining and scratching at his abs when the tip starts to push in. bokuto who can’t imagine his pretty cock is really splitting you in half. bokuto who gently massages your stomach as he slides in further, concealing a smirk as you wriggle between his thick hands. bokuto who pounds away at your tightness and can’t get enough of you. bokuto who kisses away the tears when you’re cumming and bucking wildly on his dick.
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ryoccoon · a month ago
What the Haikyuu boys (realistically) wear
Tumblr media
includes ; the twins, suna & sakusa
upcoming ;
x oikawa, iwaizumi, kageyama, hinata
x kuroo, kenma, bokuto, akaashi
x tanaka, nishinoya, tsukki, yamaguchi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Miya Twins: love Adidas, jogging shorts and joggers, block colored shirts (usually long and oversized), no patterns, big hoodies, very much airport vibes, Vans, Atsumu likes wearing his hood up, Osamu likes caps, 'Tsumu always wears lighter colors and has a collection of obnoxiously bright sweaters, 'Samu wears darker clothes, puffer jackets, is the more stylish twin ('Tsumu low-key got his fashion sense from him)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Suna: always in black, sometimes grey and even rarer in red, wears anthing comfy, easy to slip on, big but never so oversized it drowns him, never picks "outfits" in a store and never willingly goes out shopping, simply picks out an item when it catches his eye or wears stuff his friends or family buy him, is surprisingly good at matching clothings items and making outfits out of what he's got in his closet
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sakusa: one of the most stylish HQ boys, smart, expensive, always in black, only has like 2 colorful shirts at most, dress shoes, turtle necks, belts, long coats, straight legged pants, never in jeans, never wears sweats in public
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kageyuji · 6 months ago
asking him “can you hold me?”
Tumblr media
⤷ iwaizumi, bokuto, oikawa, suna, atsumu ; [gn!reader]
warnings/genre: fluff, kind of comfort?
notes: reblogs help me tons!! so please reblog <3
Tumblr media
as soon as you say it, you’ve unlocked Worried Boyfriend Iwaizumi™
even if there isn’t anything wrong, the fact that he thinks he’s been depriving you of cuddles makes him worry </3
his voice is soft whenever he speaks, quiet and comforting
once he’s holding you, he finds its more comforting than he assumed
it takes him a while to admit it (both to himself and out loud to you </3) but he wants to either hold you or be held 24/7
Tumblr media
“Can you hold me?” you ask, standing in front of where he’s sitting on the couch, scrolling through his phone.
His thumb stops on his phone screen, a somewhat shocked expression in his eyes as he turns his head to look at you. You hear the click as he turns his phone off, setting it down beside himself.
“Yeah, sure thing,” He says. His voice is softer than you’re used to hearing from him, a little higher but quieter than it normally is.
He moves his arms to give you better access. After you crawl into his lap, hes immediately wrapping his arms around you and hooking his chin over your shoulder.
“Everything ok, angel?”
“Yeah,” You say quietly, and he can’t tell if you’re lying. “Just wanted to be close to you.”
He hums and presses a small to kiss to your shoulder in response, his arms getting a little tighter around you. “That’s fine, stay here as long as you want.”
bokuto is very physically affectionate, but it’s in a way that he isn’t meaning to do it
he’s always been touchy, and now that you’re his partner, he has one more reason to hold your hand, hug you, cuddle you, etc
so when you ask him to hold you, he’s a little confused, but more than happy to oblige
also he gives the best hugs??
his chest his broad and his body is warm, strong arms wrapped around you
Tumblr media
“Can you hold me?”
“Hm?” He says, stopping what he was doing to stare at you. “I mean- yeah. Of course, baby, but what’s wrong?”
You just shrugged. Bokuto knew that he was a lot more physically affectionate than other couples tended to be, and he’d been starting to wonder if maybe you were getting annoyed at that.
That thought left his mind now though. You were tucked into his chest now, his arms wrapped around you as he pressed kisses against the side of your face.
“I dunno,” You said, though you were smiling now. While he liked seeing you happy, a small part of Bokuto hoped he was the one that made you smile. “just felt like it. But we don’t have to if you don’t wa-”
“No, no! I want to. How about we go cuddle on the couch, we can watch tv in the background that way, yeah?”
You smiled again, nodding. “Yeah, that sounds nice.”
He smiled too, stealing a quick kiss before he starts to lead you away to the couch.
he likes physical affection, but actually asking or hinting at the fact that he wants to cuddle is another story
as cocky as he might act, he’s always nervous when it comes to things like that, especially if it has to do with you
so when you ask him, he’s relieved
the tone in your voice worries him a little, but he won’t ask until you seem to have relaxed with him for a while
Tumblr media
“Can you hold me?” You asked, looking over to him with hopeful eyes.
He stopped, turning to you. You could see the gears turning in his head, like he was trying to figure out if you were joking around or not.
“Of course,” He finally said, smile working at the corner of his lips. “We can get blankets and cuddle, that sound ok, baby?
You hummed in agreement, and then suddenly the two of you were in bed. You were tucked into his chest, his arms around you, one hand tracing circles on your back.
You can feel him take in a deeper breath, but words don’t immediately follow. Why he hesitated to speak is a mystery to you, but the caution was still in his voice whenever he spoke.
“If theres anything wrong, you can tell me, princex. If I haven’t been spending enough time with you, I-
“No, no, it’s ok. I just wanted you to hold me, you didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t worry, alright?”
He swears he was supposed to be comforting you, and now here you are comforting him. Oikawa just hims in response though, holding you a little tighter and pressing a short kiss to your neck.
suna knows he isn’t always the most physically affectionate in public, but he has a tendency to be overly affectionate in private
which is why when you ask him to hold you he’s a little confused — of course he wants to, but was something wrong? do you mean in public or something?
he can usually tell if you’re upset, so he won’t press you for answers, but he’ll hint around at the fact that you can talk to him
he’s not complaining though, he likes to be close to you too
Tumblr media
“Can you hold me?”
“Yeah, of course.” Suna says, taking a step towards you to press a kiss to your forehead. “Do you wanna talk?”
“Uhm, no. I mean, not unless you do, I just wanted to be close to you.”
Suna hummed, wrapping his hand in yours and half-dragging you over to the couch. “We don’t have to. If you want to talk to me you can, though, ‘bout whatever you want. How about we watch that movie you always like though, hm, angel?”
You smiled, squeezing his hand a little.
Suna flopped down onto the couch, his arm hooking around your waist to drag you down too. He pecked your cheek, smiling and mumbling that he loves you.
“I love you, too.”
Suna’s hands moved to tickle you, as he pressed more kisses over your face. If it weren’t for you trying to wriggle away, you would be able to see the smile on his face.
he might not act like it, but atsumu is soft when it comes to you, and physical affection is no different
so when you ask him to hold you, he says yes with no hesitation
it worried him a little when you asked, but you usually make it known if you want to talk
so he doesn’t press you, but he’ll ask if you want to tell him something
otherwise he’s making the most of his opportunity and is not letting you out of his arms until it’s absolutely necessary
Tumblr media
“Can you hold me?”
A smile spreads across his face and he tosses his phone to the other side of the couch. “Sure thing, baby.”
He opens his arms, something like a pout now on his face. You give something like a laugh, moving to settle yourself against him.
It’s almost muscle memory, or maybe instinct, one of his arms wrapping around you and his other reaching for your hand, running a thumb over your knuckles.
“Anythin’ you wanna talk about, bub?” He says, his voice softer than it was a moment ago.
“Mm, no, I just wanted to be held.”
He nods, asking if you need anything, if you want to the tv on, if you want to hear him talk. You find that whenever he’s calm like this, he’s sweeter. Not that he normally isn’t, but he has a tendency to act nonchalant.
It’s calmer like this, you find. You can’t prove it, but you swear he’s more relaxed like this too.
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itachiyama · 3 months ago
i just wanna grab atsumu n suna’s ass like this SOBS is that too much to ask for???? i would sell my SOUL to do it just once 😭
Tumblr media
characters: miya atsumu, suna rintaro, sakusa kiyoomi, oikawa tooru, bokuto koutaro
a/n: i know this wasn’t a request but i’m making it one because i can >:) so here you go
Tumblr media
✯ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 smiles as you come up to him as he exits the gym, his captain in the distance behind him. With a wide grin, he reaches over and loops his arms around your waist, tugging you into a hug. “Ma baby’s here ta pick me up, huh? ‘M a lucky guy,” he babbles happily, kissing your forehead. You smile, returning the kiss to his jaw before burying your face into his neck. With a mischievous grin that he won’t see, you slowly guide your hands down his back, him humming happily, unsuspecting. In an instant, he yelps loudly when your hands squeeze his ass, making him jump slightly and shove you off. His face burns when he hears the snicker of his captain behind him. “Baby,” he whines, “not in fronta ma captain, how could ya?” You giggle loudly, moving to wrap your arms around his neck, but he pulls away, face in a pout. “Sorry, Tsum,” you laugh. “No, yer not, liar. ‘M walkin’ home now, don’t wanna be near ya and yer grabby hands,” he huffs. He follows you to the car two seconds after.
✯ 𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐀 pulls you into him as you both wait for the train, hugging you against his chest as he digs his nose into your head. You rub his back soothingly, making him smile to himself. “Have a good day, baby?” You hum, nodding as you play with the hair at the nape of his neck. “Yeah, it was the best, Rin.” He smiles at you, but not for long when he feels your hand quickly drop and squeeze his ass, making him narrow his eyes at you, trying to shove you off. But you latch on tighter, squeezing once more, making him growl as you giggle. “When the hell did you get so strong, get off you annoying brat, I’m serious,” he grunts. He instantly pauses when he hears a chuckle behind him, turning over to see a passerby laugh at your antics, making his ears turn bright red. “If you think I’m ever taking you out again, you’re sadly mistaken,” he scowls at you. You laugh loudly, reaching for his arm but he shoves you off. “Rin, I’m sorry! I just had to,” you giggle. He gets on the train before you instead of letting you go first like usual, and purposely picks a seat that doesn’t have one empty beside it.
✯ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 hums quietly to himself as he stands by the stove, making dinner for the night as you walk up behind him. He smiles to himself, giddily awaiting the back hug you usually give him while he cooks, excited to feel your arms wrap around him. He’s more than shocked when he feels your hands on his ass, squeezing tightly, making him jump up slightly and gasp. “W-what the hell, y/n,” he croaks, turning to you in disbelief. You snort, covering your mouth with your hand as you laugh, making him turn beet red. With a glare, he turns around with a huff, bringing his attention back to dinner, only to do a double take when you smack his ass this time. “Cut it out, y/n! What is wrong with you?” You can’t help but giggle loudly. “I can’t, you have a cute ass,” you say with a grin. “Shut up, you’re so weird,” he groans, swatting your hand away as you go to poke his cheek. “You grab my ass all the time,” you insist, but he just ignores you. “I’m not giving you dinner,” he mutters under his breath, but he still reaches for two plates right after.
✯ 𝐎𝐈𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 rolls over in his sleep, burying his head into your chest, smiling softly as he feels your fingers comb through his locks, mumbling something incoherently as he drifts off again. But his smile quickly drops when you shake his shoulders. “Wake up, Tooru, it’s time to get up,” you tell him, and he whines before pulling the blanket closer around himself. “No, five more minutes,” he huffs. Rolling your eyes, you think for a moment before grinning as you think of a different way to wake him. Reaching over, you grab his ass, squeezing it with both hands, making him shriek as he sits up, looking at you incredulously. “What was that for?” You snicker, settling deeper under the covers, hand waving at him in a shoo motion. “You have to get up, I was just waking you.” He scrunches his face up. “So you grabbed my ass?” You shrug, making his scowl deepen. “Why not?” Glaring at you, he grabs his pillow, smacking it onto your face before getting up and stomping to the bathroom, mumbling about how rude you were.
✯ 𝐁𝐎𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 walks in front of you, heading to the front door of your shared home, rambling happily about whatever was on his mind. Just as he pulls out his keys to unlock the door, you grab onto his ass and squeeze lightly, making him pause and turn to you with wide eyes. His face breaks into a soft blush when he hears your neighbor chuckle from the distance as they unlock and enter their own home, making him whine slightly. “Y/n, why couldn’t you have waited till we got inside to do that,” he pouts at you, making you stifle a giggle as you pinch his cheek. “I couldn’t help it, Kou, you just have a nice ass,” you grin. His blush creeps down his neck, making him hastily turn to the door as he opens it and pulls you inside. “Y/n, stop saying stuff like that, the neighbors might hear again,” he insists, making you giggle loudly, reaching over and stroking his hair. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I’ll do it inside from now on,” you promise. “Thank you,” he mumbles into your neck. You most probably wouldn’t be keeping that promise in the end.
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ellewords · 25 days ago
COLLEGE!BF HQ BOYS    — because i have classes again and am yearning for affection </3
❥   tsukishima stops by the convenience store near your dorm every afternoon on his way to you, singlehandedly becoming your sole supplier of snacks and caffeine. you have never asked him to buy you anything, frowning when he drops the plastic bag filled with goodies on your desk. but all he does is gently flick away the crease that’s formed between your brows, “tsk. don’t flatter yourself, i was already there to get something for myself…just, let me do this for you.”  
❥   akaashi sends you website and journal articles that he thinks may be useful for your papers. he probably knows just as much about your major as he does his own, given all the time he’s spent scanning through several articles by your side during all-nighters. on the rare occasion that he can’t join you, he just emails you everything. not only that, he even sends a care package with a cute little note : you’ve got this, my love! rooting for you today, like all days. - a.k.
❥   oikawa knows that there’s a particular book in the library you’ve been meaning to check out and he’s not above using his charms for you to get it. aware of your very busy schedule, oikawa comes by the library almost every afternoon to bother the librarians check if it’s available. he’s on a first name basis with everyone and each time they try to turn him away, he replies with the same thing : “c’mon, they really need this! yeah, yeah i’m annoying but wouldn’t you do anything for love too?”
❥   atsumu wakes up half an hour earlier than he normally would to pick you up from your apartment so you could go to campus together. your schedules aren’t kind to your relationship, so he tries to get as much time with you as he can throughout the day. atsumu walks you to your class then sprints to the other side of the campus to get to his own. he grabs onto the wooden doorframe of his classroom, panting and catching his breath, “i have an excuse……love?”
❥   kuroo holds your hand underneath the table and helps you make the powerpoint presentation for your report the next day. his other hand is either poking your cheek or pointing to a slide animation that he’s insisting you include. half the time his suggestions are jokes, the other half are actually helpful. kuroo squeezes your hand twice, making you tear your gaze away from the computer and place it onto him, “can you work a little quicker, babe? wanna take you out on a date.”
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elysianslove · 9 months ago
haikyuu boys and relationship things i can picture perfectly with them
Tumblr media
bokuto kōtarō; his partner wearing a necklace with his initial on it/his partner wearing an anklet with his initial on it. he likes to thumb at it/kiss it all the time, and likes when people ask about it and you just hug him real close to you and go “it’s for my boyfriendddd"
miya atsumu; opening up your blanket for him to cuddle up next to you, and him slipping really easy by you and resting his head on your shoulder while you each talk about your days and you run your fingers through his hair (he babytalks. 100%). you two will be made fun of for how cheesy you are though
oikawa tōru; doing his make up (probably euphoria themed) while straddling him, laying half on top of him as he lays down on the bed, his hands on your hips while you ask him to stop shifting and moving and interrupting you with multiple kisses. he always ends up looking so pretty
suna rintarō; documenting a lot of your moments. taking a lot of selfies with him, but they’re never proper, and a lot of the times his middle finger’s involved. taking a video of you just laying between his legs, your head on his chest and he’s playing with your lips,,, then he just shoves his fingers down your throat and makes you choke. content
mattsukawa issei; taking really badass pictures together in really obscure places. nine times out of ten his hand is wrapped around your throat, just resting there. or pictures that are lowkey inappropriate like a mirror selfie of you completely topless and the only thing covering your breasts are his massive hands
miya osamu; slow dancing in the kitchen (possibly with face masks on). you set a phone up more often than not and he just plays some song on his phone and he ends up twirling you around the kitchen in your baggy pj’s. will end up with his arms around you, kissing you as he rocks the two of you side to side
hanamaki takahiro; when you send him photos of you, he responds with photos of himself reacting. lots of shocked faces, and heart emojis edited on his eyes, and possibly a photo of him laying on the ground pretending to be dead. will also send a voicenote of him screaming if it fits. lots of emojis, lots of vulgar reaction memes
akaashi keiji; taking care of him drunk, which is when you get to see the real kaashi. very clingy, very cuddly, and very flustered and flushed. lots of giggles and laughter and “kiss. one more. one more. one more.” grabs your face and just caresses it, lightly stroking at it while going “woahhh.”
iwaizumi hajime; play wrestling with him and him giving you the upper hand until he just grabs you and absolutely demolishes your play by tossing you onto the mattress. also arm wrestling him and him not moving an inch even if you use two hands (until you give him a cheek kiss and he melts).
kuroo tetsurō; texting each other while being in the same room, and giving each other overdramatic expressions from where you sit across from each other. also sending each other dirty texts at inappropriate scenarios just to see the other's reactions lmao.
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c0rncheez · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Characters - Tobio, Bokuto, Suna, Atsumu, and Osamu
Cw - NSFW, TimeSkip!, Fem! Reader, Established Relationships, Mentions of marriage and gender roley things, Petty Arguing, Dom Atsumu?, Implied creampie?, the rest is gucci -.^
A/n ~ [PART 2] I’m really liking this format I’ve been doing lately hehe, but also I always change my mind so 🤷🏽‍♀️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TOBIO [wearing his gifts]
If you proudly flaunt any jewelry or gifts he has gotten you without question it always causes him to twitch
When he sees you smiling so happily with the dainty necklace he purchased the year before around your neck he can’t help but want to watch it glisten as he slams into you repeatedly
Don’t even get him started when he sees you flashing your girlfriends the big 13 carrot engagement ring on your left hand too…
Seeing you constantly displaying his material gifts of affection makes more than just his chest swell with pride
BOKUTO [playing house + housewife]
Whether you guys are married or just dating he loves the whole feeling of coming home to his little wife. Having you cook, clean, and take care of all his needs makes him want to award you for being such a good wifey
Seeing you baking in a little apron or you primping his clothes for work or even greeting him warmly at the door has him slinging you over his shoulder for whatever round you guys left on from the night before
He can’t help but lose control when you both play the traditional husband and wife roles, it just does something to him on the inside
You hold down the fort while he makes the money, then when it’s time to come home he makes your eyes cross for taking such good care of him
SUNA [looking at him + smelling good + existing]
Despite how the media portrays Suna to be a very cool and mysterious athlete he is actually the biggest simp to none other than you
When he comes home and tells you about his day and looks up only to see you listening so intently and completely focused on him… he can’t help but lose track of his sentence in favor of bending you over the couch
Or when you both are innocently cuddling to watch a movie but your hair just smells so fragrant and sweet—of course now he’s going to want to bury his face into your neck and grind into you from behind
It may be such little and minuscule things but he just really likes you—everything thing about you actually. So you’ll just have to deal with him literally getting turned on from you just simply existing all the time <3
ATSUMU [arguing + attitude]
He loves a woman who gives him trouble. He loves the attitude, the rolling of the eyes, and the constant petty fights. He loves the spunk and the duality of how he can turn you into a moaning mess into a matter of minutes despite your earlier disrespect
Whether you got on his case for glancing at another girl or kissed your teeth when you didn’t want to listen to him explain, he just couldn’t help the little devil horns that poked from his head. He’ll gladly take the role of putting you in your place and he knows that’s what you really wanted in the first place anyways
So when you wake up the next morning, voice and body completely fatigued from the onslaught of his pleasure, he couldn’t help but smirk
You both will utter sweet apologies for the stupid argument—then the next week the cycle will repeat all over again
OSAMU [acrylic nails + loving his food]
If he had to tap into his life savings biweekly just to make sure you always had your nails done he’d do it . He didn’t mind the color or shape but he just loved how they made your hands look and wanted them digging into his skin at the end of the day
He’d often catch himself looking over your hands and slightly admiring the artistry before his mind starts imagining how they’d look around his dick
Also whenever he sees you dramatically groan at the taste of his cooking; the slight pinking of his ears and the jumping of his cock sounds off like clockwork. Seeing you enjoy it so much drives him mad
If he makes you food and you don’t overly show how good it is then he starts to think he did a bad job. He loves when you make it known how tasty his kitchen skills are to you
But make sure not to eat too much—he wants to be the one who gets to fill you up properly afterwards [courtesy of the chef]
Tumblr media
A/n ~ I tried to think of some things out of the box of what you’d normally see so hopefully you enjoy them! Also I wrote “he can’t help” like a millions times 😭 @bunny-xoxo @sunatooru
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yaomomvs · 2 months ago
# enemies to lovers
have you ever wonder how would it be to have an enemies to lovers with the haikyuu boys?
→ miya atusumu, oikawa tooru, sakusa kiyoomi
Tumblr media
— miya atsumu
the ‘i was born to annoy the shit out of you’
yeah that basically summarizes it lol
atsumu enjoys messing w people, pls he grew up hassling his twin brother, it’s in his blood
so you would probably happen to sit next to him in class and since this blonde asshole has no sense of personal space or self control he’d just started it as something casual, like he usually does with every poor soul he has the chance
however, he thought that your reactions were particularly funny so he managed to unconsciously get delight with
and also without noticing he grew fond of you and the memories
even if the next term you weren’t sitting together he searched for you everywhere until he had what he wanted
they were pretty childish antics nothing too much or actually disrespectful, from the drawing on your perfectly written notes to the shout out in pubic knowing it embarrasses you
everyone except this boy and you know at this point atsumu does it because he wants your attention
osamu one time tried to suggest he was catching feelings and that day during practice atsumu couldn’t stop laughing
yeah he is stubborn as hell
how does he notice it’s actually an enemies to lovers?
the moment he saw how a another guy was trying to flirt with you
cliché but the thing is, one random day before he enters his homeroom and was about to scream your usual ‘good morning y/n!’ which he know you hate and then he stops on his tracks just to find you flustered about how this another guy in your class complimented your beauty
i swear to good he just 🧍🏻‍♀️ like it was the first time he had a sudden stomachache (more like jealousy building up inside him)
and as stubborn as he is he remind himself that it was just because ‘i didn’t expect it, that’s all’
yeah sure mf
the team notices during the first day, he keeps putting it aside, but days pass by and he just witnesses everything this guy does to conquer your heart and then the bomb hits him
he wants to be the one capturing your heart, he pouts bc he wants to say sweet thing to you too, to compliment that beautiful smile that he likes to see, to have the cheesiest and corniest jokes to make your day, he no longer wanted to annoy, but to love you
immediately after he just runs looking out for you, and when he does find you i swear it was the fastest and sweet confession.
you blush and smile “finally atsumu”
and then he cries
Tumblr media
— oikawa tooru
the ‘anything you can do i can do better’
lord please have mercy
it all started back in second year when the king oikawa tooru was stripped of his throne getting a second place on the grade ranking class list by no one else than you
people usually don’t know that in fact oikawa is always competitive, it was not limited to volleyball only, so ofc he is indeed in the highest class on the highest rank
or well, was
so the first thing this boy does is immediately put you on his rival list, you honestly were unbothered by your class position until this mf started competing with you
one day he just pointed you and challenged you, so at first you tried to ignore him until he was doing thing that actually tested your nerves, so you surrendered to patience and took this personally
oikawa made sure to have something everyday in which he could beat you in, suddenly he just tried your hobby so that he can prove he is better
and so did you, there was this aura in oikawa that you couldn’t stand, pretty boy, tons of friends, victories, you were sure this guy had to humbled so it was your new job, you even tried volleyball to gave him a taste of his own medicine
without realizing tooru suddenly knew every detail about you, he had been so focused on winning you in every conceivable way that he just randomly could say what your favorite food, store, class, etc was. to the point that everyone noticed that maybe oikawa had another passion which was you.
in fact, one time a guy wanted to ask you out and he overheard and without intending to he corrected him ‘actually, y/no’s favorite candy are panda gummies, they don’t tolerate chocolate’ and then left like nothing happened lol
how does he notice it’s actually an enemies to lovers?
when one time after you won the competition of the day, he smiled
and like you don’t get it, it was the most lovesick freaking smile ever
he suddenly forgot why he wanted to prove that he was better he just cared about how you accomplished something and he was like so proud that he didn’t mind the insults he just wanted to be around every time you achieved anything important too you
he realizes he is smiling and the surprised and teasing look from makki, iwa and mattsun and oikawa panics
he obviously catches feelings first but he refuses to admit it, he constantly is scolding himself like “no no no no NOOOO” every time he thought about you, or your smile or how cute you looked in the morning.
and he was so weird about it like you wondered why suddenly he just can’t talk or runs away from you
and i believe he confessed accidentally, his brain couldn’t process between ‘pls look at me’ and ‘no i have to get out of here’ when he was talking to you and then he just said out loud “OH MY GOD IVE HAD ENOUGH, WHY CAN’T JUST TELL THEM WE LIKE THEM STUPID BRAIN” and after he covered his mouth really ashamed and blushing so hard
maybe this was the first time oikawa was glad he lost
you spilled your drink
dw this pretty boy bought you one on your first date <3
Tumblr media
—sakusa kiyoomi
the ‘you are an asshole’ ‘so are you’
honestly sakusa couldn’t care about anyone
he limited himself to have classmates and komori so he really didn’t mind
until well you appeared having the exact same apathetic look
when you got paired up for a project he thought that it was honestly going to be simple, oh boy, not even thirty minutes passed and you two were already pissing each other with passive aggressive remarks
and so your routine began bc somehow, you always or almost always ended up being paired so you spent a lot of time together
poor komori he was always in between your bickering and honestly sakusa and you were getting tired
you had to tolerate each other for a while, and so it became natural to be by his side, even sometimes very much to your regret you had to accompany him to his volleyball practices
sakusa was not having it, he thought it was honestly some kind of curse/karma to all those times he was an asshole to others
what he doesn’t knows is that little by little your company meant something for him, to always have someone by his side
how does he notice it’s actually an enemies to lovers?
when he no longer has you there
school years end of course you move to the next grade and so you two weren’t the exception to the rule
but he really did not thought that was gonna happen
he honestly convinced himself he had to “put up with you” for another year
his eyes widen when they land on your name placing you in another class
this weird jumble in his chest appears and he is way to oblivious on why
and honestly you felt the same way
weeks pass and sakusa still doesn’t get used to turning around and not finding you there, like, some tiny part of him always wish you appear two chairs beside him, biting your pencil while staring at the board confused.
without noticing he can recognize your voice every time you are talking and walking through the hall with your new classmates and he always feels like it’s not right
like you were supposed to walk beside him not others
eventually after a heated up discussion w komori his cousin enlightened him and he is so mad about having feelings 4 you and so his confession is really blunt
“i want to walk beside you again” he suddenly approaches you after school so ashamed, he has to physically look away.
“huh?” you didn’t get it
“don’t make me say it, you know what it means”
you open your eyes and when you realize it you blush so hard
now you get it
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