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#atsumu miya
sunamayo · a day ago
Tumblr media
he thinks you're staring at someone else
characters: suna rintarou and miya atsumu
warnings: not proofread
Tumblr media
suna rintarou
suna stops mid sentence narrowing his eyes at you. you were clearly more interested in something else than whatever he was talking about and that whatever being something behind him because this is the fifth time he caught you staring at whatever or whoever was behind him. turning around to check what was distracting you so much that you didn’t bother to even look at him, he saw a guy standing at the counter. the dude seemed pretty tall with smooth silky hair and perfectly toned arms. frowning, he turned around to face you again. jealousy has never been an issue for him and he wasn’t jealous. why would he be jealous? he was anything but jealous but he was a little hurt by the fact that you were checking someone else out right in front of him and you didn’t even try to hide it. “rin?” “earth to rinnie?” “what” “is everything okay baby?” “yeah, why wouldn't it be?” “i don’t know, you’re acting weird” “why are you worried about me anyway? you should continue checking out pretty boy over there, don’t let me intrude” he mumbled, looking away. “what?”  you chuckled at your boyfriend's pettiness. “it’s not funny, at least you could try to hide it, shameless ass” “'m staring at him cause he’s wearing his shirt upside down” suna turned around to see that you were right. he was indeed wearing his shirt the wrong way. “oh” "you’re so cute baby” you giggled, squishing his cheeks. “don’t start” “jealous rinnieeeee” “i’m leaving you here, you can walk”
miya atsumu
atsumu had the biggest pout on his lips right now. he was so excited to finally get some alone time with you, he planned everything perfectly. a quiet dinner then a nice walk in the park and ending the day in your arms, a perfect ending to a perfect day but much to atsumu's disappointment his day turned out to be anything but perfect. he was rambling on about his day with a smile on his face telling you about everything that happened at practice and there was always the regular complaining about his twin but his smile soon turned into a frown when he notices your attention was on something else or rather someone else. He couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. you were staring at someone else when he was right in front of you. Now jealousy has always been your tsumu’s weakness. he just cannot bear the thought of you paying attention to someone that's not him. call him selfish but he dones't care, you’re his and his only and atsumu doesn’t like sharing. “tsumie baby what’s wrong, you seem sad” “ yea it’s cause yer staring at that guy over there, am i not enough?” babe what’re you on about? i wasn’t staring at him "'yes ya were" "i was staring at the kid beside him, little shit has been staring at me ever since we got here” he turned around to notice this kid glaring at you. “It looks like it wants to fight,” you whisper, narrowing your eyes at the kid. “babe yer not fighting a kid” “but tsumu he’s glaring at me” you pout. “ignore it babe, it’s gonna go away by itself”
Tumblr media
a/n: didn't expect these to get so long so only doing two but more characters coming, enjoy! reblogs appreciated <3
Tumblr media
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melsun · 2 days ago
▷II i see rainbows when i think of us
Tumblr media
␈| atsumu, parties, and other things you can’t say no to.
␈| inspired by ‘cigarettes and feelings‘ (the atsumel anthem) - first longish fic. self-indulgent.
Tumblr media
"stop moving, idiot," you scold atsumu, knotting his tie, "it'll be all messy if you don't stand still."
"but it's too tight," he whines, hands going up to cup your elbows, "can we please ditch, angel?," he tries his luck, shifting his face closer to yours.
“atsumu,” your voice is stern, as you push his hands off you, “you are not ditching a party thrown specially for you.”
it’s not the kind he likes, you know - it’s more of a formality, with people he doesn’t know, stuffed in a fancy room wearing uncomfortable clothes. sadly, he has no choice but to show up.
“‘m not going,” he crosses his arms, “not unless yer coming too.”
there it is. the real reason he doesn’t want to go. you’re invited, of course, but you’ve never been too fond of formal events. they aren’t exactly your favorite way to spend a saturday evening.
unluckily, you’ve never been able to say no to miya atsumu.
you sigh, biting your lip in deep thought, “c’mon,” you walk to your closet, “help me choose what to wear then.”
atsumu smiles, walking up behind you and enveloping you in his arms. pressing a kiss to your neck, he points at an expensive outfit (one he’d bought himself - for ‘special’ occasions, yet you’d never got the chance to wear it). “tha' one,” he says, “‘m gonna suffer less if yer sufferin' with me.”
you take it off its hanger, turning towards atsumu and shooting him a glare, “you better not complain about going to the bookstore with me again,” you declare, looking him up and down, “and change your tie so we match.”
he grins, knowing he’s on your good side (he always is, unfortunately. one smile from miya atsumu is all it takes to make you crumble). “whatever ya say, babe.”
Tumblr media
”’m bored,” atsumu wails in your ear, pulling you close to him as you both sway, “we showed up, now can we please leave?,” he requests.
the party is something, yes, pretty tables decorated with vases, white daises with bits of lavender among them floating around; exquisite food - certainly not cheap, uncountable guests - half of whom you'd not be able to name.
it's not exactly your type of scene.
“it’s rude to leave,” you mutter, although you yourself are sick of the low chatter that accompanies the classical music echoing through the hall, “we’ll stay for another half-hour.”
it may be fun for some, but if you're honest, you're pretty fucking bored too.
”half an hour?!,” he whisper-yells, gripping your waist a little too tightly - earning a yelp, “i’ll treat ya to ice-cream, just please-,” he pauses for emphasis, ”-please let’s get out of here.“
you cave in, perhaps because you really do want to. ”fine,” you grumble, the corners of your mouth twitching upwards involuntarily, ”let’s ditch.”
Tumblr media
“i told ya this will be more fun,” atsumu grins, securing your legs around his waist, “ya know,” he pretends to drop you, making you screech, “i got ya, i got ya,” he laughs, groaning as you tighten your grip on his shoulders. “drop me and i’ll kill you, babe,” you threaten, hanging onto him.
“‘m sorry,” he stretches out, the smirk on his face making it obvious that he isn’t the least bit apologetic. he nudges your nose with his, making your gaze soften. “i love ya,” he breathes, leaning in towards you.
“and i love you,” you place your lips on his, eyes shutting, your hands shifting to cup his face. you pull apart, making a face at atsumu.
“just how much shrimp did you eat?”
atsumu pouts, adjusting his grip, “who ’m a to decline free shrimp?”
“you don’t even like shrimp.”
“so?,” he looks at you in all seriousness, “a do have to honor the party, y/n,” he shakes his head, “people and their double standards these days,” he chuckles, sarcasm lacing his voice.
you roll your eyes at him, resting your head on his shoulder. “tsumie,” you start, “it’s getting dark.”
he only seems to realise this when you say it, looking around in shock. time passes faster when he’s with you, atsumu thinks, he wishes it could carry on forever.
“let’s go to the port,” he suggests, “see the sunset.”
you nod, poking his cheek, “let me down then,” you urge, “you can’t carry me all the way.”
“but-,” atsumu protests. why exactly can’t he?
“i said no, miya.” you interrupt before he can say anything further. the port is a long way from here, and you can feel atsumu getting tired.
“alrigh',” he agrees (much to his distaste), “but ya can’t call me miya!”
you snort, breathing in as he lets you down, “okay, tsumie, let’s go.”
Tumblr media
tired after the long walk, atsumu and you sit next to each other, hand-in-hand, huffing as you watch the tinted sky quietly.
“god that woman was so judging me,” you break the silence with a laugh, rubbing circles on his hand, “she stared at me for fifteen minutes straight.”
“hmph,” atsumu coughs, “she was jealous that ya have such a hot, good-looking, gentleman of a boyfriend.”
“yeah right,” you retort, “she was probably jealous of you for having such a polite, wonderful and charming partner.”
“yer not charming!”
“you’re not a gentleman.”
“well, yer not polite!’
“hmm, and you’re not good-looking.”
“hey!,” atsumu’s ears perk up at your statement, ‘“m too.”
you laugh at his blown-out expression, bringing his hand up to your mouth to kiss it. “okay, i’ll give you that one.”
he smiles, drawing you near, “what would a ever do without ya?”
“probably be the brunt of suna’s teasing,” you rest your hand on your chin, “maybe break sakusa-san too, at some point,” you continue, “definitely unleash samu’s anger on a daily basis and-.”
“okay, okay!,” he interrupts, ““in short - a'd be a wreck without ya.”
you hesitate for a moment, fiddling with his hands. expressing feelings openly isn’t really something you’re used to doing, but atsumu’s always been an exception, hasn’t he?
”hey tsum?”
”i’d be a wreck without you too.”
”of course,” he replies immediately. (he’s grinning so wide you think your heart may not be able to take it). “let’s get married,” atsumu says, turning to look at you with wide eyes.
“right now?,” you reply, lashes fluttering.
“yea',” he affirms, bringing his hand up to your cheek, “let’s go to the office and sign the papers, right now.“
this is sudden. you don’t know what it is - maybe he's had too much champagne, or is too tired to think straight - but what do you do know is that it doesn't matter.
you'd marry him even if he asked you half-wasted, with a ring pop as a promise - no, you'd do it without any sort of ring too, just his words have always been enough.
"let's fucking do it," you shout happily, slipping into his arms and bringing your lips together - maybe the taste of shrimp isn't all that bad when accompanied with his strawberry lip-balm. "right now," you whisper, "right here," another kiss, "i'm ready."
you're his, he's yours, and if he wants to set his promises in stone, there's no reason to stop him.
and after all, you never have been able to say no to miya atsumu.
Tumblr media
reblogs/interactions appreciated !!
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miyarins · a day ago
Tumblr media
summary. things you should expect in a relationship with atsumu.
warning. none. its all fluff but bonus headcanon is suggestive.
post note. not proof-read, a bit messy?
Tumblr media
atsumu tried to make you a latte with a paper towel heart stencil and when he removed the paper towel, he watched the powder sink to the bottom. he still gave it to you and begged you to not call it ugly because his pride was on the line.
he loves giving you tight bear hugs, laughing when you tap him because you couldn't breathe.
when you both are on a date and make eye contact, he would immediately look away with a flushed expression and his hand against the back of his neck.
whenever atsumu catches you eyeing him when he's shirtless, he gives you a big cocky smirk and flexes his biceps, saying "take a picture sweetheart, it'll last longer."
when he comes home from practice, atsumu makes a beeline to you, immediately hugging you and burying his face into your neck, saying he missed you.
atsumu absolutely loves making out with you when you're doing something, distracting you with his hands under your shirt, drawing hearts on your stomach.
atsumu was always good with kids, either taking care of them when they get lost or playing volleyball with your younger cousins.
whenever he's at practice, he likes to send you voice memos during breaks, asking you about your day while bokuto and hinata snicker about how in love he is with you.
likes to do gun fingers at you with a wink whenever you do something attractive or when he playfully flirts with you.
one time you both were at a party by a sponsor of his, he couldn't stop staring at you while his hands roamed your body. he eventually leaned down and started to whisper dirty things in your ear to get you riled up.
Tumblr media
© miyarins (2021). reblogs are appreciated! ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ ‧₊˚✩
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tsumuluver · 2 days ago
kunimi, iwaizumi, sakusa, ushijima, kageyama, tsukishima, semi, michimiya, daichi, yamamoto, futakuchi, asahi, kuroo, konoha, akaashi, makki, ennoshita, osamu, daisho, hirugami
tendou, bokuto, hinata, atsumu, suga, KENMA, oikawa, aone, yamguchi, nishinoya, yachi, goshiki, konganegawa, terushima, kindaichi, lev, kyotani, fukunaga, komori, shibiyama
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bokubear · 2 days ago
suna ↠ he realized how dazed you were. his hand would move in front of your face and you’d hardly blink. sometimes convulsing only to assure him your cramping. he did a little bit of research and i guarantee he stood she’ll-shocked looking at the screen. wow. that must suck. he thought. he’s actually really considerate, buys you chocolate and even cuddles you on the couch.
≿————- ❈ ————-≾
kita ↠ a king. ( once again ) although he was an only child, he had done lots of research beforehand about a women’s body. he had all the knowledge. he already perceptive enough, so it doesn’t take him long to figure out what has you so emotional. caters to your every need. compliments you every morning. ( he does this every day but still 😔🤚)
≿————- ❈ ————-≾
osamu ↠ he realized when he saw a tampon/pad fall out of your bag. luckily it was at home and he quickly picked it up with blushing cheeks. he may be mature but it was a slightly embarrassing for him. becomes SUPER considerate. treats you like a princess the entire time. no exceptions for the one he loves. ( always )
≿————- ❈ ————-≾
sakusa ↠ may be a little revolted. blood coming out of your body every month? blegh. but also, how dare? he is disgusted and angry you have to experience such a hell every month. also very perceptive. he picks up on emotional/hormonal changes fast. takes courage to stave down his inner disgust but tells himself it’s for your sake. a little hesitant but kisses your forehead a lot.
≿————- ❈ ————-≾
plagiarism, repost, and editing is prohibited ©
* i needed them while it’s that time of month 😔
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shotomyheart · a day ago
falling for you only makes me bleed
atsumu x gn reader
genre: angst
warnings: no comfort :( , reader is called beautiful
wc: 340
Atsumu never lies. He’s awful at it, really. His feelings are too loud to silence. His actions too dramatic to fake nonchalance. And when he tries to lie, his face turns red and sweat runs down his face like a damn sauna. So why is it, when the one time he doesn’t want to lie, you believe it.
I hate you.
How could you ever believe him? He hates walking behind slower walkers when all he wants to do is run. He hates plain popcorn (seriously, who eats that?). He hates losing. So why does this hurt more? He could never hate you. He can’t even make himself hate the way your back looks when walking away from him.
Two months later, eleven missed calls, five breakdowns, and one exhausted twin from hearing Atsumu’s whines everyday. Atsumu’s out on a jog on a brisk morning. The wind hits his skin without forgiveness, but he enjoys being able to feel something- anything that wasn’t the numb tingling he’s had since you’ve left.
You’re at the park, the park he jogs by. Was it on purpose? Do you want to see him?
He stumbles to a stop, not believing his eyes. It’s you, cuddled in a warm sweatshirt with a smile that radiates against the cloudy sky. You’re beautiful.
Who is that?
Two feet away from you (he really should have seen him sooner, but his focus was solely on you for so long), a basketball player (and he only knows this because of his obnoxious red varsity jacket) stands tall and smiling back at you as he tells some boring story, Atsumu suspects.
Atsumu turns around and does what he does best: he runs away. He runs so fast the wind dries his eyes of any residue of sadness. His feet ache and he dramatically blames gravity for making him fall so hard for you.
Maybe he does hate you. The way you smile at someone else. The way you laugh at another’s jokes. But, god, he hates himself more.
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tengerine · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
no thoughts just atsumu rubbing his nose into your shoulder every morning before getting up, faint smile twitching against his lips when you shiver in response, an arm moving to drape itself over your waist to draw you closer before mumbling his good mornings…
Tumblr media
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yourstarvic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
NOTES: Hinata got a someone 😩 but I tried not to have the pics blurry so I’m sorry if they are!
TAGLIST: @girlyluke @reina-de-tay @bloody-bella @gothkaoru @freaksnque @kayleighbeccaa @itoshibaby @missalienqueen @90s-belladonna @ntimacy @persyhange @loser-keiji @lilith412426 @fandomatakeover18 @bbdaydreams @sillyanimedream @noya-kinnie @itzlally @fayeimara @goddessvii @zukoslosthishonor @camcam1617 @karlitaburrito @sakusaakiyoomii @strcwberrieswine @sunavf @tanakasimpcorner @sakusasimpbot @random-fandom-girl-24 @rintarovibes @matsunshine @moon-esque @marifujioka @meri-soni-meri-tamanna @criesinpisces​ @pluviophilefangirl​ @jojowantstocry​ @vintagexparker @tropicsoda @erinoikawa @namyari @encrytpta @art-junkie-13 @regina-com @wixlch @anime-meme-sanctuary @seijohoe @osakisrose @bakugouswh0r3 @sumebreaks
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rinnieyeager · 2 days ago
So you ARE doing thirst?! What about greedy boyfriend Atsumu making you ride his face????
i love how you think, anonbaeeee! lemme throw some together for you, my love.
Tumblr media
YOUR nether region is in pleasurable pain from the forced overstimulation if you can catch my drift, hips still trying their best to rock against the flat of his thick tongue as your fourth? fifth? orgasm approached with no remorse whatsoever. ATSUMU’S large hands gripping the fat of your plush thighs to obligate you to be completely unable to get away from him. he groans in appreciation of your pussy, thanking you under his breath for allowing him to get exactly what he wanted— you riding his handsome face and letting him have his fun with your cunt that drove him absolutely insane. tsumu can’t get enough of you, seeing you helpless yet desperate to cum. he reaches up and squeezes your cute tits every so often, knowing good and well how sensitive you are to just about anything he does especially when it comes to your boobs. he won’t let you rest, eating away at your pussy like it’s his last meal before dying. tsumu almost gets upset when you attempt to make a run for it, saying this “where do ya think yer going, babe? m’not done. get back over here.”
Tumblr media
© rinnieyeager 2021 — please refrain from stealing, plagiarizing, translating, modifying, and reposting my work!
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haikyuuublog · 2 days ago
*Atsumu reading Sakusa’s diary.*
Sakusa: Atsumu, what the hell are you doing in my room-
Atsumu: Shhh be quiet I’m reading. It’s a very good book. It’s enemies to lovers.
Sakusa: It’s not what you think.
Atsumu: Damn, so you’re in love with somebody else named Miya Atsumu. What are the odds?
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aftersamu · a day ago
– ICE RINK PAIRING: atsumu x gn!reader GENRE: fluff
Tumblr media
tying up you skates, you step foot on the ice forgetting how slippery it really is, reaching over to grab the rims to keep from falling over while muttering incomprehensible swears. joining your side is, atsumu, just as unbalanced as you.
your friend had gone off to help osamu find the right size skates and do them up correctly.
"hey," atsumu says, attempting to stay upright on the ice. you look at him, still clinging on to the side "take my hand."
"it's like you're asking us to fall," you joke, refusing to accept the gesture from the blond.
"well, when we do fall it won't be as embarrassing," he extends his arm out for you. and reluctantly, you accept it, shakily gliding closer to atsumu.
it's common knowledge that he wasn't the best ice skater. the boy is practically bambi on ice. he holds your hands in his trying to guide you to the middle– away from the rims.
"i may not be the best skater, but i do know how to ride a horse." you comment, trying to avoid the pinch of humiliation beginning burn in your cheeks.
"you know how to ride a horse?" atsumu says, holding onto your hands tight as he moves backwards on the ice.
"among other things." you add, smiling at the way the blond raises a brow, slight uplift at the corner of his lips at your comment.
your friend stands by the entrance of the rink with osamu's hands holding hers for support, similar to your's and atsumu's position. the twin's eyes are crinkled at the sides due to the smile on his face and the encouraging words and persistence to get him stable on ice.
times like these when you remember that the miya's are volleyball players and not ice skaters.
"we're better than them," atsumu says looking over his shoulder at his brother and your friend moving across the ice. "so what if we don't know how to skate? we can be proud of how bad we are," he laughs.
osamu appears behind him, slightly nudging the back of atsumu's boot causing both you and the blond to helplessly slip and fall on to the ice.
a few grunts and yelps escape, atsumu groaning in pain at the impact of his tailbone hitting the hard ice. And you, on top of the blonde, resting yourself up, as a lingering silence washes over the two of you.
quickly, the awkward silence is broken, choking a laugh and resting your head on his chest. your laughter getting louder.
your friend stood with osamu, watching with an amused face. "what are you staring at?" osamu questions turning around to see what they were looking at with such pride painted on their face.
you lift your head, meeting atsumu eyes, noticing the different look in them from what you've seen before. even the light tint on his cheeks. you stand, reaching your arm out for him to take with the adoring smile reserved just for him appearing on your features.
"do you see it too?" they ask osamu, leaning against the rim of the rink.
"" osamu cocked a brow staring at the two of you, confused.
laughter echoing throughout the empty building, you pushing atsumu and him bringing you down with. from the floor, the blond tries to crawl away – only to get dragged back by you.
"have you seen the way your brother looks at them?" they note, "i know i haven't known atsumu for long, i've only ever seen him that happy when he plays."
Tumblr media
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yatsurinamikaze · 19 hours ago
Suna Rintarou x Reader
Tumblr media
“TO YN!” the last toast is slurred in unison as everyone raises their glasses, lovingly dedicated to you. Your dearest friend Yura smiles pointing at you, “May you have all the happiness in the years to come!” And Atsumu garbles hooking his arm around Osamu to steady himself, “And lotsaa kids too!” Everyone snickers and a blush forms onto your cheeks at his words. Your friends chug the congratulatory whiskey, bottoming up almost instantly before thumping the glasses back on the table.
Osamu stabilizes his swaying twin holding him against his side, “A’ight, come on guys. All of ya have had enough to drink. Time to head home.” All of you get up and your little crowd slowly starts making their way out of the bar, almost everyone tumbling and falling on their way.
As you reach the exit and into the walkway, Atsumu turns around and slurs a very gibberish, “I’ll keep the engine running doll, in case ya change yer mind.” And tries to wink flirtatiously at you but fails miserably when all he makes is a scrunched-up face followed by a smirk.
You laugh shaking your head slightly and before you could answer Yura wraps her arm around his pulling at it sternly, “Alright buddy. As the official Maid of Honour it is my duty that I see to it ... that I-... I see to...” she turns around confusedly, “yn? What is it that I see to?” she asks tilting her head innocently.
A wide smile appears on your face as you brush away the hair stuck to her forehead with your fingers, “See to it that you get home safe and leave me a text.”
Suna who has been standing a few feet away from you, hands still in his leather jacket’s pocket, scoffs and shakes his head looking away, Can barely hold herself up and still acts all sensible.
Yura immediately straightens up and salutes you, “Aye Aye Captain!” and as she does, Atsumu rests his head on her shoulders closing his eyes peacefully with a loud sigh. Osamu steps in between them, taking their arms by each of his, turning them around he says, “I’ll drop these idiots home. You get home safe, okay?” You nod and salute jokingly, “Aye Aye Captain” and giggle. Osamu shakes his head and takes them away.
The next to leave is Akaashi, drunk with a red tinted face yet still maintaining his sober demeanor, “I’ll head home too, you’re gonna be okay, right?” You nod smilingly, “Thanks for coming Keiji.” He hugs you gently, “Of course yn, it’s not every day a best friend gets married, right?” You giggle hugging him back and he ruffles your hair after pulling away, “Take care bud.”
The next to leave are two of your friends back from high school, hugging you tight and congratulating you.
It’s only you and Suna in the walkway now, the wind is chillier, and you can see fog coming out of your mouth every time you open your mouth to say something. You both had barely said a word to each other all night, just engaging in conversation with other people, occasionally sending short glances to each other here and there. Your eyes even met one time, but you just smiled reassuringly and turned your face to the conversation with the person who was standing in front of you.
You smiled as Suna stepped in front of you, the golden yellow light of the street lamp making him look even more ethereal than he already does. His hands are still in his pocket and his gaze still intent on you trying to find something. You meet his eyes craning your neck up a little, your eyes glittering golden.
He clears his throat and speaks with a steady and quiet voice, “Take care.”
You beam up at him, “You too Suna.”
He turns around walking away when he stops. You look at him confusedly. He turns back around again and continues, “I’m sorry but there’s just one more thing.” He adds quickly before taking a pause. He breathes in and continues, “I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to come to your wedding.”
You furrow your eyebrows briefly before blinking and straightening your expression back into a smile, “Oh?... Well, that’s too bad. You have something else planned that day?”
He shakes his head lightly, “See…the problem is, I’m still in love with you.”
Your eyes flutter at his words, expression turning irate as you fold your hands in front of your chest, “Wh-“
He cuts you off, with stern yet sincere voice this time, “Hold on. I’m not trying to win you back or something. You’re marrying a good man. That’s not gonna change… but neither am I. This whole thing where we pretend we are just friends, it doesn’t work.” Your gaze shifts down from his face to the walkway as he continues, “I don’t know what will work but..” You look back up at him, your gaze sharp into his, listening intently “I know one thing, I can’t watch you marry another man.”
A broken hum escapes your throat as you try to process his words, water glazing your eyes. He steps closer to you, sincerity still lacing his voice as he continues looking down at you, “You have a good day, yeah? A good life.” You nod slowly at his words, giving him a small smile. He holds your face in hands tilting your head up to face him, plants a gentle kiss on your forehead before pressing his forehead against yours for a short while. You breathe-in his embrace quietly as he then peels himself away from you and starts walking away. A lone tear trickles down your cheek as you watch him walk away.
“Yn? You ready to go?” Koutaro beams from behind you, jingling the car keys in his hands. “Finally found the keys.” You give him a short laugh, “But I’m driving.” You hand out your palm as he places his keys onto it.
“God. Finnee.” He rolls his eyes.
Tumblr media
I have something in mind for the second part. Let me know if you guys want me to continue this.
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belsumu · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
can’t stop thinking about atsumu merlin au. prince atsumu who’s lived in a golden palace all his life, learning to be a warrior and training to fight for his kingdom. there’s never been a need for him to have a close connection with anyone other than his brother, the only one who knows the kindhearted prince behind the mask of a stone-faced king-to-be. eventually, his mother assigns him a servant, much to atsumu’s dismay. 
he’s bratty for the first few weeks; making you fetch food he doesn’t plan to eat in the middle of the night, fidgeting when you try to dress him. he’s frustrating, making you want to go to the queen and beg on your knees to be assigned to his much nicer twin. one night after having a nightmare, he calls you up to his chambers (osamu was on a hunting trip and his mother would call him weak for asking for help). shaking, the prince wraps his arms around you and buries his face in your neck, muttering small apologies onto your skin. he doesn’t remember going back to bed, but atsumu wakes up tangled in your arms with the sunlight illuminating your sleeping figure. 
since that night, he’s quieter, more thoughtful when it comes to you. the only reason he calls for you at night is to timidly ask you to run your hands through his hair, and he yearns for the softness of your touch during the day. he learns vulnerability isn’t something to be ashamed of, with your gentle hands and kinder words. he learns to listen to others and takes your opinion into account when making decisions for the kingdom. when you prepare his bed at night and before you ask if there’s anything else he needs, atsumu gently takes your hands in his and feels the callouses formed on your palms from months of hard work. he kisses each fingertip, quietly promising to never let you work a day of your life when he becomes king.
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bokubear · 2 days ago
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who kills the bugs | hq boys
Tumblr media
bokuto ღ he sees a spider and panics. if you’re scared too, sorry to break it to you but you’re kinda screwed. he will make this ear-bleeding horrifying screech and jump on anything. once it was a door and he knocked himself out for a good 20 minutes. akaashi had to come over to make sure he was ok.
Tumblr media
akaashi ღ our knight in shining armor. 😌 he is fearless. he insists on placing whatever it is outside to “live peacefully” he says. unless it bites/hurts you. then it’s immediate death. zero hesitation. he’s very VERY scary when he’s angry.
Tumblr media
atsumu ღ he is actually scared. no lie his hands are prob quaking at this point. he’s biting his lip so hard it will bleed. send help fast. osamu is amazing at this. it fuels that competitive spark in him. not long tho till he screams but catch’s the bug, tears building in his eyes when he throws it out of the window. traumatizing.
Tumblr media
osamu ღ godly. not even flinching. this thing could be a black widow and he’d still pick it up easily and sit it outside. he cleans his hands after like it was nothing. how? dunno. he got the confident genes ig.
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akaakeijii · 4 hours ago
— young love
notes: fluff, miya atsumu x gn!reader, drabble
a/n: enjoy a simp atsumu bcs yea, i said so.
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For once, Atsumu was desperate.
Why, you may ask? Well, because he didn't think you'd be the first one to...steal his heart, if we want to put it in familiar terms.
You were the only one to catch his attention, that day, in the library.
And it might seem funny to imagine Atsumu anywhere else but in a volleyball court (in a library, at last) but he was really immersed in his school work. He wasn't thinking about how annoying his twin brother is, or how he wished he'd be able to play volleyball without breaking a sweat. His mind was blank.
But then, as cliché as it might seem, he found himself hooked in your eyes.
He gulped, shaking his head, and trying as hard as he could not to think about you.
But as you sat across from him, a couple of textbooks in front of you, as well as your computer, he wondered - for the very first time in his life - how could a person be so...beautiful.
You seemed immersed in whatever you were reading, concentrated with furrowed eyebrows and a funny expression adorning your face.
The corner of Atsumu's mouth slightly lifted upwards, but he didn’t notice, too immersed in the action of...admiring you.
And, although a voice hidden in the recesses of his mind yelled at him for being so stupid, he didn't want to ignore this feeling that was slowly blooming into his heart.
And as days passed, Atsumu would spend the two hours before practice at the library, while building the courage to talk to you.
"Hey..uh, I'm Atsumu Miya, it's nice to meet you. You know, I'm part of the MSBY and I play as-" he started mumbling, cheeks flushing and he mentally insulted himself. No one's ever seen Atsumu so lost, not even Osamu.
"Yeah, I know. You're the setter, right? I watch your matches sometimes," you said, holding in a laugh that wouldn't be optimal in that situation.
And as he listened to your soothing voice, he felt a swarm of butterflies dance in his stomach - no, in his entire body.
"And, could I know your name…?"
"I'm [name]. [name] [last/n], nice to meet you," you warmly smiled, your eyes closing a bit as your heartbeat quickened a bit. You extended a hand in front of you as he looked at it, before gently shaking it. His hands were rough against yours, you thought perhaps it was because of his constant playing.
You surely weren’t expecting your favourite player to come up and talk to you. And not even in a library.
"I didn't think you were the kind to spend hours on books before their matches, Atsumu" something about his name, as it escaped your lips, only made his heart flutter more.
I'm not, I never was, I'm just here beacuse…he interrupted the train of his thoughts. He didn't like were it was going, definitely not.
"Yeah, well...I gotta keep my grades high if I still want to play volleyball, I guess," he faked a cough to partially hide his embarassement. You chuckled, leaving him mesmerized by the sweet sound of your voice. I want to hear it again.
"Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, Atsumu. I have a meeting in a few minutes, don't wanna miss it. Bye!" you waved your hand at him and, after picking up your things, you darted from the library, heart running laps, while leaving a confused heart and mind...that belonged to none other than Atsumu.
"What's happening to me…" he whispered, looking at the palm of his hand and remjniscing the softness of yours as you tightened the hold.
He groaned and left the library, the old librarian who assisted to the whole scene, smiling to herself. "Oh, young love."
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kailleis-sunshine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Hibiscus: The Second Flower
Tumblr media
Sunshine has chosen the hibiscus next,, what an interesting decision… they have to figure how to stop this circle of self doubt.
Hibiscus: symbolizes delicate beauty
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: you bring your nose to the pink flower, it’s stem lightly tapping you. It doesn’t take long before you notice your in a completely different environment, much like last time. You begin to feel thoughts and feelings that you know aren’t yours. You are now doubting that these milestones you’ve hit are something you deserve. You don’t feel you deserve all the things you have. Your boyfriend is here to remind you that you do.
FANDOM: Haikyu!!
CHARACTER: Atsumu Miya
GENRE: Fluff, Reader is feeling undeserving of her life,
WARNINGS: no specific things that need to be warned.
A/N: h
Tumblr media
You smiled softly, to your standards you had the perfect life; you had a gorgeous boyfriend, you had a decent amount of self confidence, and your job seemed to be going well, your school the same.
At the same time, you felt as though it was all fragile. Incredibly fragile.
You felt like if you even walked the wrong way then everything would come crashing down. You had convinced yourself that it could happen; it couldn’t.
Atsumu loved you more than words could ever express, your boss thought you were their best employee and you were your teacher's favourite student. You couldn't see that. Couldn’t even begin to grasp the fact that there are people who love you, people who will stay.
And Atsumu could tell you were thinking like this. It was written all over his face.
“Y/n.” He beckoned, his voice raised in a sweet tone. “Come here, baby.”
You raised your eyebrows, walking towards him. He pulled you into his lap and tilted your face so you were looking at him. “What’s been bothering you? You’ve seemed off all day.”
You averted your eyes, pulling your lips into a thin line. “It’s just…” you paused. “I guess I get this paralyzing fear sometimes.”
He frowns, running his fingers gently along your side. “What fear?”
“I’m just scared that-” you take a deep breath, it’s just Atsumu. You can tell him anything. “That everyone and everything will go; that I’ll be a left alone and labeled a failure.”
He hums and presses a kiss to your forehead. “You know what?” He questions softly.
“There’s no way that’ll happen. I love you so much, and even if everyone else leaves, I will always be here. Celebrating you and your milestones. You’re it for me, y/n”
He smiled softly at you, gently rubbing his thumb over your cheek; you can feel tears in your eyes though you have no urge to cry.
You lean in and press a small kiss to his lips, pulling away quickly and whispering three words.
I love you.
Tumblr media
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