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#atsumu miya headcanons
hepburnswp · a day ago
Tumblr media
featuring: miya atsumu, kozume kenma, tsukishima kei, kageyama tobio, oikawa tōru, asahi azumane, tanaka ryuunosuke, yamaguchi tadashi, tendō satori, bokuto kōtarō, kuroo tetsurō, terushima yūji, ushijima wakatoshi, sakusa kiyoomi, hinata shōyō, sawamura daichi
warnings: strong language in tsukishima’s part
autumn’s note: i started thinking about how kageyama drank straight up milk and…voila, i guess
Tumblr media
ATSUMU  he swears he's going to stop bleaching his hair to let it breathe a little but then he has a minor inconvenience and he's either entering a barbershop or doing it himself
KENMA  sleeps all day and is awake all night. i can't really judge him because i've started up again too but this guy just doesn't stop. he can't fix it for the life of him
TSUKISHIMA this guy used to snap his fingers to get the attention of baristas until one time he did it to coach ukai in his shop. ukai turned around so fast and looked like he was ready to kill a bitch. that was the last time he did it
KAGEYAMA  he drinks plain old milk, never water, and enjoys it. how?? (if you do this it's okay i forgive you just like i forgive kageyama, but genuinely HOW CAN YOU DRINK STRAIGHT UP MILK)
OIKAWA  he has occasional mood swings that don't happen that often but when he does they're like.. pretty bad. doesnt always apologise at first either
ASAHI  if he's waiting for food and someone takes his order, he won't say anything. he'll just stand and wait for their order and take that instead even if he doesn't like it
TANAKA when he can't find something of his he automatically accuses everyone of taking it until he realises it was in his pocket the whole time. doesn't apologise, just goes oh and carries on with whatever he was doing before
YAMAGUCHI  he cannot order for himself in public. he never goes out for food alone and has whoever he's with order for him. additionally, if in a supermarket and can't find anything, he'll just suffer and not buy it, even if it's super important
TENDŌ  he can't take anything seriously and constantly got in trouble with the team for it. he started to every now and again, but sometimes he still makes jokes at the most inappropriate times
BOKUTO bites his nails religiously. this mf just won't stop i'm sorry. he's tried, but he started when he was a kid and it's not leaving his system any time soon. sakusa hates him for it
KUROO somehow relates everything to a fact he heard. you're reading a book? the author has the same name as some lesser-known scientist. you're wanting to order in for dinner instead of cooking? fun fact! ordering in might be worse than cooking for some reason!
TERUSHIMA that tongue piercing i swear to got he constantly clicks it against his teeth and everyone wants to strangle him for it. if you're in an empty hallway and you hear a distant clicking, it's probably terushima.
USHIJIMA  does not get sarcasm. tendō explained it to him, but he still doesn't. he's tried to use it, but he stayed so serious everyone thought he was being serious
SAKUSA  he's a slow driver. he always stays below the limit, and it's just so slow? like, everyone is going at like 60mph and he's strolling along at 40. bro please just step on the gas a little bit 😭
HINATA  he will always use emojis in his messages and it's so confusing at times
DAICHI  uses emojis for their given purpose, not what everyone actually has a mutual understanding of what they mean and always accidentally worries his friends when he uses "😀". bonus points if it's alongside a straightforward message, which it normally is
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superhero--imagines · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
A/N: Yes this is a shameless written work to make my application for a zine stronger, what of it?
Jokes, just kidding, but if you like my work please check out this internet form, linked here, to gauge interest in an x reader Haikyuu Zine I’m thinking of making!
Might make this a series too idk, I have a really good idea for Hinata and Kageyama
Tumblr media
* I feel like the first pokemon he ever got was an Eevee
* It was definitely a well thought out decision that he spent a lot of time thinking and debilitating about
* Since the region they live in is in the Hyōgo prefecture, which is in Kansai (which was sort of the blueprint Johto was based on) he might have considered Chikorita, or a Larvitar.
* A hardy pokemon who he could grow with
* Maybe even a pichu, which has three evolutionary stages, perfect for each period of his life
* But Osamu is still learning who he is, he’s always growing and changing
* So he goes with an Eevee, a versatile Pokémon that can grow and change with him
* No matter how hard he tries the Eevee sits on his shoulder all the time
* “Man, yer an affectionate thing ain’t ya?”
* After a while he just gets used to it, holding his arms out on instinct so he can carry his little fox
* At first he and Atsumu travel together but it becomes pretty apparent to him that while the occasional battle can be fun
* He doesn’t want to battle all the time
* Honestly the most fun thing is cooking and learning to make delicious dishes
* So they split up so he can learn more about cuisine and what he wants to do
* I can see Osamu having a larvitar and a lapras too
* The Lapras he got purely by coincidence, someone he met on the beach said that they breaded a Lapras but, it seemed to like to battle, would he like to have it?
* Osamu, who is usually a little lazy and apathetic towards everything, has stars in his eyes as he nods
* He raises it with a lot of love and care, and often doses off on it’s back on lazy days when Lapras wants to swim but he just wants to nap
* The Larvitar he hatches from an egg he got from a traveler
* I feel like it would be stuck in the Pupitar stage for a really long time
* To the point it starts to get frustrated that it can’t evolve
* “Don’t worry, these things happen when they happen, ain’t anythin’ to worry about” he says patting it softly
* Eventually it does evolve into Tryanitar, and like Eevee it’s very affectionate
* I think they all play a part in setting up/helping out at Onigiri Miya when Osamu decides he doesn’t really like battling anymore and just wants to cook and make delicious food
* The Tryanitar, though clumsy at first, serves orders, or at least tries to
* Osamu usually take Lapras to various islands and locations to get ingredients and learn different cooking techniques
* And the Eevee is sort of the mascot for Onigiri Miya
* I’m a little conflicted, because I can see Osamu keeping his Eevee an Eevee, saying something like:
* “You’re fine just the way you are, no need ta change if ya don’t want to”
* But I can also see the Eevee evolving into a Sylveon just from how much Osamu spoils and loves them
* He also has a munchlax somewhere around this time, that he found in the alleyway looking for scraps and basically adopted to be his taste tester in the restaurant
* “How’s this one? Better or worse than the first?”
* He’s super proud of his Pokémon either way
* And he loves them all equally
* Hanging on a wall in Onigiri Miya is a picture of him and Atsumu with their Eevees as kids, and a picture of Osamu with his Pokémon team
* It’s all very sweet
Tumblr media
* Oh my god
* This dude is an impulsive hot mess
* You know how Osamu thought a lot about his starter Pokémon and what he wanted long term?
* Atsumu saw Osamu pick and Eevee and said
* “Me too, Ah want one of those too”
* But that’s about where the similarities end
* He can’t wait for his Eevee to evolve
* “Man a flareon would be bad ass, but Ah wouldn’t sneeze at an umbreon or anything”
* The Eevee does a Pokémon equivalent of a sigh before turning so they don’t have to look at him
* “Aw, don’t be like that!”
* Osamu and Atsumu travel together at first
* And I 100% believe Atsumu gets into a feud with an Aipom who’s always pranking and torturing him
* “‘SAMU THAT DAMN THING STOLE MA CLOTHES AGAIN!” He shouts before stomping into the woods, following the trail of clothes that the Aipom left behind
* Osamu raises an eyebrow as he continues stirring the curry
* “They’re just teasin’ ya ‘Sumu, they’d probably stop if you didn’t react like that” he mumbles under his breath, smiling when his Eevee bounds over to him
* The Aipom is just trying to get a rise out of him, and can you blame him? Atsumu is pretty easy to tease
* “Ah just wanna have a heart ‘ta heart with ya” He’ll say one day, hoping this will change things between them
* After baring his soul to the Aipom for over thirty minutes it gives him rather soulful eyes, before stealing his hat and a pack of crackers, and running off into the woods
* “Come back here dammit! Ah really liked that hat!”
* Osamu and the two eevee’s just watch
* “Well at least this is entertaining” he shrugs
* I can totally see Atsumu challenging every trainer he see’s to a Pokémon battle and being super aggressive about it general
* “We locked eyes! That means we have to battle, ’s the law!”
* “No it ain’t” Osamu says lazily beside him
* “IT’s tHe LaW!”
* He totally befriends a Totodile
* “‘SAMU, ‘SAMU, LOOK WHAT I CAUGHT!” He says, holding up his caught totadile who spreads their arms with a wide smile
* “Hmmm”
* He just totally digs this weird creature
* They both have super chaotic vibes tbh
* Around the time he catches his third Pokémon, a scyther he got lucky enough to find, he starts getting impatient about his Eevee not having evolved yet
* “When are ya gonna evolve? It’s been years!”
* “Atsumu it’s literally been three weeks”
* “WEEKS!”
* He pouts when his Eevee sighs like she can’t stand his outbursts, and turns away from him
* “I’m just looking forward to seein’ who you become” he sniffles, and eevee’s ears twitch. Sighing she moves and sits on his lap
* She’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now, he is her trainer
* He doesn’t say anything, just pats her head and smiles
* Halfway through, Osamu realizes he’s really not into battling, and that he’s more interested in learning about the different cuisines and dishes in every town they visit
* Atsumu is all about battling though, and after a while they part, with Atsumu going to compete in the league and get all the gym badges he can, and Osamu sails away on his Lapras to learn more about food
* His first night alone Atsumu is feeling pretty lonely, he’s never been without Osamu, when he hears a rustling outside his tent, he charges outside with his camping light expecting to see a thief, or maybe a member of team rocket or something
* But instead it’s just his Aipom
* His in the sense that it’s the Aipom that’s always tormenting him
* “Oh, it’s you,” he lets out a sigh of relief as he sits on the ground “well what do you want?”
* The Aipom frowns rubbing it’s head then pointing to Atsumu
* “Oh him? He’s gone, why ya miss his curry?” He grins, but the Aipom’s frown only deepens
* “Don’t ya get sad on me, he just had a different dream ‘s all”
* The Aipom looks at the ground for several second, a determined gaze when he looks up again
* Then he scampers over to Atsumu and perches himself on his shoulder
* “Ya wanna come with me?”
* Aipom only nuzzle it’s face into Atsumu’s neck, and he grins
* “Alright, sounds like a plan”
* After that, things get a lot more relaxed
* The time alone does him good and he matures
* He spends his time battling and learning from trainers he meets, battling the occasional team rocket goon, and getting the random egg from a townsperson he might meet
* He still has some childish tendencies
* “Damn it! How long am I gonna have to spend at this stupid lake looking for a dratini?” He shrieks, sitting on the edge of a pond in the safari zone. Eevee shakes her head, stretching after yawning. “And how am I supposed to catch anything with just these dumb pieces of bait and poke balls?”
* He sighs, and goes back to the task
* His exercise of patience works out though, because he managed to find a dragonair
* Atsumu still keeps his aggressive battling style, choosing raw power
* But it’s much more thoughtful and relaxed than it was at first
* “Nothing wrong with taking a break every now and then” he says to his Scyther as they widdle different wooden figurines
* It take a little over a year, in which time all of his Pokémon have evolved
* His totadile to a Feraligator, Scyther to a scizor, Dragonair to Dragonite, and his Aipom to an Ambipom
* The only one that hasn’t is his Eevee
* “That’s okay, take ya time, there’s no need to rush and grow up”
* There’s a possibility that his Eevee becomes an Espeon or even a Leafeon, but I think his Eevee decides to stay an Eevee, comfortable just the way they are
* He probably gets halfway through the Elite 4, before he has to start again, the second time with a typhlosion, and becomes league champion
* But he declines the position
* “Standing around waiting’ for someone to show up so I can battle them sounds boring, I’ll pass”
* He decides to go to different regions to meet more people and have more adventures
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koigoldfish · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
haikyuu!! boys who drive like a f1 driver when they’re in a highway and shorten your lifespan: ATSUMU MIYA, suguru daishou, UKAI KEISHIN, sawamura daichi (only when he’s in a hurry though), matsukawa issei, KYOUTANI KENTAROU, konoha akinori, terushima yuuji
honorable mention: tanaka saeko, hirugami shoko
Tumblr media
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smolmo · 7 months ago
Atsumu Miya would be the kind of dad who'd see his infant son being breastfed and proudly state
"That's my boy just like his father"
When the baby would burp loudy his wife would smugly agree
"Yes.. Just like his father"
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umikawa · 8 months ago
ex! atsumu miya x gn reader. not really angst, he just has regrets :)) 302 wc
Tumblr media
ynln.x posted a new photo!
He’s tempted to click the notification, his thumb hovering over the banner long enough for it to swipe away, but he goes to his notification bar anyways, clicking on the banner that he deemed was mocking him. 
And he regrets it. His phone nearly falling out of his hand at the sight of you sitting on another man's lap, the bright smile on your face as he looks down at you with such a loving smirk. 
It’s supposed to be him. You promised him, “we’ll be together until the end.” So why were you with someone that wasn’t him? 
His last string of hope for the two of you cuts off as he continues to scroll through your photos, each time, the two of you look at each other with so much love and care, just like how he used to do with you. 
It’s comedic. Of course, another man has come in, and of course, it’s someone from his high school days he never really got the pleasure of meeting until recently. 
Atsumu wonders what would’ve happened if he didn’t waste your time. 
“I’m sick of waking up and going to bed alone!” You told him, luggage in hand with tears in your eyes. “And I’m tired of pretending everything will work out because it won’t anymore.” 
He wishes he could have told you sooner, hold you longer, be with you till the end. 
But now someone else has you in their arms and he can’t do a damn thing about it. It’s a waste, he tells himself. It’s a waste to keep on holding on. 
But he can’t help it when his mind tells him that everything will be back to normal, that you’ll come back to him even after all that he’s done. 
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sakusashandsanitizer · 9 months ago
atsumu would be the guy who makes you hold his feet down while he does situps and when he sits up, he would want a kiss each time, tell me he wouldnt.
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deadontheinsidebut · 9 months ago
Comforting Atsumu Miya hcs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dedicated to @tpwkatsumu because you weren’t having a good night✨💗ily and I appreciate you. This was last minute so pls if there are any mistakes I apologize mwah
He makes you gift baskets full of candles, chocolates, and your favourite hoodie of his with his scent still intact
note: he started making gift baskets for you because kita made them for him when he was sick
He’s tried writing you handmade cards before but he sucks with romantic words sometimes so he doodles the two of you together instead <33
Atsumu doesn’t like the thought of you crying so he’ll take the front of his hoodie and put it over your head while pulling you into a hug
He rubs his hands in lotion before holding yours so you can “get the best experience possible”
When you’re sad, his pride is willing to disappear which means he’ll ask his brother for help in the kitchen making your favourite foods
He does something called the “pentagon of kisses” which is one on the forehead, both cheeks, and either sides of your collarbone
He claims it’s because one kiss is never enough
If you wear makeup, he’ll remove it for you so he “can be the first to see your pretty bare face”
He might tease you first by widening his eyes and saying “whoa... who is this??”
And if you cover your face or scrunch your nose in annoyance, he’ll laugh and poke your nose before telling you he’s never seen anyone more beautiful
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oikaw-ugh · 10 months ago
WAAA CONGRATS ON 666 💗 for the event if you wanna osamu x marta? 👀 thank you so much!!
Osamu x Marta
He likes flicking your forehead. You flinching reminds him of a cat ✨
He loves to pry at whatever you're doing at your phone when you don't give him attention (watch him suddenly fitting his face on your neck as he stare at your screen).
He likes to push you around in a joking manner. "move, slowpoke." 💀
In connection to bullet 2, he also wants to check your social medias always). It's very nerve-wracking especially if even a small interaction with a guy friend riles his anger up.
He likes to pull you towards him at random times just to plant a kiss on your head then after that, he lets you go. 🥺
That classic romantic scene where couples play with flour at the kitchen? That happened, too. Only that you guys made it extreme (you poured the entire bowl of flour onto his head and he smeared oil on your face).
666 followers event
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aogirikeiji · a year ago
Hi! Could I have hcs of bokuto (the bestie) being a wingman for shy!reader and helping them to get together with kuroo (the classmate and crush)? + the same prompt for atsumu (the bestie) and osamu (the classmate and crush) thank you lots!!! I love your blog! Oh and pronouns: gender neutral or female
wingmen | bokuto + kuroo , atsumu + osamu
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ masterlist
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ pairing: bokuto x gn! reader x kuroo + atsumu x gn!reader x  osamu 
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ genre : fluff, humor
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ note; babe!! i hope you enjoy this, i luv u
Tumblr media
bestie! bokuto + crush! kuroo 
you’ve been friends with bokuto for a while, you used to go to fukurodani with him.
then you switched schools to nekoma and my, my, you came across a very, very hot classmate.
obv it’s kuroo, he’s sexy
despite how interested you are in him, you’ve never even once interacted to kuroo because you’re too shy.
he sits in front of you in class and he’s really talkative. he’s always talking and interacting. heck, he’s hella smart too. everytime your teacher asks a question, he’s always able to answer them. especially when it’s chemistry.
stan kuroo all my homies stan chemistry nerd kuroo tetsurou
one day, the volleyball team held a practice match with fukurodani. you were in charge of greeting the team.
you see bokuto and kuroo, shocked because you didn’t know they were friends. you didn’t do anything though, following your shy tendencies. you stayed back, eyeing the two crackheads.
listen, you never, ever planned on telling bokuto about your big fat crush on kuroo but you just couldn’t help it. the moment you were alone with bokuto, you spilled all the tea.
bokuto was shook as hell like what the fuck? forreal? omg. he was shocked ‘cause you were never the type to pursue crushes and shit.
okay so you already made him pinky promise to not tell but come on... you know how bokuto is. baby boy never meant to spill your secret, he was just too excited that you finally found an eyecandy so he ranted to akaashi about it.
luck wasn’t on your side because as bokuto talked to akaashi about your crush on kuroo, going all “ahhh i’m so happy y/n got a crush!!!!”, kuroo was right nearby. 
yes he heard it.
press f in the chat for y/n
despite how your secret’s out now, neither you nor bokuto and akaashi knew that kuroo found out. lucky you, the boy likes you back!
since that incident, he started trying to talk to you in class. he’d turn back occasionally and start random conversations with you, leaving you all flustered. he loves it! he thinks it’s so cute when you start blushing and avoiding eye contact.
kuroo being kuroo, he’d even whisper answers to questions the teacher asks you whenever he senses that you couldn’t answer.
bokuto koutarou may be a wingman by accident but damn, his mistake was the best thing ever. 
Tumblr media
bestie!atsumu + crush!osamu
the first time you met osamu was not in class, it was actually because of the fact that you were neighbors with him.
you’ve always found osamu attractive, yet you never realized your own feelings until you two became classmates. 
you were hanging out at the miya household, trying your best to beat atsumu at mario kart when his twin brother walked in.
“tsumu, where the hell is my phone charger?”
osamu seemed angry but all you could think about was how handsome he looked.
brain empty, just osamu miya
too busy staring at osamu, you didn’t notice that atsumu was looking, a sly grin on his face.
“ya like my twin brother, don’t you”, atsumu says once osamu walked out, his phone charger in his hand. 
yes they argued for over 5 minutes solely to determine whether or not atsumu stole it. yes, atsumu in fact did. 
you didn’t reply to the golden question. all you did was panic, random rambles leaving your mouth. that respond obviously gave it all away.
after letting you ramble whatever, it was atsumu’s turn to babble. he went on a whole rant on how you chose the wrong twin, yadda, yadda, yadda. 
“you literally have a whole snack right in front of you but of course you had to go for the uglier one”
cue you rolling your eyes at his ego.
in the end, atsumu offered you some help to win the heart of his brother.
(don’t be fooled, he only agreed because you bribed. still, better than nothing)
with atsumu’s help, you slowly tried to befriend osamu. you started by sharing food- which slowly escalated to you becoming friends with him. heck, he even moved his class seat to beside yours! 
yeah, you and osamu were working fine but atsumu was impatient. you were moving too slow for him so he decided to just tell osamu about how you feel.
long story short, osamu ended up asking you out on a date one day while eating lunch together <3
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starfleetakaashi · a year ago
ok from the prompt list, 7, 4, and 2 for angst with atsumu except they're playing monopoly and reader buys the boardwalk even though she knew he wanted to buy it too HAHAH
2: “Please don’t cry.”
4: “Why are you lying to me?”
7: “Do you still even love me?”
prompt list 7, 4, & 2 w atsumu:
Atsumu stared at you in shock, tears brimming his eyes as he watched your face contort into a smile, clearly happy with yourself.
Atsumu could only wish to be happy with you, but he felt far too betrayed by you. You stabbed him in the back despite claiming to always be loyal to each other.
“Atsu,” you sighed, coming closer to him and placing your palm on his cheek, choosing to ignore the fact that he hesitated and flinched a bit at your touch. “please don’t cry.” You begged, noticing that he was on the brink of tears.
“You traitor.” Atsumu sniffled, and you decided to bring your other hand to the other side of his face, now holding both his cheeks as tears streamed down from them. “How could you?” Atsumu was broken.
“Baby, I—”
“Enough with your excuses.” Atsumu turns away, causing your grasp on his face to loosen. “Why are you lying to me?” He asks once he turns his head back to you, eyes demanding for answers.
“I’m not lying to you, baby, I swear.” You pleaded, getting sick of his fake depressed state. “Don’t you believe me?” You ask, and Atsumu gives you a look for a few seconds before ruffling his own hair, clearly stressed.
“Do you still even love me?” He asks, choosing to ignore your question, and you’ve had it. That’s where he crossed the line. You kicked his behind, earning a loud whine from the setter, who rubbed the spot continuously as it ached.
“QUIT BEING DRAMATIC!” You growled, and he sticks a tongue out at you, clearly already over with whatever he was so upset about.
“NO! YOU BETRAYED ME!” He screamed, and your frustration rose. “I TOLD YOU I WANTED THE BOARDWALK AND YOU STILL BOUGHT IT!” Atsumu says, now pointing a finger at the monopoly game below where the two of you stood, game pieces and fake money scattered all over the floor from how chaotic you and Atsumu are whenever playing the game.
“I HAD NO CHOICE?!” You defend, and Atsumu clearly wasn’t buying it. He scoffs, placing both hands on his hips like the diva that he was. “You’re so irritating,” you roll your eyes, and he rolls his back, a sign of mocking you.
When he noticed that you weren’t making a snarky comment like you usually would, he assumed that you were actually upset at him, thus the feeling of guilt starting to bubble in inside his stomach.
“BABY I WAS KIDDING!!!” Atsumu screams, making grabby hands at you in effort to pull you in for a nice, warm hug.
And you being the dumbass and Atsumu simp that you are, you accepted it, completely forgetting about the monopoly board sitting below the two of you.
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bokutobaby · a year ago
Hi, if you’re still doing the prompts can you do angst list number 6 with either Bokuto or Atsumu?
this hurts me anon it really does 😔 | requests
angst. 6 - “i don’t want material belongings! i want my heart back!”
miya atsumu x reader
it was your birthday!! woo
you’d been planning this party for weeks now, because you’re finally 22 and you deserve to have fun ok???
atsumu has been stay late to practice, going to the gym for hours into the night, etc but he promised to help you get ready for the party so you just faked a smile and didn’t complain
it’s the night of the party, and you’re coming home from the store after getting last minute stuff for the event
“atsumu? you home?” you yelled into your shared apartment. he’d promised he’d been home early
plus, it’s a saturday and he only had one class so it’s not like he was going to be busy anyways
you yelled his name again, but you heard a loud grunt from your bedroom so you decided to go in
“sumu are you—“
the minute you opened the door you saw some girl on top of him, as they made out
you didn’t even say anything, because you couldn’t rack your brain for the right words; so you screamed
“asshole!” you yelled, and as atsumu and the girl struggled to get their clothes back on you gathered all your outfit for the party, and ran back out the door
he was hot on your tail the entire time, but you just grabbed your clothes and made your way to your friends place to get ready
it’s not like you wanted to have the part anymore, but as you cried in the car, you realized that he doesn’t deserve the satisfaction of making you upset (on your bday of all days >:()
after you got all dolled up at your friends place, you drove to the club it was at and the party commenced
ofc, you were still feeling pretty shitty about the whole thing. putting on a happy act for all your friends who you invited was hard, but you needed to have a good time right now.
it wasn’t long before you saw atsumu walk into the building, and the two of you locked eyes immediately
“y/n, wait!” he yelled as you made your way through the side door to the parking lot. you couldn’t deal with this right now
“can you slow down?” he yelled, grabbing your wrist but you pulled away from him
“did you really think you were still invited after that?” you spat.
he tensed up, admiring your outfit. “you look beautiful tonight,” he said. that only made your blood boil faster.
“cut the crap, atsumu. i don’t wanna hear some bullshit apology because nothing you say will fix this!”
it was silent, with you looking up at him with raging eyes.
“ just take this, please?” he said, pulling a long box from his jacket pocket.
you calmed down a bit and slowly took the gift from his hands. inside was a necklace; one that you’d been wanting for awhile now.
“i know you said you don’t care, but i’m sorry. i was dumb and the whole thing was a mistake. think of this necklace as an—“
he was cut off by the sound of your laughter. “do you think i’m stupid?” you said, shoving the necklace back into his hands.
“a dumb necklace won’t fix any of this, ok?”
“i never said-“
“i don’t want material belongings! i want my heart back!”
your voice echoed into the night, you two being the only ones in the parking lot that night. you didn’t know what else to say, so you just walked off, back into the venue to enjoy this party as much as you can.
“i’m- im sorry..” he mumbled, just loud enough for you to hear.
but it was too late. you were done with him, and didn’t care for anything else he had to say.
‘hooray for 22...’ you thought to yourself, the loud party music blocking the rest of your thoughts.
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smolmo · 7 months ago
atsumu cries easily during movies (but like me too baby🥺)
He’d also deny it. Even though while he is doing so he is bawling his eyes out and his nose is runny. (Stupid onion cutting ninjas) 
Hit me with your headcanons
#atsumu miya
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sakusashandsanitizer · 9 months ago
𝐀𝐭𝐬𝐮𝗺𝐮 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐧𝗼𝐧𝐬!!
A/N: I wrote some headcannons awhile back in my notes and I haven’t shared them so why not share them here :D!
Tumblr media
Atsumu LOVES hugs, he loves the feeling of being able to hold someone
If you ever praise him or compliment him, he’ll be very very blushy
He also loves to play fight!! He finds it adorable whenever his s/o tries to beat him and get competitive with him!
HYPE MAN ATSUMU!! Man loves to go comment on your recent photos and just say how adorable you look
If he’s fighting or arguing with Osamu, he’ll stop if you’re around or if you hug him!! he doesnt want his s/o to see him upset
Atsumu loves to see you in his hoodies or just clothing in general because he finds it adorable. bonus points if its oversized
whenever he needs to redye his hair, he’ll ask you to help because he melts whenever you touch his hair
he’s a personal heater! like his body gets so warm, especially at night
he LOVES to tease his s/o, even about the littlest things
he would surprise you with coffee whenever he misses you
Atsumu would literally become to flustered if he saw you in his spare jersey, he just think you’re adorable
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