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#atsumu miya x reader
gigiho · a day ago
god, you're loud ;; miya a. (timeskip)
warnings ; smut (18+), penetration, degration, petnames (princess), one (1) smack on the ass
minors dni.
Tumblr media
“ah, ah, ah, ‘tsumu~!” you moaned into your pillow. your boyfriend was behind you, pounding your hole from the back. his large hands wrapped around your hips firmly to hold them in place.
“you like that, slut?” he asks, smacking your ass with a satisfying sound. your eyes rolled back, mouth agape and moaning incoherent variations of his name. your brain can’t even think about the question, it’s too busy enjoying the pain and pleasure of atsumu’s cock thrusting in and out of you like clockwork.
“what was that, princess?” his voice almost sounds like a growl. he knows what his dick does to you. it happens every time he gets behind you. your thighs jiggle with every slap of his pelvis against your ass. he loves it.
“yes, yes i do!” you manage to sputter, entranced by his cock deep in your throbbing pussy. your tits swing in sync with his thrusts, your nipples getting harder every time they touch the mattress. atsumu grins arrogantly, loving the noises coming out of you.
“god, you’re loud.”
Tumblr media
a/n ; very boring and short but this was just a warm up lol.
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yourstarvic · 2 days ago
The wedding was in full swing. The flowers, the decorations, the cake, the music, the food were more than perfect. Given you planned the who event for your wedding day, but it was your dream wedding to have since Rieko made sure to make you second guess your decision at the time.
The reception of the wedding was booming with guests congratulating the newlyweds and enjoying the wondering appetizers the waiters hold onto their trays. You and Atsumu sat at your assigned seats, watching as Rieko enjoyed the praises she was getting will Haru, had a far off distance in his looks, occasionally glancing in your direction.
“He keeps lookin’ at ya,” Atsumu whispered in your ear. “It’s annoyin’.”
“I know,” You sighed, rubbing small circles with your thumb on your belly to help ease your nerves.
“Ya good, doll?”
Looking at you with a nervous expression, you nodded, “Yeah, just nervous.”
“What if I mess up?” You gulped, “Or trip, or embarrass myself?”
“Aw,” Atsumu comes as he lightly pinched the side of your cheek. “Is my baby doll nervous? My beautiful, pregnant doll thinks she’s gonna mess up? Ya so cute.”
Narrowing your eyes into disgust, you swapped his hand away and looked the other way. “I should have brought Sakusa,” You muttered, “he wouldn’t act like this.”
“Huh?” Atsumu's mouth dropped as he scoffed. “Sakusa? Really? Him?”
“Aw,” You smiled at his distaste, now cooing at him as you pinched his cheeks. “Is my Tsumu mad? My poor cute Tsumu not like this? Ya so cute.”
Atsumu's eyes twitch with annoyance, not liking how you were teasing him the same way he did. But an idea popped in his head, snaking his hands up to your cheeks, he hold your head in place. Leaning his lips down to yours, he kissed your lips passionately, making you gasp and eyes widen at the surprising kiss. You tried to reel your head back, feeling the stares of the guest on you. But Atsumu hold your face in place, kissing you harder as he sneaky pushed his tongue past your lips.
Slowly losing yourself to the bliss of his lips, your hand moved down his cheek and to his shirt, balling into a fist. Slowly closing your eyes, you tried to kiss him back but he was already pulling away. Your blonde boyfriend smirked at you, seeing you tried to keep his lips on yours. Opening your eyes, you felt your fave heated up at his smirk, as he whispered, “Ya so cute.”
Slowly pushing him away, you looked down on your lap, rambling nonsense, trying to find the words to tell him. While Atsumu around with a cocky smile, enjoying how most of the guests saw the passionate kiss the two of you shared. But his eyes stopped when he saw Haru was looking at the two of you. With his cocky smile widen, Atsumu sent him a smirking wink, the groom clench his jaw and looking away.
Looking back at you, Atsumu's face softens, tucking a small piece behind your ear, “Ya good, doll?”
“You can’t-,” You placed two fingers on your lips, still feeling the kiss on your lips. “You can’t just do that…”
“Buy ya promised,” Atsumu chuckled, leaning down to kiss your cheek gently. “And ya look so cute all flustered.”
“S-Shut up,” You mumbled, gently pushing his arm.
Chucking at you with a loving smile, Atsumu placed one hand on your belly and whispered husky your ear, “‘M sorry for embarrassing ya, how about I make up to ya tonight?”
You felt your face heated up more, picturing what he meant. Letting a small whine escape your throat, you turned your head in the other direction, “S-Stop saying embarrassing things.”
“I was thinking’ taking ya out for dinner,” Atsumu snickered, enjoying your bashful state. “What were ya thinking’ about pervert?”
“Shut up.”
Snickering at you, Atsumu leaned back in his chair, his eyes never leaving your figure. Amused at how your lips formed a pout and glaring at the table in embarrassment. The guest around you both could see the love in not only his eyes but his whole demeanor as well. One guest went to the two of you, congratulating you on your pregnancy and how happy the two of you are. You shyly thanked them as Atsumu boosted about you and how happy the two of you are. He then proceeded to talk about the future he pictured in his head. Hoping on how the kids will be, their names, and other topics you and Atsumu haven’t talked about yet. But your heart warmed hearing him talked, feeling overjoyed as you heard the excitement in his voice.
“You must really love her,” you heard a deep voice behind you.
“(L/n)-San,” The guest bowed in their head in greeting. “It seems he does.”
Atsumu audible gulped, his body becomes rigid when he heard your father's voice. You sweatdropped with a nervous chuckle when you noticed your boyfriend’s tension. Looking behind you, you smiled at your father who gave you a nod in return before glaring at Atsumu, who refused to look at him. “Well,” Your father leaned down, making Atsumu look at him. “Do you love her?”
Knowing that your father was trying to scare Atsumu, you sighed in a disappointed manner, “We haven’t said we loved each other yet.”
“But the two of you are having a child,” The guest exclaimed with confusion. “And haven’t said I love you?”
“Do you not love her, Miya?” Your father frowned at Atsumu, eyes narrowed into a frighting glare.
Atsumu gulped, trying to break eye contact with your father. He did want to tell you how he loves you but not like this. Not with your father, who has been planning his death since the moment he slapped your bottom in front of him, standing there and of course not with a stranger who is judging them. But did you love him back? Atsumu hoped you did. God, did he hope you love him just as much as he loves you.
“Well,” Your father interrupts his thoughts. “Did you not love her when you got her pregnant?”
“I mean,” Atsumu chuckled nervously, “I did love how she tightened around my-”
“Dinner is about to start,” You smiled nervously, cutting off your baby daddy by covering his mouth with your hand. “You two should go find your seats…”
The guest awkwardly laughed, sending you a smile before walking away. While your father scowled at Atsumu, slowly walking away to his table. You shooked your head at your lover, who was breathing freely now that your father was no longer near him. “Did you really have to say that?” You scold him, moving your hand away from his mouth.
“He asked,” Atsumu shrugged. “Besides, I ain’t scared of him.”
“You were shaking,” You sighed, “and you were pale.”
“I was shakin’ and pale cause…” Atsumu thought of a reason, “Cause ya say I’m like a golden retriever so imma act like one for ya.” Smiling at his proud response, he reached for your hand and laid it on top of his head. “So give me attention.”
“You’re an idiot,” You giggled, running your hand through his hair.
“Are we interrupting something?” You heard a familiar voice in front of you.
Turning your head to look at the voice, you saw Rieko’s parents and sister, smiling happily at you. “Not at all,” You smiled kindly at her, taking your hands away from Atsumu. “Tsumu this is Rieko’s parents, and her sister, Yui.”
“Nice to meet you,” Atsumu eyed them carefully as they sat down.
“Calm down bro,” Yui sat next to you, seeing the cation written on his face. “I’m not like my sister.”
Creasing his eyebrows together, Atsumu looked at you in confusion. Leaning your head closer to his, you whispered, “Yui was one of the people who told me about the affair… But I refused to believe it… Her parents on the other hand…”
Looking at Rieko’s parents, they began to open their mouths to speak. “(Y/n) you are so sweet to break things off with Haru and let them be together!”
“You know I also tell her I wouldn’t let anyone have her until they are a good man, and if he was with you, then I know for sure he is. You don’t let anyone just date you.”
“And don’t forget someone who has money! Did you know Haru is rich?”
“He bought her a car! A really nice car!”
“He spoils her too much! I’m so happy for her! I’m so glad she’s with him.”
“I always knew she loved him but didn’t want to be in your way (Y/n)!”
“I see what ya talkin’ ‘bout,” Atsumu hummed as you and Yui nodded.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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luvreyn · 2 days ago
confident || Atsumu Miya
tags: fluff, sfw
Tumblr media
He looks at you when he entered the court and you can’t but roll your eyes playfully when he smirk. He’s acting like he won already.
The confidence of your man is astounding.
Not that you can blame him when he’s an exceptional player and surrounded by capable teammates himself.
When the game started, you can’t help but feel a little nervous. You’ve been at their games before but the pressure’s not quite like this. Maybe because of the stake and the challenge you issued on Atsumu before the game. You also know how talented his teammates are - the best of the best; if you say so yourself, but this game could gone either way.
You can feel the tension when he stood near the serving line. You know of his reputation in high school - he doesn’t like the noise when serving so when he raise his hand you could’ve have sworn the entire stadium held their breath, but instead of putting his hand down like he did in the past he pointed at you with a smirk playing on his lips.
The cheers grew louder. You bit your lower lip to hide the smile on your face.
Your challenge is on.
He’s not gonna let this game end in the other team’s favor.
Watching proudly as the other team look shocked with his serve, you can’t help but think of why you issued the challenge in the first place.
Atsumu has been dropping hints that he wants to get married, and not just to anyone but to you despite just being together for a year. Asking you about checking a place together, your favorite stone, looking intently at your bare finger, how many kids you wants, your stance on stuff, everything and anything under the sun.
As sure you were that you want to get married to him, too, you couldn’t help but feel that it’s too soon. You still have a lot you want to do before settling down to start a family. He understands your worries though. He gave it a lot of thought. 
It can be a long engagement, he said, he’s just so sure about you.
Your heart fluttered because of him and you could’ve sworn he can ask you right now and you’d say say but you can’t help but tease him a little.
Long engagement? Who says I’m gonna say yes? you tease, eyebrow rose in challenge and he furrowed his brow.
One thing led to another and you said you’re only gonna say yes if he wins this game. 
And here you are, watching as his team dominate the game. 
He’s sweating while watching Shoyo spike, he’s trying so hard even when he knows you’re gonna say yes either way. Afterall, you don’t miss the mirth in 
But you fall a little bit more watching him have fun and do his best at the sport he loves most.
They won the game and you watch the press gather around them. 
He catches your eyes as he smiles widely, grinning at you, and you showed him your hand.
You know, before this day ends, you’re gonna have a ring on your finger. 
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dilf-uc · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairings | atsumu miya x fem!reader, bokuto koutarou x fem!reader, matsukawa issei x fem!reader
genre | smut, fluff (18+)
word count | 3.8K
warnings | nsfw. minors dni. bokuto's has so so much fluff pls. arousal from wearing lipstick. unprotected sex. oral. throat fucking. degradation. dick kissing. public sex. cumming on face. face slapping with their dick. etc. DO NOT IGNORE WARNINGS.
author’s note | idk how tf i came up with this but tbh i just want my lipstick stains on atsumu’s cock so <3
Tumblr media
ATSUMU thinks you look hot as fuck no matter what you do. it’s insane just how quickly you’re able to turn him on with the smallest things that make you who you are. he loves all the stuff you happen to be passionate about. however— when you enjoy doing your makeup, he thinks you look the hottest.
something about watching you apply your red lipstick, swiping it back and forth as you smack your lips together, and admire yourself in the mirror seriously drives him insane. he loves a woman who can do both. with or without makeup, you’re hot as fuck. but he still finds himself licking his own lips thinking about your red and plump ones suffocating his in sloppy kisses; just finding that to be a more erotic thing you can pull off by doing the bare minimum.
he honestly doesn’t know what to call it, but every time he sees you wearing lipstick, licking excess lipgloss on your lips, tongue swirling around your lip, anything of that sort— he fucking loses it.
so on a day where he felt particularly giddy about seeing you wear that special lipstick, and comes home to see that you’re not wearing it, he decided to confront you about it.
“baby, why aren’t ya wearin’ that one red lipstick?” he asks curiously as you’re lounging on the couch.
“hm?” you look up from your phone across the couch, with a confused look on your face. “which one?”
“ya know... the one with the golden rose on the cap?” he clarifies, you made a noise of familiarity, knowing what he’s talking about.
“oh. i just didn’t feel like wearing any makeup today, ‘tsumu,” you ponder. “why do you ask?”
“ah... no particular reason,” he trails off, turning back to the tv. you gave him a weird look before shrugging it off. he probably saw you wear it a lot.
a few minutes pass by before he gets up abruptly from the couch and goes to your bedroom, going over to your vanity table where you keep all your makeup goodies and rummaging in your bag that carries the lipsticks— which, by the way, he was surprised he was able to actually find it through your large collection of products.
you were still immersed in whatever was on your phone before you felt hands rest on your shoulder from behind the couch, you look up and meet atsumu’s gaze, before turning to see the item he held in between his fingers and raising a brow.
the lipstick?
before you could say anything, atsumu strokes your hair softly with a daring grin and actually explains why he’s holding it.
“put it on for me, baby,” he states in a commanding tone, you raise a brow and he huffs. “please?”
you were confused at the sudden request but obliged nonetheless; slowly taking the product from his hand, removing the cap before applying it. atsumu watched as you swirled it around your lips with a dark look in his eyes. he felt himself getting hard at the sight, immediately replacing the image of lipstick with his cock dragging against your lips instead.
you didn’t even get a chance to fully apply it before atsumu harshly gripped your chin, tilting your head to look up at him and he smashed his lips against yours, in a hungry manner.
“mmph!” you made a noise of surprise when he moved his lips against yours rapidly, tongue gliding over your bottom lip and humming at the hint taste of cherry. you couldn’t help moaning against his mouth as he practically smothered his lips with yours, taking your breath away and the kiss itself was numbing because it’s not something atsumu has voiced loudly before.
it didn’t matter how you applied because either way he was clearly planning to make a mess of the lipstick on your mouth. when he pulled away to catch his breath, along with yours— he took a moment to drink in your parted lips with red smeared around it. you looked so fucked out and he hadn’t done anything.
remembering his problem at hand, he brought his thumb to rub some of the colors around your lips, barely doing anything but smearing it furthermore; grinning mischievously at the mess he caused.
“can ya put those messy lips to good use?” he chuckled as he pulled away, beginning to unbutton his pants, you were taken by surprise but didn’t mind one bit, because when he pulled out his hard cock; veiny and bulged at the little lipstick incident. you felt yourself lick your lips at the sight.
he leaned over as he dragged his cock across your lips from side to side, further smearing the red color on your mouth and on the tip of his cock; he dared even slap your cheeks with it; chuckling at your eagerness as you reach out to lick his cock. because he was about to ruin your face and smear it with his own cum swirled with the red color that would have been on your lips.
you were seriously taken back but you knew you were gonna enjoy this; so you wrapped your lips around his tip and pulled away to prepper kisses to it, causing a soft moan to slip from atsumu’s lips.
“just like that, baby,” atsumu threw his head back in bliss with a lazy victorious grin. “i wanna see yer kisses imprinted all over ma dick.”
Tumblr media
BOKUTO is your biggest hypeman! he’s just the biggest simp for you in general. he loves you so, so much and he’s actually your #1 supporter. he, like atsumu, thinks of you as a goddess to worship all day and every day. he finds you hot in almost everything you do. he just thinks you’re so beautiful in all the little things that make you who you are. you accomplish one thing (it could be the smallest thing like getting a productive task done) and he’s running around the house praising you for doing a great job on whatever you did. he’s just an absolute supportive king.
that being said… he’s still a pervert and always manages to sexualize the littlest concepts about you. you can’t blame him, okay? you just manage to make everything about you ooze sex. but he’s your pervert and you adore him just as much. even though due to the fact he’s a pervert, he ruins a lot of moments.
because bokuto is a pervert and your #1 fan, he’d either get hype or get horny. and now, he chose the latter. or both in a sense.
you went out shopping with your friend today so you could finally restock on some of your makeup essentials, and she happened to suggest a new popular matte lip cream that would look astonishing on you and match your skin complexion! she told you that it’s definitely a color that works well with your undertones and really makes your lips look plump and ‘kissable for bokuto-san’!
you narrowed your eyes at your friend’s remark but you actually couldn’t wait to ask bokuto’s opinion on the color. especially since it’s quite a bold color that you’ve never really worn before. you thought it looked good on you too and asking bokuto what he thinks makes you all giddy and warm in the end.
bokuto had just gotten back from practice and was laying down on the couch scrolling through his phone, probably waiting for you. when you came back, you greeted him with a sweet kiss to the top of his head and then ruffling his hair as he grins widely, telling him you’ll be right back to make dinner for you both.
when you went back in your room, you decided you should ask for his opinion now. so you opened the new lip color and applied it, mushing your lips together to spread it evenly and you smiled to yourself. she was right, this does look amazing on your skin.
when you went back in the living room, bokuto was still scrolling through his phone and laying lazingly on the couch. so, you approached him from behind and softly closed his eyes with your hands, him making a soft noise of surprise.
“baby?” bokuto mumbled confusingly when his vision when out suddenly and he looked up, hands still covering his eyes. “what’s up?”
“kou, i got a new lipstick and i want your opinion on it!” you stated and bokuto smiled excitedly and nodded.
“well, how am i supposed to see it if—?” bokuto’s vision was back when you removed your hands, but your face was still upside down to him. “hm, well… baby, i can’t really see so i think you’re gonna have to come closer.”
“huh—? KOU!” you leaned over, squealing in surprise when suddenly bokuto turned around in his spot and grabbed your waist, pulling you over the couch in a bone-crushing hug and then sliding you into his lap, where he really got an upclose look on the color.
bokuto’s own lips parted in awe once he really took in your facial features with the color; his cheeks tainted pink at how absolutely pretty you look. and he’s barely taken back in surprise because you always look amazing. but right now, all he really wants is to kiss you (much like your own friend mentioned) and feel the way your lips move against his; and he’s hoping maybe that the lipstick has a little flavor so he’d absolutely devour your mouth until there wasn’t a single tint of the lip color on you.
“so... what do you think?” you ask shyly because he hasn’t said anything in the past few minutes. did he not like it—?
that snapped bokuto out of his little starstruck trance.
“you’re so pretty, baby,” he smiled sloppily, hands grabbing at your waist tighter. “i love this color on you. please wear it again.”
“awh— thank you, kou! i think it’s a little bold for my taste but i never really wear colors like this—mmph!” you were cut off mid-sentence when bokuto suddenly pressed his lips against yours, softly at first, taking you by surprise but you kissed him back nonetheless.
you tried to pull away to breathe but he kept pulling you back in, and the kiss getting rather more heated in his arms. bokuto couldn’t help himself, truly— you just look so hot and this lip color is nothing new to make him feel like this. like he couldn’t help lapping up at your lips as if he was starved; tongue exploring your mouth and grinning when the creamy taste of strawberry filled his senses.
he also couldn’t help but grab at the flesh of your ass in his lap, gliding his hands up and down your waist; moving over to cup your breast as his lungs pound like a heart at the lack of air. he especially couldn’t help but grind up into your clothed core, softly moaning into your mouth that he’s in desperate need of friction.
“kou…?” you breathed out softly, as bokuto pulled away with a flushed expression, lips swollen and smeared with your lip color, you could definitely feel his hard-on beneath you, pressing against your clothed cunt but still making you wet.
“baby…” he mumbles, moving over to press wet kisses into your neck, lightly flustered, you sigh in bliss and run your fingers through his hair before he looks up and crashes his lips against yours once more.
except this one was rather more determined; he continued to grind hungrily into you and you couldn’t help but oblige. you knew what he wanted; and this was just so cute of him, like always.
but it was getting overwhelming for poor bokuto, the adrenaline pumping through his veins from your kiss, the lack of oxygen in his lungs, the delicious feeling of your cunt grinding against his clothed erection— it was too much. and he couldn’t help it, he couldn’t help but come undone, splurting his load of cum in his grey sweats, whining repeatedly when he ruts his hips faster as you let him ride out his high.
you pull away and bokuto’s completely embarrassed, whining and trembling from the rock-hard orgasm he just experienced, hiding his face in the crook of your neck, slow breaths tickling the skin.
“kou? you okay, baby?” you run your fingers through his hair, he looked up with dusted pink cheeks like your lip color and pouted.
“‘m sorry baby, couldn’t help it,” he kisses your neck softly. “you’re just so hot.”
you just giggled at how cute he is and pressed a sweet kiss to his cheek. but you’re completely flattered, not expecting your lipstick to have that big of an effect. it did more than just compliment your skin.
Tumblr media
MATSUKAWA not only loses his patience but also his self-control when it comes to you. especially when it comes to your troublesome attitude that he just constantly has to punish you for. when you don’t listen to him, when you don’t obey him; he cannot control himself. and oftentimes you’re not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing.
well, it’s not like you’re not fond of his punishments; that’s why they keep happening. you just don’t know when to stop. you just keep edging him until he snaps.
of course, this was something established pretty early in the sexual stages of your relationship. you learned that issei is very much a man that gets aroused by the most oddly specific things, lover of many kinks and that he explores whatever you’d like in the bedroom. especially the fact he’s highly into rough punishments, voyeurism; too much to dive into but it had you on your knees every single time because sex with him was so thrilling and rewarding.
it’s no surprise you’re one hell of a brat, constantly pressing his buttons, getting on his nerves, and seducing him at inappropriate times; all the ordeal that lands you in a position like this.
he still fucking loves you for it, though. one of the many reasons why you’re to marry this man; every day with him is an adventure full of surprises and that’s something you both longed for until you found each other. a life so stimulating and full of unexplored territories. it’s so fun.
tonight, you both had plans to go to a restaurant and meet up with his seijoh friends, getting good food and maybe some drinks… nothing too crazy, right?
well, it wasn’t at first. while issei waited for you to get ready so you could head out, he wasn’t expecting you to come out dressed like you’re planning to seduce all his friends and not just him alone.
especially when he saw the forbidden lipstick he’d emphasized on multiple times. the way he’s always going feral over whenever you wear it. he’d specifically asked you not to wear it and here you are, wearing it at the worst possible timing.
and the mischievous ‘innocent’ grin on your face says it all. you’re wearing it on purpose.
“the fuck are you wearing?” he asked with an unamused expression, you just faked a gasp.
“why? do i look bad?” you fluttered your lash innocently and were enjoying the scowl on his face.
“sweetheart,” he started, walking closer to you and resting his hand on your waist. “i thought we discussed the consequences of wearing that lipstick.”
“what consequences? it’s just makeup, issei,” you tilted your head with a smile and resisted the urge to laugh when his jaw clenched.
“you know damn well what the consequences are, baby,” his voice getting deeper and making this more thrilling. “and you don’t want them to happen tonight and have me embarrass you in front of my friends, do you?”
“and what if i do?” you grin. “speaking of your friends, we don’t wanna keep them waiting at dinner, do you?”
matsukuawa’s jaw clenched and you simply giggled and opened the door of your house to leave, stopping at the doorstep.
“besides, i haven’t seen tooru since he went off to argentina, i wonder how pretty he looks now.”
now you just crossed the line.
the car ride to the restaurant was deafening; you didn’t say a word to one another and you chose to ignore how pissy he looks so you reached a hand over to rub his thigh, causing him to tense up.
“you don’t want to play this game, sweetheart,” he started, turning to you with seriousness.
you just giggled and turned back to stare out the window. and when you both finally arrived at the restaurant, his friends were already there and you found yet another opportunity to rile him up.
hanamaki, who you often see (as he’s issei’s closest friend), came up and hugged you like always. and then along with iwaizumi, who you’ve also been seeing frequently since he got back to japan from america; hugged you but respectfully as well.
and speaking of the devil’s name, the man of the hour appears behind them— looking completely different than you had seen him before.
oikawa was definitely hot and pretty. at your time in aoba johsai, managing their team, you got along quite well with him and you ended up finding out he had feelings for you. obviously, you felt nothing towards him because a certain middle blocker numbered 2 caught your heart way before.
and oikawa was sweet, he was what they like to call ‘eye-candy’ but he was rather boring; he was far from your type. sure, dating a pro volleyball player who travels the world sounds fun, but where’s the flavor of doing wrong things? of having a private life not exposed to the media. where’s the taste in having things stored for just two people and not the whole world or fangirls to know of?
that’s because issei promised you a life full of fun and thrilling adventures and that’s all you wanted. one that will take place tonight, in fact.
“y/n-chan!” oikawa exclaimed, pulling you into a bone crushing hug. “you look amazing! what have you been up to since i left? i haven’t even been gone that long!”
“you got hot yourself too, tooru,” you chuckled. “and we haven’t been up to too much, just the usual.”
“oh, please, y/n-chan you’re makin’ me blush!” he giggled, immediately stopping once he sees the intimidating aura coming from matsukawa in the corner.
you turn to look at issei and you’re positive he popped a vein in his forehead from that little interaction. oikawa simply chuckles and goes over to hug matsukawa, saying he’s happy to pay for dinner since he’s been gone for a while.
only a couple of minutes into dinner does issei really snap because you’re shamelessly being flirty with his friends and he couldn’t stand it. so, abruptly he stood up and excused himself to the bathroom. and, obviously, you immediately knew what was wrong as you’re the obvious cause to why he just got up and left like that. you knew the consequences, and your shamelessness to face them was even more lewd.
which brings you to now— where currently, you were attempting to balance yourself so that your knees don’t hit the dirty tiles of the public restroom; bouncing on the balls of your feet as matsukawa harshly fucks your throat; loud sucking and gulping noises that slurp on his cock filling the air.
“you just had to dress up like a hooker, tonight, huh?” issei chuckled as he fisted your hair in his hands. “you wanted to be fucked like one too? you could’ve given me a heads up, baby. you know i don’t like surprises.”
he pulled you off his cock momentarily to breathe.
“hah— ‘m sorry. couldn’t help it, issei, you’re so hot when you’re mad—mmph!” you’re cut off as he thrusts back into your mouth.
“are you really sorry though, my little slut?” issei tilted his head with a curious gaze. “if you were sorry, you wouldn’t have worn that lipstick i’ve clearly told you not to. especially not in public.”
you’re a lewd and whining mess in his hands, your legs shaking from bending too long, your cum and spit rolling down your chin— it’s a hot fucking sight for issei. you’re honestly moaning into his cock and dripping onto the floor, but it’s worth it.
“was it worth it seeing me get hard at dinner in front of my friends?” he gripped your wet chin. “was it worth seeing me not control myself?”
you pulled away to mumble a ‘yeah’ with a throaty chuckle before you’re pulled back once more to swallow him whole.
“you that hungry to get a taste of my—fuck—cock, slut?” issei groaned as he picked up the pace, getting closer. “that you had to embarass me, ‘s that it?”
you simply moan against his dick, tears rolling down your cheek as you smile slightly. this was what you wanted.
“but for what it’s worth…” he’d tilt his head and chuckle, breathlessly moaning as he nears his orgasm. “this real pretty sight of your lipstick smeared all over my dick is what i wanna see forever, sweetheart.”
your heart swells at his lewd words; these things are worth getting in a little trouble over. even when his friends will definitely question you when you get back.
but it’s worth it.
“you drive me wild, baby— fuck, i think ‘m gonna cum!” his breaths rapidly increase, fisting your hair harder. “since all you’re such a cockhungry slut, you better fuckin’ swallow every last drop i’m gonna give you. after all, you asked for this.”
the squelching noises emitting from your throat as issei fucks it harshly, sliding in and out of you at a merciless pace, barely giving you room to breathe but driving you so breathless at the same time is intoxicating. the tears streaming down your cheeks are enough to rock him to his intense orgasm, with one final thrust that goes all the way to the back of your throat. your nose nudged his pelvic bone as your eyes roll to the back of your head when you feel the thick splurts of cum coating it.
issei stroked your cheek as he pulled out and watched you swallow all of his cum, even licking up the drops that slipped down your chin. he dared even slap your face with his cock, as his way of saying ‘that’s all you’re good for, slut.’
“good girl,” issei smiled as he bent down with your level and pressed a soft kiss to your cheek and pulled you into a sweet embrace, holding you up so that your legs aren’t strained from bending down the entire time. even after going so rough, he’s always so gentle and caring towards how you end up feeling. he loves you madly, but perhaps it’s not too wise to rile him up every now and then.
but again, it was worth it.
“now clean yourself up and get back,” issei chuckled and pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “and i better see that color off.”
noted. thank the gods for the spare lipgloss you brought with you.
Tumblr media
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frogtanii · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
℗ poker face
starring - miya atsumu | miya osamu | kozume kenma | kuroo tetsurō | bokuto kotarou | akaashi keiji | sugawara koushi | sawamura daichi | oikawa toorū | iwaizumi hajime | sakusa kiyoomi
summary - as an up and coming youtuber, you thought it would be beneficial to join a content house with your old childhood friend meiko, but as time went by, you realized things were not as they seemed. with only 6 months left on your contract, will your housemates finally open their eyes and see how horribly they’ve been treating you or will you leave with a heavy mind and an even heavier heart?
genre - youtuber!au, college!au, ANGST, ANGST ANGST, literally cannot warn u enough it is so much angst, tiny bit of crack, eventual fluff, eventual choose-your-man endings, enemies to lovers type beat, reverse harem
warnings - TW ATTEMPTED SEXUAL A*SAULT AND ATTEMPTED MURDER, hi yes ANGST, manipulation (not by you to the boys or the boys to you), ur faves are rlly mean at first, swearing, drinking, just everyone sucks but you & atsumu lol, minimal fluff, not soft at first (it takes a minute)
taglist - CLOSED!
status - on hiatus!
profiles 01 || profiles 02
i. lol who asked
ii. not the tyra slander
iii. a crack in the facade
iv. movie night :/
v. evidence. please.
vi. too attached
vii. not helpful
viii. vacation!!!!!
ix. shattered
x. ick
xi. come quick
xii. tell me everything
xiii. talking it out
xiv. k fuck you meiko
xv. cigarettes and tears (tw sexual assault‼️)
xvi. whenever you’re ready
xvii. charmed
xviii. but... why?
xix. try, for him
xx. alone time :)
→ missing screenshots from xx ;-;
xxi. actual murder
xxii. a boy worth fighting for
xxiii. exiled
xxiv. stfu, jesus
xxv. insecurities :(
xxvi. a gift, truly
xxvii. did a number on you,,
xxviii. the yn project
xxix. you are loved :)
xxx. literally shut up iwaizumi
xxxi. walk for me, serve
xxxii. god speed your love to me
xxxiii. ‘bunched panties’
xxxiv. take care of yourself, iwaizumi-san
xxxv. so... this is it
xxxvi. brand new manager-chan
xxxvii. investigation: start!
xxxviii. whatever it takes
xxxix. she’ll be okay
xl. get in losers, we’re going shopping
xli. disruption
xlii. be better
xliii. what you deserve
xliv. ok, go off queen
xlv. intermission
xlvi. can we talk?
xlvii. lemme see the drip
xlviii. frozen
xlix. the least he could do
l. let me be here for you
li. the doctor and the asshole
lii. change for the better
liii. that’s a lil sus
liv. limo karaoke
lv. one way or another
lvi. stress pets
lvii. deflection
lviii. it’s over
lix. not like this
lx. i’ll be just fine
miya atsumu - me and my husband
kozume kenma - home
bonus content! below the cut :)
what everyone does (like their content lol)
official room aesthetics!! (also by me ahaha)
much better floor plans lmfao (by @/vixisti)
kenma dripped down (by @/anythingremotelynice)
finished bokuto!!! (by @/tadaimari)
wind nonnie’s love letter to yn <3
memorableminds meme dumps one & two
rated e’s fanart baddie fit & swimsuit
hehe funny meme submission (by @/anarchybaby)
meme dump!! (by @/justanother2dsimp)
tsumu’s dinner fit (by @/peachiikichu)
tsumu lookin FINE (by @/anythingremotelynice)
masc poker face fits by @/halethemenace one
the boys’ dinner fits (by @/moooonyyy)
kuroo’s beach fit (by @/aozorasannn)
hehe meme dump!!! (by @/sakusasonlywife)
omi’s dinner fit (by @/tsukkiholicc)
bo && yn (by @/a-mi-nion)
kenma’s beach fit (by @/chocolatiernerd)
tsumu cleaning mc’s wounds (by @/kiwibirbs-library)
sakusa cleaning mc’s wounds (by @/anythingremotelynice)
sakusa & mc drabble (by chai anon ((SO GOOD)))
cherry wine cover (by @/toshis-switch)
akaashi drawing!! (by @/a-mi-nion)
mostly atsumu memes!! (by @/attentionwhoreuwu)
atsumu n yn meeting drabble (by strawberry mochi)
sakusa limo ride drabble (by chai anon ((STUNNING))
oiks n yn drabble (by chai anon ((EMOTIONAL ;-;))
fight for me animatic (by @/lausterdomyamong) ((INCREDIBLE OMFG I LOVE YOU))
sims house stuff!! (by @/liferuinedby5idiotsand1genius)
suga hiding (by @/a-mi-nion)
pov: ur meiko (by @/lausterdomyamong)
tsumu n samu angst drabble (by noah anon (beauty))
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toru-oikawas-milkbread · 3 months ago
The Haikyuu Boys Send you a Dirty text | Pt.2
Pairing: haikyuu boys x f!reader 
Notes: In this chapter I have: Kuroo, Kenma, Osamu, Atsumu, Sakusa, Kita, Suna, Semi, Tendō, and Ushijima! 
If you want to check out my masterlist for the texting series posts as I make them, you can follow {this link} to the page! I’ll be adding them on as quickly as I can. You may notice a few things changing in certain chapters if you were around on my old blog, but for the most part I’m trying to keep things as similar as they were before! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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riintarro · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
⤷    pairings : suna rintaro, atsumu miya, osamu miya, iwaizumi hajime, koutarou bokuto, sugawara koushi
⤷    warnings : nsfw 18+, characters are post time skip, suggestive themes but nothing too explicit, somnophillia for suga
⤷    author’s note : waHooo i did it! also all terms are gender neutral :9
⤷    part 2?
Tumblr media
𝐇.𝐈𝐖𝐀𝐈𝐙𝐔𝐌𝐈 — iwaizumi sharply exhaled and you could feel his arm relax around your body. he’s had a long day and stress was written all over his face. when you opened your arms and invited him for cuddles, he was more than happy to oblige. he pressed his chest against your back as you glanced over your shoulder. with his lips slightly ajar, his once furrowed brows were relaxed. perhaps you could alleviate more of that stress? shuffling to get closer to him, your ass “accidentally” brushed against his dick. 20 times. by the 21st time, his arms were gripping your sides and pulling your ass flushed against his cock. slightly digging his fingers into your waist, he placed his face into the back of your head, feeling his hot breath against your nape. “keep doing that sweetheart and you’ll see what happens”.
𝐊.𝐁𝐎𝐔𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 — watching the tv was the least of your concerns. you were all too aware of your boyfriend’s hand resting, playing with your thighs. there wasn’t any intention but you had other thoughts. adjusting yourself on bokuto’s lap, claiming that his rock hard thighs were uncomfortable, your lower back happened to rub against his dick. he cleared his throat and you could hear him inhale sharply. even though you made the same lame excuse of trying to make yourself comfortable, he hadn’t noticed what you were doing, until he wrapped his arms around your abdomen. hugging you close, he placed his forehead against the base of your neck. his cock twitched and his breathing became uneven. “b-baby… you think you could help me here?” maybe you went a bit too far.
𝐌.𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 — it’s friday night and what better way to spend it by snuggling up against your boyfriend. just to have a bit of fun, you started shifting and backing up further into him, ass making contact with dick. he could feel you down there and smirked. “you tryna tell me something, pretty girl?” he snaked his arms around your chest and pulled you closer. you didn’t have to continue rubbing yourself against him because his dirty mind did the work for you. shoving two fingers into your mouth, he slung a leg around yours. “if you’re that eager, you could have just told me.”
𝐌.𝐎𝐒𝐀𝐌𝐔 — you wanted to see how much you could affect your boyfriend. while pressing your chest up against his, you pretended to play a game on your phone, while your legs encased his. you shuffled your hips closer to his and it took you all your strength from moaning out his name when your clit rubbed a little too hard. taking a quick glance at the side of your head, he knew exactly what you were doing. he grabbed you by the waist and held you in place. it took you by surprise and you gasped when his fingers tightened. he was amused even though he was half hard. taking this as a challenge, you started to rock your hips against his thighs. with a sultry face and a bite to the lip, you felt yourself up trying to rile him up. and it worked. say goodbye to your pussy.
𝐑.𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐀 — oh how you waited for a moment like this. after all of those times of him sending you lewd images, touching you and never giving more, saying suggestive words in public, it was time to pay him back for all of those frustrating moments. rubbing your knee against his cock, you buried your face into his chest. he looked unbothered, sleeping soundly but his body said otherwise. no reaction, no change in breathing, even when his dick throbbed painfully. lazily opening one eye, he noticed what you were doing and grabs your knee, stopping your actions. swallowing, you looked up at him and before you knew it, he had you pinned and spreading your legs.
𝐊.𝐒𝐔𝐆𝐀𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐀 — you kinda felt bad for him. assuming you were already asleep and were just moving around in your sleep, he cussed when your ass repeatedly grazed his cock. you could feel him tense against your back, and just by the way he cursed, you knew he didn’t know what to do with his pent up frustration. he doesn’t want to wake you up, so with a bite to the lip, he thrusted into your thighs. stifling a moan, he rammed and rocked himself, using you to reach his high. his breath felt warm against your nape and he softly chanted your name into your ear. he instinctively reached for your clit when he came. his sinful moan was able to mask your quiet whine.
Tumblr media
© riintarro 2021. do not repost/copy, alter, or share any of my works onto any other platforms.
Tumblr media
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sukunababy · 20 days ago
𝕳𝖎𝖈 𝖋𝖎𝖓𝖎𝖙 𝕯𝖊𝖚𝖘 || 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖐𝖙𝖔𝖇𝖊𝖗 2021
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“𝙂𝙤𝙙 𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙨 𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚”
Tumblr media
𝗙𝗶𝗰𝘀 𝘄𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗶𝗻 𝘀𝗲𝗻𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲/𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗴𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴/𝘂𝗻𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗳𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝘁𝗼𝗽𝗶𝗰𝘀
𝗙𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗼𝗺𝘀 ⇨ 𝗝𝘂𝗷𝘂𝘁𝘀𝘂 𝗞𝗮𝗶𝘀𝗲𝗻, 𝗧𝗼𝗸𝘆𝗼 𝗥𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗿𝘀, 𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗮𝗿𝘁𝘆 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗣𝗮𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗼𝘁, 𝗠𝘆 𝗛𝗲𝗿𝗼 𝗔𝗰𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗺𝗶𝗮, 𝗔𝘁𝘁𝗮𝗰𝗸 𝗼𝗻 𝗧𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗻, 𝗛𝗮𝗶𝗸𝘆𝘂!!, 𝗡𝗮𝗿𝘂𝘁𝗼 & 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗶𝗻𝘀𝗮𝘄 𝗠𝗮𝗻
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝗞𝗶𝗻𝗸𝘁𝗼𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭 𝗠𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁
♰ 𝟭. 𝗠𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿/𝗣𝗲𝘁 — 𝗠𝗮𝗸𝗶𝗺𝗮 ⇨ After Party
♰ 𝟮. 𝗔𝗻𝗮𝗹 — 𝗪𝗮𝗸𝗮𝘁𝗼𝘀𝗵𝗶 𝗨𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗷𝗶𝗺𝗮 ⇨ New Pleasures
♰ 𝟯. 𝗗𝗮𝗱𝗱𝘆 𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗸 — 𝗧𝗮𝗶𝗷𝘂 𝗦𝗵𝗶𝗯𝗮 ⇨ Daddy’s little girl
♰ 𝟰. 𝗗𝗮𝗰𝗿𝘆𝗽𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗶𝗮 — 𝗪𝗶𝗹𝗹𝗶𝗮𝗺 𝗝. 𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗮𝗿𝘁𝘆 ⇨ Crybaby
♰ 𝟱. 𝗖𝗼𝗰𝗸𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗴 — 𝗢𝗶𝗸𝗮𝘄𝗮 𝗧𝗼𝗿𝘂 ⇨ Late Night
♰ 𝟲. 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗼𝘅𝗶𝗰𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 — 𝗡𝗮𝗻𝗮𝗺𝗶 𝗞𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗼 ⇨ Dance in the Dark
♰ 𝟳. 𝗢𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗺𝘂𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 — 𝗢𝘀𝗮𝗺𝘂 𝗠𝗶𝘆𝗮 ⇨ Movie Night
♰ 𝟴. 𝟲𝟵 — 𝗧𝗼𝗷𝗶 𝗙𝘂𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗴𝘂𝗿𝗼 ⇨ Daddy knows best
♰ 𝟵. 𝗚𝘂𝗻 𝗽𝗹𝗮𝘆 — 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝘇𝘂 𝗛𝗮𝗿𝘂𝗰𝗵𝗶𝘆𝗼 ⇨ Harley & Joker
♰ 𝟭𝟬. 𝗦𝗵𝗼𝘁𝗴𝘂𝗻𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 — 𝗚𝗲𝘁𝗼 𝗦𝘂𝗴𝘂𝗿𝘂 ⇨ Halloweed
♰ 𝟭𝟭. 𝗠𝗶𝗿𝗿𝗼𝗿 𝘀𝗲𝘅 — 𝗦𝗲𝗯𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗮𝗻 𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗮𝗻 ⇨ Mirror on the wall
♰ 𝟭𝟮. 𝗦𝗾𝘂𝗶𝗿𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 — 𝗥𝘆𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗻 𝗦𝘂𝗸𝘂𝗻𝗮 ⇨ Endorphins
♰ 𝟭𝟯.𝗬𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗲 — 𝗗𝗮𝗯𝗶 ⇨ Stockholm
♰ 𝟭𝟰. 𝗣𝘂𝗯𝗹𝗶𝗰— 𝗦𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗹𝗼𝗰𝗸 𝗛𝗼𝗹𝗺𝗲𝘀 ⇨ Swan Lake  
♰ 𝟭𝟱. 𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗲𝘀𝗼𝗺𝗲 — 𝗚𝗼𝗷𝗼 𝗦𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘂 + 𝗛𝗮𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗞𝗮𝗸𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗶 ⇨ Daddy’s best friends
♰ 𝟭𝟲. 𝗘𝘅𝗵𝗶𝗯𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗶𝘀𝗺 — 𝗠𝗮𝗻𝗷𝗶𝗿𝗼 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗼 ⇨ The Meeting
♰ 𝟭𝟳. 𝗞𝗻𝗶𝗳𝗲 𝗣𝗹𝗮𝘆 — 𝗛𝗮𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗞𝗮𝗸𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗶 ⇨ Blades
♰ 𝟭𝟴. 𝗖𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗺𝗽𝗶𝗲 — 𝗘𝗿𝗲𝗻 𝗝𝗮𝗲𝗴𝗲𝗿 ⇨ From Fuck You to Fuck Me
♰ 𝟭𝟵. 𝗖𝗼𝗿𝗿𝘂𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗸 — 𝗧𝗼𝗷𝗶 𝗙𝘂𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗴𝘂𝗿𝗼 ⇨ The Babysitter
♰ 𝟮𝟬. 𝗗𝘂𝗺𝗯𝗶𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 — 𝗧𝗲𝘁𝘀𝘂𝗿𝗼 𝗞𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗼 ⇨ NNN
♰ 𝟮𝟭. 𝗢𝗿𝗴𝗮𝘀𝗺 𝗱𝗲𝗻𝗶𝗮𝗹 — 𝗚𝗼𝗷𝗼 𝗦𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘂 ⇨ Smile ‘n click
♰ 𝟮𝟮. 𝗣𝗵𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝘀𝗲𝘅 — 𝗠𝗶𝘁𝘀𝘂𝘆𝗮 𝗧𝗮𝗸𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗶 ⇨ Pillow talk
♰ 𝟮𝟯. 𝗛𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗳𝘂𝗰𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗴 — 𝗢𝗚 𝗥𝘆𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗻 𝗦𝘂𝗸𝘂𝗻𝗮 ⇨ The Queen of Curses
♰ 𝟮𝟰. 𝗦𝗲𝗺𝗶 𝗽𝘂𝗯𝗹𝗶𝗰 — 𝗞𝗲𝗻𝗺𝗮 𝗞𝗼𝘇𝘂𝗺𝗲 ⇨ In the Mic
♰ 𝟮𝟱. 𝗗𝗲𝗲𝗽𝘁𝗵𝗿𝗼𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 — 𝗞𝗲𝗻 𝗥𝘆𝘂𝗴𝘂𝗷𝗶 ⇨ Engine faults
♰ 𝟮𝟲. 𝗗𝗣 𝟭 𝗵𝗼𝗹𝗲 — 𝗢𝗚 𝗥𝘆𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗻 𝗦𝘂𝗸𝘂𝗻𝗮 ⇨ The King
♰ 𝟮𝟳. 𝗦𝗵𝗼𝘄𝗲𝗿 𝘀𝗲𝘅 — 𝗔𝘁𝘀𝘂𝗺𝘂 𝗠𝗶𝘆𝗮 ⇨ My handyman neighbor
♰ 𝟮𝟴. 𝗦𝗼𝗺𝗻𝗼𝗽𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗶𝗮 — 𝗖𝗵𝗶𝗳𝘂𝘆𝘂 𝗠𝗮𝘁𝘀𝘂𝗻𝗼 ⇨ Sweet dreams
♰ 𝟮𝟵. 𝗜𝗻𝗰𝗲𝘀𝘁 — 𝗚𝗼𝗷𝗼 𝗦𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘂 ⇨ The Cabin in the Woods
♰ 𝟯𝟬. 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘀 𝗿𝗶𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 — 𝗟𝗲𝘃𝗶 𝗔𝗰𝗸𝗲𝗿𝗺𝗮𝗻 ⇨ Spring Cleaning
♰ 𝟯𝟭. 𝗚𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗯𝗮𝗻𝗴 — 𝗧𝗼𝗷𝗶 𝗙𝘂𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗴𝘂𝗿𝗼, 𝗚𝗼𝗷𝗼 𝗦𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘂, 𝗚𝗲𝘁𝗼 𝗦𝘂𝗴𝘂𝗿𝘂 & 𝗥𝘆𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗻 𝗦𝘂𝗸𝘂𝗻𝗮 ⇨ Welcome to the Party
Tumblr media
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kentoangel · 18 days ago
your anime husband laying under you as you ride his dick, hands gripping your hips, breathy moans slipping past his lips as his head lolls back and he moans: damn angel, don’t stop, ‘kay? feels so good. and once you throw your head back, breasts prominent to him, he says (cocky, giddy): you ‘bout to cum, angel? c’mon, precious, cum all over my dick and once you do, he flips positions — eats you out like there’s no tomorrow, like his life depends on it — because you’re so divine, he can’t help it.
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neoheros · a month ago
Tumblr media
you were tricked.
conned, fooled, deliberately scammed, and honestly, you can't decide what's worse - the fact that your own best friends have done this to you or that you actually fell for one of their stupid pranks in the first place.
this is all atsumu's doing.
he was the one who sent you that stupid text asking you to come over, help him out with his stupid laundry, and maybe it was the tiring day you've just had or the fact that he's been weirdly sweet to you lately, but you hit yourself now for not even thinking twice about actually coming over.
"no!" atsumu grabs onto your arm, lightly holding you back as you walk on forcefully anyway, "stay!"
you shake your head, "i'm leaving, miya!"
atsumu gasps, his hand on your arm falling immediately as he stops trying to slow you down, "you called me miya."
you could almost see the dashes of arrows dramatically shooting through him as he says this, his hand clutching his heart as he looks at you with a betrayed expression.
he's worked very hard for you to stop calling him "miya", and and he’s worked even harder for you to start calling him "tsumu" like everyone else does.
of course, you didn't really want to do that, so for the following three months he would deliberately do everything he can just to get you to stop being so formal with him.
but one day you cracked, and you called him "tsumu" for the first time after he scored the winning point for the team, and you’ll never forget how there was just this entire second where he refused to let you out of his embrace.
bokuto runs to your spot, overtaking just a bit after you, and stopping to where he can openly block your passage, his arms outstretched as he repeatedly shakes his head.
a deep frown on his face and weirdly enough, the tips of his hair falling down with it, "you can't leave - we worked so hard getting you here!"
your eyebrows quirk, "kou—"
"you called him ‘kou’ and i'm still stuck with ‘miya’?!" atsumu cuts you off, yelling scornfully from the floor.
you shoot him a quick glare, "shut it, i'm leaving."
"no!" bokuto shakes his head again, the whine in his voice automatically accompanied by him grabbing your right arm, pulling you back away from the door, and you swear you can almost feel his deep frown when he buries his face into your shirt.
okay, see, you would shake him off, but you know bokuto more than anyone, and that means you know that doing that would literally be physically impossible.
after all, you're the one who gets his embraces after matches, good or bad outcome, the second he steps out of the court, he's running to you, arms open, and ready to take you in.
you know more than anyone that once his arms are on you, the only way you're getting out is if he lets you.
your shoulders fall harshly, with atsumu on the floor, sulking his butt off as he stares up at you with an annoying frown, and bokuto unrelenting to let go of your arm, you're unsure if you're ever gonna leave this place.
sakusa frowns, walking in from the main door a few seconds after all this, and there's already a stark look on his face that shows his regret about coming in the first place.
it's surprising seeing sakusa here at all. movie nights weren't usually his thing, and you almost start to wonder if he's been tricked into coming here as well.
“omi, thank god.” you breath out a sigh of relief, “i’m trying to leave and these two won’t let me.”
his face clears up a little, a short "ah" with the nod of his head coming through as if you've just answered a question in his head.
you give him a smile, “talk some sense into them.”
he doesn't say anything. the bag in his hand still tightly placed in his grasp, his glance nonchalant as he keeps it on you.
“omi.” you call out to him.
he doesn't move. instead, he walks backwards, stopping just before the door, and slowly - he shakes his head.
your smile drops, “omi, get away from that door.”
he shakes his head again, a bit more gentle this time.
and you groan, “sakusa kiyoomi, not you too.”
“i’m sorry," he extends his arms out, his bag falling on the floor, not seeming to care, and he shakes his head, "but i’m not letting you leave me alone with these idiots."
atsumu yells, "hey!" picking himself up from the floor, throwing his hands in the air.
bokuto looks up from your shoulder, pulling away slightly once he sees sakusa's arrival and a sudden smile is back on his face.
he cheers, "you made it!"
and sakusa grumbles, "i always make it."
and bokuto smiles, "yeah, but i like cheering when you arrive."
you can't believe what you're hearing. sakusa? a frequent flyer in atsumu's house for movie night? what timeline is this? what is going on?
you move to the side, walking to where sakusa stands, hitting his shoulder lightly as you scoff, and he looks at you, eyebrows furrowed together.
"move." you tell him.
and he says back, just as firm as you are, "no."
"c'mon!" you frown, crossing your arms over your chest, “i thought we were friends!"
and from behind you both, bokuto says, “ouch.”
and it’s followed by atsumu shaking his head in sympathy, “that’s gotta hurt, man.”
your shoulders rise, rolling your eyes as you try your best to ignore the slight pink in sakusa's ears, turning on your heels to look at everyone.
“hey,” you wave them off, “we are all friends here.”
bokuto looks at atsumu, “i think i just got friendzoned.”
and he looks back at him, “i think i just got friendzoned too.”
atsumu turns his head to you, shaking his head disappontedly as he crosses his arms, “you are evil.”
you scoff, mimicking him, “i'm leaving.”
and in unison, all three of them tell you, "no!"
your shoulders fall with you, the frown on your face turning into a scowl, and you swear you've just about had enough to start yelling, but with bokuto on your right, atsumu on your left, and sakusa staring at you with a withering focus to not let you get past him, you're unsure what your odds are of winning an argument right now.
the door knob rattles, then with a twist, it swings open.
hinata comes in last, brown bags of food in his arms as he pushes the door behind him with his foot, and once he notices that all eyes are on him, he stops nervously by sakusa.
"so..." he laughs awkwardly, "am i late?"
“shoyo!” you cheer, “you’ve come to save me!”
he mirrors your smile, the wide grin forming on his face as you stare at him in delight, but he still tilts his head in confusion for what you'd mean.
"i'm trying to leave and they all won't let me, and it's not that i don't like movies or movie nights, but i just don't like being tricked into going to them! they're all crazy, did you know that? your team is crazy." you explain, your hands moving with you as you do.
hinata nods, slowly giving the brown paperbags to sakusa who rolls his eyes but takes them nonetheless.
then he looks at atsumu, eyebrows furrowing as he yells, "i told you this would happen!"
your smile falls, "you were in on this too?!"
"i told them it was a bad idea!" he yells back, looking at you.
“i was tricked into being here!” you yell, eyebrows furrowed together, “miya told me he needed help unloading the dryer!”
and sakusa nods, “he is believably stupid.”
( atsumu yells, “i'm right here!” and sakusa looks at him directly, “that’s why i said it.” )
“you’re never here,” bokuto cuts in, his hand on your shoulder back again as he grabs your attention, “you always reschedule.”
and you try to say, "i get bus-"
“even omi-kun shows up for the movie.” hinata intervenes his voice gentle as if to reason with you.
and sakusa shrugs, “it’s good for me to expose myself to stupidity every once in a while.”
you let out a sigh, laughing lightly at that, but you shake your head anyways, arms crossing over your chest, "i don't like being tricked."
and atsumu comes up to you, "i promise to have an actual laundry crisis next time."
you hit him jokingly on the shoulder.
"you know," you shake your head, "you guys could've just asked me to come tonight."
and bokuto answers, his hair falling with his frown, "and risk you not coming? we leave for the season tomorrow and you aren't coming with us and that's three days without you."
you have been rescheduling a whole lot lately, mostly because of the job transfer, but also because you're still unsure how to tell them that you were transferring jobs in the first place.
if they won't even let you leave movie night early, you can't even imagine how they'd take it when you tell them that you're switching careers.
“stay.” atsumu coos, pleading gently, “if not for us, do it for the movie.”
“i'll let you get the good spot on the couch." sakusa adds, nodding lightly to what atsumu's just said.
hinata grabs your shoulders, smiling widely as he looks at you, “you can also get the popcorn bowl.”
“and we have face masks!” bokuto cheers, nodding excitedly as you smile with him.
sakusa shakes his head, telling you, “they’re mine but they always trick me into bringing them here.”
and you laugh.
the four of them - they're a tough crowd to say no to, you wonder how you've gotten by for the last two years of being with them in one piece.
after all, they love you very much.
“fine.” you sigh, and the faux frown on your face is immediately wiped away when three of them cheer loudly and sakusa pats you gently on the back.
you roll your eyes, “you guys owe me.”
and atsumu scoffs, "as if we won't do anything for you already."
with the discussion over and all, the only thing left to do for the night is to actually sit back and watch that movie they've been talking about.
they all seemed so accustomed to this - to spending weekend nights together - and it makes you wonder just how often they actually do this.
“sit next to me?” bokuto walks with you, his smile smaller this time, but his hands don't fail to grab and squeeze yours when he reaches you, and he winks, “i’ve got a hell of shoulder to rest your head on when you get tired.”
you laugh, “movie’s that boring, huh?”
“it’s tsumu’s pick tonight,” he shrugs and he grins, “it’s going to be bad.”
( atsumu scoffs, “it’s like i’m not even standing here.” )
you let bokuto go on ahead without you, deciding to stay back in a corner to make some calls before you start your night, and it's hinata who walks up to you first with an extra jacket in hand.
"it gets pretty cold here." he smiles, handing you the fabric.
out of the four of them, hinata's the one who's always looked out for you the most. he brings you bottles of water when he really looks like he'd need it more, even letting you get the first sip of his in case you didn't want to share, but you always feel your face flush when he scores a point and you'd always be the first person he'd look to as if he wanted to know if you were watching him.
he tells you, “thank you for staying.”
and you smile, “i’m taken hostage.”
“hmm," he mirrors your expression, "you’re a very cute hostage."
and he walks off, leaving you alone once again to tend to your calls.
you make a few about work, one about your two weeks notice, and the last just to leave something spiteful on atsumu's voicemail.
you enjoy doing that so much that you didn't even notice sakusa coming up to you, already settled in the clothes he brought for the night, standing awkwardly and waiting for you to finish speaking into the phone.
he tilts his head, "you're not mad, are you?"
and you pat his shoulder, "i’m furious."
it's rare to get a smile from sakusa, but he's always been kind enough to you to show when he's delighted. sometimes you'd get the brow quirk with the crinkling of the eyes, other times he'd pat you on the back, moving lightly as to not touch you so much.
but tonight, he gives you a small smile, one that barely reaches his eyes, and it reminds you of when he'd insist to treat you to dinner before driving you home.
“i’ll drive you home,” he tells you, the smile on his face as short as ever, “don’t worry.”
and from afar, atsumu yells, “omi just wants alone time with you!”
and sakusa groans, “ignore him, he was dropped on the head.”
“as a child?” you smile, shoulders rising.
“that," he nods, and you notice the reddish pink from his ears, and he tells you, "and recently too."
atsumu comes up to you when sakusa finally goes, grinning ear to ear as he hands you the dvd remote for what you'll be bingeing tonight. his smile as proud as ever, and you see the little stars in his eyes.
“you’ve got an interesting team there, miya.” you tell him, teasing.
and he looks at you, “you seriously gonna call me miya all night?”
and you coo, “only until you leave."
he brings his hand up, "it's my apartment!"
and you repeat, grinning wider this time, "only until you leave."
atsumu is... different with you. he's a pain in the ass, and you're pretty sure he'll always be a bane in your existence, but out of every person you've ever met, atsumu will always be the most to stand out.
last season, he spent twenty minutes out in the freezing snow outside your house waiting for you to get home to bring you some files you left behind at the gym, and when you got there, you swear he was on the brink of actually freezing to death.
you spent the evening taking care of him, sitting by the fire place, and listening to him ramble on and on about his brother's restaurant opening up.
“you know they’re all in that line of helpless guys madly in love with you right?” atsumu grins, walking with you to the living room as he points subtly at the team.
"yes, well," you shrug, joking, “i have that effect on people.”
he laughs, but then he stops walking, his hand holding onto your arm so you stop with him, and he says, “just so you know,”
and you hum, “hm?”
atsumu smiles, “i’m in that line too.”
Tumblr media
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kotarotea · a month ago
a/n: a fluffy piece before i start spam posting angsts if i ever finish them👁👁 enjoy! if you want more, pls lmk!!
feat. bokuto, kuroo, iwaizumi, atsumu & kita
Tumblr media
— he giggles. bokuto, already light hearted enough as he is, is a fool in love. his grins are ten times wider, his strides are all the more energetic and bouncy (to akaashi’s dismay who has to keep up with him), and his eyes are brighter than ever. at the sight of you, he’s shameless in showing his rosy cheeks and wobbly grin, even letting a few laughs escape those lips as he approaches you. he’s in higher spirits when he speaks to you, jumping and raising his arms. he doesn’t even care in the slightest if he looks funny; as long as you’re smiling, that’s all he could really care for. 
Tumblr media
— he’s strangely quiet. he isn’t exactly shy in school towards teachers and especially other students so it is kind of odd that whenever he’s speaking to you, he’s only able to say a few words at a time. often times, when he’s attempting to grab your attention, his mouth opens and closes like a blubbering fish, before he simply shoves his head into his crossed arms over his desk in utter embarrassment. while you’re oblivious to his flustered expressions and bashful words, he’s constantly mentally hitting himself.
Tumblr media
— now hear me out, he’s cranky. iwaizumi doesn’t get cranky. does he get pissed off? annoyed? irritated? sure, no doubt. but never would he let himself grumble and glare at everything in sight under normal circumstances. apparently, a crush on you makes him do that. he doesn’t really understand why at first. surely, it was due to the bad weather right? or a class that managed to make his head hurt badly enough. but no. all the crankiness was born by a crush on you. the sight of you smiling to your friends, talking animatedly made him frown and his chest ache. any chance of him having a civil conversation with anyone while you were around was blown out the window.oikawa was the one who made sense of it, giving clarity to his spiker’s odd behavior: obviously, you like her and don’t have her so you’re pissed off about it. it’s cute, iwa, but seriously...weird.
Tumblr media
— this boy stutters. yep, you heard that right. mister smooth talker to anyone else in your school stutters and stammers when you’re around. he ends up playing it off by saying he has a bad cough, to which you show your worry by pressing a hand to his forehead, checking if he had a fever. well if he didn’t then, he certainly did now by the way his entire face flames red in embarrassment. how can a friendly gesture elicit such a reaction from him so easily? atsumu could probably melt into a puddle while standing in front of you if he had no self control. he’s never felt so lost for words ever until he met you. it’s an uncomfortable feeling, having his heart in his stomach and he throat clogged up solely because of the way you make him feel. but if he’s being honest, as uncomfortable as it is, he wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Tumblr media
— he stares. not in a weird way, of course! it’s just, by the time he realizes his deep feelings for you, he doesn’t know exactly how to go about it, so he observes you. sure, he exchanges brief small talk with you during class but he’s far too nervous to go beyond that. during classes he excels in, he spends most of the period with his elbow propped up on his desk, chin resting on his palm, slyly glancing over at you every few minutes. you don’t notice, much to his comfort, too busy scribbling down notes and paying utmost attention to the teacher. he admires your dedication to school and your effortless beauty. although the thought of you catching him staring stresses him out, a small part of him wishes you would so he could take a longer look into those pretty eyes of yours.
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katsukiflr · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
it’s not that you didn’t want to sit on atsumu’s face— quite the opposite in fact— but the mere thought of putting all of your weight on his face is daunting. that’s why you’re so hesitant as you part your thighs and straddle his face.
atsumu is the complete opposite. he’s beneath you, heart eyed and ecstatic as he kneads the soft flesh of your hips and gapes at the sight of your cunt. he presses mindless, sweet kisses to your thighs, eyes locking with yours as he smiles lovingly into your skin.
“been wanting you to do this for so long, sweetheart.” atsumu mutters. his dopey smile seems to get wider and wider as you gradually lower yourself.
you stop about three inches above his face, hands moving from your hips where they’re laced with his to the headboard. “okay,” you breathe, heat creeping up to the tips of your ears as you anticipatingly wait for atsumu’s tongue.
atsumu chuckles dryly, did you really think this is what he meant by asking you to sit on his face?
“what are you doing?” he questions, head pressed against your inner thigh as he smiles up at you— his expression unreadable.
“i thought you said-“ he cuts you off, “yeah, ‘said i wanted that pretty cunt on my face. now c’mere.” atsumu wraps his hands around your thighs, fingers digging into the soft flesh, and pulls you against his mouth so that your cunny is pressed against his tongue.
you whine above him and try to squirm away with something along the lines of “g-gonna crush you” but atsumu is too busy moaning and lapping at your creamy folds to care.
Tumblr media
@nymphoholic <3
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dilf-uc · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING | atsumu miya x chubby!fem!reader
GENRE | fluff, smut (18+)
WARNINGS | nsfw. minors dni. timeskip manga spoilers. so much fluff sobs. chubby fem!reader x pro-athlete atsumu! <3 mentions of body insecurities & self-doubts. cursing. tit sucking. public + unprotected sex. fingering. oral (atsumu just cums in your mouth not oral sex). light jealousy. mention of public groping by tsumu. body worship. exhibitionism. heavy praise. calling reader "good girl" and "princess" and "baby" a lot <3 very cheesy too ngl. etc. not proofread. DO NOT IGNORE WARNINGS.
SUMMARY | in which perverted boyfriend and pro-volleyball athlete atsumu miya can’t help but be handsy with his chubby girlfriend like a ball because she’s the one thing he can’t make up for by a loss.
AUTHOR’S NOTE | BRUH FINALLY MY FIRST CHUBBY WORK I HAVE SO MANY TO WRITE SOBS. recent iffy insecurities made me write this for my own comfort but also i hope you chubby baes embrace your curves like handsy tsumu does <3 & 'm squirting rn over the tsumu manga panel fuck
Tumblr media
pro-volleyball player and athlete ATSUMU MIYA who’s such a perverted and handsy boyfriend when he’s with his chubby girlfriend.
he can’t help it! he just needs to feel you so close to him and intimately whenever you two are together because he just wants all of you to himself. he needs to have his hands on you at all times and perhaps it’s embarrassing because you’re always flustered when he does it, but he simply has no chill and shame when it comes to it— it’s like a habit by now. it’s not possessiveness, it’s just atsumu being a good boyfriend.
and he’d be doing it, genuinely, intimately, at any time. times where it just makes no sense to.
for instance, it could be him taking you out shopping and simply spoiling you; buying you all the pretty clothes your stupidly loyal heart desires. the kind that if he wasn’t a filthy rich athlete, it’d make his pockets hurt.
but in all honesty, he wants you to make his pockets hurt. he wants you to be able to ask him straightforwardly for all the things you want. it seriously turns him on when you decide to make the move every once in a while. and he understands it’s because you’re just so shy and pure and you always hate asking him for things because you’re just so confused as to why he would want to spoil you. however, you shouldn’t even bother asking because you’ll only provoke the little perverted monster in him. and atsumu can go overboard sometimes.
or it could be when you both are watching tv together, you’d both be laying down and you’d be pulled against his chest and his chin rests atop your head, arms wrapped around your plush tummy and waist and if the movie would be funny; he’d chuckle and you could feel it vibrate through your back from his chest. and it’d make you all warm.
he wouldn’t ever get cold either, because he claims you’re his “cozy teddy bear” to cuddle up with during your watching. he honestly is just fucking addicted to having you all around him, to be completely surrounded by everything about you. he’d inhale your scent every now as he nuzzles his face into your neck or your hair.
of course, he’d doze off while watching the movie and you’d have to smack him gently to get him to pay attention. again, he can’t help dozing off when he’s just admiring your pretty face that scrunches up like a bunny as you react to certain events and express your feelings about a certain moment. he’d just smile at you adoringly because he’d be too distracted admiring you, watching you more than the movie. and he really has no self-control because when you’re babbling about some irrelevant thing in the film he’d grab your chin and just kiss you slowly before pulling away and telling you to continue what you were saying.
you’re always confused when he shows gestures like this randomly; you wouldn’t know why he kisses you while you were talking about something random, why he likes to keep touching you while you’re together, why he’s just always intimate with you like this.
it’d make your skin flush and tingle at the contact and you just would be a flustered mess, not even being able to finish your idea! so you’d just turn your pretty head back to the tv. and atsumu would just chuckle to himself at just how cute you are and how he just simply can’t resist doing cheesy gestures like this out of nowhere.
of course, a single kiss is never enough for atsumu. you see, once he starts, he doesn’t stop. he wants more of your flustered cute voice babbling and questioning him like this; always.
and it would happen halfway through the movie when you’re deeply focused in the plot; not giving atsumu any attention as his hands stroke and squish at the plush skin of your arms and waist; fidgeting.
and he’d pout; bored out of his mind at your movie choice and just wanting you. he’d take his eyes away from the tv for a split moment and look at the plush skin he’s squishing in his hand (you’re totally unfazed by his fidgeting because he always does this) and smile to himself to see you still focused on the movie, but your cheeks feel a little warmer against his neck.
and then he’d do the one thing you just can’t stop him from doing; being a total pervert.
he was already handsy but he totally forgot you were wearing your tight velvet pink shorts that hug all your curves and plush ass. and it just so happens that it was a few inches away from being pressed against his crotch. and he’d smirk as if he’s plotting something evil when really he just needs you more.
he’d push his head down into the curve of your exposed shoulder that your sweater rode up to and he’d press longing and needy kisses into it and you can feel your skin hit up at his touch.
you’d sigh, he clearly doesn’t plan on watching this movie.
“tsumu…” you’d trail off, pouting in the direction of the tv.
“mmm, yes baby?” he’d pull away from your neck to say that and go back to pressing the kisses into your soft skin.
“do you not wanna watch?” you’d ask softly, lightly trying to turn your head to look at him; it’s not like it matters though because his face is completely hiding in your neck.
“mmh— not really, baby, wanna watch ya instead,” he’d smirk against your skin, inhaling your scent more.
you gasp softly when you feel his hand snake to grope the plush skin of your ass, kneading it as your cheeks heat up more at that than the contact. how can he say such blunt things? it’s so embarrassing.
“tsumu, stop it… i wanna watch,” you whine when he begins nipping at the skin, hand going to remove his groping you and he simply grabs your hand and puts it to your side before going back to what he was doing; kissing your skin and being a pervert.
“then watch, baby,” atsumu trails the kisses up to your neck, removing his hand from you momentarily to lightly grip and squish your chubby cheeks and turn your attention back to the tv. “i’ll be gettin’ ma own entertainment here.”
his hands moved up to brush against your clothed breasts, pawing at the bouncy flesh and licking his lips at how it feels every time his finger brushes against your hardened nipples through the cloth.
“h-hey! tsumu you said to watch—!” you’re cut off by a squirm when he squeezes you once.
“told ya i don’t wanna,” he grumbles against your neck, squeezing your breast and making you squirm against him. “jus’ wanna touch ya, ‘s that okay?”
“i—mmh!” you squirm beneath his hands that pull you against him as his hands paw at your chest. “but you said you wanted to have a movie night, tsumu…”
“does it matter who said what?” atsumu’s breath sending tingles down your arm, chuckling against the skin before sliding his hand down your stomach. “just keep watchin’ the movie, princess, don’t mind me.”
how can you not mind him? his hands are practically groping all the extra plush in your skin and your most sensitive spots. like the dip in your waist, the curve of your ass, and—!
you let out a squeak when his hand slid down completely to the front of your shorts. stopping short at the little plush of your sensitive and tasty lips shaped like a wine glass— hugged between your thighs that he desperately needs a taste of; a feel of. and a feel of he gets. his fingers rub the plush skin under the material gently pulling away from your neck to see how flustered you’d already gotten. and he loves it like this; doing things like this to completely surprise his baby.
“tsumu, i can’t watch when you’re—mmph!” he grips plush cheeks in his unoccupied hand and presses your mouth against his, lightly licking at your bottom lip and pulling away.
“pay attention to the movie, baby, or i won’t let’cha cum.”
you didn’t ask of him to do this or make you cum but your body immediately reacts to his words and you nod against his collarbone.
“‘ma good girl,” he kisses your warm cheeks, hand sliding beneath your shorts and dangerously hovering over your panties. “since ya clearly wanna pay more attention to this movie than yer own boyfriend like he ain’t even here, huh?”
“n-no, i do! it’s okay… we can watch it later if you want, tsumu,” you offer, wanting nothing tiny to give in to what he wants.
“it’s okay, baby,” he kisses your forehead as he tugs your shorts down your legs, making you squirm beneath his touch. “ya really like this movie, don’t wanna take away your watchin’ experience. so watch while i make ya feel good too, hm?”
you don’t know why he wants to take the time to make you cum, you’re a sensitive and whining mess whenever he plays with you like this at random times and you barely do much to satisfy his own.
especially with his hard bulge now prominently felt against your ass, it’s a lot.
he wastes no time in hooking his finger beneath your panty and pulling it to the side; hand cupping your pussy and kissing your neck. you let out a breath as he spreads your lips with his two fingers, one going into to coat it with your arousal from his groping. he’d smirk; knowing full well how his actions influence you. you act like you don’t like it like it’s wrong, and yet here you are; already wet for him. thank god he pulled your panties to the side and short down your legs; that would have been messy.
“gonna make ya feel so good while yer watchin’. okay, baby?” he’d kiss your cheek and distract you further from his command.
but there was this one random time he got handsy and for a good cause that you’ll never forget. it was a moment that sent pure loving and thrilling vibrations to thump in your heart and throb in your cunt. it was a moment that switched around any of the negativity you chose to feel about yourself.
Tumblr media
you remember when atsumu brought you to one of his practice games (not official matches) and introduced you to his pro-volleyball teammates.
you were so anxious to meet his team; being in public with atsumu used to feel slightly overwhelming and draining because of the attention he receives. and yet every time a fan approached him to ask for his autograph or a picture and they look at you, he simply squeezes your hand in reassurance, takes the photo, and walks away from the fan without a word; hand still holding yours to whichever path he chose to walk down to.
and he’d be extra caring on those days where he gets the feeling that the attention on him and you might make you feel uneasy. he knows. and perhaps his proper form of assurance and show of dependence is physical touch.
it’s why he’s a setter in volleyball; the ace relies on him and the setter must be physically aware of their plays, otherwise, he’ll lose.
and atsumu doesn’t ever want to lose you or see you lose yourself.
back at the start of your relationship, atsumu couldn’t get you to look at yourself from his vision. and it’s okay, he knew it would take time. because you were worth so much to him that his patience could never run thin.
he’d never tell you because he’s a stubborn bastard but you’re his source of comfort (in more ways than one) after a long day of hard work. he finds himself grounded with you and calm. the MSBY black jackal who’s a complete monster on the court; finds himself a melting puddle of softness in your embrace.
atsumu loves nothing more than coming back from practice and practically throwing himself at you, plopping on top of you as you lay on the couch with his heavy body. he would most definitely grumpily ask you to play with his hair as his face is mushed in between your breasts like a pillow. sometimes he’d even fall asleep like this; by everything surrounding him in his safe space that is you.
so, of course, he doesn’t ever want to make you feel uneasy. and he does it as best as he can with his physical intimacy.
yes, he takes it overboard with the physical part sometimes— but that’s just who atsumu is as a boyfriend. he’s handsy, he’s clingy, and he shows love in his own ways.
he remembers asking you to come to the practice match back when you weren’t living together yet. and this was fairly a big step for you to take as his girlfriend because you’ve not met anyone close to atsumu besides his parents and his twin brother.
and you wanted to make it a special greeting that will leave a good impression on the team for you. your nerves and self-doubts about the team giving you looks for not being the fit standard they’d expect their pro-athletic teammate to be are still there but you want to push them away and not ruin the game for atsumu.
you wanted to show your support for the team and did what almost every fan would; buy their merch! and you weren’t gonna lie, the team jerseys looked good and while you searched for atsumu’s number, you saw the others’ jerseys and you briefly recall atsumu ranting about some of them.
sakusa, hinata... bokuto— bingo! miya.
his jersey was just so hot on him; and now with you wearing it feels different, it makes you feel warm as if though you’re dating the guy who actually wears it— which you are and at that point, it just didn’t feel real.
plus; he’s come home multiple times wearing it and you’ve even helped him wash it. and a part of you wished you could have asked him to wear the original but you were always too scared it wouldn’t fit. or that it would fit but it wouldn’t look good on you. that’s why you wanted to look and be at your best and order a proper size, even if atsumu says something.
when you came into the gym, nervously tugging at atsumu’s jersey that fit you, you saw that they were already warming up and you wanted to wait to wait until after for atsumu to introduce you but the moment he dropped the ball he was going to set to the ginger before running over to you
“ya finally came, we were just about’a start!” he smiles into your neck as his hold on you is tight, before pulling away and forgetting the rest of his teammates were there too.
he kisses you on the cheek and pulls away to turn back to his team and grabs your hand, intertwining it with his and has a wobbly smile on his face to introduce you as they wait curiously.
“oh yeah, this is my Y/N, guys!” atsumu introduces you, and they all nod in acknowledgment. “i tell them about ya all the time.”
“and by all the time he literally means all the time,” a player with dark curls approaches you but maintains his distance. “doesn’t shut the fuck up.”
your lips part before atsumu lets out a whine.
“i do not, omi-omi!” your boyfriend denies like a child and you resist the urge to giggle.
“sakusa,” the boy with dark curls corrects atsumu and you simply nod, remembering is jersey. “lovely to meet you.”
“he totally does!” a short ginger approaches you eagerly, extending his hand out. “anyway, i’m hinata shoyo! i’m the ace of the team. so excited to meet atsumu-san’s girlfriend!”
“no, you’re not!” a much beefier and taller player stands next to hinata, flicking his forehead. “oh, forgive me and my manners, haha! i’m bokuto, the real ace of the MSBY Jackals.”
“neither of ya are the ace!” atsumu rolls his eyes, turning back to see you smiling. you weren’t worried after all but your smile falls short when atsumu suddenly grabs your shoulders and tries to push . “anyway, sweetheart, why don’t y’a go sit up in the bleachers. we’re about’a start.”
“oh okay. do your best, tsumu!” you smile, eyes crinkling with a thumbs up, and atsumu lightly squeals.
“gah! stop bein’ so cute, Y/N! ma heart can’t handle ya before a game!” atsumu envelopes you in a hug, arms wrapping around your back and squishing you against him; face mushy with yours and his teammates fight the urge to gag (at how clingy and childish he is, you’re very cute).
“you’re so weird, tsumu,” your cheeks are squished against his as he hugs you tightly before pulling away and you want to walk up the stairs of the bleachers before he stops you by grabbing your wrist and raising a brow. “what?”
“aren’t ya forgettin’ somethin’?” he says and your neutral expression makes him groan. “where’s ma good luck kiss, babe?”
“you know you don’t need it,” you chuckle shyly, turning away from him and he squeezes your wrist.
“i’m waitin’~!” he whistles playfully and you roll your eyes before pecking him on the cheek and he rolls his eyes.
“did you not like it?” you raise a brow.
“i don’t want it on the cheek! i want it on the lips, pretty girl,” he pouts.
“no! your teammates are watching!” you whisper-yell and he rolls his eyes once more before grabbing your face in his hand and pressing his lips against yours, smiling against them when he feels you kiss back like you weren’t just complaining a second ago.
he pulls away before he gets dizzy and smirks lightly.
“are they still watchin’?”
“i- yeah,” you sigh, looking ahead of his shoulders. and he chuckles.
“OI! MIYA! GET YOUR ASS BACK ON THE COURT!” their captain, you recognize as meian because of his jersey, yells out and atsumu has no choice but to steal a quick peck and letting go of you; running back to the court.
“watch me, Y/N!” he points an excited thumbs up from afar and gets to his position on the court and his teammates are rolling their eyes.
you smile to yourself as if you wouldn’t. you came all the way here for him. you’d go to bigger lengths, even if it takes time. for him.
and as the match went on and you got to see him up closer than just on the tv, you couldn’t help but clench your thighs as you anticipated all of his moves on the court. he’s so focused and determined on the court; much like everything he does in life. and it’s so euphoric to know you’re dating him; someone like him who’s just so overwhelmingly talented and adored.
and that’s why you couldn’t help but yell out his name to cheer for him anytime he made a good move on the court; so excitedly and loudly. the teammates would turn to look at you every now and then as you cheered but…
but perhaps it was too much for your own boyfriend because he didn’t bother to look at you once during the game—? he’d turn to look in your direction if he was aiming the ball to his teammate but he wouldn’t look at you or acknowledge the fact that you’re cheering for him.
it was odd because he was so excited earlier; and now he looked completely too focused in the game as if he’s turned on this switch where his eyes are only dilated towards the ball and his teammates. it was a hot sight to see him so focused that he doesn’t bear attention to anything else.
so maybe that’s why— but it wouldn’t make sense because he acknowledged the other fans in the crowd that cheered for him, with a smile or a wave. and you don’t see why he didn’t even look at your direction.
regardless, you chose to ignore the insecurity rising up and to focus on the match. it was a practice one but they play as if it’s the real one. that their performance counts no matter what. and you didn’t try to think much of it.
but once the match was over, however, and his team won: you stood up to clap and cheer and he didn’t even look at you at then. instead, bowing to the other crowds.
when he reached your side of the bleachers, he bowed with the rest before he looked at you briefly and going to the other bleacher side.
your lips part.
there were those girls in the corner who screamed once the team came over to bow and thank them for coming; one leaned over for a selfie with them and atsumu obliged.
that’s when you didn’t fully grasp it. he paid those girls more attention than you but you chose to shrug it off with light disappointment, maybe he has to for the loyal fans who probably come to every game, unlike you.
instead, you settle to wait for him at the bottom of the bleachers to finish talking and come over to you. you wouldn’t want to burden him or anything.
“hey, baby!” he walked over and pecked your cheek before pulling away. “so? what’dya think of the game! it wasn’t official ya know, but it counts as one since we’re playin’ them next week for real—”
you chose to plaster a fake smile.
“you were amazing, tsumu! heh, it’s a lot different from watching it on the tv!” you giggle (awkwardly but he doesn’t notice) with cheery hands and atsumu simply chuckles at your support.
“‘m glad you enjoyed it, baby,” he pecks you on the cheek once more before pulling away. “i’m gonna go and change with the rest, but i’ll be back to hear more of what ya thought, okay?”
atsumu has put forth so much trust in you that not telling him how you felt about earlier would be like lying to both of you.
“w-wait, tsumu,” you couldn’t stop yourself from calling out to him; taking a deep breath as tug at his jacket when he turns around and hums a ‘yeah?’.
“were you… were you ashamed of me?” your lips wobble, arms crossing over your chest and atsumu’s eyes widen at the sudden question but that does not stop him from immediately closing the distance between you.
“what? ashamed of ya? oh, baby,” atsumu let out a breath and enveloped you in a hug, chuckling in your hair. “of course not. that’s—”
“then why wouldn’t you look at me?” you interrupted, wanting to ask, but he cuts you off, pulling away to hold your cheeks, squishing them between his calloused hands. “those girls—!”
“that’s the last thing, i promise ya,” he smiles softly, but looking to the side awkwardly while chewing on his bottom lip. “it’s— it’s embarrassin’.”
“it’s ‘cause... i was tryin’ not to get hard durin’ the match, sweetheart,” he smiled, looking down before rolling his eyes at his prominent bulge now and you follow his vision before lightly gasping. “shit. well... not that it matters anyway.”
“‘cause yer helpin’ me fix it.”
and without much said he grabs your hand and drags you away from the bleachers; going over to the vacant locker room that nobody uses because the main one has the showers. this one is just for storage, nobody would come in here.
nobody would come in a place where atsumu is practically about to show you why you made the right choice coming to his match like this and giving him one hell of an eye-candy-looking view to profess your love and support for him. he absolutely fucking loves it when you’re spontaneous like this; thinking of buying his jersey instead of not asking him. you should have.
he closes the locker room door sloppily behind him before he grabs your waist and lifts you up by your ass with no struggle— as if he could give less of a fuck if you asked if you’re heavy to carry.
“how could i not get hard lookin’ at ya watchin’ me so devotedly, hm?’ he chuckles breathlessly, trailing kisses up your neck, eyeing you hungrily. “why’re ya the sweetest, angel? did ya buy that jersey just fer me? to support yer setter, you must be a loyal fan, huh? what made ya come to support me at a match, hm?”
you squirm when he slides his hand under your jersey, cupping your breasts and plush skin practically bursting out of it. you’re so fucking hot like this and he’s so glad the match is over.
“mhm. wanted to support you, ‘tsumu. you’re the best—hngh!” you try to answer him but he’s rubbing up against you so much and so fast it’s stimulating your senses.
“hah— is that so?” he pulls your breast out of your jersey, both hands cupping them but having his mouth latched onto one of your sensitive buds and sucking, groaning into your skin, and making you mewl in his arms. “why’d ya have to be so hot, hm?”
“ah— w-wait—slow down!” you throw your head back and run your fingers through his hair.
“ya have no right coming to ma practice match lookin’ like this,” atsumu groans, pulling away from your breast for a moment before going right back in. “wearin’ ma fuckin’ jersey— ma fuckin’ number. what were ya doin’ cheering them on for, huh?”
“but they’re your team, tsumu,” you’re confused but honestly the feeling of his tongue against swollen buds could make you care less. but it doesn’t seem like he’s taking your word for it.
“did my pretty baby want me to fuck her in front of the entire team? ‘s that it?” atsumu chuckles, making you let out a whimper when his fingers toy with the sensitive bud.
“hnn—t-tsumu, wait! what if they come in?” you lightly panic and he shushes you with his palm quickly but softly.
you try to push him off but it’s no use, he’s far gone into you. a lot like that dark look he had on the court. and perhaps the wet patch beginning to form in your panties, slicking between your thighs in the friction that comes from his muscular leg pressed in between them; shows that you’re possibly far gone in it too already.
“because i would have,” he chuckled, pulling away from your tits to pay more attention to your warm thighs wrapped around him, hand sliding out of your shirt and into your shorts. “i would have so badly wanted to show them just how good this pretty girl takes their setter’s cock, would you have wanted that, princess? would you have wanted me to show you off?”
“hah—! yeah, tsumu!” you whimper in his ear as his fingers scissor within your gummy walls. “hngh—! wanted you to show me off!”
“did ya now? well… i don’t wanna,” he pulls away from your neck, but his fingers continue circling your clit and for a second there you wanted to question him until he said— “‘cause i wanna keep my fan all to ma’self. showin’ ya off would only make the team act up, sweetheart. don’t tell me ya didn’t see the way they were lookin’ at ya in the crowd, hm?”
“t-they weren’t!” you assure him and he chuckles with a smirk that makes you melt.
“good girl, only keepin’ her eyes on her setter, hm?” atsumu grips your chubby cheeks, inserting his slick fingers of your arousal for your tongue to wrap around them, to taste how he makes you feel. “yer my loyal fan, ain’t that right, baby?”
“mhm—! your fan only, tsumu,” you mumble against his fingers as you lick off your own cum.
“that’s right, baby, all mine,” he says, gripping your love handles harshly and positioning the angry red tip of his hard cock; teasing your swollen puffy lips. “does my fan want her setter’s cock? hm?”
“yes, please s-stop teasing!” you whine, fingers digging into his shoulder blades; not strong enough to ever leave a bruise though.
“well fuck—take look at your pretty wet pussy, baby,” atsumu lets out a grunt as he sheathes himself fully inside of your velvety walls, clamping around him almost immediately and he resists the urge to cum on the spot, he grips your chin to look directly at how your cunt is practically suffocating his cock intoxicatingly. “‘s so pretty and tight around me—fuck. wanna hear ya beg for me to fuck ya.”
“i want number 13 inside me so bad,” your lips wobble, moaning in atsumu’s ear, pussy clenching around him to adjust. “want his big cock to fuck me so good!”
“ah, anythin’ for my pretty fan,” atsumu captures your lips in his to muffle your loud moans because once he pulls out momentarily and feels your whining against his mouth— he thrusts back in, groaning against your tongue at how tight you pull him in once he picks up the pace and bottoms in and out.
holy fucking shit, it’s like your cunt keeps getting more addicting especially in a thrilling moment like this where this is all he wants; to be inside his pretty big girl that will milk him for all he’s worth. to take all hard work on the court’s worth and make him feel this good.
perhaps it was after-game vibrations that make him feel like cumming sooner than he thought, but it’s also you. you drive him insane enough to do it in public whereas he could have waited. fucking you like this so good to him where his teammates could walk in.
“yer rewardin’ me for a win just by bein’ here, supportin’ yer handsome setter, takin’ his cock like this,” atsumu smirks, feeding into his own ego and pleasure. “such a good girl.”
you felt like crying from how emotionally overwhelming this was for you; his dick hitting all the right spots in your fragile cunt and you’re taking it because how else will you show you’re so thankful for such a good boyfriend like him; to devote your body in such an intimate way that it erases any insecurities you brought forth earlier?
“‘m close, tsumu—hah!” you gasp as he ruts into you at a deeper angle when he lifts your leg over your shoulder; licking his lips at the sight of your thigh pressing the pudgy skin of your tummy further as his cock suddenly feels far too gone within you; so deep and tight. he’s going to lose it.
“yer close, huh? yer setter’s cock feels that good inside ya, baby?” he groans into your neck, even more, sweat prickling at his forehead and swirling with yours at how intimate and close he feels to you right now. “cum for me then, pretty girl. thas’ all i want.”
you didn’t need him to tell you twice, you wrap your arms around him and sink your teeth into his shoulder as your hold on him is more secure to rut into you deeper; faster. and you’re crying out and he has to press his lips against yours once more to muffle your lewd moans.
“hnn— i l-love you, tsumu.” you can’t help but profess. heart thumping against your ribcage as you come down from your high.
and atsumu suddenly feels closer to you than he ever had before; especially having you say something so intimate yet lewd, erotic at the same time is the right thing to tip him to the edge.
“fuck— i love ya too, baby,” he pressed his lips against yours once more; tasting your words as your tears staining your cheeks manage to salt his tongue when he pulls away from your lips to breathe. “hah— ‘m gonna cum too, sweet girl. but not inside ya yet.”
you lightly gasp as atsumu helps you down on your legs.
“on yer knees for me, sweet girl,” atsumu commands, and you oblige immediately as your knees hit the tiled floor of the locker room; tongue out of your mouth for you to take what he’s about to give you, salivating lightly as you look up to see his attractive scrunched facial expressions when he’s pumping out his orgasms. “there ya go— that’s it... take my cum, pretty.”
his cum splurts out aggressively from his angry tip and landing in a puddle of his own on your tongue; giving you so much of him and it feels good to—!
“swallow.” he breathes out, hand gripping your chin as you close your lips, throat bobbing up and down as you do as he asks; tongue out once more and empty.
“good girl.”
Tumblr media
and it took you until that moment to understand why he makes those perverted gestures. he doesn’t mean it that way (most of the time); it’s just the way he shows love.
so right now, as atsumu feels up and down on your body, lips intoxicating on your neck and the sensation of cumming from his sweet fingers rippling through your body like that time; you don’t need to watch anymore to profess your love. just being there for him is enough and you’re grateful he loves you so without needing it.
and as you turn to look back at the tv that displayed a dark screen asking if you’re still there watching, you can’t help but giggle and cuddle into atsumu; face hiding in his collarbone as you sigh happily and he raises a brow.
“what’s wrong? don’t wanna watch anymore?” he asks, stroking your hair and feeling you press a kiss against his collarbone.
“no,” you say, looking up into his eyes. “i love watching you more, too.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
℗ me and my husband
atsumu x fem!reader (poker face ending)
series masterlist
wc. 3.2k (holy shit)
warnings. NOT PROOFREAD, v v soft domestic, marriage :00, smut!! (is marked off!!), soft dom!tsumu, hair pulling (giving), unprotected sex, slight praise kink, pretty vanilla ngl
an. can be read as a one shot but u might be confused lmfao also this took SO LONG OMFG also also heavily unedited, take things w a grain of salt lmfao anyways don’t forget to feed me ahaha m rlly proud of this so i hope y’all like it <33
Tumblr media
it was moving day and atsumu was about to lose his mind.
today was the official day of the hyper house disbandment and while most of the members were still figuring out new living arrangements and thus remaining past the deadline, you were one of the few trying to get out as soon as possible.
makki and mattsun were so excited to have you move in, they showed up early that morning to help you pack. now, it was around 1p and it was almost time for you to go. you still had a few more boxes to go but things were speeding right along.
normally, atsumu would be right by your best friends helping you out but he was currently in the middle of a breakdown.
you were leaving. leaving. he had no idea when he’d see you again (even though you promised to meet up weekly to catch up), if he would ever see you again. for all he knew, makki and mattsun would just hide you away forever, never to be seen again.
okay, so he was panicking.
it was just... atsumu was in love with you. he’d known for a while (way longer than he’d like to admit) and he selfishly thought he’d have more time with you so that he could work up the courage to confess. but now? you were like three boxes away from a distance that he didn’t know if he or your relationship could recover from.
it wasn’t that he was bad at long distance but the tragic events that the house brought, brought the two of you closer together and he didn’t want to lose that.
atsumu let out a groan and dropped his head against the wall, his mind running with scenario after scenario, all ending in failure and utter embarrassment.
“hey, you okay?” you called out, a large box cradled delicately in your arms. as atsumu turned from the plaster in front of him, he allowed himself a moment to take you in.
you were wearing short athletic shorts, worn converses, and his t shirt. a thin sheen of sweat covered your skin, the lights above reflecting off of it, giving you a warm glow.
of course you looked hot moving boxes.
you called his name again in concern and he immediately felt his heart clench in guilt. you’d already been through so so much and here he was fantasizing about you instead of being there for you like a good friend would.
atsumu let out a sigh and shot you a wide, albeit empty, smile before walking over to you and taking the box out of your hands. the furrow in your brows told him you saw through his expression but he ignored it and made a show of lifting your box above his head and carrying it to mattsun’s car.
“see, what would ya do without these guns angel?” he joked, placing the cardboard into the trunk. you rolled your eyes and poked him in the side playfully. “die, probably.”
the butterflies in his stomach kicked up at the underlying sincerity in your voice but he tried his best to overlook it. it was much harder than it seemed, especially when you looked at him with such fondness in your gaze that made him want to kiss you senseless.
gulping hard, he quickly turned away from you, busying himself with fitting your things in the truck like a game of tetris.
“atsumu.” your voice was firm but pleading and he didn’t dare look at you for fear of spilling everything right then and there. “wow, ya sure got a lot of stuff, huh? wonder how much of this was bought with ushijima’s money,” he started to ramble but thankfully he was interrupted by makki whooping as he walked out of the house.
“last box bitches!” you shot atsumu one final worried look before running over to makki and mattsun, yelling the whole way there.
atsumu was grateful your back was to him because he couldn’t hide the affectionate look that overtook his face, a soft smile spreading across his lips as he watched you hip bump your friends while cackling wildly.
god, he was so in love with you.
what was he going to do when you moved out and away? what if you found someone, someone how loved you as much as he did (not possible)? he would wish for your happiness even at the expense of his own but... what if you both could be happy?
caught up in his thoughts, atsumu didn’t register you saying your goodbyes to the remaining members until you were finally in front of him.
“i’m gonna miss living with you tsum.” you unceremoniously launched yourself at him, wrapping your arms around his waist and burying your face in his chest. his heart leapt violently at the contact and he prayed to every deity above that you didn’t hear it underneath your head.
he barely managed to hug you back before you pulled away, your eyes slightly teary and red. “um, well, makki and mattsun are waiting for me so uh,” you trailed off looking back at the van and your friends who were so (im)patiently waiting for you to join them.
atsumu’s breath quickened as you scooted a bit away from him, truly getting ready to leave. no, no, it couldn’t end like this, awkward and distant. no, he wasn’t going to let it.
“atsumu?” you asked worriedly, reaching out a hand to touch him when he didn’t respond but he couldn’t hear you. he felt hot all over, like he was going to explode or magically combust if he didn’t get the words out into the air.
“tsum, are you oka-“ “i’m in love with ya.”
you paused, shock written clearly all over your face. the fear of rejection slammed into atsumu like a brick, the feeling settling in the pit of his stomach like a rock but he still didn’t stop.
“i’m in love with ya and i have been for forever. yn, yer beautiful but yer face and body aren’t even the best part of ya, even though they’re pretty damn great. yer just-“
“-yer so kind, especially when ya don’t need ta be. yer badass but ya care fer others so deeply and ya make me wanna be a better person. ya make me a better person. i know ya-“
“tsumu please-“
“-ya probably don’t feel the same and that’s alright but i needed ta tell ya, before ya leave and fall in love with some other scrub, just in case we can be happy together and-“
all of a sudden, your hands were buried in his shirt and you were pulling him close to meet your lips with his, your mouths meshing together in a soft and passionate kiss.
bliss. atsumu was in sheer bliss. your lips were as soft as he thought they would be as they moved with his, his hands coming up to grip your waist and pull you even closer to him.
sooner than he would have liked, his lungs started burning for air so he pulled back but not very far, instead resting his forehead against yours.
“i was trying to tell you i liked you too, idiot,” you muttered, your eyes still closed as you spoke. he chuckled, a wide grin overtaking his entire face as he really took in what you were saying.
you liked him back. you liked him. holy shit.
but instead of saying any of that, he decided to tease you a bit. “just like? if i recall, i just confessed my undying love for ya.”
you pulled back with a faux scoff, hitting him in the arm with a huff. “shut up you ass. of course i love you too.” you couldn’t keep your real smile off your cheeks while you confessed, your soft expression bringing another wave of desire over atsumu’s body.
“can, can i take ya inside angel?” he allowed his true intentions to be heard in his words, your eyes widening when you figured out what he meant. you nodded vigorously before shooting a look to makki and mattsun. mattsun just waved you off and got into his truck while makki yelled, “get that dick!”
you heated up horribly, grabbing atsumu’s hand and pulling him towards the house and to his room. he allowed himself to be dragged along, sending winks to the other boys as he went until the two of you were standing right in front of his door.
“i love ya,” he whispered, lifting your hand to his lips to place a gentle kiss there. you grinned. “love you too tsum.”
that must have been the final straw because the minute the words left your mouth, he was on you.
••• smut begin•••
pressing you up against the door, atsumu ravaged your mouth, his tongue tangling with yours as he walked you backwards into his room, laying you down on the bed so that he was hovering over you, his hips pressing hard against yours.
instinctively, you ground up into him, rewarding you with a loud groan and a gasp of your name. “fuck angel, yer killing me here,” he laughed breathlessly, rolling his hardness against your thigh. you let out a breathy moan and tangled your hands in his hair to bring him back down to your lips.
as you continued to kiss him, his hands scrambled at your waist, pushing his hands under it to grope at your chest. you giggled at the cold of his fingers but he didn’t pay it any mind, moving down from your mouth to your neck, sucking dark marks into the sensitive skin there.
“ah, shit tsumu,” you tilted your head to the side to give him more access, just as he reached under your bra to tease your nipples. a startled gasp left you, your back arching into his careful touch. “that feel good angel?” atsumu asked, voice low and gravelly as he pinched the delicate bud, drawing another noise from your throat.
you nodded, not trusting yourself to speak. you bit your bottom lip while he pulled your shirt and bra off, tossing them somewhere in the room. as he scanned your half naked body, he noticed you quieting yourself and he lightly shook his head. his thumb found its way to your lip, carefully pulling it from between your teeth.
“wanna hear ya angel, let me hear yer pretty noises, yeah?” without letting you respond, atsumu dove back into your chest, suckling one of your nipples into his mouth while toying with the other, a sigh of his name sending a bolt of arousal straight to his loins.
he grinded against you absentmindedly, losing himself in you, eventually switching sides to give the same treatment to your neglected bud.
while atsumu seemed to be having the time of his life attached to your tit, you were getting impatient, your arousal completely soaking through your underwear. you needed more.
tangling your fingers in his blond locks, you attempted to tug him away from your chest but his reaction was unlike anything you could’ve expected. “aahh!” he let out a strangled whine, his hips bucking against your side.
“please, tsumu, need more,” you breathed, his needy reaction not lost on you as pulled his hair a bit harder. you were not disappointed as his eyes rolled back and his mouth opened in a silent moan before dropping his head to your shoulder.
“fuck, fuck, okay angel, i got ya, i got ya.” atsumu swiftly disposed of both yours and his bottoms and underwear before lifting your leg and positioning himself at your entrance.
“tell me if i hurt ya, alright? i love ya,” he smiled down on you, your heart swelling two times at his carefulness. “i love you too,” you replied, watching as his pupils grew and a low groan broke free from his chest.
“oh angel, ‘m gonna ruin ya.” that was the last thing he said before he pushed into you, both of you letting out whimpers as he stretched you open, the blunt head of his cock just a few centimeters shy of your cervix.
your back arched in pleasure, both of your hands scrambling until they found purchase on his back, your nails digging in just when he started to thrust shallowly into you.
“f-fuck, how’re ya s-so fuckin’ tight?” atsumu growled through gritted teeth, every word punctuated with a roll of his hips. you couldn’t respond as you were too overwhelmed with pleasure, his cock rubbing against your g-spot with every slow movement.
speaking of slow, he was moving way too leisurely for your tastes. you needed him to move faster and you knew exactly how to do it.
sliding your hand up from his back, you grabbed a good chunk of hair from the back of his head and pulled. his reaction was immediate and oh-so gratifying.
an honest to god whimper poured from his lips and he instantly thrusted all the way into you, his length driving into your g-spot perfectly. you both let out twin moans as he started rocking into consistently, every movement bringing you closer and closer to your peak.
“i love ya, i love ya so fuckin’ much, angel—shit—yer so amazing, i love ya,” atsumu rambled while pounding into you, deep curses and whines of your name interspersed with his declarations of love. if you could speak, you would reciprocate but you were too busy holding on for dear life as he fucked you into oblivion.
desperate for some kind of anchor to reality, you grasped onto his locks again, gripping tightly as drawn-out cries of his name slipped from your open lips. you were close, so close and he knew it too.
“feel ya clenchin’ around me like a good girl, ya gonna cum fer me? gonna cum fer me angel?” atsumu’s hand snaked down between your bodies to rub fast circles on your clit, a shaky sob finding its way out into the open air.
“oh shit, yeah, ‘m g-gonna cum for you tsum, ‘s all for you,” you moaned, clamping down on him sporadically as you started to cum, your vision whiting out and your thighs trembling while you gushed around him.
your mind was floating off when you felt him cum with a shout, his warmth flooding you and spilling out as he collapsed onto your chest.
••• smut over •••
the two of you lied there for a while, attempting to regain your brain and feeling in your legs. you vaguely made note of the wet rag cleaning between your thighs and the following weight falling down beside you but it was only after a few more minutes that you really came back to yourself, rolling over to lay on atsumu’s bare chest.
“holy shit, tsumu,” you said in awe, your boyfriend (!!) laughing at your reaction. “i’m just that good angel, what can i say?”
you groaned and hit him in the chest but you couldn’t keep the smile off your face if you tried. “you are such a menace!”
“only fittin’ that i picked a gremlin ta be with then,” atsumu teased while playing with a piece of your hair. mock offense filled your chest as you sat up, fixing him with your ‘angriest’ glare.
“is that the kind of language you’ll be using in your vows, mister?” you were only joking but when atsumu’s eyes widened and a blush spread across his cheeks, you realized your mistake.
you opened your mouth to apologize or to make some kind of excuse but he beat you to the punch. “ya wanna marry me angel?” he asked, looking so vulnerable with hope shining in his brown irises. you couldn’t bear to lie.
“of course tsum, you’re it for me,” you reached out a hand to caress his cheek and he leaned into it, his own coming up to cup yours and hold it against his face.
“good.” and that was the end of that, that evening’s... extraneous activities having thoroughly tired to the point that you fell completely asleep with your face against one of his pecs.
if you had stayed awake a little longer, you would’ve seen atsumu pull out his phone and start a new note titled, “my angel.”
if i just said i loved you, it would be an understatement. it would be like saying the sun’s surface is just a bit warm or that the arctic is just a little chilly. it would be an injustice to you and to how i truly feel about you. love—
“-is a word that is much too soft and used far too often ta ever describe the fierce, infinite and blazing passion that i have in my heart for ya angel. ya acknowledge my strengths and ya accept my faults. ya make me wanna be a better person every day. so, today i vow ta laugh with ya and comfort ya during times of joy and times of sorrow. i promise ta always pursue ya, ta fight for ya, and love ya unconditionally and wholeheartedly for the rest of my life. ya are my best friend and i’m the luckiest person on earth ta call ya mine- wait are ya crying?"
the audience burst into laughter as you frantically tried to wipe away your tears, punching atsumu softly on the arm. “of course i am, you ass.”
the officiant cleared his throat, grabbing both of your attentions. “it is the bride’s turn to give her vows. if you may?”
you nodded and atsumu already felt like crying. again. he’d cried that morning while getting dressed and then again when you walked down the aisle in the most beautiful dress he had ever seen. now, as he watched you pull a folded piece of paper out of your bra, he knew he’d made the right decision in confessing to you, all those years ago.
he also knew he was definitely going to cry again.
“atsumu, falling for you wasn’t falling at all—it was walking into a house and knowing that you’re home. today, i want to make you promises that i will always keep. i promise to never stop holding your hand or accepting your kisses. i promise to not hit you too hard when you insult me or call me a gremlin. i promise to share my food with you, to never go to bed angry, and to try and understand your obsession with professional men’s volleyball. i promise to love, respect, protect and trust you, and give you the best of myself, for i know that together we will build a life far better than either of us could imagine alone. i choose you. i’ll choose you over and over and over, without pause, without doubt, i’ll keep choosing you.
i used to never truly enjoy moments because i was always waiting for what's next. the next thing horrible thing to happen. now that i have you, i enjoy the moment. every moment.
today seems like it's the start of a new journey, but i already belong to you. falling for you wasn't falling at all—it was walking into a house and knowing you're home. i love you.”
and at least in this lifetime
we’re sticking together
me and my husband
we’re sticking together
Tumblr media
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yaomomvs · 2 months ago
# enemies to lovers
have you ever wonder how would it be to have an enemies to lovers with the haikyuu boys?
→ miya atusumu, oikawa tooru, sakusa kiyoomi
Tumblr media
— miya atsumu
the ‘i was born to annoy the shit out of you’
yeah that basically summarizes it lol
atsumu enjoys messing w people, pls he grew up hassling his twin brother, it’s in his blood
so you would probably happen to sit next to him in class and since this blonde asshole has no sense of personal space or self control he’d just started it as something casual, like he usually does with every poor soul he has the chance
however, he thought that your reactions were particularly funny so he managed to unconsciously get delight with
and also without noticing he grew fond of you and the memories
even if the next term you weren’t sitting together he searched for you everywhere until he had what he wanted
they were pretty childish antics nothing too much or actually disrespectful, from the drawing on your perfectly written notes to the shout out in pubic knowing it embarrasses you
everyone except this boy and you know at this point atsumu does it because he wants your attention
osamu one time tried to suggest he was catching feelings and that day during practice atsumu couldn’t stop laughing
yeah he is stubborn as hell
how does he notice it’s actually an enemies to lovers?
the moment he saw how a another guy was trying to flirt with you
cliché but the thing is, one random day before he enters his homeroom and was about to scream your usual ‘good morning y/n!’ which he know you hate and then he stops on his tracks just to find you flustered about how this another guy in your class complimented your beauty
i swear to good he just 🧍🏻‍♀️ like it was the first time he had a sudden stomachache (more like jealousy building up inside him)
and as stubborn as he is he remind himself that it was just because ‘i didn’t expect it, that’s all’
yeah sure mf
the team notices during the first day, he keeps putting it aside, but days pass by and he just witnesses everything this guy does to conquer your heart and then the bomb hits him
he wants to be the one capturing your heart, he pouts bc he wants to say sweet thing to you too, to compliment that beautiful smile that he likes to see, to have the cheesiest and corniest jokes to make your day, he no longer wanted to annoy, but to love you
immediately after he just runs looking out for you, and when he does find you i swear it was the fastest and sweet confession.
you blush and smile “finally atsumu”
and then he cries
Tumblr media
— oikawa tooru
the ‘anything you can do i can do better’
lord please have mercy
it all started back in second year when the king oikawa tooru was stripped of his throne getting a second place on the grade ranking class list by no one else than you
people usually don’t know that in fact oikawa is always competitive, it was not limited to volleyball only, so ofc he is indeed in the highest class on the highest rank
or well, was
so the first thing this boy does is immediately put you on his rival list, you honestly were unbothered by your class position until this mf started competing with you
one day he just pointed you and challenged you, so at first you tried to ignore him until he was doing thing that actually tested your nerves, so you surrendered to patience and took this personally
oikawa made sure to have something everyday in which he could beat you in, suddenly he just tried your hobby so that he can prove he is better
and so did you, there was this aura in oikawa that you couldn’t stand, pretty boy, tons of friends, victories, you were sure this guy had to humbled so it was your new job, you even tried volleyball to gave him a taste of his own medicine
without realizing tooru suddenly knew every detail about you, he had been so focused on winning you in every conceivable way that he just randomly could say what your favorite food, store, class, etc was. to the point that everyone noticed that maybe oikawa had another passion which was you.
in fact, one time a guy wanted to ask you out and he overheard and without intending to he corrected him ‘actually, y/no’s favorite candy are panda gummies, they don’t tolerate chocolate’ and then left like nothing happened lol
how does he notice it’s actually an enemies to lovers?
when one time after you won the competition of the day, he smiled
and like you don’t get it, it was the most lovesick freaking smile ever
he suddenly forgot why he wanted to prove that he was better he just cared about how you accomplished something and he was like so proud that he didn’t mind the insults he just wanted to be around every time you achieved anything important too you
he realizes he is smiling and the surprised and teasing look from makki, iwa and mattsun and oikawa panics
he obviously catches feelings first but he refuses to admit it, he constantly is scolding himself like “no no no no NOOOO” every time he thought about you, or your smile or how cute you looked in the morning.
and he was so weird about it like you wondered why suddenly he just can’t talk or runs away from you
and i believe he confessed accidentally, his brain couldn’t process between ‘pls look at me’ and ‘no i have to get out of here’ when he was talking to you and then he just said out loud “OH MY GOD IVE HAD ENOUGH, WHY CAN’T JUST TELL THEM WE LIKE THEM STUPID BRAIN” and after he covered his mouth really ashamed and blushing so hard
maybe this was the first time oikawa was glad he lost
you spilled your drink
dw this pretty boy bought you one on your first date <3
Tumblr media
—sakusa kiyoomi
the ‘you are an asshole’ ‘so are you’
honestly sakusa couldn’t care about anyone
he limited himself to have classmates and komori so he really didn’t mind
until well you appeared having the exact same apathetic look
when you got paired up for a project he thought that it was honestly going to be simple, oh boy, not even thirty minutes passed and you two were already pissing each other with passive aggressive remarks
and so your routine began bc somehow, you always or almost always ended up being paired so you spent a lot of time together
poor komori he was always in between your bickering and honestly sakusa and you were getting tired
you had to tolerate each other for a while, and so it became natural to be by his side, even sometimes very much to your regret you had to accompany him to his volleyball practices
sakusa was not having it, he thought it was honestly some kind of curse/karma to all those times he was an asshole to others
what he doesn’t knows is that little by little your company meant something for him, to always have someone by his side
how does he notice it’s actually an enemies to lovers?
when he no longer has you there
school years end of course you move to the next grade and so you two weren’t the exception to the rule
but he really did not thought that was gonna happen
he honestly convinced himself he had to “put up with you” for another year
his eyes widen when they land on your name placing you in another class
this weird jumble in his chest appears and he is way to oblivious on why
and honestly you felt the same way
weeks pass and sakusa still doesn’t get used to turning around and not finding you there, like, some tiny part of him always wish you appear two chairs beside him, biting your pencil while staring at the board confused.
without noticing he can recognize your voice every time you are talking and walking through the hall with your new classmates and he always feels like it’s not right
like you were supposed to walk beside him not others
eventually after a heated up discussion w komori his cousin enlightened him and he is so mad about having feelings 4 you and so his confession is really blunt
“i want to walk beside you again” he suddenly approaches you after school so ashamed, he has to physically look away.
“huh?” you didn’t get it
“don’t make me say it, you know what it means”
you open your eyes and when you realize it you blush so hard
now you get it
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lazy-azie · 2 months ago
Hello! Can i request a smut with reader and the miya twins?? They're childhood friends and they kept bottling their feelings for each other until it just bursts and this and that happened 👀 with breeding, degradation and aftercare please~~thank you!! 😻💘
yes ofc bby!! sorry it took so long, i came back from break then took a couple days to write this. ty for being so patient<3 enjoy!
pairing: miya twins x f!reader
warnings: nsfw, 18+, minors DNI, brothers x reader, friends to lovers trope, teasing, tw!slight humiliation, tw!cursing, tw!choking, dumbification, tw!degradation, spanking, threesome, anal, breeding, aftercare, fluff
a/n: sorry for going on break!! i was caught up in work and summer courses so when i wasnt working or studying, i was eating or sleeping. anyways i hope this makes up for that mini hiatus. i will be much more active now that things have settled so stay tuned! <3
p.s.: no proofreading, so…. sorry :/ p.p.s.: this is kind of a long readdd
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your breath hitched in your throat. You and your best childhood friends were currently reliving old memories through a good ole game of Twister, but you didn’t realize how… innocent things were back then.
It was nearly impossible not to blush while Atsumu was under you, knees nearly locking with yours. Osamu, on the other hand, was caging you in from behind. You could smell both of them on you at the same time.
Atsumu’s musky cologne emitted from beneath you. The smell of the minty shampoo Osamu used this morning lingers just inches away from your nose.
“This hurts,” Atsumu whines, golden eyes looking up at you. He was in a crab-like position, hands holding his weight up, elbows bent and legs spread. He was visibly uncomfortable.
“I don’t understand how we used to play this so easily,” Osamu murmurs.
“Don’t tell me you guys’ are already giving up,” You say, raising an eyebrow.
“It’s no fun!” Atsumu groans.
“I agree. There’s no point in torturing ourselves like this… it’s annoying. I’m gonna be sore.”
“So lame,” You drone. “How about some incentive?”
“Like what?” Atsumu says, flicking the spinner.
“Like… loser has to buy everyone ramen?”
“I already buy you guys ramen on the regular,” Osamu butts in. “Not very intriguing.”
You nudge him and he sticks his tongue out at you in response.
“Asshole.” You mutter.
“I have an idea,” Atsumu repositions himself. His lips spread into a mischievous smirk.
“Oh, really?” You question. “What’s your idea of a good incentive, then?”
“First to lose or forfeit has to strip.”
“S-Strip?” You choke out. “Like… naked?”
“Why not?”
“You’re such an idiot, Atsumu,” Osamu mutters.
“At least now the game will go on,” You think aloud. “Yeah, I guess that’s fine.”
You tried to play cool, but your heart was practically beating out of your chest. What the hell is happening?
If one of the twins lose, you’ll see what he looks like naked. And by default, you’ll automatically know what the other brother looks like too.
But if you lose… well…
A few minutes of silence pass before Osamu interrupts. “Hey, y/n. At least let me imagine what I’m gonna see. You still flat?”
“What makes you think I’m gonna lose?”
Atsumu smirks. “From what I can see down here, she’s lookin’ pretty fuckin’ good, ‘Samu.”
“Piss off!” You bark at the blonde twin beneath you.
You acted upset, but your slick was pooling in your panties. Hearing them refer to you in third person, with no shame or remorse in their words, made you feel incredibly hot.
“Don’t be shy, sweetheart.” Osamu’s breath tickled the nape of your neck. “We’ve been friends forever. You don’t really believe that I’ve never imagined what you look like naked, right?”
“Y/N, it’s your turn.” Atsumu comments.
“S-Sorry! Osamu was… nevermind.”
You stretch out your leg to reach the yellow circle when Osamu knees the back of your other one. You lose balance and collapse almost instantly.
“Tsk, tsk.” Osamu sighs. “You didn’t do anything to make her fall, did you, Atsumu?”
“No,” The twin answers.
“Neither did I. Looks like we won fair and square.”
“Osamu! That was you! Don’t play stupid—“
“Stupid?” Osamu chuckles. “I’m not the stupid one. Last I checked, I’m not the dumb little pouty-faced baby who couldn’t even play one round of Twister.”
Heat rose to your neck out of embarrassment. Atsumu watches silently.
“Mean, ‘Samu,” You complain with furrowed brows.
“Well? What are you waiting for?” He disregards your remark, claiming a spot on the couch. Atsumu lies a few feet away, legs crossed and arms propping him up.
Slowly, your fingers trail up to the buttons on your shirt. You run over them for a quick second before fiddling with the one at the very top. You manage to loosen it before doing the same to the rest, and your shirt eventually finds a place on the floor.
You’re about to unbutton your jeans when Osamu clears his throat.
“What?” You inquire.
“That too.” He says, eyeing your bra.
“D-Do I have to?”
“Rules are rules.” Atsumu chimes in. His eyes don’t even meet yours. They’re too busy being fixed on your bust.
“Fine…” You grumble. In one swift move, you unclasp your bra. It falls to the floor in a heap, right on top of your shirt.
“Fuck…” The blonde whispers.
Atsumu’s eyes light up at the mere sight of your pretty nipples illuminating under the living room light. Osamu doesn’t budge, though.
Soon after, your pants and undies are pooling around your feet. You can feel goosebumps rise on your thighs.
“Well?” You ask quietly, averting your gaze. “Like what you see, ‘Samu?”
He ignores your question. “Since you lost, looks like you’re gonna have to bend over and put the game pieces back in the box, too.”
You scan his face for any sign of joking, but it becomes clear that he’s not. He wants to see you hunch over.
You’re slightly irritated. You can’t gage his reaction, nor is he complimenting you like his brother is so obviously doing. And now he expects you to put your body on full display for him? Right at his feet?
“Yeah, that’s fine.” You finally reply once a thought comes into your head. “Hey, ‘Tsumu, could you help me for a sec?”
You’re on your knees, now, back arched and looking up at Osamu. You don’t break your gaze, even when ‘Tsumu immediately walks over and kneels down behind you.
“What do you need?”
You look at the spinner right next to Osamu’s feet. You lean down, outstretching your hand to it, but can’t reach.
You audibly whine, and you swear you can feel the jump of Atsumu’s dick against your ass. “Can’t get it, ‘Tsumu.”
“O-Oh! That’s okay. I’ve got ya.”
Atsumu uses one hand to clutch your chest as he extends his other one. You watch Osamu’s face with an innocent, dainty look on your face as his brother fondles with your breasts.
Atsumu, nose in the crook of your neck, finally grabs the spinner and hands it to you. He drops his hand from your shirt, but his crotch remains right up against your ass.
“Thanks, ‘Tsumu.” You add, still looking directly at Osamu.
“You’re such a fuckin’ slut.” Osamu finally speaks, gripping the armrest. You could see the tent in his pants as his back is against the couch, legs spread right in front of you. Your mouth waters and for a moment you wonder what it would be like to take his length down your throat.
“Hmm?” You hum. “How come?”
You bat your eyes innocently up at the twin while Atsumu’s hands roam all over your body.
“I don’t think I did anything slutty. Did I do anything slutty, ‘Tsumu?”
The blonde pauses for a moment, rolling one of your nipples between calloused fingers. “No. Don’t think so.”
“See, ‘Samu?” You explain. “I’m not a slut. I’m a good little girl.”
“Damn right.” Atsumu huffs into your back. His breath is warm.
“A good little girl, hm?” Osamu questions. “Alright. Be a good girl and wrap your hands around my cock for me.”
“T-That’s not something good girls do…” You mumble.
“Good girls do whatever they’re told, right?” He pulls his cock out of his pants, and it springs up and hits his stomach. The tip nearly reaches his bellybutton. Fuck.
“Get over here and do what I tell you to do.”
You gulp softly. Atsumu had been toying with you — your ass, your breasts, your waist. But nothing made you as aroused as the dark look in Osamu’s eyes.
The way his voice dropped an octave, the hungry expression on his face. His lust was impossible to ignore, and it seemed to grow bigger with each second that passed.
Perhaps it’s because Atsumu’s always been a flirt. He’d feel you up in the pool every summer, and would soak your white shirt on purpose anytime he had his hands on a water gun. There were no surprises with him.
But Osamu? You’d never seen Osamu like this. Making demands, smirking, staring you down. You’d always catch Atsumu undressing you with his eyes, but never him. It’s like he’s a completely different person.
And hell, is it hot.
Without a word, you crawl over to the grey-haired twin. Once you approach him, you rest your flushed cheeks against the inside of his thigh before wrapping your nimble fingers around his girth. A soft croak emits from the back of his throat.
He’s thick, and so warm. Your mouth waters immediately. Behind you, Atsumu is still kneading and palming at your ass. Husky grunts are coming from him as well.
“Fuck, princess…” The blonde whispers.
Your breath tickles Osamu’s thigh. He shifts in response.
“If you’re gonna put those pretty lips so close to my dick, ya might as well suck it, yeah?”
You blush all over again. With every demand he makes, your head spins. What happened to the quiet, calm friend that you thought you knew?
“Y-Yeah,” You murmur against his shaft, before opening your mouth and engulfing him. Not much went through your mind, if anything at all. All that went through you now was a sense of pure shock and stimulation.
Your tongue swirled all over his pink, glistening cock. You sucked, kissed and salivated all over him. It didn’t help when Atsumu dipped down and bit at the flesh of your ass.
“Tsumu!” You squealed, clit throbbing.
“That wasn’t that bad,” He whines, trailing kisses down to your clothed pussy. “What if I bit here, hm?”
“Don’t be a dick, Tsumu. You’re scaring her.”
For a moment, Osamu returned to his usual, relaxed self. You pause, glancing up at him, watching him furrow his brows at his twin with a delicate glance. But just as quickly as he switched, he switches back, eyes darkening once they latch onto yours again.
“What, huh? Did I tell you to stop?”
“No, I just—“
“Suck. And don’t quit unless I say so.”
Tsumu scoffs, heat puffing against your pussy. He slides a finger under your thong before pulling it aside. “Oh, but I’m the scary one. Sure, dude.”
“You’re lucky I can’t be in two positions at once. If it were up to me, I’d keep the slut all to myself.” The twin remarks. Atsumu doesn’t continue to bicker. He just silences himself in the dripping, hot slick of your pussy.
Absentmindedly, you begin moaning. You jiggle your ass against his face, while Osamu wraps a hand around your head to shove you further down his cock.
“Pick up the slack,” He orders. “Instead of whining like a dumb little whore, why don’t you deep throat my cock instead?”
“Don’t you dare.” Atsumu says breathlessly, pulling your pussy away from his mouth. “Keep that clit right on this fucking tongue. You better not move an inch.”
You whine hopelessly as frustration gnaws at you. You wanted to please Osamu, but also relish in the everlasting horny mess that was Atsumu. Suddenly, an idea comes to you.
You pull away from the head of Osamu’s dick with a ‘pop.’ The look of concern returns to his face, but you’re quick to voice your plan.
“Fuck me.”
He’s quiet for a moment, almost as if reassuring himself that those words just came out of your mouth.
“Both of you,” You add, turning your neck to look at the blonde twin, who’s face is beet red.
“You want us to fuck you?” Atsumu questions. “Like, taking turns?”
Your eyebrow flicks up, and you pause before nodding. “I-I guess that works too—“
“No fucking way,” Osamu chuckles. “You guess? You couldn’t be that much of a dirty cockwhore to the point that you were hoping we’d fuck you at the same time, right?”
You huff, pushing away from him. He grabs your face before you get far enough.
“Look at me.” He steadies his gaze. “You want us to fuck you like that, huh?”
Atsumu’s zipper can be heard not far from behind you.
“Say it louder.”
“You’re not that dumb, are you? Tell us in a complete sentence so we know exactly what you.”
You ball your fists, averting your eyes. “I want both of your cocks at the same time!” You purse your lips. “Gosh, ‘Samu, you’re so mean...”
He slides down from his place on the couch, back resting against where his thighs were. He motions for you to get on top of him. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Atsumu opening what you assume is lube.
When the tip of Osamu’s dick hits your entrance, you let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding. You shudder.
“What?” He hums against your collarbone. “Bigger than you thought?”
The first few strokes are painfully slow as he stretches you out. You clench onto his arm in anticipation, but he’s too busy enjoying himself in the mere feeling of the tightest pussy he’s ever felt.
“Fuck,” He mutters. “For a dumb, cum-hungry slut like you, you sure do take cock like a champ.”
Atsumu returns behind you, and you can feel his tip prod against your ass. He dips a finger unexpectedly into your hole, and you hum in delight.
“That feel good, y/n? This cock’s gonna feel even better once I’m done getting you nice and ready.”
The feeling of Osamu’s dick and Atsumu’s finger slipping in and out of you at the same time was enough to make you feel dizzy already. You had never done anything like this before, and the sensation was heavenly.
“Oh, ‘Samu,” You mumble. “‘T-Tsumu!”
“Shit,” The blonde sighs. You’re too busy getting familiar bouncing on Osamu’s dick, you don’t even realize when a second cock slides into your ass.
Osamu’s hand comes down on your bum with a loud smack. “What did I already tell you? Don’t fucking stop.”
“S-Sorry, it’s just — mmf!”
Atsumu’s hand clasps over your mouth, muffling the rest of your words. He leans over your shoulder, biting down on it as your cheeks ripple against his thrusts.
You swear to yourself that if you weren’t already sitting, you’d probably pass out. The grip due to Osamu’s size was already enough. But now with Atsumu’s factored in, it was too much but not enough at the same time. You wanted them to wreck you and fuck into your tight little holes endlessly.
Tears well at the corners of your eyes as you cum constantly. Each orgasm is stronger than the last, which you didn’t even know was possible. It was intoxicating, and based off the faltering moans and voice breaks from the two brothers, it’s clear that they felt the same way.
“Love this tight ass of yours,” Atsumu growls. “You like the way this fat cock feels?”
“Yes, just like that,” Osamu guides your waist up and down. “Make me fucking cum in that pussy.”
A few more minutes of squelching and spanking and moaning go by when you can feel their cocks swell inside of you. Your high-pitched moans practically turn into borderline screams as they pick up the pace and begin ramming into you.
Osamu holds you, pressing his nose in the crook of your neck as his balls slap the underside of your ass from the continuous, quick impact. Atsumu moves his hand from your mouth to your throat, lightly choking you as he relentlessly thrusts his dick back and forth in your ass.
“Fuck,” Osamu mutters. “I’m gonna fucking cum.”
“M-Me too,” Atsumu stutters, losing his rhythm.“You want us to cum in you? Tell us how bad you want it.”
“P-Please!” You choke out. “I want it so bad. Fill up both of my holes, please!”
“That’s enough for me,” Atsumu moans, before slowing down immensely and allowing his cock to pump you full of his cum.
Osamu’s still fucking up into you. “Mmm. You’re so fucking dirty, making that face while you’re draining him.”
“‘Samu, your turn.” You whisper. Atsumu pulls out of you.
“Is it? Hmm.” He mumbles against your lips. “I guess it is.”
For a moment, he’s fucking you harder than before, harder than he ever has. You swear you can’t take anymore when all movement halts, and he’s stuffing you to the brim.
“Fuuuck,” He breathes out, cock throbbing against your fluttering walls. A few minutes pass before he rests his forehead against yours. Atsumu returns half-naked with three water bottles.
“How’d that feel?” He asks. “And how are you doing now that it’s over? I know that was alot.”
“Really good.” You answer. “And I’m feeling fine. But… did you mean all that? It’s like you were a completely different person.”
Osamu frowns. “No, of course not. It’s just a different side of me, but it’s all for kicks. I guess I just got excited and wanted to rough you around a bit.”
You nod in response, and he pushes a stray hair away from your face.
“But you aren’t really any of those things I called you. You know that, right?”
“She better know that,” Atsumu hovers over you, passing water to both of you. “You know at the end of the day you’re our good girl, right, y/n?”
You giggle. “Yeah.”
“And besides, you’re calling me a different person, but what about you? I have no idea who that hot chick was that was bouncing on my cock fifteen minutes ago.”
“Shut up!” You laugh, and eventually, the three of you are erupting into laughter.
You never would’ve imagined fucking your childhood best friends — who you grew up with, played with, skipped school with, and snuck out with — but here you were. And you wouldn’t wanna be with any other pair.
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sukunababy · a month ago
“call him by the wrong name” with miya twins? If possible, thank you 🙏🏻
Tumblr media
Osamu & Atsumu Miya
Tumblr media
Osamu loves to play fight.
He likes having any excuse to be able to hug you and he likes your warm smile when he lets you win.
"Please, 'Sumu, stop" you giggle as he tickles you. Osamu stops immediately, "what did you just call me?" he asks, his eyebrows furrowed. "By your name???" you laugh as you watch the excitement quiver in his body, "no, you called me ‘Sumu" pouting he sits on the edge of the bed, his back to you.
"Do the two of you play like this?" he asks, his voice almost broken by sobs. "’Samu, no no, baby" you hug him from behind and rest your chin on his shoulders, "it was a joke, I'm sorry" you try to reassure him stuffing his cheek with kisses.
Still not convinced of your answer he hugs you koala-style, "that wasn't funny," he whispers holding you tight, "don't do that again".
No, definitely, don't do that again.
Tumblr media
It's late when you hear him lying next to you in bed, "how was your practice?" you ask snuggling into his chest.
"Mmh, hell" he whispers wrapping his arm around your hip, "I love you princess, good night" he lays a kiss on your hair and you feel his smile, "mmh I love you too 'Samu".
You know you fucked up by the way Atsumu swells his chest, "don't do that" he says holding you even tighter, "do what baby?" you ask biting your tongue.
"You know what. If you want to start a fight just tell me" he says resting his lips to your ear. "It was a joke, I'm sorry" you quickly apologize squeezing his arm, "yeah I know. Now shut your mouth princess and go to sleep" he demands wrapping himself around you.
"I love you, 'Sumu".
"I love you more, princess".
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chicoree · 2 months ago
what you need
Tumblr media
Pairing: Atsumu x Reader
Warnings: MINORS DNI 18+ yandere, dubcon, stalking, misogyny, manipulation, knotting, scenting, breeding, slight blood, implied background character death, kitsune!Atsumu, overstim, aged up characters
A/N: My (late) submission for the @hqintheclub yandere collab, which you can find the masterlist for here!! Thank you so much for commissioning this piece from me @bellanovas I hope you enjoy it!!
Thank you to @vanille--kiss @bohica160 @obitobrigade​ and @oneblonded for beta reading!! 💕
WC: 8.7K
Tumblr media
The spirit world is blissfully hot today. The sun is bright, the cicadas are buzzing, and the humidity is laid thick in the air. Overhead a few hitodama float by, their translucent bodies gleaming pink and blue as they drift along with the slight breeze. The tall grass sways from side to side, the lazy, familiar dance it does every summer.
Laid atop a wall, tails dangling over the edge to tickle at the ground, Atsumu dozes, chasing the flicker of his dreams. He sighs, a great, full bodied thing and then sniffles. Furrows his brow. Twitches his nose. It’s a slow awakening: the flutter of his eye, the wrinkle of his nose, the flick of his ear. He blinks hazily, sleepily, the heat making every movement syrupy slow as he props himself up on his elbows. His yawn is loud, bouncing along the trees as he stretches, the folds of his yukata spilling apart a little more as he scratches idly at his chest.
“You’re awake. Thought you were gonna sleep all day.”
Osamu isn’t one to talk, lounging beneath a tree, a basket of fresh, white peaches beside him, their skin dusted with a rosy blush and fit to burst with sweet, cloying nectar.
“You smell that?”
“Smell what?” Osamu takes a bite and the thick, wet sound of his fangs piercing fruit fills the air. For a moment that’s all Atsumu can smell, the sugary scent of ripe fruit, but it fades away as his nose twitches again.
“That.” He gestures at nothing, sitting up a little taller, a little straighter as he blinks the sleep from his eyes.
“’S real helpful.” There’s another bite, another lip smack.
“Smells like…” Atsumu inhales deeply, chest expanding, ears flicking once more as he lets his eyes slide shut. He can see it, this faint cloud of scent winding through the air, drifting just above the ground, coiling teasingly in front of him. “Smells like human.”
Osamu rolls his eyes and takes another bite, licking up the leaking peach juice running along the side of his hand, eyeing the pit as he sinks a little deeper into the grass. “Never would’ve guessed.”
“Shut up.” It doesn’t take much for Atsumu to cross to the boundary between the spirit and human world, his toes nudging the silvery veil that drapes down the entrance to the shrine. It’s a delicate thing, made thinner by the approaching summer solstice. The city below is bustling despite the rain, the clouds painting everything with a gloomy grey except for the tantalizingly sweet scent that winds down the stairs and into the roads, disappearing around a drugstore. “You really can’t smell it?”
Osamu tilts his head up and gives a few obliging sniffs before taking a few more big bites of his fruit, pressing the pit between his claws to watch it shatter before he throws it to the ground. “No. You must be imaginin’ things.”
“I’m not.”
“Sure, you’re not.”
“I’m not.”
“You’ve been sleepin’ too much. ‘S makin’ you crazy.”
“Listen, you—” Atsumu’s ears prick up again, the scent fading, drifting further away the longer he lingers and bickers with his brother. There’s a nervous energy that’s rising inside him, that presses insistently at his ribs, that has his tail swishing irritably from side to side. “I’ll be back.”
It takes nothing to shift forms, to transform into a fine fox with a beautiful plume of seven tails and eyes the colour of ripe wheat.
Atsumu pauses, one paw slipping through the barrier.
In spite of the way Osamu’s reclining along the ground, his voice is tight when he says, “Don’t do anything stupid.”
Atsumu huffs, clicking his tongue along the sharp row of teeth that line his mouth.
“When have I ever?”
One bound then two and he’s fully through, pretending not to notice his twin’s clenched jaw.
The scent is faint by the time he makes it down the stairs, the rain bouncing off his fur as he darts through the winding streets. There’s no reason for him to dodge cars and passersby; it’d be easy enough to slip through them, to barge his way through brick and mortar until he finds what he’s looking for. Yet, he finds himself following the sidewalks and streets laid out before him, darting around corners and neatly sidestepping rain boots and dress shoes as he races through the city. His heart pounds incessantly in his ears, urgency pushing him onwards, driving him faster, faster as he fights to keep hold of the smell lingering in the air.
It takes him to a grocery store, the invisible string tugging him along through the automatic doors and making him pitter patter through the aisles. Row after row of bright, cartoon faces wink at him from the shelves, but he hardly notices them, too fixated on finding whatever—whoever it is he’s looking for.
He catches sight of you in aisle thirteen. Rainwater is still dripping from your umbrella and the elbow of your right sleeve is damp from the weather. You look tired beneath the fluorescent light, wilting, withering in a concrete jungle that has no mercy for a delicate thing like you. And the smell of you?
Petrichor only amplifies it, only makes it stronger. It makes Atsumu salivate, makes him greedily inhale as much as he can as he winds invisible around your feet, nose brushing up along the line of your calves, the back of your knees, the soft give of your thighs. Do you know? Do you know what you smell like, what you’re doing to him right now? Do you know how reckless you’re making him—
It’s easy enough to slip into the aisle over, to hide behind a tall display of instant curry and transform, matching the clothing of whatever the man on the advertisement is. It’s easier to meander back behind you, carefully timing it so you’re looking down when he jostles against you, elbow knocking yours as he tugs on an apologetic expression.
“Shit—sorry, sorry! Here—” He leans in to grab your runaway rice crackers and fights the temptation to bury his face in your hair.
“It’s okay! It was an accident—oh, thank you!” You gratefully accept the package, smiling politely in return.
It’s easy enough grabbing the rest of your things with the two of you working in tandem, and if he happens to let his hand brush yours a few times along the way he’s quick to apologize and flash you a winning smile. When everything is back where it’s meant to be, when he’s pretending to dust something off your shoulders, that’s when he strikes.
“I feel really bad about—”
“Oh, no you shouldn’t it’s—”
“Let me make it up to you?” When you open your mouth he presses a hand to his chest, and does his best to ooze sincerity. “I insist.”
“It’s really alright.” You shift your basket a little higher, and give him another small smile. “It was just an accident.”
“Then how about I just buy you a coffee? Huh? Sounds fair?” He extends a hand out towards you, palm up, inviting, itching to feel your skin against his once more.
“I—” Your face turns apologetic, and his stomach curdles. “I’m really sorry, but I have a boyfriend. I appreciate it though!” You bob your head and shift your basket a little higher, turning away before he can speak. “Thanks again.”
There’s a dull ache in his chest that accompanies the flare of his temper. It’s fine. He’ll be fine. He grits his teeth, squares his shoulders, and slips back into his four-legged form.
It’s easy enough finding out where you live, trailing behind you and winding through your legs as you make your way home. Your apartment is small, just enough room for two. He thinks of his home, of the soft, downy feather mattress he’d clean for you, of the silk and cotton clothing he’d drape along your body. Still, he explores each room with interest, poking behind shut doors, walking the edges of the rooms, mapping where your windows are. Testing the latches and locks to pass the time as you unpack your groceries.
The space smells of you, mixed in with the scent of your furniture, of your cooking, of the detergent that lingers on your clothing. There’s something else too. It’s so faint he almost misses it, the faint smell of mint cutting sharply through the delicate scent that clings to your skin. It’s unpleasant, out of place, and all he can think of is masking it with his own.
Soon there’s nothing but the smell of you in the apartment, delicate, pleasant, twining wonderfully with the spice and heat of his own. He hops up on the counter to watch you cook and dreams of feeding you by hand. He curls around your neck as you eat and thinks about licking the sauce from your lips. He watches as you crinkle your nose, as you lift your shirt to your face and try to place that smell—new, familiar, and comforting, he’s sure.
It’s a wonder watching you get ready for bed. Watching you slip beneath your sheets. Stretching out beside you, the length of his body dwarfing yours as he all but purrs as he watches you type away on your phone. When you finally sleep, he has to resist the urge to curl around you, to feel the weight of you pressed against his chest. He’ll have time for that later, he knows, but he can’t help himself—he brushes his mouth along the curve of your neck and relishes the shiver that tickles down your spine. His tails swish from side to side, slow, sensual, and satisfied.
He’ll try again tomorrow.
Tumblr media
“She has a boyfriend.”
“Then that’s it then. It’s over.”
“Who said that?”
“You—” Osamu pinches the bridge of his nose. “She said she has a boyfriend.”
“Yeah. But she never said she wasn’t interested.”
Tumblr media
Humans are so predictable.
It’s satisfying to watch from up above, to see them carve the same paths over and over again. The drudgery of routine is something Atsumu knows too well, days melting into weeks, years, decades, centuries…the fleeting nature of human life is fascinating to him because of this. A blink of an eye from life to death, and they while away their days working, fucking, and eating, finding fulfillment in each other and the silly little things they do for fun. It’s amusing. It’s interesting. He wants to give you more than that—wants to give you better than that.
There’s a countless number of ‘accidental’ run-ins, carefully spaced out through a handful of weeks. There are a few more stilted conversations but he gets a name, he gets a workplace, he gets a few genuine smiles that he thinks about when he’s fucking his fist at night as he watches you sleep.
Eventually there’s a carved-out time for the two of you, just an hour every other week where he finds you in the grocery store, arms full, gesturing at your basket and poking through the items there. Nori sheets and Jasmine rice for you, pork belly and pickled plums for your boyfriend. A box of Pocky he insists on buying for you, the box of Cream Collon for your boyfriend.
Your boyfriend—your boyfriend, the mint-scented motherfucker that looms over your shoulder despite not being there, that makes Atsumu’s eyes water and nose wrinkle as he bites back a snarl. It’s such a sharp, cool scent, carrying with it the frigidity of winter despite the slowly thawing ice between you.
Before long there’s a parade of coffee cups paired with a retinue of pastries between the two of you. There’s an unending number of invisible eyelashes he plucks from your cheek just to tsk and say sorry, I lost it when he tells you to make a wish. There’s the press of his hands along your shoulders, the graze of his thumb along your wrist. His arm around your shoulders until you shrug it off, his hand grazing yours until you shift away. In spite of all of it the scent of mint remains, pungent and irritating every time it tickles along Atsumu’s nose.
Tumblr media
“He can’t do anythin’ Can’t protect her or—or—he’s got nothin’. No claws, no fangs, no—”
“I wasn’t doin’ anythin’.”
“Stop thinkin’ what you’re thinkin’. Kita’d kill you if you did that.”
“Did what?”
“Killed a human.”
There’s a pregnant pause, just long enough for Atsumu to mask his startled expression with one of amusement. “I wouldn’t do somethin’ like that!”
 Osamu gives him a baleful look and Atsumu bristles.
“I wouldn’t. I’m just…I’m just sayin’ that if someone else or somethin’ else smells her, how’s he gonna keep her safe?”
“She’s doin’ just fine against you.”
“Could be someone plannin’ somethin’ bad.”
“Like I said.” There’s a faint smirk on Osamu’s face. “She’s doin’ just fine against you.”
Tumblr media
“I was thinkin’.”
He’s weighing a bunch of bananas in one hand, a bunch of grapes in the other. He’s not going to bother eating either of them.
You purse your lips as you eye both pieces of produce. “You should get the grapes.”
“We should have coffee some time.”
Your reaction is instantaneous, shoulders crawling towards your ears, basket a battering ram between you once more. “Atsumu…”
“You don’t trust me?”
“I don’t know you.”
Atsumu grabs at his chest, feigning nonchalance and melodramatic hurt to mask the ache in his chest. He stumbles backwards dramatically, tossing his perfectly coiffed hair back, peeking at you from under his lashes. A grape drops to the floor and rolls beneath the table. “Ouch. That stings you know.”
“I mean…” You shift your basket a little higher to wrap your other arm around it, humming in thought as you pout. He has to fight the urge to kiss you while your hands are full. “It’s not like we spend time together or—”
“Then hang out with me. Get to know me.”
“And do what?”
“Whatever you want.” He doesn’t miss the quirk of your lips when he gives you a cheesy wink, and his smile gets a little broader, a little toothier at the sight. The fruit is abandoned, tossed onto a pile of Fuji apples that shine like polished jewels.
Atsumu leans forward, balancing on his toes, every daydream he’s ever indulged in sitting pretty on the tip of his tongue—
“I can’t.”
“You can’t.” He drops back down to his heels and shoves his hands in his pockets to hide the way they’re shaking. It’s an effort keeping his brow from furrowing too deeply, keeping his frown from pulling too ugly. “Why not?”
“You’re very kind, and sweet, and—”
Your lips snap shut and he can smell the heat rising beneath your skin, his expression turning smug when you shift from foot to foot.
“I didn’t say that.”
“But you’re thinkin’ it.”
“Well…you know what you look like. But I have a boyfriend, and I don’t think it’d be fair to either of us—to you, to me, to him—if I spent time with you. I hope you understand—”
“It’s not like I’m plannin’ on stealin’ you away or anythin’.”
“I’m just askin’ if you—”
“I can’t. I’m sorry, but I just think…” You pause and hug your basket a little tighter, pulling back when he tries to take it from you the way he always does. Did. His heart aches. “I don’t think it’d be a good idea.”
There’s the thick stench of mint and detergent wafting from your clothing and he can’t help the little snarl that bubbles up in his throat when he smells it, his hackles rising, every hair standing on end.
You look at him, uncertain, maybe even a little scared, and he quickly smooths his expression, pulling on a chagrined smile even though all he wants to do is tear the basket from your hands and crush your groceries beneath his foot.
“I get it.” He lifts his hands to placate you, walking backwards towards the front door, returning the guilty smile you give him. “’S all good.”
He turns and his expression falls flat, eyes sharp, jaw tight as he holds onto his own basket a little tighter, feeling the metal handles bend and mould to his grasp.
“Sorry,” you call after him, just over the sound of the canned music. He hesitates and debates turning around to catch one more glimpse of you, but then he thinks about the Cream Collon sitting at the top of your basket. Thinks about the mint clinging to your skin.
“’S fine,” he murmurs to himself, feeling his fingers twitch, feeling his blood roar through his veins.
Tumblr media
Atsumu cheats this time around.
He’s done his duty, given in to diplomacy for far too long. He doesn’t want to waste time picking locks and opening doors; doesn’t want to go through the ordeal of creeping through your apartment to your bedroom. He’s already buzzing with barely restrained energy, electricity jittering through his veins as he darts up the walls to slip through your window and land soundlessly beside your bed.
Your mouth is open as you sleep, the pillow creased beneath your cheek, blankets tangled between your legs. He’s never seen a prettier sight. He could stay here forever if he wanted to, just listening to you breathe, watching you dream…but he has a plan to follow, a goal to achieve.
His shadow stretches along the far wall as he shifts, blotting out the moon as it spreads across your bed, his tails fanning out behind him. Carefully he slips a hand onto the bed, sliding it along the lines of your body to slip beneath your knees. You shift and mumble, and he freezes, watching you with bated breath.
When there’s nothing more he slides his other hand along your chest, tensing at the soft give of your tits, giving into temptation to skim a nail along the soft peak of your nipple. You squirm and moan, and he echoes you, cock twitching along his thighs as he does it again. And again. And again—
You roll onto your back and Atsumu pulls back, holding his breath as he watches you squirm along the mattress. There’s one slow blink and then two, your mouth dropping open as you stare at him, fighting back a yawn as you shift away from him.
His ears flatten back on his head, tails flicking agitatedly as he waits for the haze to clear, for you to scream—
You shift closer to the edge of the bed and his heart stops.
“I’m dreaming…” You reach out a hesitant hand and graze his tails, and his whole body goes hot. “This is…this is a dream.”
He smiles and twitches his tail a little closer, letting you wind your fingers through the thick fur, letting you pet along the length of them. A pleased rumble rises from his chest, tingles of want and need drifting through him, rolling along every inch of his body. Beneath his robes his cock twitches, the length of it swelling. This…this is torture. Your careful exploration of his tails, the kneading of your fingers along the spine, the way they drift closer, closer to the base, where the hairs are shorter, finer—where he’s more sensitive.
You blink up at him, still tired, still soft around the edges. “Are you here to steal me away?”
…fuck you can’t just say things like that.
His cock gives another twitch, and he plasters on a friendly smile, the one he always gives you when he grabs you something from the top shelf.
“Wanna come with me?”
“Come with you where?”
“My home. Wanna see it? ‘S real pretty. Not like this.” He gestures outside your window, at the rain pouring down in sheets outside.
“Can I?” You laugh, and Atsumu can’t help but laugh in return, eager anticipation pitching his voice a little higher, a little louder as he watches you shake your head. “Of course I can. It’s my dream…duh.”
You smack your hand against your forehead and he catches it in his, preening as he watches the way you hold your hand against his, measuring the difference between them. Delicately dragging your touch along the tips of his claws, watching the way they dimple your flesh when you press a little harder.
“C’mon.” It’s so effortless intertwining his fingers with yours he feels like his chest might burst. This is what it’s supposed to be like. This is how things should be. He’s the one you’re supposed to be with; who else would you be so effortless with, so comfortable? He tugs at your hand and you rise so readily he nearly knocks you back down to the bed. There’s almost nothing between you, just a few flimsy pieces of clothing and a simple knot on his yukata he could undo with a flick of his fingers.
This close the smell of you is all he knows, fogging his mind, making his mouth water and his jaw ache as he fights the urge to take you apart piece by piece and devour you.
“Do you trust me?”
You grin and squeeze his hand, not even hesitating when you say, “Yeah, I do.”
He wraps you up in his arms and whisks you out the window through the pouring rain as quickly as he can. He can’t help but feel smug when he feels you cling a little tighter to him, when he hears your awed exclamation when you realize the rain isn’t touching either of you. The obon decorations that line doorways are a blur with how quickly he’s moving, and he prays the veil is thin enough to bring you with him this close to the festival. It’s the only window of opportunity he has, and if it doesn’t work…well. He’s not sure what he’ll do.
The veil presses against  him for a moment, holding him in mid air, refusing to let him pass. He’s so close—he’s so close he can taste it, the heat of you on his tongue, your scent pouring like honey down his throat and he wants it he wants it he wants it—
It gives way and he’s through, frenzied, feverish, hearing your surprised gasp, wanting to pull another from you when he’s buried balls deep inside you. He whisks through the fields, through the forests, easily leaps over rivers and stones until he’s pushing open the doors to his home. The room has been tidied, carefully decorated with soft fabrics and fragrant flowers. Petals line the edges of his bed, crushed beneath your body when he lays you across it. This…this is where you’re meant to be, surrounded by the finest things, surrounded by sweet smells and the scent of him, only flowers and sunlight and no more mint.
It’s amazing how things have changed, how you don’t move to push him away even as he hovers over you. It’s amazing that despite you thinking you’re sleeping, he’s the one with the dream come true. Your eyes slide down along his face like you’re seeing him for the first time, soaking it in. The cut of his nose, the soft plush of his lips, the two ears quivering atop his head. You reach up a curious hand and graze along the edge of one and he groans.
“Don’t stop,” he rasps, shifting your hand back up, pressing the curve of your palm along the shell of his ear. “Do it again.”
You hesitate for barely a second before you oblige, too fascinated with the soft, downy fur that melds seamlessly with his hair to stiffen when he buries his face along your neck. It’s enough just to breathe you in, to feel you beneath him. It’s enough just to press his mouth along your throat, feeling your heartbeat thrum against his lips. It’s enough until it isn’t. 
He can’t resist it any longer—his tongue slips out and laves a neat little circle along your pulse. Oh, you’re stiff as a board now, hands stilling in his hair, breathing picking up as your heart beats double time. He can’t help the lengthening of his fangs, the saliva that fills his mouth. His teeth graze your skin, pulling shivers from you, breathy little hums that go straight to his cock as he works his way along the edge of your jaw, to the corner of your mouth, to—
“I can’t.”
He’s so close. He can almost taste you. Even your breath is sweet, the ghost of more lingering in the miniscule space between you.
Tentatively, he shifts to the other side of your mouth, and brushes a reverent kiss there.
“I shouldn’t.”
It’s remarkable how even your devotion transcends spiritual planes, how even when you’re wrapped in the lie that this is just fantasy you insist on remaining loyal. It’s admirable, enviable even…and he wants it for himself. It was a shouldn’t not a can’t, and it makes him purr, has him skimming his hands a little higher up your shirt.
“I have—” Your voice is lost when he nips at your neck, your hands flying to his hair to tug as you gasp and shiver against him. He can feel your pulse along his tongue when he slides it up the length of your neck, lips pursing to suckle on that delicate junction where it meets your jaw. “I have a—”
“Not anymore,” he murmurs, purring when your hands slide up a little higher to graze his ears. They flick back and forth eagerly as he leans into your touch, his whispered more lost along the curve of your shoulder as he buries his face against it.
You giggle at his affection and rub at his ears a little harder, a little bolder as he fights back the need to rut against your leg. “I guess you’re right.”
He is right. You just don’t know it yet. And, he thinks dazedly, you probably never will. There’s no need for you to go back once the night is over. There’s nothing waiting for you on the other side of the veil, just anguish, grieving. A blood-soaked bed in an apartment you were planning on calling home. A cold body that smells of iron and mint.
This time when he tilts his head up, when he nudges his nose along your chin you don’t lean away. This time you meet him halfway, tentative, unsure, guilt still shackling you and keeping you still even as his hands drift to your waist. It’s a slow slide of his mouth along yours, what little patience he has left stretching thinner and thinner with every brush of his tongue along your lips.
You taste…
He slides his tongue into your mouth and coaxes yours into his and groans when he feels them twine together.
You taste delicious.
There’s nothing kind or patient about the way he’s kissing you now, sucking your lower lip into his mouth, biting it, pulling breathy little gasps from you that he swallows with glee. Your hands flit down to his shoulders, clinging to him as he bears down on you, his body curving over yours, his weight sinking you down onto the soft feather bed he’d prepared just for you.
This isn’t about exploration, Atsumu realizes feverishly. There’s no part of your body he hasn’t already mapped out, that he hasn’t already seen, dreamt about, or imagined. This is about conquering. This is about owning. This is about reminding you who you’re meant to belong to.
His claws nick your skin and you flinch, hissing when they drag thin red lines along the soft curve of your waist. Atsumu pulls back to stare at the hazy, unfocused look in your eye, a flicker of discomfort crossing your face. That won’t do.
It’s nothing to sink to his knees, to push your shirt higher and lap along the length of the wounds, to taste you—the essence of you, the life that thrums through your veins. Down here your scent is stronger; down here it’s impossible to miss the slow leak of arousal that’s drifting from between your thighs. Satisfaction blooms in Atsumu’s chest as he buries his nose against your cunt, inhaling deeply as you squeak and try to push his head away. It’s cute how you’re squirming beneath him, flailing futilely against the iron grip he has on you as he drinks his fill. Before long you’re tugging at his hair to draw him closer instead of pulling him off, your thighs spreading apart beneath the nip and suck of his mouth. Your shorts are soaked through, a mess of his spit and your juices, the heady smell of you clinging to the fabric as he groans and sucks along the center seam once more.
“Say it again,” he growls, rising just to yank your bottoms off, eagerly burying his face in your cunt again and feeling the drip of you along his tongue.
“My name.” He licks firmly up your slit, gathers the taste of you and holds it in his mouth, eyes rolling back in his head before he swallows. “Say—”
He thinks you listen; thinks you obey him. Your obedience should be making him purr with pride, but he’s too lost between your legs, your thighs clamped over his ears as he eats you like a man starved. Normally he takes his time. Normally he indulges, teases, draws his partner to their peak over and over again before pushing them over the edge. But you…
He can’t think of anything but the shake of your legs, the way his fingers dig into the soft give of your thighs. The way you just keep getting wetter and wetter with every pass of his tongue, hole twitching with every graze of the slick pink muscle. He buries his tongue inside you as deep as he can and moans when he hears you scream.
It’s muffled, muted, but enough to have him fumbling at the knot in his yukata, slipping the edges of it off his body as his hand flies to his cock. There’s a dribble of precum trailing down the length of it already and gratefully he spreads it along his length, too drunk on the scent of you to care about teasing himself. It’s a fast pace, the steady rise and fall of his fist, the squeeze of his fingers matching the squeeze of your walls while he fucks you on his tongue.
This is better than he imagined, better than he dreamt all those times. Here in the flesh, he’s on the verge of losing his mind, wanting nothing more than to taste you and—
When you cum on his tongue he has to grip at the base of his cock, has to fight to keep his hips from humping up into his hold. Precum drools from the slit over his knuckles, a veritable deluge of arousal that drips down the base of his cock, sliding over his balls to dot the floor.
“’S sweet—” he groans against you, drinking every last drop he can, curling his tongue through your folds and lapping at your twitching hole. He could live off this alone, could spend the rest of his eternity accepting offerings from between your thighs. “You taste like heaven.”
In spite of the slick that coats the bottom of his face there’s still more slipping from you when he rises, glistening temptingly along your folds and enticing him closer. His cock slips between your legs to nudge at your clit, the leaking slit dragging along the length of it to make you whimper. Your eyes are wide when you catch sight of him between your legs, when you feel him there rutting against you with short little thrusts.
He can’t help the swell of his ego, the throb of his cock when he follows the bob of your throat.
Your eager nod pulls a pleased rumble from his chest as he smears your slick along his shaft, coating himself with you, breathing in the dizzying aroma that spirals through the air. He’s half-gone when he presses the tip against your fluttering entrance, shifting his hips forward.
“O-ow—ow wait, it hurts—”
Normally he wouldn’t give a damn. Normally this would never happen—when was the last time he had a human? A decade ago? A century ago? The pained pull of your brows has him hesitating though, the press of your hand flat against his stomach stilling him. His ears flick, annoyed. What has your shitty ex-boyfriend been doing every night if he hasn’t been stuffing your cunt full?
“It’s…why does it hurt?” You look so cute when you’re confused, but he can see you putting the pieces together, can see you shaking off the excuse of the dream with every jolt of pain that zips up your spine.
“Fuck yourself open for me,” he breathes, shifting away, pressing your hand against your dripping folds. He was so close, the heat of you so enticing…but he needs to while away the next handful of hours, needs to wait for the veil to shut before he lets you go.
Your eyes are wide, teeth nibbling on your lower lip as your hand slips unsurely along your pussy. It’s endearing—are you shy? Nervous? He can’t help the heat that curls in his belly. Are you a virgin? Is that why you’re so tight—you’ve never been fucked open like this before? It must be the reason why—the only reason why you’re still so tight. He’s salivating at the thought of filling you for the first time, fucking you stupid until all you know and all you remember is the shape of his cock inside you.
“Go on,” he croaks, voice cracking with the weight of his desire. He nudges his fingers alongside yours, slides one into your plush walls as he watches you circle your clit. “I’ll help.”
His generosity must encourage you because your eyes flutter, lashes grazing your cheek as you start teasing yourself in earnest, wriggling around on the bed as you tap along your folds. A low growl escapes him as he pushes in a second finger, grinning when your eyes snap open to catch his, your pupils wide enough to reflect his face back at him.
“Dirty girl,” he breathes, reverent, watching the way your face pinches when you whimper. “Squeezin’ so tight around me. One more finger, darlin’. Think you can do one more for me?”
“O-oh—” The face you make is so beautiful it takes his breath away, makes his cock twitch and has more precum beading along the tip of it. The feeling of him bullying his fingers inside you, pressing along every inch of your walls—god. God.
“Can’t—” He chokes on his own spit, on the low growl that vibrates from his body to yours as he rips his fingers from your body and replaces them with his cock. “Can’t wait anymore—”
There’s still some resistance, still the insistent push of your walls against him, but there’s more give this time. You’re slowly sucking more of him in with every drag of his hips in and out, your hands reaching out for him, grasping at thin air as he coos at you.
“Doin’ so well, sweetheart. Feels so—nn—feels so fuckin’ good.” It’s a shame he can’t see himself splitting you in two, but it’s fine. There’ll be plenty of time for that tomorrow, or the day after, or that day after that…
“Atsumu—god, you’re—” You let out a plaintive whine that makes your face flare hot as you press your cheek against his. “’M so full.”
“Not yet,” he pants, voice full of promise as he fucks into you a little faster, a little deeper, watching you throw your head back. “I can give you more—‘m gonna give you more.”
His knot is swelling, filling out with every delicious grind of your walls along his shaft. It’s always such a strange feeling, the anxious hum of pleasure fueled through desperation, through the need to empty his balls inside you. To bury himself as deep as he can into the wet, silky heat between your legs, and stuff you completely full of just him—
“Think you can take it?”
“I—” Your eyes roll back into your head when he grinds his hips against you, the swollen base nudging insistently along your folds. “I don’t—"
“I can help you.” You shiver so cutely when he glides a finger along the seam where you’re joined, his eyes fixed on the squelch of his cock burying inside you, pushing slick out between your folds. Your thighs tremble a little more, clamping along his hips when he tries to wiggle his finger inside, back arching, twisting, as you try to push his hand away.
“’Tsumu! I can’t—”
You sigh and sink back down to the bed when he removes his hand, his fingers tickling up along the sensitive skin to swipe firm along your clit.
“You’re right.” His other hand pets along the inside of your thigh, loosening it back up, pressing it back out to the side. Spreading you open in spite of the way you’re fighting to curl around him a little closer. “You can’t.” His fingers glide a little faster, a little harder, his tongue peeking out of the corner of his mouth as he watches the undulation of your body beneath him. “Not yet, anyway.”
All Atsumu gets is a sharp inhale and the desperate bow of your back a split second before you’re cumming. It’s heaven feeling you clamp around him, feeling the flutter of your walls as you try to milk him dry, try to pull him in deeper, try so greedily to swallow the knot you’d been crying about taking. He can see the path your pleasure takes, the trembles that radiate from your hips out, tits bouncing as you throw your head back, as you try and flinch away from his still circling fingers.
“I—‘Tsumu!” It’s easy swatting your hand away, even easier pinning it along your belly, his claws pushing out, grazing the sensitive, delicate skin along the underside of your wrist as his eyes get fever bright. The smell of you rolls over him like a wave, dragging him under as his fangs lengthen and his lips part.
You smell so good.
“I c-can’t—oh!”
Another shove of his hand against your belly, a little more weight on you and you’re forced to lie still on the bed, hips no longer able to chase away from the insistent pinch and press of his fingers.
“You can’t,” he murmurs, watching you trying to tug your arm free. “You keep telling me you can’t. Can’t kiss me, can’t fuck me, can’t take my fuckin’ cock—” He thrusts up against you, lets you feel the stretch of his shaft, the press of the thick swell of him kissing along your folds. “—can’t take my knot. Can’t take this—”
He fucks into you a little deeper just to hear you squeal before he draws out, cock dripping with your arousal, only the swollen tip still between your walls. He pauses, waits for you to open your mouth to beg him to please—please, I—and then slams back into you. It’s harsh, deep; the weight of his hips buries you into the bed, displacing feather and cloth as he carves his cock through your walls.
“You’re a liar,” he pants, a crooked smile tugging at the corners of his lips, teeth gleaming wickedly in the light. “You seem just fine—”
This time he rolls his hips, this time he angles them a little differently, this time he pauses only when you scream and jerk in his hold, a low growl escaping him.
“There, huh?” Another shift of his hips, another nudge of his cock along your g-spot, another kick of your legs as you squeal. “Right here?”
He laughs when you sob, tears leaking from the corners of your eyes as you claw at the sheets.
“C’mon, give me one more.” He swallows thickly, feeling you tighten around him, feeling the erratic hug and release of your velvety walls. “Just one more. One more. You can do that for me, can’t you? Huh, pretty girl?”
You’re so pliant beneath him, letting him slide a hand beneath your leg to pull it up, letting him brace his palm against the back of your knee to push it to your chest. Letting him slot fully between your legs, letting him bite and lick at your mouth until you oblige and kiss him back, whimpers and whines slipping from your tongue to his and then back again.
“’S good,” Atsumu mumbles, mind hazy with the taste of you. He slides his tongue along your cheeks, trailing along your tear tracks, tasting the ecstasy that bleeds from you. “You’re doin’ so good for me, makin’ me feel so—ah fuck—”
He can’t help himself, sitting back to watch your pussy stretched around him, to watch the way it so greedily accepts every inch he feeds it over and over again. He’s lost, mindlessly rolling his hips against yours, feeling the tight hold of your walls, soaking in every little hiccup that escapes you. You’re cumming again—oh, you’re cumming again and you’re soaking his cock, his stomach with it, smearing your slick across his body with every jolt of your hips. It’s easier this time to slip a finger along the edge of your pussy, to wiggle it into the space just above his cock. You’re melting into his touch now, walls soft, wet, and willing, eagerly sucking his dick and his finger in with every stuttered breath you take.
“That’s it,” he breathes, cock throbbing, the veins that wind around it pulsing as he watches his finger slip one, two then three knuckles deep inside you. “Look at that…look at how good you are, huh? It’s—you’re beggin’ for it. You were made for takin’ it—for takin’ me—”
He can’t help the groan that slips from him when he feels you squeeze around him and he rewards you with a crook of his finger, soothing away the sting that comes with it with his thumb against your clit.
“You want more, darlin’? Huh? Wanna feel nice and full?”
“’Tsumu—” You sniffle valiantly when he looks at you, still coming down, still floating down from your second high. There’s more give now though, and he knows you can feel it too. Without the tight wind of anticipation in your body it’s easy for him to wiggle a second finger in, hissing at the feeling of it sliding along the top of his cock, at the feeling of you clamping down reflexively at the intrusion.
“Good—” He swallows, mouth dry. “Fuck. You’re such a good fuckin’ girl y’know that? Takin’ me so well, still so—”
The moan he lets out is obscene, but he can’t help it when he looks down and sees the glisten of your slick coating his fingers, smearing along the callouses that line his palms. His cock twitches, you moan, and he can’t help the way his hips jerk forward to bury back inside you, two fingers pressed firmly against your g-spot.
“So fuckin’ pretty,” he breathes, watching the arch of your back again, the long line of your neck as you cry out his name. “Sounds so fuckin’ good too—”
Even he doesn’t know if he’s talking about the way you’re whimpering his name or the pornographic sounds floating up from between your legs. It’s dizzying, a lewd melody of skin against skin, of wet heat swallowing his cock, of his balls papping up against your ass, of you mewling with every rut of his hips forward and back.
“I wanna give it to you.” He can feel it, the need to stuff you full of his cock, of his cum. It prickles up along his shoulder blades, tingles along the edges of his ears, tightens his balls. Thickens his cock. “Wanna—wanna fuck my cum into you. Wanna fuck my—” He snarls and cages you, hips pistoning faster, pupils narrowing into slits as he presses your thighs to your chest. “Wanna fuck a baby into you.”
“Oh my god.” You wail as you hold onto him, clinging onto his shoulder for dear life as he presses his forehead against yours. Fuck, he can feel you dripping down his balls, can hear the sticky, sloppy mess between your hips. It’s driving him crazy, the tight heat of you and the smell of it all, the way your delicate heat fits so well with the spicy musk that’s rolling off him in waves. The way your body runs hotter with every brutal thrust he gives you, the way you’re still getting tighter despite his cock splitting you open over and over again, despite the fingers he’d pressed inside you.
“Gonna—gonna cum,” he chokes out, mouth grazing yours, breathing out his promise for you to breathe in. “’M gonna fill you up— ‘m gonna stuff you full—you want that? Huh? You want that, darlin’? Tell me—tell me you—”
“I want it I want it I want—” You keen, high and reedy, clamping down on him again.
“F-fuck—­fuck—‘s mine. You’re mine.” Atsumu nudges his nose down your neck and trails his tongue along your pulse, along the pull of muscle and tendon there, nipping and licking with purpose—with intent. It’s not a random trail of kisses; it’s a territory he’s mapped through your window a thousand times. It’s a route he’s dreamed of taking every single night. It’s a careful trail that curves along your skin, that finishes at your shoulder, that has him sinking his fangs into the tender flesh there as he presses his hips flush against yours.
There’s a squeal when his teeth puncture your skin, your hands flying to his hair to pull, and it cuts off abruptly when he pushes his hips a little harder—a little closer—
His knot slips in and he thinks he sees stars. 
The relief he feels is palpable. It turns his knees to jelly, has him collapsing onto you as he holds you tight to his chest and ruts into you like an animal. Nothing but the desperate grind of his hips, the urge to try and fuck deeper into you when he feels you clamping around his knot, quivering walls protesting the intrusion. But fuck is it worth it.
Your heart is beating double time and he thinks you’ve forgotten how to breathe, but the spasm of your cunt betrays you: it tells him everything he needs to know. About how your toes are curling, how your eyes are rolling back, how you’re drooling—you’re drooling at the feeling of him stuffing you so full.
There’s a split second a clarity that peeks through the delicious, heady fog clouding his mind; it’s a deep-seated satisfaction that comes with the knowledge that you’ve probably never been fucked this well in your life.
Then you’re winding your hands around his neck, you’re tugging his face to yours and slurring out kiss me? and he cums with a groan. He can feel it travelling through his body, can feel the tight pull of his balls, the throb of his cock, the way it twitches and kicks inside you as he fills you up with rope after rope of his cum. The knot does its duty keeping you full of him, coating your walls in white to help him breed you.
“Good?” he breathes against your mouth, huffing a laugh when you keen needy and shaky, and slot your mouth back against his. He’s purring, caught in the afterglow, in the brush of his hand along the soft swell of your stomach as he feels you squeezing his cock one, two, three more times. It’ll be alright if this time doesn’t catch; he has no intention of letting you leave bed anytime soon anyway.
“This—” You sink back into the mattress, vision swimming as you skim your fingers around the bite mark on your neck. “This is the weirdest dream I think I’ve had in a while.”
“Is it?” Atsumu noses at your hand, grinning from ear to ear when he sees the puncture marks along your skin and the slowly clotting blood clinging along their edges.
“Yeah.” Your hands find his ears again and he groans, nosing at your neck, ignoring your flinch and hiss of pain. “Aren’t you…” You swallow and he can feel the heat rising in your cheeks, can feel it branding his skin and he purrs. “Aren’t you going to pull out?”
“Gotta wait for it to go down,” he mumbles. “Just wait.”
“Wait? No we don’t—” You inhale sharply when you try to shift free, discomfort lancing through your protesting pussy when his cock refuses to budge. “It’s—it’s not coming out.”
“’S like I said.” Atsumu yawns and curls around you a little tighter, shifting his head to try and get you to rub at his ears again. “You gotta wait.”
“But it’s—” Your voice is pitching higher; his ear twitches irritably. “It’s my dream—it’s—”
“The hell, ‘Tsumu?”
You freeze beneath him and Atsumu sighs, slotting his hips back up against yours, relishing the soft moan you let out at the feeling of him still swollen, still stiff inside you. “You’re home early, ‘Samu.”
“Atsumu—Atsumu who is—”
“’S just my brother. Ignore him, it's fine.” He buries his face against your neck again, tongue snaking out to lick at your wound, to soothe the ache he’s sure is still lingering there.
“You said you weren’t gonna do this again—” Osamu pauses halfway across the room, frozen in mid-step. Atsumu grins.
You stiffen beneath him, hands pulling at his hair now with a cruelty he’s going to have to reprimand you for later. “A-again?”
“’Tsumu.” Osamu’s voice is ragged, strained, and Atsumu lifts his head lazily, peeking one golden eye over his shoulder. His twin is flushed, sweat beading along his forehead despite the light yukata he’s wearing, the one that matches Atsumu’s. His whole body is trembling, vibrating with need, with a realization that Atsumu recognizes. He’s loath to share you with anybody else, but if he’s going to keep you a secret from Kita…
“You smell it too, right?” Atsumu rolls off you just to catch your wrists in one big hand, pressing them above your head as he spreads you open for his brother, as he lets Osamu see the hug of your pussy around his cock, the cum that’s starting to leak out along the edges of his knot as it slowly deflates. The sour stench of fear is staining the air, but it’s nothing a quick tap of his fingers against your clit can’t fix. “Told ya.”
“Smell what?” you squeak out, struggling against Atsumu’s hold, squeaking and jerking your hips up when he grazes your clit again. “Smell wh—ah!” You’re so cute when you look like this, all pouty and teary eyed, lower lip trembling as your eyes dart back and forth from twin to twin. “What’s going on? Will someone please just—nn!”
The sound of Atsumu fucking in and out of you as shallowly as he can is filthy. Debauched. It’s almost as good as the spike of arousal that wafts from your skin.
“Well?” Atsumu gives another roll of his hips, eyes sliding to half-mast when he feels the returning flutter of your walls. He glances over at his twin, at the bulge tenting the front of his yukata, at the sensual flick of his tails going back and forth, back and forth. At the furrow between his brows, the clench and unclench of his fists.
There’s a decision to be made here, but Atsumu already knows what’s going to happen.
Osamu tugs at the knot of his yukata and lets it slide off his shoulders to the floor. You whimper at the sight of his cock, at the knot already swelling at the base of it, at the slide of his hand along his length, precum beading at the tip as he kneels between your legs to watch Atsumu’s cock slip from your greedy hole.
“Move over.” 
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The Haikyuu Boys Responding to you Asking Them For Nudes | Pt.2
Pairing: haikyuu boys x f!reader 
Notes: In this chapter I have: Osamu, Atsumu, Sakusa, Kita, Suna, Lev, Yaku, Semi, Tendō, and Ushijima! 
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