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#atsumu scenarios
saintmanjiro · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 !!
𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬: atsumu’s got a pretty medal just sitting and collecting dust, so he puts it to good use while he fucks you. he thinks you should have a good view
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: fem! reader, mirror sex, fingering, creampie
Tumblr media
atsumu’s olympic gold medal.
it sits hung up for all to see in your comfortable little condo, the light reflecting across the surface from the large windows that he specifically asked for. and much like your boyfriend himself, the medal holds a large presence, all eyes falling on it the moment anyone steps foot into the room.
it’s such a shame it just sits there, no good use for it other than sitting on display. and atsumu’s worked much too hard for it all go to waste—he earned that medal, and it deserves a meaningful use.
so when he watches you dust over it in your pursuit to clean around the place, cleaning the surface to bring back its usual shine, he finally knows exactly how he’ll use it.
Tumblr media
“there ya go, princess,” atsumu smirks, watching as his large hands spread your thighs apart, your wet folds on display to the mirror in front of you. his fingers ghost right over your entrance, making you whine, bucking your hips to signal him to plunge them in. but he’s got better ideas. “patience, angel,” he kisses your shoulder, sucking on the skin gently, trailing to your neck.
“tsumu,” you insist. “need you to—”
“come on, baby,” he grins. “got somethin’ i want ya to put on first.” he reaches behind him, grabbing his gold medal—the same gold medal he put his blood, sweat, and tears to win—and placing it over over your neck, dangling in between the valley of your breasts.
“your medal?” you furrow your eyebrows, watching as his eyes darken through the mirror the sight of your naked body sporting his life achievements.
it can’t get much better than this, he thinks.
“fuck, baby,” he groans, dick twitching at the sight, aching with the need to be buried balls deep inside of you. “ya look so hot,” he whispers. “gonna fuck ya while ya watch how pretty ya look,” he smirks, eyes glinting with mischief as his hands roam to your breasts, thumbs rubbing over your nipples and pinching them between his fingers.
you mewl, leaning against him, back arching against his chest as he keeps at it. and in an instant, one hand falls to your dripping cunt, his middle and ring fingers plunging into you, curling against your walls as his thumb runs over your clit.
“tsu-tsumu,” you gasp, eyes rolling to the back of your head—but not for too long because almost instantly, his hand leaves your tit to grab your face roughly and turn you to the mirror. you watch as his fingers thrust in and out of you, coated with your slick as they curl into you, making you cry out.
“keep watchin’, angel,” he warns. “don’t ya dare look away. want ya to see everythin’.” he thrusts his fingers into you a few more times, the knot in your stomach letting loose and your orgasm crashing over you in waves as you whine his name, gripping onto his arm tightly.
smirking, atsumu grinds his throbbing erection against your ass, groaning deeply at the small bit of friction he chases as he helps you ride out your high. he gives you a few moments to catch your breath, eyeing the contrast of the gold against your shiny skin, a layer of sweat making in sheen under the light.
“ready, baby?” he strokes his aching cock a few times, moaning at the feel, his mind fogging with nothing but the need to sink into you. “need ya,” he whines as he slowly pushes into your cunt, hands gripping your hips tightly. he watches with fascination as his length disappears, only to reappear as he pulls out and sinks back in.
somehow, he thinks he feels it a thousand times more intensely when he actually watches himself fuck you, seeing his length get coated in your wetness right before him. moaning, he bucks his hips desperately into you, and you watch with equal fascination as atsumu falls apart behind you, lip in between his teeth and eyes screwed shut as he thrust in and out of you. he looks stunning, the reddish hue flushing over his cheeks, his hair messy and falling out of place, sticking to his sweaty forehead.
“tsumu,” you gasp, whining when he bites at your neck, sucking on the skin and leaving a small mark. “tsumu harder,” you plead.
and he listens, ramming into you from behind at a quicker pace, balls slapping against your ass as he whines into your skin, watching your expression morph into one of pleasure.
“fuck, angel, ya feel so good,” he groans, moaning when you clench down on him at his words. you both train your eyes at the way his swollen cock sinks into you over and over again, angeled thrusts meeting the spot that makes you see stars every time. gripping onto his arm tightly again, you dig your nails into the skin, making him grunt into your neck. “sh-shit—ngh—so pretty for me, princess,” he moans, the knot in his own stomach seconds from coming undone. “g-gonna cum, baby. cum with—fuck—cum with me,” he babbles.
you cum together, you creaming around his cock and him panting into your skin, his voice cracking as he calls out your name. broken curses fall past his parted lips as he shoots ropes of cum, painting your walls white, each spurt clouding his mind with nothing but his orgasm as he thrusts into you, riding you both through your peaks.
“oh fuck, baby,” he whines, voice high pitched and chest heaving as he slows the bucking of his hips, coming to a stop once you’re both done. slowly, your eyes both train on his cock as pulls out of you, his cum oozing down your legs. your eyes haze over with lust and his softening member twitches, rehardening at the sight—and with one glance at each other’s eyes through the mirror, you both know you’re nowhere near done for the night.
you flash him a smile, taking the medal hanging down your neck, bringing it up to your lips and biting the cold medallion between your teeth.
“c’mon tsumu,” you murmur through grit teeth. “wanna watch you fuck me some more.” he blinks at you before groaning, instantly sinking into your awaiting heat once more, hands squeezing your hips hard enough to leave handprints.
“fuck, angel. yer too much.”
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hannamakki · a day ago
[𝟕:𝟒𝟕 𝐀𝐌] - 𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮
Tumblr media
“good morning, miya-san. what can i get for you today?”
“the usual is fine.” you nodded, expecting his answer. he’d been a regular at your hole-in-the-wall coffee shop for a while now and he rarely ordered anything other than an iced americano. you’d never say it out loud, but he seemed like someone who’d enjoy something a little sweeter. “and i thought i told you to stop calling me that. everyone calls me atsumu.”
“isn’t that a little too casual?” you asked, waiting for the espresso to brew. even though atsumu frequently insisted that you call him by his first name, you could never bring yourself to. most people didn’t seem to mind, considering he had a twin and all. but his you’d never met his twin, so it never felt weird to call him by his surname.
you poured the espresso into the cup of cold water. shoveling a scoop of ice from the freezer, you dumped that into the cup as well.
“i don’t think so. i come here everyday, we’re friends right?”
you giggled at that. it certainly didn’t take much to be considered a friend when it came to atsumu. if anyone ever asked you to define your relationship with the blonde setter, you’d describe it as one that an employee and customer share—acquaintances at most.
“i guess you could call us friends,” you entertained him, capping his drink with a plastic lid. you met him back at the register, quickly ringing up his single item. with the tap of his card on the reader, the transaction was complete. though, before closing his wallet, atsumu pulled at least triple the amount he paid for his drink out in cash, dropping it into the tip jar.
you narrowed your eyes at him. this wasn’t anything new. just as he insisted that you call him atsumu, he insisted on leaving you with an insane tip for each of his visits. if you didn’t know any better, you’d think he stopped at the atm to withdrawal cash for this very reason. “i thought i told you to stop tipping so much.”
he shrugged with a smirk, stuffing his wallet back in his pocket and grabbing his drink.
“i’ll think about it if you start calling me atsumu.” touché, you thought. “see you tomorrow.”
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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melsun · a day ago
▷II i see rainbows when i think of us
Tumblr media
␈| atsumu, parties, and other things you can’t say no to.
␈| inspired by ‘cigarettes and feelings‘ (the atsumel anthem) - first longish fic. self-indulgent.
Tumblr media
"stop moving, idiot," you scold atsumu, knotting his tie, "it'll be all messy if you don't stand still."
"but it's too tight," he whines, hands going up to cup your elbows, "can we please ditch, angel?," he tries his luck, shifting his face closer to yours.
“atsumu,” your voice is stern, as you push his hands off you, “you are not ditching a party thrown specially for you.”
it’s not the kind he likes, you know - it’s more of a formality, with people he doesn’t know, stuffed in a fancy room wearing uncomfortable clothes. sadly, he has no choice but to show up.
“‘m not going,” he crosses his arms, “not unless yer coming too.”
there it is. the real reason he doesn’t want to go. you’re invited, of course, but you’ve never been too fond of formal events. they aren’t exactly your favorite way to spend a saturday evening.
unluckily, you’ve never been able to say no to miya atsumu.
you sigh, biting your lip in deep thought, “c’mon,” you walk to your closet, “help me choose what to wear then.”
atsumu smiles, walking up behind you and enveloping you in his arms. pressing a kiss to your neck, he points at an expensive outfit (one he’d bought himself - for ‘special’ occasions, yet you’d never got the chance to wear it). “tha' one,” he says, “‘m gonna suffer less if yer sufferin' with me.”
you take it off its hanger, turning towards atsumu and shooting him a glare, “you better not complain about going to the bookstore with me again,” you declare, looking him up and down, “and change your tie so we match.”
he grins, knowing he’s on your good side (he always is, unfortunately. one smile from miya atsumu is all it takes to make you crumble). “whatever ya say, babe.”
Tumblr media
”’m bored,” atsumu wails in your ear, pulling you close to him as you both sway, “we showed up, now can we please leave?,” he requests.
the party is something, yes, pretty tables decorated with vases, white daises with bits of lavender among them floating around; exquisite food - certainly not cheap, uncountable guests - half of whom you'd not be able to name.
it's not exactly your type of scene.
“it’s rude to leave,” you mutter, although you yourself are sick of the low chatter that accompanies the classical music echoing through the hall, “we’ll stay for another half-hour.”
it may be fun for some, but if you're honest, you're pretty fucking bored too.
”half an hour?!,” he whisper-yells, gripping your waist a little too tightly - earning a yelp, “i’ll treat ya to ice-cream, just please-,” he pauses for emphasis, ”-please let’s get out of here.“
you cave in, perhaps because you really do want to. ”fine,” you grumble, the corners of your mouth twitching upwards involuntarily, ”let’s ditch.”
Tumblr media
“i told ya this will be more fun,” atsumu grins, securing your legs around his waist, “ya know,” he pretends to drop you, making you screech, “i got ya, i got ya,” he laughs, groaning as you tighten your grip on his shoulders. “drop me and i’ll kill you, babe,” you threaten, hanging onto him.
“‘m sorry,” he stretches out, the smirk on his face making it obvious that he isn’t the least bit apologetic. he nudges your nose with his, making your gaze soften. “i love ya,” he breathes, leaning in towards you.
“and i love you,” you place your lips on his, eyes shutting, your hands shifting to cup his face. you pull apart, making a face at atsumu.
“just how much shrimp did you eat?”
atsumu pouts, adjusting his grip, “who ’m a to decline free shrimp?”
“you don’t even like shrimp.”
“so?,” he looks at you in all seriousness, “a do have to honor the party, y/n,” he shakes his head, “people and their double standards these days,” he chuckles, sarcasm lacing his voice.
you roll your eyes at him, resting your head on his shoulder. “tsumie,” you start, “it’s getting dark.”
he only seems to realise this when you say it, looking around in shock. time passes faster when he’s with you, atsumu thinks, he wishes it could carry on forever.
“let’s go to the port,” he suggests, “see the sunset.”
you nod, poking his cheek, “let me down then,” you urge, “you can’t carry me all the way.”
“but-,” atsumu protests. why exactly can’t he?
“i said no, miya.” you interrupt before he can say anything further. the port is a long way from here, and you can feel atsumu getting tired.
“alrigh',” he agrees (much to his distaste), “but ya can’t call me miya!”
you snort, breathing in as he lets you down, “okay, tsumie, let’s go.”
Tumblr media
tired after the long walk, atsumu and you sit next to each other, hand-in-hand, huffing as you watch the tinted sky quietly.
“god that woman was so judging me,” you break the silence with a laugh, rubbing circles on his hand, “she stared at me for fifteen minutes straight.”
“hmph,” atsumu coughs, “she was jealous that ya have such a hot, good-looking, gentleman of a boyfriend.”
“yeah right,” you retort, “she was probably jealous of you for having such a polite, wonderful and charming partner.”
“yer not charming!”
“you’re not a gentleman.”
“well, yer not polite!’
“hmm, and you’re not good-looking.”
“hey!,” atsumu’s ears perk up at your statement, ‘“m too.”
you laugh at his blown-out expression, bringing his hand up to your mouth to kiss it. “okay, i’ll give you that one.”
he smiles, drawing you near, “what would a ever do without ya?”
“probably be the brunt of suna’s teasing,” you rest your hand on your chin, “maybe break sakusa-san too, at some point,” you continue, “definitely unleash samu’s anger on a daily basis and-.”
“okay, okay!,” he interrupts, ““in short - a'd be a wreck without ya.”
you hesitate for a moment, fiddling with his hands. expressing feelings openly isn’t really something you’re used to doing, but atsumu’s always been an exception, hasn’t he?
”hey tsum?”
”i’d be a wreck without you too.”
”of course,” he replies immediately. (he’s grinning so wide you think your heart may not be able to take it). “let’s get married,” atsumu says, turning to look at you with wide eyes.
“right now?,” you reply, lashes fluttering.
“yea',” he affirms, bringing his hand up to your cheek, “let’s go to the office and sign the papers, right now.“
this is sudden. you don’t know what it is - maybe he's had too much champagne, or is too tired to think straight - but what do you do know is that it doesn't matter.
you'd marry him even if he asked you half-wasted, with a ring pop as a promise - no, you'd do it without any sort of ring too, just his words have always been enough.
"let's fucking do it," you shout happily, slipping into his arms and bringing your lips together - maybe the taste of shrimp isn't all that bad when accompanied with his strawberry lip-balm. "right now," you whisper, "right here," another kiss, "i'm ready."
you're his, he's yours, and if he wants to set his promises in stone, there's no reason to stop him.
and after all, you never have been able to say no to miya atsumu.
Tumblr media
reblogs/interactions appreciated !!
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ryoccoon · 2 days ago
Who survives? ○△□
=> Haikyuu edition
Tumblr media
fandoms; haikyuu x squid game
warnings; violence, blood, mentions of puke, swearing, borderline panic attacks, death, PTSD, trauma
includes; many many many
a/n; aaaah tysm to those who liked/commented and/or reblogged part one! i really enjoyed reading your reactions and its so fun writing this series so im glad many of you like it! on that note, if you liked this part too, don't hesitate to do the same, i put a lotta work into these and it really means a lot!
<= previous, red light, green light
=> next, the purge
For the sake of this AU I'm pretending that the characters know nobody except those within their respective volleyball team.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Player 001 (Daichi), eliminated.
His shape of choice; □
His voice is no longer as stern as it used to be, the weight of having lost not one, but three of his friends making him only half the man he used to be. He's a failure. A pathetic excuse for a leader with gaps in his abilities that he couldn't possibly hope to atone for. Especially in a game like this where all he can do is cheer them on uselessly, his voice shaking like the needle pinched tightly between his fingers. He's sweating profusely at the prospect of not only losing, but letting his teammates down twice in a row, but he's trying his darnest. Halfway into the game and he seems to be doing fine, his shape just a few more strokes from being carved out. He's elated to put it simply, glancing at his friends work to make sure they're doing fine.
Then it happens— a crack, and Daichi's heart drops to his stomach.
Player 002 (Suga), passed.
His shape of choice; □
Took the same path as Daichi, refusing to leave his side. They're both deeply scarred from the first game and sticking together is there only hope of staying sane. They're just thankful that they at least have each other. What Suga isn't thankful for, is the game that gives them zero opportunities to work together. It's an entirely solo game and it pains Suga that all he can do is hope the others make it through.
It's halfway down the clock when Suga decides to check on his friends, surprised when his underclassmen are already handing in their work. First it's the freak duo, then the girls, then Tsukishima and Yamaguchi until him and Daichi are the only one's on their former team left.
Luckily, Suga is almost done himself.
"You doing alright there, Cap?" He says lightheartedly, hoping the mention of his former title would lighten the mood. He glances at Daichi who offers a tiny smile in return.
"I'm already finished. Just waiting for you."
"Oh, really? You beat me to it?" Suga feigns a pout. Then, with a few more careful strokes, he eases the square-shaped snack from its mold. "Aha! I got it!" He beams, holding the honeycomb up to the light.
"Congrats," Daichi says. But he doesn't remove his hands from his tin. This doesn't go unnoticed by his friend.
"Well? Lemme see yours!" Suga prompts, but the moment Daichi lifts his hands from his honeycomb, Suga vehemently wishes he'd never asked.
"It's broken," he says plainly, eyes fixed on the cracked honeycomb. His heart is beating erratically in his ribcage and his head unwillingly begins to shake in a 'no' gesture at the realisation of what comes next. "Y-You can't show it to them. You can't or they'll—"
But it's already too late. Without a moment's haste, one of the henchmen walks up to Daichi at an eerily casual pace, his gun poised at his forehead.
"I'm sorry, Suga," he says, and for the first time, his facade is no longer upheld. In its place lies Daichi in his rawest form, all his supressed emotions spilling shamelessly down his cheeks in the form of relentless tears. At the sight, Sugawara can't help but do the same. "Please, help the others. You can all make it out alive, I trust you."
Daichi offers one last smile before the henchman pulls the trigger.
Suga doubles over, unable to stop from screaming.
Player 003 (Asahi).
Player 007 (Kiyoko), passed.
Her shape of choice; ⭐
Her heart is broken in regards to her friends untimely deaths. Not only was their passing— no, murder undisputably barbabic, but more importantly it just wasn't fair. Because what had the gentle giant, Asahi done to deserve this? Or the ever chipper Nishinoya? Or the sweet and lovely Tanaka... The memories of her friends ail her, but it gives her all the more reason to protect those who are still around. This is what she shall focus on, and this is what will motivate her to do her best and not give up. She wipes her tears away with the back of her hand and puts on her brave face, for what more could she possibly do to inspire her teammates?
Player 004 (Nishinoya).
Player 005 (Tanaka).
Player 006 (Yachi), passed.
Her shape of choice; ⭐
Immediately bursts into tears the second the rules were announced. This is it, she thought. This is where she dies; miserably while trying to carve out a star-shaped piece of toffee. Of course, Kiyoko notices her panicking in a heartbeat and offers her kind words of reassurance, saying so long as she proceeds carefully, then there's no reason for her to fail. Yachi tries her best to listen but her anxiety is still sky high. She starts off extremely slowly but eventually falls into a rhythm, her confidence slowly but surely coming back while Kiyoko makes light conversation with her in hopes of taking her mind off things. She reminds Yachi that it's just like holding a pencil and drifting it across a sheet of paper, and just like in design, she executes her work beautifully.
Player 011 (Tsukishima), passed.
His shape of choice; ⭐
It's crazy, really. Insane even. But despite the circumstances he's in, Tsukishima doesn't feel an ounce of fear. Is he completely out of his mind? Maybe. But to him, why bother fussing over matters that are totally out of his control? It's not like you need any particular skill to complete this game— sure, you'll need a steady hand or whatever, but whether or not the honeycomb breaks is totally out of your control. So, why worry? If you succeed, you succeed, if you don't, you don't. Is it how it is, or rather, it's just how the cookie crumbles, as they say.
How ironic.
Player 012 (Yamaguchi), passed.
His shape of choice; ⭐
It's pretty on brand for Yamaguchi, but he and Tsukishima are joint at the hip. Wherever Tsukki goes, Yamaguchi has decided to follow, and vice versa. However, he does start to regret his decision when he's presented with a star-shaped honeycomb and is ordered to carve it out, 'less you rather take a bullet to the head. He's as pale as a sheet and shaking like a leaf. He feels like he wants to vomit but contains the urge when his friend places his hand on his shoulder, telling him to stay calm. Easier said than done, Yamaguchi thinks. But rather than giving him a pep talk about not giving up, Tsukishima decides to simply demonstrate instead. Yamaguchi is in awe at how calm Tsukishima is able to stay and watches with utmost attention as the blonde begins scratching away at the sides of their self-assigned shape. Finally, after watching his friend work for a few more seconds, Yamaguchi decides to try it for himself and takes a couple deep breaths. Then, he's off to work.
Player 009 (Kageyama), passed.
His shape of choice; ○
Chose the circle because it reminded him of a volleyball and was relieved once the rules were announced. Kageyama's good with his hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and he's able to measure the strength he puts into them very well, so he breezes through this game without even breaking a sweat. When he reveals his perfectly carved shape to the henchmen, he flashes Hinata a challenging smirk, only to huff when the former middle blocker sends one right back.
Player 010 (Hinata), passed.
His shape of choice; ○
Chose the circle for the same reasons as Kageyama. He's nowhere near as dextrous as him but is really careful about his technique, dragging the needle in small, precise strokes until the the honeycomb's carved out into a nice and clean shape. He finishes it a few seconds after Kageyama and beams at him when the henchmen approve his work.
Tumblr media
Aoba Johsai;
Player 008 (Oikawa), passed.
His shape of choice; 🔺
He's grieving beyond compare. Once the team had made it back to the lobby after the first game, Oikawa's first reflexe was to do a headcount, concerned when three people appeared to be missing. He turned to Iwaizumi, asking where Hanamaki, Matsukawa and Kindaichi were, but one look at his former vice captain's desolate face and Oikawa had his answer. His first reaction was denial, urging Iwaizumi to stop fooling around and tell him where they were, and this went on until Iwaizumi had to physically stop him before he would completely break down.
Ever since then, Oikawa's been eerily silent, merely responding in nods and hums. On the inside however, is a different story. He's a blazing inferno, an insatiable desire of revenge brewing stronger by the hour. He'll make sure to win this game, not for the money, not for him, but for those precious to him lost along the way, and make those who took them away from him, pay.
Player 013 (Iwaizumi), passed.
His shape of choice; 🔺
Feels the hairs rise on his body anytime his eyes land on Oikawa. He's never seen him so depressed, so quiet, so... Empty. It's like Oikawa isn't even there, as though he's nothing but a blank copy of himself. It drives Iwaizumi mad. He'd do anything to hear that whiny, high-pitched voice of his again, see that conniving grin on his face again, or the child-like wonder of his now dull and hollow-looking irises. Losing Hanamaki, Matsukawa and Kindaichi is one thing, and a fucking cruel one at that. But Iwaizumi doesn't know if he can afford losing his best friend, too.
To distract himself, he regularly goes to check up on his juniors, namely Kunimi, fearing the loss of his best friend would have put him in the same state of mind as Oikawa. Thank goodness he seems to be doing better than him, though knowing Kunimi it may simply be a front he's decided to put up to avoid appearing vulnerable. Iwaizumi can understand that mind set too, and commends him for it. However, Iwa still regularly asks him if he's okay, if he needs anything, someone to talk to. But whether that's for Kunimi's sake, or for Iwa's own comfort and distraction, even he doesn't know.
Player 014 (Matsukawa).
Player 015 (Hanakami).
Player 016 (Kunimi), passed.
His shape of choice; 🔺
Decides to stick close to his upperclassmen for this game since the enigmatic doors give him little to go off of. It's definitely a strange turn of events, having no captain to direct them in the right direction. Luckily, his vice captain seems to be holding the reigns, keeping everyone together, and although Kunimi doesn't say it aloud, he's thankful for his upperclassman's support.
He does hope his captain will return to them soon however— he doesn't know how long he can listen to the latter's sobs come night-time, or think about the loss of his friend before he eventually gives in himself.
Player 017 (Kindaichi).
Player 018 (Watari), eliminated.
His shape of choice; ⭐
Safe to say that the first round had shaken him up the most. He's still constantly thinking about the people he's lost, or how it's just a matter of time until his untimely death comes as well. And in his mind, it's pretty much set in stone the moment he finds out what this game ensues. He laughs a pitiful laugh at the realisation of the mistake he's just made, eyes glued on the star between his hands. It's like the thing's mocking him, and when he's the only one from his team left on the playground and a piece of his wafer breaks, he barely even has time to react— the bullet's already pierced his brain.
Player 019 (Kyoutani), passed.
His shape of choice; □
One would think the loss of his friends, added to his natural hot-blooded persona, that Kyoutani would fly into a fit of rage, become inpatient and flunk the second game. However, it's quite the opposite; if anything the loss of his teammates was a major eye-opener, a reminder that impulsiveness will cause nothing but his own demise. Not that the fire inside him still isn't burning. No— it's as ardent as ever, but it's tame, controlled and fuels him to move forward, pulling him through to the next round.
Player 020 (Yahaba), passed.
His shape of choice; □
He's gritting his teeth the entire game, repeating a mantra of "don't mess up, don't mess up, don't mess up" in his head, sometimes muttering it out loud. He can't afford to lose, Iwaizumi's always preached about how the the strongest team of players win, yet they've already lost three people— they can't lose anymore if they want to beat the other players and all make it out alive. How? Yahaba doesn't know for a batte royale hardly ever accepts more than one winner, but it's worth a shot. All he needs to do first, is make it past this second round.
Tumblr media
Player 021 (Kuroo), passed.
His shape of choice; □
Thinks it's best that his friends be divided into groups but seeing as they're an uneven number, Kuroo volunteers to go alone and they make a terrible group decision of leaving the triangle out. To put it simply, the amount of grief he feels once the rules were announced is unmeasurable. He apologises to Kai and Inuoka over and over again, his voice sullen and a hair away from breaking. Kai assures him that it's gonna be alright and that he and Inuoka will just take it easy so that they both make it through to the next game. Kuroo has the misfortune of believing them and once he exits the arena, he can't help the nagging voice in the back of his mind, telling him he's made a grave mistake.
Player 022 (Kai), eliminated.
His shape of choice; ☂️
Can only offer a tight-lipped smile as his friend apologises profusely. He wants to forgive him, he really does— and he knows it's not his fault, but now he wishes he'd never listened to him to begin with. He sits with Inuoka as both of them begin precariously carving out their shape but deep down Kai already knows he's lost. He sees his friends exit the playground one by one until only Inuoka and him remain and the pressures on now that only a few minutes remain on the clock. He tells himself to calm down so that he can see this through, but he can fool himself into being as optimistic as he can, it's still just not enough. No amount of hope and determination will get him out of this one, and the broken umbrella handle that stares back at him only serves as a painful reminder.
A guard walks up to him, Kai braces himself.
He did the best he could.
Player 023 (Kenma), passed.
His shape of choice; ⭐
Kenma has extremely steady hands, if not the steadiest hands on his team so he doesn't feel all that stressed about this round. At least not for himself, because although he's confident that he'll ace the game, he has serious doubts about Kai and Inuoka. Anytime he'd glance at them he swore he could feel his chest ache. He sees just how panicked they are, can sense the fear coming off them as they hastily try and carve their shape out. He finishes his work quicker than most— he just wish he could say the same about his two friends.
Player 024 (Yaku), passed.
His shape of choice; ○
Looks up to the sky as though thanking the heavens for being blessed with a relatively simple shape. Then he looks over at Kai and Inuoka and suddenly he feels a wave of guilt wash over him. He doesn't know what to do, or what to say to comfort them. After all, it's hard to do so with the constant presence of death looming over their heads. He squeezes his friends shoulders in a small attempt of reassurance before making his way over to Lev. He wishes there were some way he could help them but alas, he knows those thoughts are futile. He holds back the urge to cry.
Player 025 (Yamamoto), passed.
His shape of choice; ⭐
When he's paired up with Kenma he feels a shameful amount of relief at the prospect of having the team's mastermind on his side. Only, he doesn't seem to be much help here. It's a one-man-only game so all he can do is depend on himself. He looks at the shape like he's challenging it personally, unafraid and determined to ace this round. When he does, he can't help but feel surprised, surprised that he even managed to carve out the treacherous shape and heaves a sigh of relief, beaming as he exits the room.
Player 026 (Lev), passed.
His shape of choice; ○
Is honestly thankful that he got paired with Yaku, because as much as he used to scare him, in these conditions he finds his strong will and perseverance extremely comforting. They sit together and although they don't speak, save for the occasional moments in which Yaku would ask if Lev was doing okay, the silence around them is comforting. Lev would flinch any time a gunshot went off, but Yaku was quick to distract him, telling Lev to focus on the task at hand, rather than fretting over the unlucky souls who wouldn't make it through to the next round. "You're not gonna be one of them," Yaku kept saying. And every time Lev would reply "you won't be either."
Player 027 (Inuoka), eliminated.
His shape of choice; ☂️
He forgives his captain for the unfortunate decision. After all, it's not as if Kuroo had specifically appointed him the umbrella. He smiles and tells him that he's gonna be okay, that it's no biggie— but it really is. In fact, he's lying through his teeth. Not only is it bad, it's a death sentence.
He's down to a one minute countdown when yet another bullet rings about the arena, reminding him that if he doesn't hurry up, he could be next. What he doesn't expect is to see his upperclassman falling limply to the floor, blood gushing from his head. Inuoka panics, a scream caught in his throat but unable to escape his lungs as he watches the life disappear from his friends eyes.
He doesn't even register that he'd knocked over his own honeycomb until one of the henchmen points his gun at him. This time, Inuoka does scream, before his body falls beside his teammates.
Tumblr media
Player 028 (Bokuto), passed.
His shape of choice; ○
He can't even process the emotion he's feeling when the voice on the intercom announces the rules. He should be relieved that his shape is relatively simple, yet as he stares down at the circle moulded into his honeycomb, all he feels is emptiness. Perhaps if Akaashi were here, then he'd be able to smile and brag about how his instincts are on point for choosing the right shape. But as for right now, he doesn't even know if he feels like carving it out at all.
"I swear I didn't do anything! This man just took it from me and now he won't give it back! That's cheating!"
Bokuto looks up when the sound of yelling and footsteps approach him, only for his eyes to widen at the pink men flexing their guns at him. Had he done something wrong?
"Player 028, hand player 044 his Dalgona or you will be eliminated."
Reality comes and slaps him in the face at the realisation that someone must have framed him. He weakly shakes his head, but just as he opens his mouth to plead his case, a gun is firmly placed against his forehead, cold and threatening.
He gives the man his honeycomb. The man gives him his.
Bokuto's heart stops.
Player 029 (Akaashi).
Player 030 (Konoha).
Tumblr media
Player 031 (Ushijima), eliminated.
His shape of choice; ○
He stares blankly at the sugary wafer, the nerves welling up inside him. On top of being left-handed, Ushijima's never had very steady hands. He takes in a deep breath as he starts to slowly carve around the shape, channelling every nerve in his body so that his hands don't shake. He doesn't even realize how fast time's flying by until he sees Tendou walk out the door, followed by Goshiki, then Shirabu, then Semi and suddenly he wishes he was them.
In his own haste to join them, Ushijima barely registers how hard he's pressing into the wafer, and only does he realize when;
He looks down at the honeycomb and his eyes widen with horror. A tiny piece of the wafer has crumpled apart, and so does Ushijima's spirit.
His lips press into a thin line when his vision is obscured by a shadow. He dare'nt look up, knowing fully well that death looms over him, his overwhelming presence causing tears to form in Ushijima's eyes.
This is it, he thinks. Game over.
Player 032 (Tendou), passed.
His shape of choice; 🔺
Chose the shape souly by intuition. And he lets out an unabashed shriek of delight when the lady on the intercom announces the rules. He's grinning the entire way through the game, scratching his way to victory, throwing two peace signs up as he walks out the door.
Player 033 (Goshiki), passed.
His shape of choice; ○
Chose whatever shape Ushijima chose. He just wanted to feel a little safer, knowing his most admired upperclassman was with him. What he didn't expect, however, was to be finish before him. He debates not showing the henchmen his carved-out shape just so he can wait for his senpai, but when they march over to him, demanding to see his honeycomb, he's forced to leave the playground. And so he does, albeit with a heavy heart, telling himself that, no matter what, his idol will pull through.
Player 034 (Shirabu), passed.
His shape of choice; □
Wasn't honestly all that fazed by this game. He found it significantly easier than the first, seeing as you didn't need to rely on your physical abilities, nor did you have to worry about spacial awareness. For this game it was just you, a needle and a cookie. Not to mention a shape that wasn't all that hard to carve out. He sends the henchmen a condescending sneer as he presents them his shape, scoffing as he pushes past them.
You haven't seen the last of me yet, he thinks. Better luck next time.
Player 035 (Semi), passed.
His shape of choice; ○
Chose the opposite shape from Shirabu's but cringes once the rules have been announced. His is way easier to deal with, he notes.
Shaking his head, he decides not to get too caught up with the details. He's got a task at hand and there's no use in moping about it now. Running his tongue across his lips, Semi sets a careful but sufficiently fast pace, finishing barely a few seconds after Shirabu.
Tumblr media
Player 036 (Kita), passed.
His shape of choice; ○
He made it through before the rest of his team, meticulous hands working swiftly and efficiently, but as he walks towards the exit he feels a spike of anxiety rise in his chest. He's not quite sure what may be the cause but he asks the henchmen if he can wait until the rest of his friends have finished. When he gets no reply, he frowns and looks over his shoulder. He can see the pain and worry in Aran eyes, the sheer concentration in the twins and the determination in Suna's but all he can think about is the nagging feeling in his chest, one that's insisting that he stay behind.
Silently, he wishes them good luck.
As he's escorted into the lobby, he sits down on the bed. Now, all he can do is pray.
Player 037 (Aran), eliminated.
His shape of choice; ☂️
He inhales sharply when Kita walks out the door, a strong sense of loneliness making him shake more than before. Pull yourself together, Aran, he tells himself. But how could he possibly do so? How could he possibly remain calm when he had the misfortune of picking out the trickiest shape in the game?
He's midway through carving out the thin curve of the umbrella when it snaps and it's like his whole world just crumbles. He shakes his head, disbelief and fear blurring his vision. He looks up at the henchman, pleading pathetically, grovelling at his feet but it all goes unnoticed. Aran gets shot, an apology dying weakly on his tongue.
Player 038 (Atsumu) & Player 039 (Osamu), passed.
Their shape of choice; ⭐
Osamu told Atsumu to look away the second the man in pink cocked his gun at their former teammate.
The sound echoes eerily through the playground and Atsumu's state of mind deteriorates the longer they press on.
"T-They s-shot Aran... They shot him... Aran, they," the words die on his tongue as Atsumu struggles to form a coherent sentence. It's clear he's freaking out, so Osamu grabs his brothers wrists before any damage can be made, holding them in place, away from the honeycomb.
"Put yer tin down if yer gonna freak out. You'll break it." Lowering his hands, Osamu holds them firmly, a way of grounding his brother who looks two hairs away from a heart attack.
"But 'Samu they—"
"Look at the clock." Tearing his gaze from Aran's dead body, Atsumu does as his brother says, noticing the timer that reveals only a 2 minute countdown. "We don't have long left so ya need to focus. Ya promise me you'll focus?"
Atsumu takes in a sharp breath as he holds Osamu's unwavering gaze, sensing the care, but also the deep desperation painted on his features.
He nods feebly, and Osamu can stop pretending that he too isn't shaking as he lets go of his twin's hands.
"Good. Last one to finish is a rotten onigiri."
Player 040 (Suna), passed.
His shape of choice; □
He doesn't say it out loud, but he's eternally thankful for the twins company. It's a reminder of sorts that he's not alone in this mess, like charms that somehow keep him in touch with home. Their usual banter is what helps him remain level-headed, even though the sight of his friends corpse makes him want to puke.
He tries to keep his eyes trained on the task at hand, deft hands pulling him successfully through to the next round.
Tumblr media
Date Tech;
Player 041 (Aone), passed.
His shape of choice; ⭐
When Aone plays this game, he's in full concentration mode. The instant he settles down to start carving out the shape, it's like he's in his own personal bubble and all of a sudden he can't see anyone else, he can't hear anyone else— it's just him and the sugary wafer. He's surprisingly delicate despite his big and strong hands and manages to pass the game by keeping it very very slow, finishing just a few seconds before the timer runs out.
Player 042 (Futakuchi), passed.
His shape of choice; 🔺
He may have looked out for Kogane in the previous round but as for the second game, it's every man for themselves. He keeps to himself for the most part, concentrating purely on his work and his personal victory. However that doesn't mean he won't sneak a glance or two at his underclassman's work, just to make sure he's keeping up.
He finishes a few minutes before Kogane and Aone and would've liked to stay a little longer to keep observing, however with the guards nagging him to move onto the next round, he couldn't pursue that endeavour so he leaves the room with somewhat of a heavy heart.
Player 043 (Koganegawa), passed.
His shape of choice; 🔺
It's a miracle he passed, really. And God forbid he'd have chosen any other shape 'cause otherwise it'd be game over. He likes to think of himself as someone with steady hands, however given the huge amount of pressure he's under, it's hard to keep them from shaking. Needs to pull away from his work every so often to catch his breath and proceeds with utmost caution. He finishes around the same time as Aone, just before the timer runs out.
Tumblr media
Player 044 (Suguru), passed.
His shape of choice; ☂️
Is absolutely mortified. No, this can't be happening. He was so dead-set on getting home. He can't let it end here. His eyes scan the room, looking for some way to get out of this mess. Then, as they land on a man sitting in the corner of the room, an idea comes to mind.
He makes it across the playground to sit beside the man— the latter doesn't look up from the tin clutched in his hands. However, Suguru can just make out the circle engraved the stranger's honeycomb.
Suguru stands up. It's time to put on a show.
"Hey, what do you think you're doing?! Give me back my honeycomb! Hey, are you even listening to me?!"
The men in pink immediately march in, flexing their guns at both of the men.
"I didn't do anything, I swear!" says Suguru, frantically pacing from the armed men, to the man sat in the corner. "This man just took it from me and now he won't give it back! That's cheating!"
That's when the loner finally looks up from his cookie, his golden eyes obscured by a mess of salt and pepper hair. He can barely open his mouth before the henchmen intervene.
"Player 028, hand player 044 his Dalgona or you will be eliminated."
Suguru's blood is pounding in his ears as the henchmen point their gun towards the innocent man. He looks up at him with a mix of hurt, confusion and betrayal but hands him his honeycomb regardless.
Suguru snatches it from his hands and holds it to his chest before handing over his own. He doesn't miss the way the man's golden eyes flash with fear the moment they take in the umbrella carved into his newly acquired Dalgona.
Suguru inhales shakily.
At least it's not him.
Player 045 (Terushima), passed.
His shape of choice; ⭐
Threw his head back in despair at the realisation of just how badly he'd fucked up. Out of all the shapes, why did he have to go for the star?
He asks the henchmen if he can switch with someone and when they offer not a word in response, he sighs. Oh well, it was worth a shot.
He slaps his face to hype himself up, rolling his shoulders as he gets into a more suitable position. His tongue is poking out his mouth the entire time he's carving out the shape, concentrating to the fullest. And when he's finally done, he grins broadly to himself and brandishes his work. Then, it's onto the next round.
Player 046 (Sakusa), passed.
His shape of choice; ○
Hides his face behind his collared jersey to avoid breathing in the stale smell of blood and sweat. Luckily this game is as straightforward as the last one, and a solo one at that, which is honestly what he feels the most at ease with in these circumstances. This isn't like volleyball when you can afford to make a mistake— no. Here, one tiny mishap would cost him his life, and he isn't about to die while trying to carve out a stupid shape in some children's snack. That, he makes sure of.
Player 047 (Hoshiumi).
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leafsgarbage · 2 days ago
if i was her pt.1 | i.h./m.a
Tumblr media
A/N: Ahhh sorry about this one. Kinda inspired by little women. IDK who reader is going to end up with so we’re both in for a ride lol
Synopsis: your twin sister has bested you in everything, and while you refuse to let go of the man you love, she has him in her clutches
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Warnings: N/A
 Pairings: timeskip!iwaizumi x f!reader, iwaizumi x bestfriend!reader, timeskip!atsumu x f!reader
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
When you were born, the universe decided to pair you with a perfect sister. She was beautiful, sweet, and a genuinely good person. There was no way you could hate her because she really was the best, and she listened to your problems and helped you through it. 
You were identical twins, but there was just something about her that shined more than you. Maybe it was the fact that she got the light blond hair as well as beautiful bright blue eyes, and you got brown with dull grey eyes. 
While your parents said they loved you both equally, you could tell that they cared for her just a bit more by the extra little things they get her here and there. 
“Cecile, I saw this at the store and-”
“Cecile, I got that book you were talking about-”
She was incredibly smart and humble, she had no enemies. You couldn’t be mad at her because she was born perfect, if anyone hurt your sister you’d be the first to charge on them, but nothing happened to her. She was just that untouchable.
Of course when you two entered Aoba Johsai she joined the track team and you entered the volleyball team since you played in middle school. If there was anything that you felt belonged to you, it was volleyball. Volleyball was all you had that you could call your own and not your sister’s. 
Joining the team got you to make some great friends. The girls were fun and lively, it caused your own spirits to raise because they just knew you as y/n and not Cecile’s sister. 
You were nervous when they met her for the first time, but you were their spiker and part of the family. They loved Cecile but that didn’t mean they cared for you any less. That calmed your nerves.
A couple weeks in your first year, you met the boys volleyball club. They came in to practice with you. The one who captured everyone’s attention was the first year Kyotani who the second year setter Oikawa Tooru called “mad dog.” You thought it was fitting especially with his demeanor. 
He and Oikawa had a bit of a talk before he rolled his eyes at him. The second year’s spiker, Iwaizumi Hajime was the only one who he would listen to. 
Your coaches called all of you to the front to discuss pairings. “Alright so we’ve mapped this out so you can each help each other advance.” They read off name after name and then yours finally came up. “Y/n, you need to work on your receiving and Iwaizumi, you’re working on read blocking.” 
You walked to join with your partner and bowed, greeting one another. “Hi, my name’s y/n l/n it’s nice to meet you.”
“Hey, no need to be formal. Nice to meet you too.” You smiled at the fellow spiker causing him to blush a bit by your actions. “Let’s get to work.” He mumbled.
That started a wonderful friendship between you and the other second years of the boys volleyball club. Oikawa saw Iwaizumi’s flustered face and decided you were worthy of getting to know. It’s not everyday he sees his best friend rendered so speechless. 
Through this you also befriended the Inarizaki boys. You were meeting so many people so fast. You met them because they had a practice match against the boys volleyball team and you volunteered to help welcome the new team.
The twins were sweet and the whole team was easy to work with on your end. Oikawa and Atsumu seemed to have a bit of a rivalry brewing which peeked your interest in the opposing team’s setter. You exchanged numbers to keep in touch and just like that you had one more friend.
High school was a great time for you. For once in your life, you felt separate from your sister. She was doing her thing and you were doing yours. 
You grew to be six feet tall which is pretty decent for women’s volleyball. You liked to tease Iwaizumi who was slightly shorter than you.
He would always roll his eyes at you when you and Oikawa poked fun at him. “I can still bench double your weight. So if you don’t want me to throw you across the room...” Needless to say the teasing never lasted very long.
You’d like to think that this was when your crush on the spiker started. He would always find you in crowds, you were so tall that it was easy. He would drop Oikawa to talk to you and he would get offended. You felt like you were the center of somebody’s world, but you weren’t dating so how could you call it that?
When you both graduated, Cecile went to the states and you went to Tokyo University with Iwaizumi who was a year above you. Cecile wanted to learn english and study medicine which you were super proud of her for. She got into University of Southern California on a full scholarship.
You got your own scholarship playing college volleyball in Tokyo. You wanted to get into sports medicine hopefully. Atsumu went straight to trying out for some D2 teams in the area to start off, Osamu went to school with you and Iwaizumi to study business. Oikawa was off in Argentina playing more volleyball. Makki and Matsu went to Meiji University together. 
It was your first year and Iwaizumi’s second as a uni student and it was exciting. He showed you around campus and helped you move in and everything. “My dorm isn’t too far from here, so if you’re bored or if you need anything, you know where to find me.”
“Thank you Hajime, I’ll see you soon.” The two of you hug and he’s on his way off. 
It was about half way through your first semester that Iwaizumi excitedly came into your room. “I got in!” 
“What do you mean?” You ask.
He was looking at the paper he was holding like it was pure gold. You’d never forget his face. “I applied to a program in UC Irvine and I got in!”
“Yay!!!” You jump with joy. He gets so ahead of himself he picks you up and spins you around. You laugh with him and continues to tell you all about how he’s excited to talk to Utsui an author of a book that he loved. “Send me lots of pictures of California ok?”
He left so soon, you sent him off with Hanamaki, Osamu, Matsukawa, and Atsumu. Maki Matsu were trying to drink ‘Samu under the table, but the man could hold his liquor quite well. You and Atsumu couldn’t drink because of your sports. Iwaizumi didn’t either because he had a plane to catch in the morning. 
“Hey, are they always like that?” Atsumu asks you pointing to Matsu holding up one of your stuffed animals while Makki bows to it.
You sigh and shake your head, Iwaizumi chuckles beside you. “Unfortunately yes.” He answers.
“Y/n, can I crash in your dorm?” Osamu asks already beginning to lay down. You nod as the boys tend to crash at your dorms often since you have a futon and it’s close to the core of campus. 
“I was actually going to ask if I could stay over.” Atsumu pouts.
Makki and Matsu raise their hands as well about to intervene. You roll your eyes at them. “You two can stay in Yuna’s room, I’ll call her right now.” Yuna was Matsu’s girlfriend who lived right across from you. She couldn’t come because she was celebrating her sister’s birthday.
When you told her how they were she chuckled and told you her door was unlocked and you could go right in. Iwaizumi and you dragged them to her room and laid them on their sides so they could rest. You left some garbage bags just in case. 
“I’m not going to miss that.” Iwaizumi said stretching out.
You slap his shoulder softly. “You’re going to miss them.” 
He stops for a moment, looking at you softly. “I’m going to miss you.”
That was perhaps the sweetest thing he’s ever said to you in all this time, your heart swelled and you launched yourself at him, catching him off guard but he manages to hold the two of you up. “You’re a dream Iwaizumi Hajime, and I’m going to miss you so fiercely, so work hard and come home soon.” You say through your tears that are now staining his shirt. “And I love you, very much.”
He chuckles sending shivers down your spine in a way only he knows how. “I love you too, y/n. So wait for me alright? I’ll come back and confess properly.” 
“You better.” He laughs again then kisses the top of your head. It was so late and you were so out of it, Iwaizumi brings you back to your room to lay you in your bed, leaving you sleeping soundly. Not before leaving one last kiss on your cheek.
He was gone in the morning and you waited for him to land the next day. You told everyone what he said when Yuna came back and they were all super excited for you. 
You also told your sister which was a first. You never told her about your crush on Iwaizumi, but you decided since it was more concrete that he felt the same, she should know. She too seemed happy for you.
The next day Iwaizumi called you telling you that he finally made it to California and you were so happy. He showed you around the airport and told you it was super hot over there. “I’m so tired, I can’t wait to go to sleep.” You laughed and took a facetime photo of him. “Hey, quit that.”
He smiled so you knew he was only joking. “Haji, does what you said mean when you come back we can be together?”
He nodded. “Yea, I just want to be home before we can start anything. Don’t think starting off long distance really works.”
“Yea, you’re right.” You agree. Long distance would suck because all you want is to have him hold you. “Alright, you go get some sleep, I have practice soon.”
“Good luck, y/n.”
And so the days carried on, Iwaizumi studied hard at university even bumping into Ushijima while he was there. It turns out the author he loved so much was Ushiwaka’s father, and he helped Haji get some meeting time with him.
One day on your way to class you get a facetime from your sister so you answer since you’d like the company on your walk. “Hey!” You wave through the screen.
She smiles brightly before looking at something next to her. “Guess who I found!”
She points the camera at Iwaizumi who’s eating a sandwich next to her. He smiles at you and waves. “No way! That’s great!”
“I came down to the beach with some friends and saw him here.” She tells you.
“Yea, then she tackled me on the boardwalk.” Iwaizumi snorts.
Cecile scoffs. “You’re a big boy Hajime.” Your sister looks back at the phone. “I was happy to find someone from home, really made my day.”
You smile at them. “I’m happy for you guys, I gotta go to practice, we’ll talk soon.”
“Bye y/n, love you.” She tells you then points the camera to Iwaizumi.
“Bye y/n, good luck.”
You turn off the phone to head into the building. You were happy they had each other, since it must be hard to be in a foreign country all on your own. Even if they didn’t go to the same college they could hangout on the weekends. 
“Hey y/n!” Atsumu waves at you to come over to where he was.
You sit down and begin stretching with them. “Hey Tsum, what do you need help with today?”
He called you to help him out in the gym, a common occurrence and you loved lending a hand. “I want to try out for the MSBY Jackals next year and I wantcha to help me so I can play with players of different styles.”
“Sure, let’s get to work.”
Somewhere along the way, Osamu comes by to visit and ends up playing with you two.
Everything was going great and you couldn’t be happier. The end of the year came by soon and you were excited because that meant that Iwaizumi was coming home, as well as your sister.
You were picking them up from the airport and you were anxious to see him. Happy he was finally coming home. You see them come through the doors and you run to Hajime.
He doesn’t smile as brightly as you thought, but he’s such a serious person normally you don’t mind. He catches you as you fling yourself towards him, a small and short laugh escaping him. “I missed you!” You laugh.
“I missed you too.” He says back and then gently lets you go.
Your sister has a tight smile, and you can read her so well you know something’s wrong, but you decide to ask her at home. “Cecile, I missed you too.”
She hugs you tight to her then let’s go. “Let’s go home.”
You can only imagine they’re exhausted from their flights so you all get in the car and hurry to your house. Your sister hurry’s in saying bye to Iwaizumi as you drive him to his house.
When you get out of the car Hajime looks at you seriously. “Y/n, I need to talk to you.”
“What’s up Haji?” You smile.
He frowns because he knows you won’t look at him so happily as you are and he’s upset, but he can’t lie to you. “I’m sorry this happened, but I-” he sighs, telling himself not to beat around the bush but your eyes are filled with confusion. He cups your face and continues, “I fell in love with Cecile.”
Instantly, your face falls, shoulders slump and you feel like your world has just collapsed.
He continues to talk but you can’t hear anything, he’s so far away despite how he’s standing right in front of you.
Tumblr media
A/N: I’m sorry this is garbage lol. I didn’t mean to pair iwaizumi and atsumu again, it just kinda happened that way lol. Atsumu’s gonna be important in how reader deals with the hurt.
pt.2 ?
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Tumblr media
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kisskeiji · a day ago
8. Don't watch me cry.
Lost & Found.
WARNINGS: language, mild violence (like one punch), idk anxiety.
changes were minimal, but they are there.
“You won’t believe what I found on sale!” Iwaizumi heard your voice from the entrance. You took off your coat and walked in with a few paper bags in hand.
“I hope it’s not another plant.” He said meeting you halfway to help you carry the bags to the kitchen after kissing your temple as a greeting. You rolled your eyes following behind him.
“I had to! The lady from the store said she was planning on throwing it away! But look at her.” You took the plant out of the bag.“She just needs a little water and sunlight.” You mumbled, grazing your fingers on some of the half-dead leaves. “Maybe a new pot, this one doesn’t look like it has good drainage.” You lifted the pot to inspect the holes at the bottom.
“Whatever you say, baby, but where are you going to put it?” He now trailed behind you as you made your way to the biggest window of your apartment where some of your other plants and flowers were, moving a few pots to make room for your latest acquisition. “There’s not enough space.” He deadpanned, but you somehow found a way to fit the plant in the limited space.
“What’s for dinner?” You asked walking back to the kitchen, leaving him behind.
Iwaizumi recalled the memories as he walked past the flower shop you used to frequent. He never knew where your obsession with house plants came from, you just started buying them one day and suddenly your apartment was filled with succulents and ferns hanging from the ceiling — that you insisted on hanging by yourself — bringing life to the place. He always pretended to be annoyed every time you came home with a new pot in hand, but in reality, he found endearing the way you took care of your plants, the time you invested, and all the research you did to be a good ‘plant mom’ like you called yourself.
He smiled to himself as he bowed to the old lady that owned the shop. Suddenly, the pictures from the night he came back home and your things were gone replayed in a flash making him shudder. Your plants were gone too.
The apartment was a sad shade of greyish blue, with only one lamp in the living room illuminating the place. Hot tears streamed down his cheeks without him even noticing. He never thought your absence would take away the light out of his life. His days became just as grey as the apartment without you, but it wasn’t like he could complain. His unfaithfulness never was a foolish mistake, he put thought to it. He planned how to work out his affair and your relationship carefully after the first date with Asui because he liked the attention. It was despicable, really, but the truth always comes through.
You were always stubborn, insisting on doing things by yourself and never asking for help, always giving more than you could, but sooner or later you would come to him, you allowed yourself to be vulnerable and he was the only person you ever asked for advice because you trusted him. Even when your relationship started to grow distant, your trust was never in doubt. He never deserved it in the first place. Every week it seemed like you were busier and busier, barely spending time with him, pretending like you were doing just fine, but he seemed to be blind to your tiredness, and to only care for his selfish needs.
He started holding a grudge against you.
You were stronger, you worked harder and you were always more clever than him, always figuring things by yourself, you didn’t need him as much as he needed you. As old-fashioned as it sounds, he hated that you were the dependable one in the relationship, he was truly lost without you, even when your presence was scarce the last months you were with him, you always found a way to be there for him.
He hated that you were still you without him, but he wasn’t complete without you.
When he thinks back his stomach turns at his stupid reasoning, too bad he had to lose you to figure that out. He deserved your contempt, but his pity party needed to end. He still had to move on with or without you. He graduated and furthered his education to become an athletic trainer. He did internships with professional teams, his name was recognized and everyone anticipated his graduation to hire him. He was doing great, but his accomplishments felt bittersweet when you weren’t there to celebrate with him.
He had to snap back to reality to cross the street, his destination was ahead of him. He was chosen to be part of the assistant athletic trainers for the national team thanks to his academic performance, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so he had to turn down many offers to work with private clubs to join the national team’s medical staff. You would be proud of him.
In the meantime, he was focusing on learning as much as possible and living up to the promise he made to Matsukawa to get over you, but how could he when you were everywhere? From his morning coffee to his late-night thoughts, you were always on his mind.
You wouldn’t want him to see him like this, defeated, disconnected, and stuck to what once was, so he kept going. Hoping that deep down, you still wished for him to be alright.
He entered the training room and left his bag on his station after greeting the other assistants and the head athletic trainer. He took his clipboard from the counter to check the recovery programs for the athletes that were coming in that day.
“National team starts training today for the Nations League tournament.” His boss announced, making Iwaizumi look up from his papers. “Most of them are coming with pre-existing injuries, the usual; knees, shoulders, and hips.” He listed as he walked to the door. “Their medical records are on your desks, check them out and keep an eye on them.” Everyone nodded, and the head trainer pointed at Iwaizumi. “You are coming to practice with me.”
Iwaizumi gathered the equipment he would need, leaving his coworkers alone. Ice-packs, tape, and his first-aid bag were placed on a bench by the sidelines of the court. Some of the players were already warming up individually and the ones missing were in the training room getting taped or still changing in the locker room.
“There’s a lot of new faces.” He heard his boss say. “I heard these newbies are on another level.”
“Really?” Iwaizumi looked around, finding some old acquaintances from his high school days, like Ushijima and Kageyama.
“Monster generation.” The head trainer said mockingly. “Because they are a monstrous pain in the ass, they are all coming injured.” He exclaimed, making Iwaizumi laugh. By the time they had everything ready, one of the coaches blew the whistle, and everyone gathered around for a welcome speech. The coaches introduced themselves and the medical staff, but Iwaizumi felt something off, he turned his head to find Bokuto glaring daggers at him.
‘This can’t be real.’
A blonde guy tapped Bokuto’s shoulder to ask what was going on with him. Bokuto stopped looking at Iwaizumi, blurting his response to the guy, —who Iwaizumi recognized from one of the records on his clipboard as Miya Atsumu— walking away with his jaw clenched. To Iwaizumi’s luck, Bokuto ignored him for the rest of the day and practice went on relatively easy. It wasn’t like Iwaizumi was scared of Bokuto, he just wanted to avoid an unnecessary scene in front of everyone.
Bokuto on the other hand still felt the same way about your ex-boyfriend but avoided conflict for you. A week went by and still, nothing happened between the wing spiker and the athletic trainer, except for the obvious tension between them when they had to work together. For some reason, Bokuto forgot to tell Atsumu the truth about Iwaizumi, but it wasn’t a big deal since their interactions were limited to the training room.
One week down, six more to go.
What no one expected was Atsumu getting injured mid-match. Things were already going bad for Atsumu that day, he woke up late thanks to Suna, who thought it was hilarious to turn off his alarms the night before. The dorm ran out of hot water, he barely made it to breakfast, and his uniform was still damp when he tried to put it on. From his position as a setter to his daily, and endless self-care routine, one thing was certain about him, he loved control; and while not everything could go his way all of the time, that day felt like the universe was laughing at him.
The team teased him relentlessly for how hard he was smashing the balls during drill training, he was practically fuming but kept going. After a quick break, all the players were divided into two teams to play three on three matches before cooling down. Atsumu was playing with Wakatsu and Komori; it started as a friendly match, but they were going against Kageyama, and Atsumu’s competitiveness quickly took over him. Both teams were at their peaks, despite it being a practice match.
“Slow down, Miya!” Komori shouted from the back of the court while they all waited for Kageyama to serve. Atsumu grinned, making eye contact with his rival through the net. They were playing for their match point and Atsumu ran to the front to set the ball, right after Komori received the ball with his inner arms. ‘Too low.’ He thought before bending backward and squatting for one of his low sets, right leg completely stretched to the side. He fell on his butt as soon as his hands made contact with the ball, sending it up high for Kiryu to spike one last time, the ball hitting the floor with full force. They won. Atsumu smiled and an airy laugh left his mouth in relief, it wasn’t until he tried to stand up that he felt a sharp pain on his inner thigh.
His teams rushed to help him when they saw him wincing in pain, but he couldn’t stand up. “Your thigh again?” Kiyoomi asked from the other side of the court. Atsumu nodded and held his right leg, applying pressure to relieve his pain.
“Give him some space.” Atsumu looked up and found Iwaizumi setting his bag next to him. “Let me see.” The athletic trainer said as Atsumu removed his hands. “How long have you had this injury?” Iwaizumi adjusted his gloves.
“Last season, but it only hurts when you… Ah!” Atsumu’s face contorted at Iwaizumi’s touch. “Touch it.” He finished.
“I need to get a better look.” Iwaizumi affirmed. “Bring the wheelchair and let’s get him to the training room.” Iwaizumi ordered. Wakatsu and Kageyama helped Atsumu to get on the wheelchair against his will. Once he made it to the examination bed, many of his teammates stopped by to check on him.
“Please, don’t call her,” Atsumu said to Bokuto and Suna with pleading eyes. “I’ll be okay in a few days, right?” He asked Iwaizumi, who roamed around the room looking for his records.
“Oh, yeah. He’ll be good to play with two or three days of rest.” The trainer assured the volleyball players.
“See? There’s no reason to tell her, she’s really busy right now and I don’t want her to worry about me over nothing.” Atsumu noticed the guilty look on Bokuto’s eyes. “You already called her, didn’t you?”
“I’m sorry! But Ojiro-Kun and Suna insisted!” The gray-haired man apologized.
“Sorry, Miya, but she was going to find out one way or another. They send your records to your team every week.” Suna explained, making Atsumu sigh. “She’s going to call you, so be prepared.” The middle blocker walked closer to his friend and patted his shoulder in an attempt to encourage him. “We have to go, we don’t want to disturb Iwaizumi-san while he works.”
“See you later, Tsum-tsum!” Bokuto said before leaving with Suna.
“Who were you talking about?” Iwaizumi asked as he sat on the nearest chair.
“My girl, she’s not going to be happy about this.” Atsumu said and looked at his thigh.
“That’s what you’re so scared about?” Iwaizumi giggled as he applied cold cream to the affected area.
“I’m not scared! I just don’t want to worry her, she’s really busy right now.” He explained. “She works with my team and some sponsors are at her throat lately.”
“She must be stressed.” Iwaizumi massaged Atsumu’s thigh, earning soft grunts from the blonde. Atsumu’s phone started ringing. “I need to get some tape from the storage room, I’ll give you some privacy.” The trainer said before getting up.
Atsumu waited for Iwaizumi to exit the room to pick up. Soon enough your face appeared on his screen.
“I just saw Bokuto’s text, are you okay? Is it your thigh again?” You said as soon as he picked up.
“Hey, princess.” He offered you an apologetic smile. “How was your day? I missed you a lot today.” He avoided the question.
“Stop avoiding the question, Atsumu. Are you okay?”
“Yes! It’s just my thigh again.” He said. “I did a low set and the muscle strained again. But my trainer said I’ll be fine in a few days, don’t worry about me.”
“Don’t worry about me.” You repeated mockingly. “One week and you are already hurt, you need to be more careful, Tsumu.” You said. He assumed you were walking to your —his— car since he could hear the clacking of your heels. “Does it hurt?” You asked, concerned.
“If I say yes, would you kiss it better?” He wiggled his brows.
“It was worth the try.” He sighed. “It hurts now, but they are taping me, so I’ll be okay.” He heard the alarm of the car, and the lighting on your frame turned dark. You were still walking.
“Promise me you’ll be more careful.” You entered the car, propping your phone on the steering wheel in front of you.
“Promise.” He held his pinky, making you roll your eyes at his childishness. “I miss you.”
“I miss you too, Tsumu.” He relaxed at your words. Despite only being one week since he left, he missed you like crazy. Especially since your relationship was still new, he wanted nothing more than being by your side, but his career was first and you both knew that. “I’ll call you once I get home.”
“Take care of my baby.” He teased. “You are not the best driver, princess.” You twisted your mouth, holding the phone closer to your face.
“I’m gonna key your car.” You warned.
“No, you won’t.” He giggled. “But for real, drive safe.” You said your goodbyes, and he smooched his screen playfully to make you laugh before you could end the call.
Unbeknownst to Atsumu, Iwaizumi waited outside of the training room. He couldn’t stop himself from eavesdropping on the setter’s call. He thought he was dreaming when he recognized your voice, but what were the odds that it was really you? It was nearly impossible, so he brushed it off. As he walked into the room, Atsumu locked his phone and placed it on the side of the bed. “Everything alright?” Atsumu nodded, adjusting himself so he could sit.
“How long have you been together?” Iwaizumi asked, attempting to keep the small chat going.
“A few months.” Atsumu inhaled sharply as he felt the alcohol-drenched cotton pad on his thigh. “Best three months of my life.” He smiled, looking away. “You have a girlfriend, Iwaizumi-san?”
“Not really.” He stopped for a second to gather his thoughts. “Got dumped a few years ago.” Atsumu clicked his tongue.
“That’s tough.” The blonde said, earning an airy laugh from the man in front of him.
“Yeah, I deserved it, though.”
“But what happened to them?” Iwaizumi only shrugged. “Come on, you don’t know?” Atsumu insisted.
“Nope. I haven’t seen her since we broke up.” Since she left him.
“Well, at least you don’t have a shitty ex.” Atsumu made a joke.
“Let’s say I am the shitty ex.” Iwaizumi sighed. “Not over her yet.” Atsumu twisted his mouth, making Iwaizumi shrug again. There was nothing else he could tell Atsumu, it’s not like he wanted everyone to know he was a cheater.
“Damn.” Atsumu paused for a second. “Sorry, man, I didn’t mean to bring back bad memories.”
“Don’t worry about it.” Iwaizumi stood up. “You are good to go, you should be able to walk, but it’s going to hurt, come see me tomorrow morning to start your treatment .” He helped Atsumu to get off the bed to walk him to the door when he noticed the setter’s phone still on the bed. “Wait, your phone.”
The screen turned on, reacting to the movement of Iwaizumi lifting it from the bed. He stopped for a second, looking at Atsumu’s lock screen. He felt his fingers tremble when he saw a picture of you, sitting on a picnic towel with your hair tied and lovesick grin, right next to Atsumu, who kissed your cheek lovingly.
“Thank you, I almost forgot it!” Atsumu said, taking his phone from the trainer’s hand. “See you tomorrow.” Iwaizumi was left alone with a thousand questions in the training room, the only thing he could do was list what he knew.
It’s been almost two years since you —dumped him — broke up. You were back in Japan, only a couple hours away. You and Atsumu were dating, and you were completely over him. Ouch.
You had your life figured out without him, again, but with Atsumu this time. Atsumu. Was he supposed to tell the setter that he was the ex-boyfriend you probably talked shit about? No way, not when he was supposed to work along with him for the next month or so. He had two options, wait for Bokuto to tell Atsumu or try his best to ignore the fact that he was cohabiting with the man that is currently dating you, the love of his life.
Maybe he’d do things your way, and run away from confrontation.
Once in his room and after a well deserved —still cold— shower, Atsumu called you. He brushed his teeth while you ranted about your day. His hair was wet and his lower half was barely covered by a white towel. “They what?” He asked with wide eyes, and mouth full with his toothbrush.
“They asked us to get the profiles and schedule the press conferences by next week!” You covered your face with your hands in distress. “I’m going to die.” You exhaled deeply, looking at the ceiling.
“That's insane! But you got this, babe. Hideko-san and you always show those scrubs what the team is made of.” He said after rinsing his mouth. “Who do they think they are anyway? Threatening to stop sponsoring the team.” He huffed. “It’s not like we need them.”
“We do need them, they are one of our principal investors. Our hands are tied.” You explained. “But enough of that, I don’t want another headache. Tell me about your day.”
Atsumu went on a long rant about how horrible his day was, complaining about Suna and the rest of his teammates, and how he won against Kageyama again. You laughed at him for his very one-sided rivalry with the black-haired setter, but he kept recalling and bragging about his past victories. All of that as he finished his nighttime routine. “Then my thigh started hurting and I had to get patched up.” He finished his story. “Wanna see?” He said, holding the hem of the towel teasingly.
“Don’t be gross.” You covered your eyes, hearing him gasp.
“I’m anything but gross!” He exclaimed. “It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, princess.”
“I don’t wanna see it now, pervert.” You slowly removed your hands from your face. He played with the end of the towel, threatening to take it off a few times; both laughing soundly. He stopped when his abdomen started to hurt, leaning his weight on the wall behind. “You’re an idiot.”
“Me? You are an idiot.” He looked at you through his blonde hair strands.
“I got it from you, it’s contagious.” You fired back, making him sigh and shake his head.
The past three months with Atsumu were filled with laughter, constantly learning from each other how to work together. Every day you learned something new about him, like how he couldn’t drink coffee to save a life or that he loved organizing his closet and that he was scared of chewing gum because Osamu once told him if he swallowed it, it would go straight to his brain. The list was endless, but all those little habits, facts, and quirks made you love him even more. You came to the conclusion that you could never get tired of being around him, and that being apart felt like torture.
“Stop staring, weirdo.” He said as he slipped into his clothes.
“I’m not staring, I’m thinking.”
“I can tell, there’s smoke coming out of your ears.” He joked and you laughed humorlessly. “I forgot to ask you earlier. Are you coming with me to the tournament?” You frowned.
“I don’t know yet. I can’t leave my job for two weeks, let alone afford the trip to France.” You said.
“Even ‘Samu is going, you still have a few weeks to convince Hideko-san.” He brushed back his hair with his fingers. “And who said you’re paying for it?”You rolled your eyes at his insistence, you hated when he tried to spend his money on you. His friends had to stop him from buying you a car on your first month anniversary.
“Don’t even think about it.”
“You got a rich boyfriend for a reason, babe.” He finally walked out of the bathroom.
“I’ll use my rich boyfriend benefits when I need them.” You laid on your side, waiting for him to do the same.
“Whatever you say, but I really want you to come with me.” He pouted.
“I’ll see what I can do.” You said, hopefully ending that discussion. You saw Atsumu yawn on your screen. “You should go to sleep, it’s getting late.”
If only you knew, he wasn’t sleeping well at night, at least not without you and your fingers tangled on his hair lulling him to sleep. He agreed anyway because he knew you were tired too. He hung up this time and closed his eyes, holding his phone close to his chest, hoping you dreamed of him.
The next morning, Atsumu went to the training room like Iwaizumi told him to. He started his physical therapy and was given a pain killer to get through the day. When it was time to head to practice, he was told to sit down, so he did, all under Iwaizumi’s watch. The trainer refused to leave him alone, knowing that he would insist on setting the ball during drill practice. Somehow, Iwaizumi saw a bit of his best friend on Atsumu. His stubbornness was his biggest resemblance to Oikawa; Atsumu looked like the type to overwork himself.
Perfectionism was the death for any genius, but no one ever tells them they don’t need to be perfect. Iwaizumi could see Atsumu’s hungry eyes following the ball from his seat on the bench. His passion for volleyball was different from his; it was raw and pure. Atsumu’s eyes had the same spark Iwaizumi could see on Oikawa’s since they were kids. In that moment Iwaizumi became aware of his surroundings, not only did Atsumu had that spark in his eyes, everyone in that room did too.
They were all monsters hungry for victory.
He smiled at the sight, making his way to sit with Atsumu. “How are you feeling?” The setter looked at him.
“Much better, but I want to play,” Atsumu said. “I hate missing practice.”
“Well, technically you are not missing anything, you’re here, aren’t you?” Iwaizumi tried to hide the smile on his face.
“You got jokes, huh?” Atsumu smirked. “Who would’ve thought?”
“What do you mean?”
“You always look mad, man. Try relaxing your face.” The blonde nudged Iwaizumi’s shoulder playfully as they both laughed. “My girl always says that.”
Iwaizumi looked down, smiling fondly at the memory of you fixing his hair and kissing his nose to calm him down. “Maybe she’s right.”
Atsumu managed to make a full recovery in two weeks, playing carefully and with lots of therapy and care from the medical staff, especially Iwaizumi, who bonded with the setter pretty easily. Iwaizumi was told to keep an eye on Atsumu during his recovery, he personally checked and altered his routines and made sure he didn’t push his luck during practice. In return, Atsumu tried to make him part of his friend group in the team. Iwaizumi looked more relaxed those days, making friends and stepping
out of his bubble for once.
The only one who didn’t seem to accept Iwaizumi’s advances was Bokuto. When he noticed how close his teammate was with your ex, he panicked. Scared to tell you or Akaashi, he tried to fix things by himself, warning Atsumu about him but never giving him a reason. Resulting in Atsumu getting mad at him for making rumors about Iwaizumi. It was a delicate topic for Atsumu, knowing how damaging rumors and lies can be, and how bad it felt to have people talking behind your back.
Bokuto ended up telling Suna and Kiyoomi one morning before practice, hoping that the middle blocker could talk some sense into him. Sakusa thought it was better to do it after practice to prevent a fight between them, since Atsumu was so unpredictable, they decided to wait. Naturally, they weren’t planning on telling you… ever. To their dismay, you were already on a train to Tokyo to visit your boyfriend.
Hideko asked you to cover for her at a few management meetings in the city since she was sick. You wanted to surprise Atsumu so you didn’t tell him when he called you the night before. Akaashi picked you up at the station to get dinner before walking to the training facility. You got in with Akaashi’s visitor pass and waited for Bokuto to come and get you. “He’s in the lounge with Motoya and Ojiro-kun!” He said excitedly. You saw your boyfriend’s back when you turned around the corner, hiding behind a column so he couldn’t see you. Bokuto and Akaashi walked up to them, trying not to look suspicious.
Atsumu greeted Keiji, he was still a little angry with Bokuto, but they were friends and he was happy at least one of them could see their partners. He was a bit envious of his friend but continued chatting with the rest, not knowing that you were sneaking behind him, only a few meters away.
Once you were close enough to touch him, you poked his sides, making him turn. “I swear to god, Yakkun! It’s not funny any-” He was cut short when he saw you smiling behind him. He turned completely to hug you close. “What are you doing here?”
You couldn’t answer since he picked you up to spin you around. “Tsumu, baby, let me down.” You said between giggles. “I came to see you.” You looked at him, he was smiling brightly.
“I missed you so much.” He pulled you closer to his chest once again.
“Is this the girl you always talk about, Miya?” Komori asked. You forgot about the rest of the people in the room for a second. You looked at the libero from the EJP Raijins and Aran in front of you, hooking your arms around Atsumu’s waist.
“You talk about me?” You teased your boyfriend.
“All the time!” Komori continued. “He’s always talking about you with Iwaizumi-san.” Your breath hitched when you heard that name.
“With who?” You asked, slowly pulling away from Atsumu, looking at Bokuto in confusion. It wasn’t who you were thinking, was it? Bokuto looked away. ‘Oh no.’
“Iwaizumi-san! The trainer I always talk about, baby.” Atsumu explained.
“I don’t think you ever told me his name…” Your heart was beating faster than before.
“Really?” He looked confused. “How weird, but no need to worry. Look, he’s over there.” He pointed behind your back. You looked at Akaashi and Bokuto one last time to confirm this was happening, Akaashi could only nod. You turned back slowly and still confused.
He was right there, less than 10 feet away from you. You swore his brown eyes were piercing through your skull. From that moment everything happened in slow motion, Atsumu called your ex-boyfriend to introduce you when he noticed how pale and disoriented you looked. “Babe, are you okay?” He asked with concern, pooling his eyes.
The second you turned to see Atsumu, Iwaizumi was already by your side. “Y/N?”
Atsumu looked at him and then back at you. “You know each other?” He held your face. Now he was the one confused. Iwaizumi tried to touch your shoulder, but his hand was swatted away by Suna, who no one saw enter the room.
“Where’s the bathroom?” You asked your boyfriend. He guided you away from everyone, checking one last time if you were okay before going back to the lounge.
“Can someone explain what’s going on?” Aran asked. “Is Y/N okay? And how does she know Iwaizumi?”
“He is Y/N’s ex-boyfriend,” Akaashi explained. Silence filled the room for a second. “Why didn’t you say anything, Koutaro? This could’ve been prevented.”
“I tried! But Atsumu started being friends with him and I didn’t know what to do…” Bokuto’s grip on Akaashi’s hand increased.
“No, you were trying to get me away from him with stupid excuses.” Atsumu was growing angrier with every second. “You were there the whole time and never said anything, and you.” He said, pointing to Iwaizumi. “You knew this whole time too, you sat there and said fucking nothing?” He asked in disbelief.
“I think it’s better if you go away, Iwaizumi.” He heard Suna say. Iwaizumi had his eyes fixed on the floor, still processing what happened. Komori placed his arm around his shoulders, not really understanding the situation, but sure that maybe it wasn’t the best moment to ask. Iwaizumi started walking away without sparing a glance to Atsumu.
“You are a fucking coward.” The blonde said, and Iwaizumi stopped walking.
“I think this is not the time for fighting, Bokuto wanted to tell you everything today to avoid all of this. I’m sure he didn’t know Y/N was coming.” Suna intervened. Atsumu looked at Bokuto and the wing spiker nodded furiously. “See? Now go check on her.” The middle blocker was trying so hard to avoid a scene, bigger than the one that was already going on.
“Let 's go, Iwaizumi.” Komori called the trainer, but he turned around to face the setter.
“I was trying not to get you involved in something that doesn’t concern you, my issues with her have nothing to do with you.” He said, breathing heavily.
“They have everything to do with me from the moment she told me about you, and how much of a scrub you were.”
“So that’s what she does? She talks shit about me with every person she knows?” His anger was numbing his judgment completely at that point. “Seems like she isn’t really over me, is she?” He spat, not knowing what he started. He was taken aback when two of the volleyball players almost jumped on him.
Atsumu and Bokuto were livid and had no intention of leaving one single bone in Iwaizumi’s body without damage, Suna and Sakusa were too focused on stopping them from hurting the trainer, that they missed the moment when Akaashi stepped forward and punched Iwaizumi right on the face. “I’ve had enough of your nonsense.” Everyone in that lounge remained static for a few seconds, Iwaizumi could only hold his jaw in pain.
“If your head is so far up your ass you can’t get it out in this exact moment to comprehend what you just said, I’ll suggest you leave before I readjust your jaw again.” Akaashi warned, and Komori practically dragged the trainer out of the lounge. Silence still flooded the room, the blue-eyed man pushed his glasses back to their place on top of his nose bridge before he spoke again: “Don’t look at me like that, I’m the only one who can do that without risking my career; and I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.” He sighed.
“You should go with Y/N.” Aran said, trying to assimilate the situation. He was sure he was going into heart failure after that.
“Right, I’ll check on her.” Atsumu announced, breaking from Suna’s hold before leaving everyone in the lounge worried. You were still in the bathroom trying to calm down, but it was useless. No matter how many times you splashed your face with water or counted to ten, your heart was still threatening to jump out of your chest.
The bathroom door opened abruptly, revealing a really concerned Atsumu. “It’s the women’s bathroom, Tsumu.”
“You think I give a fuck?” He was pissed, but never at you. He pulled you into his chest one more time, attempting to calm you down, but his chest raised as fast as yours. “Are you okay?”
“No.” You said in a whisper. “What happened outside? I heard you yelling.” You said, taking a deep breath and wiping your tears once again.
“He started talking shit and Akaashi punched him.” He explained.
“Akaashi?” You asked, astonished. Your boyfriend nodded. “That’s… new.”
“Yeah, it was wild.” He let out a small laugh before going silent for a second, basking in your embrace. “I’m sorry.”
“For what?” You pulled away from him, concerned at his words.
“Befriending your ex…” You both giggled and he brushed your hair out of your face. “He just sat there and listened to me talking about you, I showed him pictures of us, I even asked for advice, and he said absolutely nothing.”
“Hey.” You stopped him. “Don’t blame yourself for something you can’t control, okay?” He kissed your forehead and looked at you straight in the eye. “You didn’t know.” You assured, pushing his hair back to see his honey eyes before pecking his lips.
“I love you.” Your world stopped. It was the first time he ever said that, and he did it in a public bathroom.
“You idiot.” You slapped his arm and buried your face on his chest in frustration.
“What?” He laughed. “Can’t you say it back like a normal person?” He swayed your bodies from side to side.
“It’s the first time you tell me you love me, and you do it in a public bathroom.” Your words were muffled, but you still managed to make Atsumu giggle.
“It felt natural.” He excused himself. “Public bathroom or not, I mean it. I love you.” He kissed the top of your head.
“I love you too.”
You’ve said those same three words to many people in your life, like your parents every time you left, or to your friends on your drunken nights back in London, and of course, that love was real, but with Atsumu it felt different, it was natural and it was heartfelt. The ‘I love you’ you exchanged with Atsumu — and the ones that were yet to come — were different from the ones you had ever said to anyone else, and you were sure you wanted to say those three words to him over and over again.
Despite the previous events, Atsumu had a toothy grin plastered on his face, and he wanted nothing but to kiss you right there, but he had to hold himself back. He convinced you to leave the bathroom and called you a taxi so you could go to your sister’s apartment. While you waited outside —trying to avoid Iwaizumi, who was still inside— you talked about your plans for the rest of the week and how you planned to go out with him on his day off so he didn’t have to stay in the dorms all day. He agreed to invite Aran and Suna to walk around the city.
You got into the taxi and left after he kissed you goodnight. He stayed outside a little longer, recalling what happened with Iwaizumi. After all that time, they were always talking about the same person. He felt terrible, even when you asked him not to take the blame, it all felt so wrong. When he started walking to the entrance, he saw Iwaizumi standing at the door. Eyes fixed on the floor, and the red mark from Akaashi’s fist on his jaw.
“You really are a piece of shit, man.” Atsumu said, walking past him, this time he didn’t bother to look at Iwaizumi.
“Atsumu, let me explain.”
“Don’t bother.” Atsumu stopped walking. “You showed your true colors today, I don’t need more explanations.”
“I didn’t say anything because I truly didn’t know what to say, and about earlier.” He sighed. “I was really angry, I don’t know why I said that, and I’m terribly sorry.” Iwaizumi declared, this time making eye contact with Atsumu.
“I still don’t care. Whatever you have to say or explain is irrelevant, just don’t talk to me or her ever again. Don’t even think about breathing the same air as her, because next time, I’ll make sure no one holds me back, and believe me, I won’t hold back either.”
With that, Atsumu finally entered the building, and Iwaizumi was left alone once again.
He cried. He cried for a good ten minutes, tears of frustration and hurt because you weren't his anymore, but he was still yours.
What were the odds? He asked again, maybe the answer was one in a million, or maybe the answer was none, since there was no guarantee of having you back in his life, at least not in the way he wanted to, but the way he deserved to. Truth was, that he didn’t want to know, not when the odds seemed to make fun of him in the cruelest way possible.
But you were back, and he was stubborn, so maybe it was worth trying one last time.
(a/n: well if it isn't the consequences of my own actions... hi everyone, i'm finally back, you know the drill, health is on zero and i also started uni! i'm feeling way better mentally speaking, and i'm happy that i finally could sit for a few hours and write. there's a few mistakes with my punctuation, but i'll work on them once i finish this godforsaken story, which will be very soon. I'll post chapter nine later today, so stay tuned!)
TAGLIST (closed): @aonenthusiast @wiseeggspickleslime​ @koushisun​ @airheadpillar​ @sunflwrsandprettyskies​ @bbkiyoomi​ @daphnxy​ @shephard17895​ @avatarkyoshithewarrior​ @for-rebloggery​ @vv-bee999-vv @fi16ns @asdfghjkl7things @glassykaashi @strawhatshepard @hawkssnugget @msby-kei @toobsessedsstuff @a-moon-fairy @cuteissei @ramblingsofagoofyperson @pinoyrella @kiyoomisimp
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sutaro-min · 2 days ago
Atsumu: oi ref! You didn’t see that foul?
Y/N: what foul?
Atsumu: You didn’t see it?
Atsumu: Foul-ing in love with you ;)
Y/N: no
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tsumuluver · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: atsumu x gn! reader
wc: 589
cw: none/fluff
a/n: inspired by looking at this fan art *sobbing* as always feedback is my appreciated to help better my writing. mildly proofread.
Tumblr media
atsumu is jittery to say the least. he wasn’t too sure how to approach your door step. if he’s being honest he’s replayed this scene in his head one too may times. his whole body being on edge was justified, as this was his first date with you since confessing his feelings to you. he was taken aback when you had reciprocated. nonetheless, he was overjoyed that you did. he didn’t waste any time to ask you to be his significant other and take you out. thus leading him to now. nervous as hell that he felt like his insides were going eat itself.
approaching the door his fist hovers over the wooden barrier, contemplating to just come up with an excuse to cancel. he shook the thought off. he couldn’t leave you hanging like that. that wasn’t him. “damn it! just knock” he tells himself. he takes a deep breath to relax his nerves. he brings his fist up again and knocks on the door. soon after the door swings open revealing you. atsumu’s first thought is how mesmerizing you look. he feels a blush creep on his face and he’s pretty sure you can notice it. he rubs the back of his neck nervously. “ya — ya look nice”
he mental scolds himself for not saying what he wanted to say. his face visibly scrunches up. cringing at what just came out of his mouth.
he hears you giggle at his remark.
“you think so? you don’t look too bad yourself. honestly? I wasn’t too sure if I overdressed for the occasion. not sure where we are going since you didn’t wanna tell me” you confess.
“oh. rest assured that ya are dressed perfectly fine. casual is always the way ta go when ya aren’t too sure.” he smiles at you.
“oh! before I forget. this is for ya”
the hand that was hidden behind his back reveals a beautiful sun flower that he was holding.
you take it from him and hold it up to your nose smelling it. you smile at the gesture. you tell him to come inside while you quickly go to find something to put it in.
“I wasn’t too sure what kind of flower ya like, so I just settled for a sunflower. did ya know that many believe that it symbolizes happiness? call me corny, or whatever; but I do feel happiness when I’m around you. so it only seem more fitting ta get it. ya know?”
you stifle a giggle and you just look at it. sure it’s not your favorite kind but it’s the very thought that counted. more so now that he had explained why he got it anyways. you head back to the front door and look at him touched.
“are you trying to make me fall in love with you miya?” you playfully ask.
“i dunno is it working?“ he plays along.
you laugh and sigh “maybe.”
he chuckles at this and takes your hand in his tugging at it.
“cmon I got a whole thing set up. this might be the best date anyone has ever taken ya on. trust me.”
“oh really? well in the case let’s get going. I’m suddenly intrigued as to why it would be.” you mock him.
he playfully rolls his eyes while smiling, opening the door to get out. atsumu didn’t even retort back, because he knew that he would be right. confident that at the end of the night he would get you to admit it. just you wait.
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itachiyama · 2 months ago
a day in the life of miya atsumu—(featuring you, his wonderful lover)
other parts: sakusa | osamu
Tumblr media
6:45 AM:
“Baby, hey—hey, baby. Y/n? Y/n, are ya—holy shit,” Atsumu gasps, hand clutching his heart startled when you move to bite his prodding finger suddenly.
“Will you shut up and let me sleep? Go get up quietly,” you hiss, making him furrow his eyebrows and stare you incredulously.
“Yer on top o’ me! Don’t yell at me.” You look down to see that you are indeed laying on a warm chest.
“Five more minutes.”
“I don’t have five more minutes.”
“How about ten?”
“No, why would I have—I just said I don’t have five,” he says exasperatedly. Your head finds the crook of his neck.
“You didn’t say anything about ten.”
“Yer impossible.” Despite his words, Atsumu settles back in bed, limbs tangling with yours as he rubs your back gently, kissing your forehead while you drift off with a smile on his face.
7:18 AM:
“If ya keep rollin’ on top o’ me every mornin’ so I can’t leave, ‘m gonna start sleepin’ in the guest room,” Atsumu huffs, rushing to finish his breakfast.
“That’ll be very cold for you.”
“And why’s that?” he asks in a mouth full.
“You kick the blanket off fifteen minutes into sleeping. Who’s gonna keep you warm or cover you up again?” He pretends to ponder your words for a moment.
“‘S a bit of a predicament.” You smile.
“It is.”
“Guess I’ll have ta be the one who lays on top o’ ya instead.” Atsumu reaches to your plate with his chopsticks, stealing the last bite. He snickers when you smack his shoulder.
“I’ll wake up dead. You’re heavy.”
“We’ll, at least that’s one less person ta nag me—I’m kiddin’! Don’t push—hey! Look, ya made me spill ma water.” He chuckles when he notices you stare at his muscled chest through the wet shirt.
7:38 AM:
“Tsum, you should really go now,” you whisper.
“Yeah, ‘m goin’.”
“You said that three times already.”
“Why’re ya in a rush ta get me out the door?” Giggling, you reach up, cupping his cheeks and pressing kisses to his the apples of them, purposely skipping his lips.
“Drive safe. Don’t curse people out the whole time, okay?”
“If ya don’t kiss ma mouth, it’ll curse more than usual.”
“Guess I should give you a few extra kisses then,” you giggle. Atsumu smirks, arms snaking around your waist as he pulls you impossibly closer.
“Guess ya should.” He wastes a few more minutes getting his kisses, but maybe the sweetness on his lips will last a bit longer that way.
8:05 AM:
“Miya, quit taking my parking spot,” Sakusa grumbles, lifting his weight as he glares daggers at the blonde.
“Doesn’t have yer name on it, Omi.”
“Neither does y/n, does that mean that we can all have y/n,” Adriah calls from across the room, making the other team members snicker as Atsumu’s face curls in distaste.
“Yer all ugly. Y/n doesn’t want any of ya.”
“Maybe y/n wants someone less childish,” his captain adds, pushing his buttons further.
“Y/n’s not into old people,” he spits, lips curled in a pout. He lifts the weight in his hand up, eyes narrowed as he looks around.
“No, y/n’s into real men. Not children.”
“‘M not a child!”
“You’re a lil kiddo, Tsumie,” Oriver calls out, making everyone burst into another round of chuckles. Atsumu only lifts his weight more aggressively, not comforted when Hinata calls out I think you’re manly, Atsumu!, a scowl painted over his face as he huffs to himself about how he’ll prove them wrong on their lunch break.
12:30 PM:
“Do ya think I’m a child? Answer me right now, no games,” Atsumu calls you on the dot of his lunch break.
“It’s a yes or a no.”
“Oh, absolutely.” He gasps dramatically—further proving your point.
“Oh, do ya? Okay. Go date an adult then,” he spits out, crossing his arms as he stares at you through his propped up phone. “So it seems yer gonna agree with ma teammates then.”
“Oh my go—okay. Fine, you’re an adult. A big man, Tsumu, really.”
“No, now yer just sayin’ it cos I wanna hear it. It’s not real.”
“Atsumu, what in the world are you on about? You know what? You’re a man child. There. Best of both worlds.”
“‘M a man! I got chest hair and everythin’!”
“You only have a few.”
“Y/n,” he whines, serious facade breaking as he pouts as you. Giggling, you blow him a small kiss through the screen.
“Tsum, it’s not a bad thing. You’re cute, you’re like a little baby. I love it. Even though you’re dramatic.” And if you notice Atsumu is a little blush faced and fights back a silly grin as he eats his lunch, you don’t mention it.
8:08 PM:
“There’s my baby!” Atsumu scowls at you as he walks through the door.
“Ya don’t deserve me. Always pick yer side, ya never do the same.” He welcomes the arms that slide past his shoulder, wrapping around his neck and burying into his hair. And the small, featherlight kisses to his jaw are enough to make his body go slack, relaxing into you.
“Love you.”
“Yeah, whatever. I love ya too. Do anythin’ new today?”
“Nope, same old routine as usual,” you hum. He buries his face into your neck, kissing your skin.
“Wanna shower with me?”
“You gotta wash your hair yourself.”
“Then what’s the point of havin’ ya join?” Rolling your eyes, you let the wide grin that begged to surface break out on your face, squeezing Atsumu tighter to yourself.
“Fine. This is the last time.” You both know it’s not, but Atsumu agrees anyway, pecking your forehead as he grabs your hand and leads the way.
8:43 PM:
“You scrub, I rinse.” Atsumu nods in agreement, moving to stand by his rightful spot by the sink, grabbing a towel.
“Who dries?”
“Can’t do both,” he insists. Fisting the towel in one hand, he whips it at your ass as you turn to grab dishes from the table. You turn and glare, and he snickers. “Sorry, ya got a cute butt.”
“And you’re ugly.”
“Then Samu is too,” he shrugs.
“Never mind.”
“Hold on one second! So yer okay with callin’ me ugly? Samu’s where ya draw the line?” He throws the towel at you when you nod, grumbling as you giggle.
“Samu’s cute.”
“Then I am too!” Leaning forward, you kiss his cheek, ruffling the messy hair as you place dishes into the sink.
“You’re the cutest, baby. The cutest ever.”
“Yer cute too,” he whispers. The dishes are forgotten for a bit, shoved to the back of your mind from Atsumu caging you against the counter, his hands molding against your face, kissing you like you’d disappear any second.
12:16 AM:
“G’night y/n,” Atsumu whispers.
“Goodnight, Tsumie.” He closes his eyes, pecking your forehead as you settle your cheek against his chest. Two minutes pass before you speak up again. “Okay, so let’s say we were stranded on an island, right? Would you rather—” you’re cut off by a groan.
“I gotta wake up early, ya know. Go. Ta. Sleep.”
“But I wanna talk to you,” you pout.
“We’ll talk in the mornin’.”
“But I wanna talk now.”
“Talk to me in yer dreams.”
“Can’t, I’ll be dreaming of Samu.” He shuffles away from you, back turning to you as he pulls the covers off your body and hogs them.
“Go ahead then, yer both scrubs, yer meant for each other anyway.” Giggling, you wrap your arms around him, clinging to his body while he fights back a grin.
“I’m kidding. Can we talk now?” Shifting so he can pull you to lay on his chest, he covers you both with the blanket.
“Fine. Just for a little bit.” Atsumu chuckles softly when you fall asleep first, trailing off slowly mid ramble, cutting yourself off with a yawn as you drift off. Kissing your head, he rubs your back as he smiles to himself. “Love ya, ya make every day worth it.”
Tumblr media
reblogs are really appreciated !!
someone asked me to make this a series so lmk what characters y’all want. i have oikawa and kuroo on the list so far nsjdnsjd
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kurosukii · a month ago
𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐚 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞
Tumblr media
a/n : i get so hoeknee when i think about atsumu. also the pawrn link is one of my favorite ways of how atsumu eats my pussy <3.
☀︎ MINORS DNI 18+ ONLY — filming a sex tape, oral (f receiving), fingering, spitting, praise, kind of exhibitionism. you and atsumu are scandalous ! 1012 words.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu, for lack of a better term, is an absolute nightmare to the PR team of the msby black jackals.
blurry photos that are allegedly him lounging in sex dungeons, standing outside of a sex shop holding two large bags, and other scandalous ‘accusations’ not fitting for a star athlete.
they’ve held one or two press conferences where he apologizes, but they know it’s futile because he’s going to have another ‘issue’ in a few weeks.
atsumu claims that he’s not hurting anyone (which is technically true) and something as arbitrary as his public image is stupid to him, and it makes them want to wring his neck but unfortunately, he’s right and how is he any different?
other athletes actually have scandals that could end their careers and not to mention, he brings great revenue for the team so what’s a few rumors about how he spends his time off the court?
so imagine the relief they felt when he met you and became less wild and wayward. no more incriminating photos and anecdotes because he’s now acting like a mature adult.
they honestly feel like a miracle has occurred in osaka until one sunny afternoon where they caught wind of a video on the internet that is apparently him eating your pussy.
his phone is pointed towards the plush couch of your shared apartment, where you’re sitting, naked and legs spread wide. you’re holding the back of your trembling thighs, keeping them open while atsumu messily devours your cunt.
the lighting is sensual, soft yellow hues and r&b playing in the background (no to white lights because atsumu wants it homemade and intimate).
he’s got a thing for attention. he wants people to know how well he eats your pussy and the pretty noises that come from your mouth while doing so.
“hnng, too sensitive!”
“can’t help it, baby. your pussy tastes so good,” atsumu groans softly, careful not to let his phone catch his voice.
his tongue is licking up and down your glistening folds, chin dripping with your juices. and as if it’s not already messy enough, he spits on your pussy, making you jerk and squeeze your thighs as you throw your head back and moan.
he chuckles at your reaction and you’re reminded that atsumu is as good in playing volleyball as he is in eating your cunt, and you feel like it’s been hours since he kneeled between your legs and latched on to your poor swollen clit.
you don’t even mind that he’s filming this, knowing that this is probably the hundredth sex tape you’ve filmed with your cheeky boyfriend, but you know this time is different.
it’s different because this is the first video of the two of you that he’ll be posting on the internet. you can’t help but admit that there’s a certain thrill in doing something so risqué and it bleeds into the way atsumu’s vigorously bobbing his head on your pussy while he’s harshly sucking your clit into his mouth.
“m’gonna, g-gonna cum!” you whine loudly, biting your lip so hard that it almost draws blood, but it doesn’t matter because you have to stop yourself from screaming your boyfriend’s name.
it’s one thing for the internet to see your pussy and the signature two-toned hair of your boyfriend. as long as your faces aren’t seen—it’s fine. but to scream his name? you’re practically begging to have a scandal.
atsumu moans into your cunt, his tongue licking every patch of wet skin he sees while his two fingers slip inside your pussy with no friction whatsoever. you cry out and your hands let go of your thighs as your fingers tug on his hair, pushing his face further between your legs.
his hooded caramel eyes make contact with your teary ones, his cock twitching in his shorts at the sight of a thin string of saliva falling from your lips as they form the perfect ‘o’ shape.
he groans loudly, and coupled with the vibrations of his mouth on your clit as he curls his two thick and long fingers towards your sweet spot, you find yourself moaning loudly as you push his head, your legs shaking and body convulsing around his pretty face.
he softly hums while licking and slurping your juices for a few moments before he pulls away and stops the recording on his phone. he rests his head on your trembling thighs, softly kissing the glistening skin as he goes to his dummy account in twitter and uploads the video, throwing his phone to the side when it’s already there for the whole internet to see.
“you’re such a good girl for me, lettin’ me film you and postin’ it on twitter. your cunt definitely deserves some fuckin’, sweetheart.”
he groans as he joins you on the couch, pulling down his shorts to his thighs and his cock springs free, hitting his abs as he wraps your legs around his waist. he rubs the head of his dick on your clit, smearing his pre-cum before sinking into your pussy, causing the both of you to moan as his cock nudges the deepest part of your tight walls.
atsumu leans over your body, your chests rubbing together as he starts thrusting into your drooling cunt, the sounds of sloppy kissing and skins slapping filling the apartment as your cries of pleasure drown out the music.
a few hours later, while atsumu is in the middle of fucking you on the kitchen counter, his phone starts blowing up with pings and notifications, and his groans turn into half chuckles because he knows what it’s about.
but he doesn’t pay it any mind because the sound of your cries and stuttered whimpers of his name while he wrecks your pussy is so much better than dealing with angry and uptight higher ups (and a few jealous teammates).
and hey, if the volleyball thing doesn’t work out, you’re one hundred percent sure that atsumu can make it as a pornstar. he’s a natural born entertainer after all.
Tumblr media
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crimsonchxins · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
atsumu's hitting on you.
again, for the fifth time this week, for the seventeenth time in the last fourteen days.
"come on," he smirks, "won't you like someone like me?"
"no," you say, straightforward and blunt as you watch his facade crumble.
"oh come on," he whines, "just give me a chance."
you'd call this less of flirting, and more like a failed confession and you bite back a laugh, "no,"
atsumu's a nice guy, really, he's funny, he's supportive and sweet, but good god does he have ego.
he's full of himself and arrogant, but for once in his life, he isn't so sure of himself anymore.
five months ago, exactly five months ago from today did he start feeling like something changed, it started with tension in the air because he was no more smooth with his words, then butterflies fluttering around in his stomach whenever you came around, then the tightening of his chest whenever his name fell from your lips, then the red that would bloom on his cheeks whenever you had physical contact, and god does he feel so hopeless.
because you are the only one who could make his ego crumble, the only one who could make the butterflies in his stomach flutter and the only only who could bring red to his face.
"okay, scenario," atsumu starts, "i'm the last man on earth, would you date me?"
you ponder it for a moment, "meh."
"are you serious right now?"
that's why he's been needy, desperate even lately, dropping pick up lines and confessions as jokes for any kind of affirmation, a push strong enough for him to actually ask you out, because he really, really needs it.
"okay, another scenario," he says, "an asshole just dumped you, and you need someone else to get over them, would you date me then?"
and you laugh, "tsumu, no,"
he scoffs, offended, "would you throw me a bone here?"
it's a late afternoon on a wednesday and the two of you are hanging out at your place, having a couple drinks by the kitchen counter as the sunlight pours in, the tv is on, volume low and quiet, there is no traffic jam outside and it's quite cozy, before the two of you have to get back to work a couple minutes.
atsumu says, "alright, how about this, i offer you a dance?"
you set your empty glass in the sink, "i think you're a bad dancer."
"what?!" and oh, he sounds so offended.
"yeah, atsumu," you say, snickering, "i saw the highschool prom video."
he practically shrinks down with a surprised, horrified expression.
you laugh, and you throw a towel at him, before grabbing your keys and heading to the door, "alright, come on, lover boy, we have to go now."
atsumu gets up from his seat, and he's shoulders are noticeably slump, and he says, "just, give me a chance,"
by the doorway you turn over to him, "how about instead of all these silly scenarios and cheeky confessions, you actually ask me out after practice today?" you raise your eyebrows, smirking, and you turn away, "now, come on, we're gonna be late."
surprised doesn't even begin to describe how he feels, and it feels as if he regained a little bit of his ego now, enough confidence to actually ask you out.
looks like he got his affirmation.
Tumblr media
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amalthea-000 · 5 months ago
‘ he compares you to his ex  i ,
Tumblr media
☞ tags: angst to fluff, arguments and what nots, some romantic undertones
☞ 📍 tw📍: swearing, slight insecurity, being compared to (dm if i missed one)
☞ with: timeskip! atsumu, osamu x f!reader
wc: 1111 words 
note: please dni if you ever feel triggered with topics like these, your comfort first! default name for the exes lol please send an ask if you want other haikyuu men for this series. :)) have a good one !! 
| masterlist | pt. 2 iwa & suna | pt 3 kuroo & ushi |
Tumblr media
° miya atsumu: 
- the moment both of you got in your shared apartment, you were at each others’ throats. words were flying out of your mouths, some were meant, some were not, can’t even tell which is which due to the heated predicament you were in.
you weren’t even sure how long you’ve been arguing but now you just wanted to sleep and talk about it tomorrow, when both of you have had a rest. “’tsumu, let’s just call it a night, okay? I’m tired” you huff. atsumu looked at you incredulously. “no, we’re finishing this now.” he stood his ground and kept berating you, your mind was exhausted and can’t even comprehend the words properly. 
“–are you even listening? god hayami never gave me a hard time, but ya’? yer a piece of work, y/n” your eyes widen at his words, even at your state, suddenly his words were loud and clear, and your heart clenched at the mention of his ex’s name. you shrunk at his words but shook your head, you look up at him hurt evident in your eyes, “ok then, go back to her, miya. i don’t care anymore“
 atsumu was speechless and was cursing himself internally. he never meant to go that far, it was the heat of the moment, the fatigue and your stubbornness. he was frozen as he watched you grab a blanket and slam the sliding door to the balcony. your sobs were muffled but hearing it broke his heart.
 guilt flooded his system, it was suffocating but with a heavy heart he peeked at your figure on the balcony, he was never good at apologizing, but he knows this was entirely his fault. you hear the door slide, refusing to look at the blonde setter, “what are you still doing here, miya?” ouch. he kneeled in front of you, regret reflects in his eyes but you were taken aback by his tears. the silence meant he could touch you, “that was really hurtful,” you said “i try so hard to be enough for you, to be the best for you but to compare me to her? not cool miya” he holds you close to his chest “i know, i’m a jerk. i’m really sorry, but can ya’ not call me that, i’m yer ‘tsumu.” he grumbled.
 “am i really that difficult?“ you whisper vulnerably, atsumu lets go of you and cups your face delicately “no ‘yer not, princess“ he loved that you gave him a challege, he admired how you stood up to him, how you matched his energy, how you remind him to humble himself— 
“it was an honest mistake, that will haunt me the rest of my life” he kissed your forehead, then your nose “i love ya’, i really do, ya’ made me a better man, princess” he looks down at you and suddenly the tension lifts and his heart wasn’t as heavy as before “are ya’ still mad at me?“ a soft smile grazed your lips, you pinch his side, “depends, are you going to kiss me?” ah there she is, he thought, atsumu lifts your chin and gaves you the most honest and loving kiss that sealed your forever with him. 
° miya osamu:
- you and osamu weren’t on good terms, you were arguing all week and it all started when you scolded him for overworking himself. so you were walking on egg shells with each other. fights with osamu would usually end immediately, so you can’t fathom how this particular fight lasted this long. 
“yer giving me a headache, y/n“ you turn to look at him “this argument has gone too far, osamu“ you say “i just want to get this over with“ you hear him huff, his grip on the steering wheel tightening “look we’ll talk about this when we get home, right now don’t make this all about you“ you scoffed at his comment. he parks the car near the restaurant, both of you were invited to celebrate MSBY’s win. as he was getting out of the car he mumbled something that made your heart drop.
“yuri wasn’t this selfish and stubborn, tsk. so difficult.“
 your face hardened as soon as you heard it, osamu didn’t notice your change in demeanor. your heart was breaking but you have to put on a brave front for your friends. from a distance you see a tall blonde waving at you, “congratulations,’tsumu” you hug him. “ya’ alright, y/n?” he looks at you with concern, “of course, you oaf ” you dismiss. he gives his twin a hug and three of you entered the restaurant.
 the car ride home was silent, osamu was quite worried, you’ve been silent since dinner, only answering questions in short sentences. even atsumu and bokuto noticed your odd behaviour. he knows that things haven’t been okay between the two of you, the altercation was taking a toll on your relationship. deep down he understands that you only wanted him healthy, it’s just that pride got in his way and let it do the talking. 
 as soon as you got home, you went straight to your bedroom, leaving osamu behind. you layed on your side of the bed, gripping your pillow, finally letting your tears down. your mind was full of doubts. yuri was great this, yuri was amazing that. how about you? were you even enough? did osamu really love you? are you really that selfish? 
“osamu?“ a small whispher broke the ravenettes’ thoughts, he hummed in response, “do you want me to be more like her?“ the question confused him but it dawned on him, she heard, shit. “angel, look at me“ you weren’t budging but when you finally do, his heart twisted in pain at your gloomy expression. “oh my god, angel no, no, i don’t want that” he held you tightly while you were sobbing against his chest, “i just want to take care of you, ‘samu” your words were muffled, “i- does that make me selfish? i’m sorry if-” he cut you off “don’t you dare say sorry, angel” he wiped your tears “it’s my fault ok? i’m the one who should be sorry” he leaned his forhead to yours “and I am, you’re so good to me, angel.” 
 you fell asleep on osamu’s chest, he looks down at your peaceful expression that matched the state of his heart. it hurt to think how his words and actions made you feel that way and so he made a mental note to be better. he promised himself that he’ll take care of you, himself and this relationship. he embraced you tighter, and you nuzzle into his warmth, “we’re gonna be ok, angel.”
Tumblr media
hello again! here’s a subpar series i wrote lol, i get compared a lot so i present to you my coping mechanism, writing lol! but yeah uhm i hope you like this!! wah writer’s block sucks but i’m trying haha i know this is not so good but i will be better <3 please take care everyone, drink water, eat right and sanitize - khlara
☞ taglist: @nakizumie @lumpiang-toge @arrogantsonofabiscuit​
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c0rncheez · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Characters ~ Aged up!Kageyama, Oikawa, and TimeSkip!Atsumu [PART 2]
Synopsis ~ The one where Y/n has to put her man in his place because he got the RIGHT one [u go bitch]
Cw ~ Lil crack, Lil fluff, Lil Angst? & hurt+comfort, BossBitch!Y/n, Fem!Y/n, they say something kinda rude to you, Strong language, Simp!Boys, Slight Manga Spoilers With Atsumu, Alcohol Consumption, They love you very much, This Y/n energy>>>>
A/n ~ as much as I love a stuttering shy y/n I also love a y/n who’ll beat a nigga up if she had too 💁🏽‍♀️👑
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You sat patiently in the gym as you waited for Kageyama to finish up his practicing. He had come a long way from being the accursed “king” but even in his 3rd year he still had his moments.
You glanced up at the top of your phone to check the time before giving an exaggerated yawn.
“Kags, Baby, It’s getting pretty late,” you informed as you stood up from the bleachers and collected your belongings.
“I’m still gonna stay behind and practice some more,” He quickly muttered while retrieving another volleyball to set.
You slightly rolled your eyes as you walked closer to him, “You’ve practiced all day, I promise you’ll have time tomorrow so come on let’s head-“
“Just get out, Y/n,” He coolly snapped, not even glancing at you, “This is my future, there is no time for tomorrow so just walk yourself home.”
It was eerily quiet as a couple of the first years that overheard your conversation stared at you both wide-eyed.
But you weren’t perturbed. You didn’t cry. You weren’t embarrassed. You also didn’t take your eyes off the back of Kageyama’s big head before sternly saying-
“Can everyone please leave, I need to speak to Kageyama alone.”
There were murmurs of whispers and shuffling of feet until the final slam of the gym door left you and Kageyama unattended.
He gave a frustrated grunt before finally turning around to look at you.
“What, Y/n. What-“
“Be quiet.” You said smoothly.
Your words and tone caught him off guard. His furrowed brows loosened a little before he finally offered you his undivided attention.
Several seconds passed as you stared him down before you decided to speak up.
“I understand that volleyball is very important to you, but I also understand how much you over work yourself”
He looked at the ground instead of holding your eye contact at the second half of your sentence. But you held his jaw firmly as you made him return your gaze.
“Look at me. I just want you to rest and take care of yourself but,” your grasp grew tighter, “ you will never, in your LIFE, talk at me like that ever again”
Kageyama desperately sputtered for a way to respond but you cut him off while walking to the exit of the gym.
“Am I clear?” You asked over your shoulder.
You heard the sound of him putting the volleyballs away.
“Y-yes,...Y/n I’m sorry, l-let me walk you home.”
You humphed before promptly striding out the gym.
The few first years that dawdled behind to clean up got a very rare view of their Senpai chasing after you like a lost puppy.
“What could she have possibly done to get through to him?” they thought.
That night he shared his favorite snacks with you as peace treaty for projecting his stress on you. Also gave you many kisses and cuddles.
Tumblr media
Oikawa was a very eccentric lover but somehow you found your place by his side regardless.
You were casually talking with Iwaizumi outside of their gym while Oikawa finished putting everything away for the night.
When you finally heard the slam of the gym door shutting you happily spun around to greet your boyfriend. But instead of coming straight to you he zipped to the swarm of fangirls already surrounding him.
“Shittykawa,” Iwaizumi muttered before rolling up his sleeve to go and punch him.
You held his arm and sweetly said, “It’s okay, let me handle this.”
You glided over to Oikawa and placed a gentle hand on his lower back which caused him to jump lightly.
“Ah Y/n-Chan…,” he realized sounding oddly… dissatisfied?
You ignored the red glares coming from his fangirls in favor of tugging Oikawa’s bag.
“Come on, we had plans tonight and I even bought-“
“Ugh were you always this clingy?” He rolled his eyes.
You immediately froze at his sentence but he already turned around and went back to appeasing the snickering girls.
Iwaizumi lifted his arm back up ready to fight but you promptly held out a hand to pause his movement.
You tapped Oikawa’s shoulder before he whipped around with a groan.
“Y/nnnn what-“
You swiftly grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and pulled down to your level.
“I know you get all cocky when people are around but don’t make me embarrass you infront of all your damn fans” you whispered icily
You saw his lips move trying to speak but you quickly sliced in before you heard a peep.
“I’m the clingy one? Huh, yet you can’t fall asleep without hearing my voice? When I’m out of town you cry every night because you miss me, and yet I’m the clingy one?”
He softly grasped your wrist immediately regretting ever letting those words fall out of his mouth.
“Baby, I’m sorr-“
“Oh I know you’re sorry, because you’ll never speak down to me like that ever again,” you finished off before letting him go and pushing past him.
“Iwaizumi, can you please walk me home? Oikawa seems busy” you asked as you walked off confidently.
Oikawa couldn’t keep the astounded expression off his face as he watched you go. Iwaizumi even gave him a mocking smirk and he caught up with you.
He nervously murmured , “I have to go, now” to his fangirls before scampering off after you.
He showered you in apologies and foot rubs that afternoon. Everytime you got up to do anything he pouted and begged you not to go. I think it’s safe to say you got your little pretty boy locked down!
Tumblr media
The MSBY Black Jackals were having a team dinner in which the players spouses were also invited. You of course took your seat next to Atsumu. You watched him talk animatedly with Hinata and Bokuto with a warm smile on your face.
It was just a normal team dinner for everyone to relax, spend time together, and eat food. You’ve been to plenty of these so you already have friends amongst their significant others.
You occupied yourself with talking to a good friend of yours who just so happened to be in a relationship with Sakusa.
You vaguely noticed Atsumu getting kind of heavy with the alcohol but you just let him relax and have a good time. But now looking at it, he definitely had one drink too many.
Him and Hinata’s bantering were becoming quite obnoxious to the point that Meian urged them to quiet it down. Seeing his failed attempts you decided to try to help him out by speaking with Atsumu yourself.
“‘Tsumu, Baby, “ You whispered affectionately into his ear as you caressed his shoulder, “You’re getting a bit loud, remember other people are in this restaurant as well-“
“Oi, will ya stop buzzin’ in my damn ear!” He loudly complained.
His tipsiness made his exclamation come out much louder than intended and now everyone at your table quieted down as they looked at you both.
You felt a dark shadow hover over your eyes as you felt anger bubble inside of you. But regardless of the situation you took a deep breath and placed a convincingly fake smile upon your lips.
“Atsumu,” you cut your eyes towards him as he hesitantly looked back.
You could see he was already sobering up from not only his actions but your tone as well. But the damage was done and now it was your turn to speak. And loudly as well! Since it was only fair to make sure everyone could hear just like he did.
“I’m going to continue enjoying my dinner, as should everyone else because I know for a fact that you were not talking to me like that.”
“B-babe-“ he uttered as he sheepishly tried to hold your hand.
But you curtly evaded him, “Don’t. Because we all know if you were talking to me like that I would’ve been long gone since yesterday!” You sarcastically chuckled.
You took a long sip of your wine as Atsumu desperately babbled apologies to the side of your face.
“Oh, you’ll show me your sorry when we get home, but right now you need to apologize for disrupting everyone’s dinner” you chided while absentmindedly looking at your nails.
Atsumu quickly nodded and turned to give his deepest apologies to everyone at the table. They were all amused at how obedient Atsumu was being but eventually the pleasant murmur of conversation returned to the group.
You continued speaking to your friends, half-ignoring Atsumu’s incessant staring and soft touches.
He knows that you only get this detached when you’ve been sincerely hurt. He could see the slight tremble of your jaw and clenching of your fists as you pretended to not be bothered by the situation. His eyes started to burn as it finally hit him how much he had disrespected you.
You felt his heavy head nestle into your neck as he shakily whispered, “Y/n… I’m suh s-sorry”
You felt your heart squeeze at his earnest apology so you gave him a kiss on the forehead to reassure him. You were still mad but you both were okay.
The next day trending photos of Miya Atsumu prancing around half naked in a maid constime hit the internet.
Apology accepted!
Tumblr media
A/n ~ HAHA I love a sharp tongued woman, anywayssss which was ur fav bbs ;] Tagging ~ @sunfloweroranges @sunatooru @bunny-xoxo
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melsun · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
♯ ft. atsumu, sakusa, suna (ooc?), iwaizumi, kita
♯ you’re his best friend (who he might just be crushing on) - you’re feeling cold and it doesn’t go unnoticed.
♯ considering doing a part two - lmk <3
Tumblr media
𝄢 ATSUMU doesn’t miss this chance to get you to wear his team jacket - poking you in class as soon as he notices you shivering. “psst,” he pokes your shoulder, making you frown at your book, hands moving up and down your arms - to warm yourself up. “pssst,” he repeats, poking you harder, his leg moving to kick your chair. “what is it?,” you hiss, turning around to glare at him, eyebrows furrowed - only to be met with a jacket being thrown at your face. “wear it,” he demands, ignoring your agitated look. “don’t need to,” you pout, putting it around your shoulders nevertheless. the sleeves are long - enough to encase your hands—you’re snug, occasionally squishing your chin against your now-warm shoulder, when you hear atsumu again. he leans forward, breathing down your neck - lips almost touching your ear. “you look cute,” atsumu‘s smirk is prominent, and the pink dusting his cheeks goes unnoticed.
𝄢 SAKUSA is somewhat awkward. "oi," he looks down at you, hands stuffed deep in his pockets, "are you cold?," he asks, noticing how you've seemed to become smaller, blowing air into your hands every other second, nose scrunching. "a little bit, yeah," you answer, smiling at him painfully as you try to hide it- "i'm alright though." he sighs, unzipping his neon jacket, signalling you to spread your arms. “here,” he pulls your arms through the holes and zipping it up, “i want that back,“ he says, hands now lost in his sweatpants’ pockets. “but what abou-,” you start, wondering how he’s handed you a piece of his precious spotless clothing, but are interrupted. “just, wash it when you’re done, okay?” he huffs, and your mouth stretches into a grin. sakusa tries to look past the way his heart skips a beat - yet can’t stop a smile from spreading on his face under his mask.
𝄢 SUNA rather use this opportunity to trap you in his arms. “you’re shivering, ya know,” he has a cheeky grin on his face - an arm around your shoulder. “so what if i am?,” you mutter, subconsciously leaning into the man - who’s fighting the way his heart seems to beat faster with you this close to him. “i was going to offer ya cuddles,“ he starts, “but i can keep ma body warmth to myself if you’re gonna act all bratty,” suna pretends to pull away from you - his eyes widening only slightly at the way you immediately stop him, throwing your arms around his neck and looking away in embarrassment. “shut it and share,” you mutter, fiddling with the hair at the nape of his neck - heat rushing to your cheeks as he scoffs playfully , “if ya wanted to hug me that bad, ya could’ve just asked,” he mocks you, yes - but you don’t see the smile on suna’s face as you bury your head into his warm chest.
𝄢 IWAIZUMI warms you up in the way he knows best. “dumbass,” he comments, keeping a hand on your shoulder as you grit your teeth. why didn’t you bring a jacket when he specifically told you to? “hey!,” you protest, backing up into him to feel warmer, “not my fault it’s this cold.“ he glares at you, zipping open his jacket to hand it to you - cheeks heating up when you slip into it instead, head resting on the crook of his neck as you attempt to wiggle your arms into the sleeves. “won’t you zip it up, then?,” you quip, full-well knowing you’re flustering the so-called hothead iwaizumi. “i betchya blushing,” you sing, making the male scoff as he pulls the zip up - pushing you cosier against his chest as a result. “shut the hell up,” iwaizumi grumbles - hoping you can’t hear this heart so summersaults in his chest.
𝄢 KITA seems to be disappointed you haven’t dressed according to the weather - yet does what he can to make you feel better. “yer going to get sick if you don’t start wearing warmer clothes,” he scolds, shaking his head as he pulls out a spare shawl from his bag. “here-,” he puts it around you, fingers brushing your cold neck as he fixes it snugly, “-i kept this because i knew you wouldn’t get one.“ he really does know you inside-out, and of course, being as caring as he is, he’s there to fill the gaps you need him to. “thank you, shin,“ you grin widely at him - grateful you have someone who takes care of you so well. his breath hitches— the corners of his lips twitching upwards and maybe as he feels warmth spread through him at your laughing face he decides - his reasons for taking care of you are selfish.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated !!
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atsumiye · a month ago
Tumblr media
the next time you see miya atsumu you are going to kill him.
he had asked you 18 times.
he had asked 18 times to take you on a date and when you finally agree, he leaves you alone at the meeting point for over 3 hours.
you hate that you finally gave in to his relentless begging. each time he asked, you gave the same answer, "no miya. we dont work together." but he came back again a few days later with yet another speech about how he thinks you are in fact perfect for each other.
you were hesistant to accept, you had known him for a while and truly cherised his friendship. and not that he knows, but you did like him. for quite a long time too. but you never wanted to even entertain the thought that something in the relationship goes arwy and now you’ve lost both a boyfriend and a friend.
but with the way he speaks to you, holds your hand as he tells you another thing he likes about you, the way he pouts when you call him miya, hearing him beg to just "call me tsumu! just once!" you couldn’t resist finally saying yes.
and look where that got you.
you swear when you see him today, you are so ready to give him a piece of your mind. chew him out for putting you through all that. ask him if your friendship really meant nothing. and maybe even add-
"hey y/n." your head snaps up at osamu's voice, "tsumu asked me to give ya this." he hands you a terribly folded and crumpled piece of paper. you take it from his hands, and read it.
dear y/n,
im sorry i missed our date. i REALLY (triple underlined) didnt mean to. i was really excited too but i found out im allergic to flowers and then i lost my phone. please go out with me again?
you bite your lip to hold back your laughter and look back up at osamu, "this is all true?"
"yup. he was truly really excited for the date. he wanted to get you flowers, couldn’t decide so he bought 3 bouquets." you smile as osamu nods towards a bench for you both to sit on.
"he even sent me a picture" osamu pulls out his text conversation with atsumu, showing you the selfie atsumu took of him holding the flowers with a giant grin on his face, "turns out he is slightly allergic to some flower, i think." he points back at the photo, "this little white one here. he touched it and it gave him a little rash. lost his phone while running back home." he laughs.
you giggle along with him, "is he alright though?"
"yeah he’s fine, just not allowed to touch anymore of those flowers." you smile at him, "ya can go visit him at home. i think he would be happy."
and you do.
knocking on the door to his room, you slowly open it seeing him playing a game on his computer. at the sound of the door opening, he looks to the door to see you and slams his computer shut, slouching into the bed.
"wow, you’re faking allergies now?" you giggle
"no, 'm not! it really does itch y/n." he pouts up at you and you sit down next to him on his bed.
"'m sorry i left ya hanging last night. i really didnt mean ta!" he shouts, grabbing onto your hands to slowly intertwine your fingers, keeping an eye on your expressions.
"its alright, tsumu." he flashes a big grin and squeezes your hand, "we can just reschedule. i will admit i was a bit mad when i didnt hear anything, but im just glad to know you are okay." you rub your thumb against his hand. you both sit in silence for a while, his head on your shoulder, reveling in the comfort of being near one another.
"ya know," he whsipers, "i heard that kisses make people with allergies feel a lot better."
you look down at him, "ive never heard of that before."
"yup, saw it on the internet once. maybe we should try it out?”
you scoff before you cup both of his cheeks, "yeah, maybe let’s test it out.”
and if it was even possible, his smile grows wider.
Tumblr media
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ohajime · 2 months ago
When you text them “ I want a baby “ Atsumu, Kageyama, Kenma, Iwaizumi, Osamu, Suna
Tumblr media
AN: kenmas is the only one I like so forgive me for the other ones hope you enjoy tho let me know what you think
Reblogs are very appreciated
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ellewords · 4 days ago
be careful what you wish for | miya a.
Tumblr media
request from anon : Can you do a 'Be Careful What You Wish For' scenario where Atsumu or any HQ character (that you like) wishing for their s/o to be someone their not (Example only: S/o is too affectionate so Hq boy makes a wish that their partner becomes less clingy) and then he wakes up in a new reality where his wish is granted only for Hq boy to regret it. Then suddenly wakes up (it was only a dream) and he is relieved that his s/o is still the person he love and knew.
fic notes : timeskip!miya atsumu x gn!reader, angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, drabble, wc: ~0.8k
from elle ! ngl this was meant to be a short lil thing but i got carried away somewhere >_< just absolutely adored the idea sobsobsob hopefully you enjoy reading it as much as i did writing <3 reblogs are appreciated, they help a ton <3
Tumblr media
granted, maybe he shouldn’t have shut the bedroom door as hard as he did. if only anger hadn’t traveled through his veins, maybe then the slam wouldn’t have echoed across the walls of your shared apartment. this anger didn’t mean to be directed at you; atsumu’s day just wasn’t going as well as he would have liked and you were the first person he saw the second he opened the front door. a smile was on your face while a frown was clearly present on his, with you latching onto his arm as soon as he stepped through the threshold. something about this just ticked him off.
atsumu’s head falls on the soft pillows, eyes finally fluttering shut as the day’s exhaustion finally catches up to him. as sleep overtakes his mind, it reminds him what he yelled just before the door had closed, “wish you weren’t so damn clingy! leave me alone!” 
sunlight streams through the bedroom window, waking him up. atsumu’s arm absentmindedly moves to your side of the bed, only to find it cold and empty. his eyes widen, an ache in his chest at the unusual sight. usually you’d be sleeping beside him, serene and a small smile present on your face. usually, he’d be pulling you close and asking that you stay a few more minutes before either of you get on with the day ahead.
the floorboards send a shiver up his spine, bare feet moving from the bed and making their way to the living room. it’s eerily quiet, not a single sign of your presence in the halls or any of the rooms that he had passed. 
“yn?” atsumu calls out your name, to no response. so he tries again. and again. he calls out your name until he was practically screaming, until it felt like he was scratching his throat, but not even a whisper answered him back.
his breath hitches as what had just happened finally sinks in. his knees grow weak, buckling until they finally give in. this couldn’t be happening. he didn’t mean it, not a single world. atsumu’s vision begins to spin, framed photographs of the two of you feel like they’re disappearing before his eyes. his hands attempt to find something to grip until his arms eventually settle on wrapping around his knees.
“no. no. yn…” atsumu mumbles, tears beginning to stain his cheeks.
the door opens and he immediately looks up to find you entering the apartment, a blank look plastered on your features. atsumu struggles to stand, tripping on the way over to you. 
“yn, thought ya left.” he mumbles, trying to grab a hold of your hand. you shake him off, not even sparing him a single glance. “yn, please don’t be like this.”
his voice trembles, mouth quivering despite yours being pressed into a straight line. he follows you down the hall, continuing his pleading, only to find the bedroom door being slammed back in his face.
“yn…please…no…” his forehead rests on the wooden material, shutting his eyes as even more tears stained his cheeks, his breath becoming even more labored. 
atsumu gasps for air, relieved to find the moon peeking through the window. he glances at the clock on the bedside table, half an hour before midnight. a hand makes its way to your side of the bed, only to find it cold and empty. his heart sinks before the beating picks up the pace, throwing the sheets off himself and dashing to the living room.
“no no no…” he mumbles under his breath, only stopping when he finds you on the couch. a blanket is wrapped around your shoulders, reading your favorite book under the light of a lamp. 
your mouth parts in shock, atsumu’s tear stained cheeks and a relived smile slowly spreading across his face was certainly a sight to see. the shock continues when he strides towards you and engulfs you in his arms, holding you as if you’d vanish if he loosened his grip.
“what’s this about, ‘tsum?” you ask, keeping your voice soft as a hand rubbed circles on his back.
“ ’m sorry, baby. didn’t mean what i said earlier.”
“oh.” you attempt to pull away so you could look at him, but he only holds you even tighter. you settle on threading your fingers through his hair, “i forgive you…you had a bad day, i should have been more perceptive of how you were feeling.”
atsumu shakes his head, burying his head in the crook of your neck, “no…my fault. please don’t leave me.”
your heart sinks, uncertain if you’ve ever heard his voice that broken., “i would never.”
he lets out a breath of relief, pressing his lips to the skin beneath them, “thank you.”
Tumblr media
—  see if you can request something here.
Tumblr media
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luvrinnie · 2 months ago
# MIYA ATSUMU & [some of] HIS KINKS <3
+++ visuals <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warning: NSFW VISUAL LINKS ! (twt p*rn lol) MINORS DNI 18+ — um i’m not going to spoil it, but degradation and daddy kink are both heavily used + shitty writing <3
sar’s note: hi omg this was so fun to write! i want to do more of these maybe if you guys like them :) (& if they’re requested 😏/hj) as always, likes n reblogs are very much appreciated<3
— navigation (18+) — send an ask — m.list (pls put ur age in ur bio lol i will block u)
Tumblr media
daddy kink
the first time you uttered the word, atsumu’s eyes went wide, stilling balls deep inside you. “what’d ya say?” he’d ask in a whisper, not trusting his voice. you writhed realizing the name that’d slipped from your mouth. you keep quiet, mortified at the fact that he’d even heard you, pressing your face into the tear soaked pillow and push your hips back to get him to keep going. he grabs you by the hair, pulling you up to wrap his hand around your throat and pressing his wet lips against your ear, “i ain’t fuckin’ ya till ya tell me whatcha said, bitch,” he grits. you squeeze your eyes shut, knitting your eyebrows all at the new angle.
“daddy…” you whimper, prettily. too pretty for atsumu’s liking. his hands push you into the bed, and grip onto your waist nearly bruising your already sensitive skin. he finally moves giving you harsh thrusts, squeezing at your flesh. you just can’t get enough, “harder! harder, daddy! mmm, shit,” you moan loudly as he grunts above you.
“that’s it, fuckin’ take it, slut. take daddy’s cock.”
atsumu smirks, his finger are soaked with your arousal as he fucks them in and out of you. it’s been 30 minutes. you’re on the verge of tears trying to converse with your brother-in-law, already overstimmed because he just wouldn’t let you cum. once osamu goes to the bathroom, you turn to him, a crocodile tear rolling down your pretty little face and he coos, “aww, c’mon baby, just havin’ a lil bit of fun!” he plunges his fingers all the way inside, curling them to hit the spot he knows so well.
you place your hand over his trying to stop him but it doesn’t work, “tsum! fuck, tsumu, ‘m gonna cum, fuck, please!” you plead, softly in hopes of not letting anyone hear you.
“c’mon, baby… cum. let everyone here know who’s makin’ ya feel this good,” he whispers in your ear before feeling you gush and hearing you rip out a loud moan. he smiles and presses a kiss to your red hot cheek. “that’s ma good fuckin’ girl.”
impact play w/ love <3
“daddy!” you squeal as atsumu’s heavy hand lands on your ass, probably leaving a hand mark. he chuckles, darkly, watching the way you twitch and shake waiting for the next slap to come. he thinks your so fucking hot just waiting to get your ass slapped by him and seeing the way his hand is imprinted into your flushed skin. he slaps it again and again and again loving the way your ass jiggles and hearing the way you let out a giggly moan.
he presses a kiss to the bright red flesh, smiling before spanking you again and eyeing your jolting body, “fuckin’ love ya, princess.” he mutters, squeezing the fat.
he’s watching as the tears slip down your face as he’s overstimming you— again. he thinks you look so perfect like this— laid out underneath him with salty tears and hiccuping and pleading for him to let you cum. his cock aches hard in his pants just wanting to fuck your cute lil body senseless. hearing that beg, “daddy! please, stop!” you don’t mean it. the way you’re clamping down on his fingers, there’s no way you mean it. he stops anyways just to make sure, and the shocked wail you let out was just enough to make him almost cum in his pants.
“shhh, baby, fuck,” he groans, putting his fingers back into your sopping pussy while staring into your teary eyes. he leans in, pecking your lips before whispering against them, “cry fer ma cock, my pretty fuckin’ crybaby,”
manhandling & degradation
“stupid. fucking. whore.” he says, punctuating each word with a hard thrust. you had made him so jealous all because you were needy and now he has you bent over a bathroom sink, arm in his hand with a bruising grip on it. “yeah, i bet suna could fill ya up like this, hmm? bet he can fuck yer slutty cunt like this?” he pants, spanking your ass, alternating between cheeks. you nearly scream, your free hand grasping onto the sink.
“n-n-no! no! i only— hah! hah! fuck!,” you sob out, trying to get your words out but his cock keeps bumping your cervix. “w-wan’ you! only y-you!”
he scoffs, loudly spanking your ass and listening to the way you squeal. “yer so fuckin’ pathetic,” he chuckles, condescendingly. “cryin’ all over ma cock like a fuckin’ slut,” he speeds up, his cock now bruising your cervix with how fast he’s going. “good thing yer just a pretty lil cocksleeve to use whenever.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hannamakki · 11 days ago
[𝟔:𝟑𝟐 𝐏𝐌] - 𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮
Tumblr media
“i feel like i’m dying,” atsumu called from his place on the couch as you opened his front door. you barely had a second to step in to his apartment before he was complaining to you.
“‘tsumu, it’s a cold.” you set the paper bag down on his kitchen counter, carefully unloading its contents. “you’re acting like you got your leg amputated.”
“i might as well have,” he mumbled, coughing shortly after.
you rolled your eyes at his theatrics. you always knew he was the dramatic twin, but you didn’t think he’d throw such a fit over a little congestion and a cough. nevertheless, when he texted you with concerns about his health earlier in the day, you were quick to agree to help him out. as soon as you got out of class, you ran over to the store to pick up some medicine and soup.
“how come you didn’t call osamu?” you questioned, dumping the can of soup into the pot you pulled out from his cabinet. you quickly adjusted the heat of the burner before turning around to measure out some medicine for your whiny boyfriend. “he didn’t have class today so he could have been here a lot sooner than me.”
“samu doesn’t love me as much as you do,” was his answer. you couldn’t help but giggle at that. you were sure he didn’t even try to contact his brother. though, you wouldn’t fault osamu for not wanting to put up with his drama king of a brother during a time like this.
making your way to the living room with a cup a medicine in one hand and a box of tissue in the other, you were met with the sight of atsumu curled up on the cushioned piece of furniture. it looked like the only thing he’d done today was roll out of bed and relocate to the couch. his hair wasn’t brushed and he was still sporting his wrinkled pajamas. he did look pretty miserable.
setting the fresh tissue box on the coffee table, you kneeled down beside atsumu.
“drink up, big guy.” you handed him the tiny cup filled with the syrupy liquid. his fingers brushed against yours as he took hold of the plastic, bringing the the cup up to his lips and swallowing it down in one gulp. he grimaced, returning the tiny cap to you.
“good job, bub.” you gave him a couple of gentle pats to his cheek. “you’ll feel better soon.”
“you know what would really make me feel better?” he asked, his question accompanied by a sniffle.
“what?” you stood up, peering into the kitchen to make sure the soup wasn’t boiling.
“a kiss.” he tapped his lips with his pointer finger.
so that’s the real reason he didn’t ask osamu over, you thought.
“fine.” you leaned down, pressing your lips to the center of his forehead, pulling away with a smile.
“i meant a real kiss,” he pouted.
“i don’t wanna get sick,” you told him, backing away towards the kitchen.
“hey! come back and give your suffering boyfriend a kiss!”
spinning around completely, you continued on your path to the kitchen. “nope! i have to finish your soup.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
it’s a quarter to three, and atsumu knows there’s a good chance he’s going to get yelled at by you for this, but it’s not like he could’ve just said no—it’s not a part of his nature.
well, at least not when it comes to your four year old daughter anyway.
“daddy, i wan’ more glitter,” a small hand tugs at his shirt, and he sighs, turning to look at her, meeting the gaze of two little eyes. her two little eyes that always managed to make his heart squeeze and his arms ache to hold her small figure.
“think ya had more than enough glitter, princess. look at this mess,” he waves his hand around the living room floor. “look at it, yer fixin’ ta get me yelled at by yer mother.”
the glitter all over the floor was technically his fault, he was the one to doze off and knock it over with his elbow, but he’s rather stubborn. and evidently, so is your daughter because she pouts, crossing her arms. there’s a lot more she takes after atsumu in, and you always mutter about bracing yourselves for years to come—and even if he gets pouty at that, he knows it’s true.
she’s quite the handful, just like him.
“you have to clean it, daddy. before mommy sees,” she says with a pointed look. he narrows his eyes at her.
“this was yer idea! ya gotta help, angel. in this here house, we carry out weights around here,” he huffs. she blinks at him for a moment before turning back to the drawing before her, happily coloring in the doodle across the page. atsumu groans, rubbing his face tiredly as he stares at the mess he inevitably has to clean up before grabbing the broom.
and he has to get this cleaned soon too, otherwise you’ll come hound him when you realize he’s not in bed beside you like he should be. he shudders at the thought of you seeing the scattered glitter over the newly-done wood floors.
“hey, daddy?” he hums, motioning at her to continue as he brooms the pile of glitter into one spot. “when i grow up, i wanna be like mommy,” she says with a grin. and something in atsumu’s heart does flips, a grin stretching on his face as he walks over to her, scooping her up into his arms.
atsumu’s never thought about fatherhood, never imagined he’d fit the role so perfectly, but it feels like he was meant for this. it feels like the abc’s he sings while washing hands together, the array of hair clips in his blonde locks he wakes up from naps to, the shoe laces he stops to tie in the middle of the sidewalk, the bed time stories he makes silly voices for, it feels like they were all made for him to do.
and he doesn’t really remember a time before his daughter anymore, he can’t remember how he’d spent his days before finger painting and hopscotch were his day to day activities, but he doesn’t want to. this feels right, this feels like home, and it’s the warmest one he’s ever stepped foot into.
“why? ya wanna be pretty like yer mother? already got that down, princess,” he winks. she shakes her head, hugging his neck with her little arms, and she meets him halfway when he presses his forehead to hers. love is a two way street. you and her both remind him of this fact constantly.
“no. i wanna get married to someone cool like you!” she grins happily. and as she babbles about how her friends at school oohed and aahed about how she’d gotten to sit on his shoulders and smile at big cameras at the olympics, how she’d ridden on fancy cars and wore glittery dresses to her hearts content, atsumu isn’t listening. his ears ring from her first statement, and when his eyes turn misty, and his lips curl into a wobbly smile, he thinks fatherhood may have been made specifically for him from the start.
and he’s always known that with you, he’s everything he needs to be—but with her, he’s everything he dreams to be. love has never been so pure, and felt so a part of him, not until she was placed in his arms.
“well,” he murmurs, voice the slightest bit shaky. “that might be hard, ya know. yer the coolest there is,” he pinches her cheek, and the soft giggles that ring through the room as he tickles her bounce off the walls of your house, painting them with memories to look back on for the years to come like mural of vivid colors.
“and what is going on in he—miya atsumu! is that glitter on my hardwood floor,” your voice scolds from the living room entrance, making both your husband and your daughter pause.
“baby! y-yer…what’re ya doin’ up at this hour?” atsumu chuckles nervously, shriveling from your glare and the cross of your arms.
“i could be asking you the same—”
“mommy! come draw with me,” you daughter pipes up from his arms, and your attention shifts to her. atsumu watches the very same emotions he feels in his heart pool in your eyes, and he knows that in every hour of every day, from across the world or right by his side, you’re his, and this family is proof of that.
“all this for a drawing?” you mutter, walking into his outstretched arm and falling against his chest. he chuckles, kissing your forehead, then your daughters, before smiling at the way you both lean in and press soft ones to each of his cheeks yourselves.
“‘s an important cause, she was real serious about it,” he mumbles.
“you spoil her rotten, you know,” you roll your eyes. and despite your words, you reach over and pinch her chubby cheeks. love is a two way street.
“can’t help it,” he whispers. “someone’s gotta be the cool parent. ’s a full time job, angel.”
Tumblr media
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