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#atsumu x gender neutral reader
wynihu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
atsumu was sick.
really, really, sick.
his nose was clogged, his throat felt like sandpaper every time he swallowed, and he felt somehow cold and hot at the same time.
atsumu has always kept this facade of being physically strong and fit. but at the end of the day, that was all it was. a facade. even as a kid, atsumu was always the one that got sick after a field trip, and the first person to miss school during flu season.
but, to be completely honest, atsumu didn’t necessarily mind being sick. he got to miss school, and could play all the video games he wanted. he had hot, homemade food, and got the loving affection of his mother. and best of all, he got to rub all this in osamu’s face.
although, there was one thing atsumu hated about being sick.
atsumu’s mom tried everything. mixing it in his favourite soup— atsumu dumped it all over her. hiding the pill in a block of cheese— atsumu ate around the cheese. crushing the pill and putting the thin powder on top of ice cream— atsumu could tell and refused to take a bite— even if it was his favourite chocolate ice cream.
it didn’t matter if it was a liquid or a pill, what flavour it was or how small. atsumu refused to eat medicine. the mere thought of the bitter taste he was so used to in his childhood was enough to make him gag.
so when you arrived at his door with a thermos in hand and a sinister smile, atsumu was positive he felt even more sick than before.
“miya atsumu.”
“why are you shirtless, not in bed, and making that weird face at me?”
atsumu sighed, dragging his feet to his room and plopping down in his bed. you followed him there, and set the thermos down on his nightstand. atsumu dove under the covers and turned his back to you.
“why are you here?” he mumbled through the thick blankets.
you set your coat on the ground, and dragged the chair that was beside his desk over to the bed.
“you’re our star player, and you’re sick. as the manager, of course i need to check up on you.”
atsumu turned around, body still emerged in his blankets but eyes now staring into your own.
“does that mean you care about me?”
your eyebrows softened, and you placed one hand on his shoulder.
“aw… of course…” you smiled at him. the corners of atsumu’s lip began to lift as well, and he sat up against his bed frame.
“…well, that and the fact that your coach will absolutely kill me if he knew the condition you’re in.”
atsumu’s smiled dropped, and he dove under the covers once more.
“jeez, miya, how old are you? anyways, sit up.”
“because you have a fever, and you need to have some medicine.”
“what? you need to-“
“absolutely not.”
you sighed. “it’s official. i am the manager of a team whose setter is a giant man baby.”
“wh- hey! wait, where’re you going?”
he started at the thermos that is now back in your hand, and the coat that’s slung over your shoulder.
“oh- well, i’m heading back to the team to let them know that miya atsumu from the black jackals is a big man baby who refuses to take medicine.”
you ended the sentence with a smile, while atsumu’s lips turned downwards.
“fine what?”
“i’ll take the medicine! now sit down.”
you chuckled, and sit back down with your coat on the ground and hands twisting open the thermos.
after much struggle, you could not get it open. you look up, and see atsumu smirking. you extended one hand to him, and his face falls, as if you had just accused him of something horrific.
“what? open it!” you commanded.
“are you kidding? i’m a sick person, and you’re asking me to open it? nu-uh, no way.”
you reach down to grab your coat, and with an exasperated sigh, atsumu grabs the thermos and begins to twist it.
as he’s doing so, you cock your head to the side with your arms crossed.
“jeez, miya, would it kill you to put on a shirt? you’re sick, and you could get even more sick.”
with one final twist, atsumu popped the lid open, and he replied with a smirk, “i know you like the view.”
you simply rolled your eyes as you handed him a spoon.
atsumu’s mouth fell open, and he clutched his right chest as if in pain.
“…what now?”
“my dear manager, are you trying to kill me?”
“uhm… no?”
“then why are you handing me a spoon?”
you squinted your eyes at him, and said, “so you can drink the medicine?”
now it was atsumu’s turn to roll his eyes, and he extended his arm back to you.
“i’m sick, and you want me to drink this by myself? i can barely hold up the thermos, for gods sake.”
“you’re doing it right n-“
“now come on. do you really want to make a sick person hold up his arm like this?”
you were left speechless, with no choice but to grab the thermos back, and shift closer to the bed.
extending a spoonful of the medicine towards him, atsumu let out a groan.
“are you trying to poison me?”
“stop being dramatic. it’s herbal medicine, so of course it’s going to smell bad.”
before he could respond, you gave him a threatening look, and he opened his mouth and accepted the spoon. suddenly, he stuck his tongue out and began reaching for the cup of water sitting on his nightstand.
“okay miya, i know it’s bitter and doesn’t taste the best, but you don’t have to act like it’s the worst thing you’ve ever encountered.”
“no- it’s not that! it’s too hot. almost burned my tongue off.”
your mouth formed an “o”, and you mumbled an apology.
atsumu watches the way your nose scrunches up at the smell, and the way you’re gently blowing on the medicine. he watches the way you bring the spoon up to your lips, testing them temperature to make sure it won’t burn his tongue of off again.
he stares into your eyes as you hold out the spoon for him, and atsumu drank another spoonful of the god awful liquid, his lips turned up to a smile.
maybe medicine just wasn’t as bad as he remembers, or this medicine in particular just tastes good. or maybe he got some horrible disease that caused his tastebuds to be weird, but when he continued to drink the liquid you prepared, the medicine you blew on and carefully handed each spoonful of to him, the medicine tasted sweet.
sweet like his favourite chocolate ice cream.
sweet like a hug from his mom.
sweet like the frown on osamu’s face when he came home to a spoiled atsumu.
sweet like the atmosphere in the room.
sweet like the warm, bubbling feeling he got in his stomach whenever you smiled.
it was sweet, just like the massive crush atsumu had on you.
Tumblr media
a/n: is this based on an experience i had a week ago? yes. except there was no one with me and i had to drink the absolutely disgusting medicine all by myself.
stay safe everyone !!
likes, reblogs, and shares are highly appreciated <33
Tumblr media
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swellsweaters · 2 months ago
what the haikyuu!! boys would wake you up for
atsumu x reader
[WARNINGS : none | atsumu being baby | fluff, fluffy, the fluffiest]
A/n: hey lol i have a lot of ideas for this sorta scenario idea, so hang tight! and enjoy, loves >:) <33
Tumblr media
You groaned at the sound of your boyfriend's whines, burying your head deeper into the pillows despite it was very much futile. A weak attempt at drowning out his undying persistence was an attempt nonetheless, and you were taking what you could get.
"What do you want, 'Tsumu," you mumbled just loud enough for him to hear, slowly turning to face your shared alarm clock albeit begrudgingly. "It's... 4 fucking AM?" Your eyes were blown open at the realization, staring daggers into his face causing him to jolt in fear. If you hadn't been all that awake before, you sure were now.
Atsumu gulped, "O-ok, listen! Before ya go 'n tear out my throat, lemme explain?" The faux blonde frowned, cradling you closer to his body, "Please??"
In reality, you weren't really that mad at him, more curious if anything, but that didn't excuse the fact he had indeed woken you up.
You both knew how much of a deep sleeper that the idiot was, and his incredible inability to wake up had caused more problems than you'd like to admit. You'd had to set your alarm a whole hour earlier to ensure there was enough time to awaken him, let alone actually get him out of the bed. So how on earth was he up and, more importantly, why?
You sighed deeply, his puppy eyes pleading too heavily for you not to comply, "It better be good, or I swear..."
"It will! It will!" He perked up, a smile gracing his features, "I promise." Sealing his words with a gentle kiss to your forehead, you huffed with slight frustration.
"Then why'd you get me up now? Could this really not wait till morning?"
"Because.." he drawled out too cheerily for your comfort zone, "It'd ruin the whole idea of a late-night drive."
You paused for a moment, absorbing his words carefully, "I'm sorry a what now?"
Atsumu pouted, "Aw, babyyyy! I was tryin' to act all cool for ya!!" His lip jutted out slightly to signal just how necessarily upset he was, "But yeah... what d'ya say?"
"I say you're stupid." You said sharply to his utter dismay, "And that you need to sleep, you have practice tomorrow."
"Darlin' yer killing me, c'mon babe!" he tried again, this time pulling himself to lay on top of you, "Please?!"
You groaned at the sudden weight, "Nice try with the pet-names, but they aren't gonna get you anywhere, honey."
A chill ran up his spine at the sheer amount of venom in your voice, "So cold.." He slumped his head into your shoulder dramatically, eliciting an eye roll from you.
"What do I hafta do to get ya to come with me?" Atsumu said uncharacteristically quiet, "I'll give ya kisses or somethin'..."
He draped his arm over you, a genuine pout on his lips. You scoffed quietly.
You knew better than to comply with his spontaneous actions, but you knew he had good resolution.
"You're paying," rubbing a hand across your face exasperatedly, you gave in. "And buying my some (f/f)."
Atsumu broke out in a grin, "I knew ya couldn't resist me~"
"I will dump you for Osamu."
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miracl3girl · 19 days ago
The only thing that hurt worse than the cracked bones in atsumu’s arms was his pride. If he’s being honest though, he got lucky breaking just his arms after that fall he had. He’ll miss a couple months of practice and then he will have work twice as hard to make up for it. On the bright side though, he gets to be pampered by you! You feed him his meals, help him dress, and anything else that required his arms. While he loves the feeling of you washing his face in the morning or brushing his hair for him, his favorite sensation has to be you stroking his dick exactly how he’s telling you to. He’s got his little s/o trained so well that even with no way to physically control you or punish you, you listen to every single word that comes from his mouth. Every command to speed up or slow down, stroke harder or lighten up. It especially gets him off when you sink down on him. His verbal instructions work just as well as if he had been controlling your movements with his own hands. Even after you’re overstimulated and your eyes are watering, you continue because he “wants to fill ya up, nice ‘n good. stuff ya wide with this cock.” After he’s out of the casts, he might need to complain about pain in his arms every once in a while.
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kei-dee · 14 days ago
Apologizing after an argument.
A/n: Sometimes when I'm sitting, my brain works overtime at being mean. So here you go, awesome swagger lines at the expense of my peace and quiet.
Wear your masks, besties <3 and don't be mean to people, and that includes yourself.
Requests/Asks: Open
Today we're serving: Atsumu X Gn!Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
pages :: coming soon
love interests :: atsumu, aone, iwaizumi; gn!reader
extra :: established relationships, fluff, 1.1k words
Tumblr media
He is restless when he sleeps and I do not mean that lightly
He is also somewhat noisy when he sleeps
And by noisy I mean he snores. It’s not like loud enough to be heard from a different room, but it’s still audible enough that it’s kept you up a night or two before
Snoring aside, he occasionally mumbles incoherently to himself - especially when he’s having an odd dream or nightmare
If you listen closely enough, you can make out about half of what he’s saying
You’ve actually accidentally woken him up from giggling at his nonsensical babbling
Don’t bother asking or confronting him about, he will swear up, down, and sideways that he is a quiet sleeper
He’s actually tried shifting the blame onto you a few times, but that more often than not got him demoted to the couch for the night
There is two ways laying down, cuddling, or sleeping with Atsumu can go
The first is him having you wrapped up snuggly in his arms, legs tangled together and face pressed to the back of your neck, and your slumber will be relatively fine - you may drift apart or stay close depending on your personal sleeping habits
The second way is more chaotic. When Atsumu is exceptionally tired or active inside his dream, his body will reflect as such
Whether you be on the bed already or not, he’ll throw his arms out and flop down into the bed like a starfish
The worst part of this is he is not exactly easy to lift up when he does this, so you’re stuck either cramming yourself against what little space there is left, spending a night on the couch, or laying on top of him
Be careful if you do the last one because he will trap you in his arms and keep you there until he sees fit
Fingers crossed you went to the bathroom beforehand
He becomes so cuddly and affectionate when he is tired and the difference is mildly bewildering
That is not to say he is never affectionate with you when he’s awake, more so that when he’s in a sleepy stupor, he’s less secretive about his want to be close/against you
Contrary to what most believe, he really enjoys - if not prefers - to be the little spoon when the two of you spoon
Granted, yes, he isn’t exactly what you think of as a “little spoon”, and his height and larger stature can make it difficult at times no matter your body size, he can’t help what he likes
There is something comforting about your arms curled around his waist and the tickle of your breath against the nape of his neck or collarbone with each soft exhale that he finds himself relaxing into
If you prefer, he’ll be your big spoon. He enjoys being the one to hold you close and tightly against him just as much as he enjoys you doing so for him
If spooning isn’t your thing, he also loves to have you on your back and half of him laid directly on top of you. Like I mentioned, he is a big guy, so he takes up a lot of space
Like this, he can take up a little less space while also being close and comfortable with you
That, and the added bonuses of your nails scratching at his scalp, the rhythmic pounding of your heart in his ear that lulls him to sleep, and the easy tilt of his head so he can brush kisses across your chest
He’s never been the best with verbalizing what he wants or how he feels, so being able to cradle you close to his chest as he brushes kisses to your hairline makes it all the much better for him
He often leaves one hand palm up for you to mess with, whether that be fiddling with his long fingers, tracing the lines of his palms, or rubbing the rough callouses that harden his skin
If by some point you happen to drift apart from one another, he’ll blindly reach out for you until his hand finds you, then his arm sneaks around and pulls you back to him with a kiss to the top of your head
No matter how many times you move around or whatever position you find yourself/yourselves in, he always manages to have a hand on you in some way or another
You could be on your side in front of him with his hand beneath your shirt and resting on your stomach; You both could be laying on your backs or stomachs and his fingers will barely be grazing the hand inches from his; You could be laying on top of him with his arm across your back and hand on your hip
It does not matter what limb of his it is - hand, foot, arm, whatever - he will be touching you
The two of you will have constant contact throughout the entire night
If there is a will, there is a way for this man
You know how he most likely has a resting scowl on his face and a pinch in his brows throughout the day? It’s still there when he goes to bed or falls asleep, but a little softer and relaxed
On days or nights where sleep is hard to come, he likes to hide his face in your stomach, your chest, your neck, your hair, between your shoulder blades, really anywhere he can breathe in your scent and hide from the light
On the days he doesn’t want to get up, he’ll do the same, but a little different - instead of him hiding his face, he’s gently placing a hand on the back of your head and pushing you into him as he presses you even closer with an arm around you
No amount of persuading will get him to let go for at least the next fifteen minutes or so
He knows that you or him or both of you need to get up for your respective reasons, and that spending all day in bed isn’t seen as the best, but sometimes he can’t help himself
You just feel so nice against him, he’s not quite ready to let you go
When he does finally do so, his usual scowl will resemble more of a pout as he stretches his limbs out
Please give him a kiss - sure he’ll flush and grumble at you, but it makes getting out of bed (especially when he doesn’t want to) just a little bit easier
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading! Leave a note or reblog?
Don’t forget to drink your water & ilysm
For more haikyuu
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akaashisupremacy · 25 days ago
Summary: As you fall deeper in love with him, where do you fit into among Atsumu’s ambitions? 
Atsumu x reader  || HQ Masterlist
genre: angst to fluff (wc: 1k)
“So are you two together or what?” Osamu Miya squints at you expectantly with his hands on his waist.
He is much like his brother. They both have little subtlety.
After a reunion in Onigiri Miya, everybody except the twins finally leave. You’re left alone with Osamu, who is cleaning up the tables and Atsumu who is in the loo.  
Osamu’s been seeing the two of you around enough that his curiosity is piqued. You look left and right, making sure Atsumu isn’t eavesdropping anywhere nearby.
“Ahhmm, don’t think so. To be honest, I’m not sure this is going to last once he heads back to Osaka.” you shrug.
You try to do it as casually as you can. You don’t want to look affected by your decision.
“Oh, really now?” Osamu tries not to give away his surprise, but from the slight raise of his brows you can tell that isn’t what he expected.
Atsumu comes out of the bathroom just as the awkward silence settles between the two of you.
“Did I miss anything?” he asks.
You and Osamu shake your heads in unison. This is a conversation to be had between you and Atsumu only.
Atsumu’s eyes flicker back and forth in suspicion.
“Let’s get you home. I’ll walk you to the intersection.” he nods.
Atsumu is disconcerted by what he witnessed between you and Samu. He thought you and he are at a point where you can be honest with each other. Apparently not.
As your feet crunched beneath Hyogo’s pavement, he subtly turns to you.
Atsumu is one for intense romantic relationships. He is not shy about his passion. He doesn’t shy away from physical intimacy in the early stages. He is unafraid to argue and air his opinions. He likes getting in what sprints of time he can get with his partners.
And so he finds it disconcerting that despite being un-immune to his charms, you’ve been keeping him at arm’s length where he is unable to relish in the usual emotional intensity he expects out of his relationships.
“You don’t have to walk me home. I can go alone.” you insist.
“I want to.” he quickly follows you and grabs his coat. In the corner of his eye, Osamu nods as if to wish him good luck.
You remembered earlier this evening when the alcohol was really setting in, you exchanged a series of long glances at Atsumu. Your cheeks were both flushed, eyes hazy with lust and intoxication. You couldn’t help looking at him and he at you.
You looked at him through your lashes, tracing your eyes over the bridge of his nose and the curve of his cheeks. And nothing thrilled you more than when you caught him looking at you the same way, except maybe when he would smirk or wink at you from where he was.
Even though you were seated apart, these gestures obliterated the distance.
It’s not that you haven’t been attracted to him before. But something about his impassioned ways tempered by time and a tinge of melancholy adds a layer of charm to the Atsumu you know.
“When I get back to Osaka—“ he begins. Before this year, Atsumu’s never been to your side of town. Now he knows your address like the back of his hand.
“I don’t think you’ll hear much from me.” you interrupt.
The crisp in the air turns to chill.
“Hai? Excuse me?” he swivels his entire body towards you, hands buried deep in his pockets. “Aren’t you moving there?”
“I think we should stop, whatever this is.” you try to replicate the shrug you gave to Osamu.
Your impending move to Osaka was the catalyst of your increasingly frequent meetings with Atsumu this past few months. At first it was strictly business. You asked about the logistics and the house-hunting.
Soon after, Osaka was just an excuse. Whenever Atsumu came back to Kobe, you hung out because you wanted to.
You were surprised at how much you liked spending time with Atsumu. He has an irresistible zest for life and sport that was contagious. Although he’s not as frank as he used to be, you appreciated his candor and his single-handed determination not to give a shit for those who didn’t like him.
However the more time you spent with him, the more evident it is that his life revolved around his work.
Atsumu blinks hard and furrows his brow, “Was I…reading some signs…wrong?”
You hate it that he’s standing so close enough that you can feel some warmth from his body. It’s difficult not to fantasise what his skin is like on yours once you’re both alone in an apartment.
When you gaze up to his eyes, they are wide, confused and hurt.
“I-I know you were offered to play in a league abroad…” you organize your feelings, “and I…don’t want to move to Osaka just so our goodbyes can be difficult. I don’t want to have to compete with volleyball.”
“Oh that,” he murmurs swiftly, “I’m turning it down.”
Your head whiplashes, “WHAT?!”
Atsumu is one to be defined almost exclusively by his ambition and drive for volleyball. It’s such a huge part of his identity.
“I’ve made up my mind that I’m not going to play for a foreign league. I’m going to spend the rest of my professional career here in Japan.” he says steadfastly. It’s his turn to shrug.
He looks so calm. You can tell he’s made this decision for a while now.
“I’m not injured,” he reads into your expression, “I like my life right now and I’ve hit the point that I want to maintain my work-life balance. If those offers came when I was younger, I’d totally grab it. Burn myself to the ground to improve my game and everything. But that’s just not me anymore. I want to settle down in Japan.”
“Is that bad? That I’m not the ambitious, blazing athlete you thought I’d be?” he smiles. There’s a tinge of sadness as if he’s expecting inevitable disappointment.
“No, I respect that. It’s just that…” You’re not sure what to say.
“I’m closer to my family, to you and I don’t want to be ashamed that I admit that.” he continues, ”My drive has gotten me to where I am today. That doesn’t mean I need to keep this up for the rest of my life.”
He looks wistfully at the sky. You’re not sure if you’ve ever seen him so serene.
You both stop walking. You’ve arrived at the intersection. His gaze returns to you.
“So can I invite you to my game next month? Tickets will be on me.” he smiles.
He reaches out to hold your hand. Your fingers instinctively interlace with his.
“Of course, I’d love to see you play again.”
You lean in to plant a kiss on his cheek. Instead his hands cup your face and kisses your lips. Although his lips are warm and soft, the easy contentment in his eyes is replaced by longing.
When you began spending time with Atsumu, you wondered why you hadn’t been more attracted to him when you were both in Inarizaki. But now it doesn’t matter.
You feel lucky to fall for him at this stage in his life. Where his life isn’t centered completely around his career anymore. Where his ambition is to build a life with you.
Read more Atsumu here (one shot) or here (mini series). 
Taglist: @itstheee-ha-chan @kaizumi @holaaaf @glxar
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kiyumiya · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
something you didn’t understand about atsumu was how excited he got whenever you invited him to go grocery shopping with you.
he acted exactly like a dog when its’ owner takes them out for a walk. you could almost visibly see his tail wagging back and forth excitedly.
“come on, y/n!” atsumu whined, dragging on the end of your name. he grabbed your wrist hastily and dragged you over to the entrance of the store. “hurry up, hurry up!! the groceries aren’t going to wait any longer!”
you sighed, trying to hide the smile that was slowly creeping up on your face. despite his childish behaviour, you were happy to see that atsumu was having fun while doing something as simple as shopping for groceries.
you followed him into the store silently as you observed his actions.
the only way to describe the whole situation was that you were a mom, and atsumu was your child.
he ended up being the one following you around the entire store, assisting you with picking out food. he would help bring your cart around, hold all your bags and searched for the best quality fruits.
“tsumu—” you turned around to ask atsumu for his opinion about something, only to see that he wasn’t there.
he wandered off by himself for the first time since you guys arrived.
and that can only mean one thing.
as if on cue, atsumu came back with a pile of snacks. chips, candy, drinks, you name it.
you gave him a concerned glare as you eyed all his findings.
“please y/n?? i promise i’ll finish all of them!!”
‘tsumu gave you the best puppy eyes he could make, and it almost worked on you too. but having done this time and time again, you have learned the consequences about giving into atsumu’s traps.
“no ‘tsumu, that’s the problem! you’re literally a pro volleyball player, you can’t just go off and eat 20 pounds of junk!” you scolded him, and now he put on a pout.
“who cares about my diet, it’s not like they could fire me anyways, cus yknow, i am the best setter they could ever get.”
you rolled your eyes. he wasn’t wrong though.
“but y/n!! they just taste so good?! like, these chips are literally the best snacks i’ve ever had in my entire 23 years of living?!?!?!? PLEASE?? PLEASE!!?//!?”
atsumu was practically on his knees begging right now. having already determined the end result, you decided to play with him a bit.
“hmm..” you thought out loud. “only one.”
“ONLY ONE?? Y/N. IM GOING TO FINISH THAT BEFORE WE EVEN GET HOME.” every single corner of the store was filled with echos of his voice.
“is that so..? well i guess you’re just going to have to come back here with me again then.” you teased, a sly smirk appearing on your face.
“so which one will it be, ‘tsumu? you buy all these right now, or you come back with me next time—”
you were interrupted with the sound of atsumu turning around and sending all the snacks he picked up where they belonged on the shelf.
you laughed as atsumu made his way back to you.
“yes ma’am.”
you smiled and lifted your hand up to pat his head.
“i feel kinda honoured that you’d choose spending time with me over buying food.”
atsumu playfully scoffs. “is that even a question?”
he grabs your wrists to pull you into him as he wraps his arms around your waist. he rests his head, still facing you, on your right shoulder and smirked.
“the whole reason i’m here is so that i can spend time with you.”
you look away as your cheeks heat up at the sudden affection. you relaxed into his hold and leaned into his chest.
“is— is that why you’re always so excited to go grocery shopping with me?” you mumbled, embarrassed to have to even ask this.
you didn’t realize how much atsumu appreciated the little things.
“mmhm. of course.”
Tumblr media
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serenecelene · a month ago
Thinking about how Atsumu would most definitely google jokes to make you feel better after a bad day.
You would come home from a rough day at work, a stressful day at school, or maybe you would just fall victim to that random burst of sadness that left you wanting to just do nothing other than simply collapse into the safety of your warm bed. So, when you finally reach the haven of your shared bedroom, all you can do is try and become one with the soft blankets and the silk sheets, hoping to sleep away the tears coupled with the painful headache. 
However, if you thought you were to be left to stew in your dejected solitude, you were wrong. 
You were wrong because your sweet ‘Tsumu would automatically know something was off the second he didn’t get his usual ‘hi baby, I’m home’ kiss at the door, and as much as he wants to pout, and sulk, and throw a tantrum at the lack of usual affection, he also knows that cheering up his “darlin’ angel” is his number one priority right now (the pouting and whining can and most definitely will come later).
Except the thing is, for Atsumu, something like this is so much harder than it sounds, because Atsumu knows he is more than rough around the edges, Atsumu knows that he can be ruthlessly mean, a jerk, blunt, rude, hotheaded, all of the above, and Atsumu knows he doesn’t want to be like that with you. Yet, there is always that slight insecurity he feels in himself that is something oftentimes crippling, because poor ‘Tsumu feels like he will eventually be left all alone by all those around him when people realize he simply isn’t worth it; It was something he had heard all his life so, in his mind, it was only inevitable for you to go too because what else was he supposed to think when everyone else abandoned him for being too much? So, whilst Atsumu doesn’t know how to properly interact with others, never mind comfort them like they deserve, he does know that that’s what Google is most definitely used for and he thanks wikihow’s “how do I cheer up my significant other when they are sad?” for providing him all the very important answers to his very important problems.
So, with a nervous exhale he will simply walk up to you, like a man on a mission, as you lay, face down, in bed. There is a small yet cute pout on his face at your sadness but his phone is in hand, clasped in a determined grip, when he lightly and delicately coos, “baby, what do ya call a pig tha’ does karate? Ya call ‘em a pork chop, babe.”
Then, when you turn to face him, he gets that small twinkle of hope in his cute lil amber eyes; he gets so excited at the fact that maybe he is doing this right so he continues with a much bigger smile, “babe, if athletes get athlete’s foot, what do elves ge’? Guess babe, ya gotta guess!” And it is his puppy-dog excitement as he jumps on the bed and lightly shakes your form that gets you to crack a well awaited smile; and when you tiredly mumble a “I don’t know, ‘Tsumu, what do they get?” He loudly exclaims with a giddy laugh, “babe, they ge’ mistle-toes! Ya get it baby?” before peppering small kisses all over your face.
And even though his jokes are awful, not even close to funny, Atsumu does not fail his super important, first priority mission, because looking up at your silly boyfriend, all giddy and proud at the fact that he just got you to smile, how could you still be sad? Especially when he is just so freaking cute.
... Even when he turns the tables and starts to whine out with his lips puckered, “now are ya gonna give me ma kiss, or are ya gonna be mean and deny yer sweet ‘Tsumu a kiss after all the sugar I just gave ya?” You still can’t help but giggle at your sweet, needy, not so little, ‘Tsumu.
 So, Atsumu may be rough around the edges, but he is still a diamond nonetheless.
(Just be prepared for these awful jokes every time you are sad because he now thinks they are a cure all.)
Tumblr media
Quick lil thoughts of Atsumu for everyone:) I hope this makes sense bc I wrote this all in one go, I don’t have time for edits lmao. now imma nap bc I need one 😭
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yurens · 5 months ago
「(Heart)burn | 炎」
Tumblr media
When Atsumu finally sees you, beyond the crack in the gym doors, carrying a sizeable bag from the local Italian place, his heart beats again.
It had stopped for a bit. The gym is scorching for an April day, and it’s been a long practice with coach trying out a new play for Kurowashiki in May. He vaguely hears the showers running the locker rooms. Everyone wants to get the heat off their skin.
His own sweat has yet to dissipate, but he’s considering running up to you with open arms. Though you’d probably be less than appreciative of something so uncomfortable and unexpected. 
Atsumu can’t help it. All he wants is to show you, him, and whoever walks through those locker room doors first, that he’s yours.
He walks to you, at a normal pace. Or maybe it’s too quick; Atsumu can’t actually tell. His steps seem both too fast and too slow with how he’s nearing the gym doors and April’s fire is messing with his head and the way that he uses all his energy to push open the door with a—
You look up with a start. 
Atsumu winces.
But your eyes light up in familiarity, and you smile. It’s a warm smile, a little sunshine that soothes the burn. Then comes the softening in your eyes and the further lift of your cheeks. 
The montage on your face plays out exactly the way it had last week, the week before that, and the week before that. In fact, Atsumu knows that it’s been exactly one month since this little scene had first started in early spring.
One month later, your dedication still makes his heart cry. It makes him want to sweep and wrap you up and to never let go just to show you, him, and whoever walks through these gym doors first, that you’re his. 
With the sun on your lips, Atsumu steps a little closer this time until he’s standing in front of you, a small teasing grin on his face that shadows the haziness of his heart. 
He wills the organ to dry, but the traitorous thing never listens, even if it’s for its own good.
“Hey, sweetheart,” he drawls, the heat starting to seep through his skin.
Your laugh is like languid daylight on his chest. “Tough practice?”
“Meian’s workin’ us to the bone,” he exhales slow and easy, thinking how perfect it’d be if you’d basked in his brand of charm as he does yours. “Did you wait long?”
The sun never leaves your lips — warm skin that he would forfeit his next life’s soul to claim right now — as summertide comes with your voice. 
“Nah,” you grin. He can see the little small crinkles at your eyes. “I just got here.”
“I know.”
Your brows quirk up.
His heart stills. 
But in all things Miya Atsumu and his countless successes in relationships and love, a low, sensuous chuckle regurgitates easily from within him as he backs up into April’s hell once again. 
Pushing through the gym door — quietly this time — Atsumu looks at you with a small teasing grin. 
“Sorry, sweetheart,” he chuckles, lips curving further until it eclipses his heart. “I’ll let Omi know.”
Tumblr media
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qtipcottonbuds · a month ago
Tumblr media
back with a angsty fic >:DD anyhoo-
warnings for themes of angst, mild language, infidelity etc !!!
by qtipcottonbuds 2021. do not repost.
Tumblr media
“Please, darlin’,” his voice barely audible at this point, scratching, gravelly, “please.”
Turning to him, your posture now slouched; one palm loosely supporting itself on the door frame, a part of you debates even responding back, the conversation running back and forth between the same answers he gave you, “What do you want me to do, Atsumu?”
The tear streaks lining his cheeks are more prominent now, alongside his eyelashes (a little quirk of his, now darkened from the constant wiping). Stepping closer towards you, hands shakily reaching out for comfort, he continues, “I wanna fix this, just - I’ll do anythin’, please, let’s work through this together,” voice cracking sharply, “I can’t lose ya.”
It’s becoming harder to swallow past the metaphorical lump in your throat. Was it supposed to hurt this much? Giving to the habit of gnawing down on your bottom lip, skin now raw and tender, you breathe in deeply; in and out, in and out urging yourself mentally not to start wailing. 
He didn’t deserve your tears; though, the rational mantra didn’t ease anything - being so used to responding to situations logically, it didn’t feel right. This didn’t feel right, you could deal with this hurt later, of course you could, you could handle this logically and then allow yourself to cry because that’s what worked, that’s what was supposed to work-
But now, cupping your mouth, whimpering, and sliding down towards the floor, back pressed up against the doorframe and knees resting near your chest; Atsumu slides down with you, openly crying, watching you shake your head weakly, “You, you know, we can’t fix this.”
“I love ya, okay, I love ya so much, please-”
Unable to stop the irritation seeping into your tone, whispering now, lethargic, “You don’t love me; I know I love you, because I’d never give anyone a second glance, my eyes have always been on you - I don’t look at anyone else, because I love you. You don’t love me, don’t say you do when you don’t-”
Roughly running a hand through his hair, pleading now, and desperation clear, he grasps your hands into his (what was supposed to be reassuring, felt wrong, he probably touched them with those same hands, probably held them with those same hands), “It didn’t mean anythin’ to me okay, it was nothin’, just a-”
“But, it meant something to me, Atsumu,” you’re muffling hiccups, chest heaving, pulling your hands away, “it meant something to me, because I love you. If, if you weren’t happy in our relationship,” a murmur now, “why, why couldn’t you just tell me.”
“I am happy, I still am with ya.”
“Then, why did you do this?”
Atsumu stares wordlessly, tears freshly streaming once again, eyes dark and worn; he was a man of trial and error when it came to making mistakes but, as you take in his appearance, you know he knows, now, there’s nothing he can do, Adam’s apple bobbing harshly.
He doesn’t have a reason, cognitive gears visually turning, searching for a reason, a rationale of sorts; but all he can offer you under the harsh fluorescent kitchen lights is a meek, “It just happened, I don’t - I, I don’t know.”
Hauling yourself up from the tiled floor, away from his vicinity, taking a faint breath (you finally realise how tired, how drained you are), “I’m... I’m going to sleep downstairs tonight - and get the rest of my things in the morning. Goodnight, Atsumu.”
And he nods, padded footsteps becoming more and more distant.
Tumblr media
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nishiannoya · 7 months ago
𝕂𝕚𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕤𝕥𝕦𝕗𝕗 (𝕒 𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕦𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 𝕤𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕤)
Tumblr media
ft. (Kenma) (ATSUMU) (Kita) (Noya) (Suga)
gn!reader x miya atsumu, language, mostly humor, fluff, just a smidge of horny (1.6k word count)
۞  he’s worried he might be bad at kissing and he might not be wrong. 
(part 1)
Tumblr media
You know you'd never be able to actually catch up to Atsumu in a footrace, but thanks to other people crowding the halls and your better campus navigation skills, you manage to get close enough to grab the back of his jacket right as you were beginning to wonder why you're even chasing him in the first place. He did splash you in the face with water that probably had his backwash in it, though you might have teased him too much by telling him you used to have a crush on him.
Once you feel the fabric in your grip, you grab onto the nearest doorway to anchor yourself against Atsumu's pull. 
"Stop running, dumbass!" You growl and put all your strength into yanking him back and cornering him against the wall with your arm. You know you look stupid too, especially since he's bigger than you, but you have no intention of letting him escape.
"I said I was sorry!" He whines with a grimace under your intense glare. 
"You said 'not sorry!’ right after," you retaliate and you can see him gulp nervously. You find it amusing to see him all tense yet squirmy up close.
"So why throw your water at me in the first place?" You ask as you lean in closer. You have a few possible reasons you thought of, though you much rather just hear what he has to say.
"You said that stuff 'bout watering crush flowers," he says like he's getting interrogated. You knew that much, but you know you can press him for more.
"What? So you want me to like you?" You pry with a smirk that you think will irritate the hell out of him.
You see his cheeks turn pink and he looks away from you bashfully. It makes you feel a tingle in your own cheeks as well. He’s too good-looking to also be cute as fuck on top of it. The absolute nerve.
"Well yeah, I mean, I might sorta kinda like ya," he says as he moves his head around, trying to act like he's not looking for every little detail of your reaction out of the corners of his eyes.
You blink at him for a moment before it feels like you got jump-served in the face with the sun. He never really flirted with you like you would see him with other people, so you really weren't expecting something like this when you thought you were making fun of him. 
Through burning cheeks, you part your lips to say a very graceful and coherent, "HHUJJJGIIBBBHHAWHUUUA?!"
"God they're both so dumb," you hear Osamu's voice. Both you and Atsumu whip your heads to see Aran, Osamu, and Suna peeking around the corner with a possible attempt at being stealthy. 
"Shut up 'Samu!" You both yell and then turn your attention back one another, choosing to ignore your friends being the worst.
"You like me?" You finally manage to ask, needing confirmation because it just seems like it might be too good to be true. Not like you think that the splash of water might have actually reanimated your metaphorical crush-flower. No, you're probably just riding the thrill of chasing him still, you tell yourself. Might have something to do with his dumb jawline and stupidly adorable eyebrows too.
"I do," Atsumu confesses, looking at you with softer eyes and the blush in his face calmed down to a flattering pink hue. Damn. He is so cute. His eyes alone make you want to grab his face and stare longingly into them. "I like hanging out with ya, and you make bein' yer friend feel special," he says and your heart jumps in pace with every word, "And I also kinda always thought that you're really pretty. From day one."
And that does it. 
You do it. 
Your heart flips and you reach your hands out to cup his face in your palms and run your fingertips through the hair behind his ears. He feels so right in your hands. Your eyes flutter closed and you lean into him, pulling his lips closer and closer to yours.
Your eyes fly open just centimeters before your lips were going to reach his and stop when you see his wide eyes and feel his hands on your shoulders. You heart drops down to a painfully slow rate and you worry that there might be something you're reading wrong.
"I might be bad at it," he says and immediately you frown at him. 
"Bad at what?" You ask as you drop your hands, already missing the feeling of his hair between your fingers. 
"Kissing!" He cries and you let out an embarrassing half-cackle at his distress.
"Don't laugh! No one's ever told me I'm a good kisser before so I'm probably not!"
You straight up snort and have to cover your face because you really don't want to laugh at him in this moment. Still, it's part of what makes you like being around him so much. 
"Where did you hear that?" You say between chuckles and try to relax your face some. 
"A meme page," he answers and destroys your progress in trying not to laugh. 
"It had two million likes!" He says defensively and you straight up start coughing from inhaling weird as you struggled to regain composure.
"Just kiss already!" 
"You guys suck." 
Your attention is drawn back to your friends, who are still watching from around the corner, somehow acquiring snacks and drinks since you last noticed them.
"Why are ya'll still here?! Fuck off!" You and Atsumu yell in unison. 
You look at each other and sigh, once again choosing to ignore them.
"Um- I'll tell you," you say and he quirks an eyebrow at you. 
"Kiss me, and I'll tell you if it's good," you explain, causing both of you to revert back to being bashful. The pink in his cheeks gets darker the longer you two look at each other. You nod your head at him and close your eyes, trying to keep your breathing steady.
You hear him take a deep breath. Your skin prickles when you feel one of his hands grab the back of your head and the other at the small of your waist. His forehead leans in to rest against yours for a moment, and you smile at the warm feeling it gives you. You place your hands around the base of his neck, Slowly you start to feel his breath on your cheeks and you know it'll be any moment now where his lips brush yours...
Your eyes fly open before he can fully press his lips on yours, but oh lord - just the first touch was all it took to take you down. Literally. You're dumbstruck as you're hopeless against the gravity pulling your ass to the ground. Just a mere touch of Atsumu's lips and it felt like someone had whacked you in the back of your knees with a metal bat while simultaneously getting struck by lightning. It feels like your heart has stopped beating and all the blood disappeared from your veins.
When your butt hits the floor, you immediately slap a hand over your mouth and stare up at Atsumu, who seems to be frozen in shock with his hands still placed where you were just a second ago. You remember to breathe and suddenly you're aware of the tremendous aching pull you feel in your stomach. An unbearably hot heat swarms your body and a tiny whimper escapes your throat despite your will to try and keep yourself together.
Atsumu looks at you in concern and confusion. "Are you okay?" He asks and offers his hand to you. You almost take it, but pause when you think that you might actually explode if you so much as touch him again. Instead, you scramble back and try to stand on your wobbly knees. It takes a few stumbles but as soon as you're up you turn to look at him, who seems like he doesn't even know what he should be thinking.
"I'm sorry!" You say loudly and immediately turn around to run away, desperate to find a place of solace where you can get your shit together. 
"What?! y/n!!" You hear Atsumu yell out behind you, but you refuse to look back. Your face feels so hot, you worry that you might be leaving a trail of steam behind. 
"Too powerful - unfair," you whine to yourself as you finally find a bathroom to seclude yourself in so you can cool off. 
The rest of the day, you feel your whole body tense in embarrassment every time you think about how effective Atsumu's kiss was. The thought of actually kissing him makes you think you could possibly die. You know you should check your texts, but it's all too overwhelming. Just a few hours ago you were okay with just being friends with him, and now you're pretty sure you never stopped liking him all along.
You scroll through Instagram, trying to keep your mind preoccupied with other people's lives when you see a post from Suna with no caption. You practically burn up right on the spot once you realize that it's a video of you falling on your ass and running away from Atsumu. 
It has 126 comments all consisting of the letter 'f'
You smack yourself continually in the face with your phone and think that there's no way you can tell him that the kiss was actually very good.
Tumblr media
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xybi · 2 months ago
Imagine watching your lover slowly Fall out of love
Tumblr media
a/n: oops, my hand slipped :D this is @tohman's fault
Tumblr media
it became a fear that you hoped would never come true.
to watch miya atsumu slowly fall out of love.
falling out of love scared you, especially when it felt like you're being left into a never-ending void of emptiness. at the point when the love both of you share for each other begins to blur as the minutes pass by, before you realize it you'll be left with nobody to rely upon. then, at that point, you need to gradually rebuild yourself and continue ahead without them.
you were terrified in light of the fact that you were beginning to become acclimated to the sensation of seeing your partner falling out of love, slowly yet surely.
what happened to that excitement and admiration that once made you two come alive? that glint of love displayed on his eyes when he used to admire you from afar, now, he still has that same glint—yet this time it wasn't because of you.
"i'm really sorry, [last name]." oh, how it deeply pained you to hear your last name come out from his mouth so bitterly, a tone filled with pure sadness and regret.
atsumu didn't want this to happen either, no.
hurting your feelings was the last thing he wanted to happen. he loved you, really. found comfort from you in his loneliest days, you became the pillar of his life—he didn't know either that it was only temporary. his feelings for you came ang go pretty quickly, like it was some sort of test run.
but things change, and this time it might be for the better.
you hated to admit it, but it was best to let go. "no," a deep, gloomy sigh escaped your lips, "you don't need to be sorry. people fall out of love—and it's only natural." tears prickled on the corner of your eyes, yet you refused to let them fall.
you refused to look like the desperate one in the relationship you two once had. "good bye, miya. and i hope you're contented with the love that you found in another person." with that, you slightly bowed before walking right past him.
and none of you ever looked back; both afraid that if you did, you two wouldn't be able to set the other free. maybe he did still love you, but he just cared enough to let you go since you were both clearly hurting from loving one another.
Tumblr media
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realcube · 8 months ago
msby boys finding out their s/o is pregnant
Tumblr media
navi | masterlist | taglist  
thank you to anon for this wholesome request 
content warning ♡ pregnant! reader, sexual references, swearing & fluff
characters ♡ sakusa, atsumu, bokuto & hinata
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kiyoomi sakusa 
♡ he faltered
♡ there was half a minute of silence between the two of you; him just staring at your stomach while you gazed into his eyes
♡ he was almost certain that he misheard you, so he felt inclined to inquire, ‘huh?’ as indifferently as he could, though he wasn’t doing a good job of concealing the shocked expression on his face 
♡ ‘i said i’m pregnant, sweetie.’ you giggled, admiring the emotions he displayed on his face as it wasn’t a sight you got to see often
♡ sakusa continued to stare at you, eyes wide 
♡ though he knew what you meant, apart of him insisted that he was mishearing you 
♡ his wide-eyes were fixated on you, his lips slightly agape as he tried to process what you just said and what this meant for the both of you 
♡ the only emotion you could read of his face was shock. at first, you were sure that he was happy but he was just taking a while to accept it, but now that a few minutes had passed and he was still yet to say anything or even smile, you were starting to second guess yourself
♡ despite the fact sakusa had already agreed that he was on board with the idea of having a child many times before - in fact, there were nights where he’d admit that he can’t wait to start a family with you - but you still worried that perhaps he has now that had a change of heart
♡ that was until you noticed his eyes become unusually glossy and red, along with his cheeks adapting a somewhat red tint, ‘if this is a joke, (y/n), it’s not funny.’ his ordinary, monotone voice was now slightly shaky and low 
♡ ‘it’s not a joke, ‘iyoomi.’ you laughed, feeling your own throat go dry and your cheek flare up upon seeing how emotional sakusa had become
♡ before the tears spilled from your eyes, you felt sakusa’s arms slowly snake around your waist, place an elongated kiss on your forehead then rest his chin on your shoulder 
♡ he held you close enough that you could feel his rapid heartbeat thud against your chest and his wobbly breath tickle the back of your neck
♡ he stayed like that, silent, for a good few minutes 
♡ when he finally pulled away to admire your stomach, you noticed how his damp cheeks glistened in the light and you couldn’t help but smile
♡ although he wasn’t very vocal about how happy he was, his actions spoke a thousand words
♡ he’d insist in home-cooking all your food now because he didn’t want to risk you getting food poisoning 
♡ when he’d come home from practise, absolutely exhausted, the first thing he’d do when he gets home is  wash his hands then cut you some fruit 
♡ when he has free-time, he used to just watch TV but now he’s picked up a few hobbies of reading childcare books, tending to your every need/want and researching good baby names
♡ also, he’s so gentle with you - like, he was gentle with you before but this is a new extreme
♡ excluding the time he almost tackled you to the ground when you suggested atsumu as a baby name
♡ like he baby-proofs the house like a month into your pregnancy lmao 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kōtarō bokuto
♡ the corners of his lips slowly curl into a bright smile, ‘pregnant?’
♡ you cocked your head to the side slightly, then hummed, ‘yeah. pregnant.’
♡ ‘like..with a kid?’
♡ you snorted, playfully rolling your eyes, ‘i’d hope so.’
♡ ‘like..with my kid?’
♡ ‘our kid - but yes.’
♡ a while passed and he had yet to do anything besides stare at you in pure adoration so you prompted him by opening your arms 
♡ to which he immediately responded by throwing himself onto you, ‘I’m gonna be a dad?! like seriously?!’
♡ luckily you were sitting on your bed so you fell back onto that but you were still being smothered by his chest 
♡ ‘bo!’ you squealed and squirmed under his weight and tight grip, glad that he was as cheery as you had hoped but not appreciating being suffocated 
♡ he suddenly pulled away but kept his large hands glued to your shoulders, revealing the tears that were already streaming down his cheeks and dampened your shirt, ‘really?!’
♡ ‘yes, bokuto. i am 100% pregnant.’ you declared for the final time before bokuto cupped your face with his hands and pulled you in to a passionate kiss, not stopping until your lips were basically swollen
♡ he’s just so hyped during the first few days of your pregnancy and he’s just super duper ready to become a dad!
♡ like he’s already practising his dad jokes 
♡ but then you remind him that he’s gonna have to wait around 9 months before he can actually see his baby and his hair literally deflates 
♡ ugh how rude of you 
♡ can you not like...make it grow faster?? please??
♡ once you explain to him that’s not how babies work, he kinda accepts it and just focuses his attention on you
♡ he kinda does some research on babies/pregnancy but not prior, he just does a quick google search when he needs to 
♡ but the intention is definitely there bc he googles the most trivial of things like ‘what to make pregnegant ppl for breakfast?’
♡ ‘what do pragnant ppl need from the supermarket?’
♡ ‘can my pregenunt wife have peanut butter?’
♡ ‘how to spell preaignant’ 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
atsumu miya 
♡ DEEP denial
♡ he thinks you are playing a prank on him bc you don’t ‘look pregnant’
♡ even when you show him your positive pregnancy test he’s like ‘and how much did that cost?’
♡ he deadass acts as if he wasn’t the one who’s been trying to get you pregnant and raving on about how much he wants a family with you for the last few months 
♡ but he just doesn’t want to believe you bc he know he’ll get way too happy for his own good and he’s afraid to be let down
♡ plus, it was one of those ‘a blessing of this magnitude couldn’t have happened to me - of all people - so this is probably either a cruel joke or a hallucination.’ moments 
♡ he’s just so far gone that after your eleventh attempt at trying to convince him that you’re pregnant for real, you just give up
♡ so y’all just go around your business somewhat normally - except atsumu was more skittery - until your baby bump started to become more prominent
♡ one day, he came back from practise, noticed your bump and pulled you into the most passionate, heartfelt kiss before placing a gentle kiss upon your stomach, a buoyant grin gracing his features
♡ though he doesn’t say much since he is at a loss for words, he mutters a few sweet nothings into your ear as he carries you to the bedroom
♡ for a joke, he pretends to be gutted if you’re libido production decrease but really, he couldn’t care less
♡ but if it increases tho- 
♡ expect him to take full advantage of that 
♡ also, if he didn’t already treat you like his goddess, he does now 
♡ work has moved down his list of priorities and you + his baby are now at number one 
♡ usually he keeps his phone on silent/stuffs it into his bag while he is practising but now he insists on keeping it on full volume, out on the bench, just in case you call him for an emergency 
♡ same goes for texts; he will literally stop mid-set to rush over to his phone if he hears it vibrate 
♡ bokuto thinks it’s sweet but the rest of them get pretty annoyed of his antics quite quickly but whenever they try to call him out on it, he’s like ‘is your wife 6 months pregnant? no! i didn’t think so. i should be on paternity leave right now so be glad i’m blessing you with my presence.’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
shōyō hinata
♡ he cannot stop thanking you
♡ as if you’re doing him a favour, which - depending on how you view it - you are
♡ he’s literally on his knees with his hands clasped together, tears of joy streaming down his face as he looks up at you in pure adoration, ‘thank you, (y/n)!’
♡ you tilted your head to the side and stared at him with a perplexed expression, ‘you’re welcome?’
♡ it’s a while before he moves from that position but when he does, it’s only so he can press his ear against your stomach to see if he can hear the baby 
♡ ‘shō, i don’t think it’s body has even formed ye--’
♡ ‘shh! it’s speaking to me.’ he chuckled then proceeded to squeeze his eyes shut, intensely listening to whatever the baby had to say 
♡ you quirked a brow, waiting for him to finish and once he did, he sprung to his feet and threw his arms over your shoulders to pull you in for a hug - in which he had to stop himself from squeezing you too tightly in fear of hurting you, as if pregnancy meant that your bones were now made of glass
♡ he’s just so happy that you agreed to bear his children 🙏
♡ also, seeing how excited you were to tell him about your pregnancy really prompted him to step up his husband-game 
♡ from now on, he loads the dishwasher, does both of your laundry, cleans the house on his own and cooks most of the food 
♡ he acts as if being pregnant means you are no longer able to do basic tasks but his real motive behind doing these things was not only to take the pressure off of you but to also prepare himself for father life 👍
♡ also, to prepare him for shopping for his kids’ clothes, he goes out and buys you maternity wear 
♡ he does this like...3 weeks into your pregnancy though so the clothes just sit and catch dust until a few months later when you actually need them 
♡ and although he is a bit of a pain to go stroller/pram shopping with (he just says buy whichever one goes the fastest), you let him take the reins when it came to buying/preparing the baby’s room and it came out beautiful!
♡ like the cradle was good quality and firm, the rug wouldn’t irritate the baby’s skin, the walls were painted expertly and the plushies/toys he picked out - unbeknownst to you at the time - kept the baby entertained for ages
♡ oh and no matter what day/week/month you are in of pregnancy, he will always look at you and your bump with the same amazement and gratitude as he did the first time you told him
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kei-dee · 3 months ago
Would you look at the time 😀
Another one because I'm having fun and I have no self control.
People who do the whole teasing/flirting/texting with fullstops but aren't dry give such hot vibes for some reason ??? I'm- hello??? Why are you so hot???
Like shit yes hello, I'm on my knees🧎‍♀️
I also feel like this is how Suna would text.
Which is really hot to me idk why. I'm way too attracted to this mf.
Warning: Suggestive lines, curse words.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also pls don't repost anywhere w/o credits
I feel like that is a given. If i find anything like that, I'm coming for your ankles.
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coffeeaddictwithproblems · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
summary :: atsumu is disappointed to find you gone when he wakes up, though the smell of food and sight of you in the kitchen draped in his shirt is quick to turn his mood around
love interests :: a. miya x gn!reader
extra :: established relationship, fluff, one curse word, suggestive themes, implied sex, mention of food, 900~ words
Tumblr media
Atsumu had not expected to wake up to an empty bed when he opened his eyes. It had taken him all but two seconds to notice the loss of your warmth and press of your body against his side. The light brightening the bedroom only further proved your disappearance. He sat upright, blanket falling down to his waist and further exposing his bare chest.
“Darlin’?” He’s answered with silence. “Where the hell did ya go?”
Bare feet hitting the floor, he stands to stretch his tired limbs far above his head, grunting as he does so. He pads to the doorway to leave, but pauses. The smell of smoking meat wafts down from the hallway and floods his senses.
Intrigued and hungry, his nose guides him to the kitchen. To his surprise, instead of finding his twin brother, Osamu, busy at the stove, he finds you clad in an oversized shirt. An oversized shirt that looks suspiciously like one of his. The hem grazes your mid thigh, one of the sleeves draped off your shoulder to expose your neck and bare skin. He could never ask for a more lovely sight first thing in the morning.
Well, second thing in the morning.
Your hips bounce slightly side to side as you hum an unnamed tune to yourself. You push the cooking egg around in the pan, the sound of sizzling tingling in your ear. Another pan cooks bacon and sausage on the back burner. The coffee machine bubbles and softly hisses as it brews hot coffee.
Unbeknownst to your turned back, Atsumu stands feet away from you, eyes taking in your morning figure. And him being him, he can’t help but feel the need to assert his presence in his own special well. Carefully creeping across the floor, he sneaks up behind you and envelopes your waist in his arms.
A surprised gasp flutters past your lips, your shoulders tensing upright. Your shock quickly fades as you feel the familiar roughness of his palms sliding over your stomach from beneath his stolen shirt. His hands smooth back to your hips as he sways you side to side with you. You snicker quietly to yourself.
“Morning, sleepyhead.”
“Mornin’, darlin’.” His voice is low and husky with remnants of sleep. “How’d ya sleep?”
You bite your inner cheek to suppress a smile. “Alright. I’m surprised I got any with how loud you were snoring in my ear.”
His brows string together and his mouth drops open in feigned hurt. He doesn’t miss the grin that manages to stretch along your lips. The hands on your hips dart to your stomach, fingers dancing across the skin as he tickles you.
“I do not snore, ya little…”
You can hardly make out the last part through the sound of your raucous laughter filling your ears. You compress into yourself to try and stop his playful attack, but in doing so, you nearly fall face forward into the stove. Thankfully, Atsumu encases you in his arms and tugs you back into him. Chest gently heaving, you pant out a few more sparse giggles.
His bottom lip puffs out in a pout. “Yer such a meanie.”
“Aw, did I hurt my baby’s feelings?” you teasingly mock. “I’m sorry, handsome. How can I make it up to you?”
The false seriousness drops from his scrunched features as he tilts your face to the side and presses his lips against your own. It takes you a second to collect yourself before you kiss him back. Your free hand drifts to the back of his neck, nails scratching at his undercut. His own slide higher up your middle before finding purchase on your sternum.
“Can I at least have my breakfast before ya two start suckin’ face first so dang early?” The sound of Osamu’s voice has you pulling yourself away from your boyfriend.
It’s not that the twin doesn’t know of your relationship with his brother, rather you were still getting used to him being around when you were at the Miya’s household. Smoothing down the invisible wrinkles of your shirt, Atsumu’s hands drop to his sides as you step away and busy yourself with the stove once more.
With your back turned, you miss the glare the twins shoot one another. Not that you would need to see it to know it happened.
“Sorry, ‘Samu.” You clear your throat as you check on everything, then flick off the stove. “Uh, I hope everybody likes bacon, eggs, and sausage, because that’s what I made. Oh, and there’s coffee if you like.” You gesture to the pot with your spatula.
Osamu flashes you a warm smile. “Thank ya, Y/N. It smells amazin.” Taking a mug from the cupboard, he pours himself a cup of steaming coffee.
Redirecting your attention to your boyfriend, you give his cheek a quick peck. “I’m gonna change into...better clothes. I’ll be right back.”
He lets you go after a proper kiss to your lips. As you slip between the twins to head to the bedroom, he adds an extra slap to your ass on the way. You send him a glare that he deflects with his own wry toothy grin.
“Hey, Atsumu.”
The blond glances over with a cocked brow. “What now?”
“Little word of advice for ya.” The silver haired twin leans back against the countertop as he raises his cup for a sip. “Next time y’all decide ya wanna have some ‘special quality time’, try to keep the volume down.”
Tumblr media
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Don’t forget to drink your water & ilysm
For more haikyuu
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tooru-luvs · 2 months ago
[18:46] - ATSUMU
Tumblr media
‘Raise your voice at me again Atsumu,’ you said calmly, way too calmly, painfully aware of all his teammates cautiously watching on from the sidelines, trying to be as subtle as possible, but failing. ‘Go on, I dare you.’ Your words were a huge contrast to your appearance, with your eyes watering and your legs shaking.
Atsumu stood a few feet away from you, unblinking in shock, his mouth open and scathing remarks dying on his tongue. He didn't mean to shout or raise his voice at you. He didn't mean it at all.
The stress from underperforming in practise and your unexpected arrival, trying to persuade him to have lunch with you had triggered something in Atsumu that he didn't even know could be aimed at you.
He regrets every single syllable that had managed to sliver out of his mouth, and the shameful look on his teammates faced only heightened his guilt and shame. 
All Atsumu wants to do is apologise and bury himself in your arms and warmth; today was not a good day for him. He had woken up late, just about had enough time to shower, missed breakfast and forgotten his lunch at home, which was why you had decided to make him an extra special, extra filling lunch for him to enjoy in your company. 
But instead Atsumu had thrown that back in your face by not only outright refusing you, but by embarrassing you in front of all his teammates as well. He knew you meant well, but he needed all the practise he could get if he was to make it to the starting line-up on the national team. 
But he shouldn't have humiliated and belittled you like that. Never in a million years.
Tears had started outlining Atsumu’s golden brown irises, out of sadness, frustration and hurt as he stared at your crestfallen, teary face and trembling lips. 
‘I’m sorry,’ he whispers out, not trusting his own tongue to portray his true feelings. ‘I- I didn't mean it, I swear.’
You sniffled in response, his words doing little to soothe your embarrassment and hurt. He moves closer to you, gently cupping your face between his shaking palms, and forces your eyes to meet. 
A tear drops from Atsumu’s eyes and melts into your skin and you instinctively try to blink away your own. You wonder if things would be okay after this, after the things he had said.
But even with the blurriest of eyes, the earnestness in Atsumu’s face, the regret and sorrow could not be mistaken.
With a wobbly, teary smile, Atsumu reassures you, that he loves you and appreciates everything you do for him, how he sincerely regrets everything and plans of making it up to you. 
And with a wobbly, teary smile, one that mirrored his own, you reassure Atsumu, that he was forgiven and that it all would be okay. 
You and Atsumu will be okay.
Tumblr media
© 2021 @tooru-luvs — do not repost, translate, modify or plagiarize my work! do NOT steal my work or i will find your ip and home address and shit in your cereal! also its not that good, so why would you??
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chaoswrites · 2 months ago
Random Boyfriend Texts with Atsumu
a/n: i got these done like weeks ago but here you go. also sorry i haven’t posted in months but i was busy with school and then when summer hit i got depressed and busy but here we are. i’m really tired but enjoy and thank you for reading :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist (tell me if u don’t want to be tagged sorry lol): @remuswriting @cleopatera @lanceyfancypants @arrogantsonofabiscuit @kuroosmikasavolleyball
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igyus · 5 months ago
warnings: noneeee
notes: this is post time skip atsumu
Tumblr media
• grabs the top of the doorway and leans on it
• rolls up the sleeves of his dress shirt and leaves the tie loose
• stares into your eyes when you’re talking to him
• puts his hands under your shirt to rub your stomach/back
• smirks way too much </3
• runs his thumb along your bottom lip before he kisses you
• smells like expensive cologne
• runs his hands through his hair a lot
• if you’re in a crowded area he’ll lean down so you can hear him and his lips brush up against your ear
• traces random shapes on your thighs
• or puts his hand on your thigh while driving
• kisses your neck a lot!!!!!
Tumblr media
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sunatea · 5 months ago
good friends
Tumblr media
wc: 340 | gn reader |  warnings: none! just some short atsumu fluff ♡
“my brother ain’t here.” atsumu didn’t mean for his words to come out so harsh, but when you showed up at his door looking so cute and excited he couldn’t help it. he was jealous. atsumu knew you got along with osamu much better than you did with him. you two liked the same food, movies, and even shared the same major. it was nothing new though, osamu had always been the more approachable twin.
not long after college started, you had befriended osamu and spent friday nights coming over to study or watch movies. eventually you got to know atsumu and he had even come to enjoy your company. however, in the back of his mind was the fact that you were only there because of osamu. he used to wonder if you two were dating in secret before his brother assured him that you two were just good friends. atsumu wondered if you considered him a good friend too.
“workin’ late.” he prepared himself for your disappointment. you had plenty of other friends to hangout with anyway.
“oh,” to his surprise, your cheery smile didn’t falter. instead, you held up a convenience store bag full of snacks. “sucks for him. you get to pick the movie this time then, tsumu!”
atsumu was stunned. so much so that he stayed planted in the doorway, unmoving. “ya... wanna watch with me?” 
“well sure,” you raised an eyebrow before sliding past him and plopping onto the couch. “i won’t even punch you in the head when you talk too much like samu does.”
that got a chuckle out of atsumu and he finally moved to close the door behind him. “i don’t talk that much.”
“‘course not!” you grinned. cute~, he thought.
as the movie played, atsumu talked even more than usual, afraid that you might be able to hear how fast his heart was racing. 
Tumblr media
osamu sighed before glancing down at his phone. 
scrub 🚮: havin a blast without ya! too bad ya had to work! >:D
Tumblr media
a/n: i actually never planned to write for atsumu on this blog. it’s not that i didn’t like his character or anything- it was just that his angst fics had me avoiding his content for a looooong time. i was emotional (⇀‸↼‶) 
please do not copy/repost.
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