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Tumblr media Tumblr media
WARNINGS: 18+ content, minors dni.
THEMES: oral receiving (f), hint of voyeurism, porn without plot ? (arguably there is some plot)
miya atsumu x fem! reader, 8.7k
SUMMARY: Atsumu finds out his girlfriend works at a maid cafe. What he thinks about it is between you, him and God.
a/n: sometimes… a fic can just be making your own dreams come true!
Tumblr media
You’re hiding something from him, Atsumu is sure of it.
He knows that it’s normal to not know everything about each other, especially when your relationship is as young as the freshly bloomed cherry blossoms lining the streets. There’s lots of time to discover each other, to peel back each other’s layers until you’re bare enough for love.
But Atsumu is curious.
From what he knows about you, you’re an overall stand-up person. He met you through a volunteer opportunity hosted by your university’s student council. It was at an orphanage, where you were both serving lunch for the kids to eat. Atsumu had been on rice duty, which he felt was an honor because he loves rice and a blessing because it put him right next to you, who was on meat duty. All the necessary elements of a meet cute, Atsumu thinks, until he opened his big fat mouth to joke about how come the student council isn’t slaving with us, eh? Only to find out you were in fact the Vice President.
Cue terrible first impression leading to you disliking him, while Atsumu pined over your cute ass. There’s a long story here about how Atsumu overcame it all, but it’s not the point he wants to focus on right now. All you need to know is that when you’re a sexy guy like him, all things can be overcome, and you too can get the cutest and sexiest girlfriend in the world. (Er, you can get the second cutest and sexiest girlfriend in the world. Atsumu is already dating the first one.)
Anyway - the point is, you’re a good, responsible person. Whatever you’re hiding surely cannot be bad. Atsumu hopes. And maybe you’re not even hiding anything? Atsumu only thinks you are, because he’s been trying to schedule a date with his girlfriend for two weeks now and your schedule is somehow all booked?
You have student council meetings usually, which is fine because Atsumu has volleyball practice anyway. He usually suggests meeting up on Friday evenings, or Saturday afternoons. People are usually free around then, you know? But you said you were scheduled to work at that time. In response, Atsumu said he’d be okay to pick you up after work and have a late night date. But still—you said you couldn’t make it.
Atsumu’s trying his best to be patient and accommodating and not at all clingy, but he has needs. If Atsumu were to illustrate his needs, it would be quite similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid, but to reach self-actualization, he needs time with you. God, Atsumu should be studied by psychologists. Imagine being this evolved.
The problem is, because he can’t get a date with you, he can’t do anything else. He’s trying so hard to pay attention to classes and do his best at practice, but how can he focus? He’s dateless. His hand hasn’t been properly held in two weeks. Sure, you meet up with him briefly for lunch and give him a kiss for dessert, but it’s not enough.
He’d complained about it to you, jokingly of course, but he thinks you saw through him. When he pouted about it, your eyes had softened and you’d taken his face in your hands and pressed a sweet kiss against his lips. I’ll try to get some time off, you had murmured, I promise. 
All Atsumu could do is pout again, thinking about how terrible your manager is to be working you to the bone like this. Atsumu wishes he was one of those sexy billionaire CEOs people loved watching in dramas so he could just take care of you. God, that would be nice. You’d both just go on dates every day.
Ugh, fuck capitalism. Fuck your mean manager. Fuck your job, whatever it is—yeah, Atsumu doesn’t really know what you do for certain. You say you work at a cafe, but whenever Atsumu offers to visit, you always tell him that he can’t. You would be too distracting, you had said, flustered, and eagerly changed the subject.
And this is exactly why Atsumu thinks you’re hiding something.
Atsumu wouldn’t call himself nosy, but as he followed you to your job, yeah, he could see how this behavior could be described as nosy ass bitch. 
All Atsumu wants to say is—listen. Not knowing was killing him. His mind was coming up with several different reasons as to why you were avoiding him slash not telling him where you worked. Some reasons were innocent, but some were bordering on crazy, like you being embarrassed about dating Atsumu and not wanting to tell anyone at your job, or something. Which he knows is ridiculous, because he’s a great catch, but he can’t help but doubt.
Hence, he needed to figure this out before he started getting truly insecure.
That’s how Atsumu justifies this: casually trailing after his girlfriend as she traverses the streets of Shinjuku with ease. After all this time, he can’t believe your job is close to the university. He’s hung out here routinely with some of his friends for a drink after a particularly brutal week or even to just celebrate birthdays. He’s gone shopping here for the latest trends more than enough times. Sure, it’s busy, he thinks as he weaves around both tourists and students, but there’s no way he hasn’t seen the café you supposedly work at, right?
But then you turn around a corner Atsumu’s never given his attention to, and it reveals a street that’s not as busy as the one they were just on, although there’s a long line pressed against the establishments lining the right side of the streets. They all seem to be queuing up for one place, a pink café of some sorts—
A café that you’re walking into.
Atsumu stops a couple of meters away from the entrance and eyes the long line of men. They seem like they’re around the same age as him. Most of them were on their phones, and Atsumu wonders what this café has that makes them wait in line. There were dozens upon dozens of cafés in Shinjuku, and people were often too impatient to wait. This café you work at must be doing something really special to get these many people to wait.
He guesses he might as well wait in line and find out.
The line moved so slowly, Atsumu had actually caught up with both his Instagram feed and Twitter feed before he was anywhere even close to the entrance. He had ended up scrolling through Reddit, before giving in and putting headphones on and watching some lectures he missed because of a match instead.
Without realizing it, Atsumu actually arrives at the entrance and a hand waves within his line of vision to get his attention.
When he looks up, he’s stunned to see a bright young woman wearing… a maid outfit.
“Hi!” She chirps, her curled pigtails bouncing as she does. She holds a brown clipboard to her chest. “Welcome to Sweet Home Café! Is it just you today?”
Atsumu literally forgets why he’s at the café in the split second she asks that question, but he remembers eventually, blinking as he answers. “Oh, yeah. Just one.”
“And do you have a preference? Would you like a maid or a butler to serve you?” she asks.
“Do I have a preference of what?” Atsumu’s brows furrow. He doesn’t understand the question. To her credit, the woman in the maid outfit doesn’t even bat an eye at his confusion. She repeats the question again, but as she does, Atsumu turns his head and finally has the sense to look into the café.
And it hits him all at once: what kind of cafê it is, what services they provide, what kind of people frequent it, why you most likely didn’t want to tell him about your job—
He shouldn’t be here, he decides. It was wrong of him to follow his girlfriend. He opens his mouth to tell the server that he’s changed his mind, when he suddenly hears: “Atsumu?”
Atsumu turns and feels his heart stop in his literal chest.
What he sees first is legs. Long, long legs that seem to go on forever, clad in lace stockings that go all the way up to their toned thighs, where they’re held up by garters that go somewhere Atsumu’s eyes cannot follow.
He sees the skirt next, short and black, a beautiful contrast against that white lace he’d just been eyeing. It covers so little, which Atsumu doesn’t know whether to be thankful for or not. He can feel his mouth dry as his jaw hangs open.
And dear god, after that, his eyes land on the frilly white apron tied around the tiniest waist. With the way the skirt ballooned, it created a delicious hourglass figure that Atsumu wants to hold around his hands.
This is where Atsumu’s eyes land on his girlfriend’s face. Your eyes sparkle, even though they hold a shade of worry. Your lashes are curled so beautifully, framing your eyes, making them look almost cartoonish—it should look weird on a real life person, but it only emphasizes how doll-like your eyes are. Your cheeks are flushed a peach pink, dotted with what looks like to be faux freckles. And your mouth. Your mouth. Tantalizingly full and unbearable glossy.
“Oh my god,” Atsumu hears you whisper faintly, “I think he’s broken—“
What does Atsumu in is what’s on your head. A headband. No—not just an headband—they were—they were—
You hold his hands, which have been shaking, Atsumu realizes. You tilt your head to the side, and all Atsumu can focus on is the cute little kitten ears on your head.
He focuses on it, perhaps, a little too much, because the next thing he feels is his vision blurring before it all fades to black.
You can’t hold back your tears.
You knew this would happen. You knew your boyfriend would find out eventually. You knew you should have been honest from the beginning, instead of having Atsumu find out this way.
And now—you hold back a sob, hurriedly burying your face in a handkerchief lest anyone sees your ugly crying face. Not that anyone was going to walk in. Your manager, Kiyoko, had taken one look at the expression on your face and immediately told you to go take your break early. She rubbed your back as she took you to the dressing room and said, I’ll make sure no one comes in. Take your time. 
You’re pretty sure you’ve been here for thirty minutes, which is already fifteen minutes longer than what capitalism would have allowed. But fuck it, you’re about to get broken up with, and you deserve a little moment to process it.
You’ll never forget the look on Atsumu’s face as he found out, the horror and shock right before he passed out. It had caused a commotion within the café, and you were so grateful you had fast reflexes or else Atsumu might have gotten a serious injury from hitting his head on something. Your coworkers helped carry him to the breakroom, where he immediately came to. You had asked him if he was okay, but he just blankly said he was fine and that you guys could talk when you were done working.
You were so anxious, you nodded immediately, saying that you were working the closing shift. You could talk after, when everyone had gone.
To your fraying nerves, it was also hours later. How did you think you were going to be able to work, knowing what awaited you after?
You sniff, wiping a tear carefully, even though you know your makeup is already ruined. You wonder if it would all be different if you had just been honest from the start. Would Atsumu have been more accepting? A small part of you knows that while your job could be seen as embarrassing or shameful, it’s still an honest way to earn money; you shouldn’t want to date a guy who would be disappointed in your current job of choice.
But you just like Atsumu so much. You’d had a crush on him for like, a whole year, and Atsumu didn’t even like you when you first met, thinking you were a slacker, along with the rest of the student council you were a part of. It was so devastating that you had avoided him for weeks after, and it was only when you hung out together due to having a mutual set of friends that you’d somehow charmed Atsumu. Enough for him to ask you out.
And now, you’re dating! Or at least, you were, until Atsumu breaks up with you tonight, you think sadly.
There are other fish in the sea. It’s true, and this is what you try to remember as you bravely stand up. You’ll have to retouch your makeup before you go out.
But as you do so, your heart beats rebelliously in your chest, saying, Atsumu’s the only one I want.
You somehow manage to get through a full shift without passing out aswell.
Working in the service industry can give you thick skin, but perhaps it’s taught you more than you realize. You didn’t know you could compartmentalize so well.
You feel dread settling like sick green bile over your skin, seeping through your pores until they’ve amalgamated into a disgusting heavy blob at the pit of your stomach. You think you might be nauseous. The feeling only grows worse with each customer that files out of the café, culminating with each of your coworkers leaving one by one to go home.
Sakura, a woman two years your senior and the person who had greeted your boyfriend at the entrance earlier, gives you a comforting hug. “If he breaks your heart, just say the word. I have connections. We’ll beat him up,” she promises.
It makes you smile, however brief.
You’ve just finished putting away the last of the dishes, when you hear a knock on the door. You freeze, unsure if you’re ready for the conversation that’s about to break your heart. Maybe if you don’t respond, Atsumu will go away and you can pretend all is well—
Knocks come again, and this time, they’re more insistent. “Y/N!” It's definitely Atsumu knocking, no doubt. “Are you still here? It’s me.”
You press your hand against your chest. Breathe. Steel yourself. And then you straighten your back, square your shoulders and do your best to be brave.
You wipe your hands on a towel and realize you’re still wearing your maid uniform. God, you should have changed. You hurriedly take off the stupid headband, throwing it on the counter, as you rush to the open the door.
Your bravado is all false though; when you see Atsumu on the other side of the door, you feel all of it leave your body in a rush, away with the wind. You greet him meekly, in a way you’re sure to find pathetic later when you lay in bed all heartbroken.
Atsumu enters with his hands in his pockets, and all you can say is, “I hope you didn’t wait too long.”
“Hm?” Atsumu says, almost absent-mindedly. “Oh, it’s okay. I was just walking around.”
You frown, “For the past three hours?”
Atsumu flashes you a smile. “I sat down at some point too.”
You feel like you’re being pranked. You used to watch a show where they’d play a practical joke on someone, and they’d be filmed the whole time with the crew hiding somewhere close by. There’s something surreal here, something you can’t put a finger on but can’t quite say what.
Atsumu clears his throat before you can think about it any further. “So, are you done here? Are you ready to talk?”
Oh, you think. Here we go.
You nod tightly and almost close your eyes, already flinching at the impact of Atsumu’s next words—
“Well, okay, first of all, I’m sorry,” Atsumu says, and you feel like that’s an awful way to start a breakup. “I shouldn’t have followed you to your job of employment, that’s like, really rude of me, violation of privacy, etcetera, etcetera. I’m also sorry for barging in and passing out, which is,” Atsumu laughs, scratching the back of his head. “Really embarrassing? God, I don’t know why I did that. It must have been the shock. I know you must have kept this all a secret for a reason, and I’m sorry for betraying your trust like that. I really hope you can forgive me, and we can move past this—“
And you really cannot believe your ears. Was Atsumu apologizing…for everything?
Your jaw works as you process what you’ve just heard. Faintly, you say, “You’re sorry?”
Atsumu, who is still in the middle of what can now be called a rambling apology, pauses, and then says, “Yes? Should I not be?”
“You’re not angry?” you ask, voice coming out small. “Or disappointed? Or ashamed? You don’t think I should quit?”
“What?” Atsumu says, like those emotions have never occurred to him. “Fuck no. Why would I be any of those things?”
Your mouth trembles, your bottom lip sliding forward until it’s jutted out into a pout. “So. You’re not going to break up with me?”
“Woah, woah, woah,” Atsumu raises both his hands in alarm. “I do not want to break up. Do you want to break up?”
You shake your head with vehemence.
Atsumu visibly sighs in relief, “Okay, cool. Phew.” He animatedly wipes fake sweat off his forehead. “Great. Nice. Had me worried there for a second. So are we good? Wait—you thought I was going to break up with you?”
You sniff and feel a tear escape. A single one, which is, like, so dramatic, you know, but it just happened, okay? You hurriedly wipe it, as Atsumu hurriedly comes close, hands hovering over you, but not daring to touch.
You don't understand anything that just happened, but you’re pretty sure you still have a boyfriend. Which is why you throw your arms around Atsumu’s waist and bury your face in the crook of his neck. “Hug me,” you wail.
Atsumu shushes you, one hand stroking the back of your head, with the other wrapping around your waist, pressing you closer. “It didn’t even cross my mind. Like, yeah, I was pretty shocked, but it’s not something to be ashamed of, you know? And I really like you a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. Which is plenty—“
You suddenly pull back and smack him on the chest. You feel incensed. “Then why didn’t you say anything before you left, idiot? Do you know how worried I was?”
“First of all, ow,” Atsumu winces, as he rubs the spot you hit. “Second, I was literally so embarrassed that I passed out and that I was probably embarrassing you in front of your co-workers. And you were working, I didn’t want to interrupt you more than I already have.”
Your heart swells up in size. “That,” you say as your pout deepens. “Is so sweet…”
Atsumu frowns. “Then why do you look so sad?”
“Because I’m overwhelmed,” you say. “And because I really, really like you right now. Like so much.”
Atsumu smiles, cooing. “Aww, you’re so cute. But you know what would be even cuter?”
“What?” you say.
Atsumu’s smile widens. “If you smile for me right now?”
The line surprises you, in its cheesiness, in its sweetness. So much so that it genuinely makes you laugh, putting a smile on your face, which, judging by your boyfriend’s expression, is what he’d intended.
“You’re so pretty when you laugh,” Atsumu says, looking at you with eyes so fond it could melt even the iciest of hearts. “I like how you never cover it up.”
“Like you always do?” you tease, still smiling.
“It’s a habit,” Atsumu says, off hand. “Had braces when I was a kid. Got teased so I always covered it up.”
You make a wounded noise. “Kids are so lame. You were probably still really cute.”
“That’s very nice of you to say,” Atsumu says, his hand reaching out to pat what must be a stray hair on the side of your head. And then he says, casually, like it just occurred to him. “Hey, are we the only ones here?”
“Yeah,” you nod, gesturing back towards the kitchen. “I just finished the last of my closing duties when you got here. Which reminds me, I need to get changed. I meant to,” you pause, suddenly sheepish. “But I was so worried about talking to you I forgot. If you can give me five minutes, I can get changed and then maybe we could get something to eat? Or—“
“—Or…” Atsumu echoes, his hand sliding down the side of your head to your neck, before fingering the frilly peter pan collar of your uniform. “You can keep this on.”
You snort, “I am not going to wear this outside of work. That’s so embarrassing—“
Atsumu makes a soft noise of disagreement. It’s absolutely teasing. “But you look so cute in it. You’re usually so covered up, you know?” Atsumu’s other hand slides from your waist down to suddenly cup your ass. He squeezes and you jolt, but it’s almost as if Atsumu expects it, because he just pulls you against him, erasing any space between the two of you. “In your cute sweaters and cardigans. But this. I never imagined you would wear a skirt this short.”
Your face flushes hotly as you defend yourself. “It’s just a uniform. And I’m a little taller than the average worker here, so the skirt ended up being so short! It’s not my choice—“
“So it’s not for your customers,” Atsumu concludes, his voice sympathetic and mocking at the same time. His fingers skim the edge of your skirt, lightly grazing the skin on the back of your thighs. You shiver as goosebumps rise on your skin. “That’s good,” Atsumu continues. “Because I would be really jealous if you were hiding your long legs from me and showing off your thighs covered in lace to all those men. And there were so many men, Y/N. Were they all here for you?”
Embarrassment floods through you, through the same veins where pride is running too. You like the general idea of being popular at the café, especially as someone who likes attention. It’s just not all positive attention. Some men were too brave; forward was perhaps the polite word to describe them, in both the physical and metaphorical sense. You certainly didn’t want to encourage any of them by wearing a shorter skirt. But the thought of Atsumu, heated at the thought of other men fawning over you, pleases you immensely, so much so you forget your embarrassment.
You end up playing it coy. “I’m just doing my job. And I disagree, Tsumu. I don’t hide my legs from you.”
“Okay, then,” Atsumu smiles, sharp, and it feels like you went exactly where Atsumu wanted you to go. “Show them off to me right now.”
“Here?” you squeak.
“Where else?” Atsumu challenges. “Outside? Do you want others to see you get fucked, baby?”
You gasp, feeling like you’ve been struck by lightning at the words. You think you’re meant to further protest, no, Atsumu, I mean, at home, at your apartment—but all thoughts leave your mind. All that remains is what you end up blurting out: “You’re going to fuck me?”
Atsumu leans close and pulls you by the ass against the growing tent in his pants. You close your eyes, overwhelmed by the feeling of Atsumu’s physical want, of feeling Atsumu brush your noses together before nosing his way to your neck. Atsumu inhales, moaning. “If you’re good and pull your skirt up, I will.”
You whimper and feel his hard cock with your own hand through his pants. “How are you so hard already?”
“That’s just what you do to me,” Atsumu says, pulling away from your neck, squeezing your ass one more time before slapping it and letting go. You almost whine at the loss of contact, but the look on Atsumu’s face tells you, behave. “Will you be a good girl?”
You bite your lip. Nod. And then with shaking hands, you grab your skirt and pull it up, slowly revealing the garter straps holding up the lacy part of your stockings.
Atsumu visibly exhales when you stop and orders, “Higher. I want to see everything.”
“But Tsumu—“
“Why are you so shy?” Atsumu asks, raising a brow. “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Or is it something new?”
You squirm under his knowing gaze. He probably knew the moment he had his hands on your ass. You try to explain. “It’s part of the uniform—“
“That wasn’t my question.”
Knowing you’ve been cornered, you squeeze your eyes shut and raise your skirt until everything is showing.
Air kisses every exposed part of your body. The top of your thighs, the uncovered part of your stomach. Even the parts that were covered felt cold.
The ensuing silence is deafening. You wish he would say something. Anything.
You open your eyes and gasp when you see Atsumu on his knees. “Tsumu!”
“I’m so lucky,” Atsumu murmurs, almost to himself. He looks up and meets your eyes. “Do you like wearing this, hm? Lingerie?”
“I—“ you try, but Atsumu looks as if he was caught in a daze, hypnotized by the sight of your pussy, thinly veiled in lace panties. You swallow his pride and admit. “It makes me feel good.”
For your honesty, Atsumu presses a kiss to the meat of your left thigh. He nuzzles his face against it, and you shiver when you feel the caress of his breath against your skin. “Does it make you feel pretty?”
“Very pretty,” you sigh out as Atsumu presses another kiss, this one open mouthed, his tongue licking wet strips of heat all over.
He presses further, nosing his way in between your thighs, kissing every bit of skin he can get to. You try to help him by opening your legs, but they feel shaky. Considering how you’re doing this in the middle of the cafe, you’ve got nothing to hold onto to steady yourself.
“Tsumu,” you bite out, switching to hold your skirt in just one fist, so that you can at least grasp onto his hair. “Tsumu—“
“Yeah?” Atsumu hums from right in between your legs, mouth at the inner juncture of your hip and thigh. You can feel the vibrations of his voice going right to your pussy. If you weren't already sensitive before, you were definitely sensitive now.
God, you need him to touch you, to put his good, pouting mouth to use. And maybe his long fingers too—
You gasp out loud, when you feel teeth bite the meat of your thigh. “Atsumu!” you look down to see him with heavy lidded eyes and his mouth open, tongue in the process of licking the red bite on his skin. That was definitely going to leave a mark.
Atsumu knows it too, with the way his lips slowly grow into a smirk. Maybe that was his intention in the first place. “You keep calling my name, Princess. Is there something you want to say?” says the cat who looks like they got the cream of the crop; if Atsumu can just eat you out already, then he might actually have it.
“Could you,” you begin, putting slight pressure against Atsumu’s head to press his mouth against your clothed cunt. He resists and seems further amused by your growing desperation. “Tsu—mu,” you shudder, your grip tightening on his hair, when he suddenly cups your heat. You choke up, the jolt of pleasure hitting you like lightning, “Please. Please—“
“Please stop?” Atsumu teases, and you immediately shake your head, horror in your eyes. For your strong reaction, Atsumu rewards you with a kiss against your pussy. The heat of it, the knowledge of how it would have felt if you were bare—these things drive you mad, and the sight of Atsumu’s mouth, his thick, plump lips that look like they were made for eating pussy—god, you wish he could just stop teasing you already.
“Eat me out,” you say, voice faint, the size of your want heavy and breathless. Atsumu blinks innocently, and his fingers agonizingly slip the tiniest bit between lace and your bare skin.
“Pardon?” Atsumu says, like the bastard that he is. “Could you repeat that?”
“Atsumu!” You will literally die if he drags it out any longer. “Just,” you cover your face, the words coming out of you in an embarrassed tumble of words. “Please—just eat me out. Please.”
Atsumu makes a wounded sound. “Hmph. Was that so hard?”
You have half a mind to leave him here on the floor to finger yourself and cum on your own terms, but Atsumu suddenly slides his hands up to your hips, stopping you from making any moves. “Relax, stop acting like you’re being edged—“
“What would you know about edging?” you say miserably, earning a pinch. “Ow,” You pout.
Atsumu huffs as he unhooks the garter straps. “I feel like I’ve been edged this entire time. The thought of you wearing this outfit… do you know how much self-control I had to have to wait until your shift was over?”
The thought of Atsumu walking around the streets of Shinjuku, thinking about fucking you in your maid uniform, is so pleasing, you have to bite your lip to stop from smiling.
“Oh,” Atsumu says with interest, finger wrapping around the white garter strap. “Do you like that? The thought of your boyfriend suffering? Driven insane at the thought of you?” Atsumu pouts, tugging down the garter. “That’s a little mean, baby.”
“I am not—“
Atsumu pulls down your panties and you’re made to swallow whatever words you meant to say. You obediently step out of them and watch as Atsumu pockets them in his jeans. You release a soft breath at your bare pussy now suddenly so close to his mouth. Atsumu holds you, holds your stare, before giving you a coquettish lick.
It was brief, wet—a taste, really. Atsumu licks his lips, like he can’t wait to have more, moving slowly (as if you need any more prep) and then kisses his way down like he has all the time in the world.
Patience is a virtue, and Atsumu is intent on reminding you of it. The essence of a good orgasm is when you’re made to work for it.
And god, he’s making you work for it. He licks a long stripe from top to bottom, nose nudging against your aching clit, before finally plunging his tongue straight where you’ve been aching for him. He licks slowly, tongue swirling around your hole as you feel yourself getting wetter. You try very hard to stay still, to not fuck against his mouth, knowing full well Atsumu would leave you hanging if you step out of line.
He pulls off and his lips are evidently slick, even in the darkness of the cafe. “You’re so quiet. So behaved. Not even going to try to pull on my hair?”
You shake your head. “I don’t want you to stop.”
Atsumu hums, pleased, his thumb pressing briefly against your clit that it takes your breath away. The feeling, so electric. “My good girl. I taught you well, didn’t I?”
You nod, not caring how much of a fool you are for a man’s hands and mouth.
“Keep being good, and someday, I’ll let you ride my face too,” Atsumu promises. “Now, make a little noise for me. I want to hear you moan. Do you know how good girls moan?”
You shake your head.
“I’ll show you,” Atsumu smiles, before diving back in. His tongue moves all the way in until his nose nudges against your clit again, lips giving pressure at just the right spots. You moan loud, the sound pulled out of you, and it echoes in the dark empty cafe. Atsumu is equally cruel and good for doing this, for not letting you hold onto anything but the sanity of your skirt, for doing this in your place of work. My god, you just realized the shutters of the windows weren’t down.
This realization somehow doubles the pleasure. It surprises you, the things you didn’t even know you would be into. It’s raining outside and dark inside, so you doubt you would be seen, but just the thought of it sends pleasure down your spine.
You can barely think, not with the way Atsumu keeps tonguing your gummy walls. You lose yourself to the sensation of pleasure, of wanting more of it, of pleasure, and of more and more and more—
“Tsumu,” you warn, almost squirming away. You’re a hair away from coming. You try to pull Atsumu off but to no avail. “Tsumu, stop, I’m going to come—“
Atsumu pulls off only to say. “And I’m hungry, baby. Let me eat.”
And starts licking more fervently, hitting all your sweet spots, the pressure building and building until one lick, two licks, three licks— and finally, his tongue sends you so deliciously over the edge.
Shivers run down your spine as you ride out your high, Atsumu’s tongue not slowing down even a beat as he swallows all your slick like a champ. 
You let yourself fall to your knees and take Atsumu’s cheeks in your hands to kiss him fully on the mouth. You never once thought you’d like the taste of your own cum. You feel a little nasty for it, but with the way Atsumu’s tongue enthusiastically meets yours, you think he doesn’t mind it at all.
You pull away, if only to catch your breath, something Atsumu doesn’t seem to need. He moves on to your neck, kissing, sucking marks light enough to heal by tomorrow. His hand reaches up to unbutton the first row of buttons on your top. It’s hard to see in the dark, and it leads to Atsumu’s frustration rising to an impatient peak. He ends up tearing the buttons off, and you gasps, “This is my uniform—“
“I’ll pay to get it fixed,” Atsumu promises with a sigh as his hand makes contact with your chest. “God, if you didn’t look so good in this, I would have had you naked by now. I want to see your body. I want my mouth all over you. I want to see goosebumps rise all on your skin. I want to tease your nipples until they’re all hard in my mouth. And your fucking legs, I want to take my time kissing them all day, and I wouldn’t stop, not even if you begged—“
You squirm under his hands, squeezing your legs like a bitch in heat. As if you didn’t just come. Your hole clenches on instinct, around nothing—you whimper, “Will you?”
Atsumu shakes his head. “Maybe next time, sweetheart. I’m think I’m just dying to fuck you today.”
You breathe; the promise has you feeling hot. You run your hand through strands of your hair, wondering which position Atsumu wants you in today. 
“Can you stand?”
Your heart does a little swoop, a little tumble, before landing into a tizzy right in your ribcage. You shrug as he stands up and extends a hand towards you. “I’ll try.”
You take it, and Atsumu does his part, pulling you up with the light ease of a man who definitely goes to the gym every day. You stand, but your legs are predictably loose. You crash right into his chest, as he holds you steady by the waist.
You look up into your boyfriend’s eyes, and all you can think is, handsome. 
Atsumu cups your cheek. “Hi.”
“Hi,” you say back, just as softly. You close your eyes, leaning up to kiss him, and smile when he meets you halfway. When you pull apart, you open your eyes.
Atsumu gestures at the nearest table. “Go stand in front of the table,” he says. “You can hold yourself up on it.”
You, fuck-strucked, follow without asking any questions. You stand in front of it, placing both of your hands on the table, before sticking your ass out. You turn around to look and see Atsumu taking off his jacket, his thin shirt stretching over his defined chest. God, you think. He is so hot. 
You wait until Atsumu is looking before you ask. “Just like this?”
Atsumu’s eyes darken—you know you can be so oblivious at times, but you’re well aware of how you look right now. Hair disheveled, blush-struck, and wearing a dress that’s partly torn. You look like you’re begging to be fucked.
“Yeah,” Atsumu’s eyes are making their way down to your legs. You shiver in anticipation when he steps closer, and you sigh sweetly when Atsumu presses his body against yours. “Just like this.” Atsumu’s hand caresses your thigh, making its way inward, fingers lightly sweeping against your sensitive cunt. “You’re so sexy, you know that?”
You nearly shake your head. You must be, to have Atsumu so eager for you, but you’ve rarely heard it from anyone. You’re good at making other people laugh while acting silly or saying something funny. You’re good at being cute, and you can admit to being exceptionally charming. But sexy is not a word that’s used to describe you often, and you can’t hide how good it makes you feel, to hear your boyfriend say it.
“Your body is amazing,” Atsumu praises, his hands sliding up to your waist “I can’t believe anyone can have a waist this small and have hips that just flare out like this.” Against your ear, he whispers, “You already know how I feel about your legs, but you know my favorite is your ass, right?”
You tense when you feel Atsumu steady your hip with one hand. He soothes you immediately. “Shh, just relax, baby.” Then you feel it—Atsumu’s hand slowly dipping lower, until his fingers are circling your hole. His hand is cold, but you forget it soon enough when he slides a finger in. He goes slow, and you do your best to relax, breathing steadily in and out. “So tight,” Atsumu says. “It’s been a while since we’ve done this, huh?”
“I’m sorry,” you say, closing your eyes, letting Atsumu work his finger in and out until you’re used to the stretch. “I’ve really been so busy with this job. There really hasn’t been any time for us to—ohhh—“
Atsumu adds another finger, and you feel the stretch much more intensely now, hissing when he scissors them. “Good?” Atsumu asks, kissing your ear. “Okay, sweetheart?”
“Go faster?” you pant out, pushing back to chase the length of Atsumu’s fingers back into your dripping hole.
“So greedy,” Atsumu chuckles, the sound deep. Greedy has never sounded so good, and with the way Atsumu fucks his fingers faster, harder, inside you, you can’t find any reason to think it isn’t actually praise. “You want another one?”
Yes, you think but say something else instead. “Want your cock instead.”
“Not yet,” Atsumu says, adding another finger instead. This time, when he presses in, he curls his fingers just so, pulling back and doing it again and again until his fingers rub against the perfect spot.
You keen when he hits it, causing you to almost fall forward, barely saved by your own arms holding you up. You can barely last, not with the way Atsumu’s hitting against your sweet spot—you end up with your cheek pressed against the hardwood of the table, moaning high-pitched and loud.
You think you can come again, just like this. It wouldn’t be the first time. Atsumu’s good at pulling orgasms out of you, taking advantage of your fast recovery period. You’re both eager and terrified of the day he decides to find out exactly how many orgasms he can wring out of you.
“Tsumu,” you call out. “I think, again—“
You’re punished for it. Atsumu takes his fingers out suddenly, leaving you so, so empty. You whine, tears growing in your eyes. “Atsumu, please—“ 
You’re shushed, your ass patted. “You said you wanted cock, and now that I’m giving it to you, you’re whining. It’s up to you, baby. How do you want to come? On fingers or cock?”
You can’t believe he’s asking. As if it’s a choice. This man drives you crazy. “Cock,” you choke out. “I want your cock. Atsumu, please. Please—“
You hear him unbuckling his belt, and god, you love it when you fuck facing each other, because of all things, you’re a goddamn romantic who dies for eye contact. But this, getting taken from behind, you think you could be convinced. Your imagination runs wild at not being able to see what he’s doing. Is his hair sticking to his forehead? Are his cheeks flushed, red or pink? Is he pulling his cock out right now? Is he hard? Is he stroking himself, is he slicking himself up, all nice and wet, just so he can slide right in? God, you feel crazy. You’ve never been this cock-hungry ever, but it’s been a while since you’ve seen your boyfriend’s dick.
Something blunt presses against your hole, and you force yourself to exhale. You press your sweat-slicked forehead against the wood and readies yourself to take it.
“Easy now,” Atsumu says, a strain in his voice. You don't know how he can stave his own orgasm off like this. He’s so strong. Atsumu pushes in, his cock sliding in slowly, controlled, until he bottoms out. Your pulse is as fast as a hummingbird, right underneath your skin, and your breath is coming out in short measures.
“Full,” you breathe, taking a moment to adjust. You feel Atsumu wait, petting the skin of your hip as he does so, until you speak. “Move.” 
Atsumu does as he’s told, moving in a slowly steady pace. You can hear him let out a breath too, more of a ragged moan than anything. You like to hear it, your boyfriend slowly losing himself in your wet heat. You reach back, pulling your skirt all the way up so that he has a clear view of it.
“Fuck,” Atsumu exclaims, punctuating it with a harder thrust. He slaps your ass as he speeds up. “God, baby, the way you suck me in. Perfect, perfect. You were made for me, weren’t you?”
“Yes, yes!” you mewl, spreading your legs wider, opening yourself further so he can fill you completely. “I’m yours Tsumu, only yours—“
A sudden shout echoes from the distance, and your eyes widen. Atsumu stops, mid-fuck, pausing too, to see where the noise came from. You lift your head, and through the window, you can see two people running to take cover under the awning of the café. Two men, it looks like, hiding from the rain.
Your heart stops in your chest when one of them turns to look inside the café, but the lack of light seems to save both of you because they just turn back to look towards the rain. They seem to be talking, but the rain mutes whatever words they say.
Thank god, you think and attempt to stand up—when Atsumu’s hand pushes you back down. Atsumu drapes himself over your back, his cock still inside you. “Where do you think you’re going?” he whispers.
Your heart seems to start beating again right here, pounding hard against your chest as you realize what he wants to do. “You want to keep going?”
“Might as well, right?” Atsumu teases, grinding his hips against yours. Your eyes flutter shut at the sensation. Atsumu seems to envelop you entirely, his hands intertwining with yours. “It doesn’t look like they can see us. And I still haven’t cum yet. Don’t be selfish.”
“I’m not,” you deny in a loud whisper. “What if they hear us? Or actually see us? They’re right there!”
“They won’t notice as long as you’re quiet,” Atsumu assures. “Unless… you want them to notice. Do you want to get caught with my cock in you? Would you like that?”
You make a noise of denial, but Atsumu continues on, moving his hips, driving his cock in and out of your puckering hole. “It does sound nice, doesn’t it? I bet you get hit on all the time, pretty as you are. Do you tell them you have a boyfriend already? You’re such a good girl to me, you probably do. But I bet they all still want you anyway. They see your gorgeous face and your long legs, and go home to their sad beds wishing they had you under them.”
You try to shake your head, but Atsumu cuts you off, beginning to pound harder. The slap of skin against skin sounds so loud, and you can’t help but keep your eyes trained on the two people waiting under the rain outside, praying they don’t look, that they they don’t see, and yet, the thought of being caught makes a thrill run through you, makes heat blossom beautifully in your gut.
“You know I’m right,” Atsumu says, heated. “I could see it. How much they want you. I bet they dream of pushing you down on the table like this, hiking your skirt up and sticking their cock in every hole you have. Would you let them cum inside you, baby? Would you let them fill you up?”
He’s fucking you so deep, you can’t think. Can’t think beyond the cock driving into you over and over again. You can only say, “Only you. I only want you, just you—“ while babbling Atsumu’s name again and again until the words lose meaning.
“That’s right,” Atsumu pants, his breath coming out harsh against your ear. “Everyone else can dream of you like this, but only I get to touch you like this. Only I get to have you. You’re only good for me, right?”
“Yes, yes!” You cry out, dizzy for an orgasm. “Tsumu, touch me, touch me—“
“I got you, baby,” Atsumu reaches under and his fingers find your clit, rubbing with just the right pressure. You gasp out in absolute pleasure—the combination of his cock abusing your hole, and his fingers on your bundle of nerves has you seeing stars.
It’s Atsumu’s voice that does you in, though, a strangled order that’s more desperate than anything. “Cum.”
You come all around his cock until you’ve got nothing else to give.
Atsumu fucks you through it, chasing his own orgasm viciously before pulling out and coming all over your ass.
It’s warm.
Atsumu pulls himself up and collapses beside you. It takes a couple moments to catch your breaths. You catch each other’s eyes as you do so, and both of you reach for each other, lips meeting in a languid kiss that’s the exact opposite of the frenzied state you were just in.
Atsumu pulls away first, and you give him a couple more peck before finally getting up.
You’re the first to speak. “That was—“
Atsumu nods, exhaling, “Yeah, that was… really hot.” He wipes his hand on the table, before pushing himself up, tucking his cock back in his pants and buckling his belt again.
You belatedly realize that Atsumu didn’t even take his clothes off, minus his jacket. In comparison, you must look like a mess. Reality starts setting in. You’ll have to disinfect the table, re-mop the floors, and oh god—you whip your head to the window, only to find nobody there. “Oh no,” you say, voice faint, “Do you think—“
“Stop thinking,” Atsumu comforts you, brushing your hair back to neatness with his clean hand. “They probably went home. And if they saw anything, what would they say? That they stayed and watched? More embarrassing for them.”
You frown but let it go. You don't even know where to start. You feel so dazed, so out of it.
“Sweetheart?” Atsumu tilts his head to the side, brows furrowing in worry. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” you reassure, “Just—help me? Your cum is on my ass and on the floor and you need to give me back my underwear.”
Atsumu smiles innocently. “I’ll help. But I keep the underwear.”
“Tsumu!” You say, appalled. “I can’t go home without underwear. I have to take the subway.”
Atsumu sticks his hand in his pocket, where you know your panties are. “I’ll pay for your taxi home. Y/N, please. Don’t you want me to have something to remember this by?”
You narrow your eyes, “You are so sick—“
Atsumu laughs, already knowing you’re going to give in. He pulls you into a hug that melts whatever annoyance he’d caused and makes good on his word to help you clean.
Just as you finished changing out of your uniform, something dawns on you. “Hey,” you call out to Atsumu who’s scrolling through his phone as he waits for you. “Where did you go after you passed out earlier? You said you wandered around, did you not just go home?”
Atsumu looks caught. He scratches the back of his neck, looking sheepish as he confesses. “I didn’t go home.”
“Huh?” you say, dumbly. “But I still had three hours left in my shift. Were you just waiting around the area until I was done?”
“I would have lost it if I went home,” Atsumu says, hushed, fiddling with his phone. “I needed to be around people so I wouldn’t have a mental breakdown over your maid outfit.”
“So….” you trail off as you put it all together. “Are you telling me… you walked around Shinjuku on the verge of a mental breakdown, but because you knew you still wanted to fuck me… you refused to go home?”
Atsumu smiles, throwing a peace sign up trying to look cute, but says nothing else. 
You stare at him for a good moment, before shaking your head. “You are so lucky you’re hot. I thought you were sooo cool before. I can’t believe I had a crush on you for so long—“
“Huh?” Now it was Atsumu’s turn to look at you, dumbfounded. You panic, realizing you said something you shouldn’t have. “I mean—I am kind of hungry. You didn’t have dinner, I didn’t have dinner. We should go!”
And then immediately head to the door and out into the world, leaving Atsumu to call out after you. “Y/N, wait! What do you mean you had a crush on me! You—“
“Is this allowed?” Sakura whispers to Hira, who was busy figuring out where to seat their customers. She was pointing at their new regular customer, a bastard (her words) with blond hair who only ordered iced americanos and monopolized their star employee’s time.
Hira shrugs. “As long as he’s not driving customers away, I do not care. I don’t think Kiyoko cares either. To her, it’s more money.”
Sakura squints at the guy, who was alternating between staring at you and giving your other regular customers the stink eye. She supposes it’s good. There was less harassment these days, like having a rabid guard dog that barked selectively at threats. So well-trained.
Oh well, she shrugs. She supposes it’s none of her business. All that matters is she’s getting paid. Besides, it’s not like they’re doing anything too weird.
The kitchen calls out an iced americano, and Sakura sighs, calling you over.
“Yes!” you come over, brightly. “What is it?”
Sakura smiles, “Your boyfriend’s order is here. Go take it, or else he’ll pout like last time when I gave it to him.”
Your lips pinch, like the number three. You look like you’re trying really hard not to look pleased by it. Sakura rolls her eyes, pushing you gently towards your boyfriend. “Sickening. Go, before I puke.”
You laugh and happily go over to where Atsumu was busy doing homework.
“Hi,” you announce yourself.
Atsumu looks up and pouts. “That’s not my order.”
You frown, “But this is your order. This is the kitten special. Iced Americano delivered by your kitten.”
Atsumu shakes his head, like he’s the expert on the cafe’s specials. “No,” he corrects. “Something is missing.”
“What?” You ask.
Atsumu pulls something out from his bag and presents it like a ring, “This! Your kitten ears headband—Baby, wait, please come back. Just wear the ears, please—”
Tumblr media
a/n: this originally had a different plot. it was also originally sfw LOL but i went crazy during finals and then decided i needed to write something self indulgent… so here we are!!! i hope you enjoyed it :’)
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shoyotime · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
FT. oikawa, kuroo, atsumu, akaashi, bokuto
W. mentions of drinking
AN. reposting :( i only found one taglist, i'll add the second one when i do :(
Tumblr media
offended because he's your boyfriend and you refuse to recognize him. it's just a series of 'y/n i'm your boyfriend,' and 'no, you're not. my boyfriend is prettier,' he's literally suffering because it's getting late and people keep giving him weird looks. tries to convince you using pictures in his phone but still no avail because, "listen mister, i know how photoshopping works." is all you say, paying no attention to his words. finally gives up and helps you sober up a bit before you recognize him and you both leave after two hours of constant suffering. literally tells you not to use your brain when you're drunk because the photoshopping move took him away.
finds it interesting and decides to play along. says "your boyfriend doesn't have to know," with his famous shit eating grin, however, is taken aback as you gasp and slap his hand away from you. kuroo is happy that even in the lack of soberness, you won't go with any other man but at this point, it's getting too much and he's just exhausted. says something like, "let's go home, y/n," and grabs your hand, only to get punched in the face. he hopes his nose isn't broken. takes you home once you realize that he's your boyfriend because "you both look a little too similar— oh, tetsu?!" you're a little too late, y/n. please buckle up because you aren't hearing a end of this anytime soon and kuroo is the type to hold grudges <3
so fucking embarrassed because you just said, "i will report you for sexual assault," a little too loud and the people around are now sending him glares. as much as he loves you, he might really be regretting some decisions and the one to let you drink alone is on the top of the list. had to clarify using pictures on his phone and other things before someone calls cops on him. for some reason you remember osamu even when you're wasted ( which he's still offended about ) and call him to help you get home. you wouldn't stop saying things like, "samu, who is this weird man? where is tsum?" and it pains him physically.
tired. it's late night and he wants to sleep so bad. doesn't take shit from anyone, just picks you up and walks out. ( akaashi is very capable of that, i know ) definitely gets weird stares about it but no one really questions since you aren't opposed to his actions. if you don't recognize him, he washes you face until you get a minimum hold of yourself. turns out you actually recognized him a while later and apologize to him the next morning. he doesn't let you drink alone ever again. kinda salty that you didn't try to stop him when he picked you up because it could've been anyone else. just be ready for a lecture.
in tears, honestly. it's not like you accidently hit him or anything. you're not even listening to him. he's the sitting beside you, begging you to come with him while you keep rambling about how amazing and hot your boyfriend is. and as much as he likes compliments, he clearly doesn't appreciate them at 2 am when you refuse to recognize him. "y/n, let's go home," — "you know, kou used to call me that," — "that's because it's your name?!" — yeah you have this moment with him and it kills you the next morning because you remember everything. when he asks you to come home a little too firmly, you glare at him and refuse, saying that you already have a boyfriend, he's not sure if he should be happy or crying. finally you pass you and he takes you home, sigh <3
Tumblr media
taglist in the rbs.
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inakugo · a day ago
rejecting the haikyuu boys confession
prompt: “where the haikyuu bros are pinning for reader for like the lOnGesT time, and when they finally confess to them, they get turned down because the reader is insecure and does not feel like they dont deserve to be in a relationship / feel as if they would miraculously screw it up.”
requested by: @sentientlawnclippings
HQ MASTERLIST — should i do a pt. 2 of this?? to fulfill the angst/comfort in the end of insecure reader?? hehe
Tumblr media
OIKAWA has never been rejected. not once. so, why was he experiencing it for the first time with the love of his life? sure, throughout the years of your friendship, oikawa had made small jokes and jabs on how you two were always going to get married and have a happy family — but he never expected you to actually believe that. he definitely wanted that ending, but why didn’t he realize you grew more distant with his constantly teasing? the way you didn’t feel like you deserved his love because he flirted with you the same way he did to his disposable fans? did you not see the different between the both? the way you made him stutter and blush while they just filled his ego?
“sorry, oikawa,” you smiled softly as you touched his cheek, “i don’t think it’s a good idea.”
“yn, please give me a chance.” he pleaded.
“you look at me the same way you look at everyone else, tooru. you deserve someone better.”
BOKUTO was oblivious, to say the least. he always was last to pick up on things, constantly left in the state of confusion in any situation. it wasn’t an excuse he could cling onto any longer as you sobbed in his arms. regret filling his body as he watched your figure shake, the wetness of your tears staining his shirt. if he had known how you had felt the whole time, and if he wasn’t so goddamn oblivious, he would have spoke up sooner. but no, here he was, soothing you as you broke his heart.
“you have such a future ahead of you, why would you want to drag me along with you?” looking up at him slightly, he felt as if his chest was being stabbed repeatedly with each word you spoke.
his fingers quickly caught your tears, “i cant picture a future without you, yn.”
“i’m sorry, bo. i’m not worth it, i refuse to be the one to hold you back.”
KUROO wasn’t joking. no, he definitely was being serious. so why were you laughing in his face as he confessed? his stomach turned, he could throw up at any moment now. only you could look so beautiful as you disregarded his feelings, unintentionally ripping his heart out of his chest. did you think he wasn’t good enough for you? or that it was so outlandish to be with him, that it was funny? either way, he didn’t enjoy your reaction. not one bit.
“very funny, kuroo.” you shook your head, focusing your attention back on your notebook.
his eyes widened, not leaving your form, “and if i wasn’t joking?”
“a guy like you being with a joke like me? you’re a comedian, tetsu.”
TENDOU always got turned down, he was used to it. the last time this happened, he didn’t even let it phase him. so why did it hurt so much more this time? he clenched his pillow between his arms and thighs in a fetal position, his bed giving him that hug of warmth he needed so desperately. tears contaminating his sheets as he let out a loud cry, the pillow muffling the noise. recalling his last conversation with you— when did it go wrong? when did he mess up?
“quit teasing me.”
his lips curved into a mischievous smile, “i’m serious, yn. i’m in love with you.”
his smile dropped at the tears brimming in your eyes, “do you enjoy playing with my feelings? please, just leave me alone, tendou.”
ATSUMU could quite literally have anyone he wanted. throughout your entire friendship of him sleeping around, you accepted it. so, when he finally realized two weeks ago he had been in love with you, he made it his goal to make you his. what he didn’t realize was, this entire time of pinning for you, he suppressed his feelings. oh, he was jealous you were talking to a girl? he started to sleep with her. he didn’t like the way that man flirted with you? he’d flirt back with him before you had the chance to. he always thought it was the attention you received other than him that made him uncomfortable, and not the fact that you could have a romantic future that didn’t include him. why didn’t he know you could see that perfectly clear? and as you rejected him coldly, he finally understood one thing. he was already too late.
“i love you, atsumu,” you sighed as you sipped your coffee, “but don’t ruin our friendship because you feel the need to sleep with everyone that surrounds you.”
“yn, please,” he watched you with sore eyes, “i really mean it. i want to spend the rest of my life with you.”
“i did too, once,” he watched your mouth closely, “but, there could never be an ‘us’, atsumu. only a ‘you’.”
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dragonslayer-5fanfiction · 2 days ago
How the boys react when they fart around you.
part 2
A/n: there's a headcannon thats how the boys react when you faint in front of them, by @haikyuu-philia but every time I glance at it, I think it says fart instead of faint. And then I thought how would they react if they fart. Anyways, this might break my writers block.
Tsum tsum: he would trap you under the blanket and laugh. Those siblings tendencies never die.
Hinata: would crop dust you, 100% and just go on with his day. It's a normal body function and he wouldn't think twice
Bokuto: would turn away from you and fart, his sister taught him its not nice to fart on others. On the plus side, he always says excuse me.
Daichi: absolutely embarrassed. Like he knows it's normal, but he's embarrassed. Red face, refuses to meet your eye.
Sugawara: farts on you and then looks you in the eye and says "we're close now."
Kita: I was going to say he never farts, but you know what, he has the stinkiest farts of them all. He tries not to do it around others, but you know they sometimes slip out. He does have the decency to excuse himself though.
Kuroo: runs to the bathroom anytime he has to fart. Refuses to fart around others.
Oikawa: has the loudest farts right after he wakes up, but other than that he doesn't fart.
Iwa: once in a blue moon, when he's not feeling well. And they always stink.
Matsukawa: does that thing where he farts and cups it, and puts on someone. He does it to his siblings a lot, and they GAG.
Hanamaki: rarely farts, but when he does it's the like continous motorboat ones?? Sometimes it's funny. Won't lie.
Kenma: silent farts that stink up the room and gag anyone walking in, but only when he's super anxious
Kageyama: very dainty farts. And he always turns red in the face. Tries to pretend that it didn't happen.
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rintones · a day ago
Prompt -> what the title says
genre -> fluff
Characters -> Suna Rinataro & Miya Atsumu
an -> wrote this at 3am while I was cuddling my pillow
Tumblr media
⤷ Atsumu loves to cuddle into your chest
⤷LOVES when you play with his hair and if you stop he gets all whiny and puts your hand back on his head “baby why’d ya stop?”
⤷ 70% of the time he ends up falling asleep; he can’t help it you’re just too comfortable
⤷ he gets all tired and clingy after a long day at practice jk he’s always clinging
⤷ walks into your shared apartment mumbling a ‘I’m home’ as he takes his shoes off, tossing his gym bag on the floor
⤷ searches the house for you and when he finds you in bed he throws himself onto you ready to get his daily y/n cuddles
“Hi tsumu, how was practice?” you say running your fingers through his dyed hair earning a groan. “tirin’, I missed ya.” he mumbled snuggling deeper into your chest. “missed you too tsumu.” a soft smile forming on your face when you look down to see him already asleep.
⤷ grade A cuddler
⤷ never wants to admit he wants to cuddle and always tries to make it seem like you’re the clingy one
⤷ would die a happy man in your arms (he would never tell you that though)
⤷ when you do end up cuddling—after Rin sucks it up like a man and admits that he was in fact the one that wanted to cuddle—he doesn’t let you get up
⤷ you need to pee? “five more minutes.” Thirsty? “drink your spit.” Limbs numb? “stop being a crybaby y/n.” But best believe he will let you get up if the hallway light is still on. “babe can you go turn the hallway light off it’s to bright.”
Suna and you lay in bed while a show plays in the background, you guys were catching up on the last few episodes. Your legs were tangled and arms around eachothers neck. “Rinnie I need to use the bathroom.” you whine trying to untangle your limbs from his, but to your dismay Suna just holds tighter. “but I’m so comfy, can’t you hold it till the morning?” and though it sounds like a question you know he won’t let you up. Fortunately, you know a trick. “Rin the hallway light is still on. If I can’t get up can you at least go shut it off?” “never mind you can go.”
Tumblr media
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HOW THEY KISS YOU — haikyuu drabble
[idea popped out of nowhere so if you see anything similar, always remember, “great minds think alike, small minds rarely differ” or whatever]
CONTAINS : idk, implied aged up, implied official relationship, implied short reader, kissing, making out, marking some territory, fluffy kinda, suggestive maybe, me swearing, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Sakusa, Suna, Atsumu, Osamu, GN!reader, not proofread
the type to cradle your face when kissing.
in the moment, his lips touch yours first before his hands reach up to trace your jawline.
and they'll just rest there, maybe his thumbs will trace your cheekbone as well, occasional gentle rubs.
especially when he pulls away to look at your face.
also, maybe if the moment is less passionate, maybe more lead by heat, lust, or anger.
his hands could find peace in the nape of your neck.
maybe he'll run his fingers through your hair that way, it slowly goes up, so he'll be pulling your face toward his
a sloppy kiss, if you will.
playing with your hair should be like a little headcanon, I feel like he does it. [unless there are complications I don't dare to bring up]
every so often, I feel like he pecks
also, I don't find him the type to mark, strangely
I do like the idea of you marking him and then him pulling up to work the next day.
“COACH GOT LAID” or some shit.
this man's would love to be dominated don't tell me otherwise.
like, if you're laying down, things are getting heated, he'd simply pick you up to sit on his stomach..... or lower.
and then you two would make out, your hands in his hair which is surprisingly soft, and his hands kinda reaching down low on your azzeria.
making out is so weird like why do people do—
anyways, since we already have “power top” and “power bottom”, power switch pretty much just sounds fucking stupid, what are they? versatile? [that was supposed to be a joke until I looked it up]
like, bro, just take the initiative when you feel like it, you're not being bossy, tops do it all the time and you like it
passionate makeout session.
he's the type to put his hands on your fucking waist
that shit would simply kill me.
maybe after making out, he'll kiss your forehead, let his hands rest there for a bit while you to just stare at one another............................ lovingly.
aggressive makeout session.
won't miss the opportunity to grab your ass.
maybe one will be at the small of your back so you don't subconsciously resist.
or at the back of your neck and one just aggressively squeezing your ass while he eats your face or some shit
I like this.
if you're laying down, he'd deffo be on top.
his hands would be a makeshift pillow for you in this case.
also, kisses behind the ear, very sugoi, very swag.
occasional grinding, yes yes.
anyways, if you want to be wholesome with this man, kisses on the side of the head are always there for you
he'd do it any chance he gets
in the middle of a conversation with his friends, you're next to him probably feeling neglected,,
while you're doing something, making a snack, using your phone, watching television
before bed as well
just BAM, kiss.
this kiss is so powerful it can make your bad day just.... a regular day..
it's one of the ways he regularly shows his appreciation for you and your being every moment of everyday.
and with that thought, that instinctual thought to why he does it at random, makes you relax when he does it to calm you down.
also kisses you down low on your hips.
this man gives the gentlest. kisses. on planet. fucking. earth..
like, dude, his kisses are your WEAKNESS.
he could exploit that weakness by making you dismiss an argument.
but he doesn't because that would be seriously unhealthy and you two could instead communicate and resolve your problems like civilized people.
dude. he'd kiss your forehead, your cheeks—maybe do that thing where he just... touches his cheek with yours, because... people do that for some reason.
he gives me old man vibes, so I'm going with it.
he'd kiss around a boo-boo of yours as well.
if you had a cut on your finger, or a scrape on your forearm, he'd kiss your mother. fucking. pulse. like a mother. fucking. gentleman.
and then he'd kiss your lips because you asked.
not the palm that's fucking disgusting
casual kisses... he doesn't do that, your kisses are nice and pleasurable in the moment, not too common but not in an unhealthy way.
If you're in the position, you're laying down on the bed, he just climbs in with you, rests on your stomach, his chin in between your chest, he leans over, he kisses you, trailin down to your jawline, you lift your head and make space for him to kiss t h e r e.
collarbone kisses are elegant, too. he does that, favorite place to mark.
at the edge of your lip kisses.
likes to kiss your anywhere where you got a mole/beauty mark/tattoo/scar.
I feel like making out isn't his thing, but if he does he's fucking awesome at it.
nape kisses. pog.
he'd sneak up to you, wrap his arms around your waist from the back, whisper your name in a sing-songy tone
of course he wouldn't do this in public, intrusive thoughts.
if you're laying down tho, he'd be on top, your hands being pinned on each side of the bed, near your head, his fingers intertwining with yours as he slowly kisses from your rising chest to your plush lips.
he's sitting, staring into his pc as he focuses on his game
you randomly go to sit on his lap for whatever reason you think you should do it.
he looks at you for a moment then back at the screen to pause.
placing the controller down on the table behind you to indicate full attention.
he's all yours.
he knows full well what you're demanding rn tho.
his hands are on your fucking ARMS when he kisses you
just rubbing, up and down, and then they go to your back
to your neck.
and then right there, just below your jawline his thumbs rest.
he's groping you as well.
we have passionate tsumu : grabbing your ass.
aggressive 'tsumu : grabbing your ass.
and casual 'tsumu : kissing collarbone.
collarbone is life.
sometimes he'd kiss, like, in the chest as well.
like, in there, in your shirt, he'd be digging to kiss the top of your chest.
anyways, groping your ass passionately, he'd be using both hands, and very gentle.
bro, I just realized his hands just be fucking huge.
anyways, if you're on a bed, he'd be the type to pin you down as your making out.
nothing better than a dom who's good at dominating being dominated by someone who's good at dominatin'
being aggressive with 'tsumu must be......... yeah.
he's most likely be holding you anywhere to put you in place, your arms, your waist, the back of your neck/head, and off course :
your ass.
I don't know, it's, like, his favorite thing.
he would sleep on it probably if it's even soft enough
also, back to the collarbone.
just like oikawa, he'd randomly stuff his face in your shoulder or something, give you a good sniff before kissing the spot.
'tsumu has two moods :
sometimes whenever he'd simultaneously be on both, you'd be on a field trip.
with your first kiss, one of his hands rested on your shoulder, and the other the back of your head.
kind of possessive, but gentle in a sense.
I also feel like he's an underboob type of guy.
and just like sakusa :
a mother. fucking. gentleman.
gently pecks you anywhere convenient anytime.
had a phase where he'd peck the tip of your nose.
he thought it was cute but stopped when you told him it tickled.
but after while you encouraged him to do it again
and not it's his thing.
instead of kissing your forehead when you fall asleep, he kisses your nose
whispers a soft “I love you” to your ear before retreating to rest himself
unlike sakusa, however, he isn't afraid to kiss the palm of your hand.
but he also kisses the inside of your wrist, it's literally the best thing a person could do.
not me falling asleep near the end and waking up to this
Tumblr media
also kisses your abdomen, I can see that, very much, yes.
isn't afraid to kiss the top of your head tho
while teaching you how to cook, his arms around your waist, quietly instructing you this and that
if you're frustrated or doing well, he'd kiss the top of your head
reassuring or reward, it works either way
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"Hey," Atsumu asks as soon as he steps out of the bathroom. "Did you finish my shampoo?"
"No," you answer, eyes still on your phone as you do your daily aimless social media scrolling. "Why?"
"I'm almost out."
"Wait, what shampoo?" You turn your head to meet his gaze, but as you tended to do, you look anywhere but his eyes. You see that he has a towel over his head. You see that his sweatpants are low on his hips. And you see that there is nothing covering his chest.
His amazingly toned, wonderfully built, completely naked chest.
You quickly avert your eyes, but it's too late. He's seen. He knows.
You should have been ready for this, because you know Atsumu is an athlete. He works out for a living as a professional volleyball player. You should've been prepared for the inevitable moment that you would see your guy roommate naked, but he's been completely not rude and not naked around you ever.
It's his fault. He tricked you into lowering your guard.
"This shampoo," he says, almost smugly, and you can imagine the way he walks when he saunters over. He hovers the bottle by the side of your head and you feel your face heat up.
"I didn't use it," you muster.
"You didn't even look," he tells you, and you feel something grab your chin and turn your face.
You discover that what was hovering next to your wasn't a shampoo bottle, but his face, terribly near and dangerously kissable.
"Hi," he says, smirking.
"Bye," you say, pulling away.
He laughs. The hand on your chin trails down to your arm to hold you in place. "Hey, don't run."
He places a soft kiss to your cheek. "Hey. It's okay."
The kiss doesn't shock you because you've shared a few in the past—thanks to things like being dates at events, alcohol, and dinners with your parents who keep wanting to set you up with their friends' kids—but his next words do.
He brushes your hair behind your ear with his free hand. "If I saw me, I'd be flustered, too."
It takes you a minute before your face crumples in disgust. You jerk your arm away. "Good bye, Atsumu."
He laughs again from behind you. "What? It's true!"
You march into your bedroom and slam the door behind you, and you make a mental note to up his rent just for being a dick.
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giving him your hand to see if he's a gentleman and kiss it .ft haikyuu boys (Schweiden Adlers/MSBY Black jackal) x manager reader
being the manager of the Schweiden Adlers means you have to be so early in the gym to prepare everything they need for practice.. and of course ushijima didn't disappointed you and came the first one as usual.. so you smirked to yourself and took your phone with you to record his reaction. He was confused why are you standing right in front of him holding your hand like that and the other one is recording him ? you both stayed like that for a good minute until you took off your hand, shaking your head ..it was a bad idea to do this joke with him.
Tumblr media
you waited until the others show up at the gym,and here he is.. the kageyama tobio in all his glory, you run to him and did the same thing and another one who stood there confused and looked at ushijima as to tell him what's going on but ushi-waka only shrugged and told him "she did the same with me" tobio looked at you again and took your hand and gave you a high five . you looked at them in disbelief,are they really that clueless in life except for volleyball ?!
Tumblr media
so in this one you are the manager of msby haha..so like always you were at the gym preparing what needed until you saw sakusa and tomas entering the gym, you welcomed them and suddenly this bright idea came to you..so you took your phone and went to them ..tomas has to take a phone call so he left and you find yourself alone with omi so you stood there and you stretched out your hand..he looked at you for seconds and then sigh and took your hand and kissed it...you were shocked that he did that and actually knew what that means...and maybe like maybe your heart flattered at that.
Tumblr media
it was lunch time so the boys were on a break..tsumu was drinking water and talking to samu on the phone so you went to him and give him you hand..he smirked at you and held your hand gently ..for a moment you thought that maybe because he's around omi all the time he learned from him how to be a gentleman but no.. suddenly he pulled your hand close to his mouth and bit you.. you stood there like”THAT’S HURTS TSUMU !!”
Tumblr media
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Just thinking about Atsumu having a bad dream you move out of the apartment and don't wanna be his best friend anymore. All because you think he's deliberately keeping secrets with the whole "you said my name" bit 😔😔
this reminds of when kids write the most outlandish stories for class and then go "but it was all just a dream!" and i think atsumu was definitely one of those kids
pairings: timeskip!atsumu x gn!reader
wc: 0.3k
contains: bestfriend!atsumu, atsumu’s inner monologue, one (1) suggestive reference, he has a bad dream, atsumu overthinks a lot, desperate atsumu, mutual pining, mutual suppressed feelings
warnings: minors dni
[more about bestfriend!atsumu here]
Tumblr media
It's near three in the morning when Atsumu suddenly wakes, pulling a hand down his face as he breathes out deeply. Even in sleep, he can't escape the thought of you.
He moves to lie on his back, frowning as he recalls the dream that woke him.
You had told him that you were moving out, away from him and whatever he kept hidden. And Atsumu had pleaded with you to stay, promised that he would spill his terrified little heart to you if you simply asked him to. It hadn't been enough, apparently, as you walked out of the apartment and Atsumu found he couldn't quite catch you, as if you weren't truly there.
He turns into his pillow, groans frustratedly.
Neither of you has brought up the night he came home drunk and admitted to what he had heard. He assumes you've either forgotten or have chosen to pointedly not mention it. Atsumu, however, has not forgotten and almost wishes to suffocate himself in the pillow when he remembers how he had told you.
In hindsight, his confession had made little sense with its lack of context; you likely thought he was referring to when you spoke his name in the same conversation to address him, not when he had heard you whining it.
He shifts beneath the blankets again, pushing his hair away from his face.
Coming to you sober, telling you what he did without leaning himself against you, is a daunting thought. Frankly, Atsumu is unsure of what to do. He never likes to keep things from you, but can he admit to you what he never should have heard in the first place?
What would you even do? he asks himself. You'd be mortified, certainly, embarrassed and wanting to get away from the conversation. Would he assuage your worries then and tell you that he had done the same thing that night?
Atsumu wants to laugh at himself. Maybe some things are better left alone.
Or not.
Tumblr media
Taglist [open]: @flycloudddd @hyeongjjun @erinoikawa @hai1q @inumakilove @zitabob @onigirintarou @on-crows-wings @bloombb @yaexure @voidshoutsback @malxoxo @ti-mame
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Hello hello, if you write for the Miya twins, could you do 42 with either of them? :3 Pls n ty!
"My roommate's next door" "You'll just have to be quiet then"
Atsumu Miya x reader
warnings: smut, 18+ content, vaginal penetration + no foreplay
word count: ~900
papijean’s one year anniversary 
Atsumu can never keep his hands to himself. You were supposed to be enjoying a relaxing movie night with him when his hands slipped under your shirt and into your pants halfway through. His lips were loud smacking against your neck as he tried to distract you from the scene on the screen.
No matter how many times you swatted his hands away they always found their way back - even more frequently when he felt the wetness pooling between your thighs. Even if you were pushing him away, you clearly wanted this just as much.
"'sumu, stop," you tried. He ignored you, pulling your body against the curve of his to feel how hard he was beneath those shorts of his. A quiet, breathy moan filled your ears as he got the brief friction relief. "I thought we were going to just enjoy the movie tonight, babe."
"Sorry, yer just too hot for me to be watching the movie," Atsumu snickered. He teased the pads of his fingers over your underwear. You could practically see the victorious grin on his face. "Seems like yer thinking the same thing, right baby?"
Nimbly, he dipped his fingers beneath the hem of your panties, moaning as he kissed your neck at how wet you were from his attempts at teasing. Atsumu grinded harder into your ass, not only showing himself off to you but in desperate need of reprieve.
"Your roommate's next door, 'sumu," you reminded. There had been more than one time that Sakusa complained about the noise coming from your boyfriend's room. You promised yourself you wouldn't be having sex while he was home, yet here Atsumu was crumbling your walls.
"You'll just have to be quiet then," he grinned, sheathing his fingers inside your needy hole. "Fuck, baby, can't even wait to stretch ya out, please I need ya so bad."
It'd been a while since you truly felt the sting of his girth. Atsumu was always so willing to please you to no end before fucking your properly. He'll spend hours between the fat of your thighs, licking and sucking every inch of your skin, stretching your walls with his thick, calloused fingers. When he was needy like this? Willing to beg to take you without any foreplay, you'd always give it to him.
"s'okay," you assured him. You could feel him shuffle, pulling down his shorts just enough to free his cock. You followed him, pulling down your own until they were off your legs and thrown without a care. The two of you remained how you were laying, on your sides close together. You pushed your ass towards him, making it easier for him to slide the tip of his sensitive cock between the fat of your thighs.
He hissed as he slid himself - just his tip - into your tight hole. He felt as if he was suffocating with the way your walls tried to stretch around him. You could feel the burn of trying to accommodate him without any help, sucking him in deeper yet unable to take it all.
Atsumu lifted your leg with his strong arm, just enough for him to push a little deeper. His hips rocked with such minuscule movements, edging you to take more of him.
"So fucking tight," he groaned. "Play with yer clit baby, wanna hear ya. Taking me so well."
You already felt overwhelmed with his cock, even the feather-light touch you gave yourself had your walls impossibly tightening more. He moaned into your neck, teeth scraping your skin as he tried so hard to not push the rest of his length into you without caring about how bad you'd ache later.
Slowly - finally - his balls smacked against your ass. He gave you only a moment before he was slamming into you, jutting the bed into the corner wall with every movement. His fingers were firm on your hips, guiding your body against his until he was impossibly deep. Your own fingers clawed at his sheets, trying so hard to do as he asked to continue playing with your sensitive nub.
His breath was hot against the back of your neck, along with a mess of kisses and nips and moans of your name and praise. He wasn't one to fuck you in this angle, never pleased with how he couldn't move his body how he wanted to, yet here he was giving you everything, pulling every ounce of pleasure even with the limited movement.
"Atsumu!" You couldn't help but yelp as the tip of his cock prodded against the sweet spot. The angle allowed him to find it with such ease, fucking into it over and over again until pathetically loud moans forced their way through your chest. "Fuck, right there, 'Sumu, gonna- gonna cum if you keep going."
"Ya? Fuck, pretty, want ya to cum all over me. Deserve to-" A loud noise cut him off. The wall your bed was so ignorantly banging against was the same wall shared with Sakusa and the forgotten promise of being quiet for him filled your mind. It was his fist banging against the shared wall, along with an annoying shout.
"It's seven in the evening stop being so horny!"
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cw: mentions of drinking this is very self indulgent lol
"miya atsumu."
"miya atsumu."
"yes babe?"
"please. shut up." your voice is muffled in your pillow, hands creeping under it to press it up around your ears. you don't see the grin that's on atsumu's face, or the way he pulls out his phone to snap a few pictures. he'll face the consequences when the time comes. right now, he can't give up this opportunity to tease you.
"i'm not doing anything!" he lies and presses play on his computer. the room is filled with the sounds of shoes squeaking against a gym floor, and shouts tossed back and forth between players. it's an old game, between the black jackals and adlers that atsumu's decided to watch on this fine saturday morning.
"shut. it. off." you growl, releasing the pillow and turning to glare at where he sits next to you in bed. he stares down at your sleepy face, eyes narrowed with annoyance and mouth downturned to pout.
atsumu shrugs, "i don't think it's that loud." he avoids the half hazard punch you throw at his arm and lets out a bark of laughter before quieting down instantly when he watches you groan and shove your head into your pillow. he feels a bit bad for teasing you, but he's not going to stop now.
"it's not my fault you drank a bit too much last night." if he's being honest, atsumu's not sure how you're the one suffering from a hangover and he isn't. but as text messages start to pour in from the group chat that you share with the old inarizaki team, he knows it's worth it.
"atsumu." he pauses in the middle of the text he's sending to suna to glance over at you. your voice is a bit smaller and tinged with pain. he understands what it's like to be hungover and decides to take pity on you by closing his computer and reaching over to his bedside table. he nudges you when you don't reply after he calls your name, and offers you the pill and cup of water to help with the headache. your movements are a bit sluggish and you lean against him for support. he can't fight the adoring smile he gives you as he wraps an arm around your tired body to pull him closer.
atsumu holds back the teasing words that sit on the tip of his tongue, after all, they can come later when you're feeling better. he runs his fingers through your hair, tugging gently at the tangles as he brushes through and presses kisses on your forehead. there's no rush to get up, so he'll spend as much time in bed as he can with you. you might be suffering just a bit from last night, but if it gives you the chance to let atsumu pamper you for a bit, it's entirely worth it.
Tumblr media
comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated! <3 a/n: anywaysss hope everyone had a great and productive saturday lol!
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detetsu · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
atsumu thinks that maybe he should’ve thought this through.
okay, he knows he should’ve thought this through—but right now—with wide eyes and shared breaths and the remnants of ‘i love you’ still heavy on his tongue—he can’t really find it within himself to care.
“say it again,” you murmur, and though he’s close enough to feel the vibration of your throat against his skin and the hum of your voice against his mouth, he can’t drink you in enough—can’t drink this in enough.
he tilts his head, raising a brow in your direction, and soft laughter falls from your lips as you kiss him again.
“say it again, ‘tsumu.” realization bubbles in his chest and you only laugh harder at the clueless little look on his face. “i wanna hear it again.”
“oh—“ he rolls his tongue over the back of his teeth—a little more shocked than he’d ever care to admit. “i love you.”
and if he could see the smile that tugs across your lips for the rest of his life, he would. he would memorize the lines of your teeth and the creases by your eyes and the way all of you—at least for the moment—seems to bleed so perfectly into all of him. he would tell you he loves you over and over just to see that look again and again—and he’d do it shamelessly at that.
his fingers reach for your cheeks and his lips meet yours again—a soft little motion with a warmth that nearly swallows you both—and you tug at his sleeve, a grin growing wider across your face.
“atsumu,” you muse, his name rolling off your tongue with a breath so much like home that he’d live in it if he could.
and he smiles, “yeah, angel?”
“i think i’m supposed to tell you i love you too.”
(and now he’s sure he can feel his pounding in his chest.)
“yeah,” he laughs. “i think you are.”
and he’s not really sure how he got here—how someone like him ended up with someone like you—but when a soft little ‘i love you, ‘tsumu,’ falls from the back of your throat, he knows he would do anything to have this again.
Tumblr media
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shoyotime · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
FT. kenma, atsumu, bokuto, ushijima
W. none
AN. repost.
Tumblr media
blinks blankly. he was grabbing some snacks from the kitchen when you randomly popped up with a goofy smile and a questionable stance in front of him. "is this supposed to be a new trend?" he waits for your response, only for you to shrug lightly before your smile grew wider. kenma places the packet of chips on kitchen counter before making his way towards you. "tell me if i'm doing something wrong?" and he inches closer, placing a soft kiss on your cheeks that leaves you flustered. he retracts slowly, gazing into your eyes as an obvious attempt at teasing you— which certainly worked, might you add. "was that right?" you sigh, averting your eyes to a stray corner. "you were supposed to hug me but i don't mind a kiss or two either."
this man has no clue. he was on his way to the bedroom after spending his afternoon watching match replays, only for you to greet him with a grin plastered on your face as you stood in front of him with your arms wide open. you stare at him, anticipating an answer, while he standing frozen with a perplexed face, brows creased in a way as if he's thinking of a potential response. a few seconds pass, and all he does is spread his arms in front of you, mirroring your actions. "are we t-posing?" — "tsumu, gosh, you're suppsosed to hug me!" a soft 'oh' escape his lips as he pulls you into an embrace, planting a soft kiss on your temple as you wrap your arms around his torso. "you're so dumb," you mumble, a chuckle rolls off his tongue. "at least you get to hug me." and he plops over the bed with your in his arms, pulling you impossibly closer. no, he's not getting off you anytime soon
you were lying idly on your bed when this impressive idea managed to slide inside your brain and within no time, you're on your way to your boyfriend who is busy doing whatever in his study. his brain went blank when he spot you standing with your arms wide open in the hallway, a smile climbing up his face before he sprints towards you, engulfing you in his arms ( or more like crashing into you ) as if you're going to disappear the next second. "kou what—" he pulls back, a bright smile waltzing on his lips. "what? i thought you were going to catch me." you pause, brows furrowed in confusion before you break into beads of laughter. "we're not playing that but sure, let's do it again." and he smiles, stepping away before standing with with his arms open in front of you. "your turn, sweets."
stares blankly part two, but gets the message quickly. he expects you to pull tricks on him every now and then, what he didn't expect was from you was you standing in front of him with arms wide open at eight in the morning. while you expected him to ask a few questions, ushijima pulls you into his arms without wasting another second. "did you miss me?" you didn't expect that question. well of course, he arrived late last night; late enough for you to be fast asleep. your lips curl into a smile as you pull away, hands still wrapped around his torso while his' are snaked around yours. "today's a day off so let's go on a date." now, who are you to refuse.
Tumblr media
taglists in the rbs.
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inakugo · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: The MSBY team have two months to perfect their forms before the season starts. As options fly by, they all seem to take up the offer of visiting a beach training camp to adjust to harder conditions. The outing also attracts the eyes of other athletes, like the Schweiden Adlers. When forced to work hand in hand to master the sport, what will they do when they realize they have to deal with their biggest obstacle, Y/N, for two months straight?
previous — series masterlist — next
Tumblr media
the wind blew through your hair as you sat comfortably in the white sand. loud voices surrounding you, your insides becoming infected with their contagious laughs. whether it was the childish boys trying to make a sandcastle under the moonlight, or the ones fighting in the cold water because one decided to splash the other — it was something that didn’t fail to have you double over in a fit.
in your peripheral vision, a figure sat down next to you. by the white looking hair, there were only two men it could be. but bokuto was too busy crying over the wave that stole his sandcastle, so one suspect remained. nothing was said as you both watched off into the distance, sakusa was now drowning atsumu in the shallow water, the fighting between them never ending since the moment you stepped onto the beach.
he glanced over at you, “Can I ask you something?”
the smile didn’t leave your lips as you looked back, giving a nod of approval. for a moment he hesitated, as if he was trying to figure out what exactly to say. his eyes flickered back and forth in contemplation, but quickly stopped with a blink of determination.
“I don’t know how to say this without coming off,” his eyebrows furrowed, “bad.”
you placed your hand on top his, the smooth sand kissing your skin, “It’s okay.”
he didn’t move, but quickly avoided eye contact from the sudden interaction, “I didn’t mean to see it earlier, but I saw a text on your phone.”
you remained quiet at his words, mind wondering what he could have possibly read. it could have been anything, really. you received multiple messages that night, and none of them really stood out to you. they all were the usual, it was a normal day.
“Is he blackmailing you?”
his eyes were wide and staring straight into yours. he had no need to repeat himself, you knew exactly what he meant, and he was aware. the droop of your eyebrows said it all, and nothing else had to be spoken. he diverted the contact by looking down at your hand laid on his, the silence becoming deafening. no screams of the others could be heard, the cries of bokuto were gone. the gig was up.
“What can we do?” is all he asked, still not daring to look at your heartbreaking expression. the facials you could no longer hide behind, the façade of being that strong independent human your mother had wished you to be, slowly disappearing.
tears brimmed your eyes out of pure shock. the truth finally stepping closer to its freedom, being locked away beneath your protective shell for too long. it’s as if the world didn’t exist anymore, no one was around you. the hand that now squeezed so desperately onto hoshiumi completely blanked from your mind as he held back with reassurance.
if you had glanced up once, you’d notice the crowd now surrounding you. the worried glances from the quiet ones, or the close figured crouching in front of you from the outspoken. your name being repeated as you sunk into your deep trauma, why couldn’t you move? you were fine before. everything was okay. you accepted the truth behind it all months ago, but now you felt as if you were in some sort of sleep paralysis. being conscious, but not being able to move. it wasn’t until you felt strong arms wrap around your shoulders that you seemed as if you were brought back to life.
“It’s okay,” the voice soothed, “I am here.”
your eyes shut as you melted into the figure, not knowing who it was, but feeling safe. there was no smell of obvious cologne, but yet a natural sweet aura. as if you were being held by a cloud, or perhaps being swallowed by the soft waves you heard crash in the background.
oh, the background? your surroundings became clear again, no longer a radio silence blocking out everything from your anxious state. eyelashes fluttered open, observing those around you. hurt eyes watched you with care, not knowing what to say or do. the hand on your back caressed your exposed skin with comfort, the brown hair tickling your cheek as his head rested in your neck.
“Thank you,” you pulled away, voice shaking while the wetness of your face creased in the sad smile you displayed, “ushijima.”
he quickly pulled away with a warm-hearted gaze, continuing to crouch before you. they all waited as you regained your breaths from the sudden panic attack, you knew what had to be done. you could no longer hold onto the secret that destroyed you, your life, your happiness. it was over.
“Let me start from the beginning.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
fun facts:
— ushijima stayed close behind as hoshiumi approached yn, because he did not feel as if he was fit to do so
— hoshiumi refused to let go of yns hand until she was ready
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fictitiouslover · a day ago
⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯
song drabble: She Looks So Perfect 5SOS -C/W: Fluff, gn!reader, childhood besties to lovers, pinning, admission of love.
Atsumu Miya has slept with quite a few people and has had a handful (or two) of relationships. He has slept with men, women, and otherwise- didn't really matter to him. Would he say he loved these people? Some of them, maybe, but not all. He can however say that all of the people he has been with were beautiful.
The thing about Atsumu is that he always dates the type of people that others expect a handsome pro-athlete to date: unrealistically gorgeous individuals that are a stereotypical kind of pretty. Most know and expect this from the infamous player.
However, most don't know that they aren't really Atsumu's type. Sure he sees their beauty in some way, and sure the ones he got to know deeper he cared for in some manner. But no one can compare to you in his eyes.
You two had shocked the world when you were his date to a red carpet event, what surprised the world more was how much love the setter had in his eyes when he looked at you. He couldn't keep his hands off of you, holding you against him the entire night. Miya made a point to tenderly kiss you when the cameras were on the two of you. The internet went crazy overnight, who was this new and unique person that's enraptured the beloved setter's heart and stolen him away??
Little did they know you weren't that new, in fact, you and Atsumu had been best friends since high school- that friendship had lasted since your first year. Although strained by the distance between you, the two of you refused to let each other go. The two of you had unspoken feelings for each other, childish crushes turned into love that the two of you were too scared to act upon which went on for years until you had finally moved to Osaka due to a new job venture.
"Ugh! How much stuff can ya possibly have?!?!" The bleach blonde setter sighed out dramatically, despite the ease he had with carrying the boxes.
You giggled at his show, "That the last few, dumbie, calm down." Your new apartment was spacious before being filled with every earthly possession you had, now the only real way threw was a rather small path because of the haphazard way the boxes and few pieces of furniture were arranged.
"How are yer even goin' ta live in here? There ain't any room ta exist in!" He huffed, setting the boxes in his grip on top of other ones by the doorway.
"Once everything is unpacked," You explained, looking around with a little bit of lostness. "There'll be enough room, you'll see." You actually had no idea where to start, maybe your best friend was right it did seem like too much. But everything did fit in your old, smaller apartment so in theory, it should fit in this one.
You were so lost in thought, that you hadn't noticed Atsumu staring at you from across the boxed-filled bedroom. His brown hooded eyes sparkled with love and attraction. There you stood in one of his MSBY t-shirts and a pair of his American apparel underwear, he lent you them earlier because he had spilled coffee all over your previous outfit and all of your clothes were still packed away in the moving truck due to just arriving.
Atsumu had never really wished to spill anything on you, but god was he glad he did. It made his chest feel so fuzzy and warm seeing you in his clothes. He couldn't help it when he said, "You look so good, I love ya so much..."
It took him a second to realize that he had said that out loud, but now that he did he couldn't take it back. He stood there wide-eyed waiting for a response, specifically to either be chastised or mocked- instead you looked up at him with such an innocent look. Your eyes were a mirror to his, mouth open in a little 'o', and all other movements were halted.
"'Tsumu?" You whispered, almost killing him.
"[y/n], 'm sorry but- ya look so good standin' there in my clothes, righ' where and in what you should be..." The strong-looking blonde took a couple steps closer, his long legs bringing him only a few feet from you. "God, bein' so far from ya was hard, but it made it so much easier to lie bout only likin' ya as a friend. But now here ya are, and I can't hide it anymore."
You couldn't hold back the sob which was sitting in your throat, tears rolling out of your eyes as you launched yourself into his beefy arms and hid the tears with his chest.
"I-I love you too," You responded, holding him as tight as you could. You couldn't see it but he too was now crying as he held you close and kissed the top of your head. "I always have."
You two were eager to go public at the red carpet event only a month later, you wanted the world to know he was taken while Atsumu Miya wanted to show you off to the world like you deserved
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rintones · a day ago
“How did you convince y/n to do that? Your either a genius or that good in bed.”
Oikawa, ATSUMU, GOJO, Semi, SUNA MF RINATARO, Toji, Getou, Eren, Mikasaaa, Jean, Mikey, Ran & Rindou, Tendou
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lunamochii · 23 hours ago
3sum with them || Kuroo x f!reader x Bokuto, Hinata x f!reader x Kageyama, Atsumu x f!reader x Osamu
warning: not proofread, heavy smut, nsfw, MINOR DO NOT INTERACT, timeskip age for the hq characters, creampie, felatio, etc…
notes: This is originally a genshin men series but I thought that I barely write for haikyu now sooo here you are! I hope you guys will like it🤞🏻, ALSO PLEASE LEAVE SOME FEEDBACKS! REBLOG WITH TAGS PLEASE!
Tumblr media
— Kuroo & Bokuto
“Remind me not to make a bet with you two again..”
You let out a shaky when Kuroo thrust his cock back inside you once again, you heard Bokuto scoff behind you and bite down on your shoulder.
You three have been on that kind of relationship for 7th months now and you can say that, you are very ‘close’ with them. It all started when you playfully flirt with them when you interviewed them for your blog
“Lift your skirt for me will you, doll?”
You look at Kuroo who’s hair is a mess and his once buttoned up black polo is now open, you obliged to his request and he started pounding you. Making you lean on to his chest
“Geez not fair! Let me have some fun too Y/N..”
You put one of your hand on your ass cheek and grip on it, spreading it for the horny man behind you
“You can fuck my other hole, Kotaro.”
“Hell yeah!”
Bokuto kisses you on the lips as he plunge his cock making you grab tightly on Kuroo’s hair, pretty sure your body is going to ache tomorrow. You better go to a spa tomorrow..
— Kageyama & Hinata
“W-Wait—… kya! Nngh!”
Your hands rubs faster Hinata’s cock while Kageyama bang you from behind, his cock going so deep that his able to hit the entrance to your womb
“You feel so good Y/N… fuck!”
You look at Hinata and saw that his already on the verge so you rub him faster, your tongue licking his cock. Just when you were about to suck Hinata’s cock Kageyama pulled you up by using your two arms
“Hnngg! K-Kage— ahh! Ahhnn!~”
“Shit! Shit! You feel that Y/N? That’s my cock going so deep inside you”
Never on your wildest dream to hear Kageyama talk like that because his known to be a man of few words, plus his expressionless most of the time whenever his off the court
You felt a hand rub your cheeks and when you look up, Hinata is stroking his cock watching you get bang from behind. You open your mouth, let your tongue roll out, as you welcome his cock deep inside your mouth
“Pay attention to my throbbing cock too Y/N..”
Saliva dripping at the side of your mouth, your toes curling as Kageyama gave your ass a spank. Hinata holding the sides of your head as he fuck your mouth
Being their paid cum dump isn’t that bad at all, especially when the two of them gives you whatever you want.
— Atsumu & Osamu
Behind the close doors of Osamu’s shop is you rubbing his and his twin’s cock, your tongue licking the tip on Atsumu’s cock while your hand is busy playing with Osamu’s balls
This all started when Atsumu saw you getting fuck by his twin on the counter, you clearly remembered how Osamu didn’t pay no attention to Atsumu and continued to fuck you
You were begging Atsumu at that time to close the door afraid that some people will wak by and see you. Atsumu on that day too also wanted to join, Osamu looked at you asking if you’re okay with it
Ofcourse you agreed and that’s how you ended up being their girlfriend, so far in 9th month you guys have been together, there’s no problem and you hope it will remain that way
“Look at ya, yer juices is all over the floor Y/N..”
“Don’t worry bout that Y/N, Atsumu will be the one cleaning it.”
You didn’t pay attention to their bickering and started sucking Osamu’s cock, while your hand is rubbing the other twin’s cock
“That’s enough… come here, baby.”
Osamu pulled you up and kisses you on the lips, his tongue sliding in, your arms clinging at the back of his neck
You felt Atsumu lifting you by both of your legs with not putting much that effort, Atsumu’s cock going inside your butthole so easily, Osamu’s cock sliding inside your pussy smoothly
“Hold her properly Tsumu… fuck..”
“I-I am.. holy shit Y/N!”
Your hands held tight on Osamu’s hair as you rest your head on Atsumu’s shoulder, they are both moving at the same time and it sends you off like crazy
“Atsumu! Osa-mu! Hnngg! Ahh ahnn~ s-slower guys— ugh!”
“Can’t do~ y’know I can’t fucking go slow when you’re this good. Hm fuck open your mouth babe..”
You did as what Atsumu said as he suck on your tongue, sliding it in as you twirl your tongue on his.
Your body twitches when Osamu reach down of your breast, his other hand groping and flicking your already hard nipples
“You always love it when you’re trap in between of our chest, right? No wonder your pussy is squeezing my cock, sweetheart..”
No words are forming on your brain, your eyes rolling at the back of your head. You felt then thrusting faster and faster, harder and harder that by the time they came inside you, your body were twitching like crazy
Your voice so loud that you won’t mind if somebody comes and checks in, all you can think is for more that you taunted them
Which ended up with you getting fucked dumb again but this time, you’re spread out like a whore on the floor.
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bokutosmochi · 14 hours ago
sugar level: 0.9k allergen warning/s: alcohol
Tumblr media
AZUMANE ASAHI: ... even more of an anxious mess
look!!! this man looks tough, we know, but he can't control the way he looks and he most definitely cannot control how so many worried thoughts run through his mind when drunk. he's bad enough when sober, but it gets so much worse when under the influence of alcohol. totally a rambler. will go on and on about every single fear that is plaguing his mind. sometimes it's something big, like a deadline for his designs, or if he should turn down nishinoya's invitation to go to cuba when it's new york fashion week, but sometimes they're also ridiculous, if the lizard over there on the far corner of the room can jump on him, or if dogs go to heaven.
IWAIZUMI HAJIME: becomes a softie, but like a violent softie
oikawa and the rest of seijo's volleyball team was so surprised when they met up for a drink five years after they've graduated, iwaizumi got drunk and all of a sudden.. he's nice and sweet? i shit you not, at some point this man was sobbing because oikawa looked at himself as inferior to kageyama back when they were students because "he knew how hard he works and he shouldn't admit defeat to the younger setter so easily." but then, in sober iwaizumi fashion, he ended up hitting oikawa on the arm. not that the man could complain, he was too busy being utterly confused at his best friend's sudden change in attitude. at the end of the day, drunk iwa just wants everyone to know that they're great in their own way and that they're loved and worthy of love.
USHIJIMA WAKATOSHI: doesn't get drunk
i'm dead serious. this man does not get drunk. you can ask him to down shot after shot and he won't even be the tiniest bit tipsy. you have no idea how he manages to do that. you were starting to think that maybe, just maybe the great ushijima wakatoshi wasn't a mere human being after all, instead the most powerful of all gods walking amongst mortals for a reason you could not comprehend. hoshiumi got drunk one time and got really annoyed when he realized that ushijima, the person he drank all those whiskeys with wasn't drunk in the slightest. he made ushijima drink another one and another one. it all culminated when he took a sip of ushiwaka's drink "maybe he's playing a trick on us and isn't even drinking after all" and when he realized that he was, in fact, drinking alcohol, he ended up having a tantrum of sorts and they ended up getting banned at that bar. oops.
SEMI EITA: an absolute beast on the dance floor
look, there is a reason as to why he doesn't drink during release parties and this is exactly why. if anyone asks you, just pretend you don't who the man busting out a "the robot" on the dancefloor is. it's for your own good, i promise. i would love to sit here and say that semi's a two in one deal: that he can sing and dance, but unfortunately - especially for him because the paparazzis are most definitely getting this on their camera - he can do one of those. he is absolutely horrible at the other one. despite being in the music industry, he has no rhythm!! you didn't even know that was possible so does that count as a talent? if it does, let semi-semi know.
+ bonus!
probably ended up recording tendo's song in his professional music recorder, much to the chocolatier's delight.
BOKUTO KOTARO: so so touchy and lovey
you're convinced he is Physically Unable to stop clinging onto you or any of his friends because he doesn't stop doing it throughout the night. it was quite a sight to see though, this six foot something man who's all muscle and not much fat giggling and burying his in your chest or akaashi's neck. if you had to go to the restroom, he'd probably follow you not because he wanted to get nasty, but simply because he couldn't stand to be away from you. one time when the jackals were celebrating a win in a random bar in tokyo, atsumu filmed bokuto being affectionate and cute and then showing it to him the next day, hoping to let bokuto know how "ridiculous" (tsumu's words, not mine!!) he acted when drunk, only for it to blow up in his face when bokkun just giggles at it.
MIYA ATSUMU: whiny. a babie
whines about anything and everything. his feet hurts? will whine about it and ask you if you guys could trade shoes or something. talking to sakusa? will whine for your attention. vocalize that you're craving osamu's onigiris? well apparently he can cook just as well as his brother and he totally didn't almost burn down the kitchen trying to make pancakes. he's nuzzling his face on your neck every two seconds, longing for your affection. he's usually the one who asks if you can go home yet because he's just so uncomfortable in that bar, reeking of alcohol and too humid for his taste. most people cannot win an arguement when drunk, right? but atsumu can because he can just annoy the other person to the point of them throwing their hands in the air and quitting.
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ashthemadwriter · 8 hours ago
sexy time with Inarizaki boys!
Tumblr media
Fandom:Haikyuu Pairings:Osamu Miya,Atsumu Miya,Rintarou Suna X Fem!reader Genre:Smut,duh! Format:Scenario Warnings:Nsfw content,Smut (accidentally wrote "none" because of habits lol),degradation kink,oral (fem! receiving),cursing,fluff for Sunas part,Sub!Reader,Dom!Characters,cum swallowing Word Count:345 A/n:well damn im losing my mind over these boys
↬Osamu miya Feeling of the gentle touch of his sexy hands,while one of them is holding your thigh and the other one is making its way to your G spot;smirks when he hears the sound of your pretty moans and sees the effort youre making to catch your breath which leads to a dead end,cause that's when he sucks on your clit.tasting every drop of you until theres nothing left other than his saliva,comes atop of you and plants a small kiss on your forehead.the next thing youre feeling is the tip of his cock on your enterance,ready to make you go wild again;and the shivers hes giving you by whispering to your right ear "that's it princess,now cum for me again"
↬Atsumu miya bites your neck harshly while thrusting into your soaked cunt,pinches your nipples when your eyes aren't focused on him and looks at you with a small pout on his lips that reflects his unhappiness "don't look away,ya naughty slut".has a bit of degradation kink but will make it up to you afterwards by needy cuddles and soft kisses.silences your loud screams by shoving his tongue in your mouth and kisses you intensely cause your moans distracts him from "the business", pulls his cock out of you right before reaching his orgasm and makes you swallow his cum till hes done,holds you in his arms so tightly hoping it would satisfy his urge to make you his.you sigh in relief glad that youre finally have a chance to rest,till you feel his long middle finger poking your clit again "babe…I don't think I can take it anymore" "no worries baby doll,i gotcha"
↬Rintarou Suna if duration of sex is about twenty minutes,why not spend that time for "sleeping"? :) yeah…so basically while others have their makeout sessions and bootycalls on Friday nights,you and Rin spend the whole Evening+Night sleeping in each others arms,barely getting out of bed unless its an emergency :D
reblogs are WILDLY appreciated <3
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demxnscous · a day ago
is it possible to have a part 2 of the circling...
Tumblr media
i'm gonna combine these asks as the continuation of circling!
pairings: timeskip!atsumu x f!reader
wc: 0.4k
contains: bestfriend!atsumu, reader helps atsumu stretch, atsumu's inner monologue, mutual pining, mutual suppressed feelings
warnings: none
[more about bestfriend!atsumu here]
Tumblr media
He showers, cleans the sweat from his body, remains beneath the water for a bit longer. He deliberates whether he should turn the water to be colder or warmer: frigid or burning? Atsumu doesn't touch the faucet.
He dries himself, stands in front of the mirror, wipes at the condensation. He looks at the counter and remembers the times you perched yourself there as he showered, listening to him speak.
Atsumu wants to apologize for leading you to worry silently about him; he truly hates being the cause of your concern.
He dresses in comfortable clothing, fusses with his hair as if you've never seen him before, and returns to the living room.
"Alright," he sighs, sitting on the couch beside you. "Can ya' help me with those stretches, then?"
This is, in many ways, his apology. This is how Atsumu bares his hands to you and says, 'I'm asking for help now because I trust you won't turn me away, you'll make me feel safe.'
Soon enough, you're both on the floor. Atsumu is seated in a straddle as you settle yourself on the ground in front of him, your feet pressed into the sides of his ankles to help him retain the straddle. You hold out your hands and Atsumu grabs them.
"This already fuckin' hurts," he breathes, wincing when you slowly begin to pull his upper body toward you.
Atsumu hangs his head, groaning when you bring him closer and wait. "Stop holding your breath; you need to keep breathing, 'Tsumu." He holds your hands a bit tighter as you watch his body inhale and exhale steadily.
With the pressure that this stretch places on the hamstrings, you can feel Atsumu's legs try to resist you to come to a more comfortable position, but he's trying to keep them steady himself, not wanting to put any more strain on your legs.
He lifts his head and he's reminded why he hadn't wanted to do this with you in the first place. You're so close to one another, and even as he near grimaces at the pain, all he wants to focus on is the feel of his hands enveloping yours, your voice as you quietly appraise him to continue.
Atsumu is, also, eye-level with your chest.
He tucks his chin down again, tries to stretch his upper body even closer to you until you release your pulling and let him straighten.
"Good—see, that wasn't too terrible," you say, offering him the softened line of a smile.
He doesn't want to let go. "Maybe not for you," he huffs in a short laugh.
Tumblr media
Taglist [open]: @flycloudddd @hyeongjjun @erinoikawa @hai1q @inumakilove @zitabob @onigirintarou @on-crows-wings @bloombb @yaexure @voidshoutsback @malxoxo @ti-mame
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