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#atsumu x reader
kurosukii · 15 hours ago
imagine "accidentally" sending nudes to the msby 4 guys (individually)
☀︎ MINORS DNI 18+ ONLY — male masturbation, filming/taking a picture, mentions of fingering, tit-fucking, sex toy, kind of exhibitionism, msby boys have naughty thoughts about you <3
Tumblr media
❖ — ATSUMU wipes his wet hands on a paper towel before he reaches for his phone when he hears it buzz in his pocket. he blinks once and suddenly he finds himself locked in one of the bathroom stalls in his brother's restaurant. his mouth drops down in shock as his eyes widen upon scrutinizing the photo you sent him. you're on all fours, back arched with your naked ass beckoning him. he groans as he bumps his head on the door, seeing a sliver of your pussy lips teasing him. his cock is already hard and there's no other thing to do but relieve himself of the problem you gave him. atsumu zooms in your glistening cunt as he dips his hand down his pants and pulls his cock out, biting his lower lip as he rapidly strokes his shaft to the thought of fucking you from behind as you moan his name again and again.
❖ — BOKUTO thinks he's having his regular wet dream in which you're always the star. his naturally owlish eyes grow wider when he sees the risqué photo that you may have accidentally sent him; your eyes are glossy, lips between your teeth as two fingers are buried in your wet cunt. bokuto groans low in his throat, feeling his cock twitch and harden in his shorts underneath the blanket. he looks to his left, seeing that roommate is facing away from him, and thinks fuck it before he quietly pulls his shorts down until his aching cock springs free and slaps against his stomach. he bites his lip to stifle his whine as he looks at your picture again, large hand wrapped around his shaft as heavy pants and the slick sounds of him fisting his cock to your lewd picture fills the dark room—imagining that it's his thicker and longer fingers playing with your cunt.
❖ — HINATA groans as he tilts his head back towards his locker, silently thanking every god or deity out there that he's the only one left in the locker room, because there's no way he'll ever show the rest of the guys a photo of you cupping your bare tits with your fingers pinching your nipples. his face is hot and red as he turns around, his forehead pressing against the cold metal as he tugs his shorts down until they're pooled around his ankles. he reaches for the hem of his shirt and puts them between his teeth, his cock leaking and angry as he angles his phone so that his hand wrapped around his dick fills the screen. hinata presses play and closes his eyes tightly, vividly picturing that he's fucking your tits and cumming all over your chest and neck.
❖ — SAKUSA grunts as his phone dings, his eyebrows furrowed in annoyance as he remembers how he explicitly told his teammates not to contact him on his day off. but his expression quickly becomes dumbfounded when he realizes that it's you and the photo you sent is something that he has only daydreamed of. you're squatting, and not only that, you're squatting with a dildo inside of you. sakusa's brain short-circuits when he realizes that the toy is eerily similar to that of his own cock. he doesn't care if the photo isn't meant for him or that he already has his hand down his pants as his thumb smears a bead of pre-cum leaking from his tip. he moans your name breathily, pulling his pants down to his thighs as he takes a photo of his hand wrapped around his thick cock before throwing his phone to the side. he starts stroking his cock, squeezing his shaft tightly as he imagines it's your wet pussy clenching and dragging along the length of him.
Tumblr media
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kurooskult · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ᝰ hi this was in my drafts for literally forever but by the time i got back to looking at the original post this was, the trend was already dead so i decided to update it a little el oh el, i have a second part to this but i’ll post it later
ɞ feat: oikawa, bokuto, kuroo + atsumu
Tumblr media
ღ oikawa tooru
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ღ bokuto koutarō
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ღ kuroo tetsurō
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ღ miya atsumu
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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neoheros · a day ago
Tumblr media
it’s storming.
one of the worst storms atsumu's ever had the misfortune of ever experiencing, and it's now, quite literally, raining down on his parade.
now, for it to storm randomly on a very normal tuesday is one thing, but for the storm to hit right during as he's stranded in an empty bus stop? that felt personal.
it was as if the universe itself decided to just let rain start pouring down on his town to deliberately piss him off today.
"screw miya atsumu's feelings!" it's not as if everyone hasn't been doing that already anyways.
so he sits here — cold and damp from the pouring rain — cursing himself over and over again for being two minutes late for his stupid stupid bus.
but as luck would have it, just as he was about to decide on running all the way home, a yellow taxi pulls up on the spot just before him.
the door swinging open as it stops, and in addition to the universe’s game today — it’s you.
"atsumu!" you call to him, your head slightly ducked outside the taxi door to let him see you more, and you say, "get in!"
you don't have to tell him twice.
putting his bag over his head to shield him from the heavy rain, he hops into the cab, letting you move further in so he can sit next to you, and the second he sits, he makes sure to shut the door close to keep the rain outside.
his hair slightly damp, the edges of his shirt wet and soaked, but the smile on his face easily reaches his eyes as he sits back on the comfortable car cushions that promises to keep him away from the menacing rain.
at some point, you tell the cab driver to continue driving, giving them a whole new set of directions to where he easily recognizes as his place.
"oh my god," he breathes out a huge sigh of relief, his shoulders falling with his chest as he looks at you, "you're a life saver."
you wave him off with a smile, "what the hell were you doing out there anyways?"
now, atsumu miya has done a handful of idiotic things in his life, but for him to be stranded in a bus stop, with not even a single shred of an umbrella? that's probably the stupidest thing he's done yet.
"i went to check on samu, ran long, and lo and behold, that's the last time i'm ever missing my bus." he keeps his head against the headboard, letting the rest of his headache melt away.
but for a second, he sits up quickly, turning his head to look at you with a big grin, "so it was really good that you saw me when you did."
it was kind of embarrassing for him to let you see him like that— stranded, hopeless, and wet— but he still can't shake off the stars in his eyes as he realizes that of all the people in the world he could be sharing a cab with, it really just had to be you.
it takes him an entire second to shake away the jitters of being here with you, and it takes him a second longer to properly take a good look at you today.
and to no surprise at all, you look really good.
but not the kind of "really good" you'd be on a normal day-to-day basis, it was the kind of "really good" that'd only be noticeable in important events like galas, or parties or —
"were you on a date?"
the question is out from his mouth before he could stop himself, and suddenly, for the first time all day, that once cozy cab is suddenly feeling very small.
"what?" you smile, raising a brow as you look at him, and when all he does is look back at you, slightly pointing to how you’re dressed today, you won't deny that that smile slightly turns into something more bashful.
your shoulders rise, "oh this? no."
and you only start to laugh when atsumu fixes how he sits, inching a bit closer to you, and tilting his head slightly as he looks at you unconvinced.
"it was just coffee." you shake your head, making it a point to look the other way.
and atsumu asks, "with omi-kun?"
so you say back, with a timid smile on your face and a roll of the eyes, "yeah — but it’s whatever."
remember when atsumu said something about the universe personally beating him down today? yeah. apparently, it just keeps on piling up.
first, it was the rain, then it was you seeing him soaked from that said rain, and now - now, he finds out that the person he's been dying to ask out all year has went on a coffee date with one of his closest friends.
there’s a groan at the back of his throat.
"ah." he keeps the grin on his face, leaning back into the seat as he moves away from you.
"what?" you raise a brow, your head tilting slightly as you look his way, "what is it?"
and atsumu tells you, in a gentle teasing sort of way, "you were on a date with omi."
"i was not." you scoff, shaking your head as you wave him off.
and he tells you, nodding his head, "yes, you were."
"i was not." you say again, your voice firmer this time, but you can't help the laughter starting to mingle with your words.
so atsumu tells you again, the grin still plastered on his face, "yes, you were."
he's not really sure why he keeps pressing onto this matter.
heck, he wants you to tell him that you weren't on a date with omi, so why is he being so insistent on getting you to admit that you were?
"it wasn't a date, okay?" you sit back gently, the remnants of your laughter still tracing through to your smile, "and it started storming so he couldn't make it anyways."
okay, knowing that sakusa asked you out before him? hurts like a bitch. but sakusa not being able to make it to said date because of the storm? definitely hurts a lot way less.
you look at the window, "it wasn't a date."
"it wasn't a date." he repeats, the smile on his face slightly widening, and he's suddenly very glad that you have your head turned away from him right now.
"do you remember the first time we ever shared a taxi?" he asks you, partially to strike conversation, and partially to, well, hear your voice.
a smile comes onto your face the second the memory hits, and you beam, "hinata's welcome party!"
that party was almost a year ago today.
bokuto had suggested to throw a party for his old high school friend, hinata, since he was joining the team, and oddly enough, atsumu had offered for his place to be where its hosted.
how he managed to share a cab with you that night when it was at his place that the party was set, is still a mystery to you, and you're not really sure if you wanna know why or how that ended up happening.
"it was really nice of you to lend your apartment for that." you smile, patting his shoulder lightly.
"nope. it was a terrible mistake." he immediately tells you, the smile on his face falling into a thin line as he quickly shakes his head, "i broke two windows that night."
and you cross your arms, "i think that's what you get for inviting the entire msby team over to your place."
"didn't you just say that it was really nice of me to do that?" atsumu scoffs, dramatically turning his back away from you.
"yeah, but," and you laugh, "i never said it was smart."
to be honest, atsumu can't remember the last time he's spent a decent moment with you. it feels as if every chance he's gotten to see you this past month has been an awful attempt in one-upping sakusa.
so to have you here with him now, just the two of you, (and an awfully slow cab driver), it really does get him thinking about just how much he's missed you.
"do you remember the other thing that happened that night?" he asks, the edges of his ears starting to pink up.
and you look at him, head slightly tilted, "the other thing?"
the other thing.
atsumu isn't lying when he says that he's been in love with you for over a year now. even back then when msby was just starting out, he only ever really did see you.
and that night, at that party, when he had you to himself in the corner of a room, chatting and laughing like the two of you are doing now, he won't deny that what he felt for you then is exactly the same as what he feels for you now.
that's why he almost kissed you that night.
and you're both pretty sure that it would've actually ended up happening if it wasn't for that phone call that interrupted the whole thing.
"oh," your face feels hotter than before, "that."
atsumu laughs, but it doesn't come out as his usual smug ones, the laugh that he lets out now is nervous - shaky, "yeah."
you brush the embarrassment off, shoulders rising as you laugh with him, "can you believe we almost -"
"i know." he laughs with you, cutting your sentence off short.
this cab ride feels longer than it should.
you sit back on the seat behind you, watching as atsumu does the same, and it doesn't take a full second for both of you to notice and ignore the deliberate amount of space between the two of you.
atsumu looks to your side, "good thing we didn't."
and you smile, "yeah."
the cab really does feel a lot smaller now, and you'd move inches away from him, but you don't want to make it seem like you're bothered with how close the two of you have gotten.
"i’m pretty sure if we had kissed that night we wouldn't be as close as we are now." you say, a small smile on your face as the tiresome day finally starts to kick in.
"yeah." atsumu nods, his shoulder hitting yours as a grin comes up on his face, "it would've been awkward."
"and silly." you add, your own grin starting to show.
atsumu has known you for a very long time now, and he's pretty sure that he can confidently say that he's loved you for about most of that duration.
but tonight, as he tells you about how relieved he is that he didn't get to kiss you at that party when he's had the chance - this is probably the first time he's ever lied to you.
"disaster averted." you tease, nudging his side.
and he nods, "definitely."
your shoulders are touching, and the cab is still making its long way down the road to its destination.
"it would've ruined everything if we'd been all like-" and atsumu laughs, making ridiculous kissing noises as he looks at you, eyes closed, and puckering his lips jokingly as he goes "mwahmwahmwahmwah".
laughter bubbles in your chest, and you watch him stop making the weird kissing noises to catch his breath to laugh some more.
your head turns to him, and you laugh, "yeah, especially if we were like -" and you vocalize your own version of ridiculous smooching noises, blurring your voice as you make something that resembles, "ahlalalaahlalalalala."
"what the hell is that?" atsumu scoffs, his laughter coming from laughing with you abruptly turning into laughing at you. "kissing goes like 'mwahmwahmhwa' not 'lalalala'."
"atsumu miya." you scoff, crossing your arms over your chest, "are you telling me that you can make better fake kissing noises better than me?"
and he mocks, "pretty sure anyone in the world can make better fake kissing noises than you."
"no - see - ahlalalalala is cute!"
"no! its 'mwahmwhamhwa'!"
and somewhere between both of you making those weird fake noises together, laughing and smiling, and only slightly scoffing every once in a while, it doesn't take long for atsumu to realize how close the two of you have gotten to each other.
so before he thinks about it, before he lets him psych himself out, he doesn’t waste another moment to decide that in the chance that you had to pick between him and sakusa — he would make you choose him.
and he kisses you.
Tumblr media
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hankuto · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
atsumu is in love with you.
hopelessly, mindlessly, stupidly in love with you—and it took this little coffee shop to realize that.
he knew he liked you before—knew your smile was pretty and your laugh was bright and there was something about you that he couldn’t quite get over—but now, as you sit beside him, if you told him you put the stars in the sky he’d probably believe you.
“you’re kidding,” you say, elbows on the table, swirling your mug between your fingers. “there’s no way you’re on the top bunk.”
“what’s that supposed to mean?”
“you just—“ you hum, tilting your head to the side. “you strike me as a bottom bunk kinda guy.”
“a bottom bunk kinda guy?” he looks hurt—betrayed even.
“yeah, you know.” he doesn’t. “you just look like you’d be on the bottom bunk.”
and he laughs, “that’s definitely an insult.”
“now i never said that. i just think it’d suit you.”
he opens his mouth to respond, but at the twist of his features, you laugh. it’s warm and pretty and something so much like home that it makes him want to rip the sheets right off that top bunk just to hear it again.
“you’re funny ‘tsumu, you know that?” you draw your mug towards your lips, painting your cheeks in steam and if his mind wasn’t so drawn in by the sound of your voice, he’d ask if he could kiss you.
“so i’ve been told,” he muses.
“oh really, by who? all the other girls you take out?”
“yep,” he grins. “every one of ‘em.”
you eye him, a devilish little smile drawing across your face.
“do you tell all of them that you sleep in a bunk bed?”
and he can’t contain his laughter anymore—soft breaths spilling from his lips. “only the ones i like.”
“oh, so you like me?” you hum.
and maybe it’s the whisper of your voice or the hum of the air or the swirling scent of this coffee shop—but atsumu wants to tell you that ‘like’ isn’t quite the word. that maybe there’s something more to this and something more to you—and maybe he wants to hold your hand and walk you home and let him see his stupid little bunk bed because he knows it’d make you laugh.
but he bites his cheeks and holds his tongue, pretty white teeth flashing with the pull of his lips.
“i do, actually. a lot more than you’d think.”
Tumblr media
reblogs/interaction is always appreciated!!
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suyasgf · 2 days ago
⋆ ࣪.* ࣪.⋆ 𝐌𝐒𝐁𝐘 || 𝐆𝐈𝐕𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐇𝐈𝐌 𝐀 𝐓-JOB
Tumblr media
╰► who?: atsumu, hinata, bokuto, and kiyoomi!
╰► warnings: titty fucking, oral (male receiving) hand job, thrusting against tits, cuming over tits and face. mdni!!!
╰► word count: 1.4k
💌: been trying to write a bit in between classes so my bad if this is a little rushed. Dont mind the title, I had to change it ):
Tumblr media
Your lips never leave his, no matter if you were kissing his lips or down his body. It continued that way as you started off on his neck and then to his collarbones. You made it a point to press your tits against his, knowing it would turn him on more as it always did. You traveled lower and lower  until you reached his cock, placing your hands on the waistband of his boxers as you lowered them. You could hear his breath hitch in his throat, bringing his head up from the pillow as he watched you. 
“Wanna feel them.” he moans as he licks his lips, watching you with a needy glare as his body tenses up with anticipation. 
His cock was hard, veins vibrant against the skin as sets of pre-cum were already layered on his tip. Your hands instantly clasped on his cock, wrapping it around as you brought yourself closer. You threw one leg on either side of him as you straddled his waist, grinding against him as you heard him moan some more. 
“Use your words.” you tease, starting to pump him slowly as more pre-cum leaves his tip. 
You continue to grind against him, slow but sensual as you knew that was the best way to tense him up. He lets out a moan, hands finding its way to your hips as he tries to guide you. He seemed to be running out of patience, grunting at each action as he watched you with such neediness. He wanted to feel you so badly that he thought he might cum before he even feels your tits against his again.
“Wanna feel your tits on my cock, please baby.”
You smirk, feeling yourself grow warmer as a flash of heat runs through your body. You lower yourself, taking his cock with one hand as the other grabs hold of your tits. You bring yourself closer as you place his cock in between them, removing your hand from his as you press them on either side to squeeze them around him. He groaned, hands held in fists as he waited for you to do it again, cock hardened as he was waiting for you to let him cum. 
“Hmm that wasn’t so hard.” you bring them against him, rubbing them in circles as you started to tease him, knowing he wasn’t going to last long. “Now why don’t you cum for me.”
Tumblr media
“Hmm you like that?” you moan, as you continue to lick his tip as you look up at him, your eyes full of innocence. You could hear him hiss, taking in some deep breaths as you continued to lick the tip of his cock. “You want more?”
He nods his head feverishly, not hesitating for a second to answer your question. You smile, as you continue, placing your hands on his thighs and trying to gain some balance as you shift closer to him. Your hands wrap around his length, squeezing it gently as he moans again. He licks his lips in anticipation as you start to pump him, his legs shaking from how impatient he was. You hum, telling him to be patient, a sneer line spreads on your lips as you bring him back into your mouth.
You swirl your tongue around his tip again, this time pumping him at the same time. You press your body against his, the feeling of your tits right next to his cock. You remove one hand from his length and press it against your breast, squeezing them around him as you hear him moan again. 
“More, please, more.”
His begging was music to your ears as you continued to press up against him, his cock centered in the middle of your tits. Moving your chest up and down slowly against him as you start to tease him, how each second he was closer to his high. His hand grips on your shoulder, moving you closer as your movements are aligned to his. 
You could see his eyes rolling to the back of his head, his breath hitching in his throat, feeling the veins of his cock twitch as your mouth starts to fill up with his cum. You release your lips on his as his cum layers over your face, falling towards your hands and all over your tits. You lick your lips, taking in his taste as you look up at him with a smirk, eyes set on the handsome man who seemed to be lost in his orgasm. 
Oh he definitely did like your little act. 
Tumblr media
His face was fucked-out, eyes scrunched with his lips in between his teeth, face colored pink with tears running down his face. His left hand was placed right next to your head while the other was stroking up and down on his cock. His pink tip was right near your face, looking down as you saw his cock positioned right in between your tits. 
“Fuck, I’m so close.”
Your hand moves next to his, holding on to his hand as you guide him up and down his cock. Your smirk as you see his expression grow with embarrassment, drool falling from the corners of his lips. He gulped, letting you guide him, feeling harder from your movements. His eyes stayed on your tits, on how each time he thrusted in between they moved with him, jiggling up and down as they pressed against him.
‘Wanna cum on them baby, please I wanna cum.”
You smirk, his obvious cries making you grow wetter by the second. You place your free hand on the side of your tits as your other hand continues to guide him, his movements growing faster as he’s chasing after his high. You could feel him grind against you, how his neediness was starting to take over. He was close and it was so obvious, praising him as you watch him lose himself on top of you. You wrap your legs around his hips as you press him closer to you, watching as his eyes start to clench, body pulsing as he lets out his orgasm.
“That's it, be a good boy and cum on me.”
Tumblr media
His thrusts were slow but sensual, a slow pace for his first time. He lowered his head to look down at you, how pretty you look as you bite down on your lip, tears running down your cheeks and hair sticking to your face. He moves a calloused hand down to your face, wiping away those tears as he smiles down at you, a warm smi;e that makes you relax.
“We should do this more often.” he grunts, continuing to slowly rut his hips in the air. His cock continued against the skin of your tits, slowly bringing itself up and down between them.
You could feel the sets of pre-cum start to ooze down on you, sliding down the skin and all the way down to your stomach. The essence felt warm, making you moan as you threw your head back on the pillow. Your hand gripped on his bicep, your nails digging into the skin as crescent moon marks started to appear, digging in deeper as his movements started to escalate.
His cock continues to rut in between your tits, faster and faster as he grabs hold of your shoulder. His other grip went on the headboard, trying to balance himself as his hips thrust in the air. Small erotic moans start to leave your mouth, whimpering to him how good it felt. He hums, agreeing with you as his movements grow hungrier as if he just wanted to cum. You look up at his face, how fucked out it was. He was close, so close with his face a shade of a pink, eyes swelled and movements growing sloppier, as if he was going to cum right then and there.
“Cum for me darling.” you moan, words of encouragement reaching his ears in an instant.
It was enough for him, his thrusts stopping instantly as you felt his cum all over you. Sets fell on your face, all over your cheeks and dripping down your chin. It continued down your neck until it was sprawled over your tits. He colored them a pretty white as he stayed there for a few seconds longer, lowering himself so he was face to face with you. His lips press against yours, a slight kiss that makes the both of you smile. He brings himself back as he tries to catch his breath, smiling down at your messy face as he looks down at your tits with satisfaction, feeling himself grow hard again.
“You look so pretty with my cum on your tits.”
Tumblr media
╰► tagging: @hqmafia @planetonet
all works belong to @suyasgf ! Do not reupload or claim as own!
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atsuminthe · 2 days ago
PETNAMES ft. inarizaki
Tumblr media
osamu calls you ‘buttercup’.
atsumu calls you ‘sweetpea’.
aran prefers ‘angel’.
kita goes with ‘darling’.
suna’s favorite is ‘princess’.
Tumblr media
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femboysai · 2 days ago
atsumu slips into bed next to you after his shower. he smells so good and his skin feels so hot from the water, he’s quiet as he comes in and delicately slides in beside you. one hand curving over your waist until his arm secures around your hip and slots his body right up against yours to spoon. bonus points for when he kisses your shoulder and nuzzles his face into your neck.
bokuto crawls up from under the blankets until he’s directly on top of you, body warm and heavy as he rests his weight on you. he rests his cheek on your collar and lifts your hand to his head so you can rake your nails through his hair until he falls asleep. bonus points when he turns to press kisses against the skin of your neck and his thumb rubs circles on your hip.
kiyoomi likes it when you sleep directly on top of him. he rubs and gently massages your back until you fall asleep, and occasionally lifts his head to press kisses against your forehead.
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taro-im · a day ago
When the haikyuu boys overhear that you like them
featuring: MSBY:!Sakusa, Atsumu, Hinata, Bokuto
Tumblr media
Sakusa: you were texting one of your best friends at his house while he was taking a quick shower, freaking out that you never thought you would be at your crushes house before, your bestfriend making you nervous and saying things about you and him might finally be together and you saying that he would never have feelings for you that way you telling her to calm down and that nothings going to happen and that you aren’t trying to make him uncomfortable, he opened the bathroom door smelling like cologne giving you a little wave sitting on his bed while your heart was beating out of your chest and you needed to calm yourself down “u-um can I please use your bathroom Kiyoomi?” “Y-yeah sure” he said knodding his head, you entered the bathroom checking the mirror washing your face with cold water to reduce that red tint on your face from how flustered you were, while Kiyoomi was already nervous that your in his home till he heard your phone buzzing with many notifications, he checked it curiously noticing your phone was unlocked… “y/n shoot your shot, you’ve like Sakusa for two years already, and if he doesn’t there are better men out there for you” His eyes widen seeing the text messages “does she feel the same way for me?” He said to himself not noticing you exited his bathroom your eyes wide open from the curly raven haired man on your phone… “Kiyoomi what are you doing?” You said trying to take your phone but out of reflex he raised it up high so you couldn’t get it “is it true?” “What’s true?” You said scared “is it true that you like me y/n” he said face slightly pink looking you in the eyes “y-yeah I do I really like you Kiyoomi and I’m sorry” you said in the verge of tears embarrassed “why are you sorry?” “Because I know you don-“ “i never said anything, and I like you too y/n” he said flustered slumping his forehead onto your shoulder “I’ve liked you for so long, if i told you a before we wouldn’t be in this mess” he chuckled making you laugh too
Atsumu: you work for Osamu at his Onigiri shop, everyday Atsumu would come and barge in and he would always talk to you, it’s been like this for nine months the both of you always had so much tension and Osamu was annoyed by how is older twin brother distracts you from work “ya know y/n ya don’t have to talk to him every time he comes into the shop” he said tired “what do you mean? It doesn’t bother me” you said giggling face heart beating faster thinking of Atsumu and that cocky smile he always gives you, little did you know Atsumu was planning to surprise you but he was hearing his little brother and you talking about him, “yeah yeah, so when ya gonna tell him?” “Tell him what?…” “ya know that ya l-“ “Osamu stop that sentence you know I can’t tell him what if things get awkward? I don’t want him to stop coming here because of me” You said feeling a uneasy feeling in your stomach thinking of if he turned you down “i don’t think that’s gunna happen” The gray haired male said “oh yeah? Imagine me saying Atsumu I’ve had a crush on you for so long will you please go out with me? I’ve heard the stories of how he rejected those girls in your guys Highschool” you groaned embarrassed and hurt from your overthinking… while Atsumu was shocked you felt the same way, he tried exiting the store only for the ginger haired male to make a commotion “Atsumu! Why’s are you standing there? Why not just come in, you’ve been like that for 5 minutes” you flinched at what you just heard seeing the blonde male look at you in the eyes cheeks red “u-I’m well I gotta go” you said taking off your apron embarrassed frantically passing by Atsumu while he was just standing there taking in what just happened, he ran to you and surprisingly caught up “wait! Y/n don’t run for a sec it’s hard to catch up” he laughed gently grabbing you by the arm “so why ya run? Ya didn’t hear my answer yet?” He said taking one final breath while your heart was beating at a rapid rate “because I know you’ll say no” “well don’t start overthinking y/n I like ya too!” He said flustered “y-you do?” “Yeah I do! I really like you now com on let’s go somewhere better” he said kissing you on the cheek laughing
Bokuto: all of you were drunk, well this time Bokuto wasn’t drinking you and your group of friends were having a congratulations party for team MSBY JACKALS win all of you guys partied and drinked, you were sifted next to your crush Bokuto and by your best friends “Koutarou! Can u get me water?” You said drunk giggling at the silver haired boy with black highlights face tinted pink “yeah of course y/n” he laughed getting up from his seat “y/n~ I might just steal him away tonight” your friend teased you only for you to pout from anger not noticing Bokuto was on his way back holding a cup of water “you can’t take Koutaro away from me! I really like him you just like him cuz he’s cute!“ you said outloud noticing the spikey haired boy eyes widen “u-um sorry everyone” you rushed out of the bar only for Bokuto to secretly go with you “I’m such an idiot” you muttered sort of sober hitting your head only for Bokuto to come out of nowhere “hey y/n..” he said with a big smile on his face waving awkwardly only for you to hide yourself trying to avoid looking at Bokuto “h-hey don’t be like that, that was pretty cute” he laughed trying to comfort you “was it true? Do you actually like me?” “Y-yeah I do” you said looking at him only to notice he had a wide grin on his red flustered face “I like you too y/n” he said pulling you into a hug kissing you on the forehead “now let’s go back in, it’s way too cold to stand out here” he chuckled holding your hand tightly
Hinata: You and your bestfriend was going to one of Hinata’s matches to supper and cheer for him, before the match you and your bestfriend were by the locker room waiting for Hinata to come out to wish him luck “hey y/n” she said giving you a devilish grin “what is it (bestfriends name)?“ “ if they win the match today you should finally confess to him” “b-but-“ “y/n you’ve like Shoyo for so long, you have to at least confess to him or your going to be in the sidelines forever” she said the both of you not noticing Hinata was already out and he heard the both of you… no way y/n chan likes me? He said flustered squeezing his hands “good luck Shoyo” you said face red greeting your bestfriend before the match started “thanks y/n” he said smiling at you giving you a wink… the game ended and MSBY won two sets all the fans were cheering them on but Hinata’s only thought was you… you waited outside for him only for him too surprise you from behind “hey y/n” he said laughing “hey Shoyo” “I-I like you” he said randomly “w-wait what?” “I really like you and I was wondering if you would go to a coffee shop with me tommorow?!” He said taking your hand noticing your face was pink “o-of course I will- and I like you too!” You said laughing at his straightforwardness “so it’s a date?” “It’s a date”
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tsumooo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Really, it hadn’t been anything out of the ordinary. Atsumu had decided to steal your phone, holding it high above your head where you couldn’t get it, and it had dissolved into a childish play fight that resulted with you entangled on the floor.
With his face only a hair away from yours.
His eyes are wide and bright, like a deer caught in headlights, staring down back at you. His breath is caught in his throat, he’s so close he can feel how you exhale shakily against his lips. Yet he doesn’t make any indication that he’s going to pull back.
“Atsumu?” You whisper, worried that you might cause the tension to break if you’re too loud. He swallows dryly, pupils flitting around your face for any sign of discomfort. There is none.
You’d been startled at first by the proximity of your best friend, even after years of being by his side you hadn’t encountered a situation that warranted being this close to him. After the shock wore off you felt yourself ache, like some omnipresent being was tempting you with the very thing you’d yearned for all this time. Some part of this situation felt cruel, like making a starving man watch somebody eat a hot meal.
You weren’t sure how much time had passed, only that Atsumu’s face progressively softened and grew pink. You wished to be a fly on the wall, only so you could see your own expression looking back at him.
“Aren’t you going to move?” You rasp quietly, bringing your hands up to fist either side of his hoodie as if to keep him in place. He blinks slowly.
“Don’t want to,” he murmurs, voice laced with uncertainty. “Do ya want me to?”
You shake your head and the movement causes your noses to brush together in an unintentional show of affection. It tickles slightly, causing the both of you to laugh under your breath. The intimacy of it makes Atsumu’s pulse spike, his tongue gliding along his bottom lip instinctively.
“Are ya gonna kiss or what? We’re dyin’ over here!”
The new voice startles the both of you, Atsumu shooting up and getting caught in your legs, falling to the side and landing awkwardly on his shoulder. While he groans and curses, you press your hand to your chest in a poor attempt to steady your heart, looking over to the people that had just entered the room.
Osamu and Suna stand side by side in the entryway, Suna leaning lazily into Osamu’s side, the both of them wearing infuriatingly smug grins. The dark haired twin holds up a large white bag.
“A brought the food for movie night, by the way. Please, don’t stop on our account—”
“Fuck off, ‘Samu!” Atsumu yelps, the skin of his cheeks much redder than they were before. It’s cute, and you can’t help but snicker.
His glare turns on you and slips into a exaggerated pout, brows furrowing. “Glad ya find this funny!”
Pushing yourself to your feet, you reach over to run your fingers through his mussed blond hair. He presses into the touch, almost cat-like, and hums happily. Somewhere from the kitchen you hear a fake fetching noise from ‘Samu.
“We’ll talk about it later,” you promise, hoping to reassure any of the anxieties he might be thinking up. The corners of his mouth pull up into a sincere, loving smile.
“Okay,” he huffs, nuzzling into your palm, “but ya owe me a kiss”.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Saturday mornings are the worst to get away from cuddly Atsumu.
Pairing: Miya Atsumu x Reader.
Note: Just something sweet to enjoy on mornings 💕 also, the daydream I had with my sis @beautifulblhell inspired me with this (ps: she's Samu's wifey in my head🤭).
Tumblr media
The chip of birds visiting the orange trees outside gently awaken you from your sleep. With your eyes half open, you can see them through the bedroom window, the sun's rays helping you have a clear view. You smile as you spot two brown ones with yellow bellies, chirping at each other as if in casual conversation.
You have been waiting for this Saturday. With the help of your sister-in-law, you set up a picnic in the cherry tree square for today, accompanied by your husbands. It's been a while since you last saw them, and now that you and Atsumu have returned from a vacation trip, it's the ideal time to rejoin the family.
Atsumu tried to pretend he didn't miss his brother, but you know he's the neediest twin. You even had to cook an onigiri in the middle of Bahamas, just to make him stop whining about the spicy food.
Now thinking of food, you remember that you still need to pack the picnic basket. Knowing Osamu, he will take several appetizers — that you're already salivating to eat.—, but you still want to contribute with some snacks and drinks. Maybe you can bring a cool lemonade and buy mini croissants on the bakery across the street. Atsumu loves the breads there, especially those stuffed with cream cheese and ham.
You lift your torso and check out the time on the digital clock on your nightstand. 07:00 AM. Alright, you have fifty minutes to pack the basket, take a shower, get ready, and wake up your sleepyhead husband. Let's do this.
"No." A pair of strong and familiar arms tightens on your waist, preventing you from leaving."Go back to sleep."
There he is. With eyes closed like a sleepy baby, your husband snuggles into you, pressing his cheek on your back. You can feel his calm breathing hitting your shoulder, he will end up falling asleep again. It's amazing how even unconscious he can miss your presence.
His hold at least allows you to turn your body his direction, facing the man you grow to love each day that passes by. You adore every single detail of him. His chubby cheeks pressed again the pillow, his thick eyebrows that are adorable when he frowns or raises in awe, and even his half-open mouth, a gap for his drool that appears from time to time.
You could admire him for the rest of the day. But time's short.
"Tsumu..." You murmur, pressing a kiss on his nose. "We need to get up soon honey."
He whines, tucking quickly his head into the valley of your neck, without breaking his grip on your body. You chuckle, now you're going to have to deal with his childish side.
A wet peck is pressed into your skin. "No, we don't."
Your hands start kneading his blond hair. "Yes, we do. We have a picnic with Samu and his wife today, remember?"
"Let's ditch."
You giggle at his proposal, and he raises his head to face you, with a lazy smirk. Atsumu loves to make you giggle.
"G'mornin ." He mumbles, getting closer to kiss your lips gently. Nothing better than a good morning kiss to start the day. At least, that's what he said.
"Mornin' baby." You peck his lips after the kiss. He gazes at you with so much love, that you wonder if you've ever seen someone look like that.
You caress his face, making him close his eyes to enjoy the most of this feeling. "Now, how about we get ready for the day?"
"Why do we have to go?" He complains pouting, pressing his forehead to yours.
"Because we haven't seen them in a long time baby. Don't you wanna see your brother?"
"We've seen each other before. One more day won't hurt anyone." He hugs you close, kissing your forehead. "I want to be with you."
"But we already spend every day together honey." You remind him, chuckling.
"And that's why I married ya. Now please let me enjoy the outcomes of my yes."
You laugh again, pressing another kiss to his lips that he gladly accepts.
There's no way to beat Atsumu when he's like that. Maybe it's better to just let your sister-in-law know you're going to be a little late, and enjoy this affection bubble until he dozes off and you finally get up.
Your picnic basket might be missing a few things, but in the end, you definitely won't regret spending more time in your husband's cozy arms.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @vemuabhi @a0min3s @iznui @kenmaslov3r
Tumblr media
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ellewords · 5 hours ago
" i think i'm in love with you "
Tumblr media
fic notes / warnings : atsumu, akaashi, tsukishima, kita, sakusa, aone + gn!reader, fluff, some cursing, fake texts / smau
from elle! this popped in my head out of nowhere and couldn't get it out sooo here:) these lil smaus are tons of fun so might be a more usual thing on my blog hehe hope you all like it <3 reblogs are appreciated, they help a ton <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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whitesoda · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
He is the typ of best friend who is ' the only one who can make fun of you and is ready to fight if somebody hurts you'
He likes to annoy the shit or likes to make fun of you.
Imagine how he says "damnn this hat looks so ugly" and laughs/ chuckles about it but soon as possible if he hears it from somebody else, he is ready to fight and change his mind completely to "Huh? The only thing that is shit is ya style, buddy! Better watch your mouth next time" and gives the person a death glare
~ Kuroo, Suna, Mattsu, Makki, Tsukki, Atsumu, kind of Tendou, Futakuchi ( but he says it when you left), Kawanishi
Tumblr media
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y-uuta · a day ago
Tumblr media
how the haikyuu men act around you when they’re drunk <3
featuring: miya osamu, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintarou
𝙨𝙪𝙜𝙜𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚 / 𝙗𝙤𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚 𝙣𝙨𝙛𝙬 !
Tumblr media
osamu gets clingy when he’s drunk, touching and grabbing you in places he’d usually be a bit more chivalrous about when sober.
“samu!” you guffaw, slapping his meandering hands away as though you’re forbidding a domestic pet from eating food off the kitchen worktop.
“the hell was that for?” osamu wails, recoiling his hand away from where it had started to make its way under your shirt. he digs his jaw against your shoulder as he buries himself into the crook of your neck. his arms are wrapped around you, one hand dejected and loose as he lets it hang lifelessly due to you swatting it away. the other rests on your waist, but you reckon he’ll become more antsy by the second.
“don’t do that here! we’re in public, you cretin!” you berate him through grit teeth, attempting to peel away from his hold.
“so? and yer tellin’ me i can’t touch my woman?” he slurs in protest, pulling your whole body backwards in time with him walking forward.
“wh— ow! we’re gonna fall over! stop thaat! samuuu!” you yelp, attempting to wrestle out of his touch as he tickles you. you writhe and thrash around in his hold, expectedly losing your footing and tumbling over. in the process, osamu gets caught and falls backwards into the scratchy concrete. at the very least, he wraps his arms around you to protect you from hurting yourself.
“you okay?” he mumbles against your forehead, clutching onto you protectively. you roll your eyes, reassuring him you’re alright.
“are you? you fell onto the concrete, that’s gotta hurt.”
his hands smooth against your shoulder blades, palms flat as he runs them across the expanse of your back. he rounds them back to adjust to the curve of your ass, bending a knee up for support.
“guess we’ll find out.”
Tumblr media
atsumu gets a little bit too possessive. *horny jail bonk*
“it was sososo cool! really cool! the people were so nice, and the weather was really hot! although, one time, i kinda forgot to put suncream on and my roommate— oh! pedro! have i told you about him yet??” hinata beams, giggling and flashing a toothy grin from ear to ear as he catches you up on his latest gossip.
“i heard about him briefly! tell me about him first” you smile, entertaining his antics with contentment.
“he was great! he taught me how to sp— woah! um, sorry ‘tsumu!” hinata’s quirky smile downturns into a frown as he moves out of the way, hands held up in defence as your brooding boyfriend steps in to grab you by the wrist- promptly hauling you away.
“atsumu! you’re gonna-ack- bruise my wrist— let go! ow! what the hell are you doing? me and sho were just talking!” you clamor, squealing out in turmoil, causing a multitude of heads to turn as atsumu clears the path.
the bathroom door slams behind you and it’s a second away before you’re pinned up against it, legs wrapped around his waist almost instinctively. you flinch at the hard collision, eyes wide and gasping a little as atsumu’s lips collide with yours in a messy exchange. he’s hungry, desperate, constantly searching for more. his hands touch and touch, looking for more to seize. when you pull away, his honey gaze is clouded over and dark. there’s a concoction of your saliva and atsumu’s that separates the two of you in a thin bridge.
“don’t like the way sho was lookin’ at ya.” atsumu utters from in between the kisses that he serves your neck with, biting and grazing his teeth deep enough to stain you with bruises.
“we were just talking, ‘tsumie.” you reassure him through a breathless whimper, tilting your head to the side to allow him better access. your fingertips reach around to the back of his head, combing through his faux-blonde strands.
atsumu’s hands support the underside of your thighs, throwing you up in the air for a few seconds to shimmy you further up against the door. in the process, the print of his dick rocks against you.
“ain’t no problem if he hears ya screamin’ my name, then?”
Tumblr media
sakusa loses his footing when he’s drunk, often bumbling around and making inappropriate off-handed comments. it’s likely that he’s just doing it to pry a reaction out of you.
“you didn’t have to say that in front of everyone, you fucking jackass.” you scoff, letting the bathroom door thud shut behind you before spewing your complaints towards sakusa. the male in mention only hunches over the faucet, slinging his mask off until it hangs off one ear to allow himself to splash some cold water onto his face.
“say what?” he mutters, cocking a brow incredulously as he glimpses at you through the reflection of the mirror.
“that i’m desperate for cock just ‘cause i was laughing at atsumu’s jokes?”
“he’s not funny.” sakusa remarks in a matter-of-fact tone, switching the dripping faucet off.
“i was being polite, omi. i’m not gonna sit there and not laugh, am i? fuck sake. you’re unbelievable.”
“everyone else on the team stays quiet.”
you grab onto the hem of sakusa’s team jacket, twisting him around until he’s faced towards you. you’re adamant about scolding him, but it doesn’t help your cause when he’s leaned over with all his height, towering over you and peering down with the ghost of a smug smirk lifting his lips. he thinks it’s cute when you try to take control, and so he allows you to under the rules that he’s entertained by your futile attempts.
“aw. did i hurt your feelings?” sakusa coos, lids drooping as he takes in your pout and creased brows.
“you want a kiss with that? put a bandaid on your boo-boo? so cute.”
“fuck you.”
sakusa pats his inner thigh, staring at you head-on as he plays with the drawstring that keeps his shorts tight around his waist.
“so? do it. i’m waiting.”
Tumblr media
suna spews the most nastiest and flirtatious sentences to see you stutter and tell him to ‘shut the hell up, rintarou’
“seat taken?” you gesture with your index, rest of your fingers clasped around your solo cup. suna, from the bar counter, glances at you lazily. most of his pupils are hidden behind his eyelids, drowsy as he stifles a yawn.
“i’m waiting for my girlfriend,” he remarks casually, lacing his long fingertips around his cup to take a swig.
“oh yeah? what’s she like?” you muse, hopping up onto the bar seat beside him. he shifts his hips up to allow access to his phone that lays inside the pockets of his black jeans, flipping the device around to showcase a polaroid picture that he carries around in the back of his phone case. it’s a picture suna took of you on your first ever date, with you laughing and smiling in the middle of him telling a joke. in the background, there’s faint neon lights from a nearby theme park.
“damn, she’s so sexy.” suna murmurs, hazel orbs fixated on the picture with awe.
“her skin’s always so warm and smooth. it’s nice.”
“like it when she wraps her thighs around my head.” he taunts, glancing to watch for your reaction from over the rim of his cup.
“should you be saying that to a stranger?” you retort, prying your attention away from suna to neglect him of the look on your face. he only tuts at this, setting his drink down with a light thud from where the plastic knocks against the counter. he leans in, grabbing ahold of your face with just a few of his digits to turn you towards him. he steals you for a kiss, drinking your lips in with an intentional small groan on his behalf.
suna licks his lips in response, tip of his nose grazing against yours. his pupils dilate and he bears a sly grin.
“nah, probably not.” he concludes, shifting his weight to get up. suna hovers over you, lips brushing the shell of your ear whilst his hand snakes down to give your inner thigh a small squeeze.
“you gonna punish me for it, bunny? hm? ‘cause i’d like to see you try.”
Tumblr media
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iiiwachan · 2 days ago
Miya Atsumu, the type of guy who likes being taken care of and also the type of guy who likes falling asleep in your arms with his head on your chest
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itachisfrog · 2 days ago
Tanaka, bokuto, Nishinoya, and Atsumu definitely seems like the type to wake you up by sucking on your tit. They just can’t help it. You look so cute sleeping and they couldn’t help to trace your face all the way down to your stomach and see that your shirt is slightly rising up which makes his cock twitch.
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miracl3girl · a day ago
The only thing that hurt worse than the cracked bones in atsumu’s arms was his pride. If he’s being honest though, he got lucky breaking just his arms after that fall he had. He’ll miss a couple months of practice and then he will have work twice as hard to make up for it. On the bright side though, he gets to be pampered by you! You feed him his meals, help him dress, and anything else that required his arms. While he loves the feeling of you washing his face in the morning or brushing his hair for him, his favorite sensation has to be you stroking his dick exactly how he’s telling you to. He’s got his little s/o trained so well that even with no way to physically control you or punish you, you listen to every single word that comes from his mouth. Every command to speed up or slow down, stroke harder or lighten up. It especially gets him off when you sink down on him. His verbal instructions work just as well as if he had been controlling your movements with his own hands. Even after you’re overstimulated and your eyes are watering, you continue because he “wants to fill ya up, nice ‘n good. stuff ya wide with this cock.” After he’s out of the casts, he might need to complain about pain in his arms every once in a while.
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haikyutiehoe · 11 hours ago
suna and atsumu compete to see who can fill you up and break you faster. gently tapping your stomach, they mutter, “gonna make room for my pretty cock,” and shove it all in one go, both smirking at the expressive faces you make bouncing on their cocks.
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kotarotea · a day ago
🤍 stupid cupid -> having a radio show dedicated to giving love advice is definitely something that’s keeping you going during your college career. there’s a slight downside to it, though. surrounding yourself with all this love and helping others is fun and all, but who will be your cupid?
pairing: reader x atsumu, reader x osamu genre: college!au, fluff/angst/humor a/n: sorry for the wait!! it’s back!!
part twenty: bribery?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist:​ @mirakeul @miyalove @qangaji @tsukishumai @bakugouswh0r3 @kyomihann @s0utien @tsumuki @halesandy @bombardia @literatelogan @lenathesimp @mint-mai @whipped4nu @softiebadbitch @orchid-tea-party​ @siriiel @hxked @acsycharm @reina-de-tay @ggukiefrappe @tendo-sxtori @snowsmuse @waitforitillwritemywayout @clean-soap @simpletype @yuhsta @shizukusimp @hi-kenam @babyshoyo @nightstar165 @mellowknightcolorfarm @ysatrap @sensels @memorableminds @tendousfingertape5
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Just Friends
Miya Atsumu x reader
Post timeskip
genre: fluff, friends to lovers, the slightest bit of angst if you really squint
He's been her best friend for ages. Everyone at Inarizaki expected them to get together way back in first year, when it was getting less weird to be in a serious relationship. It didn't happen, though, still hasn't happened even though everyone who doesn't know them thinks they're a couple while everyone who does know them wonders why they aren't.
Guys and girls can be friends without dating, they try to tell everyone. They're just friends. They'll never be anything but just friends.
But for some reason, people consider it odd that just friends spend pretty much every second of their free time together. They think it's strange that just friends have gotten to the point where they can't sleep without each other next to them. They don't understand how just friends have literally been each other's first everything because they trust each other that much.
Well, the only thing he hasn't been is her first boyfriend. But she's still waiting on that.
The main thing that seems to bother people is how despite everything, nothing between them has ever been awkward. It doesn't matter what people have said about them flirting or being totally in love. They just brush it off. By now they're used to it, but even when the comments first started they didn't really bat an eye.
The remarks about them being like a couple aren't even the worst of it, though. Surely things would be awkward after they kissed. They were each other's first kiss. But they had just hugged and taken one last look at the mistletoe above them and gone back to whatever they were doing before he got the genius idea to kiss her.
Their friends have asked them about it a million times, and it's the same story because, well, it's the truth.
For some reason no one seemed to be able to understand that. It was three years ago; they should really get over it.
He's her best friend. She doesn't care what they've done, how they act, what kinds of looks they give each other. There is no way that he will ever be anything but her best friend.
"For the last time, ya aren't a bad person!"
He sets down his coffee cup and flicks her nose. She still feels guilty.
"But the turtle was looking at me like I was betraying it! I should've just bought it."
"Y/N, reptiles don't feel emotions!"
"This one did!"
"Yer ridiculous."
"And you have no soul!"
"Where would ya even keep the dumb thing? Ya hardly have enough room in your dorm as it is."
"In your apartment," she says with a nonchalant shrug. "I practically live there anyway."
"Maybe I don't want a turtle livin’ in my apartment."
"It would keep you company when I'm not there."
"Yer always there."
"It would keep us company when our friends are all on dates and we're lonely."
He looks at her, and she holds his gaze.
"Y/N, we're not gettin’ a turtle."
"It's just like a dog! But smaller and harder. And slower."
"I don't want a turtle livin’ in my apartment! Suna would do something stupid and it'd be dead in a week, anyway."
Y/N frowns, her eyebrows knitting together. She takes a sip of her coffee and he watches her.
"Fine. But if you get a girlfriend and the two of you get a turtle, I'm never speaking to you again."
He rolls his eyes. She mocks him.
"So, what's been going on with ya and Aiko?" he asks her.
She sighs and sips her coffee, thinking about her friend.
"She's just been being really irritating and obnoxious lately. I don't know what her deal is. She's, like, mad at me because I'm your best friend. It's stupid."
"What do I have to do with it?" he wonders, knitting his eyebrows together.
"The usual," she replies. "Apparently it's a waste because we're best friends and not together. But if she were your best friend, you two would've already been dating for years, according to her."
"Well, that isn't really being best friends then, is it?" he says. "That's being a couple. Honestly, I still don't understand why it bothers everyone so much."
"Well, girls are jealous because they like you yet I'm the one closest to you. You know that whole situation." She rolls her eyes.
"Can't they mind their own damn business?"
"They're just mad because you don't like me but you won't date any of them."
"Because they're all annoyin’ pigs."
They tap their cups together and drink the rest of their coffee.
Later that night, he stays up listening to her rant for hours, even though she can see him struggling to keep his eyelids from drooping.
"Y/N, there isn't really much ya can do," he finally tells her.
"There has to be! She failed me for giving the 'wrong answer!' The essay was supposed to be our definition of beauty! How-I don't understand how there can be a wrong answer for that!"
"Me neither. Did ya ask her about it?"
"Yeah. She said that things can't be beautiful if you can't see, smell, hear, touch, or taste them. How ridiculous is that?! Like, I said that love is beautiful. How could she possibly fail me for that?!"
"I don't know, Y/N. It's three a.m. and I get that it's unfair and all that but I'm tired and I know yer exhausted. Ya still have an A in the class. Let's just go to bed."
She sighs and lays down next to him. He drapes his arm over her and pulls her into him, her back pressed against his chest.
Her tense muscles relax and she closes her eyes.
She's always liked being the little spoon. Something about being enveloped in his big body comforts her. She tucks her head under his chin and drifts off to sleep.
She wakes up with her head on his chest and his arm wrapped around her. She smiles at the comfort he gives her, how normal this is, how lucky she is to be able to wake up like this every day next to her best friend.
"Hey, sleepyhead," she says, poking the blonde's cheek.
He groans sleepily and turns on his side, draping his other arm over her and pulling her legs between his. He settles into his new position and starts snoring again. Y/N giggles.
"Tsumu, wake up." She places her cold fingers under his chin to try to wake him, as well as to warm herself.
He doesn't even flinch. All he does is pull her closer into his chest.
"Mmmm," he whines, not opening his eyes. "Go back to sleep."
"I don't want to. Get up."
The boy opens his eyes and looks at her.
She grins at him, scrunching her nose. He rolls his eyes.
Everything is right in the world.
When he gets a girlfriend, everything is not right in the world.
She's lonely and she always has an uneasy sinking feeling in her stomach, as if she's constantly free-falling. She hates free-falls.
He blows her off to go on dates, and sometimes she falls asleep alone in his apartment.
But Atsumu is always in bed next to her when she wakes up. Always.
One day, he tells Y/N that he planned for her and the girl to go out to lunch. He explains that the girl feels threatened by her, because apparently it's odd that he has a girl pretty much living with him that isn't his girlfriend, even if she's his best friend. All she has to do is become friends with her, reassure her that she and Atsumu are just friends.
Within five minutes of talking to the girl, she can pick out what made Atsumu like her and what will make him break up with her.
She's confident, beautiful, sweet, and polite.
But she hardly ever smiles, and her eyes are cold. She can't take a joke, and when Y/N orders a burger, the girl gives her a look of disgust behind her oh-so-healthy salad.
Another thing, the girl isn't particularly nice to Y/N.
"So, you live with my boyfriend."
"Well, not technically," Y/N says, swallowing a bite of her food. "But kinda."
"You need to stop."
"He's my best friend. I swear, I'd never try to steal him from you. If I wanted him, I would've told him years ago."
"I don't care. I don't want you anywhere near him."
"I'm sorry, but you can't tear me apart from my best friend. I won't let you do that, and neither will he. I'm not competition, I promise."
"Oh, I know you're not competition. You couldn't take him even if you tried. But I know you're lying about not having feelings for him."
Well, that stung.
"I'm not lying."
The girl laughs bitterly.
"Whatever you say, Y/N."
It takes him all of two weeks to break up with the girl. And Y/N doesn't even tell him about their encounter.
She's listening to Bokuto and Hinata talk from around the corner.
"Yeah, I think she loves him," Hinata says.
"Me, too."
"But I don't think she realizes it."
"She must not, or she would've told us already."
"Hey guys," she hears Sakusa say as he walks over. "What's up?"
"Do you think Y/N's in love with Atsumu?" Hinata asks.
"Doesn't everyone?" Sakusa replies.
"She doesn't."
"Really? Even Miya knows she's in love with him."
"You're kidding," Bokuto says.
"Nope. But I guess it works out for him because he’s in love with her too."
"What?! He's in love with her?! He's been in love with her?! How does she not know these things?!
"He told me they haven't talked about it, so I wouldn't bring it up," Sakusa says.
Y/N doesn't stick around to hear the rest. As she turns to leave, her head meets the chest of the man in question.
Looking down he sees her look as if she was a deer caught in headlights.
"Hey, Y/N. What's wrong?"
"Are you in love with me?" she asks.
Her breath hitches. That wasn't the answer she was expecting.
"How-how long have you been in love with me?"
"How long have I known ya?" he replies.
"This doesn't screw up our plans to see that movie tomorrow, right? I've been wanting to see it for ages."
And just like that, she can breathe again.
A few weeks later, they're officially dating. She doesn't remember him asking her, but all of a sudden he's holding her hand and kissing her and treating her like the queen he says she is.
She hasn't told him she loves him because she doesn't think she does. But he's been telling her that he can see that she loves him, even if she can't. And apparently that's all he needs.
She won't deny that she likes him. Because now that they're dating, she realizes she does. But love is a little much, and she can't really see herself ever loving her best friend. It's absurd.
Dating him is a blur. A heavenly, blissful blur, but still a blur.
She's been his girlfriend for about a couple of months when she has an epiphany. It's three a.m. but it comes to her as clear as day.
She loves him. She's loved him for years but it hasn't ever hit her because all the little pieces of the puzzle that made her fall in love with him have been too small for her brain to put together. Her heart has always known, but her mind has been spending years working on this puzzle. And now she's places the last piece and she loves him. She loves him so so so much and she grins at the ceiling because he's hers. Her first everything and oh goodness she loves him.
"Tsumu," she whispers, shaking him gently. "Tsumu, are you awake?"
"It was just a dream," he says, half asleep. "Go back to bed."
"Tsumu, I didn't have a nightmare. Wake up."
He turns on his side to face her and she sees his swirling hazel eyes in the darkness.
"What're ya smiling at?"
"I love you."
She expects him to shoot straight up in bed and turn the light on, start grilling her about how and when she realized it. She expects him to grin and celebrate and be as excited as she is.
But he doesn't do that.
All he does is give her a sleepy smile and close his eyes again.
"I love ya, too."
And then he drapes an arm over her and pulls her into him.
She's confused for a while, but then it hits her.
He's known she loved him for a while. He's been telling her that since they started dating. He isn't surprised at all. He's happy that she finally realized it, yes, but this isn't a shocker to him. This is just her finally coming to her senses.
And then she realizes another thing. The only celebration he needs is being able to add that fourth word to the statement he's been telling her for the past few months.
With her head pressed against his chest, she can hear his heart pounding, and though he's pretending to be asleep, she knows he's going to be up for a while, just thinking. Thinking about their memories, their future together, how it was always gonna end up this way, no matter how long it took.
So she lifts her head to press her lips to his, and she smiles when he gives up his act to kiss her back. Then she pulls away and rests her head on his pillow because hers is too far away from him.
She thinks about how many times she's fallen asleep next to him, but none of those times has been like this. Because now she loves him and this means something and she'd really like it if she could stay here forever.
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