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#atsumu x you
takemittchy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
starring: Miya Atsumu, Matsukawa Issei, Akaashi Keiji 
genre: fluff/slice of life 
⚠️ warning: none! 
a/n: reposted + added in Akaashi. part II coming soon 
Tumblr media
“alright I’m off to babysit the twins now!” You try to leave, only for your boyfriend to trail slowly behind you
“uh…can I help you, babe?”
Atsumu nods, “can I come with you today?”
You look at him, “You, Miya Atsumu, wants to come babysit the twins with me today?”
He smiles, “yes, wouldn’t you want the help of a twin to babysit some twins?”
“sure, I guess it’ll be interesting. But promise me you’ll be on your best behavior. The twins do I say this? A little bit possessive?”
“you got it babe, they’re just kids. I have nothing to be jealous of”.
Atsumu don’t got it, because as soon as he spotted the twins, he was immediately reminded of himself and Osamu and that meant trouble
“Hi Y/n!” The one that reminded him of himself bounces up excitedly to you, as the one that reminded him of Osamu trails behind his twin
“Hi guys! How are you guys today?”
His mini-self smiles cheekily before answering, “much better now that you’re here sweetheart”
You smile, “oh Timmy, you big flirt. I bet you’re real popular at school. By the way, this is my boyfriend, Atsumu. He’s going to be playing with us today”
Atsumu watches as mini-Osamu tugs on his brother’s sleeves, the two of them narrowing their eyes at him
“Hi Atstupid” mini-Atsumu says, grinning with a smile
Atsumu clears his throat, “hi Timmy, the name is Atsumu, but I understand why you got it wrong. I bet you’re not the brightest lightbulb around huh?”
“ouch!” Atsumu jumps when you pinch him on the arm, “just kidding!”
“Y/N, can we continue the wedding from last week?”
“Tommy, of course we can! Lead the way!”
Atsumu watches as the twins flank to your side, each picking up your hand and leading you into the living room
Atsumu sits on the sofa, pretending to be a guest at the wedding and watches as you and Timmy walk down the “aisle” to a waiting Tommy
“Welcome welcome! Thank you for joining us as we gather here on this beautiful wedding day of Y/N and Timmy. You may now kiss the bride!”
Atsumu stands up as Timmy stands on his tiptoes, “I object!”
Timmy stops mid-air and glares at Atsumu before glancing at his brother
Tommy clears his throat, “sorry sir, but there are no objections in this wedding”
Timmy pulls you down to him and kisses you on the cheeks, “yay Y/N! We’re married!”
You shoot Atsumu an apologetic smile before mouthing, “it’s just a game, babe”
Atsumu hates this game
A few hours pass by of sneaky glares between Atsumu and Timmy before their parents return home
“bye guys! I’ll see you guys next week!”
“good-bye my wife!” Timmy yells
“good-bye my sister-in-law!” Tommy yells
Atsumu finally couldn’t hold it in anymore, “no she’s not your wife or your sister-in-law! She’s MY wife and Osamu’s sister-in-law. Good night!”
Atsumu drags you away from the house before you have a chance react
“Fine! I’m sorry okay?! I’m never coming with you to babysit the twins again. They make me so jealous!”
You giggle, “Maybe you should come with me more often…you’re kind of cute when you’re jealous.”
Atsumu pouts, “why would you hurt me like this? why should I spend a few hours of my week watching another guy steal my girlfriend?”
“Tsumu, you know I love you. And you only.”
Atsumu pulls you in and plants a kiss on your lips, “can you make sure to tell Timmy that next week?”
“Issei you don’t have to come over to help me”
“but I want to”
“okay, but promise you’ll be on your best behavior. He has a little crush on me, so he can be a little possessive.”
He nods, “whatever, he’s just a kid.”
Matsukawa had no idea he could ever be so jealous of an eight year old. And it started as soon as you walked through the door
“Hi Y/n!” the little boy stands beaming up to you, “you look as beautiful as always.”
“awww thanks Max! and you’re just as sweet as ever.”
“come on, I bought a new lego kit for us today.”
“sounds good, but let me introduce you to my boyfriend first.”
Max narrows his eyes at Matsukawa as soon as he hears the word “boyfriend”
“Max this is Issei, Issei this is Max”
Mattsun promised to be on his best behavior today, so he politely holds out his hand, “hi Max! I really like Lego too, I look forward to playing with you today.”
Max looks less than impressed, “Whatever. Also you’re ugly. How can you be my Y/N’s boyfriend?”
“You’re one to talk kid, have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?”
You pinch his arms as a warning, “Issei…”
“fine” He forces a smile, “I mean, I’m sorry you find me ugly but Y/N finds me very handsome.”
“whatever” Max turns to you, “come on Y/N”. Unbeknownst to you, Max turns around and sticks out his tongue at Mattsun, before interlacing his finger with yours
Matsukawa checks his watch, “just three more hours”
The afternoon passes by pretty uneventful as you and Max build his lego set and Mattsun tries to help but is unsuccessful
“Y/N I’m hungry. Can we get pizza?”
“sure, we can get delivery.”
Once the pizza comes Max pretends to have a hard time eating it
“Y/n my fingers feel really tired from the legos, can you cut the pizza for me and feed me?”
Mattsun sits fuming as Max side-eyes him and happily accepts your fork
“here babe, let me. Your fingers must be tired too.”
Max widens his eyes in surprise, but before he can protest, your boyfriend is already cooing, “open your mouth!”
Max’s parents return home shortly and you guys bid your farewells
“see you soon Y/N! and see you never ugly boyfriend!”
“see you never too!” Mattsun retorts and mumbles under his breath, “brat”
The two of you walk back to his car and he picks up your hand
“I don’t want you to babysit him anymore”
“awww Issei are you jealous?”
Mattsun sputters, “of that punk? heck no.”
You laugh as he looks at you shyly, “maybe just a little.”
your boyfriend has always wanted to meet the little kid you babysit on Thursdays. Akaashi wants to see for himself just how cute this Haru is have you always gushing about when you meet up for date night after babysitting.
at 5 pm, as per routine, Akaashi was outside your door, ready to drive you over to Haru’s place. 
“can I babysit with you today?” he asks, so quietly, you almost didn’t hear him. 
“you wanna babysit Haru with me? sure, babe, let me just double check with his mom real quick.” 
at 5:30 pm, the three of you are sitting on the floor, building the new lego set Haru’s parents got him for his birthday. 
“y/n boyfie, can you pwease help me put on?” the four year old wasn’t very good at speaking yet, but Akaashi understood perfectly what the little boy meant
“sure, let’s see how to put the sofa into the room.” 
Akaashi finally understood why you’re always smiling from ear-to-ear whenever you meet up with him after babysitting, Haru was an adorable and sweet child 
HOWEVER, no matter how adorable and sweet, Akaashi couldn’t help but feel just a bit jealous that Haru keeps hanging off you. Whether that’s asking for a hug one minute, a kiss on the cheeks the next, or just holding your hand the whole time 
“Haru, why don’t you let go of y/n’s hand so you can help me with the furniture” 
The young child shook his head stubbornly, “you help me put” 
Akaashi sighs as you giggle and hugged the young boy closer to your chest 
An hour later (of mostly Akaashi building the lego set), the little lego house was done and Haru was asleep
glancing at the clock, you had your boyfriend bring Haru into his bedroom and the two of you tucked him in before retreating to the sofa, exhausted 
 “babe, I'm just gonna go get some water, you can let go” 
Akaashi said nothing, but held onto your hand the whole time, following you into the kitchen 
He was extra clingy, extra affectionate as you two put on a little movie. 
“Keiji, I can’t breathe, you’re hugging me too tightly”
“oh sorry”, he murmurs, loosening his grip, but still holding onto you
“babe, are you okay?” 
“yes,” his eyes were serious as he asks you quietly, “you know I love you right? a lot?” 
you nod and give him a quick kiss to show you understand him 
“don’t tell me, are you jealous of Haru?” 
Akaashi knows its dumb, but he’s promised to always be honest with you, so he nods and to his surprise, you kissed him again, harder
“I love you too, Keiji, a lot.” 
“I know.” 
Tumblr media
masterlist | reblogs & likes are v.appreciated - thank you 💕
Tumblr media
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devikyuu · a day ago
Pairing: Miya Atsumu x GN!Reader
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Drabble
Summary: When will you ever be enough for someone like him?
Word Count: 743
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“It’s not my fault I’m not good enough for anything!” You shout.
Everything stills and it’s like time has stopped for you and Atsumu. Atsumu stares at you, eyes that used to be filled with frustration, are now filled with pity and they’re so wide open that you see the pity he gives you. You hate it. You don’t want the pity. So you turn away from him.
“I can’t catch up with you anymore, Atsumu.” Your voice is softer. It’s different from your scream earlier and it throws Atsumu off. He was ready to argue with you (through his anger filled mind) and get it over with. He didn’t expect this at all.
You burn holes into the wall you’re staring at. Hoping that the hot feeling in your eyes will go away. Hoping that your lips stop trembling. Hoping that whatever is stirring in your chest, stops. Hoping that your mind stops racing with insecurities you’ve stored away.
Atsumu eyes burn holes into you. He never meant to call you annoying or clingy. He never meant to make you feel neglected (and yet at the back of his mind, he thinks that it’s for the sake of the future he wants with you). He never meant to make you feel worthless. He never meant to make you feel like you aren’t enough.
The silence is so thick and heavy that it’s hard to speak (has it always been easy to speak when you’ve been apart for so long?). Atsumu makes steps to get close to you and you shut your eyes tight. Afraid that if you face him, you’ll come running back. 
“Angel, look at me.” You hear him whisper and you feel his presence. He’s just right in front of you. He could have just hugged you if he wanted to, but you know this is his way of saying he’s sorry and won’t do anything without your consent. “Please.”
You clench your fists so tight that it’s shaking and you shut your eyes even tighter that your face is scrunching up. Your insecurities are just spilling out of you in the form of tears. As soon as Atsumu sees your tears fall and hears you sniffing, he feels his chest get so heavy with guilt but he can't bring himself to just hug you.
So he kneels in front of you and slowly holds your hands like they’re made of paper that is just about to rip. He firmly presses his lips to them. “My angel, my pretty baby, I’m so sorry.” His lips stay on the back of your hands as he speaks. “I never meant to hurt you and I never meant to make you cry.”
His voice is soft as he speaks and you’re silent crying has turned into small hiccups. Atsumu rubs his thumbs on your hands and you slowly open your eyes. The sight you’re welcome with when you face Atsumu’s kneeling form, is of him leaving soft small kisses on your hands.
“‘Tsumu,” comes your broken voice, “I can’t catch up with how fast you’re going. I’m not like you and I--”
“You don’t have to be like me. You don’t have to catch up with me.” Atsumu looks up at you and you gasp. Seeing how determined he is makes your chest feel light. “I’ll go at your pace, angel.”
You whimper a little and go down to Atsumu’s level. His eyes follow your every movement and he squeezes your hand tight, wondering if you’ll allow him another chance to make you feel better. To make you feel special. To make you feel enough.
He brings your hands closer to him, silently asking if he can hug you now and you allow him to. Once his arms are wrapped around you, he sighs and buries his face to your neck. He inhales your scent and his shoulders start shaking.
“I was so scared, angel. I thought you were gonna break up with me.”
You both hug each other tight. Afraid that the other would walk away and disappear from their life.
You both stay that way for a while. Holding each other close, staying in the silence of the room, only hearing each other's heartbeat or breathing. Everything may be off at this point in your lives, but you know that having each other is enough for now.
“Angel, you’re enough for me, okay? You have always been enough for me.”
Tumblr media
Yeah... Imma jus,,, leave that there uwu
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kitasfox · a day ago
Okay, okay listen: Miya Atsumu wasted doing horrible sex (like he gets off before putting it inside) and the reader has lost any interest in him but when he meets her again and discover how shameful it was he decides to make it up?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: ok I just wrote this bcs I had a dream about sakusa and i really really needed to write for him, and this was the only way I could think of </3 idk about this man I wrote it @ 3 am cuz I had a nightmare and this was a good distraction I hope yall like it
THIS POST IS NSFW! Minors do not interact or I'll bite.
Taglist form
warnings: spitting LETSGO mean sakusa nice(ish) atsumu, sakuatsu a lil, competitiveness, possessiveness, ughhh fucking, strong strong Lang, name calling, degrading, praising, a lil humiliation on tsumu the bimbo
Tumblr media
Atsumu really doesn't know how it even came here.
The last thing he remembers, he was at the Gala, and you were with Sakusa; the pretty girlfriend of the popular volleyball player, who had finally brought with him to have people meet her.
How ugly of a coincidence it was, when you had come face to face, and realized you knew each other.
Atsumu doesn't even remember what had happened that night, really, all he remembers is your naked body under him, your pretty face and glossed lips pursed into a dissatisfied frown.
The same pout he's staring at now, seven years later, the memories coming to the blonde like flashes of a nightmare.
"—fuck, baby, you're so hot!" He remembers groaning at you, hands wandering over your body. "So fucking hot, look how hard I am."
He remembers how much his cock hurt as your hand stroked him over his pants, an act to make him feel good as you two made out— but not that good as he was rutting his hips up into your hand, moaning loudly into your ear, precum creating a spot on his jeans.
Well, you still had to admit he sounded good when he moaned.
Still— even that wasn't enough to phase your drunken mind to think anything about that night was hot, remembering how the both of you had pulled your clothes off in the blink of an eye, him pulling you into his strong arms and biting into the skin of your neck, all only exciting you for what turned out to be a disappointment.
"H-ah—" the blonde had moaned, hovering over you as he pumped his cock with a grin, face flushed with alcohol— a real pretty sight to see as you watch his muscles move under his skin, your legs wrapped around his narrow waist as he had rubbed his cock on your entrance, "fuck baby I'm close—"
"You're what?" You had asked, bewildered as you watched his cock twitch with need, precum oozing from the angry red tip when he had rutted against you once again, "—holy fuck, baby, fuck!"
He remembers, only now remembers your wide gaze, staring at him as if to ask "are you fucking serious right now?"
He remembers he was grinning, eyes closed, chest heaving as he lay there spent, the heaviness of alcohol coming down on him. The last thing he can even remember is your frustrated groan: "what the fuck?"
And now, you were here once again, just as pretty— even prettier, with that little black dress hugging your frame, eyes staring at him with a new maturity, lips glossed red.
Your hands were wrapped snugly around a curly-haired wing spikers arms when he had first seen you that night, and somehow, now, you were once again naked and whining under Atsumj- this time, however, with an audience and the need to prove.
(dude I'm so sorry for this sentence I was tipsy when I wrote it and I literally can't change it rn my mind goes blank so take this apology instead BAHAH)
"Oh, you know each other?" Sakusa had asked so unphased when you had scorned at the blond friend he had brought you to meet, Atsumu sending you silent pleas not to tell him but— "yeah, we fucked in college."
"Yeah but—" Atsumu tries to interject, change the topic somehow, somehow before Sakusa knows that he— "he came before he could even put it in."
Amusement lingers on your lips as you hide a smile, similar to the one Sakusa now has; a beautiful pair the two of you make, cruel and beautiful.
"I was wasted!" Atsumu groans, face burning with humiliation, trying to explain that it was only in the past— he didn't fuck like that anymore, he could make a girl go crazy with how much she came on his cock.
"Yeah?" Sakusa had arched his brow, black eyes glinting with something Atsumu can't decipher. Prove it then."
"Prove— what the fuck are ya sayin' 'omi?" With a burning excitement forming in the pit of his stomach, Atsumu looked adorable staring at you with wide eyes.
"I'm telling you to back your words up, Miya," Sakusa had smiled. "Or are you afraid?"
And in the whirl of a moment, it felt like seconds as you found yourself in Sakusa's place, clothes torn and thrown on the ground as a stranger's hands wandered over your body.
A strong contrast he is to your boyfriend, you realize; praises falling from his lips like prayer, groans and moans that have you fluttering around his cock, soft touch that doesn't leave handprints on your skin as Sakusa always does, mercy like you've never seen before— maybe a bit too much, too.
To the point where you're sobbing with pleasure.
"Fuck— oh, fuck!" You're crying, sobbing as Atsumu keeps pumping into your oversensitive pussy, wetness dripping down both your thighs. You claw at his chest with a loud cry when Atsumu brings his fingers down to circle your clit, a burning surge of pain running down your spine and making your whole body tremble. "—s too much, Atsumu it's too much— ah!"
"Take it, baby, I know you can," he heaves, golden eyes hooded and bright, breathless as he stills in you for a second. Blonde locks of hair stick on his flushed face. "Yer such a good girl, take my fuckin' cock, let me prove t'ya I'm so much better than what I was— I'm gonna show ya I can make ya cum."
His accent gets heavier as he gets closer to his orgasm, cock twitching in you like crazy, a telltale he's losing the tremendous control he hall night, edging himself for the past God knows how many hours.
You don't notice— but Atsumu hasn't come once since the night had started.
"Such a good girl, fuck, feeling good, pretty girl?"
"A whore is what she is," Sakusa interrupts with a mean frown, "a little slut, addicted to cock, aren't ya? Look at this face." His fingers dig into your cheeks as he forces your head up to look at him, mouth hanging open, eyes lidded as fat tears fall from them, you look thoroughly fucked dumb. "You call this a good girl?"
The way he stares down at you with disgust, Atsumu moans loudly when you clamp down on him like you've never before.
Sakusa grins— after all, however he might try, Atsumu can never make you cum as he does, and it seems that he intends to make it clear.
Atsumu's gaze meets Sakusa's; he has never seen the wing spiker like this before, so possessive and threatening as Sakusa leans forward, face hovering over yours, curls brushing over your face, and spits.
Of course, you don't waste a second before swallowing, eyes looking back up at your cruel boyfriend as you wait for his next order.
"That's a good girl." Sakusa tells Atsumu, patting your cheek approvingly.
"Fuck you, 'omi." Atsumu groans, once again starting to rut into you, this time with newfound fervor as he seems to have forgotten just how big of a cock he has, literally splitting you open as he pushes in and out. "Watching your girlfriend get fucked by your rival— you getting turned on by this?"
"No, I get turned on by seeing you make a fool of yourself." Sakusa snaps, and only you know how Atsumu twitches inside you at that. "You call this fucking a girl? Pathetic."
"Shut yer trap," Atsumu groans, you feel his hands gripping you even tighter, although you have a feeling it's not with anger, "I'm fucking yer girl an' I'm fucking her good. Just look how she's creamin' on me like a whore, or drooling all over her fuckin self."
"Isn't that right, pretty girl?" Atsumu turns back to you, landing a soft slap on your clit to make you scream, "gonna beg for me to make you cum? Let your boyfriend hear you be a pathetic little slut for someone else?"
"—yes I-"
"That's right," Sakusa grins, "she has to beg for you not to cum early."
You swear, for a moment, the man fucking into you isn't Atsumu anymore.
Your screams ring in the room as Sakusa finally goes quiet, jerking himself off to the sight of his pretty girlfriend getting used by a man possessed; a man who hates to lose, a man of greed.
You're gasping for air as he knocks the wind out of you with every snap of his hips, choked gasps falling from your lips as your spent body moves with his force like a lifeless ragdoll—
"Fu—ah- fuck!" Every muscle in your body tightening, yearning for a high that is too much for your exhausted body- "She's cumming." Two words from your boyfriend, and you're clamping down like crazy on Atsumu's cock, sobbing with squeaky whines as your orgasm washes over you right before unconsciousness does.
"H-holy fuck." Atsumu groans when you go limp, placing you gently on the bed, making sure you're okay, and Sakusa is okay with it.
A nod from the man, and Atsumu finally let himself fall back on the bed, chest heaving with deep breaths, cock still hard and leaking against his abs, his body twitching with need.
"Aren't you gonna cum?" Sakusa speaks from where he sits, his cock also hard between his pretty hands. He lets go of it, frowning and hissing as he pulls his pants back up and walks over to the bed, on Atsumu's side.
"Go on," Sakusa tells the man, squirming in his place, face dark and mind hazy with the need to release, Sakusa's hands feel so soothing as it traces shapes against his cheek. "you did good, Atsumu. Go on, come for me."
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t8bioz · 2 days ago
MSBY boys with a tiktoker gf
genre: fluff, crack/humor, female reader.
warnings: nothing :)
characters: timeskip!atsumu miya, hinata shoyo, sakusa kiyoomi, bokuto kotaro.
is smug about it, he brags you to his teammates all the time that it reaches to the part that when atsumu talks about you they already know where it’s going. one time, when you told him to make a tiktok account of his own, he agreed immediately and made his user @ynsfuturehusband and your selfie as his icon. he had been addicted to tiktok since and even got more followers than you 😟 he also changed his username to @atsumu[l/n] and his icon changed to the selfie you both took when you went into a trip :]
bonus ++ u kicked him in the shin when he told you he only used you for clout smh 😪
saves all of your tiktok videos ‼️ he’s very proud to be your boyfriend, in fact, too proud that everyone, including the other schools he played with, knows about you. he’s so madly in love with you that he made a tiktok fan account of you with the user @ynsproperty. gets pouty when he sees your comment section full of people shipping you with someone that isn’t him, but his lips curve back into a smile when you assure him that he’s the only one for you and not for someone you barely even interacted with <33 😩💗
bonus ++ he fought and reported the accounts who were shipping you 😭😭
he’s down bad 😩 the first thing he checks when he gets up in the morning is your tiktok account. he takes his earpods with him while he does his morning jogs so he can listen to your covers on tiktok because you’re basically his motivation :D (he has a full version though, it’s confidential and it’s for his ears only). everyone knows about your relationship because your comments are half of him praising you 🤒 he also often gets teased on interviews but he’s not complaining tho bc he loves getting asked about you!
bonus ++ he set your tiktok bio to “ for @kot4ro “ and his as “ for @yn “ 🙁
my meow meow ☹️ he’s very shy but deep inside he’s very proud that he’s dating someone as amazing as you, he doesn’t show it often but you know him ;) he secretly saves all of your tiktok videos on his phone and puts a lock pass on it so he’s the only one who’ll know about it, but unfortunately, you knew what his password was which was your birthday, so when you hovered the phone over his face with a smug grin, he looked away and a blush slowly crept up on his face D:
bonus ++ his home screen is a live video which was you doing the woman challenge on tiktok 😮‍💨
hi !! thank u sm for reading <33 reblogs are very much appreciated :D i hope u enjoyed reading !! 😸
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sugamintchocochip · 2 days ago
Bf Atsumu texts
Warning : n/a
Request by @melsun
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated :)
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ellewords · 3 hours ago
be careful what you wish for | miya a.
Tumblr media
request from anon : Can you do a 'Be Careful What You Wish For' scenario where Atsumu or any HQ character (that you like) wishing for their s/o to be someone their not (Example only: S/o is too affectionate so Hq boy makes a wish that their partner becomes less clingy) and then he wakes up in a new reality where his wish is granted only for Hq boy to regret it. Then suddenly wakes up (it was only a dream) and he is relieved that his s/o is still the person he love and knew.
fic notes : timeskip!miya atsumu x gn!reader, angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, drabble, wc: ~0.8k
from elle ! ngl this was meant to be a short lil thing but i got carried away somewhere >_< just absolutely adored the idea sobsobsob hopefully you enjoy reading it as much as i did writing <3 reblogs are appreciated, they help a ton <3
Tumblr media
granted, maybe he shouldn’t have shut the bedroom door as hard as he did. if only anger hadn’t traveled through his veins, maybe then the slam wouldn’t have echoed across the walls of your shared apartment. this anger didn’t mean to be directed at you; atsumu’s day just wasn’t going as well as he would have liked and you were the first person he saw the second he opened the front door. a smile was on your face while a frown was clearly present on his, with you latching onto his arm as soon as he stepped through the threshold. something about this just ticked him off.
atsumu’s head falls on the soft pillows, eyes finally fluttering shut as the day’s exhaustion finally catches up to him. as sleep overtakes his mind, it reminds him what he yelled just before the door had closed, “wish you weren’t so damn clingy! leave me alone!” 
sunlight streams through the bedroom window, waking him up. atsumu’s arm absentmindedly moves to your side of the bed, only to find it cold and empty. his eyes widen, an ache in his chest at the unusual sight. usually you’d be sleeping beside him, serene and a small smile present on your face. usually, he’d be pulling you close and asking that you stay a few more minutes before either of you get on with the day ahead.
the floorboards send a shiver up his spine, bare feet moving from the bed and making their way to the living room. it’s eerily quiet, not a single sign of your presence in the halls or any of the rooms that he had passed. 
“yn?” atsumu calls out your name, to no response. so he tries again. and again. he calls out your name until he was practically screaming, until it felt like he was scratching his throat, but not even a whisper answered him back.
his breath hitches as what had just happened finally sinks in. his knees grow weak, buckling until they finally give in. this couldn’t be happening. he didn’t mean it, not a single world. atsumu’s vision begins to spin, framed photographs of the two of you feel like they’re disappearing before his eyes. his hands attempt to find something to grip until his arms eventually settle on wrapping around his knees.
“no. no. yn…” atsumu mumbles, tears beginning to stain his cheeks.
the door opens and he immediately looks up to find you entering the apartment, a blank look plastered on your features. atsumu struggles to stand, tripping on the way over to you. 
“yn, thought ya left.” he mumbles, trying to grab a hold of your hand. you shake him off, not even sparing him a single glance. “yn, please don’t be like this.”
his voice trembles, mouth quivering despite yours being pressed into a straight line. he follows you down the hall, continuing his pleading, only to find the bedroom door being slammed back in his face.
“yn…please…no…” his forehead rests on the wooden material, shutting his eyes as even more tears stained his cheeks, his breath becoming even more labored. 
atsumu gasps for air, relieved to find the moon peeking through the window. he glances at the clock on the bedside table, half an hour before midnight. a hand makes its way to your side of the bed, only to find it cold and empty. his heart sinks before the beating picks up the pace, throwing the sheets off himself and dashing to the living room.
“no no no…” he mumbles under his breath, only stopping when he finds you on the couch. a blanket is wrapped around your shoulders, reading your favorite book under the light of a lamp. 
your mouth parts in shock, atsumu’s tear stained cheeks and a relived smile slowly spreading across his face was certainly a sight to see. the shock continues when he strides towards you and engulfs you in his arms, holding you as if you’d vanish if he loosened his grip.
“what’s this about, ‘tsum?” you ask, keeping your voice soft as a hand rubbed circles on his back.
“ ’m sorry, baby. didn’t mean what i said earlier.”
“oh.” you attempt to pull away so you could look at him, but he only holds you even tighter. you settle on threading your fingers through his hair, “i forgive you…you had a bad day, i should have been more perceptive of how you were feeling.”
atsumu shakes his head, burying his head in the crook of your neck, “no…my fault. please don’t leave me.”
your heart sinks, uncertain if you’ve ever heard his voice that broken., “i would never.”
he lets out a breath of relief, pressing his lips to the skin beneath them, “thank you.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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yourstarvic · 2 days ago
The wedding was in full swing. The flowers, the decorations, the cake, the music, the food were more than perfect. Given you planned the who event for your wedding day, but it was your dream wedding to have since Rieko made sure to make you second guess your decision at the time.
The reception of the wedding was booming with guests congratulating the newlyweds and enjoying the wondering appetizers the waiters hold onto their trays. You and Atsumu sat at your assigned seats, watching as Rieko enjoyed the praises she was getting will Haru, had a far off distance in his looks, occasionally glancing in your direction.
“He keeps lookin’ at ya,” Atsumu whispered in your ear. “It’s annoyin’.”
“I know,” You sighed, rubbing small circles with your thumb on your belly to help ease your nerves.
“Ya good, doll?”
Looking at you with a nervous expression, you nodded, “Yeah, just nervous.”
“What if I mess up?” You gulped, “Or trip, or embarrass myself?”
“Aw,” Atsumu comes as he lightly pinched the side of your cheek. “Is my baby doll nervous? My beautiful, pregnant doll thinks she’s gonna mess up? Ya so cute.”
Narrowing your eyes into disgust, you swapped his hand away and looked the other way. “I should have brought Sakusa,” You muttered, “he wouldn’t act like this.”
“Huh?” Atsumu's mouth dropped as he scoffed. “Sakusa? Really? Him?”
“Aw,” You smiled at his distaste, now cooing at him as you pinched his cheeks. “Is my Tsumu mad? My poor cute Tsumu not like this? Ya so cute.”
Atsumu's eyes twitch with annoyance, not liking how you were teasing him the same way he did. But an idea popped in his head, snaking his hands up to your cheeks, he hold your head in place. Leaning his lips down to yours, he kissed your lips passionately, making you gasp and eyes widen at the surprising kiss. You tried to reel your head back, feeling the stares of the guest on you. But Atsumu hold your face in place, kissing you harder as he sneaky pushed his tongue past your lips.
Slowly losing yourself to the bliss of his lips, your hand moved down his cheek and to his shirt, balling into a fist. Slowly closing your eyes, you tried to kiss him back but he was already pulling away. Your blonde boyfriend smirked at you, seeing you tried to keep his lips on yours. Opening your eyes, you felt your fave heated up at his smirk, as he whispered, “Ya so cute.”
Slowly pushing him away, you looked down on your lap, rambling nonsense, trying to find the words to tell him. While Atsumu around with a cocky smile, enjoying how most of the guests saw the passionate kiss the two of you shared. But his eyes stopped when he saw Haru was looking at the two of you. With his cocky smile widen, Atsumu sent him a smirking wink, the groom clench his jaw and looking away.
Looking back at you, Atsumu's face softens, tucking a small piece behind your ear, “Ya good, doll?”
“You can’t-,” You placed two fingers on your lips, still feeling the kiss on your lips. “You can’t just do that…”
“Buy ya promised,” Atsumu chuckled, leaning down to kiss your cheek gently. “And ya look so cute all flustered.”
“S-Shut up,” You mumbled, gently pushing his arm.
Chucking at you with a loving smile, Atsumu placed one hand on your belly and whispered husky your ear, “‘M sorry for embarrassing ya, how about I make up to ya tonight?”
You felt your face heated up more, picturing what he meant. Letting a small whine escape your throat, you turned your head in the other direction, “S-Stop saying embarrassing things.”
“I was thinking’ taking ya out for dinner,” Atsumu snickered, enjoying your bashful state. “What were ya thinking’ about pervert?”
“Shut up.”
Snickering at you, Atsumu leaned back in his chair, his eyes never leaving your figure. Amused at how your lips formed a pout and glaring at the table in embarrassment. The guest around you both could see the love in not only his eyes but his whole demeanor as well. One guest went to the two of you, congratulating you on your pregnancy and how happy the two of you are. You shyly thanked them as Atsumu boosted about you and how happy the two of you are. He then proceeded to talk about the future he pictured in his head. Hoping on how the kids will be, their names, and other topics you and Atsumu haven’t talked about yet. But your heart warmed hearing him talked, feeling overjoyed as you heard the excitement in his voice.
“You must really love her,” you heard a deep voice behind you.
“(L/n)-San,” The guest bowed in their head in greeting. “It seems he does.”
Atsumu audible gulped, his body becomes rigid when he heard your father's voice. You sweatdropped with a nervous chuckle when you noticed your boyfriend’s tension. Looking behind you, you smiled at your father who gave you a nod in return before glaring at Atsumu, who refused to look at him. “Well,” Your father leaned down, making Atsumu look at him. “Do you love her?”
Knowing that your father was trying to scare Atsumu, you sighed in a disappointed manner, “We haven’t said we loved each other yet.”
“But the two of you are having a child,” The guest exclaimed with confusion. “And haven’t said I love you?”
“Do you not love her, Miya?” Your father frowned at Atsumu, eyes narrowed into a frighting glare.
Atsumu gulped, trying to break eye contact with your father. He did want to tell you how he loves you but not like this. Not with your father, who has been planning his death since the moment he slapped your bottom in front of him, standing there and of course not with a stranger who is judging them. But did you love him back? Atsumu hoped you did. God, did he hope you love him just as much as he loves you.
“Well,” Your father interrupts his thoughts. “Did you not love her when you got her pregnant?”
“I mean,” Atsumu chuckled nervously, “I did love how she tightened around my-”
“Dinner is about to start,” You smiled nervously, cutting off your baby daddy by covering his mouth with your hand. “You two should go find your seats…”
The guest awkwardly laughed, sending you a smile before walking away. While your father scowled at Atsumu, slowly walking away to his table. You shooked your head at your lover, who was breathing freely now that your father was no longer near him. “Did you really have to say that?” You scold him, moving your hand away from his mouth.
“He asked,” Atsumu shrugged. “Besides, I ain’t scared of him.”
“You were shaking,” You sighed, “and you were pale.”
“I was shakin’ and pale cause…” Atsumu thought of a reason, “Cause ya say I’m like a golden retriever so imma act like one for ya.” Smiling at his proud response, he reached for your hand and laid it on top of his head. “So give me attention.”
“You’re an idiot,” You giggled, running your hand through his hair.
“Are we interrupting something?” You heard a familiar voice in front of you.
Turning your head to look at the voice, you saw Rieko’s parents and sister, smiling happily at you. “Not at all,” You smiled kindly at her, taking your hands away from Atsumu. “Tsumu this is Rieko’s parents, and her sister, Yui.”
“Nice to meet you,” Atsumu eyed them carefully as they sat down.
“Calm down bro,” Yui sat next to you, seeing the cation written on his face. “I’m not like my sister.”
Creasing his eyebrows together, Atsumu looked at you in confusion. Leaning your head closer to his, you whispered, “Yui was one of the people who told me about the affair… But I refused to believe it… Her parents on the other hand…”
Looking at Rieko’s parents, they began to open their mouths to speak. “(Y/n) you are so sweet to break things off with Haru and let them be together!”
“You know I also tell her I wouldn’t let anyone have her until they are a good man, and if he was with you, then I know for sure he is. You don’t let anyone just date you.”
“And don’t forget someone who has money! Did you know Haru is rich?”
“He bought her a car! A really nice car!”
“He spoils her too much! I’m so happy for her! I’m so glad she’s with him.”
“I always knew she loved him but didn’t want to be in your way (Y/n)!”
“I see what ya talkin’ ‘bout,” Atsumu hummed as you and Yui nodded.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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zeroatsu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
halloween favour / atsumu m.
18+, minors please do not interact.
warnings pet play, use of the names bunny and daddy, spanking, implied squirting, fingering, penetrative sex, choking, tell me if i forgot any others <3
Tumblr media
you walked beside your boyfriend and his other half, osamu, whilst a playful hand danced across your waistline - which of course, belonged to that of your atsumu, who’s boyish gaze never left your equally excited movements.
“i can’t stop looking at your costume, ‘samu,” you remarked to the taller brunette, stifling a laugh.
much to atsumu’s dismay, he had stolen one of his bedsheets, cutting a large hole straight in the centre so that his head could stick out.
but that wasn’t even the worst part - it was the fact that you had helped him that had atsumu so outraged.
the blonde clicked his tongue, clearly still not over the incident. “yer buying me a new one, asshole.”
“didn’t think y’d mind,” osamu shrugged.
“yeah well i do,” the blonde retorted, pulling you closer as you giggled at the interaction. he smiled down at you as you laughed, taking in your pretty features for the umpteenth time that evening.
you had come as a classic fever bunny, a tight-fitted leotard hugging your curves, accented with pretty fishnets that hugged your thighs. cute black ears stood erect ontop of your head, one of which fell at it’s tip, creating a sweet, innocent attribute. white cuffs were secured around your wrists and neck, just tight enough so that it wouldn’t move against your skin.
and of course, the final touch - a fluffy, white tail attached right above your ass.
when you first turned around after showing atsumu your outfit, he had almost taken you right then and there.
he could already see it - you, bent you over the kitchen whilst he fucked your brains out, watching that pretty little tail bounce with every slam of his cock against your entrance.
but he was quickly reminded of the occasion when he heard his brother’s footsteps descending the stairs.
who knew the sight of such a cute little detail could almost drive a man insane.
so now, the three of you walked side by side, clutching empty bags just waiting to be filled with delicious treats and gifts.
atsumu’s costume was arguably the best of all. he had decided to go as the infamous ghost face, the masked killer from the notorious scream franchise.
that’s right. he wore a thick, black cloak that fell down to his feet, his pointy hood drawn over his head and mask drawn back out of his face.
was it bad that you found it kind of… hot?
i don’t know, there was just something about the idea of your precious ‘tsumu, masked and pushing you up against a wall, holding your arms above your head and muttering his dirty curses, promising to fuck you until you saw stars.
but that would have to wait.
suddenly, atsumu spoke up, his voice excited. “hey, i have an idea.”
osamu audibly sighed, rolling his dark eyes. “oh god, here we go.”
“shut yer trap, ‘samu! anyways, what’re yer thoughts about a little bet on halloween night?” the blonde proposed, his tone laced with a hint of mischief that you couldn’t yet find the source of.
“count me out. every single deal we’ve made, y’ve either lied or made up a dumb excuse.” osamu objected, to which atsumu got defensive.
“hey! false accusation! i am a man of my word, believe me y/n,” he argued.
osamu shook his head, once again disagreeing with his brother. “nope. remember that time we made a deal about ‘whoever gets the highest score on the arcade game buys the other popcorn’ and then ya deserted me when i won? or the time when i beat ya in a game of basketball and you pretended to have a stroke? or the time when we went campin’ and we made a bet about-“
“alright alright enough!” atsumu quickly interrupted his sentence, his tone defeated. “yeah whatever, i’m a sore loser. ya still love me tho, right y/n?”
you smiled at the older twin, placing a quick peck on the side of his face. “‘always, tsumu.”
atsumu smirked, the glint in his eye only growing at your touchy nature.
“anyways about this bet: just y/n and i since ‘samu knows he’s gonna lose,” he teased, to which said brother shot him a dirty look, “how about we see who can get the most candy by the end of the night, and the loser has to do the winner a favour.”
“a favour?” you repeated, tilting your head to the side, which unknowingly made atsumu’s head spin.
“yeah, a favour. y’know, just a little something to help them.”
you thought about it for a moment, all while atsumu’s dick throbbed in his pants, already excited about what was to come, (literally).
“sounds harmless, you’re on,” you agreed with a devious smile, all while your boyfriend was already planning his winning strategy.
“right then, bye!” and with that, he was gone. he had ran away whilst you and osamu could only watch in bewilderment at his speed.
“but- ‘tsumu! when does this bet end exactly?”
the blonde turned to look over his shoulder, one hand gripping the end of his mask. “meet me back at home at midnight! ‘samu, do whatever, i guess.”
osamu let out a huff at his words, unamused.
you laughed as he ran further away, pulling down his mask to conceal his face.
“guess i better go then, bye ‘samu!”
the brother gave you a lazy smile and a wave as you also ran away, your cute little tail bouncing along with you.
you had finally made it home after an hour of scouring for candy, confident that you would win.
you had been to over 40 houses, there was no way you could’ve lost.
you waited patiently outside of your front door, pulling out your phone from your pocket to text atsumu, when the familiar blonde appeared from around the corner, breathless and holding not one, but two bags of candy.
“wait, what? how did you?…” you trailed off, bewildered at his findings.
“a good magician… never tells… his secrets…” he said between breaths, hands on his knees before approaching you.
he smirked knowingly, aware of his victory. “guess that means i win, right?”
“i guess so,” you smiled back.
“c’mere,” he beckoned, smiling as you ran up to him with a curious smile. his hands sat innocently on your waist for a few seconds, before falling down to your ass and cupping the soft skin.
“ya looked so beautiful tonight, princess,” he leaned in for a kiss, placing one finger underneath your chin to guide your lips onto his. “c’mon, you must be cold, let’s getcha inside.”
and so he did, taking you back inside his shared home, shutting the front door behind him with a soft click. he was quick to prioritize your needs, asking if you needed anything.
“you want any food? drinks? i make a killer hot choclate, ya’know.”
you let out a laugh of delight, enticed by the idea of a warm, hot drink after a cold night. “please ‘tsumu.”
fuck. that shouldn’t have turned him on as much as it did.
a few minutes later, he returned with your drink as well as his own, careful when passing it to you as not to let you burn yourself.
as you placed your lips to the rim, he quickly reached out to, placing his hands over yours. “hey, hey, it’s hot. you shouldn’t drink it just yet.”
“oh. okay,” you complied, placing the drink onto your lap and instead focusing on your boyfriend.
he looked so pretty tonight.
something about his messy, blonde locks pushed back by his mask, his eyes brimming with lust and concern, his gentle hands guiding your own.
“hey, remember that favour?”
fuck it.
you kissed him, placing your hands on either side of his face, which was surprisingly warm in contrast to your cool palms.
he immediately kissed back, needily but also softly in a way, as if this was his way of telling you he cared.
next thing you knew he was flipping you over on to your back on his plush sofa, the red of the material contrasting perfectly with the black of your costume.
“fuck, princess. you have no idea how badly i wanted you tonight.”
those words alone made you whine, grinding against nothing.
his hands roamed across your body, which was begging for attention all over. he peeled your leotard from your shoulders, exposing your breasts, to which he immediately dove on to.
he kneaded the skin, sucking and kissing on your cold neck, leaving marks that you knew would stay there for days, yet you didn’t care. his hot breath traveled against your skin, making you shiver.
his tongue continued to glide across your neck and eventually down to your chest, where he licked and sucked at every free bit of skin he could get his hands on.
you moaned and whimpered against him, placing your hands on his face once more and forcing him to face you, looking down at him with pleading eyes. “‘atsu, please. please fuck me- please, i need you.”
his erection grew impossibly harder, now absolutely desperate to feel himself inside of you.
you had finally pushed him over the edge.
he flipped you over on the couch so that you were on your stomach.
“c’mon, ya know what to do. ass in the air, just how i like it. yeah, good girl, just like that,” he told you, the smirk evident in his voice, “now stay.”
he ordered you around as if you were property, and it drove you crazy in the best of ways.
you could feel your cunt leaking and pooling with your own juices, practically aching from lack of attention.
his hands grabbed and played with the skin of your ass as if it were dough, even more so than usual.
shit. it was that fucking bunny tail.
you let out a gasp as his fingers pushed your leotard and panties aside, giving him full access to your dripping cunt. he eagerly dipped a finger inside of you, brushing against your walls causing your breathing to hitch.
“ya knew what you were doing, dressing like a little slut. fishnets, a tail, damn ya’ve even got your own little cuffs. you fucking wanted this from the start, didn’t ya, y’filthy whore.”
you whimpered at his harsh words, yet, it only turned you on more.
“fucking say it. tell me what you are.”
“i’m daddy’s little whore,” you mewled, toes curling as he added two more fingers, pumping them in and out of you at a mesmerizing speed.
“fuck- ‘tsumu-“ you squealed when his hand came in contact with you ass, causing you to jump forward slightly. “wrong. what’s my name, bunny?”
the nickname caused your body to erupt in pleasure, your cunt now squeezing and spasming around his fingers which were coated in a thick layer of your juices.
“daddy. daddy, please. please, make me cum,” you begged, your eyes beginning to sting with tears of pleasure as he continued to stimulate you.
the pad of his thumb suddenly met with your clit and you leaped forward, letting a cry of surprise. “shh, s’alright. take it, pretty girl.”
you relaxed even further against his fingers, which rubbed and prodded at your clit even further. as he continued, your body began to shake, specifically your thighs, as you were near enough thrown into a sudden orgasm.
“nn..! daddy! m’gonna cum!” you slurred, breathing ragged and heaving as you rubbed against his hand. he slowed his movements, causing you to let out a quick whine.
“what do ya say when y’wanna cum, pretty girl?”
“m-! please daddy, please can i cum?”
he smirked from above you, fingers so deep in your pussy you wondered if it was even possible.
“go ahead, bunny. cum for me.”
you tried to suppress a scream as the liquid gushed out of you, spraying all over his fingers and chest as you smothered your face against his couch.
he let you go, allowing your heaving body to fall down beside him. “my messy girl, aren’tcha?
he kneeled down beside your face, which was flushed and and somewhat pouty, tilting his head.
“c’mon, it’s my turn now, right? are ya ready?”
you nodded slowly and he crawled on top of you with a coy smirk, pushing your legs over his shoulders as he lined himself up with your still leaking entrance.
“pretty little bunny, all wet and desperate just for me,” he described fondly, one hand below your breast and another stroking your tear-stained cheek.
“ya sure y’don’t need a break?” he purred, causing butterflies to erupt within you.
“yeah, i’m sure. i just- m, i want you s’bad ‘astu.”
he took a deep breath, holding you close and planting a kiss onto your forehead. “well then yer gonna get me, aren’tcha?”
and with that, he pushed inside of you, stretching you open. every time felt like the first, painful and burning, until he adjusted.
when he finally bottomed out, you muttered a soft curse, both hands clinging to his neck. “s’okay pretty, i gotcha.”
after a few moments of adjustment, you whispered a quick ‘i’m ready’ to let him know that he could start moving. he started out slow and loving, but slowly increased his pace with every stroke.
“fuck, bunny, yer so warm.”
you blushed at his words, panting and shaking, but nonetheless taking it all.
all it took was a glance at your tail, soft and tiny, and bouncing with every in and out movement of his thick cock to cause him to set a ruthless pace, nudging your g-spot and causing you to reach out for him.
“‘tsumu! fuck-“
he knew what he was doing, after all, he knew your body like the back of his hand.
he knew all of your little quirks, habits, and quips, and making you cum and squirt were like second nature to him.
but fuck, it never got old.
“ha-ah!” you moaned out, nails dragging against the skin of his back.
he was hitting that spot, over and over again, causing your body to rack with uncontrollable sobs of pleasure and delight.
he kissed your neck, allowing low grunts and groans to slip past his pretty lips while he held you, going as deep as he could.
it was then that he had a cruel idea.
he leaned forward, pressing all of his bodyweight on top of your own whilst also gripping the cuff around your neck and trapping you beneath him, causing you to squeal in pleasure.
now he was hitting the same spot, but with a much more brutal pace, and some how managing to go even deeper than before.
“daddy!” you cried out, voice shaking and breaking from the intense pleasure. “h- hah!”
you felt tears slip from your eyes as he rammed into you, eyes staring into your own as your mouth opened to form words - but only moans and weak cries followed. you choked as he pulled the cuff tighter, but it only made the pleasure you felt more intense.
“fuck- y/n, m’gonna cum. m’gonna cum inside you- fuck!”
his cock suddenly throbbed inside of you, releasing thick ropes of white all over your walls. you followed immediately after him, feeling yourself let go and spill your juices all over his couch for the second time that night.
“i love you! nnh, love you, ‘tsumu!”
“i love you too, bunny.”
when your death-grip finally loosened, you lay below him, in shock of what just happened - but more importantly, how fucking good it felt.
“god, are y’okay? sorry, i went too far at the end-“
you immediately stopped him, eyes still wet and glistening. “no, no- don’t apologize. you were so good.”
the blonde laughed out of relief, kissing your puffy lips and cupping your face in his warm hands.
“shit, the hot chocolate!” you said suddenly, sitting up from the sofa and glancing up and the long forgotten beverage.
“damn, yer right,” atsumu agreed, standing up and pulling up his pants. “i’ll go wash my hands and make ya some more, sound good?”
you smiled up at him, cheeks flushed. “yep.”
now that, was a favor well spent.
Tumblr media
that was such a shit ending i’m sorry
anyways first oneshot HURRAH
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tsukishumai · 5 months ago
HQ boys + Obsessed with you
when they think about you... brain go brrrrr
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Kuroo carries a portrait of you, and a Polaroid picture of the both of you together around in his wallet. He breaks it out whenever he gets the chance, and often uses it to show off during business meetings. Every intern that works at his company has been shown your picture by Kuroo during orientation.
Tsukishima has your initials engraved into his sports glasses so that you’re close to him during every game. He has them engraved on every single pair that he owns.
Atsumu won’t stop talking about you during every single one of his interviews. He always finds a way to bring the topic back to you. “What are some important rituals you perform before every game, Miya-san?” “Eat a good meal, do my stretches, and get a kiss from y/n!”
Ushijima makes sure to only accept sponsors from all of your favorite brands so that he can get you free merchandise. Don’t even bother asking him why he’s in a commercial for Potato Chips when he doesn’t look like he’s touched a bag in his life. It’s because they offered to give you limited edition flavors.
Iwaizumi loved letting you borrow his clothes, bc when you returned them, they always smelled of your perfume. Iwaizumi doesn’t admit that he sends hours inhaling your scent, avoiding washing his clothes so he could be surrounded by you. But when you stopped giving his clothes back (sigh), iwaizumi resorts to keeping a bottle of your perfume in his room, and sprays it whenever he misses you
Sakusa moved in with you after one week of dating. He literally showed up once, and then never left. He’s there when you wake up, and he’s there when you go to sleep. You haven’t spent one single night apart since making it official. Sakusa tried going on a boys trip once and literally called you to pick him up from the train station just four hours in. He’s not going anywhere.
Kageyama brings items of your clothing with him to away games. Whichever he can get his hands on — a shirt, shorts, a sweater, whatever. You nearly had a heard attack when you were helping him unpack and you found underwear. It took you a few seconds to realize it was yours.
Suna got your name tattooed on him. He may have been drunk, and it may have been on a dare, but he displays this tattoo proudly. He hates when people ask “well, what if you guys break up?” as if Suna would be dumb enough to ever let that happen.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
rbs v appreciated! <3
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risumu · a month ago
4:17 pm
Tumblr media
atsumu goes to his brother’s restaurant enough to know everyone that works there, be familiar enough with the regulars, know who belongs there and who doesn’t. which is maybe why he’s so brash in asking..
“who’re you?”
you blink at him from behind the counter, raising an eyebrow up and pointing to the name tag. “uh, yn?”
“why’re ya here?”
your eyebrows scrunch up at his question, giving him a ‘really?’ look as you refill his cup of water sitting in front of him.
“i work here?” you answer, and maybe you should watch your tone, being that you know this is your boss’ brother (the face is a dead give away, obviously).
“since when?” atsumu presses, leaning across the counter and narrowing his eyes at you. this close you can tell he needs to touch up his roots a little bit.
“like, three weeks ago?” you sigh, sliding a tray full of a table’s order onto your palm and balancing it with only just a slight wobble, something you’ve slowly started to get the hang of since being hired. “now, if you’ll excuse me.”
atsumu’s eyes follow you as you make your way from behind the counter, swiveling through the path of tables and customers until you make it to the corner booth, placing down the family’s order onto the table, smile wide—much unlike the slight frown you’d been giving him a second ago.
he finds you odd, just a little. it’s obvious you know who he is, seeing as how there’s only one other person on earth who shares the same face as him. and that means you know he’s a professional volleyball player which he, though he’d deny it if cornered, likes knowing how it has an effect on people who meet him.
but not you. you didn’t care he’s a pro athlete or your boss’ brother. and that…
shit, he finds that really attractive.
“don’t even think about it.”
atsumu jumps to the voice at his left, placing an exaggerated hand on his chest as he snaps his head back to glare at his twin, chocolate eyes turning to slits at cloudy ones.
“scared tha hell outta me, geez,” he huffs, crossing his arms on top of the counter. “‘nd what the hell’re you talkin’ about?”
“stop playin’ dumb,” osamu dismisses with a roll of his eyes, leaning his hands on the hardwood and nodding his head towards where you’re currently handing someone their check. “leave ‘em alone. they’re too good for you.”
“hey,” atsumu pouts, scrunching his nose. “what’s that s’posed to mean? i’m good too.”
“yeah, good at being a douche,” osamu smirks, pushing off the counter to dodge the half assed punch his twin tries to swing his way.
“i’m a nice guy.”
“keep tellin’ yerself that tsumu.”
“yer an ass, samu.”
“only to you.”
“um, excuse me?” the twins’ heads snap in your direction, causing you to recoil just a tad before regaining yourself. “sorry to interrupt whatever.. this is, but sir,” you turn your eyes to osamu, polite smile on your lips, “there’s someone here to see you, she says she’s from the newspaper?”
“alright, thank ya,” he nods, flashing you a grin before giving his brother one last stern look and disappearing off somewhere further into the restaurant.
the silence that follows as your boss leaves is a little awkward, a tad strained as you and the blond share eye contact. you clear your throat and look away.
“right, well then.”
“what’s wrong with ya?”
you stop mid turn, whipping your head back around to stare at the blond, eyes wide and brows furrowed. your fingers curl at your sides, fists balled up.
“excuse you?”
your incredulous tone does nothing to deter him, he simply perches his chin in his palm.
“yer actin’ like i ain’t a big deal. kinda weird.”
you blink at him, pressing your lips into a thin line. osamu had already warned you about his brother, how his pride gets the better of him sometimes but how he honestly just can’t help it because he has absolutely no filter. you just didn’t expect it to be this blatant.
“well, if you’d like me to be honest, then i don’t think you’re a big deal,” you reply, turning away again and grabbing another table’s ticket out of your apron. “you’re just another athlete with a big ego and an even bigger mouth. nothing more.”
this time it’s atsumu’s turn to blink at you as he watches you walk away, painting on another one of those wide smiles as you go back to doing your job. you’re feisty, mouthy, a tad bit brash. no one’s ever really talked to him like this before apart from his brother or old friends.
he smiles to himself as he lets his gaze follow you, buzzing around his brother’s onigiri shop. he’s made his decision.
he’s going to make you fall in love with him, his ego, and his even bigger mouth—and he’ll be damn good at it too.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated!
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nishiannoya · 5 months ago
𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 ℍ𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕖𝕟𝕤 𝕎𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝕃𝕖𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕐𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕊𝕖𝕩 𝕋𝕠𝕪𝕤 𝕆𝕦𝕥 𝕀𝕟 ℙ𝕝𝕒𝕚𝕟 𝕊𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥
Tumblr media
ft. Bokuto, Sakusa, Atsumu, Hinata, Meian
18+ only - MINORS DNI
f!reader x msby, smut, language, some humor, fingering, squirting, ‘pretty girl,’ restraints, ‘sir,’ degradation, ‘little one,’ begging, overstimulation, ‘baby,’ ‘baby girl,’ crying, a dash of breeding, ‘honey girl,’ size kink, light dumbification, 'daddy,' 'princess,' so much dirty talk, (2.5k word count)
۞ didn’t your parents ever teach you to clean up your toys? this is what happens when you forget to pick up after yourself. 
Tumblr media
❣ Bokuto is confused when he sees your kegel balls drying in your sink from a wash earlier when he helps you bring in your groceries like any good neighbor would do. Well not just any neighbor - a neighbor with a big dopey crush on you, and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t interested as well, but you like living in this complex and don’t want to feel awkward if things don’t work out. "What are those?" He asks, poking the round silicone weights. Your eyes go wide when you see what he's looking at and your face prickles with heat. "D-Don't! They're- um, they're for pc muscle building," you stammer, grabbing his arm to stop him from touching. "Pc muscles?" He repeats in question. Being an avid gym junkie, no trainer has ever mentioned pc muscles to him. "So like- you know, like down there. For stronger…" You mumble shyly. He tilts his head at you and hums curiously, not catching the end of your sentence. "F-For stronger orgasms, like squirting…" You explain, face burning and eyes avoiding his. He nearly chokes and combusts at your words. "Can you do- You can- Are you able-?" He sputters, unable to stop the images that are forming in his mind. "Eh?! I mean, I'm not really sure. I have trouble reaching with my fingers," you tell him nervously as you hold up your hand to show him. You almost jump when he places his hand flat against yours as he looks you in the eye with a playful gleam. His hand could nearly swallow yours. "I might be able to."
“Oh? Did I find the right spot?” He teases when you suddenly cry out, body curling in on itself as the tips of his middle and ring finger rub against the spongy flesh of your g-spot. "B-Bokuto-san, I- aaaah!" You pant, gripping at the sleeves of his shirt as you throw your head back against his shoulder. "Still so formal," he pouts, slowing his movements to a torturous halt. "Please, don't stop," you beg, chest heaving as your dripping pussy squeezes around his fingers. "You know my name, pretty girl. Say it," he growls into your ear, making you moan at the tickling vibrations. The grip of his other arm around your waist tightens. "P-Please, Kou! Koutarou, make me cum," you sob and you feel his cock twitch at your backside. He lets out something between a groan and a laugh - he wasn't expecting to get even more turned on at hearing his name in your wanton voice. Soon enough he's back to work with his fingers and rubbing your clit with his thumb so he can hear you say it again. "Oh yeah? You want me to make you cum? Gonna make a mess all over my hand? Go on, pretty girl. Show me how you've been working this pussy."
❣ Sakusa is mad? Disgusted? Jealous? His face is hard to read when you look up at him from the couch as he holds your pink g-spot massager between his fingers as if it's rotten food. You completely forgot to put it away and he probably found it in your shared bed. He doesn't need to say anything and yet you can clearly hear, "What the fuck is this?" You yelp and snatch it from his hand, your face feeling like it's on fire. "Sorry!" You’re not sure why you felt the need to apologize - it's about you and your body after all. Your boyfriend continues his hard stare without a word. "You were busy, and you took a shower already...I just didn’t want to bother you and get you all dirty again,” you explain in a small voice, feeling just a little timid under his chilly gaze. His brows pull together at your excuse, obviously unsatisfied. “I told you not to worry about that,” he says and his tone sends a shiver down your back. He’s told you exactly once, your first time together oh so long ago when you were self-conscious that he’d find sex and your body gross, but you don’t dare to argue with him. You apologize again, hoping that it will soften his expression - it doesn’t. However, you find your whole body tingling when you see him remove the belt from his pants and then grabs you by the chin. “Clothes off. Hands behind your back. Now, little one.”
"Please, sir! Your cock- Want your cock!" You cry as he pumps the pink vibe in and out of your squelching cunt. It tickles against your walls, but it doesn’t quite satiate your desire for his warmth. "You want my cock? Are you sure, little one?" He teases in a low voice, his face not showing any of the amusement he finds in your pitiful whines and the way your body writhes against the couch cushions. "Please, please! Need you, want you," you plead as frustrated tears start to fill your eyes. "Sure you don't want to cum on your stupid dirty toy?" He questions as he slips the massager from your hole to circle the head around your clit for a second before stuffing it back inside you. For someone so critical of the device, he sure does know how to use it. "No! Doesn't fill me like you do, sir," you whimper, while struggling against the restraint of his belt on your wrists. All you want is to reach for the zipper of his pants and release his dick that’s strained against it. "So now you're being a greedy little slut? I'm not sure if my cock is enough for your whore cunt anymore," he muses, and the tears roll down your cheeks when he doesn’t let up on the movements of his wrist. "No! Please sir, I’m sorry. Need to feel your big cock stretching me. I cum so much better with your cock,” you babble unfiltered by your lust. “Is that so, little one? Then let me see how pathetic you are cumming on this filthy toy first.”
❣ Atsumu is curious when he sees your clit stimulator resting on your nightstand. "Baby, is this one of those fancy face vacuums?" He asks and goes to hold it up to his cheek. You immediately tackle him without warning, smacking the device out of his hand. “What the hell was that for?!” He barks as you scramble to pick up the object before he can get another look. “I-It’s not supposed to go on your face,” you stutter, holding it behind your back. A devilish smirk twitches at the corner of his lips and he grabs your arms to pull them to the front. “Oh? Then where’s it s’pposed to go?” He asks as he snatches it from you and chuckles as he inspects it. “I think you know that, idiot,” you grunt as your face simmers with heat. “Oh, I’m an idiot? Yer right then. You should show me where,” he prods, sticking his face closer to yours with a shit-eating grin. “Pervert,” you grumble with your nose scrunched despite thinking your faux-blond is cutest when he's impish, “it’s not like it’s anything to get excited over. If anything, it’s too strong. Makes me cum in like 15 seconds if I’m not careful.” You instantly realize your mistake of saying too much, but still not fast enough to prepare yourself for being thrown on the bed having your pants nearly torn off. "Hold still for me, baby girl."
"Fuck, baby! Yer so wet for me," he grunts as he pumps his cock in and out of you, holding the stimulator against your pulsing bud that’s already sensitive from your first orgasm that had come embarrassingly fast when he tried your toy out. "Tsumu, I-'' You try to tell him it's too much, but the words get choked when he hits that sweet spot against your walls. "Squeezing me so tight, baby girl," he pants, his other hand holds your leg up by the back of the knee to keep you nice and spread for him. "I-I can't- ohmygod!" You cry, feeling another orgasm building up. Your eyes are lost behind their lids and your head thrashes and rolls against the sheets. "Gonna cum again? So soon? Do it. Cum for me, baby," he teases, speeding up the pace of his hips at your delicious moans. He loves holding you in place while you squirm, taking in the lewdness of your fucked out face. "Ngh! I- shit! Gonna go crazy! Tsumu, I-'' Your whole body shakes and contracts as you ride out your peak, tongue lolling from your lips and tears trickling from the corners of your eyes. "Oh fuck! That's it baby, keep creamin' on this dick. Gonna make ya do it again. Don't cry, baby girl. I ain't movin’ this little toy of yers until I'm done."
❣ Hinata is flustered as fuck when he flops down next to you on your bed, hugging one of your pillows, but feels something underneath it and pulls out a purple silicone rabbit vibrator. "AGHCK! Sorry!" He yells and drops it as soon as he realizes what it is. You laugh at your boyfriend’s reaction even though you’re a little embarrassed as well. “It’s okay, it’s just my vibrator,” you say as you hold it up. He shyly moves his eyes to the side to get a peek, trying not to seem too eager. “You- um, use this?" He asks as a faint dusting of pink can be seen against his tan skin. He really is just the absolute cutest, and it makes you want to tease him. “Sometimes- It’s a little intense,” you explain as heat tickles at your neck and ears just a bit. You really only use it when you need to get off quick. “Intense?” He repeats curiously, his eyes meeting yours and widening in excitement. “Here, I’ll show you,” you say and he almost has a heart attack. You giggle, holding the power button and he nearly jumps off the bed when it starts to buzz in your hand. You point out where all the buttons are and tell him about the different settings. He fumbles around with it, glancing over at you as he tries to imagine what kind of reactions it draws from you when you're alone. He's always so easy to read, and a bashful smile tugs at your lips as devilish thoughts start to swarm your mind. “D-Do you maybe want to try it on me?”
“You can go deeperrr-oohhh! Fuck, just like that,” you moan as he pushes the vibrator further into you while you grip the bedding and strain your head against the mattress. “Yeah? Is that good, honey girl?” He says with a taunting smile. His wrist has far more stamina than yours- usually you'd have to slow down by now. He clicks a button and the head of the toy switches to a tantalizing rhythm of pulses. “Sooo- ohmygod! Sho, keep going,” you beg, rolling your hips in time with every pump of his hand. “Are you gonna cum already?” He asks, eye muscle twitching from trying to contain himself at the sight of you like this. He pulls the vibe from your sopping hole and indulges in a taste of your juices running down the length, chuckling as the movements tickle his tongue. “I-I-Wait! Wait wait wait wait no no no no no,” you whine, feeling your eyes line with tears at the tease. “Please, Sho,” you plead with a whimper. He kisses your head and quickly removes his pants, your vision quaking when his cock springs out hard and heavy just for you. “Shhh, I’m gonna take care of you. Don’t you worry your pretty little head,” he says gently while sheathing himself into your wet hot heat. “Oooh! Oh! S’good! Fill me so good, Sho,” you babble, relishing in the stretch of his dick. He picks up the toy and presses the humming rabbit ears to your clit. You nearly scream, eyes crossing and floating into your head while he clenches his teeth at the vibrations traveling through both of your sexes. “F-Fucking crazy. Gonna pump you so full, honey girl. Shit- this is so- Fuck! Gonna fuck you like this all night.”
❣ Meian is a tease when he sends you a video of him chasing your dog around the house trying to get it to drop your dildo in its mouth. You want to die of embarrassment when you see the message. You were going to be late coming home from work and you asked your trusted (and very hot) neighbor friend if he could let out and feed your dog, and this is how your canine companion thanks you for your consideration. "It's awfully small," the text underneath reads. You think he’s joking - it’s by no means small, if anything it’s at least an inch bigger and a little bit girthier than anyone you’ve ever come across. You text back a simple, "omg that bastard lmao," hoping to just laugh it off and then hopefully avoid running into him for the next forever. "Mine's bigger." Your eyes go wide at his message. Is he flirting with you?? The man is built like a tree - that's good enough of a reason for you to believe him. Still, you play it casual by replying with a laughing emoji. "Think I'm joking?" He texts back and you get the pop up bubble for an incoming image. You nearly drop your phone when it downloads and you get an eyeful of him standing in front of your mirror, bottom of his shirt between his teeth showing off his abs, one hand taking the selfie and the other gripping the outline of his hard-on through his joggers. "Sorry if that's too much, just figured since it looks like your usual is out of commission ;)"
"You believe me now, princess?" He asks, warm breath in your ear as he stuffs your cunt full with his length. You walked in your front door less than 15 minutes ago and he's already got you bent over the arm of your couch. You try to answer him, but the words are lost in your breath as you try to accommodate all of him. "My cock's got you feeling that good? Too dumb to even speak?" He taunts with a smile against your neck, stubble tickling at your skin. All you can do is whine at his motions, pussy too full to even clench around him. "Taking all of me so well," he groans in praise. He can't tell you how many times he's wondered if you could. "Meian-san," you manage to whimper between his hard thrusts. "Gonna call me that even though I'm splitting you open like this? You can do better than that," he says while dragging his cock against your walls, heavy balls slapping noisily on your thighs. "D-Daddy, I'm-" You utter as you struggle to keep from drooling on your furniture. "There she is- Daddy's been waiting to have you like this, princess," he groans, obviously pleased with the title. "Please daddy! I- ohmygod!" You cry while your vision goes hazy when his large hands grip at your hips a little tighter and starts to drive into you even faster. "So tight- You like my cock stretching you out? Can't go back to that sad little toy when daddy's done with you, princess."
Tumblr media
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kurooskult · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
ᝰ hi this was in my drafts for literally forever but by the time i got back to looking at the original post this was, the trend was already dead so i decided to update it a little el oh el, i have a second part to this but i’ll post it later
ɞ feat: oikawa, bokuto, kuroo + atsumu
Tumblr media
ღ oikawa tooru
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ღ bokuto koutarō
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ღ kuroo tetsurō
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ღ miya atsumu
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kitasfox · 27 days ago
I was thinking about Atsumu having is balls sucked until he is fucked out of his mind... What do you think about it?
Tumblr media
a/n: what do I think about it— I've been thinking vout this ask ever since you sent it to me also if yall want do send in thirsts like these I love em as much as I love Atsumu's balls <3
THIS POST IS NSFW! Minors do not interact or I'll bite.
warnings: edging, smut.
Tumblr media
"Baby, give me a— ah— a second." Atsumu groans from above you, hands entangled in your hair, pulling and pushing as he wills.
"No!" You frown, pulling your gaze from his pretty cock to meet his eyes; only half-open as he seems to be trying to keep them open, rolling back in his head, lips parted and glossy with drool, face bright red and sweaty. "You said I could play with you as I wanted today."
"Yes but— fuuuck!" He throws his head back when you latch onto his pretty balls again, tongue rolling around for more stimulation. He can't even finish his sentence, Atsumu knows you won't stop until he's cummin dry, anyway.
You've always had this fascination, or maybe obsession with Atsumu's balls; ever since that one time you had made him cum without touching his cock once, and only his balls in your mouth.
You could never forget how he looked that day, laying spent on the bed, body still shaking with how hard he had came, chest rising and falling as his cock kept twitching. You had never heard him so clearly, Atsumu was always open with his moans and groans, but youhad never heard him cry out, never so desperate, so needy.
"Please— fuck, baby, please! Just let me cum, fuck, fuck, fuck!"
And how could you not be addicted after seeing him like that?
He just has the prettiest balls, too— heavy and plump in your hands, spilling out of your mouth whenever you try to suck on them.
"Baby, baby, fuck!" Atsumu groans the last word when you just barely make it hurt, watch his cock twitch like crazy at the pain he can't hide that he likes. His hand tries to both pull you in and push away from his cock, to which you make him cry out in pain again.
"Atsumu—" you whine, the vibrations of your voice making the hunk of a man shiver from tip to toe. "Stop interrupting me."
"I—ah my fuckin' God, sorry, oh—fuck!— sorry." His back arches off of the bed, fingers twisting into the sheets as you keep playing with him however you want, you like his cock a lot, your hand always fumbling with the zippers of his pants whenever you get the chance, but having him naked like this on the bed is some other type of fun.
You softly suck on the soft skin and make him moan loudly, hips twitching towards your mouth, hand coming up to pump his cock. You frown when he groans as he touches his cock, twitching as he's already close to cumming.
"Stop it, Tsumu!"
"Baby!" He groans, voice breaking with need and desperation. "Just let me fuckin cum!"
"I will." You frown. "Just in a bit— okay? Just let me play with you a little more."
A little more, you say, but Atsumu knows you well, and he knows you won't let him go until he's on the verge of passing out.
But it's okay, he can always get back at you later for it, can't he? He'll just focus on this— oh, fuck, that felt good.
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oikadori · 5 months ago
helloooo i have a request <3 you close your laptop right when they walk in and they get suspicious :) (sakusa and whoever else your choice)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇢ includes : sakusa , iwaizumi , atsumu 
⇢ genre//cw : fluff, some crack, the omi one has a little bit of angst// swearings, 
⇢ wc~ 0,9K
a/n : nonnie this sounds so fun 🤩 thank u for requesting sorry to answer so late bby >.< ahhh for real i’m sorry this been in my drafts for so loong :cccc 
reblogs are very appreciated you'll get a kith
Tumblr media
“I prepared us a bath, do you want a―”
Sakusa’s tired eyes squint and his dark brows furrow together watching you snap your laptop the exact same time he entered in your shared room.
“Heyyyy!”, your hand rests on top of your computer as you force a smile on your lips.
“What are you doing?”
“What do you mean Omi?” you tilt your head acting oblivious as you could while his dark eyes drift from you to your computer.
Your answer had an unpleasant feeling nestling inside the outside hitter’s chest. And maybe he is being dramatic or maybe he is tired from dealing all day with his bubbly teammates, but the fact you’re hiding something from him unsettles his heart.
“Right… I’ll be on the tub, go on, I won’t bother you” The dry tone he uses makes you blink as you observe him walking back to where he came through.
“Wait, Omi!” you quickly jump from your seat, holding onto his arm with a strong grip as you sigh “Jeez, I can’t hide anything from you!”
Sakusa’s brows quirk up in confusion as you drag him to your desk, opening your laptop to show him the reason of his irritation.
His eyes widen as he sees tons of MSBY merch in your shopping cart but that’s nothing compared to how his cheeks burn when he sees a mask along with a jersey carrying his number on them.
“Why didn’t you ask me to get some of these for you?”, he whispers, eyes locked on the screen still too blushy to face you.
“Because you always complain about how silly they are!”
Sakusa blushes in embarrassment before sighing, a hand moving behind your neck to push your head closer to him so he can plant a chaste kiss on your forehead.
“Yeah but—next time just ask me, okay? Don’t act all suspicious like that…you scared me”
Tumblr media
“Doll, you ready for our run?”
Iwaizumi says peeking his head through the door, finding you on the bed, holding your laptop ridiculously close to your face. Your eyes flicker from the screen to his face and with a clumsy maneuver you close the device.
“Y-Yeah! Let me grab my bottle”
He blinks, his features contorting as he replays your previous action in his head.
“What the hell was that?”, he says with a frown on his face, arms crossing over his chest, walking through the door before sitting on the edge of the bed.
“You know exactly what I mean, don’t play silly on me princess!”,
He trusted you entirely, but Iwaizumi’s patience was running thin. The need to know what you were hiding from him was too intoxicating. So, he kept his hard features as he waited for your answer.
“I swear, I wasn’t doing anything, Haji” you bat your eyelashes at him, pathetically holding back a chuckle at his angry face, making impossible for Iwaizumi to not soften after that pity attemmpt to contain your smile.
“Let me see”
“NO! H-Hajime—wait!” he pinches your sides making you explode in laughter, dropping the laptop onto the bed in the process. You have tears in your eyes as you pathetically try to retrieve it from your boyfriend’s strong hold while he keeps an arm up preventing you from getting any closer.
His face goes completely red when he sees his young self-dressed up in a Godzilla costume on the screen.  
“How—How did you get this?” you’re still chuckling as he looks at you, wearing a horrified expression that could only match with a ghost story.
“Who do you think would provide me such “sensitive” pictures, baby?”, you tease, quirking a brow at your boyfriend, before pecking his cheek. And he knew that somewhere in Argentina a good looking setter was laughing like a fool.
“I’m blocking Oikawa from your contacts right now!”
Tumblr media
“What are you doing babe?”
Atsumu says, coming out from the shower to the living room where you are curling on the couch holding your laptop on top of your thigs. When you hear his voice, you quickly slam the laptop and press it close to you as you shoot a naïve smile in his direction.
“N-Nothing, ‘Tsumu. Uhm, you ready to eat?”, his lips curl into a cocky smirk as he raises his eyebrows.
“Oh, I see” he says, moving a hand to brush his wet locks, walking to the kitchen. You follow his movements, confusion printed all over your face as he leans on the counter, smiling smugly at you. “You’re testing how much I trust you, right? Is one of those couple challenges or something.”
You hold a deadpan expression as he mentally praises himself, thinking he figured out what you were doing.
“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about ‘Tsumu”
“You can stop pretending now sweetheart. I fully trust you” he winks at you before you make your way to the counter with light steps. Placing the laptop on top of the marble table, you rest your chin on your palm and lock eyes with the blonde setter.
“You sure about that?” you smirk, sliding the laptop closer to him.
 Atsumu’s hands itch, holding back his impulse to grab your computer and open it right there, and just as you imagine, 5 minutes later he is grasping the laptop and snapping it open in between curses.
His hazel eyes are so focused on the tab that says “Which MSBY player would be your boyfriend” that he doesn’t notice that you had erased the distance with him until he feels your soft lips on his cheek. Atsumu’s thick eyebrows move up as his mouth falls open while you disappear in the corridor to hide your giggles.
“OMI? Why the fuck did you get Omi?! Come back here, Y/N!”
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atsumiye · a month ago
Tumblr media
the next time you see miya atsumu you are going to kill him.
he had asked you 18 times.
he had asked 18 times to take you on a date and when you finally agree, he leaves you alone at the meeting point for over 3 hours.
you hate that you finally gave in to his relentless begging. each time he asked, you gave the same answer, "no miya. we dont work together." but he came back again a few days later with yet another speech about how he thinks you are in fact perfect for each other.
you were hesistant to accept, you had known him for a while and truly cherised his friendship. and not that he knows, but you did like him. for quite a long time too. but you never wanted to even entertain the thought that something in the relationship goes arwy and now you’ve lost both a boyfriend and a friend.
but with the way he speaks to you, holds your hand as he tells you another thing he likes about you, the way he pouts when you call him miya, hearing him beg to just "call me tsumu! just once!" you couldn’t resist finally saying yes.
and look where that got you.
you swear when you see him today, you are so ready to give him a piece of your mind. chew him out for putting you through all that. ask him if your friendship really meant nothing. and maybe even add-
"hey y/n." your head snaps up at osamu's voice, "tsumu asked me to give ya this." he hands you a terribly folded and crumpled piece of paper. you take it from his hands, and read it.
dear y/n,
im sorry i missed our date. i REALLY (triple underlined) didnt mean to. i was really excited too but i found out im allergic to flowers and then i lost my phone. please go out with me again?
you bite your lip to hold back your laughter and look back up at osamu, "this is all true?"
"yup. he was truly really excited for the date. he wanted to get you flowers, couldn’t decide so he bought 3 bouquets." you smile as osamu nods towards a bench for you both to sit on.
"he even sent me a picture" osamu pulls out his text conversation with atsumu, showing you the selfie atsumu took of him holding the flowers with a giant grin on his face, "turns out he is slightly allergic to some flower, i think." he points back at the photo, "this little white one here. he touched it and it gave him a little rash. lost his phone while running back home." he laughs.
you giggle along with him, "is he alright though?"
"yeah he’s fine, just not allowed to touch anymore of those flowers." you smile at him, "ya can go visit him at home. i think he would be happy."
and you do.
knocking on the door to his room, you slowly open it seeing him playing a game on his computer. at the sound of the door opening, he looks to the door to see you and slams his computer shut, slouching into the bed.
"wow, you’re faking allergies now?" you giggle
"no, 'm not! it really does itch y/n." he pouts up at you and you sit down next to him on his bed.
"'m sorry i left ya hanging last night. i really didnt mean ta!" he shouts, grabbing onto your hands to slowly intertwine your fingers, keeping an eye on your expressions.
"its alright, tsumu." he flashes a big grin and squeezes your hand, "we can just reschedule. i will admit i was a bit mad when i didnt hear anything, but im just glad to know you are okay." you rub your thumb against his hand. you both sit in silence for a while, his head on your shoulder, reveling in the comfort of being near one another.
"ya know," he whsipers, "i heard that kisses make people with allergies feel a lot better."
you look down at him, "ive never heard of that before."
"yup, saw it on the internet once. maybe we should try it out?”
you scoff before you cup both of his cheeks, "yeah, maybe let’s test it out.”
and if it was even possible, his smile grows wider.
Tumblr media
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frogtanii · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
℗ me and my husband
atsumu x fem!reader (poker face ending)
series masterlist
wc. 3.2k (holy shit)
warnings. NOT PROOFREAD, v v soft domestic, marriage :00, smut!! (is marked off!!), soft dom!tsumu, hair pulling (giving), unprotected sex, slight praise kink, pretty vanilla ngl
an. can be read as a one shot but u might be confused lmfao also this took SO LONG OMFG also also heavily unedited, take things w a grain of salt lmfao anyways don’t forget to feed me ahaha m rlly proud of this so i hope y’all like it <33
Tumblr media
it was moving day and atsumu was about to lose his mind.
today was the official day of the hyper house disbandment and while most of the members were still figuring out new living arrangements and thus remaining past the deadline, you were one of the few trying to get out as soon as possible.
makki and mattsun were so excited to have you move in, they showed up early that morning to help you pack. now, it was around 1p and it was almost time for you to go. you still had a few more boxes to go but things were speeding right along.
normally, atsumu would be right by your best friends helping you out but he was currently in the middle of a breakdown.
you were leaving. leaving. he had no idea when he’d see you again (even though you promised to meet up weekly to catch up), if he would ever see you again. for all he knew, makki and mattsun would just hide you away forever, never to be seen again.
okay, so he was panicking.
it was just... atsumu was in love with you. he’d known for a while (way longer than he’d like to admit) and he selfishly thought he’d have more time with you so that he could work up the courage to confess. but now? you were like three boxes away from a distance that he didn’t know if he or your relationship could recover from.
it wasn’t that he was bad at long distance but the tragic events that the house brought, brought the two of you closer together and he didn’t want to lose that.
atsumu let out a groan and dropped his head against the wall, his mind running with scenario after scenario, all ending in failure and utter embarrassment.
“hey, you okay?” you called out, a large box cradled delicately in your arms. as atsumu turned from the plaster in front of him, he allowed himself a moment to take you in.
you were wearing short athletic shorts, worn converses, and his t shirt. a thin sheen of sweat covered your skin, the lights above reflecting off of it, giving you a warm glow.
of course you looked hot moving boxes.
you called his name again in concern and he immediately felt his heart clench in guilt. you’d already been through so so much and here he was fantasizing about you instead of being there for you like a good friend would.
atsumu let out a sigh and shot you a wide, albeit empty, smile before walking over to you and taking the box out of your hands. the furrow in your brows told him you saw through his expression but he ignored it and made a show of lifting your box above his head and carrying it to mattsun’s car.
“see, what would ya do without these guns angel?” he joked, placing the cardboard into the trunk. you rolled your eyes and poked him in the side playfully. “die, probably.”
the butterflies in his stomach kicked up at the underlying sincerity in your voice but he tried his best to overlook it. it was much harder than it seemed, especially when you looked at him with such fondness in your gaze that made him want to kiss you senseless.
gulping hard, he quickly turned away from you, busying himself with fitting your things in the truck like a game of tetris.
“atsumu.” your voice was firm but pleading and he didn’t dare look at you for fear of spilling everything right then and there. “wow, ya sure got a lot of stuff, huh? wonder how much of this was bought with ushijima’s money,” he started to ramble but thankfully he was interrupted by makki whooping as he walked out of the house.
“last box bitches!” you shot atsumu one final worried look before running over to makki and mattsun, yelling the whole way there.
atsumu was grateful your back was to him because he couldn’t hide the affectionate look that overtook his face, a soft smile spreading across his lips as he watched you hip bump your friends while cackling wildly.
god, he was so in love with you.
what was he going to do when you moved out and away? what if you found someone, someone how loved you as much as he did (not possible)? he would wish for your happiness even at the expense of his own but... what if you both could be happy?
caught up in his thoughts, atsumu didn’t register you saying your goodbyes to the remaining members until you were finally in front of him.
“i’m gonna miss living with you tsum.” you unceremoniously launched yourself at him, wrapping your arms around his waist and burying your face in his chest. his heart leapt violently at the contact and he prayed to every deity above that you didn’t hear it underneath your head.
he barely managed to hug you back before you pulled away, your eyes slightly teary and red. “um, well, makki and mattsun are waiting for me so uh,” you trailed off looking back at the van and your friends who were so (im)patiently waiting for you to join them.
atsumu’s breath quickened as you scooted a bit away from him, truly getting ready to leave. no, no, it couldn’t end like this, awkward and distant. no, he wasn’t going to let it.
“atsumu?” you asked worriedly, reaching out a hand to touch him when he didn’t respond but he couldn’t hear you. he felt hot all over, like he was going to explode or magically combust if he didn’t get the words out into the air.
“tsum, are you oka-“ “i’m in love with ya.”
you paused, shock written clearly all over your face. the fear of rejection slammed into atsumu like a brick, the feeling settling in the pit of his stomach like a rock but he still didn’t stop.
“i’m in love with ya and i have been for forever. yn, yer beautiful but yer face and body aren’t even the best part of ya, even though they’re pretty damn great. yer just-“
“-yer so kind, especially when ya don’t need ta be. yer badass but ya care fer others so deeply and ya make me wanna be a better person. ya make me a better person. i know ya-“
“tsumu please-“
“-ya probably don’t feel the same and that’s alright but i needed ta tell ya, before ya leave and fall in love with some other scrub, just in case we can be happy together and-“
all of a sudden, your hands were buried in his shirt and you were pulling him close to meet your lips with his, your mouths meshing together in a soft and passionate kiss.
bliss. atsumu was in sheer bliss. your lips were as soft as he thought they would be as they moved with his, his hands coming up to grip your waist and pull you even closer to him.
sooner than he would have liked, his lungs started burning for air so he pulled back but not very far, instead resting his forehead against yours.
“i was trying to tell you i liked you too, idiot,” you muttered, your eyes still closed as you spoke. he chuckled, a wide grin overtaking his entire face as he really took in what you were saying.
you liked him back. you liked him. holy shit.
but instead of saying any of that, he decided to tease you a bit. “just like? if i recall, i just confessed my undying love for ya.”
you pulled back with a faux scoff, hitting him in the arm with a huff. “shut up you ass. of course i love you too.” you couldn’t keep your real smile off your cheeks while you confessed, your soft expression bringing another wave of desire over atsumu’s body.
“can, can i take ya inside angel?” he allowed his true intentions to be heard in his words, your eyes widening when you figured out what he meant. you nodded vigorously before shooting a look to makki and mattsun. mattsun just waved you off and got into his truck while makki yelled, “get that dick!”
you heated up horribly, grabbing atsumu’s hand and pulling him towards the house and to his room. he allowed himself to be dragged along, sending winks to the other boys as he went until the two of you were standing right in front of his door.
“i love ya,” he whispered, lifting your hand to his lips to place a gentle kiss there. you grinned. “love you too tsum.”
that must have been the final straw because the minute the words left your mouth, he was on you.
••• smut begin•••
pressing you up against the door, atsumu ravaged your mouth, his tongue tangling with yours as he walked you backwards into his room, laying you down on the bed so that he was hovering over you, his hips pressing hard against yours.
instinctively, you ground up into him, rewarding you with a loud groan and a gasp of your name. “fuck angel, yer killing me here,” he laughed breathlessly, rolling his hardness against your thigh. you let out a breathy moan and tangled your hands in his hair to bring him back down to your lips.
as you continued to kiss him, his hands scrambled at your waist, pushing his hands under it to grope at your chest. you giggled at the cold of his fingers but he didn’t pay it any mind, moving down from your mouth to your neck, sucking dark marks into the sensitive skin there.
“ah, shit tsumu,” you tilted your head to the side to give him more access, just as he reached under your bra to tease your nipples. a startled gasp left you, your back arching into his careful touch. “that feel good angel?” atsumu asked, voice low and gravelly as he pinched the delicate bud, drawing another noise from your throat.
you nodded, not trusting yourself to speak. you bit your bottom lip while he pulled your shirt and bra off, tossing them somewhere in the room. as he scanned your half naked body, he noticed you quieting yourself and he lightly shook his head. his thumb found its way to your lip, carefully pulling it from between your teeth.
“wanna hear ya angel, let me hear yer pretty noises, yeah?” without letting you respond, atsumu dove back into your chest, suckling one of your nipples into his mouth while toying with the other, a sigh of his name sending a bolt of arousal straight to his loins.
he grinded against you absentmindedly, losing himself in you, eventually switching sides to give the same treatment to your neglected bud.
while atsumu seemed to be having the time of his life attached to your tit, you were getting impatient, your arousal completely soaking through your underwear. you needed more.
tangling your fingers in his blond locks, you attempted to tug him away from your chest but his reaction was unlike anything you could’ve expected. “aahh!” he let out a strangled whine, his hips bucking against your side.
“please, tsumu, need more,” you breathed, his needy reaction not lost on you as pulled his hair a bit harder. you were not disappointed as his eyes rolled back and his mouth opened in a silent moan before dropping his head to your shoulder.
“fuck, fuck, okay angel, i got ya, i got ya.” atsumu swiftly disposed of both yours and his bottoms and underwear before lifting your leg and positioning himself at your entrance.
“tell me if i hurt ya, alright? i love ya,” he smiled down on you, your heart swelling two times at his carefulness. “i love you too,” you replied, watching as his pupils grew and a low groan broke free from his chest.
“oh angel, ‘m gonna ruin ya.” that was the last thing he said before he pushed into you, both of you letting out whimpers as he stretched you open, the blunt head of his cock just a few centimeters shy of your cervix.
your back arched in pleasure, both of your hands scrambling until they found purchase on his back, your nails digging in just when he started to thrust shallowly into you.
“f-fuck, how’re ya s-so fuckin’ tight?” atsumu growled through gritted teeth, every word punctuated with a roll of his hips. you couldn’t respond as you were too overwhelmed with pleasure, his cock rubbing against your g-spot with every slow movement.
speaking of slow, he was moving way too leisurely for your tastes. you needed him to move faster and you knew exactly how to do it.
sliding your hand up from his back, you grabbed a good chunk of hair from the back of his head and pulled. his reaction was immediate and oh-so gratifying.
an honest to god whimper poured from his lips and he instantly thrusted all the way into you, his length driving into your g-spot perfectly. you both let out twin moans as he started rocking into consistently, every movement bringing you closer and closer to your peak.
“i love ya, i love ya so fuckin’ much, angel—shit—yer so amazing, i love ya,” atsumu rambled while pounding into you, deep curses and whines of your name interspersed with his declarations of love. if you could speak, you would reciprocate but you were too busy holding on for dear life as he fucked you into oblivion.
desperate for some kind of anchor to reality, you grasped onto his locks again, gripping tightly as drawn-out cries of his name slipped from your open lips. you were close, so close and he knew it too.
“feel ya clenchin’ around me like a good girl, ya gonna cum fer me? gonna cum fer me angel?” atsumu’s hand snaked down between your bodies to rub fast circles on your clit, a shaky sob finding its way out into the open air.
“oh shit, yeah, ‘m g-gonna cum for you tsum, ‘s all for you,” you moaned, clamping down on him sporadically as you started to cum, your vision whiting out and your thighs trembling while you gushed around him.
your mind was floating off when you felt him cum with a shout, his warmth flooding you and spilling out as he collapsed onto your chest.
••• smut over •••
the two of you lied there for a while, attempting to regain your brain and feeling in your legs. you vaguely made note of the wet rag cleaning between your thighs and the following weight falling down beside you but it was only after a few more minutes that you really came back to yourself, rolling over to lay on atsumu’s bare chest.
“holy shit, tsumu,” you said in awe, your boyfriend (!!) laughing at your reaction. “i’m just that good angel, what can i say?”
you groaned and hit him in the chest but you couldn’t keep the smile off your face if you tried. “you are such a menace!”
“only fittin’ that i picked a gremlin ta be with then,” atsumu teased while playing with a piece of your hair. mock offense filled your chest as you sat up, fixing him with your ‘angriest’ glare.
“is that the kind of language you’ll be using in your vows, mister?” you were only joking but when atsumu’s eyes widened and a blush spread across his cheeks, you realized your mistake.
you opened your mouth to apologize or to make some kind of excuse but he beat you to the punch. “ya wanna marry me angel?” he asked, looking so vulnerable with hope shining in his brown irises. you couldn’t bear to lie.
“of course tsum, you’re it for me,” you reached out a hand to caress his cheek and he leaned into it, his own coming up to cup yours and hold it against his face.
“good.” and that was the end of that, that evening’s... extraneous activities having thoroughly tired to the point that you fell completely asleep with your face against one of his pecs.
if you had stayed awake a little longer, you would’ve seen atsumu pull out his phone and start a new note titled, “my angel.”
if i just said i loved you, it would be an understatement. it would be like saying the sun’s surface is just a bit warm or that the arctic is just a little chilly. it would be an injustice to you and to how i truly feel about you. love—
“-is a word that is much too soft and used far too often ta ever describe the fierce, infinite and blazing passion that i have in my heart for ya angel. ya acknowledge my strengths and ya accept my faults. ya make me wanna be a better person every day. so, today i vow ta laugh with ya and comfort ya during times of joy and times of sorrow. i promise ta always pursue ya, ta fight for ya, and love ya unconditionally and wholeheartedly for the rest of my life. ya are my best friend and i’m the luckiest person on earth ta call ya mine- wait are ya crying?"
the audience burst into laughter as you frantically tried to wipe away your tears, punching atsumu softly on the arm. “of course i am, you ass.”
the officiant cleared his throat, grabbing both of your attentions. “it is the bride’s turn to give her vows. if you may?”
you nodded and atsumu already felt like crying. again. he’d cried that morning while getting dressed and then again when you walked down the aisle in the most beautiful dress he had ever seen. now, as he watched you pull a folded piece of paper out of your bra, he knew he’d made the right decision in confessing to you, all those years ago.
he also knew he was definitely going to cry again.
“atsumu, falling for you wasn’t falling at all—it was walking into a house and knowing that you’re home. today, i want to make you promises that i will always keep. i promise to never stop holding your hand or accepting your kisses. i promise to not hit you too hard when you insult me or call me a gremlin. i promise to share my food with you, to never go to bed angry, and to try and understand your obsession with professional men’s volleyball. i promise to love, respect, protect and trust you, and give you the best of myself, for i know that together we will build a life far better than either of us could imagine alone. i choose you. i’ll choose you over and over and over, without pause, without doubt, i’ll keep choosing you.
i used to never truly enjoy moments because i was always waiting for what's next. the next thing horrible thing to happen. now that i have you, i enjoy the moment. every moment.
today seems like it's the start of a new journey, but i already belong to you. falling for you wasn't falling at all—it was walking into a house and knowing you're home. i love you.”
and at least in this lifetime
we’re sticking together
me and my husband
we’re sticking together
Tumblr media
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ichigomis · 2 months ago
heart anon !! ❤️❤️ i havent request for a while but can you do a scenario or headcanon of hq boys witnessing their baby's first steps?? it can be any character u prefer ❤️❤️ u can do this when you are not that much busy :D
Tumblr media
with: sakusa, oikawa, atsumu, bokuto
note: ❤️❤️anon strikes again with these beautiful prompts and i'm crying bc THIS IS SO CUTE PLEASE —fluff!
part one - part two - part three
Tumblr media
❊ SAKUSA watches with curiosity as his daughter holds onto his arm, propping herself up the floor. his eyes widen in both surprise and excitement as she steadies herself, taking one step then another, and another. "you're walking!" he exclaims and she continues to take small wobbly steps, looking only forward. suddenly, he eyes the messy floor she's walking on and hurriedly sweeps her toys away from her path.
but her little legs slowly give out and she falls to the floor, cute watery eyes now searching for her father. and he's immediately by her side, scooping her up onto his lap, "it's okay, papa's got you." he kisses her teary cheeks and beams, "you did it baby, you were so good!"
Tumblr media
❊ OIKAWA literally jumps from his seat, eyes wide and hands covering his mouth. "are you?" he quickly crouches down the floor and looks at his daughter, her little legs moving forward, one step at a time. "you're walking!" he gasps, hands still covering his now shaky mouth. and then he sniffles, proud tears threatening to ruin this whole moment, "y/n!!! she's walking!! our baby's walking!" he calls out for you, voice now cracking from all the emotion. his eyes never left his daughter as she continues to take her first steps, moving so naturally and confidently. with ugly sobs now falling from his eyes, he opens his arms as she trudges towards him, "come here angel, papa's here!"
Tumblr media
❊ ATSUMU couldn't keep the smile from his face as he sits beside you on the floor, both looking at your daughter as she takes her first steps on her own. "ARE YA RECORDING?" he asks not so quietly as you point your camera towards your confident daughter. you sigh and nod your head, thinking about the fact that his loud voice is now permanently part of your daughter's memento, "yes i am, now quiet down-"
"SHE'S TAKING HER FIRST STEPS! SHE'S WALKIN' ALL BY HERSELF!" he exclaims excitedly, hands gently within his daughter's proximity, there to catch her if ever she falls. and despite him being so loud, you couldn't help but smile. seeing him so proud and happy for your daughter just makes your heart burst. "OUR BABY'S WALKIN'!" he cries out, teary eyes darting at your daughter then at you.
Tumblr media
❊ BOKUTO couldn't contain his excitement, with a big big smile and hands outstretched for his daughter, he exclaims, "you can do it baby!! come to papa!!!" his daughter looks on at him, shaky legs taking their very first steps. he moves his hands to encourage her to walk forward and she does, quite confidently too, something she got from her father.
she takes one, two, then three steps and he just loses it, ecstatic beyond words, "YES!!!" he shouts, oblivious of his volume. his daughter suddenly stops, surprised by his voice, and falls down to the floor. she sniffles and upon seeing her father's concerned and quite panicked face, she cries, also oblivious of her volume. "oh! papa's sorry," he comes up to her and scoops her up from the floor, "papa's got you, shhh..." he cradles her into his arms as her cries die down, comforted by her father's warmth.
Tumblr media
p.s.: the way i unconsciously wrote daughters for all of them :'D
» m. list
Tumblr media
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tsukishumai · a month ago
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
It was unusual enough for you to have woken up to an empty bed, but the position of the sunbeams shining directly on your face tells you that you were granted the rare opportunity to sleep in.
The warmth of the rumpled and empty bedsheets beside you indicate that Atsumu wasn’t too far ahead, and you lazily climb out of your comforter.
Your slippers hardly made any noise as you dragged your feet down the hardwood staircase, but the yawn that crawled from out of your throat had echoed throughout the hallways.
The first thing you noticed when you stepped foot into the kitchen were the two mugs that sat forgotten beside the coffee maker. Specks of ground coffee littered your kitchen counter, and you would have been upset if not for the nutty aroma of your favorite morning blend permeating in the air.
The second thing you noticed was Atsumu staring out the glass sliding door that led into the backyard. His back was facing you, but you could see his shoulders shaking in time with the coffee bubbling into the pitcher.
“Atsumu…?” You slowly approached your husband, but he paid you no mind. His attention was focused solely on the scene playing in your backyard, and it was only when you step beside your husband did you finally understand.
A soft glowing warmth bloomed within your heart as you watched your son playing in the grass, his father’s blue and yellow volleyball bouncing up and down his forearms. The ball was nearly half his size, but he took to it easily, and from the corner of your eye, Atsumu’s lips quiver. You laugh quietly when the ball hits his arms at an odd angle, effectively flying to the other side of the yard.
You turn and rub your hand in circles around Atsumu’s back, smiling softly at the silent tears that were freely spilling down his cheeks.
“There, there,” you say quietly, and Atsumu brings a hand up to cover his mouth.
You smile up at him gently as you pull the sliding door open, the wheels clattering against the track loudly catching the attention of your son.
“Sweetheart, want to come in for some breakfast?” You call out, and the soft pout on your son’s lips had made him look more like his father than he ever has.
“Later,” his tiny voice called back, nearly hitting his face as he attempted to do an overhand pass.
“Dad! Can you teach me how to serve?”
Atsumu buries his face on the side of your neck, and you pat his head as he lets out a sob. You chuckle when you begin to feel his tears soak your shirt, and he attempts to let out a garbled confirmation.
Your son stares back at you oddly as you begin to wrap your arms around your husband.
“Your dad says he’ll be out there in a second!”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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yurens · 2 months ago
「lucky star」
miya atsumu x f!reader. all the fluff.
Tumblr media
stifling a chuckle, you look back down and continue packing up atsumu’s things into the suitcase. 
hospital stays require a lot of maintenance, especially when he’s been here for weeks. as much as you look forward to leaving this sterile place, he’s going to be in so much pain once the meds wear off. 
appendectomies are a bitch, and with the way that atsumu’s just continuing to stare at you from the bed, stars and a transcendent wonder in his eyes, the anaesthesia isn’t doing him much good either.
with a small tug and grunt, you click the zipper tags into place, shooting him a small smile as you hop off the luggage case. 
“okie dokes.” you glance at the clock hanging on the white wall, septic and telling, noon. should be check out time now. “let’s get you home.”
his eyes widen just as the sound of a door quietly clicks shut. 
“home?” atsumu pauses, gazing up at you in amazement. “you mean i know you?”
you laugh at his shy, hopeful grin. “you can say that.”
it’s been a while since you’ve seen the motley pink crawl up his cheeks. in the early stages of your relationship, you almost thought that they were permanent. that was before he got so brazen, soon turning the teasing on you instead. 
this is a refreshing reminder of those first cosmic sparks that bloomed with time and space.
there’s no way you were letting this chance slip.
“is something wrong?” you plaster on a frown, hand reaching for him. “i’ll go call the doctor.”
atsumu almost jolts back in shock before doubling over from the tenderness of his abdomen at the knee-jerk movement. 
“‘m fine!” he croaks out, avoiding your eyes as his face goes up in flames. “everything’s fine. peachy.”
all the facial muscles under your thick skin are currently deployed in maintaining a plateaued landing. but it’s hard to keep formation when atsumu’s face is on the brink of a supernova. 
“you sure?” you pout, hand docile by your side. 
his teeth sink into his cheeks as he submerges a little more into the blankets, whole body wanting to both turn away and get closer to you.
“yeah, ‘m just…” atsumu groans, golden irises flitting between the banal clock and your eyes and your lips and your jaw and— at this point, he might as well shoot his shot at this pretty nurse or friend or something of his. “you’re really pretty.”
“you already said that.” this time, you have to let out the short bark of laughter when atsumu looks visibly mortified at how un-suave he’s been acting. but you give him a chance, just like you did all those years ago. “wanna try again?”
oh yeah, you’re really milking this. 
another door opening and closing, you flash a smile at the hushed voices beyond the bend in the hallway.
atsumu doesn’t seem to be aware of the company. not that he’s cognizant of much else right now, wholly walloping through a galactic haze as he unknowingly reenacts his first romance. 
“i can’t believe i get to know you,” he sighs now, pouting as he sees the faint curl in your lips. “you’re like...out of this wor–”
a sudden burst of loud cackling blocks out the rest of the patient’s attempt at an awful pick up line. you can’t help but chuckle at atsumu’s expense as well.
turning to the two in the hallway, you grin at the nurse.
“mrs. miya,” the woman sighs, casting a wry look at the person currently muffling their laughter beside her. “please come out so i can explain the meds to you.”
nurse fuji was just trying to do her job and get back home to her three corgis and fat, tabby cat when she got stopped at the door for your amusements.
but she can’t deny that this has been cute to watch, seeing a decorated olympian fall in love like a boy again.
you give her a knowing, appreciative nod. “thanks, nurse fuji. i’ll be right out.”
with that, the nurse huffs and leaves, no doubt to report back on the strange, somewhat endearing folks of room 6-13.
you turn back to the patient.
he does not look so hot.
“‘mrs. miya?’” atsumu whispers, eyes following yours when you sit down by his side.
“yeah,” you smile softly, careful not to bump into his side. “that’s me.”
“damn.” it’s like all the stars of blinked out of his gaze when he sees the gentle look on your face, eyes looking at his with the lives of the galaxy’s suns. “‘samu’s one lucky bastard.” 
your face falls in disbelief.
osamu can’t take this anymore.
“you’re the lucky bastard, you bastard.” marching from where he’s hidden behind the corner, osamu gives the patient a pointed look. “can’t even recognize your own wife.”
“‘samu, what the fu–”
“nuh uh,” osamu immediately interrupts, shaking his head at his twin. “don’t think you wanna swear in front of the wife, ‘tsumu.”
at the second iteration of “wife,” — his — the gears in atsumu’s head finally engage. his movements are almost mechanical when he hesitantly looks towards you. 
you give him a small chuckle and wave.
as if somehow still stuck on this equation, the orbit of things fundamentally out of grease, his head slowly turns back to his brother.
osamu lets out an exasperated sigh.
miya atsumu is out of this world.
and fortunately for him, he has you to ground his mortality.
this bastard was born lucky.
his twin glances at you with another tired exhale. the distance between onigiri miya and the hospital had not been an ideal after-closing workout every day. 
“i’ll go grab the meds,” osamu mutters. “you take care of this airhead.”
atsumu’s mouth opens in protest but your breath of laughter stops him.
“the usual then.” you wink at the blond, ensnaring his attention once again. “thanks, ‘samu.”
turning on his heels, the dark-haired twin leaves, casting one last amused look at his brother’s lovestruck confusion, and closes the door behind him.
you look at the overgrown, pink-tinged goldfish lying six feet deep along the bed. 
“well, love,” you huff with a grin, holding out your hand sincerely this time. “let’s get you home.”
the hesitance dwindles in his bashful eyes.
“‘samu’s not pullin’ my leg, right?” even with its astronomical capacity for love, his heart might break should osamu trick him like this. “you’re really really my wife? i’m really really your husband?”
“yes, atsumu,” you grin. “really really.”
shaking your head in laughter, you reach forward, watching the creases crinkle around his eyes. “you okay?”
atsumu takes your hand with a grounding exhale, holding it in both of his as he looks up at you, towards polaris. 
“peachy,” he murmurs, a slow smile stretching across his face, the reverent gold warmed into amber as the haze slowly dissipates from his gaze. “‘samu’s right. i am a lucky bastard.”
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