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“More swearing…”

Atsushi had enough of it– it got old fast, and watching the others try to solve the case at hand was much more interesting. But the more he was questioned and interrogated, the more serious he looked. His hand finds its way back to his wrist, continuing to play with the ribbon as well as fiddling with the cuff of his glove.

He sighs.

“Kiyoko’s chip… Yasuda’s chip… Taking the chips, breaking the chips, all this about chips! I already said it: I’m not the tech guy, I’m only in charge of the surface stuff. I haven’t touched any of the chips at all, that’s not my job. I understand why you’re still on my case, but you’re probably wondering: things still don’t make sense, right? Well, didn’t you have other people in mind in your suspect pool? Oh, Atsushi doesn’t know this! Well, what could that mean, then? If I don’t know it, then who would? Humu humu. I have suspicions myself.”

Although his tone maintains a consistent holier-than-thou lilt, Atsushi seems to have gotten off his high horse for the time being as none of his smiles return. He turns to CC, and instead, he frowns a little, taking time to respond.

So you’re saying it’s impossible to act and lie? I mean, Yasuda did that pretty well despite turning up to be a huge sack of shit. Yeah, I guess you can say I dipped. I pulled the stunt on purpose in order to make further preparations for the game without getting distracted. Meaning that I knew that death was to follow after rule-breaking– I also knew it’d be displayed for everyone to see, as with every other execution, so it’d only make sense for me to put on a farce. Furthermore…”

Just when Atsushi’s expression couldn’t get any more tense, his sentence comes to a halt as he steps back from his podium when Tsurugi starts approaching, but he only ends up freezing in his place. And when he takes the blow to his side–


Not much else happens after. But Atsushi almost looks as if…

He wasn’t expecting not to feel pain at all…?

Quickly brushing it off, he shuts his eyes again, taking another moment to himself to breath. In, out, in, out.

“…Please return to your podium. You can’t tell me to waste your time explaining my motives when you’re wasting it on violence during an active case. …I don’t know why my husband wasn’t mentioned. I know enough about the past games in my rift– and so, those weren’t my notes. It was probably the people who hired me doing research on my rift, or something.

He ends up accidentally untying the ribbon on his wrist.

“………Ah! But I can answer you this: I was responsible for the crime mess and the area mess. Why I did that, mm, it served both as a hint and as a tactic, you see! A hint that everyone is still alive… and I also tried to encourage you all to work towards escaping. Providing a glimmer of hope, in a sense? Because for survivors, you all sure were doing a bunch of sitting around and waiting. Remember, my job isn’t only to ensure my motive reaches its goal, but that the game runs traditionally as I do so– that it follows the same format and journey as a typical one would go.

But with this knowledge now, that paints me innocent from being any of the people in those messages you found! As for you, Servin,”

and he looks their way,

My deal with you is that you were never intended to glitch out like that. It was unexpected, and unplanned! So, I suppose my rulebreaking was also due to that– although I’m not the tech guy, I still wanted to see if I could find out what happened if I were to flee to behind the scenes.”

He regains his grin, chuckling softly into his fist.

“As for the reason and end goal of all this… Remember the invitation we all got? Mentioning a grand prize for anything of our wishing? Do you wanna guess what I’m wishing for? Hint: I already elaborated on it.

Thanks to all of you and your combined history, not only will people learn the badness of killing games, but it could really end for good.”

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Thanks for the request, lovely! 💞


  • At first Atsushi doesn’t think you like him at all, he tries to show his interest in you, bringing up things you have in common and looking for any reason he can find to talk to you. He’s lured in to you because of your distant personality, he wants to know everything about you and he will do whatever it takes to get you to open up.
  • When he finds out that you’re good at martial arts, he loves that even more about you. He’s been trying to sharpen up his fighting skills and he begs you to teach him what you know. At first you flat out deny his request. “You’re on your own, sushi boy.” The words make him blush, what kind of a nickname is that? He asks you time and time again until you finally cave and agree to show him a few pointers.


  • Chuuya is irked by your distant personality, curious to why you act so uninterested in everything and anything. He’s been trying relentlessly to get your attention and while he’s managed to snag it for a few moments it never lasts. You’re so hot and cold, he feels like it’s going to take forever to figure you out.
  • Once Chuuya walked in on you practicing martial arts and was impressed by your skill level. He asked you where you learned all of that and for what purpose, but you just shrugged and walked away leaving him to his thoughts. The next time he sees you, he questions you again about your talent with martial arts and you decide to appease him and answer. He thinks it’s really cool how skilled you’ve gotten and how dedicated you are to learning it.


  • Distant personalities are a challenge to Dazai, so he’s instantly interested in pursuing you when you show him no interest. He’s used to this type of thing, so he’s not discouraged when you show him the cold shoulder; he even finds it attractive at times. He loves the chase, but he won’t stop til he gets what he wants either.
  • Dazai is surprised to find out your exceptionally high skill level in martial arts. He wonders what inspired you to get so into it, but he won’t ask. He knows everyone has their reasons for what they do, and he’s not going to beg you to tell him something when he already knows you don’t intend to answer it. He finds your dedication and strength attractive as fuck and he tells you that all the time, causing you to blush and look away.
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Ososan will be making yet another collab café and this time it’s 50s diner themed and Iyami isn’t there, which is fine and all, it’s nice for them to focus on other side characters on merch and everything but aw man… this is such a cute aesthetic… I wish I could see 50s Iyami

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I don’t know why but I think that Akutagawa would be somewhere on the spectrum of being decent at cooking to being an absolute god at cooking and would sell your soul to him to just have him cook you a certain food for the rest of your life.

Going with the second one and my minor obsession with akuatsu (their ship names confuse me) , Akutagawa cooking something for Atsushi (good luck getting him to admit it though, Atsushi would know, obviously but Akutagawa would still insist that he just happened to have leftovers or something very tsundere of him) (I think the whole handing over thing would be pretty cute too) and Atsushi just being surprised that he can cook and this well too and Akutagawa making a mini list in his head bookmarking and noting all of the foods Atsushi particularly likes and making a note to cook more for him too.

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Atsushi: Why?

Akutagawa: ??? Why what?

Atsushi: Oh. So we’re listing ‘wh’ questions now?

Akutagawa: Wha-



Dazai: I told Atsushi he should try and get on Akutagawa’s nerve.


Dazai: :)

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Eyes shut, Atsushi softly and quietly inhales, focusing on his breathing rather than everyone’s reactions, as if preparing, or even possibly bracing himself. Everything he’s done, gone through, dealt with, and planned over… It all lead to this. And what with the rowdy feedback upon his reveal, well…

Opening his eyes on his final exhale, he could only see this as none other than a success!

“Oh! Bravo, there’s all the energy I was looking for! You all may not be the excitable bunch, but you sure know your cues. That’s good to know. Let’s not start this off with violence though, hm? …Or do! But that’d mean wasting precious trial time, and you all wanna go home, right?”

Atsushi chuckles lightly into his gloved hand, expression rather amused as he obliges to let his wings disappear into a scatter of pixels. The blank white feathers clashed with his current colour palette, anyway. His smile doesn’t falter an inch as crude words well deserved are thrown his way– his was all expected, after all. All according to plan. He smiles,

“Dunno what I expected from a bunch of jaded survivors… ah, so hostile! But, enough with that! It’s time for the good ‘ol AMA and Q&A you’re all oh-so familiar with! It comes with the trial, see? I’m here to guide you, after all. You’re all special, and an integral part to all of this, I promise.”

And with that, he clasps his hands together over the podium, turning to Tsurugi.

Heeeeeh? Didn’t you get the memo? Like, you did find that one paper, right? Call this technology going too far, but natives of this rift has microchips in ‘em that basically simulates this entire world. Essentially, it’s augmented reality on steroids.

In addition to this, since it’s all elaborate digital simulation in the human mind, people are able to die and revive without a single problem since it’s all fake, in a sense. And guess what: people like it better that way! And since killing and dying isn’t so much of a problem anymore, it only makes sense no one in this world takes it seriously anymore. And that’s no good. ‘Cos with this plus their ability to access other rifts, then everyone in every rift would eventually lose their humanity, and in extension, how much a human life is worth. NG, NG!”

He makes an X with his hands. NG, indeed!

“As for how you and Asamizu came back… Aha– Ahahahahaha! Gosh, do I look like a programmer to you? Call me responsible for the game, but by no means did I develop the setting we stand in! Haha, this meaning,I have no clear answer for this. Wasn’t it a part of whatever grand scheme you were plotting, anyway? You know, what with the poison you and your buddy had.”

His amused smile settles back into something much more neutral as he shifts his attention to Shuuya, his finger still to his cheek.

“Correct, I have been in a game like this, just like the rest of you. This also means I know how awful of an experience it is, to be in one. And I know all you were talking shit about the end justifying the means earlier, but really: while that’d be true in a regular setting, we’re talking hundreds and thousands of rifts here. 

If one more game meant putting an end to this heinous trend to all rifts for good, even if it meant reliving hell once more, it’d be worth it to see things changing for the better as a permanent change, wouldn’t it?And the plan from the beginning was that no one would die for real– everyone would come back as soon as the game and show finishes. 

This is all why the last game of this show are all survivors rather than newcomers. We can’t afford to expose this format to any more unsuspecting people, should anyone get inspired. But you– you’ve all seen this before, and already know it’s bad. You see?”

His smile comes back up with a warm laugh as his podium neighbor addresses him, responding to her as if she wasn’t insulting him– in fact, Atsushi talks as if this was only friendly banter.

“Hahaha! I just couldn’t help myself, you know? Glad to see you’re still upbeat as ever, Ms. Confidant. Ahhhhh, about that, though…” Although CC can’t see it, he brings his hands together apologetically. “Sorry, kinda lied to have you help me! Playing the traitor trying to overthrow their boss in secret was pretty convincing though, right? But believe it or not, I did need your help to get hands on that information.


“Don’t you remember? I said my ‘boss’ wasn’t in complete control, after all. Just because I’m Overseer doesn’t mean I’m in complete control or responsible of everything. But that didn’t stop me: I used you in order to gain more control of it. And I did know that everyone would stay alive! At least, that’s what I was told from the beginning.

He plays with the ribbon tied around his wrist idly, using this to segue smoothly into answering Mingzhu.

I was told so, but was never given proof of it. It made me skeptical, obviously– while I wanted to end all killing games with this, it’d be kind of hypocritical if people actually died for good. So I tried testing this theory out back when I tried to commit that murder. Ahhh…” he sighs, “and I couldn’t do it… Even as the Overseer, having to succumb to a game again is difficult for a survivor like me too, hm? But what’s better: having an Overseer who understands the struggle, or one who doesn’t?”

He giggles as the mention of his husband, but as Mingzhu instructed, decides not to waste his breath on irrelevant topics. He was already kind of running out of breath with out much information he was slinging out… ahh, he’ll try to be more brief from here on out. He nods at Ada,

“Mmm! I was recruited to ensure this game runs smoothly and traditionally, with my own motive in mind. Hired due to my relations with my mastermind, ehe~” THIS IS NO FUCKING TIME TO BE GAY ON MAIN “Ah, as well for my rift’s messy past with killing games and how it ended up building from the ground up from it all. Which, by the way, the first two games were hosted by Akari Okamura and Mika Tsukizuka! The initials sound familiar? Again, dunno what I expected from jaded survivors if not immediately pointing fingers at each other, but I at least expected Asamizu to get it, considering his role in his own game… But, there! Out of the circle you go. I am here to guide you, after all.“ 

And with that, he leans over his podium, tapping the side of his head, grinning.

"You might want to look even closer.

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But, like, Akutagwa (20 y.o) is older than Atsushi (18 y.o) but we all know Atsushi called Akutagwa without honorifics like ‘-san’ or smthg…

Like… Atsushi probably does not know how old is Akutagwa cause if he does, our respectful cinnamon roll will probably add the ‘-san’ cuz he’s too polite… 😂😂😂

Or he’ll keep on calling Akutagawa with just ‘Akutagwa’ cuz he dislikes him so much-

Imagine like-




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