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#atsushi nakajima

anon requested-

Mini scenarios for Poe, Ranpo, and Atsushi with an s/o that’s a manga artist and has a tendency to loose track of how long she’s been working which means she often looses sleep and forgets to eat. One time while they’re trying to pull her away to rest she says she’s fine because her mind is as sharp as the knife she’s holding and they’re like babe… that’s a spoon before throwing her over their shoulder to trap her in bed so she’ll sleep.

-owo this was cute, i hope you like it💕

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idk i just saw this and thought ‘why not?’ im aware of how messy this is but i kind of just went wild with the colors to see what goes well

this probably happened after a fight and akutagawa’s place was the closest. Dazai probably forced them together :p

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Am I pretty? (Daughter Headcanons)

Description: ^^^

Warnings: None!

Notes: I’m gone be honest, I have tik-tok but I have not seen this so I HOPE I wrote this correctly. Also I didn’t really know what to call the kids so they’re called c/n (Child’s name)




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anonymous asked: I’m open-minded and try to understand people opinions and help them of wanted, sometimes when something scary or dangerous happens i will be so scared but it will not be obvious, I don’t like or trust people easily and will be careful even if they seem harmless, I have low self confidence, I don’t like arguments I feel really scared and tired of it happened. Thank you very much! sorry if it was so long and for my English (2/2)💘

I ship you with…

🐯 Atsushi Nakajima 🐯


Atsushi’s eyes widen for a moment before narrowing in a determined look. You sat across the table from him and your lips are moving gently as you let your self-esteem talk. He stood from his seat and grabbed your hands in a flash, his hold on you firm but strangely gentle. “Don’t say that,” he blurted out. “You’re worth more than you think. Trust me. I’ve been there, too.”

Something inside the both of you blossomed that day. Atsushi, being just the way that he is, cared for you deeply and you liked being around him despite your wariness towards people in general because of his gentle demeanor that can make even the most introverted person feel at ease in his presence.

Being an INFJ, you’re naturally helpful towards other people. You’re at your best effort to help and assist even if you have things to handle yourself. You share this gift with Atsushi, as well as being understanding of other people’s feelings, thoughts and emotions. That’s why Atsushi can also somewhat see himself in you and looking at you, he feels like as if he’s observing himself from an outsiders perspective. Because of this, you’ll get a fair amount of cheering up and encouragement from this guy. It’s not because of any other reason other than he cares for you and wants to see you happy. Like you who is an INFJ, he likes to help in creating solution to other people’s problem and has a talent for warm, sensitive language. Instead of coming up with straight up logic and facts, he gives you advices that is very humanly which you would appreciate because it won’t feel like he’s telling you what to do or reprimanding you.

However, it’s a mistake to mistook your kindness for weakness. Both of you possess an inborn sense of idealism and morality and have the capability to take concrete steps to realize it. When the hardest hit, you can be decisive and strong-willed just like how Atsushi’s will hardens when the situation calls for it. This ability is never used for personal gain, though. You both like to use your energy in protecting and being in service for other people, especially the people that matters to you the most.

When it comes to the matters of the heart, you also share the same sentiment of finding someone who you truly connect with. Not just physically, but someone you can connect with in mind, body and soul. You cherish not just the act of being in a relationship but the meaning of “being one” with another person even if it’ll some time. Atsushi will fit in this particular place in your life because he’s really not the type to play around as well. His relationships with other people are always genuine and sincere, making him a good match for someone who wants a long-term relationship. You could be picky and may be a bit of a perfectionist in your choosing but that’s because you love unconditionally and you could expect Atsushi to return this favor to you. Through all your worries and doubts, you’d find it easy to connect with Atsushi as you’ll soon realize that he’s as authentic as a person could be. You’ll greatly appreciate his somewhat naivety and it’ll even make you feel safe to show your own vulnerability around him.

Overall, I think Atsushi will be great for you because he will be someone who can lift you up and show you that despite your opinion about yourself, you can still be great. He’ll use himself as an example and show you that every person is valuable. He would also give you a lot of time and space for yourself and he would never push himself in your life. You’ll just naturally open up to him and he’ll always be welcoming and accepting. He’s warm, gentle, caring, understanding but at the same time, passionate and strong. He will fight for you and will try his best to keep you happy and safe. He can be your rock when you need someone to lean on. He can be a shoulder to cry one. He can be your friend, your lover and even a victim of your jokes if you’re feeling it. He appreciates you in every way. He likes seeing you being talkative and just looking happy. It’s cheesy, he knows that, but your smile and laughter is one of his most favorite things in life. Second from chazuke, even. Arguments would be rare in your relationship because both of you are understanding and would openly listen to each other but if it would arise, you wouldn’t have to worry about it because he’ll understand your sensitivity and would approach any kind of misunderstandings in the such a way. It will absolutely break his heart if he’ll ever make you cry and his guilt wouldn’t let him live in peace, so you can rest assured that he won’t hurt you on purpose. He will hold you and your heart like a delicate and precious flower in his hands and will treat you with outmost respect. You might not even notice how your self-esteem has improved just from being showered by love and appreciation from Atsushi.


Thank you for sending this in and for your patience, anon~ 🥰 Your English was good and I appreciate you giving me all this information! I hope this is something that made you smile today. And remember, the universe loves you!

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also on my ao3!

dazai didn’t eagerly wait for the day atsushi would turn 20, the day he could drag atsushi to the nearest bar, and not leave until he was a stumbling, drunk mess. hell, dazai didn’t even care. would atsushi even want to drink on his birthday? or even drink at all? it didn’t matter. but that being said, it’s not like he didn’t care when atsushi asked him to share a bottle of saké with him that night.

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Idk I’ve picked up on Pokémon again and I just thought of this. I stupidly restarted my games from scratch.

And yes I am aware of how weird this pose looks. Didn’t realize until I finished drawing it.

I think Atsushi would have cat like Pokémon (obviously) or at least Pokémon that are kind of animal like? Like maybe a Luxray or a Lycanroc?

He’d definitely have a Persian and his eevee will probably evolve into a Sylveon cause he loves it so much ❤️

I’ll probably do Dazai next or something

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(33) pet

atsushi was on his laptop when dazai walked into the living room. strange, dazai thought, as atsushi never really used it outside of work, and he didn’t remember atsushi taking any extra work home with him yesterday. curious, he walked behind his boyfriend, and after seeing what was on the laptop screen, he almost laughed.

atsushi was looking at puppy pictures.

it was no secret that atsushi loved animals, and vice versa. stray cats seemed to flock to him as he walked down a street, and he would stop whatever he was doing so he could pet and scratch them all. the same thing happened with dogs (strays or not), only they were more loud and energetic. not like it bothered atsushi, of course. even if a dog looked like it killed someone, atsushi would still coo at it and call it a puppy.

dazai went in front of the couch and sat down next to atsushi, and kissed him as a greeting. he looked back at the screen, and saw that atsushi had just closed the tab.

“why’d you close it?”

atsushi sighed. “i’ll only want one more and more if i keep looking at them. it’s best if i just stop now.”

dazai giggled, and rested his head on top of atsushi’s. “yeah. not to mention all the work that comes with owning a pet. our lives are busy enough as it is, and getting a pet would do more harm that good.”

dazai could feel atsushi nod, and then got up to head to the kitchen. he turned back to give dazai a kiss on the cheek, and quietly said, “plus, you’re already like a puppy. always whining for attention and love. good thing your cuteness makes up for it.”

without another word, atsushi walked into the kitchen.

dazai didn’t一no, couldn’t say anything as he watched atsushi go. he clutched his chest, and felt his face heat up as atsushi’s words lingered in his head.

did atsushi… did atsushi, his boyfriend, the one who knew all about his distaste for dogs, really see him as a puppy?!

“dazai-san, it was a joke. please calm down. you look like you’re about to faint.”

well, jokes on atsushi, because he actually did.

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