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#attack on Titan
sookyshima2 minutes ago
potential aot spoiler alert 馃毃
I still can鈥檛 watch old aot eps without feeling pain. who knew that back then that this was how things would be. even tho chapter 139 wasn鈥檛 a horrible ending, remember back when most of our worries were about what was in eren鈥檚 basement? UGHHH
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just--another--daydreamer3 minutes ago
???? Pardon ???? DidWHAT
Did armin just die.?
Rip Armin you would've loved SCUBA diving
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ankhsu4 minutes ago
It will GET DARK if WE don鈥檛 GO HOME now聽禄
Tumblr media
Knowing the meaning of this infamous word 芦聽Home聽禄 for Mikasa and Eren. It鈥檚 about their relation, it鈥檚 about their love, it鈥檚 about their history.
Knowing the meaning of this dream. It鈥檚 the last moment of Eren鈥檚 life before his death.
Knowing about his true feelings for Mikasa. His undying love for her.
I come to this heartbreaking understanding that this sentence is a painfully foreshadowing.
Mikasa had regrets that she hadn鈥檛 told to him her true feelings. She kept asking what would happen if she answered otherwise. We do know that he would left everything behind, and that they would get back to their home before everything get dark.
This entire story told us that everything get dark as soon as they went outside from their home...
So yes, as a child, before she couldn鈥檛 protect you anymore, just follow her lead cause it鈥檒l get dark if you don鈥檛 go home now.
Now ... you realize this with me can someone 馃憠馃徑
Tumblr media
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just--another--daydreamer4 minutes ago
But I know zeke appear in season 4 so I can only guess that he does not kill the bitch. Disappointment.
Also rip big brain Erwin. Thought he'd die later.
But I also thought he was dead when this happened lmao
Tumblr media
Idk sometimes there's so many people beein yeeted that it's hard to tell who's who.
OH. BERTOLT LITERALLY YEETED EREN THOUGH. He kicked Eren like they hit the ball in haikyuu lmao
The Levi vs Monkey fight was so satisfying, kick his ass King!
Rip Erwin, he would've loved socks in sandals I may or may not be an Erwin simp and I blame him for my Eren simping but I still have Jean so it's fine
I think Eren should get yeeted more often
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anothersideofthewall6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The full story will be up this Saturday!!
Poison&Rebel 馃懐鈥嶁檧锔
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onepiecereactions35 minutes ago
I started Attacks on titans (SNK), fell in love with Levi Ackerman, and I'm now waiting for season 4 part 2 because I want to see Ackerman in 4K on my screen huhu (please no spoils I didn't read the end of the manga I'm waiting for the anime).
So I want to try an other anime (no time and energy for reading). Do you have something to recommend?
Something like : One piece, fairy tail, bleach, death note, attack on titans.
I've heard of Hunter x hunter, is it worth it?
Thank youuuuuu
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fiaficsxo38 minutes ago
Tumblr media
performer/hooker!eren x reader
summary: everyone has a dream but eren's can't seem to get keep his grasp on his dream and the woman he wants.
inspired by banks-poltergeist + this edit
warning: smut, angst, cursing, smoking, mentions of addictions, mentions of prostitution; eren is a hooker. minors dni
'you mistake all my mistakes for my good girl nature'
A/N: i dont know what this is, I felt sad and this song made me feel some type of way. im sorry if it sucks, ill probably delete it later.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
everyone has a dream
Eren stood still, everything was a blur.
all the voices, the cheers, the 'i love yous' were drowned out. he stood in the middle of the stage, his group mates moving back as he was in the center.
he smiled, panting as he tried to catch his breath. he was finished.
eren sat in the dressing room, staring back at his reflection. he finally reached what he always wanted, stardom. his music was on the top of the charts, his face plastered all over the world, everyone loved him.
but why did he feel so empty?
his phone vibrated in front, taking his attention away from the mirror. He frowned as he picked it up, then his heart dropping. It was a message from you.
'this is the last time, meet me at hotel xxx'
he took a deep breathe, placing his phone back on the table. he just stared back at himself, his reflection being too much to bear.
it made him sick to his stomach, realizing that this is the man he is now. he hated it, everything, and everyone.
but not you, anything but you.
your moans filled the room, the once cool room turning hot with temptation. eren panted, moving back against the headboard as one hand griped your thigh, his other hand with a cigarette.
your panty expression danced in his eyes, all beautiful and in control. you continued, moving up and down on him, trying your best to pleasure him one last time.
"I love you" he whispered, gripping the side of your face. you didn't respond, just continuing.
"I'm a coward." he continued, taking his cigarette to his mouth breathing in all the smoke. you kept silent, still moving on top of him, panting out loud.
"I want to marry you"
his words sent you over the edge. you cover his mouth, gripping one of his shoulders as you continued to bounce up and down on his cock. eren moans against your hand, whinning for more.
you hated him, how could you not. he took everything from you. every ounce of happiness was pumped out of you bit by bit.
he couldn't blame you, he still remembers your old conversation.
"Eren you need to stop this"
eren's lips were on your neck, his hands on your waist.
"everyone knows, eren"
you bring your phone up, showing him the latest articles.
'Singer Eren Jaeger fucking women for money, seen with mystery girl at hotel. Is this the end of his career?鈥
he felt a bit of heat start to form on his face, his hands up in fists, gritting his teeth. your eyes widen, realizing what he was feeling. he was angry.
eren then gripped your wrist, his other hand snatching your phone as he threw it across the room. it landed on the floor with a thud, the screen cracking a bit. you didn't have much time to react as he turned you around then pushing you on the bed.
your body quivered as eren started to crawl towards you. he towers over you, his body intertwined with yours. your body was basically trapped, eren's presence pressing you down on the bed. His hand was on your throat, another by your thigh.
"they tell me to stop, that this is an addiction, that this could end my career" he growled, then stopping to take a breath. 鈥渨ell why would I?鈥
he starts to kiss you, your body melting in his arms. you kiss him back, not understanding his words. he brings himself back, starting to undress himself and you do the same. you sit up, almost bare, placing your hand on his chest as you pant, waiting for him to continue.
he undid his pants and takes his cock out, pumping it a bit in his hands. he looks up at your whimpered face. you nod, reassuring him you still wanted him. he pushes you back, placing himself at your entrance.
"my face and body are worth more than my career"
he thrusts himself into you, a little to hard. you scream, your nails digging into his back. he continues, in and out, stretching your walls. you moan, begging him for more, just wanting to be filled by him.
eren didnt care, for once he didnt care. he would have to apologize, reassure his fans that all the rumors are false. he would hide for a bit until everything blows over. then act like nothing has happened.
he fucking hated that.
all he wanted was to be with you, to hold you, to love you.
he just wanted you.
"I expect full payment" he pants, then bringing the cigarette back to his lips. you take yourself out of him, eren groaning a bit into the cigarette. you get off him and start putting your clothes back on.
He brought the cigarette out, sweat dripping down his face. he could still feel the presence of your marks on his body. he wished you would kiss him one last time.
you takes out your phone, going straight to the app as you transfers the money to his account. His phone tinged, the little message on the screen showing that he have received your money.
you knew that after this he would meet with another girl. then another girl. then another. then he would go home, take a shower, and start practicing for his latest song. You couldn鈥檛 help but feel sick to your stomach.
the thought of him with someone else. being held in their arms, bouncing up and down on him, whining their name. your hands went into fist, so tight you felt your nails dig into his palm.
eren didnt seem to care, puffing out a bit of smoke as he scrolled through his phone.
You start for the door, completely ignoring eren. before you would kiss him goodbye, and he would tell you that he would meet you again. but not this time, never again. your hand was on the door knob when his words stop you.
"I ment everything y/n"
you stood there, just looking at the wooden door. you felt the tightness in your throat, tears starting to swell in your eyes. you wanted him, you did. but he was too addicted to the game, loving how his body mixed with others. the money, the sex, the sneaking around, its all eren cared about. thats just the way it is. you left not looking back, the last time he saw you.
Eren sat by the window in his apartment, everything a distant dream. he has everything, the money, the women, the fame. what more could he want?
he took the cigarette into his mouth, puffing out the smoke shortly after.
its been at least a year since he last saw you, your smile, your body, your taste all a distant dream. each day he loses you more and more. the worst part is he cant remember what you look like anymore.
he had everything, but nothing compares to you.
Tumblr media
taglist: 鉁 @aotwrites @shisoaya @mxhi @bertlebear @mikasasmoochie @jeageristbaby @seraphsuna @namrekcaivel @snkslush @oblxvion @izukine @aotwrites @weepinglevi @goldenkirstein @softbrxwn @rintarouss @animesmutblog @luvmegumi
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introvert-bisexual43 minutes ago
JEAN : "sorry, i lost my cool for a second."
Y/N : "jean, you can't loose something you never had."
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uwuackerman44 minutes ago
i really want to explore erika鈥檚 (my oc鈥檚) adhd in the attack of titan world and how her cognitive patterns and her advantages in the tracking of dynamic stimuli would make her a good soldier because fuck yes neurodivergent characters are badass
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introvert-bisexual44 minutes ago
Y/N : "i'm doing a great job keeping my crush a secret."
ANNIE : *smiles*
Y/N : "i've gotta gay- i mean go!"
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just--another--daydreamer46 minutes ago
Oooo Erwin is sending Levi to monkey. Is that where his face gets ripped? 馃憗锔忦煈馃憗锔
Idk why I'm thinking about that rn but the (crack) ship Levi x monkey man is hilarious to me
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snkincorrect48 minutes ago
Eren, laying in bed: Why don鈥檛 you come join me?
Armin: Eren, please put your shirt back on, we鈥檙e in an Ikea.
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just--another--daydreamer48 minutes ago
This mf.
Tumblr media
Also on the far left. Cart... Titan ?
Also did you know real bananas are not what we eat? I knew about it but I forgot for years and for reminded 脿 few weeks ago. If monkeys eat our bananas they can die or get sick if I remember well. Their bananas are larger and the seeds are enormous. I'll give our bananas to that giant mf and their bananas to the dude inside. If people thirst over him, I will thirst over his death 馃敧
Yes feed the monkey the killer bananas
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introvert-bisexual49 minutes ago
summary : you send them "this you?" pic, and this is how they react.
characters : eren yeager, armin arlert, jean kirschtein, reiner braun, bertholdt hoover, levi ackerman
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
part two : coming soon
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paranoiddoom50 minutes ago
im seeing a patern
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
please down to hair color and character traits
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plainbagel50 minutes ago
cant stop thinking about jean and connie
connie+jean jean+connie
brain rot. total brain rot.
not even in a sexual way (but yes sexual way included)
imagine them teasing you while walking to class or just being in a groupchat with the two. COMPLETE CHAOS but g o d s i want it.
IMAGINE ORDERING FOOD WITH THEM and connie keeps interrupting jean. Jean is t h i s close to smacking connies head but you have to be the mediator. When you interrupt their bickering they turn on you and start messing with you.
gonna cry.
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