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#attack on titan

Alive, For Once - Chapter 30

By the time it was ten in the morning, Reiner had texted his mother over forty times and left her ten voicemails asking about her whereabouts and whether or not she was in trouble. Karina didn’t humor him with a single reply, adamantly refusing to get in contact with him. Calling her neighbor from next door led nowhere, as he was away from the country.


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Eren plush: “It was Talk like a Pirate Day yesterday. Even though we were stuck within 4 walls, we went on an adventure! We searched through dangerous territory! (Hey, that vacuum cleaner tried to eat my boot! It’s a Titan in disguise!) We found treasure! We had a drink or 3 to celebrate! (After I stole Mama’s mead, I’m only allowed to drink fizzy pop now, oops!)

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