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#attack on titan

I don’t understand the Mikasa slander. Her dad was killed, and she and her mother is about to be sold in the black market and her mother got stabbed. She’s almost got kidnapped by human traffickers. After Eren’s family got killed, she only has Eren. That’s why she’s THAT attached to Eren and is obsessed on protecting him because she’s scared to lose another family again. It has more reason and it’s explained in the manga. (Spoiler) She also promise to protect Eren since Eren’s family took her. So it’s pretty much understandable. It’s sad no one takes time to understand her, her life is just as sad as Levi. She’s not good at socializing, and she’s only comfortable around Armin and Eren. Can you imagine how sad she must be when Eren pushes her away to find other friends? Yes, Eren is not obligated to return her feelings. And she’s not obligated to return Jean’s feelings too since that’s one of the reasons she’s getting hate. I just want my girl to be happy, man.

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Season 3 Episode 11

Okay, so I was totally wrong about Kenny turning himself into a Titan. I misjudged the man. It was a little sad when he died.

What? Levi showed actual emotion this episode? That scene with Historia and the others was nice though and I liked it.

So, Reiner and Bertholdt are back to being relevant although I have no idea what they’re doing. (It seemed like they were trying to rescue Annie) And whoever was standing on the Beast Titan’s shoulder at the end of last season is actually the Best Titan. I still think it’s Eren’s dad.

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Hey you, I love it coming right up. Sorry this took so long to get out. Hope it’s worth it

If you haven’t read part one find it here 👇🏼👇🏼

Part one

Summary: Its been a year since you joined Hange’s squad, you and Levi talk after he saves you from the female titan.

Disclaimer: I 👏🏼 don’t 👏🏼 own 👏🏼 Attack 👏🏼 on 👏🏼 Titan 👏🏼 I 👏🏼 Hate 👏🏼Myself 👏🏼 Everyday 👏🏼 because 👏🏼 of 👏🏼 it 👏🏼

Warnings: angst, death mentions, swearing

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Levi X reader

The walk back through the village of Wall Rose was quiet. The faces of the returning Survey Corp members etched with shame and misery, their eyes holding the secrets about the horrors they had witnessed from outside the safety of the walls. Their horses’ hooves was the only sound as they trudged up the cobbled streets, the soldiers defeated and shattered by the previous events, their fellow teammates having been left behind, the bodies retrieved from the forests now lying in unmarked graves.

The villagers looked on with grim faces, their whispers not going unnoticed about how many had not returned with the fray, their condescending looks stained into the minds of every soldier who had returned home. The atmosphere brimming with judgement and criticism at the failure of their first line of defence, only making the defeated soldiers sink lower into their shame.

You were one of the few who had returned home in one piece, your hood pulled high over your head to hide your watering eyes, trying your hardest to ignore the whispers that followed behind you. You clutched the reins of Levi’s horse tighter in your hands, your own horse having been slaughtered outside the wall, a heavy weight pressing agasint your chest as your gaze bor through the horses neck; trying to avoid the looks of the unimpressed civilians and the sight of the captain walking beside you one hand on the bit of his horses bridle guiding the beast for you.

You couldn’t look at him. After what he had done you didn’t think you could ever look at him again.

The weight on your chest only pushed harder when your mind flashed with the memories of what had happened hours ago.

The female titan. She had appeared out of no where and taken down almost half the soldiers in an instant, the tyrannical monster had been unrelenting in her search for Eren. You could still hear the screams of your squad mates as they were crushed against the trees of the forest, their blood staining the sky and the emerald leaves as the female titan continued her rampage.

You had been helping Squad Levi protect Eren, not that you were particularly happy about it, it had been a year since you had seen Levi since your debacle and even now as he lead his horse with you on its back, it still stung to remember the night you had left him and your friends. The others had been thrilled you were coming with them, you had plastered the fake smile on your face and gotten on with the job. Riding through the forest surrounded by your old squad mates with Yeager in the middle trying to make it to the other side, had gone smoothly for a few minutes it looked like you would make it out, when she had appeared.

The female titan has sprung upon your group and had started a mad dash after you. Eren has trusted the soldiers around him to take the demon down. Once in the air it hadn’t taken long for the Titan to swat your friends like flies, their bodies flattened against the forest floors, their faces resembling the fear they had felt as they had crashed into the surrounding area, their cries of terror running through your head.

But that hadn’t been the worst of it. Seeing your friends perish before your eyes was just the tip of the ice berg for your new found disposition.


It hurt to even think of her. You squeezed your eyes shut as hot tears slid from under your eyelids and down your cheeks. You shouldn’t be alive, it should’ve been Petra sitting here not you, the guilt was soul breaking, your eyes stinging with salty tears as the memory played on an unwanted repeat through your brain.

You had been in the air with the others trying your hardest to fight off the female titan’s attacks, trying to push past the torture of seeing your friends die. It was just you and Petra left to defend Eren, you could remember flying beside her as you weaved between the trees dodging the attacks thrown at you, you had thought it would be ok.

You thought you could both make it out alive.

But thoughts are often wrong and the female titan had swiped her hand at you and Petra with such speed it was impossible to avoid. You could recall the absolute fright at the sight of your inevitable demise only meters from you, the bone chilling feeling of certain hopelessness had shaken you beyond anything you had ever felt before as the femal titans hand had gotten closer.

And then you had seen Levi. He had dropped out of the sky like a fallen angel and was coming to save one of you, his ODM gear whizzing past you as he latched it into a tree ready to pull someone out of the way. You had already known that Petra would be surviving this, the money you had had heard Levi shout and seen him come speeding towards her you had known it would be you who perished. You wouldn’t have minded if he chose her, it would have only been fair. He chose her once he would do it again.

So when you had felt Levi’s body smash into yours, his arms wrapping around your torso as he pulled you away from the immanent danger, your eyes had locked with Petra’s as you were ripped away from her side, her boyfriend who clung fiercely to you as he swung you away leaving her behind.

The look in Petra’s eyes had shattered you, the pain and betrayal was not enough to describe what you had seen in her doe brown hues, the surface of her eyes sparkling with tears as she watched her lover save another woman. Her lips parted in shock and her eyes wide as she was left to die. Her scream of agony cut short as the female titans hands connected with Petra’s tiny body sending the scout flying backwards and into a tree. The crunch of her neck bending back on itself as it connected to a tree was haunting, you saw her body slide down the bark leaving a scarlet trail if blood as she fell the floor, your body shaking from the safety of Levi’s arms as he landed on a branch not daring himself to look at his fallen girlfriend.

You had stood trembling in his arms for a while, the both of you frozen with shock and torment.

Even as you sat quietly on his horse within the safety of the walls, the look in Petra’s eyes was all you could think about. You had never seen a pair of eyes resonate with so much hurt and broken trust, the panic overwhelming as she realised that she would be the one dying.

You release a sniffle from under your hood reaching a hand up to wipe your cheek dry of tears. Levi watched you from the corner of his eye, his own hood pulled over his head to hide his shame.

He had known who he was going to save the moment he had jumped in the way of the female titan’s hand. He had already decided on who would be coming home with him, the choice hadn’t been easy to say the least. Save the the woman he had said he had been in love with everyday for a year. Or save the girl he had once harboured feelings for, the girl he had told everything to, the girl he had spent late nights with bantering and filling out paper work with. The girl he had let go because he was to stubborn to admit he loved, He had chosen Petra over you once, and despite the logic and ethics and the morals, his mind wouldn’t let him choose her over you again.

And so now he was left to his own thoughts as he walked through the streets, his horse walking calmly behind him trying his hardest not to steal a look at you and see how you were feeling. He was of course torn up over having lost the entirety of his squad, his eyes hardened as he held back his tears. He wasn’t going to go cry. He would deal with the grief later, like he always had he would push and push against his emotions until he was numb.

“Captain Levi!”

Levi didn’t stop walking but he looked up to see a middle aged man with bright eyes and a cheerful face, in his hand was a letter which he recognised to be Petra’s handwriting.

“My daughter is on your squad. I’m Petra’s father.”

You felt your heart lurch in your chest more tears sliding down your face. This was her father? Guilt was not enough to express the way you felt, you had been saved instead of his daughter by her boyfriend, the person who Petra’s father was supposed to trust the most with his daughter had let her die to save an old flame. You had never felt so out of place more then ever before, Petra should have been the one to be pulled into Levi’s arms and swept away from the jaws of death. You hid further into the shadows of your cloak hood not daring to look up and stare Petra’s father in the eyes.

“Before she sees me I wanted to talk to you,” Petra’s father continued as he followed beside Levi “she sent me this letter. She mentioned you respected her abilities enough to let her join your squad. That she was going to devote herself to you. Well I guess she was too starry-eyed to consider how her father feels. Well as her father I think it’s too early for her to marry. She’s still so young with not much experience, I would hate for her to…”

Levi wasn’t listening anymore. His mind had shut out what the man was saying as he tried to suppress his sea of emotions. How could he tell him that his daughter was dead? And that it was because of him. Her father was optimistic that his daughter was safe, he clearly trusted Levi with Petra’s life and he had failed. His eyes darkened as the man continued to talk, his fists clenched by his sides under his cloak as he kept his jaw set tightly his vision blurring with tears that were quickly forgotten.

You sat in silence the whole way back, not even looking back as Petra’s father was left behind. Just like his daughter.

The evening eventually rolled around.

You had shut yourself away in your room, it wasn’t like you had any of your squad members left to converse with. They had been wiped out by the female titan along with your old squad.

You sighed falling back into the pillows if your unmade bed, something Levi would have previously berated and punished you for. It had been a year since you had left the squad, a year since Levi had denied your feelings for him and kicked you from the squad you had built a family from. Eld, Oluo, Gunther and Petra has tried to talk to you whenever they saw you in the corridors hoping you would soon return but you had shrugged them off; your pride hurt and ego bruised. You had brushed them off so much that after a few months they had stopped trying to rekindle whatever form of a relationship they had had with you.

You rolled over on your bed burying your face into the welcoming depths of your pillow, closing your eyes and trying to ease your racing thoughts as your sore body relaxed into the mattress below. The ambience of the quiet room helped ease the growing ache in your chest for the first time since returning back.

Every time you closed your eyes you could see Petra’s face. The seconds of multiple emotions frozen in her eyes before she was crushed against the tree would torment you for the rest of your life, her father’s cries for Levi to answer him as he had walked away was burned into your brain and the weight that had once been pushing against you was now completely weighing on you. Contradicting you to lift the guilt and the hurt from your shoulders.

You hadn’t felt the tears burn your eyes until they slid down your cheeks and made the pillow case damp. You let your eyes flutter open sitting up to wipe the tear streaks from your cheeks. Why were you the one crying? Levi had saved you instead of his lover, you were home safe she was not. What the hell were you crying about?

You were cut from your internal berating by a heavy knock on the door. You jumped slightly at the harsh knocking and hesitated to get out of bed, you really didn’t want to be disturbed, you just wanted to lie in your bed sheets and try to sleep away this nightmare of a day. But you were curious as to who was behind the door, who could possibly be in the mood to socialise after such a shit day?

Begrudgingly, you swung your legs over the side of the bed and stood up, your boots heavy against the stone floor as you made your way towards the door reaching a hand out to lift the latch with a click and twist the door knob to open the door.

Your eyes widened when they met the silver irises of Levi. Your first instinct had been to slam the door closed in his face, too angered by his actions to even look at him. The pain he had caused you, the decision to let Petra die instead of you even after choosing to love her over you was infuriating. If he hadn’t wanted you why had he saved you? Why had he cut you out of his life only to swoop in and play hero? You could have turned him away, and you were about to. But something about him, something in his eyes made you realise that he wasn’t ok, that beneath his deadpan expression he was suffering as much as you were.

You had seen this expression countless times on him in the past. After a bad mission or whenever he was feeling down about the losses he had suffered, he would call you to his office to keep him company and to get everything off his chest. He had trusted you enough to openly cry in front of you without the feeling of being childish ever daunting him. You could see in his dead pan expression, his eyes dark and his lips set in a straight line that he needed your shoulder again.

You sighed stepping aside to let him pass through the doorway and into your room. He didn’t say anything a he walked past you, you watched him enter your once shared bedroom with your female teammates he stopped briefly at your unmade bed. You used to smile at his distaste for messiness, but now there was no glimmer of humour as you watched him stare at your messy bed sheets.

“This room is a shitty mess.” he said, his voice quiet as he leaned over your bed and pulled the bed sheets back to begin making it up.

“What are you doing here Levi?” you ask letting your eyes slip into a narrowed glare as you closed the door, it shut with a soft click and you remained by the door.

Levi was quiet for a moment as he tucked the mattress cover under the mattress and ironed out the creases with his hands, grabbing the pillows and positioned them at the head of the bed fluffing them up. He didn’t look at you as he continued to make your bed and you didn’t bother stopping him either, cleaning was how he coped with grief. You may not be on good terms with him at the moment but you still knew him better then he knew himself. You would let him do whatever he needed to vent.

It was quiet as the captain finished making your bed, pulling the sheets over the mattress and running his hand over the quilt to straighten out any creases, the material smooth beneath his fingers as he finished off. In all honestly he didn’t know what he was doing here, with you. He had stood outside your bedroom door for twenty minutes contemplating whether or not to knock, to open the wound he had thought had healed. But he needed someone like you to talk to, he needed to explain his actions you would have asked him about sooner or later. He figured why not sooner?

He huffed as he stood up, satisfied with his work looking over his shoulder at you, his grey irises sliding into the corner of his eye to stare at you. His ebony hair falling over his face as he turned around to face you. The breath hitches in your throat as his eyes locked with yours, you could see the walls breaking, you could see the tears trace the surface.

“You deserve an explanation.” he said, his voice although strong was betrayed by his glistening eyes.

“I think so too. Are you going to tell me what the fuck happened?” you growled your glare hardening “what kind of fucked up shit was that Levi? You reject me. You push me away from you and my friends. You let me get used to not having you in my life and then you pull that…that….what the hell is wrong with you!”

Your shaking now, hot anger flashing through you as you try to form words other then cusses. He keeps his emotionless expression but his lips have parted slightly and his eyes had visibly widened as listened to your yells of outrage. He could see your irises quiver as tears spill from your eyes, your face growing red from the torment he’s caused you. His own heart aching in his chest as he watched you cry in front of him, his own tears sliding down his cheeks as he turned his face away from you, closing his eyes and letting the tears slip out one by one.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what the hell happened.” he answered, you glowered at him from underneath your tears letting your gaze drop to the floor as he tirned his gaze back to you “I saw you and Petra and I made a choice.”

“Yeah the wrong choice!” you barked snapping your head up to look at him, your hair flying around your face at the action, your eyes raw as the waterfall of tears cascades down your burning cheeks “you were supposed to choose her Levi! Like you did last time! You were supposed to choose her over me and let me die!”

“I couldn’t do that you idiot!” Levi snapped causing you to freeze momentarily, his chest fell and rose with angered breaths the tears still falling slowly from his pale face “I couldn’t choose her again. Not this time. I chose you and I didn’t even know what I had done before I’d done it.”

You swallowed the lump in your throat, your legs growing weak as you fell back into the door desperate sobs leaving your lips as you slid down the door to sit on the floor brining your legs up and burying your face into your knees. The same way you had the night that Levi rejected you, your tear streaked face hidden from his sight as you wept. How had it gotten to this? How had you gone from being best friends to hating the sight of his face? How had he caused you so much pain and yet you still felt such a pull toward him? You knew you still cared for him of course you did, but you had gotten so used to the numbness he had caused you that you had grown used to not feeling anything. Seeing him here crying in front of you as if nothing had changed was gut wrenching, feelings you had long repressed were beginning to make an appearance and there was nothing you could do to stop them.

“Do you regret saving me?” you ask quietly raising your head to look at him, he visibly stiffens but sighs closing his eyes and turning his face downward slightly.


You nod biting your lip closing your eyes to try and slow the flow of tears. You shuffle over and pat the ground beside you, Levi doesn’t move for a moment but walks over to the door where you are sat to join you. He lowers himself to the floor to sit beside you, one leg bent to rest his hand on, the other out straight in front of him as he stares straight ahead. You feel him move beside you and his shoulder pressed into yours slightly as he sits quietly beside you, both your backs pressed into the hard wood of the door. You tried to contain the urge to lash out and punch him still angry at what he had done. But you restrained it.

He still smelt the same, the light scent of peppermint and leather filling your nose reawakening memories of moments like this in the past. When the days had been kinder. When you and him had been on better terms.

“I understand if you hate me.” he said quietly from beside you, giving you a brief side eye before turning his gaze back to the floor.

“I don’t hate you. I couldn’t if I wanted to.” you reply sighing and running a hand over your face and through your hair, resting your head on the door “I just hate all the hurt that you put me through.”

“I’m sorry.” he answered his voice cracking slightly but not enough for you to notice, you huffed as if exasperated by his words.

“I really missed you.” you whisper wiping the persistent tears from your cheeks and inhaling a shaky breath.

Levi’s eyes widen slightly and he turns his head to look at the side of your face the tears still sliding down his face. You kept your eyes dead ahead, you knew that if you looked at him you wouldn’t say what you wanted to, the pain would only get worse.

“I missed having you as my friend and superior. I missed our late nights in your office, I missed our early morning tea before the others woke up. I missed being apart of your family.”

“I missed you too.” he replied running a hand through the front of his hair, pulling the loose strands away from your eyes and holding his hand in his ebony locks tugging on the roots slightly “for the first few months it was difficult to adjust. Petra tried her hardest to help but it felt like she was trying to replace what you and I had. It was a pain in the ass to see you from across a room and pretend to ignore you. I hated myself for it, to see the hurt on your face.”

You nodded. You could remember the agony you had felt when you saw Squad Levi from across the dining hall, eating and laughing with eachother so freely without you that you had grown bitter watching them. You had ignored their smiles as they passed you in the corridors, you had tried your hardest to block them out that eventually they gave up trying. Now they were gone, and you couldn’t apologise for your closed off behaviour.

“What happened to us Levi?” you whisper lazily turning your face to him your head still resting on the door your tears slowly drying up “we used to be inseparable. We could tell eachother everything.”

“Maybe that was the problem.” he answered his eyes half lidded and face softly set any aggression having vanished as he let his hand slide out from his hair, the onyx locks bouncing back over his eyes “maybe we told eachother too much.”


It falls quiet again.

You don’t know if it’s the exhaustion from the events of the day, or the heart ache or the overall depression that had perched itself on your shoulders but you didn’t care what happened next. You let your head fall onto Levi’s shoulder, your hair falling around your face as you used him as a pillow. Levi stiffened at first, unsure of what to do, he wouldn’t deny it felt good that you trusted him enough again to allow such an action to be carried out. He wasn’t going to shrug you off, he knew you were both vulnerable at this moment and that you needed him as much as he needed you. So he let his own head fall ontop of yours, his eyes closing as he buried his nose into your hair letting himself allow a moment of relaxation. Like old days.

“I can still see her face Levi.” you whisper pressing your face further into his broad shoulder, his jacket cool against your flush skin “her eyes. It had to be the most heart breaking thing I had ever seen. Her eyes were filed with a thousand thoughts, she was scared and hurt. Levi she died after seeing her love save someone else.She watched you save me instead of her, her face was…”

You trailed off biting your lip as fat tears rolled down your cheeks, your body shaking from soft sobs as you wept onto his shoulder. Levi kept his head ontop of yours, his own tears falling from his eyes as he cautiously wrapped an arm around your shoulders and when you didn’t pull away he relaxed and pulled you closer into his side. Just letting you cry.

“Levi why…why did you do this?” you whisper into his neck “do you like ripping me apart?”

“You know that’s not true. I never meant to hurt you the way that I did.” he said his voice breaking slightly as his grip around you tightened his eyes raw from the tears.

“Did you love her?” you ask quietly.

He fell quiet again.

Apart of you feared he would say that he hadn’t meant to save you, that he had timed it wrong or that he miscalculated something that an accident had occurred and that he had grabbed you by mistake. That he had meant to save Petra instead. But Levi never got it wrong, when it came to saving lives Levi was accurate and precise. He had saved you for a reason.

“Yes I loved her.” he replied and you felt your heart lurch in your chest at his words and you opened your mouth to reply but he cut you off “I loved her but I wasn’t in love with her. I tried to convince myself I was, that I had gotten over you. But I hadn’t.”

“Why Levi?” you breathed, your cheek still resting on his broad shoulder the tears still marking your face “why now? Why couldn’t you have admitted this all before? When things were still ok.”

“I was angry with you. I was too stubborn to take you when you wanted me.” he answered and you sniffles “I needed to lose you to love me.”

“And you lost me.” you answered.

Levi flinched at your words, tears shining in his eyes as he let his head rest on yours, his jaw clenched as his tears began to slow down. The breath hitching in his throat as you remained sat in silence his arm around you, backs pressed against the door and your head on his shoulder. The bed room’s ambience was like knives to your heart as your eyes quivered as you stared at the empty beds that once belonged to your fallen sisters, never to be used again. You were alone again it seemed.

“There’s no amount of crying I can do that will ever make things ok.” you say your voice cutting the heavy quiet “I thought about you every day. I remember what you said to me and how much the words you said stung, despite that I know I still cared for you. You were still my best friend. Maybe we could have been happy together.”

“Could have been?”

“You called me pathetic for admitting my love too late for you. How can you sit here now and tell me you love me when the woman you chose over me is dead?” you exhale swallowing the pain and continued “you spared Petra’s feelings at the expense of mine that night. Now you spared my life at the expense of hers today. What was it for Levi?”

Levi pulled his head off yours, burying his face into his hand hiding his bloodshot eyes from you, his raven hair falling around his face. You kept your head on his shoulder waiting for his answer. In all truth he didn’t think he would get anything from saving you, he hadn’t wanted to hear you say you loved him he didn’t even expect you to talk to him. He hadn’t wanted to let Petra die but he had to make a difficult choice and youvhad been the answer not matter how much his head has screamed at him to save his girlfriend his hearts wants had screamed louder for him to pull you off deaths doorstep. There was only one outcome that he knew he preferred.

“You stayed alive.” he said softly pulling his face out of his hand to stare at you, his full lips parted as he struggled to fight his urge to cry again “you staying alive was the only outcome I wanted. I’ve done a lot of things wrong loving you being one, but I can’t move on.”

You pulled your face off his shoulder and raked a hand through your hair the last few tears slipping out and gliding across your damp skin.

“A year. I spent a year trying to get over you. Not a day passed that I didn’t miss you, I wanted to come back. I do love you Levi I know I always willl but…fuck. How can I be with someone when the relationship is built on someone else’s death?”

“There won’t ever be a right time for us. Will there?” he asked retracting his arm from around your slim waist and you shook your head.

“I don’t see a way we can avoid hurting eachother again. I won’t tell you I’m lonely, it may be selfish, I won’t ask you to hold me. It won’t mend what’s helpless. There’s nothing I can say that will make this better. I won’t ask you to stay either.” you said pulling away from his side and rising on your shaking legs.

Pain, your heart like stone in your chest as you turned away from him folding your arms as you hide the tears that were resurfacing, your head light from the cruelty of the world.

“I never thought I’d lose you again Levi.” you whispered wiping a hand across your cheek “I want so desperately to call you mine but loving you is a losing game. I can’t look at you without feeling this overwhelming guilt. You were supposed to keep choosing her over me, you forfeited any right to ever choose me over her. She was yours. You were hers. You made the wrong decision. It should be my body left out there to rot.”

Levi felt his heart squirm in his chest as he looked up at you rising to his own feet, his body weak from the exhaustion of the weight of carrying his pent up emotions. His eyes still sparkling. The days of banter, the days of trust and loyalty, the days he had savoured with you were gone. He had hoped for some kind of a second chance but that seeemd impossible now, he would lose you again and this time there would be no second chances. Whatever you had had before was gone, an echo of your once unbreakabke bond.

“I love you Levi so much.” you breath your grip tightening around your toned forearms as you squeezed your eyes shut more tears unleashed down your hot cheeks “I don’t want to but I do. I wanted to be friends again.”

“We still can.”

“No.” you say looking over your shoulder to stare at him, your heart too shattered to be broken anymore at the pained look in his silver eyes “I’m done being hurt by you. You made a dumb mistake. Neither of us have time for this shit. I can’t do this anymore.”

The wound had been ripped open, left to bleed all over the floor. The words he had cut you with you had healed and now he had picked at them until you were vulnerable to him again. You wanted nothing more then to slip back into the days you were flirting, quiet glances and small smiles. A time when the future had still been a mystery and all this pain had been like something from a nightmare. A time when you had been happy with your friends and Levi. A time when the world was normal.

“So this is it?” he asks “this is what everything we’ve been through leads to?”

“It would seem so.” you reply wiping the damp from your face, turning to face him not phased by the tears running down his cheeks.

“I was wrong to say I loved her.”

“I wish somebody told me how painful love could be.” you whisper and he nods.

“This should never have happened. We should be mourning together. Do you regret that night?”

“Yes. I wish I had kept my feelings quiet, I wish that night never happened. Things might be ok. We might be doing this differently. But I can’t do this if all I think about is Petra.”

“Would she want us to do this?” he asked his voice stronger then before “to break all attachment?”

Your glare softened as the breath caught in your throat. You wanted to hug him, to kiss him and tell him it was ok that you would fight this together. That you were sorry for everything. But every time the thought crossed your mind Petra’s lifeless eyes flashed through your mind, her body crushed against the tree and her scarlet blood forever etched into the bark of that tree.

“It doesn’t matter what she would have wanted.” you answer turning your gaze away from him to stop your chest from exploding the pain too intense as the sorrow pushed harder against you and made your lungs cry for air “I just want the old days back. You did this Levi. You have no one to blame but yourself. You told me you hated me that night, I knew that you didn’t mean it, maybe I’m doing the same now but I hate you for this. You dragged me along and made me feel more pain then I could bare. You are the reason I will never be ok. I loved you. I would have done anything for you. I look at you and I can’t….”

Levi was quiet frozen by the door, his fists clenched by his sides as he glared into the stone floor. The tears stilll rolling off his angled face, his heart heavy and numb in his chest as you spoke. Your sobs piercing through him as he held himself strong against the chains you were enacting him in.

This really was the last time. Nothing could be healed now. Once he walked out he door whatever you had with him was over.

“I would save you again (y/n).” he said “we made eachother bleed and I’m sorry. I hope you know I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too.”

“Thank you for the happiest years of my life.” he whispered reaching for the door handle and twisting it open, the orange light from the corridors filling your bedroom with warmth, bathing the cold darkeness. He gave you one last look, inhaling a deep breath before slipping out the door and closing it behind him, the latch softly clicking, leaving you alone in the shell of a room.

A pained moan left your lips as you sunk to the floor, the hard stone cold against your skin as you curled in on yourself hugging your legs to your chest. Uncontrollable sobs wracking your body as you lay crying on the floor in the dark bedroom until you drifted into a deep sleep.

From the side, the eyes of your fallen friends watched as you slept, their own hearts torn in two as they observed you and Levi go your separate ways for the last time.

I wish I could say I’m sorry but I’m not. Thanks for reading x


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Day 20: Character like you.

Here we go again with Hange Zoe.

As I explained in my post of my fave female character, I’m a Hange.

I’m obsessed with the cine and anime. It is a weird hobby for the people around me. As Hange, I like to talk about these topics, and I do it with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, because it is a theme that apassionates me. I can spend hours talking about a movie, a director, an anime or a manga.

The problem comes when nobody wants to listen to it. Beginning softly, many of my classmates ignored me and changed the theme. It was ok, they were not interested. The thing hurts when my mother ignored this too and pays attention just to my sister, interrupting what I’m saying. I really felt like the things I say were stupid and nobody cares or is interested in this. It was a recurrent problem that we solved with the time, but it was still hurting.

I began to talk less about that at home and do that with friends in whatsapp.

Another thing that I didn’t mention in the other post, is that I like to scream when something excites me. I know it can be a little (much) annoying sometimes, but I just can’t stop myself. I need to express myself.

I’m not as fun as Hange is, but I’m a happy person, but also I can be serious when I have to. I try to be always happy and with good vives, I’m a quiet person in the way that I avoyd the problems, so, when I get angry, run, because I will say to you what you are going to die of (colombian way to say I can curse a lot athough it doesn’t seems like i can) That is why i love Hange.

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i decided to go with the Porco scenario! i honestly love writing about pregnancy, it’s so cute 😔. i hope you enjoy! <3

Porco x Fem!Reader Modern AU: Accidents Happen

Warnings: Mentions of NSFW


“Porco!” (Y/N) cried out in pleasure.

He continued to thrust into her at a quick pace. “You like that (Y/N)? Tell me how good it feels..” he whispered at nipped at her ear.

The two had finally got the time to get intimate, after weeks of exams, and stress. The couple finally got to let off steam, and it was much needed right now. Porco had been so stressed, he just wanted to feel his girlfriend around his cock.

“It feels so good baby!” she yelled out as she gripped at the sheets.

Porco laughed and continued to thrust into her. “I’m getting close..” he said and looked into her eyes.

(Y/N) was beginning to feel that knot forming in her stomach. “Me too..” she replied and bucked her hips as he continued fucking her.

His thrusts started to get sloppy, and he was starting to twitch. He felt (Y/N) clench around him, she had her orgasm. He noticed how shaky her legs were, and the sight alone sent him over the edge.

(Y/N) put her arms around his neck. “Cum come on baby” she said and smirked.

Porco pulled out as he came. His white sticky cum laying on her belly, he groaned as he stroked and watched it come out of his cock. (Y/N) took one of her fingers and licked it off her stomach.

“That was much needed” he said and wiped the sweat from his brow.

(Y/N) sat up and looked at him. “Yes it was” she replied and went to the bathroom.

“I love you, you know” he said from behind the door.

She couldn’t help but giggle. “I love you too Porco” she replied and finished her business.

It was late. The two decided to finally head to bed, (Y/N)’s roommate was away for the weekend with family, so the two got to do whatever they wanted.

A few weeks had gone by, and (Y/N) was starting to feel weird. She was more moody than usual, and she felt more fatigued than ever. She blamed it on stress from her classes, but it was happening too much. Porco was a bit concerned, but he didn’t think too much of it.

He was currently with her at his house. The two had been kind of busy, and today he invited her to his apartment.

“How have you been?” Porco asked and pulled her hips closer to him.

She sighed. “I’ve been okay, just more tired than usual” she replied and looked down at him.

He nodded. “You’re gonna be fine babe, trust me” he said and held her hand.

(Y/N) smiled and then felt her stomach begin to turn. “Um-” she said and covered her mouth.

She ran to the toilet. “(Y/N)!” Porco yelled as he followed her to the bathroom.

He saw her vomiting in the toilet. The sight made him very worried, what the hell was going on?

“Shit! Are you okay?” he asked and rushed over giving her a towel to wipe her face.

She coughed into the toilet. “It’s been going on for a bit, maybe I have food poisoning” she replied and wiped her mouth.

Porco rubbed her back. “I think you should go to the doctor. I don’t like this, it’s making me worried” he said.

She sat up and flushed the toilet. “I’m fine Porco… believe me” she said and gave a reassuring smile.

He didn’t necessarily believe her, he didn’t like how weird she was acting. What if she was sick? He wanted to make sure she was alright, but he didn’t know why she was avoiding the doctor. (Y/N) hated doctors, but whenever she was sick, Porco always took her.

“Just take some medicine okay? I’ll make you something to eat” Porco said and exited the bathroom.

What the hell was going on with her?

Unfortunately, as days went on, (Y/N) didn’t get any better. She was still not feeling good, sometimes she would miss her morning classes, and her friends were starting to get worried. Porco didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to force her to go, she might get pissed off at him.

“You look like you’ve seen better days” Ymir said and sat down next to (Y/N).

Ymir was her roommate, the two had a friendship, but they weren’t the closest either.

“I’ve just been tired and sick” she replied and looked at the cup in front of her.

Ymir raised a brow. “You’ve been sick for days (Y/N)… I think it’s time for you to go to the doctor” she said and crossed her arms.

She chuckled. “You sound like Porco.. but I think you’re right Ymir. I hate feeling this way” she replied and rubbed her eyes.

Ymir stood up. “We have a free period, let’s go right now. It shouldn’t take very long” she said and grabbed her car keys.

(Y/N) decided to just go. She wanted to figure out what was wrong with her, so she didn’t have much of a choice. She followed Ymir out of their dorm, and went to her car.

The car ride was kind of quiet, Ymir was becoming concerned after she walking in on her roommate vomiting lunch. She wanted to be a caring friend.

“Here we are” Ymir said and parked looking at the hospital.

(Y/N) sighed. “Let’s do this” she said and got out of the car.

The two entered the hospital’s immediate care. Many people sat in the waiting room, (Y/N) looked around the room.

“Can I help you?” the nurse behind the corner asked with a smile on her face.

(Y/N) walked up with Ymir. “Um yes… I haven’t been feeling very well lately, and I wanted to see a doctor if it’s possible” she said and looked at the nurse.

She nodded. “Alright! Fill this out for me sweetie, and bring it back once your done” she replied and handed (Y/N) a clipboard.

She sat down with Ymir and began to fill out the usual stuff, which was just her personal info. It wasn’t too hard, but her nerves were high. She wasn’t sure what the doctor was going to tell her.

She handed the clipboard back to the nurse, and sat waiting with Ymir. “I bet you got sexy disease or something” she said and laughed a bit.

(Y/N) couldn’t help but laugh. “Hell no, when I look like this?” she said and pointed at her face.

After a few people went in, she saw a nurse come out. “(Y/N)?” she called.

She stood up and followed the nurse into the back, Ymir watched as she went with her. They did the usual height, weight, blood pressure, etc.

“So what brings you in today?” the nurse asked and nodded.

(Y/N) sighed. “I haven’t been feeling well, I’ve been sick for a few weeks” she replied.

She nodded. “Okay, what have you been experiencing? I am a bit concerned with your sudden weight loss, so have you started any new diets?” she asked.

She leaned back. “No I haven’t but I’ve been throwing up a lot, I’m more tired, and I sleep in a lot” she replied.

The nurse looked around her body. “Alright, um I’m going to bring a doctor in, so you sit tight for me dear” she said and smiled.

(Y/N) sat there for a few moments waiting for the doctor. What was he gonna tell her?

“Hello (Y/N). My name is Doctor Smith” he said and shut the door.

She smiled. “Hello” she replied and looked at him.

Dr.Smith sat down and began to look at his laptop. “Alright, so you told the nurse that you haven’t been feeling well, and you’ve had a sudden weight loss” he said and looked at her. “This is concerning, since you are very young” he added.

She looked around the room. “So what does it mean?” she asked.

He sighed and put on gloves. “Well… I’m going to examine your stomach, and ask a few questions. Could you lift your shirt for me and lie down?” he asked.

She nodded and lifted her shirt, which revealed her belly. The doctor began to press onto her stomach, he seemed a bit concerned.

“Are you sexually active?” he asked.

She looked at him. “Yes…” she replied.

He nodded. “Do you use protection and have you gotten your period?” he asked.

(Y/N) thought for a moment, her period was kind of late the past few days. “No and no my period hasn’t come” she replied.

He removed his gloves and looked towards her. “I’m going to ask you to take a pregnancy test for me (Y/N). Your stomach muscles have softened, and your symptoms, along with your period being late could be a sign of pregnancy” he explained.

Her heart practically stopped when those words came out of his mouth. “Um.. okay” she said and looked down.

Dr.Smith took out a pregnancy test from the drawer. “Head to the bathroom, and pee onto it. Bring it back and we’ll find out then” he said and handed it to her.

She hopped off the bed, and went towards the bathroom. (Y/N) was shaky as she took out the test, what was going to happen if she was pregnant? How the hell would Porco react? Would he hate her?

She peed onto the test and came back into the exam room. Those 5 minutes felt like hours, she felt her heart beating at a quick pace.

“Alright! Times up, let’s see” Dr.Smith said and walked over to read the test.

He smiled. “Congratulations! You’re expecting” he said and looked at her.

(Y/N) took the test and stared at the two lines that formed on the test. Her heart was racing, and she felt so scared.

What happens now?

A day had gone by, and she still hadn’t told Porco. Ymir found out and told her to tell him immediately, but (Y/N) wasn’t sure how to tell him. She had ignored his messages and his calls, she just didn’t want to talk right now.

Porco on the other hand, was so worried. She hadn’t come to class, and she was ignoring him. Was she going to break up with him? He sure hoped not.

He decided to come by her dorm. That was the only other place she could be. Porco had a key, so he just walked right in.

“(Y/N)?” he called and shut the door.

She sat on her bed staring at the ceiling, hearing Porco’s voice startled her a bit. She didn’t know what to do, should she tell him?

“Porco?” she said and exited her room.

He rushed to her when he saw her. “(Y/N)! Oh my gosh princess, are you okay? What’s wrong?” he asked and cupped her cheek.

She felt tears beginning to welt in her eyes. “I-I..” she said and began to sob.

Porco rubbed the back of her head as he hugged her tightly. “Sh… it’s okay” he said and kissed the top of her head.

“Porco… I’m sorry for ignoring you” she said in between sobs.

He looked down at her. “It’s okay… what’s wrong beautiful? Tell me” he asked and wiped her tears.

(Y/N) took out the pregnancy test from her pocket. “Um.. I-I’m pregnant..” she replied and held the test out to him.

Porco looked down and grabbed it. The test showed two lines, he looked at his girlfriend who was still teary eyed. She was waiting for him to get upset.

“(Y/N)… that’s amazing! We’re going to be parents?! Holy shit!” he yelled as he smiled at her.

She looked up a bit surprised at his reaction. “Wait you’re not mad?” she asked.

He nodded. “No, not at all. (Y/N) this is exciting! I wouldn’t ever be pissed. I love you” he replied and hugged her tightly.

She felt a smile grow. “I love you too Porco” she said and lied her head on his chest.

He crouched down to her belly. “I can’t wait to meet you” he said and lied his head onto her belly.

She smiled at the sight. “I can’t wait..” she said and rubbed his head.

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Levi Headcanons

quick authors note: I should be doing my missing assignments but here we are😃 procrastinating n e ways onto the headcanons✌

contains spoilers for season 3 and the no regrets ova ig


⚔ before you two start dating he’d be protective of you

⚔ making sure you stayed safe during expeditions and that you dont become titan fodder

⚔ he’d make sure he can keep an eye on you

⚔ doesn’t like you getting near eren bc eren’s a titan shifter

⚔ one time during an experiment hange was doing on eren, you were standing on erens titan shoulders and you lost your footing and almost fell.

⚔ Levi got angry and wouldnt let you near eren for a week

⚔ after you two start dating he would make you train harder

⚔ bc he doesn’t want you to die he cares too much for you

⚔ he already lost isabel and farlan and doesn’t want you to leave him the same way

I just want him to be happy😭

⚔ after erwins death he grew more protective of you

⚔ you eventually moved into his room to share

⚔ he likes cuddling you

⚔ you sometimes have to beg him to go to sleep

⚔ and when he does sleep it only lasts like an hour or two

⚔ sometimes he gets nightmares and you go to wake him up and comfort him

⚔ he clings onto you and breaks down and begs you not to leave him

⚔ you have to reassure him that you’re not going anywhere

⚔ basically loves you and wants to protect you but he knows you can handle yourself

⚔ bc like you’re literally in the survey corps💀


sorry if it’s bad and kinda rushed. its bc it was rushed. anyway back to staring at my assignments for 3 hours and getting nothing done while listening to music😃 hope you enjoyed😁

also I’m a sucker for soft levi

ok bye❤

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Dumbo cast meme

Rina (as Dumbo)

Rayman (as Mrs.Jumbo)

Flik (as Timothy mouse)

Miku (as ringmaster)

Staravia (as Mr.Strok)

Toad (as Smitty)

Wallens (as Matriarch),Eren (as Giddy),Levi (as Prissy),Kazuma Sato (as Catty).

Marie (as Jim crows),Vannalemon (as fat),Yuno (as Deacon),Vannamelon (as Dopey),Teto (as Speck)

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