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Tumblr media
Oh, hi
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levi ackerman x F!reader
summary - erwin makes levi take a vacation. he finds you. strangers to lovers, smut.
a/n - cafe worker reader, reader is taller than levi, dom!levi but frankly not a lot of kink in this other than him making you ask him to cum. levi has PTSD, modern au.
this fic is dedicated to therealvalkyrie who is one of my favorite people and also i was supposed to gift this for christmas so i am <3
wc - 4K
“Can I take your order?” You shift your weight nervously, the wood floor of the cafe creaks underneath you. The man in front of you looks unusually serious, deep purple circles under his light eyes, peeking out from a fringe of black brown hair. 
“Tea.” He glances at the menu. “And a turkey sandwich.” 
“Right away, sir.” You whirl around and make your way back to the kitchen to put the order in, glancing behind to look at him He’s staring out the window, watching the gentle snow fall. 
“He’s staying at the creepy air bnb at the end of Spyglass Lane.” Your coworker, Sasha, elbows you. “Kinda suits him. He already looks a bit like a ghost.” 
“Sasha!” You hiss, “He just um, he looks tired.” You start to make his tea, unable to keep from checking in on him, watching him fiddle with his phone, and scoff at the local newspaper. You check the steeping color on his tea and pour it into a dark blue ceramic mug, carrying it on a tray over to him. 
“Are you new in town?” You ask politely, setting it in front of him. You notice that despite how often he’s been checking his phone that he hasn't received a single notification. 
“Mhm.” He grunts, not returning your warmth. “Just stuck here on vacation.” 
“You’re at the air bnb on Spyglass, right?” He just stares at you. “I um, I live over there so if you need anything, feel free to uh, knock on my door. I’m in the little green house, down by the water.” He grunts again noncommittally. You turn to go get his sandwich, a little hurt by the chilly reaction. 
“Wait.” He says after a second and you turn around, confused. It looks physically painful for him, but he sighs. “I’m Levi.” 
“Y/n.” You offer, he looks down and for a moment you think he’s oogling you, but you realize he’s looking at your nametag. 
“I know.” 
“Oh.” You give him another courteous smile before disappearing back into the kitchen. 
“He’s terrifying,” Sasha says, biting into a roll, “I call dibs on not waiting on him while he’s in town.” 
“He seems,” you search for something charitable. “He seems like he’s trying.” 
You’re walking home from work at twilight, and the whole world is glowing a soft blue as the sun sets behind clouds. Snow falls lightly around you, catching in your hair and eyelashes, in the crooks of your elbows. You hear him before you see him, hear the tires spinning in the ice. You jog down to the end of the lane, past your house to the Brimwell Estate, knowing exactly what you'll find. Sasha was right about it being creepy, it was an old Victorian mansion, painted deep purple with black accents. The home was out of place in your little New England town, flush against the snow. You can just barely make out the car as you jog towards it, it's black and boxy, some kind of European sports car that had no business on these winter roads. 
You arrive just in time to catch Levi swearing violently, raking his hands through his dark hair as he bends down to examine his tires stuck in the snow, apparently having given up revving the engine. 
“Hey,” you call, waving to him. “Need a hand?” You watch him consider denying you then sigh deeply in defeat. 
“Yes.” He says, shoving his bare hands in his pockets, you catch how red and raw they are from the cold. 
“You need gloves,” you breathe, scandalized, “I have a pair you can borrow, if you want to.” Levi shakes his head. 
“I’m fine. Fucking car is stuck.” He looks away.
“I can see that.” You crouch down and look at the hole the tire’s dug in the snow. “So um, you can get in the car and try to drive, and I can push-” 
“You can drive the car.” He snaps. “I can push.” You fight to keep your skepticism off your face, he’s much shorter than you, and slight at that. He seems convinced though, so you shrug and he opens the car door for you like some regency era gentleman. The engine purrs to life under your palms, you press experimentally on the gas pedal and watch him brace his body against the back of the car, and to your shock, the car scoots immediately forward, as if Levi is able to lift it’s entire weight without great effort. You carefully drive it into the garage, keenly aware that even a scratch on this vehicle might cost you several student loan payments. 
Levi looks mostly unchanged, a flush on his cheeks from the cold, but his eyes are grey and emotionless. He doesn't look like he's exerted himself in any great fashion, and you feel a warmth creep up on your cheeks. 
“Ugh.” He rubs his eyes. “I suppose if I were,” you watch him hear someone else's words in his mind, have some internal conversation that flashes across his face. He doesn’t attempt to hide his conflict. “I suppose if I were being, a person ,” he grinds down on those last two words clearly repeating someone else, “I would invite you in for a drink.” You laugh lightly. 
“Well I don’t say no to free booze.” You offer, and he nods, and just starts walking back to the house. He unlocks and opens the door, stomping his boots off, swearing more. 
“I hate this fucking shit.” He snaps. “The snow. It’s supposed to be pastoral but it’s a fucking hazard.” 
“Yeah, it’s better than the mud, in my opinion.” You glance around, the house is decorated but unlived in. Despite this, it’s immaculately clean, to the point where you’re afraid to touch any tables or surfaces for fear of leaving footprints. 
“The mud?” He asks and you nod. 
“Spring is mud season.”
“What?” He furrows his brow. “I thought spring was supposed to be flowers and shit.” You shake your head. 
“Not here.” 
“Great.” He stomps off to the kitchen with you in tow. You watch him pour two glasses of what looks to be expensive whiskey from an ornate glass bottle, and scoots one to you across the table on a coaster. He doesn’t ask you if you drink whiskey, or if you want ice. He just takes a sip and closes his eyes. You speak.
“What um, brings you to town?” 
“Sabbatical.” He grunts. “I work for the government.” You raise your eyebrows. “I’m not a politician,” he cuts off your thoughts with a shudder, “I’m in intelligence.” 
“Oh.” You cock your head at him. “Like, military intelligence.” He shrugs, and takes another drink. 
“Like I can’t talk about it intelligence.” He says, and a second too late he realizes he’s fully shut down the first conversation he’s had in two weeks since moving here, he grasps for a desperate straw. “How about you?” 
“I work at the cafe?” You say, a small amused smile playing on your lips and Levi just barely manages not to smack himself in the forehead. Of course. You met today. At the cafe. 
“There’s too much mayonnaise on the turkey sandwich.” He says, searching for things to say to you, for the first time in a long time, he wishes he could schmooze like Erwin, or joke like Hange. 
“I don’t actually make the sandwiches,” you say, and to his relief, you laugh, diffusing the tension a little. “So,” you look around. “What made you pick this place?” Levi’s lips twitch downward. 
“An old friend inherited it.” He looks out the window. “I suppose, I could call him a mentor. It’s dark but,” he pauses again, you note that he seems to be having trouble choosing the right words. “I don’t hate it yet.” 
“You don’t have to fill the silence.” You offer, gesturing towards a window seat where you can watch the snow fall. “If that would be better for you?” He nods. The snow picks up and the two of you sit and watch it blow across the street, sipping your drinks for a full fifteen minutes. You’re thinking about leaving when he offers you a refill. 
“You can, I can get you more?” He says, standing and adding to his own drink, feeling intensely awkward but finding that he cant tear his eyes from your curves, from your waist, from that little sliver of skin he can see when you move, where your shirt's come untucked from your pants. You stretch a little, and he gulps the whiskey, keeping his eyes on your face with herculean efforts. 
“Any more of that stuff and I’ll be crashing on your couch.” You stand. “I gotta get home.” He nods, and you’re not quite sure if it’s wishful thinking on your part but there’s a touch of disappointment evident in his eyes. 
“I’ll walk you home.” 
“You don’t have to-” 
“Shut up,” He grumbles, already reaching for his boots. “I know I don’t have to. I want to.” He jams his foot inside what look to be virtually unused snow boots. “What the fuck do people do around here anyway?” You think about it. 
“Hike?” You offer. “During the summer there’s more, you could kayak in a lake or something.” He nods, shoving his hands so hard into his pocket that you think you hear the seams rip. He walks like that, next to you down the hill to your cottage. 
“Why the fuck do you live out here alone?” He asks, studying you. “Isn’t it boring?” You sigh. 
“I’m um, I’ve got friends here. I decided I don’t wanna do the rat race, you know, the competitive college and career thing, I want,” you swallow, wondering if the drink was stronger than you thought. “I want to be happy.” You say finally and he lifts his head, cocking his head at you. “Sometimes that’s hard, I guess. For some of us.” 
“Yeah.” He says quietly. “I get it.” You stomp your boots on the porch. 
“I’m having a couple people over this weekend, if you want to come?” He balks and you backtrack. “It’s just a few people. Not even enough to have a real party.” 
“Fine.” He says, and then pauses. “Thanks. For the car.” 
“Yeah.” You shrug. “No worries. That’s sort of how it is out here, winters are hard. We gotta help each other out.” He looks at you like  he’s got something else to say but he just turns and walks back up the hill. 
“Mornin’ Levi,” you shoot him a sunny grin, one hip popped as you stand, pen to paper, ready to take his order. 
“Good Morning.” He says begrudgingly engaging in small talk. “I’ll have a large tea, don’t oversteep it, and,” He barely glances at the menu. “The barley soup.” You nod. 
“That’ll keep ya warm on a day like today.” You glance at the snow covered street, at the windows covered in condensation. “It’s freezing.” He grunts his agreement, and and you see where his sports car is parked at the end of the street. Today, he doesn’t leave after lunch, taking a laptop out and setting it on the table, drinking several teas and after the soup eating two sandwiches, so lost in his own world he barely looks up when you clear the table. You clear your throat softly several hours later and he looks up. 
“We’re closing, Levi.” You say softly. He nods, pressing his lips together. 
“Do you,” it looks like it physically pains him to get the words out, but he gets it out anyway. “Do you want a ride home?” You blink at him. 
“Oh, yeah,” your smile lights up his entire chest, “Definitely, thanks Levi.” He scrunches his face up, wondering why you insist on saying his name like that, Levi, Levi, Levi, here’s your sandwich, Levi, are you finished with that, Levi, we’re closing, Levi. He presses his lips together while  you gather your things, watches you wind a scarf around your neck. Levi. His mother’s only legacy, a name that was at best, outdated, and at worst ugly. He catches his own reflection in the window of the cafe, and then glances at you again, laughing with your clumsy co-worker, tucking your jeans into your worn boots. 
He feels the urge to leave. To run. To walk out into the street and not look back, feels the anxiety that seized him so violently in D.C. that he thought he was having a heart attack, only to be told by doctors at the hospital that what he thought was the violent ending of his life, was something emotional. Soft. A panic attack. Who has panic attacks? not soldiers , he thought, not brave people. But once they started, they only got worse, until eventually he couldn’t even make it to his own office without the violent involuntary hyperventilation. 
“It’s alright,” Erwin had said to him. “Take time. Take as long as you need.” It’s nearly enough to bring the hot sting of humiliation to his eyes. 
“You’ve given me too much.” Levi says angrily. “You can’t-”
“I’m not just your boss, Levi.” Erwin sits heavily in his chair. “I’m a person who cares for you.” Levi swallows. “Take the time. I’ve got a place you can stay, if you want to get away from the city for a bit.” 
“I have, I have a duty-” 
“You’re useless to this country if you can’t function.” Erwin says, blue eyes flashing, “I need you. So take care of yourself and come back. There will be things to do when you get back.” He gestures to the globe next to his desk. “There will always be things to do.” Levi nods, wishing he had the words that come to him much later, alone in his car on the drive up to Erwin’s family home. That’s the problem. He wants to say. That it never stops. 
“Levi,” you’re in front of him, pulling him out of the back of his head. He swallows. “Whatcha thinking about?” He shrugs. 
“Oh,” He opens the door for you and the two of you step out into the cold. “Do you like your job?” Does he? Levi hadn't considered this in many years. He thinks about it now. 
“It’s a job.” He shrugs. “I work with some good people.” 
“That’s nice.” He opens the car door for you, moving so quickly you barely see him do it. “Oh thanks, Levi.” He groans out loud and you cock your head at him. 
“I,” he presses his lips together, aware that he’s holding you hostage in the blistering cold, “Why do you keep saying my name like that?” 
“Like what?” You shiver. 
“Like, Levi ,” he does an imitation of you and you laugh lightly. “Like you say it every time you talk to me.” 
“I guess I just like the way it sounds,” you sit in the seat and he closes the door quickly, running around the car to rejoin you. “It’s got nice music to it. No hard consonants. I like it.” 
“Huh.” His car hums to life. 
“Do you want to um, to come over, for dinner?” You say, and he looks at you sharply. “I mean cooking for one is kind of lame.” He presses his lips together. 
“I’ve been eating frozen meals.” He admits, and you giggle. “It’s fucking depressing to eat alone all the time.” 
“Right so, come over.” You say again and he sighs. 
“Do you,” he presses, and then catches himself before he imposes, “You don’t have to, because you feel badly.” 
“I’m inviting you for dinner because I want to.” You say firmly. “I’m alone too, you know.” He nods, pressing his lips together. He parks the car in your driveway, carefully. Levi examines your home carefully, framed drawings from your niece on the wall, comfortable couches covered in blankets, bookshelves, a screened in porch at the back of the house. 
“I have beer, um, and seltzer?” You offer. Levi doesn’t answer right away, struck by how lived in this space is. The pile of shoes at the door, the coat on the chair, the spot on the couch you clearly always sat in to watch tv still a little wrinkled. He swallows. 
“Beer.” You hand him a glass bottle, and he opens it. He glances at the dinner table but you take your beer and sit on the couch, beckoning him to join you. He manages not to take the furthest possible seat from you, manages to keep his eyes from the way you fold your legs underneath you, the way you tuck a pillow into your chest. A car door slams down the street and he jumps viscerally, hand flying to his shoulder where his gun would be in it’s holster, heart racing. 
“You alright?” You ask, the bell tone of your voice cutting through the silence. He takes a shaky breath, remembering the embarrassing grounding exercises his therapist had taught him. “Levi,” and now all that he can notice is you, the length of your eyelashes, the curve of your jaw, the way your hands are folded in your lap. He takes a risk, feels like Erwin, making a gamble. 
“What if I asked you to come sit here?” He glances at the couch next to him. “What would you say?” He watches you consider, burning in agony. 
“I could say yes.” You respond, after the longest minute of Levi's life. “What if I have questions first?” He shrugs. 
“I’ll answer them, but you have to answer them too.” He sips his beer and watches your face, your beautifully expressive face, as you think through things, he watches the emotions push and pull you. 
“Why are you here?” 
“Forced sabbatical.” He grunts, and sees on your face it’s not enough for you, and reveals just a little more. “I always thought, for sure, right, that I was doing the right thing. I trusted the people giving me orders and I,” he takes a sip of the beer, it’s cool temperature calming him, grounding him. “And I’m not sure I do anymore.” You nod. “Why are you here?” 
“I um,” You look down at your hands. “I couldn’t do college. I wanted to, but I couldn’t handle it. Just too um, sick I guess. Too low functioning.” He nods. “Other people could stay up all night, they could work hard and not, not lose their minds and their happiness. I just couldn’t see myself doing it.” 
“I didn’t go to school.” Levi offers, and you laugh, taking a sip of your beer.
“It’s a choice I feel good about.” You say firmly. “It was my choice.” He nods. 
“Any other questions?” You shake your head and scoot across the couch, leaning against him as he slips an arm around your waist. He sighs, feeling a visceral kind of relief at your touch. Your body is so warm, so soft, you feel so close to him, that his heart rate slows. You sigh, and his hand slips, almost accidentally, under your shirt where it’s riding up on your waist, his cool fingers on your warm skin. You feel him tense, and then decide to own it when you snuggle into his chest. “I’m going to put the beer on the table.” He says, softly, and you know what he means, know what he’s asking. 
“Yeah.” You look up at him. “Good.” He sets it on the table and then turns back to face you, his lips inches from yours, holding eye contact. He makes you close the distance between you, crashing your lips against his, but from his firm hold on your waist you guess that’s the last decision you’ll be making. You fumble with the buttons on his shirt but he stops you, wanting, needing to see you, to really see you without the layers of clothing, tossing your sweater on a nearby chair.
“Fuck,” he breathes, as your lips move down his jaw, burning on  his skin, “Let me-” He pushes your clumsy hands away and tugs his shirt over his head, letting it crumple on the floor with uncharacteristic carelessness. You lie down, he cups your face with one hand, slotting a thigh between yours and nearly laughing when he feels you grind against it. “Easy.” He mutters. 
“I want-” You start.
“I know what you want.” He half snaps, half gloats. “I’ll tell you when you can have it.” He palms your breasts, burying his face between them and groaning at the soft warmth he finds, pulling them out of your bra. His mouth closes on one of your nipples, pulling the most beautiful hushed gasp from your lips, and he needs to hear that sounds again, would do anything to hear it again, and you oblige, you sweet fucking thing, moaning again when pinches and pulls at them, and presses his thigh to your clothed cunt. 
“Oh,” you sigh, feeling him kiss down your stomach, peeling your jeans down, tugging them out of his way, kissing the inside of your hips, delighting in the softness he finds in your thighs, leaving little bruising kisses on the inside of them. There’s something so genuinely warm about your body, something golden and comforting about the energy you exude, beautiful and innocent, he nearly loses all composure when you breathe his name, a prayer, a hymn. “Levi,” you moan, and he gets it, gets why you say it all the time, understands why you’d repeat it at the end of every sentence, it was to prepare him for this, so that he didn’t lose his mind when you’d do this. “Levi,” you say again, when he presses a kiss to the top of your panties, removing them at a maddeningly slow pace, “Please,” you whimper, “Please, I want  you so-” 
“I know,” he says sharply, “Be patient, or I won’t give it to you.” You bite down hard on your lower lip, resisting the urge to grind your hips against him, but you’re rewarded for your stillness when he slips a single finger inside you, moving your panties to the side and starting to kiss gently at your clit. 
“Oh, oh my god,” it’s like the breath has been robbed from your lungs, he growls into you, 
“Taste so good.” He picks up the pace, wanting more music, more sound from you. 
“Levi,” you moan again, “Levi, Levi, right-” 
“Mhm,” he says, watching you fall apart, adding another finger, certain he’s got you right where he wants you, and he’s reminded of the pleasure of human connection, of the warmth of trust, of the way it felt to give to someone so completely like this. 
“I’m gonna, gonna,” your back arches up off the sofa, drowning in pleasure as the roughness of his tongue flicks along the softest parts of your body, “Please I-” 
“Ask me.” He demands, lifting his face from you, grinding his thumb into your clit, watching you fall apart,  unable to sit still. 
“Please, please can I cum, Levi I need to,” you beg, shameless, breathless, beautiful, “Please, please, please-” 
“Go ahead.” He orders and watches the pleasure wrack your body, the way you tense and relax as you vault over the cliff of your climax. “Shit,” he fumbles with his belt buckle, achingly hard in his pants, “Do you have, do you have a condom?” You blink back to reality. 
“I uh,” You rub your eyes, “I don’t.” He pauses, teeth sinking into his lip for a moment before digging through his wallet and  pulling one out, checking the expiration date. 
“Lucky you.” He says coolly, standing and stepping out of his pants. “What was your plan, if I didn’t have one, just out of curiosity?” You give him a mischievous smile. 
“I uh, I guess we would have rolled the dice.” 
“Irresponsible.” He mutters, pinning your wrists over your head, climbing back on top of you, “You just seduce men with that sweet fucking voice,” he snaps, pushing the end of his cock inside you, “And roll the dice, huh?” Your mouth drops open. 
“I-” He cuts you off by cupping your face gently, stroking your cheek for a moment as he commits' every part of this moment to memory. 
“I'm teasing.” He mutters. “Fuck, oh my god.” He pushes a little deeper inside you and you let out a little whimper, he’s bigger than you’d expected, “Shh,” he breathes, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Shut up and take it.” You moan out loud then and he rolls his eyes at you before pulling back and rolling his hips against yours in earnest, “Feel so good,” he grunts, “Oh my fucking god.” You’re making little mewls that you can’t hold back, feeling every inch of him pushing in and out of you, dragging against your walls. 
“Levi,” you gasp, and that seems to placate him a little, “Levi,” your back arches, and he leans down to kiss his name off your lips, his name, short and ugly, in your mouth, sounds like a miracle, feels like a sunbeam. “Levi,” 
“Yeah?” He groans. 
“L-levi,” you squirm against his hold but he’s so strong it’s like pulling on iron. “Levi,” you choke out, and feel him start to rub at your clit with his free hand. “Oh, oh my god, don’t stop, don’t-” 
“So good,” he growls, “So good for me, cum for me again, you can do it.” 
“I,” you buck your hips against his and he scowls. “I’m so close.” 
“You can do it,” he orders sharply, “Cum for me, I wanna see that shit, cum for me and moan my name again.” You obey, your second orgasm hits you harder, little tears forming in your eyes, the pleasure overwhelming as he chases his own high, cumming deep inside you with a loud groan. He flops on the couch next to you, holding your soft body close to his own, kissing the top of your head. You feel his touch on your back, he holds you tightly, tracing feather light patterns on your skin. 
“Levi.” You sigh deeply, and he feels your warmth, praying he’s not leeching off of you, that it’ll spread between your bodies, as he grabs a throw blanket and tucks it around you, grumpily burning his face in your neck. 
“I like my name better in  your mouth.” He mutters. You nod, relaxing a little. 
“Stay for a bit.” You ask, it’s a gentle plea. Levi rolls his eyes. 
“As if you’re getting rid of me now.”
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Restless Envy
Tumblr media
Pairing: Levi x Fem!Reader
Content: NSFW, angst?, Modern AU
Content Warnings: 18+ smut, explicit language, jealousy, friends with benefits, breast play, hickeys everywhereeee, more 18+ stuff
Word Count: unknown (I wrote it on tumblr and didn’t want to copy and paste it all onto another page to check the word count, sorry :( )
Description: Reader is a jealous jellyfish. As Levi’s partner for the friends with benefits act, it does some damage to her ego when she watches the way women throw themselves at Levi right in front of her. Levi shows her in one of the best ways that she has no competition for his attention.
A/N: I think that is one of the best descriptions i’ve written in a while, and even then it’s still horrible. Anyways, enjoy the jealous jellyfish that reader is :)
⭐️taglist: @urfilgoth @ackermandick
You showed up at his doorstep, ten o’clock sharp, like always. Your knuckles hovered over the door, ready to knock like you usually do.
‘What if he’s tired of this and won’t let me know?’ You think to yourself.
The porch light turns on, and you hear the turning of the lock. His hair is disheveled, his shirt unbuttoned. “I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show. Hope you don’t mind, I got a head start.”
Your mouth went dry, and you refused to look at him. Looking at him would be admitting that you want him again.
“What are you doing standing out there? Come in. We have so much to do,” he prompts.
Greeting you with an unbuttoned shirt was a habit he developed after your little rendezvous became a regular thing. You drop your hand to your side, not moving even with Levi watching you.
“What?” He asks, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“Nothing,” you reply. The smell of lavender scented detergent is inhaled upon entering his house. It was a comforting smell and it made you feel warm despite his house being cool.
“Liquid courage? You seem kind of shy tonight, and I have wine.” He locks the door behind him.
“I’m fine. Let’s just get this done.”
He shrugged it off, but only because he knew he was going to break you down as soon as you got to his bedroom. You follow him a few feet behind, your feet feeling heavier as you got closer to the dark oak door.
“Make yourself comfortable. We’ll be at it for a bit,” he advises as he watches you sit on the edge of his bed. He closes the door, walking towards you.
Your hands reach up to begin unzipping your jacket, only to be put to a halt by Levi’s hand.
“There’s something you’re not telling me. You’re not yourself.”
You look up at his concerned expression. You normally look forward to these nights with him where you wrestle for dominance in his bed. Maybe it’s your frustration beginning to overflow. You’ve grown accustomed to having him on your designated nights, knowing you both don’t belong to anyone, and have all the time in the world for each other.
“It doesn’t matter. Come on.” You reach for the collar of his shirt, pulling it back to reveal his shoulder.
“It does. We’re not doing this until you talk.” He brushes your hand off of him.
You sigh, impatiently, shooting him a glare that expresses your frustration.
“Don’t look at me like that, sweetheart. You know this relationship can only work with proper communication.”
“Relationship? What relationship?” Your eyes go wide with incredulity.
He attempted to collect his thoughts. The question came as a surprise to him.
“We aren’t in a relationship, Levi. Let’s be honest, we just have a fuck schedule.”
His eyes gleam when he realizes that that’s what is bothering you.
“Is that why you’re so irritable, right now? It finally bothers you that we do this outside of a committed relationship?”
“It was always on my mind. I just didn’t want to be the one who brought this…thing, to an end.” You fold your hands together tightly, forcing them to stop shaking. “I want you to clear something up for me tonight, Levi.” Your voice lacks confidence, and he can see how scared you are by the way you can’t look him in the eyes.
“What?” His deep voice brings your thoughts back down to earth.
“Are you interested in anything other than what my body can offer?” Your voice shakes. “If you aren’t, i’m sorry, but I can’t be around you anymore.”
“We work together, you’ll still have to be around me,” he jokes cruelly.
“I’ll train myself to ignore you. Also, I could always ask to be transferred to another department.”
He didn’t like the sound of that.
“Hold on, why is this on your mind tonight?”
You turn away from him when your eyes begin to tear up. It’s only when he hears you sniff and sees your hand go up to catch a tear, that he starts to feel anxious. Your voice doesn’t feel steady so you stay silent.
“Can you look at me, please.”
You don’t move and stay facing away from him.
“Look at me. Talk to me. Anything, please.”
“I hate the way all those women look at you,” Your voice is weak, and you look upset beyond consolation. A tear slides down your face, disappearing onto your jacket. “They swarm around you like you’re the most interesting man in the world, and I just have to sit there and try to ignore the nasty feeling in my stomach when they physically touch you.”
Levi has no room to respond. He doesn’t know how to respond, but there’s a small wrinkle at the beginning of his brow that let’s you see some of his sympathetic side.
“I hate that you seem like the most interesting man in the world, but I really don’t know you as well as I think I do.” You sniff, wiping away the tear that landed on your lip. “Most of all, I hate that there’s a possibility that i’m not the only one you spend your nights with. There is very little doubt in my mind, and it makes me sick.” You sigh, attempting to compose yourself. Your eyes feel heavy, the tiredness that comes with nighttime weighing on them.
The silence eats away at your sanity. You feel uncomfortable knowing that you broke down in front of Levi. You feel totally vulnerable and it’s not amazing like it looks in the movies.
“What do you want me to do? Tell me exactly what you want me to say.” His hand lands on your knee, a minimal attempt at comfort.
“Tell me i’m wrong. Tell me you don’t fuck Clara from the marketing department. Tell me you don’t feel shit for Jen from HR.”
“I don’t feel shit for either of them. Happy?”
You laugh, no true happiness behind the reaction. “You look at me like you look at them, you know that?”
“What are you saying?”
“I’m saying I feel like one of those women, Levi. You don’t act different around me than you do around them. I’m nothing special.”
He didn’t want to continue this conversation. It was pointless when he knew what he felt for you was stronger than any of the emotions you let out in front of him. Words wouldn’t help the situation, the storm in your head had made you stubborn. He would have to take action.
“I want you to know something,” his thumb wipes away small tears that didn’t slide down your face. “I won’t invalidate the things you said just now, but only because it’s what you know. There are so many holes in your knowledge of me and these women.”
Your eyes glimmer beneath the light in his room. You don’t have the emotional or physical strength to push him away. Part of you also wanted to hear his side of the story.
“I don’t care for any of them. Most of them are married and i’m not into infidelity. It’s against my morals,” his eyes don’t stray from yours like yours do from his. “I have nothing to gain from their attention, and they’re wasting their time trying to get my attention. I have my eyes on someone else.”
You blush at the egotistical thought that he may be talking about you.
His hands land on your shoulders, gently pushing you down onto the bed. He straddles your hips, looking down into your sad, red, puffy eyes. His hair tickles your face as he gets closer.
“Nobody else gets this from me.” His lips catch yours—warm, soft, yet imperfect. The closeness gives you a whiff of his cologne, and the scent brings goosebumps to your skin. “Nobody has, but you,” his kisses trail down to your cheeks where your tears stained your face. “And that’s perfectly fine with me, because I only want you.”
Your resistance was long gone. The second he pushed you onto the bed, you were weak for him again. He can dominate you, and you won’t fight him because all you want is to feel him close to you. You like the feeling of his weight on your body, holding you down so you have no choice but to accept the love he gives you. You’ll entrust yourself to him, allowing him to show you how much he cares.
“Give me so many more of your nights. I want nothing more than to steal your breath away,” his lips reach your neck, gently sucking on the skin. “Give me the time to show you what else nobody gets.”
“Levi,” you murmur. “How can you want me right now? I look terrible.” You giggle at the feeling of his lips kissing the column of your throat. It’s gentler than he’s been with you in a while.
“I don’t care. I want you all the time.” He unzips your jacket, revealing just a bra. He starts kissing all over your chest, the feeling makes butterflies form in your stomach. Your fingers tangle in his hair, tugging gently on the soft locks. You can’t ignore the quiet groans he lets out every time you tug a little harder.
“Masochist,” you say under your breath.
“Excuse you,” he says, his attention now on your face again. The way his voice got deeper made you nervous in a good way. You smile politely, like you’ve said nothing wrong.
“Nothing,” you say quickly.
“Brat.” He bites the top of your breast, just enough to make you gasp. “Don’t make me flip this whole thing around. I’m being good to you. Be grateful.” His eye contact is intense enough to make your heart beat faster, but the way it doesn’t waver makes you squirm beneath him.
“I am. I just like riling you up. It’s funny.” You sit up a little, pulling his face close to yours.
“Funny, huh? Like your jealousy.” He grips your waist tightly, his fingers digging into the skin a little. “Stay down. You lost your control privileges when you laid down for me.” He lays you down on the mattress again.
“Dominant as always,” you mutter.
“Speak up, honey. I know you’re not scared based on how quick you are to talk back.”
“There you go getting all riled up again,” you say clearly.
“Mm,” he simply hums, seemingly letting you win. He goes down your body once again, this time freeing you of the garments that constrict you. Your jacket is removed, your bra lifted off of your breasts. Your pants are quickly peeled off your legs leaving you in just your panties.
Your nipples pebble when the cold air hits them, and Levi has no problem making them stiffer. You breathe shakily when his tongue laps at your left nipple. It’s humiliating how aroused you are from just this. You know you aren’t in control, but you feel even more out of control when the pleasurable feeling doesn’t stop.
He repeats the same process on your right nipple, releasing it only when it’s a beautiful shade of red. You press your thighs together to alleviate some of the ache between them as he proceeds to pinch and roll your oversensitive peaks between his fingers. He watches with amusement as you struggle to withstand his torture. You blush furiously as all of his attention is on your face, watching the expressions you make for something that feels so good and won’t end.
“You look flustered, baby. Should I keep going?” His fingers don’t stop their movement regardless of your answer.
“I-I need more than this, Levi. Please touch more of me.” Your eyes water, the relentlessness of his fingers still working your nipples is beginning to test your sanity.
“Yeah? Is that what you want from me?” His tone is teasing. He knows he’s going to break you.
You nod your head rapidly, desperate for him to relieve the ache in your cunt.
“It’s still pretty early in the night, and I want to take my time with you. Just relax for me. You’ll get what you want eventually.”
You let out a cry of frustration when he teased your cunt over your slick covered panties, a quick swipe of his index and middle finger between your clothed folds. It wasn’t even close to being enough. It just made you even more impatient than you already were.
“I could’ve made you cum right there, huh?” It was pure amusement to him, the way you chewed on your lip and fisted the sheets. Your lash line brimmed with tears of humiliation. A blink would make them all slide down your face at once.
Levi was feral on the inside. All he wanted in the moment was to make you scream for him. All your writhing beneath him was making it hard for him to hold back, especially the way your hips kept jolting up against his hardness to get the friction his hands wouldn’t give you.
“Let’s get these off,” he whispers, almost inaudible to you. He slides your panties off your legs, watching with an attentiveness that makes you blush even harder. You sit up to help him take the soaked garment off. In the process you catch a glimpse of the tent in his boxer briefs. It brought you an immense amount of relief to see that he was just as turned on in this situation as you.
He removes his clothes afterwards, and you just sit there, captivated by every inch of him. The tip of his cock leaked precum down his length. He stroked himself, coating the entirety of his length in the precum. You hear quiet grunts and gasps coming from him, and it’s the sexiest thing you think you’ve ever heard, but it’s the look on his face that makes your hands turn to fists in the sheets again.
“I need you so badly. Can I fuck you already?” He asks, his voice breathy. He pressed his nose to your stomach, going up higher and higher, inhaling your scent. He lifted his gaze once he reached your neck, looking at you with a wildly needy expression.
“Please, Levi.”
He leans down to kiss you, pulling away only to align his tip to your entrance.
“I’ll start slow for you,” he says on your lips. His cock slides into your tight walls, pushing until his hips are against yours. There was a short stinging sensation once he filled you to the brim, nothing his lips couldn’t distract you with.
“A-Ah…fuck—” you moan, cut off by Levi’s lips shortly after. He swallowed the whimpers you let out, his own moans going down your throat. You could hear him panting in your ears every time you pushed the back of your head into your pillow. He tries to kiss you, but you have to make it so difficult by turning your head.
His hips rocked against you slowly, pushing and pulling his cock in and out of you satisfyingly. Your walls already hugged his length tight enough, but every time you clenched around him, he could’ve sworn you were trying to end him.
“Come on. Come on, sweetheart,” he utters, his tone sultry. His hands go to both sides of your head, caging you so that you have no choice but to stay close and look at him as he fucks you. Your neck becomes a victim to his aggressive, lust-filled affection. His lips suck on the tender skin, and some spots are attacked harder than others. It’s a blend of pain and pleasure that serves as a reminder of how passionate of a lover Levi is.
“Fuck—Levi! Oh, Levi!” You cry out, tangling your fingers in his hair as he proceeds to form red marks on your jawline.
“Yes, gorgeous. I know. Talk to me. Tell me everything you want.” The tip of his cock nudges your sensitive area, and your stomach quivers. Your toes curl when his cock hits at just the right angle repeatedly. It nearly knocks the air out of your lungs.
“God, you feel so fucking good,” he whimpers. Your hands reach for his chest, brushing his nipples that quickly become sensitive. “F-Fuck, you can’t touch me like that. I need you to focus.” He pins your hands above your head, using the grip he has on your wrists as leverage to thrust harder, deeper, and faster. Your whole body shakes with every thrust of his hips.
“What do you want, huh? Tell me what you want from me,” he leans down to scatter kisses all over your face before kissing the side of your neck.
“I—hah—want you. Just you, Levi. Fuck me like i’m invincible.”
Your legs wrap around his waist, crossing at the ankles. You want him to stay close, closer than he already is. His lips drag up your neck until he reaches your earlobe.
His cock throbs at the way you sacrifice yourself for pleasure. You don’t care if you’re broken by the end of your fuck, you just want your orgasm to be earth shattering.
“God, I want you all to myself, sweetheart. I think about you all the time. It’s maddening how much I need you sometimes,” he mumbles into your ear.
“Ah! You’re insane, Levi…”
Your nails dig into your palms, and your pussy clenches at the filthiness that comes out of his mouth. Tears begin to well in your eyes as Levi continues to drill into you mercilessly.
“The struggle to control myself at work…it’s exhausting. I can’t count how many times a day I think about fucking you in my office. What would those annoying women think if they heard moaning coming from the room i’m in?”
Your stomach tenses as your orgasm nears. Levi can feel you clenching harder and pulls away from your ear to watch you. The look on your face when you come is one of the few things he likes to look at. You look so free and overtaken by tranquility, despite your heart beating so fast you think it might explode.
“L-Levi…” you whimper, tears sliding down your cheeks.
“I know, love. I’m taking care of you.” He lets one of your wrists go, his hand going down to play with your clit.
“Fuck! Fucking—oh—holy fuck!” Your voice has a high pitch to it. You breathe rapidly, your chest rising and falling at a quick and steady pace. Your mouth gapes, and your eyes shut tightly as the pleasure that had built up inside you overflows.
Levi’s eyes stay on your face the entire time, watching the way you let yourself go. You’re amazing, and for the first time throughout the whole night, he can’t believe you’re there beneath him.
“I-I’m gonna come. Let me out,” he says holding onto your thighs. You release his waist, and he pulls out seconds before he comes. The spurts of his thick cum land all over your legs. He leans his head back, gasping as he squeezes out every drop of his cum. He whimpers as he rubs his sensitive, swollen tip. You watch through hooded eyes the way his eyebrows pinch, and the trembling of his abs as he slows the pumping on his cock. “Fuck,” he finally says in a strained voice.
His eyes wander up to your palms for a second, and he sees the deep marks you made with your nails. He’ll help you with that later.
“Sorry. I’ll clean that up for you.” He looks at the dripping white liquid on your thighs and lower stomach.
“Do you realize how many times you apologize for coming on me?” A lazy smile rests on your face.
“I think it’s only right for me to do so. It’s kind of gross.” His nose wrinkles in disgust.
“I disagree, but I won’t open that can of worms right now.” You groan as you sit up looking around the room for your clothes.
“Let me see your hands.”
“Why?” You ask, confused.
He holds the backs of your hands in his palms, examining the damage.
“Tch, was it really that good?”
You blush at the question. You didn’t even realize you were digging that hard into your palms until then.
“I guess this is your proof. Was it not good for you?” You regret asking the question. It’s now your own fault if his response hurts your feelings. You pathetically hope he lies to you.
“Of course it was. I wouldn’t keep calling you over here if it wasn’t.” He puts your hands down on your lap. He freezes when he replays what he had just said in his head. That didn’t sound right, and it made the blood coursing through his veins run cold.
“T-That was a joke. It was good, and that’s all that matters. Sex with you is incomparable.”
“You have such a way with words, but ditto on what you said before about me coming back only if it’s good.” You can bite back just as hard as he does, even if it’s unintended.
“I mean it. You’re amazing.” His gaze centers itself in your eyes. “If I were better with words, you wouldn’t doubt yourself as much as you do.”
His hands ride up and down your sides subconsciously, but you’re quick to stop it before he starts something up again.
“Don’t do that,” you say, holding his hands still.
“Why not?” He asks, his fingertips gently pressing into your sides where you hold them.
“I don’t have time. I have to go home.” You gasp when his strength overpowers yours. He lifts you onto his lap.
“We would have so much time if you decided to stay.” He starts working on weakening your resolve, kissing your neck and collarbone with the gentleness of a feather.
“I-I shouldn’t,” you stutter. “Levi,” you say breathily when you feel the sting of another mark on your neck.
“But, you can. And i’m encouraging it strongly,” he mutters into your neck. “Stay with me.”
“Are you sure?” You’re not comfortable with overstaying your welcome, and you won’t stay if he’s offering out of pity.
“Definitely. I need more time with you.”
You didn’t regret staying one bit. By the end of the night your neck was littered with marks, you also couldn’t feel your legs and your body didn’t stop trembling for the longest time. Levi watched you while you slept and saw the way your legs still trembled in your sleep. It brought a small smile onto his face, and it served as a reminder of why you’re the only one he will ever be involved with. At least on a personal level.
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immanime · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Shingeki no Kyojin Animate Card
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solarfry · 2 days ago
Meruri part 2 💫
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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fqiryspit · 18 hours ago
cute dorky eren brainrot :(
Tumblr media
highschool!au where eren is having a shitty day and is trying to get through the crowd of people to his next class but then...BOOM! he sees this girl in the crowd awkwardly trying to push through and he can FEEL his ears and cheeks burn
weeks later he walks up to her with a red face and is so fucking nervous.
you turn to see this 6'2 guy with sun-kissed skin and green eyes, hair tied in a low bun...and he's PANICKING. you're worried you somehow did something to this man you've never met so you slowly become nervous as well but then he just is like:
"u-hm hi" his.voice.fucking.cracks
you can see the horror on his face as he turns completely red, but your heart only flutters
"hi" you practically whisper as you strain your neck to look up at him...tho you noticed how his nails are digging into his palms as both of his hands are in a fist
"I'm eren" he avoids your eyes and you only stand there, feeling your cheeks burn at his dorky-ness
"I'm y/n" he gets a warm smile before remembering something and digging in his pocket to give you a little note with his number on it
"y-you don't have to call...it's just-"
"I will" you smile and he fucking dies on the spot
"AYO LOOK AT THE STUD!!!" jean roars as he walks up with connie and sasha next to him
"S-SHUT UP!" he panics again but you only giggle and his soul leaves his body
ps. he takes you to prom and carla takes a photo of you two together and calls eren adorable and he freaks out in embarrassment 
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little-spoiled-brat · 3 days ago
pairing: levi x reader
cw: slight mentions of levi’s past, talks about starting a family, pregnancy, levi being a father in the end, fluff
Tumblr media
- starting a family -
ever since you got married a few years ago, you had always wanted to start your own family with levi but since you knew of his past with his mother, you never once brought it up to him even just to talk about it.
besides, it was not like you minded if he doesn’t want to have a child with you because of his past. you respected levi a lot so whether he wanted to start a family or not, you would love him with your entire life either way.
it was late at night, you just finished with your paperworks and you finally got to grab yourself dinner after skipping dinner a few hours ago. you were doing the dishes when a pair of arms snaked itself around your waist from behind, a head resting itself on your shoulder as you chuckled.
“i thought you already went to bed” you said, turning your head to give your husband a kiss on the cheek whilst doing the dishes. levi hummed nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck before resting his hand on top of your stomach, you looked down and took note of the way he was gently rubbing it but you didn’t assume anything by it.
“i was thinking about things and i couldn’t sleep” levi said, his voice muffled from having his face buried in your neck. you hummed in reply, grabbing the glass cup you used and started washing it.
“like what, my love? do you want to talk about it?” you asked, levi sighed against your neck and tightened his grip around your waist. he was silent for a few seconds, his hand continuing to rub your stomach as if he was hinting something.
“i want to have a baby with you” levi blurted out, pulling away from your neck to look at you as you almost dropped the glass cup you were washing. you quickly finished up washing the cup before turning off the faucet and looking at him.
“you’re not saying that because you’re just tired, aren’t you?” you said, turning around in his grip and wrapping your arms around his neck. you leaned against the counter, levi resting his palms on either side of your body and trapping you in between.
“no, i really do want to have a baby with you. we’ve been married for years and i saw how good you were with kids. i know you’d be a great mother” levi said as a small smile pulled at the corner of your lips.
you wanted to have a child with him too but you wanted to make sure that he was more than positive that it was something that he really wanted and not just because he feels obligated to.
“are you sure, levi? i know how sensitive you are over kids and that in general” you started, cupping his cheeks in your hands as he looked at you straight in the eyes.
“i don’t want you to feel obligated to have a child because we’ve been married for a while now” you said, levi leaned against your touch and closed his eyes briefly.
“the way i was brought to this world and the things i’ve seen as a kid isn’t the happiest of stories but starting a family with you is something that i do want. i want to give our child the best life, i want them to grow up with parents looking after them, i want to love them the way my mother loved me, i want us to become the family i never had” levi said, looking at you. you searched his grey-blue orbs for any hint of hesitation or uncertainty but you found none.
levi was actually being serious about starting a family.
you smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him closer. levi nuzzled into the crook of your neck, a smile also pulling at the corner of his lips at the thought of you being the mother of his kids.
you pulled away to press a kiss on his lips, letting the kiss linger for a few seconds longer before looking at him again.
“okay then, we can try for a baby” you said, the smile on your face growing bigger as levi’s eyes lit up in excitement.
“wait, really?” levi asked, excitement filling his eyes as you chuckled and nodded at him. he suddenly picked you up and spun you around the empty kitchen.
“thank you, y/n!” levi said, crashing his lips against yours. you got slightly off balance from the force of the kiss but he chuckled, quickly wrapping his arms around your waist and keeping you upright.
“sorry” levi apologized, standing you up again and you laughed. you rested your head on his chest as the two of you held each other for a few more moments.
on that same night, you and levi started trying for a baby. it took a few tries but you eventually got pregnant. you will never forget the look on levi’s face when you told him that you were pregnant.
slowly, your baby bump started growing and you were officially put on maternal leave. a smile never failing to pull at the corner of levi’s face every time he sees you wobbling around headquarters, a protective hand on your stomach.
he was there from start to end, always catering to your needs whenever and wherever. he always took care of you, making sure that you and the baby were safe and healthy.
and after nine months of pregnancy, you gave birth to a healthy baby girl. you held the small child in your arms protectively, taking a short nap from how exhausted you were when levi got in bed with you.
he carefully wrapped his arms around the both of you, protecting the two most important girls in his life. levi smiled, looking at you and the baby in your arms, both peacefully sleeping.
from that day on, levi swore to protect and love the family that he had started with you.
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harubie · 2 days ago
Can you maybe do Aot characters on your wedding? If you're okay with it!!
Sure! For this, I have two in mind but I will just go with 'their feelings on your wedding with them'
Aot characters on the wedding
He would be the happiest man there when you walk from the aisel. He would stare at you without even blinking and couldn't believe this is reality. That is the best moment for him after all he had been through.
He would be nervous and could mess up a little when he says vows or slicing the wedding cake. He feels so blessed to have you and marry with you. He kept wishing that this is not a dream. Because he don't want to lose you ever after.
He is lowkey so excited! He really wants to see you in a beautiful white dress and that you are for him. He will cherish every single moment and can't stop gazing at you.
He is so greaful to god for you. You are like an angel to him because you were always there for him during his lowest and always trusting him even at the time he can't trust himself. And marrying you is the best thing ever happened to him.
He is bad at describing how happy he is with words so he would just hug you tightly for a long minute and finally tell you about how he is so happy that you chose him and promise you that he will never leave you.
He has dreamed about this for so long and also he is scred a little. He is worried that he wouldn't be good enough for you or disappoint you. But when he looked at you and saw your bright eyes and sweetest smile he had ever seen, he will become so happy that you become his beloved bride.
He is very calm. He do all the things he had to and would wipe your tears when you cry because you are so happy to be finally with him. He will be smiling at you frequently and thinking himself how lucky he is to have you.
He is also confident on this because he will finally be with someone he loves truly. After you say the vow and finally get to kiss he will give you a very passionate kiss that even in front of the guests.
(I hope you will love this-- thank u so much!)
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itachisprecum · 2 days ago
the jade necklace (eren x reader)
synopsis: you and eren go out to a farmer's market for a quick little impromptu date when matching necklaces catch your eye... giving you some ideas in planning for the future.
(afab!reader.. 18+; minors do not interact, thank u ♡)
a/n: um hi this is my very first time posting a long story also last time i wrote some smut was when i was 16 a virgin and im 22 (23 in 5 days <333) now and not a virgin? pls be very nice to me abt it as I Am A Very Sensitive Girl i very much hope to write a lot more in the coming months ♡ and reblogs n likes and sharing is much appreciated!
word count: 4.5k
kinks: 18+ content, praise, creampie, daddy, oral sex (f!receiving; mention of m! receiving), unprotected sex, pet names (baby, princess), softdom!eren, teasing, edging, dumbification, insemination, tit slapping, ear licking, and idfk what else so just pls let me know if i missed anything ♡ oh and a lil bit of fluff too
Tumblr media
“‘ren,” you call out, hunched over a cheap table filled with many necklaces made by the woman sitting beside them. “come look at these ones.”
his eyes turn away from the selection of thumb rings as he quietly hurries over to you. his tall, lean shadow unknowingly covers the rings in the plastic case and foam stands, which gives you a better look at the prices due to the reduction of glare the sun produces off the white paper. whoever decided that typed yellow font on white paper was a good idea should be put down.
“stay right there, babe,” you tell him. “you’re helping me see the prices more clearly.”
“didn’t i tell you to bring your sunglasses?” he asks.
“yes, but—“
“no buts,” eren interrupted. “can’t say you weren’t warned.”
you make a pouty face, and with that face he gives you an innocent look and stays where he is. “you’re lucky it’s so sunny that even i, in my sunglasses, can’t see,” he lies. “i’m staying here for my own benefit.”
“yeah, yeah,” you half-heartedly agree. both of you know damn well it’s because he loves you too much and seeing you unhappy is eren’s worst nightmare. he worships the ground you walk on; therefore, it should be a happy one at that.
it’s springtime, a crisp 65 degrees fahrenheit. eren surprised you with a farmer’s market date, since there are so many wonderful, fresh fruits and vegetables in season. plus the bakery where you two bought your wedding cake from is there every sunday. and maybe you convince him to get some sweets for dessert that night after dinner so you can relive being the only two people that matter in that moment—you know, just to keep that feeling alive.
your eyes wander and examine each piece of jewelry, but nothing really catches your eyes until you freeze when you find yourself staring at a light-colored jade necklace, handcrafted and held in place by sterling silver bound to a sturdy, black non-metal chain. it matched your green and white floral dress almost perfectly, with eren’s eyes only being a few shades darker. your dress is a little bit longer in the back than it is the front, reaching to just above your knees in the back, so still short nonetheless. it hugs your waist perfectly but flares out at the hips—thankfully, the dress was not tight. this, along with the white lace panties you’re wearing had ((almost)) been exposed to the farmer’s market. wind wasn’t supposed to be on the forecast, so when a strong gust of wind came by your dress was pulled to the side. thankfully, eren was behind you and he covered your ass so quickly that you hadn’t noticed the exposure yourself. this incident, however, helps to create one of eren’s new favorite views: your ass in that dress, including the thong included and all.
you decide to try the necklace on to see how it made you feel. you pull out your phone and take a quick look at you reflection in the glass screen and instantly smile. “look at how cute this is,” you say to him, talking about the jade necklace on your chest. he’s in gray sweatpants, a black tee shirt that slightly yet so gracefully hugs the indent that split his abdominal muscles, and a new pair of converse. you then add a similar pendant on him; a little bigger than yours, his sits perfectly right where his sternum meets some of his ribs against the black tee. a smile starts to separate your lips, looking like a fucking idiot when you notice it brings out the emerald in his beautiful eyes.
“what?” he asks. “is there something wrong? should i take it off?” he starts to reach behind his head and onto his neck, trying to unclip the clasp that holds it together.
“no!” you almost yell. “don’t. i’m buying them no—“
you can’t even finish your sentence when another catches your eye. you look at all three stones, two on you and eren and one glistening in the sunlight, all three gorgeously crafted and sent by God for you to see.
“look at this one, love,” you nudge. “look how wittle it is.” you can see a mini eren with your nose trying his best to chew on the stone you put around his neck for a family photo.
“i don’t like that look,” he judges correctly, eyes darting between you and the necklace you subconsciously picked up, which now rests in between your palm and fingers.
“I'm buying this one too,” you state. he gives you a puzzled look and stares at you in thought; it’s clear he can’t make out what you’re thinking.
“why are we buying three if there’s only two of us? we don’t even have a dog anymore,” he says. you know he can’t read your mind, but sometimes he’s so fucking stupid it’s cute.
“i’ve been thinking,” you ponder for a moment, “what if there were 3?”
he scoffs instantly at the thought of being three. “no,” he says, sternly, almost laughing at the idea of him sharing you with someone else. “we are not doing that. remember what happened when connie tried it with his girlfriend at the time? it almost ended up—“
“not that, you fucking idiot!” you half-shout, half-laugh. “that’s not what i was—“
“plus,” he leans in to whisper in your ear, planting a small kiss on the top before leaning in. “i don’t wanna imagine sharing my princess. i want her all to myself.” he covers your back with his body so no one sees him slowly walk his index and middle fingers up your thighs and subtly play with the various strings of your thong once it meets his touch. “don’t think i didn’t notice the way your dress lifted up by the wind,” he softly purrs in your ear. “it sucks i had to cover your perfect ass as quickly as i did; it made me just a little hard,” he admits.
you have to take a deep breath to recenter and focus yourself. if it was up to your heart, you’d take his hand and find a little spot where you can sit on his lap and satisfy the fuck out of both of you. thankfully, your brain is the rational one and tells you to stay on track with the previous conversation.
“no, ‘ren. i want a baby,” you finally come out and say, completely ignoring his other words.
his whole attitude changes as he pulls away from your ear. “no,” he vocalizes. “we already talked about this last week, i don’t think we’re ready. we just got married—“
“but i want to see a little you running around,” you argue back. “i think it would be really nice to—“
“i’m done talking about this,” he interrupts. instantly your eyes meet, and when he sees the saddened look in your eye, how you furrow your brow, and frown, he does the same, too. “for now, at least,” he mumbled, making the last part almost inaudible.
it doesn’t change the fact he catches you off-guard by saying the last part and you can’t seem to hide your new excited attitude because of it. you place the small one back in its place on the makeshift table but ultimately purchase the two necklaces from the older woman who made them. you happily wear them together while you walk around and buy fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market, adorning another sign of each other’s love. after done shopping while eren sneaks off to the porta-potty the market had set up, you walk past the necklace table again, swearing to yourself you saw the tiny necklace gone, taking it as the tiny hopes of maybe soon carrying eren’s child silently shattering into dust.
it’s about 8 o’clock, and you’re watching TV while you wait for eren to get out of the shower. the picture of eren as the father of your children has been on your mind since you left the farmer’s market, but you haven’t spoke about it since eren shut the conversation down. you had talked about having children before, so the conversation itself wasn’t new, but the idea of it still lingered in your mind like the scent of freshly showered eren as he walks to the bedroom and quickly changes.
he comes out in nothing but boxers and the jade necklace, showing off his long torso and the muscles that go along with it. you laugh to yourself because the fact you can see your husband’s actual intercostals make you giddy like they did when you saw both him and them for the first time. his taller-than-6-foot and almost 200lb body of pure muscle climb on top of you on the couch and wraps around you like a snake. his brown hair is long—it covers his broad shoulders—and still absolutely soaking wet, dripping on your white t-shirt. his head lays on your tits, in turn slightly wetting the t shirt, exposing a little peak of your nipple.
eren stays there for a few moments, then puts his chin on your chest to look up at you. he smiles like a fucking mischievous child as he studies your features for what seems like the millionth time. “too bad we couldn’t shower together,” he mumbles sadly.
“i couldn’t wait, sorry honey,” you giggle. “quite a mess was made of me in the car—”
“it was your fault for wearing that thong,” he spits back. “wanted to absolutely fuck you senseless while you were wearing that dress.”
“i wasn’t complaining, was i?” you tease.
“you looked absolutely gorgeous today,” his tone changing from playful to serious by the end of ‘you.’ but then with a lustful smirk he pulls you right back to where you started.
“you see, as beautiful as you looked with it on”—he pauses and gathers a small breath before coming up close to your face—“i wanted to see if it looked better when you and that dress were a little… dirty.”
you smile a bit before pulling him even closer and place your lips on his. you close your eyes and hug him tight because in that moment if eren was going to pull away, you weren’t going to let him.
thankfully, his lips didn’t leave yours, and before either of you knew it, you were full on making out. your tongue wrestled with his in a never ending battle filled with eagerness and the tons of saliva that came with it. occasionally, eren would use his teeth to gently bite your bottom lip or pull away briefly to suck your tongue. since he was still on top of you on the couch, one hand was placed on your face and the other supporting his almost enormous build on the sofa’s arm. when he comes up from the kiss for a breath, he lifts his hand off the sofa arm and next to your breast, already starting to feel the heat radiating off your downstairs.
when he finally pulls away from the kiss, he kisses every square centimeter of your jawline and your ears. shivers are sent down your spine when he lets a tongue slip into your left ear lobe, and you respond by letting out a small moan.
he takes his hands and slips them both underneath your shirt, feeling his way in order to find your breasts. after he’s found his treasure on your chest, he makes soft and gentle circles with his fingers, sometimes squeezing the nipple hard and taking his hand out of your shirt to lightly slap them.
he takes in a breath deep and lets out his exhale with the word “fuck.” he moans at the sight of the fat on your tits moving through the shirt as he gently slaps them. “i’m gonna have’ta take that off, babe.” his hands grasp the bottom of the shirt as he turns it inside by pulling it over your head and tossing it to the other side of the living room. you’re not innocent either, being able to both see and feel the outline of his dick through his boxers. you’ve seen it thousands of times now, but the feeling of anticipation grows—you start imagining your bare clit grinding on his shaft, both parts covered in your slick and his precum, mixed with the leftover saliva from cunnilingus.
he removes himself from the couch and instantly you shoot up. “where are you going?” you question with desperate tone in your voice.
his eyes dart over to you and almost instantly, eren lets out a quick “HA!” as he moves over towards you and lifts you up off the couch into his arms. you wrap your arms around his neck and he supports you with his hands on your ass, giving an occasional slap on the way to your bedroom.
when he gets there, he doesn’t bother to turn on the full lights, but instead keeps them at a dim setting. he practically tosses you onto the bed and all you can think about is the feeling of him sliding his cock in and out of your cunt.
he once again climbs on top you, arm supporting the body weight that isn’t on your bed. he places his right hand around your neck and squeezes the sides ever so gently as he kisses your jawline. “wow,” he scoffs lustfully. “princess was nervous she wasn’t gonna get fucked, huh?” he moves his head down and becomes chest level. he leans in towards your tits and slowly starts to kiss and play with them, alternating as to be sure neither of them get left out. after they get more than a fair share of soft kisses, he attaches his lips to your right tit and starts to suck while his tongue flicks your nipple at a very pleasing pace. a small o escapes your lips and he very gently slaps your cheek with his free hand then stuffs your mouth with his fingers. “that’s what you get for doubting me,” he sinfully smiles.
you let out a small gasp of air when eren moves over to the other nipple but takes his feet hand starts to softly touch your pussy through your panties. he takes his index and middle fingers and slips them into the underside of the lace cheeksters and smirks when he feels the wet mess you had made inside them. he smiles like a son of a bitch and you turn red when he pulls out his fingers to show you.
you can’t help but blush because eren’s fingers are covered in heat and lust when he pulls them up to show you. a trail of it can be seen before he takes his fingers and starts to suck on them. he gives you a boyish grin, so you think he’s coming up to kiss you when instead he moves his down further below your chest and in between your thighs. he’s laying down on the mattress and starts kissing your thighs, adding a kiss to your clothed pussy every now and again. the more he kisses your panties the more you can feel your slick starting to drop onto the bed. “haven’t even fully undressed you yet—can only imagine how much wetter you're getting for me underneath this lace.”
“so good princess,” he admits when coming up for air. “want to taste you. so bad.”
that’s when eren almost quite literally rips your panties off and kisses the wetness of them one last time before giving them a similar fate to your white t-shirt. he then doesn’t hesitate to dive right in head first, using his nose as his first wave of electricity.
he sticks two fingers inside you and starts to move his index and middle in and out at a curved angle while his tongue does dances around your clit, going back, forth, up, down, and side to side. he’ll momentarily give his tongue a break by rubbing on your clit in a horizontal motion while finger fucking you with now two fingers, also gently massaging below your pussy with his tongue, licking your mess and getting it ready for his shaft. you get so close that you start to involuntarily squirm at the feeling of his tongue all around your cunt. “you look so pretty when you’re about to cum for me. you’re doing such a good job, my love. i want to do something to you, baby. go along with it for me.”
“y-yes, ‘ren,” you comply, mind only on his hands as he persuades you. the wonder of what he wants to do makes you more eager than ever. your absolute yearning for eren’s cock becomes evident as your breathing starts to intensify, eren taking this as a hint to pick up the pace licking your pussy, focusing mainly on your clit. the jolts that you feel through your legs and into your toes start to get more frequent, but just as you're about to cum, eren stops. “wanna feel you cum on my cock, princess,” he states with a devilish smile.
he comes up from your cunt and sits with his knees open, legs on both sides of your thigh leaning over you and covering what little light you had from the ceiling lamp. “baby,” he groans. “open up. you should taste how good you are to me.”
you open your mouth and catch the long trail of saliva that leaves his lips, landing on tongue. he leans down a bit to sloppily kiss you as he opens your legs and holds them with his s arms places by his side. “how much do you want my cock, baby?”
“so bad, er—“
he stops you and moves closer towards your face with his words. “it’s daddy tonight, princess,” he grins.
this request takes you by (pleasant) surprise. you’ve called him daddy plenty of times before during sex, but him asking to be called it is quite rare. nonetheless, it makes your pussy burn even more for his cock. you move out of place and start to go for his boxers; with this movement, he pushes you back softly and leans down even closer than he was before. “eager for my dick, aren’t we?” he whispers. “you just have to ask nicely. no need to be so openly needy.”
“daddy?” you ask, trying not to let him know him fucking you is all you can think about.
“yes?” he responds. he’s acting innocent and it’s driving you fucking mad.
“p-please,” you quiver, “fuck me. i need your cock inside me.”
he smiles as a sign of a lustful victory, eye shutting in pure bliss. “i’m gonna fill you up, princess,” he states.
he doesn’t let you off that easy, though. before fully entering you, he takes his hard cock in his hand and slowly and gently starts rubbing the head on your clit. he slowly massages it and around your pussy, getting your mess he caused all over the place. “you’re so fuckin’ wet, babe,” he grunts before fully stuffing his cock inside you.
once you feel his dick enter inside your cunt, you start to involuntarily squeeze your walls the closer to your cervix he gets. when he finally hits it, you can feel the head twitch inside you and both let out a grunt-filled moan when you feel it. “fuck,” he yells. “you’re so tight for me, darlin’.”
he slowly starts to move in and out of you, gaining speed as time passes. your legs start to quiver as every stroke makes you almost jump. your head starts to spin and the sounds of his dick starting to twitch in your mess are making you even wetter. between eren’s praises of, “yes, baby, your pussy feels so good,” and “look at you being a good girl and taking all of my cock”; and his dick hitting your tight walls you felt your knees were going to buckle on his arms at any moment. the only thoughts you could express were in the form of loud “ohhs” and “yes”, with eren correcting you when you don’t call him what he’s asked.
“oh, fuck, ‘ren—“
you look up at him once you notice you slip up, and give him a small frown. “i'm sorry, daddy,” you correct yourself..
“i know when i fuck you like this it makes you dumb,” he teases, “but you can’t even be asked to do simple things.” he smirks before letting out another a thought. “that’s how much you like daddy’s cock, yeah?”
eren is actively fucking you so hard you only manage to give him a small nod and a “mmm” as a testimonies to his claim, not paying any kind to the noises escaping from your lips. you look down and see your tits bouncing in all different directions as he moves in and out of you. the sight of eren and his dick pounding your cunt makes your head spin even more than it already was. the more and more you watch your husband, your head slowly stops spinning and turns into blankness instead, cueing this transition by letting a loud moan escape your mouth. you’re trying your best to articulate what you want to convey. “e-–i’m cumming—“
“we’re not done until i am,” he barks back. “wanna fill you up with my cum. i want a baby.”
those last words send you over the fucking edge. you muster up all your strength to reach up and kiss him sloppily as your loud moans enter in his mouth. “eren—“
he doesn’t bother to correct you. now is not not the time. “wanna see you pregnant,” he moans back into your mouth, then putting his head on your shoulder as he whispers in your ear. “i have to fill you up with my seed.”
tears are starting to form in your eyes from the size and power of his cock—it feels so fucking good; it’s getting to be too much, but you never, ever want him to stop. your toes start to curl for a second time as his words tumble out from behind his lips. once again, the only words you can muster are his name: “e-e-eren—”
at this moment, eren legs out a loud groan as you feel him starting to fill you up with his cum. as he does this, he takes your legs and positions you so you’re more on your back and legs up in the air, perpendicular to the bed. he finishes cumming in you with your legs pointing straight up but he’s still holding them closed. “fuck, love,” he almost shouts, little beads of sweat dripping down his forehead, cock still inside you. when he begins to remove his dick from inside you, all out of fresh cum, he usually has you lick it clean for him. so when you start to move down towards his twitching cock leaking with both of your messes, his smile widens even more and instantly he gently presses you back down into the mattress.
he then pulls out of you officially and takes some of your heat, using it to lubricate his fingers after he puts them in his mouth. “need to make sure it gets in there,” he says before stuffing his middle and index fingers inside you. slowly, he starts to fuck you in and out again with his two digits, taking them out occasionally to rub around your pussy and stuff back any loose cum that escapes from your cunt. he notices that even now, the way your eyes roll to the back of your head tells him that you could still go for more rounds. but, like he said, no need to be so greedy.
usually after eren fucks you into next week, his aftercare is nothing less than the best; however when he instantly pops up, clothes himself with his robe, and leaves the apartment while you’re still in the middle of softly panting his name makes you you question everything that just happened.
he comes back about 5 minutes later and instantly throws off his robe before placing his phone and keys on the nightstand and disappears into the bathroom without saying anything to you. still confused, you start to wonder if you should maybe ask him why he’s acting weird. you can’t help but feel kind of hurt because just leaving the apartment for five minutes after sex is too out of eren’s character.
when he comes back from the bathroom, he has a warm and dampened washcloth and a stupid smile on his face that both melts your worries away and yet enhances then. he starts to clean off your exposed pussy and the wet mess it made on the mattress, tossing the washcloth in the hamper, but leaves the clothes off as he climbs back into bed with you. as he holds you close to his chest, he asks if you are alright and once you answer yes, he whispers sweet nothings in your ear, not quite ready for the inevitable round two.
he pulls you close to his chest and you wrap you arms around his neck once again. your legs are intertwined with each other, yours being on top of his with each of you occasionally grazing your feet on legs. you think about how you could stare into those fucking eyes for an eternity, hoping yours say everything even though neither of your lips aren’t moving.
“i was serious, you know,” he whispers after a bit of silence while his hands in your hair, pushing loose strands behind your ear while you’re both on your pillows.
you give him a perplexed look he can barely see because of the dim lights. he still sees the confusion on your face and responds to it by giving you a sly smirk, turning around and reaching for his keys he placed on the nightstand earlier when he came back from the car.
“eren, what are you doing—“
and then it hits you.
it wasn’t his keys he was reaching for, you realize once he starts to turn back over to you. you see something in his hand, but it’s closed, deliberately hiding whatever is in his palm.
“i was serious,” he repeats once he’s on his side facing you. “i got you something,” he tells you excitedly, a wide grin painted on his face. he opens his wide hand to reveal what it’s inside.
it’s the fucking third jade necklace.
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petty-ha · 16 hours ago
Anya is everywhere, AND I FCKN LOVE IT!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Zoro taught her his ways.... lmao
Tumblr media
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xttxck · 2 days ago
reiner loves it when you sing in the shower
sometimes he lingers outside the cracked bathroom door, ear trained dutifully to catch your voice against the stream
he doesn't interrupt you though, because he knows you'd bashfully quiet down if he said anything
so he just listens, pretending to busy himself by refolding clean towels in the linen closet
reiner loves it when you do a giddy little dance as you eat
he brought home those super soft muffins you like from the bakery
you look so happy, propped up on the kitchen counter, swinging your legs and smiling as you munch away
he can't help but trap you between his arms there and kiss your nose
"rei--!" you giggle, and he melts inside
reiner loves when you fall asleep curled up on the couch
he warned you it was too late to start a movie -- he knew you were already on the brink of passing out when you insisted anyway
and there you are, nearly swimming in his t-shirt, hand pressed against your cheek, a little drool peeking out
he does what he always does after admiring your peacefulness for a moment and scoops you up into his arms
he's not sure how you always stay fast asleep, but his heart swells as he holds you and carries you to the bedroom
he tucks you into your side of the bed, brushing hair from your face, and kisses your forehead
reiner is so incredibly soft for you, and he loves it more than he'd admit to anyone else
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Hello, I hope you're having a good day. Can I request something where reader and levi been dating for a short time, reader is a very affectionate person, showering levi with hugs and kiss, fixing his hair, spoon feeding him etc while levi is very shy and flustered all the time standing there's like 🧍, yet reader never notices so she never stop!
here's flustered levi ranting about y/n being affectionate! i feel like i could've make this longer but i've been on a massive writing block so this is the best i could do sorry!
During the past weeks,Levi had found himself wondering if Y/n wasn't actually trying to kill him by drowning him with affection. In the short time they'd been dating, he'd received more hugs, kisses, or any type of affection than he'd done in his whole life. Even if this wasn't difficult to do due to the lack of love his life had always known, he was pretty sure ,after looking at other couples,that it wasn't normal to be this affectionate.
That didn't mean he didn't like it ; he was just not used to the rush of feelings Y/n's contact made him feel. He'd quite literally froze the first time they'd hugged him, the feel of their arms around his waist making him so overwhelmed he'd had to quickly escape the room to sit down for a while, head spinning. He wasn't sure if all these strong feelings were good for his health, and he sometimes feared that he might pass out or simply suffer from a heart attack if Y/n touched him for too long.
He didn't even think Y/n noticed the effect they had on him . They would push back a stray of his hair,press a kiss on his cheek and then go back to their daily life without even seeing that Levi was feeling as though he'd just been punched, threw off a cliff and set on fire. He wondered if he'd ever get used to it , or if his feelings will only grow stronger with time, forcing him to take a two day break if Y/n even just slightly touched him.
He'd tried to understand Y/n's pattern, so he could know and prepare himself for their acts of affection and feel less flustered , but despite trying his best, Y/n was still an unpredictable person. He never knew when they'd decide to kiss him, grab his hand or suddenly lock their pinkies together ; and as much as Levi was annoyed to be always taken by surprise by their gestures, he was also constantly waiting for Y/n to do what he was too timid to do himself. He wanted to be this affectionate with them, wanted to show them how he truly felt,but he was always afraid he might cross a line or do something that'll hurt them.
He could complain to Hange as much as he wanted, but he knew that deep down he loved how Y/n acted ,and knew that his days had been much brighter since they'd started dating.He could be annoyed if they suddenly kissed him goodbye in front of all the Scouts, but at the end of the day when he'll remember this moment , he'd find himself smiling like an idiot,lovesick teenager.
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giannathetodosimpwrites · 2 days ago
*slams fist on table*
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h-shibas · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
attack on titan characters reacting to seeing you sucking on a lollipop
includes: eren jaeger + armin arlert + jean kirstein + connie springer
genre: smut (minors + ageless blogs dni!! you’ll be blocked)
warnings: gn!reader, slight pervy!boys, implied blowjobs
Tumblr media
eren jaeger
eren is so shameless. he doesn’t feel the least bit bad that all he can imagine as you suck on your lollipop is replacing the treat with his cock. he doesn’t even try to hide the tent in his pants as a but if spit dribbles from your lips. as soon as you notice you crunch up your face in disgust. “are you serious eren?”. “not my fault that you’re being such a tease baby” eren snickers. “now why don’t you wrap those pretty lips around my dick instead. bet i taste so much better”.
armin arlert
armin feels so guilty about not taking his eyes off you. what you’re doing is completely innocent, sucking on a lollipop you just bought. no matter how innocent it was armin’s mind couldn’t help but go to lewder places. what’s even more embarrassing is how fast he gets hard. as soon as you notice you can’t even get mad. “oh armin. didn’t know you were such a perv” you smirk, making armin’s already pink cheeks even hotter. “if you wanted head you could have just asked”.
jean kirstein
another pervert who hates to admit it. jean hates how much his dick aches in his pants as he watches your tongue swirl around your lollipop. although he’s quick to deny it if you point out how excited he’s getting, as if you can’t clearly see his erection. “so you aren’t imagining me sucking you off? and here i was about to offer to do just that” you tease, making jean panic. “w-wait! fuck- please baby. do what you were just doing to my cock”.
connie springer
connie doesn’t even realize that he has a boner at first. he’s just so entranced by watching your lips wrap around your lollipop that he doesn’t know that you can see his dick poking out of his jeans. that is until you point it out to connie and he looks down. of course he’s embarrassed, blushing a tad, but he laughs it off. “uh sorry but um… could you help me out with this?” connie asks. “i’ll repay the favour later”.
Tumblr media
tags: @jahnvi-d / @little-miss-chaoss / @manjiroarchiviste / @inu1gf / @pretty-pop-princess-hs / @aprilfire18 / @captainkjones / @kennyb0y / @devinsdaydreams / @sisnot / @portfolio-of-dreams / @mortuary-ossuary / @dejwrites / @rinsie / @iwaizumisbicep / @dessceased / @aces-high / @sugusshi / @savagemickey03 / @whosarlet / @nahoyas-nymph / @bontens-cum-slut / @widepipepaladiknight / @awkwardaardvarkforever / @songbirdgardensworld / @fangirlsarah16 / @shigsprincess / @lilacveiledsea / @dukina / @nekoriots / @sunarin136 / @finnishighrnornotwedontknow / @bubs-world / @kensgff / @ren-simp / @satosuguslut / @sleepy3 / @little-nightowl / @10mqryu / @mikeys-gf / @momoewn / @lovemegood / @amaejiki / @cham0mil3-and-h0n3y / @jiminjamms / @downtown-roponggi / @sftbunnyy / @yeagerfushiguro / @yesv01
Tumblr media
2022 © h-shibas — do not repost or translate my work. likes, reblogs, and comments are welcome
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sheepyboo · a day ago
Tumblr media
I kinda actually like posting on tumblr and Twitter more than Instagram. Instagram is too much pressure to keep a pretty feed 😭
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k-yoya-fan · 2 days ago
Im sorry but eren & historia's bond were not so strong as some certain fans would wish it to make it out to be(they do have a nice friendshipbond but it's not as deep as people want it to be). Its been told through the story MUTIPLE times that Armin & Mikasa were his strongest bond his most Precious people. They didn't even interact much (literally like 4 interactions saving him, protecting her from being eaten, telling her plan because he dosent want her be taken advantage of & knows she can't stop him) & suddenly they have the strongest bond? Suddenly they have romantic feelings? When none of them were confirmed to have feelings? Suddenly they have sex? You think eren who just found out what going to happen was in the mood to slide his dick? This is aot not ANr nor a romantic drama series. In one convo they had he literally told her he will manipulate her to shut her mouth so the plan can go smooth.
Tumblr media
Totally not like what I said was said right there 😃
Tumblr media
Aww how romantic its "US" (refering to thier comrades but it isn't "Me" 3<
Tumblr media
How romantic is it to be horrified after heart the outrageous most inhumane plan? As if it wasn't proven the rumbling was done for all his comrades.
Tumblr media
Aww eren wants to stop the cycle of royals eating each other in which he hates & continues cycle of titans which he despises just how romantic is to be manipulated by ur lover 😃
Tumblr media
Wow historia teasing mikasa knowing mikasa was planing to have a family with eren with her hand on Mikasa's stomach. Seems about right that historia would do something like that with eren when she's aware of EM 's relationship especially to her friend mikasa. Isn't it funny how historia fans ship her with eren when she's an EM shipper herself? Lord 🤣 & the fact that YUMIHISU IS RIGHT THERE! Far more deeper ship & confirmed romantic feelings on Yimirs side. They have everything!
Not sure where the idea of EH came from as its a crack ship produced by fans with a stupid theory thats been debunked before the theory even happened. They got too attached to ANR & forgot about the actual story.
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fqiryspit · 2 days ago
𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐞𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐬 ; 𝐞.𝐣𝐚𝐞𝐠𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
𝘌𝘳𝘦𝘯 𝘹 𝘧𝘦𝘮!𝘳𝘦𝘢���𝘦𝘳 𝘓𝘦𝘷𝘪 𝘹 𝘧𝘦𝘮!𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳
Summary: 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐘/𝐧 𝐝𝐨 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐇𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐚 𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐠𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐄𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐬 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐝, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐚 𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐛𝐢𝐭 𝐭𝐨𝐨 𝐜𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐞?
cw: College!AU, Full smut, Vaginal Fingering, Oral Sex, getting absolutely railed, Relationship Problems, Love Triangles, Smut, Historia is pregnant with Erens baby, Eren and Y/n are together, Levi is with Petra, Sad sex, Y/n is lowkey depressed, Eren is bad at feelings, Starbucks Levi, Levi is Bad at Feelings, Historia the Hoe, mega toxic, Toxic Eren.
Chapter 14: 𝘴𝘶𝘧𝘧𝘰𝘤𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨
you didn't get a wink of sleep.
sitting up from the scratchy hotel sheets you could feel a headache leak into your brain from your lack of sleep.
you decided to push through the day, whats one all-nighter gonna do?
you stretched as your backed ached from the hard matters, the curtains glowed with the warming hue of the sun on your skin. you yawned just to feel a lump in your throat and the incoming vomit that's about to pour out of your body.
you ran to the bathroom and released your insides, your body hung over the toilet as you coughed out the chunky mixture, getting some in your hair.
now you had to take a shower.
"You're late." Levi scowled 
"sorry" you sighed out, your wet hair roughly thrown up into a low bun with a tight gray long sleeve shirt -a black jacket over it as the top hugged your fresh bump a little too well- you turned your back and zipped it down slowly and quickly replaced it with the green apron, paranoid that Levi would notice the new bump -even tho it was so small no one would notice. yet, you were still afraid-
"What's up with you?"
fuck, he didn't notice your belly hump, but your strange attitude.
"Nothing." you answered shortly
his eyes didn't leave yours with brows that furrowed in concentration, trying to find anything that would tell what's wrong.
"I'm all ears" he pushed
"I'm good."
"A friend in need should-" "you really don't stop huh?" you smiled in disbelief as you stared into his dull gray eyes with his brows slightly raised at your outburst
"Sorry, didn't mean to pry"
"didn't mean to lash out" you started on the order while uncomfortable silence filled the small cafe
"I talked with Eren" you admitted
"everything." except his child that your carrying
"he just said sorry. that's a confession in itself" your half-lidded eyes stayed on the half-assed iced coffee you stirred up
"didn't you have all the evidence you needed?"
"Yeah. even a late-night confession to his 'sleeping girlfriend' " "fuck, I'm so sorry. He is such an idiot" he scoffed
you sighed and threw a random pastry into the microwave for it to warm up, you leaned onto the counter to finally look at Levi
"He doesn't deserve you." he mumbled but you caught it, taking it as a warm gesture instead of anything else
"Mm..." you hummed as your lips twisted into itself, in deep thought
"Want me to kick his ass?" the corner of your lip tugged up at his comment
"fuck yeah." you nodded
the next thing you know you're back at the grumpy hotel with a soggy sandwich and 6 missed calls from Eren.
you sighed and plopped the sandwich on the coffee table as you laid out on the bed, having no desire to eat.
ʳⁱⁿᵍ ʳⁱⁿᵍ
your phone binged and you groaned,
"Leave me the fuck alone Eren- oh." you saw Mikasas contacted pull up and you answered
"look, look, So...We are going out tomorrow, we are gonna get wasted and- and- dance and just have no care in the-"
"Woah, slow down Mika" you giggled
"no! you deserve so much more than that asshole has given you!"
"I'm not gonna let you rot in a random hotel because of him." your heart heated at her sudden protectiveness and thoughtfulness 
"so, tomorrow?" "Oh...uhm...yeah" she snapped you out of your thoughts 
"perfect. see you then babes"
after she ended the call you tossed your phone onto the bed and stared at the slimy sandwich still laying wrapped on the coffee table. 
you threw a hand over your eyes and fell back into the bed
so many things are happening, you're not sure if you can handle all of them at once.
you decided to try and tackle one thing and a time and hopped into the searing hot shower, soothing your aching muscles 
 you tried to keep your eyes open but with the hot sizzling shower, and the steam rising up, you just got sleepier and sleepier until you decided to step out and lay on the bed, robe still wrapped around your body as you drifted off to sleep.
until you woke up.
your eyes busted open to see a message from Eren
the first minute of sleep you've had. and he texted you.
"just another reason to hate him" you mumbled as his message disappeared and your screen went black
and then again, another sleepless night.
"the order."
your eyes blurred and your ears rung
"Y/n get the order"
your body felt like it was slowly swaying back and forth when suddenly a hand was on your shoulder and your ears snapped as your vision focus
"Y/n?" "oh...you scared me" you mumbled as you looked down at the ingredients you had laid out, trying to remember the task you had and hand
"Hey, are you okay?" "Mhm...what was the order" "just...a vanilla iced coffee- hey, are you sure everything alright?" 
"yeah" you brushed him off
you swallowed thickly, the feeling of sickness rising up from your stomach
"what uhm- size was the drink?" you clear your throat
"grande..." Levi's eyes examined your face, worry written on his features
you nodded at his answer, whispering it to make sure you got it. 
"I'm gonna use the bathroom" you suddenly walked off, heading towards the restroom
you leaned into the toilet. vomiting everything you ate, just to stare at the clear liquid, reminding yourself that you didn't eat breakfast 
you bit your lip, feeling your eyes burn at your sudden realization that you've been so caught up in trying to take care of this mess you forgot to take care of yourself
"Y/n? are you okay" Levi's voice chimed in, his palm making with the door as he banged on it
you quickly wiped your mouth and stood up, unlocking the door to see a concerned Levi 
"Okay, what's going on?" he asked in a stern voice, rambling on but you didn't listen, only to stare into his eyes and have the truth slip from your mouth
"I'm pregnant"
Chapter 15
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