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#attack on titan
tnxgodimginger · 2 days ago
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Stargazing from the Wall
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animepopheart · a day ago
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★ 【kyomitsu】 「 進撃の巨人猫ver. その3 *ネタバレ注意* 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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saveyourt3ars · 2 days ago
Levi is the sort of person to hope. He hopes that you’re free to hang out. Hopes that you drive home safe. Hopes he can hug you tight the next time he sees you. Hopes you’re out there doing well. Hopes you’ll text him back. More than anything, he always hopes that you’re okay and that you're safe.
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dailylevilove · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
snk #41: “Trust”
“Goddammit, it makes me sick. Nobody knows a damn thing about this world... Not us or anyone else. Except for those bastards at the center of it all.”
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nelapanela94 · 2 days ago
When you and Levi started dating few months ago, you knew the ravenette wasn’t the typical lover. He showed you how much he loved you and cared for you through his actions and physical touch instead of words. Due to your hectic schedules, you weren’t able to spend as much time as you wanted together during the day; but every evening you would sneak into his office, sit next to him with your head resting on his shoulder while he finished his paperwork.
Mornings with you, however, were Levi’s favorite part of the day. Waking up in each other's arms, and feeling your warm skin against his brought the comfort he needed. He’d wake you up by peppering kisses all over your face while you’d whine begging for five more minutes by his side, to what he would comply. Spoiled brat. He’d never admit it, though; but he loved those five more minutes with you.
And all of the sudden, Levi had become distant towards you. He tried to avoid you, and whenever you had the chance to ask him what was going on, he simply evaded your questions. He claimed he had too much work to handle, but you weren’t buying his shitty excuses. Thus, one evening you were determined to get the explanation you deserved.
"Hey" You entered his room and found him sitting at the edge of his bed, steel gray orbs glued on the floor.
"Hey" He murmured, not even bothering to glance at you. Your brows drew together into a frown as you approached him, taking a seat right next to him.
"I think you owe me an explanation" You calmly said giving him an inquiry look, patiently waiting for an answer.
Levi sighed, covering his eyes with his hands. There was no place to hide anymore. With gentleness, you took his hands off his face, unveiling his red, teary eyes.
"What's wrong, Levi?" your thumbs tenderly caressed the back of his hands.
“You deserve someone better than me” His voice trembled. He turned his head to the side, refusing to look into your eyes. He hated feeling exposed and defenseless in front of you, but he couldn't contain his emotions any longer. “You know I can't give you the life you deserve”
You stood up and wrapped your arms around him in a tight, warm embrace as he pressed his head against your chest.
"And what makes you think that?" You asked sweetly, raking your fingers through his silky hair.
“Your family... I heard the news. It’s all my fault”
“Oh! You mean... that”
You and your family were the talk of town because you, the daughter of a well-known merchant family from Ehrmich, had turned down flat the son of a noble man who’d asked your hand. Your parents, hurt and disappointed, made the decision to disown you. Stripped of your rights, you couldn’t care less. You didn’t regret your choice; you didn’t care about the businesses, the money, the fine dresses and jewelry. You were well aware that your life wouldn’t be easy and luxurious anymore, but with Levi you already had everything you wanted and needed in life.
“I ruin everything, (name)” Levi mumbled. “I’m not worthy of love. I’m not worthy of your love”
“It’s not your fault” you said, your heart shattering at his harsh words. “It was my decision; I knew what I was doing. I knew it was a possibility. But none of that matters as long as I have you”
When Levi finally looked up at you, he found that your shirt was already moistened by his tears. “Sorry to wet your clothes.”
You shrugged and cupped his face in your hands. "Levi" You planted a kiss on his forehead before giving him a second hug. He'd never say it, but he felt at home in your arms. "I'll say 'I love you' every day to make sure you don't forget you're very much loved in this world"
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jaegereism · a day ago
omg you know the adorable kiss headcanons you did for the bnha boys? could I please request something similar with the aot guys?
thanks for requesting, baby. i hope you like these. ♡
Tumblr media
Warnings: fluff, french-kissing
Characters: eren jaeger, armin arlert, jean kirstein, reiner braun, porco galliard, levi ackerman
Tumblr media
Eren’s kisses are vulgar and animalistic. Whether it is a heated make out session, lazy morning kisses, or playful tongue wrestling. He demands your absolute attention and gives you the same in return. He often grabs your face, ensuring that you meet his gaze. He might even push your cheeks together to bluntly slide his tongue inside your mouth, barely giving you any time to adjust.
Armin’s kisses are tender and sensual. He enjoys getting lost in the moment and prefers that you do the same. He either cups your cheek or gently rubs your lips before connecting them to his. His kisses are usually extremely gentle since he fears crossing your boundaries. However, it is difficult for him to hide his flushed cheeks and desperate moans if you initiated a heated kiss.
Jean’s kisses are frisky and spontaneous. He usually lightens up the mood before kissing you, regardless of how dark or gloomy your days have been. He either compliments you or tickles until you are begging him to stop. He pins your hands above your head and begins exploring your mouth like the Casanova he is. His kisses escalate rather quickly and you guys often end up making love in the end.
Reiner’s kisses are steady and intimate. He is not one for grand gestures, but his simple kisses reveal a lot about his feelings. He usually gives you short but meaningful kisses in public, because he wants to keep the long and sensual ones for when you are in private. “I love you, y/n.” “You’re amazing.” “I am nothing without you.” He often whispers sweet nothings against your swollen lips.
Porco’s kisses are dazzling and extravagant. Unlike Reiner, he is a big fan of PDA. He enjoys when the both of you are the center of attention. He kisses you oh so theatrically to show others what they are missing out on. Yes, he enjoys showing you off to the world. He often walks up to you while you are conversing with your friends and pulls you by the waist for a grand kiss, leaving you and your friends flustered.
Levi’s kisses are soulful and feverish. Lip-locks with Levi are quite rare, since he is socially awkward and mostly kisses your forehead on occasions you are feeling down. However, once in a while he allows himself to lose restraint and kiss you with all his fervor. He is not good with words, but his kisses exhibit all of his unspoken emotions and desires.
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kyojuuros · a day ago
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I wonder if there was any other choice we could have made. Maybe this was set in stone from the start. Still, I can’t help but think... what if... that day... I chose another answer? Then, maybe it wouldn’t have come to this...
For @myukasa. Happy Birthday, Chiara! 
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leviskata · a day ago
mile high club with levi <333
Mile High Club; Levi Ackerman
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: Levi makes flying a little more bearable for you ;)
✧ pairing: sugar daddy levi x f!reader
✧ includes: NSFW! detailed smut, established relationship, semi-public sex, daddy kink, degradation kink, praise kink, mentions of breeding kink, tummy bulge, unprotected sex (stay safe!), little aftercare
✧ a/n: a nice warm up for kinktober! thank you for the request, anon! I will try to publish all the remaining requests by the end of September too so :))))
*Mile High Club: a euphemism that refers to a highly unofficial group, composed of those who have had sex in an airplane in transit.
✧ wc; 3,332
Tumblr media
Your eight-hour flight was never going to be delightful, no matter how much free wifi you had. Even the shows or movies you've saved on your device won't keep you awake for more than five minutes.
“Levi...” Your voice came out impatient to your partner who currently read through emails on his laptop screen with a cup of hot tea in hand.
It was no secret that he was a wealthy man. His luxurious Cessna Learjet 60 midsize private cabin says otherwise, which you are currently on right now for a small getaway to the Mediterranean seas
“Yes, baby?” Jacket loosely hung over his shoulders, Levi flawlessly shrugs it off before cracking his knuckles and turning to you. “I'm bored.” You simply answered.
He then reaches for the nearby intercom, pressing on the button before talking into the speakers. “What time do we land?” He asks before a brief moment of silence lingered the space. “Still about four hours, sir.” The pilot answers.
“Alright.” Levi sighs, reaching for his laptop screen then shutting it close. He slides off his booth to sit beside you on the leather seat, gently scooping you in his arms.
“Leave us.” He spoke to the nearby butchers and they immediately obliged, heading to the doors of the jet lounge and shutting them off, giving you your privacy.
His expression was positively devilish when your eyes met. He appeared to be undressing you with his looks, radically changing the dynamic between you two from the sweet one you'd enjoyed previously. You squirmed a little in your seat as his gaze traced over you in a way that made you throb.
Levi cautiously placed his hand over yours and then began to move it up. With an inquiry in his eyes, he gazed up at you. Do you wish to continue? The lights were turned off, and the space between you and him was pitch black. You returned his gaze and offered a small nod, allowing him to glide his hand up to his crotch. You could tell he was getting harder already, and you could tell he was well aroused even through his jeans.
You could feel his bulge against your stomach as he pressed into you. You murmured quietly into the kiss, his plump lips brushing across yours, leaving you gasping for air. He pushed his tongue into your mouth and stroked it up against yours as he moved in time with your hips when you started rubbing up against him, yearning for a bit of friction.
“A little eager, are we?” Levi asked, pulling away slightly to smirk at you. His voice was barely above a whisper, making it raspier than his regular voice. Your hands went down to his pants, fumbling with his belt buckle in response.
He smirked as a look of lustful desire took over his eyes. Levi pulled up the long sleeves of his white shirt over his forearms before he slid his hand into your skirt, keeping his lips pressed to your neck. As his fingers began to move in circles around her pulsing bundle of nerves, You couldn't help but release an errotic gasp.
Once you became accustomed to the feeling, you leaned her head back in pure bliss, closing your eyes. His fingers kept their rhythm, causing the heat in your in between your legs to only grow stronger.
“Aghhh, Mhmm, f-f-fuck me already!” His lips tugged into another smirk at your words, impressed yet laughing at how forward and desperate you were being.
“Naughty girl, what a fucking filthy mouth. You wanna put it into some good fucking use?” His breath hot on your neck, causing a chill to run down your spine. He adds another finger into the rhythm, spreading them apart inside of you, creating lewd, wet noises from your pussy.
Not wasting any time, Levi undid his trousers, pulling it off along with his underwear in one swift movement. The sight of his impressive length almost made you jump and ride him right then and there, but he wat fast to stop you with his strong arm.
“Patience, darling.” His hands pushed your shirt up, your cupped breasts under your bra was now exposed to him, his lips immediately latching onto your cleavage, prompting fervid moan from your sweet lips.
You reached behind to unclasp your bra, but you were too late, as Levi already expertly unhooks them, letting your bare chest exposed to him once and for all.
“Turn around.”
You did as he said, his hands brushing against your skirt's waistband. He kissed your neck and pulled your panties down with them. The cabin was cool, but his hands on your now-bare hips felt like fire before he took them away.
Levi used both of his hands to spread apart your legs, allowing him to enter. He then slid his tip inside of you, before pulling completely back out. "So wet for me, [Name].” You gasped at his teasing actions, taking a handful of the blankets under you.
Levi slowly pulls out before sinking back in halfway, “So fucking tight, I'm gonna have to fuck this pussy more often. Shit!” He exclaims before pulling out and now pushing his full length back into you with full force. “Mhmm, Oh my god, AH!”
“So good.” He growled in your ear as he began rocking his hips into yours, creating an obscene sound throughout the cabin with every meet of your skin and hips.
His deep grunts mixed with his shaft hitting your G-spot with every thrust only made your stomach knot, growing more and more heated by the second passing. "Fuck, daddy," you whimpered.
Levi then pushed your shoulders down, and pulling your ass further up, making for a better angle to pleasure you from; and it was effective. He was now able to completely fill you up so your hips would touch with every thrust. You threw your head back, eyes closing, and lips apart, all focused on the intense bliss he was causing you.
"You feel that?" He asks, taking your right hand in his, guiding them down your lower stomach wherein you felt a growing bulge with every thrust. “Daddy's right there, slut. You feel how good you're taking me? F-fuck! Might as well just breed and cum into this pr-pretty pussy.” As his pace quickened, and so did your climax.
You knew with the angle he was working from, the pace he was going with, and how deep he was going, it would completely consume you faster and harder.
"Shit, I'm close," You muttered, beginning to touch yourself to intensify your orgasm. "Fuck, baby, me too," He agreed, actually letting you pleasure yourself and watching as you do so.
His last few thrusts were slower, yet harder than the rest, completely sending you over the edge. As your climax hit, his did too, pulling out of you completely and quickly laying you on your back, then spilling his release onto your stomach.
When he collapsed on top of you, Levi nuzzled his face into your neck as he grunted into your shoulder, eyes squeezing shut, trying to contain your cries of satisfaction.
“That's a good girl...” Levi reaches for one of the mini warm towels, carefully cleaning the filth off of your bodies. “Daddy fucking loves you.” You smile with heavy eyes as you felt him throw a warm blanket over you bare body. “I'm pretty sure that's enough to fuck you into sleeping, brat. Good night.”
Achievement Unlocked– Welcome to the Mile High Club...
Tumblr media
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xsugarysweetsx · a day ago
Twenty eight 😀
Tumblr media
Fact; Levi is the most emotional person in Aot
Please enjoy~🍰
{Modern Au}
The night was cold outside but the room was warm and buzzing. It was the start of December, with snow laying a blanket along the streets and buildings. Meanwhile, Levi, you and your newest addition were in a warm room. He was born just 3 days ago and Levi was over the moon.
He never would have thought he'd be here. Not only married but now a father, it felt like a dream. If it was he didn't want to wake up. You were both in your shared bed with Eli resting on your thighs. Your head was resting on his shoulder as you bot caress and stare at your son.
"He's got your scowl," you giggle gently poking his cheek making his eyebrows knit slightly together "it's cute."
"I guess so, but he has your eyes," he said laying a peck to your temple "one of my favorite things" he whispered
Levi wasn't one to show emotions openly. However, what a lot of people didn't know was very emotional but private. During your pregnancy, Levi was so gentle and caring. You honestly cried more because of the things he said and did for you. When you had taken the test he hugged you tightly and thanked you for "giving him the family he never had"
He loved to lay his head on your stomach while you combed through his hair. He had a lot of turmoil in his life and you made so many emotions blossom in him. You brought him so much happiness, some sadness, and everything in between. He honestly felt so alive to be with you. Add in marriage and a baby? If he had to stay in his little world with you for the rest of his life, he would. This was absolute bliss.
And after birth only made it all the more heartwarming. After the long hours of labor you open your eyes to a beautiful sight, in fact, it was still the screen-saver on your phone. He was walking about the room holding your son in his hands, gently speaking to the babe
"You're just so perfect...I wonder who you'll be, what you'll do, I just hope you're like your mother," you then hear a sniff from Levi, he was crying "I just, love her so much...she went through so much just to bring you here. *Snif* I love you so much, Eli" as he gently kissed his head.
"Ooo look, he's opening his eyes!" you nudge Levi as you adjust yourself a bit "hi baby, hi Eli, did you sleep well?" you ask as Eli looked around the room and between you and Levi as if trying to put a puzzle together "Here Levi take him,"
You say as you pick up Eli and carefully hand him over to his father. Levi cradles him in his hold, supporting his head enough to be met face to face with him.
"Hey there brat, you get your laziness from your mother, only she sleeps that long in a day" you playfully slap his shoulder "But you have her eyes and her cute pout when she's woken up."
It was true, he was the spitting image of Levi but the smaller details were all from you. His eyes, the little pout which was Levi's favorite thing now he had two of them. He also had all your little moles on his face just like you did.
"Y/N?" he called your attention
"I just...I'm thankful to have you in my life. On top of that, you were willing to stay with my ass and even give me a son. I've lost so many people, I've been through hell..a-and you found me.." he said as his voice cracked, he tucked Eli into the crook of his arm "I just love you so fucking much and I-I don't know where I'd be without you or Eli. I-I've never felt so much love like the day we married or the day you gave birth..." pulling you in his embrace with Eli as he let his tears fall freely
"I just want to stay here with you forever.."
"Oh Levi...we'll never leave you" you reassure him laying a kiss on his cheek "I know it's been hard but, it's over now, and we're happy. You, Eli, and me"
"Yeah *sniff* we are. Aren't we Eli?" he asked looking down at the baby as he yawned. This was exactly where he wanted to be. Maybe it's not how he started off..but he would be damned if it were any other way
I hope you enjoyed!♥️
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nerdy-philosophy · 2 days ago
I've watched some gay anime lately and I'm curious about the stereotypes. Why is it that every ship consists of an angsty boy with black hair and a blond or redhead boy who's either a compleate airhead or a fucking genius.
You know who I'm talking about...
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fullrebelstrawberry · 2 days ago
eren who runs across the road near your college just to give you a peck on the lips. he spots you chatting with hitch when he's going to the library to get some project done with armin. he doesn't care he's running 15 minutes late from the scheduled time, and might definitely get an earful from his blonde buddy. all that matters is he got to kiss you for 'motivation boost' and not just to have a taste of your freshly applied cherry chapstick lips <3
he just needs to see his baby girl who have herself in his favourite hoodie up close <3
it's eren. he'd climb a mountain just to gives you smooches <3
aww adorb little (cutesy) eren and you. you surely won't stop getting teased by hitch in the next few days.
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