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#attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
thatadhdfeeling · 8 hours ago
Is researching my newly diagnosed ADHD, spending hours on the ADHD side of Tumblr, and writing long blog posts and saying "Because of my ADHD..." to my friends me coming to terms with my disorder in a healthy and uplifting way....
Or is it yet another hyperfixation that I'll drop like a stone in a couple of weeks or months?
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thatadhdfeeling · 9 hours ago
I'm not sure which is worse:
Going almost 3 decades knowing you're struggling through life more than your peers and that you're very different from them, but not understanding the reason for it
Seeing yourself struggle with a disability and being so consciously aware of it
Sometimes I just want to be neurotypical for 5 minutes.
Don't get me wrong, I love my quirks, I have abilities others don't have thanks to my ADHD, and both medication and cognitive behavioural therapy are useful tools to help.
But sometimes I just want 5 minutes
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thatadhdfeeling · 10 hours ago
Whenever asked if I've ever done drugs:
I have ADHD. When speed didn't work, I was prescribed meth. What's the answer you're looking for?
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thatadhdfeeling · 10 hours ago
I am a Twitch streamer.
Yesterday while playing Phasmophobia, I was hiding behind a bed from a ghost. A BED! The ghost opened the bedroom door! How I didn't die I haven't a clue. It was very stressful.
I looked over at my chat saying "You're gonna die. Wait... HOW DID YOU NOT DIE?" Oh look, someone redeemed hydrate. Good call my dude, that fear gave me a very dry mouth.
Through all of this is did not notice my friend joining my chat and saying hi to me. The colours of everyone in chat blended together and I couldn't differentiate him from someone else with the same colour, so I failed to acknowledge him when he said hello. He even has a number of unique badges in front of his name, including a VIP one from me.
Why does my brain do that? My planners, my calenders, my study notes, my doodles, and my scribbles on the whiteboard at work are all in different colours so each item stands out from the others and I can identify the type of thing written based on its colour. For example, on my calendar, my streams are written in green, my work shifts are in red, any appointments are in blue.
Why can my brain not tell two different things of the same colour apart? This is so frustrating! And I feel terrible that I missed my friend's greeting in my chat because nobody deserves to be ignored like that in front of others.
I can't differentiate two different lines of text of the same colour in a moment of stress and it frustrates me that my brain does that.
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adhdnap · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
One thing I don't like about this test, (apart from all the questions basically bing "how does your potential disorder inconvenience everyone around you") is that it doesn't include the combined type in the results
Obviously this shouldn't be taken too seriously as it's an online test, but still. Bothers me a bit.
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ittakesrain · 19 hours ago
Heyyyyy Why can I learn more about adhd and mental illness/ neurodivergence in general on TikTok than I can by trying to do online research. When I google adhd there a few key things I want to see explained. Executive dysfunction should come up when I google it. Period. So should things that go beyond basic nonsense you heard about from the Karen with the 8 year old son who has a dx (nothing against anyone in that situation but that’s not the norm it is a wide array of symptoms and like uHhahbg). Like you might say “you just have to really dig deeper and do more than just google. And okay fine. But is that not Bullshit?!?! I can’t express my emotions helpP
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adhdnap · a day ago
I want to take a nap but i also want to game but i also want to catch up on some studies but i can't get off the couch.
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acereader · a day ago
Hello people with adhd i suspect i might have adhd but im also stressing about if im overreacting so can you please help me like tell me symptoms, and which symptoms to tell the doc, etc
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I’ve discovered my brain, much like a toddler, likes to talk in the background. I usually tune out but sometimes I come back like
‘Hm? What was that little buddy?’
‘Menial beanial’
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dazes-on-dazes · 3 days ago
05.04.21 - Art Nouveau
My computer decided to kill itself, its fixed now but I didn't have it for a good week. And what a shitty week that was, I put a lot of importance on this thing. All my files were intact, thankfully, and I got to finish my Surrealism project -
Tumblr media
I'm actually quite proud of it, I finally figured out what layers do and how to use them. My tablemate during critique said it looked finished too. We're starting Art Nouveau now, and I'm probably gonna go the easy route and turn in thinly-veiled fanart.
Bass is going well too, I'm learning pretty steadily. However I broke my nail down to the cuticle on my thumb earlier and it really hurts when pressed, I hope it heals before Friday.
I got switched over to Concerta from Vyvanse a little while ago, and I think it's working better for me, I don't feel shitty and I can actually focus sometimes. My thoughts have slowed down a bit and everything.
I can only hope it stays that way.
- Morrigan
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watermite · 4 days ago
the true adhd experience is finally getting an academic accommodation because of your adhd but FULLY FORGETTING YOU HAVE IT, also because of your adhd. classic.
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adhdconfusion · 4 days ago
Me: *tells someone that I have ADHD, as well as a few examples of what it does so they understand what I’m saying better*
Them, every single time, without fail:
“Just focus more.”
“We all get a little distracted sometimes.”
“Wouldn’t setting an alarm fix your problem?”
“Just write stuff down.”
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I’m having horrible sensory issues right now and the phone is making it worst but I can’t stop scrolling ahh 😩
I went to the store.. it was hot... I’m usually a really cold person so I took jeans a sweater a normal shirt socks and some memory foam sketchers... my feet were hot and the memory foam made it worst and the jacket was hot and the store in general was how and this door by the back kept ringing and mom spent like 20 minutes there looking for some shorts. And the speakers kept going from music to the intercom to loud and soft. And it was hot and my feet burnt and it was crowded and my mom didn’t wear normal socks she decided to take the really puffy socks so she couldn’t try on shoes so I had to take of my socks and give them to her and I hate leaving my feet out and about so I put inside the very uncomfortable very how shoe without socks and she also KEPT TEXTING WITH MY AUNTS AND LIKE lady please you’re telling me to do something plz don’t make me wait and prolonging the uncomfortable situation. And so I got home and MY DOG KEEPS FRWAKKNG BARKING AT THE OUTSIDE CUZ MY DAD CAME HOME AND HIS BARK IS THE MOST HIGHPITCHED ANOYYING SOUND EVER! And I hate white lights but then I hate the yellow ones to and I hate the bathroom noise thingy and they always leave my doors open and they turn on the annoying hallway light and it’s just directly at my eyes and I am going to die cuz my whole head is ringing HEEEEEEELP
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catastrophic-sapphicc · 5 days ago
my brain was so overloaded and overstimulated today that i legit fell asleep while doing my math homework. my brain didn’t even have the time for executive dysfunction it just said POWER OFF
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jjbaebank · 6 days ago
damn i hate adhd
on the topic of this, im thinking of telling my friends i have it.i’ve spent so long pretending that i dont (not that they thought i did) by discreetly asking how long we had for tests so i could pretend i didn’t get extra time, try to make excuses for why i took the tests in a separate room... because i hated the idea that i was different from them and i thought accepting my adhd means that they’ll look at me a different way or something. but now, whatever. i’ve realized that my adhd is a part of me, and yeah, it makes “simple” things really fucking hard for me. and i shouldn’t be ashamed of it just so i seem the “same” as my friends. however, i also don’t want to make it seem like a big deal. so idk how im gonna tell them without making it seem like a huge, taboo thing. well we’ll see
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adhdconfusion · 7 days ago
Person: “What do you mean you didn’t retain anything you just read?”
Me: “The brightness was too high.”
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