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comradekatara · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
people have pointed out before that zuko probably didn't actually know any of the gaang's names before joining their group. according to the data i've collected, it is unclear as to whether zuko knew any of their names before "the boiling rock," in which he addresses sokka by name multiple times. at no point in the show does he refer to toph, suki, or momo by name.
i find it particularly funny that zuko only seems to refer to katara by name after sokka says her name during their conversation in his tent; the transcript for "the southern raiders" reads as follows:
Sokka: So what's on your mind?
Zuko: Your sister. She hates me! And I don't know why, but I do care what she thinks of me.
Sokka: Nah, she doesn't hate you. Katara doesn't hate anyone. Except maybe some people in the Fire Nation. No, I mean, uh, not people who are good, but used to be bad. I mean, bad people. Fire Nation people who are still bad, who've never been good and probably won't be, ever!
Zuko: Stop. Okay, listen. I know this may seem out of nowhere, but I want you to tell me what happened to your mother.
Sokka: What? Why would you want to know that?
Zuko: Katara mentioned it before when we were imprisoned together in Ba Sing Se, and again just now when she was yelling at me.
we can thus assume that zuko went into this conversation knowing katara only as "[sokka's] sister," heard sokka refer to someone named "katara," and finally connected the dots.
i think the gaang according to zuko is just "the avatar, the avatar's bison, the avatar's.... little rat thing, sokka, sokka's sister, sokka's girlfriend, and, yknow, uhhhhh, the little green one."
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You're not overreacting. You're not stupid. Your feelings are valid.
Please know that it's okay to feel this way. It's okay to be stressed, hurt, sad, overwhelmed.
You're gonna be okay. Take deep breaths.
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caringforourselves · 2 days ago
normalise doing things for people you care about without expecting anything in return.
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lennuieternel · 13 days ago
personally I think it is a bad habit of internet culture to reduce the role of books to mirrors exclusively and reduce them to material for consumption and projection of the self…I simply don’t see why it should be necessary to stress that there are other ways to engage with literary text. I consider the aforementioned approach to arise and gain popularity from the philosophy of easily digestible and widespread genre of books whose primary function is to sell and avoid being challenging at all cost in order to satisfy the reader who is seen as a passive consumer rather than a being capable of developing their own thoughts.
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writethatdown · 5 days ago
if you woke up late, your morning didn't go well, something unexpected happened at the beginning of the day and you are now sad and worried your day will be wasted, don’t worry. take a deep breath and start with where you left off. you can always start at any point of the day. you can start getting your life together at 5PM in case you were too tired and sleeping all day long. please don't give a bad 20 minutes or so of an incident the power to dictate the rest of the day. you dictate the energy you want. start wherever you want. rest when you need to. you got this ♡
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riredrhodyblog · 9 days ago
Now That Seán Tweeted An Official Date
A Friendly Request to the JSE Community:
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patchwork-rambles · a day ago
I know this is something my dash has been thinking about even if everyone's been focused on things on a character level but like.
c!Wilbur is so meta. Like he is desperate to be seen as a human person, he is afraid of everyone being "scared" of him, he is terrified of the idea that his actions and words can be twisted to absolve other characters of their wrongdoings and that people are just watching him and waiting for him to make a mistake so they can rip him to shreds. He thinks that c!Dream is in a better position because his punishment was more visible.
Like. It's. It's really sounding like. A commentary on the fandom's attitudes towards him and c!Dream.
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dilfoscarisaac · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think one of the reasons Star Wars is so lasting and makes such an impact is because it's talking about something that's happening within all of us – that battle between the dark and the light.
— OSCAR ISAAC, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge – Adventure Awaits
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royalhandmaidens · 20 days ago
Can I ask how mirialans are Muslim-coded in canon that doesn't include Barriss or Luminara wearing head coverings? Because not all Muslim women wear head coverings, and to insinuate that is THE defining characteristic of "Muslimness" doesn't sit right with me.
not a fan of the tone of this ask but i’ll go ahead and answer
barriss takes her name from a word that means peace, peaceful, or calm. it would be different if this was just strictly a word found in one culture but the name is also popular in many parts of west asia all the way to pakistan and is usually only found in predominantly muslim societies. many of us have names that are from arab or west asian backgrounds despite not belonging to those cultures ourselves - many names have evolved to become “muslim” names that are used by muslims all over the world and i believe that this is one of them. two of my own names are like this
barriss in the novels describes her beliefs about war in a way that’s almost exactly how the qur’an teaches us to approach warfare. she describes a moral code of warfare that sounds pretty similar to what we’re taught as muslims. part of the reason she grows to resent the jedi is because she saw this code being broken
in the jedi temple bombing arc, she’s shown to be praying and meditating to a statue of a deity directly after the bombing - a detail we don’t see anywhere else to my knowledge and a detail that really didn’t need to be there unless the creators were trying to tie in religiosity to her act of terrorism (which is a whole different discussion but i think we can all agree that this detail was added for a reason to a plot that already had some pretty heavy islamophobic themes to it)
Tumblr media
barriss is described in novelization as having a unique lightsaber style of fighting that only her and luminara know. this style is described as whirling in a trance like state, almost a dance - which sounds pretty darn similar to the whirling of sufi tradition - the same tradition my family follows
mirialan culture is described as deeply spiritual in their connection to the force, and they approach an understanding of the force in the same way i’ve heard my religious teachers speak of the divine
mirialan tattooing is very similar to examples of facial tattooing found in other predominantly muslim cultures, even if the practice has largely died out (although, disclaimer, tattooing isn’t part of our religion and belongs to the respective cultures. it’s my guess that it was appropriated for the aesthetic. facial tattooing is also practiced in various other traditions) but if you look at the pictures below you’ll see similar geometric patterns (examples i pulled are from north africa and afghanistan)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and though not all muslims cover (obviously), barriss and luminara do. it’s not a defining feature of “muslimness”, but in this case it was used to enforce a racist, islamophobic stereotype by a group of white dudes in post 9/11 america so that’s something to keep in mind
as far as canon examples go - though a lot of the novels regarding barriss have been decanonized, they were still part of the eu that was canon at the time tcw was being animated, to my knowledge
as we all know, much of GL’s space fantasy relied on the appropriation of real world cultures and religions. so many of us from said cultures and religions are able to see something and realize exactly where it came from because it’s ours
i see a lot of similarities here, similarities that go beyond just “she’s muslim cuz she has SCARF”, and similarities that i’ve been talking about and breaking down for ages
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