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#atyd sirius
whataloadofqueers · 10 hours ago
sirius : my brother is such an asshole, i just hate him so much
random gryffindor : you're right, fuck him
marauders : .......
sirius : *you* don't get to say that
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solacechild · a month ago
I have 82 problems and 75 of them would be solved if Harry was canonically raised by Sirius and Remus
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marauderstars · a month ago
Sirius: I hope they think I’m cool.
Remus: Who?
Sirius: *points to a dog across the road*
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dead-james-potter · 8 days ago
Marlene, angry: I just got back from the hair salon! They curled my hair when I wanted it straight!
Lily: Did you ask them to straighten it?
Marlene: No, but I didn't ask them to curl it either, did I?
Lily: You could of just asked for it to be straight.
Sirius, popping out of nowhere: My Mother asked for me to be straight but unfortunately....
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messers-moony · 4 months ago
Dangerous | S.B
Paring: Young!Sirius Black X Fem!Reader
Summary: Sirius Black falls for the female player at Hogwarts despite his friends warning that she’s dangerous.
Prompt: Wearing clothes in their favorite color.
Sirius Black had a thing for red and black clothing. Blame it on his house and his last name, but he absolutely adored the colors. Back at home, Sirius’ room was filled to the brim with the sultry red and shiny gold colors, paired with a brilliantly dark black. He despised the color green due to it being associated with his family. Anything having to do with his family he wanted no part of.
A trip to Hogsmeade was all it took for her to catch his eye. That same sultry red top - the color he loved oh-so-much - and black leggings to match. Doc Martens on her feet, creased and so obviously loved due to the scuffs. Sirius felt like he was in heaven. Of course, Y/n knew what she was doing. All around, school girls fawned over the sixth year. Sirius Black was a player, but so was she. She’d managed the most brutal guys in their year and above. Sirius Black would be easy.
James snapped in front of Sirius’ glazed eyes, “Mate! Come back to us!”
Sirius shook his head slightly, bringing his attention back to the three males in front of him, “What?”
“Staring at L/n?” James snickered, and Sirius scoffed, “Staring at Evans?” Sirius mocked.
Remus snorted, “She’s a player, Pads. She’ll rip your heart in two.”
“Two can play it that way.”
“She's dangerous.”
A roll of the raven-haired boy's eyes, “Bullshit.”
“Padfoot, we’re serious.” Remus warned, “Y/n is no joke. She’s all charisma.”
“We’re looking out for you, mate.” James stated with his hazel eyes pleading, “The last thing we want is a sulking Sirius.” Peter interjected.
Sirius made a noise of defeat. He continued to stare. Merlin, she was beautiful. The way her h/c hair fell from her head and her confident demeanor. It was no wonder why she managed everyone she wanted. But Sirius would be no fling to her. Despite her adventures with other men, he always stayed consistent. He was always haunting her mind in the worst time.
Y/n was powerful, and she knew it. The whole castle knew it. Y/n was a force to be reckoned with but to be wary of. A master of fake kindness and persuasion skills better than a salesperson. Wearing the dark maroon and black was the beginning of her plan to catch the eldest Black brother's eye. Hogsmeade turned out to be successful as she saw him gawking at her multiple times.
At the end of the day, she returned to her dorm with a bag from Honeydukes. Nothing was better than chocolate at 4 a.m. Maybe Sirius would think the same. Maybe Sirius would indulge in her late-night habits, or perhaps he’d despise them. Truthfully, Y/n was guarded and let no one in. But for him, she’d drop her walls.
A week passed since Hogsmeade and Y/n took a trip to the Astronomy tower to eat the chocolate she had bought a week ago. Climbing up the stairs, she heard a faint sniffling. Y/n wore a Gryffindor sweater, black pants, and black socks. Hair tied up in a messy updo. Y/n padded across the concrete floor to see a male sitting on the edge.
His knees to his chest as his body shook. Dark raven hair, almost blending in with the night sky. Pale skin glowing in the moonlight. White shirt and plain joggers - sleep attire. Perhaps he wanted to be alone? Y/n didn’t know what it was, but she sat beside him. She drew a chocolate bar from her pocket and set it between them. Pushing it slightly towards the crying boy.
The boy looked up. Y/n was met with familiar blue-grey eyes. They looked beautiful in the moonlight despite their glossy texture and red glaze. Y/n thought every part of him was beautiful. Sirius Black would forever be the prettiest boy she ever saw. Hesitantly Sirius took the chocolate delicacy and unwrapped it. Nibbling on it like a bunny with a carrot.
Y/n looked at the stars in front of them, “Hiding does no good, you know?”
Sirius looked confused, “Hiding from your problems? Not allowing yourself to get help?”
“I’m sure you’d like to be alone, but you need to talk. Maybe not to me but to James, or Remus, or Peter. I know they’d listen. They aren’t your friends for nothing.” Y/n explained, not sparing Sirius a glance, “It must be nice to have friends. I’ve lived in this castle for six years now, yet I have no one to lean on truly.”
“That isn’t true.”
Y/n turned to him; his voice was hoarse and cracked, “It isn’t?”
“How would you know?”
“Because I’m your friend.” Sirius confessed, “My friends say you’re dangerous.” He admitted after a moment of silence.
Y/n chuckled and looked back out to the sky, “People act as if I have claws. What if, in reality, I’m just a cat unwilling to trust?”
“I never really liked cats.”
“Okay, what if I’m a dog - scared and timid - and someone tries getting into my territory. What would that dog do then?”
“Defend themself.”
“Exactly. Maybe I’m that scared and timid dog just trying to defend myself. Protecting myself from heartbreak. Yet people mistake my protection for aggressiveness.” Y/n stated.
Sirius was still in his curled-up position, desperately wanting to understand, “Why are you afraid of heartbreak?”
“Because that’s all I’ve ever seen. My parents? Divorced. My brother and his wife? Divorced. No one in my family stays together long. They end up apart and heartbroken. It’s like I’ve been cursed.” Y/n answered.
Silence passed through the tower seamlessly, like a clock ticking time by. Sirius stared at her bewildered. His friends were wrong. She wasn’t dangerous. She was cautious and terrified. He uncurled his legs and moved beside her. Gently he reached out for her hand. Y/n found his hand to be slightly wet but disregarded it. Turning to face Sirius in the eyes, Y/n noticed his nervousness. Like a puppy trying to approach after getting yelled at.
“Do- Do you- Do you want to break the curse?” Sirius whispered, his breath hitting her cheek, “Wh- What?”
“Hogsmeade is in a week, and- and I’d- I’d like to take you if that’s alright.” Sirius replied, his breath smelt like the chocolate she’d given him.
Y/n swallowed, “But I’m dangerous.”
“You’re a puppy that’s scared and looking for a home, trying to survive. Let me give you shelter - a home.”
“You really want to try this?”
“If you promise not to run, then yes, let’s break your family's curse.” Sirius answered.
“I- I promise, but it will be hard. It’s been years since I’ve opened up to someone.” Y/n admitted, and Sirius gave her the softest smile she’d ever seen, “I’d wait till the end of time.”
Y/n’s eyes filled with tears, his thumb running over hers, “Then- Then let’s try this.”
Sirius smiled and let his lips wander to her cheek. Lingering for just a moment before wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Letting go of her hand to do so. Y/n’s head rested on his shoulder. Y/n was never dangerous - she was scared, and Sirius knew what it was like to be afraid. Sirius would wait until the ends of the earth if it took that long for her to be open with him. Sirius would prove that Y/n could call him her home. That Sirius could be her shelter from every danger. She’d no longer have to survive on her own. He’d be there every step of the way.
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mood-marauders · 2 months ago
James: mom, what’s an orgasm?
Sirius: that’s when you fold paper into birds dumbass
James: that’s oregano bitch-
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