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spinaroos-47 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Wanted to share the doodle from @toh-tagteam-au that i digitalized a few days ago
That hit really hard in the feels so i wanted to make it justice and work extra hard in the lighting/shading
[Click on the image for better resolution]
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dailyau · 2 days ago
You work in a call centre and I only agreed to take part in a quick phone survey because I was bored but now we've already been talking for two hours and I think I fell in love with your voice AU
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ciervo-robot · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
it’s September 20 which means that it’s basically halloween already 
( Design was made by @/pinatadoodles and @/le-poofe )
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m-rachlan · a day ago
When I'm not thinking about slow burn shit between characters that should be together, I'm thinking about the slow burn between my ideal version of myself and a character that deserved better
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khobnevac · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
OK BUT WHAT IF --- THORIN AND BILBO ARE GELFLINGS? The dwarves would be mainly from the Stonewood clan and the hobbits from the Grottan clan. The elves would clearly be from the Vapra clan and maybe Sifan The men would be from the Spriton, Drenchen, and Dousan clan. Hobbits would be Grottan simply for the fact that they are the least known and smallest clan. --- It would make more sense that the dwarves were Grottans, but they fit a little better with the Stonewoods. The Stonewood clan is known for having warrior gelflings and soldiers. And they have talent woth cobbling and toolmaking. SOOO... It fits a lil better with dwarfs.
Hobbits as such are not discriminated against like Grottan gelflings. But they fit well as that clan for being considered almost extinct or a myth like them. In the series, it is mentioned that the Grottans were originally put in those caves by the Skekses once they got rid of the Arathim. I like to think that something similar happened with the hobbits, knowing that their origins are unknown, almost the same as the Grottans.
Well, I just have that in mind now. But I really like the idea of an AU on this, if my brain decides to start working soon, I hope I can write something about this, even if it is short. I could draw more but I'm a little more excited about writing a one shot or something like that. I don't know --- someone should do it, and that someone is me??? I just finished watching the Netflix series and I got really excited about the story, it's beautiful. If you haven't had a chance to see The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, please give it a try, it's great.
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darkficsyouneveraskedfor · 17 hours ago
too much is never enough🏘32
Warnings: non-consent sex and rape; physical violence and abuse, mental abuse, parent on child abuse, manipulation/grooming behaviour, predatory but subtle, best friend’s dad trope; some elements not tagged for plot reasons so be wary
This is a dark!fic and explicit. 18+ only. It features dilf!silverfox!Thor (and possibly Loki later on). Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Synopsis: your return home for the summer after your first year of college to find that little has changed or gotten better in your fractured family.
Note: Monday again.
Thanks to everyone for reading and thanks in advance for all your feedback. :)
I really hope you enjoy. 💋
<3 As usual, I’d appreciate if you let me know what you think with a like or reblog or reply or an ask! Love ya.
Tumblr media
You left Reynard at the bottom of the stairs. You’d faced Loki before and as much as you dreaded it this time, he already showed his hand. He played his desperation off as displeasure but you were learning to read him. You knew too much about these Odinsons and their games.
You didn’t knock, didn’t hesitate, as you entered. At first, you didn’t see Loki as you shut the door. You went to the closet and pulled out a long silky nightgown. You ignored him as you went to the bed. He stood and neared you as you laid out the sleepwear and began to strip. If he thought this was how he’d get to you, he was more delusional than you thought.
He stopped you as you stepped out of your jeans, his hand firm on your wrist as he forced you to looked at him. You stood strong and glared into his green eyes.
“Enough,” he squeezed, “you’ve made your point.”
And what’s that? you thought, jutting your chin out derisively without a word.
“You act like a child,” he admonished, “I won’t have it.”
You rolled your eyes and tried to pull away from him. He kept hold of you and swiped away the night gown from the top of the bed. You brought your hand up and he caught your other arm. He clung to you and walked you backwards against the bed.
“I have ways of making you talk,” he snarled as he shoved you.
You flew back and landed on the bed with a bounce. Before you could sit up, he was atop you. You wrestled with him as he grunted and growled, lashing out as he angled you around on the bed. You wriggled as he kept you trapped beneath him, straddling your middle as he bent over you and reached over the edge of the mattress.
He pulled up a strap and wound it around your wrist and then forced the other against. He bound them tightly and sat back to watch you squirm, his chest puffing in anger as you kicked out. He sidled back and grabbed your leg. He continued to the foot of the bed and tied down your ankle, then took your other and pulled your legs wide.
“Pet, you have the power to stop me,” he taunted as he got to his feet, “say the word.”
You shook your head and tugged until your body ached. He chuckled and crossed the room. You watched his shoulders as he searched the top drawer of his dresser and returned to you with a long blade. You held your breath, ready for its bite, and flinched as he slid it under the strap of your bra.
He snapped each then sliced through the thick band between the cups. He tore the fabric away and cut your panties away in turn. You gritted your teeth and closed your eyes. It took you back to the hotel, the same fear, though all that naivety had since evaporated.
The bed jostled beneath his movement and you focused on breathing, focused on making it through. He wouldn’t do this. He would take your anger from you. He wouldn’t see how deep the cracks really were.
You listened to the rustle of fabric and wrapped your fingers around the thick leather strap. He crawled between your legs and tickled your thigh as he pushed his knees against them. He slid two fingers along your folds and spread them so the cool air grazed your cunt. 
A sudden buzz surrounded you and made you gasp as the vibrations pressed to your clit. You sucked in your bottom lip and bit down as the toy rippled through your core and you dug your nails into the heel of your hand. Your muscles tensed and your body racked over the smooth duvet.
“Speak to me, pet,” he goaded, “all you have to do is talk.”
You pushed your chin up and heaved. He circled the toy around your bud until the tendrils stretched down your thighs and coiled around your spine. A pressure settled over your chest and plucked at your voice box. You wanted desperately to cry out as you neared your climax.
Then he stopped. You didn’t move as the room fell silent but he remained as he was, firmly between your legs. You peeked out beneath your lashes and he snickered as he tapped his fingers along your sensitive skin. You winced and brought the toy up to admire the sheen of your pleasure.
“Another chance, pet? I would love to hear whatever you have to say,” he smirked.
You squeezed your eyes shut and clamped your lips. He exhaled and the buzz began again. He traced along your vee and once more toyed with your clit. He flicked the tip of the vibe deliberately and you spasmed, close to reaching your apex.
You shuddered as you were ready to explode but he stopped. Again. You held in a whimpered and lifted your head. You grimaced at him as your eyes snapped open and he dragged the toy across his tongue and hummed.
“You don’t taste as good as you sound, pet,” he said, “I can feel it… you’re close.”
You grunted through your teeth and dropped your head. You writhed as you tried to escape the strap but the leather merely cut into your flesh. He started again as the tingle began to fade away and the waves began to swell over you, ready to crash as the vibration pinpointed on your throbbing clit.
When he stopped a third time, you whined. He pinched the inside of your thigh and clicked the toy off. He dropped it and let it roll against your leg. You gulped as you looked down at him, your eyes roving his figure without permission. 
His dick bobbed before him hungrily as he shifted back to grab at the straps around your ankles. The subtle lines of muscle in his stomach drew your gaze and you admired his taut physique. Even at his age, he maintained rather well. You envied him even but more so, you longed for him.
“Do you know what you’ve done to me, pet? I’ve never been made to wait like this,” he said as he undid the straps, “I would never wait for any.”
He grasped your ankles and flipped you over harshly. Your stomach hit the mattress as he pulled your legs apart and moved between them, your arms twisted above you. You kept your fingers around the leather as he lifted you as just a little and dragged two fingers along your cunt. He pushed inside and you bit the pillow to keep from whimpering.
He slipped his fingers in and out of you several times then drew them out, framing your cunt as he pressed his tip to your entrance. He eased into you just an inch at a time. He curled his fingers around your hip as he impaled you slowly. He didn’t let up until he was completely buried and lingered in you as your walls clenched around him.
“Say my name,” he growled as he slid his hand up your side.
You murmured but said nothing. He leaned his weight onto your back as he pinned you down. He pulled back and rammed into you, stilling again as you arched your back deeper. You hissed and shook your head.
“Say my name, pet,” he demanded with another sharp thrust.
Your voice crackled in your throat and you croaked. You planted your knees and lifted your ass and he sank deeper. He slapped your ass and you groaned.
“Say my name!” He reared and slammed into you so hard it made your brain rattle.
“Loki!” you hollered, “oh, fuck!”
“Again!” he snapped his hips once more.
“Loki,” you squealed and his motion slowly built, each time he rocked, you cried out his name, “Loki, Loki, Loki--”
He grabbed the back of your head and your shoulder and forced your face into the pillow. He pummeled you without relent as the clap of flesh echoed around you. Your heavy pants overwhelmed your voice and your pathetic moans were muffled in the fluffy pillow.
He reached under you and retrieved the toy and clicked it back to life. He rolled it against your cunt and you mewled into the pillow. Your thighs quaked as you came around him, finally plummeting into the abyss of oblivion.
His pants filled your head as he fucked you harder and harder, sending torrents of agonized pleasure through your body. He paused as he bent over you, his hand cupping the vibe against your cunt as he lifted his knees and placed them outside of yours. He pushed your legs together with his so that your cunt hugged him.
You felt even fuller as he began to rock, his hot breath seeping down your neck as he jerked his hips violently. He snaked his hand around your throat and forced your head up, pressing his cheek to yours as his other hand clicked the toy to the next setting and sent you spinning once more.
Your orgasm tumbled down and chased all the strength from your body. Loki kept his motion as he squeezed your neck and you choked as you bent your legs around his. He bounced you against the mattress as he frantically fucked you into the mattress.
He swore as he came, his body quivering and tensing as his hips stuttered wildly. He drew out his strokes, long and tantalizing, as he rode out his climax. He stilled and let his weight rest over you. You struggled to catch your breath as his heat suffocated you, his chest pattering against your back.
You trembled as you felt the world falling down on you. It felt as if you were being smothered as the afterglow faded and reality dragged you deeper into the sea of despair. The highs never lasted and sent you spiraling back into the lowest depths. 
Your chest pounded with panic as sweat needled at your scalp. You yanked on the straps and tried to force Loki off of you. He purred and ran his hand over your side.
“More, pet?” he slithered.
“Get off,” you whispered, “get these off of me.”
“Darling,” he said as his fingers danced on your skin.
“I mean it,” you barely held back the sob, “please, get them off!”
He moved slowly. He climbed off of you and picked loose the knots of the leather. You slid your hands free as soon as you could and sat up. You stumbled as you stood and shivered as you felt him drip down your thighs. You staggered towards the bathroom and closed yourself in as your chest beat furiously.
You locked the door and turned to lean weakly against the counter. You gulped at air as the panic erupted inside of you and tears spilled down your cheeks. You gasped and sucked in air as you began to hyperventilate. You lifted your head and look at yourself, horrified by the mess that stared back.
You counted as you struggled to calm yourself. You didn’t want him to hear. Didn’t want him to know how fragile you truly were. You focused on the numbers and the in and out of your breaths. Finally, you were able to wipe away the tears.
“Darling,” the rap came on the door as you rinsed your face and then between your legs, “are you unwell?”
You wanted to snarl, to scoff, to rip open the door and laugh in the face. Were you unwell? Why would he even ask? 
You dried off and went to the door. You rested your hand on the knob and flipped the lock back. You slowly opened it and he stepped back to let you out. You looked at him then at the room. You stooped to grab your nightgown from where he tossed it and pulled it over your head.
“You got what you want,” you said curtly, “so, I’m fine.”
You worked at straightening out the bed. You grimaced at the slimy mess on the duvet and bunched it up. You shoved it into the hamper and crossed the room.
“Where are you going?” Loki asked as he hovered along your peripheral.
You didn’t answer and strode out into the hall. You peeked through several doors before you found the linen closet and returned. You threw the new coverlet over the bed and he pulled it straight from the other side. You climbed up onto the mattress and fell back with a lofty thump.
“Darling,” he got up on the other side of the bed, “if you talk to me--”
“About what?” you huffed, “tell me, Loki, what should I say?”
“I… I don’t know,” he uttered, “I’ve tried. I’ve done everything I can to be certain my brother doesn’t--”
“You think he’s the only problem? Do you truly think you are any better? Why? Because you put a ring on my finger? And why did you do that? Because of him. Not because I have any value beyond your plaything. What am I gonna do in a year when you go back to fucking women by the truckload, huh? Or when you decide that this was all good fun but you never really cared about anything but your dick?” You spat as you pushed yourself up, “you’re just going to give me right back to him to keep me off your plate.”
“Is that what you think?” he blinked.
“What am I supposed to think?” you sneered, “tell me.”
He stared at you, his eyes searching and his lips twitched. You frowned and dropped back with a heavy sigh.
“Why the fuck are you smiling?” you hissed as his lips curved.
“Because you are talking,” he said.
“Uh huh,” you turned onto your side and kept your back to him, “I’m too tired to talk.”
He didn’t have an answer for that. The bed shifted and the lamp went out. He laid down next to you and you stewed in the silence. You peered into the dark until your eyes could see through the shadows.
“I never even considered marrying any of those women,” he said quietly, “you’re the only one with a ring.”
You clicked your tongue but said nothing. It was laughable.
“It was about Thor. At first,” he admitted, “but would you believe me if I said that it’s about you now?”
You closed your eyes. You didn’t believe him. If you wanted to hold it together, you couldn’t let yourself believe him. He taught you not to trust him, the only lesson you could thank him for.
“No,” you said, “why would I ever believe anything you say?”
“Fair enough,” he exhaled audibly, “this would be easier if you at least tried to work with me.”
“It would’ve been easier if you had just let me go,” you retorted, “did you ever think of that?”
“Let you go where? I’ve kept you from the streets, from poverty--”
“I know!” you snapped, “I know, okay? I know how pathetic I am. I know how easy it was. I know that I was just asking for it all.” You sat up and turned to him, you glared at him through the dark, “I know that it’s all my fault. I blamed you before, I blamed Thor, I blamed Theresa and your entire family, but I see now it was me. I should have just gone and lived out on some park bench.”
He propped himself up on his elbows as he tried to see you through the dim, “darling, don’t be--”
You pushed him back down to his back and growled in frustration. You hated him! You hated that even as you seethed at him, you longed to hold him down and fuck him, because that was the only happiness he’d ever offered you. 
You hit his chest and held him down as you kicked the blankets away. You swung your leg over him and lined him up with your tender cunt. You slid onto him with a soft moan and sank your nails into his chest. You rocked atop him and felt him watching you. His hands brushed over your thighs as he rasped and kneaded your flesh.
“This is what I’m good for,” you said as you tilted your hips, “that’s all you ever wanted, so take it.”
“Darling,” he reached up and cradled your face, “stop--stop!” He grabbed your chin and squeezed, “stop. Now.”
You did as he said and shoved his hand away. He let his arm fall as you scoffed, “that’s it. It means something when you say it, huh?”
You hung your head and shakily pushed yourself off of him. You slumped onto your side and hugged yourself as you bent your legs. You hid your face in the pillow and your nose tingled as another rush of sadness washed over you.
“I’m pregnant,” you whispered.
You brought your hand up to shield your face as tears trickled down. His long fingers stretched over yours and bent around them gently. He moved your hand away from your face and held it. He brought it over to his chest and slid his other arm beneath you and held you as you succumbed to the crushing flood. 
For once, he had no smart quip.
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youlightmeupfinn · 7 hours ago
Wrong Number - Tom Hiddleston x Reader (part 10)
a/n: AHH! we've made it to part 10! so crazy! this story has been so much fun to write so far and i cannot wait to post more! i may even do a double update today since this one is coming out as early as it is. you know the drill!
let me know what you think! :)
also, a follower made a really good point. i was asked if i had a name for Reader, as some people don't like to insert (Y/N) or follow along with it. in the Wattpad version, Reader is named Acacia Thomas. just thought i'd let you know in case anyone else was wondering, that way if you wanted to pin a name, you could. <3 Acacia's face claim is also Zoey Deutch if you were wondering, too! :)
Tom Hiddleston Masterlist Main Masterlist Wattpad Version of Wrong Number Link to Spotify Playlist Face Claims: Megan Grimes; portrayed by Leighton Meester, Savanna Williams; protrayed by Anne Hathaway, Liam Hayes; portrayed by Matthew Daddario
tagging: @pitifulbaby, @l0st-in-reality, @lividloki, @lokistoriesblog, @addicted-to-loki, @kingtwhiddleston, @coffee-cupps, @mariwild, @itsybitchylittlewitchy, @1-2-3-4-5metalfingers, @nurisiliel, @damalseer, @flyingstar360, @imagine-inc, @just-ladyme, @valupa, @rogersevans, @sherala007, @high-functioning-lokipath, @9osloki, @emerald-alone, @jhawk608, @thelastemzy, @dreadwolfxoxo, @fredsandlokiswhore, @censingm, @artist-bby, @browneyedgirl365, @happygalaxymilkshake, @my-little-castiel, @fire-in-her-veinz, @spooky1980, @noerinspace, @amlocked, @oasiswithmyg, @a-laufeyson, @itsilvermorny, @thebookisbtr, @mintyminho, @bqnners, @thewaithfuckingannoyme, @imkindalikeaprettierjesus, @help-i-need-a-social-life, @ellobruv-blog, @avenger-nerd-mom, @breezy2and2freezy, @supernatural-fan151, @oceanmermaidwitch, @tamakiwithcrab, @crying-river, @every-when, @stephanie-joy-19, @creationsbyme, @viviandarkbloom06, @lokiprompts, @lysawayne, @i-would-kneel-for-loki, @marvelwhore27, @saltandapepper, @crazzygurll, @lougy, @weirdfangirl2416, @13eyond13elief, @1marvelnerd3000, @knopewyattworld, @traceyaudette, @queenofallhobos, @every-when, @redwineandmanhattans, @melissad1974, @emilianamason, @augusta-imperatrix, @peachsteven, @zarrytimelord, @finnismyoriginalsin, @loukisbuck, @havorclavor, @ca-loki, @ohworm-writes, @deanaddicted2, @smolvenger, @annoyingsweetsstranger, @s-280526, @deepestdreampatrolpurse, @lokisdisneyprincess,
Tumblr media
The news story broke the very next morning, gaining the mass attention of millions across the world. It had made headlines on almost every celebrity source outlet and you read them all, your head pounding with a relentless headache.
Megan Grimes, Tom Hiddleston’s Secret Girlfriend
Tom Hiddleston Secret Girlfriend Revealed
Mystery Woman Breaks Up Tom Hiddleston and Megan Grimes’ Blooming Romance
You chewed at your fingernails, pushing a breathy sigh from between your lips. You and Tom had come face to face officially at Savanna’s house yesterday. You two sat and talked for hours until nightfall and it was as if you had known him your entire life. You discovered he had a gentle soul about him, he was easygoing, and the sparks that flew in those oceanic eyes of his relayed directly to you.
However, along with the crashing news stories, you were introduced to the idea that possibly your ex-boyfriend, Liam Hayes, knows what’s going on with Megan or quite possibly had a part to play in the whole scheme. You still hadn’t made the effort to call him back, for you were afraid of what would happen next. But you desperately needed answers.
Why is Megan doing this to you?
As you sipped your coffee Savanna had made for you, you two were getting ready for work. You were almost scared to leave the house and go out into the crazy public. You lived in Hollywood for crying out loud, of course, someone would recognize you.
Savanna made her way into the kitchen, heels clicking against her hardwood floors as she threw her solid black blazer over her shoulders.
“Are you ready?” She suggested, grabbing her own thermos that contained the warmed beverage inside. You sighed and nodded your head as you slipped into a pair of ruby red heels. You were back to ensuring you looked the part of a businesswoman. Yesterday’s outcast wasn’t such a good look. But you knew Megan was most certainly craving the attention she was receiving. She always adored people paying close attention to her. It was as if it fueled her fire.
Tom had left late last night, promising that you two would be back together soon. Once Savanna had slipped into her room for the night, Tom held you against his body, his warmth radiating onto you. His fingers were casually combing through your hair, the slight massage to your scalp nearly putting you to sleep. You knew full well in your heart that Tom was who you wanted, no need to be with. You were for certain you would withstand any obstacle that tried to interfere and push you two away.
You dreamt of what his lips felt like, how did he taste? You obviously knew he tasted as good as he looked. Had to. He was freaking Tom Hiddleston. You two came awfully close to brushing your lips against the others, but you held yourself back and you could tell he did the same.
Savanna and you made your way out of the door and into her car. As she made the twenty-minute drive to Madison Enterprises, your phone rang, Tom’s name showing up which made your heart engulf with adoration.
“Hi, Tom,” You smiled, bringing the phone up to your ear.
“Good morning, darling. How are you feeling?”
You sighed, gazing out of the passenger side window.
“I woke up to my phone being blasted with Twitter notifications and I read just about every article heading that involved our names… I’m doing better than I expected.” You answered him. “How are you?”
Tom sounded as though he were in his car based on the noisy environment in the background.
“It’s bad to say, but I’m used to this. Maybe not to this degree, but it’s happened before…” He trailed. “Have you had the chance to speak to Liam yet?”
You shook your head although Tom couldn’t see.
“I’m going to send him a text message and tell him I’m ready to talk. I just really hope he isn’t out to get me, too.” You stared down at your lap.
“I can assure you, no matter what happens, you’re the girl for me. We’re going to get through this together, darling. I promise you.”
You smiled widely at his comment, wishing he was in front of you at this very moment so you could attach your lips to his for a passionate kiss that you’d only see in the movies.
“Let’s get ‘em,” You laughed. You two hung up and you hesitantly texted Liam’s number.
What is it we need to talk about?
You pressed send and patiently waited.
“Megan’s going down for this. You know that, right?” Savanna stole a glance at you. You turned your eyes over to her and nodded. Savanna reached out and clasped your hand in hers. “I see you as my sister. And you don’t cross sisters. I will fight to the death for you in this.”
You giggled to yourself.
“Didn’t you say Megan’s tits were fake?” She laughed.
“Yup,” You said, popping the p on the end. “I remember she was seventeen with a bird chest. As soon as she turned eighteen, she went out and purchased herself a set of C cups.” You smirked, thinking back to those semi-familiar days.
“Perfect, so the plan is for me to catch her off guard, and just stab a pin through them, right? Who wants a woman with fake and busted titties?” She winked, making you toss your head back in laughter. Savanna had truly become closer to you since this whole incident started, from the moment you two shared lunch together that day and you explained to her about your Tom situation.
You heard your phone go off and it was none other than Liam.
It’s Megan… but I think you already knew that. I know I’m certainly not the guy you want to speak with, but I tried to warn you before you blocked my number.
You read it out loud to Savanna who seemingly rolled her eyes.
“This is the same guy that cheated on you because of Megan, right?”
You nodded your head.
Meet me at our old spot? 7 PM.
Sending the message, you could not believe you were about to see him. The last time you laid eyes on Liam was that dreaded night he cheated on you with Anastasia.
See you then.
He responded.
You sighed, tossing your head back against the seat.
“What the hell?” Savanna suddenly asked. You lifted your eyes up to see…
Madison Enterprises swarmed with people.
You and Savanna glanced at each other and your heart began to race. “I think I’m going to be sick.” You announced, feeling lightheaded. Savanna stifled a groan and pulled into her usual parking space, trying to weave in between the numerous cars that were filled inside the parking lot.
Attention suddenly turned to you as you both emerged, both throwing on your sunglasses.
“There she is!” A woman screamed. The flood of people suddenly gathered around you and Savanna gripped your shoulder, holding you to her as you both made your way through.
“Is it true you’re dating Tom Hiddleston now?!”
“Are you the reason Tom and Megan broke up?!”
“Have you spoken to Tom?!”
“Are you and Megan really about to go to war over Tom?!”
“Are you and Megan still friends?!”
There were screams and shouts all the way down the line. You two finally made your way inside of Madison Enterprises, Savanna quickly telling security to make sure the doors remain locked at all times.
“Savanna, (Y/N)?” Grant, the human resources director of Madison announced, motioning for you two to follow him. As you made your way down the hallways and settled into his office, he shut the door and locked it.
“Pardon my French, but,” He said, taking a seat. “What in the actual hell is going on?” He looked at you for the longest. “I pulled into the parking lot an hour ago and paparazzi, reporters, fans, everywhere. They demanded you.” He continued to hold his gaze with you.
Grant was always an easy-going guy. He never wanted to hurt anyone. For him to have even cursed with the both of you, signaled that he was already aggravated and worried.
“Did you actually break up Megan and Tom Hiddleston?” He then asked.
You groaned.
“No!” You practically screamed. “Megan doesn’t even know Tom like that. She’s never dated him, was never his girlfriend. I’m the one dating Tom.” You chose not to go into the full details of how it came to be, all you wanted him to know was you also thought the situation was awful.
Grant’s eyes widened.
“One of our very own, kindled with a high-up celeb…” He crossed his arms over his chest. “Okay, not gonna lie, it’s cool you’re with him. But,”
“Grant,” Savanna sternly said. “Get to the point.” She snapped her fingers. He jumped at Savanna’s outbreak. He always knew to never cross her, especially when her boss attitude emerged, just as it did now.
Grant sighed. “I received a text this morning to check Megan’s Instagram, which I did. Apparently, she’s posted a video, threatening war on you? I don’t know.” He said as he turned his computer screen around. Your eyebrows furrowed together.
On Instagram sat none other than Megan with tear-stained eyes. Fake.
“Hello, everyone. My wonderful fans. To those who have chosen to stick by me during these trying times, I thank you… Tom and I have not spoken yet since the events that occurred a few days ago.” Megan’s eyes were falling with fake tears and your eyes widened. “I thought she was my best friend. But instead, she was so jealous over my relationship with Tom, that she had to cause a scene!”
Savanna’s hands were gripping the leather-wrapped armrests in Grant’s office, her teeth bared.
“(Y/N), if you’re watching this, and I know you will… there will be consequences for your actions. You’ll get what’s coming to you. All sluts do.”
Grant closed out of Instagram and looked at you. You were gnawing at the inside of your cheek, anger rushing throughout your body.
“Megan’s going to use this to her advantage. It’ll make the perfect publicity stunt for her.” Grant pinched the bridge of his nose. “And now that she’s tied to you, and you’re tied to Madison Enterprises… I hate to say it, but I don’t know if remaining here is a good idea.”
Your head jerked up in his direction.
“Are you trying to say I should quit?” You glared. “Grant, I’m the reason Madison got the partnership with Stone Tech all those weeks ago!” You screamed.
Savanna chimed in. “And as CEO of Madison, I need her here with me, Grant. She’ll only show weakness if she steps down. This partnership is everything for us and what we’ve worked for the last three years!”
Grant looked at Savanna momentarily.
“No offense to (Y/N),” He looked in the direction of you, “But Savanna, do you really want to fall through the cracks with her? Whatever is going on, she’s involved in one of Hollywood’s hottest scandals right now. And she’ll have ties to you.”
Savanna scoffed.
“Grant, what are you saying we need to do other than have her quit?” She demanded.
Grant sat back in his chair, his emerald eyes searching the room, trying to find something.
“(Y/N) has to fight back. Hard. Why can’t Tom just come out and say Megan’s lying?”
Savanna rolled her eyes, to which you stared at him as if he were an idiot.
“I’ll tell you why. Megan has the public believing she was in this heartfelt relationship with Tom Hiddleston and even said they slept together. Tom can’t simply come out and deny it, or else he’s going to become the bad guy if he hasn’t already. She has them believing already he’s cheated on her with me,” You inhaled, thoughts whirring. “And that’s all I need for Megan to come out and say that Tom raped her! Because at this point, I wouldn’t put it past her! She’s after me, not him.”
Grant nodded his head, clasping his hands together.
“They’ll choose to believe a heartbroken woman over Tom. He could probably pull himself out of it, but I can’t afford to see him go through that. Not to mention what they would do to me!” You exclaimed, pointing to yourself. You settled back in your chair and pushed the breath you had been holding from between your lips. Your chest was tight and the panic had started to strike.
Grant moved in his seat and leaned forward on his arms.
“Then you better fight back.” You furrowed your brows at his words.
Grant inhaled deeply.
“I’m sure with Tom Hiddleston’s amassed fame? He knows a PR guy.”
Savanna gasped.
“You’re saying a publicity stunt needs to be formed?”
Grant nodded.
“Her name,” He pointed at you. “Needs to become bigger than Megan Grimes’.”
You gulped, turning to look at Savanna.
“And what about her job?” Savanna questioned.
Grant eyed you closely.
“I don’t want her to leave either, but we need to think about her safety as the top priority. She can’t have the paparazzi storming the outside of the building every time she’s here. She needs to separate herself. Plus, Madison Enterprises cannot afford to lose this partnership with Stone Tech, just like you said.”
You gulped, tears plucking. You didn’t want to leave your job. You had helped to build such an amazing foundation here.
“Then you damn well better find another CEO, because this is my official resignation.”
Your eyes widened and so did Grant’s as he stood up.
“Savanna!-” - “Don’t.” She eyed him.
She looked back at you.
“I told you. We’re in this together.”
And that was it. You two gathered your things from both of your offices and hurried them out of the back of the building where Savanna tucked her car. The paparazzi were still outside, all hoping to hear a word from you. As you both got into her car and headed back to her place, Savanna gripped the steering wheel.
“I can’t believe you just quit because of me.” You looked at her, gazing down at your lap. You felt horrible.
Savanna shrugged.
“It’s a job. I’ve made a name for myself. I’m not letting you and Tom go through this alone. Plus, I hate Megan’s guts. I want to bring her down, too. And I want it to hurt.”
You nodded. “I wonder what Liam has to say?” You bit at your nails.
Savanna looked over at you.
“If he isn’t on our side, I’ll kill him.”
Your eyes widened. Savanna was an entirely new being in your eyes.
You reached for your phone and dialed Tom’s number, needing to speak with him. As quickly as you pressed his name, he answered.
“Hi, love. I didn’t think you got off until around five?” His voice said over the line, making your heart race. You remembered what Grant said about Tom knowing someone in PR. He advised you to make your name bigger than Megan’s, but how could you when she was developing more fame than she had ever hoped to have? Sure, she was already well known for her work for the Marvel movies and other massive productions, but this was the icing on the cake.
“Well,” You inhaled.
“We quit, baby!” Savanna yelled, making you close your eyes, stifling a laugh.
“You girls did what?!” Tom exclaimed, making you chuckle gently.
“Yeah… I’ll explain later, but our, well, ex-human resources guy saw the video Megan posted on Instagram. She practically declared war on me, Tom.” You expressed with a heaving sigh. “Said I will face the consequences for my actions. She’s making this way worse than me than she is you.”
You heard a low growl erupt from Tom’s mouth on the other end.
“She’s crazy. Darling, if I knew this would happen, I would’ve never brought her back to my hotel that night.” He sighed. Yeah? And you wouldn’t have met me, you thought.
“Grant suggested talking to someone in PR… really, he said you talk to someone in PR.” You chuckled lightheartedly on the other end.
“As in a publicity stunt? Making your name bigger than Megan’s is the ultimate goal, then.”
Wow, you thought. He also thought the same exact way.
“I assumed so,” You softly spoke. “Do you think that’s what needs to happen?”
Tom remained quiet for a moment before he cleared his throat.
“Anything’s better than her getting what she wants. I have someone in mind. I’ll call you later, okay? But also, I’m going with you to Liam.”
Your eyes widened.
“Tom, no, you don’t need to.”
“Aren’t we in this together now, darling?”
You closed your eyes.
“Then I’ll see you later tonight.”
He hung up the phone and you glanced at Savanna who was smiling.
“Have I told you how much I’m obsessed with you two?” She winked, nudging you playfully.
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fangirlingpuggle · 2 days ago
 Another very very dumb TFA fic prompt/AU idea for season 4.
So Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons break out because someone screwed up (COUGHSENTINELCOUGH) and war is back in full swing.
Expect now Megatron acts as if Optimus is the one in charge like he is the only one he’ll address and treats him as the leader, even went he Magnus is right there.
Just total 180 from bot whose name he won’t remember to the only one I am paying attention to.
Just video threat
Magnus: Megatron what are you pla
Megatron *not even paying attention to him* Ah Optimus Prime I suppose you’re wondering what i’m planning.
Or anytime there’s a battle
Megatron: We met again Optimus Prime
Magnus:...I’m right here.
Megatron: Optimus prime...and the rest                                       
Sari:at least he’s kind of acknowledging us now.
Bonus: Optimus just rolls with it, he thinks this is because of the name comment and also it annoys Sentinel more than anything else.
Also they banter...a lot.
(It’s turning into flirting but everyone’s just to confused to call them on it everyone thinks they’re misunderstanding cause it’s not flirting the leader of the Decepticons would not be openly flirting with a prime in front f the entire council...right?)
Bonus Bonus: If Megatron calls to threaten them and Optimus is not there he will just hang up
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lunarsteppe · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yiga blademaster encounter doesn't go quite as planned
+ some fluff to make it all better <3
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arlenianchronicles · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Aegnor and Andreth from my eldritch AU! I decided to stick with my old designs for the Edain rather than draw new looks for them ^^;;; I can only make up so many designs! loll
In this scene, Aegnor gives Andreth a hawthorn flower crown from his own branches. As per my eldritch!Maedros painting, Elves can grow branches similar to Groot for whatever they need (whether it be protecting blobs or making crowns for your mortal lover).
I was going to add leaves to Aegnor’s branch-ears, but at that point I was tired to drawing leaves (I feel like the flowers were easier loll), so let’s say that this is taking place during wintertime! But inside a house, of course, since Andreth is lightly dressed XDD
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daybreak993 · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Soukoku in Genshin AU! • Nakahara Chuuya: Anemo catalyst user (uses Pyro delusion). Grew up as an orphan under Sheep in Inazuma, quickly mastered the sword and arts in PM after learning he descended from a family of Samurai warriors. He still prefers using catalysts most of the time. • Dazai Osamu: Not much is known about this individual, except that he's a fearsome Cryo user skilled in all weapon types. The demon prodigy of PM can be found lazing around most of the time. • Together, they are Double Black, always wrecking havoc around Teyvat.
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Tiny Bugformers AU Starscream
Your first meeting with Starscream had been... interesting, so to say. Interesting because the humanoid moth had decided to do a swoop attack on you to get your fries. You managed to defend your fries by smacking him out of the air, knocking him out cold. That’s when you had noticed that whatever this thing was, it was in bad shape. It was covered in scrapes and wounds and one of its wings had a huge tear in it. So, feeling bad for it, you decided to bring it home and nurse it back to health.
Starscream hadn’t been exactly... thrilled, to find himself in a human home. At least not at first. He had pushed things off shelves, torn up your pillows and blankets, even scratched you a dozen of times. Those first days had been hell on Earth. But upon realizing that you were taking care of him and providing for him he had quickly changed his behavior. From a feral bug-man to a spoiled brat, to be precise.
Now comfortable in your home, Starscream had quickly established both a hierarchy and a schedule. He was the top bitch and he expected what he wanted when he wanted it. That meant that he woke you up at four in the morning by screeching like a dying animal just so you would get out of bed and prepare him breakfast. Little bastard only did this because he couldn’t open the fridge door and get to the goodies inside.
While you had prepared a perfectly good bed for him, made out of a box lined with a pillow and a blanket, Starscream was adamant about making a nest on your bed. Apparently he saw that you had the biggest bed and decided that wasn’t fair. Now you were forever banished to one half of the bed with tiny Starscream taking up the other half. And god help you if you accidentally “invaded his territory” because he would shriek until you left.
Luckily, Starscream was growing healthier by the day. His wounds were healing and even the damaged wing had almost completely recovered. Which meant that soon you would have your home all to yourself again. At least, that’s what you had thought. But alas, when you got home one day from work you had opened the door to find not one but THREE bug-men, all lounging in your living room and making themselves right at home. Upon seeing you return, Starscream had started chittering loudly, all while pointing at the cookie jar he had somehow managed to drag from the kitchen. With a defeated sigh you had opened it and when the three bug-men dove in to feast on the sweet treats you could only stare in defeat. You should have just let the bastard have your fries that day.
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winslowdraws · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
monster au stuff i'll color eventually
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cr-ssbonez · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cringeposting psychonauts aus on tumblr dot com
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dailyau · a day ago
We live in a world where love/marriage/etc causes us to feel each other’s physical pain, you’re a klutz and I’m prone to injuries. AU
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