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Lkw-Kettenpflicht auf 12 Strecken in Niederösterreich

Lkw-Kettenpflicht auf 12 Strecken in Niederösterreich #Atzenbrugg #Au #Blindenmarkt #Dorfstetten #Eggenburg #Gaming #Gloggnitz #Gutenstein #Haag #Hürm #Landesregierung #Lilienfeld #Melk #Neunkirchen #Niederösterreich #Ottenschlag #Peter #Ravelsbach

Lkw-Kettenpflicht auf 12 Strecken in Niederösterreich

Räum- und Streueinsätze im Gange

St. Pölten (OTS) – Auf den Fahrbahnen der Landesstraßen B und L gibt es am heutigen Donnerstag im gesamten Bundesland Niederösterreich überwiegend salznasse Fahrbahnen bzw. gestreute Schneefahrbahnen. Im Alpenvorland und in den Bereichen des Wienerwaldes muss mit matschigen Fahrbahnen und Schneefahrbahnen…

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Follow up to this post about how jurassic world being much more interesting if mutant powers were invovled.  Now with a focus on the Camp Cretaceous kids.

How interesting would it be, if everyone of the kids had powers but were trying their best to hide it from the others.

First up is Brooklynn whose power is going unnoticed (think kagerou daze).  Which explains how, in the first episode, they managed to get to the raptor cage despite being two seconds from being caught.  It also mirrors her character and her obssession with staying relevent and staying seen if her powers literally make her unseeable.  

Her using her powers in episode one mean Darius and Kenji know, but her powers could also make it so they didn’t notice her using it. 

Speaking of those two, Kenji’s power could be empathy, or maybe even a level of telepathy.  Which would explain why he has the most emotional scenes where he tells people what they need to hear, an impress feat when he’s also the best at putting his foot in his mouth.  

Telepathy could also explain why he wasn’t surprised by Sammy’s betrayal, because he already knew about it.  Either power (or some combotion of the two) could also be why he’s so good at lying, because he knows what people want to here.

If Sammy can speak to animals, that could explain why manticore specifically went after her to spy.  What better why to get details on the animals than by using someone that can talk to them?  Of course, you can’t talk to animals that don’t want to talk to you which makes handling the canivores impossible.  

It’s a little similiar to Owen’s from the last post, but I think her’s is just talking to animals rather than being similiar to animals.  

I think Yaz would be the only one to actively despise her powers, and I think that would be because her power is superspeed.  She doesn’t want to have superspeed, because it feels like cheating.  She’s fast, and she wants to be fast on her own merits damnit.  

Of course, the one time she wants to use her superspeed, when they desperately need to get to the boats, she hurts her ankle and can’t.

Ben could have a couple powers.  He could be able to make pocket demisions, explaining how he can pull endless supplies out of his pouch.  Or he could be unkillable (think Klaus).  Which could go to explain why he’s so terrified all the time - he died as a kid, only to come back, and his mum never wanted him to experience the stress that that caused.  So she kept him away from anything even slightly dangerous.  When he’s older, she realizes she might have over reacted and tries to help him open up again by sending him to camp.

It’d also be fun if he could do both, I do so like the idea that the scared, meek kid is actually one of the most powerfully inclined.

Last, but not least, there’s Darius.  I actually have zero ideas on what his power could be.  Possibly super smart.  It could also be that Darius doesn’t have powers.  The only one in the group without a mutantion (unless you count common stress as a power, which the rest of the group does).

Maybe he develops one on the island, as he works desperately to save his friends.  Or maybe he really is just, normal.  It could be a very fun dynamic either way.

Anyway, if anyone wants to mess with either of these concepts please do and please share

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AU post Clone Wars where the Republic wins and Anakin leaves the Jedi order to be Padme’s trophy husband, Fox leaves the GAR after getting his rights and becoming Riyo’s trophy husband, and them becoming friends with Breha Organa. They start a  club under the suggestion of Bail, Padme, and Riyo that was originally meant for charity work but instead Breha, Anakin, and Fox get wrapped up in chaos all across the galaxy unbeknownst to their significant others.

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Page 15 from the collab comic with @olalucreat !!!

Sorry for my late with the comic…I am SOO idiot!!But hope you like this page !!

Frosttale by @olalucreat

Nothingtale by me (nothingbizzare)


Enjoy it!!

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Hey guys! So I have a fanfic called Monster Love, and it’s where Inuyasha is a succubus and Sesshomaru is a naga.

So I wanted to draw the rest of the group because they are also mythical creatures as well.

Miroku is a Satyr. I thought it suited him because of his personality and character.

Go support @/ fangirl347 and me on our patreon to get early access to drawings.

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Part 4 (4/4) Act 1

Crack Kirb Urban Legenz Au


May or may not continue tbh.

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pseudo-painting is an interesting style to test out 👀👀👀

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Okay so like

Have I ever told y’all how interesting the Jurassic World universe would be if powers/mutantions existed?  Like this is a world of genetic slicing and very, very shady business practices, it’s super believable that experimentation lead to the enchanced individuals.  By the time of the Jurassic World movies, these mutantions are common enough although legislation and acceptance is still iffy.

And just, imagine how much more interesting this would be for the characters (and how many plot holes it would fill)

Let’s start with Owen having an animal mutantion.  As far as mutantions go, it’s common enough.  But usually people can tell what kind of animal mutation they have, and usually they aren’t as powerful as Owen’s.

But whatever, being able to understand and (to some extent) control animals has gotten Owen pretty far in life.  Including landing him a job with dinosaurs, where he finally discovers his animal - raptors (and his mutantion explains why he doesn’t use any actual training techiques). 

Now Claire, I’m not sure what mutantion she would have.  Only that she desperately tries to hide it.  Unlike Owen.  It’s just not something she wants advertised, the fact both her sister and parents have always hated her mutantion is certainly a big part of why.

But of course, no matter how hard she tries, their will always be rumours.  It’s those rumours that lead Owen and Claire to meet, and to date.  But of course it goes horribly because both having powers is not enough for them to last.

Zach having powers too would also be interesting, a good way to explain why his parents seem so dismissive of him comared to his brother - they don’t like that he’s developed powers.  Gray being in the early stages of developing powers could also be interesting - an extra point of tension beyond the parental divorce.

And then, of course, there’s the Camp Cretaceous kids.  

I like the idea that all of the camp kids have powers, but imma talk about it in a second post because this is gettting a little long

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A piece that I did for my single! dadmic au! The first fic in the series can be found on my AO3 under the same username!!

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I am honored to have received such a gift!

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Quick practice art of road!Steven and Connie’s designs! In this AU, Connie never had glasses and after meeting Steven, she starts wearing heavier clothes like sweaters, swearshirts and jackets. Basically the opposite attire of Steven’s croptops

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Warning: This AU contains gore, swearing, and at some point, mature content.

Chapter one - First day

           Sherlock woke on a dreary September morning at 6:00. He sat up and turned off his alarm, dreading the day to come. It was the first day of his sophomore year at High School. It seemed like every year got worse - he would get bullied, beat up, made fun of. He would be called names… Names that he would not repeat. Now, summer was over and he had to go back to that hellhole. He dragged himself out of bed.

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Bueno ise a mi personaje favorito de UnderLove pero en las verciones Fell y Swap. Pero en gacha porque tenia paja de dibujar xd

Alex en FellLove sigue siendo un psicopatha pero no le interesa asesinar como al original 

Y el Alex de SwapLove (Se intercambia con Alis), es muy tsundere y Enojon, aunque si puede ser tierno uvu

Bueno eso fue todo xd, Ojala que els guste.. Nos re vimo en disney uvu

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note: Thank you so much for requesting! I really like this idea, I feel like Kim Lip would actually be a confident gay and get teased by Jinsoul a lot when she’s shy 😩 I hope you enjoy reading!

warning: loonathegays, Kimberly Lippington

Jungeun was an infamous student in her university, she was known for being excellent in school and of course–being gay. She flirts with every women she sees. A joke or not, she flirts with them all whenever she gets the chance. You could be having the time of your life at a college event and she would still walk up to you and flirt. 

Despite hitting on every women, she’s also very sweet and that’s another thing that makes people like her. I mean, how could you not like her? Almost all the times when she asked people out, it would be successful and they’d go out with her. Jungeun never misses the chance to be the queen of women she is. 

“Good morning class. Today, there isn’t much to do but I’d like to introduce a new student. She recently switched universities to attend here for her x semester. Come in, darling” 

Jungeun’s professor called the new student in and oh my god was she stunning. Her outfit was appropriate for college campus yet so extraordinary on her, her hair was tied neatly into a high ponytail, and her soft lips were tinted light pink. Jungeun paused and stopped whatever she was doing, her jaw dropped low and was amazed. 

“Introduce yourself to the class” 

“Hello, good morning everyone. I’m Jung Jinsoul and I’ll be taking this class for this year’s semester, please take care of me”

Jinsoul took a 90 degree bow in front of everyone and the professor before taking a seat beside Haseul, the class’s sweetheart and smartest student. They were just a few seats away from Jungeun but she couldn’t take her eyes off Jinsoul.

Their next assignment was to take notes so everyone started working on that. Jungeun finished her notes and took a glance a the new student who was writing diligently. Jinsoul felt the sharp gaze and turned to look at Jungeun, making eye contact.

Jungeun started to panic and blush, she dropped her pen on the ground and couldn’t find it. She bent down and tried to search for it but the desk was in the way. Jinsoul got up from her seat and grabbed the pen, handing it to Jungeun and making her shy.

“is this what you were looking for?”

Her voice was sweet like honey, Jungeun nodded and thanked the woman before she returned to her desk. Jungeun held the ballpoint pen in her hand and smiled at it like a kid who had just received a candy. 

“jung jinsoul..”

She murmured to herself before placing her black pen away and into her pencil case. Haseul and Jinsoul soon finished their notes and were quietly chatting for a bit together. 

“what’s her name?”

“oh her?”

Haseul nudged her chin directing at Jungeun, Jinsoul smiled and responded with a yes. Haseul had a grin on her face, her thoughts were all over the place. 

“Her name is Jungeun, Kim Jungeun”

Jinsoul kept asking further questions about Jungeun, the questions just kept coming. She was really intrigued and curious about the woman. Instead of answering one of her questions, Haseul suggested that she hangs out with Jungeun herself. 

“why don’t you just hang out with her? you could make a new friend too!” 

She thought to herself whether that was a good idea or not, taking it into consideration. 


They had just finished their class and were off to go eat lunch. Jungeun grabbed her bento box that she had prepared earlier this morning. She sat down on a bench on the school campus, she unwrapped the cloth from the box. Her eyes widened, her food looked deliciously good today.

She had triangle gimbaps on the menu, one of her favorites to eat. Jungeun placed one of them into her mouth, devouring it and enjoying it. Without even noticing, Jinsoul approached her and had greeted her.

“oh h-hi”

Jungeun responded, she quickly chewed her food and Jinsoul sat down beside her. She stopped eating her lunch to have a proper conversation with Jinsoul, they got to know each other better and exchanged their Line users.

“just eat comfortably!” 

Jinsoul smiled, her eye smile was beautiful. Jungeun nodded and smiled back, she was shy around Jinsoul which wasn’t like her at all. 

“h-have you eaten yet?”

She shook her head. Without even hesitating, Jungeun offered Jinsoul some of her food.

“I don’t know if you like gimbaps but if you want..” 

She handed the bento box to Jinsoul and placed it into her hand. Jungeun quickly turned her body away and looked at a different reaction, she was embarrassed. Jinsoul giggled to herself, looking down on the bento box.

“how cute haha” 

Jungeun took a look at Jinsoul and she saw her eating one of them, she smiled and was relieved that she ate some of it.

“y-you can eat the rest of it!”

“it’s your’s, why would I eat all of it?” 

Jinsoul asked teasingly, she found it adorable how Jungeun got shy so easily around her. As time passed and she adjusted to the university, she realized that Jungeun was so different from the rumors she heard.

They’re now a couple in their x year, they were really close and always hanging around with each other. Jungeun and Jinsoul were laying in bed together, cuddling and having some sweet talk.

“I used to think you were a confident gay person from what I heard when we first met but now that we’re dating, you know, I realized that you’re so shy and you get embarrassed so easily” 

Jinsoul said before pecking her lips, rubbing it with her thumbs and smiling so wide. Jungeun blushed. No matter how long they’ve been dating for, Jungeun gets so shy around Jinsoul and she loved it.

“well I am a confident!! It’s just you’re so-” 

She cut her off, Jungeun didn’t even get to finish her sentence before Jinsoul pulled her in for another deep kiss.

“it’s okay, I know” 

Jinsoul replied with a grin on her face. When will she ever stop teasing Jungeun for being shy only around her? 

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WOAH, that is a LOT. Thank you guys so much for your support! It really does genuinely mean a lot to all 11 of us. Rest assured, we’re working hard on getting the next part done, so stay tuned!


The BAT!Underrune Team!

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