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ngl every 3 am i have always fantasised an angsty post-war au where arthur secretly came to the rescue risking his life without a second thought for antonio when he was caught by their enemies. oh, two years ago i wrote a scene with similar vibe with this strip in this fic. ((he was quite confused with his feelings for antonio but he didn’t bother to mind it because duh he was a coward))

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THIS IS THE CUTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obi-Wan has almost a hundred crumpled up pieces of paper scattered across his desk & all over the floor– he can’t seem to get his wording just right. This isn’t just any letter to anyone; it’s his confession of love to you. It has to be perfect. If it isn’t perfect, it’s fair to say that Obi-Wan will die. But he finds that he almost dies a whole lot quicker when R4-G6 glides into the room & makes a noise at the mess that has Obi-Wan huffing, before G6 stops by his side & Obi says, “I’m trying to write a letter to (Y/N) but it isn’t working out. I think I’m just going to give up.” & just as he’s about to rip the letter in his hand in two, G6 snatches it out of his hand & races out of the room.

Obi-Wan shouts for him to stop, running after the copper droid. He knows exactly where his son is going & he has to stop him before he reaches you. But there you are at the end of the hallway & G6 lets out a loud siren that has you turning around quickly only to see him, the cutest droid you’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, hauling ass over to you as Obi-Wan, the most annoying prince you’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, is chasing after him with a hand extended to try & grab the poor droid. You have no idea what’s going on & it’s absolutely piercing with G6’s siren & Obi-Wan’s screams. You just manage to notice the letter in G6’s grip before Obi-Wan finally catches the droid, almost tripping over him, as he yanks the letter away from him. Then he just stands there across from you, with G6 in the middle, as he catches his breath.

You eye him curiously as G6 looks between the two of you; whining when Obi-Wan still doesn’t make a move. He crumples up the letter in his hand, shoving it into his pocket, before saying, “Details from a Senate meeting. Sorry, I can’t let you read it.” You nod your head, “I understand.” G6’s beep is so loud, it’s almost piercing. “He says that it’s something for me?” You say, & Obi-Wan nudges the droid with the tip of his foot, “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” R4-G6 shakes; zapping Obi-Wan in the leg that has him yelping out & now they’re arguing & you’re slowly walking away from them before you’re caught in the crossfire.

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“You just have to promise to not be scared.” Jimin eyed the elder warily.

“You are scaring me.”

“I’m sorry just- don’t freak out.” Yoongi took off his shirt and turned his back on the other. Amber wings unfurled themselves, spreading five feet in either direction.

“Yoongi! What- Can I-”

“Go ahead.” He whispered. Jimin reached out slowly, his fingertips ghosting over the feathers.  They twitched under his touch.

“How..?” He traced the top of the wing with his palm, feeling the soft feathers run against his skin.

“How have you his this for TWO AND A HALF YEARS!!”

“Pure luck honestly. I thought you would have noticed by now.”

“How have I not noticed!?!” Yoongi folded his wings again as Jimin watched in shock. He smoothed his hands over the elder’s back. The wings molded perfectly against his skin, they didn’t stick out at all.


“You’re not- going to leave me, are you.” Jimin turned Yoongi around, looking at him softly.

“I would ”

prompt by: @shyhidingshadowgirl

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One shot

Clasificación: K

Por Adori-san


Sasuke Uchiha estaba acostumbrado a atraer la atención de todos a su alrededor. Ya sea de los ojos enamorados de aquellas féminas que lo miraban con ilusión pese a no haberle dado ni la hora a ninguna de ellas, o el recelo contenido de aquellos chicos que les movía la envidia hacia su persona. Incluso, de los mismos profesores que lo consideraban un genio y una promesa para el futuro. En dónde quiera que él pasaba, todos cuchicheaban acerca de su apariencia, logros u algún rumor falso que, como siempre, rondaban entre cada estudiante. 

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Oh my goodness - the moment that you tell Obi-Wan that you’re pregnant, his mouth opens & he just stands frozen for a moment. Then suddenly life rushes back into his body & it’s almost electrifying with how he jumps up, shouting, “Really?! I’m going to be a father?!” When you nod happily at him, tears brimming in your eyes, he laughs with delight & runs over to you; wrapping you up in his arms & burying his face into your neck, “We’re going to have a baby. We’re going to be parents. We’re starting a family.” It’s the happiest moment of your life.

You both decide not to say anything for a while so that you two can have the opportunity to plan things on your own, without the influence of others (as Obi-Wan knows his mother can be.) It gets so hard not to tell her, though, when she’s still at her game of getting grandchildren out of you & you know she’s going to be so excited when she finds out & you’re so excited to tell her but ahhh you have to keep this quiet for a little bit longer! That is, until the day comes: you’re eating dinner with her & Obi-Wan, & she asks her question like she does every night, “(Y/N), are you pregnant yet?” You take a sip of your water before answering, “Yes.” & the Queen chokes on her food - it comes full-circle.

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There have been a few hushed rumors that the Jedi aren’t the so-called protectors of peace that they claim to be, so there are a few who are opposed to the idea of you– a Jedi– being on Stewjon at all - but through your endurance & loyalty to their prince, they see that you’re not as bad as they once thought & actually, they really end up liking you. Most will talk to you if they see you around, especially the flock of mothers who thank you for being so kind to their children as they had heard about. Some of the people even catch onto the will they, won’t they that’s going on between you & their prince and they ask about it, “When are you two tying the knot? Are Jedi allowed to marry? Have you kissed him yet? I placed a bet on you both with my friend, Gloria, so who won?” Maybe they even try to set you both up on one occasion.

When they notice how you’re so much different to the other Jedi they’ve known or heard about, they honestly respect you– especially as you’ve saved their prince on more than the one occasion. They get so excited to know that you’re going to become Queen alongside Obi-Wan; they start celebrating in the streets.

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It was one of those rare days where the palace was quiet– the demands on the royal family being almost nonexistent. Obi-Wan cherishes days like today, where he can feel like a person rather than a prince. He loves his people & he cannot wait to rule as their King one day but it was an enormous weight on his shoulders that he’s lugged ever since he was a child– he practically craves days off.

He finds you where you usually are if you’re not beside him or with someone else or checking the perimeter for hostiles; sitting crossed-legged on the marble patio, eyes closed & meditating with your face pointed toward the rising sun. He wouldn’t admit it but your meditating figure was a very calming presence. As opposed to the last time he wanted your attention (he knows not to try that again), he sits down behind you & waits a moment– waiting for the easing of your shoulders as you realize that it’s only him– before his fingers card through your hair.

You think you almost stop breathing. Why is he touching your hair? Is there a bug? A leaf? You know you don’t usually wear your hair down like this but did it really call for the attention Obi-Wan is giving you? “Obi, what are you–?” he shushes you (a dangerous thing to do, really) as his fingers now spilt your hair into sections, “I want to try something. Continue your meditation.”

Oh yes, because the prince of Stewjon braiding your hair isn’t distracting? But after a moment, you find that it’s peaceful– lovely even. You’re almost calmer than you’ve ever been whilst meditating; relishing in the feeling of his fingers working through your strands. You’re not even sure how long it takes, if it’s even still the morning, before Obi-Wan finishes & pats your shoulders with a delighted, “All done! I think I did rather well, actually. Maybe you’ll attract the attention of someone, finally.” You were going to thank him but that comment has you punching him in the arm as he yelps out. You two can’t be civil for too long, it seems.

When you get to seeing yourself in the mirror, you’re astonished at how nice it looks– the style suits you well. Your fingers touch it with such appreciation & a blooming smile on your face, one which Obi-Wan takes pride in. The Queen steps through the door in that moment & her steps slow to a stop when she notices your hair & immediately she identifies the handiwork, “Why my dear, (Y/N). You look very pretty. Our style suits you.” You thank her with a smile, looking over at Obi-Wan who hasn’t taken his eyes off of you since you looked in the mirror. He’s so in love with you.

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[ i ] I recommend you read the extended scene that @solaena wrote! It was so stinkin’ cute but sad at the same time (which I know you’re not looking for but it’s honestly so worth it) - you can read it here!

It’s just you & Obi-Wan in his chancery; everyone else had left– Qui-Gon & a few attendants who were present for the meeting– but you had stayed. He’s busy writing away on a scroll before meeting your eyes once, then twice, until he’s locking on them with the silent question of why you’re still here & why you’re staring at him when everyone else is gone. That’s when you smile softly, just turning up the corners of your mouth, “I know you sent G6 to my chambers last night.” Obi-Wan looks almost guilty at your finding out, “I– I thought you would have liked the company.” You nod at him, “Yes, I did.” He sighs, “Oh, good.”

And then you’re both quiet again.

Obi-Wan sees your eyebrows furrow before you take one step toward the desk he’s sitting behind; your fingers extending out to touch the wooden surface, “Obi-Wan… your grace, I…” you’re caught between the words you have said & the words you want to say, feeling embarrassingly small in front of the prince, & then take a breath, “I appreciate your concern but… there’s no need. What happened between you and I, what little there was before I left, that’s in the past now. That’s ten years ago. And I think it’s about time that we stop looking at each other as if we’re wounded, and then maybe we can stop acting like we are too.”

Obi-Wan looks down at the desk for a moment– plunging the two of you again in an almost thick silence– before he nods his head, “I agree.” & then his eyes are on you again, except this time his gaze is strong– fixated on you– “But ten years is a long time to love someone, and believe me, I’ve never stopped loving you.”

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The anxiety slowly drains out of Hux as they simply hold each other, and Hux finds that it is much easier to let go of what plagues him when allowing himself to be consumed with feelings for someone else. He wants to absorb everything from Ben that’s ever caused him pain, rid him of it, but he has a feeling that he’s just scratched the surface.
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“The senator from Mon Cala is holding a town hall on helping outer rim worlds to best care for their ecosystems,” Leia says as she picks up her Jedi robes. “We’re going.” 

“No, Padawan,” Obi-Wan tells her. “We are meditating. It’s time for meditation, something that you sorely lack discipline in. Put down your robes.”

“No,” Leia says simply. “ecosystems are more important than meditating.” 

“You can meditate on ecosystems.” 

“I am not educated enough about ecosystems, which is why I would like to go. Once I learn about them from the Mon Cala senator, then I can meditate on what I’ve learned. Isn’t that the whole point of meditation? To focus in on things?” 

Obi-Wan sighs. “Leia…” 

“Town hall. Then meditation. Don’t you want to learn about ecosystems in the outer rim?” 

“I know about ecosystems in the outer rim,” Obi-Wan says quickly. 

“When was the last time you had a refresher on them?” Leia asks. “Come on. Master. We can meditate any time. And showing up at the town hall will show the senator and the people of the republic that the Jedi care about what happens to the other planets.” 

“We do care.” 

“From afar. Which is a bad pr look.” 

“The Jedi don’t concern themselves with PR, Leia. That’s not-” 

“We’re going.” 

Obi-Wan sighs heavily. “Oh…alright…” 

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Underwear thief (part 1)

Genre: Fluff, smut, Hogwarts au,a bit of angst

Summary: Slytherins and Gryffindors have never gotten along. But you particularly never got along with park jimin, a cocky Slytherin who you have a secret crush on, not like you’ll admit it out loud. And then your given a dare to sneak into the Slytherin room and grab park jimin’s underwear while everyone is in the Great hall for dinner. You certainly did not except to get caught by jimin red handed and most of all did not except things to get so… intimate

A/N : This is set during prisoner of azkaban. Reader and jimin are In their final year

Paring: Park jimin X reader


“Psst..Y/N!” Your friend Jay hissed.

“What?” You whispered back, eyes Darting cautiously looking out for snape, your options professor whom you and your friends hate a lot.

“Okay park and his sqaud are out of earshot so after potions, can you wait for me outside I need to ask you something” He whispered, both of you alert trying to look out for snape, who was criticizing your follow gryffindor Sana

“Um sure but–” you opened your mouth when Suddenly a Voice broke the silence in the air

“Professor L/n and Andrews are whispering in class!” Park jimin smirked at the both of you as you glared at him, immediately whipping behind to find Snape looking at you and jay with malice in his eyes

“Ten points from gryffindor. Next time I see you whispering it’s 50 points and detention” Snape snapped as both of you and jay hung your heads, feeling anger bubbling inside you as jimin and his friends laughed at you

Snape gave you both one last look before moving away to continue criticizing Sana.

You turned back to your seats and glared angrily at jimin who just smirked

“What are you, five?!” You hissed, mentally cursing him off

“Aw are you mad angel face?” Jimin mocked, as you glared with anger wanting to wipe that smirk off

“Don’t. Snape’s gonna be after your ass. Everyone knows he favours his students” jay mumbled pulling you down. You grumbled as the both of you continued working on the nasty recipe Snape assigned, ignoring the occasional mocking taunts from jimin and his friends

“I swear to god I just want to make minced meat out of his hot body and wipe that smirk off that Greek god face of his” you angrily ranted to jay who rolled his eyes

“Did you just …admit he’s fine?” Jay said shocked, a hint of displease laced with his voice

“No I did not. Who cares if he’s fine or not he’s an annoying hot cocky little bastard and I bet his dick is as small as he is” you said angrily, cutting the roots of a herb

“Uh he’s like way taller than you, your the tiny one” Jay rolled his eyes dumping the herbs in the pot

“Are you seriously defending him right now?! You just betrayed me you ass get away from me” you glared

“Shut up your rambling” he poked your cheek and you swatted him away, thankful Snape is on the other side. You felt a hot Stare on your back as you turned to see jimin staring at you and jay, his jaw clenched

“What” you hissed at him and at once the cocky smirk was back on face

“Professor! I think you know I injured my finger while cutting the herbs! It’s making it especially harder for me to stir the potion!” Jimin fake whined, dramatically holding his finger which was bandaged

“L/n, get over here and help park with his potions” Snape said, Making you and jay gasp

“But sir me and jay are-” you protested only for snape to shut you down

“Miss l/n you’ve already caused trouble in class today so I advice you to do what I asked if you want to avoid getting detention” Snape snarled as jimin and his friends silently laughed.

“Go, I’ll be okay. You know how he is” jay mumbled as you gathered your stuff and glared at jimin for the hundredth time

“Hey doll face” jimin smirked as you grabbed a spoon to mix his potion. You ignored him as you opened your book and kept working on his project, throwing curses at him internally

“Aw is cupcake mad?” Jimin pouted, nudging you with his shoulder. On his opposite his two friends jungkook and taehyung ducked down to stop laughing

You did not get what was so funny. You glared at jimin, again, and continued working, trying to ignore jimin who kept bugging you

“Shut the fuck up you asshole and let me work!” You finally snapped at him, keeping your voice low

“Ouch Princess that hurts” jimin put his hand on his chest, faking a hurt expression

“Damn she’s a fireball” taehyung giggled as jungkook bumped fists with him, only Making your anger go up.

“What the hell is your problem?! You wont let me work in peace with my friend, and now that I’m doing your project, you wont let me do that either what the fuck am I supposed to do?!” You spat angrily and jimin went quiet, his expression hardening

“Already missing your lover boy huh” jimin mocked, his tone cold

“Shut up” you growled, glaring heatedly at him

“I don’t know what the fuck you see in him” jimin rolled his eyes

“First of all, he’s my friend. And second none of your business you cocky little asshole” you snapped

“Why you–” jimin started, his eyes holding fire in them but the bell rang, signalling the end of the period

Taehyung and jungkook kept staring at you two in shock.

“Fuck off” you snapped as you quickly gathered your things and dashed off to meet jay.

“Are you okay?” Jay asked collecting his bag

“I hate that park jimin” you grumbled, cheeks flushed

“Your blushing” jay pointed out

“Am not! I’m angry so I’m flushed! Anyways what were you going to say?” You asked, as the two of you walked out

“Oh yeah, next week is hogsmeade so I wonder if you–” jay started but wasn’t able to as he was pushed back. You quickly caught him and steadied him back, to look at his culprit, park jimin

“What the fuck was that for?!” You snarled, immediately protective over your friend

Jimin ignored you and went past you, purposely bumping your shoulders with him. You stumbled by and jay caught you. Taehyung gave you an apologetic smile and jungkook just shrugged before following jimin

“What the hell is his problem? He’s never acted this…mean before …” You whispered, as you watched jimin and his friends dissapear in the crowd

“No idea” jay frowned

“Cmon..let’s go, its time for charms” jay mumbled pulling you back

You nodded and bit your lip, pushing back the butterflies you feel at the thought of park jimin

Stop it. You told yourself

You do NOT have a crush on that cocky little hot bastard. You mentally facepalmed as jay dragged you on


“Oi y/n!” Fred grinned as you waved at him

“Hey fred what’s up” you smiled, moving back in common room

“You wanna join us with truth or dare?” George popped out, pointing at a few other gryffindors sitting around the fireplace

“Sure, let me just drop my bag” you grinned, moving over to where Hermione was

“Hey Hermione can I drop my bag off here?” You grinned, waving at the younger girl

“Sure. Just a second” Hermione said, putting aside her huge pile of books

“Woah your taking a lot of classes this year!” You pointed out amazed

“Yeah well, I really love them all” Hermione smiled back

“Good luck”! You waved off and slumped down next to jay

“Ok who’s going first” Mina said, looking around

“I’ll spin the bottle” jay said

You watched as the bottle spun and landed on luiza who groaned

“Ok luiza truth or dare?"jay grinned


“Okay did you or did you not kiss that bartender in hogsmeade” jay smirked as luiza buried her flushed face in her hands

“Okay okay I did” she mumbled embarrassed

“So that wasn’t a rumor after all!” Fred grinned

“Extentable ears do work after all” george said

“You were spying on her!!” Mina gasped

“Who’s next?” Jay asked

You played a couple more rounds before George spun the bottle and it landed on you

“Okay y/n truth or dare” George smiled mischievously


“I dare you to sneak into Slytherin’s common room and grab park’s underwear” George smirked and a chorus of ‘oooo’ went around

“Wait what?!” You spluttered, turning red at the thought of jimin’s underwear

“Dude!” Jay gasped amazed

“Soo are you gonna do it” Fred grinned

“O-of course not!” You blushed, face red

“If you do it, you get 25 galleons” George challenged

You hesitated. 25 galleons. You did need money right now. Besides wouldn’t it be fun if jimin finds one of his underwear missing.

“Fine…but make it 30 galleons” you grumbled

“That’s the spirit!” Fred grinned

“But the password?” Luiza asked

George pulled out his extendable ear

“Merryweather” Fred whispered and a chorus of 'ooo’ went around

“During dinner. Sneak out, everyone is at the great hall during that time” mina adviced

“Are you sure you wanna do this y/n?” Jay asked, obviously not happy with the idea

“Yep” you nodded confidently

“Alright then I can’t wait to see what happens” Fred smirked

You nodded along for the rest of the game but you couldn’t get park jimin out of your head. The butterflies having a battle inside your stomach didn’t help either


You aimlessly played with your food, a bit nervous about the dare

“Hey you’ll be fine trust me! It’ll be fun!” Mina reassured and you nodded

“Tell me when it’s time” you whispered to George

“It’s time” Fred grinned

“Oh god already?” You groaned, feeling super nervous

“Hey you’ll be okay. Park and the rest of the Slytherin are all there” luiza pointed out

“Strange how he hasn’t picked on you at all” jay whispered

“Yeah I noticed he’s oddly quiet. Usually he would be picking on you a lot y/n” mina said, her face stuffed

“Don’t talk with food in your mouth it’s gross. And yeah go now y/n” luiza said

You nodded and got up

“Hey guys I’ll be heading back to the dorms I’m not hungry” you said a bit loudly, catching some attention nearby

“Take care y/n” Ginny said

You nodded before rushing out of the great hall. Your heart thundered in your chest, and feeling your palms get a bit sweaty. Twice you nearly rank into a ghost and internally thanked your lucky stars that Mrs Norris was sick so flinch was looking after her. Most of the pictures were sleeping and your small size was an advantage, your movements barely causing a sound

Finally you spotted the Slytherin common room near the dungeons. Thanking George for the fake Slytherin green tie you stood in front of the picture

“Password?” A gruff old troll grumbled from the picture

You took a deep breath and went on

“Merryweather” you said nervously

There was a moment of silence and your stomach dropped. What if you got it wrong? What if the Weasley twins were wrong?

But then the door swung open and you let out a sign of relief.

You took a deep breath. Ok, here goes nothing. You couldn’t shake this feeling off that something was going to happen. And unfortunately you couldn’t pin point if it was going to be something good or something bad.

You looked behind your back and then climbed into the Slytherin common room,ready to meet what fate has in store for you.


Part 2:

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