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Imagine the legends looking after a deaged gary . Have a nice day . 馃榿馃榿

(So I might have stretched this a little but I wanted to have some fun)

When Ava woke up, she remembered everything even though her body wasn’t the same. She was a kid again, just like she had been when she and Sara went after the striga. It wasn’t long before she found Sara, who was a year or two older than her and had no adult memories. The same situation applied to Zari, who was now nine and wanted to know where her dragon was. Ava wondered if it was being a clone that had caused her to retain her memory (albeit hazy) given she’d had no real childhood ones to begin with.

She had taken charge of the group searching the Waverider, which was so much bigger now that she was a child. The power shutting down on the ship and Gideon being offline weren’t helping the situation for them either. Ava had made a list of who else they needed to look for before leading them. That hadn’t sat well with Sara, who was the oldest of them all for now, but Ava had proved she could remember the most. So Sara had handed over control.

After finding a twelve year old Nate (who was as obnoxious as all twelve year old boys), Ava lead the group to the library. It was always a good hiding spot when they were all adults. Shining her flashlight around, something glinted off her flashlight before vanishing behind a pile of books. A very deliberately constructed pile of books now that she got a better look at it.

“Come out of there!” Zari suddenly called out. “I saw you!”

She ran over to the stack of books and disappeared behind it. Sara followed as someone squeaked and hauled Zari and another child out from behind there. Ava shined her flashlight on the new kid’s face to see who they were dealing with. His dark hair was cut close like some military style and he wore jeans and a dark jacket. When he lowered his arms from his face, Ava noticed the glasses and realized who they’d found.

“Gary, is that you?” she asked softly, lowering the flashlight so he wasn’t blinding him and Zari. 

“How…how do you know my name?” Gary whimpered. He had to be about Zari’s age, but the fear on his face made him look younger.

“We’re friends,” Ava told him. “All of us. But something happened and almost everyone forgot except for me.”

Gary fidgeted. “My father doesn’t like when I go by Gary. He says it sounds stupid.”

“It sounds like an old man,” Nate piped up unhelpfully. “But it sounds like your dad sucks too.”

“Does he know I’m here?” Gary asked him. “Because if he doesn’t, then we’re in so much trouble. He’ll kill me!”

Something about his tone made Ava think he wasn’t exaggerating. She didn’t know much about his childhood, but the fact that he’d always steered conversation away from it made her think it wasn’t very happy. 

“If he tries, we’ll stop him. I promise. But we’re all lost and trying to figure out what happened. You can come with us and we can all work together.”

“Ava knows what she’s doing,” Sara added. “You can trust her, Gary.”

Gary looked from Sara to Zari to her and Nate before nodding. “Okay.” 

“Yay!” Zari cheered and starting firing off a bunch of questions to Gary. Sara grinned over them at Ava. Nate went over to talk to Gary more while she pulled out her list. Her memories were getting harder to hang onto the longer she stayed a child. But they still had to find Behrad and John and Mick and Charlie. Maybe Mona too. Ava couldn’t remember if she’d gotten off the ship or not before-

A large bang echoed down the hall. The air around them grew colder. Gary suddenly pulled a pocketknife out of his jacket, hand shaking. Zari’s eyes widened in surprise while Nate gazed in awe. Ava frowned at his reaction as he stepped in front of them, pulling the blade out.

“Where did you get that?” Ava whispered.

“Father made sure I knew how to defend myself,” Gary replied, lowering it and looking embarassed. “I don’t like using it, but if someone wants to hurt my friends, I might.”

There were footsteps down the hallway, coming closer to the library. The cold chill felt like it was seeping into her bones now. It made her feel sluggish and tired. The other kids were feeling it too. She remembered they had been trying to run from something before waking up as kids. Now she had no idea what was coming, but Ava felt in her gut they needed to hide.

“Get this part of the floor up,” she ordered, pointing to a piece of the floor that she knew opened up to a larger hatch. “Follow the tunnel and keep going.”

“Why?” Nate asked.

The chill became more intense as Ava spoke again. “Because whatever’s coming made us this way. I don’t think we can trust it, so we have to hide.”

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Watch me making ammend for the last one with Sam and please enjoy this parent AU fic of Elvaid meeting his daughter for the first time uwu


Elvaid stood outside the hospital room’s door, shifting his weight around as he was trying to convince himself to enter. Was he nervous? Yes, yes he was. Hades, he wasn’t even sure if nervous was the right word anymore; all he wanted was to drop everything there and run away. If he usually liked to think he wasn’t easy to scare in the slightest, this time was different; the man quite definitely was terrified. Running away from all of these new responsibilities was quite tempting, heck, maybe he could even go back to Scotland? This way Percy wouldn’t run after him (or at least he hoped).

No, he couldn’t do that to her; not after all that time, not after having been the one to put her there in the first place.

Taking a deep breath, he raised his fist to knock in the door before freezing. Was he allowed to knock on the door like this? What if they were sleeping? Wouldn’t it be a bit stupid to knock and not be answered, or worse, make her cry without ever having seen her face yet? What a fantastic memory it would be to share in a few years…

Elvaid shook his head, “since when do you worry about details… just do it…”

And on those ancient words of wisdom, he turned the handle and push the door open to be greeted by a quite frankly heart warming sight. Sat up on the bed, Danae was cradling a small bundle in her arms, gently humming as she rocked it slightly.

Taking a few hesitant steps in the room, Elvaid couldn’t help but almost feel like he was intruding; after all, what part had he played in the process? Forgot a condom once? In a way, he could almost understand the gods with all of their “abandoning their kids behind” schtick.

He stared at the little packet. That was his. Well, not “his” as in “his possession” but rather his as “the result of his"… mistake? Could he really call that a mistake? After agreeing to keep her anyway? After seeing the quiet joy and pride in Danae’s eyes when she looked at their daughter?

His girlfriend, finally noticing his entrance, offered him a warm, exhausted smile.

"How’s the existential crisis going?” She chuckled.

“’M not having one…” he mumbled, approaching the duo.

“Mhm…” Danae gave him an amused look. “Davina… look who’s here to see you…" 

Elvaid glanced at the newborn.

Wow. She was even smaller than he thought.

She extended her small arms up as if to grab the sky, prattling; weren’t infants supposed to be sleeping all the time? Why on Earth was she so… awake?!

"Wanna hold her?”



“Don’t drop her.”

Danae gave him a warning look as she handed him his daughter.

Of course, Elvaid being Elvaid, he pretended to do just that and owned a screech from the new mother.

“Just kidding just kidding, I got her…” he grinned, cradling Davina in his arms as she stared at him with wide baby blue -you know, that blue that babies all have during their few days.- “…”

Elvaid booped her nose, earning that astonished look only newborns knew how to give as she tried to grab his finger. The father chuckled, wrapping it around her small ones and wiggling it gently from left to right. The smile she offered him at that sent butterfly down his stomach and in that very moment, Elvaid knew deep down that he would do anything in his power to protect it

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i know i could use the fancy ao3 formatted post, but i had a lot i wanted to say lol

i am very excited to finally be posting the first chapter of my new fic. it’s based on this post and the beginning of this post, and you might recognize it because i made a post about it for the wipitgood tag going around a while ago. i held off posting this because i wanted to post all the remaining prompts i had in my inbox before i created a new work, which turned out to be a smart idea because i had time to write a fair amount and make edits to the first chapter based on how the story kinda developed as i was writing the next chapters, so hopefully any edits that might be made later on will be very minor.

here is the overall summary:

Will doesn’t understand why the house won’t sell.

It’s a beautiful Victorian house that’s in good condition, the location’s nice, and the price is way lower than the house is worth.

The reason it’s been on sale for a long time is that it’s “haunted”, or so it says in his notes. Will would bet a million dollars there’s just something living in the walls.

read it on ao3

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Since y’all ate up the last one of these I did like it was your favorite meal, here’s another one of my headcanons! This one might actually get turned into a fic if you guys like it enough.

  • In the quirk universe, past lives are real.
  • The day you die in one life is the day you’re born in the next. This is common knowledge, and is the reason why the birth of a newborn is so celebrated in society. Because someone is getting another chance.
  • Their quirks usually relate to how they died. Quirkless means old age or natural causes.
  • Your soulmate always follows you into the next life. Always. Not always as a lover, not always as a friend, but they’re there.
  • The day you turn 16 you get one dream that shows you what your past life was like. It’s usually a simple scene. It gives away simple things like your old name, where you lived, maybe the name of a family member if you hear yourself say it.
  • Bakugou’s older. So he had the dream first. He was American in the dream, named Kyle. He had a wife and two kids. Two girls. The scene he got was of them all outside, playing soccer together. Their daughters kicking the ball towards him while he played goalie. One of them with super speed, the other, Bakugou notes, is quirkless.
  • Something was wrong, though.
  • Bakugou—no, Kyle—turned to look back at his wife, grinning.
  • Her hair was unmistakably green.
  • Bakugou says NOTHING when he wakes up, people pestering him left and right throughout his birthday, asking what his name was, if he had any idea of who his soulmate was.
  • After a day of classes and remaing calm, he freaks out once he gets back to the dorms. He screams into his pillow. Cries. Blows things up. Fucking DEKU is his soulmate. It was supposed to be someone who loved him not someone who looked down on him.
  • “I don’t remember the dream.” He’d lie.
  • Three months later, Izuku has his dream.
  • The first thing he notices is that he’s a woman. The second thing he notices is that he’s old. There are two young women in a room with him, one holding his hand, the other crying. He hears the beep of hospital sounds. “Don’t cry, girls. Momma lived a good life. She gets to see dad now.” He hears himself say in English?? That’s weird.
  • He finds the dream version of him picturing a man. The man who was killed. Killed by a bomb.
  • When Izuku wakes up, he knows immediately. And it fucking destroys him.
  • Kacchan, the one he’d always seen as this untouchable force, in another life, kissed him goodnight before bed. And now, in this life, hates Izuku.
  • Katsuki is in the room when Ochako squeals a happy birthday to Midoriya, asking what his dream was like.
  • Deku simply looks over her shoulder, makes direct eye contact with Bakugou, and sighs.
  • “I don’t remember.”
  • He supposes they can try again in another life.
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An idea that came to mind last night before I went to bed. Basically at some point while in the imagination with Remus, they stumble across a witch or something Remus made when he was younger. Blah blah blah, deceit was struck by a spell.

This spell makes you rot and fall apart. If he wasn’t already weird looking now, he spends a lot of time under the curse and the other try to slow down the process as much as possible until they find the witch again. Logan will sew him back together in mos tpalces and Roman will try some healing magic but the curse still is there for a while and during it, life is a living hell for deceit.

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They player is a bored and lonely god. They’ve spent an eternity just drifting through the world trying to find someone to spend another one with. They get the Nook Island Getaway package as another attempt for this. When they arrive, they find that they’re expected to live and function as a normal person, which is a change of pace from other adventures they’ve been on. 

They decide to humor these cute animal people with their tasks and ideas, even if the “new skills” they teach them are things they’ve been doing for centuries. They could collapse the entire island into the sea at ant time, but they want to see how this land changes with these residents overtime. They help these people build new buildings and structures, they help the local nature thrive, and they document it with the help of the museum they helped make.

They slowly realize that the folks around them only see them as a person, and not a powerful, world-destroying god. They wanted to spend an eternity with someone, but instead they found a bunch of people that would spent the rest of their lives with them. They exchange gifts with them, help them with chores, and celebrate their birthdays. 

They’ve given hundreds of thousand bells to Mr. Nook, but the currency is meaningless to them. Their house, and all the furniture and decorations they’ve gotten from their friends is what holds meaning for them. Little toys and ugly wallpapers and furniture with clashing colors are in every room.

One day, they “learn” how to terraform the island. At this point, they’ve become quite close with these animal folk, and are torn about how to use their power. They could make things better for these friends, or they could rise back up to their god status and destroy everything. This small world is in their hands, and they can do whatever they’d like with it.

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AN: Finally, a (long-awaited) new chapter for this story. Luckily, I had most of this written already so it wasn’t that hard to finish this chapter.
Next chapter will take longer though since I’ve only written about half of it and my muse is still not back in working order.
Anyways, this’ll be a slightly longer chapter and top of that is also contains some smutty goodness, which hopefully makes up for it.

Warnings: light Rick/Morty smut

Keep reading

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WIP of a fantasy AU RanTaku that came into my head while writing. Probably gonna crop the image in post but this is it for now.

Btw - I’m new here in the Inazuma Eleven Go fandom after a much prolonged absence of about…hmmm, four(?) years. It’s so nice to return here seeing people still enthusiastic about Go even after all this time :0 I was a mere lurker back in the day and didn’t realise I could’ve started a blog dedicated to IEG.

I’ve started my fantasy AU on AO3 but I won’t promote it here until I get to the good bits aka these two boys get introduced. It’s early days for the fic anyway. I originally wrote the fic on FFN back in 2016 (last updated in 2017 after not posting on it for a year) and I wanted to reboot it with the new knowledge of writing I’ve gained.

Anyway I hope you guys accept me into the fandom :) even if my blog isn’t IEG-centric. I mainly post about Pokémon, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken and The Dark Crystal among other things I’m interested in at the time. IEG has sorta been filling my dash recently tho

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How often is Stephen at the hospital/doctors?

About once a week. His past fractures might act up a couple of times, but it’s mostly because of how fragile he currently is. His body can survive outside of the fusion, but he is definetly weakened.


Mrs. Maheswaran, who has an easy time dealing with Stephen’s problems, since he’s basically a normal human, is trying her best to keep him from destroying his body though. Stephen isn’t really used to being split apart and weak, so he keeps overworking his body. Mrs. Maheswaran also tries to get the both of them to consider therapy, but both aren’t really sure yet.

But anyway, it’s not like Stephen ever goes to the doctor all by himself. His dad, the gems and Connie come with him sometimes and obviously Steve is always there. They get kind of uneasy when they’re apart.

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