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I was trying to draw @moonspirit01 / @babvc-au style, and it made me realize how all this time i lied to myself thinking that i knew how to draw Bendy? Seriously, look how ugly VCBendy is in my art style >:0

Something i’m also surprised at how easy and fun it was to try to draw differently, while trying to draw in my own way is painful and difficult

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so I have decided in order to make things simpler for me i will be making my thot about dark Jim and reader being married in the 50’s where she meets liberal Duncan who wants to be with her into one shots that aren’t like in chronological order like my dare Xavier fics sorta

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drag meeting au part 38

time to start winding down

Whatever calm she had collected vanished when the doorbell rang. Kate leapt up from the couch where she had been sitting and gave the room a final one over; making sure everything was in perfect order, before walking towards the front door. She paused and looked at her own reflection in the closet door mirror and nodded at herself. She had this. She would be fine. No matter what. She was going to tell Étienne and it would be fine.

She plastered on her brightest smile and opened the door; it was show time.

“Happy birthday!” Étienne said the moment he’d been let in. Kate couldn’t help but smile at his enthusiasm as she shut the door behind him and then waited for him to hand her his coat. She grinned even more at the eternal number of layers he was wearing, but went very willingly into his warm embrace when he opened his arms for her.

“It’s so good to see you,” He murmured in her ear as he held her close. “Missed you, my darling,” He added nuzzling the crook of her neck.

“I missed you too, you silly thing,” She hugged him tighter still and indulged in the feeling of Étienne’s arms wrapped around her. She would never get enough of these hugs.

“You look absolutely stunning; a real sight for sore eyes,” He told her, giving her an appreciative one over. Kate felt herself blush, but – she knew she looked good. She had chosen this specific outfit because she looked damn fine in it. It was a dark grey dress, but the material shone under the light. It was subtle, but the effect was caught whenever the light shone on her. It was the perfect dress for their night out and a classic favourite of hers. For as much as she wanted to go all out, she also needed the comfort of something familiar to help her get through her night.

“Well, you look dashing yourself, Mister Maisonneuve,” She said as she straightened out his lilac coloured bowtie. It didn’t need to be fixed, but it gave her an excuse to put her hands on him and he didn’t seem to mind. The bowtie matched perfectly with the dark plum of Étienne’s button down shirt and she absolutely loved the colour on him.

“Shall we step in?” She asked. Étienne nodded and started following her beyond the entrance of her house, but then stopped when he got a good view of the large interior. He whistled appreciatively and took a moment to look around.

“Can I just say, and I promise I’ll just say it once, but, holy crap your house is huuuuuuuuge. What the actual hell?! I can finally say I actually know someone who lives in the fancy glitz as fuck area of Outremont and that person happens to be my girlfriend!” He said it with such pride that Kate felt a small pang at that. Soon, she doubted he would boast about her being his anything.

“Hey, are you okay? Was that too much? I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

Kate quickly reeled her emotions in and smiled. Étienne couldn’t suspect anything. She walked back to him and caressed his cheek with a tender hand, “No, you didn’t do anything wrong; it’s just been a shit start to the year, is all.”

His expression softened and he pecked her lips in a chaste kiss, “I am genuinely sorry you’ve had such a shit start to the year, but, hopefully, it’ll perk up soon.”

“You being here has already made it loads better,” She told him and it was worth it, just to see the bright smile that illuminated his face. She hoped Étienne would always be this happy – that he would find someone that would make him smile in such an open and wonderful way.

“And you saying such things makes me ridiculously happy,” He laughed, before he sought her lips for a proper kiss, cupping her face with his eternally paint speckled hands she was so very fond of and that she would miss terribly. She melted in his embrace and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down to her level. She’d missed this – missed the proximity and the feel of his lips against her own. She knew that this time, for real, their shared kisses were counted and so she hoarded them away while she still could.

“This is better in real than imagined,” She murmured when they pulled away. Étienne laughed and agreed, before stealing another kiss from her. They got lost in each other’s arms, exchanging kiss after kiss, making up for lost time, until Kate pulled back and lead Étienne to the living room, before she got carried away and forgot all about her master plan again.

“So the renovations are done now?” Étienne asked her as he settled on the couch besides her.

“Renovations?” She asked, until it clicked, “Oh, right! Yes! Well, mostly! I finally got my bedroom and living room back. Still a few things left here and there, but mostly cosmetic stuff that won’t cast me out in the living room again; I’ll give you a proper tour later, if you want.” These lies had to stop; she was clearly having issue remembering what she’d told Étienne by the looks of it.

“Well, that’s also gonna help with your month of January being less shitty. Also, maybe this will cheer you up as well,” Étienne brought up a bag he had carried with him to the living room and took out a smaller package from it. It was wrapped with glittery paper and it had a fancy and delicate looking bow on top. “Happy birthday, Katie.” He said as he handed her the parcel.

Kate’s cheeks pinked a little. She had not been expecting to receive a present, especially since Étienne was taking her out for dinner and he had let her know well in advance that he was paying for her – no questions asked – since it was her birthday. But – she was still tickled pink that he had gone through the trouble of gifting her something. And really – she couldn’t say she was that surprised. Étienne had a tendency of going all out when it came to spoiling her.

She undid the wrapping and first found a lovely card that she read attentively. In it, Étienne wished her a wonderful birthday, hoped she would have a great year, hoped they’d get to celebrate her next birthday together and then concluded by reflecting that he was really glad he got to spend this day with her. Kate’s insides turned to goo, not for the first time, but she also wished Étienne hadn’t done all this for her. Not when it was all about to end.

Still, she then moved on to the actual present.

She removed the sheet of tissue paper and found a lovely and gorgeous watercolour print that seemed oddly familiar to her. It took her a moment, but she then recognised the view from the Mt-Royal lookout and the splendid fall foliage. She turned the print around and found a note scrawled in Étienne’s distinctive hand; “Truly a most wonderful of times with a truly a most wonderful person.”

“This is from our date…” She said transfixed by the vivid colours and the intricate details that had been added on top of the watercolours with a pen of sorts, from the looks of it.

“It is,” Étienne confirmed.

“You – you painted this, didn’t you?”

Étienne’s cheeks flushed a little, “I did – I hope you like it,” He was quick to say.

Kate looked back to the artwork she was holding in her hands. She then noticed the signature on the bottom left corner and she couldn’t believe her boyfriend had made a painting for her. For her birthday. It must have taken him ages to do what with the many colours and the thousands of details in the leaves and the scenery.

“I do – I, it’s lovely, really, thank you…” She kept her gaze fixed on the painting, lost in her memories of that particular date and all the other wonderful times she had spent with Étienne. From the very beginning, Étienne had been kind and patient with her. As she had gotten to know him better, she had discovered a charming and witty man with a never ending curiosity for life. She admired his sensitivity, his passion for the arts and his infatuation with jazz. She loved discovering the hidden gems of the city with him and – and he didn’t deserve this charade anymore.

Kate’s shoulders sagged and just like the changing leaves in the painting that would eventually wither and fall off the branch to cascade to the floor, the emotional wall she had tried putting up to protect herself from what she had to do slowly crumbled. She felt her vision blur with tears that gathered and her shoulders shook lightly.

“Katie? Sweetheart? Are you okay?” Étienne put a hand on her back and she tried to hold it together, honest, but she couldn’t anymore. She couldn’t. “What’s wrong?”

She looked at him – at her beautiful and wonderful boyfriend – at the concern and worry on his face and her heart broke. She shook her head, at what, she couldn’t say, but she wordlessly got up from the couch and extended her hand to him. Étienne was quick to take it and got up himself, and she could see the questions building in those green eyes of his. However, she didn’t give him a chance to ask them and instead led him to the washroom.

This ended.

This ended now.


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I had to go through a stupid frustration and an art mistake scan before posting this. These three’s faces are basically all of my moods of 2020.

I decided to pick Tak as Boscha cuz they were known to pull tricks like throwing food and trash at the main characters, and no I don’t ship Skoodge with Tak just because I picked them as Willow and Boscha, but I respect all ships of IZ. If this episode was in IZ, then the title would be “Earn It Like Irkens” cuz there’s an alliteration in the title but I can only came up with a slight rhyme to “irkens”.

I did a few changes that contrast with the original screenshot. I inverted the paint colors cuz it looks nicer that way, and plus I don’t want the green paint to clash with Tenn’s skin. I used purple for the stairs’ colors cuz the metal stairs in the first episode are purple, and I wanted the witch school to have Irk’s main colors in the AU.

Also don’t scream about the fork stabbed onto Skoodge’s head; it was stuck onto Willow’s hair in the original scene, and irkens don’t have hair. Irkens probably don’t die from a small, single stab because of their PAKs, and they have a stronger longevity than humans, so I guess Skoodge having a fork on his head would look ok.

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  • the curse impacts sylvia shortly after she marries malistaire
  • sylvia used to be a pyromancer but switched over to her secondary because she developed a phobia of fire after dragonspyre’s destruction
  • her scale color is a burgundy red color
  • which is a constant reminder of her of her past as a fire wizard.. :,)
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house md but they all work in the west wing, like cuddy is the chief of staff who is just done with life, house is the director of communications who raises hell whenever they have to write the state of the union and terrorizes everyone, and wilson is the well-meaning, photogenic, actually nice press secretary (he got the job because everyone else sucks at talking to reporters w/out something going wrong) and cameron, chase, and foreman are the deputies. chase gets made fun all the time by house bc he’s australian but works in the white house somehow. house totally proposed a secret plan to fight inflation completely sarcastically and then pissed off everyone. the president is never revealed. cuddy usually has to calm down congress/the president when house does something really stupid and has to convince herself to keep him on because he writes amazing speeches when he actually cares. foreman is a great dcos but he lowkey wants the cos job. the campaign was literal chaos and house probably joined on a dare from wilson or vice versa.

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  • It’s years after the war. Harry is the DADA professor at Hogwarts. both to teach students because he loves it and to help students in ways that adults could not help him. He is head of the DADA club as well as the Wizarding world 101 club for those who grew up with muggles so they can better acclimate to the wizarding world. Hermione helped him set up that last one)
  • the DADA club is pretty self explanatory. harry teaches defense spells and those spells rank by skill not by year. he also teaches hand to hand defense because one day you many not have magic. (he emphasizes this part for the girls. he’s been to the clubs and he hates how girls can be treated) he also emphasizes prevention. he talks about how to prevent another dark lord.
  • some days they don’t even practice defense they just talk about what bother them. those days can be sad. but their nice. ( that reminds him he should talk to Hermione about setting up mental health clinics muggles have those and his therapist has been very helpful)
  • Harry and ginny broke up shortly after the war because as much as they loved each other, they just weren’t right for one another. 
  • Ginny becomes a famous quidditch player
  • Hermione becomes a Wizard lawyer. so she can put laws in place that would help prevent another dark lord from rising 
  • she also has plans to tackle the treatment of magical creatures. (Dobby and lupin haunt her and visit her nightmares often) but there’s only so much that one can do in a year and she does not want to repeat 3 year
  • She pushes for laws that protect children so no one has to go through what tom riddle or harry went through
  • she also moves for primary school for wizarding children so they get to socialize with others and learn about the muggle world and their science. 
  • Hermione becomes minister of magic and incorporates muggle ideas like foster care and child protective services into the wizarding world because after she saw how Harry she could never in good conscious let other children go through that
  • Ron started auror training and became an auror for a few years because it is what helped him cope with Freds death. But after all of the death eaters were given trials and sentenced, he retired from the force and partnered with George to help expand the Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. 
  • He even opens up a partner store in the muggle world. (getting their toys and pranks to work without magic was tough but it really helped bond them together.) It’s what Fred would have wanted anyway.
  • and ron and Hermione are still together because the war made them closer and when they were apart 7th year it was awful, but they don’t get married no matter how much Molly wants them to. they’re in their 20s and they still have time
  • Luna is a well respect reporter. The Quibbler is now the Wizarding worlds most trusted news source. (especially after Rita skeeter was arrested for defamation of character) (something Hermione presided over with pride)
  • she is also the only reporter that any of the students at Hogwarts in Harrys year will speak to. Most other student who attended the school while harry was there (especially after seeing what happened to him during 4th year) will only speak to her anyway. but it is not as hard a rule especially if they didn’t really interact with harry.
  • Harry formally adopted Teddy when he was 6 years old. Teddy had been living with harry since he was 1 and a half because Andromeda couldn’t take care of him anymore. but he wanted Teddy to give him permission first.
  • Harry makes sure to tell Teddy all about his birth parents and about how much they loved him and about how much Harry love them.
  • the day Teddy called harry dad. harry most definitely did not cry in for an hour after teddy left for primary school
  • Teddy lives with harry in the castle during the school year. ( because where else would he live. all of the other professors lie in the castle. and harry may or may not be very paranoid about something happening to teddy, but that is something he talks about with his mind healer and not you so shut up)
  • Draco goes to school to become a potions master so he can work at St mungos and help people.
  • he still feels guilty about the war and about how he treated others during his Hogwarts years. he quickly learns that no one wants to be healed by him. he looks like his father more and more every year.
  • he hates that he has done all of those awful things. but he is making up for them! it takes the public awhile to see it but the glares aren’t as bad anymore.
  • but his fathers actions haunt him. and he wants to separate himself from his father as much as possible. so he does the unthinkable and dies his hair.
  • at first he uses spells but he finds the muggle way soothing.
  • he eventually gets a job at Hogwarts when he is 24 as the potions master. (bc let’s be honest Slughorn was a temporary solution at best he was NOT supposed to be at Hogwarts this long)
  • it is at this point where he meets teddy. Teddy roams the halls and visits classes from time to time. so long as he does not disturb any of the teachers that is
  • he gets excited when he sees a teacher with bright purple hair. (he thinks he found another Metamorphmagus. so he follows them to their classroom. he’s never seen them before and he wants to get to know them)
  • Draco is shocked to see a small child in his class, but he was warned about teddy so he kept his infamous Malfoy mask on to hide his surprise 
  • teddy is obviously disappointed that Draco isn’t a Metamorphmagus like him, but he asks Draco all about his hair and how he got it like that. Teddy’s hair may or may not match dracos for the next week, but he’ll deny it if you ask him.
  • teddy sits through all of dracos classes for that week as well. he does is school work and tries not to disrupt. (mcgonagall was very helpful in teaching teddy proper manners (so he didn’t take after his uncles George and Ron) so he knows when to be on his best behavior. )
  • uncles George and Ron may or may not send him Weasleys wizard wheezes every month. His uncle George also taught him how to pull off a prank and not get caught (especially by auntie Minnie)
  • even though auntie Minnie taught him manners sometimes he’ll get really excited and pull a Hermione and ask raise his hand to as a bunch of questions (because he is not old enough to do anything practical yet)
  • Draco answers all of teddy’s questions. (they are surprisingly good for an 8 year old so of course he does) he even mentions that his students could take a page out of Teddys book. (he hopes they don’t ask questions because that is not always encouraged, not because they are afraid of him)
  • the students had heard rumors about Draco from their parents, so they were a little afraid of him. they though that he would be like professor Snape. instead he is more like mcgonagall. he expects that his students respect that magic can be dangerous and that he is there to help. but he is also firmly kind. he never yells, only scolds. (and that is only when you do something that could have hurt someone)
  • harry hears a rumor that the new potions teacher is, as his 6th year students put it, H O T. he knows that it is someone from his years at Hogwarts, but he wasn’t really paying attention all that much. (he likes to get as much time with his son as possible)
  • speaking of his son, he hasn’t seen him in his class as normal. Teddy is usually in their rooms, in his classroom or with Minnie. (mcgonagall insists that he call her that. yes, it is very weird) teddy isn’t allowed in the greenhouses with Neville anymore after than sneezing incident.
  • So during one of his free periods ( that are usually reserved for helping teddy with math bc Hermione insists because “math is very important Harry!”) he takes out the marauders map and looks for his son. (completely missing Draco’s name because duh)
  • he finally finds him in the dungeons and he spots the new potions master teaching about sleeping draught and its properties to 3rd years. he is mesmerize by the (now midnight blue) hair. he doesn’t immediately recognize Malfoy bc the blonde hair is gone. 
  • he just sits next to teddy (who is attempting to take notes like the other students, but is really just drawing stick figures with potions and random ingredients written down)
  • once the class files out teddy goes to introduce his dad to his new favorite professor (sorry aunt Minnie). once they realize who the other one is it’s kind of awkward bc they haven’t seen each other since harry spoke for him and his mother to exonerate them and give Draco back his wand.
  • but they bond over teddy and how well teddy seems to do in dracos class (even though he is 8) and thus began the weekly visits and lunches. 
  • eventually teddy has to stop going to dracos class because they have begun brewing potions, and we don’t want a repeat of what happened in the greenhouses. this really bummed teddy out so he insisted that they eat lunch together.
  • harry and Draco find themselves still eating lunch together, even when teddy has gone to nana molly’s house for the week to visit his cousins.
  • they already talked to each other in the halls once they had reconnected, but after that lunch without teddy they start having dinner in each others rooms instead
  • harry introduces Draco to something he calls movies and Draco talks about all of the wizarding pop culture harry never seems to understand
  • soon these nightly hangouts happen more than once a week. it has gotten to the point where Draco and harry have fallen asleep on Harrys couch in his living room on more than one occasion. 
  • most of these hangout happen in Harrys rooms bc he is still a little paranoid
  • then right around Christmas time Hermione asks harry to speak at a fundraiser for something or another and it is last minute because the other speaker had to cancel “ I know it’s last minute harry, but you know I wouldn’t ask if I had another choice”
  • Harry doesn’t want to ask Molly because she has so much to do to prep for Christmas and he doesn’t want to be a burden, so would Draco pretty please watch teddy for the night. Harry will be home really late and he is so sorry that this is last minute and of course you can’t watch him and I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked
  • and Draco loves teddy so of course he’ll watch him! it will be like a sleep over won’t it teddy.
  • draco is shocked that harry would trust him with teddy for the night because of his past  and he is freaking out inside but its fine and he is not going to mess this up he is not going to mess this up.
  • and harry goes and he os not as worried as he thinks he is but he is still worried bc parenthood y’know and he really doesn’t like going to these things because he is so over being the boy who lived twice and he just wants to go home a snuggle with draco and talk about movies while teddy is showing them how he can change his eye color now
  • and then it hits him that he included draco in the scenario and how long has he been doing that for. and then he finds out that he really doesn’t mind that and how long has he thought about draco being in his life and should he ask draco out he most definitely should ask him out
  • and draco going through the same thing but with working about teddy and knowing that harry really hates going to those galas and how he did too when he was a child and how much better it would be if they had gone together him harry and teddy
  • harry proceeds to panic about this new revelation to Hermione because she is always so easy to talk to and she always knows what to do and Ron isn’t there because he hates those galas almost as much as harry
  • Hermione proceeds to tell harry to just ask him out already you already trust him with teddy and you talk about him all the time in your letters and even Ron has noticed and he avoids talking about feelings as much as he can
  • so harry decides he is going to ask draco out 
  • (draco is already invited to weasley Christmas and has a sweater already made bc mama weasley don’t mess around)
  • the next day when harry goes to pick teddy up he doesn’t know what to say and neither does draco and then they blurt it out at the same time and start rambling (Bc that’s always cute) and then they get really quiet
  • and then teddy says finally bc he made a bet with his uncle George (bc uncle George always helps him with new pranks and he is so awesome and easy to talk to)  and a couple other students about when harry and draco are going to ask each other out on a date 
  • (and he doesn’t really know what that means but auntie Minnie says its when you want to hold hands and you love each other very much but not like brothers but like best friends but more. he tried to get her to explain but she said that was his dad’s job)
  • and draco and harry are both shocked bc teddy knew? and if it’s ok with teddy then why not give it a go. 
  • then Christmas passes with everyone getting a new sweater (draco should really re-introduce his mum and Molly because they would get on like a house on fire with how much they love their kids and his mum could use a friend)
  • and the school year finishes with harry and draco becoming known as the cute professors how visit each others classes with gifts and hold hands when they think no one is looking
  • and draco spends most of his summer at 12 Grimmauld place ( harry spent the better part of a month renovating that house so it would be more modern and safe for teddy)
  • he also removed a lot of the dark artifacts and placed them in a vault at gringotts so he can study them later. the ones he deemed to be containable and somewhat mild he took for his upper year classes so they would know how to deal with those artifacts
  • and draco is basically moved into harry’s rooms by the end of the summer and he doesn’t notice until the school year comes around again and he has to pack and he finds that his flat in muggle London (yes he moved there. Hermione recommended it after the trials and he is so grateful to her because that really helped him break down all that he had been taught by his father)
  • but draco waits to see if harry says anything and harry does but harry takes to long so he says something, but its not the question he was expecting. he was expecting more of a well aren’t you moved in already sort of response when all harry said was you are welcome to be here and I love that you are here I just didn’t want to push you and I know you like having your own space
  • and draco is confused, but harry explains that their relationship is still new and he didn’t want to push anything unnaturally so he let draco set the pace because he loves him and he figured there was no harm in draco still having his flat because if he needed time it made sense
  • this whole conversation led to one about communication about needs and boundaries because harry has trouble with that still from the Dursley’s and from the war and draco has trouble with feelings bc of his father and this whole thing just makes them stronger
  • they make the move in official but draco keeps the flat because it is still nice to stay in muggle London and harry doesn’t disagree.
  • and they also agree that draco should keep his rooms at Hogwarts just so that the students don’t get distracted by the professors living together even if they are together and boy is it nice to say that
  • also that way if draco needs to work on things for his potions class they can still keep teddy safe
  • and teddy still calls harry dad because harry raised him but he calls draco dray like his father does and that feels just as good as dad to draco. he doesn’t expect anything like that from teddy because he became a father figure to him so late in his life and dray makes him feel so loved in a way he has never felt before
  • and their relationship only gets stronger as the years pass and eventually they do get married (it’s the summer after teddy’s 1st year and he couldn’t be happier) 
  • teddy moving out of harry’s rooms and into the Hufflepuff tower was a weird transition for all of them, but it was comforting to know that he could go talk to his dads whenever he wants
  • and he thinks of draco as his dad at this point but calling him anything other than dray would be weird and dray feels as good as calling harry dad so why change it
  • that year draco moved into Harrys rooms permanently and left his other rooms for good. (the happy couple still go there sometimes since it is attached to dracos office and they get up to shenanigans there bc teddy doesn’t ever go into those rooms like he does with the ones he grew up in)
  • and in teddy’s first year everyone is like wow those are your dads? and he is like yea they’re cool and they were in the war but I have seen them dancing with a mop and a dustpan and they’re really not that cool you guys 
  • and once teddy starts making his way up through Hogwarts the war seems so far away and the students come in with the stories they’ve heard from their parents about the great Harry Potter and dastardly Draco Malfoy and then like a 2 weeks into term they’re like these dudes are total nerds and super in love with each other and its adorable
  • then the Weasley kids start filtering through Hogwarts and harry and draco are in their 30s. teddy wanted to go to muggle university (which he can totally get into because Hermione is a real one lemme tell you)
  • also you’re gonna tell me she DIDN’T teach teddy all of the muggle curriculum he would need to know to get into college bc let’s be real Hogwarts wasn’t a challenge bc he’d been there his whole life so he def graduated early and still lived there with harry and draco while Hermione got him muggle books
  • also in their free time harry Hermione and draco definitely figured out how to get wifi in Hogwarts ( how would they live without their rom coms) in like a weekend
  • and George became the new charms teacher after flitwick retired and the students love him and his satires of pranks with his brothers
  • and in his spare time he still comes up with jokes for the joke shop and he even lets his students submit their attempts for items for the shop for extra credit (this eventually turns into an end of year assignment for each grade and former students of George love seeing their names on the tags for the toys in the joke shop)
  • and Ron who has a knack for business (who knew?) expands the WWW empire and he already has shops in America and he is thinking about expanding into Asia but he still needs to look into that market
  • but teddy goes to college and harry and draco keep living their lives and revolutionizing Hogwarts with Minnie (draco is still stunned she insisted that he call her that) they keep integrating muggle ideas, and it is easier in Hogwarts because the children are much more open to change
  • and now they are in their 40s and Hogwarts has a whole new branch of the school where children between the ages 5 and 10 can come in and learn about muggles and magic and math and science and why there is a giant squid in the lake
  • harry and draco are now a staple in Hogwarts like Dumbledore was but so much better bc they would never let kids return to abusive homes and they’re known for being so approachable and willing to help anyone with their problems
  • the students start calling them the dads of Hogwarts (teddy insists he didn’t start that but he totally did with George and Ron’s help)
  • and the name sticks and they not so secretly love it
  • and the war becomes a distant memory
  • until students start acting really strange and harry and draco think it is just them until George and Minnie and Neville come to them with concerns and they don’t know what is happening and as much as harry loves draco he knows he needs to call Hermione and Ron (Ron still will not touch a phone and if draco can use one why can’t he, but he insists) 
  • he calls them because the last time he was this scared in Hogwarts they were there and he is a Grown Man but suddenly he feels like he just left the Dursley’s again 
  • draco calls his mother and he calls pansy and Blaise because they were there when he had to deal with his father planning and plotting and wanting Voldemort to return and they know what he felt like and he is a Grown Man but he feels as if he will never get his fathers approval even though he hasn’t needed that in years (and he doesn’t want it) 
  • the word spread about harry calling for his best friends and draco doing the same and if they are doing that then they must be scared
  • (they are so very tired of being afraid and so very tired of fighting)
  • but the must protect their students
  • so Molly (even though she is not as young as when her children went to Hogwarts her grandchildren do and she’ll be damned if anything ever happens to her family) arrives too with the weasley clan as ready as ever and Seamus and dean and even Oliver Wood (who is a world renown former quidditch player and even more famous coach)
  • when teddy gets there for his dad and dray they are suddenly so much more worried because he is their life, but he is an adult now and he is here for them
  • when their former students arrive harry definitely starts to cry (draco didn’t because malfoys don’t cry in public in front of their former students even if he didn’t really believe that now it was nice to hold onto to help keep some of his composure) and their students tell them that they are here now to help, to fight and that they shouldn’t have to fight anymore but if they must 
  • their students say that Harry and Draco did such a good job and helped the wizarding world, helped them so much, and we know professor potter that we must be kind to others because no one deserves what tom riddle went through even if Voldemort was awful.
  • professor potter we know that you taught us that defense should only be used in protection and we should always be mindful and we are here to protect you
  • and professor Malfoy you were so kind to us and you were understanding and you encouraged our questions and you taught us to be curious and to never be satisfied with something at face value. you taught us to explore and we are here
  • and it feels like the war again but better because they are all on the same side and what ever this is harry doesn’t have to hide under the invisibility cloak and draco doesn’t have to hide in the room of requirement and this new thing? this new thing that threatens the life they have made together their family? their friends? their students? it suddenly it seems so small because with the support they have nothing can ever beat them because Dumbledore is gone Voldemort is dead and they did their best to help those kids age be damned

There is so much more that I would love to add to this, and I could but I should get back to homework, unfortunately. I just had a thought and had to write it down. I would also like to turn it into a fic but time escapes me

If for some reason someone sees this and they want to make it into an actual full blown fic, please tag me bc I would live to read it.

I might come up with a part two, who knows

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“He is always busy.” Ria sighed heavily, walking towards the door to their bedroom. She opened the door to their shared bed, taking in his scent as she longed for him.

You see, Doffy had been getting busier with his work as he was expanding his business with Kaidou of selling SMILES. Ria was willing to sacrifice anything for him but the lack of him was getting pretty annoying lately. He was working long hours and would often not come to bed until Ria was already asleep.

This had been going on for a few weeks and Ria had reached her breaking point. She collapsed onto their bed, burying her head in the sheets that smelled too much like him as tears finally began to fall her rosy cheeks. “I miss him.”

Little did she know there was someone standing in the door. “I missed you too, yknow.” His husky voice echoed in their room as he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned on the door frame with a soft smile on his face. Ria raised her head to turn around to see him standing there. Her tears were still on her cheek as she ran towards him and embraced him tightly. “D-Doffy…” she sobbed in his chest.

Doffy wrapped her arms around her. Looking down at her affectionately. He saw how much she yearned for him, she wasn’t the only one who had been effected from his business dealings. He would never admit it out loud, but he missed Ria as much if not more. This was torture on both of them and he knew that. He held her chin in his hand as he wiped the tears off her cheeks.

Ria reached out to take his glasses off which he welcomed the action. She finally smiled after seeing his blue eyes which made a small smile appear at his face as well, a very rare sight.

“I love you.” The words filled the room as it made Doffys heart race.

He knew that right now was the time to do the hardest thing in his life.

“I love you too… but there’s something I need to ask you…” He said in a low tone as he leaned in to pepper kisses on her cheeks. “Hehe, what is it? You’re acting really different… not that I mind it.”

“Do you remember the day we met all those years ago? How you showed me compassion and kindness when everyone looked down at me. How you made me believe in love after I lost my mother and killed my father? How you stood by me through everything? Even after I killed Rocinate?”

“Doffy, why are you brining it up now? It happened long ago. Right now, my head is filled with you and how much I want you.” Ria interrupted him as she leaned to kiss him, only to make him move away which made her raise her eyebrows.

“Doffy why did you—”

Ria was interrupted, her eyes widened in surprise as tears began to form again in her eyes, but this time it wasn’t because she was sad. This time was different.

Why was it different? Well the fact that love of her life was on one knee made her emotional.

Doffy was on one knee with a breath taking engagement ring in the box. “We have been together for a very long time and I can’t imagine anyone else I want to spend the rest of my life with—”


“Fuffufu, you dont even know what you’re agreeing to.” He laughed as he saw how eager his girlfriend was. “Well, I wasn’t going to take no for an answer anyway…

Ria Emerald, marry me.”

A/N: ria is my OC. I used to have a one piece/knb writing blog a few years ago.. and ive been debating writing again but I’ve been scared. Please enjoy and feel free to give any feedback!

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