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#au dean winchester x reader

Summary: Dean has it all. The looks. The money. He’s the most popular guy on campus. You are all he’s not. Shy. Nerdy. A loner. One day a pair of green eyes land on you and your life changes…

Pairing: Student!Dean x Student!Reader, Student!Sam x Student!Reader (platonic/best friends), mentions of Jess, Cassie, OFC’s

Warnings: angst, language, shy reader, jealous Dean, unrequited feelings, bitchy college girls, bullying, the reader is nerdy and smart, injured reader, sad reader

A/N: This is a College AU I wanted to write for a while.

Words: 3,9 k


The day you met Sam Winchester was the best in your life. At first, you thought he tries to make fun of you like every handsome guy at Stanford, but Sam honestly wanted to talk to you.

He’s smart, caring and a ray of sunshine and for over a year he’s your best friend – to be honest, he’s your only friend.

Whenever you are down Sam can pick you up and make you laugh. The best thing is – Sam is determined and takes his study seriously as you do.

While you and Sam get along more than well, his big brother is another story.

Sam is a freshman, that’s the reason you got to know him one year ago, but you know his brother for around three years, and he’s a pain in the ass for sure.

Dean has it all. The looks. The money. He’s the most popular guy on campus.

You are all he’s not. Shy. Nerdy. A loner. When you first arrived at Stanford you dared to park your old Mustang too close to his beloved Impala and since then – you are invisible to him.

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Summary: When you finally have enough Dean realizes he’s missing you more than he ever thought possible.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader, AU!John,  AU!Sam x Ruby, OFC’s

Warnings: angst, arranged marriage, talking about annulment (I am not a lawyer so bear with me), remorse, tension, fluff, comforting, language

Sequel to: Annulment


“So…when can we consummate our marriage?”

Dean lights a candle watching you with darkened eyes. A dirty smirk on his lips he rounds the table, ignoring your eye roll. Dean is determined to win you over, even if he must spend more time at your motel room.

Blue flannel, blue jeans – that’s his uniform to seduce you. Normally you know Dean in black slacks and white button-ups, but you must admit you like his casual outfit for sure.

He’s pouting now, undressing you with his eyes as he stalks toward your bed. While you fake to look away he nods, still the pout on those plush lips.

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Summary: Your bad boy fears you will find someone better while you only want one thing…

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader, AU!Sam 

Warnings: angst, language, smut, unprotected sex, public sex, fluff, dirty talk, romance

Trouble Masterlist


Two years later…

“Do you know when she will be back?” Sam searches his brother’s face, seeing the doubts and even a hint of fear in Dean’s eyes.

“I don’t know…” Mumbling the words Dean tosses his screwdriver into the toolbox. “Maybe never. She’s famous now, sold her book and all. I guess she won’t need someone like me around any longer.”

“Dean don’t say something like that. Y/N loves you; you know that. We all know it. I bet she will be back soon.” Trying to lighten his brother’s mood Sam sits onto the hood of Dean’s car, hoping you will be back soon.

“It’s been two months. She said promotion and all takes its time, but she didn’t call me for over a week. I think she found someone new. Look…” Showing Sam his phone Dean points at a picture of you and a man you met at the release party.

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Summary: All you wanted was to use your skills in automotive engineering and design to open your own custom car shop. When the rug gets yanked out from under you, one of your regular customers offers you a job that you just can’t resist. Will it stay a mutually beneficial arrangement, or will something unexpected bloom?

Pairing: AU Dean Winchester x Reader

Appearances by: Bobby, Donna, OC* Jack, OC Mom, Ryan, Donna 

Chapter Synopsis: The aftermath of John’s actions lands back on Dean’s shoulders. The stress of the situation and Dean’s sneaking around are taking their toll and they finally take a little break to go visit friends in Bemidji

Word count: 5173

Warnings: Bad language. Fluff. Anxiety triggers.


Tags: @31shadesofbrown  @xhannahbananax03  @closetspngirl  @adoptdontshoppets  @parinarain  @babykalika2001  @docharleythegeekqueen  @22sarah08  @flamencodiva @deans-baby-momma  @collette04  @maralisa124  @mml232  @sympathyforluci  @superthingsilike  @collinsstanharbour  @jxnnxbrxwn  @winchest09 @sandlee44  @screechingartisancashbailiff  @theconfusedcat  @perpetualabsurdity  @spnhollis  @squirrelnotsam @cosicas-cuquis @coffee-obsessed-writer  @sorenmarie87  @his-paradox  @geeksareunique @cloverhighfive@dancingalone21

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Summary: All you wanted was to use your skills in automotive engineering and design to open your own custom car shop. When the rug gets yanked out from under you, one of your regular customers offers you a job that you just can’t resist. Will it stay a mutually beneficial arrangement, or will something unexpected bloom?

Pairing: AU Dean Winchester x Reader

Appearances by: Sam, Jess, John, Chuck, Garth, Adam, Donna, Jack, Harry

Chapter Synopsis: Reader tells Chuck her plan. Harsh realities of taking over Family Business come to light. John will not go quietly. Reader is experiencing some anxiety about how much of Dean’s time is for her.

Word count: 11420

Warnings: Bad language. Alcohol consumption. Fluff. Anxiety triggers.

A/N: Girl code does not apply here, because the reader said it was okay, so don’t get mad at me.


Tags: @31shadesofbrown  @xhannahbananax03  @closetspngirl  @adoptdontshoppets  @parinarain  @babykalika2001  @docharleythegeekqueen  @22sarah08  @flamencodiva @deans-baby-momma  @collette04  @maralisa124  @mml232  @sympathyforluci  @superthingsilike  @collinsstanharbour  @jxnnxbrxwn  @winchest09 @sandlee44  @screechingartisancashbailiff  @theconfusedcat  @perpetualabsurdity  @spnhollis  @squirrelnotsam @cosicas-cuquis @coffee-obsessed-writer  @sorenmarie87  @his-paradox  @geeksareunique 

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A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

Summary: All you wanted was to use your skills in automotive engineering and design to open your own custom car shop. When the rug gets yanked out from under you, one of your regular customers offers you a job that you just can’t resist. Will it stay a mutually beneficial arrangement, or will something unexpected bloom?

Pairing: AU Dean Winchester x Reader

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8   Part 9

(there might be more, but I just don’t know at this point)

If you want to be tagged on any future parts, just let me know somehow.

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Summary: A princess and a wolf meet under difficult circumstances. Can they give each other shelter in a cold world?

A/N: prompt/idea by @gypsyjucar​​​: Ulf Johnsen (Dean Winchester) is the leader of his land with the help of his brother. On a trip to Dean gets captured by the king’s guards, the princess, was just walking along the castle when she hears her father and guards talking about a barbarian in the cells and this is where their journey begins…

Pairing: Viking!Dean /Ulfr or Wolf) x Princess!Reader, Viking!Sam (Frode) x Shield-Maiden!Ruby, Castiel, Garth, Ivar (Bobby Singer)

Warnings: angst, innocent reader, longing, language, tension, fluff, bad use of Norse language, gentle Dean/protective Dean, light smut (not the reader), unprotected sex, unintended voyeurism, mentions of sex

The wolf and the princess Masterlist 


Day 8

“Why did you allow them to come with us? One of them tried to sell us to their master. I don’t think it’s a good idea those two knights follow us.” Sam grits his teeth, not liking the way Castiel always stays close to your side.

Dean holds you to his chest, not reacting to Sam’s harsh words. Your Viking, the man who would die for you, urges Sleipnir on to ride deeper into the dark forest to reach the hidden cave.

“Castiel helped to free me, just like the young knight at Ivar’s (Bobby Singer) side, bróðir (brother). I know you see betrayal behind every face, but for now, we have to trust those outsiders.”

“Cas always protected me.” Sleepily glancing up at Dean you play with his braids. “I promise he’ll never betray us.”

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Part II

Read part I here

Summary: Dean and Y/N investigate the disappearance of some college kids in the small town of Ambrose, only for Y/N to be captured and hurt. Dean looks for her and finds unimaginable horrors.

Pairing: Dean X reader

WARNINGS: Canon-typical violence, horror movie scenes

House of Wax (2005) Fusion with Supernatural

4079 words.

Notes: Please note that I changed the plot a bit, because some of it would not make sense if the main character was Dean Winchester. Just saying.

Spoilers for House of Wax (2005) below. 


You felt your knees giving out and your eyes beginning to droop, wanting nothing more than to succumb to the feeling that closing your eyes would give. Your entire body began to ache, but you felt Dean’s arm snake around your shoulders protectively, dragging you along with the group as they walked. You heard the voices of the others, but the pain in your head was intensifying and all you wanted was to lay down on the ground and sleep for a while. Anything to get rid of the pain behind your eyes. You began to let your body go slack when you felt Dean’s arm tighten.

“Y/N.” He muttered; his lips close to your ear. He pulled you back up to a standing position, bearing much of your weight against his side. “Sweetheart. You have to keep your eyes open, okay?”

You nodded your head lightly, focusing on the leather boots you were wearing as they clomped loudly against the cement, Dean practically dragging you along. You were all stopped in the middle of the road, Carley and her brother both checking the bright screens of their phones.

“Shit.” Nick scoffed, putting the phone back into his pocket, Carley mimicking his movements.

Dean balanced you against his shoulder and reached into his own pocket, drawing out his phone.

“No service.” He muttered more to himself, gnawing down on his bottom lip as he thought, glancing at you quickly with a pained expression.

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Pairing :  Dean x Reader (Eventual), Alex (OC).

Word count : 930

Warnings : feelings of guilt, worthlessness and failure.   Series TW : Domestic Abuse is a constant topic- be it mentioned, or actually happening.

Part 4 of Protector.


It took a while to get Alex calmed down again. He was exhausted, the crying had taken up the last of his energy, so you tucked him back into bed and put cartoons on the small TV in his room. You made him breakfast and made sure he ate some of it before you held him, stroking his hair back until he fell asleep. That’s when you slipped out of his room and called into work sick.

It was almost 10 when you headed out to check your mail, confused to see the mailman scurrying away from some guy at your mailbox. As you came out, the stranger looked up and  without a word, handed over your mail once you were close enough. You were about to ask who the hell he was, but he turned to walk away and you saw the letters on the back of his jacket. M.O.L. He crossed the street towards a motorcycle and sat leaning on the seat, watching you with his arms crossed. Not sure what to make of him, your hurried back inside, glancing over your shoulder at him as you went, tossed your mail onto your table and went to grab your phone.


“You didn’t come.”

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Summary: Dean x Reader - Neighbours AU - Dean and the reader live next door to each other and can’t stand each other. Will things change once circumstances bring this bartender and businessman duo closer together?

Triggers: Stalker

Y/N = Your name | Y/L/N = Your last name | Y/E/C = Your eye colour | Y/H/C = Your hair colour

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

The effects were near instantaneous. 

As they’d walked away from the lake house and hit the line where the manmade sandy shore met the lake, he’d also watched her change. Her shoulders seemed to relax a little more with every new step as she bent down to find a flat rock to bounce along the top of the water. And totally failing. Though the small, cute pout that followed didn’t fail to cause Dean’s heart to do a small series of irregular bounces in his chest.

Hiding the effect she’d had on him by spending a longer time than necessary looking for the perfect flat rock, he only straightened back up once he was sure his features didn’t betray the small battle he was waging within himself.

How many times did he have to remind himself of where to draw the damned line? He’d seen her yesterday. Watched the way her forehead had scrunched up in her sleep and heard the little mutters that hinted at nightmares haunting the shadows of her mind. Just because she looked fine now, her smile a little brighter when supported by the sunlight, she wasn’t. And he couldn’t risk her falling apart further just because he looked at her the wrong way. 

They were friends… Neighbours. That was all.

Shaking away the last of his self-admonishment Dean gave her a cocky grin before easily flicking his wrist, just the way his father had taught him as a child on that very lake, and sent the rock flying across the waterline in a series of quick bounces.

“That’s how it’s done Ms. (Y/L/N), easy as pie,” He added with a small chuckle as she stuck out a small pink tongue at him before busying herself with finding the perfect rock instead. 

Mutters of how it was the structural integrity of her pebble that was to blame, not her skills, nearly lost behind the curtain of her (Y/H/C) hair. The words teasing another, louder laugh out of Dean as he joined her in finding “structurally sound rocks”. Whatever they were.

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Summary: Now that Dean found you will he finally see you suffered or will things go worse?

Pairing: Mobster!Dean x Reader, Benny Lafitte, OFC’s

Warnings: angst, language, mobster business, pregnant reader (sue me), protective Dean (overprotective bordering on possessiveness), soft Dean (he tries at least), comforting

Sequel to: Little Bird


Dean did not let you go. While Benny drives the SUV out of the parking lot Dean holds you carefully in his arms.

“My little bird will have a baby.” Whispering the words Dean smiles at his friend in the rear-view mirror. “Isn’t she the most beautiful girl in the world.”

“Boss, you should go easy on her.” Benny’s features soften as you tremble in Dean’s arms. “She’s not wrong with what she said…”

 “I tried to protect her. Nothing wrong with protecting my wife.” Grumbling Dean places one hand onto your belly and his eyes lit up. Looking at you in awe his features soften.

“That is great, Dean. Just do not stress Y/N. It’s bad for the baby and all.” Benny knows about a woman’s condition, hormones, and emotions during pregnancy as his wife gave birth to twins not long ago. “She needs stability and love.”

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Dean Winchester #4


“Hey Sammy where is Y/N?” Dean asked apprehensively over the phone his usually bright green eyes dull with sleep. Sighing Sam rubbed his temples still confused at the late night call from his usually distant brother. “Um Who?” The younger Winchester asked slowly almost scared to rock the boat. “Y/N y’know Y/N! We saved her from that psychotic ghost back in Illinois.” Silence was all that greeted him. “You’re drunk Dean get some sleep.” Sam softly demanded before going back to his late night reading.

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Busy this month? Miss a fic? The end of each month, I will be posting a list of all the fics I wrote that month and tagging them #monthly fics so you can easily find them all. More fics under the cut:

A Safe Mistake: Early Mornings Timestamp (Nanny!Dean x reader) (smut)

Rough Ride (Dean x reader) (smut)

Heir To The Throne (Boyking!Sam x reader) (smut)

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PAIRING: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x reader


WARNINGS: Language, confessions, loopy Gen

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Since the last chapter was just a filler, I finished up the game quickly here so we can get to more Bi!chester action 😏

Ahhhh, a lot of people have been waiting for another chapter of this so we’re back again. I’m sorry it took so long I was working on another series. I don’t want to make this series too long so there’ll be some drama before we leave this fic! I hope you all enjoy!


Originally posted by secretsandgreeneyes

You smiled victoriously as your team rushed at you, going in for a group hug. Danneel and the girl she called Katie sent glares your way as they panted, out of breath.

You managed to bypass them and score the winning goal in the last few seconds. Thanks to your team keeping the other players occupied, you were able to give your team the first win of the season.

Everyone was happy, though all you wanted to do was go check on Genevieve. You skipped out on the after game dinner with the team and decided to go to the hospital instead.

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Dean Winchester #3


Originally posted by life-of-a-plaidchester

The sun was just beginning to rise, peaking over the evergreen forest. Sam lay spread out in the back of the impala dead to the world finally catching up on sleep with Dean still clutching the steering wheel.

“If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.” Y/N sang happily attempting dance moves that just looked odd due to her being sat down. “Make it last forever, friendship never ends.” The y/h/c girl shimmed into the male next to her. Her y/s/c fist mimicking an invisible microphone. Pouting Y/N elbowed Dean “ah come on… don’t lie you know the words!” The elder Winchester wouldn’t break the usual scowl placed over his delicate lips not faltering an inch. “ So, here’s a story from A to Z” The green eyed male grumbled still not removing his eyes from the tranquil road. Squealing in delight the girl sang along occasionally still having to urge the male to sing with her.

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Summary: Your father died years ago, all men in the business believed you are too weak to take over his Empire – they were wrong. Anyone trying to get into your hair will feel your wrath. What happens when a cocky mobster tries not only to steal your empire but your heart too?

Pairing: Mobster!Dean x Mobster!Reader, Sam Winchester, Dick Roman, Jimmy Novak, Arthur Ketch, Mick Davies, Charlie Bradbury, Gadreel, Crowley (Fergus McCleod), Garth, Gabriel

Warnings: angst, ‘the family business’, blood, characters death, explosions, language

The queen of Lebanon Masterlist 


You’re on the edge as you wait for the teams to head out. Dick Roman agreed to meet up with you, of course you know he won’t come, it’s a trap but he’ll send enough men to make sure you die. This way he’ll be more vulnerable and may have a chance to finally take him down.

“Team one is on its way. Jimmy called; they are ready to storm the mansion. They count five enemies outside and assume at least five more inside if not more.” Charlie explains as you check on your gun once again.

“It’s loaded and ready, Sweetheart. I checked it twice too.” Dean rubs your back gently as Charlie checks on team two.

“Team two in position. Sam reported they set the trap and will make sure all of Roman’s men will go down. The explosives will blow the house. Sam and Gadreel will stay put till they are sure no one survived.”

Charlie is switching between two monitors, checking on the body cams of Sam and Jimmy. Charlie looks like she’s in the zone. Her teeth pressed into a pencil she let her fingers fly over the keyboard.

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Title: Buzz Feed Cupid
Square Filled: Free space
Ship: Dean x Reader
Rating: mature
Warnings: Modern Au, College Au, Mature (18+), discriptions of sex, mentions of a daddy kink, Hot Dean Winchester, Photo inserts of quiz results, pet names
Summary: The world is on Lockdown, and everyone is trapped inside. Reader lives with her two roomates, but when she goes stir crazy with living with her crush and being stuck inside, she turns to buzz feed quizzes to past the time. But what happens when the quiz results are earily accurate?
Word Count: 892
Created for @spnkinkbingo​ 

A/N: This is the first time I’ve ever written anything like this, so sorry if it’s a bit shit.


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Dean Winchester #2


Originally posted by alwyslove

“Hey Sammy.” The y/h/c girl greeted gently already sensing the building tension between the two boys… well men but one didn’t always act like one and the other well it was just impossible to see him as a grown up who had his own life now. Without even turning around to face the owner of the voice Sam found himself grinning at the hit of nostalgia. Glancing up at the rear view mirror he spied one of the only other survivors from their nightmare of a childhood “Y/N Singer.” He half expected to see her with a well aged baseball cap sat on her head and the paint splattered Guns N’ Roses t-shirt that she never seemed to grow out of. Cutting the tall boy off Y/N chuckled.

“Actually Sammy it’s Winchester.” flashing her left hand quickly in proof. Dean smirk as he roared Baby to life with a turn of the key his apple green eyes sparkling with mischief. Still sat in shock Sam blinked “Yeah I know Dean of all people. But don’t really have a lot of choices for eligible bachelors in this life.” the girl joke leaning over the leather seat that confined her to the back of the vehicle. Pulling a face of mock disbelief Dean sighed “You’re lucky baby I’ll have you know I’m still hot stuff okay!” His tone wavering between defensive and sarcastic laughter. Rolling her y/e/c orbs Y/N shook her head kissing the older Winchester’s cheek before turning up the volume of an old AC/DC cassette tape. “Y’know “Sammy” is a chubby 12 year old. It’s Sam okay.” And all at once it felt like old time’s but my god were things only just starting to get crazy.

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