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I look more like im a host at a funeral for a funeral home instead of someone trying to help out in a casino lol..

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Sooo when the nee housing dropped i stayed up and was able to secure a mansion for our lovely fc! We relocated from a medium house in mist to a mansion in lav beds. And our fc leader did an amazing job at decorating the place to suit our fc Fae theme!

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After the Highlander had left, the Raen snuffed out his kiseru. Ritualistically dumping, cleaning, and putting it back away in its box. Then tucking it away into his desk. Rubbing his temples, the talent he was employing was undeniable but at the cost of order and serenity. Getting up from his seat, he walked through his office. 

Hands behind his back as he looked, going to the glass case, displaying many various splendors he’d acquired. One in particular always drew his eye. The shrine in the back center, overlooking the rest of the trinkets. The longer Kakei stared at it, the more his hands clenched. The metal gauntlets he wore scraped and groaned from the pressure. Finally, releasing all the tension he turned away abruptly. 

Exiting his office, he snapped at the nearest henchman. The poor man wasn’t ready for a sudden order, nonetheless from the boss. Jolting to a stiff upright position and bowing.

“I’m off to Vesper Bay. Alone. Don’t call for me. If anything happens, it’s on your head. Understood?” The Au Ra glowered down on the man. 

Nodding. The man bowed again, and with that, Kakei was off. It was a few hours of trekking to get there. Not that he minded. Anything was better than his office at this time, kami forefend anymore interruptions and be ever merciful on whomever disturbed him now. He walked a ways up the shore to avoid prying eyes. 

Sitting on the cold sand, folding his legs underneath, he breathed deep the salty air. Clearing his head of all the disturbances. Closing his eyes and repeating a mantra in his head.

No emotions. No reactions. No desires. The cold of the water will erase your mind. The currents will wash away your thoughts. 

His eyes snapped open. The steely violet gaze looking over the ocean. He got up, taking off his yakuta. Leaving only his gauntlets, metal greaves, trousers, and of course the mask and katana. Wading into the water, he didn’t feel it til it was past his knees. Frigid and wet of course. He kept going, until he was swimming in broad strokes. The weight of his metal adornments weighed on him but he was extremely skilled. 

Diving down, the ocean swallowed him. Darkness, silence, a sort of stillness you couldn’t get anywhere took him. Going deeper and deeper still he finally felt the grainy bottom. Letting out some air to keep him from floating he searched the bottom. Shells, moss, kelp, there it was…he found a sizable rock. Digging it up and taking it in arm. He swam back up to the surface.

Perhaps a laborious task, but Kakei had lived a little over half of his life under the sea. Taking a deep breath, he swam back down. This time the rock helped weigh him down with the metal armaments. Cross legged, he sat on the bottom of the sea. Letting the motion of the waves above wash over him. Dark except for some beams of moonlight shimmering and breaking through the water. Closing his eyes, repeating the mantra. 

No emotions. No reactions. No desires. The cold of the water will erase your mind. The currents will wash away your thoughts. 

No emotions. No reactions. No…desires….The cold of the water will erase your mind. The currents will wash away your thoughts. 

His eyes slowly opened. In the pale light of the moon’s ray he caught the flash of scales. A school of fish. Swimming mindlessly together. Only there for protection. To leave was to forfeit life. To resort to violence was to break the peace of the group. But forever doomed to follow. Should one ever want more, they could never see it following the group.

No emotions. No reactions. No…desires…

His lungs ached, it’d been a very long time since he’d grasped air.

He had no emotions. He rarely reacted. But no desires…

He rolled the rock out of his lap and struck out for the surface. Inhaling deeply. His lungs burned with the saltiness. A welcome sensation. 

Swimming back to the beach, he walked out to his belongings. Putting his clothes back on he began his trudge back to headquarters. Silently and contemplative. 

No emotions. No reactions. But he would have desires, for Kakei Uchimasa was no follower.

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