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mysteryman-17 · 3 hours ago
While this isn't canon to it in any fashion and was only done for fun, I'd recommend reading the write-up for the Nomadic Prince AU, which I co-developed with @asterofthedeepforest, over on AO3 if you wanna know more about Luka! The art in the thumbnail was made by @xxfaylinnxx, and you can view the original post on her Twitter!
You know Megalovania, aka the funny bone man song? I did one for the nomadic boi himself Luka. Made heavy use of Badge Seller and Alpha Bookstore, as well as little bits from Wrath of the Horizon and the File Select theme. Am incredibly happy with how this turned out, and it was a ton of fun playing around with these motifs I hope you guys enjoy! :)
You can listen to this track in high quality over on my SoundCloud here! (Also extra sappy celebratory stuff under the cut.)
Made this in celebration of hitting 900 followers over on SoundCloud, which is not something I saw coming.  An extra special thanks goes to everyone in the Arts n Hats server, as well as the other friendos I've made through the AHIT fandom. Here's a small list of just some of the peeps that have made my time in this fandom worthwhile: @asterofthedeepforest, @azumetapraline, @bembwashere, @buffmin, @children-of-subcon, @divine-knight, @drinkingcherrysyrup, @jam-blue, @kaileedraws, @kuromoai, @lemonykleonella, @tsunamiholmes
Even if I didn’t mention you here, know that you’re awesome and really helped brighten my day over these past several months, and I’m looking forward to sharing more memories to come!
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raytorosaurus · 12 hours ago
Ray Toro talking about performing Weezer’s Only In Dreams as his first dance at his wedding, from the Apple Celebrity Podcast Playlist [x] (transcript under cut)
Ray: Ok, so this is Weezer’s Only In Dreams, a band definitely influenced by The Pixies. Amazing, amazing song. It’s the last track on the Blue Album, you know, it’s... the song’s really, really special to me. Me and my wife, we actually picked it to be the first song we ever danced to after we got married, and at my wedding-- Gerard: That’s an amazing memory, man. That’s one of the coolest memories ever. Ray: Aww, yeah. Frank: That’s one of my favorite versions of the song, is Ray and his brothers playing it. Ray: Yeah, I mean, I got so lucky, you know. My brother Louis, he got me into playing guitar, and, you know, I asked him to play Only In Dreams with me for my wife, and... I dunno, it was just a really, really crazy moment... we, you know, me and my wife were on the dance floor... had my friend Ed Colman, my friend George Collazo playing guitar, my brother Louis on the bass, and they just were doing an instrumental version of the song, and me and my wife danced for a minute or two and then I went up and played the song in front of a whole group of people, and it was one of the most amazing things. Gerard: It was crazy. Ray: I mean, it’s a really, really special song for me and my wife. And it was just a huge, huge honor, actually, to play it for her. You know, one of my favorite parts of the song is the breakdown, you know, the breakdown’s just huge. ‘Cause it, you know, it’s really cool because little by little they’re stripping away each element of the band, and then it reintroduces the, I think, the ride cymbal comes in, and then it accelerates from a quarter count to an eighth count, and then the kick drum comes in, and then the bass, and the guitars, and it’s just constantly getting bigger and bigger, and then these two wailing guitar solos just, like, harmonize, kind of, slightly, just kick in... it’s such a magical, magical moment. So, here it is, Only In Dreams.
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gam3bo1 · 23 hours ago
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glittermedaddy · 4 hours ago
whimpers caused by you controlling my lush
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gam3bo1 · 23 hours ago
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nothingbutnbt · 14 hours ago
If I Were You - Nothing But Thieves
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mossworm · 5 days ago
Good morning Sonic
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kyleehenke · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
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dailyhatsune · 20 days ago
Saturdays are made for Dads! (And Mikus)
i haven't made a talkloid in so long
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yodaprod · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
ソニー ウォークマン (1981年)
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littlecumslutxomg · 10 days ago
here’s a longer audio, this is me right now 🥺
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nymphaforesta · 18 days ago
I wanna swim between your thighs
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sunsweeties · 7 days ago
having fun with body oil ✨
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