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chihxru · 31 minutes ago
《 @vesperalt 》
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guerrilla-operator · 33 minutes ago
R.E.M. // Catapult
When we were little boys
When we were little girls
It's nine o'clock, don't try to turn it off
Cowered in a hole, open your mouth
We in step, in hand
Your mother remembers this
Hear the howl of the rope
A question
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gayndrew · 50 minutes ago
what if i listened to tomorrow in 1 ear and domani in the other ear what then
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hank-karel · an hour ago
"El seminarista de los ojos negros:
Autor: Miguel Ramos Carrión
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bittersweet-symphony · an hour ago
These rivers of suggestion are driving me away
The trees will bend, the cities wash away
The city on the river, there is a girl without a dream
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Eastern to mountain, third party called,
lines are down
The wise man built his words upon the rocks But I'm not bound to follow suit
The trees will bend, the conversation's dimmed
Go build yourself another home, this choice isn't mine
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angelicapocalypse · an hour ago
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catmaid-badboyhalo · an hour ago
I should really watch that one other d&d podcast that I can’t actually remember bexause that quote has not left my head
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