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It’s quick project time (again)!

This time it’s a pair of Kenwood LS-P9000 speakers. 

A friend of mine picked these up from his in-laws, but upon getting them home and hooking them up, found that some of the tweeters didn’t seem to be working.

He contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to take a look at them and see if I could get them working properly.

I was.

So… after he dropped them off, I hauled them out to my shop (using a hand cart to save my back) and hooked them into my stereo. Listening to a number of different songs, sure enough some of the tweeters weren’t firing. Did a bit of research, and it turns out that these particular tweeters are prone to going open (dead). 

Found that of the 12 tweeters, 3 were dead. Since I couldn’t source exact replacements online, I found some nice silk-dome tweeters and ordered up 4 of them. However, the new tweeters were smaller than the old ones. So I needed to craft some adapters to get them to fit properly. 

Started with a piece of fiber board that I had lying around. Cut out 4 squares on my scroll saw, then rounded the corners on my belt sander. Next I marked and drilled the large center hole for the tweeter cutout. Lastly I drilled 4 holes for some small bolts.

Once everthing was fitted, and I’d tested the new tweeters in-place in the speakers, I pulled them out again and painted the adapters so they were black like the rest of the cabinet. Then I re-mounted the tweeters into the adapters, then put them back into the speaker cabinets. Overall, I think they turned out pretty nice! The speakers sound great too.

Next step is to get some metal speaker grills for the mid-range, woofer, and passive radiator (bottom speaker) so that my friend’s new kitten can’t play on or in the speakers. :)

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!

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Hum // Little Dipper

You two’ve got just moments left to give

Come back now and we will let you live

Stay inside our blue protective eye

We won’t let them take you, we won’t let you die

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